Vital Records Of Haverhill, Massachusetts
to the end of the year 1849

Pub. by the Topsfield Historical Society
Topsfield, Mass. 1910-11
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Marriages, Surnames Starting with P

Abel, and Mrs. Dorcas Fillmore of Norwich, Oct. 16, 1759.
Abel, and Marianna Kimball of Bradford, June 26, 1827.*
Abiah, and Robert Hunkins, May 1, 1706.
Abiah, and Joshua Peaslee of Methuen, Mar. 24, 1736-7.
Abiah, and John Emery, May 6, 1779.
Abigail, and Edmund Page, Feb. 5, 1734-5.
Abigail, and Stephen Nelson of Luninburg, Aug. 27, 1772. CR1
Abigail, and Moses Hale of Alstead, Sept. 8, 1778.
Abraham, and Judith Worthen [bef. 1709].
Almira J., of Londonderry, N.H., and Edmund B. Sargent, int. Aug. 22, 1835.
Amos, and Abiah Flanders of Salisbury [bef. 1750].
Ann, and John Runnels, Dec. 21, 1817.*
Anna, and John Kinrick, int. Aug. 2, 1812.
Benjamin, and Mary Whittier, Sept. 21, 1666.
Benjamin jr., and Elizabeth Lewis [bef. 1707].
Benjamin, and Lucy Barnard of Woburn, int. Nov. 10, 1844.
Benjamine, and Mary Copps of Plaistow [bef. 1765].
Caleb, and Elizabeth Merrill, Oct. 24, 1727.
Caleb, and Sarah Carlton, Mar. 11, 1741-2.
Caleb jr., of Dunbarton, N.H., and Hannah Carlton, May 1, 1775.
Caleb, and Mary Pilsbury of Plaistow, Oct. 9, 1796.*
Caleb B., and Sarah B. Ball of Chester, N.H., int. May 20, 1843.
Charles, and Perlina [Polina. dup. int.] Bowley, int. May 26, 1844.
Cornelious, and Mary Cooper, Dec. 9, 1729.
Cornelius, and Martha Clough, Nov. 13, 1674.
Cornelius, 2d m., and Mary Mash, Jan. 16, 1684.
Cornelius, and wid. Ruth Haseltine, Nov. 27, 1759.
Dan, and Molly Mooers, Dec. 8, 1779.
Daniel, and Lydia Haines [May 25, 1777. CR3].
Deliverance, and John Marbel, Jan. 24, 1722-3.
Dolly, and Levi George, July 20, 1819.*
Dudley, and Polly Smith, Aug. 21, 1811.*
Dudley jr., and Hannah York, int. Aug. 5, 1837.
Ebenezer, of Salem, N.Y., and Martha White, May 26, 1763.
Edmund, and Abigail Page, Feb. 5, 1734-5.
Elisabeth, and Amos Bradley, Feb. 20, 1759.
Eliza A., of Londonderry, N.H., and John H. Haseltine, int. July 22, 1836.
Elizabeth, and Thomas Johnson, May 1, 1700.
Elizabeth, wid., and Samuel Gage of Bradford, Sept. 30, 1725.
Elizabeth, and Timothy Emerson, Dec. 15, 1731.
Emily, and Elbridge G. Dresser, May 17, 1838.*
Enoch, and Isabel Straw, Dec. 8, 1774.
Ezekiel, and Ann Jewett of Rowley [bef. 1743].
Hannah, and Samuel Smith jr., 2d m. [bef. 1731].
Hannah, and James Scamman, July 8, 1762.
Hannah, wid., and Timothy Ladd, Esq., of Plaistow, July 23, 1765. CR2
Hannah, and Isaiah Johnson, Dec. 8, 1775. [Dec. 4. CR3]
Hannah, and Eliphelet Noyes, June 10, 1792.*
Isaiah, s. Caleb and Mary, and Miriam Green, d. Benjamin and Martha, of Hampton Falls, both deceased, 7 : 2 m " 1827. CR8
Jane, and Jonathan Eatton, Nov. 27, 1733.
Jeremiah, and Deborah Hendricks, July 2, 1696.
Jeremiah 3d, of Dunbarton, and Betsey Carleton, int. June 2, 1789.
Jerome, and Mary Pettengell, int. Apr. 1, 1843.
Jesse, of Warren, and Patty Bradley, Oct. 20, 1801.*
Job, and Lydia Kimball, May 27, 1783. CR2*
John, and ____ Mash [bef. 1653].
John jr., and Sarah Davis, June 18, 1663.
John jr., s. Cornelius, and Sarah Singletery, May 21, 1700.
John, and Elizabeth Gile, Nov. 15, 1733.
John, and Dolle Wheeler of Salem, N.H. [bef. 1765].
Jonathan, and Ruth Johnson, Sept. 30, 1728.
Jonathan jr., and Mary Kent [bef. 1753].
Joseph, and Judith Gild, June 21, 1671.
Joseph, 2d m., and wid. Martha Heath, Dec. 2, 1673.
Joseph, and Mary Tompson [bef. 1711].
Joseph, and Rhoda Griffen, Sept. 25, 1808.*
Joseph, of Andover, a. 24 y., carpenter, s. Joseph and Sarah, and Mary F. Goodrich, a. 20 y., d. Ezekiel and Sarah, May 6, 1847.*
Joshua, and Hannah Duston, Feb. 19, 1734-5.
Joshua, a. 23 y., cordwainer, and Anna Runnells of Boxford, a. 20 y., Jan. 29, 1771. PR71
Joshua jr., and Sarah Gage, Mar. 8, 1798.*
Josiah, and Lydia Patee, Aug. 24, 1769. CR2
Judith, and Benjamin Winn of Nottingham West, Oct. 15, 1747.
Justus, of Tinmouth, Vt., and Eunice Cross, int. July 12, 1797.
Lewis, and Lydia Griffing [bef. 1736].
Lucinda, and James Wilson of Pelham, Nov. 29, 1795.*
Lucretia L., of Salem, N.H., and Brickett Bradley, 2d m., Nov. 24, 1836.*
Lydia, and Nathaniel Smith, Oct. 20, 1761.
Martha, wid., and Samuel Parker, Mar. 19, 1688-9.
Martha, and Matthew Herriman jr., Dec. 19, 1700.
Mary, and John Dow, Oct. 23, 1665.
Mary, and Ephraim Davis of Amesbury, May 22, 1734.
Mary, and Leonard Harriman, Apr. 26, 1739.
Mary, of Haverhill District, and Edward Russell, Nov. 24, 1749.
Mary, and Cyrus Noyes, Dec. 6, 1827.*
Mehetabel, and Moses Swazy, July 21, 1761.
Mehetebel, and Moses Grealee, July 6, 1732.
Moses, and Sally Sampson of Gloucester, int. Mar. 30, 1797.
Nathan, of Atkinson, and Sophia Page, May 7, 1792.*
Nathaniel, and Phebe Chapman [bef. 1729].
Parker, of Cambridge, Vt., and Eunice McFarland [McFaling. int.], Feb. 5, 1788.*
Paul, and Sarah Gile, Nov. 27, 1777.
Peter, and Abigail Sawyer, May 1, 1760.
Phebe, and Amos Wheeler, of Salem, N.H., Oct. 5, 1806.*
Rachel, and Richard Bailey, Aug. 18, 1741.
Rachell, and John Ela [bef. 1712].
Rebekah [Mrs. CR4], and Samuel George, July 25, 1754.
Reuben, and Mary Sargent of Amesbury [bef. 1746].
Ruth, and Jonathan Eatton, 2d m., Jan. 23, 1699-1700.
Ruth, and Jonathan Haynes, 2d m., Apr. _, 1743.
Ruth, and Benaiah Clement, July 17, 1800.*
Samuel, and Phebe Richardson of Bradford [Jan. 24, 1750. Bradford Rds.]
Samuel jr., and Mary Kezer, Dec. 8, 1775.
Samuel, and Submit Jeffers of Plaistow [June 15, 1798. int.]*
Sarah, and James Sanders, Jan. 14, 1669.
Sarah, and John Hutchins, Nov. 11, 1695.
Sarah, and Timothy Johnson, Feb. 10, 1725-6.
Sarah, of Salisbury, and Nathaniel Harriman, Mar. 21, 1730-31.
Sarah, and Joseph Grover of Gloucester, May 19, 1737.
Sarah, and James Haddock, 2d m., Sept. 4, 1818.*
Sarah T., of Newburyport, and John T. Rollins, int. Oct. 27, 1827.
Sophia, and Nathan Page of Atkinson, May 7, 1792.*
Stephen, and Sarah Eaton, Apr. 10, 1764.
Stephen N., and Eliza Choate of Sandwich, N.H., int. Jan. 12, 1834.
Stephen N., and Phebe S. Welch, Feb. 1, 1837.*
Susannah, and Peter Dow, Nov. 12, 1730.
Susannah, and Amos Kidder of Dalton, N.H., Jan. 28, 1806.*
Thomas, and Lydia Bexby [bef. 1718].
Thomas jr., and Mary Corlis, Mar. 14, 1744-5.
Thomas, and Abigail Duston, Feb. 12, 1788.*
Thomas, widr., of Amesbury, a. 40 y., shoemaker, s. Joshua and Ruth, and Eliza Goodwin of Amesbury, a. 30 y., d. Moses and Jerusha, Dec. 29, 1845.
Timothy, and Mehitable Simons, June 24, 1735.
Timothy, 2d m., and Mary Silver, June 24, 1737.
Vashty, and David Green, July 4, 1782.*
William jr., and Sarah Silver, Oct. 20, 1761.
William, and Martha Parker [bef. 1763].
William, and Elizabeth N. Rand, int. May 19, 1844.
Zadock, and Susanna Webster, Aug. 31, 1797.*
Zeruiah, and Joseph Hutchins [bef. 1731].

