Cambridge, MA Vital Records to 1850 [Marriages]
Published by: The New England Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1914
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surnames Babbidge to Binney

* =Intention not recorded.


Levi F., s. of Levi of Deer Island, Me., a. 24 y., and Nancy (Mary, int.) Jane Cummings, d. of Elisha, a. 23 y., Oct. 24, 1848.

BABCOCK (also see Badcock)

Mary of Boston, and James B. Barnes, int. June 9, 1832.
Moses of Boston, and Rhoda Carleton, May 26, 1831.
Samuel and Elizabeth Swift of Dorchester, in Dorchester, Oct. 20, 1783.*


Adelia of Rockport, and John S. Ladd, int. June 28, 1841.

BACHELDER (also see Bacheller, Batchelder, Batcheller)

Greenleaf and Julia Ann Dow, Nov. 7, 1840.

BACHELLER (also see Bachelder, Batchelder, Batcheller)

Stephen Jr., Esq., of Royalston, and Sarah W. Moore, Jan. 17, 1816.


Juliet P. and Francis Warner, Oct. 15, 1840.


Charlotte, Mrs. and Aaron B. Cutler, int. Apr. 6, 1844.
Elizabeth of Bedford, and David Robinson of New Ipswich, June 4, 1794.*
George (of Attleborough, int.), and Lucretia Hyde, June 15, 1836.
Henry, Rev., and Eliza Ann Munroe of Charlestown, int. Sept. 28, 1836.
John W. of Natick, s. of John, a. 29 y., and Amelia A. Jeffers, d. of Mary Bell, a. 22 y., Apr. 20, 1848.
Mary K. and Dexter Bailey, both of Natick, Dec. 13, 1842.*
Stephen and Lucy Robbins, Nov. 23, 1797.*
Susan Wilson, and Timothy Jones of Bedford, Sept. 6, 1821.
Tileston and Nancy McIntier of Danvers, int. Jan. 17, 1824.

BADCOCK (also see Babcock)

Allice and Ebenezer Fessenden, int. Apr. 16, 1742.


Abby G. and George H. Davies, Dec. 23, 1841.
Benjamin of Charlestown, and Mrs. Eliza Stone, Apr. 2, 1840.
Eliphalet of Danvers, and Elizabeth Wallis, int. Aug. 5, 1820.
Harris and Katharine Felch, June 2, 1731.*
Mary of Charlestown, and William Prentice, in Charlestown, Nov. 6, 1729.*
Stephen, Rev., and Abigail Hill, Sept. 20, 1753.
William and Hephzibah Prentice, June 29, 1727.*


Sarah Lucy, and James M. Phipps, both of Charlestown, in Charlestown, Dec. 26, 1839.*


Abigail and George Langdon of Boston, int. May 15, 1836.


James and Mary Brown, int. Dec. 6, 1823.

BAILEY (also see Bayley)

Ann Maria, and Isaac C. Holmes, Apr. 2, 1846.
Dexter and Mary K. Bacon, both of Natick, Dec. 13, 1842.*
Elizabeth D. and Horatio Davis, Apr. 22, 1838.
Joanna and Marcus Latham of Boston, Apr. 29, 1845.
Joseph and Rebecca Colson, Aug. --, 1826 (int. Aug 12, 1826).
Joseph of New London, Conn., and Adeline Dowell, Sept. 29, 1847.
Laura S. of Charlestown, and Bickford Lang, May 31, 1845.
Lucy A. (Lucy Ann, int.), and Samuel Cox Jr., Oct. 31, 1839.
Martha Ann, dau. of Isaiah, a. 24 y., and George W. Ackerson, s. of William, a. 28 y., Oct. 31, 1844.
Thomas H. and Eliza Boutelle of Boston, int. Aug. 4, 1835.


Augustus, s. of Lewis, a. 28 y., b. in Shrewsbury, and Lucia A. Haynes of Sudbury, dau of Israel, a 22 y., int. Oct. 21, 1849.


Abel of Boston, and Sarah Reed, int. Nov. 11, 1807.
Benjamin and Abigail Robins of Newton, in Newton, May 24, 1774.
Elizabeth and Benjamin Davis of Brooklyn, Feb. 17, 1791.*
Elizabeth and Joseph Pierce, Oct. 21, 1821.
James S. of Boston, and Esther Dunham, June 8, 1846.*
John and Hannah Learned, Apr. 21, 1806.
Mary A. and Peter C. Kimball of Fall River, Nov. 20, 1845.
Mary Ann Elizabeth, and Edward Fielding, Jan. 11, 1829.
Matilda S. and Royal F. Hall, int. Mar. 18, 1849.
Nancy of Lincoln, and Nathan Crane, int. Aug. 26, 1804.
Nathaniel and Sally Smelledge of Boston, int. Sept. 23, 1809.
Sarah and Seabas Jackson, Apr. 19, 1671.*
William and Sarah Crackbone, Oct. 17, 1698. CR1.*

