Bridgewater, MA Vital Records (Marriages) to 1850
Published by:
New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1916
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames Snow to Symmonds

* Intention not recorded

Abijah of Abington and Sarah Porter, int. Nov. 11, 1775
Benjamin and Elizabeth Alden, Dec. 12, 1693,* PCR
Benjamin and Sarah Cary, Oct. 25, 1705*
Benjamin and Jemima Snell, Mar. 7, 1721-2*
Bethia and Caleb Richmond of Taunton, int. Mar. 22, 1788
Betsey [int. Mehitabel of Easton] and Asa Bryant, May 26, 1811
Bettie and Samuell [int. Samuel] Warren Jr. of Middleborough, Oct. 30, 1770 [Samuel Jr. of Middleborough, PCR]
Bithia and Elisha Hayard, Feb. 1, 1720-1*
Calvin and Mehtable Campbel, int. Jan. 29, 1777
Calvin and Hannah Churchell, July 20, 1784 [Churchill, PCR]
Charles and Hannah Place, May 6, 1820
Cyrus and Ruth Makepeace of Norton, int. July 4, 1801
Daniel Jr. and Hannah Richmond, Nov. 28, 1790
Daniel 3d and Sally Allen of Brookfield, int. Jan. 28, 1792
Daniell and Abigail Fobes, Feb. 1, 1753*
Daniell and Hannah Dunbar, Apr. 19, 1764 [Daniel, PCR]
David and Joanna Hayward, Mar. 11, 1730-1*
David and Jemima Hayward, June 26, 1787
David of W. Bridgewater and Deborah Bancroft, int. May 2, 1822
Ebenezer and Sarah Leach, Dec. 14, 1737*
Ebenezer Jr. and Sarah Pool, Oct. 7, 1783
Eleazer Jr. and Mary Wood, Jan. 13, 1757*
Eleazer [int. 3d] and Hannah Dunbar, Apr. 20, 1780 [Eleazer and Hannah Dunber, PCR]
Eliab and Lydia Snow, Feb. 5, 1782
Eliab and Dorcas Churchell, Dec. 23, 1787 [sic, int. Nov. 15, 1783 [Dec. 23, 1783, PCR]
Eliezer and Mercy King, July 11, 1728*
Elijah and Sarah Dunbar, Dec. 9, 1767
Elijah and Sarah Shaw, Sept. 7, 1780
Elisabeth and Joseph Carver, May 4, 1725* [Elizabeth, PCR]
Elisabeth and Nathan Ames, Dec. 31, 1750* [Elizabeth, PCR]
Elisabeth and David Sears of Middleborough, int. July 30, 1768
Elisabeth and Josiah Washburn, July 6, 1775
Eunice and Alfred Edson, int. Apr. 16, 1796
Hannah and John Whitman, Mar. 16, 1742 [Dec. 16, PCR]
Hannah and Joseph Robinson, Oct. 25, 1759*
Hannah [int. wid.] and Benjamin Mahurin, Dec. 3, 1767 [Hannah, PCR. Hannah and Benjamin Mehuren, CR1]
Hannah and Benjamin Alger, Jan. 1, 1785
Hannah and Jonathan Bolton, Aug. 21, 1794
Hannah and Heman Linnel, Dec. 3, 1797*
Hannah H., 20, of W. Bridgewater, d. David and Deborah, and Albert W. French, 23, moulder, of W. Bridgewater, s. Jonathan and Joanna, Sept. 7, 1845*
Harriet and Sullivan Hayward, int. May 15, 1824
Huldah and Jonathan Snow, int. July 10, 1784
Huldah and Stilman [int. Stillman] Willis, Nov. 2, 1809 [date in later handwriting]
Isaac and Hannah Shaw, Nov. 19, 1722*
Isaac and Elisabeth Bondage, Sept. 8, 1748*
James and Hannah Hovey of Weymouth, Aug. 6, 1741, in Weymouth*
James Jr. and Mary Edson, Jan. 10, 1758*
James and Rebecca Alden, Dec. 10, 1789*
James (see Jervis)
Jemima and Elijah Leach, Dec. 4, 1745*
Jervis [int. James] and Frelove Monk of Easton, Apr. 3, 1794, in Easton
Joanna and Nathaniell Edson, Mar. 29, 1759*
John and Hanah Hayward, July 15, 1731* [Hannah, July 11, PCR]
John and Hannah Willis, wid., Nov. 30, 1756* [John Shaw and Hanah Willis, PCR]
John Jr. and Mary Ames, May 5, 1784
John Jr. and Rebeccah Lothrop of Easton, int. July 13, 1811
John and Hannah Perkins, wid., June 4, 1821
Jonathan and Betty [int. Bettie] Packard, Dec. 8, 1761 [Bettie, PCR]
