Cambridge, MA Vital Records to 1850 [Marriages]
Published by: The New England Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1914
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames Starting with A

* =Intention not recorded.

ABBET (also see Abbit, Abbot, Abbott)

George and Rebeckah Swan, Feb. 2, 1714-15 (Jan 26, CR1)*

ABBIT (also see Abbet, Abbot, Abbott)

Mehitabel and Gershom Cutter Jr., June 11, 1701*

ABBOT (also see Abbet, Abbit, Abbott)

John S. (John Shaw int.) of Norfolk, Va., and Mary G. Parks (Mary Goddard Parks int.) Mar --, 1821.
Joseph and Electa Richardson, Nov 10, 1816

ABBOTT (also see Abbet, Abbit, Abbot)

Almon, widr., a. 38 y., and Lucy B. Farnsworth, d. of Joseph, of Westfield, N.Y., a. 28 y., Jan. 18, 1849
Asa and Hepzibeth Brooks of Lincoln in Lincoln, May 16, 1793.*
Caroline and George Johnson, July 28, 1845.
Caroline, a. 21 y., and Andrew J. Jones, a. 27 y., Aug. 3, 1848.
Edward M., s. of John (and Olive, CR1) of Gilmanton, N.H., a. 38 y., and Caroline J. Willard, d. of Emery (and Irene, CR1) of Brighton, a. 20 y., both of Brighton, June 6, 1848.*
Electa M. and Cyrus E. Morse, int. Oct. 19, 1839.
Elizabeth B. and Dr. Samuel Manning, Mar. 20, 1822.
Farnum and Anna Hayden of Hopkinton, int. Sept. 14, 1809.
Harriet B. and Ezra M. Beaman, Dec 20, 1838.
John H., and Adaline Dollof of Epsom, N.H., int. Apr. 25, 1833.
John L. (John Lovejoy, int.) Rev. of Boston, and Eliza Bell Warland, Oct. 24, 1813.
Jonathan and Catharine Hiscock, Nov. 4, 1813.
Olivia B., d. of Erastus, dec., a. 18 y., b. in Salem, and Jesse L. Sawyer, s. of Eusebius, a. 26 y., b. in Concord, Oct. 29, 1848.
Samuel and Harriet A. Bucknam, Sunday, Jan. 26, 1823.
Sarah of Watertown, and Nathaniel Williams, in Watertown, Mar. 17, 1723-4.*


Matthew and Deborah Wilson, Apr. 10, 1688.*


Martha and Andrew Hoffmaster, Mar. --, 1688.*


Martha Ann, d. of Henry of Waldoboro, Me., a. 18 y., and Woodbury Wiggin, s. of James, of Barrington, N.H., a. 21 y., b. in Durham, N.H., July 28, 1844.

ACKERSON (also see Arkerson)

Albert, s. of William, a. 23 y. and Ann H. Dane, d. of Joseph, dec., a. 24 y., Oct 31, 1844.
George W., s. of William, a. 28 y., and Martha Ann Bailey, d. of Isaiah, a. 24 y., Oct 31, 1844.
Leonard and Sarah Sloane, both of Boston, Sept. 28, 1841.*

ADAMS (also see Addams)