BALCH (also see Baulch)

Ann or Dorchester, and John Wheeler, int. Dec. 22, 1818.
Ann A. of Boston, and Francis D. Kidder, int. Jan. 18, 1834.
Christian and John Phillips Jr., Nov. 30, 1767.
Elizabeth and William Dickinson, Aug. 14, 1808.
Eunice B., dau. of Leonard Lyon (and widow of John Balch, CR1), a. 33 y., and John H. Sturtevant, s. of Reward, a. 24 y. (b. in Waterville, Me., int.), Nov. 29, 1849.
John and Eunice P. Lyon, Sept. 8, 1835.
Mary and Isaac Brown (of Watham, int.), Apr, 19, 1738.
Mary S. and John Stearns of Weston, int. Oct. 8, 1846.


Sullivan, s. of Henry of Roxbury, a. 24 y., b. in Sudbury, and Lydia M. Adams, dau of James, a. 24 y., b in Limerick, Me., May 31, 1846.


Abigail F., d. of Asa of Templeton, a. 17 y., and John M. Williams, widr., of Boston, s. of Luke of Hubbardston, a. 26 y., Mar. 23, 1846.
Asa R. and Mary Deland of Danvers, int. July 20, 1833.
Elizabeth and Ebenezer Hovey of Newton, in Newton, Apr. 4, 1768.
Loammi, Esq. and Anne Williams of Boston, int. May 5, 1816.
Nicholas and Margaret Landrigan, int. Jan. 23, 1848.
Sewell and Rebecca Hyde of Newton, int. Dec. 24, 1836.


Eliazer of Concord, and Sarah Merriam, June 14, 1688.*
Mary of Charlestown, and Thomas Edes, Nov. 27, 1788. CR1.*
Mary, of Dublin, N.H., and Charles Beck, int. Feb. 18, 1824.
Mary B. of Concord, and Charles H. Saunders, int. Aug. 26, 1849.
Robert, Capt. (of Boston, int.), and Mary Webber, Dec. 9, 1765.


Ebenezer and Rhoda Jackson, int. -----, 1812.
Eley T. and Joseph C. Langley, Jan. 18, 1846.
Martha, dau. of Joseph (and Priscilla, CR1), a. 20 y., and Obed Porter of Boston, s. of Joseph (and Esther, CR1), a. 26 y., Nov. 30, 1848.
Mary P., dau of Joseph (and Priscilla, CR1), a. 23 y., and James B. Kent, s. of James M. (and Fanny, CR1) of East Chester, N.H., a. 21 y., Dec. 10, 1844.
Samuel and Hannah Belcher, Sept. 2, 1678.*
Sarah and Caleb Dana Jr., May 24, 1756.
Sarah Ann and Benjamin Darling, Mar. 6, 1828.


Latimer W. and Sarah Ann Hunnewell, Oct. 20, 1836.

BALSTONE (also see Boylestone)

Abigail and John Fuller, June 30, 1682.*


Cato and Mary Cutler, Dec. 4, 1791.* Negroes.
Eunice and Joseph Follett, both of Boston, Apr. 30, 1843.*
Franklin of Pembroke, N.H., and Eunice Gilson, May 10, 1833.*
Lydia B. of Danvers, and John P. Whiton, int. May 24, 1846.
Mary of Pepperell, and William Dana, in Pepperell, Nov. 28, 1770.

BANG (also see Bangs)

Abigail F. and Peter Negress, June 23, 1833.

BANGS (also see Bang)

Anne R. (Anne Rebecca, int.), and Alanson Bigelow of Boston, Nov. 1, 1836.
Deborah B. and W. W. (William W., int.) Alcott, Aug. 28, 1837.
Dillingham of Boston and Louisa Tilly, int. Oct. 27, 1821.
Isaiah of Montreal, Canada, and Deborah (Deborah K., int.) Bigelow, Nov. 5, 1815.
Julia Ann and Wilder Bennett, Sept. 13, 1827.


Lydia and William Reed Jr., Dec. 24, 1776.*


Mary, Mrs., and Miles Sampson, both of Charlestown, Oct. 1, 1843.*


Bridget and Barney Gibney, int. Apr. 12, 1833.


Alexander and Margaret Stinson of Charlestown, int. Sept. 14, 1842.
Betsy, Mrs., and Jesse Wilson, Nov. 20, 1825.
Charles and Mary Ann Smith, int. Nov. 12, 1836.
Jenny and Zealous Colton, Oct. 12, 1788.*
Martha T. G., and R. Van C. Emerson, int. Apr. 8, 1849.
Mary and Christopher Dunkin, int. July 20, 1835.
Mary A. and Andrew J. Hastings, int. Oct. 17, 1849.
Roland Y., s. of Samuel, a. 21 y., b. in Mt. Vernon, Me., and Margaret R. Cade, dau of George L., dec., a. 20 y., Nov. 25, 1849.
William and Elizabeth Clifford, June 17, 1765.


