To the Year 1850
Compiled by Thomas W. Baldwin, A.S., S. B., Member
New England Historic Genealogical Society
Boston, Mass., 1917

Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger

Marriages Surnames Starting with C to F

* Intention not recorded.


Mary and John Ruggles, May 29, 1777.*


John (Conolee, late of Ireland, int.) and Betsy Swasy, Aug. 3, 1788.

CAMPBELL (see Campwell)

John and Nabby Barlow, Aug. 26, 1793.

CAMPWELL (see Campbell)

Susanah and Daniel Barrows, Aug. 12, 1813.


James and Sally Putman, int. Oct. 28, 1793.
Mahitable of New Braintree, and Samuel Nye, in New Braintree, Sept. 16, 1756.


Gilbert of Barre, and Mehetable Mills, Aug. 12, 1819.


Betsy and Oliver Chapen of Monson, Nov. 25, 1790.
Dinah and David Nutting of Brimfield, int. June 6, 1773.
Dulcena and Elijah Stetson, Apr. 17, 1808.
Elijah and Sarah Wing, Feb. 1, 1784.
Gideon and Jemima Jennis (Jene), int. May 31, 1753.
Hannah and Lewis Foster of Palmyra, N. Y., int. Sept. 24, 1827.
Heriet and Anson Winchester, Sept. 2, 1812.
Isaiah and Hannah Robinson, int. Feb. 24, 1762.
Jason and Sarah Gray of Pelham, int. May 5, 1821.
Joel, Dr., and Mary Ruggles of New Braintree, in New Braintree, Dec. 9, 1755.
Lydia and Daniel Clark of Brimfield, int. Apr. 21, 1771.
Mary and James Nutting (of Brimfield, int.), in Brimfield, Jan. 29, 1774.
Nathan and Sarah Powers, June 8, 1738. C.R.*
Nathan and Anna Cox, Mar. 15, 1773.
Patience and Silas Nye, Nov. 27, 1766 (Nov. 29 dup.).
Rachel of Coventry, and Abraham Powers, int. Dec. 1, 1759.
Rufus (of Woodstock, int.) and Olive Whitcomb, Feb. 27, 1777 (int. Mar. 2, 1777).
Sarah and Philip Washburn, Jan. 8, 1767.
Sarah and Luthar Burges, July 21, 1805.
Susanna and Abel Benjamen, Mar. 22, 1759.


Abralbon, Capt. (Col., dup.) of Petersham, and Thankfull Paige, Feb. 27, 1822 (Feb. 28, 1821 dup. Mar. 4, 1822, int.).
Asa of New Salem, and Louis Haskel, int. Oct. 16, 1766.
John of Greenwich, and Ruth Goodnew, int. Mar. 15, 1790.


Nabby and Israel Knowlton, May ----, 1793.
Ruth, d. of Silas and Ruth, b. in Dana, a. 21 y., and Timothy D. Granger, s. of Daniel and Catherine, a. 25 y., June 4, 1844.
Sally and Paul Haskell of Brookfield, int. Jan. 10, 1796.
Sarah of Greenwich, and Nathaniel Haskell, int. May 25, 1790.


Lucena of Ware, and Isaiah Newcomb, int. Aug. 9, 1831.


Rufus (Rev., int.) of St. Johnsbury, Vt., and Elvira Fish, June 2, 1842.


Hiram and Lucinda Haskins, Nov. 29, 1832.
Hiram and Susan C. Wilcox, Mar. 21, 1839.


Prudentiaa and Reuben Newton, Apr. 20, 1812.


Thirza of Palmer, and Daniel S. Collins, int. Aug. 11, 1840.

CHAMBERLAIN (see Chamberlin, Chambling)

Aaron and Rachel Howard (Herod, int.) of Ware, in Ware, Nov. 19, 1795.
Joseph (of Petersham, int.) and Deborah Nye, Apr. 18, 1776.
Kezia and John Shaw (of Brookfield, int.) June 12, 1780. C.R.
Moses and Hannah Church, Aug. 12, 1781. C.R.
Olive of Ware, and Hiram Freeman, Dec. 11, 1834.
Samuel of Petersham, and Cloe Newton, Jan. 15, 1804.
Sarah and Jesse Byam (of Williamstown, int.), Jan. 30, 1777.

CHAMBERLIN (see Chamberlain, Chambing)

Caty and James Faxon of Washington, Jan. 24, 1792.*
Charles Church and Sophia Orcutt of Templeton, int. Aug. 21, 1808.
Elisabeth of Grafton, and Silas Pratt, int. Feb. 21, 1746-7.
Harmon and Arathusa Hinkley, Apr. 30, 1806.
Levi and Amittai Barns, Oct. 27, 1841.

CHAMBLING (see Chamberlain, Chamberlin)

Joseph and Sarah Cook of Douglas, int. Feb. 16, 1753.


Gardiner and Elisabeth Ruggles, int. May 18, 1772.
Josiah Cotten and Olive Fay, Nov. 24, 1799.
Nathan of Rochester, Vt., and Lucy Wing [no date] (int. Apr. 16, 1786).
Philander and Myra Keith of Prescott, int. Oct. 26, 1833.
Stephen and Merebah Nye, May 23, 1782.

CHAPEN (see Chapin)

Oliver of Monson, and Betsy Carpenter, Nov. 25, 1790.

CHAPIN (see Chapen)

Olive and Elijah Allen, Mar. 8, 1816.*


Sarah of Sutton, and Rev. Thomas Holt, in Sutton, May 5, 1796.

CHASE (see Chass)

Henry of Whitstown, and Abagail Stratten of Peaquaog [Athol], int. Dec. 8, 1746.
Lydia and Lewis Thrasher of Prescott, Dec.----, 1842.

CHASS (see Chase)

Elishaa and Mary Wheeler, both of New Salem, int. Oct. 5, 1747.


Hannah and Thomas Johson, int. Mar. 10, 1759.


Asa F. of Lowell, and Sophronia Randall of Enfield. [No date. Return dated Apr. 25, 1836.]*
Moses Jr. of Warwick, and Lucy Dexter, July 4, 1782.

CHILD (see Childs, Chiles)

Jonathan and Deliverance Freeman, Jan. 13, 1778.
Martha S. and Lucius J. Estes of Springfield, int. May 23, 1846.

CHILDS (see Child, Chiles)

Abigail of Barre, and (Dr., int.) Arthur Rawson, in Barre, June 23, 1785.
Benjamin Willis and Anna Washburn, Nov. 25, 1798.
Betsey and Gideon Tinney of Barre, Mar. 8, 1792.
Eliphaz and Ruth Gibbs of Greenwich, int. Apr. 14, 1788.
Horace S. of Brandon, Vt., and Mary P. Rice, Oct. 15, 1817.
Johnathan of Barre, and Rebecca Hinckly, in Barre, Feb. 3, 1785.
Mercy of Barre, and Apollas Luce, int. Oct. 30, 1808.

CHILES (see Child, Childs)

Ebenezer of New Salem and Abigail Willis, Dec. 26, 1769.


Cyrus and Mary Haskins, int. Nov. 14, 1825.
Ebenezer and Susanna Ruggles, Mar. 4, 1762.
Mary and Isaac Pepper (of New Braintree, int.) May 12, 1780. C.R.


Abigail (of Hadley, int.) and Ichabod Stratton Jr., Oct. 14, 1743. C.R.
Damaris (wid., int.) and Stephen Warner (of Granby, int.), Nov. 13, 1771. C.R.
Hannah and Moses Chamberlain, Aug. 12, 1781. C.R.
Mary of Greenwich, and Seth Winslow, in Greenwich, Nov. 23, 1775.
Sarah and Zephaniah Spooner, Nov. 5, 1789.


Sarah (Kewsett, int.) and James Powers (both of Quabin [Greenwich], int.), Oct. 28, 1747.


Cephas of Brookfield (New Braintree, int.), and Hannah Spooner, Mar. 21, 1815.