Jonathan and Lydia Perkins of Easton, Oct. 20, 1778, in Easton
Jonathan and Huldah Snow, int. July 10, 1784
Jonathan of Augusta, N.Y., and Zeruah Snow, int. Jan. 18, 1800
Jonathan Jr. and Sally Bryant, int. Oct. 20, 1810
Joseph and Ruth Shaw, Feb. 7, 1759*
Joseph and Tamzin Richards, Mar. 24, 1795
Judith and John Barrell, Apr. 20, 1756*
Lucia [int. Lucy] and David Mahuren [int. Mahurin] of Easton, June 1, 1767, in Easton
Lucy and Benjamin Randell [int. Randel], July 7, 1819
Lydia and John Whitman [int. 3d], Nov. 11, 1764 [John, PCR]
Lydia and Eliab Snow, Feb. 5, 1782
Lydia and James Churchel, int. Oct. 17, 1788
Malatiah and Abiether Witherel [int. of Easton], June 24, 1807
Martha and Simeon Whitman, Mar. 16, 1749-50*
Martin and Anna Wilbar of Easton, int. Mar. 17, 1821
Mary and Joseph Lathrop, Jan. 17, 1718*
Mary and Seth Snow [int. Jr.], Nov. 17, 1778 [Seth, Nov. 17, 1779, PCR]
Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] and Seth Richards, Dec. 3, 1791 [Mehitable, PCR]
Mehitable (see Betsey)
Melatiah (see Malatiah)
Mercy and Jacob Johnson of Stoughton, Feb. 28, 1760*
Mercy and Nathaniel Welmarth [int. Willmarth of Easton], Feb. 1, 1795
Molly and John Wade, Aug. 11, 1791
Phebe and Moses Crafts, Feb. 24, 1799
Pito and Sally Sutton of Scituate, blacks, int. Mar. 15, 1788
Pito and Letice Richards, blacks, Dec. 24, 1792 [Pitto and Lettice Richards, blacks, PCR]
Priscilla [int. Prescilia] and Simeon Snow, Feb. 9, 1780 [Priscilla, PCR]
Rebecca and Thomas Waed [int. Wade], Dec. 20, 1722*
Reuben (see Ruben)
Rhoda and Ezra Whitman, Sept. 1, 1768
Ruben [int. Reuben] and Hannah Willis, May 5, 1768 [Reuben, PCR]
Ruth of Eastham [int. adds Barnstable Co.] and Levi Packard, Oct. --, 1789 [1789 written in pencil], in Orleans
Sabrina (see Sebrina)
Samuell and Bettie Perkins, June 15, 1775
Sarah and Benjamin Harris, Dec. 18, 1751* [Sarah Shaw, PCR]
Sarah and Nathaniell Packard, Nov. 15, 1753
Sarah and Nathan Hall of Raynham, int. Apr. 13, 1776
Sarah and Silvanus [int. Sylvanus] Hayward, June 11, 1781 [Sylvanus Howard, PCR]
Sarah and Joshua Richmond of Taunton, int. May 29, 1784
Sarah and Jacob Lathrop, Aug. 22, 1787
Sarah and Ezekiel Merrit [int. Merritt], Apr. 20, 1788 [Merritt, PCR]
Sarah and Daniel Thompson [int. and dup. int. Tomson], Apr. 8, 1794 [Tomson, PCR]
Sarah and William [int. Willaim] Dunbar, Sept. 14, 1807
Sebrina and John Seele of Easton, int. June 6, 1818
Seth [int. Jr.] and Mary Snow, Nov. 17, 1778 [Seth, Nov. 17, 1779, PCR]
Seth [int. 3d] and Anna Packard, Oct. 23, 1795
Silas and Hannah Cole, Apr. 10, 1800
Simeon and Priscilla [int. Prescilia] Snow, Feb. 9, 1780 [Priscilla, PCR]
Solomon and Bathsheba Mahurin, Apr. 8, 1724*
Solomon [int. of Raynham] and Bettie Perkins [int. wid.], Oct. 5, 1780 [Solomon and Betty Perkins, PCR. Solomon and Betty Perkens, CR1]
Sprague and Nancy Kingman of Mansfield, int. Nov. 11, 1820
Susanna and Israel Alger, Dec. 25, 1717*
Susanna and Abijah Edson, Sept. 29, 1747*
Susanna and Jeremiah Hixon [int. Hickson of Stoughton], Nov. 5, 1809 [date in later handwriting]
William and Naomi Whitman, "last of" Nov., 1686* [Nov. 30, PR103]
William and Mary Washburn, Nov. 8, 1722*
William and Hannah Hill, Nov. 7, 1743
William and Jerusha Hill, Apr. 18, 1776
Zeruah and Jonathan Snow of Augusta, N.Y., int. Jan. 18, 1800
Zilpha [int Zilpah] of Raynham and David Bolton, May 24m 1795

