Bridgewater, MA Vital Records (Marriages) to 1850
Published by:
New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1916
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames Cady to Cole

* Intention not recorded

Alice of Pomphrett and John Brett, int. Nov. 7, 1744

CAESAR (also see Cesar)

Augustus of Boston and Lydia Mitchell, "Mitchell alies Ashport," blacks, int. Sept. 18, 1802

CAHOONE (see Choon and Cohoone)

CALDWELL (see Collwell, Colwell)

CALLAGHAN (also see Callahan)

Johan [int. Joanna] and Alexander Patterson, Mar. 6, 1847 [Johan, CR2]
Timothy and Catharine Frauley, int. July 23, 1848 [This entry marked "Void."]


Alice of Tanton and Joseph Phinney, int. Nov. 27, 1761
Ebenezer and Hannah Pratt [int. wid.], May 15, 1764 [Hannah, PCR. CR1]
Mehetable and Calvin Snow, int. Jan. 29, 1777
Sarah [int. of Norton] and John Allen, July 12, 1753 [Campbell, PCR]


Timothy and Mary Dunivan Seanthy, int. May 6, 1846

CAPEN (also see Capin)

Adam and Huldah Packard, June 4, 1816
Hannah of Dorchester and Job Howard, Dec. 13, 1781, in Dorchester
James [int. Jr. of Stoughton] and Lois Leonard, Dec. 6, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Jane of Stoughton and Howard Packard, Mar. 19, 1799, in Stoughton.
Mary [int. Polly] of Sharon and Ebenezer Alger [int. Algier], July 18, 1792, in Sharon
Priscilla of Stoughton [int. Priscila of Stoughtonham] and Joshua Howard [int. Haward], Dec. 12, 1776, in Stoughton.
Sukey [int. Susanna] of Stoughton and John Wales, Nov. 10, 1791, in Stoughton.
Susan [int. Sukey] of Sharon and Willis Alger, Nov. 19, 1795, in Sharon
Uriah of Stoughton and Eunice Packard, int. Sept. 30, 1797

CAPIN (also see Capen)

Benjamin [int. Capen of Stoughton] and Lephia [int. Leephia] Howard, Jan. 9, 1806 [date in later handwriting]
John [int. Capen of Sharon] and Tyle [int. Tiley] Dunbar, Mar. 24, 1807

CAR (also see Carr)

William [int. Carr] and Rhoda French of Stoughton, Nov. 30, 1797, in Stoughton.

CAREY (see Cary)


Margaret (see Margret Karkins)

CARR (also see Car)

Anne and William Haward, int. May 10, 1777
Daniel [int Jr.] and Mercy Carr, Oct. 17, 1799
Daniell and Martha Edson, Dec. 27, 1770 [Daniel, PCR]
Elisabeth and Nathan Pettingail, May 18, 1760*
Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] and Asa Pettingill, Aug. 18, 1789
Elizabeth (see Elisabeth Bryant]
Mercy and Daniel Carr [int Jr.], Oct. 17, 1799
Nelson O., 23, shoemaker, s. Oren and Orinda of Williamston, Vt., and Sarah E. Darling, 16, d. Benjamin and Sarah W., Oct. 24, 1847.
Redding [int. Reeding] and Mercy West, Jan. 19, 1795
Reding and Sela Pettingill, int. Mar. 23, 1793. "Forbidden by Said Sela."
William Jr. and Anna Bryant, Feb. 22, 1821


Thomas and Rose Flood, int. June 1, 1844

CARRY (see Cary)


