Andover, MA Vital Records to 1850 [Marriages]
Published by:
The Topsfield Historical Society
Topsfield, MA 1912
Transcribed by Frances LaMarco

Surnames Hackett to Holmes

* = Intention also recorded


John, and Abigail H. Stevenson of Wolfboro, N. H., int. Oct. 29, 1846.


Margret, and Joseph B. V. Fairbank, Apr. 27, 1826.*


Charles K., and Charlotte Beverly, int. Mar. 31, 1842.
Joseph, and Phebe Carlton, Sept. 22, 1803.*
Judith, Mrs., and Samuel Ferson of Francistown, N. H., Mar. 1, 1838.*
Mary, and Israel Carlton, Oct. 12, 1797.*
Mary C., and David M. Austin, int. Oct. 7, 1831.
Mercy C., and Joseph Thomas of Middleton, int. May 15, 1830.
Phebe, and Andrew Stiles [of Middleton. C.R.1.], Apr. __, 1825.*
Sarah, and William Wiley, Jan. 29, 1788.*
Sarah F., and Levi Guilford, jr., int. Oct. 9, 1833.

HAGGET (see also Haggett)

Abigail [Deborah. Int.], and Peter Cummings, Mar. 21, 1780.*
Deborah, Mrs., and Simon Crosby of Chelmsford, Feb. 23, 1775. C. R. 2.*
Eleanor, and Jacob Bartlet of Newbury, Mar. 9, 1762.*
Jacob, and Deborah Stevens, Dec. 6, 1764.*
Jesse, and Hannah Hoit of Tewksbury, Apr. 17, 1788.*
Mehitable, of Bradford, and Samuel Phillips, 3d, int. Jan. 3, 1788.
Moses, and Martha Grangier, Feb. 21, 1699-1700.
Phebe, and Bartholomew Hutchinson of Wilton [Amherst. Int.], Oct. 14, 1784.*
Rhoda, and William Petting III of Wilton, Feb. 28, 1782.*
Thomas, 3d, and Mary Stearns, Feb. 1, 1774. C. R. 2.*

HAGGETT (see also Hagget, Haggit, Haggitt, Heigett)

Moses, and Joanna Johnson, Oct. 23, 1671. [Nov. 20, CT. R.].

HAGGIT (see also Haggett)

Hannah, and Caleb Barker, June 23, 1757.*
Lydea, and Jonathan Foster [of Tewksbury. Int.], Feb. 2, 1758.*
Margret, and Daniel Fifield [of Hampton. Int.], Mar. 27, 1752.*
Mary, and Nathaniel Rogers of Billerica, Oct. 26, 1724.*
Mary, and George Grainger [resident in Andover. Int.], Mar. 19, 1727-8.*
Moses, jr., and Elenor Watson of Tewksbury, int. Jan. 18, 1753.
Sarah, and Robert Long [resident in Andover. Int.], May 25, 1749.*
Thomas, and Susanna Adams [of Chelmsford. Int.], at Chelmsford, Mar. 12, 1745.*
Thomas, jr., and Dorathy Gray, May 16, 1754.*
Timothy, and Mary Wilson, Aug. 14, 1707. C. R. 1.*

HAGGITT (see also Haggett)

Moses, and Sarah Head of Bradford, int. Jan. 20, 1728-9.


Marget, and Richard Whitley, int. June 17, 1849.


