Bridgewater, MA Vital Records (Marriages) to 1850
Published by:
New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1916
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames Collamore to Cutter

* Intention not recorded


Nathaniel [int. Collimore] of Pembroke and Mary Wales, Nov. 9, 1813

COLLEY (also see Colly)

Abigail [int. Colly] and Amos Cordner, molatoes, Apr. 18, 1745 [Colley PCR]
Ann [int Anna] and Tom Drew, "Free negroes," Nov. 25, 1762 [Ann, PCR]
Mehetable [int. Mehetabel Colly, "Free negro woman"] and Pompey [int. Pompy] "Negro Servant man to Samuel Stevens of Roxbury in the County of Suffolk"], negro's, Nov. 8, 1764 [Mehetable Colley and Pompey, PCR]
Rachel [int. Colly] and Plato [int. "negro Servant man to M' James Mears of Roxbury in the County of Suffolk"], negro's, Nov. 8, 1764 [Colley, PCR]

COLLIER (see Colyer)


Jeremiah of Scituate, R.I., and Sarah Snell, int. Jan. 26, 1771


Elisabeth of Easton and Daniell Packard, Aug. 12, 1773

COLLWELL (also see Colwell)

Ebenezer [int. Colwell] and Sarah Price, Sept. 27, 1769 [Collwell, PCR]
Ebenezer Jr. [int. Colwell] and Betsey Hayward, Sept. 4, 1804
Sally [int. Colwell] and Albertus [int. Albartus] Edson [int. of Grafton, Vt.], Dec. 2, 1804

COLLY (also see Colley)

Rebecca [int. Colley] and Thomas Mitchel [int. Mitchell of Stoughton], melatoes, Mar. 8, 1744
Sarah and Moses Sash, molatoes, May 1, 1752*


Deborah and Akerman Pettingail, Aug. 23, 1749*

COLWELL (also see Collwell)

John and Hannah Hayward, Jan. 14, 1814
John and Tabatha Hayward, Oct. 20, 1816
John H. of W. Bridgewater and Mary Edson of W. Bridgewater, Mar. 30, 1838*, CR3.
Kezia and Ebenezer Edson, int. Oct. 7, 1797


Jane of Scituate and Charles Jenkins, int. May 21, 1785

CONANANT (also see Conant, Conantt, Conet, Connant)

Sylvanus [int. Conant] and Sylvia Conant, Nov. 25, 1784 [Conant, PCR. CR1]

CONANT (also see Conanant, Conantt, Conet, Connant)

