BOSTON, MASS., 1917.

Marriages Surnames starting with H to M

Transcribed by: Jerry H. Lovejoy

HADEN (see Haiden, Hayden)

Betsy and Timothy A. Stone of Needham, Jan. 17, 1828.
Sam[uelll of Hopkinton, and Katharine Palmer of Mendon, Aug. 13, 1767. C.R.*


Silas Penniman of Mendon, s. of William of Mendon, and Mary, b. in Mendon, a. 25 y., and Abby R. Pratt of Mendon, d. of Solomon of Mendon, and Lydia, b. in Mendon, a. 18 y., Nov. 27, 1844.*


Jenny (maid of Dr. Scammell, C.R.) and Quam Simon of Mendon, July 17, 1785. Negroes.

HAIDEN (see Haden, Hayden)

Polly and W[illia]m Andrews, May 25, 1800.


Asa 2d of Bellingham, and Alathina Parkman, int. Oct. 18, 1834.
Charles R. of Upton, s. of W[illia]m and ______, a. 24 y., and Chloe S. Fisk of Upton, d. of Harvey and Sophia, a. 24. y., Dec. 17, 1848.*
Jonathan, a transient person, and Betsy Brown, Apr. 29, 1795.
Louisa of Uxbridge, d. of Andrew, a. 21 y., and Eli Bates of Mendon, s. of Peter and Sybil, a. 26 y., Aug. 16, 1848.*
Sally of Smithfield, R.I., and Lyman Paine of Mendon, Nov. 25, 1830.*
Sarah and Robert Sanders, Sept. 27, 1801.
Sarah of Dorchester, and Joseph Wiswall, int. Nov. 29, 1806.


Sarah D. of Hampton, Conn., and Amas Cook, int. Feb. 24, 1839.


Emeline and Levi Wood, May 3, 1827.
Esther B. and James Fletcher, int. Feb. 4, 1836.
George and Parna Phinney, Nov. 8, 1838.
Joseph and Lydia Ann Tyler, Apr. 11, 1843.
Samuel and Submit Bruce, Feb. 23, 1806.


John (a foreigner residing in Milford, int.) and Sylvia J. Bemis, Oct. 16, 1834.


Lewis of Medway, and Polly (Polly Jones, int.) Eames, Mar. 27, 1823.
Polly J., Mrs., and Lee Claflin, Mar. 8, 1836.
Theodore of Medway, and Nancy Clark, June 6, 1833.

HARINGTON (see Harrington)

Daniel and Waity Jane Aldrich, int. Oct. 21, 1843.


Mary of Hopkinton, and Patrick Griffer of Hopkinton, s. of John and Jude, a. 20 y., Sept. 16, 1849.*

HARRINGTON (see Harington)

Roxaann S. and Ethan C. Claflin, int. Nov. 17, 1849.
Stephen S. and Louisa F. Temple of Holden, int. Sept. 9, 1837.
Uriah of Leverett, and Patty Adams of Hubbardston, Mar. 13, 1798.*


Barnard L., s. of Daniel and Aby, a. 22 y., and Mary A. Keith, d. of Nathan and Mary, a. 18 y., Dec. 31, 1846.
Charlottee and Walter Bullard, both of Holliston, Dec. 24, 1787.*
Lydia (of Framingham, int.), d. of Jacob and Lydia., a. 28 y., and Henry Gassett, s. of Elisha and Polly, a. 25 y., May 10, 1848.
Nancy L. of Mendon, and James A. Freeman, int. Jan. 20, 1842.


Samuel of Chesterfield, and Jemima Warren, June 29, 1783.


Forister of Spencer, and Lucy C. Taft of Upton, in Upton, Oct. 6, 1835.*


Enoch P. and Maria Chapin of Bellingham, int. Mar. 29, 1839.


Martha A. of Upton, and George T. Prentiss, int. Apr. 25, 1846.
William L. F. and Alethira Albee of Holliston, May 22, 1843.*
William L. F., s. of Lyman and Polly, a. 25 y., and Sarah M. Gay, d. of Jason and Betsey, a. 21 y., Nov, 10, 1846.


