Bridgewater, MA Vital Records (Marriages) to 1850
Published by:
New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1916
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames Hawes to Hill

* Intention not recorded

HAWES (also see Haws)

Samuell and Elisabeth Lansford, int. Aug. 4, 1753


Catharine and Edward Gillaspy, int. Nov. 5, 1848

HAWS (also see Hawes)

Sally and Shepard Keith, Mar. 12, 1795

HAYARD (also see Haward, Hayward, Howard)

Elisha and Bithia Snow, Feb. 1, 1720-1*

HAYDEN (also see Haden)

Anna and William Gerald, int. Jan. 17, 1795
Elkanah and Rhoda Chase, May 10, 1777
Erastus C. and Mary A. Walker, Dec. 26, 1843
Isabella Dom (see Issabella D. Harden)
Jonathan and Hannah Cushman of Halifax, June 25, 1754, in Halifax
Jonathan [int. of Grafton] and Joanna Packard, wid. [int omits wid.], Oct. 29, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Josiah and Silence Haward, Mar. 15, 1763
Lewis of Stoughton and Abigail Terril [int.Terrill], Oct. 17, 1815
Lewis, widr. [int. omits widr], 57, machinist, s. Ebenezer and Martha, and Susanna Nightingale, wid. [int. omits wid]. 53, d. Lemuel Turrell and Experience, Dec. 25, 1849 [Haden and Susanna Nightingale, CR2]
Lewis W. of E. Bridgewater and Hannah Conant, Jan. 8, 1837
Lydia and Samuell Lathrop, Dec. 31, 1751*
Mary D. of Quincy and Alanson Curtis of N. Bridgewater, May 9, 1839*
Matilda J. and William H. Robinson, int. Sept. 2, 1843
Polly of Braintree and Elijah Hayward 4th, int. Mar. --, 1792
Sarah and Francis Drake, May 4, 1775
Susannah of Stoughton and Benjamin Bartlett Jr., int. Mar. 22, 1766

HAYES (see Hayss)

HAYFORD (also see Haford, Hefford, Heford, Heiford)

Edward and Lenity [int. Lannato] Kingman [int. wid], May 19, 1779 [Lehity Kingman, PCR]
Vodicia and Noah Allen, Mar. 22, 1804

HAYNES (see Haines, Hains)


John and Bethiah Randall, Apr. 21, 1726, in Plymouth*

HAYWARD (also see Haward, Hayard, Howard)

