VITAL RECORDS OF HAMILTON, Massachusetts [marriages]
To the Year 1850
Published by the Essex Instutute
Salem, Mass. 1908.

Transcribed by: Dave Swerdfeger


George W., Rev. and Mary Marsh of Haverhill, int. Apr. 25, 1835.


Ann of Stratham, N.H. and Francis Quarles, jr. int. Sept. 7, 1805.

KILLAM(see also Killiam)

Isaac of Salem and Elizabeth Woodberry, Dec. 24, 1800. C.R.*

KILLIAM(see also Killam)

Hannah and Oliver Obear of Wenham, int. Sept. 4, 1802.

KIMBAL(see also Kimball)

Josiah M. of Wenham and Alethea Dodge, int. Dec. 26, 1812.
Lydia and Edmund Batchelder, both of Wenham, July 22, 1817. C.R.

KIMBALL(see also Kimbal)

Harriet N. and Abraham Patch,jr. of Wenham, int. Apr. 1, 1843.
Isaac W. of Ipswich, a. 21 y., s. Isaac and Anna and Susan A. Dane, a. 17 y., d. George and Mary, Dec. 5, 1848.*
John C. of Ipswich and Mary Ann Whipple, Dec. 29, 1823. C.R.*
Sally of Wenham, a. 18 y., and Charles Parsons of Wenham, a. 23 y., shoemaker, s. Caleb and Mary, Sept. 9, 1847.*


Anna of Ipswich and Benjamin Potter, at Ipswich, Apr. 8, 1794.
Bethiah, Mrs. of Wenham and Nicholas Woodberry, int. Apr. 30, 1831.
Hannah, Mrs. of Salem and Daniel Rust, int. Sept. 22, 1832.
Jacob and Abigail Staniford, Feb. 23, 1837.*
Jacob B. of Ipswich and Bethiah Dodge, int. Apr. 10, 1802.
Polly and Ephraim Annable, Dec. 27, 1808. C.R.*
Simon of Ipswich and Elizabeth B. Stone, July 12, 1829.*
Susan P. and John F. Harris of Manchester, Aug. 28, 1838.*
William, jr. of Ipswich and Sarah Brown, int.---,1802.
William and Nancy D. Green of Kensington, N.H., int. Jan. 6, 1838.


Nehemiah[of Topsfield. int.], and Polly Goodhue, Mar. 27, 1810. C.R.*

KNOLTON(see also Knowlton)

Martha and John Cummings of Topsfield, int. Dec. 10, 1803.
Moses and Eunice Cummings of Topsfield, int. Oct. 19, 1805.

KNOWLTON(see also Knolton)

Abigail and William K. Patch, Apr. 30, 1839.*
Amme and Abraham Hobbs jr. of Topsfield, Oct. 20, 1796. C.R.*
Ann of Wenham and Henry Dodge, jr., int. Aug. 20, 1831.
Anna and Andrew Woodberry, jr., Apr. 18, 1830.*
Annise and William Foster, June 22, 1797. C.R.*
Edmunt[jr. int.] and Lydia Patch, Dec. 10, 1818. C.R.*
Eliza and Isaac Patch, jr.[of Gloucester. int.], Jan. 10, 1828. C.R.*
Elizabeth and Daniel Cummings of Topsfield, Feb. 14, 1797. C.R.*
Enoch F. cordwainer, s. Edmund, and Elizabeth M. Patch[of Wenham, Feb. 17, 1848. int.].*
Esther and Daniel Rust, Feb. 2, 1794. C.R.
Esther and Ens. Joseph Knowlton, May 29, 1836.*
Ira P. shoemaker and farmer, s. Edmond, and Esther L. Appleton, a. 23 y., d. George, May 8, 1845.*
Isaac and Patty Woodberry, Feb. 25, 1801. C.R.*
Isaac, Capt. and Mrs. Nancy Knowlton of Wenham, int. Nov. 5, 1836.
Ivers and Susan Patch, Nov. 10, 1814. C.R.*
Ivers and Mrs. Sarah Shepherd of Marblehead, int. Sept. 24, 1842.
James and Nancy Allen of Manchester, int. May 22, 1813.
John jr. and Nancy Dodge of Wenham, int. Dec. 26, 1818.
Joseph, Ens. and Esther Knowlton, May 29, 1836.*
Josiah and Esther Woodberry, Apr. 13, 1815. C.R.*
Levi and Peggy Woodberry, Apr. 20, 1809. C.R.*
Levi and Mrs. Bethiah Poland, Nov. 7, 1830.
Lucinda and Francis R. Allen, Mar. 3, 1842.*
Lydia and James Burnham of Chebacco, Nov. 6, 1798. C.R.*
Marcy and Aaron Dodge, Nov. 22, 1827. C.R.*
Margaret and Josiah Woodberry, int. June 6, 1846.
Martha and Epes Tarr of Gloucester, Dec. 29, 1823. C.R.*
Martha L. and Augustus Dodge of Wenham, int. Nov. 8, 1834.
Nancy and Jeremy Woodberry of Beverly, Mar. 27, 1798. C.R.*
Nancy, Mrs. of Wenham and Capt. Isaac Knowlton, int. Nov. 5, 1836.
Nathan and Mrs. Elisabeth Dodge of Wenham, int. Apr. 18, 1829.
Olive and Enoch Gilman, Sept. 22, 1805. C.R.*
Polly and Benja[min] Burnham9jr. int.] of Chebacco, Nov. 3, 1799. C.R.*
Sally and Adam Reddington, both of Wenham, Dec. 4, 1800. C.R.
Sally of Wenham and Thomas Perkins jr. of Topsfield, July 1, 1804. C.R.
Sally, Mrs.[Miss. int.] and Joseph Patch, jr. Nov. 27, 1806. C.R.*
Sarah D. and Zebulum Burnham, Feb. 21, 1837.*
William of Wenham and Lucy Woodberry, Apr. 15, 1800. C.R.*
William and Sally Woodberry, Oct. 3, 1802. C.R.


