Bridgewater, MA Vital Records (Marriages) to 1850
Published by:
New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1916
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames Kelly to Kyle

* Intention not recorded


Edward of Warren and Sally [int. Patty] Lewis, Aug. 23, 1801 [? in Middleborough]


Hannah of Dedham and Benjamin Farrington, int. Nov. 6, 1831

KENEDY (also see Kennedy)

Thomas and Jane Gilmore, Oct. 24, 1735*

KENNEDY (also see Kenedy)

Jane and Samuell Waters, Feb. 26, 1756*

KENNISTON (see Kenaston)


Lydia of Stoughton and Phinehas Beal, int. Oct. 5, 1793


John of Cohasset and Else Jenkins, int. June 15, 1793

KEYES (see Kies, Kyes)

KEYSER (also see Keyzer)

Lydia of Easton and Daniel Keith, Oct. 21, 1756, in Easton.*
Mary [int. Keyzer] of Easton and Henry Kingman Jr., June 18, 1761, in Easton.

KEYZER (also see Keyser)

Lydia and William French, Jan. 13, 1767 [Lidia Keyser, PCR]
Mary and Isaiah Fuller, Sept. 30, 1768

KIES (also see Kyes)

Lucy K. [int. Keies, omits K.] and John M. Taber [int. of Fair Haven], June --[int. June 9], 1821
Walter and Lois Swift, Aug. 20, 1793

KIETH (also see Keith)

James and Lydia Perkins, int. Oct. 6, 1744


Thomas and Mary Bunton, July 22, 1735*

KIMBALL (also see Kimbell)

Harvey and Mary Ann Hall, wid. John L., d. Hosea Leach and Hannah (Keith), Oct. 13, 1839,* PR65
Hervey and Caroline F. Edson of W. Bridgewater, int. Sept. 17, 1848 [Harvey, m. Oct. 25, CR2]
Mary Jane of Needham and James Ritchie, int. Oct. 25, 1843

KIMBELL (also see Kimball)

Samuel of Easton and Hannah Packard, wid., Nov. 30, 1797


Thomas and Tabitha Buck, int. Mar. 29, 1755


Barzillia of Easton and Betsey Chessman, int. Apr. 11, 1812
Betsey [int. Betty] and Edward Keith, Nov. 20, 1777 [Elizebeth CR1]
George of Roxbury and Cassandra A. [int. omits A.] Fobes, Oct. 3, 1831 [Capt. George of Roxbury and Cassandra A. Fobes, d. Caleb and Mary, CR1]
Hesadiah of Raynham and Hezekiah Hayward, int. Nov. 26, 1791 [Hesediah and Hesekiah Hayward, m ----, 1791, PR19]
Hezekiah and Sarah Read, May 14, 1712*
Jabez and Mary Washburn, Apr. 12, 1753* [Washburne, PCR]
Joanna of Taunton and Robert Snell, int. Sept. 30, 1786
Mary and Edward Richmond of Taunton, int. Dec. 25, 1784
Mary K. [int Mrs.] and Charles H. Alden of Middleborough, Aug. 28, 1843
Mercy and Eliezer Snow, July 11, 1728*
Philip C. and Mariett Alden, int. May 26, 1849 [Phillip Calvin King and Mariett Alden, d. Elijah and Hannah (Bassett), m. June 14, PR97]
Polly of Raynham and Solomon Alden Jr., int. Apr. 1, 1786
Ring, "Negro man," and Rose Glassco, "negro woman," of Plimton, int. Nov. 22, 1777
Susan of Raynham and Roger W. Hammond, int. Oct. 28, 1841
Thomas and Priscilla Sampson, int. Nov. 9, 1799 "Sd Priscilla Sampson forbade her Publishment Nov. 23rd."