William and Sally Humphrey, Oct. 8, 1820


Abigail of Marshfield and Job Ames, int. Mar. 5, 1814
Barsheba [int. Bathsheba and Israel] [int. adds H.] Buker, June 21, 1784 [Barsheba and Israel H. Baker [dup. Bathsheba and Israel Buker] PCR. Basheba and Israel Buker. CR1]
Bethia and Joseph Alden, int. Aug. 13, 1773
Betsey and Chilton Latham, June 5, 1803
Betty and Nathaniel Cole, int. Aug. 17, 1793 [m. Oct. 29, PCR]
Clifford [int. Clefford] of Raynham and Polly Leonard, wid., Sept. 29, 1806
Eleazer Jr. and Hepzibah Perkins, Apr. 3, 1746* [Hepsiba, PCR. Apr. 3, 1746 "old Stile," PR34]
Eleazer Jr. [int. Dr. omits Jr.] and Sarah Keith, Apr. 18, 1776 [Eleazer Jr., CR1. Eleazer, s. Eleazer, PR34]
Eleazer 2d and Nancey Jones, Sept. 26, 1787 [Nancy, PCR. Nancy, Sept. 27, PR105]
Eleazer Jr. and Bathsheba Smith of Hanson, int. Apr. 21, 1821, [m. -----, 1821, PR34]
Elisabeth and Samuell Packard 4th, Dec. 13, 1757* [Elizabeth] and Samuel Packard 4th, PCR]
Eunice and Joseph Knap [int. Knapp Jr.] of Easton, Jan. 15, 1784 [Knap Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] of Easton, PCR. Unice and Joseph Knap of Easton, CR1]
Experience and Jonathan Cary, Dec. 10, 1719*
Grenville and Sarah Mitchell, int. June 29, 1844 [Grenville, s. John and Sukey (Snell), m. July 14, PR27]
Hephzibah and Ebenezer Keith, Nov. 6, 1759* [Hepsibah, PCR]
Hepzibah and Thomas Howard, Dec. 16, 1810
Jabez and Sarah Perkins, Sept. 29, 1743
John and Bathsheba Edson, Oct. 18, 1762
John Jr. and Huldah Pratt, Feb. 1, 1795
John 2d of Raynham and Sukey Snell, Nov. 17, 1822 [Suky, Oct. 25, PR1.
Sukey, d. Benjamin, Nov. 17, PR27]
Jonathan and Sarah Homes, Oct. 24, 1746* [Oct. 13, PCR]
Joseph and Elisabeth Snow, May 4, 1725* [Elizabeth, PCR]
Joseph Jr. and Sarah Hartwell, Dec. 25, 1746*
Joseph E., 24, manufacturer, s. Eleazer and Bathsheba, and Ellen Perkins, 24, d. Jacob and Mary, May 28, 1848 [Joseph E., s. Eleazer and Bathsheba (Smith), and Ellen Perkins, d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), PR1. Ellen, d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), PR13]
Mary and Abraham Perkins, ---, 1743 [Sept. ----, PCR]
Mary and Seth Alden, Dec. 3, 1767
Mary and Abram Washburn, Jan. 15, 1804
Mehetabel and Seth Alden, Jan. 1, 1739-40* [Mehetable, PCR. Mehetibel, Jan. 1, 1739, CR1]
Nathaniel and Albertina Pratt, int. June 24, 1815
Nathaniell and Aibigail Allen, July 28, 1736* [Nathaniel, CR1]
Olive S. and William Henry Ladd, -------* PR27
Oliver and Mary Perkins, Jan. 9, 1774
Rodulphus and Abigail Boman [int. Bowman of Bedford], May 18, 1763, in Lexington
Ruth and Timothy Ames, Oct. 1, 1786
Ruth and Jonathan Shaw of Middleborough, int. Nov. 16, 1793
Ruth and Bezar Harvey, Feb. 2, 1795
Sarah and John Hooper, Dec. 1, 1746*
Sarah, wid., and Joseph Clap, Dec. 23, 1746*
Sarah and Hezekia Porter of Winsor, Sept. 25, 1757* [Hezekiah of Windsor, PCR]
Sarah and Benjamin Willis Jr., int. Feb. 21, 1801
Sarah (-------) [int. Sally Carver] and Solomon Washburn [int. Jr.], Mar. 18, 1801. [Sarah Carver, d. Jabez and Sarah of Raynham, and Solomon Washburn, s. Solomon, PR36]
Sarah (see Sarah Willis)