Abbe and Isaac Eames, Feb. 14, 1811
Abigail and Beriah Willis, Oct. 10, 1759* [Haward, PCR]
Abigail [int. Haward] of Easton and Abner Hayward Jr., Apr. 17, 1772 [Abigail Hayward of Easton, PCR]
Abigail and John Brett Jr., int. Oct. 10, 1778
Abigail and Jonah Willis, Feb. 11, 1788
Abigail (see Abigail Hamond)
Abigail S. of W. Bridgewater and Lewis T. Alden, int. Nov. 14, 1836
Abner Jr. and Abigail Hayward [int. Haward] of Easton, Apr. 17, 1772 [Abigail Hayward of Easton, PCR]
Abner and Grace Turner, Dec. 4, 1784
Adab and Jedidiah Willis of Easton, int. July 3, 1802
Alice and Joseph Pratt 2d, Apr. 5, 1749*
Alice and Jeremiah Leach, Dec. 8, 1772
Allice and Joseph Drake, Apr. 5, 1727* [Alice, PCR]
Almarine [int. Almorine] and Eliza H. Washburn, Apr. 9, 1829 [Almarine, s. Solomon, CR1. Almarine Howard, PR1]
Alvin and Sarah C. Hooper, Nov. 29, 1840
Anna and Solomon Shaw, Oct. 31, 1782
Anna of E. Bridgewater and Henry Mungo Jr., Oct. 2, 1825 [Henry Jr., s. Henry, CR1.[dup. Munroe] s. Henry and Deborah (Pincheon), PR1]
Ansel [int. Ansell] of Boston and Lucinda Toalman [int. Toloman], June 29, 1812
Ansell and Huldah Johnson, June 3, 1807
Ariston M. and Hannah [int. adds A.] Conant, Apr. 2, 1837
Azariah [int. Jr.] and Silvia Conant, wid. [int. omits wid.], July 1, 1798
Azarih [dup and int. Azariah] and Ann Pratt, Aug. 28, 1768 [Azariah, PCR. CR1]
Barzillai and Vesta Howard, Nov. 21, 1811
Barzillia, Dr., and Hannah Rathbun of Bellingham, int. Dec. 11, 1813
Bela and Laura Blanchard, Feb. 17, 1830,* PR19
Bela of Weymouth and Almira Alden, July 7, 1841 [Almira (second w), PR10]
Benjamin and Elisabeth Conant, May 21, 1724*
Benjamin and Sarah Cary, Jan. 6, 1741*
Benjamin Jr. and Mary Benson, int. Apr. 18, 1767
Benjamin and Abigail Perkins, Dec. 25, 1777
Benjamin and Philibert Leonard of Middleborough, int. Jan. 10, 1807
Benjamin B. and Cynthia Wade of Hallifax, int. Oct. 16, 1831
Benoni and Hannah Goold, Sept. 11, 1717*
Benoni and Hannah Page, Oct. 13, 1743
Bethia (see Bithia)
Bethia and Philip Bolton, Apr. 7, 1787 [Bethiah and Phillip Bolton, PCR]
Bethiah and Jonathan Perkins, Jan. 17, 1737-8*
Bethiah and Arthur Harris, May 20, 1741*
Bethiah and Thomas Willis of Taunton, July 19, 1743
Bethiah and Backus [int. Beckus] Leach, Oct. 28, 1804 [? in Middleborough]
Bethiah S. of Taunton and William P. Cutter, int. Nov. 12, 1837
Betsey and Nathaniel Edson, Sept. 30, 1802
Betsey and Ebenezer Collwell [int. Colwell Jr.], Sept. 4, 1804
Betsey [int. adds F.] and Oliver Bonney of Hadley, Hampshire Co., June 8, 1814
Bettie and Nathaniel Harvey [int. Nathaniell Hervey] Jr., Mar. 20, 1766 [Betty and Nathaniel Harvery Jr., PCR]
Bettie and John Hayward, Nov. 26, 1778
Bettie and Nathaniel [int. Nathanael] Manly, Nov. 26, 1778
Beza and Abigail Alden of Duxbury, int. Sept. 25, 1784
Beza Esq. and Experience Russell, wid., of Plymouth, int. Mar. 28, 1801
Beza and Addriann Sampson, int. May 13, 1841
Bithia [int. Bethia] and Zephaniah Willis, Nov. 28, 1754 [Bethiah Haward and Zephaniah Willis, PCR]
Caleb and Persis [int. Perses[ Hayward, Jan. 28, 1773
Calista and Samuel Sloan, portrait painter, Nov. 27, 1843 [Calista, d. Calvin and Mary (Fobes), PR1]
Calvin and Mary Fobes, int. Oct. 3, 1801 [m. -----, PR1]
Cary and Mary Thomson, Apr. 29, 1779
Charity [int. Haward] and Benjamin Pierce of Scituate, Nov. 3, 1743 [Hayward and Benjamin Peirce of Scituate, PCR]
Charity and David Benson, Dec. 21, 1780 [Charity Besse, PCR. Charity Hayward, CR1]
Charles Jr. and Sally Keith, June --[int. June 9], 1821
Charles and Sarah W. Washburn of E. Bridgewater, int. Jan. 1, 1832
Charlotte and Simeon Perkins, Feb. 19, 1829 [Charlotte, d. Timothy, CR1]
Constant and Hannah Keen, Apr. 19, 1808