PAIN (also see Paine)
John, and Rebekah Woodworth, Nov. 16, 1822.*

PAINE (also see Pain, Payne)
Ichabod [of Boston. int.], and Mary Bennett, Sept. 5, 1800. CR1*
Polly, and Ephraim Blasdell Gale, at Amesbury, Nov. _, 1790.
Seth, widr., of Bangor, Maine, a. 44 y., merchant, s. Josiah and Phebe, and Mary E. Cummings, of Portland, Maine, a. 34 y., d. Daniel and Hannah, June 4, 1846.

Abigail, and Ebenezer Ballard, Jan. 23, 1796.*
Benjamin, and Olive H. Jordan, July 2, 1830.*
Benjamin, and Harriet Beckford [Bickford. int.], Feb. 26, 1833.*
Charles H. P., a. 21 y., machinist, s. James and Dolly G., and Irena E. Jenness, a. 18 y., d. John and Hannah, Nov.2 6, 1846.*
Daniel, and Sarah Huse, Nov. 15, 1832.
Easther, and Richard Kelly, both residents of Haverhill, Dec. 3, 1753.
Ebenezer, and Rebeckah Burbank, both of Bedford, Aug. 19, 1760.
Elizabeth, and Robert Ayer, Feb. 27, 1650.
Esther, wid., and Nathniell Ayer [bef. 1707].
James, of Methuen, and Abigail Smith of Salem, N.H. [bef. 1796].
James, and Dolly G. Knight, Nov. 23, 1820.*
James M., and Mary Ann Head of Bradford, at Bradford, Oct. 15, 1840.*
Jeremiah, and Mrs. Mary Straw, int. Feb. 17, 1816.
Joseph, and Sarah Lull [bef. 1730].
Joseph, 2d m., and [Mrs. CR4] Mary Ela, Feb. 26, 1746-7.
Marinda, and Nicholls Sweat, both of Kingston, N.H., May 26, 1833.
Martha, and Enoch Harriman [bef. 1761].
Phebe, of Bradford, and Stephen Webster 4th, int. Dec. 26, 1795.
Robert R., of Bradford, a. 22 y., shoemaker, s. John and Sarah, and Rebecca D. Renton of Bradford, a. 21 y., d. Richard and Mary A., Sept. 13, 1848.
Sarah, and Ebenezer Bayley [bef. 1740].

Jane Elizabeth, of Guadeloupe, and William Cutler of Newburyport [bef. 1793].

Abigail, of Bradford, and Joseph Hill Ordway, int. May 14, 1801.
Abigail, Mrs., and Dea. Moses Brown of West Newbury, Dec. 20, 1832.*
Ann, and Joseph Easterbrooks, int. Feb. 17, 1827.
Benjamin, Rev., and Mrs. Elizabeth Fletcher, July 12, 1748.
Bethia, wid., and William Follinsby, Dec. 18, 1739.
Daniel, and Sarah Stone of Boston [bef. 1783].
Ebenezer, Capt., of Chelmsford, and Mrs. Ruth Wood of Dracut, Mar. 11, 1757. CR3
Elizabeth, and Daniel Bodwell [bef. 1718].
Elizebath, and Moses Webster, July 21, 1776.
Frederick, and Abigail Burroughs of Amesbury, int. Mar. 5, 1796.
Free Groves, of Bradford, and Mrs. Betsy Carleton, int. May 16, 1818.
Gilman, Hon., and Ann Hills, Oct. 17, 1833.*
Hannah [of Bradford. int.], and John Woodman, at Bradford, Apr. 7, 1814.*
Hannah S., and Hezekiah Caldwell, Oct. 27, 1835.*
Harriet, of Bradford, and Hazen Whittier, int. Nov. 5, 1837.
Henry C., of Bradford, a. 31 y., ferryman, b. Bradford, s. Benjamin, and Caroline Greenleaf, a. 29 y., d. Samuel E., Nov. 22, 1849.*
John, of Andover, and [Joanna in pencil; Hannah. CR3] Bailey, June 27, 1782.
Judith, and Jeremiah Emerson, int. Oct. 20, 1833.
Leonard, and Mary R. Spiller, Oct. 22, 1838. CR5*
Lucy L., of Bradford, and E. James M. Hale, int. Jan. 7, 1837.
Martha, and William Page [bef. 1763].
Mary, and James Bodwell [bef. 1715].
Mary, and Richard Bootman, Mar. 13, 1823.*
[Mary Ann, of Bradford, int.], and Oliver Brown [Feb. 23, 1828. int.]*
Mary Frances, and George W. George, July 30, 1842.*
Mehitable B., of Bradford, and Amos Bailey, Sept. 24, 1829.*
Moses, of Bradford, and Sarah Eaton, May 24, 1781.
Niles G., and Nancy Jones of West Newbury, int. Apr. 15, 1849.
Olinda A. H., of Boxford, a. 18 y., d. Aaron L. and Priscilla, and Oliver O. Patten of Boxford, a. 23 y., shoemaker, s. Jonathan and Harriet, Apr. 3, 1849.
Patty, of Bradford, and John Richardson, int. Oct. 14, 1826.
Ruth, and James Gild, Feb. 21, 1688-9.
Samuel, and Martha Page, wid., Mar. 19, 1688-9.
Samuel W., of Reading, a. 26 y. carpenter, s. Jabez and Betsey A., and Charlotte B. George, a. 23 y., d. Gideon and Nancy, Oct. 11, 1848.*
Stephen, of Bradford, and Abigail Bailey, Nov. 20, 1777.
Susan W., of Hooksett, N.H., and John Shirley jr., int. Dec. 5, 1848.
Thomas, and Bethiah Simons, June 1, 1726.