Nathan, Dr. of Gloucester and Mary Harding, feb. 22, 1801.*
Polly and Erza Fisk, Dec. 31, 1800. C.R.*
William[4th. int.] of Ipswich and Lydia Woodberry, June 24, 1830.*


Abigail and Joseph C. Conant, May 3, 1827. C.R.*
Anna of Tosfield and Ephraim Dodge, int. Feb. 24, 1810.
Asa, Capt. of Beverly and Elisabeth Dodge, Feb. 11, 1808. C.R.*
Jervis and Lucy Ann Whittredge, Nov. 8, 1843. C.R.*
Joshua and Elizabeth F. Brown of Ipswich, int. Mar. 6, 1841.
Lydia and Sam[ue]ll Adams, Feb. 4, 1794. C.R.
Lydia A. and Jacob L. Patch, Apr. 13, 1836.*
Obadiah and Fanny Baker of Ipswich, int. Jan. 2, 1802.
Relief and Daniel Merrill of Wenham, June 16, 1828.*
Thomas A. and Mary Ann Brown of New Salem, int. Oct. 3, 1840.
Tho[mas] Appleton and Sarah S. Dodge, Apr. 24, 1836.*
Zacharia[Capt. int.] of Beverly and Mary Brown, Oct. 11, 1807. C.R.*

LARCOM(see also Larcome)

Mary Elizabeth of Beverly and Luther Ordway, int. Aug. 5, 1843.
Mishael West of Beverly and Nancy Edwards, int. Nov. 20, 1802.

LARCOME(see also Larcom)

Henry of Beverly and Fanny Ellingwood, Nov. 27, 1800. C.R.*


Benja[min] and Betsey Bean, both of manchester, at Manchester, Mar. 21, 1799. C.R.


Jacob and Sarah Woodberry, Feb. 26, 1801. C.R.*


Daniel of Ipswich and Eunice Goodhue, Nov. 30, 1797. C.R.*


Ann Maria and Jacob Brown, jr., Nov. 28, 1839.*


Mary Louisa, of Newmarket, N.H. and Dr. Enoch Faulkner, Esq., int. Sept. 45, 1812.
Rebeccah D. of Ipswich and Henry Buck, int. Sept. 12, 1812.


Daniel Edwin, a. 24 y., mason, s. Nath[anie]l A., and Caroline E[lizabeth. int.] Marshall of Beverly, a. 22 y.,, b. Beverly, d. Timothy, Dec. 27, 1849.*
Esther and Job Smith, Jan. 9, 1794. C.R.
Henry P. farmer, s. Nathaniel A., and Mary W. Preston of Beverly, b. Beverly Farms, d. Thomas, of Beverly, Nov. 16, 1846.*
Hetty, Mrs. and Joseph Patch jr., Oct. 4, 1795.C.R.*
Joanna L. and Thomas Preston, 2d of Beverly, Apr. 7, 1842.*
Joseph and Sarah Goldsmith of Andover, at Andover, Dec. 11, 1794.
Joseph, Capt. and Phebe Faulkner of Bluehill, Me. int. Sept. 12, 1829.
Martha and George Patch, Dec. 25, 1827. C.R.*
Mehetable and George Appleton, May 29, 1821. C.R.*
Nath[anie]ll[A. int.] and Joanua Preston of Beverly, Dec. 16, 1813. C.R.*
Polly and David Roberts, May 21, 1797. C.R.*
Sally and Oliver Whipple, Mar. 13, 1823. C.R.*
Sukey and Capt. Eben[eze]r Dodge, July 14, 1807. C.R.*
William and Angeline Jefferson of Wenham, int. Sept. 21, 1833.


John H., a. 27 y., farmer, b. Nova Scotia, s. Daniel and Ann, and Rachel W. Dodge, a. 19 y., d. Elbridge and E., May 8, 1849.*


Jemina of Ipswich and Manassah Dodge, int. Sept. 25, 1803.


Betsey and Daniel Cogswell[of Ipswich. int.], Dec. 31, 1795. C.R.*
Eleanor M.[McLellan. int.], and Robert F[rancis. int.] Dodge, Sept. 25, 1828.*
Hannah and Joseph Ward of Gorham, July 22, 1800. C.R.*
Jasper and Sally Choate of Essex, int. Apr. 22, 1820.
John and Elizabeth Cummings of Topsfield, int. Aug. 25, 1804.
Martha and Elisha Bennet[of Union, Me. int.], Feb. 7, 1813. C.R.*
Tamma and Simon Gammon of Bath, Nov. 11, 1806. C.R.*


James of salem and Hannah B. Dodge, Sept. 6, 1832.*


Nancy T. of Wenham and Edward Davenport of Salem, Dec. 31, 1848.


John of Albany N.Y. and Martha W. Patch, Mar. 6, 1838.*


Lydia and Azor Stone, int. Feb. 4, 1809.


Mary of Haverhill and Rev. George W. Kelly, int. Apr. 25, 1835.


Caroline E[lizabeth. int.] of Beverly, a. 22 y.,b. Beverly, d. Timothy, and Daniel Edwin Lovering, a. 24 y., mason, s. Nath[anie]l A., Dec. 27, 1849.*
Timothy, Capt. of Beverly and Mary Poland, int. Dec. 10, 1803.


Mary Ann and William Henrys, Oct. 26, 1830.*


Susanna and Martan Jemerson, both of Manchester, at Manchester, Mar. 21, 1799. C.R.


Nabby and Asa Brown, int. Jan. 13, 1809.


William of Haverhill and Louise Rust, Apr. 14, 1822. C.R.*


Samuel, widr., a. 25 y., cordwainer, s. Samuel and Lydia, and Mrs. Lydia Burnham of Beverly, a. 27 y., d. Israel and Lydia Gray, Dec. 26, 1848.*


Daniel of Wenham and Relief Lamson, June 16, 1828.*


Charles and Olive B. Hawkins, int. Jan. 25, 1845.


Charlotte Maria, a. 23 y., b. Gloucester, d. [Capt. int.] Benjamin, and Joseph Felt Dodge of Boston, a. 25 y., merchant, s. James[B. int.] and Hannah, Dec. 18, 1849.


