Bridgewater, MA Vital Records (Marriages) to 1850
Published by:
New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1916
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames Paddleford to Pierce

* Intention not recorded

PADDLEFORD (also see Padelford)

Joshua [int. Padelford] of Taunton and Sybel [int. Sybil] Fobes, Feb. 15, 1825
Pethiar J. of Taunton and Alonzo Williams, int. Feb. 21, 1843

PADELFORD (also see Paddleford)

Huldah and John L. Hall, Aug. 27, 1824 [? in Bridgewater]* PR65


Hannah and Benoni Hayward, Oct. 13, 1743

PAIN (also see Paine)

Elisabeth and Thomas Burgal, Dec. 3, 1769*
John and Hannah Pool, Jan. 4, 1738*
Mary and Jonathan Bozworth, Dec. 12, 1752*

PAINE (also see Pain)

Levi of Randolph and Clementina Maria Leonard [int. Clementiana Maria Leonard], June 11, 1829 [Clementina Maria Leonard, CR3]
Phebe and Abiah Packard, Nov. 30, 1758*

PAKARD (also see Packard, Peckerd)

Susanna and David Orcut, Jan. 16, 1733-4,* CR1


Benjamin and Betsey Willis, int. Mar. 2, 1805
Betsey [int. Betsey, wid.] and Isaac Alden, Oct. 13, 1814
Elkanah of Swansey and Nabby Field [int. Field], Nov. 25, 1776
Mary and James Crooker Jr. of Hallifax, int. Mar. 29, 1806
Mary and James Boldrey, int. May 16, 1807
Silence and Ephraim Tinkham of Hallifax, int. July 28, 1810

PARIS (also see Parris)

Mary of Halifax and Cephas Washburn, int. Oct. 14, 1826


Elizebeth of Newton and Dr. John Staples Crafts, July 6, 1758, in Newton*
Martha and John Ames Jr., May 9, 1771


Rebecca Jane, d. Right. Rev. Bishop Parker of Boston, and Theodore Edson, D.D., graduated at Harvard University 1822, s. Benjamin and Deborah (Perkins), -----, 1824 [? in Boston],* CR2


Betty Dellis of Abington and Seth Latham, int. Mar. 2, 1799. "Said Seth Latham forbade his being futher Published March 9th."


Mary of Middleborough and John Barden, Aug. 23, 1703*

PARRIS (also see Paris)

Benjamin and Sarah Parris of Halifax, Feb. 3, 1774, in Halifax
Benjamin and Lydia Price, int. Sept. 6, 1788
Betsey and Otis Hayward, int. June 30, 1804 [m.----- PR1]
Josiah of Pembrook and Experience Lowden, July 23, 1788 [Lowdin, PCR]
Sarah of Halifax and Benjamin Parris, Feb. 3, 1774, in Halifax
Thomas and Clarissa Kingman, int. Aug. 19, 1815
Thomas of E. Bridgewater and Sally Howard, int. Oct. 25, 1845


Elizabeth W. of Middleborough and Albert G. Pratt, Mar. 5, 1834
Maria L. of Middleborough and Solomon Keith, Nov. 29, 1839 [Nov. 23, PR51]


Hannah and Ichabod Norton of Rochester, Feb. 26, 1764, in Rochester


Alexander and Ellen Clary, int. Oct. 27, 1846. "Forbidden by Alex Patterson."
Alexander and Johan [int. Joanna] Callahan, Mar. 6, 1847 [Johan CR2]
Daniel W. and Cordelia P. Braley of Middleborough, int. Nov. 19, 1848

PAUL (also see Paull)

Catherine [int. Catharine] and Samuel Gould, July 22, 1832 [Catharine, CR3]
Phinehas [int. of Quincy] and Jane [int. Jennet] Packard, Apr. 12, 1801
Rowana of Taunton and Aretas Fobes, int. Jan. 28, 1826 [Rowena Paull, m. Feb. 20, PR23]

PAULL (also see Paul)

Almira S. of Taunton and Sylvanus Keith, int. Oct. 24, 1838

PEARCE (also see Peirce, Pierce)

Ford [int. Bearce] and Harriet Shaw, Mar. 28, 1820 [This entry marked "should be 'Bearce'"]
John of Pembroke and Susanna Newland, Jan. 26, 1710-11*


Elijah [int. of Abington] and Mary White, Nov. 17, 1776, in Abington
Moses (see Moses Pike)

PECKERD (also see Packard, Pakard)

Mary and Amos Snell, May 2, 1700*

PEEGIN (also see Pegin)

Nanny [int. Nanna] and Prince Richrds [int. blacks], Mar. 5, 1787 [Nancy, PCR]

