Danbury, CT Vital Records 1685 - 1848
From the Barbour Collection as found at the CT State Library
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames R to Stapleton


Munson, m Polly STONE, b of Danbury, June 1, 1838, by J Shaw


Abigail, dau Timothy N, b May 1, 1789


Edwin D, of Litchfield, m Hannah OSBORN of Danbury, this day Nov 29, 1843, by Rev Rollin S Stone


Adelaide R, m Henry S HARVEY, Aug 12, 1844, by R K Bellamy
Amos, m Harriet NICKERSON, b of Trumbull, Apr 29, 1834, by John Nickerson
Isaac, m Cara NICKERSON, b of Danbury, Jan 13, 1828, by John G Lowe
Lewis, m Betsey BARNUM, Feb 2, 1833, by Timothy B Hickok, J.P.
Rachel, see Rachel ROBERTS
Susan, of Danbury, m Christopher T PROVOST of New York, July 4, 1848, by Rev William White Bronson


Benjamin B, of Redding, m Catharine SELLICK of Danbury, Jan 1, 1831, by Rev J B Merwin (1851?)
Charles A H, m Evelina STEVENS, Oct 16, 1833, by Rev A Rood
Eliza D, m Daniel CROFUT, b of Danbury, Jan 23, 1843, by Israel A Beardslee, J.P.
Elisabeth, dau Isaac & Sarah, b Nov 15, 1774
Isaac, son Isaac & Sarah, b Feb 1, 1773
Jonathan H, of Brookfield, m Huldah LEWIS of Danbury, Apr 11, 1832, by John Nickerson
Nathan H, son Isaac & Sarah, b July 28, 2776
Rachel, dau William, m Philip BURRIT, Mar 1, 1774


John F, of New York, m Elizabeth A BARNUM of Danbury, May 20, 1846, by Rev Rollin S Stone


Roswell, of New Haven, m Jemima FRY of Bethel, July 9, 1848, by Oliver Shepard, J.P.


Dorcas, m Benjamin BARNUM Jr, July 24, 1757


Frederick, of Danbury, m Betsey A JACKSON of Brookfield, Oct 20, 1850, by Rev Joseph L Morse. Witnesses: Peter McFarlan & Huldah E McFarlan
Julia Ann, of Danbury, m George OLMSTEAD of New Milford, Nov 27, 1844, by Thomas T Guion


Charles, son John & Mary, b Jan 24, 1801
George, son John & Mary, b June 9, 1796
Jane C, m Orrin COWLES, Aug 30, 1836, by Rev A Rood
Jane Caroline, dau John Jr & Ann, b June 14, 1814
John, son John, of South East, b Mar 28, 1760; m Mary JARVIS, dau Stephen, Dec 1, 1783
John, son John & Mary, b Dec 2, 1784
John, m Eunice BULKLEY, b of Danbury, Dec 2, 1844, by Rev Rollin S Stone
Julia, m John TWENAIR, b of Danbury, this day Aug 31, 1843, by Rev Rollin S Stone
Mary, dau John & Mary, b Sept 21, 1786
Mary, m Russel WILDMAN, Apr 20, 1823, by Samuel Cochran
Mary H, m James GILBERT, May 18, 1825, by Rev William Andrews
Mary Hannah, twin with William Hervey, dau John & Mary, b Aug 4, 1798
Oliver Roberts, son John Jr & Ann, b June 2, 1811
Rachel, dau John & Mary, b Sept 11, 1790
Ralph, son John & Mary, b July 11, 1793
Sarah Noble, dau John Jr & Ann, b Jan 20, 1820
Stephen Jarvis, son John & Mary, b Nov 1, 1788
William Hervey, twin with Mary Hannah, son John & Mary, b Aug 4, 1798