Lucy and Andrew Thistle of Beverly, int. Aug. 25, 1804.


Rachel and Hamilton Brown, Jan. 5, 1818. C.R.*


Nathan S. and Lucretia P. Green of Ipswich, int. Nov. 8, 1841.


Charlotte and John Crampesey, both of Beverly, May 24, 1823.
Mary of Beverly and Capt. George Goodhue, int. Nov. 4, 1837.


Nirum and Martha Ann Dodge, May 4, 1837.*


George of Wenham and Anna Patch, Jan. 13, 1814. C.R.*
George and Hannah M. Call of Salem, Aug. 25, 1835. C.R.*


Hannah of Essex and Daniel Whipple, int. Dec. 16, 1826.
Oliver of Essex and Elizabeth K. Patch, d. Joseph, jr., Jan. 1, 1845.


Gorham of Gloucester and Eliza Patch, Dec. 25, 1823. C.R.*
Stephen of Gloucester and Hannah Brown, Jan. 23, 1798. C.R.*


William of Newburyport and Elizabeth Brown, int. June 3, 1796.


Oliver of Wenham and Hannah Killiam, int. Sept. 4, 1802.


Luther and Mary Elizabeth Larcom of Beverly, int. Aug. 5, 1843.


Bard Plummer of Bradford, N.H., and Louisa T. Cressy, Oct. 1, 1842.


James jr., of Beverly and Nabby Chandler, int. Dec. 1, 1804.


Charles of Wenham, a. 23 y., shoemaker, s. Caleb and Mary, and Sally Kimball of Wenham, a. 18 y., Sept. 9, 1847.*
William H. and Harriet French of Canton, int. Sept. 28, 1839.


Abraham, 2d, and Sally Dodge of Wenham, int. Oct. 29, 1819.
Abraham, Lt., and Susan Brown[2d. w. C.R.], Aug. 5, 1829.*
Abraham, Lt., and Relief Snow, Apr. 21, 1840.*
Abraham jr., of Wenham and Harriet N. Kimball, int. Apr. 1, 1843.
Anna and George Norris of Wenham, Jan. 13, 1814. C.R.*
Benj[amin]. 3d, and Fanny Brown of Ipswich, int. Dec. 16, 1815.
Betsy and Daniel Rust, Mar. 17, 1842.*
Daniel and Elisabeth Gould of Ipswich, int. Nov. 9, 1822.
Ednah and Parker Roberts, May 3, 1802. C.R.[May 15. int.]*
Eliza and Gorham Norwood of Gloucester, Dec. 25, 1823. C.R.*
Elizabeth K., d. Joseph jr., and Oliver Norton of Essex, Jan. 1, 1845.*
Elizabeth M.[of Wenham. int.] and Enoch F. Knowlton, cordwainer, s. Edmund[Feb. 17, 1848. int.]*
Emeline and Silsbee Adams, s. John, Nov. 28, 1844.*
Esther and Nehemiah Woodberry, June 3, 1841.*
George and Martha Lovering, Dec. 25, 1827. C.R.*
Hannah and Thomas Davenport of Newburyport, Apr. 8, 1810. C.R.*
Hannah W. and Benjamin B. Pingree of Haverhill, May 4, 1830. *
Hepzibath and Prince Stetson of Newburyport, Feb. 23, 1806. C.R.*
Ira H. of Salem and Hannah Dodge, Oct. 20, 1829.*
Isaac jr.[of Gloucester. int.] and Eliza Knowlton, Jan. 10, 1828. C.R.*
Jacob L. and Lydia A. Lamson, Apr. 13, 1836.*
James jr. and Mrs. Dorothy Woodberry, Dec. 10, 1795. C.R.
James and Mary Annable, May 10, 1838.*
Joseph jr. and Mrs. Hetty Lovering, Oct. 4, 1795. C.R.
Joseph, Capt., and Mary Cleaves, int. Jan. 1, 1803.
Joseph jr. and Mrs.[Miss. int.] Sally Knowlton, Nov. 27, 1806. C.R.*
Josiah of Salem and Elizabeth Dodge, int. Jan.---,1803.
Levi of Salem and Martha C. Giddings, Apr. 30, 1838.*
Lydia and Davis Allen jr. of Beverly, int. Feb. 10, 1800.
Lydia and James Baker, Nov. 24, 1814. C.R.*
Lydia and Edmund Knowlton[jr. int.] Dec. 10, 1818. C.R.*
Martha, Mrs., and Ire Cheever, Mar. 20, 1823. C.R.*
Martha W. and John McHarg of Albany, N.Y., Mar. 6, 1838.*
Mary and Thomas Roberts, Dec. 3, 1793. C.R.
Mary and Zachary Whitman of Wenham, at Wenham, Oct. 25, 1798.*
Mary and John Adams, June 26, 1804. *
Mary B. and Levi Hobbs of Beverly, int. Jan. 10, 1829.
Michael and Amy Hobbs of Topsfield, int. Dec. 15, 1821.
Nabby and Israel D. Brown, Dec. 27, 1814. C.R.*
Nancy and James Potter, Mar. 17, 1808. C.R.*
Oliver and Anna Whipple, Oct. 13, 1830.*
Paul and Hannah Wallis, Jan. 15, 1800. C.R.*
Paul and Elizabeth Dodge, 2d, Feb. 23, 1808. C.R.*
Paul D., and Harriot C. Brickett of Haverhill, int. Jan. 20, 1849.
Polly and William Dodge, 3d[of Beverly. int.], Nov. 28, 1805. C.R.*
Polly and Green Chase of Topsfield, Aug. 3, 1828.*
Sally and Samuel Fisk of Wenham, at Wenham, Oct. 19, 1795.
Sally W., and Josiah Bradstreet[of Topsfield. C.R.], July 6, 1828.*
Samuel and Hannah Adams, May 10, 1825. C.R.*
Sarah and Ivers Knowlton, Nov. 10, 1814. C.R.*
Sarah E., and Nathaniel Whipple, Apr. 27, 1836.*
Sukey and Theodore Gibbs of Wenham, Dec. 3, 1818. C.R.*
Tracy, Capt. and Martha Safford, Nov. 3, 1812. C.R.*
William C. and Deborah S. Burnham of Essex, Oct. 10, 1831.*
William K. and Abigail Knowlton, Apr. 30, 1839.*


Thomas of Beverly and Sarah Augusta Dodge, Feb. 1, 1833.


