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Names Starting with A

ABBOTT (Abbot)

Abiel, July 26, 1798
Anna P., d. Samuel and Hephzibah. Feb. 5, 1841.
Caroline Mercy, D. Josiah Gardner and Caroline, bp. Aug. 4, 1839. c. r. 1.
Caroline Trull, at Andover, Apr. 6, 1820.
Charles Horace, s. Joshua and Fanny (Davis), May 13, 1833.
Charles Williams, s. Charles and Jane, Oct. 22, 1835.
Charlotte, d. Abiel and Ruth (Morrill), Sept. 12, 1830.
Edward Gardner, s. Josiah G. and Caroline, bp. Apr. 4, 1841 c. r. 1.
Edward T[hayer. c. r. 1.], s. Ziba, trader and Elizabeth, Jan. 30, 1844.
Edwin Agustus Clark (Abbot), s. Abiel and Ruth (Morrill) in New York City, Nov. 14, 1834.
Elcy Frances Locke (Abbot), d. Walter, trader, and Elcy P., Mar. 13, 1845.
Elizabeth Maria, d. Ziba and Elizabeth (Thayer), Jan. 14, 1837.
Fletcher Morton, s. Josiah Gardner and Caroline, bp. Apr. 5, 1843 c. r. 1.
George Henry (Abbot), s. Ziba and Elizabeth, bp. Aug. 27, 1843 c. r. 1.
George W., s. Samuel B., carpenter, and Rachel, Nov. 4, 1843.
Henry Joshua (Abbot), s. Joshua and Fanny (Davis), Sept. 21, 1830.
Henry Livermore, s. Josiah Gardner and Caroline, bp. Apr. 5, 1843 c. r. 1.
John Morrill (Abbot), s. Abiel and Ruth ( Morrill), Jan. 14, 1829
Lauretta, d. Samuel B., carpenter, and Rachel U., May 11, 1846.
Lucy Frye, d. Joshua and Fanny (Davis), Jan. 15, 1838.
Ruth (Abbot), d. Abiel and Ruth (Morrill), July 23, 1832.
Samuel Appleton Brown, s. Josiah G[ardner c. r. 1.] and Caroline L., Mar. 6, 1846.
Sam[ue]l B., s. Josiah G., counselor, and Caroline, Mar. 6, 1846.
Sarah Elizabeth d., Ziba and Elizabeth (Thayer), Feb. 25, 1835.
Sarah J., d. Samuel (dentist dup.) and Hephzibah, Dec. 22, 1843.
Sarah Harriett, d. Joshua and Fanny (Davis), Sept. 22, 1835.
W[illia]m Garrison (Abbot), s. Henry, lumberman, and Caroline, June 28, 1846.
William Stackpole, s. Josiah G[ardner c. r. 1.], attorney at law, and Caroline, Nov. 18, 1844.


