Pizza@Home rules and policies.

The only project for Pizza Lover all over the world.
Stop back often for updates.

1) All Pizza's credit is claimed for should be your own, not the one of the person next door.

2) You can get credit for any Pizza that you make and/or eat.

3) If your computer crunches the Pizza first you will recieve dubble credit.

4) If you do not have permisson to use the computer that crunched the Pizza you will not recieve credit.

5) Credit is granted by size of the Pizza, not time reported to eliminate cheating.

6) Any that we can think of to keep your Pizza credit down as credits are expansive.

7) If you should gain weight due to over eating pizza the program will not be responsable.

I Agree with these rules and want to apply for membership

I do not agree and will not apply

Menbers and non members are encouraged to send there faverate recipies and names of faverate pizze places to Pizza@Home. They will be added to the web site later.

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