Bridgewater, MA Vital Records (Marriages) to 1850
Published by:
New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1916
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames Starting with D

* Intention not recorded


Hiram, 23, ostler, s. Elijah and Lucy, and Jane Billings, 22, d----- and Olive, May 3, 1846

DAILEY (also see Daily, Dalie, Daly)

Lewis and Mary Willis [int. of Easton], Aug. 8, 1782 [Mary, PCR]
Martha and Dominicus Records [int. Reccords of Pembrook], Aug. 19, 1768 [Records, PCR]

DAILEY (also see Dailey, Dalie, Daly)

Levi Lewis [Lewis inserted in pencil above Levi, int. Lewis Dalie of Easton] and Rebeccah [int. Rebecca] Dickerman, Dec. 31, 1801


Joseph and Silence Aldrich, int. Mar. 19, 1773

DALIE (also see Dailey, Daily, Daly)

Metable of Easton and Seth Lothrop, June 9, 1757, in Easton.*

DAMMON (also see Damon)

Mary of Hanson and Enos Thayer 2d, int. Mar. 24, 1821
Nathaniel of Marshfield and Molly [int. Polley] Allen, May 25, 1786 [Molly, PCR]

DAMON (also see Dammon)

Lewis of Taunton and Paulina [int. Polina] T. Dunbar, Apr. 8, 1832 [Paulina T., CR1]


Thomas and Nancy Woods, Jan. 1, 1783

DANIEL (also see Daniels)

Charles and Hephzibah Forrest, int. Nov. 29, 1823

DANIELS (also see Daniel)

Charles and Mehetabel [int. Mehitabel] Perkins, Apr. 3, 1814
Elizabeth G. and Henry Mitchell of E. Bridgewater, int. My 18, 1834
James S. of Randolph and Jane Bassett, int. Oct. 16, 1836
Sybil and Nathan Bassett, Jan. 14, 1827 [Mrs. Sybil, CR3]
Thomas and Nancy C. Williams of Mansfield, Nov. 29, 1838
William of Abington and Bethiah [int. Bethia] Pratt, Jan. 14, 1768, in Abington

DARBY (also see Derby)

Samuel [int. Derby] and Sarah Atwood [int. Attwood], Sept. 13, 1764 [Darby and Sarah Atwood, PCR]


Benjamin [int. Darlin] of Pembroke and Sarah Lowden, Jan. 27, 1785 [Darling of Pembroke, PCR]
Benjamin and Sarah W. Rider, Oct. 22, 1829 [Sarah W., d. Samuel CR1]
Daniel and Huldah Bryant of Halifax, int. Sept. 9, 1841
Mary [int. Mercy] of Pembroke and Stephen Richerson [int. Richardson], Apr. 7, 1767, in Pembroke
Mary of Middleborough and Casander D. H. Keith, int. June 15, 1816
Sarah E., 16, d. Benjamin and Sarah W., and Nelson O. Carr, 23, shoemaker, s. Oren and Orinda of Williamston, Vt., Oct. 24, 1847

DAVENPORT (also see Devenport)

Abigail and Zachariah Packard, Mar. 31, 1724*
Abigail and Daniel Hayward, Aug. 14, 1761 [Haward, PCR]
Elisabeth and Josiah Washburn, June 20, 1723* [Elizabeth and Josiah Washburn, s. Jonathan, PR36].
Eunice and William Lazsel of Midleborough, int. Oct. 5, 1754
Nathaniel and Lucy Wyman, Dec. 22, 1729* [Wyeman, PCR]
Polle [int. Polley Devenport] and Enus [int. Enos] Phillips of Easton, Aug. 21, 1786, in Easton.
Susanna and Ichabod Orcut, Nov. 29, 1757* [Susannah, PCR. Susanna and Icabod Orcut, CR1]
William and Sarah Richard, Apr. 16, 1730* [Richards, PCR]


Simeon [int. Dave] and Susanna Pratt, Feb. 27, 1788 [Davie, PCR]


Joseph and Ruth Basset, Mar. 23, 1730* [Bassett, PCR]
Lydia [int. Dawes] and Isaac Tirrill [int. Terril[ of Abington, May 19, 1757, in Abington
Mary and Samuel Read, Oct. 1, 1705*
Nathaniel Morton [int. Esq.] of Plymouth and Harriot [int. Harriet] Mitchell, July 8, 1817
Sarah [int. Dawes, wid.] and Capt. Daniel Reed [int. Daniell Read] of Abington, Sept. 30 [sic, int. Oct. 14], 1765, in Abington.
Sarah of Quincy and Elijah Dunpha, int. Nov. 9, 1805
Thomas and Hannah Washburn, June 2, 1737*
William H. [int. of Roxbury] and Elizabeth [int. adds H.] Bassett, Aug. 1, 1838 [William and Elizabeth H. Bassett, d. Paschal and Mary (Hooper), PR1]

