Bridgewater, MA Vital Records (Marriages) to 1850
Published by:
New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1916
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames Pike to Putnam

* Intention not recorded


Jarvis [int. of Attleborough] and Betty [int. Betsey] Willis, Apr. 18, 1790 [Jarvis and Betty Willis, PCR]
Moses [int. Mosses Peck Jr. of Attleborough] and Nancey Willis, May 11, 1788 [Moses Pike and Nancy Willis, PCR]
Nancy and Thomas Reynolds, Aug. 20, 1819

PINCHIN (also see Pincin)

Benjamin and Molly Stetson, Nov. 15, 1787
Benjamin Jr. [int. Pincin] and Polly Whitting, Jan. 29, 1798
Deborah and Abel Delano [int. Delllino] of Pembroke, Jan. 21, 1796
Mehitabel and [int. Capt.] Martin Beals of Hingham, Apr. 11, 1816

PINCIN (also see Pinchin)

Betsey [int. Pinchon] and Elijah Beale [int. Beal] of Hingham, Dec. 3, 1804
Betsey B. of E. Bridgewater and Francis Perkins of E. Bridgewater, Oct. 30, 1830
Mary and Daniel Magown of Pembroke, int. Sept. 28, 1816
Mary and Charles W. Gammons of Middleborough, int. Apr. 3, 1822
Rebecca [int. Rebechak] and Southworth Gammons [int. Suthworth Gammans Jr.] of Middleborah, Apr. 27, 1819
Welcom and Deborah Crooker of Pembroke, int. Jan. 24, 1818
William Jr. and Margret Whitten, int. Jan. 24, 1807


Mary and Zachariah Whitmarsh of Weymouth, Jan. 10, 1765

PIRKINS (also see Perkens, Perkins)

David and Martha Haward, Feb. 1, 1698-9*


Jonathan of Norwich and Mehtable Petingale, Oct. 18, 1733*


Jabez (see Jabes Cowing)


Hannah and Charles Snow, May 6, 1820
Sally Ann of W. Bridgewater and David Clark, int. Nov. 26, 1825


Hannah [Polton sic, ? Bolton] and Peter Thomas [sic, ? Thomson] of Halifax, Mar. 18, 1740, in Halifax* [See Halifax Vital Records]


Andrew and Hager [int. Hagar] Hill, Negrows [int."Free Negros"], Apr. 9, 1780 [Hager, blacks, PCR]


Sippio, "David Keiths negro man," and Elisabeth Cesar, "Free negro woman," Apr. 28, 1773


Achish [int. Achesh] and Susanna Hearsey, Nov. 14, 1799
Aletheia and James Hearsey Jr. of Abington, int. Apr. 10, 1781
Anna and Jacob Whitmarsh Jr., Apr. 22, 1784
Deborah and Thomas Hearsey of Abington, Feb. 7, 1793
Hannah and John Pain, Jan. 4, 1738*
Hannah and Caleb Church of Rochester, June 23, 1772 [? in Middleborough]
Hannah of Hallifax and Kinsley Hayward, int. Nov. 2, 1805
Harriet M. and Jesse Packard 2d, Dec. 11, 1838,* PR14
Hopestill and Zalmuna Hooper, int. July 11, 1787
Isaac and Sarah Leonard, Dec. 20, 1743*
Isaac and Rebecca Washburn, Oct. 18, 1774
Jacob Jr. of Abington and Zeuiah Whitmarsh, Aug. 23, 1787 [Zerviah, PCR]
James of Abington and Eunace [int. Eunice] Lazell, July 11, 1786, in Abington
James Jr. of Abington and Sarah Benson, Jan. 29, 1808
John and Hannah Price, Mar. 20, 1777
John and Susanna Willis, Aug. 8, 1801
Joseph and Rebecca Hall, Nov. 21, 1753*
Joshua of Abington and Lucenda Latham, Aug. 11, 1783 [Lucinda, PCR]
Mahtable [int. Mehetabel] of Abington and Benjamin White, June 5, 1795, in Abington
Mary and Samuel Cary, Apr. 25, 1704*
Mary and Simeon Shaw of Middleborough, Sept. 17, 1772 [? in Middleborough]
Mary of Abington and Anthony Dyke, Apr. 12, 1775, in Abington*
Mary of W. Bridgewater and Samuel Adams of W. Bridgewater, Apr. 16, 1837,* CR3
Mehitable (see Mahtable)
Mercy and Jacob Washburn [int. gentleman], of Middleborough, Dec. 3, 1761 [Jacob, CR1]
Noah [int. of Boston] and Polly White, June 17, 1808
Noah [int. of Abington] and Sally Crane, June 21, 1819
Olive and Zachariah Standish [int. Jr.] of Plimton, Jan. 9, 1770 [Zachariah [dup. Zacariah] of Plimton, PCR]
Olive and Rev. William Reed of Easton, May 20, 1784
Ruth and Eliphaz Curtis of Abington, Sept. 16, 1796, in Abington
Sally of Hallifax and Peleg Osbourn [int. Osbourns], Mar. 5, 1812
Samuel Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Abigail Porter, Mar. 2, 1786 [Samuel Jr., PCR]
Samuel and Lydia Cox, Dec. 31, 1820
Sarah and John Hooper, Sept. 25, 1766
Sarah and Ebenezer Snow Jr., Oct. 7, 1783
Wealthy and Jonathan Harvey, int. Mar. 31, 1781
William and Sarah Packard of Abington, Sept. 3, 1795 [dup. Aug. 28, 1795, in Abington]