Aaron Jr., and Caroline H. Gilmore, both of Newton, Apr. 17, 1845.*
Abigail and John Robins, Apr. 9, 1705. CR1*
Abigail and Joseph Convers of Medford, Oct. 19, 1800.
Amos, Rev. (of Roxbury, int.), and Elizabeth Prentice, Oct. 18, 1753.
Amos of Medford and Lydia Adams, Apr. 19, 1790.*
Anna and Peter Tufts Jr. (of Charlestown, int.), Apr. 19, 1750.
Anna and Timothy Tufts (of Medford, Me.), May 7,1 761.
Anna and Richard Hay, Mar. 25, 1781.*
Anna and James Hill, Oct 11, 1796.*
Betsy and David Hill, Sept. 13, 1799.*
Catharine of Medway, and Lewis Wheeler, int. Mar. 28, 1828.
Climena R., a. 25 y., and William Henry Newhall, s. of Archelaus, a. 27 y., both of Lynn, June 9, 1845.*
Daniel and Phebe Britton, June 3, 1793.*
Ebenezer Thomas and Polly Goodwin, in Charlestown, June 20, 1784. CR1*
Ezekiel F. and Sarah Jane Griffin, Feb. 18, 1844.
Hannah and James Holden, in Charlestown, Feb. 17, 1708-09.*
Hannah and Walter Russell (of Charlestown, int.), Dec. 17, 1761.
Hannah and Peter Tufts 3d of Charlestown, July 22, 1773.
Hannah F. (Hannah Foster of West Cambridge, int.), and William W. (William Waton, int.) Munroe, Aug. 7, 1842.
Henry of Lexington, and Sarah K. (Sarah Kent, CR1) Hawkins of Charlestown, Oct. 8, 1835.*
Jabez F. and Mary J. Walker, Oct. 10, 1848.
Joel and Sibble Stone of Medford, Oct. 23, 1788.*
John and Anne -----, in England, ---- 16--. CR1*
John and Joanna Munroe of Lexington, in Lexington, July 9, 1771.
John and Ruth Perry, Dec. 2, 1773.
John and Elizabeth Gardner (of Charlestown, int.), Nov. 18, 1777.
John and Hannah Phelps, July 6, 1786.*
John Jr. and Susanna Cutterl, Apr. 5, 1798.*
John P. of Boston, and Harriet C. Skinner, int. Sept. 21, 1843.
Joseph and Margaret Eames, Feb. 21, 1687-8.*
Joseph and Rachel Allen of Weston, in Weston, June 26, 1718.*
Jospeh Jr. and Martha Frost, Jan. 10, 1740.
Joseph Jr. and Hannah Hall, Sept. 11, 1750.
Joseph 3d and Lucy Kent, Sept 6. 1770.
Joseph of Lincoln, and Priscilla Martin, in Watertown, July 23, 1795.*
Joseph of Charlestown, and Phebe Preston Moore, Jan. 15, 1801.
Lucretia and Ethen Wetherby, Dec. 31, 1775.
Lucy and John Cutter Jr., May 21, 1745.
Lucy and John Cutter 3d, Feb. 4, 1777.
Lucy of Charlestown, and William Frost, in Charlestown, Jan. 10, 1799.*
Lydia and Edward Russell, May 9, 1787.*
Lydia and Amos Adams of Medford, Apr, 19, 1790.*
Lydia M., d. of James, a. 24 y., b. in Limerick, Me., and Sullivan Balcom, s. of Henry of Roxbury, a. 24 y., b. in Sudbury, May 31, 1846.
Margaret and Thomas Russell of Charlestown, Nov. 25, 1788.*
Margeret and Samuel Lock Jr. (3d int.), May 16, 1771.
Martha and Samuel Tufts (2d of Medford, int.), May 11, 1769.
Martha Ann of Newton and Rev. John Nichols of Quincy, in Newton, Dec. 28, 1837.*
Mary and Nathan Tufts (of Charlestown, int.), June 6, 1751
Mary and Benjamin Winship, Apr. 4, 1788.*
Mary and Nathaniel Russell of Charlestown, Mar. 8, 1795.*
Mary and Jonathan Bowers Winn, both of Burlington, Sept. --, 1802.*
Mary of Lexington, and J. T. Boynton, int. May 7, 1843.
Mary and Abbot R. Davis, Sept 20, 1849.
Mary A., d. of Dudley, a. 19 y., and Edward Kershaw, a. 24 y., both of Charlestown, May 18, 1848.*
Nancy D. of Lowell, and Eldad Butler, Oct. 11, 1846.
Nathaniel M. and Eunice (Emma, int.) A. Child, Jan. 1, 1838.
Nehemiah, Rev., and Martha Hooper of Marblehead, int. Dec. 21, 1831.
Rebecca and Samuel Kent (of Charlestown, int.), Nov. 27, 1740.
Rebeccah and Nathaniel Patten, Nov. 24, 1669.*
Roger of Newton, and Mary Russell, int. Aug. 11, 1805.
Sally of Waltham, and Ebenezer Swan Jr., in Waltham, Oct. 9, 1791.*
Samuel and Sarah Turner (both late of Charlestwon, int.), Feb. 25, 1776.
Samuel and Mary Ross of Boston, int. Mar. 5, 1831.
Samuel and Claria Ames, May 19, 1813.
Sarah and James Perry, Oct. 19, 1773.
Sarah E. and Joseph S. Potter, int. Nov. 8, 1846.
Susanna and Gershom Teel of Medford, Oct. 3, 1776.
Susanna and George Prentiss Jr., int. Apr. 20, 1804.
Thomas (of Worcester, int.) and Anna Frost, Sept. 22, 1737.
Thomas and Elizabeth Bowman, Sept. 15, 1754.
Thomas and Martha Stone of Shrewsbury, in Shrewsbury, May 28, 1780.*
Thomas and Nancy Wyman, Nov. 28, 1805.
William and Sarah Hill, June 14, 1750.