Cyrus and Deborah Ripley, Aug. 18, 1804
Daniel and Abigail Davenport, Aug. 14, 1761 [Haward, PCR]
Daniel [int. Daniell] and Bethiah Haward, Apr. 22, 1777 [Daniel Howard and Bethiah Hayward, CR1]
Daniel 2d and Kezia Wilbar of Eaton, int. Nov. 4, 1815
Daniel 3d [dup. omits 3d] and Vesta Manley [dup. Manly], May 8, 1817
Daniel, widr., 29, merchant, of N. Bridgewater, s. Nathan and Rhoda, and
Phebe P. Hunt, 24, of N. Bridgewater, d. Martin B. and Susan, Nov. 29, 1849*
Daniel L. and Hannah Fobes, Sept. 14, 1831
Davis and Frelove [int. Freelove] Whitman, Sept. 23, 1804
Ebenezer and Elisabeth Hanmer, Dec. 13, 1750* [Elizebeth, PCR]
Ebenezer [int. Haward] of Braintree and Susan [int. Susanna] Byram, July 20, 1774, in Braintree.
Edmund and Anna Snell, Aug. 22, 1751*
Edmund and Sukey Matthews of Sidney, int. Aug. 4, 1792
Edward of Easton and Kesiah White, Oct. 26, 1748, in Easton*
Edward of Easton and Zilpha Leach, June 19, 1760* [Haward of Easton, PCR]
Edward and Jenna [int. Jena] Mitchell, Oct. 16, 1782 [Jenna, PCR. Jenna
Mitchel, CR1. Jane Mitchell, Oct. 15, PR19]
Edward, Capt., and Betty Powers, Nov. 6, 1802
Edward 3d and Pernel Howard, July 4, 1805
Edward Jr. and Sally Keith [int. wid.], Mar. 8, 1820
Edwin and Mary Ann Rider, int. June 10, 1841
Eleazer and Ketura Crane of Stoughton, Nov. 11, 1731, in Stoughton.*
Eliab and Martha Fobes, int. June 12, 1762
Eliah [int. Eliab Jr.] and Celia Leach, Jan. 17, 1804 [? in Middleborough]
Elijah and Silence Snell, Feb. 14, 1750-1* [Elizabeth [sic] Hayward, PCR]
Elijah 2d and Mary Tomson of Hallifax, int. Oct. 15, 1785 [m. Jan. 5, 1786, PR19]
Elijah 4th and Polly Hayden of Braintree, int, Mar. --, 1792
Elijah of Hanover and Eliza Kingman, Nov. 13, 1809
Elisabeth and Edmund Rawson, May 22, 1717*
Elisabeth and John Bolton Jr., Sept. 26, 1751* [Elizebeth, Sept. 20, PCR]
Elisha and Experience Harvey, Jan. 20, 1709-9*
Elisha Jr. and Elizabeth Washburn, Oct. 7, 1740* [Washburne, PCR. Elizebeth Washburn, Oct. 9, CR1]
Elisha and Abigail Edy, July 31, 1747*
Elisha [int. Jr.] and Molly [int. Molley] Blanchard [int. of Stoughton, Suffolk Co.], Jan 13, 1778 [Elisha and Polly Blanchard, PCR]
Eliza and John Southworth, July 10, 1806
Elizabeth [see Elijah and Elisabeth)
Enoss [int. Enos] and Marry [int. Mary] Sampson of Wareham, Nov. 16, 1769, in Wareham
Erastus and Mary P. Torrey, int. May 8, 1813 [Mary Perry Torrey, m June 6, PR19]
Eunace [int. Eunice Haward] of Braintree and Abia Packard, Apr. 21, 1764, in Braintree
Eunice Soul and Franklin Jones, Oct. 28, 1849, in Providence,* PR19
Experience and James Dunbar, Jan. 31, 1721*
Experience and Benjamin Curtice or Pembrook, May 25, 1732* [Curtis, both of Bridgewater, PCR]
Experience and Benjamin Price, int. Oct. --, 1743
Experience and Jonathan Alden, Jan. 24, 1743 [Allden, PCR]
Ezra and Lydia Lee, Oct. 11, 1757* [Lidia, PCR]
Hanah and John Snow, July 15, 1731* [Hannah, July 11, PCR]
Hannah and Ebenezer Byram, Dec. 9, 1714*
Hannah and Oliver Cheney of Pomphret, Nov. 22, 1744
Hannah and Ephraim Cleavland, Mar. 26, 1747*
Hannah and Samuell Kinsley Jr. [int. omits Jr], Apr. 22, 1772 [Samuel Kingsley, PCR]
Hannah and Thomas Hayward [int. 3d], July 19, 1781 [Thomas, PCR]
Hannah and Abraham Howard [int. Abram Hayward], Sept. 20, 1787 [Abraham Howard, PCR]
Hannah and Barnebas Packard, int. Dec. 1, 1792 [Barnabas, m. Dec. 25, PCR]
Hannah and Nathaniell Perkins Jr., int. July 5, 1794
Hannah and Jacob Dunbar Jr., Nov. 2, 1794
Hannah and Jonah Willis, Sept. 18, 1800
Hannah and Thomas Johnson [int. Jr.], July 24, 1809
Hannah and John Colwell, Jan 14, 1814
Hannah and Timothy Keith of Middleboro, Feb. 27, 1819
Hannah P., 19, d. Timothy and Mary, and Henry Reed, 23, gardner, s. John and Elizabeth, May 2, 1847