DAWES (also see Daws, Dours)

Arethusa [see Arathusa Harris)
Jacob and Martha Hearsey of Abington, int. May 12, 1800
Jonathan and Lydia Snell, int. Oct. 31, 1772
Lydia (see Lydia Davis)
Margret and Andrew Bearse of Hallifax, July 15, 1736*
Nathan and Abigail White of Abington, int. Oct. 17, 1772
Polly and Abigail White of Abington, int. May 12, 1800
Robert [int. Daws] and Lydia Harden, May 28, 1744 [Dawes, PCR]
Sabina and Joseph Randal [int. Ramsdale] Jr., Nov. 15, 1820
Samuell [int. Daws] and Abigail Kingman, Jan. 1, 1755
Sarah (see Sarah Davis)

DAWS (see Dawes, Dours)

Mary and Joseph Ramsdell Jr. of Pembroke, Dec. 30, 1741, in Pembroke*

DEAN (also see Deane)

Abagail [int. Abigail] of Easton and Alexander Keith, Dec. 14, 1788, in Easton
Abigail [int. of Tanton] and Capt. Josiah Edson, Apr. 3, 1755 [Abigail, PCR]
Alethea of Taunton and Nathaniel Williams, int. Mar. 22, 1704
Charlotte [int. Deane] and Seth Leonard, Nov. 8, 1821 [Dean, PR1]
Daniell of Norton and Lydia Whitman, Sept. 27, 1770 [Daniel of Norton and Lidia Whittman, Sept. 27, 1771, PCR. Daniel of Norton and Lidea Whitman, Sept. 27, 1770, CR1]
Ebenezer of Plimton and Hannah Whitman, May 11, 1769
Elijah and Susanna Bass [int. 3d], Apr. 28, 1768 [Susannah, PCR]
Ezra of Tanton and Bethia Edson, July 12, 1733*
Frederick [int. Frederic] L. and Joanna Waterman, Apr. 2, 1826 [int. Frederick L. and Joanna Waterman, d. Dea. Waterman, CR1]
Hannah of Easton and Nemiah Howard [int. Nehemiah Haward], Feb. 27, 1770, in Easton.
James O. of Taunton and Harriet F. Fobes, int. Dec. 15, 1843
Josiah and Jane Washburn, Aug. 18, 1737*
Lazell of Raynham and Ruth Leonard, Mar. 15, 1789
Mary of Norton and Timothy Fobes, Oct. 20, 1766, in Norton [Oct. 23, PR102]
Nahum of Taunton and Mille K. Robbins, Feb. 12, 1824
Philander and Lavina Hayward, Dec. 19, 1830 [Lavina, d. Solomon and Zeruiah, CR1]
Rebecca of Raynham and Woodward Latham, int. June 13, 1763
Sally of Taunton and Caleb Edson, int. Feb. 8, 1783
Seth and Bettie Packard, Apr. 28, 1748*
Zephaniah of Middleborough and Fanny Leonard, Dec. 3, 1816

DEANE (also see Dean)

Azel of Norton and Sally Malona, int. Dec. 29, 1797
Keziah P. of Taunton and Benjamin Keith, int. Oct. 17, 1846
Phebe of Raynham and David Bassett, int. July 16, 1796

DEARBORN (also see Dearbourn)

Albion and Eliza G. Field of Quincy, int. Feb. 26, 1842
Axel and Margaret [int. adds W.] Robinson, Nov. 11, 1839 [Margaret, CR1]
Harison and Olive P. Hodgeden of Livermore, Me., int. Oct. 15, 1841

DEARBOURNE (also see Dearborn)

Daniel H. [int. Darborn] and Eunice Witherel [int. Witherell], Oct. 30, 1834 [Dearborn and Eunice Witherell, CR3]


John and Betsey Harris, Oct. 11 [Oct. 11 in later handwriting], 1805*

DELANO (also see Delino, Dellino)

Abel [int. Dellino] of Pembroke and Deborah Pinchin, Jan 21, 1796
Deborah [int. wid.] and Henry Munro [int. Munroe] Jr. of Halifax, Jan. 8, 1800 [Deborah (Pincheon) and Henry Munroe, PR1]
Malachi of Duxbury and Nabby Kingman, July 22, 1807
Ruth of Pembroke and Ebenezer Whitman 3d, int. Mar. 13, 1779
Thomas of Dartmouth and Molly Warren, int. Feb. 15, 1777

