Bridgewater, MA Vital Records (Marriages) to 1850
Published by:
New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1916
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames Starting with Q and R

* Intention not recorded

QUACKOW (also see Quocko, Quoker, Quokum)
Mary Jane and Benjamin H. Johnson, int. Oct. 1, 1849


Molly and Jack Celong, int. June 2-, 1772


Elisabeth, "Molatto Girl brought up by Anthony Winslow," and Cuph [int. Cuff] Ashpot, "Nathan Mitchels negro man," Feb. 6, 1772


Thomas [int. Quinley] and Betsey [int. Betty] Smith, Apr. 5 [Apr. 5 in later handwriting] 1804.

QUOCKO (also see Quackow, Quoker, Quokum)

Thomas and Phillis Richards, Apr. 15, 1789*

QUOKER (also see Quakow, Quoker, Quokum)

Caesar and Abigail Jeffre, blacks, int. Dec. 15, 1793

QUOKUM (also see Quackow, Quocko, Quoker)

Thomas of Pembroke and Letice Switchet, blacks, int. July 16, 1785


Hannah [int. Zoye] and Prince Rickard [int. Rickards], Mar. 4, 1779 [Quoy and Prince Richard, CR1]


Emily A. and Enoch A. Simpson of Charlestown, int. Apr. 20, 1845


James and Margaret Bells, Dec. 26, 1738*

RAMSDAL (also see Ramsdale, Ramsdel, Ramsdell, Ramsdil)

Charles [int. Ramsdil] of Pembroke and Betty Terrill [int. Bettie Terril], Jan. 23, 1783 [Ramsdel of Pembroke and Betty Terrill, PCR]
Mathew [int. Ramsdel] and Marry [int. Mary] Allen, Dec. 20, 1779 [Matthew Ramsdell and Mary Allen, PCR]

RAMSDALE (also see Ramsdal, Ramsdel, Ramsdell, Ramsdil)

Joseph [int. Ranesdel] and Lydia Gloid [int. Loyd] of Abington, Oct. 10, 1787, in Abington
Joseph Jr. (see Joseph Randal Jr.)
Noah [int. Ramsdell] of Abington and Hittie Whitmarsh, June 10, 1790 [Ramsdel of Abington, PCR]
Noah [int. Ramsdel Jr. of Abington] and Betsey Allen, Jan. 11 [sic, int. May 16], 1818

RAMSDEL (also see Ramsdal, Ramsdale, Ramsdell, Ramsdil)

Betty and Ebenezer Noyes of Abington, Dec. 31, 1795
Gideon of Hannover and Sarah Ferrington, June 24, 1736*
James and Eunice Allen, Nov. 17, 1785 [Ransdell, PCR]
John of Pembroke and Hannah Allen, Sept. 30, 1784
Levi of Milton and Amie Dunbar, int. June 20, 1801
Lott and Lucinda Gannett, Jan. 1, 1794 [Lot Ramsdell and Lucinda Gannet, PCR]
Lucy and James Dorren [int. of Milton], July 16, 1797
Mary and William Whiting, June 8, 1748*
Nathaniell and Mary Pratt, Jan. 10, 1753* [Nathaniel Ramsdell, PCR]

RAMSDELL (also see Ramsdal, Ramdale, Ramsdel, Ramsdil)

Daniel [int. Daniell Ramsdel] and Betty Soul [int. Bettie Sole] of Pembrook, Aug. 22, 1776, in Pembroke
Hannah P. of Hanson and William F. Harden, Nov. 4, 1839
Joseph Jr. of Pembroke and Mary Daws, Dec. 30, 1741, in Pembroke*
Lydia [int. Ransdel] and David Brown 2d, Dec. 24, 1818
Nabby [int. Nancy Ramsdel] and David Brown [int. 2d], Dec. 24, 1812
Nathanael [int. Nathaniel Ramsdel] and Sally Johnson, Apr. 3, 1812
Polly [int. Ramsdel] and John P. [int. Porter] Reed, Oct. 24, 1816

RAMSDIL (also see Ramsdal, Ramsdale, Ramsdel, Ramsdell)

Orrin of Boston and Elizabeth H. Josselyn, int. Feb. 27, 1823

RANDAL (also see Randall, Randel, Randell, Randoll)

Jonathan and Bithiah Haward, Aug. 12, 1712*
Joseph [int. Ramsdale] Jr. and Sabina Dawes, Nov. 15, 1820
Lucy and David Byram, Sept. 29, 1791 [Randall, PCR]
Mary [int. Mercy Randel] of Scituate and Elijah Whitman, July 1, 1764 [sic, int. June 12, 1784] in Scituate.
Phebe [int. Randel] and George Byram, Oct. 16, 1788 [Randall, PCR]

RANDALL (also see Randal, Randel, Randell, Randoll)

Asa [int. Randel] and Silence Churchell [int. Churchill], July 29, 1821
Bethiah and John Hayss, Apr. 21, 1726, in Plymouth*
Cynthia [int. Randell] and Cyrus Bassett, Dec. 11, 1808
Hannah of Easton and Jacob Record, Apr. 14, 1757, in Easton*
Henry M. [int. Randal] and Amanda Shaw, Nov. 8, 1829
Israell and Mary Willis, Jan. 25, 1701*
John and Experience Willis, May 4, 1732* [May 17, PCR]
Mary [int. Randel] of Easton [int. adds Bristol Co.] and Pelatiah Pheney [int. Phinney Jr.] Oct. 25, 1764, in Easton
Nathan [int. Randel] and Sarah W. Haden [int. Hayden], Nov. 7, 1820
Rebecca [int. Randel] of Easton and Oliver Howard, Oct. 11, 1781, in Easton
Robert [int. Randel] Jr. of Easton and Anna [int. Amie] Phinney, Oct. 11, 1764, in Easton
Zeruah [int. Zeruiah Randel] of Easton and Thomas Tribu [int. Tribou], ----- [int. Nov. 13], 1790, in Easton