Harriot [int. Harriet] and George Gross, Nov. 30, 1831 [Harriet, CR3]
Hasadiah and Caleb Keith, Mar. 24, 1812 [Hezadiah, PR1]
Henry of W. Bridgewater and Desire Willis of W. Bridgewater, Apr. 15, 1833* [Desire G. of W. Bridgewater, d. John Jr. [? in W. Bridgewater, CR2]
Hepza [int. Hipza] and Rotheus Mitchell, Apr. 3, 1783 [Hepza, PCR]
Hezekiah and Huldah Edson, Nov. 14, 1738,* CR1. [Hesekiah, Nov. 18, PR19]
Hezekiah and Hesadiah King of Raynham, int. Nov. 26, 1791 [Hesekiah and Hesediah King, m. ---, 1791, PR19]
Huldah and Calvin Peirce [int. of Scituate], Dec. 2, 1767 [Calvin, PCR. Pierce, CR1. PR19]
Huldah and Timothy Harlow, int. Feb. 16, 1806
Huldah and Asa Perkins, Nov. 19, 1815
Independance [int. Independence] and Hannah Thorn, -----[int. Oct. 5], 1799, in Halifax
Ira and Sally Edson, Apr. 3, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Ira and Susanna Fish, wid., of Kingston, int. Feb. 19, 1820
Isaac and Martha Perkins, May 15, 1728*
Isaiah and Sarah Barlett, Dec. 11, 1777
Jacob and Martha Allen, Dec. 29, 1736* [Hoyward, Dec. 29, 1736-7 sic, CR1]
Jacob and Tabitha Hayward, Nov. 11, 1742*
Jacob 3d and Joanna Snell, Oct. 24, 1759*
Jael and Seth Allden, Apr. 19, 1758* [Alden, PCR. CR1]
James Jr. and Sarah Harris, Aug. 13, 1751*
Jane and Benjamin Pierce Jr., Aug. 7, 1750*
Jane [int. adds M.] and Carver Washburn, May 25, 1835 [Jane M., CR1. Jane, d. Calvin, and Carver Washburn, s. Solomon, PR36]
Jane, Mrs., and Mitchell Hooper, Nov. 26, 1837 [Miss Jane, CR1. Jane and Mitchell Hooper, s. Joseph and Lucia (Mitchell), Dec. 6, PR54]
Jane H., 25, d. Erastus and Mary, and Thomas Holmess, 24, shoe maker, s. Benjamin and Waitey, Nov. 23, 1848
Jemima and David Snow, June 26, 1787
Jemimah and Witherel Withem of Easton, May 27, 1733, in Easton*
Jeremiah [sic, Jerathmeel, int. Jerahmeel] and Rebecca [int. Rebecca] Manley, Feb. 16, 1802
Jessee and Mehatiah Dunbar, July 2, 1761*
Jessee of Hallifax and Mary Hardin of Pembrook, Oct. 27, 1763* [Jesse of Hallifax and Mary Harden of Pembroke, PCR]
Joanna and David Snow, Mar. 11, 1730-1*
John and Sarah Willis, Dec. 24, 1706*
John and Bethiah Harvey, Jan. 1, 1759* [Harvy, CR1]
John and Bettie Hayward, Nov. 26, 1778
John C. and Eliza Jane Hardin, Oct. 7, 1842
John C. and Emily W. Hammett, int. May 7, 1848
John Ripley and Nabby Robinson of Middleborough, Sept. 13, 1801 [? in Middleborough]
John Ripley and Clarissa Robinson, Dec. 14, 1802 [? in Middleborough]
Jonathan [int. Haward] of Easton and Sarah Leach, Nov. 11, 1762 [Hayward of Easton, PCR]
Jonathan and Mary Johnson, Mar. 7, 1769
Jonathan [int. Jr.] and Mary [int. Molly] Hayward, July 29, 1795
Joseph and Mehetable Dunham, May 30, 1700*
Joseph Jr. and Sarah Crossman, Sept. 9, 1703*
Joseph of Raynham and Mary Cohoon, Apr. 10, 1744 [Cahoone, PCR]
Joseph and Olive Manley, Oct. 20, 1768
Joseph of Raynham and Relief Hooper, int. Aug. 16, 1788
Joseph [int. 2d] and Sylvia Conant, Dec. 1, 1814
Josiah and Sarah Kinsley, July 19, 1715*
Josiah and Sarah Moore, Oct. 11, 1738* [More, PCR]
Josiah and Mary Perkins, Feb. 11, 1741* [Josiah Jr. and Mary Perkens, CR1]
Josiah Jr. and Mary Dunham, Nov. 16, 1756* [Haward and Mercy D[illegible], Mar. 16, PCR]
Kinsley and Hannah Pool of Hallifax, int. Nov. 2, 1805
Kinsley and Sarah Osborn of E. Bridgewater, int. July 21, 1833
Laura L.B., 18, d. Erastus and Mary, and Freeman Jones, 22, shoemaker, s. Samuel and Abagail, Nov. 21, 1849
Lavina and Philander Dean, Dec. 19, 1830 [Lavina, d. Solomon and Zeruiah, CR1]
Lois and Mosses Symmons [int. Moses Simmons], Nov. 23, 1769 [Moses Simmons, PCR]
Lucinda T. and Jesse Packard 2d, Sept. 15, 1833* PR14
