Bridgewater, MA Vital Records (Marriages) to 1850
Published by:
New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1916
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames Sabine to Snell

* Intention not recorded

SABINE (also see Sabins)

James, Rev. [int. omits Rev.] of Bethel, Vt., and Dorcas [int. adds W.] Munroe, Oct. 11, 1840 [Rev. James of Bethel, Vt., and Dorcas Munro, wid. Rev. Matthias, CR2]

SABINS (also see Sabine)

Mercy, Mrs. [int. wid] and Henry Ash, July 4, 1800 [? in Middleborough]


Mary of Stoughton and Elkanah Willis, int. June 2, 1744


Peter of Hanover and Eunice Whitman, wid. [int. omis wid], Feb. 17, 1785 [Eunice, wid., PCR]

SAMPSON (also see Samson)

Addriann and Beza Hayward, int. May 13, 1841
Betsey of Middleborough and Seth Leach, int. Sept. 1, 1827
Betsey J. [int. Samson], 24, of Pembroke, d. Thomas (Samson) and Eleanor, and Richard Edwards, 26, teacher, s. Richard and Anne, July 5, 1849
Bridget of Halifax and Silas Pierce [sic, ? Besse, see Halifax Vital Records], June 16, 1752, in Halifax*
Deborah B. of E. Bridgewater and Luther Thayer, Feb. 3, 1841
Lydia T. and Snow W. Munroe, Apr. 20, 1837 [Monroe, CR3]
Marry [int. Mary] of Wareham and Enoss [int. Enos] Hayward, Nov. 16, 1769, in Wareham
Meribah and Boston, "M' Hugh orrs Servant man," int. May 20, 1764
Miles and Deborah Bonney, June 9, 1752,* PR63
Newland of Hallifax and Lucy Waterman, Aug. 28, 1766 [Samson of Hallifax, PCR. Newlend Samson of Halifax, CR1]
Passon Howard and Hannah Perkins, Dec. 19, 1833
Priscilla and Thomas King, int. Nov. 9, 1799. "Sd Priscilla Sampson forbade her Publishment Nov. 23d."
Warren W. and Keziah R. Leach, d. Hosea and Hannah (Keith), Oct. 25, 1846,* PR65
William S. and Susan L. Revere, int. Sept. 18, 1841 [Susan, d. Paul and Caroline (Lazelle), m. Nov. 1, PR55]

SAMSON (also see Sampson)

Benjamin [int. Sampson] and Anna [int. Anne] Packard, Jan. 1, 1778 [Samson and Anna Packard, PCR]
Bethiah and Simeon White [int. of Sharon], Aug. 20, 1808 [date in later handwriting]
Betsey of Duxbury and Sidney Humphrey, int. Dec. 4, 1838
Deborah and Ebenezer Leach, Oct. 10, 1751*
Ephraim and Susanna Bosworth [int. Bozworth], Jan. 30, 1821
Hannah, Mrs., of Middleborough, and Rev. John Reed, int. Oct. 14, 1780
Hepzibah of Pembroke and Martin Samson, int. Aug. 20, 1808
Joseph and Hannah Gurney, Dec. 28, 1780
Martin and Hepzibah Samson of Pembroke, int. Aug. 20, 1808
Mercy of Middleborough and Seth Leach, int. May 1, 1819
Stephen and Lucy Harris of Easton, int. Mar. 19, 1796
William and Sally Clark of Hanover, int. May 17, 1806


Susan C. of Meredith, N.H., and Levi Leach Jr., int. Apr. 2, 1845 [Levi, s. Levi and Betsey (Conant), m. Apr. 30, PR50]


James [int. Saundrus] and Sally Chase, Oct. 27, 1819
Laura and Ebenezer Gay, May 13, 1818*
Lydia and Stillman Barrows, int. Nov. 8, 1818


Caraline [int. Caroline] and Rev. Samuel Clark of Burlington, Vt., Oct. 11, 1810 [Caroline, d. Zedekiah and Irene (Freeman), PR1]
Deborah and John Ames Jr., int. Feb. 1, 1800 [Deborah, d. Zedekiah and Irene (Freeman), and ----- Ames of Easton, m. -----, PR1]
Joseph and Hannah Mercy of Plymouth, int. Sept. 13, 1812
Olive and George More [int. Moore] of Burlington, Oct. 27, 1815 [Olive, d. Zedekiah and Irene (Freeman), and George Moore of Burlington, Vt., PR1]
Ralph, Rev., of Dover, and Charlotte Kingman, -----[rec. between July 8 and Nov. 23, 1817. [Ralph, s. Zedekiah and Irene (Freeman), and Charlotte Kingman, d. Ezra Esq. of E. Bridgewater, PR1]
Richard and Sally Tisdale of Taunton [Taunton written in pencil], int. Mar. 7, 1807
Samuel F. and Susan Alden, June 1, 1823 [Samuel F., s. Rev. Z. dec'd, and Susan Alden, d. Caleb and Sally, CR1. Samuel Freeman Sanger 3d, s. Zedekiah and Irene (Freeman), PR1]
Sarah, d. Zedekiah and Irene (Freeman), and Dr. ------ Allen of Providence, R.I., ------,* PR1
Zedekiah and Irene Freeman, June 5, 1777,* PR1


Mary [int. Sergeant] of Methuen and Ward Baily [int. Bailey], Feb. --, 1765, in Methuen
Sarah, b. Gloucester, and Samuel Worcester, b. Thornton, N.H., Jan. 2, 1817*