Jonathan and Deborah Goodwin of Charlestown, in Watertown, Apr. 12, 1706.*


Benjamin and Phebe Johnson, Jan. 14, 1798.*
Eliza M. and John Kent, both of Boston, Aug. 30, 1827.*
Francis of Boston, s. of John (and Mary, CR1), a. 23 y., and Jane N. Perkins of Bristol, Me., d. of Enoch (and Mary, CR1), a. 19 y., Nov. 14, 1847.*
James Jr. and Mary Hilton, int. Nov. 25, 1825.
John and Polly Doone, Feb. 20, 1820.
John D. and Sarah Hopkins, int. June 10, 1823.
Jonas and Mary Burns, May 17, 1786.*
Martha A. and George F. Allen of Waltham, int. Apr. 5, 1841.
Mary Ann and Albert Eaton of Charlestown, int. Jan. 28, 1838.
Mary Jane of Charlestown, and Isaac H. Clark, May 24, 1843.*
Nancy A. and Joseph James of Buckport, Me., int. Mar. 29, 1846. Countermanded Mar. 20, 1846.
Rebecca and Jsoeph Whittemore, June 20, 1819.
Sophia and Daniel E. Pope of Waltham, int. July 5, 1837.
Stephen and Sarah Ann Brooks, July 27, 1823.


John Ryal, and Betsy Hovey, Sept. 6, 1792.*
Lewis (of Daysville, Ill., int.), and Esther Hiscock, Oct. 17, 1842.
Mary and Jno Chadwick, Oct. 30, 1674.*

BARNARD (also see Bernard)

Alfred and Mary Welch, Oct. 17, 1842.
Elizabeth and Samuel Morse of Boston, May 11, 1800.
Esther (Esther M., int.), and William Livermore, July 19, 1836.
George and Sarah Stratton, in Lexington, Mar. 31, 1762.
Hannah and Samuel Goffe, June 25, 1656.*
Lucinda K. and David Eaton, int. Nov. 13, 1833.
Lydia (of Watertown, CR1), and Aaron Wood, Esq. (of Boxford, CR1), May 8, 1776.*
Mary and William Barratt, June 16, 1662.*
Mary A. of Lynn, and James H. Osgood, int. Apr. 24, 1840.
Mercy and James Nutting, in Watertown, Feb. 17, 1726-7.*
Phebe, Mrs., and James Fillebrown, May 24, 1798.*
Sabra Ann of Watertown, and Royal P. Deshon, in Watertown, Sept. 7, 1843.
Sally, Mrs. and Edward L. Gray, int. July 4, 1844.
Silas, Dr., of Woburn, and Phebe Russell, in Woburn, Jan. 8, 1784.*
Thomas, Rev., of Andover, and Lydia Goffe, in Andover, July 20, 1704.*

BARNES (also see Barns)

Cummings M., s. of John, a. 21 y., and Emily A. Stevens, dau of Jonas, a. 18 y., May 31, 1845.
James B. and Mary Babcock of Boston, int. June 9, 1832.
James F. and Adelaide B. Smith of Boston, int. Mar. 2, 1844.
James (Jonas, int.) Lee of Boston, and Olive Lambert, May 13, 1827.
Jane and John Leighton, int. Aug. 10, 1834.
John and Elizabeth J. (Elizabeth Johnson, int.) Warren of Charlestown, Oct. 5, 1848.
Julia ann and Edward A. Tyler of New Orleans, int. Aug. 22, 1840.
Louisa (Barney, int), and Rufus L. Bruce of Boston, May 21, 1834.
Mary A. of Roxbury, and John S. White, int. July 16, 1844.
Sarah A. (Sarah Ann, int.) and Dennis Long, June 9, 1849.
Timothy P., a. 25 y., and Mary A. Hurd, dau of James, a. 23 y., Apr. 13, 1845.


John P. of New Orleans, and Elizabeth Redman, int. July 27, 1834.

BARNEY (also see Barny)

Sarah A. and John Shattuck, int. June 28, 1846.

BARNS (also see Barnes)

Nathan and Hannah Clarke, June 19, 1803.

BARNY (also see Barney)

Eliza A. (Benny, int.), and Federal Boynton, May 8, 1834.

