Bridgewater, MA Vital Records (Marriages) to 1850
Published by:
New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1916
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames Wade to Washburne

* Intention not recorded


Abigail and Spencer Forrest of Hallifax, June 17, 1784* [Forest of Hallifax, PCR]
Abthia and Jonathan Chandler, May 23, 1745*
Ann of Pembrook and Seth Bolton of Hallifax, Aug. 13, 1761*
Anna [int. Anne] and Reuben Mitchell, Oct. 23, 1783 [Anna, PCR]
Arnold and Anna L. Bennett, May 5, 1822
Bethiah O. of E. Bridgewater and David H. Wilbar, int. Aug. 22, 1846
Betsey of Hannover and Charles Howard, int. Sept. 14, 1816
Caroline of Hanson and John Wade, int. Oct. 27, 1821
Celia and Comfort Carpenter Dresser of Chester, Vt., Mar. 4, 1802
Cynthia of Hallifax and Benjamin B. Hayward, int. Oct. 16, 1831
David and Mary Littlefield, Sept. 9, 1756*
Deborah and Jonathan Phiney of Midleborough, Oct. 16, 1735,* CR1
Ebenezer and Mehetabel Kingman, Mar. 1, 1759* [Mehitable, PCR]
Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] and Samuel Harden, May 16, 1739*
Hannah and William Lincoln of Tanton, Mar. 28, 1751* [Mar. 20, PCR]
Hannah and Thomas Osburne [int. Osbourne], Dec. 16, 1784 [Osburne, PCR]
Hannah and Melvin Holmes [int. Holms] of Hallifax, May 21, 1801
Hopestill and Zepheniah Allden, Sept. 25, 1748*
James and Ann Clark [int. Clarke] of Plymouth, Nov. 14, 1753 [int. Aug. 31, 1754, sic], in Plymouth
John and Hannah Kingman, Sept. 19, 1751*
John and Molly Snow, Aug. 11, 1791
John and Caroline Wade of Hanson, int. Oct. 27, 1821
Keziah and Job Packard, Mar. 6, 1750-1*
Levi of Pembroke and Deborah Phillips [int. Phillip], Feb. 20, 1766 [Phillips, PCR]
Lydia of Hallifax and Samuel Harden, int. May 22, 1819
Mary and Seth Mitchel, Feb. 21, 1760*
Molley [int. Molly] and Isaac Hudson, June 10, 1819
Moses and Abthia Studson, Mar. 16, 1737-8*
Naomi and Elijah Pratt, Jan. 7, 1813 [Elijah, s. Nathaniel and Betsey (Washburn), Jan. 9, PR1]
Nicholas and Anne Latham, Feb. 17, 1714-15*
Nicholas Jr. and Betty [int. Bettie] Thomson, Nov. 25, 1762 [Betty, PCR]
Nicolas and Bethiah Hudson, June 16, 1822
Rachel and Israel Alger, June 24, 1757* [Rebeccah, PCR]
Rebecca and Robert Drake Jr. [int. omits Jr] of Easton, Sept. 29, 1774, in Easton
Rebecca and Israel Cowing of Scituate, Nov. 25, 1788
Robert and Molle [int. Molley] Edson, Nov. 2, 1780 [Molly, PCR. Wed and Molly Edson, CR1]
Sabina W. of Halifax and Abel Cushing, int. Jan. 17, 1836
Samuel of Pembroke and Patience Niles, Apr. 7, 1782, in Pembroke
Thomas (Waed) and Rebecca Snow, Dec. 20, 1722*
Thomas and Elizabeth Hanmer, May 5, 1743
Thomas and Abigail Ames, Jan. 20, 1752*


Abigail and Jacob Tomson, Dec. 28, 1693,* PCR


Hannah and Ephraim Cary, Feb. 3, 1708-9*
Shubael and Abigal Allen, Oct. 14, 1731* [Shubal Waldow and Abagail Allen, Oct. 14, 1730, PCR]
Susanna and Richard Field, Jan. 17, 1705-6*


Benjamin of Dighton and Elizabeth Tisdale, int. Jan. 20, 1798


Anna and William French Jr., int. Oct. 27, 1810
Falley of Stoughton and John Reynolds, int. Nov. 28, 1802
Hannah and James Cary, June 5, 1803 [date in later handwriting]
John [int. of Stougton] and Mehetabel [int. Mehitable] Howard, Jan. 8, 1789 [John and Mehitabel Howard, PCR]
John and Sukey [int. Susanna] Capen of Stoughton, Nov. 10, 1791, in Stoughton
John Jr. and Olive Howard, June 13, 1820
Joshua Jr. and Polly Briggs, int. May 5, 1804
Mary and Nathaniel Collamore [int. Collimore] of Pembroke, Nov. 9, 1813
Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] and Isaac Curtis, Jan. 26 [Jan. 26 in later handwriting], int. Jan. 4], 1806
Nathaniel 2d of Stoughton and Phebe French of Stoughton, Jan. 1, 1815*
Sarah and William Packard [int. Jr.], Feb. 18, 1784 [William, PCR]
Susannah [int. Susanna] and Eliab Whitman, Esq., May 18, 1817
Thomas Jr. and Chloe Packard, int. Apr. 28, 1811


