Andover, MA Vital Records to 1850 [Marriages]
Published by:
The Topsfield Historical Society
Topsfield, MA 1912
Transcribed by Frances LaMarco

Surnames Starting with K and L

* = Intention also recorded


William [Ray. Int.], and Harriet Bradstreet, Oct. 23, 1834.*


Catharine S., wid., and Thomas M. Mitchell, widr [of Lowell. Int.], laborer, May 13, 1844.*


Huldah, and Benjamin Stevens, jr., int. Apr. 10, 1830.

KELLAY (see also Kelly)

Daniel, and Mary Saunders of Wilmington, int. Apr. 26, 1823.

KELLEY (see also Kelly)

Daniel, of Tewksbury, and Mary Luscomb [Liscomb. C.R.2.], Apr. 22, 1819.*
Gilman D., and Mary Upham of Amherst, N. H., int. Nov. 5, 1847.


Harriet W., of Hanover, N. H., and Stephen N. Manning, int. Aug. 8, 1833.

KELLY (see also Kellay, Kelley)

Hannah, of Amesbury, a. 25 y., d. Jacob and Mary, and Joseph B. Kelly, of Amesbury, a. 30 y., s. Stephen and Hannah, Feb. 16, 1847.
John, of Haverhill, and Katharine Langlee [Cate Lang. Int.], at Haverhill, May 8, 1759.*
John, of Deering [N.H. int.], and Martha Erving, Nov. 20, 1794.*
Joseph B., of Amesbury, a. 30 y., s. Stephen and Hannah, and Hannah Kelly of Amesbury, a. 25 y., d. Jacob and Mary, Feb. 16, 1847.
Moody [Ebenezer. C. R. 2.], of Tewksbury, and Phebe Townsend, June 2, 1819.*


Hannah, of Methuen, and Willard Jones, int. Nov. 1, 1849.

KEMBAL (see also Kimball)

Daniel, and Esther Foster, int. Apr. 5, 1712.
Hannah [Kembal. Int.], of Boxford, and Thomas Holt, Aug. 15, 1734.*
Thomas [Kimball. Int.], and Penelope Johnson, Mar. 3, 1742-3.*

KEMBALL (see also Kimball)

Elisabeth, and Ebenezer Frie, Noc. 22, 1744.*
Hannah, and Richard Barker, Apr. 21, 1682.
John, of Boxford, and Sarah Barker, int. Sept. 7, 1744.
Samuel, Capt. [of Wenham. C.R.1.], and [Mrs. Elizabeth C.R.1. ; Abigail Foster, Dec. 27, 1737.*


Samuel, of Groton, and Sarah Lacy, Feb. 12, 1712-13.*
Zorobabel, of Groton, and Mary Lacy, Jan. 27, 1703-4. C. R. 1.

KENDAL (see also Kendall)

James, Rev., of Plymouth, and Sarah Poor, July 22, 1800.*
Mary, and Samuel Hardy of Tewksbury, int. July 19, 1800.

KENDALL (see also Kendal, Kendell, Kindle)

Artemas [of Tewksbury. Int.], and Louisa [Sarah. Int.] Hardy, Feb. 11, 1830. C. R. 3.*
Elizabeth, of Amherst, N. H., and Franklin Shattuck, int. Sept. 11, 1829.
Fanny, of Litchfield, and David Lyon, int. Oct. 26, 1822.
Isaac, and Susannah Marshall of Bradford, N. H., int. May 14, 1812.
Joseph, and Sarah B. Clark of Tewksbury, int. Jan. 21, 1825.
Mary E., and Rila Gilman of Woburn, int. Mar. 7, 1842.
Olive C. B., of Dunstable, and John Spaulding, int. Sept. 4, 1828.
Samuel, and Abigail Carter of Tewksbury, int. Mar. 9, 1824.
Thomas P., and Lydia Abbot, May 1, 1823.*
Walter S., and Abigail M. Chase of Lowell, int. Feb. 17, 1849.

KENDELL (see also Kendall)

Ephraim, jr., and Eunice C. Burtt, int. June 11, 1814.

KENETT (see also Kennett)

Mary, and Jonathan Hudson, int. Sept. 21, 1848.


Dennis, and Mary Cherry, May 8, 1831.*
John, and Sophia Ellenwood of Dracut, int. Nov. 8, 1823.

KENNETT (see also Kenett)

John, and Elizabeth Buxten, int. Jan. 8, 1848.
Thomas, a. 21 y., watchman, s. John and Maria, and Catherine Rousell, a. 19 y., d. Thomas and Ann, Apr. 20, 1848.*
William, of West Newbury, and Frances Willis, Sept. 29, 1842.*

KENNEY (see also Kenny)

Mary, of Salem, and William Fisk, at Salem, Dec. 3, 1723.*


Henry, and Sarah Shaw of Newmarket, N. H., int Mar. 10, 1848.
Orrin, machinist, and Lydia A. Bailey, d. Enoch and Lydia, _____. [int. Apr. 28, 1849.]*

KENNY (see also Kenney)

Thomas, and Wid. Lydia Parker, Apr. 30, 1782.*


David, and Mary Long, Nov. 15, 1827.*
Hathaway, of Lawrence, a. 23 y., tin-plate worker, s. Nathaniel and Eliza A., and Maria M. Johnson of Lowell, a. 20 y., d. James and Sarah, Nov. 28, 1848.
Mary L., and James Sutcliffe, int. Jan. 4, 1849.
Nathaniel [T., resident in Andover. Int.], and Eliza A. Searls, Nov. 20, 1823.*
Rebecka, and John Farnum, Nov. 12, 1667.
Richard H., a. 24 y., painter, s. Nathaniel and Eliza A., and Lucy J. Bailey, a. 22 y., d. Theodore K. and Lavina, July 31, 1848.*
Susan S., a. 19 y., d. Micajah, and Thomas C. Clement, a. 29 y., laborer, s. Samuel, Sept. 26, 1844.*
William R., of Rindge, N. H., and Adeline Long, Dec. 29, 1831.*


Ann, and Joseph M. Dane of Boston, int. July 20, 1833.
Betsey, and Joseph T. Abbot, Dec. 2, 1832.*
John, see Kushund, John.
Mary, and David Manock of Stowe, int. Dec. 15, 1849.
Robert, and Mary White of Boston, int. Oct. 3, 1840.


Elias W., and Fidela Bridges, Feb. 21, 1809. C. R. 2.*

KEYES (see also Keys)

Joseph, resident in Andover, and Elinor Wood, int. Mar. 31, 1785.
Lydia, and Earl C. Gordon, July 1, 1834.*
Mary, and Benjamine Gadge, Feb. 16, 1663.