Abel and Lucy Washburn, Nov. 15, 1792
Abel [int. Capt.] and Betsey Manley, Nov. 16, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Abiel and Mary Cary Shaw [int. omits Shaw], Jan. 12, 1819
Abigail and Jacob Allen, Jan. 1, 1729-30*
Abigail and Samuell Dawes [int. Daws], Jan. 1, 1755
Abigal [int. Abigail] and Daniell Dunbar, May 2, 1771
Abner [int. Abbner] and Susanna Lennard, Jan. 14, 1762 [Abner and Susanna Leoanrd, CR1]
Adam and Ruth White, Mar. 27, 1760*
Adam and Anna Hollis, wid., Nov. 2, 1780*
Alexander and Sarah Lathrop, Oct. 16, 1755
Alexander and Abier Knapp of Raynham, int. Apr. 10, 1790
Ambrose of Reading and Esther Edson, int. Oct. 20, 1810
Ann and Gershom Conant, Aug. 15, 1738,* CR1
Barzee and Molly Phillips, Mar. 24, 1791
Benjamin and Rhoda Packard [int. Rhoda Shaw], Sept. 18, 1783 [Rhoda Packard, Sept. 28, PCR]
Benjamin and Rebecca Packard, Dec. 4, 1817
Benjamin S. of Easton and Sally S. Lincoln, Apr. 25, 1840
Bethia (see Bithia)
Bethia and James Allen, Jan. 1, 1736*
Bethia and Robert Robbinson, Dec. 2, 1772
Bethiah and Eleazer Keith [int. Jr.], Aug 10, 1793 [Eleazer, PCR]
Bettie and Robert Dunbar, June 13, 1771
Bithiah and Benjamin Washburn, Feb. 11, 1713-14*
Caleb and Freelove Fenno of Stoughton, Oct. 1, 1767, in Stoughton.
Charity and Uriah Brett, June 4, 1760*
Charlotte and Rev. Ralph Sanger of Dover, ----- [rec. between July 8 and Nov. 23], 1817 [Charlotte, d. Ezra Esq. of E. Bridgewater, and Ralph Sanger, s. Zedekiah and Irene (Freeman), PR1]
Clarissa and Thomas Parris, int. Aug. 19, 1815
Damon and Polly Snell, Aug. 12, 1814
David and Mary Hayward, Mar. 1, 1731-2* [Mercy, PCR]
David Jr. and Abigail Hall, Aug. 5, 1752*
Deliverance and Jacob Michell, Jan. 1, 1695-6*
Deliverance and Ebenezer Orcut, Apr. 22, 1725*
Desire and John Orcut, June 27, 1721*
Ebenezer and Content Turner, Aug. 15, 1740*
Eliphalet and Zilpha Edson, Nov. 26, 1801
Eliza and Elijah Hayward of Hanover, Nov. 13, 1809
Elizabeth and Thomas Michell, Jan. 1, 1695-6*
Eunice and Peres Southworth, int. Mar. 18, 1780
Eunice and Walter Hatch, Oct. 5, 1780
Eunice and George Williams Jr., Nov. 22, 1797
Eunice and William Wildey, Nov. 29, 1812
Ezra and Susanna Whitman, Nov. 14, 1782
Ezra of Livermore, Oxford Co., and Frances Howard, Dec. 13, 1812
Hannah and John Allden, Nov. 22, 1727*
Hannah and John Wade, Sept. 19, 1751*
Hannah and Robert Orr, Oct. 6, 1766
Hannah of Braintree and Charles Richardson, Dec. 2 [int. Dec. 4, sic], 1773, in Braintree.
Hannah and Josiah Williams [int. Jr.], Mar. 10, 1785 [Josiah, PCR]
Hannah and Timothy Reed [int. of Middleborough], Jan. 31, 1788 [Timothy, PCR. Timothy Esq., GR10]
Hannah and Simeon [int. Simon] Greenleaf of New Glocester, Sept. 18, 1806
Hannah and Jacob Packard [int. 2d of Warwick, Hamshire Co.], Dec. 3, 1806
Hannah and John Richards, Feb. 3, 1820
Harmony and Joel Packard, Nov. 1, 1785
Henry and Mary Allen, Nov. 24, 1726*
Henry and Abigail Copland [int. Copeland], Mar. 15, 1743
Henry Jr. and Mary Keyser [int. Keyzer] of Easton, June 18, 1761, in Easton.
Henry 2d and Anna Bryant, Jan. 16, 1792
Huldah and Perez Wiliams, Aug. 22, 1788
Huldah and Noah Edson of Hadley, Hamshire Co., June 8, 1814
Isaac and Jane Kingman, Jan. 13, 1729-30*
Isaac Jr. and Content Packard, Dec. 4, 1769
Isaac and Ruth Loring, wid., Mar. 18, 1770 [Mar. 15, PCR]
Jabez and Phebe Brett, June 7, 1818
Jane and Isaac Kingman, Jan. 13, 1729-30*
Jane and Elisha Gurney, Mar. 13, 1760*
Jane and James Loring, Jan. 31, 1770
Jenny and Micah Shaw, Nov. 11, 1793
Joanna and Akerman Pettingale, Sept. 17, 1723*
John and Bethiah Newcomb, Dec. 1, 1698*
John and Ann Pettingail, wid., Feb. 13, 1772
Jonathan and Mary Keith, Mar. 15, 1731-2* [Mercy, Mar. 1, PCR]
Jonathan Jr. and Hannah Copland, Mar. 29, 1759* [Copeland, PCR]
Jonathan Jr. and Mehtabel Hudson, Feb 19, 1793 [Mehitable, PCR]
Jonathan Jr. of W. Bridgewater and Abigail K. Orr of E. Bridgewater, Dec. 13, 1827*
Joseph and Eunace Josselyne [int. Eunice Joslyn] of Pembroke, Dec. 16, 1791, in Pembroke.
Joseph Jr. and Huldah K. Williams, Nov. -- [int. Nov. 10], 1821
Josiah and Mary Williams, Nov. 16, 1737*
Josiah of Middleborough and Chloe Fobes, int. Feb. 16, 1782
Kezia and Eliezar Keith, June 9, 1726*
Kezia and Cyrus Packard, Apr. 16, 1795
Lemuel and Deborah Loring, Nov. 26, 1754
Lenity [int. Lannato, wid.] and Edward Hayford, May 19, 1779 [Lehity Kingman, PCR]
Lucy and William Hudson Jr., Nov. 5, 1767
Lydia and John Allen, July 5, 1733*
Mara and William Phillips, int. Feb. 21, 1795
Marcia and Arza Keith of Norton, May 29, 1814
Martha and Benjamin Washburn, Aug. 6, 1729*
Martha and James Alger, Nov. 8, 1750*
Martha and Thomas Thompson [int. Thomson Jr.], Aug. 5, 1792 [Thompson, PCR]
Martin and Phebe Packard, Oct. 14, 1816
Mary and William Keith, Feb. 15, 1737-8*
Mary and Benjamin Vickory, Dec. 21, 1739*
Mary and Benjamin Pettingail, Apr. 30, 1747*
Mary and Henry Howard of Easton, Nov. 16, 1757, in Easton*
Mary and Charles Snell, Apr. 16, 1778
Mary [int. of Braintree] and Warren Stowel [int. Stowell], Feb. 27, 1782 [Mary and Warren Stowell, PCR]
Mary [int. of Sharon] and Ephraim Cary, May 25, 1784 [Mary, May 21, PCR]
Mary [int. Polly] and Packard Foard, Dec. 11, 1808
Mary and Lawson [sic, Laruen, int. Lauren] Ford [int. Esq.] of Herkimon, Oct. 9, 1816
Mary and Bela Keith, Jan. 1, 1821
Mathew and Jane Packard, Nov. 6, 1755*
Mehetabel and Ebenezer Wade, Mar. 1, 1759* [Mehitable, PCR]
Mehetabel and John Ford, Dec. 11, 1794 [Mehitable, PCR]
Molly and Robert Young, Dec. 31, 1776
Molly and David Haward, Oct. 15, 1778
Nabbe and Uriah Brett, Oct. 5, 1790
Nabby and Malachi Delano of Duxbury, July 22, 1807
Nancy of Mansfield and Sprague Snow, int. Nov. 11, 1820
Nathan and Linata [int. Lanata] Thomas, Sept. 7, 1773
Nathan and Chloe Smith of Norton, Dec. 19, 1785, in Norton
Nathan and Polly Reed of Pembroke, int. Mar. 26, 1822
Philip D. and Betsey B. Washburn of Middleboro, June 24, 1834
Polly (see Mary)
Ruth and Jonathan Mahurin, Mar. 3, 1774 [Mehuren, CR1]
Samuel and Phebe Washburn, Feb. 3, 1736-7*
Samuell and Mary Michell, Jan. 1, 1695-6*
Sarah and Benjamin Pratt, June 24, 1719*
Sarah and William Shurtleff [int. Shirtlief], Feb. 7, 1745 [Shurtleff, PCR]
Seth and Judith Washburn, int. July 14, 1787
Seth and Jenny Edson, int. Mar 2. 1811
Sidney S., 22, shoemaker, of W. Bridgewater, s. Alvah and Minerva of W. Bridgewater, and Maria Reed, 22, of W. Bridgewater, d. Josiah and Jenetta of W. Bridgewater, Nov. 18, 1847*
Simeon and Rebecca Freeman of Eastham, Oct. 15, 1778, in Orleans.
Sophia of Middleborough and Soranus Wentworth, int. Mar. 17, 1839 [Sophia (second w) and Soranus Wentworth, s. Theophilus and Betsey, m. Apr. 8, PR90]
Submitt [int. Submit] and Simeon Shurtleff [int. of Stoughton], Aug. 16, 1781 [Submit and Simeon Shurteff, PCR]
Susanna and Chilton Latham, Dec. 6, 1699*
Susanna, Mrs. [int. Susan, omits Mrs.] and Daniel Howard 3d, Nov. 4, 1802