John of Danvers and Margaret Brown, Apr. 23, 1822. C.R.*

PEARCE(see also Pierce)

Edward [H. int.] of Gloucester and Mary Brown, Apr. 4, 1824. C.R.*


Elbridge G. and Mary Ann Blazedel of Topsfield, int. May 18, 1833.


Hannah and Joshua Porter, Dec. 1, 1805. C.R.*


Eunice and Ephraim Goodhue, Oct. 23, 1817. C.R.*


Joseph and Susannah Peel of Andover, int. July 6, 1839.
Susannah of Andover and Joseph Peel, int. July 6, 1839.


Aaron of Wenham and Sally Perkins, int. Feb. 22, 1817.
Elizabeth, a. 26 y. and Aaron L. Caswell, a. 36 y. laborer, s. Simon, Oct. 26, 1848.*
Priscilla W. of Ipswich and W[illia]m Clark jr., int. Dec. 2, 1820.
Sally and Aaron Perkins of Wenham, int. Feb. 22, 1817.
Sarah of Ipswich and Thomas Roberts, int. Jan. 2, 1802.
Thomas jr. of Topsfield and Sally Knowlton of Wenham, July 1, 1804. C.R.


Margaret[of Manchester. int.] and Asa Adams, Oct. 10, 1896. C.R.


Emily of Salem and Joseph Poland, M.D., int. Apr. 20, 1844.


Susan K., of Salem and Peter H. Jowders, int. Dec. 18, 1847.

PIERCE(see also Pearce)

Elisabeth and Henry Cole, Oct. 8, 1798. C.R.*


Oliver and Anna Smith of Ipswich, int. Nov. 12, 1808.


Benjamin B. of Haverhill and Hannah W. Patch, May 4, 1830.*


Andrew and Bethiah Annable, int. Feb. 13, 1802.
Bethiah and Adoniram Goodhue, Oct. 6, 1834. C.R.*
Bethiah , Mrs. and Levi Knowlton, Nov. 7, 1839.*
Bridget and Samuel Story, Apr. 23, 1812. C.R.*
David of Ipswich and Bethiah Woodberry, int. Dec. 8, 1811.
Eliza, Mrs. and James Jones, Apr. 17, 1820. C.R.*
Elizabeth W., d. Oliver and Francis Goodhue of Danvers, int. Nov. 2, 1844.
Joseph, M.D. and Emily Phelps of Salem, Nov. 28, 1844.*
Lefee and Andrew Woodberry of Beverly, int. Feb. 3, 1811.
Mary and Capt. Timothy Marshall of Beverly, int. Dec. 10, 1803.
Oliver and Susanna Woodberry, int. Nov. 5, 1803.
Ruth of Ipswich and Solomon Cole, int. Apr. 4, 1801.
Sally and Daniel[David. int.] Preston of Beverly, June 4, 1801. C.R.*
Sarah and Benjamin Preston, July 30, 1829.*
Sophia and Amos Burnham, July 27, 1843. C.R.*
Susan, d. Oliver, and William H. Allen of Manchester, farmer, May 8, 1845.*


Fitch of Danvers and Eliza Cutler, int. May 22, 1802.


Margaret of Danvers and Luke Dodge, int. Aug. 18, 1827.
Sally of Danvers and David Brewer, int. Jan. 27, 1816.


Benj[ami]n and Abigail Dodge of Beverly, Sept. 3, 1835.*
Betsey and Reuben Smith jr. Sept. 18, 1800. C.R.*
Dudley and Martha Smith, Nov. 10, 1793. C.R.
Dudley jr. and Edner Dane, Nov. 11, 1830.*
Elisha and Mary Grant of Wenham, int. Mar. 28, 1812.
Eliza L., a. 24 y. d. Joshua, and Eldred A. Webber, a. 23 y. cordwainer, s. James, Nov. 26, 1846.*
Hannah and William Tuck of Beverly, Apr. 24, 1803. C.R.*
Joshua and Hannah Peck, Dec. 1, 1805. C.R.*
Tyler of Wenham and Mary W. Quarles, int. Sept. 20, 1823.


Benjamin and Anna Kinsman of Ipswich at Ipswich, Apr. 8, 1794.
Caroline R. and John D. Hammond of Salem, int. Mar. 4, 1843.
Elizabeth and John Burnham Brown of Ipswich, Dec. 5, 1818.
Eunice of Ipswich and David Brewer, int. Dec. 5, 1818.
Hitty, wid. and Daniel Rust[jr. int.], May---,1824. C.R.*
James and Nancy Ratch, Mar. 17, 1808. C.R.*
John, Capt. and Mehetable Dodge, Oct. 27, 1808. C.R.*
Mary E. and Henry P. Allen of Manchester, Oct. 1, 1844.*
Nath[anie]ll and Elisabeth Quarles, Nov. 24, 1794. C.R.
Phebe Ann of Ipswich and Enoch F. Dodge, int. May 19, 1832.
William and Sally Dodge, int. Oct. 14, 1815.
William and Ednah Brown, June 26, 1842.*


Benja[min] jr. of Beverly and Hannah Rust, Dec. 1, 1825. C.R.*
Benjamin and Sarah Poland, July 30, 1829.*
Daniel[David. int.] of Beverly and Sally Poland, June 4, 1801. C.R.*
Joanna of Beverly and Nath[anie]ll[A. int.] Lovering, Dec. 16, 1813. C.R.*
Mary W. of Beverly, b. Beverly Farms, d. Thomas of Beverly, and Henry P. Lovering, farmer, s. Nathaniel A., Nov. 16, 1846.*
Richard of Beverly and Hitty Woodberry, May 13, 1800. C.R.*
Thomas,2d, of Beverly and Joanna L. Lovering, Apr. 7, 1842.*


Sarah S. and Jude A. Clark of Ipswich, Nov. 13, 1836.*


John of Ipswich and Mrs. Edner Dane, Jan. 19, 1797. C.R.*


Allen and Hannah Davis Williams of Roxbury, int. May 18, 1843.