CLARK (see Clarke, Clerk)

Abigail of Brimfield, and Isaac Powers, int. Apr. 29, 1765.
Asa of Barre, and Patiance Dennis, June 5, 1823.
Anna and John Paige 3d, int. Sept. 15, 1788.
Betsy of New Braintree, and Samuel Cooley, int. Jan. 2, 1815.
Catherine of Rochester, and Thomas Weeks, in Rochester, Apr. 3, 1743.*
Content and Jabez Cobb, Dec. 8, 1776.
Daniel of Brimfield, and Lydia Carpenter, int. Apr. 21, 1771.
Edward, Capt., of Hubbardston, and (wid., int.) Susannnah Rice, Apr. 22, 1779.
Edward Jr. of Petersham, and Betsey Paige, Feb. 23, 1800.
Elizabeth and Capt. Benjamin Paige, June 6, 1819.
Elizabeth and Phineas L. Robinson of Bennington, Vt., int. Mar. 30, 1836.
Ezra and Betsey Webb, Nov. 17, 1803.
Fanny and Samuel Hathaway, Oct. 17, 1805.
Hannah and Samuel Haskins 3d, Jan. 19, 1804.
Hannah of Ware, and Daniel Cobb, int. July 14, 18I7.
Harmon and Eliza Bartlett of New Braintree, int. Jan. 19, 1818.
Isaac (Jr., int.) and Patience Stearns of Worcester, in Worcester, Jan. 6, 1774.
Lutheria and Levi W. (Whipple, int.) Warner, Apr. 10, 1832.
Lydia of Rochester, and Moses Haskiel, int. May 18, 1751.
Mary of New Stratford, and Judah Weeks, int. Dec. 4, 1780.
Nathaniel and Sally Curtis, July 14, 1793.
Patience and George Washington Webb, Oct. 16, 1803.
Polly and John White, Nov. 19, 1795.
Rhoda and Timothy Hathaway, Sept. 23, 1784.
Rhoda Ann, d. of Stillman and Sophronia, a. 19 y., and Bela B. Paige, s. of Luther and Sarah, a. 38 y., Nov. 28, 1844.
Samuel and Mehetable Ingeeson of Ashford, Conn., int. Oct. 30, 1791.
Samuel (Jr., int.) of Petersham, and Mary Woods, Mar. 13, 1817.
Sarah and Joseph Robinson, Sept. 30, 1773.
Seth and Ede Love, int. Oct. 15, 1780.
Seth of Conway, and Lucy Haskell, Feb. 17, 1808.
Simeon and Susanna Clark, Dec. 1, 1791.
Sophia and Samuel King of Barre, int. Oct. 11, 1801.
Susanna and Simeon Clark, Dec. 1, 1791.
Thankful and Jabez Elwell, Dec. 21, 1769. C.R.
Willard and Fanny Giffin, Mar. 25, 1810.

CLARKE (see Clark, Clerk)

Isaac and Content Weeks, Oct. 29, 1742. C.R.*
Sarah of Palmer, and Isaac Powers, in Palmer, July 25, 1765.*
Stillman of Barre and Sophrona Amidon, Sept. 9, 1819.
Stillman and Charlotte Howe of Barre, int. Apr. 23, 1842.
Susan and Lucius Lawton, Apr. 3, 1834.


Polly (Cary, int.) of Ware, and Calvin Oakes, in Greenwich, July 26, 1787.

CLEAVELAND (see Cleavland, Cleveland, Clevland)

Elijah and Salla Mash, int. May 14, 1789.
Joseph and Bette (Elisabeth, int.) Wheeler, May 4, 1772. C.R.
Mary of New Marlborough, and Capt. Daniel Wheeler, int. Apr. 2, 1775.
Polly and Rufus Barnes, Dec. 31, 1818.

CLEAVLAND (see Cleaveland, Cleveland, Clevland)

Ephraim (Jr., int.) and Lydia Whipple, Nov. 15, 1770. C.R.

CLEFFORD (see Clifford)

Edward and Abigail Winslow, Nov. 30, 1761.*


James (of Greenwich, int.) and Sarah Winslow, Aug. 19, 1779. C.R.


James H. of Ware, and Susan S. Ellis, int. Nov. 24, 1847.

CLERK (see Clark, Clarke)

Hannah of Rutland, and Samuel Robinson Jr., int. Apr. 15, 1758.

CLEVELAND (see Cleaveland, CIeavIand, Clevland)

Albert A., s. o£ Elijah and Lucy, a. 25 y., and Mary J. Darte, d. of William and Betsey, a. 18 y., Mar. 28, 1847.
Asaph and Nancy Freeman, int. Dec. 20, 1824.
Charles R. and Eunice S. Thayer of Athol, int. Aug. 24, 1842.
Ebenezer and Betsy Barnard, in Greenwich, Nov. 28, 1790.
Ephraim and Angeline C. Holden of New Salem, int. Apr. 5, 1848.
Henry E., s. of Elijah and Lucy, a. 26 y., and Abigail B. Holden of New Salem, d. of Josiah B. of New Salem, and Cynthia, a. 19 y., in New Salem, Aug. 26, 1846.
Jason and Lucy H. Smith, Jan. 30, 1843.
Joseph and Bathsheba Burges, int. Sept. 12, 1825.
Lucia C., d. of Elijah and Lucy, a. 20 y., and Eli Warner of New Braintree, s. of Daniel of New Braintree, and Lovisa, a. 27 y., Apr. 1, 1845.
Lucy and Ichabod Eddy, int. Dec. 24, 1780.
Newcomb and Sophrona Gilbert, Feb. 17, 1824.
Olive and Seth (Silus, int.) Whittaker of Petersham, in Greenwich, Apr. 7, 1785.
Persis and Aaron Cooley of Athol, in Greenwich, Oct. 9, 1783.
Porter C. and Armonilla. M. Hinkley of Barre, int. Oct. 10, 1845.
Royal and Sally Smith of Petersham, int. Apr. 3, 1820.

CLEVLAND (see Cleaveland, Cleavland, Cleveland)

Elijah and Lucy Barnes, Dec. 14, 1819.

CLIFFORD (see Clefford)

Mary of Enfield, and Avery Bartlett, Apr. 20, 1818.
Plinney and Alvira Leonard of New Salem, int. June 11, 1825.


Henry and Mary E. Earl, Apr. 18, 1844.


Abigail, wid., and David Blekmer, Oct. 13, 1823.
Allen and Olive Sampson, Jan. 1, 1745.
Ammaduke and Alanson Gilbert, int. Sept. 18, 1825.
Anna and Samuel Dennis, May 3, 1788.
Benjamin and Sally Jenkins of Barre, int. June 17, 1801.
Benjamin, Capt., of Stephenson, Ill., and Sarah B. Ruggles,-----, 1841 (int. Feb. 28, 1841).
Betsy and Micah Haskell, May 8(May 1, C.R.), 1797.
Daniel and Hannah Clark of Ware, int. July 14, 1817.
Deborah and Isaac Bridges (Jr., int.), Jan. 27, 1795.
Ebenezer and Martha Hastings, Oct. 5, 1780.
Elisha and Elizabeth Burnet, Nov. 8, 1770. C.R.
Frederick A., s. of Ebenezer and Joanna, a. 22 y., and Elisabeth Conkey, d. of James and Elisabeth, b. in Prescott, a. 20 y., Dec. 11, 1845.
Gershom and Abigail Thomas, May 2, 1811.*
Gratia of Greenwich, and Israel Thomas, int. Jan. 22, 1827.
Hannah and Ephraim Titus, Dec. 20, 1770. C.R.
Hannah and Nathan Paige, Apr. 25, 1784.
Hope and Elias White of Barre, in New Braintree, Oct. 2, 1789.
Jabez and Content Clark, Dec. 8, 1776.
John and Thankful Sears, July 19, 1764.
Joseph Jr. of Greenwich (of Boston, int.) and Lois (Lois R., int.) Walker, Dec. 30, 1830.
Lemuel and Lydia Allen, Oct. 10, 1765.
Lemuel and Abigail Ammidon, Mar. 27, 1777.
Lemuel (Jr., int.) and Locena Newton, June 2, 1803.
Lydia and Elkenah Steuart, Sept. 7, 1761.
Lydia and Alpha Warner of Hardwick, Vt., Jan. 14, 1796.
Lydia, d. of Miles and Lucretia, a. 20 y., and Luther Marsh of Holden, s. of Lewis and Hannah, a. 26 y., Apr. 23, 1849.
Miles and Lucretia Totman, int. Dec. 30, 1826.
Mivina (Alvina., C.R.) and Noah White of Barre, Feb. 8, 1807.
Otis and Daphne Fay, int. July 18, 1802.
Polly and Jonathan Fletcher of Barre, Dec. 21, 1794.
Silva and Henery Arnold, Oct. 2, 1790. (Apr. 17, 1791, int.)
Silvanus and Elizabath Warren (of Westborough, int.), Mar. 9, 1772. C.R.
Zenas and Cindarilla Robinson, Dec. 1, 1803.
Zenas and Eleanor Smith, June 2, 1805.