Isaac, son William & Ann, b May 12, 1763; died July 7, 1784
Lora, dau Noah & Charlotty, b Dec 18, 1791
Mary, m Orrin AVERY, Nov 20, 1825, by Rev William Andrews
Matilda, m Charles L STEVENS, b of Danbury, May 9, 1841, by Rev Shaler J Hillyer
Noah, son William & Ann, b Dec 31, 1766
Noah, m Charlotty GILBERT, dau Hezekiah, Oct 20, 1790
Rachel, dau Comfort RAIMOND, m as 2nd wife James CRARY, Dec 28, 1786
Ruth Ann, m Brazilla KNAPP, Nov 20, 1842, by Lucius Atwater
Sarah, dau William & Ann, b Mar 17, 1770; died Sept 7, 1777
William, m Ann SHERWOOD, Mar 23, 1762
Willis S, of South East Put Co., N.Y., m Phebe S STEVENS of Danbury, Mar 15, 1837, by Rev Salmon C Bulkley


Alexander Benedict, twin with Charles Augustus, son Joseph & Ruth, b July 7 & 8, 1819
Anne, dau Zelotus & Anna, b Oct 19, 1792
Billy, son Zelotus & Anna, b Dec 17, 1784; died Oct 31, 1800
Catharine Olivia, m Hiram COOK, b of Danbury, Jan 29, 1826, by Rev Lemuel B Hull
Charles Augustus, twin with Alexander Benedict, son Joseph & Ruth, b July 7 & 8, 1819
George, son Zelotus & Anna, b May 21, 1787
Hannah Elizabeth, dau Joseph & Ruth, b Apr 26, 1811; died June 3, 1814
Hannah Elizabeth, dau Joseph & Ruth, b Apr 13, 1821; died Sept 9, 1822
Henry, son Joseph & Ruth, b Dec 26, 1814
Hulday, dau Zelotus & Anna, b Aug 3, 1794
James, son Joseph & Ruth, b May 4, 1817
John, son Zelotus & Anna, b Feb 11, 1782
Joseph, son Zelotus & Anna, b Oct 16, 1779
Joseph, m Ruth CURTIS, Mar 23, 1803
Joseph W, m Eliza Ann HOYT, Mar 23, 1828, by John Nickerson
Joseph Waller, son Joseph & Ruth, b Feb 9, 1806
Lois, of Danbury, m Ephraim CROFUT of Middletown, Nov 25, 1779
Lovisee, dau Zelotus & Anna, b Apr 4, 1777
Ruth, dau Joseph, died Aug 4, 1824
Thomas Gould, swon Joseph & Ruth, b Aug 10, 1808
Waller, son Zelotus & Anna, b May 27, 1790
William Curtis, son Joseph & Ruth, b Mar 21, 1804
Zelotus, m Anna WALLER, Jan 25, 1776


Rachel, dau John, of Ridgefield, m Comfort WILDMAN, July 12, 1764 (*Worn off)


Abigail, wid Daniel, of Ridgefield, m Samuel WILDMAN, May 22, 1801
Benjamin S, m Triphena STARR, dau Jonathan, May 14, 1785
Benjamin Sperry, son Jabez & Elizabeth, b May 17, 1762
Burr, m Nancy WOOD, b of Danbury, June 9, 1833, by John Nickerson
Doshe Belden, son Jabez & Phebe, b Sept 26, 1779
Eli, son Jabez & Elizabeth, b Apr 26, 1778
Elisabeth, m Daniel WILDMAN, Oct 28, 1762
Elisabeth, dau Jabez & Elizabeth, b Feb 20, 1774
Eluid, Dr., m Mary STARR, Nov 17, 1768; died Dec 9, 1774
Ezra Bedent, son Jabez & Phebe, b Apr 12, 1782
Jabez, m Elizabeth SPERRY, June 30, 1759
Jabez, m Phebe BEDIENT, ____, 1778
Laurinda, m Harvey COUCH, b of Bethel, Feb 15, 1823, by Rev John G Lowe
Levi, son Jabez & Elizabeth, b May 2, 1769
Martha Ann, m John NICKERSON, July 21, 1812
Mary, wid, m Dr. Peter HAYES, Feb 6, 1777
Mercy, dau Dr. Eluid & Mary, b June 17, 1770
Mercy, eldest child of Dr. Elihud, dec'd., m Thomas BENEDICT Jr, 2nd son Thomas, Oct 10, 1787
Noah, son Dr. Eluid & Mary, b Mar 24, 1772
Orrin, m Sarah FAIRCHILD, b of Bethel, Dec 26, 1830, by Rev Erastus Cole
Orrin, m Catharine HOLLISTER, b of Bethel, Sept 5, 1838, by Rev John Greenwood of Bethel
Sally Ann, m Hiram KEELER, b of Dabury, Apr 30, 1843, by James Floy