Betsey of Wenham and Micah Dodge at Wenham, May 23, 1794.
Elisabeth and Nath[anie]ll Potter, Nov. 24, 1794. C.R.
Francis jr. and Ann Kennison of Stratham, N. H., int. Sept. 7, 1805.
Mary W. and Tyler Porter of Wenham, int. Sept. 20, 1823.


George, Capt. of Newburyport and Betsy Dodge of Wenham, Feb. 25, 1800. C.R.
William H. and Hannah A. Barker, Aug. 18, 1836.*


Thomas of Beverly and Betsey Sands, June 1, 1800. C.R.*


Adam and Sally Knowlton, both of Wenham, Dec. 4, 1800. C.R.


John Casper[Joseph Gasper John Rhodes. int.] of Salem and Dorathey Johnson, Apr. 5, 1801. C.R.*


Edmond[of Beverly. int.] and Elisabeth Cleves, Oct. 18, 1804. C.R.*
Lydia W. of Danvers and Capt. Parker Brown, int. June 19, 1824.


Elizabeth and Andrew Dodge, Oct. 14, 1830.*
John and Adeline Carey of Beverly, Apr. 27, 1837.*
John and Sarah Haley of Wenham, int. Apr. 16, 1842.
Levi and Rachel Dodge, May 25, 1828.*
Lucy and Elliot Brown, Apr. 21, 1825. C.R.*
Mary L. of Essex and Francis Andrews of Boston, Nov.--, 1841.


Nancy of Charlestown and Jacob Thompson at Charlestown, Nov. 2, 1794.


Abigail and Capt. Benjamin Edwards of Wenham, June 10, 1834.*
Benjamin W., a. 20 y. cordwainer, s. Edmund, and Martha A. Brewer, a. 17 y. d. David, Feb. 27, 1821. C.R.*
Daniel and Mrs. Abigail Staniford, Feb. 27, 1821. C.R.*
Daniel, a. 22 y. and Sarah Story, d. Samuel, Dec. 19, 1844.*
David and Polly Lovering, May 21, 1797. C.R.*
Eliza and John Stone, Sept. 14, 1841.*
Mary and Isaiah Hoyt of Beverly, Oct. 4, 1820. C.R.*
Mary W. and John L. Webber of Beverly, int. Sept. 24, 1842.
Nancy of Gloucester and Thomas Woodberry, int. Jan. 26, 1828.
Parker and Ednah Patch, May 3, 1802. C.R.[May 15. int.]*
Sally and Ezekiel Allen of Hopkinson[N.H. int.], Jan. 9, 1816. C.R.*
Sally and Capt. Ephraim Safford of Salem, Dec. 29, 1822. C.R.*
Samuel and Patty Stone, Nov. 30, 1797. C.R.*
Sukey[Sally. int.] and Benjamin Edwards[jr. int.] of Wenham, Mar. 12, 1812. C.R.*
Thomas and Mary Patch, Dec. 3, 1793. C.R.
Thomas and Sarah Perkins of Ipswich, int. Jan. 2, 1802.


Susannah, Mrs. and Capt. John Whipple, Jan. 15, 1819. C.R.*


Abraham of Wenham and Mary Brown, July 4, 1832.*
John F. and Lydia[S. int.] Jowder, July 4, 1832.*


Daniel of Danvers[of Salem. int.], and Lucy Cleves, Jan. 1, 1806. C.R.*


Daniel and Esther Knowlton, Feb. 2, 1794. C.R.
Daniel[jr. int.] and wid. Hitty Potter, May--,1824. C.R.*
Daniel and Mrs. Hannah Kinsman of Salem, int. Sept. 22, 1832.
Daniel and Betsy patch, Mar. 17, 1842.*
Hannah and Benja[min] Preston jr. of Beverly, Dec. 1, 1825. C.R.*
Louise and William Meady of Haverhill, Apr. 14, 1822. C.R.*
Mary and Seth Shearman of Andover, Apr. 22, 1832.*
Priscilla A. and Emerson P. Dodge of Boston, int. Jan. 3, 1846.


Ephraim, Capt. of Salem and Sally Roberts, Dec. 29, 1822. C.R.*
Joanna, Mrs. of Ipswich and Capt. Eben[ezer] Dodge, int. Sept. 9, 1815.
Martha and Capt. Tracy Patch, Nov. 3, 1812. C.R.*
Nath[anie]ll of Beverly and Martha Fisk Dodge, Nov. 20, 1810. C.R.*


Betsey and Thomas Raymond of Beverly, June 1, 1800. C.R.*


Lydia E. of Ossipee, N.H., and John Dane jr., Mar. 7, 1839.*


Ebenezer of Salem and Eunice Annable, Feb. 18, 1810. C.R.*


Seth of Andover and Mary Rust, Apr. 22, 1832.*


Sarah, Mrs. of Marblehead and Ivers Knowlton, int. Sept. 24, 1842.


Jacob and Anna Baker Dodge, both of Wenham, Apr. 10, 1814. C.R.


Samuel S. of Ipswich and Sally W. Davenport, int. Oct. 1, 1836.


