Vital Records Of Haverhill, Massachusetts
to the end of the year 1849

Pub. by the Topsfield Historical Society
Topsfield, Mass. 1910-11
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Marriages, surnames starting with B

* = intention also recorded.

John G., of Quincy, Fla., and Lois H. Martin, int. May 25, 1839.
John M. [R. int.], of Westborough, Maine, and Martha E. George, Mar. 21, 1844.*

BACHELDER (also see Batchelder)
Osborn, and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Rand, int. Nov. 16, 1845.
Susan, and Peter N. Green [Nov. 15, 1817. int].*

BACHELLAR (also see Batchelder)
Hannah, Mrs, and Joseph Appleton jr. of Ipswich, June 17, 1762.

BACHELLER (also see Batchelder)
Abigail, Mrs., and John Mitchel, 2d m. [bef. 1738].
Samuel, Rev., and Mrs. Hannah Poutel [bef. 1736].

BACHELLOR (also see Batchelder)
Betsey, and John Bailey of Methuen, Feb. _, 1808.*
Fanny, and Nathan Chase, June _, 1835.*
Hannah, and Asaph Kendall, 2d m., Aug. 16, 1808.*
Sarah, of Boxford, and Samuel Felton, int. Oct. 18, 1817.
Sewall, and Sally Hodges of Rowley, int. Apr. 8, 1808.
William, Dr., and Lydia Chase of Newbury [bef. 1771.]

BACHELOR (also see Batchdler)
Mary D., and Timothy T. [J. int.] Goodrich, June 18, 1826.*
William, and Hannah Eaton [of Methuen, int.] at Methuen [Apr. 26, 1794. int.]*

Josiah, of Amesbury, and Abigail Ayer, Apr. 7, 1812.*
William, see Bean, William.

Hannah, Mrs. [Badger. CR1], and Rev. Abial Foster of Canterbury, May 14, 1761.

Abigail, and Samuel Walker, Aug. 27, 1801.*
Enoch, and Mrs. Susanna White, Apr. 13, 1759.
Hannah, see Baden, Hannah.
Joseph, of Newbury, and Hannah Peaslee. Nov. 3, 1721.
Joseph, and Mrs. Hannah Pearson, July 29, 1735.
Joseph jr., and Hannah Pearson, Jan. 31, 1739-40.
Judith, and Nathaniel Cogswell, Jan. 31, 1739-40.
Mary, and Rev. Joseph Kidder of Dunstable, N.H., Sept. 22, 1767. CR1
Ruth, of Gilmanton [N.H., a. 19 y., PR71], and Thomas Cogswell [a. 22 y., leather dresser. PR71], Feb. 26, 1770.
Stephen, of Newbury, and Hannah Whittier, Nov. 25, 1725.
Susan, and William Haseltine, Nov. 7, 1808.*
Timothy, and Abigail Green, Dec. 13, 1782.

Hiram, and Mary E. Boardman, int. Mar. 26, 1848.
Mary, of Amesbury, and Ebenezer Runnels, jr. [bef. 1771].

Benjamin jr., of Boston, clockmaker, s. Benjamin, of Boston, merchant, and Anne Peaslee, d. Robert, deceased, yeoman, 23: 8 m : 1742. CR8.

BAILEY (also see Balee, Bayley)
Abby, a. 25 y., d. John and Abigail, and Aaron G. Wilson, of Salem, N.H., a. 33 y., farmer, Oct. 5, 1848.
Abigail, and Stephen Parker of Bradford, Nov. 20, 1777.
Abigail, and Edmund Perley, May 31, 1798.*
Abigail, and Ezra B. Welch [Apr. 19, 1827. CR3].*
Abigail [Mehitable. int.], and John Lowell of Salem, N.H., Oct. 2, 1834.*
Adaline, and Charles Perry, int. Oct. 8, 1836.
Almira J., and Benjamin B. Littlefield of Newbury, Oct. 7, 1839.*
Amos, and Mehitable B. Parker of Bradford, Sept. 24, 1829.*
Anna, and William Whittier, July 22, 1798.*
Anna, and Bailey Webster of Boston, Jan. 29, 1826.*
Benjamin, and Mehetable Johnson of Plaistow [bef. 1774].
Benjamin, and Polly Lowel of Salem, N.H., int. Dec. 15, 1797.
Benjamin, and Sarah Perry, Nov. 29, 1827.*
Betsey, and John Emerson, Oct. 26, 1826.*
Betsey C., of West Newbury, a. 53 y., d. Stephen and Nancy, and Simeon Chase, a. 52 y., shoemaker, s. Simeon and Eunice, May 10, 1844.*
Betsy, and Jonathan Emerson, Feb. 24, 1803.*
Celinda, and David Edwards, Jan. 20, 1831.*
Charles and Nancy Shaw, Oct. 25, 1829.*
Charles M., and Lydia Ann Smith, of Newbury, int. May 16, 1840.
Chloe, and Samuel Merrill jr., 2d m., Dec. 23, 1790.*
Deborah, and Joseph P. Davenport, Aug. 25, 1828.*
Dorothy, and Amos Ordway, Nov. 27, 1800.*
Dudley, of Salem, N.H., and Lucy Emerson, int. June 2, 1811.
Eben [Ebenezer. int.] D., and Mary Elizabeth Whittier, Sept. 23, 1841.*
Ebenezer, and Sereno Gordon of Salem, N.H., May 31, 1821.*
Eliza G., and Jacob Littlefield of Newmarket, Sept. 27, 1827.*
Elizabeth, of Lawrence, and Alpheus Webster, int. Aug. 8, 1847.
Fanny [Nanny. int.], and Jonathan Osgood, Feb. 15, 1821.*
Fidelia, and John Knapp of New Rowley, Apr. 6, 1826.*
Joanna, in pencil: [Hannah. CR3], and John Parker of Andover, June 27, 1782.
John and Deborah Lovejoy [bef. 1738].
John, and Mary Rideout, Jan. 24, 1739-40.
John, of Methuen, and Betsey Bachellor, Feb. _, 1808.*
John, and Abigail Cross of Methuen, Nov. 28, 1810.*
John, and Mary C. Litchfield of Lowell, int. Nov. 10, 1847.
Jonathan, and Elisabeth Emerson, Oct. 18, 1787.*
Jonathan, and Mrs. Joanna Gage of Pelham, N.H., int. Aug. 18, 1837.
Joseph, and Sarah Davis, Jan. 18, 1803.*
Joshua, Esq., of Hopkinton, and Sarah Clemments, Nov. 6, 1788.*
Leonard, and Almira Ann Dwinnels, July 26, 1837.*
Lewis, and Molly Barnard of Andover [bef. 1779].
Lois Ann, and James M. Currier of Methuen, int. Nov. 8, 1846.
Marietta R., and Ira Bradley, at West Newbury, Dec. 21, 1843.*
Martha [of Newbury, dup.], and John Whittier, Mar. 18, 1779.
Martha G., and Amasa Weeks of Bradford, Jan. 14, 1833.*
Mary, and Daniel Groce, Nov. 20, 1817.*
Mary, and Obadiah Foster, Nov. 3, 1829. PR62.*
Mary, and Moses Sawyer, Jan. 2, 1831.*
Mary K., of West Newbury, and Simeon Edward, Nov. 24, 1825.*
Mehitable, see Bailey, Abigail.
Moores [jr. int.], of Salem, N.H., and Ann Webster, July 3, 1834.*
Nancy W. [Mrs. int.], and Lowell Atwood, June 22, 1837.*
Nanny, see Bailey, Fanny.
Nathan jr., and Jemima Emerson, May 10, 1803 [May 9. CR1]*
Nathan, and Margaret Jane Paul of Hampstead, N.H., Apr. 6, 1837.*
Nathaniel, of Bradford, and Mehetible Wells, May 31, 1793.*
Nathaniel jr., and Martha J. Roberts, int. Aug. 25, 1844.
Obadiah, and Merriam Lufkin, May _, 1800.*
Patty, of Salem, N.H., and Jonathan Emerson, int. Apr. 12, 1806.
Phineas, and Precilla Perry, of Salem, N.H., int. Nov. 3, 1821.
Rhoda, and Samuel Merrill jr., Nov. 25, 1784.*
Rhoda and Thaddeus Austin [of Salem, N.H. int.] Feb. 4, 1819.*
Richard jr., and Mehitable Emerson, July 13, 1769.
Richerd, and Rachel Page, Aug. 18, 1741.
Sally, and Stephen Corliss, Apr. 17, 1794 [Apr. 5, 1793. PR13].*
Sally, and Jesse Poor, Apr. 16, 1817.*
Sarah, Mrs., and James White, 2d m., May 1, 1740.
Sarah, and Solomon Hardy of Bradford, Oct. 3, 1771. CR3
Sarah, of Newbury, and Moses Clements jr., May 17, 1780.
Sarah, and Edmund Pearley, of Methuen, Nov. 27, 1806.*
Susanna, and Joshua Webster, Nov. 3, 1778.
Susannah, and Cadford Maloon of Methuen, Mar. 18, 1804.*
Thomas, and Eunice Emerson, Feb. 22, 1776.
Thomas, and Polly Webber, of Methuen, int. June 23, 1793.
Thomas W., of Barre, Vt., and Eliza I. Chase, int. Oct. 17, 1840.
William, and Ann Roberds, Nov. 31, 1739.
William, and Ruth Morse, Aug. 2, 1817. [Oct. 2. CR1; Sept. 6. int.]*
William, of Canaan, Penn., and Mary Ann Morse, July 5, 1830.*
Woodbridge, and Sally Lowel of Salem, N.H., Feb. 23, 1791.*
Woodbridge, 2d m., and Nabby Lowel [Abigail, of Salem, N.H., Jan. 31, 1795. int.]*