Isaac (Isaac C., int.) and Hannah Morse, Nov. 29, 1838.
Mary and Darius S. Flagg, June 2, 1839.
Sarah S., d. of Otis dec. and Sally, a. 21 y., and Alfred L. Hill of Bellingham, s. of Lewis and Mary, a. 21 y., Mar. 28, 1847.
Willard and Rhoda Partridge, Int. Apr. 23, 1836.
Willard and Sally Dean, int. Oct. 30, 1838.
William P. and Hopestill Perry, int. Mar. 14, 1839.


Ellen E., b. in Wrentham, a. 28 y., and Ellis T. Norcross, a. 22 y., both of Bellingham, Aug. 19, 1845.*
Roxa of Wrentham, and Joel Holbrook, int. Dec. 27, 1820.


Harrah and Nath[anie]l Sanders Jr., Oct. 9, 1817.

HAYDEN (see Haden, Haiden)

Rhodia and Freeborn Wales, Apr. 28, 1816.
Sally and Joel Stearns of Conway, Jan. 12, 1789.
William of Hopkinton, and Rhoda Whitney of Mendon, Dec. 9, 1779. C.R.*


Albert and Mary E. Comings of Acton, int. Aug. 25, 1849.
Jeremiah and Loisa H. Nelson [no date] (int. Oct. 3, 1843).
Samuel and Mary S. Wheelock, July 8, 1841.

HAYWARD (see Haywood)