Martha, of Andover, and Bradbury C. Bartlett, int. Apr. 25, 1847.

PARLEY (also see Perley)
Hannah, and Col. Joseph Hutchins of Haverhill, N.H., May 1, 1796.*
Sally, and David Loring of Enfield, May 15, 1796.*

Julia A., and Joshua L. Holt of Dracut, int. June 18, 1849.

Obediah, and Meheteball Kimball [bef. 1731].

Nancy, and Jonathan Stickney, Apr. 24, 1819.*
Sarah, and Jonathan Sargent, Sept. 8, 1824.*
Simon, of Newbury, and Mary Runnels, int. Nov. 8, 1828.

Sally S., of Medford, and Benjamin Monroe, int. Nov. 19, 1817.
Sarah, and John Heath, Nov. 14, 1666.

Henry F. jr., and Francis S. Richardson of Reading, int. May 3, 1846.

Hannah W., of Hamilton, and Benjamin B. Pingree, May 4, 1830.*
Nancy, of Wenham, and Jonathan Barker, int. May 13, 1786.
Paul D., of Hamilton, a. 34 y., farmer, s. Paul and Elizabeth, and Harriet C. Brickett, a. 24 y., d. John and Betsey, Feb. 13, 1849.*
Timothy, of Tewksbury, and Susanna Duston, Apr. 23, 1777.

PATEE (also see Pattee)
Abigail, and Peter Patee of Thornton, N.H., Feb. 13, 1772. CR3
Benjamin, and Abigail Emerson, Aug. 28, 1744.
Lydia, and Josiah Page, Aug. 24, 1769. CR2
Marcy, and Daniel Rolf [bef. 1718].
Moody, and Lydia Saunders, Feb. 16, 1797.*
Peter, and Elizabeth Scribner [bef. 1730].
Peter, of Thornton, N.H., and Abigail Patee, Feb. 13, 1772. CR3
Richerd, and Susanna Beale [bef. 1715].
Sarah, and Jonathan Duston, 2d m., Feb. 20, 1732-3.
Sarah, and Elexander Gordin, June 22, 1742.
Seth, and Dorcas Savory [bef. 1731].

PATIE (also see Pattee)
Samuel, and Elizabeth Prince [bef. 1712].

PATRE (also see Pattee)
Peter [Patie. CT.R], and Sarah Gill [of Salisbury. CT.R], Nov. 8, 1682 [Nov. 3. CT.R]

PATTEE (also see Patee, Patie, Patre)
Hannah, and James Slocomb, Aug. 9, 1835.*
Phebe, and Josiah Emerson jr. of Methuen, May 24, 1764.

Hannah, wid., and Joseph Emerson, 2d m. [after 1726].
John jr., of Amesbury, and Polly Swett, int. Apr. 29, 1791.
Joseph, and Mrs. Susanna Hill [bef. 1744].
Oliver O., of Boxford, a. 23 y., shoemaker, s. Jonathan and Harriet, and Olinda A. H. Parker of Boxford, a. 18 y., d. Aaron L. and Priscilla, Apr. 3, 1849.
Sophia, and Nathaniel Johnson [jr. int.], May 29, 1817.*
Stephen, of Amesbury, and Elizabeth Poyen, int. Nov. 4, 1826.
Thomas [Potter. CR1] of Watertown, and Mary Low Bradley, Nov. 28, 1839.*

Lucy, of Strafford, Vt., and Eli Annis, int. Dec. 10, 1842.

Margaret Jane, of Hampstead, N.H., and Nathan Bailey, Apr. 6, 1837.*
Mary C., and David Webster 3d, June 10, 1841.*

PAYNE (also see Paine)
Mary, and Chirsp Bradbury [bef. 1749].

Eliot, of Bradford, and Eunice Fitts, June 22, 1800.*
Jonathan, and [Mrs. int.] Sarah White, Mar. 27, 1785.*

Deberah, and James Beckett of Salem, Dec. 11, 1783.*
Hannah, and Jonathan Foster [bef. 1727].
Jane M., of Methuen, a. 23 y., b. Methuen, d. Ephraim, and Edwin R. Gage, 2d m., a. 23 y., carpenter, b. Hopkinton, N.H., s. Joseph, Dec. 13, 1849.*
Josiah, and Mary Dame [bef. 1793].
Josiah Gains, and Edner Greenough [bef. 1798].
Lucy, and Peter Middleton [bef. 1770].
Lydia, and George N. Buckminster, both of Georgetown, Oct. 25, 1838.
Mary, and Richard Hazen, Dec. 5, 1694.
Mary, and Ebenezer Carleton, both of Bradford, Apr. _, 1810.
Nathan, and Polly Baker, July 30, 1786.*
Rebecah, and Samuel Trask, Sept. _, 1773.
Rebecca, of Atkinson, and Nathaniel Webber of Methuen, Sept. 28, 1775.
Sarah, a. 19 y., and Leonard Smith jr., of Newburyport, a. 22 y., mariner, Sept. 18, 1769. PR71
Stephen, Rev., of Atkinson, and Mrs. Elizabeth Shaw, Dec. 8, 1795.*
Thomas, and Judith Dodge of Rowley, int. Nov. 25, 1788.
____, wid., and Samuel Shackford, May 10, 1716.

Benjamin, of Boxford, and Sally Ayer, int. Dec. 2, 1820.

PEARLE (also see Perley)
Jane, and Thomas Masser, July 9, 1722.