PEGIN (also see Peegin)

Jenny [int. Peegin] and Josiah James, Indians [int. blacks], Apr. 4, 1797
Robert [int. "Indian man"] of Midleborough and Alice James, Jan. 6, 1771 [both of Bridgewater, PCR. Robert of Midleboro, CR1]

PEIRCE (also see Pearce, Pierce)

America, "Negro man" [int. "Free negro man"], and Ann Freeman, "Negro Servant to Zachariah Packard," June 7, 1764
Anthony and Martha Pettingail, wid., Mar. 2, 1748*
Anthony [int. Pearce] and Sile Pratt, Dec. 17, 1778 [Peirce and Silence Pratt, PCR]
Calvin [int. of Scituate] and Huldah Hayward, Dec. 2, 1767 [Calvin, PCR. Pierce, CR1. PR19]
Hannah and Joseph Newel, Dec. 13, 1732*
Jabez N. and Mary G. Holmes of Kingston, int. Aug.1 2, 1821
Jocob [int. Pierce] and Lucy Conant, Aug. 14, 1794 [Pierce, PCR]
Lucy, wid. [int. omits wid.], and Andrew Tucker of Middleborough, June 19, 1814
Lydia and John Heiford, July 3, 1706*
Mary of Scituate and Benjamin Pope, int. Oct. 27, 1792 [m. Nov. 15, PR1]
Sarah and John Pratt of Pembrook, Aug. 28, 1751* [Perce and John Prett of Pembroke, PCR]
-------- of Obron and Daniell Hutson, May 19, 1719, in Medford*


Abigail, wid., and Anthony Cuffe, negroes, int. Mar. 20, 1779


Peleg and Abigail Curtis, "alias Abigail Wampee," int. Dec. 19, 1772


Margery and Benjamin Charles, blacks, int. Aug. 27, 1791


James and Lydia Hayward, Mar. 6, 1727-8*

PERKINS (also see Perkens, Pirkins)