Abigail (see Nabby)
Benjamin and Mary Peirce of Scituate, int. Oct. 27, 1792 [m. Nov. 15, PR1]
Benjamin P. and Experience L. Pratt, Dec. 10, 1824. [Benjamin Pierce Pope, s. Benjamin and Mary, and Experience Pratt, d. Silvanus and Experience, Dec. 9, CR1. Dec. 10, CR3. Penjamin P., s. Benjamin and Mary (Pierce), and Experience Pratt, d. Sylvanus and Experience (Alden), Dec. 9, PR1. Experience L., d. Silvanus and Experience (Alden), Dec. 5, PR94]
Benjamin P. and Elizabeth C. Cook, Oct. 13, 1838 [sic, int. Sept. 1, 1839] [Oct. 13, 1839, CR3]
Deborah and Thomas Lathrop of Easton, int. Sept. 24, 1791
Frederick and Mary Cole, June 8, 1758*
Freeman and Hannah Thayer, Oct. 25, 1795
Freeman of New Bedford and Mercy Pope, Nov. 30, 1797
Hannah and Holman [int. Helman] Keith of E. Bridgewater, Nov. 5, 1837 [Holman of E. Bridgewater, CR1]
Livonia and Charles Pratt, Oct. 16, 1821 [Livonia, niece of Capt. Benjamin Pope, and Charles Pratt, s. Capt. Simeon and Sarah, CR1. Charles, s. Simeon and Sally (Willis), PR1]
Martha A, 21, d. Benjamin P. and Experience, and George S. Perkins, 27, iron manufacturer, s. Solomon and Clarrissa, Dec. 12, 1847 [Martha A., d. Benjamin P. and Experience L. (Pratt), PR94]
Mercy and Freeman Pope of New Bedford, Nov. 30, 1797
Nabby [int. Abigail] and Isaac Washburn, Dec. 9, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Orra and Kenelm Winslow, Sept. 30, 1822 [Orra, d. Capt. Benjamin and Mary, CR1. Orra, d. Benjamin and Mary (Pierce) PR1]
Rebecca of Dartmouth and Edward Packer, int. Sept. 27, 1766
Thankful [int. Thankfull] and Cornelius Theyer [int. Thayer], Aug. 1, 1796
Thomas and Huldah Edson, May 2, 1782


