Marriages Recorded at
Charlestown, NH 1751 to 1849

From The Old Fort # 4
Published 1876

Part 1 (1751 - 1806)

Transcribed By Janice Farnsworth

l75l Nov. 6 Benjamin Allen and Peggy Spafford
l763 Dec. l9 William Heywood and Joanna Wetherbe
l765 Oct. l5 Peter Page and Sarah Farnsworth
l767 Mar. 2 Osmyn Baker and Mary Farnsworth
l768 Jul. 6 Oliver Farnsworth and Elizabeth Wheeler
l769 Nov. 3 Elijah Parker and Elizabeth Farwell
l77l Oct. 29 William Farwell, Jr. and Phebe Crosby
l773 Jul. 9 John Hart and Submit Farnsworth
l775 Mar. 9 Elijah Ellsworth and Susanna Porter
l776 Mar. 7 Phinehas Pearl and Azubah Heywood
l777 Dec. 3l Samuel Stevens and Talitha Bingham
l778 Jun. ll Nathaniel Holden and Lettice Grout
l78l Jan. ll Enos Lovell and Mary Grout
l783 Dec. 30 Benjamin Labaree and Hannah Farwell
l784 Mar. 29 Levi Putnam and Rebecca Holden
l784 Aug. 30 William Henry Jr. and Polly Holden
l784 Oct. l2 Abner Powers and Sabra Porter
l786 Apr. 22 Nathan Allen and Deborah Farwell
l786 Sep. 6 Rufus Labaree and Olive Farwell
l786 Dec. Elijah Grout and Abigail Hutchins (At Walpole by Mr. Fessenden)
l787 Feb. 2l Amasa Grout and Lucinda Heywood
l787 Sep. 27 Stephen Hassam and Theodosia Hastings
l788 Feb. 7 Reuben Nott and Louisa Holden
l788 Apr. l5 Jeremiah Johnson and Fanny Blanchard
l788 Jul. 7 Oliver Combs (Cooms) and Orpha Willard
l788 Aug. 27 Oliver Farnsworth Jr. and Hannah Lynd
l788 Oct. l6 Jehoshaphat Grout and Anna Parker
l788 Nov. 29 Jason Dudley and Polly Goodenough
l789 Mar. 26 Joshua Cushman and Keziah Dayley
l789 Sep. 24 David Enos and Mrs. Mary Dike
l789 Sep. 30 Wm. Dike Douglas and Sybil Dudley
l790 Mar. Sprague West and Phebe Carlton
l790 Apr. l Henry Perkins of Unity and Mehitable Ladd
l790 May. l9 Oliver Farwell and Eusebia Grout
l790 Sep. 6 Capt. Timothy Lull, Hartland and Peggy Allen
l790 Nov. 4 Aaron Dean and Phyla Walker
l790 Nov. 9 Peter Page Jr. and Eunice Billings
l792 Jun. 24 Apthorp Carswell, Littleton and Amarilla Holden
l792 Nov. 20 Presbury West and Terza Carleton,Acworth
l792 Dec. l0 Jonas Lynd and Beulah Harris
l793 Jan. l Asa Spafford, Fairfax, VT and Widow Mary Spencer
l793 Jan. l0 Abel Fling and Susanna Alvord
l793 Mar. 7 James Willard Jr. and Anna Hutchins
l793 Mar. 7 Paul Cushman Jr. and Rebecca Glidden
l793 Mar. l2 Moses Morse, Wmstwn and Lydia Nichols
l793 May. l5 Lemuel Cone, Wstmstr and Dolly Parker
l793 Oct. l0 Jason Wetherbe and Sophia Farwell
l793 Nov. 8 Benjamin Allen and Beulah Temple
l794 Feb. 3 Clark Cushman and Katy Grout
l794 Mar. l3 Abijah Putnam and Susanna Durant
l794 Aug. 3l Lester Fling, Sprgfld and Naomi Hart
l794 Sep. l0 Alpheus Nichols and Anna Cushman
l794 Nov. l9 Elisha Perkins, Unity and Nany Tucker
l795 Jan. 25 Dr. Daniel Egerry, Lancaster and Fanny Heywood of Lunenburg.
l795 Jan. 25 Samuel Carlisle and Alice West
l795 Feb. l5 Samuel Shepard and Hannah Fuller
l795 Feb. 22 John Willie and Polly Fuller
l795 Mar. 5 Bailey Putnam and Anna Bailey
l795 Jun. 2l Josiah Farwell, Jr. and Mary Lathan
l796 Mar. l5 Phineas Hutchins and Lydia Willard
l796 Apr. l4 John Metcalf and Roby Converse
l796 Aug. l James Hunt and Elmira Southard
l796 Sep. l Marcian Willard and Mary Baker
l796 Jan. l5 Jonathan Baker and Susanna Wetherbe
l796 Apr. 23 Joseph Nichols and Hannah Nichols
l796 Jul. 7 John Williams, Hrtfd,CT and Polly Powers