BARON (also see Barron)

Laura Jeftfs (of Boston, CR1), and Thomas K. (Thomas H., CR1) Dudley of East Sudbury, Apr. 25, 1816.*

BARRAT (also see Barratt, Barret, Barrett)

William and Sarah Champney, Aug. 19, 1656.*

BARRATT (also see Barrat, Barret, Barrett)

William and Mary Barnard, June 16, 1662.*

BARRET (also see Barrat, Barratt, Barrett)

Daniel and Margaret Manning, Nov. 10, 1737.
Daniel and Elizabeth Barret, Nov. 5, 1761.
Elizabeth and Daniel Barret, Nov. 4, 1761.
John and Ruth Champney, May 5, 1737.*

BARRETT (also see Barrat, Barratt, Barret)

Bartholomew and Rebeckah Warland, July 23, 1706.*
Caleb and Damarus Smith of Marlboro, int. Oct. 13, 1770.
Elizabeth and Edward Fillebrown, Apr. 16, 1801.
Joel (of Concord, int.) and Sarah Russell Wyman, Jan. 10, 1822.
John and Eliza Jane Fifield of Lowell, int. Nov. 27, 1838.
Jonathan and Susanna Robbins, Aug. 24, 1783.*
Joseph, Esq., of Concord, and Sophia Fay, Aug. 22, 1814.
Joseph of Barre, and Sally Hagar, int. Apr. 3, 1830.
Lidea and Arthur Coale, Nov. 27, 1673.*
Mary and Thomas Stevens, Sept. 30, 1771.
Mary and John Doak, July 24, 1803. GR3.*
Oramel G. of Boston, and Emeline Smith, Jan. 24, 1847.
Rutha and Oliver Blake, Nov. 30, 1813.
Samuel and Anne J. Eddy of Middleboro, int. Nov. 2, 1829.
Sarah and Oliver Blake, Nov. 29, 1798.*
Sarah and William F. H. Weld of Boston, Jan. 1, 1817.
Sarah and John Sawtell of Groton, int. Jan. 30, 1824.
Thomas and Elizabeth Cook, Dec. 6, 1771.
Thomas and Mercy Cook, Feb. 4, 1787.*
William and Mary Sparhawk, Oct. 8, 1673.*
William and Mary Church of Watertown, in Watertown, Dec. 28, 1727.*

BARRON (also see Baron)

Elizabeth A. and Charles R. Beers, int. July 5, 1835.
Harriet of Charlestown, and Rufus Shattuck, int. Feb. 1, 1838.


John, B.A. (of Plymouth, int.), and Sarah Manning, Oct. 22, 1767.
Salome of N. Providence, and William Porter, June 9, 1824.*
William, Rev., of Norton, and Elizabeth A. Cate, Oct. 24, 1849.
William O. and Adeline C. Hastings of Waltham, int. Feb. 4, 1832.


Benjamin K. and Amanda Jewell, Nov. 24, 1842.*


Charlotte and Charles Bryant, int. Feb. 2, 1833.
Mary and John Porter, int Apr. 30, 1825.


Rebecca and Edward Winship, May 14, 1683.*

BARTELLS (also see Battles)

Annis (Bartles, int), and Lucinda Bullard, Mar. --, 1821.


Julia and Joel Allen, June 17, 1849.

BARTHRICK (also see Batherick, Bathrick, Baverick)

Mary and Jeremiah Steward, int. Feb. 24, 1776.

BARTLET (also see Bartlett)

John (of Boston, int.) and Tabitha Kidder, May 3, 1759.
Patience and Edward Thwing, int. Oct. 16, 1747.

BARTLETT (also see Bartlet)

Abiah and Jonathan Sanders, Oct. 24, 1669.*
Abigail J. W., dau of David, a. 15 y., and Hamilton Town, s. of Merritt, a. 23 y., b. in Albany, N.Y., Dec 23, 1849.
Amittai and Enoch Davis, June 5, 1825.
David (David C., int.) and Mary Hawes, May 16, 1832.
Joel and Sophia Phillips of Templeton, int. Aug. 22, 1823.
Joseph and Mary Wayte, Oct. 27, 1668.*
Mary and Thomas Thwing, May 19, 1730-1.*
Mary and William Buttrick Jr. of Dracut, Apr. 28, 1799.*
Mary and Lyman Moore of Lancaster, Dec. 25, 1834.
Nancy of Northborough, and Abraham Munroe, int. Mar. 7, 1832.
Olive E. and Loring F. Langley, int. Sept. 28, 1844.
Thankful R. of Northborough, and William Maynard, int. Aug. 16, 1833.


Caroline A. and Clinton Fairbrother, Feb. 5, 1844.
Leify and Seth Gay of Watertown, Sept. 24, 1818.*


William, Rev., of Fitchburg, and Catharine B. Gannett, Jan. 1, 1806.


Jean Baptiste Arthur of Charlestown, s. of Jean Baptiste Arthur, a. 21 y., b. in France, and Maria Amelia Ann De le Chouste, dau of Francis and Sophe Lane, a. 20 y., b. in France, int. Dec. 24, 1849.