Ann and Robbin Freeman, Jan. 12, 1737-8* [Robbin, free man, CR1]
Mary, "Negro woman," and Tom Drew, "Negro man," June 18, 1755*
Moses and Sarah Colly, molatoes, May 1, 1752*

SAUNDERS (see Sanders)


Mary of Sharon and William Tolman, Nov. 1, 1744 [? in Sharon]* [This entry typewritten on paper pasted in book]

SAVERY (also see Savoury)

Patience E. and Howe Keith Jr., Aug. 9, 1845, in Thompson, Windham Co., Conn.*

SAVILLE (see Savel)

SAVOURY (also see Savery)

Eliza Ellis [int. Savory] and Nahum Johnson, Oct. 17, 1842 [Savoury, CR2]

SAWIN (also see Sawen, Sawing)

Daniel, Dr. [int. omits Dr] and Hannah Barrell, Nov. 18, 1810
Daniel C. and Catherine F. Bassett, Nov. 24, 1842 [Catherine F., CR1. Catherine, d. Paschal and Mary (Hooper), PR1]

SAWING (also see Sawen, Sawin)

Sarah of Braintree and Enos Thayer, int. July 5, 1777


Catharine of Broklyn, Conn., and Albert Conant, int. Dec. 12, 1848


Rebecka and Ebenezer Allen, Oct. 11, 1698*

SCOT (also see Scott)

Lois, Mrs. [int. Scott, wid.] and Apollos Eaton of Middleborough, Oct. 31, 1838 [sic, int. Oct. 13, 1839] [Mrs. Lois Scott, Oct. 31, 1839, CR3]
Sippio and Peg Howland, Dec. 23, 1752*

SCOTT (also see Scot)

Abigail of Dedham and Sihon Packard, Oct. 16, 1794, in Dedham
Consider Esq. of Charlemont and Lois Keith, Feb. 23, 1824
William and Celia P. Munro, Sept. 25, 1825 [Celia P., d. Henry CR1]
William and Ann E. Adams of Kingston, int. Aug. 2, 1829


Mary Dunivan and Timothy Canty, int. May 6, 1846

SEARES (also see Sears)

Josiah and Judith Gilbert, Aug. 18, 1720*
Josiah [int. Sears] of Hallifax and Mary Porter, June 5, 1817

SEARS (also see Seares)

Abner of Middleborough and Lydia Perkins, July 15, 1762 [Lidia, PCR]
Alfred F. of Boston and Augusta Bassett, int. Dec. 9, 1849
David of Middleborough and Elisabeth Snow, int. July 30, 1768
Desire of Halifax and Benjamin Washburn Jr. [int. 3d, omits Jr], Apr. 29, 1762, in Halifax
John of Bristol [int. Greenwich] and Melinda Keith, Dec. 17, 1805 [? in Middleborough]
John and Clarissa Simpson of Abington, int. Nov. 12, 1848
Lydia and Timothy Leonard of Middleborough, int. Nov. 16, 1800
Mellona [int. Melona], 21, d. John, and John H. Ripley, 23, blacksmith, s. Eden M. and Sarah J., Jan. 28, 1849
Roland of Ashfeidl [int. adds Hampshier Co.] and Jedidah Conant, Apr. 9, 1777 [Jedida, CR1]

SEAVER (also see Sever, Severs)

Benjamin, s. William and Mary (Foster), and Mary Porter, d. John and Lydia (Leonard), Oct --, 1803,* PR73
Margaret and Edward Mitchell, s. Edward and Chloe (Washburn), June 24, 1830, in Taunton,* PR92
Mary Cordelia of Taunton and Bela Mitchell, Oct. 26, 1835, in Taunton [Mary C., d. Benjamin and Mary (Porter), and Bela Mitchell, s. Daniel and Eunice (Mitchell), PR73]
Wendal [int. Wendall] and Joanna Dickerman of Easton, Oct. 30, 1813
William and Mary Foster, abt. 1767,* PR73
William and Thankful Stetson, ----, 1770,* PR73


Dorothy of Middleborough and Isaac Runels, Nov. 24, 1707*


John of Easton and Sebrina Snow, int. June 6, 1818


Israel, "Indian man," and Lillee Floyd, "Indian woman," int. Nov. 8, 1766

SERGEANT (see Sargent)

SEVER (also see Seaver, Severs)

Christopher and Hannah Harden [int. Hardin], Oct. 17, 1771 [Hardin, PCR]
Robert and Priscilla Smith, int. May 23, 1818

SEVERS (also see Seaver, Sever)

Ruth and Oliver Drake of Easton, int. Aug. 3, 1793

SEWAL (also see Sewall, Suel)

Eunice and Cesar Eason [int. Ezen, "Free negro man," of Norton], blacks, Mar. 19, 1778 [Sewall and Cesar Eason, PCR]

SEWALL (also see Sewal, Suel)

Elias [int. Sewal] and Amie Dunbar [int. "Free Negros"], Oct. 28, 1776
Nancey [int. Nancy] and Ceasar Augustus, negros, Feb. 20, 1772


John of N. Bridgewater and Deborah F. Cushman, June 14, 1832


Gibeon [int. Gibbens] and Sophronia [int. Sofrony] Gurney [int. of Abington], Nov. 23, 1820
Oliver and Mary French, Jan. 11, 1821


