Salem, Massachusetts

Transcribed by Mary-Sue Gardetto

Names Wakefield to Willard

* = Intentions not recorded


Eliza C., and George Wheelwright, Oct. 17, 1813. P. R. 21.*

WALCOTT (Walcot, Walcoutt, Walcut, Walcutt, Walkut, Wallcott, Wallcut, Wallcutt, Wolcott, Woolcott)

Abigal (Wallcott) [unm. int.], and William Wriley, both of A., Jan. 16, 1814.
Benjamin (Walcutt), of Cumberland, and Mary Foster of A., int. Mar. 3, 1753.
Benj[ami]n E., of Cumberland, R. I., and Emeline Ellis, unm., of A., June 27, 1830.
Celistine, unm., of Cumberland, R. I., and Otis T. Titus of A., June 6, 1826.
Claressa M., unm., of Cumberland, R. I., and Frederick R. Robinson of A., int. July 29, 1843.
Deliverance (Woolcott), of A., and Stephen Rhods of Stoughton, int. Oct. 25, 1740. P. R. 73.
Ebenezer, of Winthrop, and Molly Titus of A., Mar. 20, 17__. [Nov. 9, 1787. int.]
Erastus, of Gardiner, Me., and Sally C. Draper, unm., of A., Oct. 11, 1824.
Eunice (Wolcott) [Walcott, unm. int.], and Emerson Carpenter, both of A., Feb. 12, 1815.
Hannah (Wallcut), and David Whiting, jr., both of A., int. Oct. 18, 1766.
John (Wallcut), of Cumberland, and Molley Ellis of A., int. Oct. 9, 1778.
John M., unm., of A., a. 25 y., silversmith, s. William and Lydia, and Sarah A. Glidden, unm., of A., a. 20 y., d. David and Ruth, May 20, 1849.
Lucy (Walcot), of Cumberland, and Charles Day of A., int. Dec. 9, 1793.
Lydia (Walcut), and Calven Richards, both of A., Feb. 22, 1787. P.R. 81.
Lydia Ann [Wallcott. int.], unm., of A., a. 26 y., d. John F. and Lydia, and Jonathan Bliss Carpenter, unm., of A., a. 24 y., farmer, s. Joseph and Nancy, Feb. 19, 1846.
Martha M. [unm. int.], of A., and James R. Bowen [Powers. int.] of Wrentham, Mar. 20, 1837.
Mary (Woolcott), of A., and Elezer Rhods, jr. of Stoughton, int. Oct. 29, 1740. P.R. 73.
Mary (Walcutt), and George Blackintun, jr., both of A., int. Apr. 14, 1769.
Mary A., unm., of Cumberland, R. I., and Joel Ellis, 2d, of A., int. Sept. 3, 1842.
Mercy (Wallcott) [Mary, unm. int.], of A., and George Blackinton, jr. of Dover, July 9, 1805.
Michael (Walcut), Dr., and [Mrs. int.] Eunice Picher, both of A., May 10, 1787. P.R. 81.
Moses (Walcut), and Mary Blackentun, int. Nov. 9, 1744.
Moses (Walkut), jr., of A., and Ruth Whipple of Cumberland, Dec. 19, 1776. P.R. 81.
Pentacost (Walcoutt), of A., and Hannah Sprout, unm., of Norton, int. Mar. 4, 1809.
Pentecost (Wallcut), and Hannah Guild, both of A., int. Dec. 21, 1771.
Ruth [Wallcutt. int.], of A., and Ebenezar Foster of Wrentham, Jan. 16, 1799.
Sarah, of Cumberland, and Joel Ellis of A., int. Mar. 6, 1784.
Sarah Ann (Wallcott) [Walcott, unm. int.], and Isaac C. Brainard, both of A., Dec. 3, 1833.
Susanna (Walcot), and [L[t] int.] Samuel Everett, both of A., July 3, 1780. P. R. 81.
William (Wallcott) [Wallcutt. C. R. 1.], of A., and Lydia Fuller [unm. int.] of Rehoboth, Oct. 13, 1811.
William F. [I. C. R. 1; Walcutt. int.], and Abigail E. Whiting, unm., both of A., Jan. 7, 1829.

WALDEN, see Walton.


Francis of Dighton, and Margaret [Mary. C. R. 2.] L. Hodges [unm. int.] of A., Feb. 1, 1843.
Mary, of Dighton, and Benj[amin] Crabtree of A., June 30, 1749.*


Atherton, and Loisa Tyler [Tylor. int.], unm., both of A., May 24, 1830.
Elizaboth H., unm., and George H. Martin, both of A., Mar. 4, 1833.

WALKER (Wallker, Warker)

