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Pizza@Home is a non-scientific project for Pizza lovers all over the world. We have tried to make it scientific but the work units keep getting eaten before they can be distributed to people so you have to bring your own work.

Pizza@Home is not affiliated with any Research Institute or University, just have fun eating Pizza.

If you were banned from Predictor@Home you are always welcome to join Pizza@Home.

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Pizza@home is the only project for those who love pizza.

News items

12 Feb. 2008 I was informed in the Pizza Mail that Mooses Saloon in Kalispell, Montana has the best pizza in the west.

31 Jan. 2008 It has been believed that this project is for people in Europe. The truth is that is is for pizza lovers all over the world and run out of the United States. Please remember to drive safely while eating your Pizza.

9 July 2007 Due to many questions about credits a scale on how to claim credits was added to the Pizza@Home furum.

26 June 2007 WNj is looking foreward for a surpreme Hawaii-Pizza with an extra
mushrooms and a lot of cheese.

18 June 2007 Karen went to a Pizza Restraunt and had a Florintine Pizza. She likes spinish on her pizza.

04 June 2007 The top teams page was added to Pizza@Home. Also link to Pizza Records.

03 June 2007 Viking68 said I too have eaten M A N Y pizza's. In face I am going to have one for lunch today. I know you are all jealous

02 June 2007 Kath had a sausage and onion pizza with lots of cheese for dinner.

24 May 2007 Grizz says Pizza is great, I eat millions of pizzas to prepare for the hybernation. I hope I get credit for them all. A bear has to eat you know!!

04 May 2007 Red Atomic in Tasmania says they like Pizza with bbq sauce on top.

17 Apr. 2007 Tim stopped in Bristol today on his way back to North Carolina to get a good Pizza to bring back for his friends. They don't have good Pizza there like in the North. Thinking of the Pizza here helped him get through the Boston Marathon yesterday. Pizza is good for everything.

25 Feb. 2007 A new pizza restraunt oppened in New Hampshire.

30 Dec. 2006 The Pizza@Home team would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. And remember to eat Pizza in 2007.

24 Oct. 2006 ThEfT is haveing beef stake Pizza in Austria.

08 Oct 2006 Pizza@Home was introduced to the people at the SETI program, whare everyone loved the new program.

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