KEYS (see also Keyes)

James, and Catherine Flinn, Feb. 17, 1838. C. R. 4.*

KIDDER (see also Kider)

Allis, of Billerica, and Joseph Stevens, int. Apr. 18, 1761.
Elizabeth M., and Samuel P. Cobb, Sept. 3, 1835.*
John [of Charlestown. Int.], and Abigail Abbott, May 13, 1734.*
Louisa, of Tewksbury, and James Bond, int. Oct. 31, 1823.
Martha J., and Nathaniel Swift, jr., Oct. 10, 1832.*
Mary, of Tewksbury, and John Melcoy, int. Aug. 30, 1786.
Mary, of Medford, and Benjamin Abbot, jr., int. May 19, 1798.
Mary, of Tewksbury, and Leonard French, int. Nov. 10, 1809.
Mehitable, of Billerica, and Thomas Manning [resident in Andover. Int.], at Billerica, June 6, 1769.*
Sarah, of Tewksbury, and Samuel Kittredge, Oct. 28, 1773. C. R. 2.*
Thomas [of Billerica. Dup.], and [Mrs. C.R.2.] Susanna Phelps, at Billerica, July 7, 1767.
William [of Billerica], and Sarah Ballard, at Billerica, Dec. 16, 1736.*
William Lambert, of Reading, and Nabby Jenkins, Nov. 29, 1798.*

KIDER (see also Kidder)

Jeremiah, of Tewksbury, and Sarah Barnard, int. Nov. 23, 1750.

KILBORN (see also Killburn)

John, jr., of Bridgeton, and Mary Barker, Feb. 23, 1808. C. R. 2.
Mary C. and Asa Pingree, both of Topsfield, Feb. 3, 1841.


John, see Kimbal, John.

KILLBURN (see also Kilborn)

David [of Rowley. int.], and Ruth Fisk, Dec. 16, 1731.*

KIMBAL (see also Kimball)

Daniel, and Mehetable Ingalls, Dec. 16, 1736.*
Daniel, jr., and Mary Stevens of Merrimac, int. Sept. 2, 1778.
Daniel, 3d, and Elizabeth Osgood, June 5, 1783. C. R. 1.*
Daniel, of Hancock, and Abiah Holt, June 21, 1791.*
John, jr. [Kilburn. Int.], of Bridgeton, and Mary Barker, Feb. 23, 1808.*
Mary, and Daniel Carlton, 3d, Oct. 15, 1778.*
Mehitable, and Ephraim Lacy, Aug. 28, 1783.*
Mehitable, and Joseph Griffen of Danvers, Mar. 22, 1804.*
Phillip, and Hannah Willard of Salem, int. Mar. 4, 1806.
Ruth [Mrs. C. R. 2.], and Jacob Foster, jr., Mar. 13, 1796.*
Sarah, of Bradford, and William Barker, int. Mar. 12, 1792.
Sarah, of Bradford [resident in Andover. Int.], and Michael Carlton, Nov. 15, 1812.*
Seth, of Bradford, and Phebe Parker, Sept. 11, 1794.*

KIMBALL (see also Kembal, Kemball, Kimbal, Kimbill, Kimbol)