Abiel of Easton and Sarah Howard [int. Haward], Jan. 15, 1778, in Easton.
Abigail (Kinsley) of Milton and Thomas Snell, Sept. 3, 1702, in Manfield*
Abigail of Easton and William Hayward, Dec. 17, 1728, in Easton.*
Azel and Pattie [int. Patte] Howard, June 16, 1785 [Patte, PCR]
Bethia and William Brett, May 15, 1732* [Bethiah Kingsley, PCR]
Calvin of Easton and Susanna Lathrop, June 1, 1773
Cephas and Zilpha Leonard of Pomfret, Vt., int. Dec. 19, 1787
Daniel and Molly Keith, Dec. 1, 1785
Eunice and Sylvanus [int. Silvanus] Leonard, Nov. 19, 1787 [Sylvanus, PCR. Sylvanus, Nov. 4, CR1. Mrs. Eunice and Dr. Silvanus Lonard, Nov. 4, PR105]
Hannah "of the east end of the North purchase" and Edward Howard Jr., Sept. 12, 1751, in Norton.*
Hannah and Peres Snell, Oct. 28, 1787
John and Thankfull Washburn, Feb. 19, 1746* [Thankful Washburne, PCR]
Lydia and Jonathan Burr, int. Sept. 15, 1792 [m. Oct. 4, PCR]
Mary and Thomas Willis, Dec. 18, 1716*
Nabby Keith of Minot and Cyrus Alden, int. Aug. 27, 1808
Nathan of Easton and Betty Dunber, Dec. 10, 1744 [Kingsley of Easton and Betty Dunbar, PCR]
Nymphas and Molly Richmond of Taunton, int. Oct. 25, 1800
Rodolphus [int. Rhodolphus] of Stoughton and Salome Cary, Aug. 11, 1794 [int. omits Jr.] and Hannah Hayward, Apr. 22, 1772 [Samuel Kingsley, PCR]
Sarah and Josiah Hayward, July 19, 1715*
Silas of Easton and Rebecca Littlefield, July 25, 1758, in Easton*
Silas of Easton and Rebecca Packard, Dec. 24 [dup. Nov. 24], 1774
Susanna and Samuel Packard, July 22, 1729*