DELINO (also see Delano, Dellino)

Hannah [int. Dillino] and Ephraim Jackson, Feb. 5, 1784 [Delino, PCR]


John (see John Dillingham)

DELLINO (also see Delano, Delino)

Abigail of Duxburough and William Robinson Jr., int. Mar. 21, 1812


Catharine and Timothy Cronelly, int. May 26, 1849


Kathrine and William Allen, Aug. 19, 1756*

DERBY (also see Darby)

Prince [int. of Dorchester] and Mary Drake, blacks, Nov. 4, 1784 [Prince, PCR]

DEVENPORT (also see Davenport)

John [int. Davenport] and Charity Pratt of Norton [int. adds Bristol Co.], Feb. 29, 1764, in Norton.
Sylvia and Wilbore Frelove of Freetown, int. Feb. 18, 1786


Maria [Dewitt] [dup. De Witt] and Rev. Asa Meech, Nov. 19, 1809
Polly of Norwich and Rev. Asa Meech, int. Mar. 13, 1802


Abigail and Hezekiah Mahurin, Aug. 7, 1760* [Mahurrin, PCR]
Benjamin [int. adds F.] and Zibbia Bryant, Feb. 26, 1817
Betty (see Elizabeth)
Chloe and Jonathan Lathrop, Apr. 30, 1765
Daniel Tuel and Becca Smith, Aug. 9, 1803 [date in later handwriting]
Daniell and Ruth Tuel, Mar. 20, 1777
Ebenezer Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Mercy Stone [int. of Easton], Jan. 18, 1769 [Ebenezer and Mercy Stone, PCR]
Elizebeth [int. Bettie] of Stoughton and ----- Lothrop [int. Mark Lathrop], Nov. 20, 1777, in Stoughton.
Ira of N. [int. N.W.] Bridgewater and Eliza B. White, Dec. 27, 1842
Joanna of Easton and Wendal [int. Wendall] Seaver, Oct. 30, 1813
John of Roxbury and Lydia Leach, Nov. 8, 1770 [Lidia, Nov. 8, 1771, PCR. Dikerman of Roxbury and Lideah Leach, CR1]
John [int. of Stoughton] and Kezia Alger, July 10, 1786 [John, PCR]
Manassah and Ruth Randel of Easton, int. June 12, 1773
Manassah and Thirza Bryant, Oct. 9, 1791 [Oct. 19, PCR]
Manasseh and Sarah Cole, int. Mar. 17, 1770. "said Dickermans publishement to Sarah Cole is forbiden both by Joseph and Sarah Cole."
Mary and Ebenezer Shaw of Middleborough, May 19, 1816
Nehemiah and Ruth Clark, int. Aug. 24, 1800
Polley [int. Rebecca] and Levi Lewis [Lewis inserted in pencil above Levi] Daily [int. Lewis Dalie of Easton], Dec. 31, 1801
Roana and William Keith, Feb. 10, 1825
Ruth and John Guineth [int. Gwineth] of Taunton, Sept. 25, 1814
Ruth and Warren Hunt, July 14, 1831,* PR96
Sally and Nathaniel Shepardson of Attleboro, Oct. 5, 1817
Samuel and Olive Packard, May 23, 1799
Samuel of N. Bridgewater and Clara A. Packard, int. Feb. 23, 1822
Stephen G. of Easton and Lucy Ann B. Mahurin, int. June 7, 1829
Thirza and John Hall Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Raynham, Sept. 5, 1824 [John Jr. of Raynham, CR1]

DIER (also see Dyar, Dyer, Dyre)

Ezekiel [int. Dyer] and Clarissa Leach, Feb. 11, 1812 [? in Middleborough]

DIKE (also see Dyke)

Mary [int. Dyke] and Job Ames, Dec. 12, 1782 [Dike, PCR]
Olive and Joseph Shaw, Apr. 9, 1806 [date in later handwriting]
Oliver and Sibbil Howard, int. Sept. 29, 1810
Phebe [int. Mrs.] and James S. Leach, Sept. 19, 1839
Samuel Jr. and Mehetabel [int. Mehetable] Howard, Jan. 31, 1793 [Mehetabel, PCR]
Samuel Jr. and Betsey Burnel [int. Burrel], May 18, 1812
Thomas and Phebe Keith, Feb. 19, 1824*


Charles H. of Abington and Hannah G. Vaughn of Abington, Oct. 10, 1847, in S. Hingham,* CR1
Eunice and James Cleverly of Braintree, Dec. 1, 1814