Abigail and Daniel Alden, Dec. 25, 1717*
Abigail [int. Nabbe] and Daniel Copeland [int. Jr.], Apr. 28, 1791 [Abigail and Daniel Copeland, PCR]
Abigail and Zeba Wood, Apr. 25, 1796
Abigail T. A. and Cyrus Tucker, Sept. 4, 1841
Alexander and Sally White of Middleborough, Mar. 21, 1802 [? in Middleborough]
Amanda and Henry M. Randall [int. Randal], Nov. 8, 1829
Asahel of Raynham and Sarah Alden, int. Sept. 20, 1777
Betsey of Middleborough and Bezer Leach, Sept. 15, 1793 [? in Middleborough]
Betsey and Isaac Horton, May 6 [May 6 in later handwriting], 1805
Charles and Lucy Thomas [int. Thomson] of Middleborough, June 26, 1811
Chloe of Middleborough and Ziba Leonard, May 5, 1783 [? in Middleborough]
Clarissa [int. Clarrissa] of Paris, Me., and Jonathan C. Keith, Mar. 28, 1822
Cynthia K. and Henry J. Stevenson, Aug. 12, 1835
Dan of Middleborough and Martha Dunbar, int. Nov. 25, 1786
Ebenezer and Mary Read, June 14, 1733*
Ebenezer Jr. of Middleborough and Deborah Keith, int. June 9, 1764
Ebenezer of Middleborough and Mary Dickerman, May 19, 1816
Elisabeth and Noah Washburn, Jan. 25, 1709-10*
Elisabeth and Obadiah Read [int. Reed] of Abington, Apr. 12, 1770
Elisabeth and Ephraim Harlow of Middleborough, int. Jan. 14, 1815
Emerson H. and Susan W. Rideout of Quincy, int. Apr. 30, 1842
Experience [int. Eperience] and Luther Jenison [int. Janison of Union, Conn.], Dec. 10, 1801
Frances and Ebenezer Bourn, int. Feb. 2, 1788
Gideon of Raynham, Bristol Co., and Abigail Fobes 2d, int. Jan. 16, 1768 [m. June 30, CR1]
Hannah and John Haines, Aug. 11, 1709*
Hannah and Isaac Snow, Nov. 19, 1722*
Hannah, Mrs., of Raynham, and Constant Southworth, int. Jan. 6, 1770
Hannah and Mark Packard, Dec. 15, 1774
Hannah of Abington and Eliab Packard Jr., int. Sept. 30, 1792
Hannah [int. of Abington] and Eliphalet Leach, Dec. 11 [Dec. 11 in later handwriting], 1806
Hannah [int. adds Whitmarsh] and Joseph Ames Jr., Dec. 27, 1812 [Hannah W., d. Samuel (s. Rev. John and Ruth (Angier) and Olive (d. Zebulun Leonard of Middleborough) and Capt. Joseph Ames, PR1]
Hannah and Lyman Hooper, May 28, 1820
Harriet and Ford Pearce [int. Bearce], Mar. 28, 1820 [This entry marked "Should be Bearce'"]
Horatio and Lydia H. Staples of Middleborough, int. Apr. 4, 1846
Huldah and John Bisbee, Mar. 11, 1779 [Bisbe, PCR]
James and Margrett Mora, Aug. 10, 1752* [Margerett Murry, PCR]
Jerome and Elizabeth Dunphe, int. Mar. 23, 1841
John (see John Snow)
John of Raynham and Dinah Leach, Jan. 8, 1761*
John, Capt., of Raynham, and Mary Pratt, wid., int. Oct. 9, 1779
John of Cummington, Hampshire Co., and Hannah Dyer of Abington, Plymouth Co., Sept. 20, 1784*
John, Rev. [int. of Abington, omits Rev.] and Susanna Cary, Oct. 17, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
John A. and Mira Washburn, Oct. 17, 1830 [Hon. John A. and Mira ----, d. Capt. Ephraim Sprague and Vina (d. Ezra Edson), CR2. John A., s. Samuel and Olive (Leonard), and Mrs. Washburn, wid. John, d. Ephraim Sprague and Vina (Edson), PR1]
John Angier, s. Samuel and Olive (Leonard), and Sarah H. White, Mar. 29, 1821, in Woodville, Miss.,* PR1
Jonathan of Middleborough and Ruth Carver, int. Nov. 16, 1793
Joseph and Olive Drake, Apr. 9, 1806 [date in later handwriting]
Judith and John Edson [int 2d], May 3, 1770
Laura Ann and Osgood Graves, Dec. 2, 1830
Lydia of Abington and Daniel [int. David] Edson [int. Jr], Mar. 18, 1783, in Abington
Marcus of N. Bridgewater and Chloe B. Tolman, May 26, 1828
Martha and Eliezer Allden, May 11, 172[worn]* [May 11, 1720, PR103]
