Bridgewater, MA Vital Records (Marriages) to 1850
Published by:
New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1916
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames Williams to end of marriages

* Intention not recorded


Abier of Raynham and William Bassett, int. June 29, 1800
Abigail and Peter Hayward, Dec. 14, 1732* [Howard, CR1]
Abigail of Easton and Jonathan Bozworth, May 14, 1780, in Easton
Alonzo and Pethiar J. Paddleford of Taunton, int. Feb. 21, 1843
Anna, wid., and Zeuloon Feild, Nov. 4, 1733*
Anna and Jesse Edson, July 4, 1811
Anna H. and Albert Copeland, int. Feb. 20, 1819
Bathsheba of Taunton and Benjamin Willis, int. Dec. 17, 1742
Bathsheba and Daniel Perkins, Sept. 8, 1783
Benjamin of Norton and Susanna Haward, Dec. 22, 1720*
Calvin and Betsey Copeland, int. Sept. 14, 1799
Charity of Taunton and Joshua Washburn, int. Jan. 30, 1836
Crely [int. "Free negro Woman,"] "Living with Seth Mitchel," and Pero Jeffry [int. Jeffery], "Negro man of Dr. [int. Isaac] Otis," May 28, 1778 [Creely and Pero Jeffry, PCR]
Damaris and Daniel Haward, Jan. 16, 1723-4*
Daniel Jr. of Easton and Rhoda Lothrop [int. Lathrop], Apr. 5, 1763, in Easton
Edmund of Raynham and Mary Harvey [int. wid.], Aug. 20, 1781 [Mary, PCR]
Edward of Easton and Sarah Lathrop, Dec. 3, 1772
Elbridge G. of Raynham and Hannah G. Williams of Raynham, June 20, 1830*
George and Anne Haward, Nov. 17, 1774
George Jr. and Eunice Kingman, Nov. 22, 1797
George of Raynham and Harriet Bassett, July 3, 1839
Hannah and Joseph Snell, Dec. 3, 1712*
Hannah and Ephraim Snell, Jan. 4, 1792
Hannah of Raynham and Joseph Bassett 3d, int. Mar. 23, 1816 [m. May --, PR80]
Hannah G. of Raynham and Elbridge G. Williams of Raynham, June 20, 1830*
Huldah K. and Joseph Kingman Jr., Nov. -- [Nov. 10], 1821
Jesse of Boston and Silva Mitchell, blacks, int. Sept. 9, 1815
John of Easton and Susanna Sturtevant of Hallifax, June 24, 1773*
John of Boston and Meribah Cotton, blacks, int. July 21, 1821
Joshua of Middleborough and Bethiah Clark of Abington, May 30, 1771* [Bethia Clerk of Abington, PCR]
Josiah of Tanton and Martha Haward, Jan. 26, 1714-15*
Josiah and Mrs. Sarah Bisbee of Pembroke, Feb. 4, 1747, in Pembroke*
Josiah Jr. and Hannah Fobes, Mar. 14, 1750-1*
Josiah [int. 2d] and Sarah Ames, Sept. 10, 1778
Josiah [int. Jr.] and Hannah Kingman, Mar. 10, 1785 [Josiah, PCR]
Josiah and Sylvia Keith, Apr. 13, 1814
Marlborough and Susanna [int. Lusanna] Mitchell, Mar. 20, 1783 [Susanna, PCR. Malboro and Susanna Mitchell, CR1]
Martha and Jonathan Packard, Sept. 28, 1752 "N:S."*
Martha and Joseph Ames, Jr., Mar. 15, 1770
Mary and Josiah Kingman, Nov. 16, 1737*
Mary Jane and Joseph Copeland, Dec. 9, 1838
Mehetabel, Mrs., and Benjamin Webb of Eastham, Oct. 20, 1720*
Mehetabel and Benjamin Mahurin, Sept. 25, 1749* [Mehetable and Benjamin Mahurine, PCR]
Merribah and Asa Minggles, colored, int. Sept. 25, 1831
Nancy C. of Mansfield and Thomas Daniels, Nov. 29, 1838
Nathan of Raynham and Abthia [int. Abhtier] Harvey, Oct. 30, 1781 [Abthia, PCR]
Nathan and Lucy Hall, June 11, 1826 [? in Bridgewater]* PR65
Nathaniel and Alethea Dean of Taunton, int. Mar. 22, 1794
Orra and Earl Thayer, Jan. 14, 1812
Perez and Huldah Kingman, Aug. 22, 1788
Perez and Polly Pierce [int. Molly Peirce, wid.], Nov. 10, 1798
Rebecca, wid., and Daniel Littlefeild, Dec. 5, 1732*
Rhoda and Noah Powers, May 14, 1787
Sarah and John Benson, Sept. 24, 1765* [Sarah, wid., CR1]
Seth and Lusanna Fobes, May 21, 1750*
Silas of Easton and Susanna Richards, Oct. 13, 1760* [Susannah Rickard, PCR]
Stephen Jr. of Raynham and Sarah [int. Sally] Hooper, Nov. 30, 1809 [? in Middleborough]
Susanna and Josiah Keith Jr. of Easton, Feb. 28, 1758* [Susannah, PCR]
Susanna Packard and Israel Toalman [int. Tolman], Nov. 21, 1813