Abigail and Isaac Dunham, int. May 18, 1811
Alpheus [int. of Braintree] and Ruby Perkins, Sept. 21, 1786 [Alpheus, PCR]
Ann [int. Anne] and Nathan Mitchel, Apr. 25, 1754 [Ann and Nathan Mitchell, PCR. Ann, d. Jonathan, and Hon. Nathan Mitchell, PR73]
Azubah and Josiah Johnson, int. Feb. 6, 1762
Barzillai [int. Barzillia] and Vashti Snell, June 11, 1808
Betsey and Nathaniel Gilbert, int. Aug. 29, 1801 "Said Gilbert forbade his publishment Sept. 4th [m.------PR1]
Caleb and Mary Perkins, Sept. 3, 1778 [Perkens, CR1]
Cyrus of Claremont and Nabby Keith, Nov. 13, 1802
Daniel and Martha Cary, Jan. 28, 1741*
Daniel [int. Daniell] and Mehetabel [int. Mehetable] Brett, May 14, 1778 [Daniel and Mehitabel Brett, PCR]
Daniel Howard and Martha Marsh [int. Howard], Apr. 19, 1812
Daniell [int. Daniel] and Hannah Thayer, Sept. 20, 1773
Eleazer and Betty Fobes, Nov. 12, 1745*
Eleazer and Mary Washburn, Mar. 7, 1753* [Carry and Mary Washburne, PCR]
Eleazer and Lucy Alden of Middleborough, int. Apr.12, 1794
Eliphalet [int. Maj.] and Hannah Edson, May 19, 1782 [Eliphalet and Mrs. Hannah Edson, May 9, PCR. Eliphalet and Hannah Edson, May 9, CR1]
Elisabeth and John Whitman, Nov. 10, 1729* [Elizabeth, PCR]
Elisabeth [int. Betty] and William Perkins, July 9, 1777 [Elizabeth and William Perkins, s. Thomas and Mary (Pratt), CR2]
Ephraim and Hannah Waldo, Feb. 3, 1708-9*
Ephraim Jr. and Susanna Alden, ----, 1738* [Nov. 22, PCR]
Ephraim Jr. and Jane Holman, Dec. 25, 1771
Ephraim and Mary Kingman [int. of Sharon], May 25, 1784 [Mary, May 21, PCR]
Ephraim Jr. and Anna Hill, July 23, 1809
Eunice and William Snell [int. 2d], Aug. 30, 1781 [William, PCR. Unice and William Snell, CR1]
Eunice and Isaac Washburn of Taunton, int. Mar. 4, 1786
Ezra and Mary Holman, Feb. 8, 1736-7*
Ezra and Cyntha Tolman [int. Toleman] of Stoughton, May 31, 1770, in Stoughton
Francis and Hariet Howard [int. Harriot Hayward], Sept. 9, 1816
Harmony and James E. [int. W.] Watson, Jan. 1, 1821
Henry and Matha Byram, May 3, 1749* [Carey and Martha Byram, PCR]
Howard and Huldah Packard, Dec. 11, 1785 [Dec. 15, PCR]
Howard Edq. and Mrs. Hannah Brown of Abington, int. May 8, 1819
Huldah and Simeon Allen, May 26, 1785
Huldah and Darius Howard, June 5, 1808 [date in later handwriting]
Ichabod and Hannah Gannett, Dec. 3, 1741*
James and ----- -------[Mary Shaw, PR103], Jan. 4, 1681*
James and Sarah Shaw, Feb. 8, 1721-2*
James and Hannah Alden [int. of Abington], May 30, 1798
James and Hannah Wales, June 5, 1803 [date in later handwriting]
Jane and Zenas Keith, Nov. 1, 1792
John Jr. and ----- ------[Abigail Allen, PR103]. Dec. 7, 1670*
John and Ruth Franklin [sic? Mary Burr, see Rehoboth Vital Records] of Rehoboth, Nov. 2, 1730, in Rehoboth.*
John and Susannah Allen, Aug. 5, 1733*
John and Sarah Drake, Oct. 8, 1734*
John and Mary Harden, May 13, 1741*
Jonathan and Susanna [dup. Susannah] Keith, Dec. 10 [dup. Dec. 11], 1717* [Dec. 11, PR103]
Jonathan and Experience Carver, Dec. 10, 1719*
Jonathan and Mary Curtis, Dec. 30, 1747*
Jonathan and Lois Hooper, Mar. 7, 1754
Jonathan [int. Jr.] and Abigail Perkins, Jan. 19, 1784 [Jonathan, PCR]
Jonathan Jr. and Tiley Clark, wid., of Winslow, int. July 16, 1808
Joseph and Anne Brett, June 15, 1732* [Anna, PCR. Ann Britt, CR1]
Lois and Solomon Keith, Mar. 6, 1777
Lydia and Joseph Edson, June 7, 1704*
Lydia and Ephraim Howard, int. May 5, 1821
Malatiah and Joseph Lucas, Nov. 9, 1727*
Martha and Daniel Cary, Jan. 28, 1741*
Martha, wid., and Abner Pratt, Aug. 28, 1764
Mary and Nicholas Whitman, Sept. 14, 1715*
Mary and Joseph Crossman, Feb. 18, 1747*
Mary and Nathaniel Morton [int. 3d of Freetown, Bristol Co.], Mar. 17, 1782 [Nathaniel, PCR. Nathaniel of Freetoun, CR1]
Mary (see Mary Cary Shaw)
Mehetabel and Benjamin Allen, Jan. 7, 1729-30* [Mehitabel, PCR]
Mehetabel and Zachariah [int. Zachary] Silvester of Duxborough, Nov. 14, 1771
Mehetabel [int. Mehitabel] and Bela Howard, Nov. 28, 1782 [Mehetabel, PCR]
Mehetable [int. Mehetabel] and Joseph Allen, Feb. 5, 1771
Melatiah (see Malatiah)
Mercy and David Thurston of Rehoboth, Apr. 28, 1713*
Molley and Simeon Keith, June 15, 1775
Mosses [int. Moses] and Susanna Feild, Apr. 13, 1773
Olive and Appolas [int. Apollas] Howard, Apr. 8, 1802 [date in later handwriting]
Patty [int. Patte] and Benjamin Keith [int. 2d] Dec. 18. 1788 [Patty and Benjamin Keith, PCR]
Phebe and Ezra Allen, Apr. 23, 1761* [Phoebe, PCR]
Polly and Jonathan Beals, Oct. 26, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Polly and Ezra Dunham [int. of Abington], Nov. 19, [sic, int. Nov. 25], 1809 [date in later handwriting].
Rebecka (------) [Rebecca Cary, PR103] and Samuel Allen Jr., Dec. 2, 1685*
Recompence and Mary Crossman, Dec. 25, 1711*
Recompence and Sarah Brett, wid., Jan. 17, 1726-7*
Rhoda and Richard Wild [int. of Stoughton], Dec. 4, 1794
Rhoda and Nathan Hayward, Nov. 17, 1818
Sally and Ziba Keith, Nov. 25, 1813
Salome and Rodolphus [int. Rhodolphus] Kinsley of Stoughton, Aug. 11, 1794 [Rodolphus of Stoughton, PCR]
Samuel and Mary Pool, Apr. 25, 1704*
Sarah and Benjamin Snow, Oct. 25, 1705*
Sarah and Benjamin Hayward, Jan. 6, 1741*
Sarah and William Barrel, Dec. 19, 1751* [Carry and William Barrill, PCR]
Sarah and Daniel Alden [int. of Abington], Dec. 18, 1786 [Daniel, PCR]
Simeon and Mary Haward, June 27, 1754 [Hayward, PCR]
Simeon and Rhoda [sic, Rowena, int. Rowena] Howard, Oct. 27 [Oct. 27 in later handwriting], 1806
Susan and John Eaton of Dorchester, Nov. 22, 1812
Susanna and William Hooper, Nov. 28, 1759* [William, s. William and Lois, GR1]
Susanna and Asa Keith, June 21, 1774
Susanna and Rufus Brett, Sept. 28, 1775
Susanna and Rev. [int. omits Rev.] John Shaw [int. of Abington], Oct. 17, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Thankfull and Jonathan Orcut, Sept. 23, 1766
Thomas [int. of Greenwich] and Sally Packard, Mar. 5, 1798
Zachariah (see Zechariah)
Zebulun and Mehetable Gannitt, Oct. 8, 1747*
Zebulun and Lydia Phillips, Nov. 28, 1749* [Zebulon Carry, PCR]
Zechariah and Susanna Bass, Nov. 11, 1742 [Zachariah, PCR]
Zibby [int. Zibeah] and Rodger [int. Roger] Sumner [int. of Stoughton], Apr. 5, 1801