Abigail, and John Smith of Beverly, Feb. 24, 1788.*
Benjamin, and Mary Brown of Salem [bef. 1752].
Benjamin, of Salisbury, N.H., and Mary George, Apr. 29, 1779. CR2
Bethiah, and Ephraim Dodge of Beverly, Mar. 21, 1771. CR1
Betsy, and Samuel Baker, at Beverly, ___, 1803.
Cornelius G., and Charles C. Robbins, both of Georgetown, Oct. 29, 1840.
Edmund Moores, and Betsey Harriss of Ipswich, int. June 6, 1789.
John, and Jemima Hall, May 20, 1754.
John, and Mary Hoyt, Nov. 29, 1768. CR1
John, of Manchester, a. 26 y., cordwainer, and Sarah Cross, a. 21 y., June 22, 1772. PR1
Jonathan, and Mary Conant [bef. 1746].
Lydia, and William Edwards, Aug. _, 1776. [Oct. 15. CR4]
Mary, and David Wells [Nov. 24, 1768. CR1].
Mary, Mrs., and John Whiting, int. Mar. 5, 1808.
Mary [Mrs. int.], and Benjamin P. Pillsbury of Newburyport, June 16, 1831.*
Nathan, and Ruth Foster, May 23, 1751.
Polly, and Nathan Peabody, July 30, 1786.*
Sally, and David Webster [jr. int.], May 5, 1793.*
Samuel, and Betsy Baker, at Beverly, ___, 1803.

Albert, and Mrs. Joan N. Sargent, int. Nov. 23, 1845.
Betsy, of Bradford, and Stephen Greely, int. Apr. 19, 1793.
Eliza G., and Parker McCobb jr., Esq., of Waldoboro, Maine, int. Mar. 24, 1844.
Margaret, and Benjamin Emerson 2d, Apr. 25, 1815.*
Marilda, wid., a. 48 y., and Elihu Williams, a. 49 y., currier, s. Joseph and Sally, Feb. 28, 1848.*
Mary A., of Bradford, and James H. Swett of Georgetown, June 18, 1840.
Nathaniel, of Beverly, and Joanna Dodge of Ipswich [bef. 1740].
Sophia, and Dr. Moses R. Ludwig of Thomaston [Maine. int.], May 6, 1830.*
Susan O., and John Davis, Aug. 31, 1830.*
Wesley, and Ann Greenleaf, Jan. 20, 1822.*
Wesley Perkins, of Bradford, and Margaret Lord [Nov. 5, 1795. Bradford Rds.]
Westly P., 2d m., and Susan Osborn, May 8, 1808.*

BALCOM (also see Balcomb, Bolcom)
Daniel, and Susannah Ordway, Nov. 29, 1804.*

BALCOMB (also see Balcom)
Susan, and Phineas Goodhue of Methuen, Sept. 27, 1825.*

Thomas, Rev., of Boston, and Margarete Duncan, Dec. 1, 1812.*

BALEE (also see Bailey)
Elizabeth, and Robert Hastings jr. [bef. 1708].

John, and Ruth Fulsom, Aug. 6, 177[8. CR1].
Sarah B., of Chester, N.H., and Caleb B. Page, int. May 20, 1843.
Thomas, and Susan C. Hale [Aug. 17, 1833. int.]*

BALLAD (also see Ballard)
Abigail [Mrs. int.], and William B. Becum, Oct. 17, 1818.*

BALLARD (also see Ballad, Ballerd, Ballord)
Ebenezer, and Abigail Palmer, Jan. 23, 1796.*

BALLERD (also see Ballard)
Dorothy, and Benjamin Smith [bef. 1734].

BALLORD (also see Ballard)
Lucy, and Samuel Blanchard of Andover [bef. 1798].

Abner, of Reading, and Ann [Mary Ann. int.] Buttrick, Sept. 6, 1827.*

Henry Dow, a. 26 y., physician, and Else Bentley, of Boston, a. 24 y., June 13, 1770. PR71

BARBER (also see Barbur)
Elizabeth [Barker, int; Barber. CR3], and Moses Poor of Dunbarton, [N.H. CR3], Oct. 6, 1791.*
Hannah, and James Gay, Jan. 13, 1803.*
Rebekah, and Amos Merrill, Nov. 29, 1798.*

BARBUR (also see Barber)
Samuel, and Rebeckah Harris, Dec. 28, 1764.

BARET (also see Berret)
Samuel, and Lydia Hardy [bef. 1732].

Abiel, of Andover, and Anne Maxfield, Sept. 21, 1738.
Abigail, and William Tyler of Boxford, Mar. 6, 1799.*
Elisabeth, see Barber, Elizabeth.
Ellen M., of Methuen, and William Ropes, int. Oct. 26, 1839.
Hannah, and Joseph Johnson jr., June 30, 1693.
Hepsabah, of Methuen, and Caleb Foster, int. May 23, 1790.
Joanna, of Andover, and Jonathan Shepard [bef. 1745].
Jonathan, of Methuen, and Abigail Mitchel, Oct. 13, 1750.
Jonathan, and wid. Mehitable Johnson, Aug. 30, 1779.
Jonathan, and Nancy Patch of Wenham, int. May 13, 1786.
Joshua, of Andover, and Ruth Bradley, Apr. 10, 1806.*
Levina, of Methuen [of Atkinson. int.], and Jacob Tyler of Boxford [of Haverhill. int.], Jan. 23, 1794.*
Marcy, and Timothy Shephard [bef. 1732].
Nancy, and John Joye of Salem, int. Nov. 22, 1812.
Rebecca, and Jonathan Merrill, at Methuen [bef. 1835].
Zebadiah, and Elizabeth Lovejoye [bef. 1718].

Edward, Rev., and Mrs. Sarah Cary of Charlestown [bef. 1745].
Ezekiel, of Amesbury, and Polly Bradley, Mar. 1, 1795.*
John [Capt. CR4], and Mrs. Phebe Harrod, ___, 1777. [Nov. 10, 1776. CR4]
John, and Betsey F. Smith of Bridgeton, Maine, int. Aug. 2, 1832.
Lucy, of Woburn, and Benjamin Page, int. Nov. 10, 1844.
Molly, of Andover, and Lewis Bailey [bef. 1779].
Rhoda, Mrs., and Nathaniel Peaslee Sargeant [bef. 1759].
Ruth, and Joseph Peasley jr. [bef. 1674].
Sally, and Gilman Frothingham of Newburyport, Oct. 12, 1789.*
Thomas, and Martha Handly [bef. 1746].
Thomas K., and Hannah Frost of Amesbury, int. Mar. 31, 1832.

Deborah, and Samuell Davis, Dec. 17, 1663.

BARNET (also see Barnett)
James, and Keziah Corlis, Apr. 2, 1835.*

BARNETT (also see Barnet)
Dinah, and Abner Kimball, Mar. 28, 1734.

Ann, and Jacob Sanders, Mar. 4, 1733-4.
Esther, and Daniel Davis [bef. 1731].
Sarah, of Rehoboth, and John Davis jr. [bef. 1733].

BARRETT, see Baret.
Elisha, of Charlestown, and Polly Carleton, Jan. 16, 1808.*

F. Q., Rev., of Sutton Vt., and Hannah A. Pearson, July 4, 1843.*

John [jr. int.], and Dolly York, July 31, 1836.*

David, and Sarah Robinson of Rochester, N.H., int. June 15, 1822.
Luther D., and Elizabeth Osgood, Oct. 26, 1824.*
Mary E., and John Jackman jr., of Newburyport, int. July 29, 1849.

