Bridgewater, MA Vital Records (Marriages) to 1850
Published by:
New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1916
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames Starting with E

* Intention not recorded

EADEY (also see Eddy, Edey, Edy)

Ebenezer of Norton and Martha Leanard, Oct. 5, 1734* [Edy and Martha Leonard, Oct. 7, CR1]

EAMES (also see Ames, Eams)

Betsey of E. Bridgewater and Ira Bisbee of E. Bridgewater, June 10, 1839*
Elisha and Sarah Packard, int. Oct. 15, 1785
Isaac and Abbe Hayward, Feb. 14, 1811
Josiah and Rebecca [int. Rebekah] Noyes, Oct. 20, 1808 [date in later handwriting]

EAMS (also see Ames, Eames)

Mary of Norton and John Buck, Dec. 25, 1739*


Catharine of Taunton and Abiezer Edson, int. Mar. 2, 1781


George (see George Erskine)


Cesar [int. Ezen, "Free negro man," of Norton] and Eunice Sewal, blacks, Mar. 19, 1778 [Eason and Eunice Sewall, PCR]
James and Sarah Dunbar, blacks, Dec. 11, 1783


Abigail and George Packard, Nov. 27, 1760*


Sarah [int. Eston] and Robert Roberts of Boston, blacks, Aug. 29, 1813


Abagail [int. Olive] of Easton and Benjamin Keith Jr., Aug. 23, 1789, in Easton
Anna and Azel Lothrop, May 12, 1805
Apollas of Middleborough and Pernel Leach, int. July 11, 1795
Apollos of Middleborough and Mrs. Lois Scott [int. Scott, wid.], Oct. 31, 1838 [sic, int. Oct. 13, 1839] [Mrs. Lois Scott, Oct. 31, 1839, CR3]
Benjamin [int. of Boston] and Arebella Howard, Feb. 17, 1805
Betty of Plympton and Martin Fobes, int. Aug. 31, 1793
Emily of Bridgewater, Vt., and Lewis Holmes, int. Dec. 30, 1837
Jacob of Reading, Middlesex Co., and Becca Holmes, int. June 25, 1796
John of Middleborough and Sarah Fobes, wid. [int. omits wid.], May 15, 1780 [? in Middleborough]
John of Dorchester and Susan Cary, Nov. 22, 1812
John C.H. of N. Bridgewater and Eliza S. Alger of W. Bridgewater, Apr. 9, 1837* CR3.
John C.H. of N. Bridgewater and Sebra S. Dunbar, int. Aug. 26, 1849
Lucy of Middleborough and Polycarpus [int. Pollycarpus] Edson, Dec. 3, 1777 [? in Middleborough]
Lucy L. and Allen Richmond, int. Jan. 6, 1821
Nathan and Margret Cherrey of Middleborough, Aug. 18, 1774*
Olive (see Abagail)
Oliver of Middleborough and Susanna Crane, Nov. 11, 1798 [? in Middleborough]
Samuel and Elizabeth Fuller, May 24, 1694,* PCR
Sarah, wid., of Greenwich, and Joseph Bassett, Jan. 14, 1798
Silvanus (see Sylvanus)
Solomon of Middleborough and Polly Keith, Sept. 11, 1796 [? in Middleborough]
Susanna, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.[ and John Dillingham [int. Dellingham] of Berkley, Sept. 25, 1804 [? in Middleborough]
Sylvanus of New Salem [int. adds Hampshire Co.] and Anna Leach, Sept. 25, 1791

EDDY (also see Eadey, Edey, Edy)

Abigail B. [B. crossed out, int. omits B.] of Halifax and Benjamin Hathaway, Nov. 22, 1743, in Halifax.
Azar [int. Azor] and Hannah Fuller, Dec. 14, 1786 [Azur, PCR. CR1. Azor, PR105]
Jabez and Mehetable [int. Mehetabel] Barrows of Middleborough, Jan. 21, 1768 [? in Middleborough]
Jane and William Peirce Meed [int. William Pearce Meads] of Braintree, June 27, 1786 [William Peirce Meed of Braintree, PCR. William Pierce Meed of Brantree, June 28, CR1]
Morton and Irene F. Lazell, Dec. 5, 1822 [Irene F., d. Jane, wid., CR1.
Irene, d. Dea. Isaac and Jane (Byram), Nov. 26, 1829, PR1]
Moses [int. of Middleborough] and Kezia Keith [int. wid.], Dec. 30, 1788 [Moses and Keziah Keith, PCR]
Zachariah and Sally Edson, Sept. 1, 1803 [? in Middleborough]*