Alvah C., Dr. of Haverhill and Phebe Ann B. Faulkner, May 6, 1840.*
Anna of Ipswich and Oliver Pilsbury, int. Nov. 12, 1808.
Anstice M. and John Choate, jr., of Essex, int. Oct. 6, 1832.
Betsy and Zachariah Standley of Beverly, int. Apr. 27, 1816.
George and Susan Ann Adams, Mar. 27, 1831.*
Job and Esther Lovering, Jan. 9, 1794. C.R.
Job, 4th m., and wid. Anna Goodhue, Nov. 7, 1827. C.R.*
John and Eunice Goldsmith of Andover, at Andover, Nov. 29, 1798.*
John jr. and Mary Adams, June 28, 1832.*
Lucretia D. and Nathaniel Whipple, Nov. 6, 1839.*
Martha and Dudley Porter, Nov. 10, 1793. C.R.
Mary and Benja[min] Goldsmith of Roxbury, Apr. 21, 1825. C.R.*
Reuben jr. and Betsey Porter, Sept. 18, 1800. C.R.*
Samuel P. and Nancy Ann Goodhue, Apr. 23, 1837. C. R.*
William and Elisabeth H. Worborton, both residents in Hamilton, int. Sept. 27, 1828.
William McK., a. 29 y. cordwainer, s. William, and Lucy Brown, a. 21 y. d. William, June 30, 1846.*


Relief and Lt. Abraham Patch, Apr. 21, 1840.*

STANDLEY(see also Stanley)

Eliza M. and Choate Burnham of Boston, Nov. 24, 1842.*
Hannah and Jonathan Brown, Nov. 12, 1815.*
Zechariah of Beverly and Betsy Smith, int. Apr. 27, 1816.

STANDLY(see also Stanley)

Zachariah, Capt. and Sally Brown, Dec. 29, 1839.*


Abigail, Mrs. and Daniel Roberts, Feb. 27, 1821. C.R.*
Abigail and Jacob Kinsman, Feb. 23, 1837.*

STANLEY(see also Standley, Standly, Stanly)

Adeline A. d. Zachariah, and Choate Burnham of Boston, house carpenter, b. Essex, Apr. 12, 1846.

STANLY(see also Stanley)

Lydia, resident of Hamilton and Peter Jowder, Dec. 7, 1815. C.R.*


Elizabeth of Ipswich and Daniel[David. int.] Woodberry, at Ipswich, Mar. 12, 1797.*
Hannah of Ipswich and James P. Dodge, int. Sept. 5, 1818.
Sarah of Gloucester and Dr. Oliver S. Cressy, int. Apr. 30, 1831.


Alvan D. and Esther Chick, both of Wenham, Nov. 20, 1837.

STEAL [Street. int.]

Nicholas, resident of Hamilton, and Mrs. Elizabeth Webber of Wenham, July 25, 1814. C.R.*


Prince of Newburyport and Hepzibath Patch, Feb. 23, 1806. C.R.*


Adeline and Daniel Whipple, Sept. 28, 1836.*
Azor and Lydia McVay, int. Feb. 4, 1809.
Betsey and Nicholas Woodberry, Apr. 24, 1800. C.R.*
Elizabeth B. and Simon Kinsman of Ipswich, July 12, 1829.*
Ethan and Harriet N. Burnham of Essex, int. Apr. 20, 1839.
John and Mrs. Marcy Woodberry, Apr. 10, 1794. C.R.
John and Eliza Roberts, Sept. 14, 1841.*
Lydia, Mrs. of Waltham and Israel D. Brown, int. Nov. 6, 1830.
Patty and Samuel Roberts, Nov. 30, 1797. C.R.*
Polly and Eliot Woodberry, Oct. 22, 1801. C.R.*


Andrew, 2d, of Essex, a. 32 y. shoemaker, b. Essex, s. Daniel and Ruhamah, and Fanny Q. Dane, a. 17 y. school teacher, d. John and Fanny, Apr. 26, 1846.*
Daniel of Essex and Sally Whipple, Jan. 6, 1820. C.R.*
Hannah M. of Essex and John Whipple, jr., int. Oct. 13, 1827.
Samuel and Bridget Poland, Apr. 23, 1812. C.R.*
Samuel jr. and Nancy Giddings, Feb. 27, 1840.*
Sarah and Daniel Roberts, a. 22 y. Dec. 19, 1844.*

STREET,see Steal.


Hannah, Mrs. of Ipswich and John Brewer, jr. int. May 7, 1824.

SYMONDS,see Simonds.


Epes of Gloucester and Martha Knowlton, Dec. 29, 1823. C.R.*


Andrew of Beverly and Lucy Morgan, int. Aug. 25, 1804.

THOMPSON(see also Thomson)

Jacob and Nancy Robbins of Charlestown, at Charlestown, Nov. 2, 1794.

THOMSON(see also Thompson)

Patty and William White, Mar. 19, 1795. C.R.

TIBBETS(see also Tibbetts)

John and Sarah W. Dunnels, int. Nov. 23, 1844.

TIBBETTS(see also Tibbets)

David and Judith M. Clark, both of Wenham, Nov. 7, 1843. C.R.


Lydia of Topsfield and John S. Annable, cordwainer, s. Solomon[Sept. 30, 1847. int.]*


Joseph, Dr. of Rowley and Polly Cutler, Mar. 1794. C.R.


Stephen F. and Mary Ann Downes of Danvers, Mar. 4, 1838.


John of Beverly and Hannah Brewer, Sept. 7, 1828.*


William of Beverly and Hannah Porter, Apr. 24, 1803. C.R.*


John jr. and Lucy[A. int.] Whipple, June 12, 1823. C.R.*
Sally and Isaac Worden of Beverly, July 25, 1799. C.R.*


Denison, Lt. and Mary E. Dodge of Wenham, Dec. 17, 1835.*
Hannah and Paul Patch, Jan. 15, 1800. C.R.*
Huldah and Capt. Seward Dodge, Feb. 18, 1830.*
Lydia and Seward Dodge, Oct. 10, 1816. C.R.*


Joseph of Gorham and Hannah Lummus, July 22, 1800. C.R.*


Sarah[wid. C.R.] and John Younger[of Wenham. int.], May 16, 1833.*


George W. of Ipswich, s. William, and Martha B. Francis, Jan. 12, 1845.*
Susan of Ipswich and Lt. Benj[amin] Dodge, int. Sept. 25, 1819.
William, jr. of Ipswich and Mary Dodge, Dec. 31, 1805. C.R.*