Martha of Middleborough and David Hooper, Mar. 23, 1769 [? in Middleborough]
Martha and Jesse Bryam, int. Nov. 28, 1794. "Said Jesse forbid his Publishment."
Martha H. and Erastus Adkins of Marietta, Ohio, Sept. 1, 1840
Mary (----- -----) [Mary Shaw, PR103] and James Cary, Jan. 4, 1681*
Mary and Benjamin Aldrich, Aug. 24, 1721*
Mary of Raynham and Ezra Fobes, int. Sept. 7, 1776
Mary Cary [int. omits Shaw] and Abiel Kingman, Jan. 12, 1819
Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] and Ebenezer Bisbee, Mar. 12, 1778 [Mehitabel and Ebenezer Bisbe, PCR]
Micah and Jenny Kingman, Nov. 11, 1793
Minot C., 24, merchant, of E. Bridgewater, s. Samuel and Abigail, and Orra P. Winslow, 21, d. Kenelm and Orra P., Sept. 22, 1847 [Orra Pierce Winslow, d. Kenelm and Orra (Pope), PR1]
Nabby (see Abigail)
Naphtali, Rev. [int. of Kenzington, N.H.] and Polly Crafts, June 10, 1798
Nathan [int. of Middleborough] and Rosamond [int. Rosamon Leonard, Dec. 10, 1782 [Nathan and Rosamond Leonard, PCR. Nathan of Midleboro and Vosamond Leoanrd, CR1]
Nehemiah and Molly [int. Molley] Hill, Nov. 16, 1775
Newton and Olive Packard, Dec. 3, 1818
Olive R. and David Perkins [int. Esq.] of Fall River, Jan. 29, 1843 [David of Fall River, CR1. Olive Rosalie, d. John Angier and Sarah H. (White), and David Perkins, s. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), Jan. 30, PR1. Olive R. and David Perkins, s. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), Jan. 30, PR13]
Patience and Nathaniel Southworth, Nov. 7, 1793
Rhoda (see Rhoda Packard)
Ruth and Joseph Snow, Feb. 7, 1759*
Ruth and Brig. Gen. Nathaniel [int. Nathanel] Goodwin [int. of Plymouth], Oct. 3, 1782 [Mrs. Ruth and Brid. Gen. Nathaniel Goodwin, PCP. Ruth and Nathaniel Goodwin of Plymouth, CR1]
Ruth and Jacob Washburn, Apr. 28, 1797
Samuel and Olive Leoanrd of Middleborough, int. Sept. 29, 1781
Sarah and James Cary, Feb. 8, 1721-2*
Sarah (see Sarah Snow)
Sarah and Elijah Snow, Sept. 7, 1780
Sarah of Middleborough and Azor Harris, Sept. 5, 1813 [? in Middleborough]
Sarah and Quartus Snell, int. Aug. 26, 1832
Sarah M. and Abram Washburn [int. 2d], Oct. 14, 1832 [Sarah M., d. Dr. Samuel dec'd, and Col. Abram Washburn 2d, CR1. Sarah Miller Shaw, d. Samuel (s. Rev. John and Ruth (Angier)) and Olive (d. Zebulun Leonard of Middleborough), and Abram Washburn, PR1]
Silas of Ringe [int. Range] N.H., and Lucy White, May 29, 1794
Simeon of Middleborough and Mary Pool, Sept. 17, 1772 [? in Middleborough]
Solomon and Anna Hayward, Oct. 31, 1782
Soranus and Elizabeth M. Alden, int. Mar. 16, 1826
Sullivan of Middleborough and Cynthia Keith, Mar. 12, 1797 [? in Middleborough]
Susanna and Pollycarpus [int. Polycarpus] Snell, Nov. 27, 1766
Susanna [int. of Abington] and Cyrus Snell, July 22, 1818
Suannah of Abington and Jonathan Whitmarsh of Abington, June 13, 1771* [Susanna of Abington, PCR]
Tirzah B. of E. Bridgewater and William E. Joslyne of E. Bridgewater, Jan. 14, 1843,* CR1
Willi [int. William] and Dorcas Smith, June 24, 1773
William and Hannah West, July 15, 1754
William Jr. and Deliverance Washburn, Oct. 1, 1778
William Jr. and Permilla [int. Parmilla] Rugg of Dorchester, Oct. 9, 1791 [Parmilia of Dorchester, Oct. 19, PCR]
William and Molley Crossman [int. Molly Crossman], Nov. 9, 1797
Zacharias and Hannah Bisbee, Oct. 7, 1777 [Bisbe, PCR]
Zachary and Sarah Packard, Aug. 30, 1733*
Zephaniah of Middleborough and Lucy Crooker, Mar. 27, 1831 [Lucy, d. Zenas, CR1. Lucy, d. Zenas and Content (Stetson), PR1]