EDEY (also see Eadey, Eddy, Edy)

Mary and Terry [int. Terrey] Owen, Sept. 20, 1772 [Terry, PCR]

EDSON (also see Etson)
Abel Jr. and Bettie Trask, May 2, 1771
Abiel [Abiel written above Enoch crossed out] and Hannah Morton of
Middleborough, int. Oct. 29, 1774
Abiezer and Sarah Lathrop, Nov. 17, 1737*
Abiezer and Mary Packard, Nov. 15, 1744
Abiezer and Catharine Earl of Taunton, int. Mar. 2, 1781
Abigail and Josiah Perkins, Aug. 17, 1755*
Abigail and bezaliel [int. Barzaliel] Flagg of Peterham [int. adds Worcester Co.], Jan. 17, 1786 [Bezaliel of Petersham, PCR. Barzaliel of Petersham, CR1]
Abigail and Azariah Willis of Oakham, Worcester Co., int. June 16, 1787 [Mrs. Nabby and Azariah Willis, m. Oct. 9, PR105]
Abigail and John Harris 9int. of Abington], Dec. 20, 1787 [John, PCR]
Abigail and Ebenezer Crocker of Easton, int. Mar. 23, 1816
Abijah and Susanna Snow, Sept. 29, 1747*
Albert and Abigail Brett, Nov. 10, 1817
Albertus [int. Albartus of Grafton, Vt.] and Sally Collwell [int. Colwell], Dec. 2, 1804
Alfred and Eunice Snow, int. Apr. 16, 1796
Allen and Minverva Perkins, Mar. 14, 1815 [Allen, s. Benjamin and Deborah (Perkins), and Minerva Perkins, d. Ebenezer, CR2]
Ann [int. Anne] wid., and Jonathan Woods, Feb. 11, 1771 [Ann, wid., PCR]
Anna and John Winnit of Easton, int. Dec. 29, 1797
Anne and Eliab Washburn, int. Oct. 9, 1762
Azael [see Azael Keith)
Barnabas and Betsey Gurney, Jan. 1, 1815
Bathsheba and John Carver, Oct. 18, 1762
Benjamin and Joanna Orcut, July 14, 1715*
Benjamin and Deborah Perkins, Jan. 3, 1782 [Perkens, CR1. Benjamin, s. John
and Hannah (Allen) and Deborah Perkins, d. Thomas, CR2. Benjamin, so. John,
and Deborah Perkins, d. Thomas, GR10]
Bethia and Ezra Dean of Tanton, July 12, 1733*
Bethia (see Bithia)
Bethia and Consider Barden of Middleborough, int. Nov. 6, 1773
Betsey of W. Bridgewater and Ivory F. Gould of W. Bridgewater, Aug. 25, 1833* [Betsey N. of W. Bridgewater, d. Zoroaster and Betsey, CR2]
Betsey, 18, d. Ezra dec'd, and George M. Leach, 22, farmer, s. Levi, Sept. 2, 1844 [George M., s. Levi and Betsey (Conant), PR50]
Bithia and Jonathan Whitman, Apr. 26, 1753
Caleb and Sally Dean of Taunton, int. Feb. 8, 1783
Caleb and Silvie Walker, Mar. 11, 1788 [sic? 1778, int. 1778, ? in Middleborough]
Calvin and Lydia Conant, Feb. 6, 1766 [Lidia, PCR]
Calvin and Patty Dunbar, int. Aug. 15, 1797
Caroline F. of W. Bridgewater and Hervey Kimball, int. Sept. 17, 1848 [Harvey, m. Oct. 25, CR2]
Charles, s. Libeus (s. Ezra) and Joanna Keen, and Hannah S. Bassett, -----, 1824*, CR2.
Chloe and Joshua Howard, int. Mar. 1, 1795
Cyrus and Hannah Hudson, Mar. 15, 1797
Daniel [int. David Jr.] and Lydia Shaw of Abington, Mar. 18, 1783, in Abington.
Daniel, Dr. [int. Dea. David] and Lydia Bassett of Norton, ------ [int. Aug. 11, 1786], in Norton
Daniell and Olive Fuller, Oct. 21, 1765 [Daniel, PCR]
David and Susannah Gannitt, Jan. 1, 1746* [Susanna Gannett, PCR]
David and Sarah Edson, Dec. 8, 1756*
David (see Daniel)
Ebenezer and Jane Griffin, Mar. 14, 1748* [Jean, PCR]
Ebenezer and Lucy Packard, Nov. 7, 1751* [Nov. 17, PCR]
Ebenezer and Hannah Leach, wid., Apr. 27, 1758*