Abihail and John Willis 2d, June 22, 1775
Albert and Catharine Scarborough of Brooklyn, Conn., int. Dec. 12, 1848
Andrew [int. Andrue] and Kezia Washburn, Nov. 1, 1795
Ann and Joseph Muxam, Mar. 8, 1764 [Musem, CR1]
Azuba [int. Azubah] and Jessee Dunbar, Feb. 11, 1762
Benjamin and Betty [int. Bettie] Hooper, Mar. 6, 1783 [Betty, PCR. CR1.]
Betsey and Levi Leach, Sept. 28, 1798
Betty [int. Bettie] and Zenas Conant, Nov. 29, 1774 [Bettie, CR1]
Caleb and Olive Thraser [int. Thrasher], Dec. 30, 1789 [Thrasher, PCR]
David [int. 2d] and Lucy Besse, Apr. 18, 1782 [David, PCR. David and Luce Besse, CR1]
David and Silva [int. Sylva] Whitman, Apr. 15, 1784 [Sylvia, PCR. Sylva, CR1]
Debby and Ansel [int. Arnsell] Leonard, May 19, 1807 [Deborah and Ansel Leonard, May 27, PR32]
Deborah and Isaac Washburn, Sept. 11, 1753 [Washburne, PCR]
Ceborah and Nathan Lazell, Dec. 22, 1783 [Lazel, CR1. Lazell, Dec 21, PR1]
Elias and Jean Turner of Weymouth, int. Jan. 16, 1773
Elias and Joanna Conant, Nov. 28, 1774
Elisabeth and Benjamin Hayward, May 21, 1724*
Elizabeth and Daniell Keith, June 14, 1744 [Daniel, PCR]
Eunice and Barnebas Snell, Jan. 1, 1783 [Barnabas, PCR. Unice and Barnabas Snell, CR1]
Ezra and Mary Conant, June 29, 1773
Gaius and Cassandra Whitman, int. Dec. 4, 1802
Galen Jr. and Sarah C. Ridlington, Dec. 2 [sic, int. Dec. 3], 1842
Gershom and Ann Kingman, Aug. 15, 1738* CR1
Hannah and Nathanael Hill, May 30, 1710*
Hannah and Nathaniell Pratt, Nov. 5, 1745* [Nathaniel, PCR]
Hannah and Jonathan Washburn, [int. Jr.] of Midleborough, May 14, 1778.
[Hannah and Jonathan Washburn of Midleboro, CR1]
Hannah [int. Hanah] wid., and Hezekiah Hooper, May 12 or 22, 1803
Hannah and Charles Holmes, Apr. 3, 1828
Hannah and Lewis W. Hayden of E. Bridgewater, Jan. 8, 1837
Hannah [int. adds A.] and Ariston M. Hayward, Apr. 2, 1837
Harriet A. and Leander P. Gurney of Abington, int. May 22, 1836
Harriet N. and Benjamin Bartlett Jr., int. Aug. 30, 1846
Hepzibah [int. Hepsibah] and Cornelius Holmes 3d, Nov. 21, 1837 [Hepzibah, CR3. PR46]
Ira and Lucy Leonard, Nov. 24, 1822
Jacob and Olive Conant, Nov. 17, 1805
Jedidah and Roland Sears of Ashfeild [int. adds Hampshier Co.], Apr. 9, 1777 [Jedida, CR1]
Jenny [int. Jenney] and Peter Conant, Jan. 21, 1777 [Jenny [dup. Jenne] CR1]
Jeremiah and Martha Packard, Apr. 26, 1739* [Mary, PCR. Martha, CR1]
Jeremiah and Mary Leonard, Mar. 21, 1782
Jeremiah of Pomfret, Vt., and Chloe Pratt, int. Dec. 21, 1793 [Maj. Jeremiah of Pomfret, Vt., m. Jan. 30. 1794, PCR]
Joanna and Elias Conant, Nov. 28, 1774
Jonathan and Jane Latham, June 12, 1759*
Josiah and Elizabeth Washbourn, Sept. 1, 1701*
Keturah and Barbebas Washburn, Dec. 5, 1782 [Keturah and Barnabas Washburn, PCR. Katura and Barnabas Washburn, CR1]
Liba and Debba [int. Debby] Leach, Nov. 22, 1820 [Deby J., d. Levi and Betsey (Conant), Oct. 26, PR50]
Lois and Solomon Conant, Apr. 28, 1784*
Lot and Rhody [int. Rhoda] Perry [int. wid.] of Rochester, Oct.12, 1740 [sic, int. Sept. 2, 1780] in Rochester.
Lot and Betty Homes of Middleborough, Feb. 17, 1743
Lucie [int. Lucey] and Ziba Hayward, Sept. 9, 1773 [Lucy, CR1. PR19]
Lucinda [int. Lucenda] and Seth Pratt, Nov. 17, 1816 [Lucinda and Seth Pratt, s. Nathaniel and Betsey (Washburn) PR1. Lucinda, d. Dr. John and Deborah, and Seth Pratt, s. Nathaniel and Betsey, PR76]
Lucy (see Lucie)
Lucy and Jacob Peirce [int. Pierce], Aug. 14, 1794 [Pierce, PCR]
Lucy C. [int. omits C.] of Hanson and Nathan Munro, May 14, 1826 [Lucy C. of Hanson and Nathan Munro, s. Henry, CR1. Lucy C. and Nathan Munro [dup. Munroe, s. Henry and Deborah (Pincheon)], PR1]
Lucy C., Mrs., of Hanson, and Henry Munroe, int. May 15, 1831
Lucy M. and George F. Leonard, blacksmith, Nov. 29, 1843
Lydia and Andrew Lovel, Sept. 10, 1712*
Lydia and Calvin Edson, Feb. 6, 1766 [Lidia, PCR]
Lydia and Zephaniah Smith, Sept. 23, 1773
Marcus and Hannah K. Leach, May 17, 1835 [Hannah, d. Hosea and Hannah (Keith), PR65]
Maria P. and Alexander Alden, Nov. 26, 1837
Marlborough and Polly Dunbar, Aug. 11, 1796
Martha and Seth Lathrop [int. of Easton], Sept. 11, 1755 [Seth, PCR]
Martha and Josiah Mehurin [int. Mahurin], Oct. 14, 1779 [Mehurin, PCR. Mehuren, CR1. Mehurin, PR1]
Martha (see Patte)
Martha and Zephaniah Keith Jr., int. Dec. 26, 1846
Martin and Olive Benson, June 8, 1797
Martin Jr. and Lucy Mehuren, Feb. 23, 1806
Mary and Nicholas Whitman, Nov. 17, 1719*
Mary and Zebulun Bryant of Middleborough, int. May 2, 1767
Mary and Ezra Conant, June 29, 1773
Mary and Isaac Smith of Braintree, Jan. 24, 1785
Mehitabel and Cornelius Holmes [int. Jr.], Aug. 31, 1806
Nancy W. and John W. Clark of Middleborough, Sept. 19, 1833
Nathan and Hannah Lazel, June 14, 1753* [Lazall, PCR]
Nathan__ and Elisabeth Hains, Dec. 17, 1716*
Nathaniell and Silence Fobes, Apr. 14, 1772 [Nathaniel, PCR]
Olive and Jacob Conant, Nov. 17, 1805
Oliver and Polly Washburn, July 6, 1796
Oliver Jr. and Mary Leonard, Sept. 14, 1823
Patte [int. Martha] and Theodore Perkins, May 2, 1784 [Patte. PCR. Patte and Theodore Perkins, CR1. Martha, d. Nathan, and Theodore Perkins, brother of Thomas (s. Thomas), -------, 1783, CR2]
Patty and Ellis Holmes Jr., int. Nov. 26, 1803
Peter and Jenny [int. Jenney] Conant, Jan. 21, 1777 [Jenny [dup. Jenne] CR1]
Peter Jr. and Lucy Brewster of Pembroke, int. June 10, 1809
Phebe and Piam C. K. Whitman, June 10, 1833 [Polly CR2]
Phineas and Joanna Pratt, Sept. 26, 1749*
Phinehas [int. Phineas Jr.] and Joanna Washburn, Aug. 25, 1785 [Phineas, PCR. Phinny, Aug. 15, CR1]
Polly and William Andrews, July 26, 1818 [Polly Washburn Conant, PR1]
Polly (see Phebe)
Rebeca and Robert Randell of Easton, int. Dec. 5, 1761
Rebecca and Shubal Ewers of Barnstable, June 15, 171[worn]* [June 15, 1714, PR103]
Rebecca and Benjamin Snell, May 23, 1782
Rebecca L. and Lewis Holmes, int. Nov. 1, 1835
Rufus and Thankfull Leonard, Sept. 28, 1783 [Thankful, PCR. Thankfull, CR1]
Ruth and Daniel Keith 3d, int. Sept. 6, 1800
Sally and Abisha Besse, Apr. 11, 1782 [Abishai, PCR. Abisha, CR1]
Sally and Ephraim Leach, int. July 6, 1805
Sarah and John Heiford [int. of Midleborough], Oct. 10, 1754 [John, PCR]
Sarah Ann and Richard Stevens of Randolph, Oct. 24, 1839
Seth and Hannah Pratt, int. Apr. 4, 1801 [m. Sept. 24, PR1]
Seth W., 23, cordwainer, s. Seth and Hannah, and Eliza Wentworth, 18, d.
Martin and Ruth, Nov. 23, 1845
Silvanus and Mary Packard, Oct. 16, 1808
Silvia, wid. [int. omits wid.] and Azarian Hayward [int. Jr.], July 1, 1798
Solomon and Lois Conant, Apr. 28, 1784*
Susan [int. Susanna] and William Durky [int. Durkee] of Hampton, Conn., -----[rec. before Mar. 22, 1812.
Sylvia and Sylvanus Conanant [int. Conant], Nov. 25, 1784 [Conant PCR. CR1.]
Sylvia (see Silvia)
Sylvia and Joseph Hayward [int. 2d], Dec. 1, 1814
Thomas and Lydia Edson, Apr. 22, 1789 [Lidea, CR1]
Thomas and Anna Leonard, Mar. 26, 1812 [Anne, Mar. 25, PR32]
Timothy and Hannah Blackman of Stoughton, int. Oct. 27, 1754
Timothy and Nancy [int. Nancey] Pratt, Feb. 25, 1788 [Nancy, PCR. Nancey, CR1]
William and Martha Fobes, Oct. 24, 1803
Zenas and Betty [int. Bettie] Conant, Nov. 29, 1774 [Bettie, CR1]
Zilpha and Samuel Keith Jr., Dec. 2, 1766 [? in Middleborough]

