To the Year 1850
Compiled by Thomas W. Baldwin, A.S., S. B., Member
New England Historic Genealogical Society
Boston, Mass., 1917

Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger

Marriages Surnames Starting with A & B

* Intention not recorded.

ABBOT (see Abbut)

Isaac and Elisabeth Goodnenow, Aug. 14, 1760.*
James of Brookfield and Azubah Ruggles, int. Mar. 16, 1833.
Lewis of Oakham and Hannah Wheeler, May 2, 1793.
Martha and Benjamin Robart, Feb. 29, 1764.
Ruth and Timothy Pratt, Oct. 14, 1756.
Sarah and Timothy Newton, int. Nov. 8, 1750.

ABBUT (see Abbot)

George Jr. and Martha Ayers of Brookfield, int. Oct. 4, 1745.
Sarah and John Robart, Apr. 1, 1752.


John of Palmer and Silva Toby, Mar. 23, 1791.
Joseph of Shutesbury and Eluthera (Luthera, int.) Wheeler, Apr. 1, 1824.
Levi of Shutesbury and Mary Wheeler, int. May 3, 1843.
Mary and Luke Brown, Jr., both of Worcester, Jan. 26, 1769.*
Susan of Brookfield and Oren Utley, int. Mar. 11, 1831.

AGER (see Eager)

Ebenezer and Polly Brockelbank of Rindge, N. H., int. May 30, 1801.

AIKEN (see Aikens, Aikin, Aikins, Aken)

Atwood and Hannah Willis, Dec. 9. 1779.
H. Almeda, d. of John and Celia, a. 29 y., and George P. Wheeler of Petersham, s. of Daniel and Lurina, a. 32 y., June 13, 1848.
Israel of Windsor and Susanna Smith, Sept. 23, 1784.
Jerusha and Benjamin Ruggles (Jr., int.), Feb. 11, 1773, C.R.
Jerusha and Jedidiah Fay, Nov. 12, 1778.
John and Celia Brown of Ware, int. Jan. 17, 1814.
Joseph and Hannah Gibbs of New Salem, int. Mar. 5, 1792.
Lucia and Jonas Winter of Shutesbury, Dec. 6, 1826.
Lucy and Moses Paige, Aug. 27, 1789.
Samuel and Ruby Petengell, July 30, 1797.
Samuel R. and Nancy M. Smith of New Salem, int. Apr. 24, 1826.

AIKENS (see Aiken, Aikin, Aikins, Aken)

Abigail and James Bacon, June 5, 1755.
John and Jerusha Attwood, Oct. 19, 1749.
John and Sarah Ruggles, Oct. 10, 1782. C.R.
Margaret and Nathaniel Whietcumb (Jr., int.), June 19, 1755.
Mercy, d. of James, and William Paige, Jan. 12, 1743-4. C.R.
Mercy and Benjamin Stebbins, Sept. 24, 1772. C.R.
Sarah and Elias Walker, Feb. 27, 1772. C.R.
Solomon and Dorcas Whitcomb, Feb. 8, 1749.
Solomon, Rev., of Dracut, and Polly Warner, int. Oct. 12, 1788.

AIKIN (see Aiken, Aikens, Aikins, Aken)

Brigham and Sarah Pepper of Warren, int. Mar. 29, 1846.
Charles P., s. of David and Patty, a. 25 y., and Louisa Stone, d. of Joseph and Patty, a. 19 y., Sept. 27, 1846.
David and Patty Phinney, Apr. 24, 1805.
Forister B. and Fanny Wheeler, May 10, 1837.
Mary and Moses Paige, int. May 17, 1801.
Sally and Joseph Allen 3d, May 12, 1814.

AIKINS (see Aiken, Aikens, Aikin, Aken)

Sila and Paul Deen, Dec. 8, 1811.

AKEN (see Aiken, Aikens. Aikin, Aikins)

David and Hannah Simons, July 15, 1765. (July 18, C.R.)


Ezra (of Greenwich, int.) and (wid., int.) Sarah Harrard (Harwood, int.), Jan. 2, 1772. C.R.
Festus of Greenwich, and Sylvia Terry, Sept. 10, 1840.
Lyman and Dorias Marsh, both of New Braintree, in New Braintree, Mar. 9, 1843.*
Pliny, Capt. and Elizabeth Works, in Shutesbury, Sept. 11, 1828.*


Charles of Winchester, N. H., and Elvira Anderson, Sept. 21, 1834.
Elvira, wid., and d. of Timothy P. Anderson, a. 31 y., and John Severance of Winchester, N. H., a. 4o y., Nov. 24, 1844.


Abia and Ezra Leonard (Jr., int.), Oct. 23, 1781. C.R.
Abigail and Ruel Keith, int. Apr. 11, 1784.
Almira (Almira W., int.), and William A. Wheeler of Worcester, Jan. 13, 1825.
Anson F., s. of Moses and Anna, a. 41 y., and Ruth Randall, d. of Holland and Lydia, a. 25 y., June 14, 1846.
Betsey and Isaac Wing of Rochester, Vt., Jan. 24, 1793.
Clarissa and Amaziah Spooner of Amherst, Apr. 27, 1825.
Daniel and Kezia Wing, Jan. 20, 1791.
David and Elisabeth Fisk, Nov. 12, 1761.
David Jr, and Ruth Dexter, Apr. 27, 1794.
David, Ens., and Lydia Woods of New Braintree, in New Braintree, Jan. 22, 1795.
Edw[ar]d of New Windsor, and Sarah Snow, Jan. 30, 1783.
Elijah and Olive Chapin, Mar. 8, 1816.*
Elisabeth of Ware River, and Phenehas Powers Jr., int. Dec. 15, 1751.
Elisabeth S. of Barre, and Sampson Ames, int. Apr. 2, 1843.
Eunice and Daniel Steward, Sept. 5, 1768.
Eunice and John Earle, Oct. 2, 1785.
George and Hannah Holland, Nov. 11, 1821.