Abigail and Isaac Packard, Mar. 28, 1745
Abigail and Samuel Pool Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Mar. 2, 1786 [Samuel Jr., PCR]
Abigail and Levi Keith 3d, Dec. 28, 1797
Adam of Abington and Mrs. [dup. and int. omits Mrs.] Deborah Gannett [int. Gannet], Oct. 3, 1776
Adam [int. of Cumington] and Sarah Hunt [int. wid.], Sept. 9, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Allen Marshall and Betsey Beals of Pembroke, int. Oct. 12, 1816
Partrice and Abner Gardner of Abington, int. May 4, 1782
Cyrus and Rebecca French, Mar. 1, 1800*
Ebenezer and Lydia Loring of Plimton, int. Mar. 30, 1754
Esther and Joshua Fobes Jr., May 29, 1740* [Ester, CR1]
Esther of Abington and Abel Packard, Jan. 24, 1750-1, in Abington
Hannah and Judah Wood of Hallifax, Dec. 15, 1757*
Hannah and Nathaniel Reynolds [int. Jr. of Sidney], Apr. 11, 1811
Hezekia of Winsor and Sarah Carver, Sept. 25, 1757* [Hezekiah of Windsor, PCR]
John and Lydia Leonard, ------, "1758 or 1759," PR73
John Jr. and Martha Perkins, July 14, 1768 [Perkens, CR1]
John 2d and Susanna Groves, Dec. 9, 1790 [Susa, PCR]
Jonathan and Mary Chipman of Halifax, Feb. 16, 1764, in Halifax
Joseph and Elizebeth Barrell [sic, ? Burrell, see Abington Vital Records] of Abington, Jan. 25, 1753, in Abington*
Lydia [int. of Abington] and Edward Vinton [int. Vinten], Feb. 16, 1820
Mary, d. John and Lydia (Leonard), and Benjamin Seaver, s. William and Mary (Foster), Oct. --, 1803,* PR73
Mary and Josiah Sears [int. Sears] of Hallifax, June 5, 1817
Mehitabel and Daniel Brown, June 8, 1797*
Milacen and John Battles, July 2, 1816
Olive and John Crafts, Sept. 9, 1790
Olive of Stoughton and Caleb Copeland Jr., int. Apr. 7, 1821
Polly [int. Polley] and Rev. Thomas Crafts [int. Craft of Prince Town, Worcester Co.], Dec. 28, 1786 [Polly and Rev. Thomas Crafts, PCR]
Polly and William Fullerton, Nov. 24, 1796
Rebecca Woods [int. Wood] and Charles Lincoln, Oct. 13, 1816
Ruth and James Reed of Abington, Jan. 1, 1784
Samuel Jr. and Hannah Green of Abington, Sept. 28, 1758, in Abington*
Samuel and Betty Hearsey of New Glocester, Hampshere Co., int. Mar. 17, 1792
Samuel and Sally Gill of Canton, int. July 19, 1817
Samuell [int. Samuel] and Ruth Reed [int. wid.], May 31, 1764 [Samuel and Ruth Read, PCR]
Sarah and Noah Tinkham, June 16, 1751*
Sarah and Abijah Snow of Abington, int. Nov. 11, 1775
Sarah of Hallifax and Sebery Child Hathaway, int. Mar. 7, 1818
Sarah and Daniel Whitman, Dec. 6, 1819


Lydia and Samuel Smith [int. of Stoughton], Feb. 20, 1802 [date in later handwriting, sic int. Jan. 1, 1803]
Ruby H. of Dartmouth and NIchoals Tillinghast, int. Oct. 12, 1848


James [int. Powell] and Alice Harris, Jan. 12, 1743
Violet and Henry Traveler, blacks, Feb. 27, 1770*

POWER (also see Powers)

Edward and Phillis Bartlet, Jan. 30, 1753* [Powers and Phillis Bartlett, PCR]
Edward [int. Powers] and Betty Whitly [int. Bettie Wheatley], Oct. 15, 1772
Mary and John Burr, May 10, 1748*

POWERS (also see Power)

Betty and Capt. Edward Hayward, Nov. 6, 1802
Kezia and Prince Foard [int. Ford], Sept. 9, 1779 [Ford, PCR]
Noah and Rhoda Williams, May 14, 1787

PRAT (also see Pratt)

Elisabeth and Samuel Staples, Dec. 25, 1704*
Joseph and Lydia Lennard, Dec. 9, 1712*

PRATT (also see Prat)