William and Louisa Leach, int. Oct. 28, 1849


Lydia and Lemuel Newbury, int. Apr. 1, 1798
Phebe and Eliphalet Leach, int. July 28, 1798
Susanna and Walter Andrew, int. Apr. 12, 1806


Anna, Mrs., and Willard Wood, int. May 5, 1844
Catharine and Isaac Pratt, Sept. 5, 1758*
Harriet and Willaid [sic, int. Willard] Wood, Apr. 30, 1826 [Hariot and Willard Wood, CR3]
Henry and Sarah Washburn, May 11, 1738*, CR1
Jedediah, 24, mechanic, of Abington, s. John and Mary, and Prisalla P. Small, 23, of Abington, d. James and Mary, Apr. 6, 1848*
Jonathan [int. of Middleborough] and Tabitha Keith, Feb. 23, 1769 [Jonathan, PCR]
Lydia M., Mrs., of Middleborough, and Simeon W. Mitchell, int. July 16, 1842
Winslow and Mary Antoinette [int. Antoinett] Wood, Dec. 8, 1835 [Mary Antoinette, CR3]
Zephaniah [int. Caswill] and Azubah Hooper, Mar. 27, 1803
Zephaniah Jr. and Anna W. Chipman, May 6, 1827


John and Anne Jennings, July 7, 1718*


Jack and Molly Quanwen, int. June 20, 1772

CESAR (also see Caesar)

Elisabeth, "Free negro woman," and Sippio Ponus, "David Keith's negro man," Apr. 29, 1773

CHACE (also see Chase)

Elizabeth G., 20, of Fall River, d. Samuel and Eunice, and David S. Brigham, 23, clerk, of Fall River, s. David and Elizabeth H., Dec. 4, 1845*

CHAMBERLAIN (also see Chamberlin)

Asenath and Charles Brown, Mar. [dup Apr.] 2, 1819
Benjamin and Hannah Snell, Sept. 23, 1756*
Ebenezer and Meleson Benson, Nov. 19, 1820
Elisabeth and Joseph Symmonds [int. Simmons] of Pembroke, Dec. 4, 1770
Henry and Susannah Hinds, Dec. 7, 1740* [Henery and Susanna Hinds PCR. Henry and Susanna Hinds, Dec. 9, CR1]
Isaac [int. Chamberlin] and Rebecca [sic, see Halifax Vital Records] Thompson [int. Charity Thomson] of Halfax, ----- [int. Mar. 15], 1794, in Halifax.
Isaac of E. Bridgewater and Lydia Ann Osburn, int. Sept. 17, 1844
John of Westmoreland and Eunice Edson, int. Nov. 29, 1766
Joseph and Mary Wetherel [int. wid.], Feb. 12, 1767 [Wethrel, PCR]
Joseph Jr. [int. Chamberlin] and Alice Harris, Jan. 6, 1819
Joseph of E. Bridgewater and Luranna W. Whitman of E. Bridgewater, Dec. 13, 1838*
Mary and Benjamin White Jr. of Hanover, Dec. 12, 1780 [Chamberlin, PCR]
Nathan W. and Elizabeth F. Hardin, int. Sept. 14, 1844
Nathaniell and Deliverance Snell, Mar. 19, 1767
Nathaniell Jr. and Elanor Whitman, int. Oct. 3, 1767
Rachel [int. Chamberlin] and Ichabod Packard of Lebanon, Grafton Co., N.H., Oct. 17, 1780 [Chamberlin, PCR]
Rachel [int Chamberlin] and Asa Whitman, Feb. 16, 1820
Ruth [dup. Chamberlin] and Elisha Records of Pembroke, Feb. 2, 1775