Abel, of Sanbornton, N.H., and Dolly H[olt. Int.] Spafford, Feb. 16, 1813.*
Abiah, of Bradford, and Timothy Barker, at Bradford, Oct. 26, 1791.
Abigail T., and George Pearl, both of Boxford, int. Oct. 13, 1825.
Almira, of Boxford, and William Moody, jr., of Newbury, int. Oct. 13, 1825.
Ames, Capt., of Boxford, and Lucy Foster, int. Sept. 13, 1817.
Amos, of Boxford, and wid. Abigail Sessions, int. June 23, 1765.
Amos, and Mrs. Mary Stiles, at Boxford, Nov. 23, 1779.*
Amos, of Boxford, and Susan Foster, May 24, 1828.*
Andrew, and Easther Barker, Apr. 23, 1747.*
Andrew, and Mary Town, Nov. 29, 1804.*
Ann, and Thomas J. Young of Boston, Sept. 6, 1829.*
Anna, of Bradford, and Samuel Johnson, jr., int. Aug. 14, 1766.
Anna, Mrs., of Plaistow, N.H., and John Kneeland, Esq., int. Sept. 14, 1830.
Asa, and Huldah Taply of Topsfield, at Topsfield, July 15, 1760.*
Barnard, and Betsey Porter of Boxford, at Boxford, Sept. 17, 1797.*
Benjamin, of Wenham, and Phebe Frie, Mar. 21, 1739. [1738-9. C.R.1.]*
Benjamin F., and Sarah D. Hunt of Lowell, int. Nov. 7, 1828.
Betsey, and Dudley Tyler, Nov. 25, 1802.*
Betsey, and Joel Towns, June 10, 1806.*
Betty, and Gilbert Chadwick of Salem, May 24, 1787.*
Caroline E., of Lawrence, and Stephen J. Chase, int. Nov. 20, 1847.
Catharine K., and James Callahan, Feb. 25, 1833.*
Charles W., of Haverhill, and Mary J. Taylor, int. Mar. 10, 1849.
David [Rev. int.], of Martinsburh, N.Y., and Elizabeth Epes Carter, Aug. 6, 1822.*
David C., of Ipswich, and Louisa Gage, int. Mar. 5, 1825.
Dolly, and Elijah Gould of Topsfield, Mar. 23, 1826.*
Dorothy, of Bradford, and Daniel Poor, int. Jan. 19, 1711-12.
Elbridge, of Bradford, and Deborah L. Ellis, Jan. 1, 1844.*
Elbridge, and Lucy Ann C. Lowell of Lawrence, int. Nov. 10, 1849.
Elisabeth, and Richard Foster of Boxford, at Boxford, Nov. 19, 1761.
Eliza, and Hillard White of Mansfield, Oct. 19, 1839.*
Eliza Ann, and Reuben Noble of Norway, Me., Dec. 1, 1833.*
Elizabeth, of Boxford, and Humphrey Holt, at Boxford, Jan. 1, 1745. [int. Sept. 14, 1745]*
Elizabeth, and Richard Foster of Boxford, int. Oct. 14, 1761.
Enoch, and Eliza Foster, int. Nov. 18, 1828.
Ephraim, jr., of Boxford, and Elizabeth Gray, at Boxford, Dec. 3, 1747.*
Esther, and Henry Martin, Aug. 27, 1767.*
Eunice, and Daniel Asten, Feb. 25, 1762.*
George, of Bradford, and Betsey Gage, int. Nov. 13, 1819.
Hannah, of Boxford, and Asa Carleton, at Boxford, Jan. 6, 1757.*
Hannah, and Andrew Peters, Oct. 18, 1768.*
Hannah F., and Jacob Kimball, Oct. 9, 1834.*
Henry G., cordwainer, s. William and Elizabeth, and Harriet L. Woodbridge, d. Benjamin, Jan. 21, 1844.*
Jacob, and Hannah F. Kimball, Oct. 9, 1834.*
Jane, and Joshua Lovejoy Holt, May 9, 1808. C. R. 2.*
Jefferson, and Mary Griffen of Danvers, int. Oct. 23, 1835.
Jesse [of Boxford. C.R.1.], and Susanna Jackson, May 5, 1763.*
Jesse, and Lydia Barnes of Boxford, int. Nov. 16, 1839.
John, and Hannah Farrington, Mar. 7, 1771.*
Jonathan [jr. int.], of Boxford, and Mehetabel Robinson, at Boxford, July 25, 1745.*
Joseph, of Boxford, and Lucy Robinson, Dec. 25, 1788.*
Lavinia E., and William A. Gillman of Boston, Oct. 11, 1836.*
Lydia and Stephen Ingalls, Sept. 21, 1786.*
Lydia, and John Johnson [jr. int.], Dec. 27, 1804.*
Lydia, of Bradford, and Orlando Abbot, int. Nov. 6, 1829.
Marcy, of Bradford, and Ezekiel Carlton, int. Oct. 2, 1731.
Mary [Mercy. C.R.1.], and Jonathan Peabody [of Boxford. C. R. 1.], Dec. 1, 1767.*
Mary and Moses Bradstreet, 3d, of Rowley, Nov. 29, 1808. C. R. 2.*
Mary of Hancock, N. H., and Ralph H. Chandler, int. Sept. 23, 1836.
Mary and George McIntoch [McIntosh. P.R.2.], Jan. 20, 1848.*
Mehatbell, and Josiah Farnum, jr., Sept. 25, 1766.*
Mehitable, of Boxford, and Timothy Barker, at Boxford, Nov. 15, 1744.*
Mercy [of Boxford. C.R.1.], and Asa Sherwin, Nov. 1, 1768.*
Molly, and Hutchinson Ingalls of Bluehill, Nov. 5, 1795.*
Moses, and Dorothy Robinson of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Dec. 2, 1761.*
Moses, and Jane Gorden, Dec. 1, 1772.*
Moses [3d. int.], and Hannah Preston of Danvers, at Danvers, July 9, 1793.*
Nancy [Anna. Int.], of Bradford, and Edmund Johnson, at Bradford, Oct. 29, 1799.*
Olive T., of Lowell, and Samuel P. Farnum, int. Dec. 13, 1834.
Patty, and Jonas Symonds, Dec. 30, 1813.*
Paulina, and Peabody Dole of New Rowley, int. Dec. 3, 1830.
Peter, of Bradford, and Lucy Barker, Oct. 13, 1791.*
Phebe, and Timothy Stiles of Boxford, Aug. 15, 1764.*
Phebe, and Ezekiel Carlton, jr., July 2, 1801.*
Phebe, of Hancock, N. H., and Ralph H. Chandler, int. Sept. 17, 1814.
Rebecca, and Lemuel Stickney, Nov. 16, 1769.*
Richard [jr. int.], of Bradford, and Almira Parker, Feb. 2, 1818.*
Ruby S., and James Neason [Nason. Int.], of Boxford, Apr. 2, 1840.*
Ruth, and Jonathan Holt, 3d, Dec. 31, 1761.*
Sabra, of Concord, N.H., and George Locke, int. May 10, 1845.
Sally, and Peter Town, jr., May 31, 1804.*
Sally, and Ephraim Fuller of Middleton, Apr. 27, 1820.*
Samuel [of Haverhill. Int ; of Bradford. C. R. 1.], and Hannah Abbott, Dec. 21, 1736.*
Samuel, and wid. Ruth Preston of Salem, at Salem, Jan. 2, 1752.*
Samuel, and Eleanor Erskine of Boston, int. Mar. 18, 1829.
Sarah, and Joseph Town, May 14, 1747.*
Sarah, and Daniel Poor, 3d, Apr. 18, 1769.*
Sarah W., of Plaistow, N. H., and William Foster, jr., int. Nov. 18, 1826.
Seth, and Rosena Parker, Apr. 27, 1831.*
Sophia, a. 46 y., d. Joseph and Anna, and Charles Tufts, widr., of Boston, a. 45 y., Building contractor, s. Jonathan and Priscilla, June 18, 1848.*
Thomas, and Betsey Berry of Middleton, int. Nov. 1, 1795.
Thomas H., and Damaris Gleason, May 14, 1829.*
Walter H., a. 26 y., Physician, b. Boxford, s. Amos and Lucy of Boxford, and Mary E. Gage, a. 23 y., d. John and Betsy, Aug. 11, 1846.*
William, and Betsey Pace, Oct. 10, 1798.*
William, of Pembroke, N. H., and Elizabeth [Sarah. Int.] Osgood, Nov. 4, 1802.*
William G., and Hannah Bradbury of Haverhill, int. July 5, 1822.
Zerviah [Mrs. C.R.1.], and William Crombie of Plymouth, Nov. 27, 1760.*

KIMBILL (see also Kimball)

Susana, and Isaac Chickering, June 16, 1812.*

KIMBOL (see also Kimball)

Abigail, of Bradford, and Jacob Tyler, int. Dec. 17, 1719.
Deborah, of Bradford, and Samuel Poor, int. Aug. 1, 1719.
Hannah, of Bradford, and Epharam Robinson, int. Oct. 2, 1750.
Hannah, and Thomas Kimbol of Boxford, Feb. 17, 1757.*
Lydia, and James Farnaum, Dec. 27, 1748.*
Richard, and Anne Robinbson, Nov. 11, 1755.*
Sarah, and Ebenezer Ingals, Jan. 26, 1748-9.*
Thomas, of Boxford, and Hannah Kimbol, Feb. 17, 1757.*

KINDLE (see also Kendall)

Elizabeth [Hindle. Int.], and James Grosvenor, June 4, 1840. C. R. 4.*


Ellen Maria, of Danvers, a. 22 y., b. Danvers, a. 22 y., b. Danvers, d. Hon. Daniel P. and Sally, of Danvers, and I. Osgood Loring, a. 28 y., farmer, s. Rev. Bailey and Sally P., Dec. 1, 1847.* Lycey S., and William K. Lune, both of Lowell, June 21, 1837.
Mary, of Wilton, and Joseph Chandler, int. Sept. 20, 1782.


Francis E., of Dedham, a. 20 y., yeoman, s. Eliphalet and Mary Ann, of Dedham, and Sarah Jane Fish, a. 21 y., d. Benjamin and Mary C., Apr. 8, 1847.*

KITREG (see also Kittredge)

Hannah, wid., of Tewksbury, and Josiah Osgood, int. Nov. 4, 1749.