Abigail and Benjamin Hayward, Dec. 25, 1777
Abigail and Jonathan Cary [int. Jr.], Jan. 19, 1784 [Jonathan, PCR]
Abraham and Mary Carver, -----, 1743 [Sept. ---, PCR]
Ann and Mathew Bridge, Sept. 29, 1747*
Ann and Ruben Packard, Oct. 1, 1759* [Anna and Reuben Packard, PCR]
Annee of Stoughton and Jonas Reynolds, int. Mar. 19, 1768
Ansell and Dorothy Battles, May 13, 1819
Ansell of N. Bridgewater and Sarah B. Leach, Oct. 4, 1827
Asa and Huldah Hayward, Nov. 19, 1815
Asa Jr. and Lucia T. [int. F.] Willis, Mar. 18, 1840 [Lucia F., CR3]
Benjamin and Hephzibah Washburn of Middleborough, July 28, 1761 [Hepsibah of Middleborough, PCR]
Benjamin and Hannah Washburn, May 24, 1789
Bethany and Joseph Barrows, int. Nov. 23, 1793 [m. Dec. 17, PCR]
Bethia and Dr. Shubael Lovell of Barnstable, int. May 6, 1797
Bettie and Samuell Snow, June 15, 1775
Bettie [int. wid.] and Solomon Snow [int. of Raynham], Oct. 5, 1780 [Betty and Solomon Snow, PCR. Betty Perkens and Solomon Snow, CR1]
Betty and Benanuel Leach, ------, 1741* [May ---, PCR. Perkens and Beanuel Leach, May 26, CR1]
Charity and Asa Jones, Nov. 27 [Nov. 27 in later handwriting], 1806
Charls [int. Charles] and Abigail Waterman, Mar. 11, 1762 [Charles, PCR. Charles Perkens, CR1]
Cyrus and Salle Howard, int. Mar. 29, 1787 [Cyrus, s. Thomas and Mary (Pratt), and Sally Howard, m ------1787, CR2]
Daniel, Rev., and Anna Foster of Charleston, Nov. 6, 1721, in Walpole*
Daniel and Bathsheba Williams, Sept. 8, 1783
Daniel 2d and Mehitable Robbinson, int. Apr. 1, 1809
Daniel H. of Middleborough and Betsey B. Pratt, int. Nov. 14, 1846
David [int. Esq.] of Fall River and Olive R. Shaw, Jan. 29,1843 [David of Fall River, CR1. David, s. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), and Olive Rosalie Shaw, d. John Angier and Sarah H. (White), Jan. 30, PR1. David, s Jacob and Mary (Thomas), and Olive R. Shaw, Jan. 30, PR13]
Deborah and John Connant [int. Conant Jr.], May 14, 1772 [Perkens and John Conant, CR1]
Deborah and Benjamin Edson, Jan. 3, 1782 [Perkens, CR1. Perkins, d. Thomas, and Benjamin Edson, s. John and Hannah (Allen), CR2. Perkins, d. Thomas, and Benjamin Edson, s. John, GR10]
Dorithy [int. Doritha] and Jacob Packard, Nov. 24, 1742
Dorithy and Solomon Packard, Oct. 5, 1760* [Dorothy, PCR]
Ebenezer and Experience Holmes, Feb. 28, 1750-1* [Experience of Middleborough, PCR. Ebenezer, s. Thomas and Mary (Washburn), and Experience Holmes, PR64]
Ebenezer and Molly Pratt, Aug. 1, 1782 [Perkens and Molle Prat, CR1. Perkins, s. Ebenezer and Experience (Holmes), and Mary Pratt, PR64]
Elijah E. and Elizabeth E. Hall, Dec. 2, 1833 [? in Bridgewater]* PR65
Elisabeth and Consider Bearce [int. Bearse] of Hallifax, Sept. 17, 1761 [Elizabeth and Consider Bearce of Hallifax, PCR]
Elizabeth and Ebenezer Withington of Sharon, Dec. 7, 1797
Elizabeth B. and William D. Bates of Weymouth, int. Sept. 7, 1844
Ellen, 24, d. Jacob and Mary, and Joseph E. Carver, 24, manufacurer, s. Eleazer and Bathsheba, May 28, 1848 [Ellen M., d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), and Joseph E. Carver, s. Eleazer and Bathsheba (Smith), PR1. Ellen, d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), PR13]
Enoch and Susanna Perkins, Mar. 26, 1783 [Enoch, s. Thomas, and Susanna Perkins, d. Francis, CR2]
Francis and Susan [int. Susanna] Waterman of Halifax, Dec. 14, 1762, in Halifax
Francis and Phillibert [int. Philibert] Keith, Mar. 2, 1775
Francis and Polly Leonard, Sept. 3, 1815
Francis of E. Bridgewater and Betsey B. Pincin of E. Bridgewater, Oct. 30, 1830
George S., 27, iron manufacturer, s. Solomon and Clarissa, and Martha A. Pope, 21, d. Benjamin P. and Experience, Dec. 12, 1847 [Martha A., d. Benjamin P. and Experience L. (Pratt), PR94]
George Washington and Anna Ames, int. Sept. 18, 1802
Hannah and Daniell [int. Daniel] Packard, July 14, 1765 [Daniel, PCR]
Hannah and William Edson, Mar. 22, 1812
Hannah, wid., and John Snow, June 4, 1821
Hannah and Passon Howard Sampson, Dec. 19, 1833
Henry, s. Solomon and Clarissa (Robinson), and Amelia Sherman, July 16, 1848, in Stafford, Conn.,* PR64