BARTLET (also see Bartlett)
Bailey, Esq., and Peggy White, Nov. 21, 1786.*
Betsey, and Nathaniel Sparhawke of Salem, Apr. 24, 1780.
Christopher, and Deborah Weed, Nov. 29, 1677.
Edmund, of Newbury, and Mary Marsh, Oct. 2, 1754.
Eliphalet, of Newton, N.H., and Abigail Gile, June 8, 1769. CR1
Eliphelet, of New Town [N.H. int.], and Mary Emerson, Mar. 4, 1792.*
Enoch, of Newbury, and Mrs. Anna Bayley, Apr. 17, 1749.
Enoch, 2d m., and Mrs. Katherine Dummer of Newbury [bef. 1756].
George W., of Newburyport, and Almira Webster, May 31, 1843.*
Isaac, of Newbury, and Mrs. Rebecca Sergeant, Jan. 4, 1777. CR4
Israel, and Tabitha Walker, June 8, 1775.
John, of Newbury, and Jane Carr of Newburyport [bef. 1793].
Jonathan, and Hannah Harriman, May 21, 1741.
Josiah, and Mrs. Ruth Whittier, Dec. 15, 1774. CR4
Mary, and John Stevens jr., 2d m., May 30, 1700.
Mary, and Benjamin Clement, July 10, 1739.
Mary, and Thomas Odiom of Boston, Dec. _, 1799.*
Moses, of Plaistow, and Rebekah Chase, Dec. 29, 1796.*
Nathaniel, and Sarah Johnson, Apr. 16, 1729.
Sarah, and John Cogswell jr., 2d m., Mar. 19, 1752.
Sarah, of Plaistow, and Daniel Chse, int. July 4, 1793.

BARTLETT (also see Bartlet, Bartlitt)
Aaron, and Tamar Noyes of Atkinson, N.H., int. Oct. 18, 1834.
Abby O., and Rev. Moses Kimball of Randolph, Vt., Sept. 20, 1832.*
Adaline, of Kingston, N.H., and Richard Stuart, int. Nov. 22, 1846.
Ann B., and William Jarvis [Jenniss. CR1], Esq., of Weatherfield, Vt., Apr. 24, 1817.*
Betsy [Elizabeth, int.], of Plaistow, N.H., and Jacob Nichols, at Plaistow [Oct. 12. int.], 1804.*
Bradbury C., and Martha Parkhurst of Andover, int. Apr. 25, 1847.
Charles, and Betsy Noyes, Dec. 14, 1837.*
Charles L., and Harriet Plummber, Octg. 20, 1836.*
David G., and Lydia H. Pray of Newington, N.H., int. Mar. 23, 1845.
Eliza, and Joseph Sprague jr., Esq., of Salem, Aug. 31, 1808.*
Eliza, and Samuel Davis, Apr. 24, 1834.*
Emmeline, of Boston, and Samuel P. Bradley, Oct. 27, 1836.*
Ezra W., and Mehitable E. Currier, int. Oct. 5, 1839.
Francis F., of Boston, and Emily W. Hoyt, May 9, 1837.
Henry S., and Sally Russel, June 20, 1829.*
James, Capt., and Hannah Woodbury, June 7, 1807.*
James, of Bradford, and Miranda Trow, int. Oct. 22, 1837.
James A., and Mary Ann Woodward, int. Mar. 13, 1844.
John E., and Elizabeth Worth, both of West Newbury, Nov. 30, 1843.
Joseph, of Lee, N.H., and Mary Woodbury, Oct. 25, 1811.*
Joseph, and Betsy B. Moody of Amesbury, Nov. 26, 1812.*
Lidya, and Samuell Burbank [bef. 1729].
Margaret, and Dr. Rufus Longley, Nov. 3, 1819.*
Mary A., and John Tenny, Esq., of Methuen, Oct. 5, 1830.*
Mehetabel, and Cornelius Davis of Starford, Nov. 24, 1720.
Mehitable D., and Aaron Foster, Jan. 20, 1836.*
Mehitable F., and John Morrison of Northwood, N.H., Sept. 10, 1839.*
Miranda, Mrs., and Darius W. Johnson, int. May 2, 1847.
Samuel, Capt., and Sarah Kimball of Bradford, Dec. 25, 1804.*
Sarah I., of Plymouth, N.H., and Alpheus Currier, int. Mar. 27, 1841.
Sarah Jane, a. 24 y., d. Thomas and Mehitable, and John Tenny, a. 27 y., hatter, s. John and Sarah M., Aug. 3, 1848.*
Sarah K., of Roxbury, and Thomas M. Hayes, int. Dec. 23, 1843.
Sarah L., and Joseph E. Sprague, Esq., of Salem, Mass., May 15, 1819.*
Susan, and Thomas Wason, int. Apr. 4, 1835.
Sylvanus S., a. 22 y., shoemaker, s. Jeremiah and Fanny, and Sarah A. [Ann. int.] Currier, a. 21 y., d. Charles and Jane, Sept. 23, 1846.*
Thomas, and Patience Hawkins of Wolfboro, N.H., int. Feb. 3, 1844.

BARTLITT (also see Bartlett)
Abigail, and Benjamin Stephens, May 26, 1715.
Christopher jr., and Suannah Griffing, Sept. 9, 1703.
Christopher, and Mary Clement, Feb. 11, 1717-18.

John, and Harriet M. Pritchard of Newburyport, int. Feb. 25, 1841.
Levey, of Spencer, and Phebe Clement, May 4, 1812.*
Sarah, and Nathaniel Chase [bef. 1734].

Jacob, of Chester, and Abigail Silver, Apr. 3, 1738.

Elizabeth, and Daniel Ela, "illegally married" [in England. dup.], Aug. 29, 1698.

BATCHELDER (also see Bachelder, Bachellar, Bacheller, Bachellor, Bachelor)
Elizabeth C. and Thomas M. Pomroy of Methuen, Nov .18, 1834.*
Hiram, and Dolly Jane F. Kelly, both of Amesbury, Oct. 8, 1839.
Mary Jane, and Gerry W. Cochrane, June 11, 1832.*
William, Rev., and Huldah Sanborn [bef. 1791].

James, Rev., of Newton, and Emily Atwood, June 4, 1828.*

BAYLEY (also see Bailey)
Abigail, Mrs., and Isaac Osgood of Andover, June 18, 1752.
Abigail, and Jacob Kent [bef. 1754].
Amos, and Sarah Cottle [bef. 1746].
Anna, Mrs., and Enoch Bartlett of Newbury, Apr. 27, 1749.
Currier F., and Maria L. Roach, both of Boston, July 14, 1831.
Ebenezer, and Sarah Palmer [bef. 1740].
Ebenezer jr., and Mehetabel Eaton, Oct. 21, 1762.
Elisabeth, and John Smith [bef. 1737].
Elisabeth, and John Young jr. [July 26, 1768. CR1].
Ezekiel, of Newbury, and Sarah Green, June 17, 1746.
Hannah, and Nathan Webster, May 2, 1765. CR1
Humphery, and Hannah Russ of Methuen [bef. 1749].
Jeremiah, and Mercy Burbank of Bradford [Mar. 19, 1740-42. Bradford Rds.]
John, and Susanna Tenne [bef. 1715].
Joshua, and Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson [bef. 1716].
Rachel, and Nathaniel Clements jr. [bef. 1744].
Ruth, and Benjamin Wood of Andover, Oct. 17, 1779.
Sarah, of Bradford, and James Davis [Mar. 29, 1716. Bradford Rds.]
Sarah, and Joseph Webster of Atkinson [N.H. CR3], May 4, 1780.
Susanna, and Jonathan Emerson jr., Mar. 31, 1743.

Samuel, and Susan B. Sawyer, Oct. 25, 1842.*

Susanna, and Richerd Patee [bef. 1715].

Ednah, and John Hastings, May 2, 1717.

BEAN (also see Beane)
Castor, and Mary Ann Francies of Byfield, int. May 4, 1845.
Harriet, and Ezra N. Perry of Portland, Maine, int. July 24, 1841.
Henry D., and Mrs. Ellis Cheney, Apr. 20, 1828.*
John, and Irene Dwinnels, Dec. 31, 1832.*
John, and Ellen W. Langley, int. June 24, 1843.
Jonathan G., and Sally H. Brickett of Auburn, N.H., int. Sept. 10, 1848.
Molly, and Johh Huse of Sanbornton, int. May 31, 1783.
William [Bacon. int.], of Atkinson [N.H. CR3], and Sally Webster, Feb. 19, 1795 [1796. CR3].*

BEANE (also see Bean)
Hannah, of Exeter, and Abraham Whiticker jr., Apr. [6. CT.R], 1682.

John S., of Exeter, N.H., a. 52 y., yeoman, s. Josiah and Catherine, and [Mrs. int.] Sarah Fellows, a. 35 y., d. Thomas and Sarah, Aug. 15, 1847.*

Mary A., of Greenland, N.H., and Charles H. Bickford, int. May 9, 1847.

James, of Salem, and Deborah Peabody, Dec. 11, 1783.*

Harriet [Dickford. int.], and Benjamin Palmer, Feb. 16, 1833.*

Susan T., of Providence, R.I., and [Rev. int.] Arthur S. Train, of Providence, Jan. 9, 1838.*

BECUM (also see Bickum)
William B. and [Mrs. int.] Abigail Ballad, Oct. 17, 1818.*

Joseph, and Mary Jane Wells, Sept. 31 [sic], 1837.*

BEDEL (also see Bedell)
Daniel, of Salem, N.H., and Mary Chase, Oct. 16, 1764.
Martha, and Israel Young [bef. 1736].

BEDELL (also see Bedel)
Judith, and Rowland Rideout, Dec. 13, 1739.

Timothy, and Hannah Gage of Bradford, June 24, 1773.