CHAMBERLIN (also see Chamberlain)

Celia [int. Celea] and Mark Phillips Jr., Apr. 23, 1789 [Celia Chamberlain, PCR]
Charity and Daniel Bryant, Oct. 19, 1809
Ebenezer and Polly Benson, Aug. 28, 1819
Hannah and James Lamberton of Ware, Hampshire Co., Oct. 20, 1795 [Chamberlain, PCR]
Joseph and Sarah Bass, Dec. 22, 1784 [Chamberlain, PCR]
Lewis and Rebecca Tomson of Hallifax, int. Nov. 23, 1793
Nathan and Eliza Freeman of Abington, int. Oct. 25, 1822
Susanna and Thaxter Norton, June 20, 1808
Thomas and Molly [int. Molley] Whitman, Feb. 3, 1785 [Molly, PCR]
Zeruiah and Daniel Cushing, Nov. 22, 1787 [Zerviah, PCR]


Betsey of Easton and Elisha S. Tilson, int. May 1, 1819
Betty and Israel Keith, Feb. 17, 1740* [Bette, Feb. 17, 1740-1, CR1]
David Jr., 21, shoemaker, of Duxbury, s. David and Edith, and Ann S. Upham, 21, of Duxbury, d. Antoine and Rebecca, Oct. 25, 1846*
Hannah D. of Weymouth and Southworth Harlow, int. Nov. 19, 1848
Jonathan and Abthia Wade, May 23, 1745*
Mary and Joseph Perry, Oct. 17, 1729*
Rhoda W. and Jacob Robinson, May 11, 1823
Ruth S. of Kingston and Ransom Maxham, int. Sept. 15, 1835


Caleb and Ellener Waters, Apr. 23, 1700*


Benjamin and Margery Penos, blacks, int. Aug. 27, 1791


Ann and William Hall [int. of Boston], Aug. 26, 1743 [Chasta and William Hall, PCR]

CHASE (also see Chace)

Joshua [int. John] of Waterborough, Me., and Mary Ann Harden, Sept. 14, 1834 [John of Waterborough, Me., CR1]
Levi of Sandwich and Silence Fobes, Mar. 20, 1771 [Livi of Sandwich, PCR. Levi Chace of Sandwich, CR1]
Nahum of Weymouth and Lucy H. Harden, int. Feb. 5, 1837
Rhoda and Elkanah Hayden, int. May 10, 1777
Sally and James Sanders [int. Saundrus], Oct. 27, 1819


Ann (see Ann Charta)


Sarah, 35, of W. Bridgewater, d. Daniel and Abigail, and Simeon H. Edson, widr., 44, farmer, of W. Bridgewater, s. Noah and Keziah, June 11, 1849*

CHEESMAN (also see Chesman, Chessman)

Noah (see Noah Cushman)
Olive and James Thomson, Dec. 24, 1798


Oliver of Pomphret and Hannah Hayward, Nov. 22, 1744


Margret of Middleborough and Nathan Eaton, Aug. 18, 1774*

CHESMAN (also see Cheesman, Chessman)

Naomi [int. Chessman] and Joseah [int. Josiah] Orcutt, Nov. 20, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Olive and Reuben Drake, Dec. 7, 1819
Ruth and Azor Howe [int. How], Dec. 1, 1791 [Howe, PCR. Chessman and Azor Howe, Dec. 8, PR1]

CHESSMAN (also see Cheesman, Chesman)

Betsey and Barzillia King of Easton, int. Apr. 11, 1812
Samuel Jr. and Mehitabel Leach, int. Aug. 23, 1806

CHILD (also see Childs)

Elisabeth [int. Betty Childs] of Roxbury and Byram Allen, Feb. 7, 1786 [Elizabeth Child, PCR]

CHILDS (also see Child)

Martha and Benjamin Tayler, Apr. 5, 1787


Alvin [int. Albin] and Caroline Leonard, July 28, 1833
Anna W. and Zephaniah Caswell Jr., May 6, 1827
Benjamin of Taunton and Silvia Walker, int. Feb. 12, 1773
Content of Hallifax and Ellis Holmes, int. June 25, 1808
George and Huldah Leach, Aug. 7, 1803*
George, Dea., and Chloe Howard of W. Bridgwater, int. Oct. 16, 1836
Jacob and Orpah Leach, Nov. 29, 1792 [? in Middleborough]
Mary of Halifax and Jonathan Porter, Feb. 16, 1764, in Halifax.