Harriot, of Chelmsford, and Ens. Nathaniel Stevens, int. Oct. 14, 1815.
Jonathan, of Bradford, and Eunice Spofford, at Boxford, Oct. 21, 1783.*


Aaron, of Lynn, and Sarah F. Abbot, Nov. 10, 1819.*
Abigail, of Pelham, and Billy Runnels Gage, int. July 6, 1805.
Benjamin, of Bradford, and Rebecca Farnaum, int. Sept 20, 1735.
Celia, of Lawrence, a. 23 y., b. Maine, d. William and Abigail, of Maine, and Moses McAllister, a. 29 y., pedlar, b. Maine, s. Daniel and Lucy of Maine, Aug. 9, 1849.*
David, and Lydia Holt, Dec. 25, 1787.*
Elbridge G., widr., of New York, merchant, b. Wallingford, Conn, s. Elkanah and Sarah, of Wallingfored, and Martha A Clark, a. 20 y. d. Nathan and Persis, Jan. 16, 1849.*
Eliza, of Chelsea, and Samuel Tucker, int. May 12, 1831.
Eliza J [Alice Julia Holt. Int.], and Dr. Daniel Gould of Reading, Nov. 17, 1825.*
Hezekiah, Reb., of Alexandria, La. [resident in Andover. Int.], and Sarah K. Abbott, Oct. 13, 1822.*
James, of Salem, N. H., and Elizabeth Barker, int. Sept. 19, 1776.
Jeffries, Rev., of Hopkinton, and Sarah F. Swift, June 19, 1833.*
John K., of Boston, and Sarah A. Pike, at Charlestown, Apr. 30, 1836.*
Joseph, of Rumford, and Deborah Abbott, int. June 19, 1736.
Joseph, of Montreal, Canada, and Nancy Kneeland, Aug. 16, 1804.*
Layfaette, of Lowell, and Mrs. Mary Parker, int. Nov. 2, 1849.
Lydia, Mrs., and [Lt. Int.] Nathan Town, June 10, 1798.*
Rhoda A., of Exeter, N. H., and Cyrus C. Ames, Feb. 3, 1834.*
Richard, of Bradford, and Mehitabel Barker, int. Apr. 26, 1715.
Richard, of Methuen, and Sarah Ingalls, Oct. 22, 1772.*
Samuel R[ead, Rev. int.], and Mary Holt, June 6, 1837.*
Zachariah, of Chelsea, and Hannah Tucker, Dec. 28, 1819. [Dec. 8. C.R.2.]*


Mark W., and Ruth F. Shaw of Salem, Sept. 27, 1836. C.R.2.].


Isabella, and Joseph D. Stott, int. Dec. 9, 1844.


Abigail B., of Dracut, a. 23 y., d. Theodore and Edna, of Dracut, and William Tuck, a. 34 y., manufacturer, s. John and Elizabeth, Apr. 7, 1846.*
Eleanor, of Dracut, and John Webster, int. Oct. 6, 1840.


Levi H., and Lydia Libby, both of Boston, Sept. 26, 1847. C. R. 2.
Lucy Jane, teacher, d. Thomas and Lucy, and Hollis Russell of Schoolcroft, Mich., clergyman, s. Francis and Rhoda, Sept. 25, 1848.*
Thomas, and Lucy Bailey, Feb. 25, 1814. C. R. 2.


Edward, and Sally Cheever, May 25, 1837. C. R. 2.*


Patrick, and Bridget Davelan, int. Oct. 15, 1849.


Sally [Haridan. Int.], and James Cogswell of Boston, Sept. 14, 1806.*

HARDEY (see also Hardy)

John, and Sarah Barker, residents in Andover, int. May 31, 1746.


Abigail, of Haverhill, and Henry Burt, int. Oct. 15, 1833.
Eliza Jane, and Benjamin Hayward, Jan. 26, 1813.
John, and Hannah Abbott, Nov. 1, 1835.*
Mary Ann, and Shadrah Roberts, int. Feb. 14, 1818.