Abigail and John Keith, Jan. 8, 1734* [Jan. 8, 1734-5, CR1]
Abigail and Jessee Allen, Dec. 1, 1768 [Abigal and Jesse Allen, CR1]
Abigail and Samuel Whiting, Aug. 17, 1806 [date in later handwriting]
Abigail and Jacob Howard, Sept. 16, 1816
Abisha and Zeuiah Willis, Apr. 2, 1741*
Anna and Terah Whitman of Easton, Feb. 4, 1745-6*
Azariah of Oakham, Worcester Co., and Abigail Edson, int. June 16, 1787 [Willise and Mrs. Nabby Edson, m. Oct. 9, PR105]
Benjamin and Mary Lennard, Nov. 27, 1719*
Benjamin and Bathsheba Williams of Taunton, int. Dec. 17, 1742
Benjamin Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and [int. Mrs.] Sarah Bradford of Plymouth, Dec. 17, 1761, in Plymouth
Benjamin Jr. and Sarah Carver, int. Feb. 21, 1801
Beriah and Abigail Hayward, Oct. 10, 1759* [Haward, PCR]
Bethia (see Bettie)
Betsey and Benjamin Palmer, int. Mar. 2, 1805
Bettie and James Haward, June 1, 1749* [Bethia and James Hayward, PCR]
Bettie and Luther Hayward, Dec. 12, 1785 [Betty, PCR]
Betty [int. Betsey] and Jarvis Pike [int. of Attleborough], Apr. 18, 1790 [Betty and Jarvis Pike, PCR]
Chloe and Silas Packard, June 4, 1789
Daniel [int. Daniell Jr.] and Zilpha Edson, Nov. 12, 1778 [Daniel Jr., CR1]
Daniel E. [int. Jr. omits E.] and Judith B. Pratt, Aug. 1, 1815
Daniell and Keziah Willis, Nov. 11, 1756* [Daniel, PCR]
Desire of W. Bridgewater and Henry Hayward of W. Bridgewater, Apr. 15, 1833* [Desire G. of W. Bridgewater, d. John Jr. [? in W. Bridgewater, CR2]
Ebenezer and Mary Jackson, Aug. 28, 1753
Ebenezer and Joanna Atwood [int. Attwood], Jan. 30, 1785 [Atwood, PCR. CR1]
Elisabeth and Nathanael Woodward, Apr. 16, 1708*
Elizabeth and Richard Barrisford [dup. Berresford, int. Berrisford], Nov. 25, 1817
Elkanah and Mary Sable of Stoughton, int. June 2, 1744
Elkanah and Sarah Gay of Dedham, Oct. 19, 1748, in Dedham*
Ephraim and Elisabeth Gernsey, Apr. 13, 1758* [Elizabeth, PCR]
Ephraim [int. Jr.] and Eunice Egerton [int. Eggerton], Sept. 23, 1779 [Ephraim and Eunice Egerton, PCR]
Ephraim [int. Ephraim Jr.] and Fanny Lamote [int. Lemote] of Easton, May 16, 1787, in Easton
Eunice and Ruel [int. Reuel] Lincoln, Dec. 30 [Dec. 30 in later handwriting], 1804
Experience and John Randall, May 4, 1732* [May 17, PCR]
Fanney [int. Fanny] and Thomas Willis Jr. of Easton, Apr. 2, ----- [int. June 29, 1811]
Fanny, wid., and William Hunt, int. Oct. 18, 1817
Hanah and William Fobes Jr., Nov. 6, 1759*
Hannah, wid., and John Snow, Nov. 30, 1756* [Hanah and John Shaw, PCR]
Hannah and Mason Hall of Raynham, July 29, 1789
Irena and Daniel Hartwell Jr., June 29, 1817