Horatio and Melinda Woodberry, both of Barre, Feb. 23, 1830.*
John and Elivira E. Walker, both of Belchertown, Oct. 30, 1838.
John A. of Barre, and Charlotte Howland, int. Dec. 4, 1825.
Jonas of Sutton, and Prudence Winchester, in Sutton, Feb. 15, 1781.
Jonas and Sarah Winchester, Aug. 29, 1798.
Jonas and Abigail Thayer, May 10, 1809.
Jonas and Anna F. Richardson, int. Nov. 8, 1833.
Joseph Jr. and Greely Singletary of Sutton, in Sutton, Jan. 15, 1772.
Joseph, Dea., and Sarah Knowlton, Aug. 6, 1789.
Joseph and Polly Gray of Worcester, int. Sept. 21, 1800.
Joseph Jr. and Hannah Gould, Oct. 14, 1800.
Joseph 3d and Sally Aikin, May 12, 1814.
Joseph, Dea., and Mary Gray of Ware, int. Mar. 3, 1817.
Justus and Betsey (Betsey F., int.) Robinson, Nov. 21, 1831.
Keziah and David Barnard of Shelburn, int. May 1, 1815.
Lucy and Philip Grant Jr., Nov. 2, 1809.
Luthera and John Gleason, Nov. 18, 1813.
Lydia and Lemuel Cobb, Oct. 10, 1765.
Lydia and Daniel Mathews of New Braintree, Jan. 21, 1800.
Mary and Seth Winslow of Barre, int. Oct. 22, 1826.
Mercy and John Ammidown, Feb. 4, 1771. C.R.
Moses and Anna Paige, June 26 (20, C.R.), 1802.
Moses, Capt., and Fanny Rice, int. May 7, 1825.
Nathan and Ester Haskins, Dec.----, 1789.
Nathan and Betsey Jucket, Mar. 6, 1823. C.R.
Reuben and Betsy Ellis, Dec. 24, 1812.
Rhoda and David Barnard of Shelburn, Mar. 4. 1783.
Sally, Mrs., and John Sherman of Barre, Dec. 3, 1835.
Sarah and Benjamin Winchester, Feb. 19, 1761.
Sarah B. and Stillman C. Bancroft of Stockbridge, Mar. 17, 1835.
Willard and Mercy Ruggles of Barre, int. Oct. 8, 1826.


Thankfull and Judah Simonds, May 28, 1777.*


Anna of Barre, and Lemuel Wheeler, in Barre, May 2, 1793.
Betsey P. (Betsey Prince, int.) of Barre, and Theophilus Hastings, in Barre, Dec. 22, 1785.
Louisa S., d. of Sampson, and Elisabeth, a. 25 y., and Martin Swift of Bridgewater, s. of Martin and Sarah, a. 25 y., Dec. 11, 1845.
Mercia P. and E. Warren Combs of West Brookfield, int. Aug. 25, 1845.
Sampson and Elisabeth S. Allen of Barre, int. Apr. 2, 1843.

AMIDON (see Ammidon, Amnidown)

Alice and Ichabod Dexter, Mar. 26, 1822.
Elijah and Martha P. Nye of Barre, int. May 18, 1818.
John and Anna Ruggles, Dec. 14, 1809.
John Jr. and Sally Hutchinson of Ware, int. May 19, 1821.
Philip and Sarah A. Warner of New Braintree, int. Nov. 14, 1848.
Sophrona and Stillman Clarke of Barre, Sept. 9, 1819.

AMMIDON (see Amidon, Ammidown)

Abigail and Lemuel Cobb, Mar. 27, 1777.
Hannah and Elijah Bangs (Jr., int.), Dec. 19, 1814.
Sarah and Jonathan Gilbert of New Braintree, Jan. 5, 1779.

AMMIDOWN (see Amidon, Ammidon)

Hannah and Seth Ruggles, Nov.----, 1790.
John and Mercy Allen, Feb. 4, 1771. C.R.
Philip and Rhoda Goodspeed, Nov. 27, 1788.


Elisabeth and John Dunsmoor, Apr. 15, 1765.


Charles of Petersham, and Lucy Jane Barnes, int. Dec. 14, 1842.
Ephraim Jr. of Greenwich, and Relief Thayer, Oct. 15, 1816.*


Almeda, d. of Timothy P. and Betsey, a. 20 y., and Joseph D. Dexter, s. of Joseph D., and Olive, a. 26 y., Mar. 8, 1846.
Ann and William Whitegar (of Rutland, int.), Oct. 10, 1745. C.R.
Elvira and Charles Alexander of Winchester, N. H., Sept. 21, 1834.
Maria and Festus Spooner of Jericho, Vt., May 25, 1836.
Nancy and Lewis White of Shutesbury, Apr. 15, 1834.
Patty and Phineas Wait of New Braintree, int. Sept. 20, 1801.
Samuel D. of Ware, and Nancy Totman, Aug. 7, 1828.
Timothy P. of New Braintree, and Betsey Hastings, Oct. 17, 1811.
Veronica of New Braintree, and Lewis Warner, int. Apr. 2, 1827.
William and Margaret Crooks of Medway, in Medway, Oct. 18, 1744.


Elmira M., d. of Gideon of Taunton, and Lucy, a. 18 y., and Thomas A. Haskins, s. of Thomas of Dana, and Susannah, a. 24 y., Sept. 25, 1844.
Phila of Ware, and Heman Barrows, int. Apr. 1, 1811.
Polly and Job Simons, both of Ware, Nov. 18, 1812.*


Jeremiah and Issabel Partrick, Nov. 15, 1757.*


Priscilla and Aaron Barlow, July 6, 1780. C.R.


