Bridgewater, MA Vital Records (Marriages) to 1850
Published by:
New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1916
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames Starting with G

* Intention not recorded


William and Jane Ottis, int. Oct. 30, 1762


Andrew and Betty Thomson, Oct. 27, 1756* [Tomson, PCR]


Charles W. of Middlelborough and Mary Pincin, int. Apr. 3, 1822
Southworth [int. Suthworth Gammans Jr] of Middleborah and Rebecca [int. Rebeckah] Pincin, Apr. 27, 1819

GANNET (also see Gannett, Gannitt)

Benjamin and Mary Copland, Dec. 20, 1750* [Jennett and Mary Clap, PCR]
Betty [int. Bettie] and Nathan Hudson, Nov. 26, 1767 [Betty Gannett, PCR]
Joseph [int. Gannett] and Betty Latham, June 7, 1744 [Gannet, PCR]
Joseph Jr. and Anna Hobart of Pembroke, Oct. 23, 1783, in Pembroke.
Mathew and Martha Byram, Apr. 9, 1750* [Mathew Jennett, PCR]
Sarah [int. Gannett] and Daniell Pettingail, Apr. 9, 1755 [Gannet and Daniel Pettingell, PCR]
Seth and Susanna Allen, Nov. 7, 1754
Simeon and Mary Reed of Abington, Nov. 26, 1775, in Abington

GANNETT (also see Gannet, Gannitt)

Amelia and Oliver Mitchell, June 13, 1791 [Amelia and Olivur Mitchell, PCR]
Charlotte [int. Charlottee] and Thomas Whitmarsh, May 23, 1811
Clarissa [int. Clarissa] and Amasa Field, Feb. 25, 1813
Deborah, Mrs. [int. Gannet, dup. and int. omit Mrs.] and Adam Porter of Abington, Oct. 3, 1776
Hannah and Ichabod Cary, Dec. 3, 1741*
Hannah [int. Gannet] and Oliver Washburn, Mar. 1, 1781 [Gannett, PCR]
Jonathan of Comington and Abigail Horriss, wid., int. Aug. 27, 1785
Joseph and Hannah Brett, Oct. 2, 1732* [Oct. 21, PCR]
Lucenda and Lott Ramsdel, Jan. 1, 1794 [Lucinda Gannet and Lot Ramsdell, PCR]
Luther and Alice [sic, Olive, int. Olive] Washburn, Apr. 12, 1810
Mary and John Edson, Feb. 7, 1743 [Gannet, PCR]
Mathew [int. Gannet] of Abington and Alice [int. Else] Latham, Mar. 20, 1783 [Matthew Gannett of Abington and Alice Latham, PCR]
Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel Gannet] and Jacob Harden [int. Hardin] of
Abbington, Mar. 26, 1778 [Mehitabel Gannett and Jacob Hardin of Abington, PCR]
Sally and Zenas Harden, Aug. 10, 1815*
Seth Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Eliza [int. Elizabeth] Reed of Scituate, Dec. 30, 1821
Simeon and Mrs. Lydia Little of Scituate, int. Sept. 23, 1809
Susan and Ebenezer Noyes, May 24, 1821

GANNITT (also see Gannet, Gannett)

Mehetable and Zebulun Cary, Oct. 8, 1747*
Susannah and David Edson, Jan. 1, 1746* [Susanna Gannett, PCR]

GARDENER (also see Gardner, Garner)

Jacob of Augusta and Martha Lincoln, int. May 17, 1806

GARDNER (also see Gardener, Garner)

Abigail [int. Abigal] and Edward H. Lambert, Dec. 8, 1831 [Mrs. Abigail, CR3]
Abner of Abington and Bartrice Porter, int. May 4, 1782
Alithea H. and Noah Harden, June 9, 1822
Benjamin of Agusta and Martha Lincoln, int. Aug. 16, 1806
Charles Jr., 20, carpenter, of E. Bridgewater, s. Charles and Ruth, and Mary E. Bird, 16, of E. Bridgewater, d. Elijah and Sarah, Apr. 30, 1849*
Cynthia and Thomas Hayward 2d, Nov. 17, 1791 [? in Middleborough]
Elizabeth and William Speed, Apr. 21, 1791
Huldah of Raynham and Gideon Wilbore, int. Feb. 25, 1786
Mehetabel and Jared Reed, Feb. 27, 1811
Pamelia and Charles P. Jordan of E. Bridgewater, int. Sept. 26, 1830
Sarah T. and Clark Swallow, int. Nov. 8, 1841
William E. and Betsey B. Morse of Abington, int. Oct. 24, 1846