KITTERDGE (see also Kittredge)

Susanna, and Samuel Foster, May 10, 1763.*

KITTEREDGE (see also Kittredge)

Hannah [Mrs. C.R.1.], and Daniel Foster [jr. int.], Dec. 16, 1760.*

KITTERIDGE (see also Kittredge)

Mary, and [Dr. C.R.1.] Aaron Wight [White. Int. ; of Medway. C. R. 1.], Nov. 5, 1767.*
Rebecca, and Henry Fields, Aug. 16, 1768.*

KITTREDG (see also Kittredge)

Jube, and Polly Morison, int. Nov. 30, 1796.

KITTREDGE (see also Kitreg, Kitterdge, Kitteredge, Kitteridge, Kittredg, Kittreg, Kittridg, Kittridge)

Catharine, and David Cummings, Esq., of Salem, Aug. 17, 1815.*
Hannah, and Jeremiah Morril of Methuen, Nov. 30, 1773. C. R. 2.*
John W. Jesse H. int.], and Susan A. Currier, May 31, 1838.*
Joseph, Dr., and Hannah Hodges of Salem, int. Nov. 19, 1819.
Joseph, Dr., and Henrietta Frances Watson of Roxbury, int. Nov. 20, 1847.
Maria F., and David Cummings, Esq. Of Salem, Oct. 17, 1825.*
Mary, Mrs., and Gen. Moses Whitney of Milton, Nov. 16, 1825.*
Samuel, and Sarah Kidder of Tewksbury, Oct. 28, 1773. C. R. 2.*
Solomon, and Tabitha Ingals, May 14, 1755.*
Thomas, Dr., and Susanna Osgood, Nov. 7, 1771.*

KITTREG (see also Kittredge)

Hannah [of Tewksbury. Int.], and Samuel Bailey, jr., Jan. 22, 1753.*
James, 3d, of Tewksbury, and Molley Bayle, int. Nov. 3, 1750.

KITTRIDG (see also Kittredge)

John, of Billerica, and Hannah Abbot, int. Jan. 3, 1707-8.

KITTRIDGE (see also Kittredge)

Elizabeth, and John Dwinal of Salem, N.H., June 19, 1775.*
Esther, and Samuel Chickering of Methuen, Dec. 13, 1785.*
Martha Osgood, and Dr. Lemuel LeBarron of Roxbury, Nov. 29, 1809.*
Susanna, wid., of Tewksbury, and Henry Phelps, int. Apr. 24, 1760.

KNEELAN (see also Kneeland)

Mary, of Ipswich, and Ephraim Abbott, int. Feb. 1, 1745-6.

KNEELAND (see also Kneelan)

Abigail, and Caleb Richardson, Oct. 9, 1794.*
John, Esq., and Priscilla Abbot, June 5, 1820.*
John, Esq., and Mrs. Anna Kimball of Plaistow, N. H., int. Sept. 14, 1830.
Nancy, and Joseph Hall of Montreal, Canada, Aug. 16, 1804.*
Sally, and Timothy Ames, Mar. 21, 1787.*

KNIGHT (see also Knights)

Charles, and Mrs. Eley [Elcy. Int.] Davison, May 9, 1833.*
Thomas [resident in Andover. Int.], and Rebecca Richardson of Woburn, at Woburn, Nov. 29, 1792.*

KNIGHTS (see also Knight)

George W., and Elizabeth French, Apr. 1, 1817.*
Robert, of Milford, N. H., and Rebecca Abbot, Sept. 2, 1824.*


Daniel, of Concord, N.H., and Rhoda Abbot, Nov. 18, 1817.*


Mary J., of Winthrop, Me., now of Andover, and Samuel D. Buzzell of Effingham, N.H., int. May 10, 1845.


John [Kershaw.Int. ; Kneeland. C. R. 1.], and Naomi Brown, Dec. 1, 1836.*


Benjamin, and Eliza P. Capen of Dorchester, int. Sept. 8, 1831.


Mary, and Thomas Wood, int. Jan. 19, 1848.

LACEY (see also Lacy)

Elizabeth, and James Stevens, Oct. 6, 1778. [Oct. 1. C.R.1.]*
Ephraim, Capt., and Mary H. Melvin of Concord, int. Oct. 29, 1846.
Lydia [Hannah. Int. and C.R.2.], and Isaac Holt, 3d, Nov. 16, 1816.*
Mehitable, and Jesse Hutchinson of Danvers, May 24, 1804.*
Samuel, and Elizabeth Styles of Middleton, int. Sept. 7, 1771.

LACY (see also Lacey, Lahorsey)

Andrew K., and Lydia Ingals, June 5, 1823.*
Betsy, and Levi Farnum, May 14, 1816.*
Dorathy, and Thomas Farnum, Aug. 3, 1720.*
Ephraim, and Anne Hardy of Bradford, int. June 17, 1710.
Ephraim, and Mehitable Kimbal, Aug. 28, 1783.*
John, and Hannah Gray, Oct. 24, 1786.*
Laurence, and Mary Foster, Aug. 5, 1673.
Lydia G., and Israel Gray, June 18, 1818.*
Mary, and Zorobabel Kemp of Groton, Jan. 27, 1703-4. C. R. 1.
Sarah, and Samuel Kemp of Groton, Feb. 12, 1712-13.*


Joseph, and Eliza Johnson of Nahant, int. Apr. 12, 1833.

LAHORSEY (see also Lacy)

Ephraham, and Martha Wood of Bradford, int. Aug. 27, 1748.


Pelatiah, of Boxford, and Eunice Barker, int. May 9, 1767.


John, of Amesbury, and Mary Behan, int. July 31, 1846.
Mary Ann, of South Reading, and William Gage, int. Sept. 8, 1831.


Sarah [Lemon. C.R.2.], of Reading, and Nehemiah Hayward, Nov. 25, 1784.*


Emeline D., of Springfield, and Charles L. Bartlett, int. Apr. 23, 1834.


Judith, of Byfield [of Newbury. C.R.1.], and James Taylor, Apr. 20, 1819.*
Samuel, and Sarah Ann Sawyer of Boxford, int. June 16, 1832.
Sarah, and Paul Faulkner, int. Oct. 17, 1714.
Thomas [of Ipswich. Int.], and Abigail Faulkner, Apr. 6, 1708. C. R. 1.*


Hannah [wid. Int.], of Methuen, and John Shackford, at Methuen, Nov. 27, 1751.*

LANDER (see also Landers)

Benjamin, and Lydia Walton of Danvers, int. Nov. 2, 1820.

LANDERS (see also Lander)

Charlotte, and Seth Chase, int. Feb. 5, 1842.


Daniel, and Elizabeth Jane Staples of Freeport, Me., int. Aug. 17, 1843.
John [of Bedford. Int.], and Hannah Abbott, Mar. 16, 1731-2.*
John, jr., of Bedford, and Sarah Hildreth [wid. Int.], May 28, 1761.*
John, and Mary Luoeny of Boston, int. May 4, 1841.
Mary, and Luke Cunningham, int. Nov. 20, 1847.
Patrick, and Bridget Callehan, int. Apr. 17, 1841.
Willard, and Polly Marshall of Nottingham West, int. Jan. 14, 1802.
Willard, and Rhoda Corlis of Salem, N. H., int. May 19, 1809.