Abby [unm. int.], and John Wing, both of A., July 4, 1842.
Alithea, of Rehoboth, and James Dexter of A., Aug. 14, 1746.
Anne E., and William H. Robinson, both of A., int. Apr. 10, 1848.
Charles Phillip (Warker), of Rehoboth, and Rebeckah Dunham of A., int. Mar. 13, 1789.
Comfort, of Rehoboth, and Mehetabel Robinson of A., d. Samuel, int. Aug. 14, 1762.
Comfort, of Killingly, Ct., and Lucy Cooper [unm. int.] of A., Oct. 23, 1815.
David, of North Providence, and Mary Sweetland, wid., of A., Aug. 17, 179__.*
Ebenezer (Wallker), of Ashford, and Huldah Willmarth, wid., of A., int. Feb. 22, 1772.
Edwin R., and Emily Gleason, unm., both of A., int. Apr. 9, 1843.
Elizabeth B., unm., of A., and Albert Slade of Somerset, int. Sept. 7, 1834.
Eunice, unm., of North Providence, R. I., and Arnold Moffitt, jr. of A., int. Dec. 18, 1846.
Ezra, and Mry Robinson [unm. int.], both of A., Dec. 1, 1819.
Fanny D. [A. C. R. 2; unm. int.], and Nelson Smith, both of A., Mar. 1, 1842.
Hennritte, unm., of A., and Abner Lewis of Ware, int. Oct. 22, 1831.
Joseph, of A., and Laura Ann Austin, unm., of Dighton, int. Dec. 7, 1832.
Lydia, unm., of Seekonk, and Milton Ingraham of A., int. May 4, 1822.
Marriette B., unm., of A., and John Bayley of North Providence, R. I., int. Sept. 17, 1846.
Martha B., unm., of A., and Joshua H. Work of Providence, R. I., Oct. 24, 1831.
Nancy, unm., of Cumberland, and [Geor]ge Sweetland of A., Dec. 30, 1794.
Sally A., unm., and Harrison Wilmarth, both of A., int. Apr. 13, 1834.
Samuel, of Rehoboth, and Anna Carpenter of A., int. Oct. 28, 178[5].
Sarah, of Coventry, and Elisha Willmarth of A., int. Apr. 28, 1764.
Timothy [jr. of Rehoboth. int.], and Elisabeth Carp[enter] [of A. int.], Dec. 10, 1741.
Timothy, of North Providence, R. I., and Clarissa Wood, unm., of A., int. Apr. 17, 1836.
William, of Seekonk, and Patty [Betty. C. R. 1.] Dean [unm. int.] of A., Apr. 18, 1820.


Thane, of Cumberland, and Oliver May of A., int. May 26, 1789.


Ichabod, of A., and Mary Ann Pierce, unm., of Pawtucket, int. Nov. 29, 1837.


Sharlot, unm., of A., and John Thompson of Seekonk, int. Oct. 16, 1820.

WALTON (Walden, Waldin)

Alph[a] [unm. int.], of A., and Joel Borden [Bardin. int.] of Foxborough, Mar. 27, 1842.
Amos, and Mary [Polly. int.] H. Mesinger, unm., both of A., Dec. 11, 1823.
James, and Chloe Ingraham, unm., both of A., Nov. 4, 1802.
Levi (Walden) [Walton. int.], of Kingston, R. I., and Mary Ann Earle [Earl. int.], unm., of A., Oct. 7, 1835.


Abigail, and Jeremiah Stanley, Apr. 2, 1761.
Ichabod, and Elizebeth Pidge, both of A., int. Jan. 24, 1735-6.
Ichabod, and Phebe Tiler, __ __[17__.]*
Molley, and Joseph Bennet, both of A., int. July 15, 1745.
Nehemiah, and Esther Maxey [both of A. int.], Dec. 3, 1728.
Sarah, and Silvanus Shurtleff, int. Jan. __, 1760.
Uriah, "of the union in ye Collony of Conneticutt" [of Union. int.], and Elizabeth Ingraham of A., Oct. 20, 1737.

WARE (Wares)

Amharst, of Wrentham, and Lucindia Perry [unm. int.] of A., Feb. 17, 1814.
Cyrus, and Eliza E. Cottrell, unm., both of Wrentham, May 9, 1833.*
Ezra [Wares. int.], of Essex, Vt., and Huldah Tyler, unm., of A., Nov. 19, 1795.
Hannah [Johanna Wares. int.], of Franklin, and Benjamin Foster of A., Mar. 4. 1796.
Harman [Hermon. C.R. 2.], of Milford, and Ruth Whiting [unm. int] of A.,Sept. 4, 1828.
Johanna (Wares), see Ware, Hannah.
Joseph, and Julia Cheever, both of Wrentham, Apr. 4, 1844.*
Moses [of Norton. int.], and Elizebeth Lane [of A. int.], June 23, 1731.
Robert (Wares), of Wrentham, and Hannah Newell of A., int. Sept. 21, 1795.
William [of Wrentham. int.], and Mary Maxcey [of A. int.[, May 4, 1726.
William, of Wrentham, and Betsy Cary [unm. int.] of A., May 5, 1811.
Willy, of A., and Ezebiah Sweeting of Wrentham, int. Oct. 13, 1728.


Abijah, of A., and Lydia Nightingale of Providence, R. I., int. Oct. 23, 1793.
Charles F., unm., of Northbridge, a. 29 y., shoemaker, s. Lereme and Deborah, and Melinda B. Fuller of A., a. 26 y., d. Jonatha[n] and Hannah, _____ [1848.] [int. Apr. 30, 1849.]
Charles J., Rev., of A., and Charlott Wesson, unm., of Milbury, int. Apr. 26, 1828.
Fidelia, unm., of Wrentham, and Jonathan Richards of A., Nov. __, 1832.
Gardner, of Wrentham, and Elisabeth Hall [unm. int.] of A., Mar. 31, 1839.
Hannah, unm., of A., and Timothy Conant, jr. of Rehoboth, int. Mar. 20, 1812.
Hannah, unm., of Smithfield, and Ezra N. Freeman of A., int. May 29, 1842.
James, of A., and Lucinda Goddard, unm., of Roxbury, int. Feb. 17, 1816.
Levenne, of Northbridge, and Deborah Fisher [unm. int.] of A., May 28, 1817.
Lindia, unm., and Jonathan Fuller, both of A., int. Feb. 29, 1812.
Sarah C., unm., and George B. Davenport, both of A., int. Apr. 27, 1844.
Thais D., unm., of Wrentham, and George W. Cheever of A., int. Feb. 1, 1829.