SOLE (also see Soul, Soule)

Asa [int. Asaph of Plimton] and Mary Hudson, May 20, 1767 [Asaph, PCR. Asa Soul of Plympton, CR1]
Ebenezer of Plimton and Silence Howard, Apr. 3, 1764 [Soul, PCR. CR1]
Mercy and David Dunber [int. Dunbar], Apr. 21, 1763 [Soul and David Dunbar, PCR]


Amasa and Ruth Dwelee, Oct. 11, 1763 [Dwelly, PCR]
Edmund and Bettie Fobes, May 22, 1754 [Bethiah, PCR]
Edmund and Eunice Curtis, Dec. 30, 1756* [Unice Curtiss, PCR]
Esther and Seth Briggs, May 2, 1751*
Hannah and Daniell Pettingail, Oct. 15, 1750*
Mary and Daniel Hartwell Jr., Aug. -- [int. Aug. 4], 1821
Nathaniel [int. of Pembroke] and Bette [int. Bettie] Price, Oct. 25, 1782 [Nathaniel and Betty Price, PCR. Nathaniel of Pembrook and Betty Price, CR1]
Samuel and Esther Littlefield, June 23, 1731*

SOUL (also see Sole, Soule)

Betty [int. Bettie Sole] of Pembroke and Daniel Ramsdell [int. Daniell Ramsdel], Aug. 22, 1776, in Pembroke.
James and Eunice Thomson, Apr. 25, 1786,* PR19
Rebecca of Middleborough and Sampson [int. Samson] Washburn, Jan. 28, 1806 [? in Middleborough]
William of Hallifax and Rachel Dillingham, Jan. 25, 1791

SOULE (also see Soul, Sole)

Hannah of Plimton and Nathanael Hayward, int. Mar. 5, 1768
Joanna [int. Soul, Mrs.] and Nathan Alden Esq., Jan. 24, 1819
John of Middleboro and Huldah L. Washburn, Sept. 22, 1823
John [int. Soul] and Betsey Tucker of Middleboro, Apr. 9, 1835
John M. of Halifax and Aaroline P. Pratt, June 23, 1842
Marsha of Kingston and Asa C. Sturdevant, int. Oct. 7, 1838
Nathan of Middleborough and Charity Brett, Apr. 8, 1815
Stephen D. of N. Bridgewater and Tabitha F. Jackson of N. Bridgewater, Oct. 27, 1838* [Tabitha T., Oct. 27, 1839, CR3]


Benjamin and Mary Smith, Mar. 3, 1763
Benjamin and Content Packard of Sidney, int. Mar. 20, 1819
Bettie and Joseph Cole Jr., Dec. 8, 1757* [Betty, PCR]
Bridget, wid., and Capt. John Phillips, Apr. 19, 1749*
Catherine (see Katharine)
Charles and Suanna Harris, Oct. 2, 1794*
Constant and Martha Keith, Apr. 18, 1734*
Constant and Mrs. Hannah Shaw of Raynham, int. Jan. 6, 1770
Edward and Abiah Packard, Dec. 15, 1750*
Edward and Rhoda Howard, Dec. 7, 1815
Eunice and Daniel Alden, Dec. 11, 1815
Ezekiel and Mary Newman, Apr. 7, 1761
Hannah [int. wid., of Raynham] and Robert Keith, Jan. 1, 1782 [Southworth, PCR. Southerd of Raynham, CR1]
Hannah and John Ames [int. 3d], Sept. 26, 1802 [date in later handwriting]
Harmoney [int. Harmony] and Seth Alden [int. of Abington], Jan. 11, 1802
Jedidiah and Mary Atherton of Stoughton, int. Mar. 24, 1770
Jenny, wid., and Ephraim Groves, Apr. 28, 1789
John and Eliza Hayward, July 10, 1806
Katherine [int. Catharine] and Ambrose Keith [int. of N. Bridgewater], Oct. 20, 1796
Lemuel and Patience West, Nov. 6, 1757*
Martin and Ruth Packard, int. Apr. 11, 1811
Mary, wid., and Lt. [int. omits Lt.] Zachariah Gurney, Aug. 7, 1800
Mehetabel and John Gurney, Jan. 29, 1777
Nathaniel and Patience Shaw, Nov. 7, 1793
Nathaniell and Katharine [int. Catharine] Haward, Aug. 27, 1762 [Nathaniel and Catharine Haward, PCR]
Nathaniell and Jenny Brett, Mar. 18, 1777
Perez [int. Jr.] and Betsey Leach of Stoughton, Jan. 4, 1821
Perses and Eunice Kingman, int. Mar. 18, 1780
Reuma and Otis Howard, Aug. 28, 1818
Sarah and Peter Edson, Mar. 28, 1745
Simeon and Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] Anderson, Dec. 24, 1789 [Elizabeth, Dec. 4, PCR]
Susanna [int. of Abington] and Mathew Snell, Aug. 31 [Aug. 31 in later handwriting], 1806
Uriah and Patience Goodspeed of Easton, Mar. 11, 1773, in Easton.