Betty [dup. Bettie] and Ruben Washburn, May 11, 1749* [Betty PCR]
Mary [dup. Dillis] and John Foster of Kingston, Nov. 1, 1750* [Dilley, PCR]


Charles, 24, agriculturist, of Sandwich, s. Simeon and Lucy, and Joanna J. Gibbs, 24, d. Thomas F. and Patience C., Oct. 28, 1845
Charles C. of Troy and Mary Ann Bancroft of W. Bridgewater, June 6, 1833*
John [int. Dellingham] of Berkley and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Susanna Edson, Sept. 25, 1804 [? in Middleborough]
Rachel and William Soul of Hallifax, Jan. 25, 1791

DILLIS (see Dilley)


Polley and Gooding Packard, int. July 24, 1784


Lucy of Middleborough and Nathan Willis Jr., int. Dec. 4, 1790
Mark of Raynham and Pertia Keith, int. Feb. 16, 1793 [Dogget of Raynham, m. May 9, PCR]
Theophilus P., Rev., and Elizabeth Bates, int. Nov. 7, 1843

DONHAM (also see Dunham)

William [int. Mundunham] of Plymouth and Deborah Hooper, wid., Feb. 1, 1781 [Donham of Plymouth, PCR]


Elizabeth Q. of Boston and Rev. Richard M. Hodges, int. Oct. 5, 1721 [Elizabeth Quincy Donnison, d. Hon. William of Boston, and Rev. Richard Manning Hodges, m. Oct. 29, in Boston, CR1]


Catharine [int. Catharine] and Edward Spear, Dec. 7, 1773


James [int. of Milton] and Lucy Ramsdel, July 16, 1797


Marilda (see Metilda Doty)

DOTE (also see Dotey, Dotte, Doty, Doughty)

Mary [int. Doty] and Nathan Witherel of Taunton, July 13, 1780 [Doty and Nathan Witherell, PCR. Dote and Nathan Witherell of Taunton, CR1]


David and Betsey S. Prince of Kingston, int. June 3, 1832
Isaac of Hartford [int. adds Oxford Co.], Me.and Deborah Sturtevant, Sept. 13, 1820

DOTEY (also see Dote, Dotty, Doty, Doughty)

Jenny and Thomas Mitchel of Stoughton, int. Mar. 15, 1777

DOTTY (also see Dote, Dotey, Doty, Doughty)

John Jr. [int. Doty 2d] and Zobiah Ward, May 7, 1772 [Doty Jr., PCR]

DOTY (also see Dote, Dotey, Dotty, Doughty)

Chloe and Samuel Mingo [int. molattos], Dec. 3, 1778 [Cloe Dote, CR1]
John 2d and Abiah Ward, int. Mar. 7, 1772. "publishment forbiden by Zobiah Ward."
Metilda [int. Dota] and Samuel Reed of Commington [int. Cummington, Berkshire Co.], Mar. 7, 1786 [Doty and Samuel Reed of Cominngton, PCR. Tilda Doty and Samuel Reed of Comington, CR1]

DOUGHTY (also see Dote, Dotey, Dotty, Doty)

Charles J., 25, of New York, s. Charles J. and Elizabeth of New York, and Sarah P. Worcester, 23, d. Samuel and Sarah, June 15, 1845
John and Susanna [int. Sussanna] May, July 5, 1753


John and Priscilla Pratt, June 17, 1749*

DOURS (also see Dawes, Daws)

Samuel and Sarah Howland of Pembroke, Sept. 28, 1720, in Pembroke*


Isabel and Barnabas Pratt, Oct. 7, 1750*


Bathsheba [dup. int. of Easton] and Caleb Trask, Sept. 29, 1791 [both of Bridgewater, PCR]
Moses and Elizabeth Monk, int. Feb. 25, 1769
Polly and Ebenezer [int. Abizer] Trask of Hallowell, Lincoln Co., Dec. 10, 1788 [? in Middleborough]
Sally and Samuel Bryant, int. Sept. 3, 1800