David Jr. and Rebecca Jane Carr of Deering, N.H., int. Mar. 12, 1845.
Jonathan H. of Quincy, and Susan Rand, Nov. --, 1834.


Dinah (Dinah S., int.) and Isaac Davison, Nov. 20, 1842.
Isaac A. and Hannah S. (L., int.) Conant, Mar. 23, 1842.
Rosanna M., a. 18 y., and William H. Taylor of Boston, a. 22 y., Dec. 2, 1847. Colored.
Sarah E. of Charlestown, and Elijah Ames, int. Nov. 23, 1833.
William F. of Boston, and Diana S. Lewis, Apr. 24, 1827. Colored.

BATCHELDER (also see Bachelder, Bacheller, Batcheller)

Adeleine, Mrs., and Thomas Work, Aug. 27, 1843.
Elizabeth B. of Charlestown, and Herny (J. Henry, int.) Patch, Apr. 7, 1844. CR10
Mary R. and Gaius Thompson of Holliston, Apr. 21, 1836.*
Sarah, Mrs., and ----- McMann, Nov. 17, 1826.*
Shubael L. and Adaline Meriam, Oct. 21, 1832.

BATCHELLER (also see Bachelder, Bacheller, Batchelder)

Francis and Sarah Kollock of Canton, int. Apr. 13, 1826.

BATE (also see Bates, Bats, Batt, Batts)

George and Roxana Stackpole, Nov. 11, 1821.

BATES (also see Bate, Bats, Batt, Batts)

Cyrenius and Eunice Hayson of Waltham, int. Oct. 11, 1837.
Elizabeth A. and George W. Palmer (of Boston, int.), Nov. 22, 1838.
Erastus C. and Martha Merritt, Oct. 17, 1841.
Jacob H. and Elizabeth Wait of Boston, int. Mar. 8, 1812.
John A. (John Adams, int.) and Susan Nichols, July --, 1827.
Joseph and Mary Snow, Jan. 9, 1772.
Lydia and Aaron Parker, Jan. 1, 1801.
Maria of Boston, and George Newhall, int. June 1, 1837.
Mary and Nathan Walton of Rindge, Jan. 19, 1803.
Mary and Horatio C. Meriam of Lowell, Sept. 15, 1832.
Sarah and John Warland Jr., June 20, 1805.
Susanna Hill and Luke Pool, int. Oct. 25, 1800.
William and Susan H. Sawyer, June 25, 1822.
William and Rowena Divoll, Dec. 15, 1842.

BATHERICK (also see Barthrick, Bathrick, Baverick)

Solomon and Rebecca Russel, int. Mar. 3, 1843-4.
Timothy and Bulah Prentice, int. Mar. 24, 1759.

BATHRICK (also see Barthrick, Batherick, Baverick)

Elizabeth and James Brooks (of Concord, int.), Dec. 26, 1745.
John and Ruth Hook, Dec. 24, 1747.

BATINSON (also see Battingson, Bettinson)

Cordelia (Cordelia I., int.) and William H. Grives, May 10, 1837.

BATS (also see Bate, Bates, Batt, Batts)

George and Abigail (Abigail Hall, int.) Jones, Jan. 22, 1828.


Mary and Thomas Prentice, Nov. 6, 1701.*
Sarah and James Reade, Aug. 12, 1714.*

BATT (also see Bate, Bates, Bats, Batts)

Anna and Edmund Angier, June 12, 1657.*

BATTINGSON (also see Batinson, Bettinson)

Edward W. and Sarah H. Kinsly, July 27, 1837.

BATTLES (also see Bartells)

Edward of Salem and Martha Cottle, int. Dec. 22, 1828.
Mary C., dau of Sherman, dec., a. 30 y., b. in Orange, and Holbrook A. Ward, widr., s. of Samuel of Orange, a. 45 y., Dec 31, 1848.

BATTS (also see Bate, Bates, Bats, Batt)

John, Lieut., of Lynn, and Rebecca Lock, int. Apr. 11, 1778.

BAULCH (also see Balch)

Benjamin of Charlestown, and Mary Prentice, Jan. 4, 1710-11.*

BAVERICK (also see Barthrick, Batherick, Bathrick)

Anna and Richard Robbins, Jan. 2, 1700-01.*
Thomas and Elizabeth Beeger, Oct. 9, 1701.*


Isaac of Pawtucket, s. of Seth, a. 27 y., and Mary A. Talcott (Tallack, int.), June 18, 1848.
Samuel and Joanna French of Holliston, int. Aug. 23, 1806.
Susan and Ephraim H. Taylor, int. Apr. 5, 1843.


Mary F. and John A. Davies, int. Sept. 6, 1846.