BELKNAP (also see Belknapp)
Abraham and Elizabeth Ayer, Jan. 14, 1690-91.
Ebenezer, and Hanah Ayer, d. Nathaniell, Feb. 25, 1690-91.
Ezekiel, of Plaistow, and Katherine Sawyer, Nov. 20, 1760.
Mary, and Nathaniell Merrill [bef. 1716].
Moses, and Mary Roberds, June 24, 1735.
Nathaniel, of Framingham, and Sarah Ayer, July 19, 1733.
Obediah, and Sarah Mitchel, Oct. 27, 1742.
Obediah, and Wid. Mary Marble, Mar. 17, 1756.
Sarah, and Nathaniel Singletery, Dec. 22, 1673.

BELKNAPP (also see Belknap)
Abiah, and Jonathan Roberds, Apr. 6, 1731.

Elisabeth, and James Duncan [bef. 1749].

Nathaniel, and Eliza McFarland, int. May 27, 1843.

Evelina, of Philadelphia, and Henry Emerson, Nov. 27, 1827.

Mary, and Ichabod Paine [of Boston, int.], Sept. 5, 1800. CR1.*

Albert, a. 29 y., clerk, s. Stephen and Rebecca, and Anna L. White, a. 23 y., d. Leoanrd D. and Ann B. Whittier, Mar. 21, 1847.*

Else, of Boston, a. 24 y., and Henry Dow Banks, a. 26 y., physician, June 13, 1770. PR71

BERRET (also see Baret)
Noah, and Hannah Sawyer, int. Dec. 7, 1800.

Abigail, and Stephen Webster jr., Feb. 21, 1722-3.
Alice, and Stephen Knight, May 17, 1795.*
Elizabeth H., and Nelson P. Cross, both of Methuen, Sept. 20, 1836.
Jane, wid., and Valentine Hickey, "a Transient Person," July 19, 1789.*
John [of Rye, N.H., a 24 y., cordwainer, PR1], and Jenny Frank [a. 23 y., Feb. 6, 1772. PR1].
John, and Lucretia Long, int. July 12, 1806.
John, and Susannah [P. int.] Silver, July 9, 1810.*
Mary J., and John M. Sargent, July 30, 1837.*
Meriam, and James McAdams, Nov. 3, 1790.*
Susan G., of Methuen, and James Merrill of Andover, June 7, 1838.

BEXBY (also see Bixby)
Lydia, and Thomas Page [bef. 1718].

BICKCOM (also see Bickum)
Susan, and William Smith, int. Oct. 12, 1816.

Charles H., and Mary A. Beck of Greenland, N.H., int. May 9, 1847.
Daniel, and Hannah M. Peasley, June 10, 1827.*
Eben B., and [Mrs. int.] Sarah Jane Goodrich, 2d m., May 20, 1849.*
William S., and Susannah H. Brown of Boston, Apr. 7, 1818.*

BICKOM (also see Bickum)
Jacob, and Susan H. Colby, Mar. 20, 1833.*

BICKUM (also see Becum, Bickcom, Bickom)
Susan, and Samuel Smith, int. Aug. 9, 1815.
William S., of Bradford, a. 22 y., carpenter, s. Jacob and Susan, and Charlotte E. [A. int.] Hill, a. 18 y., d. Asaph and Harriet E., Feb. 1, 1849.*

BIXBY (also see Bexby)
Elisabeth, of Boxford, and Elias Johnson [June 17, 1760. Boxford Rds.]
George, of Boxford, a. 23 y., shoemaker, s. Daniel and Sarah, and Lydia Ann Perley of Topsfield, a. 17 y., d. John and Lydia, Nov. 28, 1845.
Mary, and Nathaniel Sanders, Dec. 18, 1723.
Rebecca, and Nathan Smith, both of Boxford, Aug. 26, 1737.
Susanna, of Boxford, and Daniel Johnson, Apr. 3, 1734.

Abigail, and Isaac Ross of Sudbury, Canada, Apr. 6, 1790.*
Benjamin, and Sarah Black [bef. 1751].
Daniel, of Londonderry, and Harriet Rollins, Mar. 29, 1826.*
Edmund jr. and Mary Spiller, Sept. 28, 1757.
Edmund, and Sarah Luffkin, Nov. 9, 1758.
Elizabeth J., a. 18 y., and T[imothy. int.] F. Griffin, a. 25 y., shoemaker, Dec. 22, 1845.*
Hannah, and Nathaniel Mayhew, June 18, 1795.*
Harriet E., Mrs., and Amos Nelson [Aug. 31, 1833. int.].
Hepsibah, and Daniel Whittier jr., Mar. 9, 1784.*
John, and Susanna Davis [bef. 1730].
Mary, and David Foster [bef. 1707.]
Meribah, and Joshua Springer [bef. 1757].
Sarah, and Benjamin Black [bef. 1751].
Susanna [wid. CR1], and Samuel Johnson, Apr. 28, 1743.

BLAISDELL (also see Blasdell, Blesedell)
Diana P., and Daniel B. Short, both of West Newbury, Apr. 11, 1843.
Dorithy, and Luther Cummings, at York, Maine, Aug. 13, 1826.
Eliphaelt, of Newbury, and Alice George, Nov. 26, 1812.*
Eliza A., of Amesbury, and Enoch H. Wadleigh, Apr. 4, 1833.*
Mary P., of Guilford, N.H., and Franklin Holden, int. Aug. 20, 1848.
Sarah, and John Stephens [bef. 1727].

Simeon F., and Sarah Abby Littlefield, of Salisbury, int. Mar. 21, 1847.

Noah, and Ellen Hawkins of Alton, N.H., int. Sept. 24, 1842.
Samuel, of Andover, and Lucy Ballord [bef. 1798].

Abigail, and Surtal Alexander [bef. 1773].

BLASDELL (also see Blaisdell)
Abner, and Mary Clement [bef. 1729].

William, and Lydia Chase [bef. 1725].

BLESEDELL (also see Blaisdell)
Dorothy, wid., and Thomas Ayer, 2d m. [bef. 1711].

Samuel G[reen. int.], of Newburyport, and Loiza Powers, Dec. 16, 1821.*

James D., and Hannah E. Saunders, Sept. 18, 1831.*

Samuel, and Hannah White of Haverhill District, Dec. 29, 1748.

Benjamin, of Methuen, and Abigail Frost of Lowell, at Methuen, Jan. 26, 1843.
Susan, a. 25 y., d. Asa and Betsey, and Edward F. Hall, a. 23 y., shoemaker, s. Samuel C. and Betsey, Sept. 8, 1847.*

Joshua, and Jane Chesley, int. Nov. 19, 1836.

BLY (also see Blye)
Hannah E. [of Plaistow, N.H., int.], a. 20 y., d. Benjamin and Nancy, and Moses Dwinnels, a. 24 y., shoemaker, s. William and Mary, Oct. 22, 1849.*
John, and Nancy Witham, wid., Nov. 27, 1845.*
Lydia, and Benjamin Fuller, both of Rumney, N.H., Mar 5, 1776.
Sarrah, and James Whittier, int. June 24m 1843.

BLYE (also see Bly)
James, and Joanna Allen [bef. 1732].

George and Martha W. Colby, both of Bradford, Oct. 9, 1825.
George W., and Sally Foster, Dec. 26, 1826.*
John, of Newbury, and Judith Marsh, Nov. 9, 1752.
Mary E., and Hiram Bagley, int. Mar. 26, 1848.
Samuel H., of Newburyport, and Susan H. [B. int.] Colby, Sept. 13, 1832.*
William, of Amesbury [of Salisbury. int.], and [Anna. int.] Nancy Webster, Oct. 2, 1811.*

Benjamin, and Susanna Pecker, Sept. 27, 1770.
Benjamin, of Amesbury, and Mehitable Sheppard [wid. CR1], July 5, 1781.
Harriet, and [Capt. int.] Samuel S. Burr, Sept. 28, 1826.*
Nathaniel, and Hannah Holliwall [bef. 1768].
Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Ayer [Feb. 17, 1801. CR1].*

Abigail, of Methuen, and Nathanel Ladd [June 16, 1748, Methuen Rds.]
Daniel, and Elizebeth Parker [bef. 1718].
Edith, and Daniel Buswell jr. of Bradford, May 12, 1789.*
Elizabeth H., and Asa Simons, both of Methuen, Nov. 9, 1837.
Hannah, and Henry Hills of Newbury, Sept. 3, 1715.
Henry A., of Methuen, a. 26 y., farmer, s. Joseph and Mary, and Myra J. Day, of Boxford, a. 24 y., d. John and Mary, Nov. 4, 1846.
Hiram, and [Mrs. int.] Harriet Simpson, Apr. 7, 1838.*
James, and Mary Parker [bef. 1715].
Judith, and John Harris, Sept. 28, 1721.
Mary, and Nathan Simons [bef. 1706].
Mary Ann, of Methuen, and Ebenezer Smith of Cambridge, Oct. 31, 1839.
Sarah, and Abell Merrill, Nov. 15, 1714.
Stephen B., and Elisabeth Dunlap of Salem, N.H., int. Nov. 9, 1845.
William, of Methuen, and Rachal French, Feb. 8, 1786.*

Betsy S., of Bradford, and Philip Flanders, int. Feb. 14, 1829.

