Canaan, NH

Marriage Records

To 1880

From The History of Canaan New Hampshire
By William Allen Wallace
The Rumforf Press 1910


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Abbott, Hazen, of Groton, Vt., to Rachel Cass of Lyme, Sept. 18, 1825.
Adams, Andrew R., Vermont, to Mary S. Wright, Vermont., June 15, 1861.
Aldrich, William, of Grafton, to Abigail Folsom of Grafton, Oct. 12, 1797.
Angier, James H., to Cynthia P. Heath, May 17, 1843.
Atwell, Horace, Enfield, to Emily B. Spear, New Ipswich, May 18, 1873.
Avery, Alonzo, Boston, to Mary J. Cilley, Andover, Nov. 8, 1866.
Bailey, Henry, of Groton, to Abbie A. Norris, of Dorchester, Aug. 14, 1871.
Bailey, John, of Springfield, to Eliza A. Nichols, of Enfield, April 15, 1841.
Barnard, Darius, to Mary A. Noyes, of Enfield, March 12, 1857.
Barnard, George, of Lebanon, to Caroline R. Bartlett, of Dorchester, March 22, 1857.
Barnett, Levi, to Mrs. Hannah Gile, both of Enfield, Sept. 22, 1845.
Barney, Jabez, of Grafton, to Abigail Briggs, of Orange, March 2, 1819.
Barney, Jacob, of Grafton, to Lois Walker, of Grafton, Feb. 25, 1800.
Batchelder, Bradford C., to Frances A. Rogers, March, 1837.
Batchelder, Jonathan, to Sally Tucker, Dec. 31, 1818.
Batchelder, Reuben, of Orange, to Mercy May, Dec. 3, 1854.
Beal, Ira, of Manchester, to Harriet Andrews, of Orange, Jan. 28, 1849.
Bean, Nathaniel W., of Enfield, to Hattie A. Hamlett, Nov. 14, 1860.
Bennett, David, to Polly Cole, both of Orange, Dec. 14, 1817.
Bennett, Ebenezer, Jr., of Andover, to Lucinda Stickney, Dec. 30, 1855.
Besse, Edson P., of Newtonville, Mass., to Minnie M. Hoffman, Sept. 18, 1864.
Biathrow, Horace A., to Sarah A. Wheeler, both of Lyme, March 9, 1853.
Bishop, Joseph, to Philoma Columbia, Feb. 23, 1851.
Blair, Lewis, to Helen Allard, Aug. 22, 1860.
Blaisdell, Charles E., to Jerusha Blaisdell, both of Dorchester, Jan. 24, 1850.
Blaisdell, Henry G., of Dorchester, to Lillie D. Leonard, of Glover, Vt., July 3, 1869.
Blake, Augustus F., to Harriet A. Flagg, Nov. 29, 1854.
Blood, William A., to Almira R. Smith, March 22, 1880.
Blood, William, of W. Fairlee, Vt., to Rhoda Brown, of Hebron, March 28, 1814.
Bockwell, Oliver B., of Grantham, to Deborah Gage, of Enfield, April 1, 1827.
Bohonon, Moses, of Salisbury, to Lois Waldo, of Orange, Jan. 1, 1801.
Bowers, Lyman, of Lawrence, Mass., to Sabrina C. Wilson, Oct. 8, 1849.
Bridgeman, Abel, to Abigail Sawyer, both of Dorchester, June 12, 1825.
Bridgeman, Isaac, to Lucy Chandler, both of Hanover, Jan. 4, 1820.
Briggs, Nathaniel, to Sally Whittier, both of Orange, Oct. 14, 1824.
Bro, Joel, to Lucinda Columbia, July 2, 1854.
Brock, Benjamin, of Newbury, Vt., to Martha Johnson, of Enfield, Nov. 3, 1839.
Brocklebank, Edson B., to Sarah J. Clough, Sept. 13, 1868.
Brooks, Oliver J., to Emily A. Bickford, April 5, 1867.
Broughton, Charles H., of Enfield, to Susan M. Sharp, Sept. 12, 1870.
Brown, Don C. of Hanover, to Delia L. Merrill, of Lowell, Mass, Oct. 7, 1857.
Bryant, Joseph M., of Hanover, to Louisa M. Goss, of Enfleld, Aug. 17, 1871.
Bryant, Roswell C., to Lucy E. Huntoon, both of Enfield, April 7, 1839.
Buffum, James, to Sarah Roberts, both of Grafton, Sept. 20, 1840.
Buffum, William C., to Sarah Spooner, both of Grafton, Oct. 5, 1837.
Bullock, Coomer, to Zelincla Peck, both of Grafton, Dec. 29, 1796.