SHELLEY (also see Shelly)

Benjamin [dup. Jr] of Raynham and Mary Turner, Dec. 21, 1749* [Benjamin Jr. of Rainham, PCR]

SHELLY (also see Shelley)

Abner and Melinda Howe, Sept. 6, 1812
Rachel of Norton and Seth Wilbar, Oct. 1, 1801 [? in Middleborough] [Wilbore, PR8]

SHEPARD (also see Shepherd)

Bette of Milton and David Allen, int. July 11, 1783 [This entry crossed out]
Calvin and Mary Byram, Dec. 20, 1807


Nathan [int. Nathaniel of Dedham] and Sally Edson, Dec. 1, 1808 [date in later handwriting]
Nathaniel of Dedham and Nancy Edson, Arp. 17, 1815
Nathaniel of Attleboro and Sally Dickerman, Oct. 5, 1817

SHEPHERD (also see Shepard)

Samuel [int. Shepard of Stoughton] and Suanna Brett, Apr. 17 [Apr. 17 in later handwriting], 1806


Debby [int. Sherry] and Samuel Wood, blacks, Sept. 30, 1801


Amelia and Henry Perkins, s. Solomon and Clarissa (Robinson), July 16, 1848, in Stafford, Conn.,* PR64
Betsey [int. Betty] and Joseph Keith 2d, Feb. 15, 1787 [Betsey, PCR]
Deborah P. of Middleborough and Noah Alden Jr., int. May 13, 1832
Hannah and Josiah Newton of Brookfield, June 13, 1776
Jane [int. Jean] and Eleazer Barrow of Rochester, Feb. 27, 1773
John [int. Jr.] of Newton and Lucy Withrell, May 13, 1827 [John Jr. of Newton and Lucy Witherell, CR1]
Lois and Zenus Stetson of Pembrook, int. June 13, 1781
Lydia and Thomas Whitman, Nov. 22, 1781
Lydia and Lambert Leach, s. Hosea and Hannah (Keith), Apr. 29, 1835,* PR65
Lydia L. of Marshfield and Ellis W. Holmes, int. Mar. 8, 1845
Ruth and Jarib White of Amherst, Hampshire Co., Feb. 24, 1794
Ruth of Pembroke and Joseph Hobert, int. Mar. 4, 1820
Thomas of Brookfield and Betty [int. Bettie] Keith, Aug. 27, 1781 [? in Middleborough]


Debby (see Debby Sherby)


David and Hannah Keen of Pembroke, int. Aug. 14, 1802


Abner of Raynham and Mary Hartwell, int. Nov. 19, 1781

SHIRTLIFF (also see Shurtleff, Shurtliff)

Ichabod [int. Shirtleff of Plymouth] and Betty Pettingill, Sept. 8, 1787 [Shurtleff, PCR]


Benjamin of Taunton and Nanny Sturtevant, int. Feb. 12, 1773


Anna of Taunton and Benjamin Leach, int. Oct. 20, 1792
Samuel and Celia Lothrop of Easton, int. Mar. 8, 1806

SHURTLEFF (also see Shirtliff, Shurtliff)

Lucy [int. of Stoughton] and Eleazer Cole, July 11, 1769
Sarah and James Tyler of Canterbury, Windham Co., int. Sept. 15, 1769
Simeon [int. of Stoughton] and Submitt [int. Submit] Kingman, Aug. 16, 1781 [Simeon and Submit Kingman, PCR]
William [int. Shirtlief] and Sarah Kingman, Feb. 7, 1745 [Shurtleff, PCR]

SHURTLIFF (also see Shirtliff, Shurtleff)

Abigail, wid., and Capt. Josiah Dunbar, pauper, int. Dec. 29, 1797. "The Select men....gave Notice to forbade giving a Certificate to the above Said Capt. Dunbar."
Almera A., d. Benjamin and Priscilla, and Eaton Nichols, s. Charles E. and Amandana, Dec. 29, 1849*

Cynthia (see Cynthia Sylvester Bonney)

Gustavus and Patty Field, Nov. 30, 1809 [date in later handwriting]
Israel and Abigail Snell, Dec. 12, 1734*
Joseph [int. Jr] and Hannah Howard, Aug. 15, 1786 [Joseph, PCR]
Lucretia of Marshfield and Jonah Newel, int. July 28, 1753
Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] and Zachariah Snell, Jan. 24, 1793 [Mehitabel, PCR]
Rachel and Joseph Newell, July 11, 1734*
Sally and Capt. Jesse Perkins, Aug. 17, 1808 [date in later handwriting]
Zachariah [int. Zachary] of Duxburough and Mehetabel Cary, Nov. 13, 1771

SIMMONS (also see Simon, Simons, Symmonds, Symmons)

Peres of Halifax and Deborah Ransom of Halifax, Oct. 3, 1753*
Rebecca of Halifax and Samuel Bolton, Oct. 21, 1742* [Oct. 25, PCR]
William and Nabby Greenwood of Rehoboth, Dec. 27, 1795, in Rehoboth.*

SIMON (also Simmons, Simons, Symmonds, Symmons)

Deborah, "Indian woman," and Samuell [int. Samuel] James, "Indian man," Nov. 29, 1764

SIMONS (also see Simmons, Simon, Symmonds, Symmons)

Richard and Chloe Squib, blacks, Jan. 20, 1788


Clarissa of Abington and John Sears, int. Nov. 12, 1848
Enoch A. of Charlestown and Emily A. Radcliffr, int. Apr. 20, 1845


Lydia of Salem and Samuel Pratt Newhall, int. Mar. 26, 1814


John [int. Jr] of Boston and Rebecca McClench, Dec. 25, 1797
Lucy [int. Skiner] of Mansfield [dup. Stoughton] and Daniel Bryant, Apr. 20, 1817
Sally of Mansfield and Orren Packard, int. Mar. 24, 1821


Sarah and Pompey Stevens, negro's, Apr. 25, 1771* [Sckips and Pompie Stephens, PCR]


Hannah of Acworth, N.H., and Winslow Copeland, int. Sept. 15, 1804

SLOAN (also see Slone)

Samuel, portrait painter, and Calista Hayward, Nov. 27, 1843 [Calista, d. Calvin and Mary (Fobes), PR1]

SLONE (also see Sloan)

Anna and Nathaniell Packard, Oct. 17, 1758* [Anna Stone, PCR]


Priscilla P., 23, of Abington, d. James and Mary, and Jedediah Caswell, 24, mechanic, of Abington, s. John and Mary, Apr. 6, 1848*