Ebenezer [int. Jr.] and Marth [int. Martha] Fobes of Easton, Nov. 23, 1780, in Easton
Ebenezer and Mary Warren of Stoughton, int. Sept. 25, 1790
Ebenezer and Kezia Colwell, int. Oct. 7, 1797
Elijah and Ann Packard, Apr. 21, 1741*
Elijah and Mary Washburn, Mar. 13, 1766
Elijah and Nancy Clark of Plymouth, int. Apr. 25, 1818
Eliphalet and Polly L. [int. Lothrop] Johnson, Jan. 27, 1810
Elisabeth and Samuel Packard, May 24, 1705*
Elisabeth and Benanuel Leach, June 6, 1745* [Elizabeth, PCR]
Elisabeth and Rodulphus Barden of Middleborough, Nov. 24, 1774
Esther and Ambrose Kingman of Reading, int. Oct. 20, 1810
Eunice and John Chamberlain of Westmoreland, int. Nov. 29, 1766
Eunice and Richard Thayer, July 14, 1786
Ezra and Rebeca Johnson, Nov. 18, 1756* [Rebecca, PCR. Ezra, s. Samuel 3d, and Rebecca Johnson, d. David, CR2]
Ezra and Anna White of Marshfield, int. July 13, 1782 [Ezra, s. Samuel 3d and Ann White of Marshfield, m ----1782, CR2]
Ezra Jr. and Sena Perkins, Sept. 19, 1782 [Lena Perkens CR1]
Ezra and Eliza Wentworth, Apr. 3, 1819 [Ezra, s. Libeus (s. Ezra) and Joanna Keen, CR2. Eliza, d. Theophilus and Betsey, Apr. 4, PR90]
Freelove and Josiah Fobes, Mar. 5, 1739-40* [Mar. 5, 1739, PCR. CR1]
Hannah and Micha Allen, Feb. 23, 1736-7*
Hannah and [int. Maj.] Eliphalet Cary, May 10, 1782 [Mrs. Hannah and Eliphalet Cary, May 9, PCR. Hannah and Eliphalet Cary, May 9, CR1]
Hannah [int. Mrs.] and Job Packard, May 25, 1790 [Hannah, PCR. Hannah, wid. John, d. Benjamin Allen, CR2]
Hannah and Simeon Packard [int. 2d], June 26, 1796
Hannah and John Smith [int. of Canton], Nov. 29 [Nov. 29 in later handwriting], 1805
Hannah and Increase Robinson, May 11, 1812 [Hannah, d. Benjamin and Deborah, CR2. Hannah Allen Edson, d. Benjamin, GR10. Hannah and Increase Robinson, s. Dyer and Abigail (Stetson), PR1]
Harriet N. of E. Bridgewater and Joseph C. Hooper, Feb. 13, 1840. [Harriet P. of E. Bridgewater, CR1]
Huldah and Hezekiah Hayward, Nov. 14, 1738*, CR1. [Hesekiah, Nov. 18, PR19]
Huldah and Thomas Pope, May 2, 1782
Ichabod and Jemima Packard, July 19, 1759*
Jacob and Betty Packard, May 14, 1759*
James and Esther Allen, May 11, 1749*
James and Elisabeth Washburn, wid., Oct. 24, 1796
Jenney and Seth Kingman, int. Mar. 2, 1811
Jesse and Anna Williams, July 4, 1811
Jessee [int. Jesse] and Lydia Packard, Mar. 26, 1754 [Jesse, PCR]
Jessee and Rebecca Belcher, Jan. 5, 1764 [Jesse and Rebeccah Belcher, PCR]
Jessee 2d and Susanna Hayward, int. July 30, 1768
Joanna and Isaac Perkins, May 2, 1754
Joanna and Thomas Packard, [int. Jr.], Oct. 19, 1788 [Thomas, PCR]
Joel and Hannah Packard, Apr. 2, 1789
Joel and Lurana [int. Lurany] Jones of Pembroke, Jan. 18, 1820
John and Mary Gannett, Feb. 7, 1743 [Gannet, PCR]
John and Hannah Allen, July 25, 1751* [July 15, PCR. John, s. Samuel 3d and Hannah Allen, d. Benjamin, CR2]
John [int. 2d] and Judith Shaw, May 3, 1770
John 2d and Tabitha Keen, int. Oct. 23, 1784 [John, s. John and Hannah (Allen), m. ----, 1784, CR2]
John 3d and Susanna Orcutt, Mar. 15, 1785
John, s. Benjamin and Deborah, and Mary Bass, d. Jonathan of Quincy, Nov. 24, 1825, in Quincy,* CR2.