Bullock, Elisha, of Orange, to Jerusha Leeds, May 22, 1800.
Burley, Benjamin, to Folly Norris, both of Dorchester, Feb. 27, 1821.
Burnam, Daniel B., of Enfield, to Axa Davis, of Grafton, Feb. 27, 1834.
Bushway, John, to Delia Bushway, Sept. 4, 1875.
Carr, Jacob, to Olive Pollard, April 24, 1803.
Carr, Lewis C., of Boston, to Betsey Currier, of Manchester, Oct. 22, 1848.
Carroll, Calvin C., to Lizzie Black, of Dorchester, Dec. 27, 1871.
Carter, Jeremiah, of Dorchester, to Cordelia Wells, of Plymouth, Aug. 19, 1855.
Chaplin, Allerton, to Mary A. Hanscum, both of Lyme, Nov. 17, 1858.
Chase, Jesse S., to Hannah M. Johnson, both of Dorchester, April 14, 1822.
Chase, John, to Sarah Hoyt, Jan. 1, 1815.
Chase, Joseph J., of Haverhill, to Harriet H. Fitz, of Chester, July, 1839.
Chase, Simon P., to Ann Houston, of Orange, April 1, 1838.
Chellis, James, to Lucinda Fellows, both of Orange, Oct. 27, 1839.
Chellis, Sumner, of Orange, to Emma C. Sherwill, of Orange, Dec. 5, 1866.
Choate, Moses S., of Enfield, to Hannah C. Martin, March 8, 1849.
Church, Hilliard, of Enfield, to Mary J. Quimby, of Springfield, Sept. 27, 1851.
Church, Hilliard, to Mary E. Gilbert, both of Enfield, Aug. 8, 1863.
Cilley, Nathan G., of Orange, to Mary A. Church, of Enfield, Oct. 19, 1867.
Clement, Leonard, of Columbia, to Almira B. Porter, Nov. 3, 1853.
Clifford, David, of Grafton, to Betsey Noyes, Feb. 27, 1800.
Clifford, Ira, of Wentworth, to Sally Davis, of Grafton, Jan. 24, 1833.
Clifford, Joseph, to Susanna Saunders, both of Grafton, Oct. 4, 1798.
Clifford, Timothy, to Ruth Buffum, both of Grafton, May 27, 1802.
Colburn, S. H., to Elizabeth Mackress, both of Lyme, Feb. 7, 1822.
Colby, James M., of Hanover, to Arabella E. Martin, Nov. 6, 1864.
Colby, John, of Grafton, to Mary J. Flanders, Aug. 19, 1832.
Colby, Samuel A., to Susannah L. Kimball, Aug. 19, 1860.
Collins, James D., to Carrie F. Church, Oct. 2, 1876.
Columbia, Frank, to Sophia Clough, March 11, 1855.
Columbia, John, to Mary Morse, May 17, 1873.
Columbia, William, to Elizabeth Hall, Aug. 3, 1851.
Conant, Latham, to Polly Beal, both of Lyme, Feb. 17, 1818.
Cook, Paul, to Betsey Berry, Jan. 15, 1817.
Cooms, Albert E., of Orford, to Rosa F. Scruton, of Alexandria, Feb. 12, 1871.
Copp, G. 0. F., to Mary A. Brown, both of Enfield, Dec. 23, 1871.
Corliss Kimball, of Alexandria, to Betsey Heath, Jan. 29, 1818.
Corliss, Cyrus, to Almira Read, both of Bristol, Sept. 30, 1832.
County, George B., to Hannah Crowley, Sept. 28, 1863.
Crocker, David, of Salisbury, to Ann Jones, April 3, 1858.
Crocker, Selden L., to Lucy F. Staples, Julie 19, 1858.
Cross, Franklin M., to Ella E. Stanford, of Royalton, Vt., Sept. 11, 1871.
Cross, George B., to Lydia Martin, both of Hanover, Aug. 24, 1872.
Cross, Sylvester, to Olive S. Lovejoy, of Hanover, Sept. 19, 1846.
Currier, James, of Salisbury, to Abigail Hovey, July 4, 1803.
Currier, Lorenz, of Enfleid, to Eliza R. Smith, of Grafton, Oct. 18, 1849.
Day, Daniel, to Jane Danforth, of Orange, Dec. 15, 1817.
Day, Leonard, to Alma Hall, of Northampton, Mass., June 11, 1863.
Decato, John, to Mary A. Hill, Jan. 6, 1877.
Decato, Joseph, to Agnes Hill, Jan. 13, 1873.
DeMoranville, Charles, Jr., to Abigail Clifford, both of Grafton, July 12, 1808.