HARDY (see also Hardey)

Aaron, and Sarah Stickney, Mar. 4, 1805.*
Abiather, and Mary B. Carlton, Aug. 12, 1830.*
Abigail S., unm., d. Solomon Symonds [sic], and Levi R. [K. int.] Bridges, rigger, Nov. 1, 1846.*
Anne, of Bradford, and Ephraim Lacy, int. June 17, 1710.
Benjamin, and Phebe Dane, Nov. 10, 1794.*
Betsey, a. 40 y., d. Stepehn and Sarah, and Willard Pike, 2d m., a. 52 y., tallow chandler, b. Phillipstown, s. David and Joanna, of Phillipstown, Nov. 29, 1849.*
Catherine, and Miles Flint, Apr. 26, 1838.*
Daniel, and Becca Sawyer of Dracuty, int. Nov. 13, 1794.
Daniel, and Polley Richardson of Dracut, at Dracut, Jan. 25, 1795.
Elbridge [G. int.], of Amherst, and Abigail Simonds, Apr. 27, 1843.*
Elizabeth, and John Lamon [Lemmon. C. R. 2.] Mathews of Salem, Feb. 3, 1791.*
Elizabeth, and George Upton. Int. Nov. 4, 1825.
Emily, and Daniel Luke, Jan. 7, 1830.*
Ezekiel [of Bradford. Int.], and Sarah Mooar, Sept. 1, 1763.*
Ezekiel, jr., and Hannah Clark [resident in Andover. Int.], Nov. 30, 1797.*
Ezekiel, and wid. Abigail Cummings, Dec. 22, 1801.*
Ezekiel, and Jemimah Marshall of Nottingham, int. June 1, 1805. (stopped.).
Ezekiel, and Elizabeth Dillaway, Aug. 6, 1805.*
Ezekiel, and Hannah Stiles of Middleton, int. Apr. 20, 1833.
Hannah, Mrs., and Caleb Cross, Sept. 29, 1839.*
Henry, and Abigail W. Abbott, May 8, 1836.*
Hepzibah, and Jedadiah Preston of Hillsboro, N. H., Feb. 5, 1799.*
Hiram, and Charlotte McKee, Oct. 23, 1834.*
Isaac, and Sybil Winning of Billerica, int. Mar. 12, 1824.
Jemimah, and Jonathan Bowtwell [jr. int.] of Wilmington, Feb. 19, 1795.*
John, and Elizabeth Merril, Nov. 19, 1789.*
John, and Hannah Bailey, July 17, 1826. [July 27. C. R. 2.]*
Levina, and John Starkey, june 22, 1828.*
Louisa [Sarah. Int.], and Artemas Kendall [of Tewksbury. Int.], Feb. 11, 1830. C.R.3.*
Lydia [of Bradford. Int.], and John Wardwell, Aug. 23, 1759.*
Michajah, and Susa Bailey of Tewksbury, int. Sept. 15, 1809.
Patty, and Samuel Elliot, resident in Andover, int. Aug. 24, 1793.
Prudence, of Bradford, and Simeon Stevens, at Bradford, Oct. 24, 1765.*
Rachel, of Bradford, and Samuel Lindsay, at Bradford, Mar. 2, 1773.*
Samuel, of Tewksbury, and Mary Kendal, int. July 19, 1800.
Sarah, and Phillip Stevens, May 25, 1786.*
Simeon, and Lois Mooar, Apr. 18, 1793.*
Simeon, and Mary Jefferson of Lowell, Mar. 31, 1840.*
Sophia, and Henry Cochran, Nov. 29, 1838.*
Stephen, 2d, and Mary A. Webster of Winham, N. H., int. Sept. 7, 1844.
Susan, and Patrick Ross of Billerica, int. May 21, 1835.


Sally, see Hardan, Sally.

HARNDEN (see also Harndens, Harndin, Harndine, Harndon, Hernden)

Eliza S., of Wilmington, and Nathan Townsend, int. Oct. 7, 1820.
Hepsabah, of Reading, and Berechiah Farnam, at Reading, Jan. 1, 1723-4.*
Jesse, and Dorothy Willey, Nov. 23, 1835.*
John, and Mary Holt, May 3, 1827.*
Mary, and Joseph Dane, July 14, 1720.*
Rachel, of Wilmington, and Simeon Furbush, at Wilmington, May 11, 1786.