Phebe A., of Boston, and Francis J. Anderson, int. Nov. 27, 1847.


Katharine [Cate Lane. Int.], and John Kelly of Haverhill, at Haverhill, May 8, 1759.*


Mary Ann, of Ipswich, and Daniel S. Abbot, int. Oct. 3, 1834.


Elisabeth [resident in Andover. Int.], and Ephraim Stiles, Nov. 26, 1741.*
Mary [resident in Andover. Int.], and David Sessions, Dec. 29, 1743.*


James {Latherbe. Int.], of Lynn and Mary Holt, Apr. 13, 1772.*
Tamma, of Lynnfield, and Ezra Hatch, July 4, 1822.*


Jonathan, of Wolfboro, N. H., and Lydia Holt, wid., Dec. 15, 1774.*


Thomas [of Windham. Int.], and Mehittable Smith, Sept. 23, 1734.*


George, and Phoebe Nichols, Jan. 1, 1829.*


Mary, and Nicholas W. Thissell, both of Methuen, Oct. 23, 1836. C. R. 2.

LAWRANCE (see also Lawrence)

Abigal, Mrs. [wid. Int.], and Dea. Ebenezer Walcot, Aug. 22, 1749.*

LAWRENCE (see also Lawrance)

Edward A., Rev., and Margarette O[liver. Int.] Woods, May 20, 1839.*
Mary, of Waltham, and John Herrick, at Waltham, Feb. 14, 1782.*


Lydia, of Salem, and Elijah Town, May 12, 1816.*
Susan, and Jesse Peabody of Salem, Dec. 14, 1823.*


Thomas, of Medford, and Dorcas Bridges, June 6, 1793.*


Mercy, of Lynnfield, and James Nickols, int. Sept. 30, 1815.

LEAVETT (see also Leavitt)

Elizabeth B., of Lynn, and Jacob Gray, int. Jan. 10, 1822.
Jonathan, and Louisa Adams, Dec. 7, 1825.*

LEAVIT (see also Leavitt)

Dudly, of Northwood [N.H. int.], and Dolly [Dorithy. Int.] Clifford Frost, Oct. 7, 1806.*

LEAVITT (see also Leavett, Leavit)

Jeremiah, and Mary Blunt, May 2, 1771. C. R. 2.*
Jonathan, and Joan Ayer of Haverhill, int. July 8, 1820.

LeBARON (see also LeBarron)

William, Dr., and Sarah Jarvis Carr of Roxbury, int. May 16, 1841.

LeBARRON (see also LeBaron)

Lemuel, Dr., of Roxbury, and Martha Osgood Kittridge, Nov. 29, 1809.*

LEE (see also Lees)

Benjamin [of Manchester. Int.], and Mary Stevens, Feb. 25, 1730-31.*
David, and Deborah Ingalls, int. Mar. 27, 1813.
Deborah, and Peter Young, Aug. 28, 1821.*
Hannah, and Israel Foster of Manchester, Oct. 10, 1802.*
Hannah, and Benjamin Simpson, jr., Mar. 17, 1842.*
Jacob, of Manchester, and Elizebeth Goldsmith, Nov. 21, 1802.*
Joseph, and Helen Toole, Nov. 11, 1845.*

LEES (see also Lee)

Ann, a. 25 y., b. England, d. John and Martha, of England [of Moreley, Lancashire, Eng. C. R. 4.], and John Marland, 2d, a. 25 y., b. England, flannel finisher, s. James and Elizabeth of England [of Moreley, Lancashire, Eng. C. R. 4.], Dec. 19, 1849.*
Eliza, of Lowell, and Benjamin Nurse, int. Apr. 6, 1836.

LEFAVOUR (see also Favor, Favour, Feaver, Fever)

Jacob, and Elizabeth Pickett of Beverly, at Beverly, Aug. 24, 1749.*


Edwin, and Susan Schollay of Ashburnham, int. Mar. 20, 1839.


William, of Boston, bookbinder, and Elizabeth G. Holt, d. Ezra, Nov. 28, 1844.*


Caroline A., of Boston, and Charles Goddard, int. June 10, 1830.

LEVINGSTONE (see also Livingston)

Deborah, of Billerica, and James Marshall, int. Aug. 17, 1779.


Barzilla, and Nancy Ralley [Riley. C. R. 1.] of Boston, Sept. 3, 1823.*

LEWES (see also Lewis)

Mary, of Reading, and Benjamin Foster, int. May 16, 1747.

LEWIS (see also Lewes, Lewiss, Luis)

Eveline D., and John Shephard, int. Oct. 3, 1845.
Jeremiah, and Hannah J. Green of Amesbury, int. Jan. 17, 1837.
Mary, and John Holt [jr. C.R.2.], Oct. 28, 1731.*
Richard, of Malden, and Hannah Farnum, Nov. 16, 1825.*
Rodney A., of Medford, and Lydia A. Symonds, Jan. 31, 1839.
Sarah [of Billerica. Int.], and Zebediah Holt, at Billerica, Dec. 23, 1784.*
Thomas, resident in Andover, and Nancy White, Dec. 25, 1807.*

LEWISS (see also Lewis)

Joanna, and Samuel Flood, residents in Andover, int. Jan. 25, 1737-8.


Lydia, and Levi H. Hamlin, both of Boston, Sept. 26, 1847. C.R. 2.

LILLAY (see also Lilley)

Mary, of Lowell, and James Crangle, int. Sept. 2, 1836.

LILLEY (see also Lillay)

Lucy, and Winthrop A. Parker of Rochester, N.Y., int. Apr. 21, 1843.


Fordyce F., and Mary Purves, Jan. 25, 1824.*


Charlotte, and Edward Smith, int. Oct. 2, 1847.

LINDSAY (see also Lindsey)

Samuel, and Rachel Hardy of Bradford, at Bradford, Mar. 2, 1773.*

LINDSEY (see also Lindsay)

Samuel, and Mehitable Cross, Sept. 12, 1780.*


Hector, and Jane M. Scott, int. Sept. 29, 1848.

LISCOMB (see also Luscomb)

Richard, and Rhoda Noyes, Apr. 2, 1812.*


Ann P., of Atkinson, N. H., and Rev. Jesse Page, int. Dec. 31, 1836.
Sarah G., of Boscawen, N.H., and Hervey O. Higley, int. Sept. 3, 1829.


Mary J., of Lowell, and Daniel Sanders, jr., int. Sept. 18, 1846.