Derber, Walter, to Dilla Eldridge, both of Hanover, Dec. 28, 1817.
Derush, Andrew J., to Mary A. Cilley, of Orange, Dec. 29, 1855.
Deveraux, William H., of Lebanon, to Mary E. Walcott, Jan. 14, 1874.
Dickerson, Suel, to Hannah Dickerson, both of Newehester, Jan. 6, 1824.
Doloff, Franklin, of Lawrence, Mass., to Sarah M. Derby, June 29, 1853.
Dome, Eslay, to Polly Stevens, Sept. 19, 1797.
Downer, George, of Lebanon, to Susanna Bullock, of Orange, March 9, 1797.
Drake, George W., to Manilla Read, both of Grafton, June 23, 1824.
Drake, John H., to Sarah L. Abbott, Dec. 20, 1879.
Drake, John, of Grafton, to Betsey Cogswell, of Enfleid, July 22, 1814, or Dec. 18, 1815.
Dunham, Austin, to Imogene Knight, March 31, 1860.
Dunham, Orison, to Mehitable Putney, April 13, 1841.
Dunham, Willard L., to Lucy Fox, Aug. 18, 1860.
Dupuis, Zeb, of Hanover, to Sophia Columbia, June 6, 1863.
Eastman, Daniel, to Matilda Burton, May 16, 1868.
Eastman, Henry, to Hattie H. Brock, both of Orange, Jan. 21, 1871.
Eaton, Edward, to Diana Hadley, Feb. 28, 1844.
Emerson, Charles A., to Hannah B. Ames, of Newport, Feb., 1851.
Evans, Thomas, to Betsey Pillsbury, Dec. 22, 1814.
Fellows, Benjamin, to Pensy Bridgeman, both of Hanover, March 11, 1816.
Fellows, Gilbert G., to Maria H. Booth, both of Franklin, Jan. 19, 1867.
Fellows, Moses, of Dorchester, to Elvira Cole, March 25, 1857.
Fellows, Truman, of Dorchester, to Emily D. Cole, March 26, 1857.
Ferguson, Franklin, to Nancy E. Blodgett, of Warren, Dec. 19, 1860.
Fifield, David, of Bradford, Vt., to Sally Kimball, Jan. 12, 1815.
Fifield, Ezekiel, to Sarah Ann Hardy, Feb. 9, 1847.
Fizette, James, to Clara Brown, Sept. 6, 1870.
Flagg, Jacob, of Orange, to Lois Wilson, May 10, 1826.
Flagg, William, to Mary A. Currier, Nov. 24, 1853.
Flanders, Dr. Thomas, to Susanna Follenshee, of Grafton, Jan. 9, 1815.
Flanders, Elijah, to Betsey Winslow, both of Lyme, Jan. 1, 1817.
Flanders, Moses, to Roxanna Russell, of Dorchester, April 3, 1823.
Flint, Dr. Benjamin, of Rumford, Me., to Sarah Cushing, of Orange, Feb. 1, 1816.
Folleitsbee, Ephraim H., to Alpha P. Wheeler, of Groton, Nov. 20, 1870.
Follenebee, James M., of Worcester, to Julia A. Kittredge, March 3, 1854.
Follensbee, John B., of Enfield, to Mrs. Persis B. Keenan, June 7, 1854.
Folsom, John, to Rebecca Colby, June 9, 1791.
Ford, George N., of Danbury, to Amanda M. Davis, of Grafton, April 21, 1861.
Ford, Herman A., to Clara A. Perkins, of Lyme, June 22, 1872.
Ford, Horace, to Amelia C. Andrews, both of Orange, June 24, 1838.
Ford, Luther, to Charlotte Evans, Sept. 16, 1838.
Ford, Richard T., to Mary E. Brown, both of Grafton, July 8, 1869.
Foss, John C., of Lynie, to Pomelia Fifield, March 4, 1835.
Foss, Topham, of Danbury, to Anne Reed, of Grafton, Aug. 31, 1824.
Foster, Benjamin F., to Ruth H. KImball, April 19, 1832.
Foster, Hezekiah, to Sophia Adams, April 16, 1815.
Fox, John F., of Enfleld, to Elizabeth Morse, of Sharon, Oct. 14, 1864.
Freeman, Daniel, of Lebanon, to Mrs. Catherine Lawrence, Nov. 12, 1826.
French, Amos, of Lebanon, to Susan M. Johnson, of Enfield, Oct. 9, 1837.
French, Henry, to Sally Sawyer, both of Grafton, June 18, 1815.
French, John, of Orange, to Mary J. Flanders, of Danbury, June 12, 1842.