CONANTT (also see Conanant, Conant, Conet, Connant)

Bethia and Elkanah Rickard, Oct. 15, 1733* [Bethiah Conant and Elkana Rickard, CR1]

CONDON (also see Congdon)

Samuel P. and Nabby Robinson, int. June 10, 1821

CONET (also see Conanant, Conant, Conantt, Connant)

Bethiah and Nathaniell Allen, Dec. 14, 1696* [Conant, PR103]


Samuell Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Easton and Susanna Johnson, Oct. 15, 1770 [Samuel of Easton and Susanna Jonson, PCR]

CONGDON (also see Condon)

James and Julia Harrington, int. Sept. 9, 1849

CONNANT (also see Conanant, Conant, Conantt, Conet)

Battie [int. Conant] and Noah Phinney, Jan. 24, 1769 [Betty Conant, PCR]
Daniel [int. Daniel Conant] and Joanna Washburn, Aug. 2, 1767 [Daniel Conant, PCR]
David and Sarah Hayward, Nov. 28, 1723*
David and Rhoda Latham, Jan. 29, 1748*
John and Abiel Pratt, Mar. 3, 1745-6* [Conant and Abigail Pratt, PCR]
John [int. Conant Jr.] and Deborah Perkins, May 14, 1772 [Conant and Deborah Perkins, CR1]
Martha, wid., and James Dunbar, Oct. 5, 1757* [Conant, PCR]
Thomas and Mary Wood, Oct. 29, 1745* [Conant, PCR]

CONNERS (also see Corner)

Mary O. and James Sullivan, int. Oct. 22, 1848


Aron and Bettie Thomson, Indians, May 29, 1755*
Thomas, "Free Negro man," and Sarah Waterman, "Indian woman," Feb. 13, 1753*


Michael of N. Bridgewater and Catharine Frauley, int. July 29, 1849

COOK (also see Cooke)

Alice [int. Crook] of Plymouth and Prince Hall [int. blacks], Nov. 16, 1786, in Plymouth.
Amos I. and Hannah S. Weston of Plympton, int. Sept. 29, 1839
Benjamin and Catharine Brigs of Tanton, int. Sept. 6, 1766
Elizabeth C. and Benjamin P. Pope, Oct. 13, 1838 [sic, int. Sept. 1, 1839] [Oct. 13, 1839, CR3]
Francis and Sarah Bryant, Sept. 24, 1750* [Briant, PCR]
John and Sally Lathrop, Nov. 2, 1790 [Sarah Lothrop, PCR]
Kingman and Sarah Munroe of Pembroke, int. Mar. 18, 1815
Kingman and Susanna Lothrop of Norton, int. May 11, 1834
Mary G. of Kingston and Warren Turner, int. Aug. 27, 1848
Ruth and Rufus Smith of Easton, int. Nov. 3,1770
Sarah 9int. Cooke] and Ebenezer Phillips of Easton, Jan. 17, 1765, in Easton
Sarah and John Lathrop, Dec. 7, 1780