Abiel and John Connant, Mar. 3, 1745-6* [Abigail and John Conant, PCR]
Abigail and Edward Curtis, Jan. 2, 1759* [Jan. 9, PCR. Jan. 2, CR1]
Abigail and Benjamin Benson, Sept. 27, 1770 [Bennson, PCR]
Abner and Martha Cary, wid., Aug. 28, 1764
Agatha and Charles Wilbar of Wareham, May 4, 1828
Albert G. and Elizabeth W. Parsons of Middleboro, Mar. 5, 1834
Albertina and Nathaniel Carver, int. June 24, 1815
Amey and Ziba Randell of Easton, int. Feb. 26, 1792
Ann and Azarih [dup. and int. Azariah] Hayward, Aug. 28, 1768 [Azariah, PCR. CR1]
Anna and John Packard, Oct. 7, 1760* [Oct. 9, CR1]
Anthony S. and Harriet N. Gushee of Raynham, int. Sept. 21, 1839 [This entry maked "Null"]
Anthony S. and Susan L. Holmes, Jan. 1, 1840
Aroline P. and John M. Soule of Halifax, June 23, 1842
Asa (see Aza)
Asa [int. 2d] and Lydia Humphrey, Feb. 26, 1815
Augustus S. of Raynham and Vashti Leach, int. Mar. 29, 1835
Aza [int. Asa] and Lydia Sprague, Mar. 21, 1799 [Asa, s. Seth and Hannah (Washburn), PR1]
Azuba and Simeon Dunbar [int. 2d], Oct. 13, 1813
Barnabas and Isabel Downey, Oct. 17, 1750*
Barnebas [int. Jr.] and Amie French, Aug. 23, 1787 [Barnabas, PCR]
Benjamin and Sarah Kingman, June 24, 1719*
Benjamin and Lydia Harlow, ----, 1741* [Dec. --- PCR. Lidea, Dec. 22, CR1]
Benjamin and Olive Perkins, Jan. 16, 1789
Benjamin W. of Taunton and Hannah T. Lucas of Hallifax, May 23, 1832* [Benjamin W. of Taunton, s. Simeon, and Joannah T. Lucas of Halifax, CR1]
Bethia and Josiah Mahurin [dup. Mahuren], Oct. 26, 1769 [Bithia and Josiah Mahurin, PCR. Bethia Prat and Joseph Mehuren, CR1]
Bethiah [int. Bethia] and William Daniels of Abington, Jan. 14, 1768, in Abington
Betsey and David Waterman, int. Feb. 6, 1802
Betsey B. and Daniel H. Perkins of Middleborough, int. Nov. 14, 1846
Betsey W. and Perez F. Andrews, int. Nov. 20, 1836
Calvin of Middleborough and Clarissa Keith, Jan. 23, 1799 [? in Middleborough]
Calvin B. of Barnstable and Mary T. Perkins, Nov. 28, 1833 [Dr. Calvin B. and Mary Thomas Perkins, d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), PR1. Calvin B., s. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, and Mary T. Perkins, d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), PR13]
Casindana and Seth Washburn Jr., Nov. 29, 1839 [Casindania and Seth Washburn Jr., s. Seth and Sarah (Carver), PR88]
Charity and Jeremiah Washburn, Apr. 24, 1754
Charity of Norton [int. adds Bristol Co.] and John Devenport [int. Davenport], Feb. 29, 1764, in Norton
Charles and Livonia Pope, Oct. 16, 1821 [Charles, s. Capt. Simeon and Sarah, and Livonia Pope, niece of Capt. Benjamin Pope, CR1. Charles, s. Simeon and Sally (Willis) PR1]
Chloe and Jeremiah Conant of Pomfret, Vt., int. Dec. 21, 1793 [Maj. Jeremiah of Pomfret, Vt., m. Jan. 30, 1794, PCR]
Chloe and Alvin Crossman, Apr. 18, 1813
Christiana, d. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa Nahum Washburn, May 16, 1836,* PR12. [Nahum, s. Solomon, PR36]
Clarissa Sumner and Albert Washburn, May 17, 1842, in New York City* [Clarissa S., d. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, PR12. Clarissa Sumner Pratt, d. Calvin and Clarissa, and Albert Washburn, s. Solomon, PR36]
Cornelius and Lucina Thompson of Halifax, int. Feb. 8, 1823
Cornelus and Martha Leonard, int. Dec. 31, 1786
David and Joanna Allen, Apr. 30, 1722*
David and Ann Leonard, Jan. 31, 1737-8*
David Jr. and Abigail Bondage, Apr. 12, 1753*
David and Phebe Atwood [int. Attwood] of Abington, July 5 [sic, int. Sept. 11], 1784, in Abington
David and Mary Hobart, Nov. 23, 1815