James and Chloe Leach, int. Sept. 23, 1775
Lucy T. and Benjamin D. Clifford, Mar. 6, 1845
Lydia and Timothy Randell [int. Randel] of Easton, Mar. 14, 1785, in Easton
Marshal and Hannah Dunbar, int. Aug. 17, 1776
Mary A. and Erastus C. Hayden, Dec. 26, 1843
Mary Jane and Charles [int. adds T.] Hall, Jan. 5, 1847 [Charles T., CR2]
Mehitable [int. Mehitabel] and Walker Gasset, Oct. 29, 1840 [Mehitable, CR3]
Olive [int. adds M], Mrs., and [int. Lt.] Isaac Fobes of Wareham, Dec. 5, 1822 [Mrs. Olive M., d. Edward Mitchell, and Isaac Fobess of Wareham, s. Alpheus, CR1. Olive M., wid. Dr. Rufus, and Isaac Fobes, PR22. Olive M., wid. Dr. Rufus, d. Edward Mitchell and Chloe (Washburn), and Isaac Fobes, PR92]
Rufus, Dr. [int. omits Dr.] of West Port, and Olive Mitchell, Dec. 11, 1814 [Dr. Rufus and Olive Mitchell, d. Edward and Chloe (Washburn), PR92]
Silvanus and Polly Johnson, int. July 3, 1819 [Sylvanus and Mary Johnson, m. Aug. 8, PR1]
Silvia and Benjamin Chipman of Taunton, int. Feb. 12, 1773
Silvia and Caleb Edson, Mar. 11, 1788 [sic, ? 1778, int. 1778, ? in Middleborough]


Alice [int. Abigail] and William Drew [int. blacks], Nov. 19, 1795
Elisabeth and James Haward, Jan. 26, 1709-10*
Obadiah [int. Obediah of Stoughton] and Rebecca Mitchell, blacks, Mar. 4, 1789 [Obadiah, PCR]
Robert of Pembroke and Anna Hooper, Jan. 30, 1751* [Jan. 30, 1752, PCR]


Joseph and Abigail French, int. May 24, 1823

WAMPEE (also see Wompee)

John, "Indian man," of Groton, and Betty Thomas, "Indian woman," int. Nov. 3, 1768
Lucy and Prince Green, blacks, int. Oct. 28, 1797
Margaret (see Margrett Curtis)
Pegg (see Margret Curtis)
Priscilla (see Priscilla Curtis)


Abiah and John Doty 2d, int. Mar. 7, 1772. "publishment forbiden by Zobiah Ward."
George of Middleborough and Carolien L. Leonard, Oct. 20, 1840
John of Middleton [int. adds Conn.] and [int. Mrs.] Sarah Hudson, Oct. 27, 1768 [Sarah, PCR. CR1]
Zobiah and John Dotty Jr. [int. Doty 2d], May 7, 1772 [Doty Jr., PCR]


Elias of Wrentham and Abigail Leach, Nov. 13, 1809 [? in Middleborough]


John, Capt., of West Port, and Mary Etson, int. Mar. 17, 1821

WARREN (also see Warrin)