Abigail and Otis Chapin, Jan. 2, 1805.
Abigal and Martin Hayward, July 6, 1817.
Abijah and Marjury Wiswall Gould, int. Dec. 1, 1808.
Adam and Judith Ballard, Apr. 18, 1782.
Ahaz of Westmoreland, and Permelia Wiswall, Jan. 11, 1809.
Alice and Asa Allbee, both of Mendon, Dec 25, 1777. C.R.*
Amariah and Sarah Wood of Upton, int. July 19, 1806.
Amasa and Prudence Littlefield, int. Dec. 2, 1796.
Amos and Lucy Hayward, July 5, 1792.
Amos and Rebecca Whitney, June 22, 1797.
Arnold and Abigail Wales, int. Mar. 6, 1817.
Benj[ami)n and wid. Elisabeth Thayer, both of Mendon, Feb. 22, 1759. C.R.*
Bethiah of Bellingham, and Ezra Forristall of Holliston, Aug. 16, 1764. C.R.*
Betsy and Eben[eze]r Gore of Upton, Apr. 18, 1799.
Caroline (Emeline, int.) and Ebenezer P. Chapin of Cumberland, R.I., Feb. 24, 1828. f
Charles A., s. of James and Miranda, a. 22 y., and Eliza (Eliza A., int.) Tyler, d. of Joseph and Margaret, a. 25 y., May 6, 1847.
Daniel Jr. and Ellen Davis, both of Mendon, July 23, 1766. C.R.*
David of Mendon, and Joannah Wilson of Bellingham, Mar. 20, 1750-1. C.R.*
David and Fanny Hayward, Nov. 15, 1801.
Elbridge, s. of Amariah and Hannah, a. 33 y., and Eliza F. Legg of Blackstone, d. of Caleb and Lydia, a. 26 y., in Mendon, Apr. 26, 1849.
Elihu and Sarah Hiscock, both of Mendon, June 21, 1758. C.R.*
Elihu of Pelham, and Triel Hayward, July 23, 1789.
Elisabeth of Mendon, and Jonathan Thayer of Charlemont, Jan. 22, 1778. C.R.*
Elisha and Elisabeth Parker, both of Bellingham, Jan. 29, 1766. C.R.*
Elisha of Upton, and Lois Albee, int. May 5, 1792.
Elizabeth and Horatio N. Smith, Apr. 5, 1827.
Ephraim and Sarah Wedge, Dec. 3, 1787.
Eunice and Joshua Grant of Partridgefield, July 14, 1785.
Experience of Mendon, and Obadiah Wood of Uxbridge, Nov. 22, 1759. C.R.*
Experience and Jonathan Barthrick, int. Sept. 15, 1810.
Fanny and David Hayward, Nov. 15, 1801.
Hannah and Joshua Philips of Bellingham, Oct. 24, 1805.
Hopestill and Martin Claflin of Holliston, Dec. 4, 1808.
Jacob and Elisabeth Gibbs, both of Mendon, Oct. 29, 1772. C.R.*
Jacob and wid. Elisabeth Heath, Jan. 12, 1786.
Jesse and Hannah Albee, both of Mendon, Sept. 26, 1764. C.R.*
Joel and Ruth Morse, May 8, 1788.
John and Margarett Albee, both of Mendon, Apr. 4, 1751. C.R.*
Jonathan Jr. and Mary Vickery, both of Mendon, Jan. 25, 1769. C.R.*
Jonathan and Mary Ballard, Dec 21, 1780.
Joshua of Mendon, and Anna Hiscock of Hopkinton, Nov. 11, 1777. C.R.*
Judith and Abijah Clark of Holliston, int. Aug. 23, 1808.
Julia and John Snell, int. Oct. 23, 1803.
Levi and Bethia Chapin, both of Mendon, May 28, 1776. C.R.*
Levi and Dolinda Thayer of Hopkinton, Jan. 25, 1792.
Lewis and Naby Bathrick of Upton, Dec. 27, 1813.
Lewis and Roxelina Putnam of Upton, int. July 18, 1824.
Louisa G., d. of James and Marinda, a. 23 y., and George W. Bacon of Cumberland, R.I., s. of George and Ruth, a. 27 y., Oct. 9, 1845.
Lucinda and Elijah Learned, int. May 5, 1799.
Lucinda and Nathan Porter of Brookfield, Mar. 8, 1808.
Lucretia and Moses Albee, Oct. 16, 1806.
Lucy and Amos Hayward, July 5, 1792.
Lucy Jr. and Joseph Johnson, int. Jan. 3, 1794.
Lucy (Howard, C.R.) and Samuel Warfield Jr., Dec. 25, 1817.
Lydia and Elijah Warfield, Apr. 6, 1823.
Margaret and Capt. Samuel Cobb of Bellingham, Feb. 15, 1804.
Martin and Abigal Hayward, July 6, 1817.
Mary and Joshua Chapin, both of Mendon, Mar. 20, 1750-1. C.R.*
Mary of Smithfield, R.I., and Daniel Holbrook, int. Dec. 29, 1838.
Mitta and Ralph Bowker of Mendon, Oct. 4, 1807.
Moses and Lois Wood, both of Mendon, May 27, 1767. C.R.*
Newell W. and Sally Warfield, Dec. 25, 1820.
Patty and Stephen Wing of Livermore, Me., Apr. 12, 1795.*
Pearley and Aaron Day of Sutton, int. Feb. 4, 1804.
Rachel of Holliston, and Royal Smith of Hopkinton, Aug. 30, 1787.*
Ralph and Susanna Thayer, both of Mendon, Dec. 29, 1768. C.R.*
Rebecca of Mendon, and Boyce Kimbal of Hopkinton, Dec. 4, 1755. C.R.*
Rhoda and Lewis Allen, Apr. 24., 1811.
Sabria and Marcus Aldrich of Mendon, int. Oct 7, 1803.
Samuel and Salle Nelson, Aug. 24, 1794.
Samuel W. and Ann J. Bullard of Medway, int. Oct. 30, 1841.
Sarah, wid., and Nathaniel Morse, both of Mendon, Sept. 9, 1762. C.R.*
Sarah W., d. of James and George Gregory of Boston, Oct 22, 1843.
Susan F. and Irad Hinkley, int. Oct. 27, 1838.
Susannah (Joanna, int.) and Laban Albee, May 12, 1791.
Triel and Elihu Hayward of Pelham, July 23, 1789.
Warfield of Mendon, and Lydia Thayer of Bellingham, Apr. 29, 1761. C.R.*
William A. and Betsey T. Newcomb of Norton, int. Mar. 23, 1844.
Zuriel and Olive Parkhurst, int. Nov. 23, 1795.
Zuriel and Olive Twitchel, Jan. 11, 1801.

HAYWOOD (see Hayward)

Daniel, Maj., of Worcester, and Mary Beals of Mendon, July 21, 1763. C.R.*


Richmond of Portsmouth, R.I., and Betsey D. Thurber of Attleboro, Oct. 26, 1843.*


Daniel of Mendon, and Susanna Jones, May 8, 1788.
Elizabeth and Whitney Jones, Sept. 13, 1792.
Thankful and Daniel Corbitt, both of Mendon, Oct. 1. 1766. C.R.*


Francis and Hannah Kennedy, int. Aug. 2, 1847.