John G, of New Jersey, m Mary E ODELL of Danbury, Dec 28, 1846, by R K Bellamy


Matha, m Eli PECK, Feb 1, 1804


Joseph, of Redding, m Hannah E BROWN of Danbury, Nov 11, 1846, by Rev John Crawford


George R, of Marietta O., m Elizabeth P CLARK of Danbury, Sept 20, 1849, by Rev Rollin S Stone


Bennett, of Southbury, m Maria CONGAR of Brookfield, _____ 1830(?), by Levi Osborn


Alice, m Andrew DOYLE, Oct 26, 1851, by Rev Michael O'Farrell


John, m Harriet MORSE, Nov 5, 1839, by John Crawford
Peter C, m Polly SCOFIELD, Mar __, 1840, by John Crawford


Burr, m Anna U CROFUT, Aug 24, 1842, by Lucius Atwater


Elisabeth, dau Joseph of New Milford, m Eli SEGAR, Apr 15, 17__* (*worn off)
Lucy, m Jonathan STARR, Oct 1, 1760


Submit, dau Ithiel, of Branford, m Rev. Noah WETMORE, July 9, 1761


Polly, m John COMBS, b of Danbury, Sept 13, 1825, by John Nickerson


Ann, m John HUGHS, _____, 1851(?), by Thomas Ryan. Witnesses: Thomas Ryan & Mary Kenny


Walter, m Anseline MAY, Sept 13, 1821, by Rev William Andrews


Charles, of Ridgefield, m Sarah I STONE of Danbury, this day Oct 27, 1841, by Rev Rollin S Stone
Elijah, son Gamaliel & Margaret, b Aug 20, 1789
Gamaliel, m Margaret KINSMAN, Nov 16, 1788
George, m Emeline SMITH, b of Danbury, May 9, 1843, by Thomas T Guion
James, m Adeline GREGORY, Sept 6, 1825, by George Benedict
James H, of Ridgefield, m Anna STONE, dau Francis, of Danbury, this day Sept 4, 1842, by Rev Rollin S Stone
Lucinda, Mrs., m Eli KNAPP, b of Danbury, Apr 2, 1832, by Levi Brunson
Mary Ann, m Edwin STONE, b of Danbury, this day Aug 11, 1841, by Rev Rollin S Stone
Moriah, dau Gamaliel & Margaret, b May 13, 1791
Oliver S, of Ridgebury, m Elizabeth G BULL of Danbury, this day Sept 21, 1841, by Rev Rollin S Stone
Ruth, of Sharon, m John GREGORY, July 6, 1788
Timothy W, m Hannah GREGORY, July 24, 1825, by George Benedict


James P, m Eloina L FERGUSON, b of Danbury, Nov 19, 1840, by Addison Parker


Charles H, son Elias S, b Mar 14, 1826
Edward W, son Elias S, b Jan 6, 1817
Eliza, m Henry H MUNROE, June 12, 1837, by Jacob Shaw
Frederick, son Elias S, b Dec 17, 1827
Hannah, m Edmond WHEELER, b of Danbury, Mar 4, 1838, by Rev D H Short
Joel B, m Lucy M BARTRAM, b of Danbury, Jan 27, 1833, by Rev Nicholas White
Mary A, m Charles C McCLOSKY, b of Danbury, Sept 9, 1850, by Rev E S Huntington
Sarina, m Thomas PITMAN, Sept 18, 1822, by Rev William Andrews
William Henry, m Mary E JACKSON, b of Danbury, this day Jan 6, 1845, by Rev Rollin S Stone


Isaac, of Danbury, m Amelia BRUNSON of Danbury, Oct 10, 1821, by Rev Oliver Tuttle
James, of Danbury, m Damaris PRINDLE of Newtown, Aug 23, 1821, by Phineas Taylor, J.P.