Eloisa (Lowessa, int.) and Joseph Cole, Nov. 29, 1792.
Henery and Silva Cobb, Oct. 2, 1790. (Int. Apr. 17, 1791.)
Polley and Joseph Harvey, Feb. 2, 1786.


Miriam and Seth Tucker, Dec. 17, 1807.


Lucinda and Nahum Whipple of New Braintree, int. Feb. 13, 1782.

ATTWOOD (see Atwood)

Jerusha and John Aikens, Oct. 19, 1749.
Samuel and Peace Stuard, Aug. 30, 1753.

ATWOOD (see Attwood)

Hannah of Barre, and Benjamin Jenkins, int. Aug. 21, 1808.
Kezia and Abraham Gibbs of Quabin [Greenwich], int. Mar. 10, 1743-4. Forbidden.
Lydia and Phina Cole, int. Dec. 6, 1795.
Martha Ann and William Wallace, both of Barre, June 10, 1829.*
Mary of Brewster, and Ebenezer Perry, int. May 3, 1807.
Simon N. (Simeon Nye, int.), and Prudence Haskins of Shutesbury, June 6, 1835.

AYERS (see Ayres)

Martha of Brookfield, and G[e]org[ej Abbut Jr., int. Oct. 4, 1745.
Ruth and Seth Woodward of Petersham, Aug. 25, 1778.

AYRES (see Ayers)

David and Ginnit Shaw, Dec. 21, 1742. C.R.*
Ebenezer and Mary Ballard, Feb. 28, 1740. C.R.*
Galon and Harriet Randall, both of Enfield, Oct. 12, 1835.*
James C. of North Brookfield, and Lauretta Ruggles [no date] (int. Dec. 9, 1838).
Jenney and Calvin Fairbanks, June 24, 1776.
Maria of New Braintree, and Ephraim Haskell, int. Mar. 5, 1842.

BABBIT (see Babbitt, Babitt)

Abigail and Seth Blanchard, July 19, 1775. C.R.
Edward of Savoy, and Abigail Newcomb, June 11, 1812.
James of Greenwich, and Betsey Fay, Nov. 27, 1800.
Mary of Barre, and Walter Hasting, int. May 27, 1822.

BABBITT (see Babbit, Babitt)

Abigail and Abel White, both of Barre, Oct. 5, 1785.*
Bettey and Levi Babbitt of Norton, Dec. 21, 1779.
Levi of Norton, and Bettey Babbitt, Dec. 21, 1779.
Seth and Betty Blanchard, Apr. 22, 1779.

BABITT (see Babbit, Babbitt)

Hannah F. of Swanzey, N. H., and Wyatt Richardson Jr., int. Apr. 5, 1824.


Bethiah and Jacob Gibbs (of Quabin [Greenwich], int.), Mar. 13, 1753.
Elizabeth A, of Barre, and Elmer B. Miles, int. Aug. 19, 1842.
James and Abigail Aikens, June 5, 1755.
Julia Ann of Barre, and Rev. Simon Putnam, int. June 22, 1844.
Newell and Susan Thayer, Dec. 31, 1839.


Enoch (of Vollingtown, int.) and Katheran Densmore, Dec. 15, 1763.


James and Silence (Salley, int.), Humphry of Shutesbury, Nov. 24, 1785.
Oliver (of No. 5[now Cummington, int.) and Prudence Winchester, June 3, 1779. C.R.


Barbara and Benjamin Howard, Mar. 19, 1809.
Esther and Benjamin Lee, June 28, 1750.*
Ezekiel and Hannah Sears of Greenwich, int. Oct. 2, 1785.
Joseph and Abigail Holden, Mar. 21, 1750.*
Joseph of Gardner, s. of Ezra and Lucy, a. 21 y., and Mary Wallace, d. of Nahum and Zilpha, a. 22 y., Mar. 16, 1847.
Lewis of Pelham, and Louis Walker, in Greenwich,- Feb. --, 1785 (int. May 31, 1786).
Lydia and Nathan Holland of Worcester, June 13, 1796.
Polly and Scotto Berry, int. Jan. 20, 1805.
Ruth and Thomas Holden, Mar. 21, 1750.*
Ruth and Asa Sturtevant of Ware, int. May 1, 1815.
Vincentia and Eli Barnes Jr., June 19, 1823.


Hannah of Westborough, and Rufus Pratt, in Westborough, May 11, 1763.


Mary and Ebenezer Ayres, Feb. 28, 1740. C.R.*


Hosea and Ruth Washborn of Williamsburgh, in Williamsburgh, Sept. 15, 1796.


Stillman C. of Stockbridge, and Sarah B. Allen, Mar. 17, 1835.


Azariah and Huldah Stone of Southboro, int., Mar. 2, 1769.
Debarah and Edward Foster, Jan. 13, 1762.
Elijah and Sally Knowlton, Apr. 21, 1791.
Elijah (Jr., int.), and Hannah Ammidon, Dec. 19, 1814.
Elijah and Lucy Elwell of Brookfield, int. May 10, 1845.
Eunice and Amos Thomas (Marsh, int.), Dec. 20, 1770. C.R.
Lucy and Robert Fitts Jr. of Ward, Nov. 1, 1819.
Luthera and Charles Wheelar, Mar. 2, 1814.
Mary and Jacob Hastings, July 22, 1762.
Relience and Nathan Billing, Dec. 26, 1769.*
Ruth of Barre, and Robert Vokes, in Barre, July 19, 1792.*
Sally and Luther Paige, Aug. 22, 1802.


Caroline C. of South Brookfield, and Col. Joseph Robinson, int. Jan. 2, 1826.