COOKE (also see Cook)

Jane of Plymouth and Isaac Harris, Mar. 27, 1707, in Scituate.*

COOLEY (also see Cooly)

Daniel Esq. [int. of Amherst] and Polly Packard, [int. wid.], Jan. 18, 1796
David G. and Adaline M. Gibbs, int. Oct. 14, 1849

COOLY (also see Cooley)

Chester [int. Cooley] and Azubah Johnson, Oct. 7, 1813


Elisabeth and John Aldrich, Jan. 22, 1721-2*
John and Sarah Edson, July 21, 1749*
Mary of Duxbury and Nathan Dunpha, int. Mar. 8, 1806

COPELAND (also see Copland)

Abbe and Elijah Snell Jr., int. Apr. 16, 1796
Albert and Anna H. Williams, int. Feb. 20, 1819
Asa and Persia Howard, Feb. 12, 1792 [July 12, PCR]
Asa and Hannah Jackson, ------,* PR1.
Azel and Desire Lucas of Middleborough, int. Aug. 20, 1791
Bethiah and Luther Hayward, Feb. 19, 1834
Betsey and Calvin Williams, int. Sept. 14, 1799
Betsy [int. Betsey] and Holmes Sprague, June 28, 1808 [-------Copeland, d. Daniel, and Holmes Sprague, s. Capt. Ephraim and Vina (d. Ezra Edson), CR2. Betsey and Holmes Sprague, s. Ephraim and Vina (Edson) PR1]
Bettie and Clifford [int. Clefford] Belcher [int. Jr. of Stoughton], Nov. 22, 1770 [Clefford of Stoughton, PCR]
Caleb and Sarah Byram, Aug. 2, 1787
Caleb Jr. and Olive Porter of Stoughton, int. Apr. 7, 1821
Charles and Mehitabel Howard, Dec. 9, 1816
Charlotte and Philip Bennett of Rochester, Nov. 30, 1797
Chloe and Thomas Broadhurst of Easton, Aug. 9, 1829
Christopher D. and Eunice H. [int. omits H.] Wood, May 14, 1826 [Eunice H., CR3]
Cyrus and Abigail Dyer, Jan. 5, 1792
Cyrus and Phebe Alger, Feb. 11, 1816 [Phebe Cushman Alger, PR1]
Daniel [int. Jr.] and Abigail [int. Nabbe] Shaw, Apr. 18, 1791 [Daniel and Abigail Shaw, PCR]
David and Elizebeth Bent of Milton, Dec. 1, 1725, in Mansfield.*
Ebenezer and Abby Godfrey [int. Abbe Godfery] of Norton, Mar. 19, 1771, in Norton
Ebnezer [int. Jr.] and Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] Snell, July 1, 1798
Ebenezer Jr. and Hannah Godfrey of Norton, int. Apr. 12, 1801
Ebenezer and Bridget Wood of Foxborough, int. Aug. 29, 1801
Ephraim and Lucy Keith, Sept. 12, 1791
Eunice H.W., 18, d. C.D., and Rufus W. Wood, 21, shoe maker, s. Willard and Harriet, May 3, 1849
Hannah and Galen Allen of [int. Aqueth, Cheshire Co.] N.H., Jan. 1, 1797
Huldah and Howland Holmes, Nov. 16, 1804
Jonathan 3d and Deborah Ottis, int. July 3, 1784
Jonathan 3d and Hannah Reed, Dec. 23 [dup. Nov. --], 1818
Joseph Jr. and Sary S. [int. Sarah Swift] Huxford of Chelsea, Sept. 19, 1808
Joseph and Mary Jane Williams, Dec. 9, 1838
Josiah of Easton and Susan [int. Susanna] Hayward, Sept. 11, 1794, in Easton
Lucy and Ellis Holmes [int. of Hallifax], Nov. 24, 1806
Lurana and Silvanus Keith, Dec. 23, 1820
Lydia and Nathan Howard [int. 3d], Jan. 17, 1799
Lyman of W. Bridgewater and Susannah Holmes, int. Nov. 15, 1845
Martin and Lucy Cowing, int. Apr. 3, 1802
Matilda (see Metilda)
Mehetable [int. Mehetabel] and Austen [int. Austin] Keith, Aug. 3, 1813
Mehitable [int. Mehitabel] and Daniel Hartwell, Nov. 8, 1779 [Mehitabel, PCR]
Metilda and Thomas Alden, Jan. 5, 1815 [Melinda, PR1]
Pardon of W. Bridgewater and Alice W. Ames of W. Bridgewater, Apr. 18, 1833* [Alice W. of W. Bridgewater, d. Capt. Abiel of W. Bridgewater, CR1]
Polly and John Burr, Mar. 8, 1792
Polly and Joseph Hall, Aug. 23, 1812
Ralph and Anna Dunbar of W. Bridgewater, int. Oct. 25, 1823 [m.---, 1823, PR1. PR100]
Ralph Jr. of Middleborough and Nancy B. Bryant, int. Nov. 7, 1847. [Ralph, s. Ralph and Anna (Dunbar), m.----, 1848, PR100]
Rebecca and Ebenezer Dunbar, Sept. 15, 1785
Salmon and Betsey Snell, Oct. 6, 1799
Salmon and Sarah Swift Copeland [int. wid.], Apr. 7, 1814
Sarah and David Keith of Easton, Nov. 16, 1769
Sarah and Stephen Fuller [int. of Attleborough], May 15, 1810
Sarah Swift [int. wid.] and Salmon Copeland, Apr. 7, 1814
Tempa and Barzillia Keith, Jan. 3 [dup. Jan 2] 1819
Vesta and Nahum Perkins, June 3, 1820
Winslow and Hannah Slader of Acworth, N.H., int. Sept. 15, 1804

