Town of Tolland, Hampden County, Massachusetts
Cemetery List

File Supplied by Susan S. Moore

1. Steadman Cemetery, Rivers Road. 10 graves known, possibly more. Earliest known marker: Samual Steadman, born January 22, 1754 - died January 16, 1759.
Grave stones in this cemetery spell Steadman both with and without the 'a' as in 'Stedman'.

2. Hamilton Burying Grounds, South of Route 57 approximately .5 miles east of Tolland Center Cemetery.
Earliest known marker: Thomas Hamilton, 1763.
This cemetery was visited by Benjamin Jones of Granville in 1916. He listed 12 graves, but it was reported to him that the cemetery had 75 graves.

3. Spring Hill, originally named for Dan Spring (whose home was located across the street), and also known as the Tolland Center Cemetery, which is located on the south side of route 57, east of the town center. Approximately 170 graves.
Earliest known marker: Jesse Miller, August 20, 1777.

4. Twining Cemetery, off route 57 approximately 2 miles west of town center on the north side of the road, and about 600 feet from the road. A new town cemetery is presently (2002) being developed at this site. 51 graves, with the earliest known marker being Elizah Twining, 1802.

5. Babcock Cemetery, on Blandford Road, east of Schoolhouse Rd. towards Hall Pond. 5 known graves. Earliest known marker: Walter Babcock, September 20, 1807.

6. South Quarter or Granger Cemetery, Rivers Road. 38 known graves. Earliest known marker: Alexander Granger, June 12, 1832.

7. Burt Hill Cemetery, Burt Hill Road. Eight tenths of a mile north on Burt Hill Rd. from the junction of Colebrook River Rd. on the east side of Burt Hill Rd. 49 known graves. Earliest known marker: Watson Hale, July 26, 1843.

8. Hubbard or 'Barnes District'. We have guessed that this is on the Amos Case Rd., north of what was originally Barnes Mountain, today known as Babbs Mountain. 2 known graves. Earliest known marker: Alanson Hubbard, 1855.

9. Moore Cemetery, east of the Tunxis Club on north side of road, approximately 700 ft. before Schoolhouse Rd. 4 known graves. Earliest known marker: Edward Moore, June 17, 1866. It is reported that some or all of these remains were moved to Forest View Cemetery, Winsted, Ct.

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