BAYLEY (also see Bailey)

Augustus R. and Sarah Wells, Nov. --, 1847 (int. Nov. 14, 1847).
Daniel and Elizabeth Mallett (both of Charlestown, int.), Mar. 28, 1776.
Mary and Lieut. William Brown, int. Oct. 13, 1744.
Theresa M. of Boston, dau of Jesse, a. 36 y., b. in Reading, and Samuel J. Johnson, widr., s. of Nathan, a. 42 y., b. in Grafton, Sept. 16, 1849.

BAYLIES (also see Baylis)

Deborah H. and Boardman Williams of Boston, Nov. 7 1813.
Helen Maria and Sewell Wood of Townsend, Vt., Mar. 22, 1827.
Lois of Sudbury, and William C. Hunnewell, Aug. 7, 1808.

BAYLIS (also see Baylies)

Sophia and Leonard Hunnewell, Mar. 22, 1801. CR1


Elizabeth, Mrs., and Charles Meyen, int. July 31, 1840.


Joseph (James, int.) and Mary Reed, Sept. 14, 1779.

BEAL (also see Beale, Beals)

John F., s. of David, a. 22 y., and Harriet Palmer, dau of Thomas, a. 21 y., Dec. 30, 1849.*

BEALE (also see Beal, Beals)

Thomas and Sarah -----, ----, 16--. CR1

BEALS (also see Beal, Beale)

Mary and Benjamin Smith, Esq., of Boston, May 12, 1824.
Susanna and John B. Phelps, int. Oct. 9, 1803.
Thomas (of Newton, int.), and Mary Cooper, June 6, 1779.


Ezra M. and Harriet B. Abbott, Dec. 20, 1838.


Alvah and Abigail Ward, July 10, 1831.
Cutting (of Charlestown, int.), and Susanna Stacey, Dec. 27, 1744.
Harriet of Warner, N.H., and Marshall Kemball, int. Dec. 8, 1827.
Harriet and Charles Wait of Charlestown, int. Nov. 2, 1833.
John H. and Sarah A. Jones, Feb. 6, 1842.
Simon W. of Deerfield, N.H., and Belinda Clark, int. Nov. 29, 1839.
Simon B., s. of James of Tuftonboro, N.H., a. 23 y., b. in Sandwich, N.H., and Achsah M. Chase, dau of John of Tuftonboro, N.H., a. 21 y., Aug. 24, 1845.


Mary and Joshua Gamage, July 10, 1777.


Esther M. and Francis Newell, int. Sept. 21, 1844.


Charles and Mary Ball of Dublin, N.H., int. Feb. 18, 1824.
Charles and Mrs. Theresa Phillips of Boston, int. Sept. 7, 1831.
Elizabeth and Robert F. Steward, int. Sept. 13, 1846.
Elizabeth, wid., a. 33 y., and Joseph Lopez, widr., s. of Benjamin, a. 47 y., June 6, 1847.
John and Nancy Durgain, June 13, 1830.
John and Elizabeth Gerrite, July 12, 1832.
John and Ellen West, int. July 22, 1849.
John C. Jr. and Elizabeth Brooks, int. Feb. 2, 1822.
William (Daniel, int.) and Eliza Green, Mar. 14, 1827.


Michael and Eliza Hunt, int. Dec. 10, 1838.


Lyman, Rev., D.D., of Cincinnati, O., and Lydia Jackson, int. Sept. 23, 1836.

BEEGER (also see Begar)

Elizabeth and Thomas Baverick, Oct. 9, 1701.*

BEEMUS (also see Bemis, Bemus)

Phillip and Elizabeth Lawrence, Nov. 21, 1723.*


Charles R. and Elizabeth A. Barron, int. July 5, 1835.
Joseph of Charlestown, and Lydia Frothingham, June 1, 1806.
Matilda (Matilda F., int) of Boston, and Henry M. Whitcomb, Oct. 25, 1829.
Sarah and Isacke Sternes, June 28, 1660.*


Sarah and Jacob Chandler of Charlestown, Oct. 19, 1828.

BEGAR (also see Beeger)

Francis and Elizabeth Lynn, Feb. 15, 1697-8. CR1.*


Andrew and Elizabeth Danforth, dau of Nicholas, -----, 16--. CR1.
Elizabeth and Piam Blower, Mar. 31, 1668.*
Catherine (Catherine M., int), and Samuel A. Noyes (of Worcester, int.), Dec. 13, 1836.
Eunice of Boston, and Otis Danforth, int. Feb. 9, 1817.
Hannah and Samuel Ballard, Sept. 2, 1678.*
Jemima and Joseph Scill, Dec. 5, 1660.*
John and Catharine Morse, July 19, 1818.
Lucy and Charles Willard, Dec. 26, 1822.
Martha and Jonathan Remington, July 13, 1664.*
Mary and Joseph Russell, June 23, 1662.*
Mary and Edward Stow, int. Aug. 25, 1770.
Mary Elizabeth, dau of John (and Catherine, CR1), a. 25 y., and Andrew S. Waitt, widr., s. of Nehemiah (and Elizabeth W. CR1), a. 31 y., Oct. 26, 1846.*
Mary Emilia Elizabeth of Boston, and Dr. Timothy Lindall Jennison, Thursday, Aug. 26, 1790.*
Samuell and Mary (Sarah, CR1) Brown, Dec. 27, 1726.