Cynthia and Thomas Thayer of Randolph, int. Apr. 13, 1805
Cyrus and Olvie Bissbee, Nov. 3, 1814
Ebenezer and Mary Nightingail, Oct. 19, 1747*
Ebenezer [int. Jr.] and Eunice Warren, May 9, 1776
Ebenezer Jr. and Deborah Thayer of Randolph, int. Sept. 7, 1811
Eliza Ann, d. David and Sally (Dunham), and Willard W. Fobes, s. Reuel and Sibel, Aug. 26, 1840, in Duxbury,* PR37
Eunice and Ebenezer Warren [int. Jr.], May 9, 1776
Eunice and Joseph Mann [int. Jr. of Randolph], Feb. 14 [Feb. 14 in later handwriting], 1805
Ezra and Mary Phillips, Jan. 13, 1752*
Ezra and Lucie Tirrill [int. Terril] of Abington, Sept. 12, 1776, in Abington
Ezra Jr. and Zibeah Terril of Pembrook, int. Nov. 4, 1779
Hannah and Archippus Taylor [int. of Pembrook], Oct. 27, 1778 [Archippus, Oct. 27, 1779, PCR]
Ichabod and Middleborough and Molly Lennard, Sept. 22, 1772 [Icabode of Middleborough and Mary Lennard, PCR]
Jabez of Middleborough and Zilpha Hooper, Feb. 17, 1767 [Jabez Washburne of Middleborough, PCR]
James of Raynham and Betsey Macomber of Raynham, July 27, 1837* [Macumber of Raynham, July 20, CR5]
Jane and Seth Wentworth [int. of Stoughton] Nov. 7, 1776
Jane and Judah Peterson [int. of Pembroke], Sept. 12, 1797
Joseph and Marcy Perkins, Aug. 3, 1756* [Mercy, PCR. Mercy Perkens, CR1]
Joshua and Jane Orcut, May 10, 1725*
Joshua Jr. and Rebecca Leach, July 8, 1760* [Rebeccah, PCR]
Joshua and Rebecca A. Terrell, int. Apr. 5, 1840
Mary of Stoughton and Ebenezer Edson, int. Sept. 25, 1790
Mercy and James Loring, Nov. -- [int. Nov. 4], 1800
Molly and Thomas Delano of Dartmouth, int. Feb. 15, 1777
Nathan and Lucy Terril, June 12, 1783
Samuell [int. Samuel] Jr. of Middleborough and Bettie Snow, Oct. 30, 1770 [Samuel Jr. of Middleborough, PCR]
Sarah and Nathan [int. Nathaniell] Billings [int. of Stoughton], Aug. 19, 1778 [Nathan, PCR]
Sarah [int. Sally] and Silvanus Burr [int. of Easton], Dec. 23, 1790 [Sarah and Silvanus Burr, PCR]
Simeon and Rhoda Harris [int. of Abington], Apr. 14, 1802 [date in later handwriting]
Susanna and Seth Harris [int. Jr. of Abington], Apr. 2 [sic, int. Apr 13], 1776

WARRIN (also see Warren)

Charlotte Maria [int. Charlotte Mariah Warren] and Albert Thompson of Halifax, May 23, 1841 [Charlotte Maria Warren, d. Silas and Charlotte, CR2]

WASBURN (also see Washbourn, Washbun, Washburn, Washburne)

Hannah and Nathan Basett, Mar. 15, 1733* [Washborn and Nathan Basset, CR1]
Levi [int. Washburn 2d] and Sally Harris, Sept. 22, 1807
Martha and Robertt Richmond, May 17, 1733* [Washborn and Robert Richmond, CR1]
Susanna and Jephtha Byram of Mendham, N.J., Feb. 19, 1761* [Susannah Washburne and Jeptha Byram of Mendham, N.J., PCR]

WASHBOURN (also see Wasburn, Washbun, Washburn, Washburne)

Elizabeth and Josiah Conant, Sept. 1, 1701*
James and Mary Bowden, Dec. 20, 1693,* PCR
Marjorum and Josiah Lenord, Nov. 1, 1699*
Samuell and Deliverance Lenord, Jan. 9, 1701*

WASHBUN (also see Wasburn, Washbourn, Washburn, Washburne)

Levi, Capt., and Mary Howland, int. Jan. 17, 1801

WASHBURN (also see Wasburn, Washbourn, Washbun, Washburne)