French, Nathan, of Unity, to Ellen Bailey, of Enfield, Nov. 27, 1861.
Frost, Amasa, of Wentworth, to Clarissa P. Clay, Jan. 4, 1851.
Fulsom, George, of Exeter, to Polly Colby, Nov. 27, 1800.
Gage, Daniel B., of Enfield, to Jerusha Ford, of Orange, Nov. 27, 1845.
Gale, John A., to Jane Knowlton, both of Danbury, July 25, 1869.
Gilbert, John F., of Pembroke, to Irene Thompson, of Orange, March 4, 1850.
Gile, Ira S., of Lebanon, to Maria F. ----, , Nov. 12, 1857.
Gile, Nelson of Lebanon, to Amelia B. Dresser, of Enfield, Feb. 16, 1870.
Gile, Samuel, to Folly Green, both of Enfield, Jan. 25, 1806.
Gile, Stephen, to Lydia Straw, Dec. 31, 1818.
Gilman, John B., to Betsey B. Clark, of Danbury, Feb. 21, 1843.
Glode, Peter, to Alvina Columbia, Dec. 20, 1869.
Godette, William, to Flora Columbia, July 31, 1875.
Gody, Joseph, to Harriet Columbia, Sept. 16, 1855.
Green, Edwin, to Emma Pillsbury, of Enfield, June 11, 1865.
Hadley, Amos, to Mehitaible Briggs, of Orange, July 3, 1823.
Hadley, Dan W., to Ann K. Dunham, Jail. 12, 1844.
Hadley, Henry M., of Pembroke, to Nettle M. Phillips, Nov. 27, 1876.
Hadley, Joshua, to Ruth Davis, of Grafton, Jan. 18, 1815.
Hadley, Silas, of Hanover, to Sally Kimball, July 4, 1822.
Hadley, William H., of Hanover, to Mary Bradbury Aug. 19, 1849.
Hale, Moses T., of Groton, to Mary A. Buswell, of Orange, Feb. 6, 1866.
Hall, Anthony, to Adaline Hall, May 13, 1856.
Hall, John A., of Grotoii, to Arvilla H. Dimond, 1842.
Hamlet, Henry S., to Sarah M. Lary, Nov. 30, 1854.
Hardy, Thomas, Jr., of Medford, Mass., to Sarah P. Stevens, June 17, 1846.
Haroon, Samuel, to Eunice Colby, Jan. 10, 1804.
Harvey, Timothy M., to Mary A. Martin, both of Grafton, March 27, 1863.
Haskell, William H., of Maine, to Abby Fales, Oct. 28, 1856.
Hatch, Horace, of Lebanon, to Ann Colcord, of Enfield, Oct. 2, 1839.
Haven, George W., of Newport, to Marcia. A. Emerson, May 22, 1849.
Hazeltine, David, to Pauline Dean, Aug. 20, 1854.
Hazeltine, Hollis B., to Emma L. Loverin, Oct. 11, 1865.
Hazen, N. H., of Walcott, Vt., to A. S. Snow, of Boston, Jan. 19, 1851.
Hazen, Samuel, to Betsey Bowel, both of Dorchester, Jan. 26, 1815.
Heath, Samuel W., of Bristol, to Harriet N. Lord, June 11, 1850.
Heath, Wilbur R., to Ruth I. Nute, of Dover, Jan. 1, 1850.
Heaton, Arthur, of Orford, to Amanda Childs, Oct. 13, 1867.
Hebert, Joseph, Jr., to Ina Downer, of Thetford, Vt., May 24, 1873.
Hebert, Noah, to Mary Bonney, July 1, 1872.
Hill, Moses, to Lucy A. Kimball, Nov. 20, 1848.
Hill, Napoleon J., to Melvina Bennett, March 29, 1880.
Hill, Thomas J., to Mary E. Merrill, Oct. 24, 1841.
Hills, Tiles, to Margaret Burgous, Dec. 17, 1853.
Hinkson, George, to Pluma Bullock, both of Grafton, Jan. 3, 1837.
Hinkson, Samuel, to Abigail Allen, April 21, 1785.
Hoague, Joseph, to Zilpha Day, May 13, 1847.
Hoffman, Edwin A., of Lebanon, to Adelaide L. Roberts, of Enfield, March 16, 1865.
Holt, George E., to Sarah J. Braley, both of Grafton, Nov. 17, 1869.
Holt, John A., of Lyme, to Emeline Whittier, June 18, 1846.
Hovey, Jacob, to Sally Stevens, Oct. 4, 1791.
How, Charles B., to Harriet C. Sargent, both of Manchester, April 30, 1859.