WASHBURN (Washbourn)

Abisha, and Mary Wilmarth, both of A., int. Mar. 23, 1776.
Mary [Washbourn. int.], of Taunton, and Daniel Sheperson [Shepardson. int.] of A., May 9, 1728.
Salmon, of Taunton, and Amelia Swan, unm., of A., Apr. 7, 1833.


Samuel, and Esther Barney, July 3, 1845. P. R. 26.*


John Bradford, of A., and Mary Frost, unm., of Wrentham, int. Jan. 12, 1846.


William, see Witherell, William.


Sally [unm. int.], of A., and Robert Lord of Cumberland, R. I., Oct. 30, 1819.
Sam[ue]ll, Rev., of Barrington, and Martha Bicknell, unm., of A., Dec. 5, 1799.
Tyler, and Nancy Guillo [Guellow, unm., int.], both of A., Nov. 25, 1813.


Elisabeth, and James Makinson, Dec. 27, 1844. P. R. 68.*

WEATHERHEAD, see Wetherhead.


Benedick, and Hannah Evens, both of A., int. Nov. 23, 1754.


Jesse K., and G[eorgiana. int.] R. M. George, unm., both of A., Oct. 14, 1834.


Sarrah, see Wedge, Sarrah.

WEDGE (Wede, Wedg, Weedge)

Abigail, of A., d. John, and Peas Clark, Nov. 2, 1727.*
David (Weedge), and Joanna Headle, Dec. 16, 1723.*
Experience, and Jonathan Clark [both of A. int.], Oct. 29, 1724.
John (Wedg), and Martha Clark [both of A. int.], Jan. 27, 1728-9.
Sarrah (Wede) [Wedg. int.], and Mordina [Mordecai. int.] Day, both of A., Feb. 28, 1726.

WEEDEN (Wheeden)

Lydia, Mrs., of North Providence, R. I., and Stephen Briggs of A., int. Oct. 25, 1821.
William G. [Wheeden. C. R. 2.], unm., of Providence, R. I., a. 21 y., merchant, b. Providence, R. I., s. William and Lydia, of Providence, and Almira O. Foster, unm. of A., a. 19 y., b. Providence, R. I., d. Ebenezer and Almira, Jan. 1, 1847.


John of A., and Mary Roule of Falmouth, Nov. 21, 1718.*
John, and Cilence Converse, wid., both of A., int. Apr. 30, 1743.
John, and Hannah Day, both of A., int. Oct. 15, 1757.
Mahetable, and Moses Rowley [both of A. int.], July 3, 1724.
Richard, and Mary Leonard [wid. both of A. int.], Aug. 10, 1724.
Richard, and Hannah Healy [Healey. C. R. 2.], May 18, 1749.*
Sary, and John Clark, both of A., int. Aug. 1, 1755.


Esther, see Wiswall, Esther.


Thomas Henry, unm., of Wrentham, a. 42 y., laborer, b. Wrentham, s. Henry and Mary, of Wrentham, and Sarah Ann Mois, unm., of Wrentham, a. 25 y., b. Wrentham, d. Charles and Mary, of Wrentham, Oct. 18, 1846.*


Samuel C. [C. P. C. R. 2 and int.], unm., of Taunton [of A. int.], a. 22 y., trader, s. Jacob, and Sarah M. Cumings [Cummings. C. R. 2.], unm., of A., a. 20 y., d. Benja[min], Apr. 25, 1847.

WELD (Welds)

Anna [Mrs. Anna Weld. int.], unm., of A., and [Rev. int.] Ezra Weld of Braintree, Sept. 24, 1763.
Dorothy, Mrs., of A., and Jonathan Philbrook of Boston, int. June 2, 1759.
Elisibeth, Mrs., of A., and Oakes Shaw of Barnstable, int. Dec. 7, 1763.
Eunice, see Wild, Eunice.
Ezra [Rev. int.], of Braintree, and [Mrs. int.] Ann [Weld. int.], unm., of A., Sept. 24, 1763.
Habijah, Rev., of A., and [Mrs. int.] Mary Fox of Woburn, Oct. 25, 1728.
Hannah, Mrs., of A., and Caleb Fuller of Windsor, int. Sept. 4, 1762.
Louil (Welds), and Joseph Fisher, both of A., int. Apr. 27, 1775.
Lovel [Welds. int.], and Jonathan Felt [both of A., Jan. int.] 5, 1746-7.
Lucy, Mrs., of A., and Rev. Oliver Noble of Coventry, Ct., int. Jan. 26, 1760.
Mary [Mrs. int.], of A., and Dr. Cardee Parker of Coventry, Ct., Apr. 15, 1762.
Sarah, Mrs., of A., and Rev. Timothy Alden of Yarmouth, int. Sept. 17, 1770.