John, m Emily BARNUM, b of Danbury, July 4, 1847, by Rev John Crawford


William I, m Susan Jane BENEDICT, b of Danbury, Feb 2, 1845, by Rev Fitch Reed


Aranah, dau Enos & Hannah, b Sept 24, 1790
Betsey, dau Enos & Hannah, b Feb 15, 1788
Bracy, son Stephen & Lois, b June 29, 1783
Clary, dau Enos & Hannah, b June 17, 1781
Daniel, son Stephen & Lois, b Jan 13, 1781
Enos, m Hannah GREGORY, Mar 4, 1778
Ezra, m Harriet DIKEMAN, Sept 7, 1828, by George Benedict
Harriet, m Edward LOGLEN, b of Danbury, May 17, 1841, by Addison Parker
Harriett H, m Philander FERRY, b of Danbury, June 4, 1843, by James Floy
John, son Stephen & Lois, b Jan 17, 1789
Lois, of Danbury, m Stephen C EDMONDS of Kent, Litchfield Co., Apr 4, 1824, by Levi Brunson
Phebe Maria, m Horrace*(?) CROFUT, b of Danbury, Aug 23, 1846, by R K Bellamye
Polly, dau Stephen & Lois, b Mar 21, 1792
Polly, m Peter C ROWAN, Mar __, 1840, by John Crawford
Stephen, m Lois HOYT, Feb 1, 1776* (*First written "1766")
Stephen, and wife Lois had dau ______, b Nov 7, 1778
Stephen, son Stephen & Lois, b Oct 9, 1786
William, m Mary Ann HACK, b of Danbury, Oct 17, 1824, by John Nickerson


Arza G, grandson of Daniel WOOD Jr, b Jan 4, 1804
Azra G*, m Betsey PLATT, Apr 14, 1830, by Rev A Rood (*Possibly "L"?)
Deborah, dau Elizabeth GUTHRIE & reputed father Elijah SCOTT, b Aug 13, 1781
Fansy E, m John D MALLORY, Sept 11, 1850, by Rev A Perkins
Hiram K, of Ridgefield, m Mary Ann BRUNSON of Danbury, Oct 4, 1843, by Levi Bronson
Maria, of Ridgefield, m Ira WOOD, Nov 28, 1816


Burritt, m Sam O BANKS, b of Danbury, Oct 15, 1834, by J Nickerson
Charles, m Mary SMITH, b of Danbury, Oct 22, 1844, by Thomas T Guion
George*, of Danbury, m Amarillus STARR of Bethel, Mar 28, 1849, by Rev Rollin S Stone (*Should be "Henry")
Henry, m Sarah B KELLOGG, b of Danbury, Nov 5, 1845, by Rev R K Bellamy
Priscilla, m Lewis SILLICK, Mar 25, 1827, by George Benedict
Silvester S, m Drusilla ELY, b of Danbury, Jan 1, 1845, by Nathaniel Bishop


Bradley, m Mary NORRIS, Jan 17, 1832, by Nathan Burton
Desire, dau Knoles, of Ridgefield, m Caleb Curtis GREGORY, son John, of Danbury, Nov 13, 1796
Sally, Mrs., m Ira KELLOGG, Feb 5, 1839, by J G Collom
Theodore C, m Elizabeth HOYT, Oct 27, 1850, by Rev A Perkins


