Bridgewater, MA Vital Records (Marriages) to 1850
Published by:
New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1916
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames Blackman to Byrum

* Intention not recorded


Elijah of Middleton, Conn., and Deborah Cliff, int. Aug. 30, 1766
Hannah of Stoughton and Timothy Conant, int. Oct. 27, 1754
Hannah and John Feild, Feb. 26, 1760* [Black and John Field Jr. CR1]
Rebecca and Dependence French Briand, June 7, 1791*


Elizabeth and Samuel Beals, Oct. 17, 1745* PCR


Nancy Lucinda of N. Bridgewater and Francis Mortimer French of N. Bridgewater, Dec. 24, 1837* [Nancy C. of N. Bridgewater, CR5]
Phineas of Canton and Patty [int. adds Porter] Perkins, Sept. 26, 1804
Samuel [dup. and int. Samuell and Abigail Rickard, Nov. 30, 1768. [Samuel, PCR. Samuel and Abigal Rickard, CR1]
Sarah and David Dunbar, Sept. 21, 1749*


William and Mary Burr [int. wid.], Dec. 1, 1773


Eli of Abington and Deborah Harden, Aug. 30, 1798
Eli Jr. and Eliza Wood, int. July 5, 1817
Elisha of Weymouth and Jane Lazell, Apr. 25, 1809
Joseph S. [int. omits S., adds "Trancient person"] and Mary M. Phillips, May 9, 1807
Laura and Bela Hayward, Feb. 17, 1830*, PR19
Lot of Stoughton and Lucy Howard, Feb. 19, 1818
Lydia and Thomas Drake [int. of Quincy], Feb. 1, 1821
Molly [int. Molley of Stoughton, Suffolk Co.] and Elisha Hayward [int. Jr.] Jan 13, 1778 [Polly and Elisha Hayward, PCR]
Thomas Jr. of Abington and Susanna Latham, Feb. 9, 1786


Silence and Samuel [int. Samuell] Nickels of Norton, Aug. 18, 1766


Polly of Londmeadow and Abram Bearce, Apr. 25, 1796, in Longmeadow.*
Samuel and Sarah Packard, July 11, 1723*


Susan M., 22, d. Jonathan and Elizabeth, and Robert Perkins, 23, trader, s. Jacob and Mary, Sept. 10, 1845 [Robert, s. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), PR13]

BLOSOM (also see Blossom)

Barnabas [int. Blossom] and Sarah Pratt, Apr. 20, 1778 [Blossom, CR1]

BLOSSOM (also see Blosom)

Charity and James Howard of Middleborough, int. Jan. 9, 1802
Lebbeus (see Libeus)
Levi and Abigail Washburn, May 28, 1797
Levi and Sally Keith, int. Feb. 21, 1801
Libens of Easton [int. Eaton, N.H.] and Rebecca Leonard, Feb. 5, 1804 [Liba, PR32] Lucy (see Lucy Baldwin)
Polly of Eaton, N.H. and Rufus Keith, int. Aug. 19, 1804
Silvanus of Freetown and Martha Alden, int. Nov. 5, 1774
Sylvanus and Charity Snell, Nov. 16, 1738,* CR1


Boston and Chloe Rounsafull, blacks, int. Nov. 19, 1796

BOBBET (also see Babbitt)

Olive and Gamaliel Howard, int. Sept. 30, 1775

BODEN (also see Bowden)

William S. of Milton and Mary Thayer of Milton, Aug. 27, 1837, in Randolph.* PR43

BOLDREY (also see Boldry, Bouldry)

James and Mary Palmer, int. May 16, 1807.

BOLDRY (also see Boldrey, Bouldry)

Thomas H. and Priscilla S. Ames, int. Sept. 12, 1840

BOLENEY (see Bdleney)

BOLTEN (also see Bolton)

John Jr. and Ruth Hooper, Jan. 25, 1709-10*

BOLTON (also see Bolten)

Abigail and Samuel Ripley, May 11, 1736*
Anna [int. Anne] and Jeremiah Pratt, Nov. 27, 1777 [Anna, CR1]
Daniell and Alice Leach, Oct. 22, 1772 [Daniel, PCR]
David and Zilpha 9int Zilpah] Snow of Raynham, May 24, 1795
Elisabeth and Joseph Thompson, Feb. 7, 1732-3* [Elisebeth and Joseph Thompson of Plymton, CR1]
Elizetheth and Michel May of Easton, July 27, 1727, in Easton.*
Hannah (see Hannah Polton)
Jabez and Bethiah [int. Bethia] Ripley of Easton, Oct. 24, 1765, in Easton.
John Jr. and Elisabeth Hayward, Sept. 26, 1751* [Elizebeth, Sept. 20, PCR]
John [int. of Raynham] and Margery [int. Mergery] Pratt, Dec. 4, 1787 [John and Margery Pratt, PCR]
Jonathan and Hannah Snow, Aug. 21, 1794
Joseph and Deliverance Washburn, Feb. 6, 1739-40* [Feb. 6, 1739, CR1]
Joseph and Mary Bolton, Apr. 27, 1773
Martha and Joab Willis, Mar. 4, 1744
Mary and Joseph Bolton, Apr. 27, 1773
Nathaniell and Deborah Ripley, wid., Mar. 24, 1739-40* [Nathaniel, Mar. 24, 1739, PCR. CR1]
Nathaniell and Jane Thomson, int. Nov. 15, 1777
Philip and Bethia Hayward, Apr. 7, 1787 [Phillip and Bethiah Hayward, PCR]
Rhoda and Abijah Dyer, Oct. 7, 1764
Ruth and Ephraim Leach, Dec. 26, 1734*
Samuel and Rebecca Simmons of Halifax, Oct. 21, 1742* [Oct. 25, PCR]
Seth of Hallifax and Ann Wade of Pembrook, Aug. 13, 1761*
Susannah and Jabes Cowing, Mar. 23, 1740* [Susanna and Jabez Cowing, PCR. Susanna and Jabaz Pittis, Mar. 25, 1741, CR1]