Abiam [int. Abram] 2d, Lt. [dup. omits Lt.] and Pamelia Keith, Apr. 14, 1822 [Abram 2d and Pamelia Keith, d. Isaac and Joanna, CR1. Abram, s. Nathaniel and Salome Simmons [Simmons written in pencil above Howard crossed out], and Pamelia Keith, d. Isaac and Joanna (Pratt) (Bessee), PR1]
Abigail and Josiah Lennard, Nov. 21, 1717*
Abigail and John Lindsey, Feb. 7, 1734,* CR1
Abigail and John Freelove, May 10, 1739,* [John of Freetown, PCR. John, CR1]
Abigail and Jonathan Waterman, Oct. 24, 1768
Abigail and Levi Blossom, May 28, 1797
Abraham [int. Abram] and Rebecca Lennard, Oct. 28, 1765 [Abram Washburne and Rebeccah Lennard, PCR. Abraham Washburn Jr. and Rebecca Leonard, CR1. Abram Washburn and Rebecca Leonard, PR1. Abram Washburn and Rebecca ----, PR87]
Abram and Mary Carver, Jan. 15, 1804
Abram 2d (see Abiam 2d)
Abram [int. 2d] and Sarah M. Shaw, Oct. 14, 1832 [Col. Abram 2d and Sarah M. Shaw, d. Dr. Samuel dec'd, CR1. Abram and Sarah Millar Shaw, d. Samuel (s. Rev. John and Ruth (Angier) and Olive (d. Zebulun Leonard of Middleborough) PR1]
Albert and Clarissa Sumner Pratt, May 17, 1842, in New York City.* [Clarissa S., d. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, PR12. Albert, s. Solomon and Clarissa Sumner Pratt, d. Calvin and Clarissa, PR36]
Albert and Maria Otis Pratt (second w), ------, in New York City.* [Albert, s. Solomon, and Maria Pratt (second w), d. Jared, PR36]
Alice and William French, Aug. 12, 1773
Alice of Middleborough and Bela Fobes, int. Dec. 15, 1805 [m. ------, PR79]
Alice [sic, Olive, int. Olive] and Luther Gannett, Apr. 12, 1810
Ann E. and James S. Alden of E. Bridgewater, int. Sept. 19, 1830 [Anne E., m -----, 1830, PR63]
Anna and Amos Whitman, Nov. 22, 1764 [Washburne, PCR]
Anna and Oliver Hayward, Aug. 31, 1797
Anna of Turner, Cumberland Co., and Branch Byram, int. Aug. 28, 1802
Asa and Betsey Hooper, int. Mar. 28, 1789
Barnebas and Katurah Conant, Dec. 5, 1782 [Barnabas and Keturah Conant, PCR. Barnabas and Katura Conant, CR1]
Benjamin and Bithiah Kingman, Feb. 11, 1713-14*
Benjamin and Martha Kingman, Aug. 6, 1729*
Benjamin and Susanna [int. Susannah] Battles of Hingham, Mar.2 3, 1743-4, in Hingham
Benjamin Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Desire Sears of Halifax, Apr. 29, 1762, in Halifax
Benjamin and Charity Fuller, Feb. 7, 1836
Bethiah and Nehemiah Bryant, Feb. 24, 1740* [Washburne and Nehemiah Bryant of Middleborough, PCR. Bethia Washburn and Nehemiah Bryant, CR1]
Bethiah and Lewis Torry of Middleborough, July 9, 1809
Betsey (see Elisabeth)
Betsey B. of Middleboro and Philip D. Kingman, June 24, 1834
Betty [int. Bettie] and Samuell [int. Samuel] Staples of Hannover, Dec. 9, 1765 [Betty Washburne and Samuel Staples of Hanover, PCR]
Betty (see Elisabeth)
Bula and Ebenezer Pratt, Aug. 8, 1760*
Caleb and Mehetabel Allen, May 27, 1756* [Mehitable, PCR]
Calvin and Lydia Snell, May 16, 1767. "publishment was forbidden by the said Calvin Washburn."
Calvin [int. Jr] and Eunice Sprague, June 4, 1809 [Calvin and Eunice Sprague, d. Capt. Ephraim and Vina (d. Ezra Edson), CR2. Calvin, PR1]
Carver and Harriet Harden, Mar. 14, 1827 [Washburne, CR3. Washburn, s. Solomon, and Harriet Harding, d. Samuel, PR36]
Carver and Jane [int. adds M.] Hayward, May 25, 1835 [Jane M., CR1. Carver, s. Solomon, and Jane Hayward, d. Calvin, PR36]
Cephas and Mary Paris of Halifax, int. Oct. 14, 1826
Charles and Elizabeth Holmes of Kingston, int. Nov. 3, 1833
Chloe and Edward Mitchell Jr. [int. 3d, omits Jr], Oct. 21, 1789 [Edward Jr., PCR. Cloe and Edward Mitchell, s. Edward and Jane (Latham), PR1. Chloe and Edward Mitchell, Oct. 11, PR92]
Chloe and Isaac Washburn of E. Bridgewater, int. Nov. 13, 1824