Alfred William of Palmer, and Patience G. Woods, Nov. 15, 1831.


John P, of Fair Haven, Vt., and Betsey Dennis, Mar. 9, 1818.


David S. and Alvira (Elvira A., int.) Rasnsdell, Nov. 28, 1840.
Joseph and Eloisa. (Lowessa, int.) Arnold, Nov, 29, 1792.
Luther and Mary G. Stevens of New Salem, int. Mar. 9, 1846.
Nancy of Millbury, and Lucius Barns, int. May 6, 1838.
Phina, and Lydia Atwood, int. Dec. 6, 1795.


Sally M. of Palmer, and Amos Oviatt, int. Jan. 4, 1846.

COLLINGS (see Collins)

Aquilla and Mercy Smith of Greenwich, Oct. 18, 1807.
Fanny and Foster Newcomb of Ware, Feb. 18, 1819.

COLLINS (see Collings)

Abiel and Dr. William Thomas, Aug. 23, 1765.
Betsey (Betsey B., int.) and Daniel W. Hooker of Rutland, Sept. 20, 1831.
Daniel . S. and Thirza Chaffee of Palmer, int. Aug. 11, 1840.
Ebenezer of South Hadley, and Polly Gilbert, int. Sept. 28, 1800.
Gamaliel and Patty Gilbert, June 21, 1798.
Gamaliel and Betsey Billing, Nov. 29, 1804.
Gamaliel and Martha Smith, Oct. 13, 1834.
Jerusha and Judah Marsh of Ware, Feb. 20, 1800.
John and Minerva Hamilton, both of Ware, Sept. 11, 1827.*
Julia Ann and Adonijah Dennis (Jr., int.), Sept. 11, 1827.
Martha G. and Charles Whitney Jr. of Watertown, Dec. 29, 1840.
Mary (Polly, int.) and Thomas Boyd of Shelburne, May 26, 1816.
Priscilla and John Wicker, Nov. 13, 1803.
Rachal and Elisha Newcomb of Greenwich, Feb. 23, 1790.


E. Warren of West Brookfield, and Mercia P. Ames, int. Aug. 25, 1845.


Mary (Nancy, int.) and Joel Woodward of Petersham, in Petersham, Aug. 17, 1796.

COMINGS (see Cumming, Cummings, Cummins)

Katharine and Amos Learned of New Salem, Dec. 1, 1803.


Ezra and. Anna Fisk, Mar. 21, 1770. C.R.


Augustus of Mount Norris, N. Y., and Mercy Ann Stone, Mar. 10, 1846.
Elisabeth, d. of James and Elisabeth, b. in Prescott, a. 20 y., and Frederick A. Cobb, s. of Ebenezer and Joanna, a. 22 y., Dec. 11, 1845.
Joshua, widr., a. 40 y., and wid. Susan Hunt, d. of William and Eunice Walker, a. 34 Y., Jan. 3, 1848.
Nehemiah, s. of James and Betsey, b. in Pelham, a. 38 y., and Marietta Lincoln, d. of Burt and Mary, a. 24 y., Nov. 28, 1844.

CONVERS (see Converse, Converss)

Daniel S. and Sabrina Brown, int. Jan. 23, 1826.

CONVERSE (see Convers, Converss)

Benjamin and Ester Grosvenor of Windsor, int. May 17, 1786.
Henry of Sandusky City, Ohio, and Mercia Wardwell, Feb. 23, 1837.
Jane Frances, d. of Dan[ie]l S. and Sabrina, a. 20 y., and Joel Thayer, s. of Hosea of Dana, and Cyrena, a. 28 y., Nov. 28, 1849.

CONVERSS (see Convers, Converse)

Ruth of Ware, and Laban Tucker, int. Oct. 16, 1803.

COOK (see Cooke)

Joanna of Amherst, and Clark Lawton, int. Sept. 20, 1774.
Nathaniel of Pelham, and Bethiah Ward of Belchertown, Nov. 23, 1834.*
Samuel Jr. of Petersham, and Lucinda Witherell, int. Apr. 30, 1825.
Sarah of Douglas, and Joseph Chambling, int. Feb. 16, 1753.

COOKE (see Cook)

Lavina and Sumner Griffin, both of Pelham, in Pelham, Aug. 27, 1837.*
Sarah and Abel Warner, in Kingston, Feb. 15, 1786.


Aaron of Athol, and Persis Cleveland, in Greenwich, Oct. 9, 1783.
Esther of Greenwich, and Uriah Higgens, int. Apr. 17, 1763.
Fanny, wid., of Greenwich, and Philander Winslow of Springfield, Feb. 3, 1835.*
Kezia of Greenwich, and Seth Johnson, int. Aug. 2, 1760.
Margaret of Greenwich, and Job Winslow, in Greenwich, July 27, 1780.*
Reuben of Hawley, and Nancy Barlow, Dec. 2, 1807.*
Samuel and Betsy Clark of New Braintree, int. Jan. 2, 1815.


James P. and Sarah F. Richardson, May 27, 1829.


John and Mary Shearmon of Grafton, in Sutton, Mar. 15, 1748-9.

CORLIE (see Corly, Kerly)

Eunice and Francis Stratton, Apr. 29, 1740. C.R.*
Sarah and Thomas How, Feb.----, 1738. C.R.*

CORLY (see Corlie, Kerly)

Annah (Kerly, int.) and Elisha Pike, Nov. 29, 1744. C.R.


Ezra Jr. and Mary Russel, Apr. 17, 1799.


Irene of Amherst, and Samuel F. Cutler, int. Apr. 24, 1825.


Catty of Lancaster, and Luther Washburn, in Lancaster, Mar. 25, 1799.
Thankfull (Cutter, int.) of Lancaster, and Rufus Washburn, in Lancaster, Mar. 25, 1799.


Anna and Nathan Carpenter, Mar. 15, 1773.
Elisabeth and James Byram, Feb. 8, 1781.
Hannah and Eliakim Fay of Barnard, Vt., Sept. 3, 1790.
Jemima and Noah Hatch, Feb. 4, 1783.
John Devenport and Anne Powers of Brimfield, int. July 17, 1786.
Philena of Barnard, Vt., and Josiah Newton, int. Nov. 29, 1792.

CRAFT (see Croft)

Nathan of Ware, and Adaline Grant of Greenwich, Jan. 1, 1835.*


Abigail and Brigham Ruggles, Dec. 30, 1813.


Lauriston F. of Oakham, and Caroline R. Cummings, Oct. 8, 1829.

CROFT (see Craft)

Dwight of Ware, and Malinda Fuller, Jan. 17, 1830.


Margaret of Medway, and William Anderson, in Medway, Oct. 18, 1744.