Lucretia O., 21, d. Otis and William L. Gordon, 27, moulder, s. John, Sept. 1, 1844
Lucy and William Bozworth of Hallifax, int. Feb. 21, 1807
Lucy and Nathan H. Dunphe, int. Aug. 17, 1839
Luther and Bettie Willis, Dec. 12, 1785 [Betty, PCR]
Luther and Raney White of Marshfield, int. Aug. 30, 1794
Luther Jr. and Clarissa Ingels [int. Clarissa Richards Ingall], June 27, 1812
Luther and Bethiah Copeland, Feb. 19, 1834
Lydia and James Perigo, Mar. 6, 1727-8*
Lydia and Samuel Turner, Mar. 23, 1794
Lydia and Nathan Richards, Nov. 24, 1813
Lydia P. and Peleg Osborne Jr. of E. Bridgewater, int. Oct. 26, 1834
Malatiah and Samuel Dunber, Dec. 14, 1732* [Melitiah Howard and Samuel Dunbar, CR1]
Manley and Mary Bunk [int. Monk], Mar. 22, 1804 [date in later handwriting]
Martha and James Allen Jr., int. May 20, 1761
Martha [int. of Easton crossed out] and Joseph Perkins, Aug. 11, 1761 [Haward, both of Middleborough, PCR]
Martha and How [int. Howe] Keith, Mar. 27, 1795 [How, PCR. Patty Howard and Howe Keith, PR1]
Martin and Susanna Manley, June 16, 1808 [date in later handwriting]
Mary and William Ames, Dec. 13, 1698*
Mary and Thomas Ames, Feb. 27, 1706*
Mary and David Kingman, Mar. 1, 1731-2* [Mercy, PCR]
Mary and Samuell Dunbar [int. Dunber], Feb. 11, 1745 [Haward and Samuel Dunbar, PCR]
Mary and Benjamin Marshal, Dec. 29, 1768 [Marshall, PCR]
Mary and Daniell Haward, Nov. 12, 1772
Mary and Zebedee [int. Zebede] Snell, July 2, 1777
Mary [int. Molly] and Jonathan Hayward [int. Jr.], July 29, 1795
Mary (see Polly)
Mary and Gannett Marshall of Stoughton, int. July 21, 1810
Mary and Isaac Fobes, Oct. 20, 1811
Mary and Rotheus Washburn, Oct. 18, 1829 [Mary, d. Solomon Jr. and Mary, and
Rotheus Washburn, s. Solomon and Sally, CR1. Mary, d. Solomon and Betsey (Bates), and Rotheus Washburn, PR1]
Mary, d. Timothy and Mary, and Henry Hall, farmer, s. David and Hannah, Jan. 10, 1849
Mary T. and Orville Leonard, Dec. 6, 1838
Mehetabel and Edward Keith, Sept. 23, 1778 [Mehetibel, CR1]
Mehetable and Samuell Edson, Mar. 1, 1737-8*
Melatiah (see Malatiah)
Mercy and Elisha Dunbar, Apr. 6, 1727*
Mercy (see Mary)
Molly and Robert Edson, June 6, 1782 [Molle, CR1]
Molly (see Mary)
Naomi and Joseph Alger Jr., Mar. 24, 1746-7*
Nathan and Rhoda Cary, Nov. 17, 1818
Nathanael and Hannah Soule of Plimton, int. Mar. 5, 1768
Nathaniel and Mary Harvey, June 21, 1716*
Nathaniell and Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] Curtis of Hallifax, Apr. 5, 1743 [Nathaniel and Elizabeth Curtiss of Hallifax, PCR]
Nathaniell Jr. and Mary Packard, Mar. 5, 1762 [Nathaniel Howard Jr., PCR. Nathaniel Hayward Jr., CR1]
Olive [int. Howard] and Joseph Fobes [int. Jr.] of Easton, Nov. 24, 1780 [Hayward and Jsoeph Fobes of Easton, PCR. Hayward and Joseph Fobes Jr. of Easton, CR1]
Olive and Daniel Leach Jr., int. May 31, 1794
Olive and Hayward Marshall [int. of Stoughton], June 8, 1794
Oliver and Tabitha Howard of Stoughton, int. Nov. 11, 1786
Oliver and Anna Washburn, Aug. 31, 1797
Oliver and Lucy Hooper, Mar. 13, 1815 [? in Middleborough]
Otis and Betsey Parris, int. June 30, 1804 [in -----, PR1]
Patience and John Willis, Dec. 9, 1724*
Patty (see Martha)
Perez [int. Peres Howard] and Hannah Lincoln of Scituate, Aug. 17, 1795 in Scituate.
Persis [int. Perses] and Caleb Hayward, Jan. 28, 1773
Peter and Abigail Williams, Dec. 14, 1732* [Howard, CR1]
Phebe and Josiah Washburn Jr. [int. omits Jr], May 3, 1753 [Pheba and Josiah Washburne, PCR. Phebe, d. Thomas, and Josiah Washburn, s. Josiah, PR36]
Polly and John Tilden, Dec. 31, 1795
Polly and Joseph Alden Jr., Dec. 21, 1800 [? in Middleborough] [Mary, PR1]
Polly and Oliver Washburn, Feb. 5 [int. Mar. 17 sic], 1804 [Mary Howard (second w), May 30, PR1]