HARNDENS (see also Harnden)

Mary H., of Bedford, N. H., and William Woodbridge, int. Apr. 22, 1826.

HARNDIN (see also Harnden)

Molly, of Wilmington, and Silas [Cyrus. Int.] Trul, Oct. 10, 1793.*

HARNDINE (see also Harnden)

Barachias, and Mary Johnson of Medfield, July 24, 1701.
Elizabeth, and John Abbott, Jan. 6, 1702-3.
Hephzibah, and Abiall Chandler, Mar. 22, 1711-12. [1710-11. C.R. 1.]*


Rachel, of Wilmington, and Simeon Furbush, int. Apr. 5, 1786.

HARNDON (see also Harnden)

Benjamine, and Elizabeth Holt, June 14, 1711.

HARRIMAN (see also Heriman)

David P., and Almira Goodhue of Lowell, May 9, 1839.*
Jeremiah, of Boxford, and Betsy Johnson, June 20, 1816.*
Lydia M., of Georgetown, a. 27 y., d. Jonathan and Sarah M., and Orlando B. Tenney of Lawrence, a. 30 y., inn keeper, s. David B. and Hannah, Nov. 24, 1847.
Mary, and Simeon Foster, int. Sept. 13, 1828.


George W., and Maria Farnham, int. Oct. 29, 1844.
Hannah, of Methuen, and Daniel Town, int. June 9, 1802.
Hannah, of Dracut, and John Johnson, int. Aug. 23, 1817.
Lucy S. D., and Joseph W. Bean, operative in factory [both of Methuen. C. R. 1.], Apr. 11, 1844.
Mary, and Thomas Smith [resident in Andover. Int.], Aug. 11, 1772.*
Mary, of Dracut, and John foster, 3d, int. Jan. 12, 1814.
Polly, and Loammi Holt, Jan. 12, 1797.*
Prudence, of Dracut, and John Runnels, int. May 7, 1818.
William, and Mary Mooar, July 30, 1778.*
William B., of Salem, and Rebecca J. Tyler, int. Jan. 4, 1840.


Benjamin [of Boston. Int.], and Phebe Stevens, June 17, 1736.*

HART (see also Hartt, Heart)

John, and Elizabeth Trusdell of Lowell, Dec. 9, 1832.*
Rachel, and Gardner Abbot, Apr. 30, 1811.*


Thomas, and Elizabeth Marland, Mar. 4, 1822.*


Abiah, and Ezekiel Marsh [of Danvers. Int.], May 31, 1764.*
Jonathan [resident in Wilton. Int.], and Hannah Eastman, Mar. 2, 1775. C. R. 2.*

HARTT (see also Hart)

of Reading, and Thomas Manning, jr., int. Oct. 7, 1805.


Mary, of Fitchburg, and Isaac Forster, int. Aug. 10, 1779.

HARVEY (see also Hervey)

Eleanor, of Bow, N. H., and Abel Prescott, int. July 14, 1819.
Hannah, and Thomas Willson, int. Apr. 20, 1822.
Robert, and Sally Spafford of Rowley, in. May 29, 1813.
William, and Isabel Nicholass [residents in Andover. Int.], Nov. 21, 1738.*


Anna, of Tewksbury, and Ephraim Cory, int. Aug. 28, 1772.

HASKELL (see also Haskoll)

Enoch, and Dorcas Frye, at Gloucester, int. Nov. 9, 1759.
Naamah, of Gloucester, and Isaac Frie, int. July 3, 1725.

HASKOLL (see also Haskell)

Enoch, of Gloucester, and Dorcas Frye, Dec. 9, 1759.*

HASSELTONE (see also Hazeltine)
Nathaniell, and wid. Ruth Jawuish, july 18, 1688. CT. R.