Mary of Keene, N. H., and Sylvanus Nye of Barre, Mar. 2, 1779.*

BAR (see Barr)

Jan[e] and Samuel Fentin (of Rutland, int.), Nov. 21, 1745. C.R.


Addison A. of Amherst, and L. Maria Totman, int. Sept. 1, 1848.
Elizabeth of Greenwich, and Seth Woodard of Petetsham, Oct. 31, 1787.*
Luther of Hartford, Conn., and Judith Oliver, Apr. 25, 1824.

BARDEN (see Burden, Burdon)

Mary of Belchertown, and Arba D. Newland, int. Sept. 7, 1833.


John of Pelham, and Hannah Smith, int. Feb. 15, 1794.


Aaron and Priscilla Andrus, July 6, 1780. C.R.
Alanson and Elizabeth Damons, Oct. 2, 1839.
Cynthia and Selah Barrett of Worcester, Nov. 30, 1831.
Ebenezer and Betsee Smila [Small] of Truro, int. Aug. 6, 1787.
Ebenezer and Jane Graham, Oct. 26, 1831.
Ira (Ira A., int.) and Clarissa Haskins, Sept. 25, 1842.
John and Roxana Sprout, Sept. 27, 1808. C.R.
Lucinda P. and Henry W. Moore (Morse, int.) of Worcester, Dec. 27, 1842.
Mary and Oliver Harris Jr. of Dana, int. June 24, 1811.
Nabby and John Campbell, Aug. 26, 1793.
Nancy and Reuben Cooley of Hawley, Dec. 2, 1807.*
Roxana and Harrison G. O. Monroe, May 18, 1843.
Thomas and Mercy Nelson, Sept. 26, 1793.
Timothy and Betsey Smith of Ware, int. June 6, 1791.
William and Susanah Shepherd, both of Brookfield, July 4, 1810.*
William Wiat and Ruth Ritch of Greenwich, int. Feb. 7, 1790.
Wyatt and Mary G. Flint of Athol, int. Dec. 27, 1847.


Betsy and Ebenezer Cleveland, in Greenwich, Nov. 28, 1790.
David of Shelburn, and Rhoda Allen, Mar. 4, 1783.
David of Shelburn, and Keziah Allen, int. May 1, 1815.
Joseph Jr. and Prudiance Marsh, int. Nov. 28, 1796.
Joseph and Abi Presho, Oct. 17, 1819.

BARNES (see Barns)

Amos and Mary Barns, int. Dec. 26, 1825.
Cloe and Stephen Hillman of Dana, Mar. 7, 1820.
Eli Jr. and Vincentia Baker, June 19, 1823.
Fanny and Moses Ward of Belchertown, Mar. 5, 1816.
Jonas and Abiah Sprout, Mar. 20, 1791.
Lucy and Elijah Clevland, Dec. 14, 1819.
Lucy Jane and Charles Amsden of Petersham, int. Dec. 14, 1842.
Lydia and Phinehas Witherbee of Brookfield, Jan. 6, 1795.
Meriam and Ebenezer Sprout, June ---, 1790.
Moses (Jr., int.) of Brookfield, and Rebecca Spooner (Feb. 7, 1809, C.R.).
Moses of West Brookfield, and Mary Utley, May 25, 1813.
Rufus and Polly Cleaveland, Dec. 31, 1818.
Wilder and Dolly Stevens of Petersham, in Petersham, Nov. 20, 1794.*

BARNS (see Barnes)

Adonijah and Cloe Knights, Apr. 9, 1793.
Alice L. and William H. Felton of Prescott, June 15, 1837.
Amittai and Levi Chamberlin, Oct. 27, 1841.
Caroline and Ira Holbrook of Spencer, Dec. 28, 1830.
Cutler and Arminda S. Rogers, Dec. 20, 1837.
Eli and Polly Merrit, July 21, 1789.
He[n]riatta (Hariot, int.) and Elijah Randell of Belchertown, July 19, 1812.
Horace of Greenwich and Ruth L. Barns, Mar. 5, 1834.
Horace of Greenwich, and Polly Maria Newton, int. Mar. 7, 1837.
Huldah M., d. of Amos and Mary, a. 18 y., and Jesse W. King, s. of Stephen and Sophia, b. in Dana, a. 22 y., Oct. 21, 1848.
Isabella and Baxter Gilbert of Brookfield (West Brookfield, int.), Mar. 28, 1827.
Jonas and Joanna Thomas, Apr. 3, 1806.
Jonas and Oleyine Fry, Nov. 30, 1830.
Lucius and Nancy Cole of Millbury, int. May 6, 1838.
Lucy and Philip Grant, Feb. 28, 1839.
Lucy Jane, d. of Amos, and George H. King, s. of Stephen, May 7, 1846.
Lysander and Sarah Green, both of Ware, Nov. 20, 1842.*
Mary and Amos Barnes, int. Dec. 26, 1825.
Moses and Eliza Stone, May 28, 1826.
Ruth L. and Horace Barns of Greenwich, Mar. 5, 1834.
W[illia]m S. and Lucina, (Lucinda H., int.) Cummings, May 24, 1842.

BARR (see Bar)

John Jr. of New Braintree, and Polly (Mary, int.) Bridges, in New Braintree, Sept. 15, 1789.
William and Ann Ruggles, int. Dec. 24, 1827.


Selah of Worcester, and Cynthia Barlow, Nov. 30, 1831.


Daniel and Susanah Campwell, Aug. 12, 1813.
Eliza and Benjamin Green, int. May 29, 1813.
Heman and Phila Andrews of Ware, int. Apr. 1, 1811.
Hiram of Dana, s. of Enoch of Dana, and Mary, b. in Dana, a. 38 y., and Rebecca W. Jamerson, d. of Seth and Lydia, a. 27 y., May 26, 1847.