Abiel Jr. of Sharon and Claricy Reckards, int. Feb. 14, 1789
Diana of Easton and David Tilden, Aug. 21, 1799 [sic? 1791, int. July 30, 1791] in Easton.
Ebenezer and Susannah Leavett of Pembroke, Feb. 18, 1773, in Pembroke*
Ebenezer and Martha Gurney, Jan. 17, 1782
Elijah of Easton and Kezia Packard, int. Mar. 23, 1799 "Said Kezia forbade her publishment, March. 30th"
Elizabeth and David Packard 2d [int. omits 2d, adds of N. Bridgewater], Dec. 5, 1822
Ezra of Stoughton and Lucia Benson, Oct. 17, 1830
Francis and Sarah Hayden, May 4, 1775
Hannah and Caleb Dunbar, Nov. 7, 1782
Ira and Mary Pratt [int. wid.], May 24, 1821
Isaac and Deborah Stevens of Pembroke, int. Mar. 17, 1798
John and Molly [int. Molley] Cole, Apr. 4, 1782 [Molly, PCR]
Jonah and Jerusha Clapp, int. Sept. 12, 1789
Joseph and Allice Hayward, Apr. 5, 1727* [Alice, PCR]
Levi F. of Portland, Me., and Susanna Fobes, int. Oct. 8, 1848
Lott of Easton and Hannah Turner, int. May 4, 1782
Lydia and John Packard, Apr. 8, 1817
Mary, "negro woman," and Gambo, "Negro man," June 21, 1749*
Mary [int. wid.] and Abiah Randell [int. Abia Randel] of Easton, Nov. 25, 1778, in Easton
Mary and Prince Derby [int. of Dorchester], blacks, Nov. 4, 1784 [Prince, PCR]
Oliver of Easton and Ruth Severs, int. Aug. 3, 1793
Polly of Easton and Asaph Howard [int. Hayward], July 29, 1792, in Easton
Reuben and Olive Chesman, Dec. 7, 1819
Rhoda of Easton and Abial [int. Abiel] Alger, July 2, 1789, in Easton
Richard and Mary Young, int. Nov. 7, 1767
Robert Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Easton and Rebecca Wade, Sept. 29, 1774, in Easton
Sarah and John Cary, Oct. 8, 1734*
Thomas of Easton and Elizebeth Brett, Jan. 20, 1736-7, in Easton*
Thomas [int. of Quincy] and Lydia Blanchard, Feb. 1, 1821
Timothy [int. of Easton] and Polly Dunbar, Apr. 12, 1789 [Timothy, PCR]
Titus of Easton and Sally Lincoln, int. Dec. 1, 1792


Comfort Carpenter of Chester, Vt., and Celia Wade, Mar. 4, 1802
Polly of Pomfret and Ephraim Hide, int. Dec. 14, 1793


Margret [int. Margrit] and America Pierce [int. Jr.], blacks, Aug. 31, 1793 [Margaret and America Pierce, Aug. 13, PCR]
Thomas of Halifax and Abigail Harris, Aug. 16, 1739* [Abigaiel, CR1]
Tom, "Negro man," and Mary Sash, "Negro woman," June 18, 1755*
Tom and Ann [int. Anna] Colley, "Free negroes," Nov. 25, 1762 [Ann PCR]
William and Alice [int. Abigail] Wallis [int. blacks], Nov. 19, 1795
William B. of Duxbury and Mary [int. adds W.] Bassett, Jan. 27, 1836 [Mary, CR1. Mary Winslow Bassett, PR1]

DUMBER (also see Dunbar, Dunbarr, Dunber)

Betsey and William Mitchell, int. Mar. 12, 1793 [Dunbar, m. ---, PR1]

DUNAM (see Dunham)

DUNBAR (also see Dumber, Dunbarr, Dunber)