LIVINGSTON (see also Levingstone)

Beulah [Mrs. Int.], of Tewksbury, and Richard Barker, Feb. 18, 1841.*


George, and Sabra Kimball of Concord, N. H., int. May 10, 1845.
Mary O. [Mrs. Int.], and William P. Capewell of Boston, Nov. 19, 1839.*
Mary Ozliorne, and John Millet of Boston, int. Nov. 15, 1823.


Abigail of Newbury, and Joseph Emry, int. Aug. 19, 1738.
Adeline, and William R. Kent of Rindge, N.H., Dec. 29, 1831.*
Daniel, and Hannah Mastin of Middleton, int. Oct. 17, 1765.
Elijah, and Elizabeth Botman of Merrimac, N.H., int. Jan. 20, 1816.
Elijah, and Elizabeth L. Clemons, Dec. 14, 1836.*
Elizabeth B., and Henry A. Town of Boxford, int. Mar. 14, 1846.
Hannah, of Boxford, and Jabez Hayward, jr., int. Jan. 5, 1812.
John, jr., and wid. Hannah Hutchinson, Aug. 22, 1776.*
John, jr., and Mary Barker, Mar. 9, 1797.*
John, jr., and Phebe Berry of Middleton, int. June 9, 1827.
Josiah, and Mary Carlton, Sept. 27, 1759.*
Mary, and Samuel Gould of Boxford, May 6, 1807.*
Mary, and David Kent, Nov. 15, 1827.*
Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Stiles, June 22, 1788.
Prudence, and Robert Davis, Nov. 23, 1758.*
Robert [resident in Andover. Int.], and Sarah Haggit, May 25, 1749.*
Sarah, and James Messer of Methuen, Mar. 18, 1756.*
Sarah Ann, of Salisbury, and Isaac Johnson, int. Sept. 10, 1835.
William B., and Sarah H. Carleton of Boxford, int. Dec. 11, 1840.


William, and Abigail May [residents in Andover. Int.], Nov. 4, 1782.*


Mary, and John Barker, int. Nov. 26, 1844.


Catharine H., and Charles S. Parker, painter, s. Carleton, Feb. 19, 1846.*
Nathaniel, jr., Esq., of Ipswich, and Mary H. Adams, Sept. 6, 1838.*
Sarah, and Joseph Willson, Apr. 24, 1678.
Susanah, and Thomas Ossgood, May 22, 1674. CT. R.


Bailey, Rev., and Sally P[itman. Int.] Osgood, Feb. 20, 1816.*
I.Osgood, a. 28 y., farmer, s. Rev. Bailey and Sally P., and Ellen Maria King, of Danvers, a. 22 y., b. Danvers, d. Hon. Daniel P. and Sally, of Danvers, Dec. 1, 1847.*
Lucinda A., of Pembroke, and Otis Bailey, int. Jan. 15, 1833.
Mary Ann, and Anthony D. Currier of Newburyport, Oct. 8, 1835.*
Sarah, and Jacob Stickney, 3d, of Newburyport, Nov. 27, 1833.*
Thomas, of Charlestown, and Sally Russell, Oct. 23, 1806.*


Nabby, and Amos Carlton, Dec. 25, 1798.*
Nathaniel, and Mary Bradley of Methuen, int. Feb. 1, 1812.


Margaret, and James Stott, int. Apr. 17, 1844.

LOVEJOY (see also Lovjoy)