RANDEL (also see Randal, Randall, Randell, Randoll)

Apollos [int. of Easton] and Bethiah Dunbar, May 22, 1796
Isaiah and Deborah Leach, Mar. 30, 1786
Jonathan and Abigail Allen, July 27, 1749* [Randall and Abigail Allen, PCR]
Mary and William Edson Jr., July 11, 1790
Mathew [int. Randall] and Sally Packard, Mar. 7, 1802
Ruth of Easton and Manassah Dickerman, int. June 12, 1773
Samuel of Easton and Roxsa Packard, int. Jan. 26, 1805

RANDELL (also see Randal, Randall, Randel, Randoll)

Abiah [int. Abia Randel] of Easton and Mary Drake [int. wid.], Nov. 25, 1778, in Easton
Benjamin [int. Randel] and Lucy Snow, July 7, 1819
Hannah and Jacob Dunbar, July 8, 1756* [Randall, PCR]
James [int. Randel] of Easton and Rebecca [int. Rebeccah] Howard, June 24, 1779, in Easton
Rebecca [int. Manley] of Easton and Peter Edson, Sept. 6, 1784, in Easton
Robert of Easton and Rebeca Conant int. Dec. 5, 1761
Timothy [int. Randel] of Easton and Lydia Walker, Mar. 14, 1785, in Easton
Ziba of Easton and Amey Pratt, int. Feb. 26, 1792

RANDOLL (also see Randal, Randall, Randel, Randell)

Mary [dup. Randall] of "North purchase" and Isaac Lenord, Apr. 16, 1701*


Deborah of Halifax and Peres Simmons of Halifax, Oct. 3, 1753*


Chloe and Quark Mathareck, int. Sept. 29, 1787


Hannah of Bellingham and Dr. Barzillia Hayward, int. Dec. 11, 1813


Edmund and Elisabeth Hayward, May 22, 1717*
John and Mary Smith of Rehoboth, Dec. 2, 1742, in Rehoboth
Susan B. of Westborough and Melvin Swift, int. Nov. 30, 1844


Irena T. of W. Bridgewater and Stephen Hall of E. Bridgewater, June 10, 1841*
Samuel E. of New Bedford and Lucretia H. Bryant, int. Sept. 12, 1847 [m. Sept. 29, CR1. Samuel E., shoe dealer, of New Bedford, s. Rev. -----, and Lucretia Hall Bryant, d. Dion and Lucretia H. (Briggs), m. Sept. 29, PR1]
Sophia L., 25, d. Stetson and D.L., and Otis Bullard, 37, dealer of lumber, of Boston, Apr. 30, 1846

READ (also see Reed)

Abigail and Nathanael Whitaker of Rehoboth, Dec. 20, 1711*
Esther and David Hearsay, Aug. 6, 1707*
Mary and Ebenezer Shaw, June 14, 1733*
Obadiah [int. Reed] of Abington and Elisabeth Shaw, Apr. 12, 1770
Samuel and Mary Davis, Oct. 1, 1705*
Sarah and Hezekiah King, May 14, 1712*
Silas [int. Reed] and Rebecca Rusel [int. Russel of Pembrook], Jan. 28, 1768 [Read and Rebecca Russell, PCR]
Stephen and Mary Whitmarsh, Mar. 12, 171[worn]* [Mar. 12, 1714, PR103]

READING (also see Redding)

Jonathan L. of Raynham and Ann Maria Mitchell, int. Aug. 25, 1845

RECKARD (also see Reckards, Record, Records, Richard, Richards, Rickard, Rickards)

Betty [int. Bette Reckards] and Noah Edson, June 27, 1782 [Betty Reckards, PCR. Betty Reckard, CR1. Elizabeth Rickard and Noah Edson, s. Samuel 4th, CR2]
Hannah [int. Reckards] and William Badger, Apr. 3, 1819
Sarah and John Willis [int. 2d], Dec. 9, 1779 [Richards and John Willis, PCR. Reckhard and John Willis, CR1]

RECKARDS (also see Reckard, Record, Records, Richard, Richards, Rickard, Rickards)

Calvin and Huldah Leonard of Middleborough, int. Oct. 5, 1782
Chloe and Nehemiah Pratt of Pomfret, Vt., int. Dec. 21, 1793 [Cloe Richards, m. Jan. 28, 1794, PCR]
Claricy and Abiel Drake Jr. of Sharon, int. Feb. 14, 1789
Hannah and Benjamin Crosswell of Easton, int. Dec. 10, 1791

RECORD (also see Reckard, Reckards, Records, Richard, Richards, Rickard, Rickards]

Alice and Joab Wilis Jr., Apr. 14, 1772 [Reccord, PCR]
Jacob and Hannah Randall of Easton, Apr. 14, 1757, in Easton*
John and Sarah Clocks of Pembroke, Feb. 5, 1747, in Pembroke*

RECORDS (also see Reckard, Reckards, Record, Richard, Richards, Rickard, Rickards)