Abigail [int. Bowman of Bedford] and Rodulphus Carver, May 18, 1763, in Lexington.


Amos [int. of Augusta] and Martha Keith, Oct. 20, 1807


Abigail and David Pratt Jr., Apr. 12, 1753*
Elisabeth and Isaac Snow, Sept. 8, 1748*

BONNEY (see Bonny)

Abigail [int. Bonne] of Pembroke and Jacob Hill, Feb. 25, 1754, in Pembroke.
Cynthia Sylvester [int. Cynthia Silvester, omits Bonney] and Lt. [int. omits Lt.] Ebenezer Cutler of Western, Worcester, Co., July 3, 1797.
Deborah and Miles Sampson, July 27, 1757* [Elizabeth, PCR]
Elisabeth and Perry Hardin [int. of Pembrook], Mar. 30, 1768
Harriet and Harmon Washburn, Dec. 27, 1822
Johanney [int. Joanna] and Barza Allen, Sept. 8, 1796
John Jr. of Pembroke and Hannah Gould, Nov. 2, 1749, in Pembroke*
Leah, Mrs., of Pembroke, and John Young, int. Feb. 8, 1783
Lydia and Josiah Russells [int. Joshua Burrill] of Abington, Feb. 5 [sic, int. Nov. 5] 1785, in Abington.
Molly [inf. Molley] and Christopher [int. Christophur] Young, Mar. 21, 1785 [Molly and Christopher Young, PCR]
Noah Jr. of Pembroke and Agnes Keith, June 15, 1819
Oliver of Hadley, Hampshire Co., and Betsey [int. adds F.] Hayward, June 8, 1814.
Ruth of Pembroke and Edward Packard, Dec. --, 1757, in Pembroke*
Sarah and Nathan Hartwell, June 19, 1762
William and Phebe Allen, Apr. 14, 1766 [Apr. 4, PCR]
William of Stoughton and Deborah Morse, int. Nov. 25, 1790
William and Molly Dunbar [int. Denber], Jan. 26, 1796

BONNY (also see Bonney)

Lydia and Eleazer Hamblin, June 30, 1752* [Hamblen, PCR]


Francis of Boston and Patte Clapp, blacks, int. Nov. 21, 1789

BORDEN (also see Barden)

Adolphus Kinsman, Dr., of N. Bridgewater, and Lucy Ann Lazell Brown of E. Bridgewater, d. B. Edq., Dec. 22, 1825*, CR1
Maritta H. of Troy and Ralph Crooker, int. June 12, 1824

BOSWORTH (also see Bozworth)

Andrew J. [int. S.] of Taunton and Eliza Ann Knapp, June 24, 1840
Ruth, wid., of Halifax, and Joseph Packard 2d, Sept. 27, 1759, in Halifax*
Sarah [int Bozworth] and Barnebas [int. Barnabas] Lathrop, Nov. 27, 1777 [Bozworth and Barnabas Lathrop, PCR]
Susanna [int. Bozworth] and Ephraim Samson, Jan. 30, 1821

BOUDITCH (also see Bowditch)

Bathsheba [int. Boudage] and Ephraim Groves, Feb. 17, 1762. [Bowditch and Ephraim Graves [dup. Groves] PCR]

BOULDRY (also see Boldrey, Boldry)

Elizabeth S. and Unite K. Leach, Dec. 31, 1838


William and Rebecca Kyle, Oct. 4, 1841

BOURN (also see Bourne)

Diantha B. [int. Bourne], 20, d. Warren and Rachel, and Benjamin W. Bates, 27, trader, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth, Aug. 24, 1845 [Bourne, CR1]
Ebenezer and Frances Shaw, int. Feb. 2, 1788
Mehitable of Halifax and Pyam C. K. Whitman, int. Aug. 6, 1837
Priscilla of Pembroke and Jonathan Perkins, ----, 1757, in Pembroke.*

BOURNE (also see Bourn)

Isaac and Christiana J. Harden, Oct. 24, 1838
Mary, Mrs., of Sandwich, and John Angier, Nov. 23, 1732, in Sandwich.*

BOWDEN (also see Boden)

Mary and James Washbourn, Dec. 20, 1693,* PCR

BOWDITCH (also see Bouditch)

Mary and Joseph Byram, Dec. 17, 1745*, PCR.
Samuell, [int. Boudage[ and Rebeca [int. Rebecca] Byram, Mar. 18, 1755

BOWDOIN (see Boden, Bowden)


Eunice and Joseph W. Keith, Dec. 17, 1822
Joshua of Roxbury and Abigiall [int. Abigail] Smith, Mar. 26, 1782 [Abigail, PCR]
Sarah and Gorge [dup. and int. George] Hunt of Braintree, Oct. 19 [dup. Sept. 30sic, int. Oct. 1], 1774 [dup. in Braintree].