Hepzibah and Eleazer Carver Jr., Apr. 3, 1746* [Hepsiba, PCR. Apr. 3, 1746 "old Stile," PR34]
Isaac and Joanna Edson, May 2, 1754
Isaac, 22, machinist, s. Asa and Huldah, and Jane F. Greenwood, 18, d. Veris and Sally of Hebron, Me., Nov. 16, 1844
Jacob and Abigail Leonard of Middleborough, Oct. 2, 1788 [? in Middleborough]
Jacob and Mary Thomas of Pembroke, int. Oct. 15, 1808 [m. -----, PR1. m. Dec.-----PR13]
Jacob and Mrs. Susan W. Morse of Groton, int. May 12, 1844
James and Bethiah Dunham, May 5, 1742* [Jeams Perkens and Bethiah Dunam, CR1]
James [int. Jr.] and Mary Hooper, Feb. 14, 1771 [James Jr., PCR. James Perkens Jr., CR1]
James [int. 2d] and Rebecca [int. Bette] Packard, Sept. 25, 1783 [James and Rebecca Packard, PCR]
James and Susan Lee, int. Dec. 9, 1848 [m. Dec. 24, CR2]
Jemima and Levi Keith, Nov. 8, 1759*
Jemima [int. of Stoughton] and Joseph Reynolds, Sept. 17, 1772
Jesse, Capt., and Bliss Phiney [int. Phinney], Nov. 12, 1789 [Phiney, PCR]
Jesse, Capt., and Sally Silvester, Aug. 17, 1808 [date in later handwriting]
Jesse Jr. and Elizabeth Crafts of Middleborough, int. Sept. 9, 1815
Jessee and Susanna Feild, June 5, 1769
Joanna of Middleborough and Dan Shaw, Mar. 30, 1780 [? in Middleborough]
John H., Dr., and Vinee [int. Vinea] Lathrop, Apr. 11, 1793 [Vinee, PCR]
Jonas, Rev. [int omits Rev.] and Rhoda Keith, Apr. 19, 1815
Jonathan and Bethiah Hayward, Jan. 17, 1737-8*
Jonathan Jr. and Abigail Packard, July 21, 1752*
Jonathan and Priscilla Bourn of Pembroke, ------, 1757, in Pembroke*
Jonathan 3d and Mary Hamblen late of New Milford, Conn., int. June 15, 1865 [sic?, 1765]
Jonathan [int Jr.] and Abigail Howard, Oct. 18, 1785 [Jonathan, PCR]
Joseph and Martha Hayward [int. of Easton crossed out], Aug. 11, 1761 [Haward, both of Middleborough, PCR]
Josiah and Abigail Edson, Aug. 17, 1755*
Josiah Jr. and Anna Reynolds, Jan. 14, 1790
Kezia and Mathew Packard, Apr. 17, 1781 [Matthew, PCR]
Laura A. and John B. Allen of Braintree, int. Nov. 10, 1843
Lena (see Sena Perkins)
Levi [int. adds H.] and Bethiah Dunbar, July 30, 1804
Lucy and Samuel Spear of Boston, int. June 9, 1798
Luke and Rebeca Packard, Aug. 24, 1749* [Rebecca, PCR]
Luke and Mary Snell, Nov. 14, 1797
Lydia and James Kieth, int. Oct. 6, 1744
Lydia and Abner Sears of Middelbrough, July 15, 1762 [Lidia, PCR]
Lydia of Easton and Jonathan Snow, Oct. 20, 1778, in Easton
Lydia Henchman and Samuel Spear, int. Oct. 24, 1795
Marcia [int. Maria] and Thomas Jefferson Washburn [dup. of Orono, Me.], July 3, 1836 [Marcia and Thomas J. Washburn of Orono, Me., CR1. Marcia, d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas) and Thomas Washburn, PR1. Marcia, d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), and Thomas J. Washburn, PR13]
Marcy and Joseph Warren, Aug. 3, 1756* [Mercy, PCR. Mercy Perkens, CR1]
Maria (see Marcia)
Mark and Tabitha Washburn, Oct. 17, 1784
Martha and Joseph Byram, May 13, 1724*
Martha and Isaac Hayward, May 15, 1728*
Martha and Samuel Edson 3d, Sept. 26, 1738*
Martha and John Porter Jr., July 14, 1768 [Perkens, CR1]
Martha and Gideon Lincoln [int. negroes], Aug. 13, 1781
Martha and Thomas Packard, Oct. 8, 1789
Martha of Middleborough and William C. Bassett, int. Mar. 11, 1825
Mary and Josiah Hayward, Feb. 11, 1741* [Perkens and Josiah Hayward Jr., CR1]
Mary and Simeon Packard, July 6, 1761
Mary and Oliver Carver, Jan. 9, 1774
Mary and Caleb Cary, Sept. 3, 1778 [Perkens, CR1]
Mary and Dr. Simeon Dunbar, int. Mar. 11, 1804
Mary and Dr. Noah Whitman, July 9, 1812
Mary and Abiel Elliot of Ranham, int. Aug. 23, 1822
Mary T. and Calvin B. Pratt of Barnstable, Nov. 28, 1833 [Mary Thomas Perkins, d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), and Dr. Calvin B. Pratt, PR1. Mary T. and Calvin B. Pratt, s. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, PR12. Mary T., d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), and Calvin B. Pratt, PR13]
Mehetabel and Daniel Ames, Mar. 7, 1780 [Mehetable, PCR]