Joshua, Rev., of Greenwich, and Lydia Terry, Feb. 8, 1790.
Mary and Ens. Daniel Fay, Mar. 10, 1757.
Sarah and Samuel Billing, Nov. 26, 1767.
Sarah of Sturbridge, and Elisha Sabin, in Sturbridge, Feb. 18, 1795.*


Polly and Peter Painheart of Greenwich, Nov. 2, 1783.*

CROWEL (see Crowell)

Bathsheba and David Waite, Nov. 23, 23, 1769.
Erastus and Rebecca Botherel, int. Apr. 10, 1820.
Fanny of Brookfield, and William Bonney, int. Feb. 17, 1817.
Hannah and Jeduthun Spooner, Apr. 27, 1781. C.R.
Joseph and Perthenia Thomas, Oct. 24, 1793.
Mary and Isaac Davis, June 28, 1789.
Paulina and Jesse Shaw, Dec. 19, 1813.

CROWELL (see Crowel)

Joshua Jr. and Mary Field of Brookfield, int. Sept. 20, 1774.
Salvina and Nathaniel Paige (of Barnard, int.), Feb. 1, 1781. C.R.

CUMMINGS (see Comings, Cumming, Cummins)

Louisa of Barre, and Warren King, int. Sept. 17, 1821.

CUMMINGS (see Comings, Cumming, Cummins)

Azubah and Nathaniel Sprout Jr., in Greenwich, Dec. 28, 1775.
Benjamin Jr. of Ware, and Mary Ann Mead, Oct. 25, 1830.
Betsey and Samuel Johnson, June 29, 1830.
Caroline R. and Lauriston F. Crawford of Oakham, Oct. 8, 1829.
Catherine R. and Sumner Latham, Nov. 22, 1831.
Hosea and Sarah Johnson, Feb. 22, 1831.
Isaac and Lydia Washburn, int. Sept. 4, 1785.
Isaac Jr. and Susanna Burden (Feb. 22, 1809. C.R.).
Julia A. of Prescott, and James Tomlinson of Hoboken, N. J., in Prescott, May 9, 1843.*
Nancy (Fanny, int.) and John Gilbert, May 26, 1816.
Lucina (Lucinda H., int.) and W[illia]m S. Barns, May 24, 1842.
Luthera, d. of Noah and George Betts of Woodbury, Conn., Nov. 5, 1844.
Olive and Joseph Mixture (Mixter, int.) of Templeton, in Greenwich, May 25, 1777 (int. June 1, 1777).

CUMMINS (see Comings, Cumming, Cummings)

Isaac (Jr. int.) and Katherine Ramsdel, May 11, 1774. C.R.
Joseph and Polly Sprout of Greenwich, int. Sept. 19, 1812.

CURTIS (see Curtiss)

Asa and Louis Haskil, Nov. 27, 1766.*
Sally and Nathaniel Clark, July 14, 1793.

CURTISS (see Curtis)

Charity and Charles Spooner of Barnard, Vt., Feb. 15, 1795.


Barnabas (of Wilmington, int.) and Deliverance Lawrence, Feb. 15, 1781. C.R.
Hannah of Plymouth, and Joseph Ruggles, in Plymouth, July 13, 1742 -3.*
W[illia]m of Tolland, Conn., and Sarah Mann, May 11, 1831.

CUTLAR (see Cutler)

Samuel F. and Eluthera Ruggles, May 24, 1819.

CUTLER (see Cutlar)

Amity of Lexington, and Nathan Leonard, in Lexington, Nov. 26, 1766.
Convers, Dr., and Ruth Gorham of Barre, int. July 9, 1824.
Daniel of Greenwich, and Mary Hastings, Oct. 31, 1839.
Elbridge, Lieut., and Huldah Paige, Sept. 20, 1817.
Elijah of Ware, and Huldah Franklin, Mar. 9, 1812.
George of Brookfield, and Sarah P. Veneca, Nov. 15, 1842.
Hannah of Greenwich, and John Haskell, in Greenwich, Apr. 28, 1760 (int. Mar. 6, 1763).
Hariet and Nathan Ruggles of Hartford, Conn., Apr. 23, 1813.
Lydia of Western, and Clark Paige, June 1, 1813.
Mary of Lexington, and John Paige, in Lexington, Sept. 15, 1757.
Mary and Benjamin Lincoln, both of Greenwich, Apr. 30, 1810.*
Milliscent of Greenwich, and Denison Robinson, int. Apr. 10, 1769.
Nathan and Hannah Davis of Littleton, int. Dec. 16, 1759. [1758.]
Pamelia and David Trask of Leicester, Aug. 29, 1816.
Rebekah and Samuel Billings, Sept. 9, 1811.
Samuel F. and Irene Corols of Amherst, int. Apr. 24, 1825.
Solomon of Rindge, N. H., and Rhoda Whipple, Jan. 3, 1799.
Sophia and Enos Newland (Jr., int.}, Dec. 29, 1818.
Susan of Amherst, and Jason Mixter, int. Mar. 30, 1808.


Eiizabeth and Alanson Barlow, Oct. 2, 1839.


Lucena of Amherst, and Nathan Sprout, int. Mar. 10, 1795.
Ruth and John Terry, May 17, 1804.


Cyrus and Hannah (Hannah P., int.) Jenney, Mar. 16, 1817.
George P. of Dana, and Fidelia Rogers, int. Apr. 4, 1843.
Hannah and Walter (Waterville, int.) Sibley of Brookfield, Mar. 29, 1843.
James, Maj., and Nancy R. Smith of Barre, int. Sept. 11, 1830.
Jonathan and Susannah White, Apr. 19, 1770. C.R.
Jonathan and Anna Ruggles, Oct. 1, 1780. C.R.
Mary R. and Chester Hubbard of Templeton, int. Feb. 3, 1844.
Pamela W., d. of Cyrus and Hannah, a. 21 y., and Benjamin F. Paige, s. of Benjamin and Elisabeth, a. 28 y., Dec. 31, 1848.
Susannah W. and Capt. Moses Gray of Prescott, May 22, 1828.


Nancy of Pelham, and Isaac Dodge, int. Oct. 17, 1784.


Mary J., d. of WiIliam and Betsey, a. 18 y., and Albert A. Cleveland, s. of Elijah and Lucy, a. 25 y., Mar. 28, 1847.

DAVICE (see Davis)

Clarissa and Orbin Nichols, both of Ware, July 4, 1832.*

DAVIS (see Davice)

Abigal and Robert Stephens, Oct. 9, 1794.
Elizabeth of Greenwich, and David Whipple, in Greenwich, Apr. 7, 1785.
Hannah of Littleton, and Nathan Cutler, int. Dec. 16, 1759. [1758]
Isaac and Mary Crowel, June 28, 1789.
Isaac of Rutland, and Elizabeth Wheeler, int. May 2, 1825.
James (Jr., int.) and Cynthia Ann Jordan, in Barre, Aug. 11, 1836.
James S. of Warren, and Adaline Billings, int. Jan. 3, 1840.
Rachel and Laban Presho, Aug. 18, 18I6.
Rachel and Jacob Robinson, in Dana, June 26, 1836.
Southerd (Southworth, int.) of New Braintree, and Rhoda Jucket, Mar. 28, 1824.
Susan Maria of Falmouth, and Lewis Grant, int. Sept. 16, 1845.
William and Thankfull Nye, July 5, 1787.


Aaron of Sutton, and Prudence Newton, in New Braintree, Jan. 19, 1797.
Dilla and Aaron Nazro, Mar. 21, 1808.
Rufus of New Salem, and Fanny Dexter, Nov. 22, 1830.
Ruth of Williamsburgh, and Capt. Jacob Williams, int. May 28, 1798.
Warren and Lucinda Robinson, Nov. 30, 1829.