Hannah and Elisha Richards, blacks, int. June 28, 1800


Elijah and Mary Belcher of Randolph, int. Sept. 2, 1820

BOWMAN (see Boman)


David of Norton and Mary Ames, June 10, 1737* [June 1, CR1]


Henry and Hannah A. Robinson, Nov. 24, 1833 [Hannah Allen Robinson, CR2]
John of New York and Jane Orr, Oct. 22, 1792


Lois of Wallpole and Seth Dunbar Jr., int. Dec. 30, 1767
Samuel and Lucy Harris, Mar. 9, 1807 [date in later handwriting]*


Joseph Jr. and Aseneth [int. Asenath] Hall, Sept. 24, 1844

BOZWORTH (also see Bosworth)

Abihail, wid., and Joseph Ames, int. Oct.12, 1768
Chloe and Daniel Toalman [dup. typewritten on paper pasted in book, Bosworth and Daniel Tolman], Feb. 10, 1784 [Cloe Bozworth and Daniel Tolman, PCR. Cloe Bozward and Daniel Tolman, CR1]
Eli of Hallifax and Hannah Cox of Hallifax, Mar. 19, 1767*
Jonathan and Mary Pain, Dec. 12, 1752*
Jonathan and Abihal Alger, Jan. 6, 1756* [Abihail, PCR]
Jonathan and Abigail Williams of Easton, May 14, 1780, in Easton
Joseph of Hallifax and Sarah Cobb, Sept. 20, 1744
Sally of Hallifax and Ziba Hayward Jr., int. Nov. 22, 1806 [Sarah Bosworth and Ziba Hayward, m. May 17, 1807, PR1]
William of Hallifax and Lucy Hayward, int. Feb. 27, 1807


Charles and Clarrissa [int. Clarissa] Graves, Apr. 23, 1837 [Clarissa, CR1]
Joan D. and Martin Leonard 2d, Jan. 2, 1837
Lucy and John Code, June 16, 1819
Lucy and William Muirhead, Sept. 30, 1832
Pamela of Duxborough and Nathaniel Little, int. Oct. 29, 1791
Peleg S. and Lydia H. Robinson, Feb. 25, 1847
Pelham and Selah Packard, Nov. 30, 1797
Sarah [int. Mrs.] of Plymouth and Benjamin Willis Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Dec. 17, 1761, in Plymouth.

BRADLEY (also see Bradly)

James and Catharine Moore, Feb. 21, 1759*
Mary of Abington and Ebenezer Allen, Dec. 15, 1757, in Abington.*

BRADLY (also see Bradley)

George [int. Bradley] and Susanna Pierce [int. Peirce], Oct. 31, 1753


Cordelia P. of Middleborough and Daniel W. Patterson, int. Nov. 19, 1848


Caleb and Dammaris James, Nov. 13, 1729* [Diamaras [dup. Damaris] PCR]


Levi and Isabella Pratt, Apr. 15, 1790

BRATTLES (also see Battles)

Samuel [int. Battles] of Stoughton and Dorathy [int. Dorithy] Dyer, Mar. 29, 1786 [Brattle of Stoughton and Dorothy Dyer, PCR. Brattle of Stoughton and Dorotha Dyer, CR1]


Hannah (see Hannah Orcutt)
Mehitable (see Mehitable Brett)