PEARLEY (also see Perley)
Edmund, of Methuen, and Sarah Bailey, Nov. 27, 1806.*
Huldah, of Boxford, and Isaiah Bradley, int. Jan. 2, 1806.
James, and Abigial Corliss, Nov. 17, 1788.*
John, and Hannah Green [bef. 1771].
John, of Methuen, and Sarah Merrill, Dec. 29, 1782.*
Nathaniel, of Boxford, and Lydia Haynes, Sept. 10, 1776.

PEARSON (also see Pearsons)
Anna Maria, and Ezbon Fellows, Dec. 11, 1834.*
David, and Lydia Welch, Oct. 27, 1791.*
Elizabeth, and Rev. Charles R. Kellum of Irasburg, Vt., int. Aug. 20, 1836.
Frances, Mrs., and John Johnson of Andover, Sept. 24, 1746.
Hannah, Mrs., and Joseph Badger, July 29, 1735.
Hannah, and Joseph Badger jr., Jan. 31, 1739-40.
Hannah, of Bradford, and William George, int. Jan. 28, 1815.
Hannah A., and Rev. F. Q. Barrows of Sutton, Vt., July 4, 1843.*
Harriet, and Cornelius Jenness, int. July 23, 1839.
Isaac, Dea., of Boscawen [N.H. CR1], and Mary Eaton, Oct. 4, 1789.*
Isaac, Dea., and Sarah Jackman, Sept. 14, 1794.
Isaac, Dea., and Mrs. Sarh Eaton, int. Oct. 16, 1835.
James, and wid. Hannah Osgood, at Lynn [Nov. 5, 1724. Lynn Rds.]
James jr., and Hipzibah Hartshorn [bef. 1737].
James jr., 2d m., and wid. Ann Frink, Apr. 16, 1744 [Apr. 26, CR1].
Jane, and George C. Goodwin of Methuen, Apr. 2, 1835.*
Laura, and Jacob Emerson, Dec. 2, 1828.*
Lucy T., a. 22 y., and Joseph H. Dockum, a. 21 y., carpenter, May 25, 1845.*
Mary, and William Willson jr., 2d m., Dec. 7, 1738.
Mary, and Thomas Taylor, Aug. 13, 1836.*
Mary E[liza. int.], and Nathan Rice of Boston, Oct. 22, 1840.*
Moses, of Newburyport, and Elisabeth Coffen [bef. 1785].
Moses H., and Ruth B. Perkins, of Hampton, N.H., at New York, Aug. 28, 1845.
Noyes G., of Methuen, and Salome Chase, Dec. 2, 1830.*
Ruth, Mrs., and William Greenleaf [bef. 1745].
Samuel, 2d m., and Dorcas Johnson, Apr. 16, 1672.
Sarah, and Amos Chase jr., Apr. 17, 1832.*
Sarah Annie, of Lowell, a. 19 y., d. William and Lucy Goodrich, and John D. A. Watson, a. 26 y., shoe cutter, s. John and Martha, Aug. 10, 1848.*
Susan, and Nathan McFarland, July 4, 1814.*
Theodore, of Kingstown, N.H., and Harriot Ayer, int. June 11, 1820.
Thomas, of Salem, and Mary H. Plummer, Aug. 30, 1810.*

PEARSONS (also see Pearson)
Thomas jr., and Eliza French of East Salisbury, int. Apr. 9, 1842.

Sarah J., of Newburyport, and Zechariah N. Morrison, int. Feb. 6, 1845.

PEASELY (also see Peaslee)
Jane, and John Davis, Dec. 10, 1646.
Joseph jr., and Ruth Barnard [bef. 1674].
Joseph jr., and Elizabeth Hastings, Sept. 18, 1699.
Robert, of Haverhill, and Anne Sargent, 17 : 2m : 1725. CR8

PEASLEE (also see Peasely, Peasley, Peasly, Peesly)
Abigail, and James White, Apr. 9, 1728.
Abigail, and Humphrey Moodey [bef. 1760].
Amos, and Elisabeth Sarjent [bef. 1733].
Anne, d. Robert, deceased, yoeman, and Benjamin Bagnall jr., of Boston, clockmaker, s. Benjamin, of Boston, merchant, 23 : 8m : 1742. CR8
Eliza, of Newtown, N.H., and Hazen Kimball, May 12, 1831.*
Hannah, and Joseph Badger, of Newbury, Nov. 3, 1721.
Hannah, Mrs., and Nathaniel Walker jr., Oct. 27, 1771.
James, of Newburyport, and Anna Smith, Dec. 28, 1806.*
Joshua, of Methune, and Abiah Page, Mar. 24, 1736-7.
Louisiana A., of Plaistow, N.H., and George W. Worthen, int. Sept. 14, 1845.
Lydia, and Peter Ayer [bef. 1721].
Lydia, Mrs., and Edward Flint of Salem, Nov. 22, 1733.
Martha E., a. 25 y., d. Moses F. and Sarah, and William Haseltine, a. 36 y., blacksmith, s. Stephen and Mary, July 2, 1848.*
Nathanael, and Mrs. Martha Hutchins, June 20, 1745.
Nathaniel jr., and Lydia White, Nov. 16, 1727.
Nathaniel, and Mrs. Abiah Swan of Methuen [Jan. 8, 1741. Methuen Rds].
Robert, and Anne Hazzen [bef. 1758].
Susanna, and Christopher Sargent of Methuen, Jan. 22, 1729-30.

PEASLEY (also see Peaslee)
Abigail, and Elijah Corliss of Boston, int. 21 : 1 m : 1728. CR8
Hannah M., and Daniel Bickford, June 10, 1827.*
Jacob [Joab, of Plaistow. int.], and Betsy Eaton, Sept. 14, 1809.*
Ruth, and Abiel Kelley of Methuen, June 3, 1728.
Ruth, and Benjamin Burden of Rhode Island, int. 19 : 12 m: 1729-30. CR8
Sarah Ann, and Paul Jenness, May 13, 1833.*

PEASLY (also see Peaslee)
John, and Mary Martine [bef. 1706].
Maria, and William Haynes of Epsom, N.H., int. Jan. 28, 1837.
Mary, and Joseph Whittier, May 24, 1694 [May 29. CT.R].
Nathanill, and Judith Kemball [bef. 1723].
Ruth, and Samuel Clement, July 11, 1705.
Sarah, and Ebenezer Eastman [bef. 1714].