How, Joseph, to Hannah F. French, both of Enfield, Oct. 17, 1839.
How, Nathaniel, to Mary J. Choate, both of Enfield, Feb. 2, 1840.
Howard, Henry, to Sally Powers, both of Grantham, Oct. 29, 1826.
Hoyt, Daniel, to Susan Bartlett, Oct. 7, 1837.
Hoyt, Ebenezer, of Orange, to S. Jennie Sargent, of Grafton, Aug. 7, 1870.
Hoyt, Moses, to Olive G. Hoyt, Dec. 5, 1875.
Huntress, John E., of Boscawen, to Eliza J. Littlefield, of Danbury, Dec. 2, 1869.
Irvin, Simeon T., to Lucy A. Caswell, Nov. 20, 1869.
Jackman, Joseph, of Landaff, to Esther Sawyer, of Dorchester, March 10, 1810.
Jenness, Francis, to June Columbia, April 5, 1871.
Jessamine, George, to Mary Norris, both of Dorchester, 1834.
Johnson, Mathew H., to Hannah E. Sargent; of Springfield, Jan. 6, 1853.
Jones, Thomas, to Adeline Day, May 5, 1847.
Kemp, Alvah J., of Dorchester, to Mary J. Clough, of Lyme, April 21, 1868.
Kilton, George, of Grafton, to Mary A. Foss, of Grafton, Sept. 28, 1855.
Kimball, Archalus, to Lydia Clough, Oct. 4, 1824.
Kimball, Asa, to Hannah Barber, both of Grafton, Jan. 23, 1814.
Kimball, John, to Almeda Hutchins, Sept. 1, 1875.
Kimball, Moses, to Nancy Kirk, of Alexandria, Feb. 1, 1866.
Kimball, Phineas P., to Lucy Miller, Jan. 1, 1833.
Kimball, Samuel, to Nancy Whittier, of Eiifield, Oct. 31, 1835.
Kimball, Sylvester, of Wentworth, to Jennie L. Kimball, of Eiifield, Oct. 12, 1870.
King, Nathaniel, of Craftsbury, Vt., to Sophia Kimball, April 9, 1818.
Kinue, Elisha P., of Hanover, to Chloe Waterman, Oct. 22, 1817.
Knapp, Mason, cf Sharon, Vt., to Helen M. Emory, of Orange, Sept. 6, 1866.
Knight, George T., of Warren, to Arvilla A. Colby, of Haverhill, Dec. 18, 1864.
Langley, Orra H., to Ellen D. Fowler.
Langworthy, George K. of Middlebury, Vt., to Arvilla K. Hubbard, Aug. 28, 1832.
Lary, Josiah, to Dolly Sanborn, of Dame's Gore, May 9, 1820.
Lathrop, Harris G., to Mrs. Charlotte Hadley, Oct. 17, 1854.
Lathrop, Jason, of New York, to Susanna Judkins, of Danbury, Feb. 16, 1817.
Lawrence, Arthur J., of Nashua, to Augusta B. Johnson, Oct. 16, 1864.
Leavitt, Moses, to Joanna Reed, both of Grafton, March 5, 1799.
Lock, David, Jr., of Epsom, to Polly Carlton, Nov. 29, 1819.
Lovejoy, Isaac, of Hanover, to Mrs. Laura Hadley, Sept. 7, 1856.
Loverin, Moses, of Grafton, to Eliza E. Wright, of Hanover, Sept. 26, 1839.
Lowell, Allen G., to Vina L. Terrell, Sept. 20, 1879.
Lowell, Elijah C., to Sarah Batchelder, both of Orange, Sept. 8, 1844.
Lowell, Frank H., to Ellen F. Wier, Dec. 7, 1880.
Maigeux, Adolph, to Julia A. Colombe, April 30, 1864.
Marshall, John, of Bradford, to Mary Clark, Nov. 19, 1835.
Martin, James, Jr., to Martha Richardson, both of Grafton, Dec. 5, 1839.
Martin, John, to Esther V. Williams, July 13, 1851.
Martin, Jonathan H., to Mary A. Richardson, both of Grafton, July 5, 1838.
Martin, Levi, to Chloe Bullock, Oct. 8, 1817.
Martin, Perry, to Hannah Quimby, both of Grafton, Jan. 7, 1799.
Martin, Simeon, to Mehitable Sanborn, both of Dorchester, Dec. 31, 1816.
Mason, Philip, to Betsey Read, both of Grafton, March 16, 1797.
Mather, Ezekiel, to Sally Piper, both of Dorchester, May 17, 1826.
Mathews, Charles B., to Ella C. Fellows, of Groton, Sept. 7, 1868.