Lydia and Francis Sutton, black [int. Sutten, blacks], Sept. 21, 1796


George and Philibert Muxam, Oct. 11, 1789 [? in Middleborough]


Ann, 17, d. Caleb and Roxilana, and Edwin Pratt, 25, machinist, s. Seth and Lucinda, Oct. 12, 1845. [Ann, d. Caleb and Roselana (Dunbar), PR1. Ann, d. Caleb and Roxellana (Dunbar), and Edwin Pratt, s. Seth and Lucinda (Conant), PR93]
Caleb and Roxalana Dunbar, Jan. 1, 1826 [Roselana, d. Elias, dec'd, CR1.
Roxellana, d. Elias and Roxellana (Leach), PR93]
Philibert and Daniel Munroe of Taunton, int. Apr. 6, 1809


Caleb of Rochester and Hannah Pool, June 23, 1772 [? in Middleborough]
Giles, Dr., and Mrs. Rebecca Miller of Milton, Oct. 20, 1766
Nathan [int. of Boston] and Lucy Howard, Sept. 27, 1810
Sarah of Scituate and Josiah Lathrop, June 21, 1749, in Scituate.*

CHURCHEL (also see Churchell, Churchil, Churchill)

Alice [int. Churchill] and Elias Monk Jr. of Stoughton, Dec. 10, 1772, in Stoughton
Elezer [int. Eleazer Churchell] and Lucy Otis of Scituate, Jan. 27, 1769 [sic, int. Jan. 10. 1789] in Scituate.
James and Lydia Snow, int. Oct. 17, 1788
Priscilla [int. Churchell] and Benjamin Sprage [int. Sprauge], Nov. 17, 1785 [Churchill and Benjamin Sprague, PCR. Prissilla Churchel and Benjamin Sprague, CR1]
Susanna [int. Churchell] and Elijah Drake [int. 2d of Easton], Oct. 16, 1800

CHURCHELL (also see Churchel, Churchil, Churchill)

Asaba and Lewis Keith, Sept. 22, 1819
Cornelius and Desire Litchfield of Pembroke, int. May 24, 1800
Deborah [int. Churchill] and Eleazer Alden [int. Jr,], Dec. 11, 1794 [Churchill and Eleazer Alden, PCR]
Dorcas and Eliab Snow, Dec. 23, 1787 [sic, int. Nov. 15, 1783] [Dec. 23, 1783, PCR]
Ephraim [int. Jr.] and Silence French [int. of Stoughton], Dec. 25, 1787 [sic, int. Nov. 22, 1783] [Churchill and Silence French, Dec. 25, 1783, PCR]
Ephraim and Jamima Brant of Halifax, Nov. 28, 1751, in Halifax.*
Ezra and Bethiah Mehuren of Pembroke, int. Jan. 11, 1800
Fidelia [int. Filena] and William Hunt, Aug. 20, 1798
Hannah and Calvin Snow, July 20, 1784 [Churchill, PCR]
Harriet and John Reed Jr. of Abington, Jan. 28, 1819
Harriet of W. Bridgewater and Lucius Allen, int. Nov. 27, 1841
James and Mary Gurney, Dec. 21, 1794
Josiah [int. Churchel] and Sarah Rogers, Feb. 1, 1781 [Churchill, PCR]
Levi of Plympton and Cynthia Packard, Sept. 19, 1799
Silence [int. Churchill] and Asa Randall [int. Randel], July 29, 1821

CHURCHIL (also see Churchel, Churchell, Churchill)

David Jr. [int. Churchell] and Molly Hearsey, June 1, 1797
Rachel [int. Churchill] and Thaddeus [int. Thadeus] Pratt, July 23, 1777.

CHURCHILL (also see Churchel, Churchell, Churchil)

Jemima [int. Churchell] and James Packard [int. Jr.], Aug. 27, 1778 [Churchill and James Packard, Aug. 27, 1779, PCR]
John of Plymton and Joanna Bisbee, Feb. 12, 1756*
John of Plymouth and Sarah Pratt, int. Nov. 27, 1766
Mercy, wid., of Plimton, and Joshua Fobes, int. May 11, 1754
Ruth of Plimton and Jonathan Whitman Jr., int. June 10, 1775


James and Ruth Bdleney [sic], May 4, 1741.* [Clansey and Ruth Ballaney, PCR.
Jeams Clansy and Ruth Boleney, May 7, CR1]

CLAP (also see Clapp)

Hope of Middleboro and Dan Lennard, int. Apr. 22, 1775
Joseph and Sarah Carver, wid., Dec. 23, 1746*
Mary (see Mary Copland)

CLAPP (also see Clap)

Barnard [int. of Braintree] and Lydia Packard, Oct. 6, 1793
Charles and Sally Manley, Oct. 6, 1816
Dolly B. (see Dolly B. Clark)
Experience and Samuel Tolman, Nov. 21, 1704, in Dorchester.* [This entry typewritten on paper pasted in book.]
Hannah of Milton and Daniel Orcutt, int. July 11, 1783 [This entry crossed out]
Hannah t. of Weymouth and Robert B. Bassett, int. Sept. 4, 1841
Isaac and Vesta Reynolds, June 15, 1815
Jerusha and Jonah Drake, int. Sept. 12, 1789
John [int. Clap] of Roxbury and Mehitable [int. Mehitabel] Allen, -----[int. Mar 31], 1804
Patte and Francis Bootman of Boston, blacks, int. Nov. 21, 1789
Sally and Samuel W. Lewis, Oct. 17, 1813
Tiley of Norton and Dr. Nathan Perry, int. Sept. 20, 1806

CLARK (also see Clerk)

