Bridgewater, MA Vital Records (Marriages) to 1850
Published by:
New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1916
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames Hack to Haward

* Intention not recorded


Nathan E. of Taunton and Cordana Fobes, int. Oct. 14, 1838
Seth of Taunton and Sarah Howell, int. Dec. 22, 1744
William [int. of Tanton] and Experience Phinney, May 22, 1755 [William, PCR]


Elisabeth and Michael Lunsford, Nov. 9, 1727*


Betty and Isaac Lathrop, Feb. 9, 1786
Eleanor of Middleborough and William Cleaves of Sandwich, Dec. 1, 1707*
Samuel of Rainham and Joanna Washburn, Sept. 23, 1736* [Samuel of Raynham, CR1]

HADEN (also see Hayden)

Sarah W. [int. Hayden] and Nathan Randall [int. Randel], Nov. 7, 1820

HAFORD (also see Hayford, Hefford, Heford, Heiford)

Levinea of Middleborough and Eliab Dunbar, int. Nov. 30, 1793

HAINES (also see Hains)

John and Hannah Shaw, Aug. 11, 1709*
Mary E. of Sandwich and Francis D. Homer, int. July 4, 1846

HAINS (also see Haines)

Elisabeth and Nathanael Conant, Dec. 17, 1716*
John and Hannah Lyon, June 27, 1738*, CR1


Artemas and Deborah Lincoln of Hingham, int. Oct. 28, 1815 [Artemas, b Winchendon, s. Moses and Ruth Foster, m ----, 1815, PR1]
Artemas Jr. and Harriet A. Howard of W. Bridgewater, int. Oct. 10, 1847 [m. Oct 26, CR1. Artemas, s. Artemas and Deborah (Lincoln) and Harriet Augusta Howard, d. John E. Esq. of W. Bridgewater, m. Oct. 26, PR1]


Abigail and David Kingman Jr., Aug. 5, 1752*
Ann [int. Jr.] and Samuell [int. Samuel] Edson 4th, Apr. 30, 1767 [Ann and Samuel Edson 4th, PCR]
Ann Maria and Sumner Turner, Mar. 7, 1827 [Ann Maria Hall, d. Joseph, and Sumner Turner, s. Plato, CR1. Maria Ann Hall of Halifax, PR1]
Asa and Lucy Leach, June 20, 1793 [? in Bridgewater]* PR65
Aseneth 9int. Asenath] and Joseph Boylston Jr., Sept. 24, 1844
Betsey of Raynham and Alpheus Brett, int. Apr. 22, 1815
Bezer [int. Bezaliel] of Dorchester and Debby Harris, Dec. 10, 1821
Charles [int. adds T.] and Mary Jane Walker, Jan. 5, 1847 [Charles T., CR2]
Ebenezer and Nancy Dunbar of Hallifax, int. Jan. 13, 1816
Elizabeth E. and Elijah E. Perkins, Dec. 2, 1833 [? in Bridgewater],* PR65
George W. and Sally H. Harlow of Halifax, int. Nov. 5, 1840
Henry, farmer, s. David and Hannah, and Mary Hayward, d. Timothy and Mary, Jan. 10, 1849
Jabez and Tryphear Wilbor [int. Triphana Willbur], Nov. 17, 1791 [Tryphear Wilbore, PCR]
James [int. of Ranham] and Sarah Orcutt, Oct. 31, 1782 [James, RCR. James of Raynham and Sarah Orcut, CR1]
John and Abier Andress of Taunton, int. June 21, 1794
John Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Raynham and Thirza Dickerman, Sept. 5, 1824 [John Jr. of Raynham, CR1]
John D., 22, wheelwright, of N. Bridgewater, s. John and Thersa, and Eunice L. Keith, 18, d. William and Roena, Oct. 31, 1847
John L. and Huldah Padelford, Aug. 27, 1824 [? in Bridgewater]* PR65
John L., s. Asa and Lucy (Leach) and Mary Ann Leach, d. Hosea and Hannah (Keith), Dec. 25, 1831,* PR65
Joseph of Hallifax and Susanna Holmes, int. Aug. 28, 1802
Lovisa [int. Lovicea] W. and Quartus Snell of E. Bridgewater, Jan. 19, 1836 [Lovisa W., CR3]
Lucy and Caleb Cole, Apr. 18, 1792
Lucy and Nathan Williams, June 11, 1826 [? in Bridgewater]* PR65
Lucy J. and Thomas Hathaway, May 26, 1847 [? in Bridgewater]* PR65
Luther of Raynham and Abigail Mehuren [int. Mehurin], Dec. 4, 1781 [Mehurin, PCR]
Luther of Raynham and Mehitabel Leach, wid., int. Nov. 1, 1806
Lydia, b Kingston, and Nathaniel Witherel, b. Pembroke, May 10, 1830 [sic, 1810], in Kingston.*
Macey of Raynham and Susanna Washburn, int. Apr. 11, 1807
Maria Ann (see Ann Maria)
Martha and Peter Tribou, Jan. 3, 1817
Mary and Nathan Edson, Sept. 2, 1766
Mary Ann, wid. John L., d. Hosea Leach and Hannah (Keith), and Harvey Kimball, Oct. 13, 1839,* PR65
Mary H. and Cromwel Alden, int. Apr. 22, 1832
Mason of Raynham and Hannah Willis, July 29, 1789
Mehetabel and James Hendrey [int. Handrey], May 17, 1770
Mercy and Abner Lewis of Middleborough, Sept. 29, 1763 [Sept. 25, PCR]
Molley of Taunton and David Lennard, int. Nov. 18, 1769
Nancy D. [int B.], 19, d. Ebenezer and Nancy, and Ira B. [int. D.] Pratt, widr. [int. omits widr.], 26, boot maker, of Raynham, s. Alpheus and Sarah, Jan. 27, 1848 [Nancy B. and Ira D. Pratt of Raynham, CR1]
Nathan of Raynham and Sarah Snow, int. Apr. 13, 1776
Nathan and Ruth Waterman, Feb. 24, 1790
Perez L. of Raynham and Susan Hall, int. Dec. 1, 1838
Phillip and Hannah Keith, Feb. 28, 1760* [Phillip of Raynham, CR1]
Prince and Alice Cook [int. Crook] of Plymouth [int. blacks], Nov. 16, 1786, in Plymouth.
Prince and Dorcas Briary, int. July 14, 1787
Rebecca and Joseph Pool, Nov. 21, 1753*
Ruben and Ruth Gilbert, July 29, 1741* [Gilbert, PCR, CR1]
Ruth and Shubael Thomson of Middleborough, int. Sept. 13, 1766
Ruth and Keith Bassett, Sept. 9, 1832 [? in Bridgewater],* PR65
Sarah of Raynham and Solomon Alden, July 9, 1755* [Solloman Allden, PCR]
Sarah and Josiah Byram, Sept. 11, 1766
Silvanus (see Sylvanus)
Silvanus Jr. and Almira Cushman of Hallifax, int. Mar. 23, 1816
Stephen of E. Bridgewater and Irena T. Raymond of W. Bridgewater, June 10, 1841*
Susan and Perez L. Hall of Raynham, int. Dec. 1, 1838
Susan W. and James W. Smith, Sept. 9, 1838
Susanna and Sion Swift, Jan. 23, 1818
Sylvanus and Hannah Bent of Middleborough, int. Dec. 13, 1788
Sylvester W. and Mary A. White, Sept. 17, 1848 [? in Bridgewater],* PR65
Vodisa of Raynham and Apollas Hooper, int. Aug. 10, 1799
Wealthy of Raynham and Earl Cushman, int. Sept. 23, 1820
William [int. of Boston] and Ann Charta, Aug. 26, 1743 [William and Ann Chasta, PCR]
William B. of Raynham and Mary D. Briggs, int. Nov. 25, 1843