Joseph, of Lowell, and Charlotte P. Brown, Nov. 7, 1832.*

Abby B., and Rufus Slococomb, 2d m., at Providence, Nov. 22, 1849.
Almira, and A. W. Snell, both of Georgetown, Oct. 5, 1841.
Ann, and Edward Tompson, of Gloucester, Oct. 27, 1720.
Ann, Mrs., and Samuel Chandler of Andover, Sept. 12, 1738.
Bartholomew, and Hannah Russell, July 7, 1757.
Daniel, and Rebecah Osgood of Salisbury, Dec. 15, 1785.
David, and Rebecca Nichols, Dec. 15, 1799.*
David B., and Mary Low Corliss, Dec. 27, 1838.* Elisabeth, and John Alley [bef. 1767].
Elizabeth, and William Stickney of Newburyport, Feb. 10, 1774.
Elizabeth [M. int.], and Thomas West jr., Dec. 26, 1822.*
Elizabeth, and James Mills, int. June 30, 1832.
Emeline, of Methuen, and Joseph F. Brown, int. Dec. 10, 1848.
Hannah, and Edmond Chase [Nov. 25, 1773. CR1].
Hannah, and Thomas Bracy, a foreigner, at Newbury, Mar. 14, 1788.
Isabella Jane, and Samuel Austin, both of Methuen, July 3, 1834.
James jr., and Ann David [bef. 1682].
James jr., and Hannah Cogswell, Dec. 13, 1744.
James, Dr., 2d m., and Mrs. Ruth Bradley, Nov. 12, 1761.
Jeremiah, gentleman, a. 33 y., and Sarah Mooers, a. 20 y., Mar. 6, 1770. PR71
John, and wid. Hannah Wainwright [bef. 1724].
Lydia, and Samuel Foster, Nov. 24, 1784.*
Mary, and Thomas Silver [bef. 1713].
Mary, Mrs., and Rev. Edmund Noyes of Salisbury, Oct. 26, 1752.
Mary, and Paine Wingate, Aug. 12, 1792.*
Mary, and Andrew Frink, int. Nov. 8, 1816.
Moses B., and Almira Moody, May 22, 1821.*
Rebecca, and Abel Coffin of Newbury, May 8, 1816.*
Ruth, and Moses Richardson of Hampstead [N.H. CR3], Dec. 25, 1787.*
Ruth, and William Morrill 3d of Salisbury, Oct. 25, 1809.*
Samuel, and Ruth Marsh, Sept. _, 1799.*
Sarah, and Thomas Frothingham of Newburyport, Nov. 5, 1776.
Sarah, and Benjamin Gale jr., Feb. 22, 1787.*
Sarah, and Ezekiel Goodridge, Aug. 2, 1818.*
Susanna, and Benjamin Bodge, Sept. 27, 1770.
William, and Mary B. Smith, May 28, 1833.*

PEESLY (also see Peaslee)
Robert, and Allice Currier, Dec. 16, 1701.

Abigail, and Thomas Laughton, Aug. 21, 1733.

PEIRCE (also see Pierce)
Ann, Mrs., and Simon Wainwright, Oct. 2, 1688.

Abigail [Mrs. int.], and James Gay, Dec. 25, 1782.*
John, and Miriam Heath, resident in Haverhill, Nov. 13, 1754.
Mirriam, wid., and Daniel Chase of Concord, Nov. 22, 1779.
Samuel, and Abigail Frink, Apr. 9, 1781 [Apr 8. CR1].

Francis K., and Adeline K. Buswell of Bradford, Aug. 10, 1837.*

Thomas, and Sarah Cox, Mar. 17, 1779.

Sarah, and John Cross, Apr. 15, 1708.

Joseph, of Nottingham, and Mrs. Mary Eatton, Nov. 5, 1740.

Abigail R. B., and William Hoyt 2d, Dec. 12, 1833.*
Hannah Peaslee, of Methuen, and Peter Webster 2d, int. Dec. 2, 1811.
Priscilla, Mrs., of Rowley, and Rev. Phineas Adams [bef. 1772].
Ruth B., of Hampton, N.H., and Moses H. Pearson, at New York, Aug. 28, 1845.

PERLEY (also see Parley, Pearle, Pearley)
Amos S., and Mary Rogers, Dec. 3, 1829.*
Daniel S., and Sarah Whittier, Apr. 20, 1828.*
Deborah, and Thomas Savary [bef. 1828].
Edmund, and Abigail Bailey, May 31, 1798.*
Elvira, and Moses K. Tyler, June 11, 1840.*
Louisa [of Methuen, int.], a. 25 y., d. Asa, and Daniel H. Brickett, a. 28 y., shoe manufacturer, s. John, Dec. 5, 1844.*
Lydia Ann, of Topsfield, a. 17 y., d. John and Lydia, and George Bixby, of Boxford, a. 23 y., shoemaker, s. Daniel and Sarah, Nov. 28, 1845.
Mary Ann, and Leonard Whittier, Oct. 4, 1824.*
Osmore, and Martha I. Dennen of Poland, Maine, int. Oct. 14, 1849.

Charles, and Adaline Bailey, int. Oct. 8, 1836.
David, and Precilla Clough, int. Aug. 17, 1822.
David, and Priscilla A. Clough, Nov. 1, 1835.*
Eliza B., of Bradford, and Moses C. Runnels, int. Aug. 20, 1825.
Ezra N., of Portland, Maine, and Harriet Bean, int. July 24, 1841.
Florana, of Fall River, and Nathaniel H. Nichols, int. July 8, 1849.
Frances M., and Jesse Simonds, May 18, 1837.*
Hannah, and Benjamin Harriman of Plaistow, int. Oct. 20, 1798.
Henry L., a. 26 y., shoemaker, s. Henry and Loliann, and Ruth W. Gage, a. 17 y., d. John S. S. and Sally, Mar. 20, 1849.*
Juila Ann, of Methuen, and Charles Phillips of Bradford, Apr. 12, 1838.
Obadiah, and Mary Thorne [bef. 1715].
Precilla, of Salem, N.H., and Phineas Bailey, int. Nov. 3, 1821.
Ruth, and Jonathan Duston, Mar. 15, 1759.
Ruth S., of Plaistow, N.H., and John C. Webster, Dec. 25, 1834.*
Sarah, and Benjamin Bailey, Nov. 29, 1827.*
Sterling K., and Mary L. Carleton, int. Feb. 27, 1843.

Phebe, and Solomon Downer of Newbury, int. Dec. 7, 1782.

PERVERE (also see Pevere)
Abigail, and William [S. int.] Crosby, Oct. 15, 1834.*
John, and Abigail M. Coombs of Exeter, N.H., int. Mar. 21, 1842.
Lorenne, and John Adams, Oct. 3, 1830.*
Mary E., of Lynn, and William Stockwell, int. Oct. 12, 1845.
Rachel, and Joseph Jennings of Bradford, May 3, 1821.*
William, and Charity Cary, int. Feb. 6, 1820.

Mary, Mrs., and John Smith, of Rowley, int. Nov. 21, 1795.
William, of Contoocook [Rumford. CR3], and Ruth Standly, Sept. 16, 1742.

PETINGELL (also see Pettengill)
Benjamin, and Elizabeth Stickney of Newbury [bef. 1734].
Joanna, and Daniel Wostar [bef. 1731].

PETTENGAIL (also see Pettengill)
Isaac, and Abigail Alexander, int. Dec. 4, 1802.

PETTENGALE (also see Pettengill)
Jedediah, of Methuen, and Hannah Lowell of Salem, N.H. [bef. 1794].

PETTENGELL (also see Pettengill)
Mary, and Jerome Page, int. Apr. 1, 1843.

