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30 Sept 2006 Filehunter and the Unknown women were given a worm welcome and a Pizza Party in Sweden today.

20 Sept 2006 A grocery store in Boston, MA was robbed of it's the frozen pizza.

15 Sept 2006 Rumer has it that Santa is going to give everyone a Pizza for Christmas.

12 Sept 2006 There was a large Pizza Party in the QMC Cafe.

09 Sept 2006 Forum added for the Pizza@Home Project

08 Sept 2006 Filehunter and unknown women were seen heading towards Holland with his Lottery Winnings and a Sausage Pizza.

06 Sept 2006 Filehunter was again seen having Pizza with the unknown women in Germany, than they went in the directon to Holland.

04 Sept 2006 Pizza Health Warning added.

03 Sept 2006 Cori is Crunching on a Tuna with Extra fresh tomato on top Pizza in Germany.

02 Sept. 2006 Egglish Muffin Pizza added to Recipies.

01 Sept 2006 Mike Mitchell added Meat Lovers Pizza to the Recipes.

31 Aug 2006 Email added for sending in your faverate Pizza Recipies and Restrunts.

31 Aug 2006 Halifax--lad has just added a Veg. Pizza to his menu.

30 Aug 2006 Jane is thinking of Pizza for dinner with her email list in Mi.

30 Aug 2006 Jamin said this is the most popular project in Poland today.

29 Aug 2006 Kath is thinking of haveing pizza delivered for lunch in OH.

28 Aug 2006 HG is havin Pizza@home for lunch with computer.

27 Aug 2006 Ray went out for Pizza in Ct.

26 Aug 2006 Cori was thinking of having Pizza today in Germany.

26 Aug 2006 Velociraptor said that even Dino's in Austria love Pizza@Home

25 Aug 2006 Jamin said that Pizza@Home is the best crunching project there is.

24 Aug 2006 Filehunter is eating pizza with an unknown women in Germany.

23 Aug 2006 Honza belives the whole Czech republic likes Pizza@Home.

21 Aug 2006 A new round pan was found to be the best for cooking pizza on.

15 Aug 2006 Peter Pan was awarded 1 Pizza for his naming of the program

03 Aug 2006 The first member of Eating Pizza joined.

01 Aug 2006 A contest was started for looking for a name of this program.

05 Jul 2006 Eating Pizza (Temp. name) was open to the public

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