SPAIN (also see Speen)

Bula, "Indian Woman," and Job Mahauton, "Indian man," int. Oct. 5, 1865 [sic? 1765]


Christopher W. and Cornelia A. Herb, Nov. 11, 1838,* CR5


Edward and Cathrine [int. Catharine] Dorman, Dec. 7, 1773
Elias of Braintree and Sabery Hemery, int. Nov. 27, 1802
Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] and Nathan Willis 2d [int. Jr.], Apr. 1, 1779 [Elizabeth and Nathan Willis 2d, PCR]
Relief and Samuel Harden of Abington, Jan. 13, 1785
Samuel and Lydia Henchman Perkins, int. Oct. 24, 1795
Samuel of Boston and Lucy Perkins, int. June 9, 1798
Samuel of Randolph and Ruby Edson, int. Sept. 3, 1814


William and Elizabeth Gardner, Apr. 21, 1791

SPEEN (also see Spain)

James, "Indian man," and Judith Mahauton, "Indian woman," int. Nov. 3, 1768
Zilpah and Henry Traveler, blacks, int. Apr. 23, 1796


Betsey, Mrs., of Middleborough, and Edwin Howard Esq., int. Aug. 15, 1812
Nathaniel Sprague of Fairhaven, Bristol Co., and Sophia Howard, Nov. 8, 1812

SPRAGE (also see Sprague, Sprauge)

Benjamin [int. Sprauge] and Priscilla Churchel [int. Churchell], Nov. 17, 1785 [Sprague and Priscilla Churchill, PCR. Sprague and Prissilla Churchel, CR1]

SPRAGUE (also see Sprage, Sprauge)

Benjamin and Lucy Ames, Mar. 11, 1818
Betsey Copeland and Warren White Barker, Oct. 22, 1837
Edgar and Betsey Carey Gilbert, Oct. 1, 1837
Ephraim [int. Sprauge] and Vina Edson, June 29, 1783 [Capt. Ephraim Sprague and Vina Edson, d. Ezra and Rebecca (Johnson), CR2. Sprague, PR1]
Ephraim Jr. and Jane Ames, Feb. 2, 1813 [Ephraim, s. Capt. Ephraim and Vina [d. Ezra Edson], and ---- Ames, d. Joseph, "went to Bristol," CR2]
Ephraim H. and Lois H. Washburn, int. Nov. 10, 1833
Eunice and Calvin Washburn [int. Jr.], June 4, 1809 [Eunice, d. Capt. Ephraim and Vina [d. Ezra Edson}, and Calvin Washburn, CR2. Calvin, PR1]
Holmes and Betsy [int. Betsey] Copeland, June 28, 1808 [Holmes, s. Capt. Ephraim and Vina [d. Ezra Edson], and ----- Copeland, d. Daniel, CR2. Holmes, s. Ephraim and Vina (Edson), and Betsey Copeland, PR1]
Jackson and Miranda C. Robinson, int. Oct. 5, 1834 [Miranda Catharine, m. Nov. 21, CR2]
Lydia and Solomon Perkins, Dec. 31, 1733*
Lydia and Aza [int. Asa] Pratt, Mar. 21, 1799 [Asa, s. Seth and Hannah (Washburn), PR1]
Lydia and Barney Leonard [int. Jr.], Aug. 27, 1815 [Barnabas, PR1]
Mary and Nathan Edson, Feb. 27, 1738*
Mira and John Washburn, July 27, 1828
Vina and Oliver Alden Jr., Jan. 3, 1818