Elepha Maria, d. Lyman, laborer, and Ann Maria, Nov. 8, 1848


Abigail, d. David and Ann, bp. Mar. 25, 1844.
Catharine H., d. Thomas, trader, and Catharine, Sept. 13, 1844.
Clarrissa Maria, d. Simon and Mariah, Aug. 31, 1830.
Edward, s. Cyrus C. P., tin maker, and Nancy, Nov. 2, 1847.
Eliza J., d. Lewis G. P., shoemaker, and Eliza F., Apr. 24, 1844.
Eliza Jane, d. Jonathan and Gracy Ann, bp. June 29, 1832. c. r. 1.
Elizabeth Bartlett, d. Simon and Mariah, Aug. 12, 1836.
Emma F., d. Smith, tripe dealer, and Lydia, Oct. 28, 1843.
Frank, s. Charles, clergyman, b. Stratham, N.H., and Sarah E., b. Rye, N.H. Sept. 25, 1849.
Frank Albert, s. Michael J., trader, and Julia, May 19, 1846.
George L., s. Emery H., carpenter, and Lovana, Feb.13, 1849.
George Washington, s. John and Eliza, Jan. 3, 1832.
Harry, s. H. D., jeweler, and Susan T., May 30, 1848.
Helen A., d. Alfred W., gas fitter, b. Milford, and Rebecca, Oct. 16, 1849.
Helen J., d. Cyrus P., tin plate worker, and Nancy A., Mar. 31, 1846.
Henry Edward, s. Jonathan and Gracy Ann, bp. June 9, 1831 c. r. 1.
Henry Harrington, s. Charles J., city marshall, and Mary, Sept. 13, 1844.
Henry Sylvanus, s. Sylvanus and Caroline (Wesson), Sept. 8, 1839.
John Clark, s. Sylvanus and Caroline (Wesson), Feb. 17, 1837.
John Quincy, s. Smith, tripe dealer, and Lydia, July 9, 1848.
Landon, s. Landon, Manufacturer, and Mary F[rances. dup], July 12, 1845.
Martha Adelaide, d. John W., tin worker, and Mary O., Aug. 15, 1847.
Mary Clark, d. Shubael P., machinist, and Lydia, Nov. 25, 1847.
Mary F., d. Cha[rle]s J., sheriff, b. Haverhill, N.H. and Mary P., b. Lexington, Aug. 17, 1849.
Mary Frances, d. Landen and Mary Frances, Mar. 30, 1836.
Mary Julia, d. Simon and Mariah, July 9, 1833.
Nancy Scarlet, d. John W., trader, and Mary O., Apr. 26, 1844.
Orin Edward, s. Elisha, butcher, and Sally, Oct. 2, 1846.
Phineas, s. Phineas, paymaster, and Elizabeth P., Dec. 26, 1844.
Sarah Ann, d. David and Ann, bp. Mar. 25, 1844 c. r. 1.
Silence C., at Holliston, July 1, 1801.
_______, s. Horace J., upholsterer, and Elsa, Apr. 23, 1843.
_______, d. John S., machinist, and Dorothy W., Jan. 13, 1848.
_______, s. John S., machinist, b. Haverhill, N. H. and Dorothy W., b. Parsonfield, Me., Aug. 6, 1849.


Albert L., s. Cha[rle]s A., manufacturer, and Cath[eri]n[e] G., Oct. 16, 1845.
Charles, s. Charles A., manufacturer, and C. G., Aug. 5, 1843.


Henry Francis Cheever, s. Charles and Lucina W., bp. Nov. 5, 1841 c. r. 1.


Elis[abet]h Jane, d. W[illia]m, watchman, and Elis[abet]h, Dec. 14, 1847.
Ellen Maria {Helen Maria McMcMaster c. r. 4.}, s. (sic) W[illia]m, laborer, and Elizabeth N., Apr. 19, 1846.
William Alexander, s. W[illia]m, manufacturer, and Elizabeth, both b. Scotland, Sept. 15, 1849.

AHERN see Hern


Elis[abet]h Holmes, d. Benj[amin] F., trader, and Elis[abet]h, June 9, 1847.
Jane Appleton, d. John, agent for Lawrence Cor[poration], and Mary M., Jan. 5, 1845.
Peter, s. Tho[ma]s, laborer, and Ann, Feb. 14, 1845.


Mary Milnes, d. William H. and Susannah, bp. Nov. 1, 1846 c. r. 1.
Milnes (Ainsley), d. W[illiam]m H., machinist, and Susanna, Oct. 13, 1846.
Sarah E., d. Henry, machinist, and Susan, both b. England, July 26, 1849.
Sarah Louisa, d. Henry and Susan, bp. July 11, 1849. c. r. 1.


Ann, d. Michael and Ellen, bp. Oct. 4, 1847. c. r. 1.
Squier, s. Michael and Ellen, bp. Oct. 4, 1847. c. r. 1.


______, d. Gilman, peddler, and Abby, Mar. 7, 1848.


Abby Ann, d. Dan[iel], manufacturer, and Mary, July 28, 1846.
Albert Reed, s. David, blacksmith, and Nancy, July 23, 1847.
_____, d. Dexter, manufacturer, and Mary A., Feb. 4, 1844.


Abby Isabella, d. Milton, shuttle maker, and Hannah G. T., May 21, 1847.
Abby V. (Aldridge), d. Liberty, locksmith, and Lovisa, Aug. 5, 1844.
George Washington, s. Apheas and Sally, Oct. 25, 1830.
William Kelley, s. Milton, shuttle maker, and Hannah G., Nov. 5, 1844
________, s. Warren, laborer, and Harriett, Apr. 23, 1844.


James, c. r. 1. s. Rich[ar]d, sailor [deceased, c. r. 1.], and Elizabeth B., Mar. 25, 1846.
Jane, d. Richard, laborer, and Elizabeth, Oct. 21, 1843.