Content and Joseph Lathrop Jr., Oct. 24, 1746* [Washburne, PCR]
Cornelius and Lois Benson, int. Nov. 11, 1775
Daniel 2d [int. omits 2d] and Melatiah Keith, Apr. 30, 1795 [? in Middleborough]
Daniell and Experience Harlow, June 4, 1752* [Daniell and Eperiance Harlow, PCR]
Deliverance and Ephraim Jennings, Feb. 18, 1718-19*
Deliverance and Joseph Bolton, Feb. 6, 1739-40* [Feb. 6, 1739, CR1]
Deliverance, wid., and Abiel Packard, int. Nov. 16, 1771
Deliverance and William Shaw Jr., Oct. 1, 1778
Ebenezer and Mary Leach, Apr. 27, 1772
Ebenezer and Abigail Weston of Middleborough, int. Sept. 23, 1787
Eleazer and Anna Allden, Nov. 22, 1738* [Alden, PCR]
Eleazer and Huldah Woods [int. Wood], Feb. 23, 1769 [Woods, PCR]
Eliab and Anne Edson, int. Oct. 9, 1762
Eliab and Molly Lazell [int. Molley Lazel], Feb. 20, 1777
Elisabeth and John Benson, Dec. 4, 1710*
Elisabeth and Isaac Harris, July 22, 1717*
Elisabeth and Joseph Crossman, Aug. 20, 1752* [Elizabeth Washburne, PCR]
Elisabeth [int. Bettie] and Nathanael [int. Nathaniell] Pratt Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Nov. 12, 1778 [Elizebeth and Nathaniell Pratt, CR1. Betsey and Nathaniel Pratt, s. Seth and Hannah (Washburn), PR1]
Elisha [int. of Roxbury] and Charity Snell, Dec. 8, 1763 [Washburne, PCR. Washburn and Cerity Snell, CR1]
Eliza H. and Almarine [int. Almorine] Hayward, Apr. 9, 1829 [Almarine, s. Solomon, CR1. Almarine Howard, PR1]
Elizabeth (see Elisabeth)
Elizabeth and Elisha Hayward Jr., Oct. 7, 1740* [Washburne, PCR. Elizebeth Washburn, Oct. 9, CR1]
Elizabeth, wid., and James Edson, Oct. 24, 1796
Eloisa R. and Thomas Hooper, Aug. 15, 1832 [Eloisa R., d. Calvin, and Thomas Hooper, s. William dec'd, CR1]
Ephraim and Rebecca Dunham, int. Feb. 12, 1785
Eunice and Benjamin Crane, June 13, 1770 [Unice, PCR. CR1]
Eunice and Asa Richmond [int. of Taunton], Nov. 28, 1782 [Asa, PCR. Unice and Asa Richmond of Taunton, CR1]
Eunice and Jonas [int. Jonah] Besse, Sept. 20, 1787 [Jonah, PCR]
Eunice and Warren Hunt of Canton, Oct. 28, 1835 [Washburne, CR3]
Experience and Amoss Snell, Mar. 13, 1759* [Washburne and Amos Snell, PCR. Washburn and Amos Snell, CR1]
Experience and Jonathan Orcut, Nov. 5, 1759* [Washburne and Jonathan Orcutt, PCR]
Experience and Jonathan Alden, Nov. 26, 1766 [Washburne PCR]
Ezekiel and Experience Curtice, Oct. 4, 1749* [Washbourn and Experience Curtis, PCR]
Ezekiel [int Jr.] and Naomi Thayer, Nov. 1, 1781 [Ezekiel, PCR]
Ezra and Susannah Leach, July 20, 1742* [Washburne and Susanna Leach, PCR]
Gideon Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Ruth Whitman, Sept. 24, 1765 [Washburne Jr., PCR]
Hannah and John Keith, Apr. 18, 1711*
Hannah and Zachariah Whitmarsh, Jan. 28, 1729-30*
Hannah and Thomas Davis, June 2, 1737*
Hannah and Seth Pratt, Apr. 27, 1753* [Apr. 24, PCR]
Hannah and Moses Snell, int. Dec. 3, 1763
Hannah and James Carkis Woodwis [int. Woodswis], Feb. 12, 1770
Hannah and Benjamin Perkins, May 24, 1789
Harriet and Hezekiah [int. adds H] Keith, May 21, 1836 [Hesekiah, CR1]
Henry [int. Jr.] and Susanna Hutchins of Middleborough, Aug. 11, 1768 [? in Middleborough]
Hephzibah and Benjamin Leach, Sept. 8, 1702*
Hephzibah and John Hutchinson, Oct. 29, 1708*
Hephzibah of Midleborough and Benjamin Perkins, July 28, 1761 [Hepsibah of Middleborough, PCR]
Hephzibah [int. Hepzibah] and Lewis Edson, Jan. 30, 1770 [Hepsibah [dup. Hephzibah] Washburne and Lewis [dup. Luice] Edson, PCR]
Hermon and Harriet Bonney, Dec. 27, 1822
Hervey and Dolly B. Clark [int. Clapp], Feb. 27, 1822 [Dolly B. Clark, d. Benjamin, CR1. Clarke, PR1]
Hiram and Abigail Keith, May 7, 1806
Hiram G., 21, shoemaker, of E. Bridgewater, s. Hiram and Olive, and Abigail K. Snell, 17, of W. Bridgewater, d. Edward and Emeline, Oct. 13, 1849*