Isaac and Mary Clifford of Dartmouth, Apr. 6, 1724, in Dartmouth*
Isaac and Hannah Pratt, Aug. 14, 1732*
Isaac Jr. and Rebeca Hayward, Oct. 19, 1759* [Rebeccah Haward, Oct. 9, PCR]
Isaac 3d and Huldah Ames, Apr. 27, 1786
Jacob and Parnel Morse, int. Feb. 14, 1801
James and Sarah Jackson, Sept. 26, 1786
James of Easton and Kezia Willis, int. Feb. 16, 1800
James N. [int. omits N.] and Rosanda Foster [int. of Abington], Sept. 13, 1815
Jedediah and Susanna Snell, Sept. 28, 1775
Jedidiah of Easton and Adah Hayward, int. July 3, 1802
Joab and Martha Bolton, Mar. 4, 1744
Joab Jr. and Alice Record, Apr. 14, 1772 [Reccord, PCR]
John and Patience Hayward, Dec. 9, 1724*
John 2d and Abihail Conant, June 22, 1775
John [int. 2d] and Sarah Reckard, Dec. 9, 1779 [John and Sarah Richards, PCR. John and Sarah Reckhard, CR1]
John [int. 2d] and Molly [int. Molley] Egerton, July 5, 1781 [John and Molly Egerton, PCR]
John 2d and Huldah Ames, int. Sept. 18, 1784
John 4th and Levina Howard, Dec. 16, 1813
Jonah and Abigail Hayward, Feb. 11, 1788
Jonah and Hannah Hayward, Sept. 18, 1800
Jonah and Freelove [int. Mrs. Frelove] Fobes, Dec. 10, 1816
Jonah Jr. and Abigal A. Foster of Kingston, int. Apr. 5, 1817
Jonathan and Abigail Stoughton, Jan. 14, 1712-13*
Jonathan and Judith Packard, Nov. 2, 1752* [Wellis and Judath Packard, PCR]
Jonathan and Susanna Allen, int. Jan. 14, 1764 [m. Mar. 22, CR1]
Joshua and Experience Barbor, Feb. 4, 1706-7*
Joshua and Hannah Woodward, wid., Feb. 19, 1733-4*
Kezia and James Willis of Easton, int. Feb. 16, 1800
Keziah and Daniell Willis, Nov. 11, 1756* [Daniel, PCR]
Lucia T. [int. F.] and Asa Perkins Jr., Mar. 18, 1840 [Lucia F., CR3]
Lucy and Cyrus Alger, Oct. 31, 1804
Lydia and Joseph Rickard of Plimton, Nov. 17, 1737* [Lidea, CR1]
Lydia and Daniell Lathrop Jr., Sept. 5, 1775
Margeret and Nathaniel Harvey, July 4, 1733*
Margrett and John Whitman, Dec. 11, 1745*
Martha and James Pratt, Nov. 22, 1733*
Martha and Jonathan Haward [int. 2d], May 19, 1774
Mary and Israell Randall, Jan. 25, 1701*
Mary and Joseph Packard, Nov. 28, 1723*
Mary and William Gillimor, Nov. 24, 1731* [Gillemer, Nov. 24, 1732, PCR. Guilmor, Nov. 24, 1731, CR1]
Mary and Isaac Johnson, int. June 21, 1744
Mary [int. of Easton] and Lewis Dailey, Aug. 8, 1782 [Mary, PCR]
Mary (see Molly)
Mary [int. Polly] and Cyrus Lothrop, Jan. 28, 1811
Mehetabel and James Stacy of Easton, Apr. 21, 1743* [Mehitable and James Stacey of Easton, PCR]
Mercy and Samuel Hall of Taunton, Apr. 15, 1718*
Molly and Noah Edson, June 21, 1787 [Mary, d. Ebenezer, and Noah Edson, s. Samuel 4th, CR2]