ADDAMS (also see Adams)

George and Martha Fisk, Jan. 28, 1683.*
Joseph and Rebecah Cutter, Jan. 18, 1710-11.*
Margaret and Lieut. Daniel Dean (Dane, CR1) of Concord, Dec. 27, 1705.*


Leonard of Boston and Catherine F. Waldmere, Oct. 14, 1849.

AEGUR (also see Egar)

William and Hester Cole, Apr. 13, 1680.*

AEMSDEN (also see Amsden, Emsden)

Isaac and Jane Rutter, May 17, 1677.*


Charles (of Provicence, int.), and Lucy E. Metcalf, May 22, 1836. CR1


Francis and Lydia Elliot, int. Mar. 30, 1838.


Caroline Ann of Boston, and William B. Child, int. July 5, 1836.


Samuel and Sarah Brackett, Mar. 24, 1667-8.*


James, s. of James, a. 25 y., b. in Boston, and Susan McBridge, d. of Daniel, a. 25 y., b. in Ireland, int. Nov. 25, 1849.*


W. W. (William W., int), and Deborah B. Bangs, Aug. 28, 1837.


John (Rev. Jr. of Shelburne, int.), and Ann M. (Ann Maria, int) Chamberlain, Nov. 24, 1833.
Joseph and Mary Cheever of Saugus, int. Oct. 7, 1825.
Solomon and Betsey Wiley of South Reading, int. Nov. 4, 1826.
Susan M. of New Bedford, and Smith C. Moffit, int. Aug. 9, 1846.


Clark Jr. and Maric M. Wheelock of Townsend, Vt., int. Mar. 17, 1838.


Caroline A., a. 20 y., and Eleazar Porter, a. 26 y., Sept. 5, 1849.
Eliza, of Windham, N.H., and Daniel Davis of Lowell, in Lowell, Aug. 16, 1840.*
Stephen and Caroline Copps, Oct. 14, 1827.


Samuel B. and Mary Goddell (of Roxbury, int.), Apr. 25, 1830.