Hosea and Weltha W. Packard, Jan. 29, 1845
Hulda and Solomon Bartlet, June 10, 1781,* CR1
Huldah L. and John Soule of Middleboro, Sept. 22, 1823
Isaac and Deborah Conant, Sept. 11, 1753 [Washburne, PCR]
Isaac and Huldah Allen, Feb. 6, 1781
Isaac of Taunton and Eunice Cary, int. Mar. 4, 1786
Isaac and Nabby [int. Abigail] Pope, Dec. 9, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Isaac of Bridgewater and Chloe Washburn, int. Nov. 13, 1824
Israel and Waitstil Sumner, Nov. 3, 1708*
Israel and Leah Fobess, Jan. 3, 1739-40* [Jan. 3, 1739, PCR. CR1]
Jacob [int. gentleman] of Middleborough, and Mercy Pool, Dec. 3, 1761 [Jacob, CR1]
Jacob and Ruth Shaw, Apr. 18, 1797
James and Elisabeth Lennard, Nov. 23, 1720*
Jane and Josiah Dean, Aug. 18, 1737*
Jane and Thomas Thomson, Oct. 31, 1745* [Washburne, PCR]
Jane A., d. Calvin and Eunice, and Samuel H. Worcester, 20, teacher, of Charleston, S.C., b. Gloucester, s. Samuel and Sarah, Sept. 23, 1844 [Jane Ames Washburn and Samuel Howard Worcester, Sept. 22, PR77]
Jemimah and Josiah Leonard Jr., Jan. 24, 1739-40* [Jemima and Joseph Leonard, Jan. 24, 1739, CR1]
Jeremiah and Charity Pratt, Apr. 24, 1754
Jeremiah and Kezia [int. Keziah] Snell, Aug. 19, 1777 [Keziah, CR1]
Jeremiah Jr. and Sally Edson, int. Jan. 25, 1801
Jessee and Silence Washburn, Dec. 29, 1748* [Jesse, PCR]
Joana and Ebenezer Leach, Dec. 26, 1734* [Joanna Washborn, CR1]
Joanna and Samuel Hacket of Rainham, Sept. 23, 1736* [Samuel of Raynham, CR1]
Joanna and Solomon Lennard Jr., Oct. 5, 1756* [Leonard Jr., PCR. Leonard, CR1]
Joanna and Daniell Connant [int. Daniel Conant] Aug. 2, 1767 [Daniel Conant, PCR]
Joanna and Phinehas [int. Phineas] Conant [int Jr.], Aug. 25, 1785 [Phineas, PCR. Phinny, Aug. 15, CR1]
John and Margret Packard, Feb. 16, 1709=10*
John and Bethiah Keith, Jan. 12, 1737-8*
John and Mira Sprague, July 27, 1828
John and Deborah J. Robinson, Oct. -- [int. Oct. 2], 1841
Jonathan, s. John, and Mary Vaughn, d. George, -----, 1683,* PR36
Jonathan and Rebecca Perry of Sandwich, Dec. 27, 1711, in Sandwich*
Jonathan and Rebecca Johnson of Hingham, Dec. 17, 1719, in Boston*
Jonathan and Thankful Newton, Apr. 9, 1724*
Jonathan and Rebecca Perkins, Jan. 18, 1757* [Rebeccah, PCR. Rebecca Perkens, CR1]
Jonathan [int. Jr.] of Midleborough and Hannah Conant, May 14, 1778 [Jonathan of Midleboro and Hannah Conant, CR1]
Jonathan and Sally K. [int. Sarah W.] Pratt, Feb. 8, 1827 [Sally K., d. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, PR12]
Joseph Jr. and Mary Washburn, Sept. 23, 1755*
Joshua and Lucey Rickard [int. Lovicey Reckards], Mar. 2, 1786 [:ucy Rickard, PCR. Luwcy Rickard, CR1]
Joshua and Charity Williams of Taunton, int. Jan. 30, 1836
Josiah and Mercy Tilson, Feb. 11, 1702, in Plymouth*
Josiah and Elisabeth Davenport, June 20, 1723* [Josiah, . Jonathan and Elizaeth Davenport, PR36]
Josiah and Abigal Curtis, Jan. 29, 1745* [Washburne and Abigail Curtiss, PCR]
Josiah Jr. [int. omits Jr] and Phebe Hayward, May 3, 1753 [Washburne and Pheba Hayward, PCR. Josiah Washburn, s. Josiah, and Phebe Hayward, d. Thomas, PR36]
Josiah and Hulda Lennard, Oct. 15, 1755* [Huldah Leonarad, PCR]
Josiah and Eisabeth Snow, July 6, 1775
Judith and Seth Kingman, int. July 14, 1787
Kezia and Andrew [int. Andrue] Conant, Nov. 1, 1795
Keziah and Joseph Harvey Jr., Oct. 10, 1749* [Joseph 2d, PCR]
Laura [dup. int. of Middleborough] and Job P. [dup. int. omits P.] Rounseville, June 3, 1827 [Job P., both of Bridgewater, CR1]
Lavinia (see Levina)
Leah of Raynham and Jason Fobes, int. May 25, 1770
Lebbeus (see Libeus)
Levi and Molly [int. Molley] Allen, Nov. 22, 1774