WELLMAN (Welman, Willman)

Abbigal [Welman. int.], and James Powel, both of A., Nov. 22, 1730.
Abigal (Welman), of Lynn, and Tho[ma]s Copper of A., int. July 16, 1743.
Asa [Welman. int.], and Olive Jincks, unm., both of A., Nov. 26, 1801.
Caroline, unm., and Moses Mason, both of A., Dec. 28, 1829. [Dec. 24, C. R. 1.]
Charlotte, of Wrentham, and John A. Dunbar of Franklin, at Wrentham, Sept. 28, 1842.*
David B., and Betsey Wood [unm. int.], both of A., Dec. 12, 1837.
Eben [Ebenezer Welman. int.], of Norton, and Martha Welman of A., Apr. 27, 1736.
Elezebeth (Welman), and [Robert. C.R. 1.] Marten, Apr. 30, 1741.*
[Elijah. int.] (Welman), and Rhoda Sweet, both of A., June 28, 1759.
Esther (Welman), and Thom[a]s Richardson, Oct. 5, 1749.*
Ezra, and Mehitabel Jillson [Jilson, unm. int.], both of A., Aug. 17, 1806.
Hannah, of A., and Isaac Wellman of Norton, Aug. 4, 1748.*
Hannah, of A., and Nathaniel Hills of Swanzey, N. H., int. Aug. 4, 1781.
Isaac, of Norton, and Hannah Wellman of A., Aug. 4, 1748.*
John (Welman), and Mary Atwell, wid. [both of A. int.], Dec. 18, 1783. [_____24, 1753. int.]
John (Welman), of A., and Martha Tiler of Falmouth, int. _____ [17__.]
Joseph (Welman), jr., of Wrentham, and Lucey Richardson of A., May 13, 1762.
Joseph R. [Joseph N. int.], of Wrentham, and Esther White, unm., of A., Nov. 28, 1839. C.R. 2.
Judith (Welman), and James Cobb, both of A., Mar. 27, 1760.
Lot (Welman), and Mercy Jenckes [Jincks. int.], unm., both of A., Sept. 13, 1795.
Lot, of A., and Rebacah Cole, unm., of Sterling, Ct., int. July 28, 1814.
Louisa [Susan, int.], unm., and Vernal Stanley, both of A., Aug. 28, 1834. [Aug. 8. P. R. 61.]
Lowis, and Otis Whiting, both of A., Sept. 25, 1794.
Lucinda (Welman), and Abisha Town, both of A., Apr. 16, 1793. C.R. 1.
Martha (Welman), of A., and Eben Wellman [Ebenezer Welman. int.] of Norton, Apr. 27, 1736.
Polly (Welman) [Wellman. int.], and Calvin Clafflen [Claflen. int.], both of A., Aug. 8, 1790.
Rebeckah (Welman), and Dea. Jonathan Titus, both of A., Oct. 2, 1780. P. R. 81.
Susan, see Wellman, Louisa.
Thomas, of Lynn, and Matha Folet of A., int. Apr.2, 1769.

WELLS (Wills)

David D[anford Wells. int.] (Wills), and Welthy Freeman, unm., both of A., Jan. 24, 1811.
Ezra T., of A., and Sabra Fuller of Seekonk, int. June 15, 1813.
Rufus, of Adams, and Harriet B. Richards [unm. int.] of A., Apr. 29, 1839.
Wilber, of Rehoboth, and Salona Atherton, unm., of A., int. May 7, 1826.

WENN (Winn)

Marcena C. [Winn. Seekonk Vit. Rec.] of Seekonk, and Mehetable L. Wood, unm., of A., int. Aug. 8, 1841.


Edwin, and Ann Wood, unm., both of A., int. Aug. 20, 1827.


Charlott, unm., of Milbury, and Rev. Charles J. Warren of A., int. Apr. 26, 1828.


Asaph C., of Seekonk, and Elisabeth Lawton, unm., of A., int. Mar. 17, 1844.
George, of A., and Phebe Sweet, unm., of Johnson, R. I., int. Sept. 23, 1816.

WESTCOTT (Weastcott, Wescott, Wetcott)

Cornel[i]us (Wescott), of Dighton, and Sarrah Freeman [wid. int.] of A., July 9, 1792.
George W. (Wescott), and Sarah Dodge, unm., both of A., int. May 31, 1834.
Hannah [Weastcott. int.], unm., and Asa Fuller, both of A., Jan. 4, 1829.
James, of Norton, and Aseneth Danforth [unm. int. P. R. 46.] of Taunton, Aug. 3, 1817.
John (Wetcott) [Westcott. int.], of Wellington, and Emily White, unm., of A., Nov. 7, 1824.
Marion A., and Francis W. Lincoln, int. May 4, 1849.

WETHERHEAD (Weatherhead)

Daniel, of A., and Susanah Gould of A., d. John, June 20, 1740.*
Salley (Weatherhead), of Cumberland, and Haford Claflen of A., int. Dec. 16, 1799.


Elihu, and Mary Robinson, Dec. 16, 1714.*


Sarah M., of N[orth] Providence, R. I., and George W. Lothrop [Lathrop. C. R. 2.] of West Bridgewater, May 17, 1840.*

WHEELER (Whealer)

Ann, unm., and Cornelius Delano Peterson, both of A., int. Nov. 4, 1815.
Benj[]amin] I[ngels. int.], of Montpelier, and Hu[l]dah French of A., Jan. 2, 1794.
Hiram, of Rehoboth, and Lucinda [Louisa. int. and C. R. 2.] Wood, unm., of A., Feb. 18, 1828.
Jearahmel B. [Jerathniel Bowers. int.], of Montpelier, Vt., and Sibble French of A., Feb. 3, 17__. [Jan. 6, 1791. int.]
John, of Providence, R. I., and Emma Ingraham [unm. int.] of A., Aug. 1, 1814.
Lidea [unm. int.], and David Cutting, both of A., Aug. 27, 1812.
Lucy, unm., and Noah Fuller, both of A., int. Apr. 14, 1806.
Lucy, unm., and Moses Cutting, both of A., May 2, 1811.
Mary, unm., and Moses Cutting, both of A., Oct. 10, 1827.
Mercy (Whealer), unm., of A., and Lyman Peck of Cumberland, R. I., int. Aug. 19, 1811.
Molly, and Hezekiah Rounds, Jan. 12, 1775. P.R. 68.*
Nathan, of Rehoboth, and Sarah Titus of A., int. Dec. 20, 1777.
Rachel, of Rehoboth, and Robert Titus [jr. int.] of A., Dec. 9, 1779.
Simeon, of Rehoboth, and Elisabeth Titus of A., int. Mar. 11, 1780.
Williams, of Taunton, and Lydia Tucker, unm., of A., int. Apr. 7, 1836.