Deborah and Joseph Orcut, Dec. 10, 1751* [Orcutt, PCR]
Deborah [int. of Easton] and Jonathan Ames, Dec. 10, 1780 [Deborah, PCR]
Deliverance and Amasa Rickard, Mar. 12, 1759*
Dorcas and James Lovel [int. Lovell], Nov. 28, 1754
Ebenezer and Anna Dyer, Jan. 30, 1716-17*
Ebenezer of Waymouth and Waitstil Washburn, Dec. 15, 1720*
Ebenezer and Abiel Alger, Jan. 19, 1758*
Ebenezer and Bula Washburn, Aug. 8, 1760*
Ebenezer and Charity Besse, int. Dec. 9, 1780
Ebenezer and Olive S. Wood of Halifax, int. Apr. 17, 1824
Edwin, machinist, s. Seth and Lucinda, and Ann Christian, 17, d. Caleb and Roxilana, Oct. 12, 1845 [Ann, d. Caleb and Roxelana (Dunbar), PR1. Edwin, s. Seth and Lucinda (Conant), and Ann Christian, d. Caleb and Roxellana (Dunbar), PR93]
Elijah and Sibbil Dunbar, Aug. 23, 1798*
Elijah and Naomi Wade, Jan. 7, 1813 [Elijah, s. Nathaniel and Betsey (Washburn), Jan. 9, PR1]
Elisabeth and Anderaus Veneca [int. Venaca], Mar. 10, 1778 [Elizebeth and Anderaus Venaca, CR1]
Elizebeth of Abington and Charles Brown, Sept. 11, 1794, in Abington
Enoch [int. of Easton] and Saloma [int. Silomi] Rickard, Apr. 20, 1784 [Enoch and Saloma Rickard, PCR]
Experience and Nathaniell Lowden [int. Nathanael Louden] of Duxborough, Apr. 29, 1762 [Nathaniel Lowden of Duxborough, PCR]
Experience L. and Benjamin P. Pope, Dec. 10, 1824 [Experience, d. Silvanus and Experience, and Benjamin Pierce Pope, s. Benjamin and Mary, Dec. 9, CR1. Dec. 10, CR3. Experience, d. Sylvanus and Experience (Alden), and Benjamin P. Pope, s. Benjamin and mary (Pierce), Dec. 9, PR1. Experience L., d. Silvanus and Experience (Alden), Dec. 5, PT94]
Hamden K. and Sarah A. Toby of Wareham, int. Aug. 16, 1829 [Hamden K., s. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, and Sarah B. Tobey, m. Sept. 9, PR12]
Hannah (----- -----) [Hannah Pratt, PR103] and John Whitman, June 10, 1686*
Hannah and Isaac Willis, Aug. 14, 1732*
Hannah and Naphtali Byram, Sept. 27, 1744
Hannah and Samuel Allen, Nov. 16, 1758*
Hannah [int. wid,] and Ebenezer Campbel, May 15, 1764 [Hannah, PCR. CR1]
Hannah and Timothy Hayward, July 16, 1767
Hannah, wid., and Samuell Noyes of Abington, Oct. 30, 1771 [Samuel of Abington, PCR]
Hannah and Seth Conant, int. Apr. 4, 1801 [m. Sept. 24, PR1]
Hannah and Charles Thompson, int. May 18, 1816
Harriet T., 22, of Halifax, d. Stillman and Mary, and Andrew K. Weeks, 23, painter, s. Samuel P. and Huldah, Nov. 22, 1846
Harriot [int. Harriet] M. and John E. Howard Esq., Sept. 18, 1821 [Harriott M., d. Capt. Asa and Lydia, and John E. Howard Esq., s. Daniel Esq. of West Parish, CR1]
Henry C., s. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, and Mary C. Clitz, May 26, 1841,* PR12
Henry W. and Clarinda Leonard, Nov. 21, 1821 [Henry W., s. Capt. Simeon and Sarah, and Clarinda Leonard, d. ------ [w. Clifford Carver), CR1. Henry W., s. Simeon and Sally (Willis), PR1]
Huldah, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] and Benjamin Reed of No. 5, Dec. 3, 1778, in Abington.
Huldah and John Carver Jr., Feb. 1, 1795
Ira B., widr. [int. D., omits widr.], 26, boot maker, of Raynham, s. Alpheus and Sarah, and Nancy D. [int. B.] Hall, 19, d. Ebenezer and Nancy, Jan. 27, 1848 [Ira D. of Raynham and Nancy B. Hall, CR1]
Isaac and Catharine Caswell, Sept. 5, 1758*
Isaac of Middleborough and Naomi Keith, May 19, 1804 [? in Middleborough]
Isaac and Nancy Pratt, int. Mar. 20, 1813
Isabella and Levi Grannack, Apr. 15, 1790
James and Martha Willis, Nov. 22, 1733*
Jane of Easton and Nathaniel Alger, Oct. 19, 1726, in Easton*