Abigail and Albert Edson, Nov. 10, 1817
Alice and Daniel Crossman [int. Crosman] of Easton, June 4, 1778, in Easton.
Alpheus and Betsey Holmes, Apr. 16, 1807
Amity [int. Amittai] and William Pratt [int. of Easton], Apr. 9, 1797
Amzi and Phebe Packard, May 22, 1788
Anne and Joseph Cary, June 15, 1732* [Anna, PCR. Ann Britt, CR1]
Bithia and Thomas Haward, June 5, 1706*
Calvin and Esther Hollis, June 29, 1788
Charity [int. wid.] and David Keith, Mar. 5, 1772 [Charity, PCR]
Charity and Nathan Soule of Middleborough, Apr. 8, 1815
Charles and Rachel Swift, inf. Sept. 18, 1824
Daniel and Huldah Snell, Mar. 25, 1784
Daniel Jr. and Sarah Hayward, Sept. 8, 1807
Deborah and Thomas Ames Jr., Mar. 28, 1758*
Diana and Samuel Perry, Feb. 15, 1820
Elihu and Susanna Hayward, Dec. 17, 1706*
Elizebeth and Thomas Drake of Easton, Jan. 20, 1736-7, in Easton*
Hannah and Joseph Gannett, Oct. 2, 1732* [Oct. 21, PCR]
Hannah and Ephraim Haward Jr., July 12, 1753
Hannah and Mark Foard [int. of Abington], Nov. 22, 1764 [Mark, PCR]
Isaac and Priscila [int. Priscilla] Jackson, Jan. 7, 1765 [Priscilla, PCR]
Jenney and Nathaniell Southworth, Mar. 18, 1777
John and Alice Cady of Pomphrett, int. Nov. 17, 1744
John Jr. and Abigal Hayward, int. Oct. 10, 1778
Joseph and Olive Beal, Dec. 21, 1797
Josiah and Eunice Packard, Oct. 28, 1812
Luther and Sally Dwelly, Apr. 6, 1794
Margrett and Samuel Willis, Mar. 18, 1705-6*
Mehetabel and Samuel Edson, Mar. 30, 1721*
Mehetabel and Jonas Packard, Sept. 11, 1777* [Mehitabel, PCR]
Mehetabel [int. Mehetable[ and Daniel [int. Daniell] Cary, May 14, 1778
[Mehitabel and Daniel Cary, PCR]
Mehitable [int. Mehitabel Breet] and Alpheus French [int. of Stoughton], May 11, 1800
Nathanael and Sarah Hayward, Nov. 21, 1683*
Nathaniel, Dea. [int. Nathanael, imits Dea.] and Mrs. Mary Dyre [int. Dyar, wid.], Feb. 3, 1774, in Plymouth.
Phebe and Abel Dunbar, Mar 9, 1806 [date in later handwriting]
Phebe and Jabez Kingman, June 7, 1818
Polly and Ichabod Reynolds, Jan. 21, 1796
Rubie and Ephraim Feild, int. Nov. 18, 1786
Rufus and Susanna Cary, Sept. 28, 1775
Samuel [int. Samuell Jr.] and Molly [int. Mary] Packard, Mar. 18, 1778 [Samuel and Molly Packard, PCR]
Samuell and Hannah Packard, Dec. 21, 1737*
Sarah, wid., and Recompence Cary, Jan. 17, 1726-7*
Sarah and Mathew Allen Jr., Nov. 11, 1735*
Sarah [int. 3d] and Benjamin Foard [int. of Abington], Feb. 13, 1773
Seth and Sarah Allden, Oct. 13, 1712* [Seth Pratt, PR103]
Seth and Patience Curtis, int. June 2, 1744
Seth Jr. and Susanna Latham, Nov. 15, 1769 [Susannah, PCR]
Silence and Thomas Burr, Nov. 3, 1774
Simeon and Mehetable Packard, Jan. 31, 1749*
Simeon [int. Jr.] and Susanna Perkins, Dec. 25, 1777 [Simeon and Susannah Perkins, PCR]
Sophia and Apollos Packard, int. Jan. 12, 1811
Susanna and Nathaniell Tilden, Nov. 11, 1755* [Tillden, PCR]
Susanna and Samuel Shepherd [int. Shepard of Stoughton], Apr. 17 [Apr. 17, in later handwriting], 1806
Sylvia [int. Silvia] and Isaac Allen Jr., May 21, 1776
Uriah and Charity Kingman, June 4, 1760*
Uriah and Nabbe Kingman, Oct. 5, 1790
Uriah and Nanny Robinson, May 2, 1799
William and Bethia Kinsley, May 15, 1732* [Bethiah Kingsley, PCR]
William and Molly Allen, Dec. 5, 1782 [Molly, PCR]
William and Betty Phillips [int. Phillip], Aug. 27, 1801
Zenas and Sybil [int. Sibbil] French of Stoughton, June 27, 1813
Zibeon (see Zibion)
Zibiah [int. Zibeah] and John Noyes [int. of Worshester], Nov. 7, 1776
Zibion [int. Zibeon] and Levinea Snell, Aug. 19 [Aug 19 in later handwriting], 1804


Anne of Pembroke and Earl Josselyn, int. July 23m 1814
Kalla and Margrett Steuard, negroes, int. Mar. 9, 1776
Lucy of Pembroke and Peter Conant Jr., int. June 10, 1809

BRIAND (also see Briant, Bryant)

Dependence French and Rebecca Blackman, June 7, 1791*

BRIANT (also see Briand, Bryant)

Anna [int. Bryant] and Abiel Phillips of Easton, July 26, 1787, in Easton.


Dorcas and Prince Hall, int. July 14, 1787


Mathew and Ann Perkins, Sept. 29, 1747*

BRIGGS (also see Brigs)

Daniel [int. of Pembrook] and Jane Lathrop, July 4, 1782 [Daniel, PCR]
Elizabeth of Middleborough and Lewis Harlow Jr., int. May 21, 1842
George [int. Brigs] and Molley Keith, Apr. 4, 1768 [Briggs and Molly Keith, PCR]
George of Norton and Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] Whitman, Oct. 26, 1791 [Elizabeth, PCR]
George [int Jr.] and Abigail Curtis, Dec. 10, 1809
Lucretia H. of Pembroke and Dion Bryant, int. Apr. 21, 1821 [m. May 13, PR1]
Mary D. and William B. Hall of Raynham, int. Nov. 25, 1843
Melinda of Taunton and Robert Howland Jr., int. Aug. 16, 1845
Mercy of Dighton and Christophur Paul Jones, int. Mar. 23, 1793
Molly of Hallifax and George Washington Jackson, int. Aug. 4, 1804
Polly and Joshua Wales Jr., int. May 5, 1804
Samuell Jr. [int. Brigs of Stoughton] and Rhoda Jusee [int. Jewzee], Sept. 1, 1763 [Samuel Briggs and Rhoda Jusee, PCR]
Seth and Esther Soper, May 2, 1751*
Susanna (see Susanna Richards)
Sylvester [int. Silvester] of Norton and Leah Whitman, Sept. 28, 1797
William, Rev., of Kittery [int. adds York Co.] and Betsey Hudson, Nov. 14, 1799
Zebedee of Dighton and Prudy Hill, Jan. 19, 1791