Elijah, of A., and Nancy Harding, unm., of Franklin, int. Dec. 25, 1809.
Godfrey, and Abigail B. Lawton, at Watertown, Nov. 30, 1827. P.R. 43.*
Susan, and Macajah Fuller, May 18, 1841. P.R. 33.*


George, and Eliza C. Wakefield, Oct. 17, 1813. P.R. 21.*
Geo[rge] Samuel, and Lydia Browne, Dec. __, 1838. P.R. 21.*


Hannah, see Whitaker, Hannah.

WHIPPLE (Whiple)

Abigail, and Richard Bickford, both of A., int. Nov. 1, 1735.
Alceda [unm. int.], of A., and Denty [Duty. int.] Mowry of Smithfield, R. I., Mar. 23, 1820.
Anna, and John Carpenter, jr., both of A., int. Feb. 1, 1800.
Bennet [William G. int.], of Wrentham, and Nancy Bosworth, unm., of A., June 3, 1833.
David, of A., and Martha Read of Rehoboth, July 7, 1737.*
Deborah, Mrs. [of A. int.], and Jonathan Nutting [Nutten of Wrentham. int.], May 5, 1731.
Florentina [unm. int.], of A., and Olney Ballou of Cumberland, R. I., Feb. 8, 1813.
Hannah, of Cumberland, and Amaziah Jillson of A., int. Mar. 11, 1780.
Ibrock (Whiple), of Cumberland, R. I., and Moley Swan of A., int. Feb. 10,1776.
Israel, of A., and Leah Bucklen of Rehoboth, int. May 16, 1724.
Israel, jr., of Cumberland, and Margarett Robinson, d. Timothy, of A., int. Dec. 6, 1760.
Jemima, and Israel Woodcock [both of A. int.], June 15, 1732.
Jermiah, of A., and Hannah Bowen of Rehoboth, Feb. 24, 1742.
Jorok, and Mary Perkins, both of A., int. Mar. 3, 1743-4.
Larned, and Sally Carpenter, both of Cumberland, Dec. 27, 1810.*
Loney, of Cumberland, and Deuty Swan of A., int. Feb. 4, 1798.
Marcy, unm., of A., and Nathaniel Shepardson of Cumberland, R. I., int. May 21, 1824.
Mary, of Providence, and Daniel Scott, of A., int. Apr. 4, 1724.
Mary, and Henry Joslen, May 21, 1724.*
Nathaniel, and Bethiah Slack [both of A. int.], Apr. 22, 1736.
Penelipa, and David Caswel, both of A., int. Apr. 19, 1746.
Preserved, and Eliza Hews, both of A., Mar. 19, 1795.
Priscilla, unm., of A., and Willia Bishop of Cumberland, Feb. 24, 1799.
Reuben, of Cumberland, R. I., and Sally Cooper [unm. int.] of A., Dec. 1, 1808.
Ruth, and David Day, both of A., Nov. 9, 1727.
Ruth, of Cumberland, and Moses Walkut, jr. of A., Dec. 19, 1776. P.R. 81.
Ruth, of Cumberland, and John Alexander, jr. of A., int. June 29, 1777.
Salley, unm., of Cumberland, R. I., and Peres Pearce of A., int. Jan. 13, 1838.
Sarah, of A., and John Dexter of Smithfield, int. Mar. 4, 1737.
Sarrah, of A., and Isaac Bucklin of Rehoboth, Mar. 8, 1721.*
William, of A., and Sarrah Bowen of Rehoboth, May 9, 1728.
William G., see Whipple, Bennet.
_____, jr., of Providence, and Ruth Jincks of A., int. Jan. 10, 1724-5.

WHITAKER (Whicher, Whitackor, Whiteaker, Whitecer, Whitecur, Whiteker, Whitker, Whittaker)

Anna [Whitecur of Rehoboth. int.], and Elisha Carpenter [of A. int.], Mar. 15, 1744. [1743. dup.]
Dorothy (Whittaker) [Whiteker. int.], of Rehoboth, and Stephen Carpenter of A., Nov. 28, 1734.
Eben[eze]r (Whitecer), of Rehoboth, and Amee Carpenter of A., int. Oct. 19, 1745.
Ebenezer, of Cumberland, and Phebe Sprage of A., int. May 5, 1770.
Hannah (Whicher) [Whiteaker. int.], of Rehoboth, and Seth Briggs of A., Jan. 22, 1735-6.
Harriet E. [unm. int.], and Leprelet Dean, both of A., Jan. 27, 1834.
Huldah, unm., of Smithfield, R. I., and John Beard of A., int. June 22, 1823.
Israel [Whitackor of Rehoboth. int.], and Margrit Foster [of A. int.], Feb. 12, 1735-6.
Lepha, unm., and Durance Dean, both of A., int. Sept. 12, 1825.
Lydia, unm., of Warren, R. I., and Ralph Morey of A., int. Mar. 123, 1808.
Manly, of A., and Eliza Babbitt, unm., of Taunton, int. Sept. 23, 1804.
Maria, unm., of Seekonk, and George A. Draper of A., int. Jan. 1, 1848.
Oliver (Whitker), of Wrentham, and Philone Jay of A., int. Sept. 30, 1772.
Oliver [Whiteaker. int.], of Rehoboth, and Lydia Robinson of A., Dec. 31, 1802.
Richards [Richard Whiteaker of Rehoboth. int.], and Martha Bishop, both of A., May 30, 1799.

