Hubbardston, MA Vital Records to 1850
Published by: New England Historic Genealgical Society Boston, MA 1907
Transcribed for the web by Corolynn Brown





Established as a District, June 13, 1767, from a part of Rutland, and incorporated a Town, August 23, 1775. A portion was set off to Princeton, Feb. 16, 1810.

Population at different periods:
1776, 488;
1790, 933;
1800, 1,113;
1810, 1, 127;
1820, 1, 367;
1830, 1,674;
1840, 1, 784;
1850, 1, 825.
Population in 1905, 1,205.

Publisher's Note

The list of Hubbardston Births, Marriages and Deaths comprised in this volume includes all that were found in the Town Books covering the period of the earliest date there recorded to the end of the year 1849. Some additions have been made from other sources and these are indicated in each instance by proper refrence.

All of the records are condensed in print as much as is consistent with intelligibility, accuracy, and completeness of information. Differences in duplicates, and explanatory or other matter which seemed necessary or desirable, appear in brackets.

Marriage and intentions of marriage are printed under the names of both parties, but the full information concerning each marriage indicates that the intention was not found recorded, and in many cases this is accounted for by the fact that neither party belonged in Hubbardston, and consequently publishment was made elsewhere.

When places other than Hubbardston and Massachusetts are named in the original records, they are given in the printed copy.


a. - age
b. - born
ch. - child
C.R. - Church record
d. - daughter; day; died
Dea. - deacon
dup. - duplicate entry
GS1 - gravestone, Centre Cemetery
GS2 - gravestone, Glen Valley Cemetery
GS3 - gravestone, Pine Grove Cemetery
GS4 - gravestone, Forest Hill (Hastings) Cemetery
GS5 - gravestone, Cemetery on Gardner road
GS6 - gravestone, Cemetery near Sawyer's Pond
GS7 - gravestone, Greenwood Cemetery
GS8 - gravestone, Clark Cemetery
h. - husband
inf. - infant
int. - publishment of intention of marriage
Jr. - junior
m. - male; married; month
PR - private record of the Doctors Moses Phelps, father and son
s. - son
Sr. - senior
w. - wife
wid. - widow
widr. - widower

The age given in the Deaths is in years unless otherwise indicated.

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