Gardner and Abigail S. Jenny of Enfield, int. Feb. 3, 1831.

BARTLET (see Bartlett)

Dorothy and Joseph Parks of Norwich, Dec. 11, 1783.

BARTLETT (see Bartlet)

Adaline and Simeon Williams, of Prescott, Nov. 23, 1823.
Alexander of Pelham, and wid. Deborah Robinson, Dec. 5, 1838.
Alexander of Pelham, and Sarah Robinson, int. Nov. 15, 1841.
Avery and Mary Clifford of Enfield, Apr. 20, 1818.
Bethuel and Betsey Story, Feb. 3, 1794.
Eliza of New Braintree, and Harmon Clark, int. Jan. 19, 1818.
Luke and Lucy Finney, Dec. 7, 1817.
Mary and Freeman Pepper of Ware, Apr. 19, 1832.
Philander of Enfield, and Lucinda Randall of Belchertown, Dec. 15, 1835.*
Sally Ann, d. of Alex[ande]r and Lucy, a. 16 y., and Seth Rogers, s. of Martin and Elisabeth, a. 20 y., May 2, 1845.
Sophia. and Stilman Elwell, Jan. 28, 1821.
Susan of Pelharn, and Ebenezer W. Robinson, int. Dec. 9, 1842.


Edw[ar]d and Hannah Marvin, both of Oxford [no date, 1786 or 1787].*
Nancy and Aaron Haskins, Jan. 27, 1811.


Joshua of Western, and Susannah Stetson, int. July 14, 1793.

BASSET (see Bassett)

Ephraim and Tabitha Newton, Jan. 19, 1804.
Hannah and Timothy Fay, Dec. 7, 1730. C.R.
Jedediah of Wilmington, Vt., and Pattey Billings, Sunday eve., Aug. 26, 1787.

BASSETT (see Basset)

Alven and Nancy Richardson, int. Sept. 22, 1828.
Anson, s. of William and Lovinia, a. 41 y., and Sarah Ward, d. of Alvah and Lucresa, a. 21 y., Nov. 28, 1848.
Benjamin and Nancy Johnson, in Dana, Apr. 20, 1837.
Benjamin, widr., s. of Benjamin and Elisabeth, a. 42 y., and wid. Catherine W. Richmond, b. in Barre, a. 43 y., June 29, 1847.
David and Pheby Terry, Dec. 11, 1783.
Fidelia and Seth Pierce, Sept. 21, 1831.
Henry of Ware, and Mary C. Paige, int. Mar. 20, 1845.
James. U. and Sarah Tucker, both of Ware, Apr. 7, 1841.*
Lavina and Oziel Shaw of Ware, May 10, 1836.
Mary and Calvin Jenney, Sept. 19, 1824.
Masa and Susan (Susanah, int.), Utley, May 10, 1814.
Melinda and William Ward of Ware, Mar. 10, 1831.
Nancy and Masa Newland, Oct. 31, 1802.
Peter and Hannah Lindsey of Providence, int. Oct. 24, 1779.
Philip and Bathsheba Gunn, Oct. 2, 1754. C.R. (Servants of Joseph Warner, int.)
Polly and Robert Morton of Greenwich, Mar. 6, 1800.
Sarah, Mrs., of Ware, and William E. Bassett, in Ware, Apr. 4, 1844.
William Jr. and Levina Wicker, Nov. 28, 1799.
William E. and Mrs. Sarah Bassett of Ware, in Ware, Apr. 4, 1844.
William S. and Ruth E. Tucker, Dec. 1, 1836.

BATTERFIELD (see Butterfield)

Abel and Susannah Forbush, in Greenwich, Apr. 13, 1785.


Phinehas of Orange, and Rhoda Dexter, Nov. 7, 1793.


Noah of Rutland, and Phebe Johnson, int. July 9, 1780.
Noah and Priscilla Webb, Jan. 8, 1805.
Phebe and Nathan Lothrop of Easton, in Easton, Oct. 29, 1789.


Samuel and Abigail Thomas, July 30, 1767.
Samuel, Maj., and Huldah Bowker, Jan. 30, 1814.


Horace W. and Hannah A. Poole of Belchertown, int. Dec. 28, 1834.


Elliot, Dr., and Sally Dexter, int. Nov. 9, 1806.
Elliot, Dr., and Hannah Willis, int. Mar. 2, 1812.


Ann of Bridgewater, and John Kieth, int. Apr. 10, 1774.


Dorrity of Hatfield, and Elisha Billing, int. June 24, 1749.
Mary and Samuel Ware of New Braintree, in New Braintree, Nov. 3, 1757.*
Silas (of Hatfield, int.) and Hannah Billings, Jan. 2. 1746. C.R.
Stephen (of Northfield, int.) and Martha Johnson, Nov. 7, 1764.


Polley of Walpole, and Martin Kiddy, int. Oct. 3, 1784.

BENJAMEN (see Benjamin)

Abel and Susanna Carpenter, Mar. 22, 1759.

BENJAMIN (see Benjamen)

Abigail and Joseph Powers, Dec. 25, 1751.
Anna and Eliphalet Washburn, Sept. 19, 1769.
Caleb and Eliza (Elisebeth, int.), Rice of Rutland, in Rutland, Nov. 18, 1760.

BERREY (see Berry)

Lydia and Seth Hinkley Jr., May 12, 1782.

BERRY (see Berrey)

Achzah and John W. Giffin, Dec. 25, 1834.
Harriet and Parley Hammond, Apr. 1, 1832.
Mehetibel and John Hastings, Apr. 11, 1779.
Patty (Martha, int.) and Noah Elwell, July 11, 1819.
Rebekah and Lemuel Willis, May 27, 1771. C.R.
Scoto and Lucy Powers of Greenwich, int. May 22, 1826.
Scotto and Polly Baker, int. Jan. 20, 1805.


