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Profile: Ray


Pizza@Home member since 29 Mar 2006
Country USA
Total Pizza's 1150
Recent average Pizza 10.25
Team BOINC@Heidelberg
Your personal background.

I am the founder of the Pizza@Home project. I needed a short brake from crunching numbers for programs like CPDN, Rosetta and QMC so this was the logical thing to start.

My Mommy introduced my to pizza when I was very small and I have always liked them ever since. Maybe when I grow up I will eat other foods but I don't think so as pizza has everything you need.

I am married and have two children living in North Carolina, which are bigger than my as I have not grown up yet.

Here are some things from my garden that go good on pizza.

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Pizza@Home I think is the best project on the web, but I should think that as I started it.
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