Lucy, of Tewksbury [Reading. Int.], and John Foster, jr., June 14, 1803.*


Betsy Jane, a. 18 y., d. Jeremiah and Betsy, and Benjamin Cheever, a. 20 y., laborer, s. Samuel and Sarah, Jan. 17, 1847.*
Ebenezer L., and Melvina Mudgett, int. Sept. 11, 1847.
Ezra, of Parsonsfield, and Susannah Holt, Nov. 29, 1808. C. R. 2.*
Ezra, and Tamma Larrabee of Lynnfield, July 4, 1822.9
Jeremiah, and Betsey Mason, Dec. 6, 1821.*
Lewis G., a. 19 y.. shoemaker, b. Lovell, Me., s. Francis W. and Rebecca F., of Lovell, and Martha M. Hatch, a. 16 y., d. Jeremiah and Betsey M., Apr. 29, 1849.*
Martha M., a. 16 y., d. Jeremiah and Betsey M., and Lewis G. Hatch, a. 19 y., shoemaker, b. Lovell, Me., s. Francis W. and Rebecca F., of Lovell, Apr. 29, 1849.*
Rueben, Dr., of Hillsboro, N. H., and Ann Stratton of Charlestown, Oct. 2, 1833. C.R.6.
Ruth F., a. 19 y., d. Francis, and Ivory H. Emerson, a. 21 y., shoemaker, s. Stephen and Sarah, Nov. 20, 1845.*


Hiram, and Dorothy M. V. Pray, int. Jan. 28, 1843.


Joseph, jr., Rev., of Framingham [Unionville. C. R. 6.], and Mary Emerson, Sept. 24, 1840.*


Sara, wid., and Samuell Wardle, Jan. 9, 1672.
Sarah, and Francis Johnson, Feb. 1, 1693.


Chloe, Mrs., and Abiel Abbot, int. May 14, 1822.
Eliza, and William Dickinson of Amherst, Nov. 28, 1831.*
Hannah, and James Barnard, jr., Sept. 6, 1791.*
Hannah, and Nathaniel Whittier, jr., int. Apr. 25, 1817.
Martha, and Nathaniel Phillips of Taunton, Nov. 11, 1833.*
Mary, and John S. Adams of Amherst, Mar. 12, 1826.*
Polly, and Ezekiel Frye, Mar. 8, 1792.*
Samuel, and Hannah Abbot, Jan. 1, 1788.*
William, and Cloe Manning, Dec. 18, 1792.*


Caroline Jane, of Winslow, Me., and Joshua Boyden, int. May 6, 1848.
William B., of New York City, and Sophia Woods, June 23, 1841.*


Charlotte, and George Murphy, widr., a. 23 y., spinner, s. Peter and Mary, Oct. 14, 1847.*
John J., and Laura J. Mitchell of Nashville, N. H., int. Sept. 29, 1845.

HAYWARD (see also Haywood)

Abby M., and Philip T. Colby of Newburyport, int. June 7, 1845.
Anna, and Thaddeus Perry [of Lynn. Int.], Mar. 29, 1769.*
Benjamin, and Eliza Jane Harding, Jan. 26, 1813.
Bethiah, and Elias McIntire of Reading, May 14, 1782.*
Bethiah, and Daniel Foster, 3d, July 18, 1815.*
Betsy [O. int.], and Amos Sawyer of Reading, Sept. 14, 1820. [Sept 4. C.R.2.]*
Bette, and Samuel Burnam of Reading, int. Nov. 16, 1769.
Caroline O., and Charles H. Emerson, both of Boston, Jan. 28, 1844.
Eliza Jane, and Joshua Blanchard, Oct. 6, 1834.*
Eunice, of Reading, and William Chandler [3d. int.], at Reading, June 25, 1795.*
Eunice, and Joshua Putnam of Reading, Apr. 2, 1807.*
Hannah, see Howard Hannah.
Jabez, and Nabby Graves of Reading, int. [bet. Aug. 11 and Dec. 7], 1775.
Jabez, jr., and Hannah Long of Boxford, int. Jan. 5, 1812.
Mary, and Oliver Swain, jr. of Reading, Apr. 3, 1809.
Mary, o Acton, and Henry Skinner, int. June 2, 1824.
Mary Agnes, and Robert Simpson, int. Mar. 27, 1841.
Nememiah, and Sarah Lamon [Lemon. C.R.2.] of Reading, Nov. 25, 1784.*
Rebecca, and Ebenezer Nickols of Reading, May 19, 1789.*
Sally, and William Humphry of Dorchester, Apr. 2, 1807.*
Sarah, and Stephen Russell of Danvers, Jan. 6, 1774. C. R. 2.*
Stephen, and Sarah Coson, int. Apr. 30, 1844.