Jonah and Jannet [int. Jennet] Bryant, ----- [rec. between Apr. 17, and June 10], 1819
Joseph and ----- ----- (second w), Nov. 2, 1686* [Mary ------, PR103]
Joseph and Lydia Cary, June 7, 1704*
Joseph and Bathsheba Proctor, late of Boston, int. Nov. 8, 1776
Joseph and Mary Vinal, Jan. 4 [sic, int. June 10], 1786 [Jan. 4, PCR]
Josiah and Sarah Packard, July 27, 1704*
Joseph, Capt., and Abigail Dean [int. of Tanton], Apr. 3, 1755 [Abigail, PCR]
Josiah 3d and Hannah Lawrence, Sept. 17, 1760*
Josiah Jr. [int omits Jr.] and Reliance Fuller, Apr. 2, 1777
Josiah and Susanna Richards, Feb. 9, 1791 [Susanna Briggs, sic. PCR]
Josiah and Clarana C. [int. Clarany, omits C.] Osbourne, Aug. 16, 1820
Lebbeus (see Libeus)
Levi and Sarah Hayward of Raynham, int. Sept. 3, 1774
Lewis and Hephzibah [int. Hepzibah] Washburn, Jan. 30, 1770 [dup. Luice and Hephzibah] Helsibah Washburne, PCR]
Libeus and Joanna Keen, Oct. 14, 1793 [Lebeus, s. Ezra, CR2]
Lois and Jacob Staples Jr. of Tanton, May 24, 1765
Lucy and Alexander Thayer [int. Theyer of Braintree], Apr. 3, 1788 [Thayer, PCR]
Lydia and Thomas Conant, Apr. 22, 1789 [Lidea, CR1]
Martha and Daniell Carr, Dec. 27, 1770 [Daniel, PCR]
Mary (----- ----) [Mary Edson, PR103] and Nickolas Byrum Jr., Sept. 20, 1676*
Mary and John Lathrop, May 23, 1716*
Mary and George Packard, July 4, 1728*
Mary and Joseph Pettingail [int. Pettingil], Feb. 25, 1745 [Pettingail, PCR]
Mary and James Snow Jr., Jan. 10, 1758*
Mary [int. Mrs.] and Jonathan Crane, Sept. 27, 1770 [Mary, Sept. 27, 1771, PCR. Mary, Sept. 27, 1770, CR1]
Mary and John Bisbee [int. Bissbee], Oct. 7, 1817
Mary of W. Bridgewater and John H. Colwell of W. Bridgewater, Mar. 30, 1838,* CR3.
Mehetabel [int. Mehetable] and Benjamin Clark [int. of Stoughton], Dec. 21, 1775
Milly and Hosea Alden of Abington [int. Hallifax], July 7, 1817
Molle [int. Molley] and Robert Wade, Nov. 2, 1780 [Molly, PCR. Molly and Robert Wed., CR1]
Nabby (see Abigail)
Nancy and Nathaniel Shepardson of Dedham, Apr. 17, 1815
Nathan and Mary Sprague, Feb. 27, 1738*
Nathan and Mary Hall, Sept. 2, 1766
Nathan and Susanna Allen, May 28, 1778
Nathaniel and Betsey Hayward, Sept. 30, 1802
Nathaniell and Joanna Snow, Mar. 29, 1750*
Nehemiah and Olive Perkins, Apr. 5, 1783 [Nehemiah, s. John and Hannah (Allen), "moved to Vermont," CR2]
Noah and Betty Reckard [int. Bettie Reckards], June 27, 1782 [Betty Richards, PCR. Betty Reckard, CR1. Noah, s. Samuel 4th and Elizabeth Rickard, CR2]
Noah and Molly Willis, June 21, 1787 [Noah, s. Samuel 4th, and Mary Willis, d. Ebenezer, CR2]
Noah and Kezia Howard, Oct. 29, 1802 [Noah, s. Samuel 4th, and Kezia Howard, d. Capt. Eliakim, CR2]
Noah of Hadley, Hamshire Co., and Huldah Kingman, June 8, 1814
Olive and Azeal [int. Azel] Keith, Feb. 12, 1767 [Azael Edson, sic, PCR. Azael Keith, CR1]
Olive and Salmon Rickards, Nov. 4, 1787 [Reckard, CR1. Rickards, PR105]
Olive and Jacob Noyes, Dec. 28, 1818
Orpha and Marshall Harvey, int. Aug. 6, 1785
Patte and Phillip [int. Philip] Packard [int. of Plainfield, Hampshire Co.], Mar. 2, 1786 [Patty and Phillip Packard, PCR]