Abby Louisa, d. Daniel N., manufacturer, and Sarah A., Feb. 19, 1845.
Edwin Aug[usts]s, s. Edwin A., counselor, and Amanda M., Oct. 19, 1846.
Esther E., d. Dan[ie]l M., laborer, b. Hanover, N.H. and Sarah A., b. Dorchester, Aug. 5, 1849.
Frances Cleora, d. E. A., lawyer, and Amanda M., Oct. 11, 1848.
Nathan Cram, s. Dan[ie]l M., "ag[en]t for Eagle H. H. Insu[rance] Co. and Co." and Sarah A., May 14. 1847.


Abby Ann, d. James M., machinist, and Alice, July 5, 1847.
Adelaide Heywood, d. John and Sarah, bp. Apr. 30, 1837.
Catherine, d. Austin and Eliza R. (Ordway), at Baltimore. July 8, 1847.
Charles, s. John and Sarah, bp. Apr. 30, 1837 c. r. 1.
Charles Frank, s. W[illia]m H., mechanic, and Mary A., July 9, 1847.
Charles H. ( in different ink), s. Otis, chandler, and Louisa, Apr. 15, 1848.
Charles Otis, s. Otis Lee and Charlotte Bates, Jan. 23, 1836.
Daniel, "born 10 days", s. Tim[othy] and Mary, bp. Aug. 25, 1839 c. r. 5.
Frank Allston, s. Austin and Eliza R. (Ordway), at Baltimore, Dec 2, 1843.
Frank Colman, s. Edmund C., salesman, and Almira P., Apr. 23, 1848.
George Bates, s. Otis L., trader, and Charlotte B., June 29, 1846.
George Warren, s. John and Sarah, bp. Apr. 30, 1837 c. r. 1.
Harriett, d. Austin and Eliza R., (Ordway), Aug. 19, 1838.
Issac Lathrop, s. Issac L., victualler, and Sarah A., at Nashua, N. H. Sept. 6, 1846.
James, s. Timothy and Mary, Apr. 16, 1841 c. r. 5.
James Campbell, s. John Penly and Sarah, bp. Oct. 30, 1839.
Jeremia[h], s. Timothy and Mary, bp. Feb. 23, 1845 c. r. 3.
Julia, d. Austin and Eliza R., (Ordway), at Boston, Feb. 6, 1836.
Louisa Albina, d. Jonathan, book binder, and Albina, July 23, 1844.
Mary, d. Tim[othy] and Mary, Apr. 15, 1843 c. r. 5.
Mary Ann, d. John and Mary Agon, Dec. 10, 1847 c. r. 3.
Mary Jane, d. John and Sarah, bp. Apr. 30, 1837 c. r. 1.
Mary L., d. Otis L., trader, and Charlotte, both b. Mansfield, Oct. 26, 1849.
Mary Ordway, d. Austin and Eliza R., (Ordway), at Baltimore, Oct. 24, 1840.
Sarah Elizabeth, d. John and Sarah, bp. Jan. 28, 1837 c. r. 1.
Sarah Jane, d. Otis and Louisa Bixby, Aug. 8, 1832.
Tho[mas], s. John, butcher, and Mary (Eagan, c. r. 3.) Apr. 20, 1849 (Apr. 23, c. r. 3.)
Thomas Otis, s. Otis and Louisa Bixby, Apr. 29, 1835
William Henry, s. John and Sarah, bp. Jan. 17, 1845 c. r. 1.


Rosanna, d. Charles and Asenath, bp. Jan. 17, 1845 c. r. 1.


Elizabeth C., d. George H., machinist, b. Little Compton, and Elizabeth, b. England, Oct. 16, 1849.


John, s. Stephen and Ellen, Mar. 23, 1845 c. r. 3.
John [ Edward, c. r. 3.], s. Michael, laborer, and Hannah (Honora Sullivan c. r. 3.), Sept. 7, 1847.
Joseph, s. Michael and Honora, Mar. 17, 1849 c. r. 3.
Mary, d. Stephen and Ellen, Feb. 6, 1847 c. r. 3.
William, s. Michael, laborer, and Hannah, Dec. 11, 1845.