Benja[min] of Beverly and Rua Woodberry, May 12, 1816. C.R.*
Elred A. a. 23 y. cordwainer, s. James, and Eliza L. Potter, a. 24 y. d. Joshua, Nov. 26, 1846.*
Eleazer W. of Beverly and Hudlah Dodge, Mar. 11, 1832.*
Elizabeth, Mrs. of Wenham and Nicholas Steal[Street. int.] resident of Hamilton, July 25, 1814. C.R.*
John L. of Beverly and Mary W. Roberts, int. Sept. 24, 1842.
Mary E., b. Shapleigh, Me., d. James, and Thomas J. Dodge, cordwainer, s. Luke, Dec. 2, 1847.*
Nancy A. a. 18 y., d. James, and William P. Dickinson, a. 27 y. shoemaker, b. Ipswich, s. William, Nov. 20, 1845.*


Salome M. a. 22 y. d. Samuel, and Alfred Cummings of Topsfield, a. 23 y., farmer, b. Topsfield, s. William of Topsfield, Apr. 18, 1847.*


Benja[min] of Gloucester and Polly Hodgkins, Dec. 11, 1813. C.R.*
Daniel of Gloucester and Mary Whitredge, Dec. 15, 1796. C.R.*
Esther of Gloucester and Capt. Stephen Brown, int. Oct. 6, 1810.


Almira, a. 23 y., d. William and Sally, and William Augustus Dane, a. 23 y., farmer, s. John and Fanny, June 5, 1845.*
Anna and Oliver Patch, Oct. 13, 1830.*
Bridget and David Giddinge, May 28, 1804. C.R.*
Daniel and Hannah Norton of Essex, int. Dec. 16, 1826.
Daniel and Adeline Stone, Sept. 28, 1836.*
Edward, Lt. and Hannah Groves Brimmer of Boston, int. Oct. 14, 1837.
Edward and Clarissa Brimmer of Beverly, int. May 22, 1802.
Elizabeth and William Young of Gloucester, Apr. 4, 1837.*
Hannah, 2d, and Isaac Dodge jr., June 17, 1812. C.R.*
Hervy and Martha P. Brown of Ipswich, int. Dec. 13, 1834.
James O. a. 22 y. farmer, s. Oliver,2d, and Lucy E. Dunnels, a. 21 y. d. Ira, July 21, 1844.*
John, Capt. and Mrs. Susannah Rober[t]son, Jan. 15, 1819. C.R.*
John, jr. and Hannah M. Story of Essex, int. Oct. 13, 1827.
Lucinda and William Brown jr. Dec. 1, 1814. C.R.*
Lucy and Ezekiel Adams, Jan. 27, 1795. C.R.
Lucy[A. int.] and John Tuttle, jr. June 12, 1823. C.R.*
Lydia and James Wilkins of Amherst, Feb. 18, 1794. C.R.
Martha and Robert Woodberry[jr. int.] of Beverly, Feb. 6, 1806. C.R.*
Martha, a. 27 y., d. William and Sally, and Samuel Dane, widr. a. 27 y. truckman and farmer, s. John and Fanny, June 3, 1845.*
Mary d. wid. and William A. Brown, s. William, Nov. 17, 1844.*
Mary Ann and John C. Kimball of Ipswich, Dec. 29, 1823. C.R.*
Mary D. and George Dodge of Beverly, Dec. 2, 1830.*
Nath[aniel],[jr. int.] and Mary Woodberry, May 14, 1805. C.R.*
Nathaniel and Lucretia D. Smith, Nov. 6, 1839.*
Oliver jr. and Polly Woodberry, Jan. 6, 1822. C.R.*
Oliver and Sally Lovering, Mar. 13, 1823. C.R.*
Polly, Mrs. and Capt. Isaac Harden of Charlestown, Nov. 29, 1795. C.R.
Sally and Daniel Story of Essex, Jan. 6, 1820. C.R.*
Susa Clark and John Botang of Concord, Feb. 28, 1794. C.R.
William[jr. int.] and Martha Dodge, Oct. 1, 1801. C.R.*
William[of Gloucester. int.] and Elizabeth Woodberry, Nov. 28, 1813. C.R.*
William, jr. and Bridget Giddings, Nov. 29, 1838.*


Lydia and Ephraim Dodge, Oct. 9, 1794. C.R.
Patty and Amos Dodge, both of Wenham, Jan. 24, 1815. C.R.
Walter and Lydia W. Haskell of Gloucester, int. Dec. 20, 1823.
William and Patty Thomson, Mar. 19, 1795. C.R.


Zachary of Wenham and Mary Patch, at Wenham, Oct. 25, 1798.*

WHITREDGE(see also Whittredge)

Hannah of Danvers and Joseph Brown, July 16, 1797. C.R.*
John[jr. int.] and Unice Brown, Apr. 15, 1800. C.R.*
Mary and Daniel Wheeler of Gloucester, Dec. 15, 1796. C.R.*

WHITTREDG(see also Whittredge)

Eunice B. and Allen W. Dodge, Dec. 24, 1840.*

WHITTREDGE(see also Whitredge, Whittredg)

Caroline and Daniel Annable, Sept. 4, 1833.*
John and Martha A. Edwards of Westford. int. May 5, 1838.
Joseph and Mary[C. int.] Brown, Nov. 30, 1826.*
Lucy Ann and Jervis Lamson, Nov. 8, 1843. C.R.*
Mary and John W. Dodge, Apr. 27, 1820. C.R.*


Henry, resident in Hamilton and Lucy Crampsey of Beverly, int. Sept. 15, 1821.


James of Amherst and Lydia Whipple, feb. 18, 1794. C.R.


Hannah Davis of Roxbury and Allen Putnam, int. May 18, 1843.