SPRAUGE (also see Sprage, Sprague)

Benjamin and Eunice Holmes, Aug. 12, 1762 [Sprague, PCR. Sprague and Unice Holmes, CR1]
Eunice, wid., and Solomon Ames, int. Nov. 19, 1781
John and Susanna Cob, June 20, 1746* [Sprague, PCR]
John and Rebecca Alden, Oct. 12, 1767 [Sprague and Rebecah Alden, PCR]


Chloe and Richard Simons, blacks, Jan. 20, 1788


Experience and Simeon Ames, May 28, 1765
Hannah and Daniell [int. Daniel] Fobes, Dec. 7, 1769 [Daniel, PCR]
Judith [int. Judeth] and Anselm [int. adds D.] Robinson, Dec. 28, 1835 [Judeth and Anselm Robinson, CR1]
Lydia and Dyer Robinson Jr., Jan. 22, 1826 [Dyer, s. Dyer and Abigail (Stetson), PR1]
Miles Jr. and Naomie [int. Naomi] Keith, Dec. 15, 1774
Moses [int. of Lynn] and Harriot Faxon, Nov. 13, 1816
Penellope and Nathaniell Cobb Jr. of Plimton, int. Feb. 11, 1764
Sarah of Hallifax and Allen Hatch, int. Mar. 1, 1788
Sarah and Daniel French, Nov. 23, 1817
Zachariah [int. Jr.] of Plimton and Olive Pool, Jan. 9, 1770 [Zachariah [dup. Zacariah] of Plimton, PCR]


Jacob Jr. of Tanton and Lois Edson, May 24, 1765
Louisa Ann of Taunton and George Sanderson Wilbar, int. Sept. 1, 1844
Lydia H. of Middleborough and Horatio Shaw, int. Apr. 4, 1846
Samuel and Elisabeth Prat, Dec. 25, 1704*
Samuell [int. Samuel] of Hannover and Betty [int. Bettie] Washburn, Dec. 9, 1765 [Samuel Staples of Hanover and Betty Washburn, PCR]

STARKEY (also see Starkley)

Betsey, Mrs., of Rochester, and Spooner A. Cole, int. June 20, 1846

STARKLEY (also see Starkey)

Amos [int. Stearkey] of Attleborough and Miriam Thomas [int. Tomson], Dec. 6, 1780 [Abraham Starkley of Attleborough and Miriam Thomas, PCR. Amos Starkly of Attleborough and Miriam Thomas, CR1]


James Jr. and Lois Leach, Nov. 26, 1797 [? in Middleborough]
Pegge and Libeus Leach, Aug. 31, 1791 [Peggy, PCR]
Polly and Luke Leach, May 1, 1788

STEEVENS (also see Stevens)

Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth Steephens of Randolph] and Isaac Beal, Apr. 21, 1797

STEPHENS (see Steveens, Stevens)

Henry Paul of Providence [int. adds R.I.] and Christian Little, Oct. 18, 1791 [Christiana, PCR]

STERTEVANT (also see Sturdevant, Sturtevant)

Sarah [int. Sturtevant] of Halifax and Josiah Whitman, Nov. 27, 1774, in Halifax

STETSON (also see Studson, Stutson)