Peter and Sarah Southworth, Mar. 28, 1745
Peter and Rebecca Randell [int. Manley] of Easton, Sept. 6, 1784, in Easton.
Plina and Lucy Reed, Sept. 23, 1819
Pliny of E. Bridgewater and Mehitable Reed of E. Bridgewater, June 6. 1826*
[Pliney of E. Bridgewater, CR3]
Polly and Daniel Burrel of Abington, int. Dec. 20, 1817
Polycarpus [int. Pollycarpus] and Lucy Eaton of Middleborough, Dec. 3, 1777 [? in Middleborough]
Rebecca and Amos Fisher [int. of Tomlinson, Vt.], June 21, 1787 [Amos, PCR]
Rebecca and Ezekiel Reed, Apr. 17, 1794
Reliance and Joel Ames, Dec. 7, 1818
Relief [int. Releiff] and Oliver Packard, Nov. 20, 1777 [Relief, PCR]
Robert and Molly Hayward, June 6, 1782 [Molle, CR1]
Rodolphus and Lydia Crane of Berkley [int. Bartle], Aug. 14, 1780 [? in Middleborough]
Ruby and Samuel Spear of Randolph, int. Sept. 3, 1814
Rufus and Molly Cole of Middleborough, int. July 25, 1783
Sally and Jeremiah Washburn Jr., int. Jan. 25, 1801
Sally and Zachariah Eddy, Sept. 1, 1803 [? in Middleborough]*
Sally and Ira Hayward, Apr. 3, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Sally and Nathan [int. Nathaniel] Shepardson [int. of Dedham], Dec. 1, 1808 [date in later handwriting]
Sally and Benjamin Keith 3d, int. July 13, 1811
Samuel and Mehetabel Brett, Mar. 30, 1721*
Samuel 3d and Martha Perkins, Sept. 26, 1738*
Samuel [int. 3d] and Hannah Ripley [int. Riply] of Easton, Jan. 20, 1797
Samuel and Polly Barnes, Oct. 25, 1801
Samuell and Mehetable Hayward, Mar. 1, 1737-8*
Samuell [int. Samuel] 4th and Ann Hall [int. Jr.], Apr. 30, 1767 [Samuel 4th and Ann Hall, PCR]
Sarah and Scipio Hayward, Feb. 7, 1726-7*
Sarah and John Cooper, July 21, 1749*
Sarah and David Edson, Dec. 8, 1756*
Sarah and Solomon Perkins, Jan. 31, 1760*
Sarah and Timothy Richards of Dedham, Oct. 8, 1778
Sarah and John Burrell [int. Burrel] Jr., June 18, 1816
Seth and Thedoray Howard of Braintree, int. Nov. 6, 1784
Silence and Nehemiah Packard, Oct. 6, 1747*
Simeon H., widr., 44, farmer, of W. Bridgewater, s. Noah and Keziah, and
Sarah Chedel, 35, of W. Bridgewater, d. Daniel and Abigail, June 11, 1849*
Susanna and Solomon Johnson, Apr. 2, 1723*
Susanna and Samuel Hayward, June 17, 1736*
Susanna and Joshua Beal, Oct. 17, 1768
Susanna and Gershom Richmond, Sept. 28, 1773
Susanna and Israel Packard, Dec. 27, 1801
Theodore, D.D., graduated at Harvard University 1822, s. Benjamin and Deborah (Perkins) and Rebecca Jane Parker, d. Right Rev. Bishop Parker of Boston, ----, 1824 [? in Boston]*, CR2.
Timothy and Mary Allden, Feb. 10 ----* [Feb. 10, 1719, PR103]
Vina and Ephraim Sprague [int. Sprauge], June 29, 1783 [Vina, d. Ezra and Rebecca (Johnson), and Capt. Ephraim Sprague, CR2. Sprague, PR1]
William and Martha Haward, Nov. 27, 1754 [Hayward, PCR]
William Jr. and Mary Randel, July 11, 1790
William and Hannah Perkins, Mar. 22, 1812
Zibia [int. Zibba] and Timothy West, Nov. 29, 1787 [Zibea, PCR]
Zilpha and Eliphalet Kingman, Nov. 26, 1801
Zoroaster and Betsey Niles Little of Marshfield, int. Nov. 7, 1812 [Zoroaster, s. Noah, and Betsy Niles Little, d. George of Marshfield, m. ----, 1812, CR2]