Abigail [int. Clerk] and David Leonard [int. 2d], Jan. 17, 1796
Adna of Middleboro and Abigail Keith, int. July 1, 1838
Almira of Hanover and Amander Alden, int. Sept. 4, 1848
Ann [int. Clarke] of Plymouth and James Wade, Nov. 14, 1753 [int. Aug. 31, 1754 sic] in Plymouth.
Benjamin [int. of Stoughton] and Mehetabel [int. Mehetable] Edson, Dec. 21, 1775
Benjamin and Susanna Thayer, int. Mar. 16, 1793 [m. Apr. 4, PCR]
Bethiah of Abington and Joshua Williams of Middleborough, May 30, 1771* [Bethia Clark of Abington, PCR]
Caroline, wid. Rev. Samuel, d. Zedekiah Sanger and Irene (Freeman), and ------ Foote Esq. of Burlington, Vt., Jan. 7, 1845,* PR1.
Daniel [int. David] and Abiah [int. Desire] Packard of Easton, Aug. 30, 1763, in Easton.
David and Sally Ann Place of W. Bridgewater, int. Nov. 26, 1825
Eleanor and Daniel Noyes of Boston, Nov. 16, 1820
John W. of Middleborough and Nancy W. Conant, Sept. 19, 1833
Nancy of Plymouth and Elijah Edson, int. Apr. 25, 1818
Rebecca and Benjamin Allen, Jan. 29, 1795
Robert C. of Middleborough and Hannah S. Hooper, int. Aug. 12, 1843.
Ruth and Nehemiah Dickerman, int. Aug. 24, 1800
Ruth of Hanover and Alpha Tribou, int. June 10, 1809
Sally of Hanover and William Samson, int. May 17, 1806
Samuel, Rev., of Burlington, Vt., and Caraline [int. Caroline] Sanger, Oct. 11, 1810 [Caroline, d. Zedekiah and Irene (Freeman), PR1]
Subal [int. Shubel] of Randolph and Jemima Hobart [int. Hobert], Nov. 29, 1818
Tiley, wid., of Winslow, and Jonathan Cary Jr., int. July 6, 1808

CLARY (also see Cleary)

Ellen and Alexander Patterson, int. Oct. 27, 1846. "Forbidden by Alex Patterson."

CLEARY (also see Clary)

Ellen and Patrick O'Brien, int. Nov. 7, 1847 [This enrry marked "Void."]

CLEAVELAND (see Cleavland)


William of Sandwich and Eleanor Hacket of Middleborough, Dec. 1, 1707*


Ephraim and Hannah Hayward, Mar. 26, 1747*

CLEFT (also see Cliff, Clift)

Lusanna W. and Thomas Whitman, Nov. 2, 1818
Margerat [int. Margaret] Orr and Samuel Keen, Nov. 18, 1804
Nabby and Job Turner of Pembroke, int. Sept. 5, 1818

CLERK (also see Clark)

Betsey (see Elizabeth Glack)
Susanna and John Lowden, Aug. 22, 1793 [Clark, PCR]
William [int. Clark of Quincy) and Betsey Harvey, Oct. 29, 1801

CLEVELAND (see Cleavland)


James of Braintree and Eunice Dill, Dec. 1, 1814

CLIFF (also see Cleft, Clift)

Adna [int. Adnah] Winslow and Bethia Orr, Jan. 13, 1777
Deborah and Elijah Blackman of Middleton, Conn., int. Aug. 30, 1766
Deborah and George Keith, Sept. 29, 1768 [Clift, PCR]


Benjamin D. and Lucy T. Walker, Mar. 6, 1845
Luther and Abigail W. Lucas, Aug. 27, 1843
Mary of Dartmouth and Isaac Willis, Apr. 6, 1724, in Dartmouth*
Simeon W. of Fairhaven and Mary Keith, Aug. 1, 1830 [Mary, d. Howe, CR1]

CLIFT (also see Cleft, Cliff)

Bethiah Orr [int. Cleft] and Charles Mitchell, Nov. 25, 1813
Nathaniel and Abigail Byram, July 25, 1799
Phidelma (see Phidelma Keith)


Mary C. and Henry C. Pratt, s. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, May 26, 1841,* PR12.


Sarah of Pembroke and John Record, Feb. 5, 1747, in Pembroke.*


Deborah [Clushing sic? Cushing] of Hanson and Dr. Daniel Sawen, int. Apr. 1, 1820


Merrill (see Merrill Cothell)

COB (also see Cobb)

Susanna and John Sprauge, June 20, 1746* [Sprague, PCR]

COBB (also see Cob)

Abiah of Hannover and Sarah Lad of Hannover, Nov. 2, 1752*
Ansel and Sarah Hayward, int. June 4, 1796
Betsey of Hanson and Philemon H. Perkins, int. Oct. 1, 1837
David H. of N. Bridgewater and Mary Jane [Mray Jane written above Clarissa, crossed out] Keith, int. Dec. 13, 1849
Eleaner [int. Elenor] and Obadiah Pettingale [int. Pettingill], Mar. 8, 1792 [Eleanor and Obadiah Pettingill, PCR]
Eleanor (see Penellope)
Jeremiah of Midleborough and Abigail Whitman, int. June 1, 1773
Lydia [int. Lidia] and William Pettingill, Feb. 16, 1784 [Lydia, PCR]
Nathan of Jersey City, N.J., and Deborah Murdock, int. June 29, 1839
Nathaniell Jr. of Plimton and Penellope Standish, int. Feb. 11, 1764
Penellope 9int Elanor, wid.] and Ichabod Leach, Oct. 11, 1770 [Penelope and Ichabode Leach, PCR]
Sarah and Joseph Bozworth of Halifax, Sept. 20, 1744
Stephen of Wallpool and Abigail Hinde, Nov. 13, 1735* [Hindes, CR1]
Vesta of Mansfield and Bezar Lothrop, int. Feb. 5, 1820