Abigial [int. Abigail] and Joshua Bowen of Roxbury, Mar. 26, 1782 [Abigail, PCR]
Allen and Salley [int. Sally] Leach, June 13, 1815
Amasa, Rev., and Mary Haskell of Westborough, Worsester Co., int. July 22, 1815
Anna of Lexington and Simeon Leonard [int. Lennard], Apr. 10, 1764, in Lexington
Bathsheba of Hanson and Eleazer Carver Jr., int. Apr. 21, 1821 [m. ---- 1821, PR34]
Becca and Daniel Tuel Dickerman, Aug. 9, 1803 [date in later handwriting]
Benaiah of Easton and Mary Hill, ----, 1738* [Benajah of Easton, Nov. 22, PCR]
Benjamin and Silence Keith, Aug. 2, 1739, in Halifax*
Betsey [int. Betty] and Thomas Quinly [int. Quinley], Apr. 5 [Apr. 5 in later handwriting], 1804
Bettie and Eliphaz Mitchel, int. Apr. 26, 1777
Ceaser [int. Seasar] and Elisabeth Fortune [int. Elisaboth Fortin of Taunton], blacks, Aug. 8, 1786 [Ceasar and Elizabeth Fortune, PCR]
Chloe of Norton and Nathan Kingman, Dec. 19, 1785, in Norton
Dorcas and Willi [int. William] Shaw, June 24, 1773
Elijah and Mary Beal, Feb. 7, 1803 [date in later handwriting]*
Elisabeth and Josiah Whitman, Oct. 7, 1747*
George and Sarah P. Josselyn, Jan. 14, 1841
Hannah and William Urrohart, Sept. 21, 1698*
Henry Thornberry and Priscilla Brown, Mar. 12, 1792
Isaac of Braintree and Mary Conant, Jan. 24, 1785
James W. and Susan W. Hall, Sept. 9, 1838
Jeremiah and Margrett Farr of Easton, July 9, 1773
John and Mary Hanmer, Oct. 5, 1749*
John and Elanor Curtain, Sept. 29, 1774
John and Susanna Hill, June 17, 1779
John and Ruth Cornish, June 17, 1777
John and Bathshebe Joy, Mar. 2, 1803 [date in later handwriting]*
John [int. of Canton] and Hannah Edson, Nov. 29 [date in later handwriting], 1805
Joseph Jr. and Eunice Muxam, Nov. 14, 1799
Judith of Pembroke and Rev. Samuel Angier, Nov. 29, 1796, in Pembroke.
Libbeus [int. Lebbeus] and Polly Bates, July 24, 1817
Libeus of Abington and Salome Howe, int. Dec. 3, 1814
Lydia of Walpole and Roland [int. Rowland] Leonard, Feb. 8, 1787, in Walpole
Lydia Ann W. and William H. R. Benton, int. Dec. 15, 1843
Margret of Milton and Robert Tomson, int. Nov. 16, 1754
Martha and John Gillimor, int. Oct. 20, 1764
Mary of Rehoboth and John Rawson, Dec. 2, 1742, in Rehoboth
Mary and Benjamin Southworth, Mar. 3, 1763
Mary (see Polly)
Matilda Jane, 22, of W. Bridgewater, d. Nathan and Sally, and James Jacobs, widr. [int. omits widr], 28, forgeman, s. Seth and Susan, Dec. 30, 1849 [James, CR1]
Nabba and Silas Leonard, Dec. 15, 1785
Paul and Susanna Perryway [int. Perreway], Apr. 6, 1775
Pelatiah and Jane Dunbarr, wid. James, ------*
Phebe and Seth Macumber of Taunton, int. July 15, 1780
Polly and John Crooker of Pembroke, Dec. 20, 1798 [Mary, d. Joseph, and John Crooker of Pembroke, s. David, PR86]
Priscilla of Middleborough and Daniel Allen, int. Jan. 11, 1815
Priscilla and Robert Sever, int. May 23, 1818
Rachel and Jonathan Lawrance [int. "Transtient person"], May 22, 1765
Rachel and Nathan Alger 2d, Feb. 1, 1809
Rebecca (see Becca)
Rhoda and John Terril Jr., June 4, 1794
Richard of Taunton and Rhoda Reed, Sept. 6, 1773
Rufus of Easton and Ruth Cook, int. Nov. 3, 1770
Samuel [int. of Stoughton] and Lydia Potter, Feb. 20, 1802 [date in later handwriting, sic, int. Jan. 1, 1803]
Solomon [int. of Easton] and Elisabeth Cole, Feb. 11, 1762 [Solomon of Easton and Elizabeth Cole, PCR]
Submit [int. Keith] and William Curtis [int. of Randolph], Sept. 15, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Susanna [int. wid.] and John Dyar, Dec. 7, 1778 [Susanna and John Dyer, CR1]
Thankful of Hanson and Elbridge Keith, int. Aug. 24, 1822
Thomas and Espey Brown of New Bedford, int. July 29, 1849
Zephaniah and Lydia Conant, Sept. 23, 1773

SNEL (also see Snell)

Phillis [see Phillis Suel)
Susanna and Nathan Orcut, Mar. 16, 1756,* CR1

SNELL (also see Snel)