Jeremiah and Anna [int. Anne] Bolton, Nov. 27, 1777 [Anna, CR1]
Joanna and Phineas Conant, Sept. 26, 1749*
Joanna and Adam Besse, Mar. 31, 1791
Job and Mary Washburn, Feb. 1, 1757* [Washbourne, PCR. Washburn, CR1]
John of Pembrook and Sarah Peirce, Aug. 28, 1751* [Prett of Pembroke and Sarah Perce, PCR]
Jonathan and Elizabeth French, Nov. 11, 1740* [Elizebeth, CR1]
Jonathan and Deborah Hathaway, Apr. 27, 1817
Jonathan of Halifax and Nabby Phillips, int. Apr. 28, 1821
Joseph and Anna Richards of Weymouth, Dec. 14, 1721, in Weymouth*
Joseph and Mehtabel French, Sept. 12, 1738,* CR1
Joseph 2d and Alice Hayward, Apr. 5, 1749*
Joshua and Mary Pratt, Oct. 30, 1783
Josiah and Bethia Keith, Nov. 17, 1791 [? in Middleborough]
Judith B. and Daniel E. [int. omits E.] Willis [int. Jr.], Aug. 1, 1815
Katharine [int. Katherine] and Jeremiah Thayer [int. Jr.], Jan. 17, 1781 [Katharine and Jeremiah Thayer, PCR]
Keziah [int. Kezia] of Middleborough and Daniel Aldrich, Nov. 23, 1797 [? in Middleborough]
Lavina [int. Levina] and Timothy Willis, May 4, 1786 [Lavina, PCR. Lavina Prat, CR1]
Leonard and Clarissa [int. Clarrissa] Leonard, Dec. 3, 1818
Levi and Mary Hathaway of Middleborough, Mar. 20, 1777 [? in Middleborough]
Lidia and Benjamin Mahurin, Dec. 23, 1731* [Lydia, PCR. Lidia and Benjamin Mehuren, CR1]
Lott and Polly Aldrich, Oct. 22, 1787
Louisa A. and Simeon Jordan Jr., Aug. 30, 1841
Lovicy [int. Lovicey] and Job Staples Bryant, July 28, 1793
Lucie and Ebenezer Vaughn of Middleborough, int. Dec. 25, 1778 [Luce Prat and Mr. Vaun of Midleboro, m. -----, CR1]
Lucina Tucker (see Lusanna T.)
Lucy and Thomas Cushman, Oct. 5, 1823 [Lucy, d. Cornelius dec'd, CR1]
Lusanna T. [int. omits T.] and [int. Maj.] Cushing Mitchell, Apr. 1, 1822 [Lucina Tucker Pratt, d. Capt. Asa and Lydia of S. Bridgewater, and Maj. Cushing Mitchell of E. Bridgewater, in E. Bridgewater, CR1]
Lydia (see Lidia)
Lydia and Ezra How, int. Jan. 28, 1787
Lydia and Charles Wilbar [int. Wilber] of Easton, Dec. 31, 1813 [? in Middleborough]
Margaret (see Margret)
Margery [int. Mergery] and John Bolton [int. of Raynham], Dec. 4, 1787 [Margery and John Bolton, PCR]
Margret and Thomas Tribou, July 11, 1746*
Maria Otis (second w.) and Albert Washburn, -----, in New York City.* [Maria (second w), d. Jared, and Albert Washburn, s. Solomon, PR36]
Martha and Jabez Vaughn of Middleborough, Apr. 14, 1817
Mary and Abner Harris, Nov. 12, 1735,* CR1
Mary and Thomas Perkins Jr., Apr. 5, 1748* [Mary, d. Solomon, and Thomas Perkins, s. Thomas (s. David, "who came from Beverly about.....1686"), CR2]
Mary and Nathaniell Ramsdel, Jan. 10, 1753* [Nathaniel Ramsdell, PCR]
Mary, wid., and Capt. John Shaw of Raynham, Oct. 9, 1779
Mary (see Molly)
Mary and Joshua Pratt, Oct. 30, 1783
Mary [int. wid.] and Ira Drake, May 24, 1821
Mary W. and Benjamin Crooker, June 3, 1832 [Mary W., d. Sylvanus, and Benjamin Crooker, s. Zenas dec'd, CR1. Mary W. and Benjamin Crooker, s. Zenas and Content (Stetson), PR1. Mary W., d. Silvanus and Experience (Alden), PR94]
Matilda (see Metilda)
Melinda S. of Middleboro and George W. Holmes, Apr. 20, 1836
Mercy of Pembroke and Alpheus Orcutt, Feb. 10, 1802
Metilda and Isaac Allen, Mar. 30, 1796
Molly of Abington and William Hearsey Jr., int. May 9, 1778
Molly [int. Molley] and Amsa Tribou, Nov. 16, 1780 [Molly, PCR]
Molly and Ebenezer Perkins, Aug. 1, 1782 [Molle Prat and Ebenezer Perkens, CR1. Mary Pratt and Ebenezer Perkins, s. Ebenezer and Experience (Holmes), PR64]
Nabby and Eleazer Whitman Jr., Sept. 17, 1812