HALLOWELL (see Hollowell)

HAMBLEN (also see Hambleten, Hamblin, Hamlen)

Mary of Abington and Thomas Moore, Sept. 24, 1746 in Abington*
Mary, late of New Miford, Conn., and Jonathan Perkins 3d, int. June 15, 1865 [sic? 1765]

HAMBLETEN (also see Hamblin, Hemlen)

Josiah and Sarah Perkins, int. Aug. 17, 1772
Josiah and Mary Newcomb, int. Sept. 19, 1778

HAMBLIN (also see Hamblen, Hambleten, Hamlen)

Eleazer and Lydia Bonny, June 30, 1752* [Hamblen, PCR]
Elisabeth and William Holmes, Nov. 5, 1750* [Elizebeth Hamblen, PCR]

HAMLEN (also see Hamblen, Hambleten, Hamblin)

Mary [int. Hambling] and Joseph Richards, Sept. 28, 1742


Emily W. and John C. Hayward, int. May 7, 1848

HAMMOND (also see Hamond)

Rebecca and Dependance French, Feb. 7, 1765* [Rebeccah, PCR]
Roger W. of Rochester and Jane Leach, int. Oct. 28, 1832
Roger W. and Susan King of Raynham, int. Oct. 18, 1841
Sarah [int. of Stoughton] and John Packard, Mar. 17, 1763 [Sarah, PCR]
Thomas [int. Harmon] and Betty [int. Bettie] Mallet, blacks, Apr. 18, 1770

HAMOND (also see Hammond)

Abigail and Enoch Leonard, Apr. 10, 1788 [Hammond, PCR. Hayward and Enock Leonrad, CR1. Enoch, PR105]


Mary, Mrs., and Richard Perkins, Oct. 9, 1760*


James (see James Hendrey)