PETTENGILL (also see Petingell, Pettengail, Pettengale, Pettengell, Pettingal, Pettingell, Pettingill)
Clarissa, Mrs., and Isaiah Webster 2d, Nov. 7, 1833.*
David jr., and Lydia George, int. Nov. 21, 1817.
Eliza Ann A., of Bradford, and John A. Johnson, Dec. 30, 1834.*
Isaac, and Judith B. Coffin, Oct. 19, 1831.*
Jemima, see Mima.
John, and Abigail Eaton of Atkinson, N.H., int. Aug. 12, 1820.
Matthew, of Newbury, and Sarah Webster, Sept. 2, 1760.
Matthew, and Anna Ayer, Dec. 29, 1791.*
Mima, Mrs. [Jemima. int.], and James Dennis of Newburyport, Oct. 28, 1792.*
Sarah W., of Atkinson, N.H., and Varnum Emerson, int. May 28, 1848.

PETTINGAL (also see Pettengill)
James, and Jemima Middleton, June 10, 1771. CR1

PETTINGELL (also see Pettengill)
Aaron, and Clarissa Webster, of Salem, N.H., int. Mar. 11, 1828.
Anna W., and Daniel Short, Aug. 21, 1828.*
Elizabeth, and Stephen Thompson, Mar. 30, 1826.*
Mary, and Leonard Marble, July 1, 1828.*
Samuel B., of Salem, N.H., and Roxana Martin, Mar. 22, 1827.*
Sarah W., and James N. Rollins, Oct. 25, 1818.*

PETTINGILL (also see Pettengill)
Deborah, and James Ayer, 2d m., Mar. 30, 1790.*
Fanny, and Ezekiel T. Abbott of Methuen, Nov. 26, 1829.*
George, a. 23 y., shoe cutter, s. Lyra, and Sophronia Tuttle, a. 24 y., May 4, 1844.*
Gorham, and Mary Simpson, Apr. 20, 1820.*
Hannah, and Stephen Currier [jr. int.], of Methuen, Dec. 15, 1822.*
Hannah, of Atkinson, N.H., and James M. Eaton, int. Sept. 17, 1842.
Lois [M. int], and William Morse [jr. int.], of Enfield, N.H., Jan. 4, 1821.*
Mary G., of Newburyport, and James Clough, int. Jan. 22, 1842.

Elisabeth, and Elisha Tompson, Dec. 10, 1730.

PEVERE (also see Pervere)
Eliza, and Nathaniel Ginings of Salem, N.H., int. Sept. 15, 1821.
James S. and Elizabeth Dwinels, Aug.1 1, 1822.*

James C., and Almira Walker, both of Charlestown, at Charlestown, Aug. 9, 1841.

Annis, of Andover, and Benjamin Stevens jr. [bef. 1721].
Dudley, Rev., and Ann Kinsman, Oct. 4, 1831.*

PHILBRICK (also see Phillbrick)
Betsy, of Sanbornton, N.H., and John N. Kimball, int. Oct. 27, 1844.
John, and Sally Moody, int. Oct. 27, 1844.
Lydia [Mrs. int.], and Reuben Center of Londonderry, Oct. 4, 1808.*
Samuel [jr. int.], of Ware [N.H. CR3], and Lydia Emerson, Sept. 14, 1794.*

PHILLBRICK (also see Philbrick)
Benjamin, and Sarah Chute, Oct. 15, 1730.
Elizabeth, and Abrham Bradly, Oct. 18, 1705.
Hannah, and John Stevens 3d of Ipswich [bef. 1719].
Mary, and James Johnson, Feb. 4, 1719-20.
Rachel, and Ephraim Browne of Salisbury, Oct. 1, 1723.
Sarah, wid., and Benjamin Emerson, Jan. 14, 1707-08.

Charles, of Bradford, and Julia Ann Perry of Methuen, Apr. 12, 1838.
Ruth, Mrs., and Samuel White [bef. 1725].
Sarah, and William White, at Boston, June 12, 1716.

Abigail, and John Stuward jr. [bef. 1756].

Sarah, and Joseph Hardey [bef. 1716].

William, of Salem, and Mrs. Elisabeth Leavit, Oct. 27, 1776. CR4

PIERCE (also see Peirce)
Daniel H., of Georgetown, a. 26 y., shoemaker, s. Hiram and Abigial, and Eliza A. Runnels, a. 22 y., d. Moses and Eliza, Aug. 13, 1847.*
John, of Charlestown, and Elizabeth Sawyer, int. Jan. 13 ,1816.
Mary, and Francis Swan jr., Oct. 11, 1801.*
Samuel, and Hannah Walker, Oct. 24, 1811.*
Sylvester F., and Sarah B. Chapman of Plaistow, N.H., int. Nov. 9, 1845.

Abigail, and Samuel Bradley, int. Aug. 29, 1790.
Alice, and Lewis George, Feb. _, 1776.
Anna, and Moody Noyes, int. Jan. 24, 1793.
Elisabeth, of Haverhill District, and Joseph Davis, resident in Haverhill, Nov. 28, 1745.
Hannah, and James Fisk [bef. 1649].
Hannah, and Obadiah Ayer, Mar. 19, 1660-61 [Mar. 9. CT.R].
Hannah, Mrs., and Rev. Thomas Sims, Mar. 28, 1715.
Hugh, and Hannah Emerson [bef. 1715].
James, of Newbury, and Anne George, Mar. 12, 1746-7.
James jr., and Alice George, Jan. 18, 1776.
Joannah, and Henery Springer of Newbury [bef. 1735].
John S., and Abby Sanborn, Feb. 10, 1839.*
Josiah W. C., widr., of Newburyport, a. 37 y., painter, s. Josiah and Sally, and Nancy Harmon, a. 34 y., d. William and Eunice, Apr. 5, 1846.*
Mary, and Bartholomew Heath, June 3, 1736.
Mary, and Abraham Kimball, 2d m., Apr. 16, 1747.
Mary, of Salisbury, and Moses Brickett, int. Sept. 13, 1806.
Mercy, Mrs., and Joshua Gardner, Nov. 22, 1711.
Nancy, and Job Tyler, June 2, 1785.*
Phebe, and Nathaniel Fittz, June 2, 1796.*
Stephen jr., of Bradford, a. 27 y., shoemaker, s. Stephen and Betsey, and Harriet Tyler, a. 27 y., d. Jonathan and Mary, Nov. 21, 1847.*

PILLSBURY (also see Pilsbery, Pilsbury)
Benjamin P., of Newburyport, and [Mrs. int.] Mary Baker, June 16, 1831.*
Eunice C., and Capt. Ezra Smith, Apr. 22, 1834.*
Joseph, of Hampstead [N.H. CR4], and Mary Kelly, Nov. 29, 1763.
Mary, of Amesbury, and Robert Stuart, int. Nov. 1, 1823.

PILSBERY (also see Pillsbury)
Edmund, of Newbury, and Martha Hale of Plaistow, Oct. 22, 1761. Mary, and Thomas Browne, Oct. 6, 1697.