Levi of E. Bridgewater and Susan J. White of Raynham, Nov. --, 1843,* CR1
Levina and Eliab Thompson Jr. of Hallifax, int. May 22, 1819
Lewis and Lydia Ager of Weymouth, int. Nov. 17, 1833
Libeus of Plimpton and Alice Keith, Mar. 16, 1792
Lois H. and Ephraim H. Sprague, int. Nov. 10, 1833
Lucia C. and William J. Cutler of Boston, Apr. 4, 1843 [Lucia Conant Washburn, d. Abram and Pamelia (Keith), PR1]
Lucy and Nathaniell Morton, Sept. 13, 1757*
Lucy and Abel Kingman, Nov. 15, 1792
Lucy and Lawson Lyon of Boston, Apr. 22, 1813 [Lucy, d. Abram and Rebecca (Leonard), PR1. PR87]
Luke and Desire Packard, Aug. 30, 1763
Lydia and Samuel West, Mar. 10, 1736-7* [Lidea, CR1]
Lydia and Simeon Wood, May 6, 1778 [Lidea, CR1]
Lydia and Samuel Rider, int. Nov. 23, 1799
Marcia (see Maria S.)
Margaret and Ephraim Holmes, Feb. 19, 1740* [Margarett Washbun and Ephraim Holmes of Hallifax, PCR. Margaret Washburn and Ephraim Holmes, Feb. 19, 1740-1, CR1]
Maria S., d. Solomon and Sarah, and Alonzo Masters, -------, in New York City,* [Marcia, d. Solomon, and Alonzo Masters, PR36]
Martha and Jonathan Leonard, Apr. 25, 1758*
Martha and Elijah Edson, Mar. 13, 1766
Mary and Thomas Perkins, Feb. 20, 1716-17* [Thomas, s. David, PR64]
Mary and William Snow, Nov. 8, 1722*
Mary and Eleazer Cary, Mar. 7, 1753* [Washburne and Eleazer Carry, PCR]
Mary and Jabez King, Apr. 12, 1753* [Washburne, PCR]
Mary and Joseph Washburn Jr., Sept. 23, 1755*
Mary and Job Pratt, Feb. 1, 1757* [Washbourne, PCR. Washburn, CR1]
Mary, d. Josiah Jr., and ---- ---- Oct. 18, 1782,* CR1
Mary and Benjamin Munro of Hallifax, Dec. 6, 1787 [Monro of Halifax, CR1. Molly and ----- Manroe of Halifax, PR105
Mary and Bartholomew Trow, Mar. 24, 1803*
Mercy and Pelatiah Phiney, Dec. 28, 1738,* CR1
Mira and John A. Shaw, Oct. 17, 1830 [Mira, d. Capt. Ephraim Sprague and Vina [d. Ezra Edson), and Hon. John A. Shaw, CR2. Mira, wid. John, d. Ephraim Sprague and Vina (Edson), and John A. Shaw, s. Samuel and Olive (Leonard), PR1]
Molly (see Mary)
Molley and Ephraim Tomson of Middleborough, Jan. 12, 1791
Nabby and Zenas Mitchell, Dec. 15, 1796
Nahum and Anna Mitchell, int. Dec. 4, 1816
Nahum and Christiana Pratt, d. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, May 16, 1836,* PR12 [Nahum, s. Solomon, PR36]
Nancy A.V. and Greenough Wood of E. Bridgewater, int. Feb. 23, 1834
Nathan and Mary Mahurin, Apr. 20, 1748* [Washburne and Mary Mehurine, PCR]
Nathaniel and Joanna H. Snell, June 29, 1823 [Joanna H., d. William and Eunice, CR1. Joanna [dup. Joannah], d. William and Eunice (Cary), PR1]
Nehemiah and Jane Haward, Mar 26, 1713*
Nehemiah and Ruth Eggarton, Mar. 29, 1770 [Washburne, PCR]
Noah and Elisabeth Shaw, Jan. 25, 1709-10*
Olive (see Alice)
Oliver and Hannah Gannett [int. Gannet], Mar. 1, 1781 [Gannett, PCR]
Oliver and Martha Fobess, Jan. 19, 1787
Oliver and Polly Hayward, Feb. 5 [int. Mar. 17, sic], 1804 [Mary Howard (second w), May 20, PR1]
Oliver [int. adds A.] and Jane Keith, Oct. 5, 1814
Parna and Adam Stetson, Jan. 8, 1817
Patience [int. Reliance] and Nathan Richmond of Midleboro, May 2, 1754
Phebe and Samuel Kingman, Feb. 3, 1736-7*
Phebe and Luther Hooper, Nov. 25, 1779 [? in Middleborough]
Polly and Oliver Conant, July 6, 1796
Polly and Barzillia Latham, int. Oct. 24, 1801
Rebeca and Samuell Alden, Dec.28, 1752*
Rebecca and David Johnson, Jan. 7, 1719*
Rebecca and Lemuel Leach, Oct. 12, 1767 [Rebeccah, PCR]
Rebecca and Isaac Pool, Oct. 18, 1774
Reliance (see Patience)
Reuben and Abigail Murrey, int. Dec.10, 1743
Reuben (see Ruben)
Rhobe S. and Joshua Jackson, int. Feb. 12, 1837
Robert and Mary Fobes, Mar. 6, 1739-40* [Mar. 6, 1739, PCR. CR1]
Roby S. (see Rhobe S.)