GARNER (also see Gardener, Gardner)

John and Betsey Tilden of Hanover, int. May 3, 1806 [Gardner, m.-----PR1]


Walker and Mehitable [int. Mehitabel] Walker, Oct. 29, 1840 [Mehitable, CR3]


Ebenezer and Laura Sanders, May 13, 1818*
Sarah of Dedham and Elkanah Willis, Oct. 19, 1748, in Dedham.*


Winsor and Sarah Stewart, blacks, int. Nov. 5, 1785


William and Anna Hayden, int. Jan. 17, 1795


Elisabeth and Ephraim Willis, Apr. 13, 1758* [Elizabeth, PCR]


Adaline M. and David G. Cooley, int. Oct. 14, 1849
Anne and Nathan Hudson, Dec. 4, 1777 [Gibs, CR1]
Joanna J., 24, d. Thomas F. and Patience C., and Charles Dillingham, 24, agriculturist, of Sandwich, s. Simeon and Lucy, Oct. 28, 1845
Nancy L., 22, d. Thomas F. and P.C., and Charles J.H. Bassett, widr. [int. omits widr.], 31, cashier Taunton Bank, of Taunton, s. Anselm and Rosalinda H. of Taunton, Aug. 14, 1845

GIFFEN (also see Giffin)

Elisabeth [int. Giffin] and John Morrison, Oct. 27, 1766 [Elizabeth Giffen, PCR]

GIFFIN (also see Giffen)

Simon and Gennit Brown, Jan. 5, 1758* [Griffin, PCR]

GILBERT (also see Gilbirt, Gillbird]

Betsey Carey and Edward Sprague, Oct. 1, 1837
Judith and Josiah Seares, Aug. 18, 1720*
Mary P. and Albert S. Nelson of New Bedford, July 25, 1831 [Mary P., d. Nathaniel and Betsey, CR1]
Nathaniel and Betsey Cary, int. Aug. 29, 1801 "Said Gilbert forbade his publishment, Sept. 4th" [m.-----PR1]
Pelatiah of Brookfield and Sarah Whitman, Feb. 19, 1777

GILBIRT (also see Gilbert, Gillbird)

Ruth and Ruben Hall, July 29, 1741* [Gilbert, PCR, CR1]


Benjamin and Content Glover, Sept. 8, 1791*
Polly (see Polly Hill)
Sally of Canton and Samuel Porter, int. July 19, 1817


Edward and Catharine Hawkins, int. Nov. 5, 1848

GILLBIRD (also see Gilbert, Gilbirt)

Ebenezer and Phebee Keith of Easton, int. May 14, 1743

GILLESPIE (see Gillaspy)

GILLIMORE (also see Gillmor, Gillmore, Gilmor, Gilmore)

Andrew and Abigail Dunbar, Oct. 5, 1752*
John and Martha Smith, int. Oct. 20, 1764
Joshua [int. of Easton] and Hannah Lathrop, Apr. --, 1790 [Joshua, PCR]
William and Mary Willis, Nov. 24, 1731* [Gillemer, Nov. 24, 1732, PCR. Guilmor, Nov. 24, 1731, CR1]

GILLMOR (also see Gilimore, Gillmore, Gilmor, Gilmore)

Sally of Raynham and Peter Leach, int. Mar. 6, 1802

GILLMORE (also see Gillimor, Gillmor, Gilmor, Gilmore)

James (see James Linsey)
Jean and Joseph Whestley, Nov. 27, 1739* [Whesley, PCR. Gilemor and Joseph Westly, CR1]
William and Margaret Steward, Aug. 5, 1742* [Gilmore and Margarett Stewart, PCR]

GILMOR (also see Gillimor, Gillmor, Gillmore, Gilmore)

Squire of Raynham, Bristol Co., and Nabby Cordiner, blacks, May 17, 1816

GILMORE (also see Gillimor, Gillmor, Gillmore, Gilmor)

Jane and Thomas Kenedy, Oct. 24, 1735*
Margaret and John Cochran, Nov. 1, 1733*


Elizabeth [int. Betsey Clerk] and Elijah Thayer [int. of Braintree], Nov. 25, 1803 [date in later handwriting]


Fairosena [int. Fairozina] and Edwin Reed, June 3, 1822


Rose, "negro woman," of Plimton and Ring King, "Negro man," int. Nov. 22, 1777


Lydia S. of Boston and Joel Thayer of Randolph, Dec. 1, 1808, in Boston,* PR43

GLOID (also see Gloyd)

Lydia [int. Loyd] of Abington and Joseph Ramsdale [int. Ranesdel}, Oct. 10, 1787, in Abington


Content and Benjamin Gill, Sept. 8, 1791*

GLOYD (also see Gloid)

Mehitabel and Nathan Leach Jr., int. Aug. 11, 1804

GODFERY (also see Godfrey)

Hannah of Norton and Ebenezer Copeland Jr., int. Apr. 12, 1801
Sally and Calvin Jackson, int. June 2, 1810

GODFREY (also see Godfery)

Abby [int. Abbe Godfery] of Norton and Ebenezer Copeland, Mar. 19, 1771, in Norton.