Abigail B. and West Robinson (Jr. int.), Feb 2, 1845.
Alfred Jr. and Louisa J. Murdock, Aug. 21, 1842.*
Andrew and Elizabeth Watson, Dec. 31, 1826.
Charlotte and Caleb Henry Neal of Charlestown, Jan. 15, 1846.*
Clarisa of Windsor, Conn., and Whiting Cooley, int. Sept. 25, 1819.
Eliza of Roxbury, and Samuel Slocomb, int. Jan. 4, 1826.
Elizabeth and David Frost, May 8, 1777.
Frances E., wid., dau of Amasa T. Thompson of Boston, a. 24 y., and Thomas M. Wells, s. of Thomas, a. 23 y., Jan. 31, 1847.
Frances E. and John Thomas, int. Dec. 14, 1848.
George and Hannah White, Sept. 6, 1756.*
George F. of Waltham, and Martha A. Barker, int. Apr. 5, 1841.
Heman, Hon., of (Highgate, int) Vermont, and Eliza David Fay (d. of Hon. Samuel P. P., CR2), Mar 5. 1844.
James and Ann Bickford, both of Boston, Sept. 10, 1835.*
Jane and James Moore, int. May 7, 1848.
Joel and Julia Barter, June 17, 1849.
Johanna and Michael Kessler, int. May 27, 1842.
John, s. of James of Ireland, a. 28 y., and Sarah Ross, dau of William, a. 23 y., June 15, 1845.
John and Sarah Wallace, in Boston, Aug. 4, 1846.
Joseph of Watertown, and Elizabeth Robbins, Dec. 19, 1700.*
Joseph, Rev., of Northborough, and Lucy Clark Ware, Feb. 3, 1818.
Joseph S., widr., of New York, s. of S. C. Townsend, a 45 y., and Sarah E. Valentine, d. of Charles, a. 27 y., Oct. 12, 1849.
Lois Ann of Woburn, and George A. Morse, May 1, 1845.
Margaret and John Peacock of Boston, Apr. 5, 1849.
Martha of Boston, and Hon. William Brattle Esq., int. Oct 11, 1755.
Mary of Newton, and Ralph Day Jr., int. Sept. 13, 1830.
Nabby and James Draper of East Sudbury, June 15, 1826.
Olivia and Henry Woods, int. Aug. 17, 1828.
Orville and Lydia H. Jones of Newburyport, int. Nov. 1, 1846.
Patience and Thomas Hall, July 10, 1729.*
Phanny and Zacheus Whitney, Apr. 19, 1821.
Rachel of Weston, and Joseph Adams, in Weston, June 26, 1718.*
Samuel P. of Boston, and Harriet J. Morse, int. Sept. 16, 1837.
Sarah and James Black, Aug. 10, 1848.
Susan and John H. Munro, Nov. 9, 1841.
Walter M. and Almira Davenport, Nov. 20, 1828. CR10
William and Catherine Grassay, Oct. 16, 1843.

ALLEY (also see Ally)

Betsey T. of Brookline, and Royal M. Parks, int. Sept 1, 1822.


William and Joanna Sullivan, int. July 17, 1842.


Elizabeth and Henry Kinsley Jr., Nov. 1, 1840.


Washington and Martha Remington Dana, June 1, 1830.


Francis V. and Margaret Savage, June 15, 1840 (June 14, CR9).

ALLY (also see Alley)

Abygal of Townsend, and Jason Williams, in Townsend, Sept. 10, 1772.


Margaret and John Shiverer, Mar. 29, 1842.


Jacob of Boston, s. of Jacob (and Abigail, CR1), a. 23 y., and Lucy Ann Coolidge, d. of George (and Caroline, CR1), a. 21 y., Oct. 6, 1847.


Ann Jane and Joseph G. Heald of Pepperell, int. Aug 5, 1840.
Claria and Samuel Adams, May 19, 1831.
Edward and Mrs. Mary H. Stodder, int. Feb. 11, 1827.
Elijah and Sarah E. Bassett of Charlestown, int. Nov. 23, 1833.
Elizabeth J. and Elias Howe Jr., Mar. 3, 1841.
George W. and Caroline Jones of Berlin, May 20, 1838.
Hepzibah of Andover and Nathaniel S[?]impson in Andover, Nov. 17, 1793.*
John G. and Martha Greenwood of Brighton, int. Sept. 27, 1846.
Lavina F. of Boston and John F. Hilton, int. Oct. 31, 1825.
Mary Jane, dau of Simon, dec., a. 25 y., and Charles Stevens, s. of Elijah, a. 29 y., b. in Concord, Aug. 1, 1846.
Phebe of North Bridgewater, and Welcome White Jr., int. Dec. 4, 1844.
Ruth and Edmund Angier, -----, 16 --. CR1.*
Winslow and Mary A. Tucker, int. Mar. 16, 1839.


Angelina and Rev. William Howe of Boston, int. Sept. 1, 1838.
Sylvia A. and Hervey I. Parker, in Boston, Feb. 8, 1842.*


David and Jerusha Jennison of Newton, in Newton, Sept. 9, 1792.*
Jonathan Jr. of Boston, and Mehitabel Cutler, int. Sept. 12, 1801.

AMSDEN (also see Aemsden, Emsden)

Isacke and Frances Perriman, June 8, 1654.*
William and Hellen Hoyt, June 17, 1810.