Richard, 26, teacher, s. Richard and Anne, and Betsey J. Sampson [int. Samson], 24, of Pembroke, d. Thomas (Samson) and Eleanor, July 5, 1849
Sally, d. Dolin, and Paul Revere, Aug. 22, 1782 [in Boston],* PR55.

EDY (also see Eadey, Eddy, Edey)

Abigail and Elisha Hayward, July 31, 1747*
Joel and Rachel Vorse, Mar. 1, 1741*
Obadiah and Sarah Lawrence, Oct. 31, 1750*

EGARTON (also see Egerton, Eggarton)

Hezekiah [int. Eggarton] and Mary Hedgbone [int. Hedgburn], Jan. 15, 1754

EGERTON (also see Egarton, Eggarton)

Abigail [int. Eggerton], wid., and Jonathan Beal, Nov. 7, 1780 [Egerton, PCR]
Eunice [int. Eggerton] and Ephraim Willis, [int. Jr.], Sept. 23, 1779 [Egerton and Ephraim Willis, PCR]
Hannah [int. Eggerton] and William Robinson [int. Robbison], Nov. 9, 1780 [Egerton and William Robinson, PCR]
Hannah and Joseph Phillips, Sept. 11, 1784
Hannah [int. Eggerton] and Samuel Williams Jr., Mar. 20, 1787 [Egerton, PCR]
Molly [int. Molley] and John Willis [int. 2d], July 5, 1781 [Molly and John Willis, PCR]

EGGARTON (also see Egarton, Egerton)

Ruth and Nehemiah Washburn, Mar. 29, 1770 [Washburne, PCR]

EGGERTON (see Egarton, Egerton, Eggarton)

Jane E. of Taunton, coulered, and Calvin J. Cromwell, int. June 10, 1838


Abiel of Raynham and Mary Perkins, int. Aug. 23, 1822


Benjamin and Julia Ann Keith, int. Feb. 18, 1845
Betsey and John Hooper [int. 2d], May 22, 1803 [John, PR1]
Hannah and Caleb Lathrop of Easton, int. July 12, 1806
Stephen and Susannah Tomson, ------,* PR19
Thomas and Margaret Josselyn, Mar. ---, 1813,* PR62
Zephaniah and Susanna Hearington of Foster, Providence Co., int. Nov. 28, 1799


Betsey of Hanson and Alvan Brown, int. July 28, 1821


John and Elizabeth Leech, Dec. 27, 1693,* PCR

ENGLEY (also see Inglee, Ingley)

Jane [int. Ingley] and Nathan Orcutt [int. Ocrut Jr.], May 1, 1781 [Ingley and Nathan Orcutt, PCR]

ERSKINE (also see Asken, Askins)

George [int. Earskin] and Huldah Whitmarsh, June 10, 1784 [Erskine, PCR]
Reed of Abington and Mary Whitmarsh, Mar. 4, 1784*

ESTON (see Easton)

ESTY (see Eastee)

ETSON (also see Edson)

Mary and Capt. John Warner of West Port, int. Mar. 17, 1721


Thatcher of Marshfield and Permelia Dunbar, int. Oct. 18, 1800


Shubal of Barnstable and Rebecca Conant, June 15, 171[worn]* [June 15, 1714, PR103]


Caesar (see Cesar Eason)

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