Rebeca and Isaac Willis Jr., Oct. 19, 1759* [Rebeccah Haward, Oct. 9, PCR]
Rebeccah [int. Rebecca] and Jonas Reynolds, May 30, 1798
Sally and Caleb Alden, Nov. 25, 1790*
Samuel and Hannah Hill, Dec. 13, 1732* [Samuel Howard, CR1]
Sarah and Nathanael Brett, Nov. 21, 1683*
Sarah and Joseph Latham, Nov. 27, 1717*
Sarah and Josiah Winslow of Freetown, Jan. 10, 1721-2*
Sarah and David Connant, Nov. 28, 1723*
Sarah and Issachar [int. Isachar] Snell, Nov. 8, 1760 [Issachar, PCR]
Sarah [int. of Easton] and Isaac Buck, Feb. 4, 1773
Sarah of Raynham and Levi Edson, int. Sept. 3, 1774
Sarah and Noah Whitman, int. Nov. 19, 1774
Sarah and Ansel Cobb, int. June 4, 1796
Sarah and Capt. Robert Packard, May 27, 1798
Sarah and Plato Turner, Apr. --, 1803* PR1
Sarah and Daniel Brett Jr., Sept. 9, 1807
Sarah and Hayward Manley, Mar. 24, 1816
Sarah and Timothy [int. adds S.] Harlow of E. Bridgewater, Sept. 25, 1842 [Timothy of E. Bridgewater, CR1]
Sarah W. and Charles Fuller, July 5, 1829
Scipio and Sarah Edson, Feb. 7, 1726-7*
Seth and Tabitha Pratt, Sept. 6, 1748*
Seth and Sarah [int. Sally] Washburn, Feb. 2, 1792 [Sarah, PCR]
Silas [int. of Brantree] and Mary Thayer [int. Theyer], Dec. 9, 1779 [Silas and Mary Thayer, PCR]
Silence (see Susanna)
Silvanus [int. Sylvanus] and Sarah Snow, June 11, 1781 [Sylvanus Howard, PCR]
Simeon and Mary Bessee, Mar. 17, 1757* [Haward and Mary Besse, PCR]
Solomon and Zeruiah Washburn, Apr. 16, 1782 [Zerviah, PCR. CR1. Howard and Zeruiah Washburn, PR1]
Solomon Jr. and Betsy [int Betsey] Bates, July 19, 1807
Sophronia M. and Willard Whitman of E. Bridgewater, Mar. 7, 1830
Sullivan and Harriet Snow, int. May 15, 1824
Susan [int. Susanna] and Josiah Copeland of Easton, Sept. 11, 1794, in Easton.
Susanna [dup. Susannah] and Thomas Hayward Sr. [dup. omits Sr.], Nov. 11, 1702 [dup. in Scituate]
Susanna and Elihu Brett, Dec. 17, 1706*
Susanna and Jonathan Packard, Dec. 24, 1719*
Susanna and Joshua Haward, May 6, 1724*
Susanna and David Dunbar, Mar. 16, 1737-8*
Susanna and David Whitman, July 13, 1738*
Susanna [int. Silence] and Benjamin Price, Oct. 17, 1743 [Silence, PCR]
Susanna and Nathanael Harvey Jr., int. Oct. 27, 1764 "y" Bans were forbidden.
Susanna and Jessee Edson 2d, int. July 30, 1768
Susanna and [int. Dr.] James Thatcher [int. Thacher] of Plymouth, Apr. 28, 1785 [Thatcher of Plymouth, PCR. Susanna and Dr. James Thacher of Plymouth, CR1]
Sylvia and Solomon Stone of Easton, June 8, 1817
Tabatha and John Colwell, Oct. 20, 1816
Tabitha and Jacob Hayward, Nov. 11, 1742*
Thomas Sr. [dup omits Sr.] and Susanna [dup. Susannah] Hayward, Nov. 11, 1702 [dup. in Scituate]
Thomas and Elisabeth Byram, June 4, 1746*
Thomas [int. 3d] and Hannah Hayward, July 19, 1781 [Thomas, PCR]
Thomas 2d and Cynthia Gardner, Nov. 17, 1791 [? in Middleborough]
Timothy and Mary Reed, wid., Nov. 12, 1730*
Timothy and Hannah Pratt, July 16, 1767
Timothy and Huldah Ames, Apr. 29, 1792
Timothy and Mary Crooker Stetson, Feb. 10, 1827
Timothy Jr. and Sarah Billings, int. Oct. 11, 1817
Waldo [int. Waldow] Jr. and Polly Alger, Jan. 16, 1817
Waldow and Lucy Bartlett, Dec. 5, 1781 [Bartlett, PCR]
Walter and Ruth Alden of Middleborough, int. Mar. 16, 1793
Walter and Jane Mitchell of Enfield, int. Sept. 9, 1835
William and Abigail Kinsley of Easton, Dec. 17, 1728, in Easton*
William of Raynham and Nancey Green, int. June 12, 1779
Zadock [int. of Plymouth] and Experience Bearse, May 12, 1768 [Zadock, PCR]
Ziba and Lucie [int. Lucey] Conant, Sept. 9, 1773 [Lucy, CR1. PR19]
Ziba Jr. and Sally Bozworth of Hallifax, int. Nov. 22, 1806 [Ziba and Sarah Bosworth, m. May 17, 1807, PR1]
Zina [int. of N. Bridgewater] and Almira Jenkins, Dec. 5, 1822