Molly and Gideon Howard, May 4, 1788
Nancey and Moses Pike [int. Mosses Peck Jr. of Attleborough], May 11, 1788 [Nancy and Moses Pike, PCR]
Nancy and Ruel [int. Reuel] Dunbar, Aug. 23 [Aug. 23 in later handwriting], 1805
Nancy and Galen Orcutt, Jan. 1, 1809
Nathan and Martha Haward, Sept. 1, 1757*
Nathan 2d [int. Jr.] and Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] Spear, Apr. 1, 1799 [Nathan 2d and Elisabeth Spear, PCR]
Nathan Jr. and Sophia Tupper of Chesterfield, Hampshire Co., int. Mar. 15, 1788
Nathan Jr. and Lucy Doggett of Middlborough, int. Dec. 4, 1790
Nathan and Sarah White of Marshfield, int. Sept. 8, 1792
Nathaniel and Hannah Titus of Rehoboth, June 25, 1712, in Rehoboth*
Polly and Jacob Dunbar Jr., Oct. 28, 1802 [date in later handwriting]
Polly (see Mary)
Polly and Leonard Hill, Feb. 20, 1817
Rhoda and Daniell Lathrop, Apr. 19, 1744 [Daniel, PCR]
Ruth and Edmund Alger, Oct. 22, 1761 [Ebenezer, PCR]
Sally and Simeon Pratt, Nov. 17, 1791 [Simeon, s. Seth and Hannah (Washburn), PR1]
Sally and Oliver Dunbar, Dec. 10, 1807 [date in later handwriting]
Samuel and Margrett Brett, Mar. 18, 1705-6*
Samuell and Susanna Snell, Dec. 24, 1747*
Samuell 3d [int. Samuel Jr., omits 3d] and Bethia [int. Bithia] Lathrop, Sept. 3, 1767 [Samuel 3d and Bethiah Lothrop, PCR]
Sarah and John Hayward, Dec. 24, 1706*
Sarah and Robert Hoar of Middleborough, Mar. 8, 1743
Sarah [int. wid.] and Seth Washburn, Mar. 31, 1812 [Sarah and Seth Washburn, s. Abram and Rebecca (Leonard), PR1. Sarah Carver, d. Dr. Eleazer, and Seth Washburn, s. Abram, PR88]
Silence and Enoch Monk of Stoughton, int. Sept. 25, 1784
Silman [int. Stillman] and Huldah Snow, Nov. 2, 1809 [date in later handwriting]
Soughton and Hannah Harlow, Aug. 11, 1741*
Soughton and Mary Monk, Nov. 2, 1767
Susanna and John Pool, Aug. 8, 1801
Susanna and Charles Dunbar, July 9 [dup. Aug. 7], 1817
Susannah [int. Susanna] and David Johnson, May 26, 1743 [Susannah, PCR]
Thomas and Mary Kinsley, Dec. 18, 1716*
Thomas and Susanna Ames, Nov. 11, 1741*
Thomas of Taunton and Bethiah Hayward, July 19, 1743
Thomas Jr. of Easton and Fanney [int. Fanny] Willis, Apr. 2, --- [int. June 20, 1811]
Timothy and Lavina [int. Levina] Pratt, May 4, 1786 [Lavina, PCR. Lavina Prat, CR1]
Vashti [int. Vashty] and Martin Howard, Oct. 21, 1793 [Vashti, PCR]
Zebulun [int. Zabulon] and Susan [int. Susanna] Bartlett of Carver, May 19, 1793, in Carver
Zephaniah and Bithia [int. Bethia] Hayward, Nov. 28, 1754 [Zepheniah and Bethiah Haward, PCR]
Zeruiah and Abisha Willis, Apr. 2, 1741*