GOODSPEAD (also see Goodspeed)

Abia [int. Abiah Goodspeed] and Josiah Dunbar [int. Jr. of Wenchester], July 8, 1782 [Abia Goodspeed and Josiah Dunbar, PCR]

GOODSPEED (also see Goodspead)

Patience of Easton and Uriah Southworth, Mar. 11, 1773, in Easton
Polly [int. Goodspead] and Lewis Phillips, Sept. 22, 1795


Barzilla and Susanna Stetson, int. May 4, 1796
Nathaniel 9int. Nathanel], Brig. Gen. [int. of Plymouth] and Ruth Shaw, Oct. 3, 1782 [Brig. Gen. Nathaniel and Mrs. Ruth Shaw, PCR. Nathaniel of Plymouth and Ruth Shaw, CR1]

GOOLD (also see Gould)

Dinah [int. "Servant woman of Deacon Ephraim Fobes Deceased"] and Tobie Talbit [int. "Servant man of ye Widow Lydia Keith"], Feb. 3, 1755
Hannah and Benoni Hayward, Sept. 11, 1717*


William L., 27, moulder, s. John, and Lucretia O. Hayward, 21, d. Otis, Sept. 1, 1844

GOULD (also see Goold)

Abraham of Charlston [int. Charlestown] and Mary [int. Mercy] Leach, Apr. 9, 1809
Hannah and John Bonney Jr. of Pembroke, Nov. 2, 1749, in Pembroke*
Isaac [int. of Randolph] and Patty Stocks, Apr. 3 [Apr 3 in later handwriting], 1805
Ivory F. of W. Bridgewater and Betsey Edson of W. Bridgewater, Aug. 25, 1833* [Betsey N. of W. Bridgewater, d. Zoroaster and Betsey, CR2]
Peltiah and Maria O. Bassett of Middleborough, int. Nov. 11, 1842
Samuel and Catherine [int. Catharine] Paul, July 22, 1832 [Catharine, CR3]


Robert and Experience Holbrock of Scituate, Feb. 24, 1703, in Scituate*


Azubah of E. Bridgewater and Gideon Wilbar, int. Oct. 11, 1846


Christiana [int. Christiany] and Titus Fuller, blacks, Aug. 14, 1788 [Christiana, PCR]
Nancy Bolles (Lorton) and James Ames Tolman, Nov. 24, 1846* [This entry typewritten on paper pasted in book.]

GRAVES (also see Groves)

Clarrissa [int. Clarissa] and Charles Bradford, Apr. 23, 1837 [Clarissa, CR1]
Osgood and Laura Ann Shaw, Dec. 2, 1830


Francis of Boston and Sarah Harris, Nov. 6, 1777


Hannah of Abington and Samuel Porter Jr., Sept. 28, 1758, in Abington*
Hannah of Abington and Thomas White [int. of Abington], Jan. 2, 1772 [Thomas of Bridgewater, PCR]
Nancey and William Hayward of Raynham, int. June 12, 1779
Prince and Lucy Wampee, blacks, int. Oct. 28 1797


Simeon [int. Simon] of New Glocester and Hannah Kingman, Sept. 18, 1806


Jane F., 18, d. Veris and Sally of Hebron, Me., and Isaac Perkins, 22, machinist, s. Asa and Huldah, Nov. 16, 1844
Nabby of Rehoboth and William Simmons, Dec. 27, 1795, in Rehoboth*


D.H., Rev., and Carrie Keith, d. Quincy A. and Priscilla D., of E. Bridgewater, -----*


Alfred and Harriet N. Howe, Oct. 2, 1837
Jane and Ebenezer Edson, Mar. 14, 1748* [Jean, PCR]
Martha Jane of Lowell and Marshall Robinson, int. Feb. 20, 1849
Simon (see Simon Giffin)