Abigail, m Samuel CROFUT, Aug 2, 1781
Alonzo, son Aaron, died Sept 29, 1822
Caroline, of Danbury, m John W PECK of New York, Dec 13, 1840, by James Beebe, J.P.
Elizabeth Benedict, dau Seth & Abigal, b Sept 14, 1820; died June 10, 1822
Eunice, dau Seth, m John ANDREWS Jr, Oct 21, 1785
Eunice, dau James, m Joshua TAYLOR, son Matthew, ______.
Frederick, m Polly M DIBBLE, Jan 20, 1819
Hannah, m Benajah BENEDICT, May 28, 1767
Harry, m Melinda TAYLOR, b of Danbury, May 15, 1827, by Rev John G Lowe
Horace Alonzo, son Frederick & Polly M, b Oct 24, 1826
Jane, dau Frederick & Polly M, b Aug 8, 1822
Julia A, of Danbury, m Cuylor LEONARD of Sandusky, O., Oct 25, 1849, by Rev Rollin S Stone
Mariette, m Charles F STARR, b of Danbury, June 30, 1841, by Rev Rollin S Stone
Philander, m Hetty Elizabeth TOWN, Dec 12, 1832, by Rev Joseph S Covell of Brookfield
Samuel Taylor, son Seth & Abigail, b Oct 24, 1822
Sarah, m Ephraim BARNUM Jr, Nov 11, 1790
Sarah Maria, dau Frederick & Polly M, b May 27, 1820
Seth, m Abigal TAYLOR, Oct 11, 1815
Thomas Taylor, son Seth & Abigal, b Aug 23, 1818


Alfred, twin with Elbert, son Eli, b Nov 27, 1788; died Feb 16, 1789
Betty, m Fairchild AMBLER, Apr 13, 1806; died June 6, 1810
Betty, dau Eli & Elisabeth, b Sept 22, ___.
Elbert, twin with Alfred, son Eli, b Nov 27, 1788
Eli, m 2nd wife Elisabeth RUGGLES, dau Joseph, of New Milford, Apr 15, 17__.
Eli, m Mercy WEED, dau J____, Oct 27, 17__.
Eli, son Eli & Mercy, b Sept 3, 177_.
Eli, died Aug 24, 1822, age 75 y
Emily B, m ____ BAILEY, b of Danbury, Aug 18, 1844, by Elder E M Jackson
Melissa O, m Edwin M GRIFFETH, b of Danbury, Dec 31, 1850, by Rev J B Merwin
Mercy, dau Eli & Elisabeth, b Feb 28, ___.
Mercy, wife Eli, died Oct 19, 177_.
Polly, dau Eli & Elisabeth, b Sept 22, ___.
Sarah, b Dec 18, 1763; m Gabriel BURNUM, Dec 6, 1781


Sarah H, m Edwin BLACKMAN, b of Danbury, Dec 21, 1845, by Rev Rollin S Stone

SEIL, SIEL (also see SEELEY)

Daniel Rockwell, son James, b July 26, 1821
David Wildman, son James, b Apr 12, 1825
Henry Perry, son James, b May 4, 1818
James*, of Belfast, Ireland, m Anna PERRY, dau Solomon, of Ridgefield, Nov 1, 1787 (*"Shields" crossed out)
James, son James & Anna, b July 16, 1795
James, died Mar __, 1797
Jane, dau James, b Oct 13, 1816
Jenny, dau James & Anna, b Jan 24, 1790
Martha Merrill, dau James, b June 30, 1823
Oliver, son James, b Jan 22, 1820
Sally, dau James & Anna, b Sept 15, 1792
Sarah Ann, dau James, b Oct 15, 1827


Angeline, m Charles BENEDICT, b of Dabury, Oct 8, 1828, by John Nickerson
Benjamin, m Phebe WOOD, b of Danbury, Apr 27, 1842, by Rev Morris Hill
Caroline, m David PEARCE Jr, Nov 21, 1838, by Rev John Crawford
Catharine, of Danbury, m Benjamin B READ of Redding, Jan 1, 1831*, by Rev J B Merwin (*1851?)
Darius, m Maria TERRY, Sept 25, 1850, by Rev A Perkins
Eliza, of Brookfield, m Norman NORTHROP of Bridgeport, Feb 26, 1822, by Abner Brundage
Henry, m Mary A KEELER, Sept 21, 1820, by William Andrews
Lewis, m Priscilla SCRIBNER, Mar 25, 1827, by George Benedict
Mary Ann, of Danbury, m John WHITLOCK of Ridgefield, May 25, 1842, by John Nickerson
William, m Cordelia O BANKS, b of Danbury, May 4, 1831, by John Nickerson
William, of Ridgefield, m Mary PARSONS of Danbury, Mar 15, 1840