Abel and Sarah Howard, Mar. 23, 1784
Abel and Phebe Brett, Mar. 9, 1806 [date in later handwriting]
Abigail and Joshua Fobes, Dec. 4, 1711*
Abigail P. of W. Bridgewater and Charles Ames of W. Bridgewater, Dec. 6, 1831*
Amie and Elias Sewall [int. Sewal, "Free Negros"], Oct. 28, 1776
Amie and Levi Ramsdel of Milton, int. June 20, 1801
Anna of W. Bridgewater and Ralph Copeland, int. Oct. 25, 1823 [m. ----, 1823, PR1. PR100]
Barnebas and Silence Alger, May 24, 1780 [Barnabas, PCR]
Barnebas and Mary Haward [int. Howard, wid.], May 28, 1784 [Barnabas and Mary Howard, PCR]
Benjamin and Wealthy [int. Welthy] Washburn of Middleborough, June 9, 1774 [? in Middleborough]
Bethiah and Apollos Randel [int. of Easton], May 22, 1796
Bethiah and Levi [int. adds H.] Perkins, July 30, 1804
Betsey of Stoughton and Calvin Packard, Oct. 20, 1785, in Stoughton
Caleb and Hannah Drake, Nov. 7, 1782
Calvin and Sally Dunbar, int. Mar. 25, 1793
Charles and Susanna Willis, July 9 [dup. Aug. 7], 1817
Chloe [int. Dunber] and Nahum Benson, May 30, 1819
Daniel and Nichoals Wilbar, Apr. 2, 1809 [? in Middleborough]
Daniell and Abigal [int. Abigail] Kingman, May 2, 1771
Darius, Rev., of Edgartown, and Sarah M. Alden, Oct. 6, 1835
David and Susanna Hayward, Mar. 16, 1737-8*
David and Sarah Blake, Sept. 21, 1749*
David Jr. and Joanna Dunbar of Halifax, Dec. 1, 1768, in Halifax
David [int. Jr. of Easton] and Hariot Bryant, July 6, 1801
Dulcena and Parlee Keith, Apr. --, 1821
Ebenezer and Rebecca Copeland, Sept. 15, 1785
Eliab and Levinea Haford of Middleborough, int. Nov. 30, 1793
Elias and Roxsalinia Leach, int. Dec. 14, 1799
Elisabeth and Seth Washburn of Middleborough, July 21, 1772 [Elizabeth, PCR]
Elisha and Mercy Hayward, Apr. 6, 1727*
Elisha Jr. and Rebecca Wade, Nov. 24, 1757* [Rebeccah, PCR]
Elizabeth (see Elisabeth)
Ephraim and Elisabeth Bump, Dec. 9, 1729* [Dunham and Elizabeth Bump, PCR]
Hannah and Daniell Snow, Apr. 19, 1764 [Daniel, PCR]
Hannah and Marshal Walker, int. Aug, 17, 1776
Hannah and Eleazer Snow [int. 3d], Apr. 20, 1780 [Dunber and Eleazer Snow, PCR]
Hannah and Avery Lothrop, Mar. 23, 1819
Hosea [int. of Hallifax] and Jennet Hendrey [Henry in later handwriting after Hendrey, int. Janet Hendrey], Oct. 22, 1767 [Hosea and Jennet Hendry, PCR]
Jacob and Hannah Randell, July 8, 1756* [Randall, PCR]
Jacob and Thankfull Thayer, Oct. 11, 1776
Jacob Jr. and Hannah Hayward, Nov. 2, 1794
Jacob Jr. and Polly Willis, Oct. 28, 1802 [date in later handwriting]
James and Experience Hayward, Jan. 31, 1721*
James Jr. and Hannah Benson, Jan. 22, 1745*
James and Martha Connant, wid., Oct. 5, 1757* [Conant, PCR]
Jennett of Hallifax and Allen Latham, Mar. 10, 1796*
Jerusha and Nathaniell Rickard, Aug. 22, 1751* [Dumber and Nathaniel Rickard, Aug. 23, PCR]
Jessee and Azubah [int. Azubah] Conant, Feb. 11, 1762
Joanna of Halifax and David Dunbar Jr., Dec. 1, 1768, in Halifax.
John and Mary Keith of Easton, Dec. 8, 1768, in Easton.
Joseph and Sophronia Allen, int. Mar. 14, 1812
Josiah and Silence Packard, wid., Dec. 12, 1758*
Josiah [int. Jr. of Wenchester] and Abia Goodspead [int. Abiah Goodspeed],
July 8, 1782 [Joaish and Abia Goodspeed, PCR]
Josiah, Capt., pauper, and Abigail Shurtliff, wid., int. Dec. 29, 1797. "The Select men....gave Notice to forbade giving a Certificate to the above Said Capt. Dunbar."
Josiah and Sibbel [int. Sibby] Perkins, Nov. 26, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Keziah [int. Kezia] and Simeon Wood of Boston, Dec. 3, 1809
Lavinia (see Levina)
Lemuel and Polly Morey, Aug. 13, 1795
Lemuel and Chordana [int. Cordana] Fobes, June 23, 1806
Lese and Benjamin Agur, May 3, 1801*
Levina and Elijah Lothrop, June 20, 1818