Benjamin of Pembroke and Mary Ripley, Mar. 23, 1727, in Pembroke*
Elisabeth, wid. [int. Elizabeth, omits wid.] and Seth Latham, Apr. 14, 1800
Huldah and Joseph Bates of Abington, int. Feb. 19, 1791
Rachel and David French, June 28, 1797


Abigail and Thomas Latham, June 8, 1752*
Elisabeth and Ebenezer Hayward, Dec. 13, 1750* [Elizebeth, PCR]
Elizabeth and Thomas Wade, May 5, 1743
Jerusha and John Orcutt Jr., Nov. 3, 1752* [Orcut Jr., PCR]
John and Martha Pryer, Oct. 9, 1760*
Mary and John Smith, Oct. 5, 1749*

HARDEN (also see Hardin, Harding)

Abraham and Ruth Terry [sic, Perry] of Scituate, Oct. 22, 1740* [Hardin and Ruth Perry of Scituate, PCR. Hardin and Ruth Perry, CR1]
Betsey and Lewis Brown, int. Aug. 9, 1806
Betsey, wid., and Enos Cox of Pembroke, int. Aug. 27, 1808
Calvin and Roxana Hatch, Apr. 19, 1813
Charlotte and Oran Reed of Abington, int. Nov. 8, 1817
Christiana J. and Isaac Bourne, Oct. 24, 1838
Deborah and Eli Blanchard of Abington, Aug. 30, 1798
Ephraim and Hartey Harden of Halifax, int. June 17, 1823
Hannah [int. Hardin] and Christopher Sever, Oct. 17, 1771 [Hardin, PCR]
Harlow [int. Harler] and Sarah Stetson, Sept. 1, 1795
Harriet and Carver Washburn, Mar. 14, 1827 [Washburne, CR3. Harding, d. Samuel, and Carver Washburn, s. Solomon, PR36]
Hartey of Halifax and Ephraim Harden, int. June 17, 1823
Huldah (see Huldah Harler)
Issabella D. [int. Isabella Dom Hayden, sic, D. Harden written below] and Thomas White, Mar. 1, 1810
Jabez and Sarah S. Pratt, Jan. 4, 1829 [Sarah S., d. Simeon and Sally, CR1]
Jacob [int. Hardin] of Abbington and Mehitabel Gannett [int. Mehetabel Gannet], Mar. 26, 1778 [Hardin of Abington and Mehitabel Gannett, PCR]
James of Providence and Joanna Bingnear, blacks, int. Apr. 27, 1805
Joannah [int. Joanna] and Willard Osborn, Apr. 26, 1830 [Joannah, d. John, and Willard Osborn, s. Levi, CR1]
John and Eunice Benson, Nov. 13, 1766
John Jr. [int. omits Jr,] of Abington and Lydia Hearsey, Dec. 9, 1779 [John Jr. of Abington, PCR]
John [int. Jr.] and Lucy Holmes, Jan. 29, 1792 [John, PCR, PR1]
John Jr. and Jenny Stetson, June 23, 1803
John C. and Lydia P. Munroe of E. Bridgewater, Dec. 26, 1838
John Constant and Nancy Bates, Feb. 25, 1813
Lucia and Benjamin H. [int. Howard] Keith, June 3, 1819
Lucy H. and Nahum Chase of Weymouth, int. Feb. 5, 1837
Lydia and Robert Dawes [int. Daws], May 28, 1744 [Dawes, PCR]
Lydia and Sulivan Dunbar of Abington, int. July 26, 1817
Mary and John Cary, May 13, 1741*
Mary Ann and Joshua [int. John] Chase of Waterborough, Me., Sept. 14, 1834 [John of Waterborough, Me., CR1]
Mehetabel and Daniel Gurney Jr., Oct. 4, 1819*
Mehitabel and Thomas Harden, June 13, 1811*
Nancy of Abington and Thomas White, int. June 25, 1803
Nathanael and Susanna Latham, Feb. 17, 1714-15*
Noah and Alice Hearsey, Dec. 18, 1816
Noah and Alithea H. Gardner, June 9, 1822
Rebecca [int. Rebeccah] and Reuben Harden of Pembroke, July 18, 1782 [Rebecca, PCR]
Reuben of Pembroke and Rebecca [int. Rebeccah] Harden, July 18, 1782 [Rebecca, PCR]
Sally and Solomon Ames Jr. [int. 2d], Apr. 13, 1794 [Solomon Jr., PCR]
Samuel and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] Wade, May 16, 1739*
Samuel of Abington and Relief Spear, Jan. 13, 1785
Samuel [int. Hardin 2d] and Silence Fuller, Jan. 17, 1792 [Harden, PCR]
Samuel and Lydia Wade of Hallifax, int. May 22, 1819
Sarah and Mathew Allen, Dec. 18, 1734*
Seth and Martha Jenkins, Mar. 30, 1823
Thomas and Mehitabel Harden, June 13, 1811*
Ward and Betsey H. Osborne, Dec. 2, 1824 [Ward, s. John, and Betsey H. Osborne, d. Levi, CR1]
William F. and Hannah P. Ramsdell of Hanson, Nov. 4, 1839
Willis and Elizabeth Hobart, int. Feb. 6, 1802
Zenas and Sally Gannett, Aug. 10, 1815*