Emily (Emily H., int), and Thomas H. Earle of Lexington, May 16, 1845. CR10.
Mary and James H. Mills (of Boston, CR10), Dec. 28, 1848.*
Susan Jane and William Jones, Dec. 19, 1847.

ANDREW (also see Andrewes, Andrews)

Elizabeth and Thomas Stone, June 18, 1730.*
Reana and Robert Daniel, May 2, 1654.*
Samuel and Elizabeth Cooper, Apr 10, 1741.*
Susanna and Isaac Wilson, July 19, 1685.*
Thomas and Martha Eccles, Oct. 30, 1673.*

ANDREWES (also see Andrew, Andrews)

Thomas and Rebeccah, -----, 16 --. CR1.*

ANDREWS (also see Andrew, Andrewes)

Adeline P., dau of Winthrop, a. 25 y., b. in Newcastle, Me., and Henry B. Phelps, s. of Merrick, a. 23 y., b. in Marlboro, May 6, 1849.
Elizabeth and William Gedney of Salem, May 25, 1704.*
Elizabeth Ann of Ipswich, and Prof. Sidney Willard, int. Dec. 10, 1815.
Joanna H. and Charles Haskell, Mar. 22, 1838.*
John, Rev., of Newburyport, and Margarett Wigglesworth, Sept. 8, 1789.*
John D. of Ipswich, and Elizabeth L. Gannett, Apr. 2, 1814.
Rebeckah and Samuell Bowman, Nov. 21, 1700.*
Samuel and Elizabeth White, Sept. 22, 1652.*
Seeth and Zechary Hickes, June 26, 1704.*
Thomas and Jerusha Robbins, Jan. 1, 1826.


Abiel and Isaac Watson, Aug. 27, 1725.*
Dorothy (Jr., int) and Rev. Gad Hitchcock (of Hanover, int.), Dec 22, 1748.
Edmund and Ruth Ames, -----, 16 --. CR1.*
Edmund and Anna Batt, June 12, 1657.*
Edmund and Abile Hovey, in Charlestown, Apr. 9, ---- [recorded amongs marriages of 1717].*
Hannah and Rev. Ebenezer Gay (of Suffield, int.), July 5, 1742.
Mary and Rev. Joshua Prentice (of Holliston, int.), Nov. 9. 1743.
Mary and Edmund Winship, Dec. 3, 1789.*
Sarah and John Hildreth (late of Boston, int.), Jan. 5, 1776.
Sybil and Daniel Farnum (of Newbury, int.), July 11, 1740.
William and Ruth Whittemore, Sept. 15, 1742.
William, Capt., and Elizabeth Dana, Dec. 18, 1760.


Joseph D. of Boston, and Abigail Redman, Dec. 2, 1819.


Daniel of Ipswich, and Elizabeth Berry, June 8, 1715.*
Elizabeth and Dr. Isaac Rand (of Charlestown, int.), Jan. 10, 1754.
Fanny Elizabeth of Boston, and Prof. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, int. June 13, 1843.
John (Consul for U.S. in France, int.), and Sarah Fayerweather, Mar. 29, 1807.
Margaret and Rev. Joshua Prentice (of Holliston, int), Jan. 9, 1755.
Mehitable and Rev. Samuel Haven (of Portsmouth, N.H., int.), Jan. 11, 1753.
Nathaniel, Rev., and Margaret Gibbs of Watertown, in Watertown, June 25, 1719.*


John B. and Abigail H. Miller, both of Boston, Apr. 2, 1843.*

ARKERSON (alsos ee Ackerson)

George W. and Hannah R. Homan of Roxbury, int. Nov. 26, 1846.
George W. and Ann Maria Dane, Oct. 7, 1849.
Maria, d. of William, a. 19 y., and John W. Wentworth of Brookline, s. of Nathaniel of Brighton, a. 22 y., Apr. 3, 1845.


William and Caroline Peirce, both of Boston, Aug. 31, 1846.*


James and Phebe Tibbets, int. Mar. 17 ,1837.


Simeon and Elizabeth Jones, int. Nov. 6, 1824.


Elizabeth (Astie, CR1), and William Jones, Mar. 28, 1776.*


William M. and Eunice M. Butterfield, May 4, 1845.