COPLAND (also see Copeland)

Abigal [int. Copeland] and Henry Kingman, Mar. 15, 1743
Abigail and George Haward, Aug. 29, 1745* [Copeland, PCR]
Daniell and Susanna Ames, Mar. 13, 1764 [Daniel Copeland and Susannah Ames, PCR]
Elijah and Rhoda Snell, Oct. 31, 1765 [Copeland, PCR]
Hannah and William Allan, Feb. 28, 1758*
Hannah and Jonathan Kingman Jr., Mar. 29, 1759* [Copeland, PCR]
Jonathan and Bettie Snell, Jan. 4, 1823-4*
Jonathan Jr. and Mehetabel [int. Mehetable] Dunbar, May 22, 1754 [Mehitable,PCR]
Joseph and Rebecca Hooper, Sept. 17, 1760* [Copelen, Sept. 19, CR1]
Mary and Benjamin Gannet, Dec. 20, 1750* [Mary Clap and Benjamin Jennett, PCR]


Agnis and Hugh Orr "of the nine partners in New York Government" [int. Little Nine Partners, Dutchess Co., N.Y.], Oct. 16, 1771 [Corbit, PCR]

CORDINER (also see Cordner)

Nabby and Squire Gilmor of Raynham, Bristol Co., blacks, May 17, 1816
Samuel and Tamer [int. Tamar] Talbut, blacks, June 16, 1785 [Tamer, PCR]
Samuel Jr. and Triphena Johnson, blacks, int. May 19, 1810

CORDNER (also see Cordiner)

Abigail [int. "Free negro Woman"] and Bennet O. [int. omits O.] Bellen [int. "Free Negro man," of Dorchester, Suffolk Co.], Nov. 8, 1764 [Bennet O., PCR]
Amos and Abigail [int. Cuffee] Wright, [int. of Middleborough], blacks, Aug. 6, 1778 [Cuffee, PCR]
Betty [int. Bettie] and Boston Foye, blacks [int. negroes], Feb. 26, 1778 [Betty, blacks, PCR]
Desire and Edward Johnson of Easton, blacks, int. May 24, 1783
Elisabeth, "Negro woman," and Luther Jotham, "Negro man," int. Sept. 24, 1774
Susanna and Heber Honestman of Easton, June 26, 1735, in Easton.*


Mary and Sipio [int. Scipio] Sutten, blacks, Apr. 22, 1783 [Sipio Sutton, PCR]

CORNER (also see Connors)

Jane [int. Conner] and James Mann, blacks, Oct. 10, 1805


Peter (see Peter Bennet)


Mary and Sash, Dec. 1, 1706*
Rhoda and Samuel Robbins, int. Dec. 24, 1785
Ruth and John Smith, July 1, 1779


Eliza, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], and Josiah Fuller, Oct. 3, 1844
Flushing and Harriet Brooker, coloured, Apr. 19, 1840

CORTHEL (also see Corthell, Cothell, Cotherel)

John of Abington and Joah Whitman Phillips, Apr. 11, 1811

CORTHELL (also see Corthel, Cothell, Cotherel)

Abigail [int. Cotherel] and Jonathan Belcher [int. of Easton], Jan. 4, 1778. [Corthell and Jonathan Belcher, PCR]

COTHELL (also see Corthel, Corthell, Cotherel)

Merrill [int. Coathell] and Lot Whitmarsh Jr., Oct. --, 1820

COTHEREL (also see Corthel, Corthell, Cothell)

Phebe [int. Cothrel] and John Stock [int. Stocks], Feb. 24, 1785 [Coathereal and John Stock, PCR]


Joseph of Dedham and Susan Foye [int. Susanna Foy, blacks] ---- [int. Nov. 15], 1788, in Dorchester.
Meribah and John Williams of Boston, blacks, int. July21, 1821


Betsey and Dr. Fisk Ames, Oct. 15, 1803

COWEN (also see Cowing)

Betsey [int. Cowing] and Silas Andrews, Aug. 28, 1803

COWET (also see Cowit)

Mercy and John Thomas of Pembrook, Nov. 22, [blotted, ? 2], 1727*

COWING (also see Cowen)