Elisabeth, wid., and Jacob Hayward, Jan. 12, 1786.
Samuel Wilbour of Newport, and Elisabeth Thayer of Mendon, May 26, 1772. C.R.*

HEMENWAY (see Hemingway, Hemmingway)

Daniel, Capt., of Holliston, and Chloe Parkhurst, Oct. 18, 1804.

HEMINGWAY (see Hemenway, Hemingway)

Elihu of Holliston, and Bethiah Thayer, Jan. 2, 1803.
Eliphalet and Silva Drake, Jan. 23, 1800.


Alonzo G. (Alonzo Greenleaf, int.), widr., of Palmer, s. of Sam[ue]l and Sophia, a. 36 y., and Louiza Fisk, d. of Elisha and Mary, a. 27 y., Dec. 31, 1848.


Charles L. of Northbridge, and Hannah Marshal, Dec. 3, 1818.


Aaron of Holliston, and Emily (Amelia, int.) Claflin, June 8, 1820.
Abraham of Holliston, and Polley Needom, int. Aug. 25, 1808.
Elisabeth of Holliston, and John Ellis, int. Oct. 15, 1808.
Eliza of Holliston, and Paschall Parkhurst, int. Oct. 18, 1833.
Hannah and John Phipps of Hopkinton, int. May 17, 1839.
Horace B. and Almira Phipps of Hopkinton, May 11, 1842.
Izanna C. and Joel Chapin, July 13, 1843.


Heman F. and Harriet A. Clark, int. Aug. 19, 1848.


Lemuel F. and Betsey Thayer of Mendon, int. Oct. 6, 1838.


Rhoda L. and John P. Barber, int. Aug. 10, 1841.


Jonathan of Providence, and Ruth Warfield, Jan. 13, 1791.
Ruth and James Albee, int. July 1, 1803.


Charles F., s. of Elijah H. of Chesterfield, N. H., and Mary, a. 20 y., and Betsey H. Moore, d. of Daniel of New Portland, Me., and Asenath, a. 18 y., Aug. 5, 1846.
Charles F., widr., s. of Elijah and Mary, a. 23 y., and Lovila H. Moore, d. of Daniel and Asenath, a. 18 y., Aug. 28, 1849.


Alfred L. of Bellingham, s. of Lewis and Mary, a. 21 y., and Sarah S. Haven, d. of Otis dec. and Sally, a. 21 y., Mar. 28, 1847.
Cyrus M. of Medway, and Almira Partridge, int. Feb. 16, 1848.
Daniel Jr. of Douglas, and Mary Allbee of Mendon, Dec. 3, 1767. C.R.*
Horace of Medway, and Sarah J. Daniell, Oct. 27, 1830.
Jabez of Northbridge, and Clarissa Ball, int. Apr. 8, 1799.
Joel and Sukey Green, int. May 3, 1800.
Joseph Jr. of Holliston, and Phebe Thayer of Mendon, Aug. 20, 1761. C.R.*
Joshua of Ervingshire, and Lois French of Mendon, Jan. 7, 1776. C.R.*
Marcy and Ebenezar Parkhurst, both of Mendon, Dec. 22, 1768. C.R.*
Mary Ann R., d. of Sylvester dec. and Olive, b. in Bellingham, 24 y., and John L. Cook, s. of Leland dec. and Sophia, b. in Bellingham, a. 24 y., Nov. 14, 1844.
Olive, Mrs., and Capt. Seth Holbrook Jr. of Bellingham, int. Nov. 2, 1833.
Ornilla and Ebenezer Warfield., Oct. 15, 1828.
Paulina N. and Reuben Ormes, int. Jan. 5, 1832.
Ralph C., s. of Josiah and Mary, a. 21 y., and Adeline Littlefield of Hopkinton, d. of David and Lucy, a. 20 y., June 14, 1845.
Sarah and Stephen Chapin, both of Mendon, Feb. 27, 1766. C.R.*


Sally and John Mason, Jan. 1, 1826.


Irad and Susan F. Hayward, int. Oct. 27, 1838.


Anna of Hopkinton, and Joshua Hayward of Mendon, Nov. 11, 1777. C.R.*
James of Hopkinton, and Anna Cody, Nov. 13, 1783.
Richard and Sarah Cody, Nov. 16, 1780.
Sarah and Elihu Hayward, both of Mendon, June 21, 1758. C.R.*
Thomas and Mary Cody, June 6, 1782.