Bridget of Boston, and John M. Bowers, int. Aug. 8, 1840.


Jason and Ruth Payne, Jan. 9, 1770.
Joseph Jr. and Lydia Wilson, Jan. 5, 1773.
Ruth and Seth Wyman of Charlestown, int. May 21, 1774.
Thomas and Jane Cheeney, in Boston, Mar. 6, 1693-4.*
William and Mary Bullard, int. Oct. 26, 1827.


Anna C. of Roxbury, and Frederick E. Wright, int. Nov. 6, 1847.
Emily S. of Boston, and Dr. Alonzo S. Grenville, in Boston, Oct. 28, 1844.
Mary of Roxbury, and David Morse, int. Nov. 16, 1822.
William (of Boston, int) and Martha Hill, Aug. 9, 1767.


Patrick (or Belyea) and Catherine Caldwell, int. May 13, 1844.


Ann and John Fagan of Boston, int. June 11, 1848.
Robert, s. of Lawrence, a. 37 y., b. in Ireland, and Elizabeth Linan, dau of John, a. 20 y., b. in Ireland, Nov. 8, 1849.


Abigail and Isaac Lawrence, Apr. 19, 1682.*
Harriet N. of Needham, and Nathan Avery, int. Oct. 17 ,1835.
Samuel and Mary Wyeth of West Cambridge, int. Mar. 4, 1809.


Robert, s. of Lawrence, a. 37 y., b. in Ireland, and Elizabeth Lyner, dau of John, a. 20 y., b. in Ireland, int. Oct. 23, 1849.

BEMIS (also see Beemus, Bemus)

Ann of Boston, and Eliphalet Davis, int. Sept. 21, 1822.
Charlotte and Abel Wheeler (of Boston, int.), Dec. 3, 1833.
Elizabeth of Charlestown (Watertown, int.), and Samuel Butterfield, July 14, 1774.
Eunice of Waltham, and Noah Russell, in Waltham, Sept. 12, 1782.*
Lydia of Waltham, and Amos Frost, in Waltham, Aug. 14, 1785.*
Martha of Weston and Josiah Wood, int. Nov. 22, 1806.
Philip and Lydia Dix of Waltham, in Waltham, Feb. 22, 1749.
Samuel and Elizabeth Robinson of Lexington, Nov. 16, 1775.
Zaccheus and Hannah Maria Garfield, int. Apr. 19, 1839.

BEMUS (also see Beemus, Bemis)

Abigail and Lieut, John Brown, Mar. 19, 1778.
Abigail of Waltham, and Cooper Frost, in Waltham, Sept. 11, 1787.*
Lydia and Nathaneil Fessenden of Lexington, int. Apr. 6, 1768.
Mary of Waltham and Stephen Palmer Jr., in Waltham, Mar. 12, 1777.


Abigail of Ashburnham, and Samuel Keyes, int. Dec. 7, 1811.
Anna of Watertown, and Josiah Morse, in Watertown, Apr. 11, 1754.
Daniel S. of Lincoln, s. of William, a. 25 y., b. in Lincoln, and Frances C. Ingalls, dau of John R., a. 17 y., b. in Charlestown, Jan. 20, 1847.
Irene of Boston, and Emery Willard, int. Mar. 17, 1826.

BENNAM (aso see Bennem)

Mary A., Mrs. (Mary Ann, int.), and Horatio N. Hovey, Oct. 27, 1839.

BENNEM (also see Bennam)

Barrent J. of New York, and Mary Ann Kinsley, Dec. 22, 1830.

BENNET (also see Bennett)

Amos and Dolly B. Dunklee, June 24, 1823.
Martha (of Charlestown, int), and Samuel Hill, Oct. 15, 1765.
Mary and Jabez Westcott, Mar. 15, 1779.
Wilder and Julia Ann Bangs, Sept. 13, 1827.

BENNETT (also see Bennet)

Hervey (Burnett, int) of Boston, and Charlotte L. Bisby, Mar. 6, 1820.
Mary D., wid., dau of John Morrison of Moultonboro, N.H., a. 33 y., and Nathaniel J. Hadley, widr., s. of Benjamin of Somerville, a. 29 y., Oct. 3, 1844.
Oscar F. and Cynthia H. Dutton of Lowell, int. Sept. 27, 1845.