Hannah and John Hooper [int. 2d] June 5, 1777 [John, CR1]
Israel of Scituate and Rebecca Wade, Nov. 25, 1788
Jabes and Susannah Bolton, Mar. 23, 1740* [Jabez and Susanna Bolton, PCR.
Jabez Pittis and Susanna Bolton, Mar. 25, 1741, CR1]
Joseph o Scituate and Jean Keith, Nov. 24, 1744
Joseph [int. Jr.] and Abigail Fobes [int. 2d], Feb. 13, 1772 [Joseph and Abigail Fobes PCR]
Lucy and Martin Copeland, int. Apr. 3, 1802
Prince and Margret Karkins [int. Carking], Mar. 30, 1762 [Margaret Karkings, PCR]

COWIT (also see Cowet)

Elizabeth of Middleborough and Francis Thomas, int. Aug. 31, 1754


Enos of Pembroke and Betsey Harden, wid., int. Aug. 27, 1808
Hannah of Hallifax and Eli Bozworth of Hallifax, Mar. 19, 1767*
Lydia and Samuel Pool, Dec. 31, 1820
Sally N. and John Whitmarsh, int. June 13, 1823


George W. of Providence, R.I., and Caroline E. Keith of Charleston, S.C., Nov. 9, 1828


Elizabeth of Middleborough and Jesse Perkins Jr., int. Sept. 9, 1815
John and Olive Porter, Sept. 9, 1790
John Staples, Dr., and Elizebeth Park of Newton, July 6, 1758, in Newton.*
Moses and Phebe Snow, Feb. 24, 1799
Patty [int. Patte] and Rev. Zachariah Howard [int. of Stoughton], Mar. 6, 1787 [Polly and Rev. Zachariah Howard, PCR]
Polly and Rev. Naphtali Shaw [int. of Kenzington, N.H.], June 10, 1798
Thomas [int. Craft], Rev. [int. of Prince Town, Worcester Co.] and Polly [int. Polley] Porter, Dec. 28, 1786 [Crafts and Polly Porter, PCR]
Zibeon and Hannah Howard, Oct. 29 [9 written in pencil in later hand after 8 crossed out in pencil], 1799


Abigail of Stoughton and Austin Howard, Mar. 18, 1819
Benjamin and Eunice Washburn, June 13, 1770 [Unice, PCR. CR1.]
Betsey and Lewis Packard, Nov. 13, 1808
C.R. and Jane E. Keith, d. Quincy A. and Priscilla D. of E. Bridgewater, ------*
Caesar and Bridget Lincoln of Raynham, blacks, int. Nov. 29, 1783
Daniel and Anna Howard, Nov. 3, 1801
John and Patience Pratt, Apr. 29, 1793
Jonathan and [int. Mrs.] Mary Edson, Sept. 27, 1770 [Mary, Sept. 27, 1771 PCR. Mary, Sept. 27, 1770, CR1]
Jonathan, Dr., and Lydia Adams of Kingston, Dec. 23, 1783, in Kingston.
Joshua E., 25, merchant, b. Berkley, s. Barzillia and Lydia E., and Lucy Ann Reed, 22, of Weymouth, b. Weymouth, d. Quincy, Jan. 9, 1849
Ketura of Stoughton and Eleazer Hayward, Nov. 22, 1731, in Southton.*
Lydia of Berley [int. Bartle] and Rodolphus Edson, Aug. 14, 1780 [? in Middleborough]
Nabby Butler of Boston and William Perkins, int. Oct. 26, 1799
Sally and Noah Pool [int. of Abington], June 21, 1819
Samuell and Sarah Washburn, Feb. 13, 1737-8* [Samuel of Milton and Sarah Washburn, wid. CR1]
Spencer of Canton and Sally Pratt, Mar. 30, 1809
Susanna and Oliver Eaton of Middleborough, Nov. 11, 1798 [? in Middleborough]


Biancy Jane of N. Bridgewater and Cyrus Hooper of New Bedford, Oct. 24, 1831* [Biancy Jane, d. Perez of N. Bridgewater, and Cyrus Hooper of New Bedford, s. William, dec'd, CR1. Bianca J. and Cyrus Hooper, s. William and Mary, GR1. Biancy Jane, PR84]
Ebenezer of Easton and Abigail Edson, int. Mar. 23, 1816
Julia Ann and Nathan Perkins, int. Oct. 1, 1848
Walter and Eliza E. Lucas, Nov. 30, 1837


Calvin J. and Jane E. Elisha of Taunton, coulered, int. June 10, 1838


Timothy and Catharine Dempsy, int. May 26, 1849


Alice (see Alice Cook)