DEAN (see Deen)

Annah and Edward Ruggles Jr., int. Jan. 12, 1772.
Catherine W. of Barre, and Joseph D. Richmond, int. Nov. 14, 1835.
David A. and Fidelia F. Browning, June 22, 1842.
Ida, Mrs. (Sila, int.) and Nathaniel Fish of Prescott, Dec. 30, 1835.
Joanna and Timothy Nichols, Jan. 13, 1774.*
John and Mary Penniman, Oct. 10, 1822. C.R.
Mary and Dea. Daniel Spooner of Petersham, Oct. 16, 1780.
Mary Elisabeth, d. of John and Mary, a. 22 y., and Joel D. Mandell, s. of Martin and Phila, a. 25 y., Apr. 2, 1846.
Paul (of Taunton, int.) and Mary Whitcomb, Dec. 4, 1745. C.R.
Paul and Elisabeth Ruggles, Sept. 19, 1773.
Robert of Barnard, and Unice Billing, Dec. 23, 1784.
Roxana of Raynham, and Jonathan Dexter, int. June 29, 1812.
Silas and Joanna Whitcomb, Sept.. 13, 1744. C.R.
Silas and Elisabeth Ramsdell (of Greenwich, int.), Nov. 30, 1768.
Silas Jr. and Azubah Washburn of Stafford, int. Feb. 23, 1783.


Sarah and James Giles of New Salem, int. Sept. 24, 1826.

DEEN (see Dean)

Paul and Sila Aikins, Dec. 8, 1811.


Lucy M. of New Braintree, and John W. Bush, int. June 16, 1832.


Isaiah of New Salem, and Abigail Dexter, int. Dec. 24, 1781.


Harriett N., a. 35 y., and Nathaniel Simpson, widr., s. of Thomas and Susanna, b. in Wardsboro, Vt., a. 54 Y., Dec. 23, 1847.


Adonijah (Jr., int.) and Julia Ann Collins, Sept. 11, 1827.
Betsey and John P. Colburn of Fair Haven, Vt., Mar. 9, 1818.
Lucy and John Dexter, Dec. 1, 1803.
Patiance and Asa Clark of Barre, June 5, 1823.
Patience and Thomas Winchester, Sunday eve., Dec. 23, 1787.
Polly and Roger Wing of Williamsburgh, May 24, 1790.
Royal and Sukey Watson, Oct. 6, 1802.
Samuel and Anna Cobb, May 3, 1788.

DENSMORE (see Dunsmoor)

Jane (of Ware River, int.) and Theodorus Dolle, May 30, 1759.
Katheran and Enoch Badcock (of Vollingtown, int.), Dec. 15, 1763.


Chauncy of Lenox, and Hadassah Page, int. Feb. 18, 1828.


Anna of Brookfield, and Sylvanus Taylor, int. Jan. 30, 1820.


Abigail and Isaiah Demmon of New Salem, int. Dec. 24, 1781.
Abigail and Eleazer Dexter, Apr. 8, 1784.
Abigail and Martin Ruggles, Feb. 27, 1816.
Alma and Joseph Newcomb, int. Feb. 11, 1828.
Amelia and Marcus (Marcus J., C.R.) (Marcus L., int.) Marsh, June 29, 1823.
Anna and Thomas Wheeler Jr., June 3, 1790.
Anna and Jacob Gilbert of New Braintree, Oct. 7, 1794.
Anna W. and Amos K. Smith of Wendall, June 12, 1826.
Arathusa and John Johnson, Oct. 5, 1828.
Barsheba and Silas Newton 2d, June 21, 1810.
Benjamin and Anne Mayo of Rutland, in Rutland, Oct. 10, 1784.
Cassandra D. and Lemuel F. Taylor, Apr. 9, 1835.
Charity and Gardner Newton, int. Sept. 17, 1827.
Clark and Olive (Alice, int.) Winslow, Oct. 16, 1796.
Edward and Louisa Powers, June 6, 1842.
Eleazer and Abigail Dexter, Apr. 8, 1784.
Eleazer and Charity Williams [no date] {int. June 18, 1786).
Fanny and Rufus Day of New Salem, Nov. 22, 1830.
Freeman and Comfort Haskell, Jan. 14, 1812.
Hannah and Lysander Powers, June 6, 1842.
Hannah of Royalston, and Oren Utley, int. Sept. 22, 1811.
Ichabod and Sally Eager, May 5, 1803.
Ichabod and Alice Amidon, Mar. 26, 1822.
Jedediah and Abigail Eager, Dec. 29, 1798.
Job and Mercy Hinkley, July 17, 1766.
Job, Lieut., and Mary Walker of Barre, int. Nov. 1, 1811.
John and Lucy Dennis, Dec. 1, 1803.
John and Perses Gilbert, July 29, 1821.
Jonathan and Roxana Dean of Raynham, int. June 29, 1812.
Joseph and Sophia Hunt, July 13, 1800.
Joseph D. and Olive Gould, Nov. 15, 1818.
Joseph D., s. of Joseph D. and Olive, a. 26 y., and Almeda Anderson, d. of Timothy P. and Betsey, a. 20 y., Mar. 8, 1846.
Lucy and Moses Cheney Jr. of Warwick, July 4, 1782.
Lutheria G. and Ebenezer P. Staples of Taunton, Apr. 26, 1841.
Mary and Milton Peck of Hubbardston, int. Oct. 13, 1823.
Mercy and Paul Ruggles, int. Nov. 28, 1796.
Mercy H. and Lieut. David L. Window of Barre, Mar. 22, 1837.
Meriam and Asa Hedge, May 31, 1780.
Nancy M., d. of Jos. D. and Olive, a. 22 y., and Henry B. Gould, s. of Haffield and Lydia, a. 28 y., May 6, 1847.
Polly and John Gorham, June 3, 1784.
Rhoda and Phinehas Battle of Orange, Nov. 7, 1793.
Ruth and David Allen Jr., Apr. 27, 1794.
Solly and Dr. Elliot Beckwith, int. Nov. 9, 1806.
Sally, d. of Ichabod and Alice, a. 19 y., and James Perkins Fay, s. of Timothy and Mary, a. 21 y., Apr. 8, 1845.
Samuel and Thankful Freeman, Nov. 25, 1759.
Samuel Jr. and Sally Williams, Dec. 15, 1796.
Samuel, Capt., and Sibella Thurston, Sept. 26, 1811.
Sarah and Solomon Johnson (of Greenwich, int.), Dec. 28, 1762.
Thankfull and Levi Stephens, Oct. 18, 1830.
William and Maria Knolton, int. May 19, 1828.
Zenas H. and Sarah F. Penniman, May 19, 1831.
Zenas H. and Lucinda Wood, Aug. 28, 1837.

DICKERSON (see Dickinson)

Nathaniel and Elisabeth Fisk, Nov. 1, 1764.

DICKINSON (see Dickerson)

Moses F. and Maria (Maria L., int.) Wesson, Sept. 27, 1831.


Adonijah and Eunice Sibley of New Salem, int. May 1, 1780.

DOAN (see Doane)

Elisabeth of Brookfield, and Ebenezer Green, int. Nov. 5, 1798.

DOANE (see Doan)

Kezia and Isaac Fay, Nov. 22, 1764.


Ann Maria and James G. (James Z. dup.) Whipple, both of Pelham, in Pelharn, Apr. 2, 1837.*
Isaac and Nancy Daniels of Pelham, int. Oct. 17, 1784.

DOLE (see Dolle)

Abigail and Samuel Robinson Jr., int. Apr. 16, 1762.
Zurishaddai and Mary Worner, Dec. 4, 1755.

DOLLE (see Dole)

Theodorus and Jane Densmore (of Ware River, int.), May 30, 1759.


Charles (Dr., int.) and Tabitha Morton of Whately, in Whately, Oct. 3, 1771.
Esther and Jacob D. Rand of New Braintree, Oct. 21, 1813.
Lucius and Esther Morton, May 12, 1783. C.R.
Tabitha and Sam[ue]l Hinkley. [No date] (int. May 27, 1787).


Lucretia and Nathan Peaso of Pelham, Mar. 24, 1805.


Lucinda and William Missick, int. Dec. 28, 1812.


Chauncey and Isabella Hinkley, Mar. 4, 1804.
John and Mary Mandell, Sept. 19, 1779.
Moses and Betsy Webster, Sept. 20, 1781. C.R.


Anna and Laban Tucker, Nov. 8, 1810.


Lucretia and Isaac Macgoon, Dec. 6, 1757.*


Ira and Jemima Luce, Aug. 6, 1822. C.R.


Amanda of Shutesbury, and John F. Miller, int. Aug. 6, 1835.