May, Albert, to Susauna E. Morse, of Hanover, Nov. 24, 1853.
May, Joshua, to Emily Wheat, April 5, 1853.
May, Obadiah, to Rozett Barnot, Jan. 2, 1867.
McGrath, John, to Augusta Westcott, both of Dorchester, Dec. 24, 1871.
Merrill, Enoch, of Warren, to Eliza Ann Currier, Feb. 1, 1843.
Merrill, Levi, to Louisa Hall, Jan. 24, 1862.
Merrill, Nathaniel, of Vermont, to Hannah Martin, March 8, 1820.
Miner, Leonard N., to Helen N. Choate, of Enfield, Sept. 2, 1846.
Mitchell, Alonzo, to Rosette Abbott, March 21, 1864.
Morey, Jonathan, of Wilmot, to Mary E. Palmer, of Andover, Oct. 29, 1864.
Morey, Lewis, to Dorothy P. Gould, March 18, 1818.
Morse, John W., of Vermont, to Julia A. Washburn, Oct. 20, 1869.
Morse, John, to Hepsibah A. Philbrick, both of Enfield, Aug. 31, 1840.
Morse, Moses, to Sally Eaton, March 8, 1823.
Murray, Samuel, to Betsey Flanders, Feb. 2, 1819.
Nichols, Benjamin F., of Enfield, to Lydia Welch, June 19, 1834.
Norris, Jacob, to Mary Richardson, of Dorchester, Oct. 3, 1802.
Norris, Joseph, of Dorchester, to Rachel Lawrence, Nov. 2, 1820.
Noyes, E. P., to Hannah Flagg,. of Grafton, Dec. 31, 1857.
Nye, Willis C., of New London, to Mary E. Adams, June 30, 1875.
Paddleford, Asa, to Susan Decatur, both of Enfield, Sept., 1843.
Palmer, Joseph D., of Bradford, to Clarissa G. Tyler, Nov. 20, 1851.
Parker, Ebenezer, of Canterbury, to Emily M. Huntoon, of Orange, Jan. 13, 1842.
Parkhurst, Lucian C., of Vermont, to Harriet J. Butterfield, June 15, 1856.
Parks, Abel, of Hanover, to Sally May, Jan., 1844.
Parsons, Sherburne, of Grafton, to Nancy J. Whittier, of Orange, Jan. 17, 1874.
Pattee, W. Fred, of Alexandria, to Hattie I. Gove, Sept. 4, 1875.
Paul, Frank, to Mary D. Mahony, Aug. 10, 1872.
Pearley, Joseph G., to Abigail C. Clough, both of Enfield, May 27, 1838.
Pettingill, Ephrahn H., to Susan Dinsmore, Oct. 22, 1840.
Phelps, Charles M., of Sutton, to Elida M. Cilley, of Orange, April 27, 1863.
Philbrick, Cyrus H., to Harriet C. Cook, of Concord, Jan. 14, 1871.
Philbrick, David, of Hampton, to Betsey A. Edwards, of Enfleld, Aug., 1837.
Philbrick, Porter K., of Wilmot, to Nancy M. Hoyt, of Enfleld, Dec., 1837.
Pierce, Earl, to Betsey DeMoranville, both of Grafton, March 12, 1801.
Pillsbury, John, of Danbury, to Sarah Gould, March 24, .1839.
Piper, Isaiah, of Gilmanton, to Sarah E. Kilburn, of Orange, March 8, 1866.
Piper, Samuel, to Clarissa Clark, both of Dorchester, Dec. 24, 1817.
Plummer, Benjamin F., of Hanover, to Helen M. Daniels, Nov., 1851.
Pollard, Benjamin N., to Sarah A. Temple, Dec. 18, 1864.
Pollard, John, to Mehitable Freeman, Sept. 14, 1821.
Pool, Samuel, of Haverhill, to Susan Heath, of Orange, Nov., 1843.
Pratt, Henry, to Eliza A. Hadley, June 8, 1851.
Pray, Oliver, of Orange, to Ruth O., Stevens, of Grafton, March 31, 1841.
Pressey, Charles H., to Huldah G. Bartlett, Oct. 22, 1835.
Puffer, Daniel, to Chloe Barber, July 15, 1805.
Purmort, Miner T., to Hannah C. Day, both of Enfield, Dec. 24, 1873.
Putney, Joseph, of Wentworth, to Ann Davis, of Grafton, Jan. 11, 1838.
Randlett, Jacob, to Betsey Bradbury, Nov. 5.
Ranzer, Joseph W., of Vermont, to Julia Abbott, Aug. 6, 1870.