Catharine Warren [int. of Westborough], b Westborough, and Daniel Mitchell [int. Jr.], May 19, 1840, in Westborough.
David S., 23, clerk, of Fall River, s. David and Elizabeth H., and Elizabeth G. Chace, 20, of Fall River, d. Samuel and Eunice, Dec. 4, 1845.*
Sarah B. [int. Susan B. of Boston] and Henry T Keith, carpenter, Dec. 24, 1846 [Susan S. Brigham of Boston, CR1]

BRIGS (also see Briggs)

Catharine of Tanton and Benjamin Cook, int. Sept. 6, 1766
Clement of N. Puchas and Elizabeth Feild, Nov. 3, 1697*
Keturah and Benjamin Lennard, Apr. 20, 1756* [Briggs and Benjamin Leonarad, s. Joseph; s. Jacob; s. Solomon, PR107]
Miriam and Solomon Ripley, May 18, 1758* [Briggs, PCR]


Ann (see Ann Brett)


Lydia of Easton and Zephaniah Keith, int. Dec. 19, 1807
Seth of Raynham and Eunice Leach, July 22, 1817
William Jr. of Raynham and Mary Latham, June 5, 1766


Thomas of Easton and Chloe Copeland, Aug. 9, 1829


Harriet and Flushing Cornwell, coulered, Apr. 19, 1840
Sarah and Albert Pierce, coulered, June 13, 1841


Alvan and Betty Elmes of Hanson, int. July 28, 1821
Bartholomew and Betsey Lazell, Nov. 26, 1801
Betsey and Daniel Barker of Pembroke, int. May 2, 1812
Charles and Elizebeth Pratt of Abington, Sept. 11, 1794, in Abington.
Charles and Mehetabel French, Nov. 30, 1809
Charles and Asenath Chamberlain, Mar. [dup Apr.] 2, 1819
Charlotte of Abington and Jonathan Loring Reed, int. Oct. 12, 1816
Daniel and Mehitabel Porter, June 8, 1797*
David [int. 2d] and Nabby Ransdell [int. Nancy Ransdell], Dec. 24, 1812
Elisabeth and Jonathan Holloway, Aug. 29, 1746*
Emery and Molly Bissbee, Dec. 17, 1817
Espey of New Bedford and Thomas Smith, int. July 29, 1849
Gennit and Simon Giffin, Jan. 5, 1758* [Griffen, PCR]
Hannah, Mrs., of Abington, and Howard Cary Esq., int. May 8, 1819
Isaac and Elizabeth Stetson of Abington, Aug. 26, 1790, in Abington
Isaac [int Jr.] and Eunice Thayer, Mar. 10, 1813
Janet (see Gennit)
John Jr. and Betty Jenkins of Abington, Nov. 29, 1800
John Hancock of Franklin, N.J., and Lucy Bethia [int. Bethiah] Lovell, Mar. 29, 1842 [Lucy Bethia, d. Shuball and Betsey, CR2]
Lewis and Betsey Harden, int. Aug. 9, 1806
Lucy Ann Lazell of E. Bridgewater, d. B. Esq., and Dr. Adolphus Kinsman
Borden of N. Bridgewater, Dec. 22, 1825,* CR1
Lydia and Merret Jenkins of Abington, int. Nov. 4, 1797
Lydia and John Thayer, int. Sept. 28, 1811
Lydia Ann and John Talbot, blacks, int. Sept. 9, 1827
Mary of Abington and Eliezer Whitman, int. Jan. 17, 1778
Mary (see Mary Bates)
Mary E. and George Witherel [dup. Witherell], s. Nathaniel and Lydia (Fish), Oct. 25, 1838, in New York.*
Moses and Eunice Harris of Stoughton, int. Apr. 25, 1818
Prince and Sarah Talbut, blacks, Dec. 4, 1783
Priscilla and Henry Thornberry Smith, Mar. 12, 1792
Sally of Abington and Oliver Leach, int. Nov. 5, 1803. "Nov 18 the above Named Oliver Leach forbade his Publishment."
Susanna and John Bennett [int. Winnett] of Abington, Sept. 24, 1800


Sarah and Paul Packard, Aug. 7, 1749*

BRYANT (also see Briand, Briant)