Abigail and Dyer Robinson, July 21, 1787 [Robbinson, PCR]
Abisha and Alice Allen, July 18, 1796
Abisha, Capt., and Mary Johnson of Kingston, int. Sept. 1, 1821
Adam and Parna Washburn, Jan. 8, 1817
Bethiah and Calvin Keith, int. June 7, 1794
Charlotte and Joseph Reed, Jan. 1, 1807
Delpha and James H. [int. omits H] Gurney [int. of Roxbury], June 14, 1813
Elizabeth of Abington and Isaac Brown, Aug. 26, 1790, in Abington
George Barstow, s. Nahum and Sarah W. (Barstow) and Mary L. Sumner, d. F.A.Esq. of Pawtucket, R.I., Nov. 21, 1849,* PR1
Jenny and John Harden Jr., June 23, 1803
John and Irene F. Ames, Jan. 16, 1823 [Irene Freeman Ames, grand d. Rev. Zedekiah Sanger, S.T.D., dec'd, CR1.. Irene F., grand d. Zedekiah Sanger and Irene (Freeman) PR1]
John Croal and Loise [int. Lois] Leonard, Apr. 16, 1795
Jonathan and Hulda Magowen [int. Huldah Mungoon] of Pembroke, Dec. 16, 1791, in Pembroke
Lucinda [int. Lucenda] and John Lazell Jr., Nov. 8, 1787 [Lucinda, PCR]
Mary (see Mercy)
Mary Crooker and Timothy Hayward, Feb. 10, 1817
Mercy [int. Mary] and Oliver Leach, Jan. 8, 1817
Molly and Benjamin Pinchin, Nov.15, 1787
Nahum and Sarah W. Barstow of Hanson, int. Sept. 20, 1828 [m. Nov. 13, PR1. Nahum, s. Abiaha and Allice of E. Bridgewater, and Sarah Wilson Barstow, d. Rev. George and Sarah of Hanson, m. Nov. 13, PR95]
Nahum and Lucy Barstow, July 5, 1843,* PR1. [Nahum, s. Abisha and Allice of E. Bridgewater, and Lucy Ann Forester Barstow, d. Rev. George and Sarah of Hanson, July 4, PR95]
Peleg and Clarissa Gurney [int. of Abington], June 3, 1819
Prudence of Scituate and Ebenezer Leach, Dec. 17, 1707, in Scituate*
Ruth of Pembroke and David Snow Whitman, May 31, 1798
Sally and Isaac Reed, Apr. 14, 1803*
Sarah, wid. [int. Studson, omits wid,], and Solomon Packard, June 23, 1779 [Stetson, PCR]
Sarah and Harlow [int. Harler] Harden, Sept. 1, 1795
Susanna and Barzilla Goodwin, int. May 4, 1796
Thankful and William Seaver, ----, 1770,* PR73
Whitcom of Abington and Lucy Snell, Mar. 3, 1796
Zenus of Pembrook and Lois Sherman, int. June 13, 1781

STEUARD (also see Steuart, Steward, Stewart, Stuart)

Margrett and Kalla Brewster, negroes, int. Mar. 9, 1776

STEUART (also see Steuard, Stewart, Steward, Stuart)

Lettice, "Molato woman," and Jupiter Richards, "Free negro man," int. Feb. 24, 1776

STEVENS (also see Steevens)

Caleb of Randolph and Deborah Leonard, int. Mar. 28, 1840
Deborah of Pembroke and Isaac Drake, int. Mar. 17, 1798
Elihu [int. Steevens] and Susa Foy, "Mulato people," July 9, 1802
Pompey and Sarah Skip, negro's, Apr. 25, 1771* [Pompie Stephens and Sarah Sckips, PCR]
Pompey [int. Pompy] and Hannah Thomas [int. Tomas], blacks, Nov. 7, 1787 [Pompey and Hannah Thomas, PCR]
Richard of Randolph and Sarah Ann Conant, Oct. 24, 1839


Henry J. and Cynthia K. Shaw, Aug. 12, 1835

STEWARD (also see Steuard, Steuart, Stewart, Stuart)

Margaret and William Gilmore, Aug. 5, 1742* [Margarett Stewart and William Gilmore, PCR]

STEWART (also see Steuard, Stueart, Steward, Stuart)

Sarah and Winsor George, blacks, int. Nov. 5, 1785

STOCK (also see Stocks)

John [int. Stocks] and Phebe Cotherel [int. Cothrel], Feb. 24, 1785 [Stock and Phebe Coatheral, PCR]
John [int.Jr.] and Polly Whitting [int. Patty Whiting], July 3, 1809 [date in later handwriting]

STOCKS (also see Stock)

Patty and Isaac Gould [int. of Randolph], Apr. 3 [Apr, 3 in later handwriting], 1805

STODDARD (also see Stoder)

Susanna and William Torrance, Oct. 15, 1787

STODER (also see Stoddard)

Abigail of Abington and Ebenezer Hill, Jan. 24, 1748-9 [Stowel, PCR]

Anna (see Anna Slone)

Elizebeth [int. Elisabeth] of Easton and Nathan Woodcock, Sept. 28, 1765, in Easton
Gordon of Easton and Hannah Snell, int. Mar. 24, 1821
Lydia of Easton and Eliphalet Thayer, int. Aug. 21, 1819
Mercy [int. of Easton] and Ebenezer Dickerman Jr. [int. omits Jr], Jan. 18, 1769 [Mercy and Ebenezer Dickerman, PCR]
Pruda [int. Stones] and Zebah Thayer, Oct. 8, 1820
Sarah and Timothy Harding [int. Harden], Sept. 2, 1793 [Stones and Timothy Harding, PCR]
Solomon of Easton and Sylvia Hayward, June 8, 1817