John and Margaret Gilmore, Nov. 1, 1733*

CODDING (also see Coding)

Samuel [int. Codden] of Taunton and Sarah Hill, Mar. 27, 1781 [Codding of Taunton and Sarah Hills, PCR. Codding of Taunton and Sarah Hill, CR1]


John and Lucy Bradford, June 16, 1819
Joseph [int. of Plymouth] and Sarah Attwood, Mar. 23, 1794 [Joseph, PCR]

CODING (also see Coddding)

Samuel of Mansfield and Lydia Packard, int. Apr. 23, 1814


Jonathan 2d, Rev., 29, of Bethlem, Conn., s. Daniel and Lucy, and Sarah W. Whitman, 26, of N. Bridgewater, d. Eliab and Harriet, Oct. 13, 1844*

COHOON (also see Cohoone)

Frances and Jonathan Leach, Oct. 12, 1741,* CR1.
Mary and Joseph Hayward of Raynham, Apr. 10, 1744 [Cahoone, PCR]

COHOONE (also see Cohoon)

Mary and William Leach, Oct. 12, 1741*


Alvan and Eliza French, Feb. 5, 1823
Amaziah [int. of Chesterfield] and Rebeca [int. Rebecca] Cole, Sept. 8, 1775
Caleb and Lucy Hall, Apr. 18, 1792
Catherine [int. Catharine] and Daniell [int. Daniel] Littlefield [int. Jr.], Feb. 11, 1762 [Catharine and Daniel Littlefield Jr., PCR]
Content of Pembroke and William Whitman, Jan. 7, 1779, in Pembroke.
Desire and Noah Pratt, Sept. 25, 1777
Edward [int. Coale] and Phebe Alden of Middleborough, Feb. 1, 1797 [? in Middleborough]
Eleazer and Lucy Shurtleff [int. of Stoughton], July 11, 1769
Eleazer and Rebecca S. Swift, int. Oct. 9, 1841
Elisabeth and Solomon Smith, [int. of Easton] Feb. 11, 1762 [Elizabeth and Solomon Smith of Easton, PCR]
Ephraim and Silence Webb, Dec. 18, 1777
Ephraim Jr. and Sukey Packard, Dec. 5, 1808 [date in later handwriting].
Hannah and Isaac Keith, Sept. 21, 1775
Hannah and Silas Snow, Apr. 10, 1800
John of Plimton and Patience Barbor, Jan. 27, 1709-10*
Joseph Jr. and Bettie Southworth, Dec. 8, 1757* [Betty, PCR]
Mary and Frederick Pope, June 8, 1758*
Molly [int. Molley] and John Drake, Apr. 4, 1782 [Molly, PCR]
Molly of Middleborough and Rufus Edson, int. July 26, 1783
Nathaniel and Betty Carver, int. Aug. 17, 1793 [m. Oct. 29, PCR]
Patty [int Polly] and Stephen Snell, Feb. 9, 1796
Phebe [int. Coal] and Samuel Snell, Dec. 2, 1810
Polly and Winslow Thomas, Nov. 23, 1790
Polly (see Patty)
Rachel and Ichabod Packard, Jan. 9, 1786 [Icabod, CR1]
Rebeca [int. Rebecca] and Amaziah Cole [int. of Chesterfield], Sept. 8, 1775
Sally of Scituate and Edwin Howard, int. Nov. 26, 1803
Samuel K., 23, pudler, of Wareham, s. Samuel and Charlotte and Mary C.
Packard, 20, d. Micah and Susan, June 7, 1846
Samuell and Sarah Packard, Nov. 16, 1752*
Sarah and Manasseh Dickerman, int. Mar. 17, 1770 "said Dickermans publishment to Sarah Cole is forbiden both by Joseph & Sarah Cole."
Sarah and Eduard Withington [int. Edward Witherington] of Stoughton, Apr. 12, 1772, in Stoughton.
Spooner A. and Mrs. Betsy Starkey of Rochester, int. June 20, 1846
Susan and Nahum Niles of Easton, Nov. 29, 1759, in Easton.*
Susanna of Middleborough and Alexander Ames, int. Sept. 5, 1789
Thomas and Silence Thayer, int. Sept. 15, 1810
William and Molley [int. Molly] Lazel, Nov. 24, 1774
Zibeon and Mary Field, Jan. 14, 1819
Zilpha and Edward Bartlet, May 7, 1772
Zilpha L. of Carver and Alanson Fobes, int. Jan. 20, 1843

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