Dominicus [int. Reccords of Pembrook] and Martha Dailey, Aug. 19, 1768 [Records, PCR]
Elisha of Pembroke and Ruth Chamberlain [dup. Chamberlin], Feb. 2, 1775

REDDING (also see Reading)

Hannah and Nathan White, Apr. 14, 1735*
Luther of Middleborough and Experience Lennard, Nov. 11, 1773
Zachariah of Middleborough and Deborah Hardin, int. May 30, 1772

REED (also see Read)

Abia [int. Abiah of Abington] and Jane Gurney, May 23, 1814
Bela and Polly Beal, Aug. 27, 1793 [Read, PCR]
Benjamin of No. 5 and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Huldah Pratt, Dec. 3, 1778, in Abington
Calvin and Hannah Louden, int. Aug. 22, 1807
Charles Muzzey, 25, merchant, of Boston, and Mary Eliza Cushing, 19, d. Jonathan and Sarah, Oct. 23, 1844
Daniel [int. Daniell Read], Capt., of Abington, and Sarah Davis [int. Dawes, wid.], Sept. 30 [sic, int. Oct. 14], 1765, in Abington.
Daniel and Nancy Foster of Middleborough, int. Nov. 14, 1812
Deborah and Jonathan R. Gurney of Abington, int. Aug. 24, 1816
Edwin and Fairosena [int. Fairozina] Glass, June 3, 1822
Eliza [int. Elizabeth] of Scituate and Seth Gannett Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Dec. 30, 1821
Emma [int. adds C.] and Jacob Terrill [int. Tirrill], Aug. 8, 1813
Experience of Middleborough and Samuel Tisdale, int. Apr. 6, 1805
Ezekiel and Rebecca Edson, Apr. 17, 1794
Ezekiel and Hannah Littlefield of Randolph, int. Oct. 17, 1807
Frederick Jr. [int. of Randolph] and Sally Packard, Oct. 26, 1797
Hannah and Jonathan Copeland 3d, Dec. 23 [dup. Nov. ---], 1818
Henry, 23, gardner, s. John and Elizabeth, and Hannah P. Hayward, 19, d. Timothy and Mary, May 2, 1847
Hesekiah [int. Hezekiah Read] and Deborah Tirrill [int. Terril] of Abington, Aug. 21, 1766 in Abington
Isaac and Sally Stetson, Apr. 14, 1803*
James of Abington and Ruth Porter, Jan. 1, 1784
Jane and Daniel Bates, Jan. 10, 1811
Jared and Mehetabel Gardner, Feb. 27, 1811
Jesse [int. of Randolph] and Hannah Howard, Oct. 26, 1800
John, Rev., and Mrs. Hannah Samson of Middleborough, int. Oct. 14, 1780
John [int. of Yarmouth, Barnstable Co.] and Olive Alger, Sept. 17, 1809
John Jr. of Abington and Harriet Churchell, Jan. 28, 1819
John P. [int. Porter] and Polly Ramsdell [int. Ramsdell], Oct. 24, 1816
Jonathan Loring and Charlotte Brown of Abington, int. Oct. 12, 1816
Joseph and Charlotte Stetson, Jan. 1, 1807
Josiah and Jannett [int. Jennet] Keith, Sept. 3, 1820
Lucy and Plina Edson, Sept. 23, 1819
Lucy Ann, 22, of Weymouth, b. Weymouth, d. Quincy, and Joshua E. Crane, 25, merchant, b. Berkley, s. Berzillia and Lydia E., Jan. 9, 1849
Maria, 22, of W. Bridgewater, d. Josiah and Jenetta of W. Bridgewater, and Sidney S. Kingman, 22, shoemaker, of W. Bridgewater, s. Alvah and Minerva of W. Bridgewater, Nov. 18, 1847*
Mary, wid., and Timothy Hayward, Nov. 12, 1730*
Mary of Abington and Simeon Gannet, Nov. 26, 1775, in Abington
Mary and Caleb Benson of Middleboro, Mar. 7, 1823
Mary T. and Opher Howe, June 16m 1818*
Mehitable of E. Bridgewater and Pliny Edson of E. Bridgewater, June 6, 1826* [Pliney of E. Bridgewater, CR3]
Naomi [int. Naomie] and Obadiah Hearsey [dup. Hearsy] of Abington, Apr. 17, 1777
Olive and Samuel Pratt French, Oct. 27, 1801
Oran of Abington and Charlotte Harden, int. Nov. 8, 1817
Polly of Abington and Oliver Tirrill, int. Mar. 4, 1797
Polly of Pembroke and Nathan Kingman, int. Mar. 16, 1822
Rachell of Pembroke and Isaac Snell, int. Nov. 4, 1800
Rebecca and Nathan Allen, Nov. 30, 1743
Rhoda and Richard Smith of Taunton, Sept. 6, 1773
Rotheus H. of Easton and Ruhamah F. Howard of W. Bridgewater, Sept. 18, 1831*
Ruth and Seth Whitman, June 23, 1741*
Ruth [int. wid.] and Samuell [int. Samuel] Porter, May 31, 1764 [Read and Samuel Porter, PCR]
Ruth of Abington and Adam [int. Adams] Bailey, Oct. 20, 1784 in Abington
Ruth of Abington and Samuel Snell, int. Apr. 23, 1814
Sally of Middleborough and Amos Keith Jr., Dec. 20, 1801 [? in Middleborough]
Samuel of Commington [int. Cummington, Berkshire Co.] and Metilda Doty [int. Dota], Mar. 7, 1786 [Samuel of Commington and Metilda Doty, PCR. Samuel of Comington and Tilda Doty, CR1]
Samuel P. of Abington and Polly Bates, int. May 13, 1815
Sarah of Easton and Samuel Lothrop [int. Lemuel Lathrop], Sept. 20, 1795, in Easton
Seth [int. Rreead] of "Number five in ye Massachusetts Bay" and Thankful Whitmarsh, Mar. 20, 1773
Seth of Number five, Hampshire Co., and Mary Lazell [int. Lazel], June 12, 1776
Solomon and Abigail Howard, June 16, 1811
Susan J. of E. Bridgewater and Benjamin F. Wheeler of Canton, Dec. --, 1843,* CR1
Timothy [int. of Middleborough] and Hannah Kingman, Jan. 31, 1788 [Timothy, PCR. Timothy Esq., GR10]
William, Rev., of Easton and Olive Pool, May 20, 1784
William of Weymouth and Julia Andrews, d. Manassah and Harriet, -----*