PILSBURY (also see Pillsbury)
Chase, of Newbury, and Mrs. Ruth Sanders, Oct. 26, 1775. CR4
Daniel jr., and Sarah Clement, Jan. 1, 1735-6.
Jacob, of Newbury, and Elisabeth Woodin, resident in Haverhill, Mar. 31, 1741.
Lucy, of Newburyport, and Joseph Lake jr., int. Sept. 3, 1831.
Mary, of Plaistow, and Caleb Page, Oct. 9, 1796.*
Paul, of Salisbury, and Betsy Frink, Mar. 20, 1812.*

John [Pinner. int.], of Newburyport, and Mary Holland, May 10, 1804.*

PINGREE (also see Pingry)
Benjamin B., and Hannah W. Patch of Hamilton, May 4, 1830.*

PINGRY (also see Pingree)
Margaret A., and Rev. Charles M. Oakley, of Nyack, N.Y., July 19, 1841.*
Mary Elizabeth, and Richard Coffin, int. May 22, 1841.
Ruth M., of Salisbury, N.H., and John C. Foster, int. July 19, 1828.
Samuel Hoyt, and Mary Ann Edwards of Newburyport, int. Sept. 13, 1832.
William E., and Sarah Jane Currier of Methuen, int. Oct. 3, 1847.

PINNER, see Pindar.
Jane, and Francis T. Colby, July 19, 1832.*

Isaac, of Boston, a. 35 y., merchant, and Harriet Minot, a. 29 y., d. Stephen, Oct. 17, 1844.*

Dolley, and Asa Gage [bef. 1773].

PLATS (also see Platts)
Sarah, Mrs., of Boxford, and John Emery, int. May 14, 1796.

PLATTS (also see Plats)
Colman, of Rowley, and Louisa Smiley, int. May 24, 1833.
Judith, and Jonathan Lufkin [bef. 1774].

PLUMER (also see Plummer)
Deborah, and Benjamin Howrd [bef. 1734].
John, of Hampstead, and Jane Hardey of Bradford, July 17, 1753.
Samuel, of Southhampton District, and Judith Kelly, Dec. 20, 1747 [Dec. 29. CR2].

PLUMMER (also see Plumer)
Ann, and Samuel Hale, May 3, 1820.*
Asa, of Rowley, and Mary Haynes, Apr. 20, 1778.
Betsy, and Moses Eaton, Dec. 29, 1795.*
Betsy, and Appleton Swasey, Jan. 18, 1802.*
Daniel M., a. 25 y., shoemaker, s. Samuel and Louisa, and Sarah Ann Keezer, a. 27 y., d. George S. and Ann, Dec. 27, 1848.*
Elisabeth C., of Lancaster, and Edmund Fletcher of Andover, Oct. 29, 1840.
Farnham, and Nancy Sawyer, Aug. 24, 1801. [July 2, 1802. int.]*
Franklin B., and Eunice M. Johnson of Mason, N.H., int. Mar. 31, 1838.
Harriet, and Charles L. Bartlett, Oct. 20, 1836.*
Henry, and Hannah Jenness, int. June 28, 1817.
Hiram, and Eliza Greenleaf, Nov. 22, 1810.*
James H., of Charlestown, and Mary E. Harnden, int. May 17, 1846.
John, and Sally Johnson of Bradford, Feb. 21, 1811.*
John, and Mrs. Eliza [Elizabeth. int.] McFarland, Apr. 24, 1824.*
Josiah C., of Rowley, and Maria J. Wood of Bradford, Aug. 25, 1835.
Lidia, and Joseph Moss, Jan. 4, 1688.
Mary, and John Marsh, Dec. 29, 1811.*
Mary, Mrs., and William Clayton of Plaistow, N.H., int. Aug. 2, 1846.
Mary A., a. 19 y., d. Henry and Abigail, and Edwin Morse, a. 21 y., carpenter, s. Edmund and Rebecca, May 18, 1845.*
Mary H., and Thomas Pearson of Salem, Aug. 30, 1810.*
Nathaniel, and Mary Stevens, June 12, 1729.
Pamelia G., and Josiah B. Morrill, Sept. 15, 1841.*
Polly, and John Dow, Sept. 27, 1804.*
Rebeccah, and Asa Currier, Mar. 22, 1759.
Sally, and James Walker of New Salem [Salem, N.H. int.], Dec. 6, 1804.*
Samuel, and Louisa Morse, Nov. 20, 1823.*
Sarah Ann, and Rufus H. Duncan, Oct. 26, 1843.*
Silas, of Rowley, and Polly Adams [bef. 1778].
Sophia, and Daniel Buswell, Apr. 13, 1809.*
Theodore, and Polly Porter, Sept. 17, 1810.*
Thomas, and Elizabeth Chandler, ___, 1780.

Edward, of Methuen, a. 24 y., trader, s. Jonathan and Mary Ann, and Adaline A. Prescott of Methuen, a. 21 y., d. Daniel and Mary Herd, Feb. 14, 1847.
John, and Mary Pope [bef. 1736].
Lucy [of Plaistow. int.], and John Edwards [Oct. 26, 1822. int.*
Mary Ann, and John Harriman, Oct. 27, 1824.*
Releaf, of Plaistow, and Richard Ayer 3d, Feb. 3, 1825.*

Simeon G., of Boston, a. 25 y., cabinet maker, s. Jeremiah and Elizabeth, and Harriet C. Mitchell, a. 19 y., d. Elijah C. and Sally, Nov. 30, 1848.*
Thomas M., of Methuen, and Elizabeth C. Batchelder, Nov. 18, 1834.*

Harriet Jane, and Charles Haddock, int. May 12, 1844.
Mehetabel, Mrs., of Reading, and William Mitchel [bef. 1754].