Mehetabel [int. Mehitabel] and Charles Daniels, Apr. 3, 1814
Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] and Charles Keith, Dec. 8, 1817
Mercy (see Marcy)
Minerva and Allen Edson, Mar. 14, 1815 [Minerva, d. Ebenezer, and Allen Edson, s. Benjamin and Deborah (Perkins), CR2]
Nahum and Vesta Copeland, June 3, 1820
Nancy and Reufus Leach, int. Mar. 17, 1798
Nancy S. and Freeman Baxter of E. Bridgewater, int. May 18, 1834 [m. June 8, CR2]
Naomi and Alfred Johnson, Sept. 6, 1801
Nathan and Martha Lennard, Nov. 9, 1709*
Nathan and Sarah Pratt, Apr. 2, 1752*
Nathan and Julia Ann Crocker, int. Oct. 1, 1848
Nathaniell and Mary Alger, Mar. 16, 1775
Nathaniell Jr. and Hannah Hayward, int. July 5, 1794
Olive and Nehemiah Edson, Apr. 5, 1783 [Nehemiah, s. John and Hannah (Allen), "moved to Vermont," CR2]
Olivee and Banjamin Pratt, Jan. 16, 1789
Ornan and Betsey Crooker of Pembroke, int. Apr. 18, 1818
Ornon and Hannah Waterman, int. Dec. 1, 1833
Patty [int. adds Porter] and Phineas Blake of Canton, Sept. 26, 1804
Phebe and James Thurston, Feb. 10, 1748*
Phebe and Asaph Howard, July 19, 1789
Phebe and David Macumber of Easton, int. Mar. 2, 1805
Philemon H. and Betsey Cobb of Hanson, int. Oct. 1, 1837
Philibert K. and Martin D. Holmes, int. Nov. 30, 1848
Polly and Dean Howard [int. of Easton], Dec. 11, 1800
Rachel and Shepherd [int. Shepard] Perkins, June 25, 1797
Rebecca and Jonathan Washburn, Jan. 18, 1757* [Rebeccah, PCR. Rebecca Perkens, CR1]
Rebecca [int. Rebeecah] and Josiah Packard Jr., Oct. 10, 1782 [Rebecca, PCR]
Richard and Mrs. Mary Hancock, Oct. 9, 1760*
Richard Esq. and [int. Mrs.] Mary Hunt [int. of Boston], June 18, 1781, in Boston.
Robert, 23, trader, s. Jacob and Mary, and Susan M. Blood, 22, d. Jonathan and Elizabeth, Sept. 10, 1845 [Robert, s. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), PR13]
Ruby and Alpheus Cary [int. of Braintree], Sept. 21, 1786 [Alpheus, PCR]
Rufus and Rebekah [int. Rebecca] Johnson, July 20, 1797
Sally and Robert Packard, Nov. 11, 1788
Sally and Waldo Field, May 2, 1820
Sarah and Jabez Carver, Sept. 29, 1743
Sarah and Ebenezer Packard, Feb. 25, 1746*
Sarah and Josiah Hambleten, int. Aug. 17, 1772
Sarah and Eli Hudson, Jan. 7, 1776 [Perkens, Jan. 17, CR1. Perkins, d. Thomas and Mary (Pratt), CR2]
Sena and Ezra Edson Jr., Sept. 19, 1782 [Lena Perkens, CR1]
Shepherd [int. Shepard] and Rachel Perkins, June 25, 1797
Sibbel [int. Sibbyl] and Josiah Dunbar, Nov. 26, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Simeon and Charlotte Hayward, Feb. 19, 1829 [Charlotte, d. Timothy, CR1]
Solomon and Lydia Sprague, Dec. 31, 1733*
Solomon and Sarah Edson, Jan. 31, 1760*
Solomon and Clarissa Robinson, Feb. 4, 1813 [Solomon, s. Ebenezer and Mary (Pratt), PR64]
Susan and Otis Alger, Jan. 8, 1817
Susanah and Samuell Allen, Apr. 24, 1733*
Susanna and Seth Rickard, Sept. 15, 1757* [Susannah, PCR]
Susanna and Simeon Brett [int. Jr.], Dec. 25, 1777 [Susannah and Simeon Brett, PCR]
Susanna and Enoch Perkins, Mar. 26, 1783 [Susannah, d. Francis and Enoch Perkins, s. Thomas, CR2]
Susanna and Robert Howard Jr., Sept. 25, 1788
Susanna and David Packard, int. Nov. 24, 1810
Theodore and Patte [int. Martha] Conant, May 2, 1784 [Patte, PCR. Perkens and Patte Conant, CR1. Theodore Perkins, brother of Thomas (s. Thomas), and Martha Conant, d. Nathan, -----1783, CR2]
Thomas and Mary Washburn, Feb. 20, 1716-17* [Thomas, s. David, PR64]
Thomas Jr. and Mary Pratt, Apr. 5, 1748* [Thomas, s. Thomas (s. David, "who came from Beverly about....1686") and Mary Pratt, d. Solomon, CR2]
Thomas and Betsy [int. Betsey] Munroe, May 14, 1819
Timothy and Susanna Washburn, Mar. 18, 1735-6*
Timothy and Zipporah Washburn, Oct. 7, 1753 [Washbourne, PCR]
William and Elisabeth [int. Betty] Cary, July 9, 1777 [William, s. Thomas and Mary (Pratt), and Elizabeth Cary, CR2]
William and Nabby Butler Crane of Boston, int. Oct. 26, 1799
William F. and Melissa [int. Malissa] N. Thomas, Jan. 15, 1843
Zadock and Hannah Packard, Dec. 15, 1796
Zephaniah and Mary Foard of Easton, Feb. 25, 1766 [Zephaniah, PCR]