Thomas, and Peggy Claffy, int. Feb. 19, 1848.

BOLCOM (also see Balcom)
Mary, and Joseph Clement, June 24, 1832.*

Abigaill, and Ezra Rolf, Mar. 2, 1675-6.
Abigall, and Edward Ordaway, June 14, 1704.
Esther, wid., and John Williams, May 5, 1675.
Hannah, and John Attwood, Oct. 28, 1715.
Henrietta E[liza. int.], a. 18 y., d. John and Ann, and John E. Brown, a. 23 y., shoecutter, s. John and Hannah, Nov. 11, 1847.*
John, and ____ Hall [bef. 1716].
John, and Ann Buck of Hampstead, int. Aug. 9, 1828.
Joseph, and Sarah Williams, Nov. 26, 1679.
Joseph jr., and Elizabeth Simons, Feb. 6, 1720-21.
Lydia, and Nathaniel Duston, 2d m., June 8, 1726.
Marcy, and Israel Webster, Jan. 15, 1729-30.
Mary, and Thomas Little, Jan. 12, 1737-8.
Sarah, and David Hale of Bradford, May 29, 1740.

BOOTMAN (also see Butman)
Elias, of Amesbury, and Sarah Colby, Nov. 19, 1783. CR2*
Hannah, and Henry Maxfield, Aug. 20, 1765. CR1
John, and Betsy Gage of Bradford, int. May 25, 1804.
Lydia, and Nathan Hunt [bef. 1739].
Moses, and Hannah Hall, Oct. 10, 1839.*
Richard, and Mary Parker, Mar. 13, 1823.*

BORROUGHS (also see Burroughs)
Josiah, of Medford, and Sally Webster, Sept. 14, 1789.*

Betsey J., a. 19 y., d. David and Betsey, and Moses P. Merrill, a. 22 y., shoemaker, s. Moses and Ann, Mar. 2, 1847.*

Abigail [of Ipswich, CT.R], and Israel Ela, Nov. 11, 1680.
Dorcas, and Edwin Clarke [bef. 1653].
Susanna, and Theophilus Shatswel [bef. 1651].

Hannah, Mrs., and Rev. Samuel Bacheller [bef. 1736].

Elisabeth, and Isaac Snow [bef. 1749].
Sarah, and Oliver Sawyer [bef. 1752].

Moses, of Kittery, and Phebe Weed of Amesbury, June 2, 1730.

William, Rev., and Charlotte E. Weeden of Franklin, int. June 4, 1825.

Mary, Mrs., of Beverly, and Phineas Carleton, Apr. 29, 1788.*
Thomas [S. int.], Capt., of Portsmouth, N.H., and Abiah Emery Bradley, Sept. 29, 1813.*

Edwin, a. 26 y., trader, s. Eben and Mary, and Dolly C. Messer, a. 25 y., d. William and Mary, Oct. 4, 1848.*
Georgiana, a. 20 y., d. Ebenezer and Mary, and Rufus I. [J. dup.] Fellows, of Concord, N.H., a. 21 y., brick maker, s. Ebenezer and Lucy, Oct. 26, 1846.*
Mary, and Phineas Foster, Sept. 22, 1733.*
Perlina [Polina. dup.], and Charles Page, int. May 26, 1844.

Anna, and Peter Vesey, "formerly of Boston now residents in Haverhill," Sept. 18, 1775.

Mary Ann, of Newtown, N.H., and Miron Kelly of Amesbury, Nov. 9, 1838.

BOYENTON (also see Boynton)
Charles, and Sybel P. Hunt, both of Rowley, Aug. 31, 1836.

Thomas, and Susanna Chase of Salem, N.H., int. Nov. 2, 1798.

BOYNTON (also see Boyenton)
Charles, of Bradford, a. 34 y., shoemaker, s. Methuselah and Amelia, and Matilda Burbank, of Bradford, a. 22 y., d. Samuel, July 20, 1846.
David, of Derry, N.H., and Phebe Emerson, May 2, 1833.*
David, and Elenor Hemphill, both of Derry, N.H., Sept. 4, 1834.
John, and Mary Hancock, Oct. 16, 1739.
Joshua, of Rowley, and Mrs. Mary Boynton, Oct. 30, 1727.
Lydia, and Samuel Shapard, Apr. 8, 1734.
Mary, Mrs., and Joshua Boynton of Rowley, Oct. 30, 1727.
Mary A., and Algernon P. Nichols, July 4, 1842.*
Silas, of Derry, N.H., and Hannah Jane Webster, July 3, 1834.*

BRACEY (also see Bracy)
Thomas, and Mary Smith, Jan. 18, 1807.*

BRACY (also see Bracey)
James jr., and Sarah Bradbury, Apr. 21, 1815.*
Thomas, a foreigner, and Hannah Pecker, at Newburyport, Mar. 14, 1788.

BRADBURRY (also see Bradbury)
James, and Sarah Coffin of Newbury, int. July 26, 1783.

BRADBURY (also see Bradburry)
Betsey, and Aaron Welch of Kingstown, Feb. 13, 1788.*
Chirsp, and Mary Payne [bef. 1749].
Daniel, and Elesabeth Lunt, both of Newbury, Sept. 15, 1791.
David, and Abigail Simpson, Sept. 29, 1795.*
Eliza [Elizabeth. int.], and Benjamin Smith, Apr. 3, 1821.*
Hannah, and William G. Kimball of Andover, Dec. 18, 1822. [Dec. 5. CR1]*
James, and Elizabeth Sanders, June 16, 1726.
John, of Salisbury, and Hannah Greeley, Feb. 13, 1723-4.
Mary, and Isaac Emerson of Andover, Aug. 5, 1821.*
Nancy, and Joshua Witham, Apr. 10, 1825.*
Sally, and Austen George, July 6, 1786.*
Samuel, and Judith Morse, Mar. 2, 1758.
Sanders, and Sarah Colby, May 26, 1763.
Sarah, Mrs., and Stephen Kenny of Nottingham West, Apr. 3, 1766. CR4
Sarah [Mrs. int.], and Josiah Brown, 2d m., Apr. 17, 1784.*
Sarah, and Dudley Foster Holt of Andover, int. June, 1813.
Sarah, and James Bracy jr., Apr. 21, 1815.*

BRADDSTREET (also see Bradstreet)
Mary, and Joel Harriman, Dec. 11, 1755.

Olive, Mrs., and Samuel Austin, both of Methuen, Sept. 1, 1839.
Thomas S., of Derry, N.H., and Emily Merrill, Nov. 16, 1843.*