Albert of Abington and Susanna Packard, Feb. 7, 1820

RENOLDS (also see Reynold, Reynolds, Runels)

Azel [int. Reynolds] and Susan Nash, Oct. 28, 1812


Paul, Col., and Sarah Orne, Aug. 17, 1757 [? in Boston], * PR55
Paul and Sally Edwards, d. Dolin, Aug. 22, 1782 [in Boston],* PR55
Paul of Boston and Caroline Lazell, Nov. 6, 1816 [Lazelle, d. Nathan, Nov. 7, PR55]
Susan L. and William S. Sampson, int. Sept. 18, 1841 [Susan, d. Paul and Caroline (Lazelle), m. Nov. 1, PR55]

REYNOLD (also see Renolds, Reynolds, Runels)

Polly [int. Reynolds] and Oliver Belcher of Stoughton, May 20, 1799, in Stoughton

REYNOLDS (also see Renolds, Reynold, Runels)

Amie and Ashley Curtis, int. Mar. 25, 1769
Amie and Silas Dunbar, July 2, 1772
Amy (see Anna)
Anna and Josiah Perkins Jr., Jan. 14, 1790
Anna, Mrs. [int. wid.] and Dea. Elijah Snell, Nov. 24, 1798
Anna [int. Amy] and Zepheon [int. Ziphion] Howard, June 9, 1803
Avis Ann of Fall River and Waldo Ames of Providence, R.I., Apr. 25, 1838* [both of Bridgewater, CR5]
Charity and Leonard Orcutt, Sept. 13, 1797
David and Sarah Bartlett, Apr. 21, 1818
Elizaboth [int. Elizabeth] and Peres Packard, Aug. 14, 1803 [date in later handwriting]
Hannah and William Packard Jr., June 8, 1769
Hannah, wid. [int. omits wid.] and Enos Thayer, May 30, 1782 [Hannah, wid., PCR]
Ichabod and Polly Brett, Jan. 21, 1796
Isaac and Mehitabel Ford [int. Foard], Dec. 23, 1806 [date in later handwriting]
John and Falley Wales of Stoughton, int. Nov. 28, 1802
Jonas and Annee Perkins of Stoughton, int. Mar. 19, 1768
Jonas and Rebeccah [int. Rebecca] Hayward, May 30, 1798
Jonathan of Sidney, Lincoln Co., and Ann Theyer, Oct. 18, 1794 [Thayer, PCR]
Joseph and Jemima Perkins [int. of Stoughton] Sept. 17, 1772
Joseph [int. Jr.] and Patty Dunbar, Apr. 19, 1798
Joseph Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Phebe Whitcomb [dup. Whitman], Nov. 3, 1817
Josiah and Mary Phillips of Abington, int. Dec. 10, 1785
Martha and Permenus [int. Permenas] Packard, Apr. 9, 1778 [Permenas, PCR]
Mary and David Ames, July 12, 1722*
Mary and Ebenezer Packard, Mar. 31, 1774
Nathaniel [int. Nathaniell Raynolds] and Mary Tolman [int. Tollman] of Stoughton, June 14, 1733, in Stoughton
Nathaniel [int. Jr. of Sidney] and Hannah Porter, Apr. 11, 1811
Nathaniell Jr. and Bethia Keith, Apr. 20, 1777
Olive and Joseph Macumber, Apr. 9, 1798
Phillip and Hannah Packard, Oct. 29, 1765 [Philip, PCR]
Polly and Isaac French [int. of Stoughton], Nov. 26, 1801
Simeon and Mary Snell, Jan. 19, 1809 [date in later handwriting]
Susanna and Oliver Howard [int. Jr.], Nov. 2, 1780 [Oliver, PCR]
Susanna and Silas Dunbar [int. Jr.], Sept. 24, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Thomas and Elisabeth Turner, Nov. 3, 1748*
Thomas [int. Jr,] and Tabitha Thayer, Feb. 10, 1785 [Tholmas, PCR]
Thomas and Nancy Pike, Aug. 20, 1819
Timothy and Rebecca Tolman [int. Toleman] of Stoughton, June 15, 1769, in Stoughton
Vesta and Isaac Clapp, June 15, 1815
William and Martha Snell, Nov. 3, 1791
Zilpha and Joshua Howard [int. of Sidney], Feb. 17, 1805 [date in later handwriting]


Jesse of Lynn and E. Jane Jackson, int. Sept. 17, 1848
Mary L. and Franklin Putnam, int. May 22, 1841 [m. June --, CR5]

RICHARD (also see Reckard, Reckards, Record, Records, Richards, Rickard, Rickards)