AMES see also EAMES

Ardell Lavor, s. Seth C., physician, and Abby E., Oct. 7, 1848.
Emily Girdlestone, d. Joseph and Sarah Fisher, bp. Aug. 3, 1849 c. r. 1.
Fisher, s. Seth and Margaret (Stevenson), Jan. 24, 1838.
Frances Worthington, d. Seth and Margaret (Stevenson), Aug. 16, 1832.
George Theodore, s. Theodore, trader, and Charlotte H., Aug. 1, 1844.
John Worthington, S. Seth and Margaret (Stevenson), Nov. 23, 1833.
Pelham Warren, s. Seth and Margaret (Stevenson), Apr. 22, 1839.
W[illia]m, s. William, grocer, and Olive J., Apr. 13, 1846.
-------, ch. Seth and Margaret (Stevenson), Dec. 25, 1840.
-------, s. S. C., physician, and Abby, Sept. 26, 1843.


Addison, s. Robert, carpenter, and Almira, May 2, 1846.
Anna Francis, d. Peter, manufacturer, and Martha, Jan. 13, 1849.
Herman Monrad, s. Peter, accountant, and Rebekah, Aug. 24, 1844.
Mary, d. William and Ellen, Feb. 25, 1845. c. r. 5.
Rob[er]t Jane [sic], s. Peter, painter, and Isabella, Apr. 2, 1848.


Amos C., s. Daniel, teamster, and Lydia, Oct. 17, 1843.
Charles Edwin, s. Ephraim and Loisa, bp. Dec. 16, 1846.
Cha[rle]s Henry, s. Cha[rle]s C., overseer, and Elis[abet]h, Jan. 20, 1848.
Clinton, s. Daniel S., teamster, and Lydia Ann, June 3, 1847.
Eliza, d. --------, machinist, and Eliza, Mar. ___, 1849.
Ephraim Francis, s. Ephraim and Loisa, bp. Apr. 13, 1838.
Frederic, s. Eph[rai]m, machinist, and Loisa, Nov. 3, 1847.
Geo[rge] Bird, s. Jeremiah, machinist, and Julia, July 14, 1848.
Geo[rge] Harris, s. John, manufacturer, and Mary Ann, Feb. 3, 1848.
George Lyman, s. Ephraim and Loisa, bp. Sept. 1, 1833. c.r.1.
Henry Holden, s. Ephraim and Loisa, bp. Sept. 1, 1833. c.r.1.
Loisa Maria, d. Ephraim and Loisa, bp. Sept. 1, 1833. c.r.1.
Margaret Jane, d. David and Jane, bp. Mar. -----, 1847. c.r.4.
Mary, d. Stephen, laborer, and Ellen, Mar. 1, 1847.
Mary Eliza (Andrew), d. Aaron, machinist, and Elizaa, Apr. 21, 1849.
Mary J., d. David, laborer, and Jane, Nov. 2, 1846.
Ruth Jane, d. Ephraim and Loisa, bp. June 3, 1836. c.r.1.
Susan Amanda, d. Ephraim and Loisa, bp. Sept. 1, 1833. c.r.1.
Victor B., s. James B., and Margaret Jane )Gemel), Feb. 5, 1840.
------, d. Daniel S., Teamster, and Lydia A., Apr. 13, 1845.
------, d. John, fuller, and Hannah, Apr. 23, 1845.
------, d. Aaron, carpenter, and Eliza, Apr. 22, 1846.
------, s. John, manufacturer, and Ann, Feb. 5, 1847.
------, s. John H. operative, b. Lisbon, Me. And Emeline M. b. Waitsfield, Vt., July 24, 1849.


Franklin Anson Webster, s. Anson and Dolly Perham, Dec. 17, 1833.


-------, s. Rollins B., laborer, and Eliza, May 22, 1845.


Agnes, Melora, d. Issac and Ann Maria, bp. June 8, 1843 c.r.1.
Edward Issac, s. Issac and Ann Maria bp. June 8, 1843 c.r.1.
Eliza Franics, d. Issac and Ann Maria, bp. June 8, 1843 c.r.1.
George Theodore, s. Issac and Ann Maria, bp. June 8, 1843 c.r.1.
Lydia Adelia, d. Issac and Ann Maria, bp. June 8, 1843 c.r.1.
-------, s. Issac, machinist, and Ann Maria, Mar. 17, 1849.


Kate, d. William H., and Mary M., bp. Aug. 20, 1848 c.r.1.
William Worthen, s. William H. and Mary M., bp. Aug. 23, 1846 c.r.1.
--------, d. Charles T., agent of bleachery, and Catharine L., Mar. 28, 1846.


Charles, s. Benj[ami]n, basket maker, and Sally, at Barrington, N.H., Nov. 2, 1845.