Abigail of Plympton and Alvin Snell, Oct. 17, 1799, in Plympton
Agatha (see Eggatha)
Alvira and Willard Washburn, int. Dec. 2, 1843
Anna and Henry Kingman 2d, Jan. 16, 1792
Anna and William Carr Jr., Feb. 22, 1821
Asa and Betsey [int. Mehitabel] Snow [int. of Easton], May 16, 1811
Calvin and Rebecca Morse of Stoughton, int. Nov. 26, 1791
Cyrus and Polly Noyes, Aug. 13, 1795
Daniel of Watertown and Jennit [int. Jannet] Mitchell, Sept. 24, 1789 [Jennet, PCR]
Daniel and Charity Chamberlin, Oct. 19, 1809
Daniel and Lucy Skinner [int. Skiner] of Mansfield [dup. Stoughton], Apr. 20, 1817
Daniell and Sarah Washburn, July 16, 1767 [Daniel Briant, PCR]
Dion and Lucretia H. Briggs of Pembroke, int. Apr. 21, 1821 [m. May 13, PR1]
Eggatha [int. Egatha] of Middleborough and Jeremiah Keith, Sept. 10, 1772 [Eggatha Briant of Middleborough, PCR]
Elisabeth of Middleborough and Nathaniell Hooper Jr., int. Nov. 20, 1762
Elisaboth [int. Elizabeth] and Josiah Manley [int. of Easton], Aug. 16, 1789 [Elizabeth Carr [sic] and Josiah Manley, PCR]
Eliza G. and Adoniram Thomas of Halifax, Mar. 6, 1825
Elizabeth (see Elisabeth and Elisaboth]
Elvira (see Alvira)
Hariot and David Dunbar [int. Jr. of Easton], July 6, 1801
Huldah of Halifax and Daniel Darling, int. Sept. 9, 1841
Ichabod and Silence Bryant, Dec. 27, 1792
Jamima of Halifax and Ephraim Churchell, Nov. 28, 1751, in Halifax.*
Jannet [int. Jennet] and Jonah Edson, -----[ rec. between Apr. 27 and June 10], 1819
Jemima (see Jamima)
Jerusha of Plymton and Solomon Leach, Apr. 19, 1739* [Briant, CR1]
Job and Mary Turner, May 3, 1764 [Briant, PCR]
Job Staples and Lovicy [int. Lovicey] Pratt, July 28, 1793
Lewis of Halifax and Polly B. [int. omits B] Mitchell, Nov. 21, 1824. [Polly B., d. Ophir, dec'd, CR1. Polly B., PR1. Lewis, s. Benjamin and Bethiah, and Polly Mitchell, d. Ophir and Ruth, PR33]
Lewis Jr., 23, shoemaker, s. Lewis and Mary, and Angennette [int. Anngenette]
Wing, 17, d. Stephen and Abby, Sept. 5, 1849 [Angenette, CR1. Lewis Jr., s. Lewis and Polly (Mitchell), and Angennet Wing, PR33]
Lucretia H. and Samuel E. Raymond of New Bedford, int. Sept. 12, 1847 [m. Sept. 29, CR1. Lucretia Hall Bryant, d. Dion and Lucretia H. (Briggs) and Samuel E. Raymond, shoe dealer, of New Bedford, s. Rev. ------, m. Sept. 29, PR1]
Lydia and Alexander Terril, Mar. 17, 1788
Mary and John Wormel, June 10, 1729* [Wormal, PCR]
Mary and Samuel Holmes, Sept. 29, 1791
Mertoun C., 23, civil engineer, of Lowell, s. Dion and Lucretia H., and
Caroline Bassett, 21, d. George and Hannah, May 25, 1847. [Mertoun Cassius, s. Dion and Lucretia H. (Briggs), and Caroline Bassett, d. George and Hannah (Mitchell), PR1]
Nancy B. and Ralph Copeland Jr. of Middleborough, int. Nov. 7, 1847 [Ralph, s. Ralph and Anna (Dunbar), m ----. 1848, PR100]
Nathan and Sarah Jordan [int. Jurden of Stoughton], Mar. 18, 1790 [Jordan, CPR]
Nehemiah and Bethiah Washburn, Feb. 24, 1740* [Nehemiah of Middleborough and Bethiah Washburne, PCR. Nehemiah and Bethia Washburn, CR1]
Oliver and Nabby Ames, May 6 [May 6 in later handwriting], 1804
Philip and Hannah Richards, May 25, 1779
Phillip and Silence Haward, Oct. 13, 1757* [Philip Briant, PCR]
Ruth and Edward Heford, Jan. 27, 1709-10*
Ruth of Hallifax and Benjamin Faxon, int. Sept. 22, 1787
Sally and Jonathan Snow Jr., int. Oct. 20, 1810
Samuel and Sally Downing, int. Sept. 3, 1800
Sarah and Francis Cook, Sept. 24, 1750* {Briant, PCR]
Sarah and [int. Capt.] Jotham Ames, June 24, 1786 [Jotham, PCR]
Seth and Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] French [int. of Stoughton], Feb. 7, 1765 [Briant and Elizabeth French, PCR]
Silence and Ichabod Bryant, Dec. 27, 1792
Thirza and Manassah Dickerman, Oct. 9, 1791 [Oct. 19, PCR]
Zebulun of Middleborough and Mary Conant, int. May 9, 1767
Zibbia and Benjamin [int. adds F.] Dickerman, Feb. 26, 1817

BUCAR (also see Bukar, Buker)