Rachel, of Danbury, m James HAWLEY of Brookfield, July 5, 1829, by John Nickerson


Daniel, m wid Laura MONTGOMERY, b of Danbury, Sept 11, 1823, by Josiah Dikeman


Charlotte, m Daniel BARNUM, b of Danbury, Jan 17, 1827, by Rev John G Lowe
Frederick, m Eliza M SMITH, b of Bethel, Nov 10, 1839, by J Greenwood
Henry, of Newtown, m Adaline MORGAN of Danbury, Oct 25, 1848, by Rev I Atwater
Henry, of Carmel, m Emeline TAYLOR, Dec 3, 1849, by Rev John Purves of Bethel
Hiram, m Lucy A BUCKLEY, Nov 27, 1839, by John Crawford
Julia A, of Danbury, m Philo C MERWIN of Brookfield, May 14, 1850, by Rev D C Curtiss
Lemuel, of Newtown, m Lemira BARNUM, Jan 26, 1830, by Reuben Booth, J.P.
Polly Maria, m Martin MEAD, b of Danbury, this day May 29, 1825, by Rev Lemuel B Hull
Sophia, m John BROWN, b of Danbury, May 28, 1843, by Levi Osborn
Stephen, m Betsey Ann GREGORY, b of Bethel, June 4, 1840, by J Greenwood
Thomas W*, m Sarah OSBORN, Oct 8, 1823, by Rev William Andrews (*Possibly "N")
William C, m Emily TROWBRIDGE, b of Danbury, Nov 23, 1831, by Rev Lemuel B Hull


Abigail M, m Jakin M BARBER, b of Danbury, Mar 31, 1841, by Addison Parker
Betsey, m Theodore MAYHEW, b of Bethel, Oct 11, 1843, by John L Ambler
Ethel B, of Bethel, m Susan M DART of Redding, Nov 23, 1845, by Thomas T Guion
Fanny, m Samuel CHICHESTER, b of Danbury, June 15, 1838, by J Shaw
Fanny, m William PLATT, b of Stony Hill, Danbury, Apr 2, 1839, by Rev J G Collom
Hannah P, m Daniel HYATT, b of Bethel, Apr 19, 1840, by John Greenwood
Harriet, dau Orman or Oman, b Feb 3, 1822
Jane, dau Oman, b May 31, 1824
Jane, m Le L* PLATT, Oct 1, 1844, by R K Bellamy (*Should be "Lorin L PLATT")
Jane*, of Danbury, m Alfred L PLATT of Waterbury, July 28, 1847, by R K Bellamy (*Incorrect: should be "Sarah")
Lucy, m Tumey or Turney BULKLEY, Jan 1, 1843, by Lucius Atwater
Marcus B, of Newtown, m Julia A HAWLEY of Danbury, Apr 30, 1848, by Rev J D Marshall of Redding
Sarah, dau Oman, b Feb 10, 1827
Sarah, see Jane SHERMAN
Zalmon, m Hannah CROFUT, b of Danbury, Aug 19, 1821, by Zach Clark Jr, J.P.


Andrew, m Sally JOICE, Feb 2, 179_* (*Edge of leaf missing)
Ann, m William ROBERTS, Mar 23, 1762
Flora, dau Andrew & Sally, b Oct 28, 1792
Henry, m Phebe A KNAPP, Dec 8, 1842, by Lucius Atwater
James H, m Mary Ann PATCH, Dec 21, 1823, by Rev William Andrews
Lucinda, of Danbury, m Samuel PARDY of New York, Sept 22, 1844, by John Nickerson
Molly, m Phinehas TAYLOR, Sept 11, 1783
Nathan C, of Reading, m Mary Ann BAILEY of South East, Mar 11, 1838, by Rev John Greenwood of Bethel
Ransom, m Lucy HAMILTON, Jan 30, 1833, by Rev A Rood
Sally, dau John, of Reading, m Noah BARNUM Jr, son Seth, Mar 1, 1801
Samuel G, m Delia GREGORY, b of Reading, Nov 16, 1825, by Rev John G Lowe