Anna of Weymouth and Joseph Pratt, Dec. 14, 1721, in Weymouth*
Anna and Edward Blintom of Providence [int. blacks], Mar. 27, 1816
Benjamin and Mehetabel Allden, Jan. 1, 1711*
Benjamin and Polly Bartlett [int. Barttlett], Sept. 25, 1782 [Bartlett, PCR]
Daniel and Mary Packard, Sept. 16, 1740* [Rickards, PCR]
Daniel of Dartmouth and Lintha [int. Lentha] Hartwell, June 7, 1812
Elisha and Hannah Bowers, blacks, int. June 28, 1800
Elizabeth and Thomas Burdine of Boston, blacks, int. July 7, 1825
Hannah and Philip Bryant, May 25, 1779
Isaac and Esther Hollbrook [dup. Easther Holbrook, int. Esther Holbrook], Dec. 29, 1816 [dup. Jan. 4, 1817]
James of Newton [dup. and int. Newtown] and Dorothy [dup. Dorotha, int. Dorithy] Packard, May 8, 1777
James and Susanna Pratt, int. Apr. 4, 1798
Jenny and Libeus Prince of Marshfield, blacks, int. Mar. 8, 1794
John and Kezia Bayley, Nov. 27, 1751* [Keziah Bailey, PCR]
John and Hannah Kingman, Feb. 3, 1820
Joseph and Mary Hamlen [int. Hambling], Sept. 28, 1742
Josiah and Anna Robinson of Raynham, int. Nov. 19, 1781
Jupiter, "Free negro man," and Lettice Steuart, "Mollato woman," int. Feb. 24, 1776
Kezia and James Ingley [int. Inglee of Middleborough], Nov. 25, 1787 [Keziah and James Ingley, PCR]
Letice and Pito Snow, blacks, Dec. 24, 1792 [Lettice and Pitto Snow, blacks, PCR]
Lydia and Nathan Alden, July 7, 1757* [Lidia, PCR]
Mehetable and David Packard, June 30, 1736*
Millicent and Silvanus Washburn, int. Feb. 9, 1865 [sic, ? 1765]
Nathan and Lydia Hayward, Nov. 24, 1813
Phillis and Thomas Quocko, Apr. 15, 1789*
Polly and Marcus Leonard, int. Apr. 20, 1793 [Marcus of Pomfret, Vt., m Jan. 9, 1794, PCR]
Prince and Nanny [int. Nanna] Peegin [int. blacks], Mar. 5, 1787 [Nancy, PCR]
Rhoda and Samuel Green Alden, Nov. 20, 1804
Sarah and William Packard, Sept. 16, 1740* [Rickards, PCR]
Sarah and Joseph Thayer of Stoughton, Nov. 19, 1795
Seth and Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] Snow, Dec. 3, 1791 [Mehitable, PCR]
Susanna and Silas Williams of Easton, Oct. 13, 1760* [Susannah Rickard, PCR]
Susanna and Josiah Edson, Feb. 9, 1791 [Susanna Briggs, sic, PCR]
Tamzin and Joseph Snow, Mar. 24, 1795
Timothy of Dedham and Sarah Edson, Oct. 8, 1778
Zeba and Polly Hartwell, Nov. 18, 1817

RICHARDSON (also see Richerson)

Charles and Hannah Kingman of Braintree, Dec. 2 [int. Dec 4 sic], 1773, in Braintree
Hannah [int. wid.] and Nathaniel [int. Nathaniell Thayer, May 11, 1777, in Abington
Hannah of Leicester and Joseph Burr, int. Apr. 28, 1792
Hannah of Danverss and Zenas Crooker, s. Zenas and Content (Stetson), ------*, PR1
Lewis H. and Celia M. Whitman, int. Mar. 6, 1841
Martha and Consider Robbins Jr. [int. omits Jr] of Carver, Feb. 26, 1835
Rebecca and Zebulun Packard, Mar. 15, 1764 [Zebulon, PCR]
Winslow and Rhoda [int. Ruth] Johnson, Mar. 24, 1763 [Rhoda, PCR]
Winslow and Elisabeth Byram, Apr. 27, 1768 [Elizabeth, PCR]

RICHERSON (also see Richardson)

Stephen [int. Richardson] and Mary [int. Mercy] Darling of Pembroke, Apr. 7, 1767, in Pembroke