Prince, "Negro man," and Phillis, "a Negro Woman of George Keith," int. Oct. 23, 1784


Benjamin of Sandwich and Deborah Johnson, May 27, 1723*
Dina and Thomas Wood, int. Feb. 23, 1744
Hannah and Benjamin Peterson, Nov. 19, 1741* [Peterson of Easton, PCR]
Joseph and Mary Chandler, Oct. 17, 1729*
Molly of Plimton and William Tory of Plimton, July 2, 1770*
Nathan, Dr., and Tiley Clapp of Norton, int. Sept. 20, 1806
Rebecca of Sandwich and Jonathan Washburn, Dec. 27, 1711, in Sandwich*
Rhody [int. Rhoda, wid.] of Rochester and Lot Conant, Oct. 12, 1740 [sic, int. Sept. 2, 1780], in Rochester.
Ruth of Middleborough and Samuel Bennet of Middleborough, Jan. 6, 1708-9*
Ruth (see Ruth Terry)
Salmon F. and Bethiah D. Manter of Fairhaven, int. Dec. 6, 1844
Samuel of Sandwich and Sarah Lennard, Dec. 14, 1710*
Samuel and Diana Brett, Feb. 15, 1820


Susanna [int. Perreway] and Paul Smith, Apr. 6, 1775


Tabitha and Gorge [int. George] Knap Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Raynham, Dec. 8, 1769 [George Jr. of Raynham, PCR]


Asaph Torry and Betty Baters of Abington, int. July 16, 1803
Benjamin and Hannah Perry, Nov. 19, 1741* [Peterson of Easton, PCR]
Jacob of Duxborough and Mary Harlow, Aug. 19, 1735*, CR1
Joseph and Lydia Howell, Nov. 19, 1742* [Joeph of Duxborough, PCR]
Judah [int. of Pembroke] and Jane Warren, Sept. 12, 1797
Rebecca of Duxbury and Bethuel Packard, June 16, 1783, in Duxbury

PETINGALE (also see Pettengail, Pettingail, Pettinglae, Pettingall, Pettingill)

Mehetable and Jonathan Pitcher of Norwich, Oct. 18, 1733*

PETTENGAIL (also see Petingale, Pettingail, Pettingale, Pettingall, Pettingill)

Joseph and Lydia Phillips, Dec. 25, 1746*
Lydia [int. Pettingail] of Easton and Josiah Turner, Dec. 12, 1776, in Easton
Phebe [int. Pettingill] of Easton and James Lindsly 2d [int. Linsey Jr. of Easton], June 24, 1779, in Easton

PETTINGAIL (also see Petingale, Pettengail, Pettingale, Pettingall, Pettingill)

Akerman and Deborah Colson, Aug. 23, 1749*
Akerman and Ann Byram, Dec. 3, 1766
Ann, wid., and John Kingman, Feb. 13, 1772
Benjamin and Mary Kingman, Apr. 30, 1747*
Benjamin Jr. of Easton and Molly [int. Mary] Howard, Dec. 2, 1773
Daniell and Hannah Soper, Oct. 15, 1750*
Daniell and Sarah Gannet [int. Gannett], Apr. 9, 1755 [Daniel Pettingell and Sarah Gannet, PCR]
Edmund and Sarah Curtis, Jan. 15, 1761* [Edmond Pettingale and Sarah Curstis, PCR]
Hugh and Hannah Snell, wid., int. Apr. 15, 1786
Joseph [int. Pettingil] and Mary Edson, Feb. 25, 1745 [Pettingail, PCR]
Joseph Jr. and Hephzebah Townsell [int. Hepzibah Townsel], Feb. 20, 1764 [Hephzibah Townsell, PCR]
Martha, wid., and Anthony Peirce, Mar. 2, 1748*
Nathan and Elisabeth Carr, May 18, 1760*
Nathan and Margret Markam, Mar. 6, 1775
Stephen and Abigail Ripley, Sept. 20, 1764

PETTINGALE (also see Petingale, Pettengail, Pettingail, Pettingall, Pettingill)

Akerman and Joanna Kingman, Sept. 17, 1723*
Obadiah [int. Pettingill] and Eleaner [int. Elenor] Cobb, Mar. 8, 1792 [Pettingill and Eleanor Cobb, PCR]
Sarah [int. Pettingail, wid.] and Amos Foard of Duxborough, May 29, 1766 [Pettingail, PCR]