BRADLEY (also see Bradly, Broadly)
Abiah, and Moses Emery jr., Feb. 26, 1784.*
Abiah Emery, and Capt. Thomas [S. int.] Bowles of Portsmouth, N.H., Sept. 29, 1813.*
Abigail, and Benjamin Richards, Dec. 29, 1726.
Abigail, and Nathaniel Atkinson of Boscawen, Jan. 24, 1782.
Abigail, and John Corlis, Nov. 26, 1789.*
Abigail, and Samuel Chase of Portland, Feb. 1, 1807.*
Abigail, Mrs., and Col. David Clement, Nov. 12, 1822.*
Abigail P., of Dover, Maine, and John J. McQuesten, int. Oct. 19, 1845.
Amos, and Elisabeth Page, Feb. 20, 1759.
Ann, of Andover, and Leonard D. White, Aug. 3, 1819.*
Anna, and Moses Emerson, int. Mar. 3, 1798.
Anna, and Levi Hurd, of Newport, N.H., Feb. 19, 1806.*
Asa, of Plaistow, N.H., and Alma L. Heath of Amesbury, June 21, 1838.
A. A., a. 28 y., d. Enoch and Abigail, and A.A. Bromley, widr., of Middletown, N.Y., a. 33 y., merchant, s. Avery and Zipporah, Nov. 7, 1848.*
Benjamin, and Sarah Noyes of Plaistow, Apr. 20, 1769.
Benjamin jr., and Elisabeth Currier of Plaistow, int. Apr. 5, 1801.
Benjamin, and Mrs. Phebe Butler of Nottingham East, int. Aug. 22, 1818.
Betsy, and [Lt. CR1] Samuel Webster of Newport, N.H., Feb. 2, 1815.*
Betsy, of Cornish, N.H., and James Emerson, int. Nov. 5, 1817.
Brickett, and Hannah Merrill of Salem, N.H., at Salem, Apr. 9, 1813.*
Brickett, 2d m., and Lucretia L. Page of Salem, N.H., Nov. 24, 1836.*
Caleb, and Elisabeth Knight of Atkinson, int. Feb. 6, 1790.
Charles, of Newburyport, and Sarah Smith, int. Nov. 14, 1817.
Charles, and Charlotte H. Brown of Bradford, int. Mar. 25, 1849.
Daniel [Broadly. dup.], and Mary Williams, May 21, 1662.
Daniel, and Elisabeth Ayer, Feb. 26, 1729-30.
Daniel jr., and Susanna Mitchel, Jan. 10, 1754.
Daniel jr., and Sarah Woodberry, Dec. 20, 1795.*
David, and Abigail Marsh, June 13, 1781.
Dow M., and Franklin Brickett, Nov. 20, 1843.*
Dudley, and Elizabeth Brown, June 28, 1792.*
Ebenezer N., and Sarah Whitaker, June 20, 1833.*
Elisabeth, and Robert Calf of Chester, Oct. 12, 1738.
Elisabeth, and Josiah Foulsom [bef. 1747].
Elisabeth, and Henry Hall jr. of Chester, May 14, 1761.
Elisabeth, and David Dexter of Hampstead [N.H. CR1], Nov. 12, 1786.*
Eliza [Mrs. Elizabeth. int.], and Peter Ayer, July 7, 1818.*
Eliza A., and Josiah Keely, Mar. 23, 1830.*
Eliza Ann, and Sewell S. Joy, Oct. 3, 1841.
Elizabeth, and William F. S. McFarland, Feb. 16, 1813.*
Enoch, and Mary Low of Ipswich [bef. 1771].
Enoch jr., and Abigail Hildreth, Oct. 31, 1802.*
Enoch L., and Sarah A. Shaw of Portland [Maine. int.], at Portland, Sept. 1, 1836.*
Francies, and Polly Mooers, Nov. 3, 1796.*
George, a. 24 y., carpenter, s. William and Mary, and Mary Jane Burnham, a. 19 y., d. David and Mary, Dec. 27, 1848.*
George V., and Deborah Jane Evans, int. July 20, 1836.
Hannah, and John Emerson jr., May 19, 1763.
Hannah, and Simeon Atwood of Bradford, Nov. 14, 1790.*
Hannah, of Amesbury, and Moses Kimnball, Jan _, 1797.*
Hannah [of Methuen. int.], and Nathan Webster, Nov. 2, 1815.*
Harriett, and Andrew W. Hammond, Sept. 14, 1817.*
Ira, and Marietta R. Bailey, at West Newbury, Dec. 21, 1843.*
Isaac jr., and Lydia Kimball, Nov. 10, 1741.
Isaac jr., and wid. Rachel Ayer, Nov. 23, 1762.
Isaac, and Caroline Currier of Danville, N.H., int. Oct. 6, 1838.
Isaac, and Elizabeth P. Rowe, Nov. 5, 1843.*
Isaiah, and Polly Duston, July 8, 1787.*
Isaiah, and Huldah Pearley of Boxford, int. Jan. 2, 1806.
Ithamar, and Mehitable Stevens, of Methuen, Oct. _, 1778.
James, and Lucinda Stevens, Apr. 4, 1819.*
Jeremiah, and Ann How [Nancy, of Methuen. int.], at Methuen [Nov. 6, 1783, in pencil].
John, and Susannah Staples, Sept. 16, 1724.
John, and Mary Heath, Mar. 11, 1760.
John, of Concord, N.H., and Mrs. Hannah Ayer, May 30, 1771. CR4
John, a. 23 y., shoemaker, s. George and Elisabeth, and Eliza J. Knowles, a. 23 y., d. Rufus K. and Eliza J., June 28, 1849.*
Jonathan jr., and Hannah Haseltine, jr. [Apr. 11, 1771. CR3]
Jonathan, and Sarah Osgood, of Andover [bef. 1774].
Jonathan, of Andover, and Sally Ayer, Apr. 14, 1791.*
Jonathan jr., of Andover, and Sally Webster, Jan. 25, 1814.*
Joseph, and Hanah Heath, d. John, Apr. 14, 1691.
Joseph and Hannah Marsh, July 31, 1735.
Joseph, Dea., and Sarah French of Newbury [bef. 1749].
Joseph, and Sarah Hardey of Bradford, Feb. 5, 1753.
Joseph, and Polly Osgood of Andover, Mar. 28, 1781.
Joseph [jr. int.], and Mirriam Currier of Amesbury, Sept. 29, 1796.*
Judith, and David Stevens, int. Feb. 4, 1815.
Lidia, and James Smiley jr., Nov. 25, 1813.*
Lois, and Simeon B. Forbes of Reading, Aug. 21, 1837.*
Louisa, and William H. Shaw of Portland [Maine. int.], Oct. 1, 1835.*
Low, Capt. [Caleb Low. int.], and Abigail Ayer, Nov. 17, 1811.* Lydia, and Samuel Webster, Nov. 26, 177[8. CR1].
Lydia, and Jonathan Duston [jr. int.], of Canaan, N.H., Jan. 29, 1802.*
Lydia, and Benjamin Leslie, Dec. 15, 1828.*
Margaret B., and John G. Lovejoy of Thomaston, Maine, Oct. 11, 1836.*
Maria, and Charles Robertson, Mar. 31, 1831.*
Martha, and James Mitchel, Dec. 10, 1719.
Martha F., of Plaistow, and Ladd Haseltine jr., int. Dec. 11, 1824.
Mary, and John Russel [Jan. 8, 1794. CR1]*
Mary, and Thomas West jr., Oct. _, 1813.*
Mary, and Charles Creasey of Rowley, int. Dec. 29, 1832.
Mary Ann, and Daniel P. McQuesten, Oct. 13, 1835.*
Mary Brown, and Elbridge G. Dresser, Sept. 9, 1840.*
Mary L. [S. int.], and James Chadbourn of Lewiston, Maine, Sept. 19, 1837.*
Mary Low, and Thomas Patten (Potter. CR1] of Watertown, Nov. 28, 1839.*
Mehetabel, and Jeremiah Dresser, Dec. 3, 1735.
Mehetabel, of Rumbord, and Ames Estman [bef. 1744].
Mehitabel, Mrs., and William Wingate, Mar. 7, 1767.
Mehitable, and Moses Wingate, May 30, 1793.*
Mehitable, of Amesbury, and Barnabas Tyler, Feb. 28, 1799.*
Mehitable, and James Varnum Ayer, Apr. 15, 1819.*
Mehitable, and William Eaton of Boston, Oct. 3, 1825.*
Moses, and Hannah Dakin of Boston, Feb. 14, 1764.*
Nancy, and Asaph [K. int.] Horton of Dorchester, Dec. 16, 1817.*
Nathan, and Clarissa French, Nov. 6, 1823.*
Nathaniel, and Elisabeth Ordway of Amesbury [bef. 1760].
Nehemiah, and Lydia Emerson, Sept. 1, 1736.
Patty, and Jesse Page of Warren, Oct. 20, 1801.*
Peter, and Mehitable Kimbal [Sept. 13, 1769. CR1].
Polly, and Robert Eastman of Concord [N.H. int.], Nov. 13, 1785.*
Polly, and Ezekiel Barnard of Amesbury, Mar. 1, 1795.*
Ruth, Mrs., and Dr. James Pecker, 2d m., Nov. 12, 1761.
Ruth, and Josiah Chase, Feb. 17, 1780.
Ruth, and Joshua Barker of Andover, Apr. 10, 1806.*
Ruth Ann Moody, and Moses Atwood, at West Amesbury, Nov. 28, 1833.
Sally, and James Ayer 3d, Dec. 14, 1794.*
Sally, of Andover, and Moses McFarland jr., Aug. 6, 1797.*
Sally, and Moses Dow of Plaistow, Feb. 23, 1800.
Samuel, and Mrs. Sarah Wingate of Amesbury [bef. 1761].
Samuel, and Abigail Pike, int. Aug. 29, 1790.
Samuel P., and Emmeline Bartlett of Boston, Oct. 27, 1836.*
Sarah, and Benjamin Poor, June 1, 1749.
Sarah, wid., and John Marble, 2d m., June 11, 1751.
Sarah, wid., and William Attwood [bef. 1758].
Sarah, and Warren Wheeler of Salem, N.H., Apr. 1, 1784.*
Sarah [of Amesbury, int.], and John Johnson, Aug. 27, 1795. PR46*
Sarah, and John Davenport of Portsmouth, Feb. 28, 1803. [1802. dup.]*
Sarah, and [Capt. int.] James Gile [jr. int.], Dec. 30, 1817. PR20*
Sarah, and Benjamin Harriman, Dec. 15, 1825.*
Sarah A., and Nathaniel S. Howe, at Roxbury, May 26, 1846.
Sarah Jane, and Amos Kimball of Boston, Oct. 8, 1825.*
Simeon, and Lucretia Russell of Middleton, Conn. [bef. 1797].
Sophia, and Amos Whitaker, Dec. 22, 1835.*
Stephen, and Abiah Stone of Atkinson, Nov. 23, 1784.*
Susan, and Abijah W. Thayer of Portland, Nov. 9, 1824.*
Susanna, wid., and William Whitticker, jr., Dec. 21, 1752.
Susanna, and Philbrook Colby, July 13, 1758.
Susanna, and Eliezer Emerson, Feb. 26, 1760.
William, and Mehetibel Emerson, Sept. 23, 1741.
William, and Sally Swazey, May 12, 1790.*
____, and Moses Bricket [bef. 1793].