WILLMATh (also see Welmarth)

Jotham and Hannah Rickard, int. Sept. 1, 1781

WILLSON (also see Wilson)

Jane [int. Wilson] and John McBridge [int. Macbride], Jan. 16, 1755 [Willson and John McBridge, PCR]

WILSON (also seee Willson)

Ezekiel [int. Willson of Methuen, Essex Co.] and Keziah [dup. Kezia] Lothrop, Feb 2 [dup. Feb. 7], 1808


Angenette [int. Anngenette], 17, d. Stephen and Abby, and Lewis Bryant Jr., 23, shoemaker, s. Lewis and Mary, Sept. 5, 1849 [Angenette, CR1. Angennet and Lewis Bryant Jr., s. Lewis and Polly (Mitchell), PR33]
Philip H., 23, brick maker, s. Stephen and Abigial, and Lucy C. Ball, 21, Apr. 1, 1849

WINNETT (also see Winnit)

John (see John Bennett)

WINNIT (also see Winnett)

John of Easton and Anna Edson, int. Dec. 29, 1797


John B. and Emeline Mitchell, Nov. 26, 1829 [Emeline, d. Cloe, wid., CR1. Emeline, d. Edward and Cloe (Washburn), PR1. Emmeline, d. Edward and Chloe (Washburn), PR92]
Josiah of Freetown and Sarah Hayward, Jan. 10, 1721-2*
Josiah and Content Harvey, July 1, 1798
Kenelm and Orra Pope, Sept. 30, 1822 [Orra, d. Capt. Benjamin and Mary, CR1. Orra, d. Benjamin and Mary (Pierce), PR1]
Orra P., 21, d. Kenelm and Orra P., and Minot C. Shaw, 24, merchant, of E. Bridgewater, s. Samuel and Abigail, Sept. 22, 1847 [Orra Pierce Winslow, d. Kenelm and Orra (Pope), PR1]
Priscilla and John Lawrence, colored, Aug. 28, 1832 [Mrs. Priscilla, CR1]
Sarah and Edward Wentworth of Stoughton, Jan. 22, 1745-6*


Witherel of Easton and Jemimah Hayward, May 27, 1733, in Easton*

WITHEREL (also see Wetherel, Witherell, Withrell)

Abiether [int. of Easton] and Malatiah Snow, June 24, 1807
Eunice [int. Witherell] and Daniel H. Dearbourn [int. Dearborn], Oct. 30, 1834 [Witherell and Daniel H. Dearborn, CR3]
George [dup. Witherell] s, Nathaniel and Lydia (Fish), and Mary E. Brown, Oct. 25, 1838, in New York*
Martin S. of Attleboro and Elizabeth P. Wilbar, Oct. 24, 1836 [sic, int. Sept. 3, 1838]
Mary [int. Wetherel] and Benjamin Mahurin, Jan. 28, 1771 [Witherel, PCR]
Nathan of Taunton and Mary Dote [int. Doty], July 13, 1780 [Witherell and Mary Doty, PCR. Witherell of Taunton and Mary Dote, CR1]
Nathaniel, b. Pembroke, and Lydia Fish (second w.), b. Kingston, May 7, 1815, in Kingston*
Nathaniel, b. Pembroke and Lydia Hall, b. Kingston, May 10, 1830 [sic, 1810] in Kingston*
Nathaniel [dup. Witherell] Jr., s. Nathaniel and Lydia (Hall), and Sarah A. Ames, Oct. 19, 1836, in Easton*
Rebecca [int. Witherly] and Zebina Keith, Oct. 31, 1820

WITHERELL (also see Wetherel, Witherel, Withrell)

Alece 2d [int. Alice Witherel, omits 2d] of Norton and Abiel Ames, Feb. 8, 1792, in Norton
Jabez and Olive H. Leonard of Mansfield, int. Oct. 24, 1847


Alpheus M. of Milton and Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] Fobess, May 13, 1810
Ebenezer of Sharon and Elizabeth Perkins, Dec. 7, 1797
Eduard [int. Edward Witherington] of Stoughton and Sarah Cole, Apr. 12, 1772, in Stoughton
Henry [int. Withinton of Canton] and Lydia Snell, Nov. 25, 1801
Newell of Boston [dup. b. Sharon] and Susan Storrs, Dec. 1, 1808 [Susan, d. Elijah and Susannah (Swift), PR1]