HAYWOOD (see also Hayward)

William I., and Mary Carlton, wid., d. Philip and Sarah Frye, Oct. 21, 1844.*

HAZELTINE (see also Haseltine, Hasseltone, Heasletine)

Samuel, and Sarah McIntire of Salem, int. July 7, 1776.


Nathan W., Esq., and Mary Pingree of Salem, int. Oct. 2, 1830.


Sarah, of Bradford, and Moses Haggitt, int. Jan. 20, 1728-9.

HEART (see also Hart)

Mary A., of Lawrence, and William Renwick, int. Nov. 1, 1849.

HEASLETINE (see also Hazeltine)

Deliverance, and Nathaniell Deane, Dec. 12, 1672.


Harriet G., of Concord N. H., and Jacob P. Robinson, int Nov. 11, 1847.
Margaret S., Bath, Me., and Henry A. Fairfield, int. May 21, 1836.


James [Samuel. Int.], and Euphemia Walker, June 12, 1845.*

HEIGETT (see also Haggett)

William, and Mary Adams, May 13, 1707.*


Mary, of Haverhill, and John Preston, Jan. 10, 1706-7.*


Daniel, Rev., of Wareham, and Mary Adams, int. Aug. 22, 1821.
Martin D., of Lowell, and Mary Ann Bailey, Mar. 3, 1841.*


John, and Susan Frye, Aug. 4, 1824.*


Samuel, and Francis H. Brown of Salem, int. May 2, 1828.


Sarah, and Samuell Ingalls, June 4, 1682.


James and Catherine Graig, Sept 12, 1839.*


Lydea, and Daniel Abbot, May 21, 1752.*


John S., resident in Andover, and Ruth Girley of Milton, int. Jan. 28, 1815.


John A., shoemaker, and Hannah D. Trow, d. Daniel and Hannah, Nov. 4, 1847.*


Samuel [Capt. Int.], of Concord, N. H., and Nancy Bridges, Feb. 11, 1823.*

HERIMAN (see also Harriman)

Nathanael, of Bradford, and Sally Plummer, int. Oct. 5, 1794.

HERNDEN (see also Harnden)

Mary, wid., and Samuel Sady, Sept. 25, 1704. [Sept. 28. C. R. 1.]*


Benjamin, jr., of Methuen, and Sarah Abbot, Mar. 23, 1775. C. R. 2.*
Edward, and Mary Holt of Wilton, int. Oct. 9, 1779.
Elijah L., and Hannah Abbot, May 9, 1815.*
Harriot, and Edwin Farnham, Oct. 12, 1826.*
John, and Mary Lawrence of Waltham, at Waltham, Feb. 14, 1782.*
Mary [wid., resident in Andover. Int.], and Isaac Blunt, Nov. 27, 1760.*
Sarah [A. int.], and Rev. Josiah Peet of Norridgewock, D. M. [Me. Int.], Sept. 8, 1814.*

HERVEY (see also Harvey)

Albert, and Ann W. Greenough of Boxford, int. May 8, 1834
George, and Sally Jackson Waitt of Malden, int. July 3, 1825.