Polly and Winslow Turner of Pembroke, int. Dec. 21, 1782


Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] and Elias Monk [int. of Stoughton], June 28, 1744
Isaac and Sarah Hayward [int. of Easton], Feb. 4, 1773
John and Mary Eams of Norton, Dec. 25, 1739*
Mary and David Hill, Dec. 11, 1733*
Matthew and Eliza Fenno of Stoughton, Aug. 16, 1749, in Stoughton*
Tabitha and Thomas Kimber, int. Mar. 29, 1755
Thomas and Elisabeth Haward, Dec. 18, 1712*

BUKAR (also see Bucar, Buker)

Sarah and Nathaniell Hardin of Pembrook, int. Sept. 12, 1772

BUKER (also see Bucar, Bukar)

David of Abbington and Huldah Harler [sic? Harden], int. Feb. 6, 1780
Israel [int. adds H.] and Barsheba [int. Bathsheba] Carver, June 21, 1784 [Israel H. Baker and Barsheba Carver [dup. Israel Buker and Bathsheba Carver] PCR. Israel Buker and Basheba Carver, CR1]
Molly and David Snell, July 17, 1783
Nelson and Alice Austin, Nov. 19, 1795


Otis, 37, dealer of lumber, of Boston, and Sophia L. Raymond, 25, d. Stetson and D.L., Apr. 30, 1846


Ansel B. and Lorinda K. Richmond, int. Nov. 10, 1845
Betsey C. and Nathaniel L. Barrows of Middleborough, int. May 16, 1847
Elisabeth and Ephraim Dunbar, Dec. 9, 1729* [Elizabeth and Ephraim Dunham, PCR]
Jacob and Catherine Aldrich, Nov. 7, 1716*
Lavina of Middleborough and Silas Bump of Wareham, Mar. 11, 1816*
Mary and William Basset, June 23, 1703* [Sarah, PR103]
Noble P. and Betsey T. Packard, Nov. 30, 1837
Rachel and Elknnah [int. Elkanah] Thompson of Halifax, June 1, 1823 [Elkanah of Halifax, CR1]
Sarah (see Mary)
Silas of Wareham and Lavina Bump of Middleborough, Mar. 11, 1816*
Simeon M. and Rachel P Purdy, Feb. 9, 1843* PR48


Mary and Samuell Rickard, Feb. 8, 1749*


Mary [int. Monk] and Manley Hayward, Mar. 22, 1804 [date in later handwriting].


Mary and Thomas Kiff, July 22, 1735*


Thomas of Boston and Elizabeth Richards, blacks, int. July 7, 1825


Thomas and Elisabeth Pain, Dec. 3, 1769*

BURGES (also see Burgess)

Job and Patience Thomas, Mar. 23, 1748*
Patience, "Indian Woman," and Primus Wood, "Servant man to John Willis Esqr," int. Oct. 4, 1764

BURGESS (also see Burges)

Ellen, 17, of W. Bridgewater, d. Nehemiah and Rhoda, and Melvin A. Bailey, 23, shoemaker, of W. Bridgewater, s. Melvin and Maria, Dec. 5, 1847* [Melvin O., CR1]

BURKE (see Bourke)


Betsey [int. Burrel] and Samuel Dike Jr., May 18, 1812


Calvin and Betsey Ames, Mar. 27, 1796
Elijah and Olive Ames, Apr. 26, 1789
Ephraim and Susanna Alger, Sept. 5, 1755*
Heman M. and Nelley Tucker of Milton, int. Dec. 12, 1812
Israel and Hannah Ames, Oct. 26, 1779
John and Silence Haward, Nov. 7, 1722*
John and Sarah Turner of Rehoboth, Aug. 13, 1746, in Rehoboth.*
John and Mary Power, May 10, 1748*
John and Polly Copeland, Mar. 8, 1792
Jonathan and Martha Cudworth, May 30, 1754
Jonathan and Lydia Kinsley, int. Sept. 15, 1792 [m. Oct. 4, PCR]
Jonathan of Worthington and Sally Alden, Dec. 6, 1820
Joseph and Hannah Richardson of Leicester, int. Apr. 28, 1792
Laban and Mary Ann Storrs of Boston, Sept. 25, 1820
Luther and Jane Howard, Apr. 7, 1785
Martha and Solomon Howard [int. Hayward] of Easton, June 28, 1779, in Easton.
Martin and Mary Snell, Jan. 23, 1792
Mary (see Ruth Franklin)
Mary [int. wid.] and William Blakely, Dec. 1, 1773
Phebe and John Foster, May 25, 1780
Sarah and Isaiah Keith, Oct. 13, 1767
Seth and Charity Packard, May 3, 1753
Seth and Susanna Mehuren of Easton, int. Apr. 14, 1782
Silence and John Haward, [int Jr.], Dec. 2, 1773
Silvanus [int. of Easton] and Sarah [int. Sally] Warren, Dec. 23, 1790 [Silvanus and Sarah Warren, PCR]
Susanna of Norton and Samuel Hartwell, int. Mar. 2, 1782
William and Nabby [int. Nabba] Bent, Aug. 29, 1798

BURREL (also see Burrell, Burrill)

Betsey (see Betsey Burnel)
Daniel of Abington and Polly Edson, int. Dec. 20, 1817

BURRELL (also see Burrel, Burrill)