Anna, dau Seth & Jemima, b May 23, 1765
Hannah, dau Benjamin, m Peter AMBLER, Oct 21, 1784
Jemima, wid Seth, died June 15, 1822
Levi, son Seth & Jemima, b Mar 22, 1761
Lois, dau Seth & Jemima, b Mar 6, 1779
Lorana, dau Seth & Jemima, b July 22, 1782
Lorana, dau Seth, m Nathan WOOD Jr, son Nathan, b of Danbury, Nov 27, 1799
Lucy, dau Seth & Jemima, b June 27, 1759; died Mar __, 1783
Mary, m Daniel WILDMAN, Apr 14, 1757* (*Faded out)
Mary, dau Seth & Jemima, b Apr 10, 1763
Phebe, dau Seth Jr & Patience, b July 19, 1793
Samuel, son Seth & Jemima, b July 2, 1769
Sarah, wid Benjamin, died Feb 17, 1823
Seth, m Jemima BARNUM, Nov 16, 1757
Seth, son Seth & Jemima, b June 8, 1772
Seth Jr, m Patience BARBER, Nov 28, 1792


Abigail, dau Richard, m James KNAPP Jr, son James, b of Danbury, Dec 18, 1796
Charity, dau Capt. Richard, m Jonathan BEEBE, Sept 7, 1791
George, of Wilton, m Eliza Maria BARNUM of Danbury, Aug 3, 1839, by Reuben Booth, J.P.
Gilbert, m Mary Caroline BIRDSELL, b of Danbury, Dec 26, 1832, by John Mitchel
Henry, m Maria STONE, b of Danbury, July 15, 1838, by Rev Rollin S Stone
Lucy Ann, dau Thomas & Rachel, b June 27, 1804
Lucy Ann, m Anson GREGORY, Apr 14, 1833, by Rev A Rood
Rebecca, m Abijah BOUGHTON, Dec 18, 1788
Thomas, b Mar 22, 1782; m Rachel JACKSON, Nov 24, 1803

SIEL (see under SEIL)


Harriet E, m William Henry BARLOW, b of Danbury, Oct 18, 1840, by A Parker
Henry S, of Danbury, m Margaret ARMSTRONG of New York, June 28, 1847, by Thomas T Guion



James W, of New York, m Deborah A BENEDICT of Danbury, Nov 26, 1830, by John Nickerson


Sarah M, m William GAGE, Nov 10, 1844, by Levi Brunson


Abby J, m Demond F STOCKER, Jan 7, 1844, by Levi Brunson


John, of Newtown, m Sarah CROFUT of Danbury, this day Mar 27, 1827, by Rev Lemuel B Hull
Lucy Maria, of Danbury, m Silas BURCH of Petterson, N.Y., this day Oct 14, 1840, by Rev Rollin S Stone
Many, m Jabez TAYLOR Jr, Nov 12, 1778


Polly, of New York, m John HAWLEY of Brookfield, Oct 21, 1832, by John Nickerson
Russel, of Sherman, m Catie M BARNUM of Danbury, Jan 1, 1826, by Nathan Bulkley


Aulbert D, m Hannah BURTON, Mar 15, 1840, by Nathan Burton


Anson, of Hungtington, m Polly Ann BEVENS of Danbury, July 6, 1828, by John Nickerson