HIBBARD (see also Hibberd, Hibbert, Hibbord)

Dolly, and Jesse Morse, May 24, 1808. C. R. 2.*

HIBBERD (see also Hibbard)

Daniel, of Methuen, and Sarah Lovejoy, at Methuen, Oct. 4, 1781.*
Dorothy, of Methuen, and James Cook, at Methuen, Nov. 12, 1741.*

HIBBERT (see also Hibbard)

Dorcas, and Nathaniel Abbott, Oct. 22, 1695.

HIBBORD (see also Hibbard)

Martha, resident in Andover, and Joseph Marstone, int. Feb. 29, 1723-4.


Mary Ann, d. John, and Samuel Tattershall, s. John, Jan. 1, 1848. C. R. 4.*


David, and Mary Chandler, July 1, 1816.*
Rebecca, of Pelham, N. H., and John Barnard, int. Mar. 13, 1830.
Sarah Ann, of Peacham, Vt., and Albert Lovejoy, int. Aug. 2, 1845.

HIDE (see also Hyde)

Fanny, of Newton, and George Boutwell, int. May 20, 1827.


Ebenezer P., and Rebecca H. Abbot, Apr. 23, 1835.*
Gorham P., and Bethiah B. Morton, May 3, 1843.*
James Hervey, of Boston, and Sarah Ann Abbott, Dec. 15, 1842.*
Nancy, and Jeremiah Millet, int. Nov. 23, 1849.
Solomon H., and Phebe H. Osgood of Dracut, int. Feb. 18, 1826.


Charles, and Ann White, Jan. 3, 1827.*


Hervey O., and Sarah G. Little of Boscawen, N. H. int. Sept. 3, 1829.

HILDRETH (see also Hildrith)

Abigail, of Lyndeboro, N. H., and Israel Putnam, int. Jan. 6, 1846.
Rebeka, of Dracut, and William Bagley [Bayley. Int.], at Dracut, Nov. 28, 1771.*
Robert [of Dracut. Int.], and Sarah Abbot, Jan. 30, 1753.*
Sarah [wid. Int.], and John Lane, jr. of Bedford, May 28, 1761.*

HILDRITH (see also Hildreth)

John, of Pelham, and Mary Town, int. Dec. 27, 1777.
Lydia, and James Johnson, int. Jan. 25, 1772.
Lydia, and John Beverly, Nov. 13, 1777.*


Abiah, and Benjamin Moar, Sept. 16, 1740.*
Antress, and Simeon Shattuck, Dec. 13, 1832.*
Elizabeth, and Edward [A. int.], Smith, May 20, 1845.*
Elvira [Eliza. C.R.2. and int.], and Phinehas Shattuck, Aug. 12, 1824.*
[Hannah. Int.], wid., and John K[neeland. Int.] Stevens, Apr. 6, 1845.*
Harriet, and Orin Barnard, May 5, 1842.*
John, and Mary McKinley of Dover, N. H., May 10, 1843.
Jonathan [of Billerica. Int.], and Lydia Osgood, Nov. 6, 1740.*
Joshua F., and Abigail Merrill, Sept. 15, 1836.*
Jude, of Malden, and Thomas Blanchard, int. Jan. 20, 1725-6.
Leonard G., and Francis F. George, Mar. 28, 1833.*
Lucy C., and Peter Stevens, Dec. 12, 1841.*
Richard, and Hannah F. Downing, Nov. 28, 1839.
Richard Derby, and Deborah Chandler, Nov. 4, 1806.*
Samuel B., a. 26 y., butcher, s. John and Susan, and Sarah A., Colburn [Coburn. Int.], a. 26 y., d. James and Sarah, Jan. 27, 1848.*
Thomas P., Dr., of Sanbornton, N. H., and Mrs. Phebe C. Marsh, int. Aug. 27, 1842.
William, and Phebe Moar, int. Feb. 7, 1816.
William I. [J. int.], s. William, and Mary J. Stowell, s. Cornelius, June 7, 1848. C. R. 4.*


Experience [Hilliard, of Charlestown. Int.], and Walter Wright, May 23, 1704.*


Experience, and William Coffin of Boston, int. Feb. 10, 1713-14.