HEARINGTON (also see Harrington, Herington)

Susanna of Foster, Providence Co., and Zephaniah Ellis, Nov. 28, 1799

HEARSAY (also see Hearsey, Hersey)

David and Esther Read, Aug. 6, 1707*
Deborah and William Teryl, Apr. 27, 1709*

HEARSEY (also see Hearsay, Hersey)

Alice and Noah Harden, Dec. 18, 1816
Betty of New Glocester, Hampshire Co., and Samuel Porter, int. Mar. 17, 1792
Galen of Abington and Polly Johnson, Apr. 23, 1813
Jacob and Polly Drake, Oct. 15, 1812
James Jr. of Abington and Aletheia Pool, int. Apr. 10, 1781
John of Abington and Experience Thomas, int. Mar. 19, 1773
John and Sarah Lothrop, Dec. 3, 1807
Joseph Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Abington and Sarah White, Aug. 29, 1799
Lydia and John Harden, Jr. [int. omits Jr] of Abington, Dec. 9, 1779 [John Jr. of Abington, PCR]
Martha of Abington and Jacob Dawes, int. May 12, 1800
Molly and David Churchil [int. Churchell] Jr., June 1, 1797
Obadiah [dup. Hearsy] of Abington and Naomi [int. Naomie] Reed, Apr. 17, 1777
Solomon Jr. and Sylvia Gurney, Jan. 13, 1802
Susanna and Achish [int. Achesh] Pool, Nov. 14, 1799
Thomas of Abington and Deborah Pool, Feb. 7, 1793
William Jr. and Molly Pratt of Abington, int. May 9, 1778


Mary [int. Hedgburn] and Hezekiah Egarton [int. Eggarton], Jan. 15, 1754

HEFFORD (also see Haford, Hayford, Heford, Heiford)

Abigail and Thomas Washburn Sr., July 24, 1711*
Jemima and James Lennard, Feb. 17, 1736-7*

HEFORD (also see Haford, Hayford, Hefford, Heiford)

Edward and Ruth Bryant, Jan. 27, 1709-10*

HEIFORD (also see Haford, Hayford, Hefford, Heford)

John and Lydia Peirce, July 3, 1706*
John [int. of Midleborough] and Sarah Conant, Oct. 10, 1754 [John, PCR]


Sabery and Elias Spear of Braintree, int. Nov. 27, 1802

HENDREY (also see Hendry, Henry)

James [int. Handrey] and Mehetabel Hall, May 17, 1770
Jennet [Henry in later handwriting after Hendrey, int. Janet Hendrey] and Hosea Dunbar [int. of Hallifax], Oct. 22, 1767 [Jennet Hendry and Hosea Dunbar, PCR]

HENDRY (also see Hendrey, Henry)

Margret [int. Hendrey] and John Montgomery [int Jr.] of Middleborough, Feb. 28, 1771

HENRY (also see Hendrey, Hendry)

Mohitteble, wid., and Alexander Morrison of Blanford, Dec. 18, 1783, in Blanford.*
Thomas [int. of Boston] and Ann Miller, Mar. 21, 1743


Cornelia A. and Christopher W. Spaulding, Nov. 11, 1838,* CR5

HERINGTON (also see Harrington, Hearington)

Daniel and Mary Leonard, Jan. 10, 1732-3* [Daniel Herrington of Malborough, CR1]

HERMON (also see Harmon)

Thomas [int. Harmon, dup. int. Harmon of Boston] and Lucy Jess, blacks, Oct. 10, 1804

HERRINGTON (see Herington)

HERSEY (also see Hearsay, Hearsey)

Jane [int. Hearsey] of Abington and Micah White Jr., Dec. 6, 1792, in Abington
Olive of Abington and Thomas Gurney, Dec. 26, 1778, in Abington*
Sarah [int. Hearsey] of Abington and Luther Lazell [int. Lazel], July 1, 1776 [sic, int. June 15, 1777] in Abington.
William [int. Hearsey Jr.] and Naomy [int. Naomi] Hunt of Abington, Feb. 12, 1781, in Abington.