Edwin of Uxbridge, widr., s. of Willard and Dorcas, a. 36 y., and Christina Whitehill, d. of John and Anne, a. 20 y., Dec. 17, 1845.*


Ranah and Jeremiah Bartlet, Feb. 24, 1826.


Aaron of Bellingham, and Polly Warfield, int. May 7, 1828.
Abby, d. of Joel and Roxana, a. 24 y., and Gardner P. Barber of Hartford, Conn., s. of James and Nancy, a. 25 y., Oct. 24, 1848.
Abigail and Warren Lasal of Bellingham, May 10, 1804.
Benjamin and Louisa Parkhurst, Mar. 3, 1843.
Benjamin F. of Upton, s. of Simeon and Nancy G., a. 25 y., and Lydia M. Lackey of Upton, d. of Nathan and Lavina, a. 25 y., Aug. 1, 1849.*
Calvin and Sabra Partridge of Bellingham, Dec. 13, 1792.
Daniel and Mary Hayward of Smithfield, R.I., int. Dec. 29, 1838.
David of Sherborn, and Judith Bullard of Holliston, Sept. 16, 1779. C.R.*
Deborah and Joseph Torrey, both of Mendon, Sept. 16 0.S., Sept. 26 N.S., 1752. C.R.*
Dennis and Rhoda B. Claflin of Holliston, int. Sept. 12, 1824.
Ebenezer of Mendon, and Kezia White of Bellingham, Apr. 26, 1748.*
Ebenezer of Mendon, and Abigail Adams of Wrentham, Sept. 27, 1757. C.R.*
Eliphalet and Abigail Wight, both of Bellingham, Nov. 26, 1753. C.R.*
Eliza Jane, d. of Luther and Maryan, a. 17 y., and Lewis W. Nelson, s. of Peter and Polly, a. 19 y., Sept. 10, 1849.
Elona and David Cook of Bellingham, int. May 7, 1798.
Elvira and Chancey Aldrich of Uxbridge, int. Feb. 20, 1841.
Horace and Sarah B. Holbrook, int. Apr. 2, 1842.
James and Mabala D. Towle, int. Dec. 5, 1833.
Jemima of Upton, and Joseph Hunt, int. Nov. 12, 1799.
Jesse and Abigail Thayer, both of Bellingham, Mar. 28, 1753 N.S. C.R.*
Joanna of Bellingham, and Timothy Wheelock of Mendon, Jan. 22, 1765.*
Joel and Roxa Hawes of Wrentham, int. Dec. 27, 1820.
John of Uxbridge, and Lydia Holbrook of Bellingham, Jan. 13, 1762. C.R.*
Joseph W. and Maria A. Adams of Bellingham, int. Nov. 19, 1840.
Kezia and Nathan Albee, Mar. 10, 1825.
Leander and Elizabeth C. Parkhurst, Mar. 17, 1839.
Lucretia and Patrige Pond of Franklin, June 25, 1818.
Lucy of Bellingham, and Joel Jinkins of Wrentham, Sept. 11, 1783.*
Luther and Mary Ann Flag, Jan. 20, 1828.
Lydia of Bellingham, and John Holbrook of Uxbridge, Jan. 13, 1762. C.R.*
Nathan and Ruth Albee, Mar. 7, 1819.
Partridge and Deiadamia S. Flagg, int. June 2, 1838.
Rebekah and Aretas Graves of Boston, May 15, 1809.
Rhoda and Benjamin Vickery Jr., both of Mendon, Dec. 12, 1776. C.R.*
Ruth, wid., d. of Abel and Annar Albee, a. 52 y., and Isaac Davenport Esq., widr., s. of James and Esther, a. 59 y., Apr. 5, 1846.
Sabra and Simeon Albee, Apr. 5, 1827.
Sarah of Bellingham, and Seth Thayer Jr., int. Mar. 16, 1790.
Sarah B. and Horace Holbrook, int. Apr. 2, 1842.
Sarah B. and William Rich, July 2, 1845.
Sarah W., d. of Luther and Mary A. D., a. 17 y., and Julius Bates, s. of Peter and Sybil, a. 21 y., Mav 14, 1848.
Seth, Lieut., of Bellingham, and Mrs. Lois Fisher, int. Apr. 7, 1827.
Seth Jr., Capt., of Bellingham, and Mrs. Olive Hill, int. Nov. 2, 1833.
Theron and Nancy Patridge of Bellingham, int. Mar. 4, 1823.
Valentine W. of Bellingham, and Adaline Taft, Apr. 1, 1827.
Viana and Clark Albee, Aug. 7, 1833.
Ziba and Rebeccah Kimbell, Nov. 7, 1782.