James D. of West Brookfield, a. 27 y., and Ann M. Nye, d. of Marshall and Polly, a. 24 y., Dec. 26, 1844.
William W. of Rochester, N. Y., s. of Samuel and Mary, a. 30 y., and Susan Nye, d. of Marshall and Patty, a. 28 y., May 26, 1846.


John Jr. and Catharine Richmond of New Braintree, int. Feb. 20, 1802.


Alvan of Savoy, and Mary Newcomb, Jan. 23, 1827.
Jesse and Lois Hatch, Oct. 7, 1779. C.R.

DUNSMOOR (see Densmore)

John and Elisabeth Amos, Apr. 15, 1765.


Doris of Williamsburg, and Sally Rogers, Nov. 29, 1798.
Mary of Western, and Capt. John Lawton, int. Jan. 24, 1820.
Sarah of Western, and Timothy Ruggles Jr., int. July 30, 1766.
Sarah and Perez Shumway of Petersham, Apr. 3, 1811.

EAGER (see Ager)

Abigail and Jedediah Dexter, Dec. 29, 1798.
Paul and Thankfull Watson of New Braintree, int. Oct. 22, 1797.
Sally and Ichabod Dexter, May 5, 1803.

EARL (see Earle, Erels)

Abigail and Timo[thy] Newton, Mar. 4, 1779.
Arethusa and Bradford Spooner, Nov. 30, 1821.
John F. and Cloe Keith of Ward, int. May 12, 1828.
Luke, Lieut., and Hannah B. Lane, Feb. 2, 1826.
Mary E. and Henry Clinton, Apr. 18, 1844.
Prudence of New Braintree, and Luther Burges, int. Mar. 25, 1822.

EARLE (see Earl, Erels),

John and Eunice Allen, Oct. 2, 1785.


Samuel and Sarah Pynchon of Springfield, int. Nov. 25, 1809.


Nancy of Ware, and Sylvester Bowen, int. Feb. 27, 1830.
Olive of Ware, and Isaac S. Bonney, int. Nov. 7, 1846.
Rufus of Ware, and Clarissa Horr, Mar. 31, 1818.*
William and Sally Hathaway, Dec. 5, 1811.


Ichabod and Lucy Cleveland, int. Dec. 24, 1780.
Martha of Shrewsbury, and Dr. Zephaniah Jennings, in Shrewsbury, Nov. 28, 1799.


Silence E. of Mendon, and John W. Twist, int. Jan. 9, 1830.


Abijah and Hannah Ruggles, June 10, 1762.
Betsy of Oakham, and Rufus Nye, int. Jan. 4, 1801.

EDWARD (see Edwards)

Reuben and Sarah Ann Mann, Apr. 28, 1828.*

EDWARDS (see Edward)

W[illia]m of Southbridge, and Catherine E. Wardwell, Nov. 27, 1834.


Barshaba and Silas Burbank of Royalston, Vt., Jan. 23, 1792.
Deborah and Stephen Putnam of Townsend, Jan. 11, 1801.
Ebenezer Hollis and Mary Johnson, Feb. 26, 1828.
Polly W. (Dolly W., int. and C.R.) and Beals Thomas, Apr. 11, 1824.
Sarah and Samuel Steward of Barnard, Vt., Oct. 22, 1789.
Thomas and Clarissa Washburn, Apr. 28, 1796.


Susanna and Benja[min] Lemine [no date] (int. Dec. 14, 1786).


Daniel and Prudence Warner of New Braintree, in New Braintree, Feb. 10, 1767.


William and Jerusha Simon Jona, int. Sept. 10, 1827. Negroes.


Abiathar P. and Rebecca A. Rice of Ware, int. Feb. 24, 1844.
Betsey and Reuben Allen, Dec. 24, 1812.
David, widr., of Ware, s. of Seth and Betsey, a. 54 y., and Elizabeth P. Billings, d. of David and Elizabeth, a. 42 y., Dec. 19, 1849.
Ebenezer B. and Mary W. Stiles of Rindge, N. H., int. May 13, 1841.
Gamaliel and Jemima Nye, Feb. 21, 1782.
John and Lucy Burt, Apr. 15, 1816.
John and Mercy (Mercy E., int.) Peckham of Petersham, May 30, 1835.
John and Mrs. Sally Peeso of Enfield, int. Oct. 31, 1835.
Mary G. and Dr. Claudius B. Oviatt of Amherst, Nov. 5, 1839.
Susan S. and James Clements of Ware, int. Nov. 24, 1847.
Thomas and Nabbe Burt, Apr. 11, 1820.


Henry of Barre, s. of John of Barre, and Lucretia, b. in Brooklyn, a. 32 y., and Caroline Augusta Paige, d. of Jesse and Charlotte, a. 22 y., June 2, 1846.
John and Lucretia Thayer of Salem, int. May 31, 1807.
John T. of Barre, s. of John of Barre, and Lucinda, a. 28 y., and H. Maria Lawrence, d. of Moses and Maria, a. 23 y., May 1, 1849.

ELWEL (see Elwell)

Thomas and Adeline Robinson, Oct. 19, 1823.

ELWELL (see Elwel)

Anna and Noah Moodey of South Hadley, June 20, 1787.
David 2d and Clara P. (Clara Paige, int.) Jenney, Sept. 7, 1842.
Deering of Westhampton, and Anna Thomas, int. Mar. 20, 1791.
Eunice M. and Channey R. Shaw of Belchertown, May 24, 1831.
Jabez and Thankful Clark, Dec. 21, 1769. C.R.
Joshua and Abigail Jones of Killingly, in Mendon, Oct. 2, 1765.
Lucy of Brookfield, and Elijah Bangs, int. May 10, 1845.
Mark and Rebekah Thomas, May 28, 1783. C.R.*
Noah and Patty (Martha, int.) Berry, July 11, 1819.
Noah and Loiza Bliss of Ludlow, int. Aug. 25, 1822.
Rebakah and Jabez Pike, Mar. 7, 1791.
Stilman and Sophia Bartlett, Jan. 28, 1821.
Thomas and Elisabeth Stratton, int. Apr. 25, 1762.
Thomas and Susan N. Robinson, Apr. 25, 1819
Thomas and Lucy Gilbert of Brookfield, int. Feb. 15, 1838.

EMMONS (see Emons)

Alonzo and Abigail Lawrence, Dec. 3, 1838.
Jedidiah and Hannah Town (both of Quabin [Greenwich], int.), Sept. 27, 1749.
Noah (of Greenwich, int.) and Mary Farr, May 25, 1758.
Robert and Annis Hair, int. Nov. 8, 1790.
Solomon (of Quabin [Greenwich], int.) and Mary Marsh, Jan. 31, 1754.
Thomas and Sarah Wheler, Apr. 30, 1741. C.R.*

EMONS (see Emmons)

Lois and Andrew Powers, Oct. 27, 1740. C.R.*

ERELS (see Earl, Earle)

Jacob (Earle, C.R.) and Mary Burges, Oct. 4, 1798.

ESTABROOK (see Estabrooks)

Arathusa and David Whipple, in Dana., Nov. 15, 1836.
Asa and Sally Hinds of Brookfield, int. Aug. 1, 1801.
Benjamin and Allice Burgess, in New Braintree, Oct. 12, 1787.

ESTABROOKS (see Estabrook)

Benjamin and Martha Howe of Rutland, Jan. 14, 1817.


Lucius J. of Springfield, and Martha S. Child, int. May 23, 1846.


Laertes and Lydia Totman, June 2, 1833.


Calvin and Jenney Ayres, June 24, 1776.
Caroline and Winthrop Jameson, int. Mar. 27, 1826.
Daniel W. of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Susan Freeman, formerly of Oakham, June 25, 1832.*
Mary and Joel Hager, Apr. 27, 1824.


Selinda and Jacob D. Rand, Jan. 27, 1818.
Susan A. C. and Jason Haskins, Dec. 28, 1834.