PETTINGALL (also see Petingale, Pettengail, Pettingail, Pettingale, Pettingill)

Joanna [int. Pettingill] and William Turner, June 27, 1782 [Pettingell, PCR]

PETTINGILL (also see Petingale, Pettengail, Pettingail, Pettingale, Pettingall)

Asa and Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] Carr, Aug. 18, 1789 [Pettingil and Elizabeth Carr, PCR]
Betty and Ichabod Shirtliff [int. Shirtleff of Plymouth], Sept. 8, 1787 [Shurtleff, PCR]
John [int. Pettengill] and Elisaboth [int. Elisabeth] Thomson, July 15, 1784 [Pettingill and Elizabeth Thomson, PCR]
Sela and Reding Carr, int. Mar. 23, 1793. "Forbidden by Said Sela."
Sibbil [int. Sibbel] and Josiah Hatheway [int. Hathaway], Oct. 6, 1788 [Sibbel and Josiah Hatheway, PCR]
William and Lydia [int. Lidia] Cobb, Feb. 16, 1784 [Lydia, PCR]


Hannah (see Hannah Ferro)

PHENEY (also see Finney, Phiney, Phinney, Phinny)

Pelatiah [int. Phinney Jr.] and Mary Randall [int. Randel] of Easton [int. adds Bristol Co.], Oct. 25, 1764, in Easton.


Abiah and Benjamin Taylor of Pembroke, Jan. 7, 1762, in Pembroke
Abiel of Easton and Anna Briant [int. Bryant], July 26, 1787, in Easton
Almira A., d. Edward and Bethia (Danforth), and Jeremiah H. Townsend, s. Job and Lucy (Hack), Nov. 13, 1828 [? in Taunton],* PR78
Betty [int. Phillip] and William Brett, Aug. 27, 1801
Caleb of Easton and Hannah Packard, Feb. 6, 1731-2, in Easton*
Chloe and Isaiah Whitman, Apr. 29, 1784 [Cloe, PCR]
Cyrus [int. adds B.] and Lucretia Barret of Easton, May 4, 1819
Deborah [int. Phillip] and Levi Wade of Pembrook, Feb. 20, 1766 [Phillips, PCR]
Dianna of Pembroke and Joseph Allen Jr., int. Apr. 9, 1814
Ebenezer of Easton and Sarah Cook [int. Cooke], Jan. 17, 1765, in Easton
Ebenezer of Easton, Bristol Co., and Jemima Packard of Easton, Nov. 10, 1802 in Providence.*
Eliphalet, Capt. [int. omits Capt.] and [int. Mrs.] Mary Haward, Mar. 3, 1763 [Eliphalet and Mary Haward, PCR]
Elizebeth of Easton and John Turner, Nov. 27, 1746, in Easton*
Enus [int. Enos] of Easton and Polle Davenport [int. Polley Devenport], Aug. 21, 1786, in Easton
Ezra of Pembroke and Mehetable [int. Mehitabel] Allen, Nov. 16, 1809
George [int. adds Y.] and Mrs. Bethiah Mitchell [int. wid.], Dec. 29, 1812
Hannah and Benjamin Lennard, Aug. 15, 17[worn]* [Aug. 15, 1715, PR103]
Joah Whitman and John Corthel of Abington, Apr. 11, 1811
John, Capt., and Bridget Southworth, wid., Apr. 19, 1749*
John and Jennet Young, Oct. 21, 1784
Joseph and Hannah Egerton, int. Sept. 11, 1784
Joseph F., Rev., of N. Hemstead, L.I., N.Y., and Eliza Ann Thompson of Middleborough, Sept. 30, 1832* [Rev. Joseph F. Philips of N.Y., CR2]
Lewis and Polly Goodspeed [int. Goodspead], Sept. 22, 1795
Lucinda and Melzar Hudson, Nov. 11, 1818
Lucy and Smardeus [int. Smardees] Snell, Oct. 18, 1807
Lydia and Joseph Pettengail, Dec. 25, 1746*
Lydia and Zebulun Cary, Nov. 28, 1749* [Zebulon Carry, PCR]
Mark and Mercy Phillips of Pembroke, Oct. 7, 1762, in Pembroke.
Mark Jr. and Celia [int. Celea] Chamberlin, Apr. 23, 1789 [Celia Chamberlain, PCR]
Mary and Ezra Warren, Jan. 13, 1752*
Mary [int. wid.] and Seth Harris of Abington, May 8, 1777, in Abington
Mary and Joseph Whitman, Sept. 7, 1780
Mary of Abington and Josiah Reynolds, int. Dec. 10, 1785
Mary M. and Joseph S. [int. omits S.] Blanchard [int. "Trancient person"], May 9, 1807
Mercy of Pembroke and Mary Phillips, Oct. 7, 1762, in Pembroke
Molly and Barzee Kingman, Mar. 24, 1791
Nabby and Jonathan Pratt of Halifax, int. Apr. 28, 1821
Nancy and Philip Andrew, int. Mar. 11, 1820
Rebeccah of Plymouth and Zadock Packard, int. Apr. 20, 1800 [Rebecca and Zadock Packard, s. Nathaniel (s. Zachariah, s. Nathaniel, s. Samuel "from England"), m.------CR2]
Samuel and Lydia Basset, Nov. 17, 1726* [Bassett, PCR]
Susanna and Jacob Louden [int. Lowden], Dec. 4, 1794 [Lowden, PCR]
Thomas and Hannah Allen, wid., Dec. 25, 1747*
Thomas Jr. and Mary Hatch, June 19, 1755
Thomas and Martha Whitman, Oct. 30, 1783
Turner and Huldah Whitman, Apr. 3, 1787
William and Hannah Pryer, Jan. 16, 1718*
William and Mara Kingman, int. Feb. 21, 1795