Aaron C. and Emeline F. Faunce, Nov. 5, 1838
Abigail and John Puffer Jr. of Weymouth, May 19, 1822
Benjamin and Mary W. Pratt, June 3, 1832 [Benjamin, s. Zenas, dec'd, and Mary W. Pratt, d. Sylvanus, CR1. Benjamin, s. Zenas and Content (Stetson) and Mary W. Pratt, PR1. Mary W., d. Silvanus and Experience (Alden), PR94]
Bethiah of Pembroke and John Alden [sic, ? Allen, see Pembroke Vital Records], Mar. 5, 1740, in Pembroke.*
Betsey of Pembroke and Ornan Perkins, int. Apr. 18, 1818
Betty and Jacob Whitmarsh of Abington, int. Dec. 20, 1817
Deborah of Pembroke and Welcom Pincin, int. Jan. 24, 1818
George R. and Julia A. Crossman of Raynham, int. Oct. 10, 1840
Hellen Louisa and Samuel Ward Bates, May 5, 1839 [Helen L., CR5. Helen L. [L written in pencil], d. Zenas and Content (Stetson), PR1. Helen L., PR91]
James Jr. of Hallifax and Mary Palmer, int. Mar. 29, 1806
John of Pembroke and Polly Smith, Dec. 20, 1798 [John of Pembroke, s. David, and Mary Smith, d. Joseph, PR86]
Lucy and Zephaniah Shaw of Middleborough, Mar. 27, 1831 [Lucy, d. Zenas dec'd, CR1. Lucy, d. Zenas and Content (Stetson), PR1]
Marcia and Edwin Ames, Sept. 10, 1826
Naomi S. and Daniel [int. David] G. Hicks of Boston, Dec. 25, 1828 [Naomi S., d. Zenas dec'd and David G. Hicks of Boston, CR1. Naomi Stetson Crooker, d. Zenas and Content (Stetson), and ------ Hicks, PR1]
Ralph and Maritta H. Borden of Troy, int. June 12, 1824
Zenas, s. Zenas and Content (Stetson), and Hannah Richardson of Danvers, -----,* PR1.

CROSMAN (also see Crossman)

Molley [int. Molly Crossman) and William Shaw, Nov. 9, 1797


Nathaniel and Peggy Smith Bird of Dorchester, int. July 17, 1802

CROSSMAN (also see Crosman)

Alvin and Chloe Pratt, Apr. 18, 1813
Chloe, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], and Nahum Mitchell of Raynham, May 24, 1828 [Mrs. Chloe Crossman, d. Lt. Nathaniel Pratt, CR1]
Daniel [int. Crosman] of Easton and Alice Brett, June 4, 1778, in Easton
Joseph and Mary Cary, Feb. 18, 1747*
Joseph and Elisabeth Washburn, Aug. 20, 1752* [Elizabeth Washburne, PCR]
Joseph Jr. of Easton and Margret Turner, Feb. 26, 1756*
Julia A. of Raynham and George R. Crooker, int. Oct. 10, 1840
Mary and Recompence Cary, Dec. 25, 1711*
Rufus of Kingston and Experience [dup. Experiance] Howard [int. Hayward], June 10, 1818
Sarah and Joseph Hayward Jr., Sept. 9, 1703*
Seth of Raynham and Alice Leach, Apr. 29, 1804 [? in Middleborough]
Seth and Sally Manley of Easton, int. Jan. 16, 1813
Sussanna and Nathaniell White, May 27, 1745* [Susanna Crosman and Nathaniel White, PCR]


Benjamin of Easton and Hannah Reckards, int. Dec. 10, 1791


Martha and Jonathan Burr, May 30, 1754


Anthony and Abigail Pendel, wid., negroes, int. Mar. 20, 1779
Francis and Fidella, negros, Nov. 24, 1708*


Rhoda of Easton and James Bennett, Nov. 14, 1799, in Easton*


John [int. of Wayne] and Hannah Thomas Bartlett, May 19, 1813


Catharine [int. Cunningham], 18, d. John and Bridget, and Shepard H. Leach, 25, farmer, s. Barnus and Olive, Mar 18, 1849


Elanor and John Smith, Sept. 29, 1774

CURTICE (see Curtis)

Benjamin of Pembrook and Experience Hayward, May 25, 1732* [Curtis, both of Bridgewater, PCR]
Experience and Ezekiel Washburn, Oct. 4, 1749* [Experiance Curtis and Ezekiel Washbourne, PCR}
Naomi and John Leonard, Nov. 23, 1732*
William and Hannah Linfield, June 7, 1780* [Curtis and Hannah Linsfield, PCR]

CURTIS (also see Curtice)