BRADLY (also see Bradley)
Abiah, Mrs., and Ephraim French of Amherst, Oct. 8, 1793. CR1.*
Abraham, and Elizabeth Phillbrick, Oct. 18, 1705.
Daniel jr., and Hannah Dow, Jan. 5, 1686-7.
Hanah, and Joseph Heath [bef. 1698].
Hannah, and Samuel Noyes of Pembroke, N.H., Dec. 1, 1768. CR1
Henry, of Newbury, and wid. Hannah Hendrick, Apr. 17, 1729.
Isaak, and Elizabeth Clement, May 16, 1706.
John jr., and Sarah Eatton, Jan. 9, 1734-5.
Lydia, and John Heath jr., Sept. 3, 1728.
Martha, and Ephraim Gild, Jan. 5, 1686.
Ruth, and Thomas Johnson, Nov. 13, 1706.

BRADSTREET (also see Braddstreet, Bradstreet)
Dudley, of Andover, and Mrs. Mary Wainwright, May 4, 1704.

BRADSTRET (also see Bradstreet)
Samuel, and Margret Gordin [bef. 1737].

Samuel, of Boston, and Abigial P. Sawyer, June 3, 1833.*

Dorothy, and William Middleton, May 28, 1694.
Hannah, and Adam Draper, Mar. 6, 1703-04.
Peter, and Elizabeth Linfurth, Nov. 25, 1669.

John, of Boston, and Deborah Kimball, Oct. 20, 1835.*

BRIANT (also see Bryant)
Anna, and Jonathan Johnson of Plaistow, July 23, 1780. CR2

BRICKET (also see Brickett)
Barnard, and Deborah Towne, Dec. 2, 1772.
Barnard, and Miriam Stewart, May 2, 1799.*
Hannah, and George M. Wilson, int. Nov. 7, 1835. (not married).
James, Dr., and Abigail Moody [wid. int.], Jan. 24, 1803.*
Moses, and ____ Bradley [bef. 1793].

BRICKETT (also see Bricket)
Abigail, and Leonard Sawyer, ___, 1812. [May 25, 1812. int.]*
Abigail, and Charles Robbins, June 7, 1831.*
Ann, and Phineas Carleton, int. Sept.12, 1812.
Ann F., and Joshua Roberts of Lowell, int. July 24, 1841.
Barnard jr., and Hannah Bryant, Apr. 8, 1806.*
Barnard, Capt., jr., and Elisabeth Bryant of Plaistow, N.H., int. May 6, 1819.
Betsy, and Nathaniel Clarke jr. of Plaistow, [N.H. int.], Nov. 23, 1820.*
Daniel D., and Polly West, Sept. 23, 1784.*
Daniel H., a. 28 y., shoe manufacturer, s. John and Louisa Perley [of Methuen. int.], a. 25 y., d. Asa, Dec. 5, 1844.*
Deborah [T. int.], and Thomas Dodge, Sept. 2, 1830.*
Edmund, and Betsey Goodridge, int. Apr. 25, 1792.
Fanny, and Phineas Carleton, Dec. 13, 1815.*
Franklin, and M. Dow Bradley, Nov. 20, 1843.*
Hannah, and Joseph Snow, June 8, 1783.*
Hannah, and Amos Carleton of Plaistow, N.H., int. Apr. 25, 1847.
Harriet C., a. 24 y., d. John and Betsey, and Paul D. Patch of Hamilton, a. 34 y., farmer, s. Paul and Elizabeth, FEb. 13, 1849.*
Harriot, and Eleazer A. Porter, Apr. 19, 1821.*
James, Dr., of Newbury, and Ednah Merrill [bef. 1761].
James P., of Amesbury, and Nancy George, int. Feb. 4, 1832.
John, and wid. Mary Sawyer, June 29, 1783.*
John jr., and Abigail Haseltine [Jan. 7, 1784. PR6]*
John, Dr., of Sudbury, Canada, and Elisabeth Ayer, Sept. 29, 1794.*
John jr., and Betsey Duston, Nov. 11, 1814.*
Joseph, and Hannah Clements, June 16, 1802. [Jan. 16, 1803. dup.]
Joseph, and Abigail W. Adams, June 17, 1824.*
Lovey E., and Jonathan Smith, 2d m., at Chester, N.H., Sept. 10, 1833.*
Marion, and Daniel Goodrich, at Boston, Oct. 28, 1841.*
Mary, and Warner Whittier, 2d m., Dec. _, 1821.*
Moses, and Mary Pike of Salisbury, int. Sept. 13, 1806.
Polly, and James Ayer jr., Dec. 8, 1782.*
Sally, and Johnson Noyes, Oct. 10, 1833.*
Sally H., of Auburn, N.H., and Jonathan G. Bean, int. Sept. 10, 1848.
Susanna, of Newbury, and Charles Haddock [bef. 1768].
Theodore, of New Andover [East Andover, int.], and Sally Swett [Sweet. CR1], Sept. 27, 1795.*
Ward, and Sarah Willey, of Epping, N.H., int. Jan. 2, 1836.
William, and Lucy M. Dustin, Dec. 4, 1834.*

Hannah, and Elias S. Edmonds, both of Georgetown, May 10, 1843.

Judith, wid., and Stephen Webster, May 26, 1678.

BROADLY (also see Boadley)
Mary, and Batholomew Heath, Jan. 23, 1690-91.

John P., of Lawrence, a. 26 y., tin smith, s. John and Eliza A. Brooks, a. 18 y., of Lawrence, Oct. 14, 1848.

Betsy E., and Stephen S. Dow, both of Georgetown, at Georgetown, Oct. 29, 1840.
Sarah G., of Rowley, and Albert S. Hardy, of Bradford, June 14, 1837.

A. A., wid., of Middletown, N.Y., a. 33 y., merchant, s. Avery and Zipporah, and A. A. Bradley, a. 28 y., d. Enoch and Abigail, Nov. 7, 1848.*

Moses P., and Adaline Elliot, int. July 8, 1835.

Cotton Brown, and Jane Williams of Salem, int. Oct. 23, 1794.
Elbridge G., Rev., of Cambridge, and Martha F. Munroe, of Charlestown, Nov. 7, 1839.
Eliza A., of Lawrence, a. 18 y., and John P. Brock of Lawrence, a. 26 y. tin smith, s. John, Oct. 14, 1848.

BROWN (also see Browne)
Alexander B., a. 22 y., carpenter, s. John and Sally, and Phebe W. Fellows, a. 21 y., d. David and Clarrisa, Nov. 26, 1845.*
Benjamin, and Francies Woodworth of Salem, int. Mar. 13, 1820.
Charlotte H., of Bradford, and Charles Bradley, int. Mar. 25, 1849.
Charlotte L., and Job T. Dickens, May 12, 1838.*
Charlotte P., and Joseph Peavy of Lowell, Nov. 7, 1832.*
Ebenezer, and Soberiatie Molton, at Hampton, Feb. 27, 1724.
Eliza A[nn. int.], and John C. Tilton, May 2, 1842.*
Eliza P., and Charles E. Hall of Dover, N.H., int. Sept. 25, 1841.
Elizabeth, and Dudley Bradley, June 28, 1792.*
Frederick A., and Harriet Reed, Dec. 3, 1837.*
George M., Esq., of Boston, and Caroline E. Swett, Aug. 8, 1842.*
Hannah, and Jonathan Gardner, Dec. 15, 1743.
Hannah M., and John Fifield of Kingston, July 25, 1765. CR4
Henry Young, and Elisabeth Lovejoy of Andover [bef. 1753].
Hiram, and Eliza Ann Butrick, int. Mar. 7, 1834.
James, of Newbury, and Jane Kelly, Apr. 13, 1737.
James D., s. William and Sarah, and Eliza Kelly, d. John, May 18, 1847.*
James P., and Ann Eliza Finney of Newburyport, int. Sept. 28, 1845.
John, Rev., and Mrs. Joanna Cotton [bef. 1721].
John, and Mary Mitchell of Newbury, at Newbury, Oct. 15, 1795.
John E., a. 23 y., shoe cutter, s. John and Hannah, and Henrietta E. [Eliza, int.] Bond, a. 18 y., d. John and Ann, Nov. 14, 1847.*
Joseph F., and Emeline Pecker of Methuen, int. Dec. 10, 1848.
Joshua, and Judith Stanwood, both of Amesbury [Apr. 27, 1725. in pencil].
Josiah, and Deborah Corlis, July 6, 1758.
Josiah jr., and Lydia Stevens, Apr. 28, 1763.
Josiah, and Sarah Rogers [bef. 1770].
Josiah, 2d m., and [Mrs. int.] Sarah Bradbury, Apr. 17, 1784.*
Josiah, and Mary Chase of West Newbury, int. Mar. 8, 1823.
Julia Ann, and George Sargent, Oct. 29, 1836.*
Lydia, and Capt. Jonathan Gilbert of Gloucester, Dec. 13, 1792.*
Lydia, and Amos Sargent, Nov. 13, 1796.*
Lydia S., and John F. Fowler [of Danvers. int.], June 24, 1828.*
Mary, and Jonathan Merriel [bef. 1702].
Mary, of Salem, and Benjamin Baker [bef. 1752].
Mary Jane, and John George, Nov. 24, 1823.*
Mary N., a. 23 y., d. Benjamin and Betsey, and David Morrison, a. 23 y., laborer, s. Solomon and Elizabeth, Nov. 28, 1847.*
Mehitable, and Hathorne Porter of Danvers, int. Oct. 16, 1824.
Mehitable W., a. 20 y., d. Benjamin and Parthena, and Rufus H. Tilton, a. 24 y., shoemaker, s. Caleb and Eunice, July 4, 1849.*
Moses, of Newburyport, and Mary White, Oct. 1, 1786.*
Moses, Dea., of West Newbury, and Mrs. Abigail Parker, De. 20, 1832.*
Oliver, and [Mary Ann. int.] Parker of Bradford, Feb. 23, 1828.*
Priscilla, and Daniel Hale of Newbury, July 9, 1765. CR1
Rachel, of Newmarket, N.H., and Jonathan E. Emerson, int. Oct. 28, 1843.
Rebecca W., a. 20 y., d. William and Sarah, and Edmund B. Little, a. 24 y., trader, s. Joseph B. and Mary, May 4, 1848.*
Ruth H., and John M. Little, Nov. 27, 1836.*
Samuel, or Bradford, and Lois George, int. Apr. 1, 1826.
Sarah, and Moses Ayer, Apr. 19, 1807.*
Sarah, and Simeon Chase, May 16, 1832.*
Sarah, of Amesbury, a. 22 y., d. William and Harriet, and James M. Currier of Manchester, N.H., a. 23 y., shoemaker, s. Samuel and Mary, Dec. 3, 1846.
Sarah D., and David Gardner, int. Oct. 21, 1843.
Simeon, and Mrs. Hannah Young [Mar. 13, 1729, in pencil].
Stephen, and Eliaz Ann Morse, both of West Newbury, at West Newbury, May 26, 1842.
Susannah H., of Boston, and William S. Bickford, Apr. 7, 1828.*
Thomas B., and Caroline M. York, int. Sept. 17, 1842.
William H., of Amherst, N.H., and Caroline Sargent, Dec. 1, 1831.*