Nancy [int. Nancey] and Timothy Conant, Feb. 25, 1788 [Nancy, PCR. Nancey, CR1]
Nancy and Isaac Pratt, int. Mar. 20, 1813
Nathan and Sarah Harlow, Oct. 15, 1745*
Nathan and Louis Fuller, Oct. 7, 1787 [Lois, PCR. CR1]
Nathanael Jr. [int. Nathaniell, omits Jr.] and Elisabeth [int. Bettie] Washburn, Nov.12, 1778 [Nathaniel and Elizebeth Washburn, CR1. Nathaniel, s. Seth and Hannah (Washburn), and Betsey Washburn, PR1]
Nathaniel, so. Nathaniel and Betsey Washburn, and Lucy Thomas, Nov. 28, 1816,* PR1
Nathaneill and Sarah Allen, Jan. 15, 1733-4
Nathaniell and Hannah Conant, Nov. 5, 1745* [Nathaniel, PCR]
Nehemiah of Pomfret, Vt., and Chloe Reckards, int. Dec. 11, 1793 [Cloe Richards, m. Jan. 28, 1794, PCR]
Noah and Desire Cole, Sept. 25, 1777
Olive and Lazarus Hathaway of Middleborough, Dec. 1, 1774
Olive and Josiah Torry, Aug. 29, 1782 [Torrey, PCR]
Olive of Middleboro and Darius Wentworth, Oct. 21, 1834 [Darius, s. Theophilus and Betsey, PR90]
Oliver and Susanna Lowden, May 17, 1787
Oliver and Rebekah Foard, July 22, 1805
Oliver and Thankful Ford, int. Apr. 4, 1823
Patience and John Crane, Apr. 29, 1793
Phebe and Nehemiah Leonard, Jan. 5, 1792
Priscila and John Douglas, June 17, 1749*
Rebecca and Elisha Allen, Oct. 24, 1745,* PCR
Ruth and Obadiah Bates, May 27, 1762 [Obediah, PCR]
Sally of Middleborough and Jeremiah Keith Jr., Sept. 13, 1801 [? in Middleborough]
Sally and Spencer Crane of Canton, Mar. 30, 1800
Sally K. [int. Sarah W.] and Jonathan Washburn, Feb. 8, 1827 [Sally K., d. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, PR12]
Samuel and Bithia Byram, Dec. 30, 1729* [Bethiah, PCR]
Sarah and Nathan Perkins, Apr. 2, 1752*
Sarah and John Churchill of Plymouth, int. Nov. 27, 1766
Sarah and Barrabas Blsom [int. Blossom], Apr. 20, 1778 [Blossom, CR1]
Sarah [int. Sally] and Isaac Swift 2d, Apr. 13, 1797 [Sally, d. Nathaniel and Betsey (Washburn), PR1]
Sarah S. and Jabez harden, Jan. 4, 1829 [Sarah S., d. Simeon and Sally, CR1]
Sarah W. (see Sally K.)
Seth (see Seth Brett)
Seth and Hannah Washburn, Apr. 27, 1753* [Apr. 24, PCR]
Seth and Lucinda [int. Lucenda] Conant, Nov. 17, 1817 [Seth, s. Nathaniel and Betsey (Washburn), and Lucinda Conant, PR1. Seth, s. Nathaniel and Betsey, and Lucinda Conant, d. Dr. John and Deborah, PR76]
Seth Jr. and Rachel Alden, Dec. 23, 1839
Sile and Anthony Peirce [int. Pearce], Dec. 17, 1778 [Silence and Anthony Peirce, PCR]
Silence and John Muxam, Sept. 15, 1748* [Silance, PCR]
Silvanus [int. Sylvanus] and Experience Alden, June 26, 1803 [Sylvanus, June 26, 1793, sic, PR1]
Simeon and Sally Willis, Nov. 17, 1791 [Simeon, s. Seth and Hannah (Washburn), PR1]
Simeon M. of Middleboro and Betsey Leach, Sept. 5, 1837 [Betsey, d. Levi and Betsey (Conant), Sept. 4, PR50]
Solomon and Sarah Johnson, Jan. 27, 1719*
Solomon and Mary Keith, Dec. 3, 1761 [Prat, CR1]
Solomon and Abihail Hooper, June 11, 1767 [Abial, PCR. Prat and Abihail Hooper, CR1]
Susanna and Simeon Davie [int. Dave], Feb. 27, 1788 [Davie, PCR]
Susanna and James Richards, int. Apr. 4, 1798
Susannah and James Richards, May 15, 1740, in Abington*
Tabitha and Seth Hayward, Sept. 6, 1748*
Thaddeus [int. Thadeus] and Rachel Churchill, July 23, 1777
Thomas of Taunton and Zeuiah Harvey, int. May 1, 1779
William [int. of Easton] and Amity [int. Amittra] Brett, Apr. 9, 1797
William and Celia [int. Sela] Whitman, Dec. 30, 1816
Zebedee of Middleborough and Dardana [int. Dardaney] Keith, Dec. 8, 1763 [? in Middleborough]
Zebulon [int. Zebulan K] of Middleborough and Susan Keith, Feb. 22, 1815 [? in Middleborough]