Harry and Lucy Elwell, Sept. 10, 1815. C.R.*


Dorcas of Wenham and Alonzo M. Felt, Sept. 24, 1844.
William B. and Abigail D. Foster, Aug. 25, 1833.*

WOODBERRY(see also Woodbery, Woodbury)

Andrew of Beverly and Lefee Poland, int. Feb. 3, 1811.
Andrew jr. and Anna Knowlton, Apr. 18, 1830.*
Benjamin and Thirza Woodbery, June 1, 1824.*
Bethiah and David Poland of Ipswich, int. Dec. 8, 1811
Betsy, Mrs. and Sam[ue]ll Bare, Mar. 30, 1794. C.R.
Daniel[David. int.] and Elizabeth Stanwood of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Mar. 12, 1797.*
Dorothy, Mrs. and James Patch, jr. Dec. 10, 1795. C.R.
Ednah of Beverly and Charles N. Hawkins, May 1, 1844.*
Eliot and Polly Stone, Oct. 22, 1801. C.R.*
Elisabeth and Isaac Killam of Salem,. Dec. 24, 1800. C.R.*
Elisabeth and William Whipple[of Gloucester. int.], Nov. 28, 1813. C.R.*
Elisabeth K. and Elbridge Dodge, Apr. 29, 1829.*
Esther and Josiah Knowlton, Apr. 13, 1815. C.R.*
Eunice and Moses Harris, Jan. 27, 1818. C.R.*
George and Ruth Foster of Essex, int. Apr. 19, 1828.
Hepza and Henry Dodge, Sept. 26, 1796. C.R.*
Hitty and Richard Preston of Beverly, May 13, 1800. C.R.*
Jeremy of Beverly and Nancy Knowlton, Mar. 27, 1798. C.R.*
Joanna and Elam Burnham of Essex, int. Oct. 15, 1831.
Josiah and Margaret Knowlton, int. June 6, 1846.
Lucy and William Knowlton of Wenham, Apr. 15, `800. C.R.*
Lucy and Joshua Dodge, Apr. 27, 1830.*
Lydia and William Lakeman[4th. int.] of Ipswich, June 24, 1830.*
Marcy, Mrs. and John Stone, Apr. 10, 1794. C.R.
Martha, Mrs. and John Stone, Apr. 10, 1794. C.R.
Mary and Nath[aniel] Whipple[jr. int.], May 14, 1805. C.R.*
Mary and Benja[min] Fasset of Boylston, May 7, 1820. C.R.*
Nehemiah and Esther Patch, June 3, 1841.*
Nicholas and Betsey Stone, Apr. 24, 1800. C.R.*
Nicholas and Mrs. Bethiah Kinsman of Wenham, int. Apr. 30, 1831.
Oliver and Mary Caldwell of Wenham, Apr. 17, 1814. C.R.*
Patty and Isaac Knowlton, Feb. 25, 1801. C.R.*
Peggy and Levi Knowlton, Apr. 20, 1809. C.R.
Polly and Oliver Whipple, jr. Jan. 6, 1822. C.R.*
Rachel and Thomas Woodberry, Oct. 1, 1807. C.R.*
Rebecca and James Haskell, 2d, of Beverly, int. Aug. 13, 1814.
Rebekah and James Abbot of Manchester, int. Nov. 17, 1805.
Robert[jr. int.] of Beverly and Martha Whipple, Feb. 6, 1806. C.R.*
Rua and Benja[min] Webber of Beverly, May 12, 1816. C.R.*
Sally and William Knolton, Oct. 3, 1802. C.R.*
Sally and William Gray of Beverly, Apr. 17, 1814. C.R.*
Sarah and Jacob Lee, Feb. 26, 1801. C.R.*
Susanna and Oliver Poland, int. Nov. 5, 1803.
Thomas and Rachel Woodberry, Oct. 1, 1807. C.R.*
Thomas and Nancy Roberts of Gloucester, int. Jan. 26, 1828.
Timothy of Beverly and Ruth Cole, int. Feb. 4, 1804.

WOODBERY(see also Woodberry)

Thirza and Benjamine Woodberry, June 1, 1824.*

WOODBURY(see also Woodberry)

Peter[jr. int.] of Gloucester and Mehetable Dodge, Apr. 5, 1825. C.R.*


Sally[Woodard. int.] and W[illia]m Brown of Boston, Mar. 21, 1819. C.R.*


Elisabeth H. and William Smith, both residents of Hamilton, int. Sept. 27, 1828.


Isaac of Beverly and Sally Tuttle, July 25, 1799. C.R.*


Molly[Polly. int.] and Joseph Burnham of Ipswich, May 22, 1797. C.R.*


Charlotte of Wenham and Jonathan Burley of Wakefield, Feb. 6, 1817. C.R.


William of Gloucester and Elizabeth Whipple, Apr. 4, 1837.*


John[of Wenham. int.] and Sarah Warden[wid. C.R.], May 16, 1833.*


Bartlett, Jane and John Chadwick, int. June 4, 1808.

Cadwis, Peter and Debby Murphy, int. Oct.---,1803.

Chadock, Deliverance and Robert Jerrott, Oct. 15, 1801. C.R.*

Chadwick, John and Jane Bartlett, int. June 4, 1808.

Chadwick, Sally Ann and Elias Haskell of Ipswich, Oct. 2, 1829.*

Dodge, Lucy and Dover Harney of Salem, at Salem, June 13, 1794.

Fry, Dilla and Eben Mingo, June 12, 1794. C.R.

Harney, Dover of Salem and Lucy Dodge, at Salem, June 13, 1794.

Haskell, Betts and Jethro Storer, June 11, 1803. C.R.

Haskell, Elias of Ipswich and Sally Ann Chadwick, Oct. 2, 1829.*

Haskell, William and Betsy Murphy, int. Oct.--,1803.

Jerrott, Robert and Deliverance Chadock, Oct. 15, 1801. C.R.*

Mingo, Eben and Dilla Fry, June 12, 1794. C.R.

Morris, Member and Jesse Shorter, int. Feb. 7, 1808.

Murphy, Betsy and William Haskell, int. Oct.--,1803.

Murphy, Debby and Peter Cadwis, int. Oct.---,1803.

Orne, Violet and John Taylor of Ipswich, Oct. 7, 1799. C.R.*

Shorter, Jesse and Member Morris, int. Feb. 7, 1808.

Storer, Jethro and Betts Haskell, June 11, 1803. C.R.

Taylor, John of Ipswich and Violet Orne, Oct. 7, 1799. C.R.*

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