HARDIN (also see Harden, Harding)

Anna and John Hardin, Sept. 7, 1749* [Harden and John Harden, PCR]
Deborah and Thomas Latham, Mar. 10, 1711-12*
Deborah and Zachariah Redding of Middleborough, int. May 30, 1772
Eliza Jane and John C. Hayward, Oct. 7, 1843
Elizabeth F. and Nathan W. Chamberlain, int. Sept. 14, 1844
John and Anna Hardin, Sept. 7, 1749* [Harden and Anna Harden, PCR]
Lydia and Jonathan Benson Jr., int. Nov. 5, 1774
Mary of Pembroke and Jessee Hayward of Hallifax, Oct. 27, 1763* [Harden of Pembroke and Jesse Haward of Hallifax, PCR]
Nathaniell of Pembroke and Sarah Bukar, int. Sept. 12, 1772
Perry [int. of Pembroke] and Elisabeth Bonney, Mar. 30, 1768
Rachel of Taunton and Levi Tarbit, blacks, int. Jan. 30, 1796

HARDING (also see Harden, Hardin)

Abigail and Samuel Harris, Jan. 10, 1709-10*
Phebe of E. Bridgewater and George Richmond Jenkins, int. June 28, 1829
Timothy [int. Harden] and Sarah Stone, Sept. 2, 1793 [Harding and Sarah Stones, PCR]

HARIS (also see Harris, Horriss)

James and Elizabeth Fry, Mar. 11, 1695-6*

HARLER (also see Harlow)

Huldah [Harler, sic, ? Harden] and David Buker of Abbington, int. Feb. 6, 1780
Lewis and Sylvia Bent, int. Jan. 17, 1802
Silvanus and Polly Bent, Feb. 16, 1805

HARLOW (also see Harler)

Abigail and Jonathan Beal, July 11, 1751*
Bradford and Betsey Leonard, Arp. 9, 1807
Content [int. Herlar] wid., and Ebenezer Packard [int. Jr.], Apr. 26, 1781 [Harlow, wid., and Ebenezer Packard, PCR]
Ephraim of Middleborough and Elisabeth Shaw, int. Jan. 14, 1815
Experience and Daniell Washburn, June 4, 1752* [Eperience and Daniel Washburn, PCR]
Hannah and Stoughton Willis, Aug. 11, 1741*
Joana and Daniel Snell, Sept. 1, 1732* ]Joanna, CR1]
Jonathan B. and Cordelia A. Dunphe, int. Dec. 11, 1844
Lewis Jr. and Elizabeth Briggs of Middleborough, int. May 21, 1842
Lydia and Benjamin Pratt, -----, 1741* [Dec. ---- PCR. Lidea, Dec. 22, CR1]
Martha S. and Benjamin H. Price Jr., May 20, 1832
Mary and Jacob Peterson of Duxborough, Aug. 19, 1735,* CR1.
Sally H. of Halifax and George W. Hall, int. Nov. 5, 1840
Sarah and Nathan Pratt, Oct. 15, 1745*
Southworth and Hannah D. Chandler of Weymouth, int. Nov. 19, 1848
Susan [int. Susanna, wid.] and Christopher [int. Christophur] Flinn, June 15, 1806 [? in Middleborough]
Timothy and Huldah Hayward, int. Feb. 16, 1806
Timothy [int. adds S.] of E. Bridgewater and Sarah Hayward, Sept. 25, 1842 [Timothy of E. Bridgewater, CR1]
William of Plymouth and Hannah Bartlett, Sept. 3, 1738, in Plymouth.*

HARMON (also see Hermon)

Thomas (see Thomas Hammond)

HARRINGTON (also see Hearington, Herington)

Julia and James Congdon, int. Sept. 9, 1849

HARRIS (also see Haris, Horriss)