Abner of Concord and Freelove Ashbort [int. Ashport], coulered, Nov. 14, 1840 [Ashport, CR1]

PHINEY (also see Finney, Pheney, Phinney, Phinny)

Bliss [int. Phinney] and Capt. Jesse Perkins, Nov. 12, 1789 [Phiney, PCR]
Jonathan of Middleborough and Deborah Wade, Oct. 16, 1735,* CR1
Pelatiah and Mercy Washburn, Dec. 28, 1738,* CR1

PHINNEY (also see Finney, Pheney, Phiney, Phinny)

Achsa [int. Achsah] and James Wood, June 5, 1764 [Achsa, PCR]
Anna [int. Amie] and Robert Randall [int. Randel] Jr. of Easton, Oct. 11, 1764, in Easton
Experience and William Hack [int. of Tanton], May 22, 1755 [William, PCR]
Hannah and Christopher [int. Christophur] Monk of Stoughton, Mar. 6, 1783, in Stoughton
Ithamar and Anna Leonard, int. Apr. 12, 1800
John and Sarah Tomson of Hallifax, int. Nov. 20, 1779
Joseph and Alice Campbel of Tanton, int. Nov. 27, 1761
Noah and Bettie Connant [int. Conant], Jan. 24, 1769 [Betty Conant, PCR]
Zeruiah and Ebenezer Packard, Mar. 27, 1806 [date in later handwriting].

PHINNY (also see Finney, Pheney, Phiney, Phinney)

Freelove [int. Phinney] and Jacob Thomson Jr. of Middleborough, Oct. 27, 1761 [Frelove Phinny, CR1]


Josephus of Middleboro and Vodica [int. Vodisa] Hooper, Oct. 20, 1831
Zattee [int. Zattu] Jr. of Middleborough and Lucinda E. Keith, May 21, 1833 [Zattee Jr. of Middleboro, CR3]

PIERCE (also see Peirce)

Abigail [int. Peirce] and Eleazer Alden, Dec. 9, 1819 [Abagail Pierce, PR68]
Adeline and Israel Talbot of Londonderry, N.H., blacks, int. Apr. 17, 1824
Albert and Sarah Brooker, couldered, June 13, 1841
America [int. Jr.] and Margret [int Margrit] Drew, blacks, Aug. 31, 1793 [America and Margaret Drew, Aug. 13, PCR]
Ann [dup. and int. Peirce] and Moses Mandel [dup. Mandall, int. Mandell] of Dorchester, Mar. 21, 1819
Benjamin of Scituate and Charity Howard [int. Haward], Nov. 3, 1743 [Peirce of Scituate and Charity Hayward, PCR]
Benjamin Jr. and Jane Hayward, Aug. 7, 1750*
Mercy and Joseph Truant, May 15, 1707*
Molly (see Polly)
Permenus [int. Peirces] and Rowena Terbert [int. Tarbet, blacks], Nov. 4, 1819
Peter [int. Peirce] and Metilda Talbut, blacks, Mar. 31, 1788 [Peirce, PCR]
Polly of Middleborough and David Leoanrd Jr., int. Jan. 7, 1797
Polly [int. Molly Peirce, wid.] and Perez Williams, Nov. 10, 1798
Silas [Pierce sic,? Besse, see Halifax Vital Records] and Bridget Sampson of Halifax, June 16, 1752, in Halifax.*
Susanna [int. Peirce] and George Bradly [int. Bradley], Oct. 31, 1753

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