Lewis B. and Betsey P. Fobes, Nov. 29, 1840
Lucius, 21, shoemaker, of W. Bridgewater, s. Perez and Nancy, and Eliza L. Keith, 20, of W. Bridgewater, d. David and Harriet, June 10, 1849*
Marcey [int. Mercy, wid] and John Fann, July 31, 1781 [Mercy, PCR]
Martha and David Shaw of Middleborough, int. Nov. 25, 1786
Martin and Sally Alger, June 15, 1812
Mary and Dan Leonard, Nov. 1, 1750* [Leonard, PCR]
Mary [int. Mercy] and Oliver Packard, May 19, 1785 [Mary, PCR]
Mary and Abraham Tarbot [int. Tarbet], blacks, Sept. 3, 1787 [Tabut, PCR]
Mehetabel [int. Mehetable] and Jonathan Copland Jr., May 22, 1754 [Mehitable, PCR]
Melatiah and Jessee Hayward, July 2, 1761*
Mercy (see Marcey and Mary)
Molly [int. Dunber] and William Bonney, Jan. 26, 1796
Nancy and Perez Dunbar, int. Sept. 30, 1821
Nany of Hallifax and Ebenezer Hall, int. Jan. 13, 1816
Nathan B. and Betsey H. Bassett of Middleboro, int. Nov. 6, 1836
Olive and David Harvey Jr., Jan. 7, 1803
Oliver and Sally Willis, Dec. 10, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Parmelia (see Permelia)
Patty and Cavlin Edson, int. Aug. 15, 1797
Patty and Joseph Reynolds, [int. Jr.], Apr. 19, 1798
Paulina [int. Polina] T. and Lewis Damon of Taunton, Apr. 8, 1832 [Paulina T., CR1]
Perez and Nancy Dunbar, int. Sept. 30, 1821
Permelia and Thatcher Ewell of Marshfield, int. Oct. 18, 1800
Peter and Releaf Curtis of Stoughton, int. June 16, 1764
Peter and Alice Alger, Dec. 16, 1773 [Peter, s. Samuel and Mary, PR69]
Phebe and Shepard Fobes, Dec. 25, 1814
Polly and Timothy Drake [int. of Easton], Apr. 12, 1789 [Timothy, PCR]
Polly and Marlborough Conant, Aug. 11, 1796
Rachel and David Allen, Jan. 26, 1796
Reuel (see Ruel)
Robert and Bettie Kingman, June 13, 1771
Roxalana and Caleb Christian, Jan. 1, 1826 [Roselana, d. Elias, dec'd, CR1.
Roxellana, d. Elias and Roxellana (Leach), PR93]
Ruel [int. Reuel] and Nancy Willis, Aug. 23 [Aug. 23 in later handwriting], 1805
Sally and Calvin Dunbar, int. Mar. 25, 1793
Samuel Jr. and Mary Snow, May 11, 1758*
Samuel, "a Transient Mulatto" and Hannah James, Mar. 10, 1785
Samuel [int. 3d] and Betsey Lothrop, Nov. 28, 1811
Samuell [int. Dunber] and Mary Hayward, Feb. 11, 1745 [Samuel Dunbar and Mary Haward, PCR]
Sarah and Thomas Alger, Jan. 15, 1723-4*
Sarah and Elijah Snow, Dec. 9, 1767
Sarah and James Eason, blacks, Dec. 11, 1783
Sarah and Peter Howard of New Bedford, coulered, May 2, 1814
Sebra S. and John C. H. Eaton of N. Bridgewater, int. Aug. 26, 1849
Seth and Deborah Belcher, Dec. 3, 1761
Seth Jr. and Lois Boyden of Wallpole, int. Dec. 30, 1767
Shepard [int. Dumber] and Abigail Bassett, June 22, 1806
Sibbil and Elijah Pratt, Aug. 23, 1798*
Silas and Amie Reynolds, July 2, 1772
Silas [int. Jr.] and Susanna Reynolds, Sept. 24, 1807 [date is later handwriting]
Silas and Sebra S. Keith, Nov. 30, 1837
Simeon, Dr. [int. omits Dr.] and Abigail Packard, Jan. 1, 1781 [Dr. Simeon, PCR]
Simeon, Dr. and Mary Perkins, int. Mar. 11, 1813
Simeon [int. 2d] and Azubah Pratt, Oct. 13, 1813
Sulivan of Abington and Lydia Harden, int. July 26, 1817
Susanna and Samuel Bartlet, May 12, 1757* [Susannah and Samuel Bartlett, PCR]
Susanna and Caleb Alden of Middleborough, int. Mar. 3, 1787
Susanna and Jacob Tabit [int. blacks], Sept. 16, 1794
Thaxter and Phebe Alger, Dec. 9, 1779 [Dunber PCR]
Thomas and Hannah Thayer, int. Sept. 15, 1810
Tyle [int. Tiley] and John Capin [int. Capen of Sharon], Mar. 24, 1807
Walter and Lydia Rider of Middleborough, int. Feb. 27, 1796
William [int. Willaim] and Sarah Snow, Sept. 14, 1807
William and Eunice [int. Eunic] Mitchell, June 2, 1827 [William, s. Peter, and Eunice Mitchell, d. Daniel Esq., CR1. Eunice, d. Daniel and Eunice (Mitchell), PR1]