Abiel of Midleborough [int. Taunton] and Joanna Orcutt, Feb. 11, 1773 [Abiel, CR1]
Abigail P. of Taunton and Bela Fobes, int. Apr. 16, 1848 [Abigail Padelford Richmond and Bela Fobes 2d, s. Bela and Alice Washburn, m. May 10, PR79]
Allen and Grace Bisbee [int. Bissbee] of Middleborough, Jan. 1, 1806 [? in Middleborough]
Allen and Lucy L. Eaton, int. Jan 6. 1821
Asa [int. of Taunton] and Eunice Washburn, Nov. 28, 1782 [Asa, PCR. Asa of Taunton and Unice Washburn, CR1]
Betsey of Taunton and Samson Ames, int. Feb. 13, 1819
Caleb of Taunton and Bethia Snow, int. Mar. 22, 1788
Edward of Taunton and Mary King, int. Dec. 25, 1787
Enoch of Middleboro and Susanna [int. Susan] Ames, Dec. 2, 1824 [Richmand of Middleborough and Susannah Ames, CR3]
Gershom and Susanna Edson, Sept. 28, 1773
Hannah and Daniel Snow Jr., Nov. 28, 1790
Hannah and Laban Fobes, int. June 22, 1816 [m. -----, 1816, PR46]
Hathaway and Vina Kyes, int. Oct. 3, 1818
Isaac and Betsey White, Nov. 30, 1794
Joshua of Taunton and Sarah Snow, int. May 29, 1784
Lorinda K. and Ansel B. Bump, int. Nov. 10, 1845
Micah and Hannah Sumner of Stoughton, Oct. 11, 1798 in Stoughton
Molly of Taunton and Nymphas Kinsley, int. Oct. 25, 1800
Nathan of Middleboro and Patience [int. Reliance] Washburn, May 2, 1754
Reuel of N. Bridgewater and Emily W. Alger, July 17, 1833
Robertt and Martha Wasburn, May 17, 1733* [Robert and Martha Washborn, CR1]
Salter and Olive Tolman [int. Toalman], Jan. 29, 1807
Sarah A. and Elisha Orcut of Abington, int. Aug. 3, 1834
Silence and William [int. Wellman] Forrest, May 12, 1811
Susan 14, of W. Bridgwater, d. Enoch and Susanna, and William Howard, 26, shoemaker, of W. Bridgewater, s. Charles and Betsey, Mar. 19, 1848* [Susanna of W. Bridgewater, CR1]
Susan R. [int. K.] and Emery A. Johnson, Aug. 10, 1841

RICKARD (also see Reckard, Reckards, Record, Records, Richard, Richards, Rickards)

Abigail and Samuel [dup. and int. Samuell] Blake, Nov. 30, 1768 [Samuel, PCR. Abigal and Samuel Blake, CR1]
Amasa and Deliverance Pratt, Mar. 12, 1759*
Elisabeth and John Whitman, Nov. 29, 172[worn]* [Elizabeth, Nov. 29, 1726, PCR]
Elkanah and Bethia Conantt, Oct. 15, 1733* [Elkana and Bethiah Conant, CR1]
Hannah and Jotham Willmath, int. Sept. 1, 1781
Joseph of Plimton and Lydia Willis, Nov. 17, 1737* [Lidea, CR1]
Lucey [int. Lovicey Reckards] and Joshua Rickard, CR1]
Mehtable and Arthur Harris, Nov. 12, 1730* [Mehitabel [dup. Mehetable], PCR]
Nathan [int. Richards] and Mary Snell, Dec. 3, 1767 [Rickard, PCR. Richards, CR1]
Nathaniell and Jerusha Dunbar, Aug. 22, 1751* [Nathaniel and Jerusha Dumber, Aug. 23, PCR]
Prince [int. Rickards] and Hannah Quoy [int. Zoye], Mar. 4, 1779 [Richard and Hannah Quoy, CR1]
Rebekah of Plimton and Seth Allen, Nov. 19, 1735*
Saloma [int. Silomi] and Enoch Pratt [int. of Easton], Apr. 20, 1784 [Saloma and Enoch Pratt, PCR]
Samuell and Mary Bumpas, Feb. 8, 1749*
Seth and Susanna Perkins, Sept. 15, 1757* [Susannah, PCR]
Uriah and Zilpha White, June 2, 1761*

RICKARDS (also see Reckard, Reckards, Record, Records, Richard, Richards, Rickard)

Salmon and Olive Edson, Nov. 4, 1787 [Reckard, CR1. Rickards, PR105]


Suan W. of Quincy and Emerson H. Shaw, int. Apr. 30, 1842


Deborah T. and Obadiah Morse, int. Oct. 10, 1844
Lucy S, 19, d. Nathaniel and Deborah, and William F. Bessey, 20, laborer, of Wareham, s. Edgar and Harriet, May 16, 1846 [Besse of Wareham, CR1]
Lydia of Middleborough and Walter Dunbar, int. Feb. 27, 1796
Lydia and Lucius Thompson, Aug. 16, 1840
Mary and Richard W. Lyon, May 22, 1831 [Mary, d. Samuel, CR1]
Mary Ann and Edwin Hayward, int. June 10, 1841
Samuel and Lydia Washburn, int. Nov. 23, 1799
Sarah W. and Benjamin Darling, Oct. 22, 1829 [Sarah W., d. Samuel, CR1]
Susanna of Middleborough and Joseph Look, int. Apr. 22, 1797


Sarah C. and Galen Conant Jr., Dec. 2 [sic, int. Dec. 3] 1842


Abigail and Stephen Pettingail, Sept. 20, 1764
Bethiah [int. Bethia] of Easton and Jabez Bolton, Oct. 24, 1765, in Easton
Christopher and Sarah Haward, Nov. 2, 1737*
Daniel and Martha Harvey, int. June 21, 1783
Deborah, wid., and Nathaniell Bolton, Mar. 24, 1739-40* [Nathaniel, Mar. 24, 1739, CR1]
Deborah and Cyrus Hayward, Aug. 18, 1804
Elisabeth and Jacob Keith, int. Apr. 6, 1801
Hannah [int. Riply] of Easton and Samuel Edson [int. 3d] Jan. 20, 1797
Jane and William Ormsbee of Stoughton [int. Amsbury of Stoughtonham], June 9, 1767, in Stoughton
John H., 23, blacksmith, s. Eden M. and Sarah J., and Mellona [int. Melona] Sears, 21, d. John, Jan. 28, 1849
Lydia of Plymton and Zephaniah Lothrop Jr., int. Apr. 18, 1812
Marlborough and Ruth Whiting [int. Whiteing], July 16, 1787 [Whiting, PCR]
Marlborough A. (see Molbry A.)
Mary and Benjamin Hanks of Pembroke, Mar. 23, 1727, in Pembroke*
Mary and Amos Howard [int. Hayward], Nov. 6, 1766 [? in Middleborough]
Molbry A., 22, wheelwright, of W. Bridgewater, s. Malbry and Daty B., and Lois C. Haskell, 20, of W. Bridgewater, d. Zebulon and Sarah N., Nov. 7, 1848*
Orra and Alson Field, July 7, 1820
Polly and Sihon Morse [int. of Stoughton], July 2, 1804
Sally of Plymton and Nathan Hartwell, int. Sept. 26, 1789
Samuel and Abigail Bolton, May 11, 1736*
Sarah and Seth K. Leach, s. Hosea and Hannah (Keith), Jan. 8, 1839,* PR65
Solomon and Miriam Brigs, May 18, 1758* [Briggs, PCR]
Waitstill and Isacc Lee, Dec. 15, 1751* [Isaac, PCR]