ASPINWAL (also see Aspinwall)

Joseph, Capt., of Brookline, and Sarah Smith, int. Nov. 6, 1742.

ASPINWALL (also see Aspinwal)

Joanna of Brookline, and Nathaniel Griggs, in Brookline, Dec. 23, 1799.*
Mary and John Goave, Oct. 6, 1658.*
Samuel of Brookline, and Sybil Sparhawk, in Brookline, June 4, 1713.*
Samuel (of Brookline, int), and Sybil Sparhawk, May 25, 1758.
Thoamas (Jr. int.) of Brookline, and Lucy Sparhawk, in Brookline, Oct. 4, 1762.


Ann Eliza and William Smith of Quincy, int. Jan. 19, 1841.
Eliza, dau of Henry & Mary, and Samuel Frothingham, Oct. 1, 1810. GR3.*
Joshua and Elizabeth H. Carnes, Aug. 28, 1825.*
Lucy G. of Newburyport, and John Read, int. Apr. 26, 1845.


Evelina and Alexander Lorimer, int. Jan. 12, 1839.
Hannah and Edward Newhall of Charlestown, Feb. 12, 1839.
Thomas and Evelina Sawyer, Oct. 29, 1832.

ATWELL (also see Atwill)

Louisa of South Reading, and Jacob Eaton, int. Oct. 10, 1833.

ATWILL (also see Atwell)

John B. and Emeline N. Smith of Stow, int. June 22, 1843.


Abner of Boston, and Frances (Frances P., int.) Cobb, Apr. 23, 1838.
Maria A., dau of James, a. 24 y., b. in Chatham, and Herbert D. Ward, s. of Ira (and Eliza Ann, int.), a. 24 y., b. in Charlestown, Nov. 8, 1849.
Rebecca G. of Chatham, and Joseph F. Davis, int. Aug. 8, 1847.
Samuel S. and Mary Jane Grey of So. Andover, int. June 17, 1849.


Deborah and Benjamin Carpenter (Esq. int), July 16, 1823. (July 14, CR1).
Ebenezer and Polly Bunker of Charlestown, Dec. 26, 1786 (Dec 25, CR1).
James Trecothick, L.L.D., and Catharine (Gerry, int.), Oct. 2, 1806. GR3
Loring of Boston, and Sarah Wendell Orne, int. Oct. 24, 1818.
Mary, of Charlestown, and Capt. Ebenezer Stedman, in Charlestown, Jan. 4, 1764.
Mary and Rev. Samuel Kendal, Nov. 20, 1783.*
Richard T. (Rev. of Wayland, int.), and Susan S. Austin, July 6, 1837.
Susan S. and (Rev. int) Richard T. Austin (of Wayland, int), July 6, 1837.
Thomas of Boston, and Martha Frost, Mar. 22, 1807.
William B. and Laura A. Dudley, int. Oct. 13, 1844.


Nathan and Harriet N. Bellows of Needham, int. Oct. 17, 1835.
Sibel and Thomas Graves of Charlestown, Sept. 9, 1708.*
Susan W. of Newton, and Samuel C. Russell, int. Oct. 25, 1846.

AYER (also see Ayers, Ayres)

Stephen and Catherine McLanahan of Lowell, int. Aug. 22, 1847.
Thomas Prentice of Charlestown, and Lucy Adelaide Watson, May 31, 1843. CR10

AYERS (also see Ayer, Ayres)

Ebenezer and Mary Griggs, Aug. 14, 1791.*
Mary C. and William hall, int. Oct. 20, 1844.
Mary C. and John McKeevers, int. Dec. 17, 1846.


Francis and Lydia J. Thomas, int. Dec. 25, 1844.

AYRES (also see Ayer, Ayers)

Betsy and Luther Brigham of North Brookfield, int. Oct. 14, 1827.
Elizabeth and Atwood Smith, int. June 8, 1844.
Joseph and Susanna Brooks, Mar. 6, 1765.
Mary Ann C. and Thomas Kelly, int. Aug. 14, 1844. Banns forbidden by Mary C. Ayers, Aug. 24, 1844.

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