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Founders Cemetery 213-4
Milford, CT
As found in the Hale Collection
at the Ct. State Library, Hartford, CT
Copied Dec. 1934


1) There are many errors in this, when I can get to the State Library in Hartford, CT again I will get another copy of it to check for errors.

2) The town historian of Milford says that this cemetery dues not exhist, but has records of most of these people in Milford. According to the librarians at the State Library these graves have been mooved to another cemetery in Milford as there is a highway at the location now.

3) If you find an ancester on this page please check other resources to check dates, spelling, Ect.

In Memoriam of Robert Treat for thirty years Governor and Deputy Governor of Colony of Connecticut, died 1710.

Newton, Rev. Roger,
(FIrst Pastor of Farmington, 1645 - 1657),
(Second Pastor of Milford, 1660 - 1683),
(Died June 7, 1683.)
(A Good Minister of Jesus Christ.)

Tablet placed to perpituate the name of Wapowage Indians.

(In Memoriam of Jonathan Law, Governor of the Colony of Connecticut from 1742 to 1750. This stone was once his Doorstep.)
Baldwin AbigaIl, wife of Nathaniel.
Baldwin, Elizabeth, Alsop, wife of Richard.
Baldwin, Hannah, wife of Joseph.
Baldwin, John, died 1681.
Baldwin, Joseph, died 1690.
Baldwin, Mary, wife of John.
Baldwin, Mary, wife of TImothy.
Baldwin, Nathaniel, died 1650.
Baldwin, Richard, died. 1665.
Baldwin, Sarah, widow of Sylvester, died 1669.
Baldwin, Timothy, died 1664.
Barker, Alice Darton, wife of Thomas, died 1708.
Barker, Thomas, died 1700.
Beach, Thomas, died 1662.
Beard, Martha, Widow.
Benton, Hannah, rife of Andrew
Botsford, Elizabeth, wife of Henry.
Botsford, Henry, died 1688.
Briscoe, Nathanel, died. 1683.
Bryan, Aima, wife of Alexander.
Bryan, Alexander, died 1679.
Buckingham, Hannah wife of Thomas
Buckingham, Thomas, died 1657
Camp, Nichlos.
Camp, Sarah, wife of Nichlos.
Campbell, Phebe, wife of Thomas.
Campbell, Sergeant Thomas, died 1689.
Clark, Deacon George, died 1690.
Clark, George, died 1690.
Clark, Mary, wife of George
Clark, Sarah, wife of george.
Eels, Anna Lenthal, wife of Samuel.
Eels, Samuel, died. 1702.
Eenton, Andrew, born 1620, died 1683.
Eurwell, Alice, wife of John.
Eurwell, John, died 1649..
Fenn, Benjamin, died 1672.
Fenn, Sarah, wife of Benjamin.
Ford, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas.
Ford, Thomas, died 1662.
Fowler, John, dIed 1676.
Fowler, Lary Hubbard, wife of John.
Fowler, Mary Tapp, wife of William.
Fowler, William 2nd., died 1682.
Fowler, William, died 1660.
Fowler, William, died 1660.
Gunn, Jasper, dIed 1671.
Gunn, Mary, wife of Jasper.
Hine, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas.
Hine, Thomas, died. 1693.
Lambert, Deborah Fowler, wife of Jesse.
Lambert, Jesse, died 1718.
Merwin, Miles, died 1697.
Merwin, Sarah, wife of Miles.
Miles, Katherine, wife of Richard.
Miles, Richerd, died 1667.
Newton, Mary Hooker, wife of Rev. Roger. died Feb. 4, 1675.
Northrup, Joseph, died 1669.
Northrup, Mary, wife of John
Peck, Alice, wife of Joseph.
Peck, Joseph, died 1701.
Platt, Mary wife of Richard
Platt, Richard, Deacon, died 1684
Plumb, Mary Baldwin, wife of Robert.
Plumb, Robert, died 1655.
Prince, James died 1695.
Prudden, James, died 1648.
Prudden, Peter, died 1656
Rogers, Elizabeth, wife of James.
Rogers, James, died 1688.
Sanford, Sarah, wife of Thomas.
Sanford, Thomas, died. 1681.
Smith, Grace, wife of John.
Smith, John, died 1684.
Stream, John, died 1685.
Stream, Martha Beach, wife of Jchn.
Tablet placed to perpituate the name of Wapowage Indians.
Terrell, Abigail, wife of Roger.
Terrell, Roger.
Tibbals, Captain Thomas, died 1703.
Trapp, Ann, wife of Edmund.
Trapp, Edmund, died 1663.
Welch, Hannah, wife of Thomas.
Welch, Thomas, died 1681.
Wheeler, Jonna, wife of Thomas,
Wheeler, Thomas, died 1672.
Whitman, Sarah Biscoe, wife of Zachariah.
Whitman, Zachariah, died 1666.

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