POOR (also see Poore)
Abby M., of Methuen, a. 18 y., d. David and Abby, and Oren S. Hook of Methuen, a. 23 y., carpenter, s. James and Permelia, Dec. 14, 1848.
Ann, and Samuel Prime [Dec. 25, 1816. int.]*
Anna, and William Day of Bradford, Mar. 19, 1799.*
Asa, and Lydia E. Kimball, int. Feb. 12, 1842.
Benjamin, and Sarah Bradley, June 1, 1749.
Benjamin, of Rowley, and Ruth Poor [bef. 1786].
Betsey, Mrs., and Rev. George keely, Apr. 5, 1842.*
Catherine, and George Griffiss jr., Mar. 22, 1840.
Daniel, and Ann Merrill, Nov. 23, 1739.
Elisabeth, of Atkinson, and Abijah Eaton [Mar. 26, 1790, int.]*
Elisabeth, and Robert Chase, May 14, 1806.*
Elizabeth H., and Capt. Benjamin E. Emery of Atkinson, N.H., June 21, 1841.*
Hannah, of Newbury, and Benjamin Grele, 2d m. [bef. 1747].
Hannah, of Georgetown, and Simeon Sanborn, int. Aug. 18, 1844.
Hannah K., and Henery F. McCarty, Nov. 14, 1833.*
Jeremiah, of Atkinson, N.H., and Mary Hassaltine, Oct. 11, 1770. CR1
Jesse, and Sally Bailey, Apr. 16, 1817.*
John, and Martha Gage, __ 10, 1781. [Apr. 9. CR1]
John jr., and Eliza Colby, Nov. 2, 1826.*
Jonathan, of Plaistow, and Elisabeth Sawyer, Nov. 29, 1764.
Lydia [of Atkinson, N.H. int.], and Moses Webster 3d, at Atkinson, Dec. 29, 1812.*
Martha, and Jason Ingalls, Oct. 18, 1832.*
Mary, and Samuel Lufkin, Dec. 8, 1803.*
Melzerd, of Danvers, and Mary Leach, Nov. 26, 1826.*
Moses, of Dunbarton [N.H. CR3], and Elisabeth Barber [Barker, int.; Barber. CR3], Oct. 6, 1791.*
Moses, and Betsy Hale, of Bradford, int. June 28, 1806.
Ruth, and Benjamin Poor, of Rowley [bef. 1786].*
Sally, of Hampstead, and Moses Green, int. Apr. 13, 1796.
Sally, of Atkinson, and Peter Webster, Mar. 23, 1800.*
Samuel, a. 23 y., overseer, s. John, and Caroline E. Smith, a. 23 y., d. Benjamin, Dec. 16, 1849.*
Sarah, and Abraham Sweatt, Apr. 24, 1764.
Sarah K., and Ira Hosum, Nov. 27, 1834.*
William, of Newbury, and Sally Ladd, May 7, 1806 [Mar. 14, 1807. int.]*
William, and Dorcas Harriman, May 28, 1806.*
William, and Hannah Smith of West Newbury, int. May 26, 1821.
William B., and Lydia [H. int.] Ferrin, July 4, 1830.*

POORE (also see Poor)
Mary, and Samuel Pearson [bef. 1671].

Dudley, and Sarah Davis [bef. 1784].
Dudley, 2d m., and Betsy Greenough, Feb. 1, 1807.*
Ebenezer, and Lydia Cummings [bef. 1762].
Eleazer A., and Harriot Brickett, Apr. 19, 1821.*
Harriet B., and James R. Nichols, Aug. 15, 1843.*
Hathorne, of Danvers, and Mehitable Brown, int. Oct. 16, 1824.
Huntington, Rev., of Rye [N.H. CR1], and Susanna Sargeant, June 28, 1786.*
Mary, and Thomas M. Tileston of New York City, Apr. 8, 1820.*
Moses, of Boxford, and [Mrs. int.] Sarah Ayer, Nov. 25, 1782.*
Nancy, and Ezra C. Ames, Mar. 4, 1824.*
Polly, and Theodore Plummer, Sept. 17, 1810.*
T. Newman, Capt., of Dover, N.H., and Harriet M. Ayer, June 21, 1841.*

Lawrence, and [Mrs. int.] Susan Soley, Feb. 28, 1825.*

William, of Salem, a. 35 y., seaman, s. John and Abigail, and Catherine L. Alley, a. 30 y., d. Rheuben and Hannah, Aug. 11, 1845.*

Abigail, and John Harrick jr., Dec. 2, 1735.

Betsey, of Charlestown, and Nathaniel Rand, int. Sept. 5, 1789.
Elizabeth B., and Amos Davis of Exeter, Apr. 30, 1823.*
Loiza, and Samuel G. [Green. int.] Blethen of Newburyport, Dec. 16, 1821.*
Mary Ann, a. 21 y., d. Ephraim and Mary A., and William H. Tibbets, a. 23 y., shoemaker, s. John and Mary, Aug. 7, 1845.*

Abigail R., and Mathew F. Whittier, Aug. 4, 1836.*
Elizabeth, and Stephen Patten of Amesbury, int. Nov. 4, 1826.*
John S., of Amesbury, and Elizabeth P. Kennison, int. [Nov.] 18, 1843.
Joseph, of Hampstead, and Sally Elliot, Mar. 5, 1805.*
Louis, and Lucy Ann B. Smith of Boston, int. July 15, 1836.
Sarah E., and Moses Goodridge [Goodrich. int.] of West Newbury, Dec. 1, 1831.*

Lydia H., of Newington, N.H., and David G. Bartlett, int. Mar. 23, 1845.
Mary A., and James A. England, both of West Newbury, Sept. 14, 1842.

John, Esq., of Londonderry [N.H. CR1], and Tabitha Sargeant, Mar. 6, 1793.*

PRESCOTT (also see Prescutt)
Adaline A., of Methuen, a. 21 y., d. Daniel and Mary Herd, and Edward Pollard of Methuen, a. 24 y., trader, s. Jonathan and Mary Ann, Feb. 14, 1847.
Caroline N., and Oliver H. S. Dellaware [bef. 1838].
Jacob E., and Annah Nichols, both of Andover, June 5, 1838.

PRESCUTT (also see Prescott)
William, and Elisabeth Church, Mar. 26, 1767.

PRESSEY (also see Presse, Pressy)
Enoch, of Plaistow, and Ruth Ordway, May 16, 1827. CR1*
Joseph, and Sarah Smith, both of West Newbury, at West Newbury, Oct. 23, 1842.
Miriam, Mrs., and Nathaniel Ladd, Esq., int. Feb. 17, 1827.
Tamson, and David Silloway, int. Nov. 9, 1816.

PRESSY (also see Pressey)
Ruth, and David Hammond, Dec. 7, 1807.*

Clarissa, of Cabot, Vt., and Amos Hunt, int. Oct. 13, 1844.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Le Bosquet, 2d m., Mar. 7, 1799.*

Ann, and William S. Davis of Portland, May 23, 1827.*
Samuel, and Ann Poor [Dec. 25, 1816. int.]*

Abigall, and Samuel Staples, Dec. 4, 1714.
Elizabeth, and Samuel Patie [bef. 1712].

Harriet M., of Newburyport, and John Barton, int. Feb. 25, 1841.
Sarah F., of Newburyport, and William A. Gould, int. May 10, 1834.

Hannah M. W., of Exeter, N.H., and Munroe Ayer, int. Sept. 21, 1838.

PROCTER (also see Proctor)
Mary, of Kingston, N.H., and Ephraim B. Gale jr., Nov. 21, 1818.*

PROCTOR (also see Procter)
Olive, of Londonderrry, N.H., and Farnum H. Carleton, int. Sept. 13, 1817.

Ann, and Samuel Frink of Newbury [bef. 1740].

PUTMAN (also see Putnam)
Jacob, and Susanna Herriman, June 24, 1735.

PUTNAM (also see Putman)
Almira, of Methuen, and Elbridge Sheldon, Feb. 8, 1838.*
Benjamin, of Danvers, and [Mrs. int.] Dorothy Ordway, Nov. 19, 1837.*
Elisabeth, Mrs., and Joshua Cleaves of Beverly, Feb. 26, 1746-7.
Lois, of Danvers, and George West, int. Sept. 11, 1824.
Mary H., and Thomas Currier, June 28, 1831 [July 9. int.]*
Moses W., of Danvers, a. 28 y., farmer, s. Moses and Betsey, and Mary B. Steele, a. 27 y., d. William and Mehitable, Dec. 8, 1846.*

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