Sarah, "negro woman," and Oxford, "negro man" of Joseph Gannet Jun," int. Mar. 29, 1755

KNAP (also see Knapp)

Abiah of Raynham and Robert Fobes, int. Sept. 4, 1779
Gorge Jr. [int. George, omits Jr.] of Raynham and Tabitha Peters, Dec. 8, 1769 [George Jr. of Raynham, PCR]
Joseph of Norton and Susanna Packard, Aug. 28, 1760* [Susannah, PCR]
Joseph [int. Knapp Jr.] of Easton and Eunice Carver, Jan. 15, 1784 [Knap Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] of Easton, PCR. Knap of Easton and Unice Carver, CR1]

KNAPP (also see Knap)

Abi and Arza Packard, May 20, 1812
Abier of Raynham and Alexander Kingman, int. Apr. 10, 1790
Betsey and Jeptha Howard [int. of Easton], Dec. 1, 1803 [date in later handwriting]
Chloe of Raynham and William Leach Jr., int. Aug. 10, 1782
Eliza Ann and Andrew J. [int. S.] Bosworth of Taunton, June 24, 1840
Lydia and Ezekiel Merritt, Nov. 2, 1809 [date in later handwriting]
Polly and Azel Gurney, Apr. 13, 1815
Zenas of Raynham and Anna Leach, Dec. 7, 1817


Thomas and Susanna Hollis, Oct. 2, 1783 [Oct. 6, PCR]

KYES (also see Kies)

Vina and Hathaway Richmond, int. Oct. 3, 1818


Rebecca and William Bourke, Oct. 4, 1841

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