Abigail and Israel Silvester, Dec. 12, 1734*
Abigail and Robert Hayward Jr., May 5, 1757* [Hayward Jr., PCR]
Abigail and James Haward Jr., Dec. 5, 1775
Abigail and Levitt [int. Levit] Thayer, Oct. 21, 1783 [Levitt, PCR]
Abigail and Lloyd Howard, Oct. 3, 1796
Abigail and Eliphalet Packard of Minot, May 30, 1814
Abigail and Col. [int. omits Col.] Caleb Howard [int. Esq.], May 17, 1820
Abigail K., 17, of W. Bridgewater, d. Edward and Emeline, and Hiram G. Washburn, 21, shoemaker, of E. Bridgewater, s. Hiram and Olive, Oct. 13, 1849*
Alvin and Abigail Bryant of Plympton, Oct. 17, 1799, in Plympton
Ama [int. Anna] and Charles Hunt [int. of Dorchester], Dec. 24, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Amelia and Salmon Howard, int. Mar. 29, 1800
Amos and Mary Peckerd, May 2, 1700*
Amoss and Experience Washburn, Mar. 13, 1759* [Amos and Experience Washburne, PCR. Amos and Experience Washburn, CR1]
Anna and Edmund Hayward, Aug. 22, 1751*
Anna (see Ama)
Anne and Nicholas Byram, Aug. 3, 1708*
Anne of W. Bridgewater and Richard Thayer of W. Bridgewater, Apr. 27, 1824* [Richard Jr. of W. Bridgewater, CR1]
Barnebas and Hannah Holmes of Hallifax, int. Mar. 24, 1781
Barnebas and Eunice Conant, Jan. 1, 1783 [Barnabas, PCR. Barnabas and Unice Conant, CR1]
Benjamin and Rebecca Conant, May 23, 1782
Betsey and Salmon Copeland, Oct. 6, 1799
Bettie and Jonathan Copland, Jan. 14, 1723-4*
Caleb and Sally Bailey, int. Oct. 26, 1799
Caleb and Hannah Snell, wid., Apr. 13, 1808
Calvin and Polly [int. Polley] Packard, Sept. 8, 1785 [Polly, PCR]
Charity and Sylvanus Blossom, Nov. 16, 1738,* CR1
Charity and Elisha Washburn [int. of Roxbury], Dec. 8, 1763 [Washburne, PCR. Cherity and Elisha Washburn, CR1]
Charles and Susanna Packard, Mar. 26, 1745
Charles and Mary Kingman, Apr. 16, 1778
Charles and Rebecca Packard, wid., Nov. 16, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Chloe and Nehemiah Packard, Feb. 25, 1807
Cyrus and Betsey Keith, int. Aug. 15, 1801
Cyrus and Susanna Shaw [int. of Abington], July 22, 1818
Daniel and Joana Harlow, Sept. 1, 1732* [Joanna, CR1]
Daniell Jr. and Abigail Packard, Nov. 27, 1753
David and Molly Baker, July 17, 1783
Deliverance and Nathaniell Chamberlain, Mar. 19, 1767
Ebenezer and Sarah Packard, Apr. 5, 1764
Edward of N. Bridgewater and Maria Hooper, int. May 5, 1849
Elijah and Susanna Haward, May 29, 1760* [Susannah, PCR]
Elijah Jr. and Abbe Copeland, int. Apr. 16, 1796
Elijah, Dea., and Mrs. Anna Reynolds [int. wid], Nov. 24, 1798
Ephraim and Anna Keith, Mar. 23, 1780
Ephraim and Hannah Williams, Jan. 4, 1792
Hannah and Nathan Keith, Aug. 26, 1746*
Hannah and Benjamin Chamberlain, Sept. 23, 1756*
Hannah and Jonathan Keith, Aug. 28, 1777
Hannah, wid., and Hugh Pettingail, int. Apr. 15, 1786
Hannah and Daniel Field, July 13, 1786
Hannah and Jonathan Upham of Canton, Feb. 5, 1799
Hannah and Oakes Terril of Abington, int. July 6, 1805
Hannah, wid., and Caleb Snell, Apr. 13, 1808
Hannah and Gordon Stone of Easton, int. Mar. 24, 1821
Henry C. and Sally Swift, May 30, 1824 [Henry C., s. William and Eunice, and Sally Swift, d. Isaac, CR1. Henry C., s. William and Eunice (Cary), and Sally Swift, d. Isaac and Sally (Pratt), PR1]
Huldah and Daniel Brett, Mar. 25, 1784
Isaac and Rachell Reed of Pembroke, int. Nov. 4, 1800
Isaac H., 22, farmer, s. Henry C. and Sally, and Charlotte M. Leonard, 22, d. Seth and Charlotte, May 21, 1848
Issachar [int. Isachar] and Sarah Hayward, Nov. 8, 1769 [Issachar, PCR]
Jemima and Benjamin Snow, Mar. 7, 1721-2*
Jeremiah and Sally Holbrook, Dec. 9, 1819
Joanna and Jacob Hayward 3d, Oct. 24, 1759*
Joanna H. and Nathaniel Washburn, June 29, 1823 [Joanna H. Snell, d. William and Eunice, CR1. Joanna [dup. Joannah], d. William and Eunice (Cary), PR1]
John and Susanna Packard, Feb. 1, 1714-15*
Jonathan and Martha Fobes, Sept. 16, 1751*
Jonathan and Nabby Hudson, June 17, 1809
Joseph and Hannah Williams, Dec. 3, 1712*
Joseph Jr. and Hannah Cook, May 10, 1785
Josiah and Abigail Fobes, Jan. 23, 1728*
Josiah Jr. and Susanna Ames, Dec. 21, 1752*
Josiah Jr. and Lydia Haward of Marshfield, int. Jan. 16, 1762