Anna, w. John and d. John Davidson, Jr. Nov. 30, 1789 p.r.1.
Margaret, d. Christopher, job wagoner, and Margaret, in Canada East, May 17, 1845.
Margaret, d. Christopher, laborer [teamster, dup.], and Marg[are]t, Mar. 12, 1847. [1849 dup.]


Mary Ellen Arthur, c.r.1., d. W[illia]m, laborer, and Rosanna, Mar. 5, 1849.


Mary, d. Michael and Bridget, July 26, 1847 c.r.5.
-------, d. Caleb, watchman, and Harriet, Jan. 30, 1849.


Hannah Louisa, d. Henry, manufacturer, and Susan C., Aug. 24, 1847.


Edwin A., s. W[illiam]m, carpet weaver, b. England, and Eliza, b. Livermore Me., Nov. 4, 1849.
Elizabeth B., d. Joseph D., machinist, and Elizabeth P., Aug. 15, 1845.


Charles, s. George, block printer, and Joanna, Dec. 19, 1843.
Matilda, d. George and Joanna, bp. Aug. 20, 1841 c.r.1.
Theodore, s. James, manufacturer, and Marg[are[t, Aug. 27, 1848.


Agnes Catherine, bp. Nov. 21, 1830 c.r.1.
Charles Benjamin, s. Danforth and Esther Brown, July 4, 1829.
Daniel Salisbury, s. Thomas, engraver, and Susan F., Dec. 7, 1847.
Edwin Hudson, s. Danforth and Esther Brown, Sept. 23, 1827.
Elilzabeth Foster, d. Thomas, machinist, and Susan F. Feb. 20, 1846.
Samuel, bp. Nov. 25, 1832 c.r.1.
Thomas Woodhouse, s. Thomas and Alice, bp. Sept. 14, 1829 c.r.1.


Benjamin Franklin, s. James V., and Cinthia (Bicknell), Oct. 28, 1841.
Charles Luther, s. James V and Cinthia (Bicknell), Feb. 7, 1832.
Cynthia Jane, d. James V and Cinthia (Bicknell), Sept. 16, 1828.
George Kent, s. James V and Cinthia (Bicknell), Apr. 20, 1937.
James Bicknell, s. James V and Cinthia (Bicknell), Feb. 6, 1830.
John, s. John and Ann, bp. Sept. 28, 1833 c.r.1.
Mary Clark, d. James V and Cinthia (Bicknell), Aug. 13, 1833.


Mary Emma Jane, d. Benj[ami]n E., carpenter, and Emma, Aug. 20, 1846.
Moses Walter, s. Bela, laborer, and M. Celena, Nov. 22, 1848.


Caroline Stutson, d. Henry and Caroline Stutson, Aug. 25, 1831.
Eliza A., d. George, manufacturer, and Ann, July 23, 1843.
Emily J., d. Henry E., file cutter, and Salina, Sept. 27, 1845.
George Cutting, s. James, shoemaker, and Esther C., Aug. 27, 1848.
George Henry, s. Henry E., file cutter, and Salina, June 15, 1844.
Geo[rge] Sumner, s. Geo[rge] H., file cutter, and E. H., Mar. 13, 1849.


Lewis, s. Sam[uel], blacksmith, and Eliza, both b. Frankfurt, Me. Nov. 28, 1849.
Mary Elis[abet]h, d. Isaiah L., carpenter, and Elis[abet]h, June 10, 1847.


Harriot William, d. John and Sarah Derby, Nov. 26, 1828.
John, s. John and Sarah Derby, July 16, 1830.
Mary Louisa, d. David P., cabinet maker, and Mary A., Apr. 9, 1845.
Sarah Derby, d. John and Sarah Derby, Nov. 2, 1831.


Ann Elizabeth, d. Ja[me]s N. B., bp. Jan 25, 1829, c.r.1.
Cha[rle]s Albert, s. Alvan B., lumberman, and Martha, Nov. 28, 1846.
Charles Francis (Ayers), s. Thomas and Sarah C., May 19, 1833.
Geo[rge] H., s. John L., ,manufacturer, and Clara, Nov. 10, 1848.
Jospehine, d. Perley, machinist, and Eliza, Dec. 7, 1846.
Walter, s. Perley, manufacturer, and Eliza, Aug. 14, 1848.
Walter E., s. David M., weaver, b. Limerick, Me., and Ruth S., b. Pelham, N.H., Nov. 21, 1849.
--------, d. Lucius D., teamster, and Rebecca, Feb. 8, 1848.

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