DUNBARR (also see Dumber, Dunbar, Dunber)

James and Jane Harris -----* [-----, 1683, PR103]
Jane, wid. James, and Pelatiah Smith, -----*

DUNBER (also see Dumber, Dunbar, Dunbarr)

Betty and Nathan Kinsley of Easton, Dec. 10, 1744 [Dunbar and Nathan Kingsley of Easton, PCR]
David [int. Dunbar] and Mercy Sole, Apr. 21, 1763 [Dunbar and Mercy Soul, PCR]
Samuel and Malatiah Hayward, Dec. 14, 1732* [Dunbar and Melitiah Howard, CR1]

DUNHAM (also see Donham)

Bethiah and James Perkins, May 5, 1742* [Dunam and Jeams Perkens, CR1]
Cornelius of Abington and Eveline B. Fobes, int. Nov.16, 1849
Ephraim (see Ephraim Dunbar)
Ezra [int. of Abington] and Polly Cary, Nov. 19 [sic, int. Nov. 25], 1809 [date in later handwriting]
Isaac of Abington and Abigail Cary, int. May 18, 1811
Mary and Josiah Hayward Jr., Nov. 16, 1756* [Mercy and Josiah Haward, Mar. 16, PCR]
Mehetable and Joseph Hayward, May 30, 1700*
Mercy (see Mary)
Rebecca and Ephraim Washburn, int. Feb. 12, 1785

DUNPHE (also see Dunpha)

Cordelia A. and Jonathan B. Harlow, int. Dec. 11, 1844
Elizabeth and Jerome Shaw, int. Mar. 13, 1841
Hiram and Emma D. Turner of Hanson, Nov. 4, 1839
Nathan H. and Lucy Hayward, int. Aug. 17, 1839


William [int. Durkee] of Hampton, Conn., and Susan [int. Susanna] Conant, -----[rec. before Mar. 22], 1812

DWELLEE (also see Dwelly)

Lot of Hannover and Sarah Allen, Dec. 8, 1763 [Dwelly of Hanover, PCR]
Ruth and Amasa Soper, Oct. 11, 1763 [Dwelly PCR]

DWELLY (also see Dwellee)

John of Qunicy and Mary White, int. Sept. 19, 1807
Sally and Luther Brett, Apr. 6, 1794
Thankfull of Scituate and William Forbs, Feb. 2, 1726, in Scituate*

DYAR (also see Dier, Dyer, Dyre)

John and Susanna Smith [int. wid.], Dec. 7, 1778. [Dyer and Susanna Smith, CR1]

DYER (also see Dier, Dyar, Dyre)

Abigail and Cyrus Copeland, Jan. 5, 1792
Abijah and Rhoda Bolton, Oct. 7, 1764
Anna and Ebenezer Pratt, Jan. 30, 1716-17*
Bela of Abington and Lydia Clushing [int. Cushing[ White, Feb. 17, 1813
Chloe and Apollas Leach, Feb. 23, 1796* [Cloe and Apollos Leach, PR1]
Christopher and Sarah Bassett, Nov. 17, 1757*
Deborah [int. of Abington] and Moses Bates, Dec. 1, 1808
Dorathy [int. Dorithy] and Samuel Brattles [int. Battles] olf Stoughton, Mar. 29, 1786 [Dorothy and Samuel Brattle of Stoughton, PCR. Dorotha and Samuel Brattle of Stoughton, CR1]
Freelove and Abram [dup. Abraham] Packard, June 30, 1774
Hannah of Abington, Plymouth Co., and John Shaw of Cummington, Hampshire Co., Sept. 20, 1784*
John and Bathsheba Monk, Aug. 23, 1768 [Bashebah, CR1]
John and Eunice Bass, int. Oct. 7, 1780
John [int. 2d] and Susanna Thayer, Nov. 6, 1783 [John, PCR]
Lucy of Abington and Jacob Bates, int. Nov. 23, 1816
Mary of Abington and Phillip Torrey [int. Philip Torry], Feb. 14, 1793, in Abington.
Susan [int. of Abington] and Ezra Alden 2d, Jan. 31, 1813

DYKE (also see Dike)

Anthony and Mary Pool of Abington, Apr. 12, 1775, in Abington.*
Rebecca [int. Dike] and Ira Bissbee, Oct. 25 [Oct. 25 in later handwriting], 1804
Samuell [int. Samuel Dike Jr.] and Lois Fuller, Nov. 12, 1772
Sarah [int Dike] and Ephraim Noyes [int. of Abbington], Jan. 20, 1780 [Dyke and Ephraim Noyes, PCR]

DYRE (also see Dier, Dyar, Dyer)

Mary, Mrs. [int. Dyar, wid.], of Plymouth, and Dea. Nathaniell [int. Nathanael, omits Dea.] Brett, Feb. 3, 1774, in Plymouth.

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