William, of Boston, a. 24 y., merchant, and Esther A. Ward, a. 21 y., Aug. 22, 1844.*


Mary, and Jonathan Parker of Reading, int. Nov. 17, 1744.


Elijah, of Hallowell, Me., and Keziah Luis, Aug. 12, 1795.*

HIRCOM (see also Hirkcum)

Peggy, and Samuel George, residents in Andover, int. June 26, 1794.

HIRKCUM (see also Hircom)

Edward, of Reading, and Prissilla Russell, int. Mar. 6, 1730-31.


Daniel, and Mary K. Frye, Oct. 30, 1837.


Harriot N., of Ossipee, N. H., and Hiram O. Tuttle, int. Dec. 6, 1838.
Timothy W., and Harriet J. Stevens, June 24, 1843.*

HODGE (see also Hodges)

Chester B., and Hannah J. Marshall, int. Sept. 9, 1841.

HODGES (see also Hodge)

George, jr., s. George, and Sarah E[lizabeth. Int.] Clark, d. Hobart, Esq., Jan. 29, 1846. C. R. 4.*
Hannah, of Salem, and Dr. Joseph Kittredge, int. Nov. 19, 1819.
Hannah H., and Josiah Crosby [of Boston. C. R. 1.], Nov. 19, 1838.*
Lydia, a. 22 y., d. George, Esq. And Elizabeth, and Joseph F. Clark of Lawrence, a. 28 y., Lawyer, s. Hobart, Esq. And Elizabeth, Dec. 6, 1848.*
Samuel L., a. 20 y., manufacturer, s. George, and Martha A. Sargent, a. 16 y., d. Jesse, Oct. 1, 1844.*

HOIT (see also Hoyt)

Hannah, of Tewksbury, and Jesse Hagget, Apr. 17, 1788.*
Naomi, and John [Job. CT. R.] Lovejoy, Mar. 23, 1677-8.


Elizabeth, and Moses Griggs [of Cambridge. Int.], Apr. 30, 1771. C.R.2.*
Ralph, and Sarah Chandler, Dec. 15, 1772.*
Sarah, wid., and Zebadiah Shattuck, Dec. 25, 1781.*


Mary, of Tyngsboro, N. H., and John S. Willson, int. May 1, 1828.
Patty, and Benjamin Rushton, Nov. 22, 1829.

HOLEYOKE (see also Holyoke)

Edward A. [Dr. C.R.1.], of Salem, and Maria Osgood, Oct. 18, 1826.*


Hannah O., of Hanover, N. H. and Joseph W. Woods, int. Dec. 17, 1824.


Mary, and Samuel Cheever, Feb. 16, 1823.*


Eliza W., and Turner C. Sampson, Jan. 21, 1840.*


Ann S., wid., a. 33 y., d. Earl and Maria, and Benjamin May, of Tionesta, Pa., a. 38 y., farmer, s. Hezekiah and Margarett, Mar. 17, 1847.*
Betsey, and Lovel Faulkner, int. Nov. 19, 1831.
David, of Lowell, s. Joseph, and Sarah Darnelly [Dearnalley. Int.], d. Joseph, Nov. 26, 1847. C. R. 4.*
Elizabeth, of Portsmouth, N. H., and James Patterson, int. Sept. 4, 1830.
Elizabeth, and Moses Griffin, Sept. 5, 1839.*
James, a. 38 y., wool sorter, b. England, s. John and Sarah, and Mary Morrison, a. 31 y., b. Scotland, d. Alexander and Helen, Jan. 20, 1849.*
Rose, of Marshfield, and Thomas Blanchard, Mar. 22, 1698-9.

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