John of New Braintree, and Dommons Wheeler of Shrewsbury, int. Sept. 21, 1751.
Jonathan and Mary Wells, June 5, 1751.
Jonathan and Marcy Winslow, Jan. 19, 1757.
Jonathan Jr, and Luce Fay, Oct. 27, 1763.*
Kezia and John Wells, Dec. 14, 1748.
Mary and Noah Emmons (of Greenwich, int.), May 25, 1758.
Thomas and Hannah Powers of Littleton, int. Aug. 5, 1758.


Hannah and Timothy Twitchel Jr. of Barre, int. Dec. 15, 1800.


Sarah and Ens. Jonas Fay, May 1, 1760.


James of Washington, and Caty Chamberlin, Jan. 24, 1792.*


Aaron and Molley Hatch, Dec. 19, 1782. C.R.
Apollos and Celia Hudson, July 7, 1817.
Barnabus M., Rev., and Louise M. Mills of Morristown, N. J., int. Aug. 29, 1842.


Bassett and Agnes Paige, Jan. 22, 1811.
Betsey and James Babbit of Greenwich, Nov. 27, 1800.
Beulah and Samuel Billing, June 28, 1764.
Daniel and Elisabeth Spooner, May 18, 1749.
Daniel, Ens., and Mary Crosby, Mar. 10, 1757.
Daniel Jr. and Mary Paige, Aug. 23, 1778.
Daniel H. of Southborough, and Sarah R. Smith, Apr. 1, 1841.
Daphne and Otis Cobb, int. July 18, 1802.
Eliakim of Barnard, Vt., and Hannah Cox, Sept. 5, 1790.
Elisabeth and Benjamin Ruggles 3d (2d, int.), Nov. 26, 1766.
Elisabeth and Joseph Hunt, May 16, 1779. C.R.
Hannah and James Rogers, Nov. 23, 1769.
Hannah and Samuel Parker, Jan. 29, 1801.
Hannah and James Perkins, Mar. 23, 1837.
Harriet, d. of Apollos and Celia, a. 22 y., and Joseph W. Powers, s. of Joseph and Sarah, b. in Greenwich, a. 24 y., May 23, 1844.
Isaac and Kezia. Doane, Nov. 22, 1764.
James (Jr., int.) and Mary Winslow, Mar. 18, 1756.
James, Dea., and Prudence Whipple, int. Sept. 13, 1760.
James and Sarah Horr of Pelham, int. Mar. 10, 1843.
James Perkins, s. of Timo[thy] and Mary, a. 21 y., and Sally Dexter, d. of Ichabod and Alice, a. 19 y., Apr. 8, 1845.
Jedidiah and Jerusha Aiken, Nov. 12, 1778.
John and Mary Fisk of Sturbridge, int. Oct. 22, 1757.
Jonas, Ens., and Sarah Fasset, May 1, 1760.
Jonas (Hon., Esq., of Bennington, int.), and Lydia Safford, Nov. 20, 1777.
Lindsey and Esther (Esther Jenney, int.) Hunt, Mar. 20, 1810.
Luce and Jonathan Farr Jr., Oct. 27, 1763.*
Lydia and Amaziah Spooner, Feb. 22, 1749. [1749-50.]
Mary and Moses Robinson of Bennington, int. July 25, 1762.
Mehetable and Benjamin Rogers, Sept. 10, 17[60].
Moses and Salley Hedge, Sunday eve., Feb. 24, 1788.
Olive and Josiah Cotten Chandler, Nov. 24, 1799.
Reuben and Elisabeth Perkins of New Braintree, in New Braintree, June 11, 1767.
Sarah and John Hunt, Oct. 1, 1784.
Sarah P., d. of Apollos and Celia, a. 22 y., and Marshall P. Nye, s. of Marshall and Polly, a. 26 y., Nov. 16, 1848.
Stephen Jr. and Susan Fisk of Sturbridge, int. Apr. 18, 1762.
Susanna and Leonard Burtt of Westminster, Vt., Dec. 19, 1790.
Tabothy of Sturbridge, and William Maccoye, int. Oct. 20, 1744.
Timothy and Olive Lenard, Mar. 23, 1775. C.R.*
Timothy and Hannah Basset, Dec. 7, 1780. C.R.
Timothy (Jr., int.) and Mary H. Hammond, Nov. 7, 1822. C.R.
Timothy and Mrs. Mary J. Richmond, Apr. 20, 1842.
W[illia]m of Barre, and Celia Haskins, Mar. 19, 1842.


Mary and Peter Ford, June 25, 1780.


Lansford B. of Barre, and Harriet A. Parker, int. Apr. 15, 1838.
William H. of Prescott, and Alice L. Barns, June 15, 1837.


John Jr. and Hannah Peary of Barre, int. Mar. 31, 1788.


Samuel (of Rutland, int.) and Jan[e] Bar, Nov. 21, 1745. C.R.


Ann of Wareham, and Edward Ruggles,. int. June 16, 1746.


Elisha (of Sunderland, int.) and Betty Pratt, Jan. 11, 1753.
Fanny and Cary Howard (Jr., int.), Nov. 26, 1813.
George and Prudence Whipple, Apr. 13, 1775. C.R.
Mary of Brookfield, and Joshua Crowell Jr., int. Sept. 20, 1774.
Polly and Pliney Lawton, Feb. 22, 1801.
Robert and Sally Tyler of Western, int. Feb. 20, 1802.

FINEE (see Finney, Finny, Phinney)

Temperance and Benjamin Rogers, Apr. 5, 1763.

FINNEY (see Finee, Finny, Phinney)

Lucy and Luke Bartlett, Dec. 7, 1817.

FINNY (see Finee, Finney, Phinney)

Mary of Swansy, and Benjamin Smith, in Norton, Dec. 15, 1741.*


Anna of New Braintree, and Adam Willis, in New Braintree, Dec. 14, 1785.

FIRROBUSH (see Forbush, Furbush)

A[a]ron and Sarrah Lamson of Ipswich, int. Dec. 1, 1746.


Catherine H. (Catherine S., int.), d. of Henry and Elisabeth, a. 37 y., and Foster Marsh, widr., of Ware, s. of Jona[than] and Anna, a. 57 y., June 17, 1846.
Elvira and (Rev., int.) Rufus Case of St. Johnsbury, Vt., June 2, 1842.
Hannah and Uriel Spooner of Brookfield, int. Apr. 26, 1843.
Henery Jr. and Sarah Ross of Brookfield, int. Sept. 21, 1823.
Martha and Nathaniel Fish of Upton, int. Aug. ---, 1783.
Nancy and Daniel Warner, May 29, 1821.
Nathaniel of Upton, and Martha Fish, int. Aug.---, 1783.
Nathaniel of Prescott, and Mrs. Ida (Sila, int.) Dean, Dec. 30, 1835.

FISK (see Fiske)

Abigail and Sam[ue]ll Hunt, Feb. 20, 1766.
Anna and Ezra Conant, Mar. 21, 1770. C.R.
Benjamin and Hannah Winslow, Aug. 15, 1770. C.R.
Charles W. and Sarah Lawrance, Mar. 17, 1818.
Dorcas and Watson Freeman, Feb. 26, 176[i].*
Elisabeth and David Allen, Nov. 12, 1761.
Elisabeth and Nathaniel Dickerson, Nov. 1, 1764.
Eliza (Elisabeth, int.) and Wyman Spooner of Windsor, Vt., Nov. 10, 1818.
Fanny and Alvah Packard, Dec. 4, 1820.
Hannah (wid., int.) and Noah Hall of Williamstown, in Greenwich. Mar. 23, 1779.
Jonathan of Shelburne, and Hannah Rice, Jan. 18, 1770.
Mary of Sturbridge, and John Fay, int. Oct. 22, 1757.
Mary and Henry Higgins, Nov. 9, 1768.
Nancy and Daniel Wilson of Lynn, int. Nov. 8, 1807.
Stephen, (of Greenwich, int.) and Anna Green, June 29, 1758.
Susan of Sturbridge, and Stephen Fay Jr., int. Apr. 18, 1762.