George of Woodbury, Conn., and Luthera Cummings, d. of Noah, Nov. 5, 1844.

BIGELOW (see Biggalow)

Judith of Brookfield, and Christephor Paige, int. June 10, 1811.
Mary of Oxford, and William A. Bolster, int. Apr. 7, 1842.

BIGGALOW (see Bigelow)

Nancy of North Brookfield, and Beals Thomas, int. Jan. 16, 1815.


Abraham (Bell, int.) of New Braintree, and Elisibeth Joslin, Dec. 29, 1785.

BILLING (see Billings)

Asahel and Elisabeth Robinson of New Braintree, int. Apr. 29, 1765.
Asahel Jr. and Tameson Gilbert, June 9, 1796.
Betsey and Gamahel Collins, Nov. 29, 1804.
Daniel and Mary Ruggles, Feb. 23, 1758.
David, Dr., and Betsy Peirce, Apr. 24, 1806.
Dolly and Israel Lawton, Aug. 26, 1784.
Dwight and Ann J. Ruggles, Dec. 31, 1834.
Elijah and Abigail Jenney, Apr. 24, 1796.
Elisha and Dorrity Belding of Hatfield, int. June 24, 1749.
Elisha, Lieut. and Prudance Gilbert of Monson, int. Sept. 15, 1788.
Elizabeth and Reuben Tyler, Apr. 3, 1831.
Elizabeth F. and William A. Warner, May 24, 1832.
Hannah and. Stephen Pratt, Mar. 9, 1780. C.R.
Huldah S. and Hiram W. Leonard, Feb. 23, 1834.
Mary Ann of Chesterfield, and Martin Paige, int. June 23, 1817.
Nathan and Lydia Wells, Feb. 24, 1757.
Nathan and Relience Bangs, Dec. 26, 1769.*
Polly (Molley, int.) and Barnebas Hinkley, Oct. 8, 1797.
Polly and John Jackson of Paris, Me., int. Jan. 5, 1806.
Rebecker and Lenard Robinson, Aug. 31, 1758.
Samuel and Beulah Fay, June 28, 1764.
Samuel and Sarah Crosby, Nov. 26, 1767.
Sarah and William Mirick, Sept. 7, 1749.
Tameson and Jedediah Foster of Wilmington, Vt., Nov. 12, 1804.
Unice and Robert Dean of Barnard, Dec. 23, 1794.
Warren of Amherst, and Kezia Robinson, int. May 20, 1843.

BILLINGS (see Billing)

Adeline and James S. Davis of Warren, int. Jan. 3, 1840.
Elizabeth P., d. of David and Elizabeth, a. 42 y., and David Ellis, widr., of Ware, s. of Seth and Betsey, a. 54 y., Dec. 19, 1849.
Hannah and Silas Belding (of Hatfield, int.), Jan. 2, 1746. C.R.
Hannah (Hannah R., int.) and Hiram P. Lee of Palmer, Sept. 15, 1841.
Mary and Joseph Thomas, Mar. 17, 1774. C.R.
Mary and John Goodspeed, Dec. 31, 1807.
Pattey and Jedediah Basset of Wilmington, Vt., Sunday eve., Aug. 26, 1787.
Polly and Silas Flagg of Petersham, Dec. 25, 1808. C.R.
Samuel and Rebckah Cutler, Sept. 9, 1811.
Silas and Roxena Parkhurst of Petersham, int. Sept. 27, 1809.
Timothy, Capt. and Malinda Hopkins of Petersham, int. Nov. 10, 1805.


Jane B. and Joel Pratt, both of Sterling, Nov. 25, 1840.*


John, Rev., of Brookfield, and Marcy Ruggles, June 9, 1823.


Asa of Pittsford, Vt., and Betsey Stetson, Nov. 27, 1800.


Ann and Andrew Shaw, Nov. 17, 1749.
James of Western, and Sarah Robinson, Mar. 26, 1805.
John and Annah Pepper (of Brookfield, int.), Jan. 21, 1747.
John of Philadelphia, Pa., and Mary (Mary A., int.) Wardwell, Oct. 5, 1841.


William of Belchertown, s. of John, a. 29 y., and Melinda M. Thrasher, d. of Hervey, a. 18 y., Mar. 6, 1848.


Betty and Seth Babbitt, Apr. 22, 1779.
Perly of New Braintree, and Lucy W. (Lucy Whipple, int.) White, Dec. 31, 1812.
Seth and Abigail Babbit, July 19, 1775. C.R.


David and wid. Abigail Cobb, Oct. 13, 1823.


Jesse, Esq., of Brookfield, and Mary Penniman, Sept. 21, 1818.
Loiza of Ludlow, and Noah Elwell, int. Aug. 25, 1822.
Sophia of Jamaica, Vt., and William P. Jurden, int. Apr. 19, 1813.


Auriila and Harvey Thrasher of New Braintree, Dec. 5, 1826.
Mary Eliza and Levins Shumway of Barre, Aug. 19, 1834.
Moses and Rebecca Rich of Barre, June 26, 1836.
Sally and Harvey Brown of Ware, Sept. 27, 1826.

Salome and Edmond Vokes, May 3, 1832.
William A. and Mary Bigelow of Oxford, int. Apr. 7, 1842.


Benjamin of Ware, and Arethusa Bowen, Oct. 5, 1837.
David T. and Mary R. Freeman, Mar. 22, 1831.
Hannah R. and Charles M. Harvey, Apr. 21, 1842.
John B. of Worcester, and Eliza Hathaway, Nov. 13, 1834.
Susanna G. and Dorice D. Rogers. Dec. 1, 1831.