Ray, John F., to Huldah A. Page, July 16, 1873.
Read, James P., to Elizabeth Wright, both of Grafton, Oct. 22, 1823.
Richardson, ----, , to Susan Norris, Oct. 26, 1817.
Richardson, George A., of Vermont, to Orris J. Brooks, of Hanover, Nov. 1, 1854.
Roberts, Jonathan, of Rumney, to Nellie S. Doloff, of Dorchester, Dec. 26, 1871.
Robinson, Amos, of Lebanon, to Lovinia Bullock, of Orange, Jan. 26, 1797.
Robinson, Joseph C., to Mary Bradbury, both of Massachusetts, Oct. 19, 1856.
Rogers, Charles H., of Enfleld, to Sarah J. Riddle, of Grafton, Oct. 6, 1866.
Rogers, Harrison, of Mansfield, Mass., to Nancy Hoyt, June 12, 1837.
Rogers, Simeon R., to Mary A. Hardy, of Danbury, Aug. 14, 1875.
Rowell, John B., of Plainfield, to Mary A. Currier, April 11, 1864.
Rush, Elijah H., of Vermont, to Mary A. Smith, of Rochester, Sept. 18, 1848.
Sanborn, Edward, to Sally Martin, both of Dorchester, May 9, 1822.
Sanborn, George W., to Laura A. Butman, June 6, 1855.
Sanborn, Ira, of Sandwich, to Betsey Sanborn, of Dame's Gore, Dec. 25, 1820.
Sanborn, Jasper S., of Springfield, to Patience Spooner, of Grafton, Nov. 5, 1837.
Sanborn, John, to Lydia Piper, both of Dorchester, July 7, 1822.
Sanborn, Joseph S., to Ruth W. Johnson, both of Dorchester, Feb. 6, 1823.
Sanborn, Joshua, to Mary Sawyer, both of Dorchester, Aug. 24, 1826.
Sanborn, William C., to Susan Paddleford, of Enfield, Sept. 18, 1849.
Sanders, Oliver H., to Alice Allen, May 23, 1866.
Sanders, William H., of Sanbornton, to Sally Reed, of Grafton, Sept. 30, 1832.
Sargent, Aaron, of Grafton, to Mary I. Stevens, Oct. 21, 1846.
Sawyer, Joseph, to Elizabeth Richardson, March 18, 1798.
Sawyer, Peter, to Eliza A. Bridgeman, Dec. 14, 1854.
Seavy, Andrew, to Angeline L. Pierce, both of Andover, May 9, 1855.
Shattuck, Nathan, to Sarah Briggs, both of Orange, March 14, 1822.
Shaw, Livingston C., of Stoneham, Mass., to Rosa C. White, of Dorchester, Feb. 14, 1872.
Shepard, Reuben F., to Amelia Kimball, Nov. 30, 1843.
Sherlock, William, to Sirene Martin, Jan., 1840.
Sherwell, Walter, to Betsey Danforth, both of Orange, Dec. 7, 1815.
Skinner, B. F., of Hlllsborough, to Malvina E. Morse, of Enfield, Jan. 1, 1857.
Skinner, John, to Eliza Chesley, both of Enfield, May 8, 1854.
Sleeper, Alfred, of Grafton, to Mary How, of Danbury, Oct. 17, 1839.
Sleeper, Benjamin C., of Alexandria, to Mary Aldrich, Nov. 11, 1874.
Smith, Daniel L., to Sophronia Richardson, June 2, 1843.
Smith, David F., of Lyme, to Persis W. Chase, of Rhode Island, June 26, 1869.
Smith, E. W., to Nancy M. Hadley, of Manchester, Feb. 21, 1852.
Smith, Enos, to Martha Silloway, both of Grafton, Feb. 12, 1824.
Smith, George H., of Woodstock, Vt., to Angeline C. Varnum, Jan. 23, 1869.
Smith, Joseph D., to Mary Huse of Enfield, Nov., 1837.
Smith, Rodney V., to Deborah Claflin, April 5, 1853.
Smith, Sylvanus, of Northampton, N. Y., to M. A. E. Columbe, Aug. 8, 1850.
Smith, Warren, of Bradford, to Mary Stone, of Hanover, April 29, 1839.
Soomer, William, of Lebanon, to Polly Swett, of Hanover, July 28, 1816.
Springer, Henry, to Patience Saunders, both of Grafton, Sept. 4, 1823.
Squire, Reuben, of Vermont, to Sally Slocum, Dec. 31, 1806.
Stephens, Joshua, Jr., of Eafield, to Sally March, of Springfield, March 23, 1815.
Stevens, Joseph P., to Laura Sales, both of Grafton, Aug. 2, 1818.