WHITE (Whit, Wite)

Aaron, and Ruth Silvester King, both of Mansfield, Sept. 25, 1828.*
Abbigal, of Norton, and Joseph Woodcock of A., June 10, 1744-5.
Abigail, and John Ide, both of A., Jan. 2, 1783. P.R. 81.
Abigal, Mrs., and John French [both of A. int.], May 23, 1728.
Abigal, unm., of Norton, and Ebenezer Hodges of Mansfield, Mar. 27, 1826.*
Abijah, and Rhoda Harding, Nov. 3, 1816. P.R. 69.*
Alice J. [G. C. R. 2.], unm., and William Hancock, both of Taunton, Nov. 29, 1832.*
Annah, of A., and Gedion Jinks of Cumberland, int. Dec. 26, 1787.
Ardelia H., unm. [of A. int.], a. 21 y., d. Abijah, and Ruel Whiting [Whitings. int.], unm., of A., a. 24 y., blacksmith, s. John, Oct. 6, 1846.
Aurela R., unm., and Thomas H. Wilbar, both of A., int. Feb. 20, 1847.
Betsey C., unm., and Harmon w. Bragg, both of A., Mar. 26, 1833.
Chloe, of Mansfield, and William Toleman of A., int. Aug. 23, 1777.
Cordelia D. [unm., of Smithfield, R. I. int.], and Samuel E. Fisher [of A. int.], Sept. 21, 1834. P. R. 24.
Cyrus, of Norton, and Asenath Bradford, unm., of A., int. Feb. 26, 1847.
Daman, and Melancy Titus, unm., both of A., Oct. 21, 1824.
Daniel, of Mansfield, and Prutia Tompson of Norton, Dec. 12, 1817.*
David, and Bethiah French, unm., both of A., int. Nov. 27, 1817.
Deronza, and Hannah T. Holmes, unm., both of A., int. July 29, 1842.
Deronzee, and Catharine N. [A. int.] Gay, unm., both of A., Oct. 11, 1827.
Deronzo, widr., of A., a. 44 y., farmer, s. Eliphalet and Bethia, and Almira Aldrich, unm., of A., a. 28 y., d. Samuel and Ruth, July 30, 1845.
Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Tiler [both of A. int.], Sept. 19, 1734.
Elias, of A., and Esther Thayer, unm., of Wrentham, int. Apr. 28, 1814.
Elisha, and Esther Fisher [unm. int. P. R. 46.], both of Wrentham, Nov. 29, 1810.
Elonar, and William Tyrar, both of A., Oct. 18, 17__. [1787. int.]
Emery E., and Betsy Mathewson, both of Mansfield, Aug. 28, 1841.*
Emily, unm., of A., and John Wetcott [Westcott. int.] of Wellington, Nov. 7, 1824.
Esther, unm., of A., and Joseph R. [N. int.] Wellman of Wrentham, Nov. 28, 1839. C. R. 2.
Experence, and Penticost Blackentun, both of A., int. Apr. 14, 1744.
Experience (Whit), and Gideon Sweet, both of A., int. Dec. 28, 1771.
Hannah, and Joseph Guild [Gile. dup.; both of A. int.], Nov. 11 [10. dup.], 1741.
Hannah, of Norton, and Venten Richardson of A., int. Feb. 8, 1770.
Hannah [unm. int.], and Tyler Guillow, both of A., Mar. 17, 1814.
Harriot [unm. int.], and Tho]ma]s W. Witherglass [Withington. int. and C. R. 2.], both of A., May 2, 1842.
Harrison, and Sarah M. Perry, both of Norton, Sept. 30, 1841.*
Horace, and Lydia [A. int.] Conant [unm. int.], both of A., Apr. 7, 1838.
Isaac, and Anna Foster, both of A., Oct. 30, 1800.
James (Wite), and Matilda Balkcom [Bolkcom. int.], unm., both of A., Nov. 21, 1804.
James W., and Paulina Claflin, unm., both of A., Nov. 29, 1832.
Jason, and Lucy Hall [unm. int.], both of A., Feb. 9, 1815.
Jemima, of A., and Jonathan Shores of Taunton, int. Apr. 5, 1760.
Jemima, and Stephen Fuller, jr., both of A., int. Nov. 14, 1761.
Jeremiah, and Eliza Morse, unm., both of A., int. Oct. 13, 1832.
Jonathan, of Norton, and Hanah Jackson of A., int. Nov. 5, 1743.
Jonathan, jr., of Mansfield, and Abigail Cummins of A., int. Jan. 14, 1775.
Jonathan, and Polly Pond [unm. int.], both of A., Oct. 24, 1813.
Lucinda [unm. int.], of A., and Montgomery White of Mansfield, Oct. 24, 1816.
Lucindia, unm., of Pembroke, and Elihu Daggett, jr. of A., int. Aug. 25, 1810.
Lydia, unm., and Jacob C. Horr, both of A., Mar. 2, 1840. C. R. 2.
Margreet, of Norton, and Benj[amin] Woodward [Woodcock. int.] of A., Mar. 20, 1744-5. [Nov. 30, 1734. int.]
[Martha White. int.], and John Robbins, jr. [both of A. int.], May 20, 1742.
Mary, and [Daniel. C. R. 1.] Read, June [Apr. C. R. 1.] 2, 1741.*
Mary, and Zepheniah Garrey, both of A., int. Feb. 22, 1772.
Mary [unm. int.], of A., and Ira Gay of North Providence [R. I. int.], July 25, 1813.
Mary [Marcy, unm. int.], and Truman Freeman, both of A., Feb. 12, 1815.
Mary A., unm., of A., and Capt. Jacob Shepard of Norton, Apr. 3, 1827.
Montgomery, of Mansfield, and Lucinda White [unm. int.] of A., Oct. 24, 1816.
Paul, and Eunice Newell [Newel. int.], both of A., Jan. 22, 1803.
Royal, and Lucy Morse, both of A., Sept. 7, 1809.
Sally, unm., and George Law, both of A., int. Feb. 18, 1820.
Sarrah, of Norton, and George Fuller of A., Feb. 7, 1754.
Susan E., unm., of Wrentham, b. Wrentham, and Tho[ma]s A. Barden, unm., of Wrentham, b. Wrentham, s. Tho[ma]s, of Wrentham, Oct. 2, 1843. [Oct. 12. P. R. 66 and P. R. 69.]*
Susannah [unm. int.], and Abraham Bourn, both of A., Apr. 15, 1815.
Sylvia, and Jonathan Hopkins, both of Mansfield, May 3, 1812.*
Thomas, and Sally Luther [unm. int.], both of A., Oct. 25, 1812.
Timothy, of A., and Ede Hill of Wrentham, Apr. 27, 1774.
Timothy, and Mary Ann Fuller, both of Wrentham, Apr. 1, 1838.*
Willard H., and Eliza B. Graves, both of Wrentham, June 18, 1834.*
William, and Susannah Robinson, both of A., int. July 9, 1763.
William B., of Waterbury, Ct., and Mary J. Montgomary [unm. int.] of A., Apr. 4, 1836.
Zachariah [jr. int.], and Aurelia Richardson [unm. int.], both of A., Dec. 30, 1813.
Zechariah, of Mansfield, and Hipzabah Woodcock of A., int. Mar. 28, 1778.