Rotheus and Mary Hayward, Oct. 18, 1829 [Rotheus, s. Solomon and Sally, and Mary Hayward, d. Solomon Jr. and Mary, CR1. Rotheus and Mary Hayward, d. Solomon and Betseey (Bates), PR1]
Ruben and Betty [dup. Bettie] Dilley, May 11, 1749* [Betty, PCR]
Ruth and Calvin Leach, int. Sept. 18, 1779
Ruth and Benjamin Price, int. July 6, 1805
Sally and James Johnson Jr. [int. 2d], Nov. 22, 1798
Salmon and Hannah Orcutt, Sept. 15, 1785 [Solomon and Hannah Alcutt, PCR]
Sampson [int. Samson] and Rebecca Soul of Middleborough, Jan. 28, 1806 [? in Middleborough]
Sarah and John Ames, Jan. 12, 1696-7* [Job, PR103]
Sarah, Mrs., and Ephraim Keith, Sept. 21, 1732* [Miss Sarah, PCR]
Sarah and Samuell Crane, Feb. 13, 1737-8* [Sarah, wid., and Samuel Crane of Milton, CR1]
Sarah and Henry Caswell, May 11, 1738,* CR1
Sarah and Daniell Bryant, July 16, 1767 [Daniel Briant, PCR]
Sarah [int. Sally] and Seth Hayward, Feb. 2, 1792 [Sarah, PCR]
Sarah W. of E. Bridgewater and Charles Hayward, int. Jan. 1, 1832
Seth of Middleborough nd Elisabeth Dunbar, July 21, 1772 [Elizabeth, PCR]
Seth and Sarah Willis [int. wid.], Mar. 31, 1812 [Seth, s. Abram and Rebecca (Leonard), and Sarah Willis, PR1. Seth, s. Abram, and Sarah Carver, d. Dr. Eleazer, PR88]
Seth Jr. and Casindana Pratt, Nov. 29, 1839. [Seth Jr., s. Seth and Sarah (Carver), and Casindania Pratt, PR88]
Silence and Jessee Washburn, Dec. 29, 1748* [Jesse, PCR]
Silvanus and Millicent Richards, int. Feb. 9, 1865 [sic, ? 1765]
Solomon and Martha Orcut, Jan. 13, 1731-2* [Orcutt, PCR. Washborn and Martha Orcut, CR1]
Solomon and Ann [int. Anne] Mitchel, Mar. 17, 1773 [Solomon, s Josiah, and Anne Mitchell, PR36]
Solomon (see Salmon)
Solomon [int. Jr.] and Sarah ------ [int. Sally Carver], Mar. 18, 1801 [Solomon, s. Solomon, and Sarah Carver, d. Jabez and Sarah of Raynham, PR36]
Southworth [int. Southwarth] and Rebecca Bissbee, July 7, 1794 [Southworth and Rebecca Bisbee, PCR]
Stephen and Sarah Faxon, Nov. 20, 1770
Susanna and Timothy Perkins, Mar. 18, 1735-6*
Susanna of Middleborough and Zadock Leach, Dec. 6, 1763 [Susannah of Middleborough, PCR]
Susanna and James Hooper Jr., Feb. 6, 1772
Susanna and Simeon Jones of Pembroke, Mar. 7, 1803*
Susanna and Macey Hall of Raynham, int. Apr. 11, 1807
Taitha and Solomon Leach, Apr. 14, 1736* [Solomon, CR1]
Tabitha and Mark Perkins, Oct. 17, 1784
Thankfull and John Kinsley, Feb. 19, 1746* [Thankful Washburne, PCR]
Thomas and Sarah Lennard, July 28, 1708*
Thomas Sr. and Abigail Hefford, July 24, 1711*
Thomas Jefferson [dup. of Orono, Me.] and Marcia [int. Maria] Perkins, July 3, 1836 [Thomas J. of orono, Me., and Marcia Perkins, CR1. Thomas and Marcia Perkins, d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), PR1. Thomas J. and Marcia Perkins, d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), PR13]
Waitstil and Ebenezer Pratt or Waymouth, Dec. 15, 1720*
Wealthy [int. Welthy] of Middleborough and Benjamin Dunbar, June 9, 1774 [? in Middleborough]
Willard and Alvira Bryant, int. Dec. 1, 1843
William and Experience Man, Jan. 13, 1715*
William and Rebecca Curtis, May 8, 1738,* CR1
Zenas [int. Zenus] and Salence [int. Silence] Ames, Apr. 2, 1789 [? in Middleborough]
Zenas and Lydia Whitman, Feb. 3, 1799
Zeruiah and Solomon Hayward, Apr. 16, 1782 [Zerviah, PCR. CR1. Zeruiah and Solomon Howard, PR1]
Zilpha and Noah Whitman, July 1, 1779 [Zilpah, PCR. Zilpha, CR1. Zilphia, PR1]
Zipporah and Timothy Perkins, Oct. 7, 1753 [Washbourne, PCR]

WASHBURNE (also see Wasburn, Washbourn, Washbun, Washburn)

Jabez (see Jabez Warren)
John Jr. and ---- -----, Apr. 16, 1679* [John Washburn and Rebecca Lapham, GR7. John Washburn Jr. and Rebecca Lapham, PR103]

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