BROWNE (also see Brown)
Ephraim, of Salisbury, and Rachel Phillbrick, Oct. 1, 1723.
George, Lt., and Ann Eaton [bef. 1693].
George, Lt., 2d m., and wid. Hannah Hazen [of Rowley, CT.R], Mar. 17, 1683-4.
John, and Susannah Dutton [bef. 1710].
Joseph, and Priscilla Gage, Jan. 30, 1755.
Lydia, and Jonthan Haseltine 3d, Dec. 23, 1749 [Nov. 22. CR3].
Nicolas, and Mary Linfurth, Jan. 27, 1669.
Sarah, and John Dow, May 23, 1696.
Sarah, and Allexander Waddel, Sept. 20, 1744.
Sarah, Mrs., of Newbury, and Samuel White jr. [bef. 1745].
Thomas, and Mary Pilsbery, Oct. 6, 1697.

BRYANT (also see Briant)
Andrew, and Sallly Endicott of Danvers, int. Nov. 24, 1798.
David, and Molly Gilman of Plaistow, Nov. 25, 1783. CR2*
Elisabeth, of Plaistow, N.H., and Capt. Barnard Brickett jr., int. May 6, 1819.
Hannah, and Barnard Brickett jr., Apr. 8, 1806.*
James A., of Salem, N.H., a. 24 y., mechanic, s. Andrew, and Susan Roberts of Salem, N.H., d. Temple and Rebecca, June 17, 1846.
Joanna, and Gideon Webster of Kingstown, N.H., Oct. 29, 1805.*
John, of Plaistow, N.H., and Phebe Clements, int. Feb. 15, 1817.
William, of Plaistow, and Anna Whitticker, Dec. 4, 1755.
William jr., and Elisabeth Judkins of Kingston, int. Feb. 23, 1791.

Sarah M. [Sally McKinnon, int.], and Isaac Snow, Mar. 29, 1822.*

Ann, of Hampstead, and John Bond, int. Aug. 9, 1828.
Ebenezer, of Woburn, 2d m., and Judith Weed [Wood. dup.], Feb. 21, 1722-3.
Eliphelet, and Sarah Cole, Sept. 6, 1785.*
Hannah, and William Davis, June 25, 1780.
Henry, of Bradford, and Mary Stevens, Dec. 21, 1802.*
Jacob, and Hannah Ames of Boxford [May 7, 1752, Boxford Rds.]
Jonathan, and Lydia Morse of Newbury [bef. 1743].
Jonathan, and Hannah Gale [July 27, 1768. CR2].
Lydia, and Joshua Treat, Mar. 5, 1780.
Mary, and Nathanael Green, July 16, 1741.
Mary, and Moses Duston, July 21, 1767. CR1
Phebe, and Benjamin Chase of Newbury, [July 3, 1781. CR2].
Polly, and Winthrop Flanders of Salisbury, int. May 13, 1786.
Samuel, of Eastport, and Sophia Burpee, Jan. 6, 1811.*

Nancy F., and William H. Wightman, Aug. 16, 1836.*

Elisabeth, and Moses Moody, Sept. 10, 1785.*

George N., and Lydia Peabody, both of Georgetown, Oct. 25, 1838.

John, and Rebekah Danford of Newbury, int. Sept. 1, 1800.

Robert, and Martha Otterson, Dec. 8, 1737.

Fitz William, of Bradford, and Lucy Parker Moody, Oct. 16, 1808.
John, and Susanna Merrill [bef. 1668].
Margret, and Jonathan Hopkinson, both of Bradford [Mar. 28, 1738. Bradford Rds.]
Matilda, of Bradford, a. 22 y., d. Samuel, and Charles Boynton of Bradford, a. 34 y., shoemaker, s. Methuselah and Amelia, July 20, 1846.
Matrassa P., and Alonzo Lull [Aug. 17, 1833. int.]*
Meheteball, and Jsoeph Ordeway, Nov. 13, 1729.
Mercy, of Bradford, and Jeremiah Bayley [Mar. 19, 1740-41, Bradford Rds.]
Nancy P., and Davis Marsh 3d, Oct. 7, 1830.*
Rebeckah, and Ebenezer Palmer, both of Bradford, Aug. 19, 1760.
Samuell, and Lidya Bartlett [bef. 1729].

BURDEEN (also see Burden)
Sarah S., Mrs., and Ephraim E. Lake, May 9, 1843.*

BURDEN (also see Burdeen)
Benjamin, of Rhode Island, and Ruth Pessley, int. 19 : 12 m : 1729-30. CR8

John, and Ann Atwood, Mar. 24, 1818.*

Emily, a. 22 y., d. David and Mary, and Charles Agge, a. 25 y., painter, s. Jacob and Mary, Oct. 18, 1848.*
John A., of Chelmsford, and Mehitable Jenness, Sept. 23, 1824.*
Joseph, and Elizabeth N. Williams, Oct. 12, 1841.*
Julia A., a. 23 y., d. David and Mary, and John W. Sawyer of Andover, a. 23 y., wheelwright, s. John and Hannah, July 25, 1847.*
Lucy E. of Essex, and Joshua Sawyer, int. Sept. 21, 1839.
Martha J., a. 32 y., and John Currier, widr., a. 50 y., shoemaker, June 2, 1844.*
Mary Jane, a. 19 y., d. David and Mary, and George Bradley, a. 24 y., carpenter, s. William and Mary, Dec. 27, 1848.*
Rebecca, and William H. Herrick, both of Danvers, Apr. 20, 1848.

Deborah, and John Clements, Nov. 27, 1793.*
Margaret, and Michael Burns, at Boston, Feb. 25, 1829.
Michael, and Margaret Burns, at Boston, Feb. 25, 1829.

Harriet [Mrs. int.], and Washington Johnson, Sept. 10, 1835.*
Samuel S. [Capt. int.], and Harriet Bodge, Sept. 28, 1826.*

Franklin, of Bradford, a. 24 y., shoemaker, s. Samuel and Mary, and Mary C. Richardson, of Bradford, a. 18 y., d. Cornelius and Susan, Mar. 25 ,1849.
Harriet, and Daniel Rowell, int. Sept. 10, 1842.
John, and Ann Tompson, Jan. 26, 1748-9.
Joseph, and Lydia Mullikin of Lexington, int. Nov. 25, 1782.
Joseph, and Susanna Mulliken, Dec. 17, 1791.*
Nathan, and Eliza Woodbury, Nov. 28, 1814.*
Susan, and Caleb Chase, Dec. 3, 1816.*

BURROUGHS (also see Borroughs, Burrous)
Abigail, of Amesbury, and Frederick Parker, int. Mar. 5, 1796.
Mary Ann, of Newburyport, and Isaac Short, Mar. 5, 1796.
Patty, of Nottingham West, and John Willson of Londonderry [bef. 1780].
Sarah Ann, of Amesbury, and Charles Hovey, int. Feb. 26, 1835.

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