WITHRELL (also see Wetherel, Witherel, Witherell)

Betsey [int. Witherell] and Shubael S. Lovell, June 1, 1823 [Withrell, CR3]
Lucy and John Sherman [int. Jr.] of Newton, May 13, 1827 [Witherell and John Sherman Jr. of Newton, CR1]

WOMPEE (also see Wampee)

Bathsheba and Samuell Robbin, Feb. 2, 1737-8*

WOOD (also see Woods, Woodwis)

Angeline of Halifax and Seth Wilbar, int. Mar. 26, 1848
Betsey and Jeremiah Bencraft of Canton, black, int. Apr. 28, 1821
Bridget of Foxborough and Ebenezer Copeland, int. Aug. 29, 1801
Ebenezer Jr. of Halifax and Jane Wood, Oct. 1, 1840
Eliza and Eli Blanchard Jr., int. July 5, 1817
Ephraim of Middleborough and Sarah French, int. Dec. 12, 1772
Ester of Hanson and Noah Ashport, coulered, int. July 26, 1845
Eunice and Albert Ashport, coloured, int. Aug. 22, 1846
Eunice H. [int. omits H.] and Christopher D. Copeland, May 14, 1826 [Eunice H., CR3]
Francis and Sarah Hooper, Jan. 5, 1709-10*
George [int. adds W.] and Lydia Tucker, May 13, 1821
Greenough of E. Bridgewater and Nancy A.V. Washburn, int. Feb. 23, 1834
Hannah W., 24, d. Philander and Patty, and Alonzo P. Benson, 27, farmer, s. Samuel H. dec'd and Rachel dec'd, Jan. 22, 1845
James and Experience Fuller, Apr. 12, 1693,* PCR
James and Achsa [int. Achsah] Phinney, June 5, 1764 [Achsa, PCR]
Jane and Ebenezer Wood Jr. of Halifax, Oct. 1, 1840
Jonathan [int. Woods] Jr. and Keziah [int. Kezia] Keith, May 3, 1764 [? in Middleborough]
Judah of Hallifax and Hannah Porter, Dec. 15, 1757*
Lusanna [int. Susanna Woods] and Seth Mitchell [int. Jr.], Apr. 3, 1794 [Susanna Wood and Seth Mitchell, PCR]
Lydia and Cyrus Benson, Aug. 7, 1806
Mary and Thomas Connant, Oct. 29, 1745* [Conant, PCR]
Mary and Eleazer Snow Jr., Jan. 13, 1757*
Mary and Spencer Leonard, May 2, 1805
Mary Antoinette [int. Antoinett] and Winslow Caswell, Dec. 8, 1835 [Mary Antoinette, CR3]
Olive [int. Woods] and Amasa Nash of Weymouth, Apr. 15, 1813
Olive S. of Halifax and Ebenezer Pratt, int.. Apr. 17, 1824
Patience and Eliab Keith, int. Sept. 25, 1813
Patty and David Bartlett Jr. of W. Bridgewater, Dec. 1, 1841
Philander and Patty Benson, Nov. 25, 1813
Primus, "Servant man to John Willis Esq." and Patience Burges, "Indian Woman," int. Oct. 4, 1764
Rachel and Oliver Allen Jr., Sept. 20, 1819
Rebeccah of Hallifax and John Harris, int. Nov. 31 [sic], 1811
Rhoda and Albert Ashport, coulered, int. Aug. 17, 1841
Rufus and Susanna Hooper, int. Mar. 1, 1800
Rufus W., 21, shoe maker, s. Willard and Harriet, and Eunice H. W. Copeland, 18, d. C.D., May 3, 1849
Samuel and Debby Sherby [int. Sherry], blacks, Sept. 30, 1801
Sarah and Isaac Hooper, Mar. 5, 1799
Sarah of Middleborough and Samuel Keith, Apr. 3, 1803 [? in Middleborough]*
Simeon and Rachel Atherton of Pembroke, Dec. 12, 1751, in Pembroke*
Simeon and Mary Keith [int. wid] of Easton, Oct. 25, 1774, in Easton
Simeon and Lydia Washburn, May 6, 1778 [Lidea, CR1]
Simeon of Boston and Keziah [int. Kezia] Dunbar, Dec. 3, 1809
Simeon D. and Elizabeth B. Alden, Aug. 28, 1843
Susanna (see Lusanna)
Thomas and Dina Perry, int. Feb. 23, 1744
Willaid [sic, Willard] and Harriet Caswell, Apr. 30, 1826 [Williard and Hariot Caswell, CR3]
Willard and Mrs. Anna Caswell, int. May 5, 1844
William and Amie Mear, Jan. 2, 1753*
Ziba and Abigail Shaw, Apr. 25, 1796