PRAY (also see Prey)

Hannah and Seth Thayer, June 14, 1744
Ruth and Robert Bessie of Sandwich, May 9, 1712, in Sandwich

PREY (also see Pray)

Rachel and Joseph Feild, Dec. 29, 1748*


Benjamin and Susanna [int. Silence] Hayward, Oct. 17, 1743 [Silence, PCR]
Benjamin and Experience Hayward, int. Oct. --, 1743
Benjamin and Mehitabel French, Oct. 18, 1782 [Mehitabal CR1]
Benjamin and Ruth Washburn, int. July 6, 1805
Benjamin H. Jr. and Martha S. Harlow, May 20, 1832
Bette [int. Bettie] and Nathaniel Soper [int. of Pembroke], Oct. 25, 1782 [Betty and Nataniel Soper, PCR. Betty and Nathaniel Soper of Pembrook, CR1]
Hannah and John Pool, Mar. 20, 1777
Lydia and Benjamin Parris, int. Sept. 6, 1788
Sarah and Ebenezer Collwell [int. Colwell], Sept. 27, 1769 [Collwell, PCR]


Enice and Sipple, "Servant negro man of --- Robbison of Dorcheser in ye County of Suffolk, int. Mar. 21, 1761


Betsey S. of Kingston and David Doten, int. June 3, 1832
Elisabeth and Seth Ames, Mar. 29, 1734*
Lebeus of Marshfield and Jenny Richards, blacks, int. Mar. 8, 1794
Lydia of Scituate and Calvin Ashport, blacks, int. Aug. 14, 1813
Ruth of Kingston and Elijah Leach, int. Oct. 1, 1763

PRIOR (also see Pryer)

Deborah and Ebenezer Tomson, -----*, PR19


Bathsheba late of Boston and Joseph Edson, int. Nov. 8, 1776

PRYER (also see Prior)

Ann and James Allen, Nov. 10, 1742
Hannah and William Phillips, Jan. 16, 1718*
Martha and John Hanmer, Oct. 9, 1760*
Mary and Joseph Latham Jr., Jan. 27, 1747-8*
Sarah and Theodosius Moore, June 30 172[worn]*
Sarah and Josiah Fobes Jr., Nov. 6, 1766


John Jr. of Weymouth and Abigail Crooker, May 19, 1822


Rachel P. and Simeon M. Bump, Feb. 9, 1843,* PR48


Franklin and Mary L. Rice, int. May 22, 1841 [m. June ----, CR5]

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