BONNEY (see Bonny)

Elizabeth and John Poar of Ware, May 26, 1796. C.R.*
Hannah D, of Chesterfield, and Ruggles Smith, int. Mar. 16, 1838.
Isaac S. and Olive Eaton of Ware, int. Nov. 7, 1846.
Luke and Mercy Thomas, Nov. 5, 1772. C.R.
Melita, d. of William and Fanny, a. 28 y., and Isaac H. Hoyt of Brookfield, s. of Artaban and Patsy, a. 33 y., May 27, 1846.
William and Fanny Crowel of Brookfield, int. Feb. 17, 1817.

BONNY (see Bonney)

Polly and John (Daniel, C.R.) Kent of Brookfield, Feb. 24, 1801.
Ruth and Abiel Stetson, Feb. 24, 1767.


Anna and David Warren, Feb. 17,1791.


Lovina and James B. Patrell, Oct. 30, 1836.


Rebec[c]a and Erastus Crowel, int. Apr. 10, 1820.


Samuel and Experiance Job of New Braintree, int. Nov. 28, 1799.


Arethusa and Benjamin Bond of Ware, Oct. 5, 1837.
Eliza and Anson Warrin of Tewksbury, Dec. 23, 1829.
Sylvester and Nabby Rich of Ware, Aug. 19, 1804.
Sylvester and Nancy Eaton of Ware, int. Feb. 27, 1830.


Huldah and Maj. Samuel Beals, Jan. 30, 1814.
Ishmael of Ware, and Polly Hannar, Sept. 16, 1792.


Joseph Jr. of Barnard, and Fanney Spooner, Jan. 26, 1786.


Thomas of Shelburne, and Mary (Polly, int.) Collins, May 26, 1816.

BRADDISH (see Bradish)

John and Mary Green of Southboro, int. May 12, 1746.

BRADISH (see Braddish)

Annah and John Green, Dec. 7, 1751.
John (Jr., int.) and Hannah Warner, Mar. 4, 1773. C.R.*
Robert of Westborough, and Lydia Morton of Peaquog [Athol], int. June 15, 1754.
Sarah and Joseph Nye, Dec. 27, 1764.

BRAKEIRIDGE(see Brakenrige)

Mary of Ware, and Jesse Paige, int. Jan. 16, 1780.

BRAKENRIGE (see Brakeiridge)

William, Capt., of Ware, and Rozillah Paige, Mar. 17, 1790.


Martyn L. of Easton, and Catherine Howard, Jan. 12, 1841.


Brainard T. of Wilbraham, s. of Timothy O. of WiIbraham, and Mary, a. 29 y., and Mary A. Lawton, d. of John and Mary, a. 21 y., Sept. 11, 1844.


Asa (Brigham of Fitzwilliam, int.) of Barnard, and Sarah Newton, Dec. 25, 1783.

BRIDGE (see Bridges)

Samuel and Hannah Townsen of Greenwich, int. Aug. 19, 1760.

BRIDGES (see Bridge)

Betsey and William Lawrence, Mar. 25, 1804.
Eunice (Anna int.) and Daniel Robertson (Robinson int.) of Monson, in New Braintree, Apr. 28, 1788.
Eunice and Silvanus Taylor, Nov. 19, 1801.
Isaac (Jr., int.) and Deborah Cobb, Jan. 27, 1795.
Jonas and Harriot Ross, Feb. 16, 1806.
Lucia of New Braintree, and Nathaniel Oliver, int. Dec. 28, 1812.
Polly (Mary, int.) and John Barr Jr. of New Braintree, in New Braintree, Sept. 15, 1789.
Sarah and Aaron Woods of Greenwich. [No date. 1786 or 1787.]*


Susanna of Greenwich, and Aaron Johnson, in Greenwich, June ---, 1787.*


Daniel Jr. of Winsor, and Julia Moulton, Nov. 25, 1834.
Ebenezer of Amherst, and Sarah Ann Fiske, July 8, 1840.
George of Lenox, and Sally Paige, Nov. 19, 1816.
Lucy of Orange, and Daniel Johnson, in Greenwich, May ---, 1797.
Mary (of Petersham, int.) and Paul Mandell Jr., Nov. 28, 1776.
Sophronia of Athol, and Daniel Leander Holt, int. June 11, 1840.


Marcia Ann of Prescott, and Ira Paige, int. Apr. 11, 1840.
Mary Jane of Prescott, and Algernon S. Jenney, int. Feb. 14, 1846.


Sarah E, of Worcester, and Phinehas Morton, int. Feb. 14, 1846.
Silvanus of Barre, and Triphena Johnson, Sept. 14, 1783.
Susan (Susan A., int.) and Hiram (Hiram N., int.) Wood, Aug. 18, 1840.
Sylvanus and Lucy Lincoln (late of Abington, int.), July 3, 1810.
Tryphena and Elijah Hartwell of Cohocton, N. Y., Mar. 5, 1823. C.R.


Eunice (Eunice A., int.) and Roswell S. Gaylord of Hadley, Oct. 29, 1839.


Polly of Rindge, N. H., and Ebenezer Ager, int. May 30, 1801.