Abia and Bazaliel Loud, Mar. 26, 1809 [date in later handwriting]*
Abial [int. Abiel of Abington] and Susanna Snell, Nov. 17, 1774
Abigail and Thomas Drew of Halifax, Aug. 16, 1739* [Abigaiel, CR!]
Abigail of Abington and Abiel Packard, Dec. 18, 1815
Abner and Mary Pratt, Nov. 12, 1735* CR1
Alice and James Powel [int. Powell], Jan. 22, 1743
Alice and Joseph Chamberlain [int. Chamberlin] Jr., Jan. 6, 1819
Ann and John Holman, June 20, 1734*
Anna and Joseph Leach, Jan. 14, 1735-6* [Ann, CR1]
Arathusa [int. Dawes] of Stoughton and Clifford [int. Clefford] Keith, Nov. 15, 1820
Arthur and Mehetable Rickard, Nov. 12, 1730* [Mehitabel [dup. Mehetable] PCR]
Arthur and Bethiah Hayward, May 20, 1741*
Arthur and Celia Mitchell, June 14, 1781
Azor and Sarah Shaw of Middleborough, Sept. 5, 1813 [? in Middleborough]
Benjamin and Sarah Snow, Dec. 18, 1751* [Sarah Shaw, PCR]
Benjamin Jr. and Sarah Mitchell [int. Michel], Jan. 27, 1791 [Mitchell, PCR]
Bethia [int. Bithia, wid.] and Robert Latham, Apr. 17, 1752 [sic, int. Mar. 31, 1753]
Betsey and John Decoster, Oct. 11 [Oct. 11 in later handwriting], 1805*
Celia and Daniel Whitman, Oct. 31 [sic, int. Dec. 16], 1815
Debby and Bezer [int. Bezaliel] Hall of Dorcester, Dec. 10, 1811
Eunice of Stoughton and Moses Brown, int. Apr. 25, 1818
George and Hannah Lyon of Middleborough, int. Oct. 8, 1763
Hannah [int. of Abington] and Dependence French, Sept. 4, 1794
Hannah and Abiel Packard [int. Pakard of Hebron, Cumberland Co.], Oct. 14, 1794
Isaac and Mary Lincoln of Hingham, June 28, 1698, in Hingham.*
Isaac and Jane Cooke of Plymouth, Mar. 27, 1707, in Scituate*
Isaac and Elisabeth Washburn, July22, 1717*
James and Elizabeth Bayley, Feb. 14, 1692-3,* PCR
Jane and James Dunbarr ------* [------, 1683, PR103]
Jennet Orr and Welcom [int. Welcome] Young, Sept. 11, 1816
John [int. of Abington] and Abigail Edson, Dec. 20, 1787 [John, PCR]
John and Eunice Young, Apr. 29, 1795
John and Rebecca Wood of Hallifax, int. Nov. 31(sic), 1811
John B. [int. Jr., omits B.] of Abington and Susanna Snell, Apr. 19, 1818
Lucey [int. Lucy] and Nehemiah Latham, May 26, 1757 [Lucy, PCR. Luce, CR1]
Lucy of Easton and Stephen Samson, int. Mar. 19, 1796
Lucy and Samuel Boyden, Mar. 9, 1807 [date in later handwriting]*
Mary and Daniel Packard, Dec. 2, 1713*
Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel of Abington] and Samuel Packard, Aug. 4, 1799
Oliver and Relief Leach, Jan. 1, 1789*
Patty [int. of Abington] and Daniel Packard, Aug. 12 [Aug. 12 in later handwriting], 1805
Rebecca of Abington and Richard Feild, int. Aug. 22, 1778
Rhoda [int. of Abington] and Simeon Warren, Apr. 14, 1802 [date in later handwriting]
Sally and Samuel Curtis, Apr. 1, 1799*
Sally and Levi Washburn [int. Washburn 2d], Sept. 22, 1807
Samuel and Abigail Harding, Jan. 10, 1709-10*
Samuel of Abington and Adelin [int. Adeline] Howard, Dec. 18, 1815
Sarah and James Hayward Jr., Aug. 13, 1751*
Sarah and Francis Gray of Boston, Nov. 6, 1777
Seth and Abiah Alden, Nov. 26, 1751*
Seth [int. Jr. of Abington] and Susanna Warren, Apr. 2 [sic, int. Apr. 13], 1776
Seth of Abington and Mary Phillips [int. wid.], May 8, 1777, in Abington
Sibbel of Abington and Gideon Howard Jr., int. Oct. 19, 1811
Susanna and Charles Southworth, Oct. 2, 1794*
Susannah and Jeremiah Newland, Apr. 7, 1696*
Susannah and Joseph Willbore, Dec. 22, 1741* [Susanna and Joseph Wilbore of Raynham, PCR. Susanna and Joseph Willbore, Dec. 9, CR1]
William and Alice Mitchell, May 14, 1788
William and Vashty Leach, July 9, 1796*
William Jr. and Mary W. Thomas, Dec. 26, 1819

HARTWEL (also see Hartwell)

Ruhama [int. Hartwell, wid.] and Josiah Snell Jr., May 26, 1763 [Ruhamah Hartwell, PCR]

HARTWELL (also see Hartwel)