Mary Jane, and William Robert Young, at Belfast, Ireland, bef. 1813. P.R. 16.*


Eben, of Rehoboth, and Amey Carpen of A., Nov. 14, 1795.*

WHITING (Wheting, Whiten, Whitings, Whitting)

Abigail, wid., and Stephen Fuller, both of A., int. Oct. 19, 1776.
Abigail E., unm., and William F. [I. C. R. 1.] Walcott [Walcutt. int.], both of A., Jan. 7, 1829.
Aby F., unm., of A., a. 18 y., d. Lewis and Susan, and William H. Herring, unm., of A., a. 23 y., jeweler, s. Luke and Susan, Oct. 11, 1849.
David, jr., and Hannah Wallcutt, both of A., int. Oct. 18, 1766.
[D]avid, jr., and Patty Daggett, unm., both of A., Oct. 9, 1792.
David E., and Florintine Sprague, unm., both of A., Sept. 22, 1829.
Eaton, and Betsey Batchelor, unm., both of A., int. Aug. 13, 1807.
Elisabeth, wid., of Roxbury, and Ebenezer Swan of A., int. Oct. 13, 1780.
Elizebeth (Wheting), and John Chadwick [both of A. int.], Feb. 15, 1732-3.
Elkanah, of Wrentham, and Patty [Polly. int.] Whiting [unm. int.] of A., Dec. 19, 1816.
Esther, unm., of A., and Archabald Todd, jr., of Mansfield, Feb. 13, 1821.
Hannah, and Ichabod Daggett [both of A. int.], Feb. 4, 1796.
Harriot C. [Whitney. int.], unm., of A., a. 35 y., d. Martin, and Otis Stanley, unm., of A., a. 45 y., machinist, s. Artimas, Jan. 6, 1848.
Jason (Whiten) [Whiting. int.], and Esther Forster [Foster, both of A. int.], Jan. 28, 1796.
Jesse, of Taunton, and Nancy Cheever of Wrentham, Oct. 3, 1843.*
Lemuel [Whiten. int.], of A., and Abbigal Eaton [Eaten. int.] of Dedham, _____, 17__. [Jan. 10, 1755. int.]
Lemuel (Whitting) [Whiting. int.], and Nancy Blackinton, unm., both of A. [bet. May 2, 1811 and May 29, 1812.] [June 1, 1811. int.]
Levi W., unm., laborer, and Nancy R. Blanchard, unm. [both of A. int.], Nov. 8, 184__. [Oct. 16, 1847. int.]
Mary A. [A. B. int.], unm., of A., a. 36 y., d. Lemuel and Nancy, and Samuel Kent, unm., of Seekonk, a. 45 y., miller, s. Elijah and Sarah, Nov. 11, 1849.
Nancy [unm. int.], and Samuel O[rigin. int.] Draper, both of A., Mar. 24, 1816.
Nancy, Mrs. [Miss. int.], and Ephram Jewett, both of A., Dec. 14, 1824.
Nath[anie]l, of Providence, and Cynthia Richardson of A., June 1, 1799.
Otis, and Lowis Wellman, both of A., Sept. 25, 1794.
Patty [Polly, unm., int., of A., and Elkanah Whiting of Wrentham, Dec. 19, 1816.
Polly, see Whiting, Patty.
Ruel [Whitings. int.], unm., of A., a. 24 y., blacksmith, s. John, and Ardelia H. White, unm. [of A. int.], a. 21 y., d. Abijah, Oct. 6, 1846.
Ruth [unm. int.], of A., and Harman [Hermon. C. R. 2.] Ware of Milford, Sept. 4, 1828.
Sabama, see Whitney, Sabama.
Sally, of A., and Daniel Lothrop [Lathrop. int.], 3d, of Bridgewater, May 21, 1787.
Sally [unm. int.], of Wrentham, and Ira Allen of A., Jan. 28, 1816.
Sidney, of Franklin, and Peddy Dary [unm. int.] of A., Jan. 17, 1808. C.R. 2.
Susan, of Wrentham, and Perez Carpenter of A., int. Feb.13, 1808.
Susan A., unm., of Wrentham, a. 23 y., jeweler, b. Wrentham, d. Lewis, and Susan, of Wrentham, and Andrew B. Blackinton, unm., of Wrentham, a. 20 y., jeweler, b. Wrentham, s. Willard D. and R., of Wrentham, Sept. 26, 1847.*
William, Rev., of Abington, and Charlotte Augustus Saunders, unm., of A., int. Dec. 25, 1838.