Alexander of Ashford, Conn., and Sarah Brown, int. Apr. 24, 1826.
Betsey and Vincent Newland, Sept. 6, 1820.
Celia of Ware, and John Aiken, int. Jan. 17, 1814.
Charles P. of West Woodstock, Conn., s. of Clark and Sarah, formerly of Grafton, a. 26 y., and Melissa Sloan, d. of Willard and Alma W., a. 27 y., Oct. 24, 1849.
David W. and Abigail Sloane, both of Grafton, Oct. 19, 1834.*
Deborah of Enfield, and Marcus Robinson, Mar. 25, 1822.
Esek and Ana Waters, int. Apr. 2, 1809.
Harvey of Ware, and Sally Bolster, Sept. 27, 1826.
Irene and Nathaniel Topliff of Greenwich, Jan. 23, 1833.
Lorin of Fitchburg, s. of Francis of Acworth, N. H., and Lucinda, b. in Marlow, N. H., a. 27 y., and Harriet E. Knowles, d. of Simeon and Lucetta, a. 23 y., Oct. 1, 1844.
Lucy and Hiram Newland, Mar. 30, 1831.
Luke Jr. and Mary Adams, both of Worcester, Jan. 26, 1769.*
Luke and Bathsheba Warner, June 8, 1798.
Mercy of Western, and Lieut. William Walker, int. Jan. 16, 1830.
Moses 2d of Ware, and Mercy Paige, Dec. 10, 1807.
S. Osborne of Fitchburg, s, of Francis and Lucinda, a. 22 y., and Harriet K. Whipple, d. of Moses and Harriet, a. 21 y., May 1, 1845.
Sabrina and Daniel S. Convers, int. Jan. 23, 1826.
Sally of Worcester, and John White, int. Dec. 26, 1784.
Sarah and Alexander Brown of Ashford, Conn., int. Apr. 24, 1826.


Fidelia F. and David A. Dean, June 22, 1842.
James and Lucy P. Trow, Nov. 26, 1830.
John of Hubbardston, and Eliza Stearns, Nov. 8, 1810.
William, s. of James and Alice, b. in Rutland, a. 24 y., and Harriet J. Robinson, d. of Joseph and Rachel, a. 18 y., Apr. 5, 1849.


Asa K. and Eliza C. Hammond of Petersham, int. Mar. 14, 1839.
John of Springfield, and Betsey Nye, May 19, 1813.
Joseph and Nancy Trow, Apr. 28, 1799.
Mercy W. and Rev. Asa Mann, int. Mar. 31, 1848.
Sally, wid., and Elisha Sibley, both of Dana, Mar. 18, 1828.*
Timothy and Sally Kimball of Belchertown, int. Sept. 9, 1812.
Timothy P. and Maria Richmond, Mar. 3, 1836.


Abigail and Ebenezer Whiting, int. Sept.---, 1797.
Betsy and John Stone Jr. of Greenwich, int. Sept. 16, 1798.
Calvin and Susanna Harris, int., Jan. 25, 1789.
Frances (Fanny, int.) and Thomas Tamplin of Greenwich, Apr. 28, 1796.
Lemuel of Wardsborough, Vt., and Mehetabel Willis, Oct. 27, 1793.


Warren and Ann S. Keith of Ware, Oct. 12, 1836.


Rachel of Rutland, and Barnabus Sears, int. Sept.----,1764.


Silas of Royalston, Vt., and Barshaba Egery, Jan. 23, 1792.

BURDEN (see Barden, Burdon)

Ruth of Charlton, and Charles Stowell, int. Oct. 11, 1829.
Susanna and Isaac Cummings Jr. (Feb. 22, 1809. C.R.).

BURDON (see Barden, Burden)

Asenath and John Green, Jan. 29, 1801.

BURGES (see Burgess)

Bathsheba and Joseph Cleveland, int. Sept. 12, 1825.
Joseph and Achsa Thayer of Greenwich, int. May 24, 1810.
Luthar and Sarah Carpenter, July 21, 1805.
Luther and Bathsheba Turner, Dec. 24, 1797.
Luther and Prudence Earl of New Braintree, int. Mar. 25, 1822.
Mary and Jacob Erels (Earle, C.R.), Oct. 4, 1798.

BURGESS (see Burges)

Allice and Benjamin Estabrook, in New Braintree, Oct. 12, 1787.
Joseph 2d and Thankfull Taber of Providence, R I., int. Jan. 29, 1831.
Joseph and Hannah Mayo, Sept. 5, 1841.


Calvin A., of Oxford, and Harriet Knowles, June 29, 1830.
Elizabeth and Elisha Cobb, Nov. 8, 1770. C.R.
Isabel and John Hambleton, Feb. 20, 1772. C.R.*


Hannah and Seth Ruggles, Nov. 22, 1792.

BURT (see Burtt)

Ebenezer Jr. and Luthera Robinson, int. Feb. 13, 1825.
John (of Springfield, int.) and Bathsheba Warner, June 4, 1765.
Lucy and John Ellis, Apr. 15, 1816.
Mary of Greenwich, and Nathan Snow of Leicester, Sept. 19, 1808.*
Nabbe and Thomas Ellis, Apr. 11, 1820.
Nancy and Jacob Thomas of Shutesbury, Nov. 5, 1837.
Polly and Solomon Ruggles, Mar. 8, 1803.

BURTT (see Burt)

Leonard of Westminster, Vt., and Susanna Fay, Dec. 19, 1790.


John W. and Lucy M. Delano of New Braintree, int. June 16, 1832.
Levina of Ware and William Gilmore, int. Sept. 29, 1767.
Solomon (of Ware, int.) and Content Whitcomb, Nov. 27, 1766.


Anthony and Jerusha Hill of Oxford, in Oxford, July 29, 1790.
Isaiah (Josiah, int.) and Abigail Thrasher of New Braintree, in New Braintree, Feb. 7, 1771.
Moses and Abigail Parling of Barre, int. Aug. 29, 1784.

BUTTERFIELD (see Batterfield)

Henry of Greenwich, and Rachel Thayer, Nov. 20, 1783.
Hosea of Greenwich, and Allmira Town, Apr. 11, 1820.*

BYAM (see Byram)

Jesse (of Williamstown, int.) and Sarah Chamberlain, Jan. 30, 1777.

BYRAM (see Byam)

James and Elisabeth Cox, Feb. 8, 1781.

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