Charles of W. Bridgewater and Rosina A. [int. omits A] Packard, July 26, 1840
Daniel and Mehitable [int. Mehitabel] Copeland, Nov. 8, 1779 [Mehitabel, PCR]
Daniel Jr. and Irena Willis, June 29, 1817
Daniel Jr. and Mary Soper, Aug -- [int. Aug. 4], 1821
Experience and Jonathan Leach Jr. [int. Leach 2d], Feb. 23, 1768 [Leach Jr. PCR]
Hannah and Alfred Howard, int. Jan. 11, 1800
Isaac and Abihail Lathrop, Feb. 1, 1776
Isaac Jr. and Melinda Manley, int. June 3, 1809
James [sic? Jonas] and Ruhama Fenno of Stoughton, Nov. 7, 1751, in Stoughton
John and Lucinda Howard [int. Haward], Dec. 6, 1801
Jonas (see James)
Jones [int. Jonas] and Sally Howard, Nov. 28, 1820
Josiah Q., 24, shoe maker, of W. Bridgewater, s. James and Sally, and Hannah O. Holmes, 21, d. Howland and Hannah, Jan. 2, 1848
Lintha [int. Lentha] and Daniel Richards of Dartmouth, June 7, 1812
Martha and Joshua Packard Jr., Oct. 28, 1756*
Mary and Abner Shirley of Raynham, int. Nov. 29, 1781
Nathan and Susanna Field, Oct. 16, 1746*
Nathan and Sarah Bonney, June 19, 1762
Nathan and Sally Ripley of Plymton, int. Sept. 26, 1789
Polly and Zeba Richards, Nov. 18, 1817
Ruhama and David Harvey, Apr. -- [int. Apr. 7], 1821
Samuel and Susanna Burr of Norton, int. Mar. 2, 1782
Sarah and Joseph Carver Jr., Dec. 25, 1746*
Silence and Seth Lathrop, int. Dec. 7, 1754 "The Banns......were forbidden by the said Silence Hartwell"
Silence and Robert Keith Jr., Dec. 6, 1763
Susanna and Asa Keith [int. 2d], Oct. 17, 1780 [Asa, PCR. Susannah and Asa Keith, CR1]

HARVEY (also see Hervey)

Abthia, [int. Abthier] and Nathan Williams of Raynham, Oct. 30, 1781 [Abthia, PCR]
Bethiah and John Hayward, Jan. 1, 1759* [Harvy, CR1]
Betsey and William Clerk [int. Clark of Quincy], Oct. 29, 1801
Bezar and Ruth Carver, Feb. 2, 1795
Byram and Parnel [int. Pernel] Keith, Dec. 4, 1800
Chloe of Freetown and Robert Robinson, int. Oct. 3, 1807
Content and Josiah Winslow, July 1, 1798
Daniel and Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] Ames, May 3, 1795
David and Content Byram, Oct. 12, 1756* [Harvy, PCR]
David Jr. and Olive Dunbar, Jan. 7, 1803
David and Ruhama Hartwell, Apr. -- [int. Apr. 7], 1821
Edmund [int. of Woodstock, Vt.] and Mary Harvey, June 4, 1782 [Edmund, PCR. Edmond of Woodstock, Vt., CR1]
Elisabeth and Jonathan Whitman, Nov. 3, 1747*
Experience and Elisha Hayward, Jan. 20, 1708-9*
Galen and Anna Leach, int. Nov. 15, 1817
Jane and Seth Leach, Oct. 9, 1732* [Ginnea, CR1]
Jonathan and Wealthy Pool, int. Mar. 31, 1781
Joseph 3d and Bettie Keith, wid., Mar. 16, 1748* [Hervey 3d and Betty Keith, PCR]
Joseph Jr. and Keziah Washburn, Oct. 10, 1749* [Joseph 2d PCR]
Keziah [int. Kezia, wid.] and Nathan Keith, July 11, 1773
Marshall and Orpah Edson, int. Aug. 6, 1785
Martha and Daniel Ripley, int. June 21, 1783
Mary and Nathaniel Hayward, June 21, 1716*
Mary and Charles Cushman, Dec. 10, 1739*
Mary [int. wid.] and Edmund Williams of Raynham, Aug. 20, 1781 [Mary, PCR]
Mary and Edmund Harvey [int. of Woodstock, Vt.], June 4, 1782 [Edmund PCR.
Edmond of Woodstock, Vt., CR1]
Mehetabel and Caleb Orcutt, Jan. 24, 1738* [Mehetable, PCR. Mehetibel and Caleb Oruct, CR1]
Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] and Nathan Harvey, Apr. 26, 1788 [Mehitable, PCR]
Mehitabel, wid., and Parmenus [int. Permenus] Ames of Easton, Jan. 1, 1804
Nathan and Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] Harvey, Apr. 26, 1788 [Mehitable, PCR]
Nathanael Jr. and Susanna Hayward, int. Oct. 27, 1764. "y" Bans were forbidden.
Nathaniel and Margaret Willis, July 4, 1733*
Nathaniel [int. Nathaniell Hervey] Jr. and Bettie Hayward, Mar. 20, 1766 [Nathaniel Harvey Jr. and Betty Hayward, PCR]
Oliver and Keziah [int. Desire] Turner, July 4, 1793 [Keziah, PCR]
Otis and Eunice Leach, int. Sept. 25, 1819
Roswell of Taunton and Nancy A. Hill, Aug. 5, 1832
Sophia and Levi Osburn [int. of Raynham], Sept. 4, 1797
Susanna and Isaiah Macomber, int. Feb. 16, 1799
Zeruiah and Thomas Pratt of Taunton, int. May 1, 1779