James and Mary Jane Kimball of Needham, int. Oct. 25, 1843
Sophia of Needham and Nicholas Tillinghast, int. Feb. 16, 1841

ROBBIN (also see Robbins)

Hannah and John Barker of Middleborough, Indians, int. Dec. 11, 1773
Prince [int. Robbins, "Free negro man"] and Margret [int. Margrett] Curtis, "alias Pegg Wampee," Sept. 15, 1764 [Robbin, "negroman" and Margaret Curtis, "alias Pegg Wampee," PCR]
Samuel and Bathsheba Wompee, Feb. 2, 1737-8*

ROBBINS (also see Robbin)

Abigail [int. Robinson] and Salmon Keith Jr., Apr. 11, 1813 [? in Middleborough] [Robbins, PR7]
Benjamin of Middleborough and Susannah [int. Susanna] Keith, Mar. 10, 1789 [? in Middleborough]
Benjamin Jr. and Patience Morton of Carver, int. Nov. 26, 1814
Betsey [int. Robins] and Alfred Whitman, Sept. 14, 1808
Consider Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Carver and Martha Richardson, Feb. 26, 1835
Mille K. and Nahum Dean of Taunton, Feb. 12, 1824
Moses of Middleborough and Patience Hooper, Jan. 19, 1777
Patience, Mrs., of Plympton, and Zepheniah Keith, Oct. 1, 1849
Saba [int. Robins] and Zephaniah Keith, Feb. 8, 1825
Samuel and Rhoda Cornish, int. Dec. 24, 1785
Silas P. of Middleborough and Sally W. Mitchell, int. Mar. 25 [dup. crossed out Mar. 4], 1826
Susan and Oliver Keith, Mar. 9, 1809 [? in Middleborough]

ROBBINSON (also see Robinson, Robison)

Abigail [Abigail written above Bethia crossed out] and John Fobess, Nov. 14, 1704*
Abigail [int. Robinson of Boston] and Thomas Bibby [int. b. England], July 28, 1776
Benjamin and Eve Packard, May 29, 1770
Benjamin and Kezia Packard, wid., int. May 13, 1798
Debby [int. Deborah Robinson] and John Alden, Apr. 16, 1798
John [int. Robinson] and Molly Packard, Feb. 22, 1781 [Robbinson, PCR]
Mara [int. Mary] and David Packard [int. of Lebanon, Grafton Co., N.H.], Dec. 15, 1785 [Mary Robinson and David Packard, PCR]
Martha and Archabald Thomson [int. Jr.], Oct. 15, 1761 [Robinson and Archibald Tomson, PCR]
Mary (see Mara)
Mehitable and Daniel Perkins 2d, int. Apr. 1, 1809
Robert and Bethia Kingman, Dec. 2, 1772
Susanna [int. Robinson] and Ichabod Keith, Apr. 28, 1802
Zacheus H. and Margaret S. Fillebrown of Mansfield, int. June 19, 1819


Robert of Boston and Sarah Easton [int. Eston], blacks, Aug. 29, 1813

ROBINS (see Robbins)

ROBINSON (also see Robbinson, Robison)