Nathan and Elizebeth [int. Elisabeth] Stone of Easton, Sept. 28, 1765, in Easton


Jabez [int. of New Glocester, Cumberland Co.] and Damaris Howard, Jan. 14, 1810

WOODS (also see Wood, Woodwis)

Bettie and Ephraim Allen, Mar. 16, 1758*
Francis and Rebecca Thomson of Hallifax, int. Oct. 4, 1766
Huldah [int. Wood] and Eleazer Washburn, Feb. 23, 1769 [Woods, PCR]
John Jr. of Easton and Rachel Barrow, Nov. 27, 1766
Jonathan and Ann [int. Anne] Edson, wid., Feb. 11, 1771 [Ann, wid., PCR]
Josiah [int. Jr. of Middleborough] and Salome [int. Saloma] Woods, Mar. 31, 1768 [Josiah and Salome Woods, PCR]
Mary (see Polly)
Nancy and Thomas Danforth, Jan. 1, 1783
Polly [int. and dup. int. Mary Woodwiss] and Abner Morse [dup. int. of Middleborough], July 4, 1804
Salome [int. Saloma] and Josiah Woods [int. Jr. of Middleborough], Mar. 31, 1768 [Salome and Josiah Woods, PCR]
Sarah and Shubael Tinkham of Middleborough, Aug. 7, 1765
Sarah [int. Wood] and John Freelove, Jan. 4, 1774


Fidelly of Taunton and Amos Wilbar, int. Apr. 27, 1800
Hannah, wid., and Joshua Willis, Feb. 19, 1733-4*
Nathanael and Elisabeth Willis, Apr. 16, 1708*

WOODWIS (also see Wood, Woods)

James Carkis [int. Woodswis] and Hannah Washburn, Feb. 12, 1770


Fitzwilliam S. and Charlotte T. Swift, Dec. 29, 1840 [Dec. 22, CR5]
Samuel, b. Thornton, N.H., and Sarah Sargent, b. Gloucester, Jan. 2, 1817*
Samuel H., 20, teacher, of Charleston, S.C., b. Gloucester, s. Samuel and Sarah, and Jane A. Washburn, d. Calvin and Jane Ames Washburn, Sept. 22, PR77]
Sarah P., 23, d. Samuel and Sarah, and Charles J. Doughty, 25, of New York, s. Charles J. and Elizabeth of New York, June 15, 1845

WORMAL (also see Wormel)

Sarah and Nehmiah Allen, Jan. 8, 1706-7*

WORMEL (also see Wormal)

John and Mary Bryant, June 10, 1729* [Wormal, PCR]


Lidia and Richard Holt, May 10, 1693,* PCR


Jeannette (see Jannett Westley)


Cuffe [int. Cuffee of Middleborough] and Anna Cordner, blacks, Aug. 6, 1778 [Cuffe, PCR]
Elisabeth and Elias Monk, May 27, 1752* [Elizebeth, PCR]
Mary and Ebenezer Thomson, ------* PR19
Polly of Marshfield and Isaac Johnson Jr., int. July 15, 1786
Sarah and Peter Whitman, Aug. 31, 1775


Lucy and Nathaniel Davenport, Dec. 22, 1729( [Wyeman, PCR]


Christopher [int. Christophur] and Molly [int. Molley] Bonney, Mar. 21, 1785 [Christopher and Molly Bonney, PCR]
Eunice and John Harris, Apr. 29, 1795
Jennet and John Phillips, Oct. 21, 1784
John and Eunice Bass, Nov. 22, 1752*
John and Mrs. Leah Bonney of Pembroke, int. Feb. 8, 1783
Joseph of Wareham and Mary Leonard, Mar. 5, 1826
Mary and Richard Drake, int. Nov. 7, 1767
Mary of Fall River and Joseph M. Bassett, int. Sept. 15, 1843
Robert and Molly Kingman, Dec. 31, 1776
Thomas and Bethiah C. [int. Cushing] Baldwin of Hanover, Jan. 5, 1792, in Hanover
Welcom [int. Welcome] and Jennet Orr Harris, Sept. 11, 1816