Abigail, "alias Abigail Wampee," and Peleg Pender, int. Dec. 19, 1772
Abigail and George Briggs [int. Jr.], Dec. 10, 1809
Abigal and Josiah Washburn, Jan. 29, 1745* [Abigail Curtiss and Josiah Washburne, PCR]
Aholibamah [int. Ahobibame] and Timothy Packard, Jan. 13, 1790 [Aholibamah, PCR]
Alanson of N. Bridgewater and Mary D. Hayden of Quincy, May 9, 1839*
Ashley and Amie Reynolds, int. Mar. 25, 1769
Ashley and Susanna Fuller, Apr. 12, 1770
Barnabas and Esther Finney, June 6, 1774*
Bathsheba and Capt. Isaac Keith, Feb. 12, 1815
Bela and Kezia Lincoln, Jan. 19, 1802 [date in later handwriting, sic. int. Dec. 25, 1802]
Betty and Simeon Leach, Dec. 31, 1765*
Edward and Abigail Pratt, Jan. 2, 1759* [Jan. 9, PCR. Jan. 2, CR1]
Elbridge of E. Bridgewater and Matilda W. Horton, Dec. 17, 1837
Eliphaz of Abington and Ruth Pool, Sept. 16, 1796, in Abington
Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] of Halifax and Nathaniell Hayward, Apr. 5, 1743
[Elizabeth Curtiss of Hallifax and Nathaniel Hayward, PCR]
Esther of N. Bridgewater and Levi W. Holbrook of N. Bridgewater, Oct. 6, 1832*
Eunice and Edmund Soper, Dec. 30, 1756* [Unice Curtiss, PCR]
Frederick A. of Newton Lower Falls and Harriet M. Hooker, Aug. 17, 1842 [Harriet M., d. George, CR2]
Hannah and Alpha Tribou, Oct. 10, 1803 [date in later handwriting]
Hannah of Stoughton and Oliver Lathrop, int. Dec. 3, 1803
Isaac and Mehitabel [int. Mehtabel] Wales, Jan. 26 [Jan. 26 in later handwriting, int. Jan 4], 1806
Margret [int. Margrett], "alias Pegg Wampee," and Prince Robbin [int. Robbins, "Free negro man"], Sept. 15, 1764 [Margaret, "alias Pegg Wampee," and Prince Robbin, "negroman," PCR]
Margrett, "alias Margrett Wampee," and William Waterman, int. Jan. 16, 1773.
Mary and Jonathan Cary, Dec. 30, 1747*
Mosess and Mary Vinson of Weymouth, Nov. 17, 1757, in Weymouth.
Moses, Capt. [int. omits Capt., dup. and int. of Braintree] and Hannah
Belcher, Dec. 14, 1769 [dup. Nov. 4, 1769, in Braintree].
Patience and Seth Brett, int. June 2, 1744
Priscilla "alias Priscilla Wampee," and Joel Suikamug, int. Jan. 16, 1773.
Rebecca and William Washburn, May 8, 1738,* CR1
Rebecca and Enoch Thayer, July 4, 1765 [Rebeccah, PCR]
Releaf of Stoughton and Peter Dunbar, int. June 16, 1764
Sally and Nehemiah Howard, int. Sept. 17, 1791
Samuel and Sally Harris, Apr. 1, 1799*
Sarah and Edmund Pattingail, Jan. 15, 1761* [Curstis and Edmond Pettingale, PCR]
Sylvester and Heman Keith, int. Apr. 19, 1823
Theophilus [int. Jr. of Stoughton] and Mehetable [int. Mehetabel] Keith, Feb. 13, 1766 [Theophilus and Mehitable Keith, PCR]
Theophilus [int. of Stoughton] and Rebecca French, Apr. 10, 1791 [Theophilus, PCR]
Therea [int. Thirza] and Benjamin Munroe [int. Jr.] of Hallifax, Aug. 27, 1812
William [int. of Randolph] and Submit Smith [int. Keith], Sept. 15, 1806 [date in later handwriting].


Abel and Sabina W. Wade of Halifax, int. Jan. 17, 1836
Asa of Randolph and Sally French, Aug. 22, 1813
Daniel and Zeruiah Chamberlin, Nov. 22, 1787 [Zerviah, PCR]
Deborah (see Deborah Clushing)
Jonathan of New Bedford and Sarah [int. Sally W.] Lazell, Nov. 30, 1809 [Jonathan of Boston and Sarah Lazell, PR1]
Josiah C. [int. of S. Marshfield] and Harriet W. Wilbar, Jan. 5, 1845
Mary Eliza, 19, d. Jonathan and Sarah, and Charles Muzzey Reed, 25, merchant, of Boston, Oct. 23, 1844
Pamelia and Leonard Hill of E. Bridgewater, int. Mar. 27, 1836
Phebe of Boston and Andrew Freeman, blacks, int. Mar. 22, 1788
William H. olf Raynham and Almira S. Monroe [dup. Munroe] of Taunton, Sept. 24, 1843 [dup. May 4, 1844]*


Almira of Hallifax and Silvanus Hall Jr., int. Mar. 23, 1816
Bettee [int. Bettie] and Nathan Hartwell, Aug. 20, 1761, in Halifax.
Charles and Mary Harvey, Dec. 10, 1739*
Deborah of Halifax and Thomas Hooper Jr., Mar. 4, 1762, in Halifax.
Deborah F. and John Shankland of N. Bridgewater, June 14, 1832
Earl and Wealthy Hall of Raynham, int. Sept. 23, 1820
Ebenezer of Kingston and Kezia Benson, Apr. 21, 1805
Ebenezer [int. Jr.] of Kingston and Charity [int. Charrity] Benson, May 30, 1805
Hannah of Halifax and Jonathan Hayden, June 25, 1754, in Halifax.
Jonathan and Susanna Benson, Feb. 25, 1735-6,* CR1.
Noah [Cushman, sic, int. Cheesman] and Lucinda Howard, May 12, 1799
Phebe and Joseph Bassett, Dec. 2, 1756* [Basset, CR1]
Sarah T. and Philander Leach, Jan. 4, 1841
Thomas, Capt., and Bethiah Thompson [int. Tomson], June 25, 1794 [Thomson, PCR]
Thomas and Lucy Pratt, Oct. 5, 1823 [Lucy, d. Cornelius dec'd, CR1]
William of Middleborough and Deborah Fuller, int. June 30, 1792 [m. Sept. 6, PCR]


Ebenezer, Lt. [int. omits Lt.] of Western Worcester Co., and Cynthia
Sylvester Bonney [int. Cynthia Silvester, omits Bonney], July 3, 1797
William J. of Boston and Lucia C. Washburn, Apr. 4, 1843 [Lucia Conant
Washburn, d. Abram and Pamelia (Keith), PR1]


William P. and Bethiah S. Hayward of Taunton, int. Nov. 12, 1837.

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