Josiah Jr. and Ruhama Hartwel [int. Hartwell, wid.], May 26, 1763 [Ruhamah Hartwell, PCR]
Kezia [int. Keziah] and Jeremiah Washburn, Aug. 19, 1777 [Keziah, CR1]
Keziah and Benjamin Benson, Oct. 30, 1745
Levinea and Zibion [int. Zibeon] Brett, Aug. 19 [Aug. 19 in later handwriting], 1804
Lucy and Whitcom Stetson of Abington, Mar. 3, 1796
Lydia and Calvin Washburn, int. May 16, 1767, "publishment was forbidden by the sd Calvin Washburn."
Lydia and Jonathan Dawess, int. Oct. 31, 1772
Lydia and Henry Withington [int. Withinton of Canton], Nov. 25, 1801
Martha and Ephraim Fobes, Apr. 22, 1714*
Martha and Jonathan Benson, Nov. 7, 1740* [Jonathan, PCR., CR1]
Martha and Samuell Bisbee of Pembrook, May 2, 1751* [Samuel Bisbe of Pembroke, PCR]
Martha and William Reynolds, Nov. 3, 1791
Mary and Hugh Mahurin, Dec. 17, 1725*
Mary and Abiah Keith, Aug. 22, 1737*
Mary and Nathan Rickard [int. Richards], Dec. 3, 1767 [Rickard, PCR. Richards, CR1]
Mary and Martin Burr, Jan. 23, 1792
Mary and Luke Perkins, Nov. 14, 1797
Mary and Simeon Reynolds, Jan. 19, 1809 [date in later handwriting]
Mathew and Susanna Southworth [int. of Abington], Aug. 31 [Aug. 31 in later handwriting], 1806
Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] and Ebenezer Copeland [int. Jr.], July 1, 1798
Melzer and Anna Trew of N. Yarmouth, int. Apr. 25, 1789
Moses and Hannah Washburn, int. Dec. 3, 1763
Mosses and Mary Bessey, July 28, 1736* [Moses and Mary Bessy, CR1]
Nathan and Bettie Haward, Feb. 22, 1770
Nathan Jr. and Abigail Keith, Jan. 1, 1800
Olive [int. of Easton, Bristol Co.] and James Alger 2d, Jan. 2, 1781 [Olive, PCR]
Oliver and Hannah Beal, Nov. 15, 1792
Parnel (see Pernel)
Patty and Daniel Hudson, Nov. 15, 1806
Peres and Hannah Kinsley, Oct. 28, 1787
Pernel [int. Parnell] and Jesse Howard [int. Jr.]. Sept. 4, 1799
Polly and Dr. Elisha Tilson [int. Tillson], Sept. 2, 1792 [Tilson, PCR]
Polly and Damon Kingman, Aug. 12, 1814
Pollycarpus [int. Polycarpus] and Susanna Shaw, Nov. 27, 1766
Quartus and Sarah Shaw, int. Aug. 26, 1832
Quartus of E. Bridgewater and Lovisa [int. Lovicea] W. Hall, Jan. 19, 1836 [Lovisa W., CR3]
Rebecca [int. Rebeccah] and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] George Baker of Duxbury, Feb. 23, 1816
Rhoda and Elijah Copland, Oct. 31, 1765 [Copeland, PCR]
Rhoda and Charles Ames, Sept. 3, 1789
Rhoda and Nahum Leonard, Mar. 5, 1812
Robert and Joanna King of Taunton, int. Sept. 30, 1786
Sally and Seth Alden, int. Nov. 1, 1800
Sally and Turner Torry, Mar. 22, 1803 [date in later handwriting]
Samantha (see Semintha)
Samuel and Phebe Cole [int. Coal], Dec. 2, 1810
Samuel and Ruth Reed of Abington, int. Apr. 23, 1814
Sarah and Jeremiah Collins of Scituate, R.I., int. Jan. 26, 1771
Semintha [int. Sementha] and Sidney Keith [int. of Winslow], Aug. 26, 1806
Shepard and Amie Thayer, June 8, 1794
Silence and Elijah Hayward, Feb. 14, 1750-1* [Elizebeth [sic] Hayward, PCR]
Silence and Ebenezer Howard [int. Haward Jr.], Dec. 23, 1773
Smardeus [int. Smardees] and Lucy Phillips, Oct. 18, 1807
Stephen and Patty [int. Polly] Cole, Feb. 9, 1796
Sukey and John Carver 2d of Raynham, Nov. 17, 1822 [Suky, Oct. 25, PR1. Sukey, d. Benjamin, Nov. 17, PR27]
Susanna and Samuel Willis, Dec. 24, 1747*
Susanna and Abial [int. Abiel] Harris [int. of Abington], Nov. 17, 1774
Susanna and Jedediah Willis, Sept. 28, 1775
Susanna and John B. [int. omits B.] Harris [int. Jr.] of Abington, Apr. 19, 1818
Thomas and Abigail Kinsley of Milton, Sept. 3, 1702, in Mansfield*
Thomas Jr. and Bethia Allen, Oct. 30, 1755*
Thomas and Susanna Allen, May 3, 1792
Vashti and Barzillai [int. Barzillia] Cary, June 11, 1808
William and Martha ("quere if this should not be Abigail") [int. Abigail] Alden, Nov. 1, 1774 [Martha, CR1]
William [int. 2d] and Eunice Cary, Aug. 30, 1781 [William, PCR. William and Unice Cary, CR1]
Zachariah and Abigail Haward, Mar. 11, 1730-1* [Hayward, PCR]
Zebedee and Martha Haward, Apr. 9, 1761*
Zebedee [int. Zebede] and Mary Hayward, July 2, 1777
Zebedee Jr. and Hannah Ames, Aug. 28, 1803 [date in later handwriting]

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