HASKEL (also see Haskell)

Hannah K. [int. Haskell] and Daniel French Jr. of Milton, May 17, 1815

HASKELL (also see Haskel)

George [int. of Middleborough] and Hannah Keith, Mar. 16, 1795
Lois C., 20, of W. Bridgewater, d. Zebulon and Sarah N., and Molbry A. Ripley, 22, wheelwright, of W. Bridgewater, s. Malbry and Daty B., Nov. 7, 1848*
Mary of Westborough, Worcester Co., and Rev. Amasa Smith, int. July 22, 1815


Allen and Sarah Standish of Hallifax, int. Mar. 1, 1788
Betsey and Richard Lowden Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Pembroke, Jan. 9, 1788, in Pembroke.
David and Jemima Norton, int. Feb. 9, 1754
Deborah and Joseph Josselyn [int. Joslin Jr.] of Pembroke, Aug. 23, 1785, in Pembroke
James and Mary Townsend of Abington, int. Oct. 9, 1819
John and Deborah Allen of Pembroke, May 10, 1758, in Pembroke.
Louisa and John Willet of Abington, Sept. 17, 1799
Lucey of Hingham and Micah White, int. May 4, 1771
Lusuina [int. Luraney] and Nathaniel [int. Nathan] Jones of Pembroke, Mar. 3, 1796, in Pembroke
Luther of Hanover and Molly Whitman, Sept. 13, 1790 [Molly Allen, sic, PCR]
Mary and Thomas Phillips Jr., June 19, 1755
Mary and Ichabod Howland of Pembrook, Feb. 17, 1780 [Feb. 18, PCR]
Mercy and Joseph Noyes [int. Noyce] of Abington, Jan. 9, 1766 [Noyes of Abington, PCR]
Roxana and Calvin Harden, Apr. 19, 1813
Thirza and Seth Beals of Pembroke, July 16, 1779
Walter and Eunice Kingman, Oct. 5, 1780

HATHAWAY (also see Hatheway)

Benjamin and Abigail B. [B. crossed out, int. omits B.] Eddy of Halifax, Nov. 22, 1743, in Halifax.
Chloe and Jonah Benson Jr., Sept. 30, 1819
Cushman and Mary F. Trask of Pembroke, int. Jan. 29, 1820
Deborah and Jonathan Pratt, Apr. 27, 1817
Deborah W. of Duxbury and Charles Latham, int. Aug. 30, 1828
John of Freetown and Betsey Forrest, Dec. 5, 1822
John H. of E. Bridgewater and Harrieta G. Holmes, int. Aug. 6, 1837
Josiah Jr. of Halifax and Hannah Latham, Dec. 4, 1766
Lazarus of Midleborough and Olive Pratt, Dec. 1, 1774
Leander of Wareham and Ruth Mehurin, Oct. 9, 1827
Mary of Middleborough and Levi Pratt, Mar. 20, 1777 [? in Middleborough]
Olive of Middleborough and Samuel White of Middleborough, Nov. 6, 1792* [Hatheway of Middleborough, PCR]
Priscilla D., d. Asael and Jane C., and Quincy A. Keith of E. Bridgewater, -----*
Sally of Middleborough and Amasa Alden, Dec. 17, 1799 [? in Middleborough]
Sebery Child and Sarah Porter of Hallifax, int. Mar. 7, 1818
Thomas and Lucy J. Hall, May 26, 1847 [? in Bridgewater]* PR65
Zephaniah of Taunton and Silence Alden of Middleborough, Dec. 6, 1792* [Hatheway of Taunton, PCR]

HATHEWAY (also see Hathaway)

Josiah [int. Hathaway] and Sibbil [int. Sibbel] Pettingill, Oct. 6, 1788 [Hatheway and Sibbel Pettingill, PCR]


Lear, "India woman," and Bristol, "Servant man to Col. Edward Howard," int. Aug. 4, 1781

HAWARD (also see Hayard, Hayward, Howard]