FISKE (see Fisk)

Sarah Ann and Ebenezer Briggs of Amherst, July 8, 1840.


Robert Jr. of Ward and Lucy Bangs, Nov. 1, 1819.


Elisabeth of Nichewoag [Petersham], and Jeremiah Sibley, in Petersham, Aug. 17, 1751.
Elisha and Elisabeth Willson, both of Nichewoag [Petersham], int. June 30, 1750.
Polly and Caleb Wilson, Oct. 6, 1791.
Silas of Petersham, and Polly Billings, Dec. 25, 1808. C.R.


Alpheus and Ruth Hayward, Feb. 26, 1797.
Joel W., Esq., of Leominster, s. of James of Enfield, and Eunice W., b. in Amherst, a. 27 y., and Mary Ann Marsh, d. of Dwight and Mary C., a. 26 y., Apr. 28, 1845.
Jonathan, Capt. (of Rutland, int.), and Mary Sears, May 1, 1760.
Jonathan of Barre, and Polly Cobb, Dec. 21, 1794.
Polly and Caleb Nurse of Barre (Feb. 23, 1809. C.R.).


Jonathan (of Western, int.), and Mercy Lenard, June 18, 1772. C.R.
Mary G. of Athol, and Wyatt Barlow, int. Dec. 27, 1847.


Lydia of Barre, and John Webb, int. Nov. 25, 1804.
Sarah of Oakham, and Washington R. Freeman, int. Jan. 31, 1830.
Theodorous and Elisabeth Winchester, Jan. 22, 1781.

FORBUSH (see Firrobush, Furbush)

Aaron (Jr., int.) and Katherine Rice, Apr. 27, 1774. C.R.
Cynthia M., d. of Zebina and Zeby, a. 31 y., and Chester Gore of Sturbridge, s. of John and Anna, a. 29 y., Nov. 12, 1845.
Katharine and Moses Whipple, May 25, 1758.
Lucy and Paul Knowlton of Shrewsbury, Nov. 8, 1769.
Margery (Furbush, int.) and Moses Winchester, Feb. 3, 1780. C.R.
Moses and Sally (Pattey, int.) Marble of Petersham, Jan. 9, 1785.
Patty and Micajah Johnson of Shrewsboro, Vt., Dec. 31, 1811.
Sarah and Gideon Wheelock, Jan. 14, 1771. C.R.
Susannah and Abel Batterfield, in Greenwich, Apr. 13, 1785.
Zebina and Zeby Manly, Apr. 24, 1811.


Peter and Mary Feathergil, June 25, 1780.

FORSTER (see Foster)

Nathan and Hannah Haskel, Mar. 14, 1765. C.R.

FOSTER (see Forster)

Abigail and Jacob Pepper (of New Braintree, int.), Feb. 28, 1754.
Edward and Debarah Bangs, Jan. 13, 1762.
Jedediah of Wilmington, Vt., and Tameson Billing, Nov. 12, 1804.
John (of Rochester, int.) and Rebekah Paige, Oct. 6, 1768.
Joseph of New Braintree, and Susanna Robart of Brookfield, int. Feb. 9, 1751.
Lewis of Palmyra, N. Y., and Hannah Carpenter, int. Sept. 24, 1827.
Luke (Luke B., C.R.), Rev., of Rutland, and Unice Knight of Western, May 27, 1813.*
Mary of Rochester, and Timothy Paige, int. Apr. 27, 1754.
Parna of New Salem, and Asa Furnace, int. Feb. 20, 1826.
Susanna of Ware, and Jacob Lawton, int. Nov. 16, 1777.
Tilly and Abigail Hammond, both of Petersham, Dec. 29, 1782.*
William of Barnard, Vt., and Polly Paige, int. Oct. 10, 1793.


Sarah and Jonathan Towne of Greenwich, in Greenwich, Sept. 3, 1766.


Ebenezer T. and Hannah J. (Hannah G., int.) Newton, June 29, 1834.


Philip and Elisabeth Ransom of Pelham, int. June 2, 1776.


Huldah and Elijah Cutler of Ware, Mar. 9, 1812.


Cloe and Andrew Haskel (of Wilmington, int.), Oct. 12, 1780. C.R.
Dan Jr. and Sally Mason, int. Sept. 10, 1812.
Deliverance and Jonathan Child, Jan. 13, 1778.
Eli and Mary Ried, Mar. 26, 1767*
Eli and Lucy Spooner, July 22, 1813.
Hannah and Reuben Newton of Petersham, Feb. 18, 1800.
Hiram and Olive Chamberlain of Ware, Dec. 11, 1834.
Hollis and Margaret Gray, Feb. 20, 1822.
Joanna of Sandwich, and Nath[anie]ll Paige, in Sandwich, Sept. 13, 1759.
Joseph of Ware, and Hannah Hayward (Howard, int.), Sept. 26, 1796.
Julian Ann A. of Oakham, and Capt. Walter Mandell, int. Dec. 15, 1828.
Levi and Mary Rice of Rutland, int. Feb. 2, 1767.
Luther and Hannah King of Barre, int. Nov. 24, 1810.
Lydia and John Newton, Jan. 15, 1778.*
Marcy and Silas Newton, Nov. 9, 1749.
Mary, wid., and Capt. Nathaniel Whitcomb (of Greenwich, int.), Oct. 17, 1779. C.R.
Mary (Mercy, int.) and Nathaniel Oliver, Apr. 26, 1843. Colored.
Mary R. and David T. Bond, Mar. 22, 1831.
Nancy and Asaph Cleveland, int. Dec. 20, 1824.
Nathan and Polly Rice, Apr. 1, 1790.
Nathaniel, Dr., of New Salem, and Sarah E. Hemenway, int. May 6, 1843.
Rachel and Abel Stowel of Petersham, July 5, 1792.
Samuel and Abigail Rice, Apr. 23, 1807.
Sarah and Stephen Ghoram, Mar. 16, 1758.
Susan, formerly of Oakham, and Daniel W. Fairbanks of Cincinnati, Ohio, June 25, 1832.*
Thankful and Samuel Dexter, Nov. 25, 1759.
Washington R. and Sarah Forbes of Oakham, int. Jan. 31, 1830.
Watson and Dorcas Fisk, Feb. 26, 176[1].*


Lemuel and Sally Luce, int. Mar. 30, 1789.
Lydia and (Lieut., int.) Charles Paige, Sept. 20, 1795.
Samuel and Lydia Warner, Feb. 23, 1775. C.R.
Samuel of Craftsboro, Vt., and Polly Ruggles, July 17, 1796.


W[illia]m and Harriet Hastings, Feb. 5, 1843.
William, widr., a. 45 y., and Henrietta Hastings, d. of Theoph[ilus] and Betsey, a. 36 y., Sept. 22, 1846.

FRY (see Frye)

Maria (Martha, int.) and Ira Miller, May 12, 1830.
Oleyine and Jonas Barns, Nov. 30, 1830.

FRYE (see Fry)

Ursula (Aurelia, int.) and Ira Miller, Mar. 27, 1824.

FULLAR(see Fuller)

Betsy and Isaiah Newcomb, Dec. 4, 1822.*

FULLER (see Fular)

Malinda and Dwight Croft of Ware, Jan. 17, 1830.
Mary (Mercy of Oakham, int.) and Edmund Willis, Feb. 23, 1777.
Sarah of Middleborough, and William Oliver, int. Feb. 25, 1770.
Temperance of Rutland, and James Lawton, int. June 14, 1772.
Thomas and Lydia. Paige, Nov. 26, 1778.
William (of New Braintree, int.) and Mercy Powers, Dec. 3, 1767.

FURBUSH (see Firrobush, Forbush)

Edna and Jacob Whipple, Dec. 30, 1777.
Martha and Asa Hull of Montague, Oct. 12, 1778.
Rhoda and Ephraim Hunt Jr. of Greenwich, Apr. 5, 1781.


Asa and Parna Foster of New Salem, int. Feb. 20, 1826.
Lydia and Isaac Parmeter, both of Oakham, Oct. 4, 1781.*

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