Eliza Ann and Joel Dillingham, Nov. 21, 1837.
Mary L. and Robert Henry Fuller, Jan. 20, 1848.
Nathaniel T., Rev., of New Bedford, and Catherine E. D. Matcalf, June 18, 1834. CR2
Newell and Betsey Kendall, int. Sept. 14, 1805.
Newell and Mary E. Trowbridge, June 19, 1833.
Susan Maria and Joseph Porter, int. Dec. 29, 1832.


Michael of Charlestown, and Mercy Hicks, in Charlestown, Nov. 12, 1724.*

BERNARD (also see Barnard)

Abigail (Barnard of Watertown, CR1), and Elijah Mead, Nov. 10, 1778.*


Daniel C. of Boston, a. 34 y., and Mary Gaines, wid., dau of Noah Haley of Hollis, Me., a. 34 y., Aug. 17, 1845.
Elizabeth and Daniel Appleton of Ipswich, June 8, 1715.*
Margaret and John Leveret, in Boston, Nov. 25, 1697.*
Sophia and Josiah B. Dockum, Apr. 17, 1842.

BETTINSON (also see Batinson, Battingson)

Harriet L. and David H. Lane, July 13, 1845.
James W. and Charity Ann Paine, b. in Lansingburg, N.Y., Jan. 2, 1845.
James W., widr., s. of William of Wisconsin, a. 25 y., and Louisa M. Norton, dau of Henry, a. 21 y., June 17, 1847.
William H. and Mehitable Orcutt, Jan. 31, 1843.


Roxanna, dau of James S., dec., a. 21 y., and Jabez Fisher, s. of Jabez, a. 21 y., Oct. 8, 1845.


Ann and James Allen, both of Boston, Sept. 10, 1835.*
Minerva D., wid., of Danville, Vt., dau of G. W. (and Adah, CR1) Drew, a. 26 y., and Charles B. Prentiss of West Cambridge (s. of Amos and Hannah, CR1), a. 24 y., Nov. 27, 1845.*
Moses W. and Lorenzo S. Savage, both of Natick, Feb. 22, 1844.*
Zilpha and David W. Wyman, int. July 4, 1841.


Sarah and Isaac Hill, Jan. 12, 1679.*

BIGELOW (also see Biglo, Biglow)

Alanson of Boston, and Anne R. (Anne Rebecca, int.) Bangs, Nov. 1, 1836.
Benjamin and Mary Wyman (of Woburn, int.), June 13, 1751.
John R. and Lucinda Fogg, Aug. 10, 1847.
Marshall T., s. of Abraham (and Louisa B., CR1), a. 25 y., and Caroline P. Warland, dau of John (and Priscilla, CR1), a. 21 y., Oct. 21, 1847.
Thaddeus B. and Polly D. Cutler, Oct. --, 1822.

BIGLO (also see Bigelow, Biglow)

Prudence of Holden, and Jonathan Edmunds, in Holden, Nov. 16, 1758.

BIGLOW (also see Bigelow, Biglo)

Deborah (Deborah K., int), and Isaiah Bangs of Montreal, Canada, Nov. 5, 1815.
Lucy and George Thacher Jr. of Saco, Me., int. Nov. 30, 1817.


Amelia H. L. and Hervey Davis, Apr. 27, 1842.
Elizabeth W. and Lucien S. Southard, int. Oct. 29, 1848.

BIGSBEE (also see Bisby, Bixby)

Mephibosheth of Andover, and Mary Emmons, May 28, 1713.*

BILLING (also see Billings)

Sukey and John Hill Jr., in Stoughton, Mar. 23, 1794.*

BILLINGS (also see Billing)

Dolly and Edmund Marble of Ashburnham (Ashby, int.), Apr. 23, 1848.
Eliza and Caleb Simonds, int. Dec. 10, 1803.
Hannah and Jonathan Nutting of Medford, in Medford, June 15, 1725.*
Nathaniel and Lydia Luxford, Mar. 29, 1709. CR1.*
Sarah, dau of Mary of Boston, a. 21 y., and Levi L. Cushing, s. of Levi L. of Boston, a. 22 y., Jan. 16, 1848.


Mark and Maria D. Granger, int. May 30, 1835.


Susannah and William Bordman, Mar. 15, 1753.


Amos, Dr., s. of Amos and Hannah, and Mary Ann Binney, dau of John and Sarah, Dec. 20, 1827. GR3.*
Barnabas and Jane Binney, June 6, 1828.
Hannah (of Charlestown, int.) and Joshua Lovell Jr. of Boston, June 17, 1834.
Jane and Barnabas Binney, June 6, 1828.
Mary Ann, dau of John and Sarah, and Dr. Amos Binney, s. of Amos and Hannah, Dec. 20, 1827. GR3.*
Moses and Betsey Perham of Boston, Oct. 24, 1838.
Susanna (Susannah T., int.) and Robert P. Tuten, Mar. 12, 1829.

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