Abiah, and Andrew [A. int.] Moore, Oct. 1, 1829. C.R.3.*
Abigail, and Nehemiah Abbott, Apr. 9, 1691.
Abigail, and Moses Morse [jr. int.] of Methuen, Nov. 19, 1778.*
Albert, and Sarah Ann Hidden of Peacham, Vt., int. Aug. 2, 1845.
Amos, and Elesabeth Wardwell, May 10, 1804.*
Angeline, and Edwin H. Barnard of Lowell, int. Apr. 11, 1849.
Ann P., and Edmand Frost of Norway, Me., June 2, 1823.*
Anne, and Jonathan Blanckett, May 26, 1685.
Anne, and Zebadiah Abbot, June 20, 1728.*
Asa, and Sarah Frye, Aug. 20, 1772.*
Augustus, and Mary Styles, Mar. 29, 1838.*
Ballard, and Pamelia How of Dunstable, N.H., int. Jan. 4, 1828.
Benjamin, and Susanna Curneel, Feb. 13, 1717-18. C. R. 1.*
Benjamin, jr., and Mary Mirriam [resident in Andover. Int.], Nov. 4, 1746.*
Bodwell, and Sally Poor, Dec. 31, 1805.*
Caleb, and Mehetable Chandler, Jan. 26, 1737-8.*
Catharine, and Joseph L. [S. C.R.3] Grush of Lowell, Jan. 2, 1842.
Catharine C., and Israel G. Johnson, May 7, 1834.*
Chloe, and John Poor, 3d, Dec. 26, 1776.*
Christopher, and Sarah Russ, May 26, 1685.
Christopher, and Anne More, Feb. 15, 1742-3.*
Daniel, and Mary Holt, Oct. 29, 1745.*
Daniel, jr., and Abigail Cummins, July 25, 1770. C. R. 2.*
Darcus, and John Shackford [of Portsmouth. Int.], Oct. 26, 1727.*
David [of Suncook. Int.], and Elizebeth Chandler, Mar. 26, 1741.*
Debora, and John Bayley [of Bradford. Int.], Dec. 13, 1732.*
Deborah, and John Phelps, Dec. 16, 1740.*
Dolly, and Asa Town, Dec. 2, 1790. [Dec. 26, C. R. 2.]*
Dorethy, and Solomon Martain, Dec. 25, 1722.*
Dorothy, and James Holt, 3d, Feb. 14, 1760.*
Ebenezer, and Mary Foster, July 11, 1693.
Ebenezer, and Mary Barnard, June 26, 1722.*
Ebenezer, and Phebe Russel, Nov. 2, 1794.*
Ebenezer, jr., and Delina Lynch, May 9, 1819.*
Elezebith, and Henery Young Brown [of Haverhill. Int.], Oct. 19, 1752.*
Elisabeth, and Samuel Warner, May 20, 1736.*
Elisabeth, and William Baxter, July 13, 1742.*
Elisabeth, and Benjamin Holt, Apr. 11, 1745.*
Elisabeth, and Henry Young Brown, at Haverhill [bef. 1753].
Elisabeth, Mrs., and Samuel Lummus, resident in Andover, Feb. 17, 1811.*
Elizabeth, and Joseph Upton of Reading, July 19, 1774. C. R. 2.*
Elizabeth Foster, and Jacob Farnum, Dec. 20, 1798.*
Ezekiel, and Elizabeth Willson, Jan. 9, 1727-8.*
Francis, and Nathaniel Foster of Chelmsford, at Charlestown, Apr. 29, 1701.
Hannah, and John Manser [of Methuen. Int.], Dec. 21, 1732.*
Hannah, and Daniel Faulkner, Feb. 2, 1736-7.*
Hannah, and George Abbot, jr., Jan. 1746-7.*
Hannah, and Jacob Standley, June 23, 1748.*
Hannah, and Hezekiah Stiles, Dec. 27, 1752.*
Hannah, and Benjamin Steel, June 16, 1768.*
Hannah, and Palmer Wood, May 30, 1790.*
Hannah, and Obadiah Richardson [of New York. Int.], July 21, 1831. C. R. 3.*
Hannah [B. int.], and William Callahan, Sept. 29, 1842.*
Harriet, and Edwin E. [Calvin. E. int.] Goodel [of Boston. Int.], Apr. 5, 1836.*
Henry, jr., and Phebe Chandler, Jan. 1, 1734-5.*
Henry, and Betsey Poor of Rindge, N. H., int. Mar. 8, 1816.
Hezekiah [of Souhegan. Int.], and Hannah Phelps, Apr. 9, 1751.*
Isaac, and Deborah Sheldon of Billerica, at Billerica, Feb. 28, 1750.*
Isaac, jr., and [wid. Int.] Mary Wordwill, Dec, 2, 1756.*
Isaac, jr., and Mary [Polly. Int.] Morse of Methuen, at Methuen, Nov. 12, 1778.*
Isaac, 3d [jr. C.R. 1.], and Ruth Davis, Feb. 17, 1780.*
Isaac, 4th, and Sarah Briggs, Aug. 29, 1805.*
Isaac, 3d, and Abigail Shattuck, Apr. 30, 1815.*
James B[allard. Int.], and Hannah Bailey, Sept. 5, 1799. C.R.2.*
Jeremiah, and Dorothy Ballard, Dec. 11, 1760.*
Jeremiah, jr., and Hannah Johnson, Sept. 2, 1784.*
John, and Mary Osgood, at Ipwich, Jan. 1, 1651.
John, and Hannah Prichard, 12 ; 11 m : 1676 [Feb. 12. CT. R.].
John [Job. CT. R.], and Naomi Hoit, Mar. 23, 1677-8.
John, and Hannah Foster [at Woburn. Dup.], June 25, 1722.*
John, and Dolly Russell, May 19, 1808. C. R. 2.*
John, and Percis Bailey, Dec. 31, 1811.*
John, and Mary S. [F. int.] Chickering, June 6, 1833. C. R. 3.*
Jonathan, and Mary Astin, at Haverhill, Aug. 6, 1741.*
Jonathan, and Tabitha Upton of Reading, at Reading, July 31, 1777.*
Joseph, and Sarah Prichard, May 26, 1685.
Joseph, and Mehetable Foster, Jan. 24, 1736-7.*
Joseph, jr., and Mary Gorden, Dec. 14, 1769.*
Joshua, and Lydia Abbot, Mar. 24, 1742-3.*
Joshua, jr., and Sarah Perkins of Middleton, int. Apr. 30, 1769.
Lucretia, and John Stickney, jr., May 8, 1804.*
Lucy, and Theophileus Frye, Apr. 11, 1776.*
Lucy, and Caleb Abbot, Jan. 21, 1779.*
Lucy, and Amos Gray, Nov. 4, 1806.*
Lydia, and Joshua Shackford, Dec. 24, 1735.*
Lydia, and Abiel Holt, June 23, 1767.*
Lydia, and Palfray Downing, Apr. 26, 1785.*
Margaret, and Charles Furbush [resident in Andover. Int.], Mar. 9, 1729-30.*
Maria J., a. 20 y., d. Ebenezer and Delina, and Foster Wilson of Salmon Falls, N. H. a. 22 y., operative, Oct. 16, 1849.*
Martha, and Jonathan Abbott, jr. [of Lunenburg. Int.], Oct. 8, 1739.*
Martha, and Isaac Carlton, Mar. 5, 1820.*
Martha Brandon, and Nathaniell Thurston, Esq. Of Bradford, May 10, 1804.*
Mary, and Joseph Wilson, July 4, 1670.
Mary, and Phillemon Barker, Apr. 29, 1724.*
Mary, and Samuel Abbott, Aug. 8, 1735.*
Mary, and Richard Eastman [of Suncook. Int.], Nov. 15, 1737.*
Mary, and Isaac Bayle [of Lunenburg. Int.], Mar. 25, 1752.*
Mary, and James Parker, jr., Sept. 24, 1765. C. R. 2.*
Mary, and Asa French of Concord, Nov. 28, 1782.*
Mary [Mercy. Int.], and James Davis of Methuen, Apr. 25, 1805.*
Mary, and James Frye, Dec. 26, 1805.*
Mary, and Benjamin Clement, resident in Andover, May 30, 1811.*
Mary H., and Timothy P. Holt, Nov. 27, 1834.*
Mehettable, Mrs. And Timothy Moor, Oct. 14, 1746.*
Mehittabell, and Lemuel Holt, Oct. 19, 1769.*
Moses, and Dorcas Holt, Nov. 25, 1773. C. R. 2.*
Moses, and Charlotte Center of Hudson, N. H., int. Apr. 11, 1840.
Nathan, and Apphia Hoyte [resident in Andover. Int.], Aug. 25, 1747.*
Nathan, and Molly Boynton, May 6, 1773. C. R. 2.*
Nathanael, and [Mrs. Int.] Elizabeth Forster, Nov. 3, 1768.*
Nathaniel, and Elisbeth Swan, July 4, 1743.*
Nathaniel, Esq., and Benjamina Woodbridge, Dec. 1, 1803.*
Nathaniell, and Dorothy Hoyt, Mar. 21, 1693-4.
Orlando, and Abiah [Abigal. Int.] Gray, May 24, 1804.*
Phebe, Mrs., and Mr. Isaac Abbott, Nov. 29, 1739.*
Phebe, and Daniel Fox, July 3, 1803.*
Phebe, and Zeiba Frost of paris, Me., Sept. 17, 1821.*
Phebe, and Joseph S. [J. int.] Abbott of Groton, June 11, 1835.*
Phebe, a. 24 y., d. Bodwell and Dolly, and Levi Abbott of Reading, a. 24 y., cabinet maker, b. Woburn, s. Levi and Sophia, Nov. 27, 1845.
Polly, and Zepheniah Frost of Norway, Me., Jan. 8, 1811.*
Rebecca, and William Chandler, Nov. 21, 1751.*
Rebecca H., and Jonas Lovering [of Boston. Int.], Oct. 1, 1835.*
Rebekah, and Andrew Willson Duntlee, Feb. 11, 1794.*
Ruth, and John Abbot, 5th, May 29, 1788.*
Sally, and Stephen Dinsmore [of Boston. Int.], July 22, 1828. C. R. 3.*
Sally K., and Peer Parker, Oct. 17, 1831. [Nov. 17. C. R. 1.]*
Samuel, and Esther Morse of Methuen, int. Sept. 15, 1788.
Samuel, and Harriot Barker of Methuen, int. Oct. 14, 1826.
Sarah, and William Johnson, May 23, 1678.
Sarah, and Benjamin Smith, Nov. 27, 1736.*
Sarah, and Thomas Astin, jr. [of Methuen. Int.], Jan. 22, 1738-9.*
Sarah, and Daniel Hibberd of Methuen, at Methuen, Oct. 4, 1781.*
Sarah G., and Richard B. Bridges, int. Aug. 21, 1831.
Stephen H., and Lydia L. Simpson, Apr. 13, 1837.*
Sukey, and Jewet Jones, Mar. 15, 1810.*
Sylvester, and Clarissa Fox, Apr. 7, 1836.*
Timothy, and Mary Curnell, Aug. 20, 1730.*
William, Capt., and Mrs. Sarah Blanchard [wid. Int.], Nov. 28, 1749.*
William, and Mary Farnum, Nov. 29, 1680.
William, 3d [jr. C. R. 2.], and Hannah Evans, Feb. 13, 1744-5.*
William, and Mary Dane, Sept. 15, 1785.*
William, and Sally French of Norway, int. Nov. 10, 1815.
William, and Phebe Stiles, June 19, 1825.*
William B., and Mary Ann Clement, Jan. 29, 1834.*