Elizabeth (see Elizebeth Barrell}
John Jr. [int. Burrel] and Sarah Edson, June 18, 1816
Mary of Weymouth and Ichabod Orcutt, June 15, 1737, in Weymouth.*

BURRILL (also see Burrel, Burrell)

Joshua (see Josiah Russells)


Charles S. of Boston and Celinda Taylor, July 22, 1846*
George H. and Mary E. Baker, int. Sept. 17, 1848
John P. of Taunton and Lurana Keith, Aug. 30, 1829
Matthias T., 33, pattern maker, s. William and Margaret, and Mary Jane Alden, 19, d. Thomas R. and Jane, Oct. 10, 1845
Roxana [int. Roxanna] S., 22, d. William and Margaret, and Alfred B. Hooker, 25, paper manufacturer, s. George and Harriet, May 14, 1848 [Roxanna, CR2]


Israel and Huldah Alden of Middleborough, int. Jan. 25, 1783

BYRAM (also see Biram, Byrum)

Abigail and Nathaniel Clift, July 25, 1799
Ann and Akerman Pettingail, int. Dec. 3, 1766
Anna and John Mitchell, Sept. 24, 1781 [Anna (first w), PR1]
Benjamin and Ann Holman, Apr. 6, 1757
Benjamin and Rachel Bailey, Apr. 10, 1760*
Bithia and Samuel Pratt, Dec. 30, 1729* [Bethiah, PCR]
Branch and Anna Washburn of Turner, Cumberland Co., int. Aug. 28, 1802
Content and David Harvey, Oct. 12, 1756* [Harvy, PCR]
David and Lucy Randal, Sept. 29, 1791 [Randall, PCR]
Ebenezer and Hannah Hayward, Dec. 9, 1714*
Ebenezer Jr. and Abigail Alden, ----,1738* [Abigal, Nov. 22, PCR]
Eliab and Phebee Leonard, Dec. 3, 1741* [Mrs. Phebe, PCR. Elyab and Mrs. Phebe Leonard, CR1]
Elisabeth and Thomas Hayward, June 4, 1746*
Elisabeth and Winslow Richardson, Apr. 27, 1768 [Elizabeth, PCR]
George and Phebe Randal [int. Randel], Oct. 16, 1788 [Randall, PCR]
Jane (see Jenny)
Japhet [int. Japheth] and Sally Allen, Dec. 13, 1742 [Japhet, PCR]
Jenny and Isaac Lazel [int. Lazell], June 10, 1779 [Jane and Isaac Lazell, PCR. Jane and Dea. Isaac Lazell, PR1]
Jephtha of Mendham, N.J. and Susanna Wasburn, Feb. 19, 1761* [Jeptha of Mendham, N.J. and Susannah Washburne, PCR]
Jesse and Martha Shaw, int. Nov. 28, 1794. "Said Jesse forbid his Publishment."
Jessee and Abigail Thurston, June 30, 1741* [June 4, PCR]
Joseph and Martha Perkins, May 13, 1724*
Joseph and Mary Bowditch, Dec. 17, 1745*, PCR
Josiah and Sarah Hall, Sept. 11, 1766
Marcy (see Mary)
Martha (see Matha)
Martha and Mathew Gannet, Apr. 9, 1750* [Mathew Jennett, PCR]
Mary and Edward Haward, Feb. 7, 1710-11*
Mary and John Lazel, Oct. 24, 1750* [Marcy and John Lazell, PCR]
Mary and Calvin Shepard, Dec. 20, 1807
Matha and Henry Cary, May 3, 1749* [Martha and Henry Carey, PCR]
Mercy (see Mary)
Mercy and Nathan Whitman, Mar. 27, 1788
Naphtali and Hannah Pratt, Sept. 27, 1744
Nicholas and Anne Snell, Aug. 3, 1708*
Rachell and Lt. Nathan Mitchell, int. Oct. 19, 1793 [Rachel, m. Nov. 9, PCR. Rachel, m Nov. 7, PR1. Rachel and Nathan Mitchell 2d, s. Nathan Sr. and Anne (Cary), m Nov. 7, PR74]
Rebeca [int. Rebecca] and Samuell Bowditch [int. Boudage], Mar. 18, 1755
Robert J. and Mercy Faxon of Hallifax, int. Apr. 9, 1814
Ruth and Isaac Alden 2d, Nov. 6, 1794
Sarah, wid. [int. omits wid.], and Capt. Simeon Whitman, Nov. 6, 1783 [Sarah, PCR]
Sarah and Caleb Copeland, Aug. 2, 1787
Seth and Matilda [int. Metilda] Whitman, Aug. 1, 1791 [Matilda, PCR]
Susan [int. Susanna] and Ebenezer Hayward [int. Haward] of Braintree, July 20, 1774, in Braintree.
Susanna and Jonathan Bass Jr., Nov. 11, 1741*
Theophilus and Elisabeth Beale, Apr. 27, 1749* [Elizebeth Beal, PCR]

BYRUM (also see Biram, Byram)

Nickolas Jr. and ---- -----[Mary Edson, PR103], Sept. 20, 1676*
Seth [int. Byram] and Sarah Vinal of Scituate, Aug. 12, 1762, in Scituate.

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