STORES (also see Storrs)

Elijah and Susanna Swift, Mar. 17, 1782 [Mar. 7, PCR. CR1. Storrs and Susannah Swift, PR1]

STORRS (also see Stores)
Mary Ann of Boston and Laban Burr, Sept. 25, 1820
Susan and Newell Withington of Boston [dup. b. Sharon], Dec. 1, 1808 [Susan, d. Elijah and Susannah (Swift), PR1]


Abigail and Jonathan Willis, Jan. 14, 1712-13*

STOWEL (also see Stoel, Stowell)

Abijah of Newtown and Rhoda Packard, Oct. 17, 1771
Rachel and Solomon Hill, int. Nov. 21, 1790 [m. Feb. 24, 1791, PCR]
Richard [int. Stoel of Boston] and Mille [int. Milla] Fuller, blacks, Nov. 6, 1794
Susan [int. Susanna] of Hingham and Joseph Hill, Nov. 26, 1773, in Hingham
Warren [int. Stowell] and Mary Kingman [int. of Brantree], Feb. 27, 1782 [Stowell and Mary Kingman, PCR]

STOWELL (also see Stoel, Stowel)

Abigail of Newton [int. Newtown] and Jacob Packard [int. 3d], Oct. 4, 1770, in Newton
Daniel (see Daniel Howell)

STROBRIDGE (also see Strobridge)

Benjamin [int. Troubridge] of Middleborough and Elizabeth [int. Elisaboth] Whitman, Apr. 16, 1789 [Strowbridge of Middleborough and Elizabeth Whitman, PCR]
Elisabeth and Thomas Thomson, int. Oct. 27, 1754
William and Gennet Tomson, June 26m 1748*

STUART (also see Steuard, Steuart, Steward, Stewart)

Mathew of Boston and Margrett Moyles, int. Aug. 8, 1778


Mary and William Whitman, May 26, 1761

STUDSON (also see Stetson, Stutson)

Abthia and Moses Wade, Mar. 16, 1737-8*

STURDEVANT (also see Stertevant, Sturtevant)

Asa C. and Marsha Soule of Kingston, int. Oct. 7, 1838

STURTEVANT (also see Stertevant, Sturtevant)

Betsey and Lewis Johnson [int. of Stoughton], Oct [Nov. written in pencil in later hand] 28, 1799
Cementha T. and Spencer Leonard Jr., Aug. 12, 1840 [Sturtivent, CR1. Sturtevant, PR81]
Deborah and Isaac Doten of Hartford [int. adds Oxford Co.] Me., Sept. 13, 1820
Eleanor T. and Van R. Swift, June 11, 1839
Ephraim and Abigail Howard, Nov. 10, 1791
Francis of Halifax and Mary Orcut, wid., Nov. 14, 1750, in Halifax*
James [int. of Middleborough] and Ann Leach, Jan. 19, 1769 [James, PCR]
Jessee Fuller [int. of Easton] and Nanne [int. Nanney] Alger, Mar 14, 1771 [Nanne, both of Bridgewater, PCR]
Joshua of N. Bridgewater and Louisa Munroe, int. June 15, 1834
Lucy and Oliver Howard [int. Jr.], Dec. 4, 1808 [date in later handwriting]
Nanncy [int. Nanny] and Thomas Ames Jr., Feb. 4, 1789 [Nanny, PCR]
Nanny and Benjamin Shores of Taunton, int. Feb. 12, 1773
Nanny and Amos Keith Jr., June 6, 1774
Patience and Jonathan Ames, Dec. 28, 1783
Ruth and Martin Wentworth, Aug. 17, 1826 [Sturdevant and Martin Wentworth, s. Theophilus and Betsey, PR90]
Samantha T. (see Cementha T.)
Samuel and Sarah Packard, Sept. 14, 1769
Samuel [int. adds W.] and Abigail Holmes, Feb. 11, 1816
Silvanus and Polly Leonard, int. May 16, 1801 [Salvanus Stutavant, m -----PR32]
Susanna of Hallifax and John Williams of Easton, June 24, 1773*
William, 20, mechanic, s. Isaac and Polly, and Harriet N. Fobes, 20, d. Ruel and Sybil, Feb. 8, 1846