ZOYE (see Quoy)


------ ------ (second w) and Joseph Edson, Nov. 2, 1686* [Mary ------, PR103]
------ ------ and Mary Washburn, d. Josiah Jr. [Oct. 18, 1782]*, CR1
------ ------ and Sarah E. Tucker, Aug. --, 1834,* PR25


Beulah (see Bulah)
Boston, "Mr. Hugh Orrs Servant man," and Meribah Sampson, int. May 20, 1764
Bridgwater and Kate, "Colonel Holmans Negroes," Nov. 20, 1739* [Cate, "Col. Homans Negroes," PCR]
Bristol, "Servant man to Col. Edward Haward," and Betty Tomas, "Indian woman," int. Apr. 25, 1772
Bristol, "Servant man to Col. Edward Howard," and Lear Haughton, "Indian woman," int. Aug. 4, 1781
Bulah, "Free negro woman," and Jessee, "Negro Servant man to Col. Josiah Edson," int. Apr. 6, 1865 [sic, " 1765]
Fidella and Francis Cuffe, negros, Nov. 24, 1708*
Gambo, "Negro man," and Mary Drake, "negro woman," June 21, 1749*
Jessee, "Negro Servant man to Col. Josiah Edson," and Bulah, "Free negro woman," int. Apr. 6, 1865 [sic, ? 1765]
Kate and Bridgwater, "Colonel Holmans Negroes," Nov. 20, 1739* [Cate, "Col. Homans Negroes," PCR]
Nero, "Servant man to Rev. Mr. Danll Perkins," and Sarah, "Servant woman to ye Widow Hannah Snell," Apr. 11, 1754*
Oxford, "negro man of Joseph Gannet Jun," and Sarah Kips, "negro woman," int. Mar. 28, 1755
Pegge and Scepio, blacks, June 8, 1764, in Pembroke*
Pero, "Negro Servant man of Mr. John Hardin of Abington," and Rhoda Vinson, "Free negro Woman," int. Sept. 29, 1764
Phillis, "a Negro Woman of George Keith," and Prince Pero, "Negro man," int. Oct. 23, 1784
Plato [int. "negro Servant man to Mr. James Mears of Roxbury in the County of Suffolk"] and Rachel Colley [int. Colly], negro's, Nov. 8, 1764 [Colley, PCR]
Pompey [int. Pompy, "Negro Servant man to Samuel Stevens of Roxbury in the County of Suffolk"] and Mehtable Coliey [int. Mehetabel Colly, "Free negro woman"], negro's, Nov. 8, 1764 [Pompey and Meheable Colly, PCR]
Primus, negro, and Jane Frank, Dec. 8, 1737*
Robbin, free man (see Robbin Freeman)
Sarah, "Servant woman to ye Widow Hannah Snell," and Nero, "Servant man to Rev. Mr. Danll Pekins," Apr. 11, 1754*
Sash and Mary Cornish, Dec. 1, 1706*
Sash, negro, and Margret Linsford [dup. (second w)], Nov. 11, 1724* [This entry crossed out]
Scepio and Pegge, blacks, June 8, 1764, in Pembroke*
Sippio, "Servant negro man of Jn. Robbinson of Dorchester in ye County of Suffolk," and Eunice Primus, int. Mar.2 1, 1761
Will, negro [int. "negro Servant to Mr. Tho. Childs"] and Zilpha, negro [int. "Servant woman to Mrs. Mary Edson], Dec. 21, 1775
Dilpha, negro [int. "Servant woman to Mrs. Mary Edson"], and Will, negro [int. "negro Servant to Mr. Tho. Childs"], Dec. 21, 1775


I know there are more African-Americans in these vital records than the ones above. Some use the word "colored" or "coloured" or even "coulered;" or "black," or "blacks," so look for them.

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