Abigail and Zachariah Snell, Mar. 11, 1730-1* [Hayward, PCR]
Abigail and Edward Lathrop Jr., Oct. 19, 1752*
Adam and Mary Keith, June 25, 1759*
Amie and Jeremiah Belcher, Feb. 26, 1756*
Anne and George Williams, Nov. 17, 1774
Barnabas and Mehetable Packard, July 2, 1755* [Hayward and Mehitable Packard, PCR]
Bethia (see Bithiah)
Behiah and Daniel [int. Daniell] Hayward, Apr. 22, 1777 [Bethiah Hayward and Daniel Howard, CR1]
Bettie and Joseph Foard, July 6, 1769 [Betty, PCR]
Bithiah and Jonathan Randal, Aug. 12, 1712*
Catherine (see Katharine)
Daniel [int. Daniell 3d] and Abigail [int. Nabby] Packard, Dec. 22, 1776
Daniell and Mary Hayward, Nov. 12, 1772
David Jr. and Kezia Ames, Feb. 5, 1751* [Howard Jr. and Keziah Ames, PCR]
David and Molly Kingman, Oct. 15, 1778
Edward and Mary Byram, Feb. 7, 1710-11*
Eliakim and Mary Haward, Dec. 20, 1759*
Elisabeth and Thomas Buck, Dec. 18, 1712*
Ephraim Jr. and Hannah Brett, July 12, 1753
George and Abigail Copland, Aug. 29, 1745* [Copeland, PCR]
George Jr. and Parnel Ames, May 11, 1777
Hannah and Daniel Lathrop Jr., Oct. 23, 1764 [Daniel Jr., PCR]
Henry and Mary Haward, June 26, 1733*
James and Elisabeth Wallis, Jan. 26, 1709-10*
James and Bettie Willis, June 1, 1749* [Hayward and Bethia Willis, PCR]
James Jr. and Abigail Snell, Dec. 5, 1775
James and Mrs. Kezia Ames, July 4, 1776
Jane and Nehemiah Washburn, Mar. 26, 1713*
Jane and Nathan Haward, June 11, 1746*
Jane and Ebenezer Ames, June 2, 1763
John Jr. and Abigail Hudson, Dec. 28, 1752*
John [int. 2d] and Mercy Fobes, Oct. 6, 1768 [Hayward 2d, PCR]
John [int. Jr.] and Silence Burr, Dec. 2, 1773
Jonathan and Sarah Field, July 30, 1710*
Jonathan Jr. and Phebe Ames, Mar. 11, 1756* [Mar. 1, PCR]
Jonathan [int. 2d] and Martha Willis, May 19, 1774
Joshua and Susanna Hayward, May 6, 1724*
Katharine [int. Catharine] and Nathaniell Southworth, Aug. 27, 1762 [Catharine and Nathaniel Soutworth, PCR]
Kezia and Thomas Ames, June 20, 1731* [Keziah Hayward, PCR]
Kezia [int. Hayward, wid.] and Jotham Ames, Sept. 16, 1767 [Hayward and Jonathan Ames, PCR]
Lydia of Marsfield and Josiah Snell Jr., int. Jan. 16, 1762
Martha and David Pirkins, Feb. 1, 1698-9*
Martha and Josiah Williams of Tanton, Jan. 26, 1714-15*
Martha and William Edson, Nov. 27, 1754 [Hayward, PCR]
Martha and Nathan Willis, Sept. 1, 1757*
Martha and Zebedee Snell, Apr. 9, 1761*
Mary and John Feild, Nov. 15, 1726* [Field, PCR]
Mary and Henry Haward, June 26, 1733*
Mary and Simeon Cary, June 27, 1754 [Hayward, PCR]
Mary and Eliakim Haward, Dec. 20, 1759*
Mary and David Lathrop, Dec. 2, 1762 [Howard, PCR]
Mary [int. Mrs.] and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] Eliphalet Phillips, Mar. 3, 1763 [Mary and Eliphalet Phillips, PCR]
Mary and Chilton Latham, Aug. 16, 1770 [Howard and Chiltan Latham, PCR]
Mary (see Molly)
Mary [int. Howard, wid.] and Barnebas Dunbar, May 28, 1784 [Howard and Barnabas Dunbar, PCR]
Mehetable and Libeus Fobes, Jan. 17, 1775
Molly [int. Mary] and Benjamin Pettingail Jr. of Easton, Dec. 2, 1773
Nathan and Jane Howard, June 11, 1746*
Parnel and Scottland [int. Scott] Keith of Easton [int. adds Bristol Co.], Dec. 3, 1772
Robert and Abigail Keith, Apr. 28, 1725*
Robert Jr. and Abigail Snell, May 5, 1757* [Hayward Jr. PCR]
Sarah and David Turner, May 4, 1721*
Sarah and Christopher Ripley, Nov. 2, 1737*
Sarah and Adam Bayley, Jan. 1, 1746-7*
Sarah [int. Howard] and Caleb Packard, June 20, 1782 [Howard, PCR]
Seth and Mary Ames, Nov. 13, 1735*
Silence and John Burr, Nov. 7, 1722*
Silence and Phillip Bryant, Oct. 13, 1757* [Philip Briant, PCR]
Silence and Josiah Hayden, Mar. 15, 1763
Susanna and Nathanael Ames, Dec. 2, 1702*
Susanna and Benjamin Williams of Norton, Dec. 22, 1720*
Susanna and Elijah Snell, May 29, 1760* [Susannah, PCR]
Susanna and Oakes Angier, Jan. 17, 1774
Thadeus and Mary Ames, int. July 15, 1775
Theophilus and Susanna Lathrop, Dec. 14, 1747*
Thomas and Bithia Brett, June 5, 1706*
William and Anne Carr, int. May 10, 1777

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