Abigail [int. Robbinson] and Sylvanus Lazell [int. Silvanus Lazel], Oct. 30, 1775
Abigail (see Abigail Robbins)
Alexander and Abigail White of Abington, int. Nov. 10, 1744
Anna of Raynham and Josiah Richards, int. Nov. 19, 1781
Anselm [int. adds D.] and Judith [int. Judeth] Standish, Dec. 28, 1835 [Anselm and Judeth Standish, CR1]
Benjamin [int. Robbinson Jr.] and Mary Packard, Dec. 5, 1809
Charles and Ann Maria Keith of E. Bridgewater, Nov. 24, 1825
Charlotte F. and George W. Bassett, int. Aug. 23, 1844 [m. Sept. ---, CR1]
Clarissa and John Ripley Hayward, Dec. 14, 1802 [? in Middleborough]
Clarissa and Solomon Perkins, Feb. 4, 1813 [Solomon, s. Ebenezer and Mary (Pratt), PR64]
Deborah J. and John Washburn, Oct -- [int. Oct 2], 1841
Dyer and Abigail Stetson, June 21, 1787 [Robbinson, PCR]
Dyer Jr. and Lydia Standish, Jan. 22, 1826 [Dyer, s. Dyer and Abigail (Stetson), PR1]
Fanny of Taunton and Levi Hooper, int. Sept. 24, 1837
Gad and Margaret Orr Keith, Jan. --, 1821 [Gad, s. Dyer and Abigail (Stetson), and Margarett Orr [sic], Jan. 1, PR1]
Hannah A. and Henry Boyd, Nov. 24, 1833 [Hannah Allen Robinson, CR2]
Increase and Rachel Bates [int. of Hingham], Feb. 6, 1755, in Hingham
Icrease and Hannah Edson, May 11, 1812 [Hannah, d. Benjamin and Deborah, CR2. Hannah Allen Edson, d. Benjamin, GR10. Increase, s. Dyer and Abigail (Stetson), and Hannah Edson, PR1]
Jacob and Rhoda W. Chandler, May 11, 1823
James and Jerusha Bartlett of Duxbury, Oct. 31, 1751, in Duxbury*
Jane [int. Robbison] and William Johnson, Nov. 8, 1779 [Robinson, PCR]
Joseph and Hannah Snow, Oct. 25, 1759*
Lydia H. and Peleg S. Bradford, Feb. 25, 1847
Marcus and Charlotte Barstow of Pembroke, int. Dec. 30, 1820
Margaret [int. adds W.] and Axel Dearborn, Nov. 11, 1839 [Margaret, CR1]
Margrett and Joseph Wesley, Dec.14, 1773
Marshall and Martha Jane Griffin of Lowell, int. Feb. 20, 1849
Martha and Eliphalet Bailey [int. Baily], Jan. 29, 1782 [Bailey, PCR]
Martha P. and Daniel Francis Alger of W. Bridgewater, Feb. 8, 1842 [Martha P., third d. Increase and Hannah, CR2]
Mary and Richard Bartlet, Nov. 17, 1757* [Bartlett, PCR]
Miranda C. and Jackson Sprague, int. Oct. 5, 1834 [Miranda Catharine, m. Nov. 21, CR2]
Nabby of Middleborough and John Ripley Hayward, Sept. 13, 1801 [? in Middleborough]
Nabby and Uriah Brett, May 2, 1799
Peres [int. of Raynham] and Hannah Holmes, Feb. --, 1790 [Robison, PCR]
Perez and Margaret Thomson of Hallifax, int. Aug. 14, 1819
Robert and Chloe Harvey of Freetown, int. Oct. 3, 1807
Sally [int. Robbinson] and Solomon Johnson, Oct. 22, 1788 [Robinson, PCR]
Salome and Zenas Keith Jr., Sept. 30, 1821 [Salome, d. Dyer of S. Bridgewater, and Zenos Keith of E. Bridgewater, in E. Bridgewater, CR1]
Susanna and Christopher Askins, Oct. 15, 1729*
Susanna [int. Robbinson] and William Vinton, Sept. 22, 1774
Velina and Robert Thomas Jr., Jan. 18, 1835
William [int. Robbison] and Hannah Egerton [int. Eggerton], Nov. 9, 1780 [Robinson and Hannah Egerton, PCR]
William Jr. and Abigail Dellino of Duxburough, int. Mar. 21, 1812
William H. and Matilda J. Hayden, Sept. 2, 1843

ROBISON (also see Robbinson, Robinson)

Archabald and Mercy Field, Jan. 29, 1746-7*

ROGERS (also see Roggers)

Charles and Sarah Thompson, Sept. 20, 1821
Nabby and William Newhall [int. Newall], Sept. 11, 1808
Samuel and Betty Allen, Aug. 9, 1790
Sarah and Josiah Churchell [int. Churchel], Feb. 1, 1781 [Churchill, PCR]

ROGGERS (also see Rogers)

Bathsheba of Weymouth and Ebenezer Hill, int, Feb. 1, 1777


Hannah D. and Jesse Vaughn, int. Nov. 18, 1832

ROUNSAFULL (also see Rounseville)

Chloe and Boston Boalden, blacks, int. Nov. 19, 1796

ROUNSEVILLE (also see Rounsafull)

Job P. [dup, int. omits P.] and Laura Washburn [dup. int. of Middleborough], June 3, 1827 [Job P., both of Bridgewater, CR1]
Susan C. of Freetown and John Long, int. Sept. 30, 1842


Permilla [int. Parmilla] of Dorchester and William Shaw Jr., Oct. 9, 1791 [Parmilia of Dorchester, Oct. 19, PCR]

RUNELS (also see Renolds, Reynold, Reynolds)

Isaac and Dorothy Seeker of Middleborough, Nov. 24, 1707*

RUSEL (also see Russel, Russell, Russells)

Rebecca [int. Russel of Pembrook] and Silas Read [int. Reed], Jan. 28, 1768 [Russell and Silas Reed, PCR]

RUSSEL (also see Rusel, Russell, Russells)

Abigail and William Keith Jr. [int. omits Jr] Oct. 20, 1789 [Russell and William Keith Jr., PCR]
Mary and Isaac Alden, May 14, 1781 [Russell, PCR]

RUSSELL (also see Rusel, Russel, Russells)

Betsey [int. Russel] and James Barrell [int. Baarrel], Sept. 15, 1785 [Russell and James Barrell, PCR]
Experience, wid., of Plymouth, and Beza Hayward Esq., int. Mar. 28, 1801

RUSSELLS (also see Rusel, Russel, Russell)

Josiah [int. Joshua Burrill] of Abington and Lydia Bonney, Feb. 5 [sic, int. Nov. 5], 1785, in Abington


Julia A. of Wareham and Calvin Holmes, int. Dec. 15, 1849

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