George and Harriot [int. Harriet] Hayward, Nov. 30, 1831 [Harriet, CR3]
George and Mrs. Sylvester C. Monroe of Hanson, int. Apr. 23, 1837


Jedediah of Mansfeild and Elisabeth King, Nov. 27, 1777 [Elizebeth, CR1]

GROVES (also see Graves)

Ephraim and Bathsheba Bouditch [int. Boudage], Feb. 17, 1762 [Graves [dup Groves] and Bathsheba Bowditch, PCR]
Ephraim and Jenny Southworth, wid., Apr. 28, 1789
Susanna and John Porter 2d, Dec. 9, 1790 [Susa, PCR]

GUERNSEY (see Gernsey)


John [int. Gwineth] of Taunton and Ruth Dickerman, Sept. 25, 1814


Azel and Polly Knapp, Apr. 13, 1815
Betsey and Barnabas Edson, Jan. 1, 1815
Clarissa [int. of Abington] and Peleg Stetson, June 3, 1819
Daniel Jr. and Mehetabel Harden, Oct. 4, 1819*
David and Mary [int. Molly] Ames, Aug. -- [int. Aug. 15], 1789 [Mary, PCR]
David and Susanna Bartlett [int. Barrttlett], Jan. 15, 1792 [Bartlett, PCR]
David and Lurana Howland, Nov. 23, 1815
Elisha and Jane Kingman, Mar. 13, 1760*
Hannah and Joseph Samson, Dec. 28, 1780
James H. [int. of Roxbury, omits H.] and Delpha Stetson, June 14, 1813
Jane and Nathan Niles, int. Feb. 28, 1767
Jane and Abia [int. Abiah] Reed [int. of Abington], May 23, 1814
John and Mehetabel Southworth, Jan. 29, 1777
Jonathan R. of Abington and Deborah Reed, int. Aug. 24, 1816
Leander P. of Abington and Harriet A. Conant, int. May 22, 1836
Martha and Ebenezer Drake, Jan. 17, 1782
Mary and James Churchell, Dec. 21, 1794
Matilda [int. Metida] and Hezekiah [int. Zezekiah] Packard, Apr. 20, 1820
Micah and Hopestil [int. Hopestill] Jackson [int. of Hallifax], Apr. 25, 1765 [Hopestill, PCR]
Molly [int. Molley] and Ephraim Tinkham of Middleborough, Mar. 1, 1787 [Molly, PCR]
Olive and [int. Capt.] Oliver Jackson, May 6, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Ozen of Paris, Me., and Melinda Howard, Dec. 11, 1820
Perkins and Patience Tinkham of Middleborough, int. Aug. 21, 1779
Rhoda and Baruk Morse of Stoughton, int. Feb. 23, 1811
Ruth and Peleg Stutson of Abington, Aug. 3, 1775
Sarah of Abington and Asa Whitmarsh, int. Nov. 14, 1789
Seth and Rebecca Packard, Jan. 10, 1788 [Jan. 20, PCR]
Seth, Capt. [int. Jr.,omits Capt.] and Anna Bates, Feb. 1, 1819
Sophronia [int. Sofrony of Abington] and Gibeon [int. Gibbens] Sharp, Nov. 23, 1820
Sylvia and Solomon Hearsey Jr., Jan. 13, 1802
Thomas and Olive Hersey of Abington, Dec. 26, 1778, in Abington*
Zachariah [int. Jr.] and Mary Ames, Jan. 9, 1754 [Zachariah, PCR]
Zachariah, Lt. [int. omits Lt.] and Mary Southworth, wid., Aug. 7, 1800
Zecheriah [int. Zachariah] and Mehetabel [int. Metilda] Packard, Sept. 30, 1783 [Zachariah and Mehitabel Packard, PCR]

GUSHE (also see Gushee, Gushey)

Abraham [int. Abram Gushee], Rev., of Dighton, and Mrs. Abigail Fobes [int. wid.] Feb. 20, 1828 [Rev. Abraham Gushee of Dighton and Mrs. Abigail Fobes, wid. Dr. Fobes of Oakham (oldest s. Alpheus) CR1].
Polly of Raynham and Jonathan Keith 3d, int. Nov. 2, 1805

GUSHEE (also see Gushe, Gushey)
Harriet N. of Raynham and Anthony S. Pratt, int. Sept. 21, 1839 [This entry marked "Null"]
Seth of Raynham and Susanna Wilbar, Apr. 23, 1841

GUSHEY (also see Gushe, Gushee)

Abraham of Raynham and Silvia Fobes, June 24, 1773 [Sylvia, CR1]

GWINETH (see Guineth)

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