l796 Sep. 24 Thomas Melville and Betsey Walker
l796 Oct. 29 Daniel Houghton, Sprgfld and Cynthia Hart
l796 Dec. 25 John C. Chamberlain and Nancy Hubbard
l798 Jan. 2 Noah Porter and Jerusha Porter
l798 Jan. 23 Augustus Brown and Polly Silsby
l798 Mar. l4 Samuel Weed and Anna Rumrill
l798 Apr. l0 Phineas Dunsmoor and Polly Gage
l798 Apr. l8 Dr. David Taylor and Hannah Hanneford
l798 May. l3 Abijah Nichols and Polly Wright
l798 May. l3 Thomas Bignal and Polly Fairfield
l798 Jul. 25 Bulkley Holton and Betsey Judevine
l798 Dec. 20 Joseph Yeomans and Betsey Baldwin
l798 Dec. 30 John Eastman and Anna Kimball
l799 Jan. 24 Elijah Derby and Abigail Grow
l799 Feb. 28 Zenas Field, Surry and Mercy Nichols
l799 Apr. l8 Abraham Frisby, Sprgfld and Nelly Gallow
l799 Jun. 2l Silas Garfield and Ruth Ellsworth
l799 Aug. 2l Levi Osgood and Susanna Glidden
l799 Aug. 22 Ezra Nichols and Ruth Pease
l799 Sep. 2 Samuel Baxter, Thetfrd, VT and Sally Baker
l799 Nov. 9 William McClintock Jr. and Charlotte Grout
l800 Feb. 3 Samuel Henry and Sally Cooley
l800 Feb. 3 Enos Page, Fairfax, VT and Asenath West
l800 Feb. l8 Simon Rumrill and Hannah Perry, Stoddard
l800 Mar. 30 Perley Robbin and Phebe McIntosh
l800 Apr. 22 Jona. Austen and Betsy Stevens
l800 Jun. 24 Samuel Harper and Polly Carlow
l800 Nov. 20 Francis Barker and Katy Cross
l80l May. 6 Frederick A.Sumner and Mrs Abigail Stone
l80l Aug. l3 Aaron Mason and Jerusha Emerson
1801 Sep. 2l Edward Whipple, Concord and Milla Walker
l802 Jan. l8 L. T. Cheney, Wstmreland and Phila Geer
l802 Jan. 25 Samuel S. Benton,Langdon and Esther Prouty
l802 Jan. 3l Simeon Church and Mehitabel Corbin
l802 Feb. 2l David Hovey, Wshngton and Anna Davidson
l802 Mar. 8 David Putnam and Hannah Bailey
l802 Mar. 30 Ezra Freeman and Sally Dudley
l802 Apr. 28 Jonathan Collier and Jenny McClintock
l802 Nov. 24 John Hacket and Patty Putnam
l803 Apr. 3 Gideon Kidder, Wthsfld and Fanny Hubbard
l803 Sep. 25 Walter Powers and Sally Bellows
l803 Oct. l3 William Pomroy, Northfld and Lucy Bowen
l803 Nov. l5 Shaler Beckwith and Esther Simonds
l804 Jan. l7 Vryling Lovell Rckngham and Laura Hubbard
l804 Jan. 22 Asa Nichols Jr. and Rachel Lampson,Unity
l804 Mar. ll Perley Robbins and Nancy Farnsworth
l804 Jul. 3l Godfrey Cook, Claremont and Abigail Hubbard
l804 Nov. ll Amasa Nichols and Sally Buckman, Unity
l804 Dec. 26 Morris DuShannois and Polly Gabore
l805 Jan. 24 Rufus Leland, Mddlsx VT and Mirian Densmore
l805 Feb. 3 Nathan Knapp, Hanover and Louisa Grinnel
l805 Feb. 4 Benjamin Harper and Sally Huntoon
l805 Feb. 28 Wm. R. Griffith, Wethsfld, Vt. and Deborah Decamp
l805 Apr. ll David Griswold and Silena White
l805 Jun. l Moses Buck and Polly Johnson
l805 Jun. 3 Chester Gaylord,Hadley and Sidney Dickinson
l805 Aug. 28 Amos Brooks and Hannah Ames
l805 Sep. l8 Amos Wheeler, Jr. and Rachel McGlaughton
l805 Sep. 29 Ezekial Hawley, Hrtfrd and Nancy Boutwell
l805 Nov. 4 Windel Silsby, Lnbrg, VT and Susanna Blood
l805 Nov. 24 John M. Foster and Alice Carlisle
l806 Jan. l9 Willard Hall and Eunice Walker
l806 Jan. 23 Zachariah Lawrence and Anna Royce,Lagdon
l806 Jan. 26 Phillip Wheeler, Jr. and Polly Grout
l806 Feb. 20 Peter Wright and Mille Spencer Sprgfld,VT
l806 Apr. 5 Josiah Farr, Cavndish,VT and Laura Allen

Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth

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