HERVEY (also see Harvey)

Galen [int. Harvey] of W. Bridgewater and Sally Keith, Dec. 27, 1824 [Harvey of W. Bridgewater, CR3]

HEWENS (also see Hewins)

Jacob of Stoughton [int. Stoughtonham] and Hannah Alger, Sept. 30, 1776

HEWINS (also see Hewens)

Nathan and Anna Alger, Aug. 9, 1818

HICKS (also see Hiks)

Daniel [int. David] G. of Boston and Naomi S. Crooker, Dec. 25, 1828 [David G. of Boston and Naomi S. Crooker, d. Zenas dec'd, CR1------Hicks and Naomi Stetson Crooker, d. Zenas and Content (Stetson), PR1]

HICKSON (see Hixon)

HIDE (also see Hyde)

Ephraim and Polly Dresser of Pomfret, int. Dec. 14, 1793

HIKS (also see Hicks)

Mary of Killingly and Joseph Packard, int. Nov. 1, 1777


Abijah and Sarah Lawson, May 12, 1749*
Anna [second dup. Ann] and Joseph Vinton [int. Vinten] of Braintree, Sept. 30, 1774 [second dup. July 30, 1774, in Braintree]
Anna and Ephraim Cary Jr., July 23, 1809
Barnum and Mary Ellis of Raynham, int. Feb. 8, 1806
Bezar and Hannah G. Orr, Nov. 28, 1816
David and Mary Buck, Dec. 11, 1733*
Ebenezer and Susanna Lennard, Mar. 22, 171[worn]* [Mar. 22, 1714, PR103]
Ebenezer and Abigail Stoder of Abington, Jan. 24, 1748-9, in Abington*
Ebenezer and Bathsheba Roggers of Weymouth, int. Feb. 1, 1777
Eleazer and Anna Field [int. Feild], Jan. 30, 1769 [Hannah Field, PCR]
Eunice and Abraham Joslin [int. Joslen Jr.] of Pembrook, May 18, 1769 [Josselyn Jr. of Pembroke, PCR]
Hager [int. Hagar] and Andrew Pompy, Negrows [int. "Free Negroes"], Apr. 9, 1780 [Hagar, blacks, PCR]
Hannah and Samuel Hayward, Dec. 13, 1732* [Samuel Howard, CR1]
Hannah and William Snow, Nov. 7, 1743
Horace W. of Swanzey and Mrs. L. Tillson, int. Mar. 11, 1843
Israel and Beriah Latham, June 27, 1748*
Jacob and Abigail Bonney [int. Bonne] of Pembroke, Feb. 25, 1754, in Pembroke
Jacob Jr. and Ann Tribou, Sept. 25, 1780 [A. Ann, PCR]
Jerusha and William Snow, Apr. 18, 1776
Joseph and Susan [int. Susanna] Stowel of Hingham, Nov. 26, 1773, in Hingham.
Josiah Jr. and Abigail Beal, Sept. 16, 1779
Leonard and Polly Willis, Feb. 20, 1817
Leonard of E. Bridgewater and Pamelia Cushing, int. Mar. 27, 1836
Lois and Pompy [int. Pomp] Freeman [int. "negroman"] of Bedford, Jan. 20, 1773
Mary and Elnathan Basset, June 19, 1702*
Mary and Benaiah Smith of Easton, ----, 1738* [Benajah of Easton, Nov. 22, PCR]
Mary and Nathaniel Ames, Nov. 2, 1783
Melzer [int. Melzar] and Mary Howland, Dec. 23, 1813
Molly [int. Molley] and Nehemiah Shaw, Nov. 16, 1775
Nancy A. and Roswell Harvey of Taunton, Aug. 5, 1832
Nathanael and Hannah Conant, May 30, 1710*
Noah and Hannah Beal, Nov. 26, 1780 [Hannah, CR1]
Phillip E. and Louisa [int. Lousa] Leach, Dec. 10, 1826 [Louisa, CR3. Philip E. and Louisa P. Leach, PR43]
Polly [int. Gill] of Stoughton and John Howard, Jan. 29, 1795, in Stoughton
Prudy and Zebedee Briggs of Dighton, Jan. 19, 1791
Ruth and James Hogg, Jan. 23 1704*
Sarah and Samuel Codding [int. Codden] of Taunton, Mar. 27, 1781 [Hills and Samuel Codding of Taunton, PCR]
Solomon and Rachel Stowel, int. Nov. 21, 1790 [m. Feb. 24, 1791, PCR]
Solomon and Sally Hollis, Jan. 25, 1797
Susanna and John Smith, June 27, 1777

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