STUTSON (also see Stetson, Studson)

Hannah and Martin Leonard, ------,* PR32
Peleg of Abington and Ruth Gurney, Aug. 3, 1775

SUEL (also see Sewal, Sewall)

Phillis [int. Snel] and Roger Sutman, blacks [int. blacks], May 25, 1786


Joel and Priscilla Curtis, "alias Priscilla Wampee," int. Jan. 16, 1773


James and Mary O. Connors, int. Oct. 22, 1848
Mary and John McFadden, int. Nov. 22, 1845


Hannah of Stoughton and Micah Richmond, Oct. 11, 1798, in Stoughton
Mary L., d. F.A. Esq. of Pawtucket, R.I., and George Barstow Stetson, s. Nahum and Sarah W. (Barstow), Nov. 21, 1849,* PR1
Rodger [int. Roger of Stoughton] and Zibby [int. Zibeah] Cary, Apr. 5, 1801
Waitstil and Israel Washburn, Nov. 3, 1708*


Roger and Phillis Suel [int. Snell], black [int. blacks], May 25, 1786

SUTTEN (also see Sutton)

Frank and Polly Jotham, blacks, int. Apr. 11, 1795
Sally of Scituate and Pito Snow, blacks, int. Mar. 15, 1788
Sipio [int. Scipio] and Mary Cork, blacks, Apr. 22, 1783 [Sipio Sutton, PCR]

SUTTON (also see Sutten)

Francis [int. Sutten] and Lydia Choers, black [int. blacks], Sept. 21, 1796


Clark and Sarah T. Gardner, int. Nov. 8, 1841
Mary N. of Nashua and Martha Thayer of Randolph, Oct. 10, 1839, in Milton,* PR43


Caleb, Dr. [int. of Easton] and Ruth Barrel [int. Barrell], Oct. 3, 1816
Luther [int. of Stoughton] and Hannah French, Nov. 10, 1796


Charlotte T. and Fitzwilliam S. Worcester, Dec. 29, 1840 [Dec. 22, CR5]
Desire of Sandwich and Thomas Lawrence, July 17, 1732, in Sandwich*
Fanny B. and William S. Mitchell, July 20, 1842
Isaac and Suanna Ames, Jan. 26, 1748-9*
Isaac 2d and Sarah [int. Sally] Pratt, Apr. 13, 1797 [Sally, d. Nathaniel and Betsey (Washburn), PR1]
Jireh and Lucie Keith, Dec. 17, 1772
Keziah of Plymouth and Thomas Mitchell, Dec. 6, 1757, in Plymouth*
Lois and Walter Kies, Aug. 20, 1793
Martin and Sarah Ames, Aug. 13, 1809
Martin Jr. and Louisa S. Ames of Hardwick, int. Nov. 8, 1845
Mary and [int. Capt.] Jacob Leonard, Dec. 4, 1788 [Jacob, PCR. PR1. Capt. J., PR105]
Melvin and Susan B. Rawson of Westborough, int. Nov. 30, 1844
Rachel and Charles Brett, int. Sept. 18, 1824
Rebecca S. and Eleazer Cole, int. Oct. 9, 1841
Reuel and Mary Barden of Middleborough, int. May 5, 1821
Sally and Henry C. Snell, May 30, 1824 [Sally, d. Isaac, and Henry C. Snell, s. William and Eunice, CR1. Sally, d. Isaac and Sally (Pratt), and Hency C. Snell, s. William and Eunice (Cary), PR1]
Sarah A. and Washington L. Ames, int. Mar. 14, 1840 [m. Apr. 26, 1841, PR41]
Sion and Susanna Hall, Jan. 23, 1818
Susanna and Elijah Stores, Mar. 17, 1782 [Mar. 7, PCR. CR1. Susannah and Elijah Storrs, PR1]
Van R. and Eleanor T. Sturtevant, June 11, 1839
William and Rachel Leonard, Apr. 16, 1795


Letice and Thomas Quokum of Pembroke, blacks, int. July 16, 1785

SYLVESTER (see Silvester)

SYMMONDS (also see Simmons, Simon, Simons, Symmons)

Joseph [int. Simmons] of Pembroke and Elisabeth Chamberlain, Dec. 4, 1770

SYMMONDS (also see Simmons, Simon, Simons, Symmons)

Mosses [int. Moses Simmons] and Lois Hayward, Nov. 23, 1769 [Moses Simmons, PCR]

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