Abby, unm., of Boston, and Orin Carpenter of A., Aug. 28, 1827.
Freelove [unm. int.], and Alferd Day, both of A., Nov. 10, 1814.
Molly, and Ichabod Franklin [jr. int.], both of A., Jan. 22, 1761.


Clark, and Emeline Bates, unm., of A., int. Jan. 31, 1830.
Emily [unm. int.], and Oliver Stanley, both of A., Feb. 24, 1842.
Felix G., unm., of A., a. 29 y., jeweler, s. Martin and Nancy, and Catharine J. Briggs, unm., of A., a. 21 y., d. Rufus and Nancy, Oct. 5, 1848.
Harriet C., see Whiting, Harriot C.
Marting, of Bristol [R. I. int.], and Nancy Orne [unm. int.] of A., Dec. 10, 1810.
Sabama [Whiting. int.], unm., of A., and Joel H. Slack of Wrentham, bet. June __ and Nov. 12, 1825. [Oct. 20, 1828. int.]

WHITTEMORE (Whitemor, Whitemore, Whittimore)

Charlotte [unm. int.], of A., and Brown C. Cozzens [Cossens. int.] of Providence, R. I., Oct. 24, 1816.
Edmand, and Eliza Whittemore [unm. int.], both of A., Oct. 30, 1815.
Eliza [unm. int.], and Edmand Whittemore, both of A., Oct. 30, 1815.
Isaac, of A., and Rachel L. Allby, unm., of Milford, int. Aug. 9, 1827.
James (Whitemore) [Whittemore. int.], and Margarett [R. int.]] Bickner, unm., both of A., May 6, 1824.
Martha, and Zebea C. French, both of Wrentham, Mar. 8, 1836.*
Mary (Whitemor) [Whittimore. int.], unm., of A., and Reuben Thorp of Providence, R. I., Nov. 5, 1824.


Nathaniel, of Wrentham, and Mehetable Fuller of A., int. Dec. 3, 1774.
Simeon, see Wright, Simeon.

WILBER (Wilbar)

Elisabeth P., unm., of Bridgewater, and Martin S. Witherell of A., int. Sept. 8, 1838.
Thomas H. (Wilbar), and Aurela R. White, unm., both of A., int. Feb. 20, 1847.

WILD (Wilde)

Eunice [Weld, unm., int.], and Eliphaz Day [gentleman. int.], both of A., Dec. 20, 1807. C. R. 1.
Fanny L. (Wilde), unm., of North Providence, R. I., and Sam[ue]l Easterbrooks of A., int. Nov. 7, 1843.
Samuel [Wilde. C. R. 2.], jr., of Taunton, and Orinda Babcock [unm. int.] of A., Nov. 27, 1822.


Charles B., of Needham, and Mary A. Guild, unm., of A., Oct. 24, 1827.
Eliza [unm. int.], and Lemuel May, both of A., Dec. 22, 1814.
Isiah, widr., of New Hampshire, a. 67 y., farmer, s. Isaiah and Susann[a]h, and Lydia Daggett, wid., of A., a. 54 y., Dec. 3, 1849.
John, Rev., of A., and Mrs. Esther Tyler of Preston, Ct., int. July 29, 1790.
John, Rev., of A., and Mrs. Elizabeth Austin of East Haddam, Ct., int. Mar. 15, 1812.


Deborah, and Edward C. Rogers, unm., July 29, 1849.*

WILKINSON (Wilkenson, Wilkerson, Wilkison)

Hannah, of A., and Samuel Blake of Wrentham, int. Dec. 5, 1789.
John (Wilkison), and Elizebeth Shepard, both of A., int. Feb. 2, 1733-4.
John, and Hannah Fisher, both of A., int. Apr. 30, 1763.
John [jr. int.], and Susannah Guild, both of A., May 23, 1802.
Lucy (Wilkerson), of Cumberland, R. I., and Noah Carpenter of A., int. Jan. 15, 1795.
Mary [Moley, of Cumberland. int.], and Joel Robinson [2d, of A. int.], at Cumberland, R. I., Jan. 17, 1788. P. R. 55.
Noah (Wilkenson), of A., and Hannah Chiver of Wrentham, int. Feb. 9, 1800.
Susanna (Wilkenson) [Wilkerson. int.], and Derias Fisher [both of A. int.], Feb. 19, 1795.


Ashbel, Dr., of Wrentham, and [Mrs. int.] Marcy Young, unm., of A., Oct. 9, 1825.
Ephram, and Thank Newell, both of A., int. Mar. 3, 1770.
Jonathan, and Pertheniah Peck [both of A. int.], Oct. 29, 1734.

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