Dorcas, and Ebenezer Flint of Hillsboro, Mar. 14, 1793.*
Mehitable [wid. Int.], and Abner Wilkins of Middleton, July 14, 1785.*


Alonzo G., a. 24 y., carpenter, s. Daniel, and Joann Gordon, a. 30 y., May 30, 1849.*

LOVERING (see also Lovrin)

Jonas [of Boston. Int.], and Rebecca H. Lovejoy, Oct. 1, 1835.*
Joseph, of Hamilton, and Sarah Goldsmith, Dec. 11, 1794.*
Mehitable [Loveret. Int.], and Abiel Jones, Apr. 4, 1832.*


Daniell, of Mendon, and Abigail Sprague, Mar. 28, 1710.*

LOVJOY (see also Lovejoy)

Abial, and Mary Poor, Apr. 30, 1776.*
Abigail, and Henery Phelps, Dec. 8, 1718.*
Christopher, and Mary Preston, int. Dec. 27, 1718.
Elizabeth, and Zebadiah Barker, Dec. 30, 1717.
Henery, and Sarah Farnem, Feb. 14, 1711-12.*
John, and Bathsheba Blunt, May 12, 1703.
Jonathan, and Elizabeth Phelps, Dec. 23, 1717.*
Lydia, and Caleb Johnson, July 16, 1718.*
Mary, and Josiah Holt, June 8, 1710.*
Mirriam, and Robert Gray, Nov. 29, 1705.*
Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Wilson of Hampton, at Hampton, Aug. 16, 1716.*
Samuel, and Hannah Stephens, Apr. 23, 1717.*
Sarah, and Joseph Clark, Feb. 7, 1709-10.*
Sarah, and Thomas Austin [of Haverhill. Int.], Oct. 26, 1714.*
William, and Sarah Frye, Mar. 25, 1704-53 [Mar. 22. C. R. 1.]*

LOVRIN (see also Lovering)

Elina L., of Lowell, and John Wentworth, int. Apr. 30, 1835.


Daniel, of Michigan City, Ind., and Mary Barker, int. June 10, 1837.
Sarah Jane, d. Joseph L., and Warren Stevens, widr., trader, s. Samuel, Sept. 18, 1844.*


Hannah, of Roxbury, and John Goldsmith, at Roxbury, May 26, 1796.*
John, jr. [of Roxbury. Int.], and Elizabeth Chandler, May 4, 1769.*


Lucy Ann C., of Lawrence, and Elbridge Kimball, int. Nov. 10, 1849.


Charles, and Jane Ingham, Mar. 16, 1845.*


Martha [of Rowley. int.], and Edward Sprague [resident in Andover. Int.], Feb. 22, 1720-21.*


Samuel, of Haverhill, and Mehetebel Holt, May 28, 1761.*

LUIS (see also Lewis)

Keziah, and Elijah Hinkley of Hallowell, Me., Aug. 12, 1795.*


Daniel, and Emily Hardy, Jan. 7, 1830.*


Arabella S., of Methuen, a. 20 y., d. Abner and Sophia, and George W. Hunt of Methuen, a. 23 y., shoemaker, s. Daniel and Mary, July 25, 1847.


Samuel, of Ipswich, and Elisabeth Abbot, Jan. 26, 1775. C. R. 2.
Samuel, resident in Andover, and Mrs. Elisabeth Lovejoy, Feb. 17, 1811.*


Jane, resident in Andover, and William Peters of Haverhill, int. Dec. 6, 1746.


Jane, and Abial Barker, July 14, 1748.*


Elizabeth, of Lowell, and Jonathan Blood, Sept. 16, 1839.
Joseph [of Newbury. Int.], and Sarah Osgood, Nov. 24, 1738.*
William K., and Lucey S. King, both of Lowell, June 21, 1837.


Mary, of Boston, and John Lane, int. May 4, 1841.

LUSCOMB (see also Liscomb)

Aaron N., and Margarett Grant [of Lowell. Int.], Oct. 24, 1839.*
Hannah, and John Bailey of Tewksbury, May 14, 1807.*
Hannah C., and Capt. Daniel Trow, int. May 5, 1818.
Hannah C., and Joseph W. Bruce of Watertown, Apr. 11, 1839.*
Henry [Liscom. Int.], resident in Andover, and Hannah Johnson, July 3, 1800.*
Lydia, and Henry R. Abbott, int. Aug. 19, 1843.
Martha, of Methuen, and Osgood Barnard, int. Feb. 12, 1824.
Mary [Liscomb. C. R. 2.], and Daniel Kelly of Tewksbury, Apr. 22, 1819.*
Phebe M., and Gates F. Frye, Sept. 27, 1838.*
Rhoda J., a. 22 y., d. Richard and Rhoda, and William H. Foster, a. 23 y., printer, s. Daniel and Bethia H., Oct. 27, 1846.*
Samuel, and Jerusha Trow, Dec. 30, 1800.*


Oliver F., a. 26 y., carpenter, b. Livermore, Me., s. Oliver S. and Betsey, of Livermore, Me., and Lucinda Goff, a. 20 y., Aug. 11, 1849.*


Benjamin C., and Henrietta C. Hunt of Manchester, N. H., int. Oct. 3, 1844.


Delina, and Ebenezer Lovejoy, jr., May 9, 1819.*


David, and Fanny Kendall of Litchfield, int. Oct. 26, 1822.

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