Anna, dau Reuben, of Nine Partners, m Samuel TWEEDY, Nov 18, 1769
Anne Jenette, of Bethel, m George P CRANE of New York, Mar 16, 1846, by Rev Lent S Hough
Azariel, of Bridgewater, m Mary ANDREWS of Bethel, Dec 29, 1823, by Rev John G Lowe
Belial, m Lorinda FERRY, Oct 9, 1831, by Rev A Rood
Charles S, m Anne TAYLOR, Nov 21, 1821, by Rev William Andrews
Cyrus, m Esther HICKOK, Nov 14, 1821, by Rev William Andrews
Eliza M, m Frederick SHEPARD, b of Bethel, Nov 10, 1839, by J Greenwood
Emilinee, m Amzi WHEELER, b of Danbury, Nov 29, 1827, by John G Lowe
Emeline, m George ST. JOHN, b of Danbury, May 9, 1843, by Thomas T Guion
Homer, of Brookfield, m Betsey MALLORY of Danbury, June 1, 1823, by Samuel H Phillips, J.P.
James M, of Brookfield, m Lydea M JUDD of Danbury, Aug 21, 1842, by Rev Thomas T Guion
Jerusha, dau Henry, of Huntington, m Ezra BARNUM, Nov 25, 1784
Martha M, of Danbury, m E W COOK (Rev.), of Haddam, June 2, 1847, by Rev Rollin S Stone
Mary, m Charles SCRIBNER, b of Danbury, Oct 22, 1844, by Thomas T Guion
Mary Amelia, m Samuel Shetton HURD, this day Oct 7, 1841, by Rev D H Short
Mary E, m Oliver S STONE, Apr 17, 1850, by Rev A Perkins
Oliver, son Polly LANDERS, b Mar 16, 1791
Ophelia, m George BARNUM, Sept 6, 1831, by Rev Erastus Cole
Polly Geline, m Ira LINSLEY, Dec 25, 1823, by Reuben Booth, J.P.
Rebecca, Mrs., of Danbury, m Dea. Eleazer BEERS of Reading, Apr 22, 1838, by Rev J G Collom
Robert, m Hannah BRENON, Nov __, 1792
Russel, m Pamela BARNUM, b of Danbury, Jan 2, 1825, by Oliver Shepard, J.P.
Samuel B, of Richmond, Mass., m Rebecca STANLEY of Bethel, Mar 23, 1831, by Rev Erastus Cole
Sarah A, m James POLLEY, b of Danbury, Jan 19, 1845, by Rev Fitch Reed
Sophia, of Bethel, m Walter MALLORY, Sept 13, 1830, by Rev Erastus Cole
William, of BridgeWater, m Annis TAYLOR of Danbury, Dec 20, 1826, by Rev John G Lowe
William, m Maria CROSLY, Nov 28, 1849, by Rev A Perkins


Walter C, m Jane FRY, b of Danbury, this day July 3, 1842, by Rev Rollin S Stone


Nancy C, m Henry KENT, b of Springfield, Bradford Co., Penn., this day, Sept 22, 1825, by Rev Lemuel B Hull


Eliza, of Danbury, m Burr WARREN of Ridgefield, this day Oct 15, 1845, by Levi Brunson


Elizabeth, m Jabez ROCKWELL, June 30, 1759


Thomas W, m Martha BISHOP, May 25, 1835, by Rev A Rood


Caroline, m George H BLISSARD, b of Danbury, May 20, 1847, by Rev Rollin S Stone
David, m Betsey HODGES, b of Danbury, Apr 22, 1845, by Rev Fitch Reed
Dudley, of Redding, m Mariette JENNINGS of Bridgewater, Nov 10, 1826, by Rev John G Lowe
Esther Mary, m George COLE, b of Danbury, Mar 21, 1844, by Thomas P White, J.P.
Hannah Amelia, of Weston, m Henry MEAD of Danbury*, Dec 26, 1839, by S A Brown (*Or "Cranbury")


Allen, m Rebecca ELWELL, b of Danbury, Dec 3, 1827, by John G Lowe
Esther, m Sallu Pell HITCHCOCK, Nov 5, 1828, by Nathan Burton
Polly, m Elijah MAY, May 26, 1831, by Rev John Boyden Jr
Rebecca, of Bethel, m Samuel B Smith of Richmond, Mass., Mar 23, 1831, by Rev Erastus Cole


Edward, of Sandusky City, O., m Julia J HICKOK of Danbury, Sept 17, 1844, by Rev George T Todd

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