Stevens, Roland, to Hannah Clifford, both of Grafton, Aug. 15, 1802.
Stewart, Urie W., of Cambridge, Mass., to Elizabeth R. Page, of Manchester, Sept. 1, 1845.
Story, George, of Enfield to Sarah W. Johnson, of Dorchester, Feb. 6, 1823.
Straw, Jacob, Jr., to Deliverance Bowen, of Lebanon, Oct. 23, 1825.
Swasey, Benjamin K., to Mrs. Mary D. Sanborn, Dec. 1837.
Sweat, John, to Hannah Lawrence, March 1, 1827.
Sweat, Thomas, to Delia Woodward, both of Dorchester, Sept. 19, 1833.
Sweet, George L., to Mary Clough, of Groton, Nov. 16, 1852.
Taber, Luther A., to Lydia W. Bullock, of Grafton, Oct. 22, 1844.
Talbert, Frank, of Enfield, to Elnora Baker, of Royalton, Vt., June 4, 1867.
Taylor, Samuel, to Lydia Pillsbury, both of Danbury, Feb. 28, 1814.
Tenney, Gustavus, of Alexandria, to Pluma Pettingill, of Grafton, June 16, 1860.
Thompson, Caleb, of Lyme, to Elizabeth A. Wilmot, March 22, 1852.
Thurston, Jesse, to Eliza Clark, Aug. 1, 1824.
Thurston, Stephen, to Nancy Davis, March 15, 1818.
Tibbetts, Charles H., to Sarah H. Thurston, of Gilmanton, Oct. 31, 1859.
Towne, William H., to Mary M. Hiscock, Oct. 9, 1879.
Townsend, George B., to Frances M. Allard, Sept. 28, 1856.
True, Joseph G., to Dolly C. Chellis, both of Orange, Oct. 26, 1865.
Tucker, Daniel B., of Thornton, to Elizabeth Elliott, April 11, 1850.
Tucker, James, to Mehitable Keniston, Feb. 7, 1805.
Tucker, John, to Hannah Beedle, March 12. 1797.
Tucker, Nathaniel, of Norwich, Vt., to Betsey Straw, Sept. 15, 1822.
Tyler, Job, to Mrs. Lydia Dustin, May 18, 1820.
Vimieux, Benjamin, of Massachusetts, to Olive Columbe, Jan. 1, 1865.
Waldo, Walter, to Rody Gove, July 17, 1809.
Washburn, Harvey, to Laurett Aldrich, Nov. 13, 1839.
Washburn, Nahum, to Nancy Chandler, of Hanover, Oct. 5, 1841.
Wear, Joseph, of Andover, to Ann A. Calif, March 26, 1854.
Webber, John D., to Mrs. Harriet A. Washburn, Nov. 4, 1865.
Wentworth, Jacob, of Berwick, Me., to Zilpha L. Morrill, Jan. 12, 1846.
Wheat, Benjamin, of Dunstable, to Sarah Bullock, of Grafton, Jan. 18, 1816.
Whipple, Joseph, Jr., of Hebron, to Lydia Blaisdell, of Dorchester, Jan. 29, 1817.
White, James T., of Vermont, to Lizzie H. Chandler, of Lyme, Nov. 20, 1865.
Whitmore, Daniel, to Marie Wells, Nov. 9, 1851.
Whittlesey, John R., to Ann Whittier, March 28, 1836.
Williams, Oliver, to Jemima Barney, both of Grafton, Oct. 24, 1799.
Williams, Samuel, Jr., to Jane Bullock, both of Grafton, Jan. 26, 1797.
Williams, William, to Hannah Merrill, both of Enfield, March 26, 1811.
Willis, Roswell O., to Lydia Stark, both of Hanover, June 24, 1819.
Wilson, Joseph, to Sarah Saunders, of Lebanon, Sept. 7. 1802.
Winslow, John, of Lyme, to Lydia E. Woodworth, of Dorchester, Aug. 17, 1853.
Withington, Horace H., of Hanover, to Lydia A. Fellows, Oct. 29, 1857.
Wood, Amos, to Silva Sargent, both of Lebanon, Feb. 23, 1819.
Wood, George H., of Vermont, to Clara P. Follensbee, of Vermont, Oct. 12, 1864.
Woods, Levi C., to Belinda D. Colby, Aug. 19, 1860.
Woodward, George B., of Manchester, to Mary J. Clark, Sept. 10, 1843.
Woodworth, George, of Dorcthester, to Louisa Hovey, of Lyme, Aug. 14, 1825.
York, Daniel, to Hannah Davis, Feb. 2, 1819.


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