HOLMES (see Homes)

William of Hopkinton, s. of Simpson of Hopkinton, and Hannah, b. in Hopkinton, a. 32 y., and Delia M. Warren of Hopkinton, d. of Benjamin of Hopkinton, and Maria, b. in Hopkinton, a. 23 y., Apr. 10, 1845.*
William G. of Hopkinton, and Betsey C. Ball, int. Aug. 23, 1834.

HOMES (see Holmes)

Isaac of Hopkinton, and Hannah Ball, May 1, 1803.

HOOTON (see Houghton)

Charlotte P. and Elkanal, Taft of Uxbridge, Feb. 27, 1843.*

HOUGHTON (see Hooton)

Eliza and Leonard Coburn, Oct. ____, 1835.
Mary of Stow, and Pearley J. Gould, Mar. 3, 1831.

HOW (see Howe)

Ichabod of Brookfield, and Phebe Tenney of Mendon, May 4, 1748. C.R.*


Adaline and Sanford Edward, int. Dec. 23, 1841.
Albert and Hannah D. Howe of Paxton, int. Dec 9, 1838.
Amanda M. and Washington Ellis, Apr. 26, 1838.
Amos and Elvira Gould, Nov. 28, 1833.
Dorinda L. and Simeon C. Wait, int. Apr. 26, 1839.
Edwin, s. of Ebenezer and Hannah, a. 20 y., and Mary Smith, d. of Edwin and Lorena, May 1, 1844.
Hannah W., d. of Newell and Sally, a. 22 y., and Putnam W. Taft of Mendon, s. of Leonard of Mendon, and Martha, b. in Mendon, a. 23 y., Aug. 3, 1845.
Harriot (Hayward, int.) and Jesse Daniels Jr., Nov. 29, 1827.
Jacob and Elisabeth Albee, both of Mendon, July 23, 1778. C.R.*
Jacob (Hayward, hit.) and Abigail Thayer, Dec. 19, 1816. C.R.
Jesse and Esther Smith of Woonsocket, R.I. int. July 20, 1844.
Jessee and Mary Wheelock of Mendon, int. Oct. 16, 1824.
Joanna and Curtice Wedge of Leverett, Mar. 4, 1819.
Joanna W. and Otis Whitney, int. Aug. 19, 1843.
Joel and Mary Flagg of Worcester, int. Mar. 6, 1830.
John and Chloe A. Gould of Holliston, int. Apr. 23, 1831.
Jotham and Mary Ann White of Bellingham, int. Aug. 22, 1829.
Laurett V. of Blackstone, d. of Hiram and Sarah, a. 18 y., and Sylvanus H. Benson of Blackstone, s. of Jared and Sally, a. 20 y., July 9, I848.*
Mary A. and George Chapin, Apr. 30, 1829.
Mary A. and William P. Bartlett of Smithfield, R.I., int Sept. 20, 1834.
Mary B. and Ralph W. Bowker, Nov. 26, 1840.
Olive P. and Hastings Daniels, May 11, 1826.
Olive T. and Francis D. Montague, Apr. 6, 1843.
Rebekah and Sewall Gould of Holliston, int. Nov. 1, 1832.
Ruth F. and Darling Huntress, July 20, 1839. (July 28, 1839. C.R.)
Sarah (Hayward, int.) and Isaac Davenport of Dorchester, Nov. 28, 1810.
Sarah S. and Eathan L. Bowker of Andover, May 9, 1842.
Semira (Hayward, int.) and Leonard Chapin, Dec. 6, 1821.
William and Susanna C. Ellis, Apr. 9, 1833.

HOWE (see How)

Aurilla P. and Alanson (Alonzo, int.) S. Chapin, Nov. 26, 1840.
George of Grafton, Vt., and Lydia Perry, Oct. 22, 1818.
George W. and Betsey C. Perry, int. May 1, 1841.
Hannah D. of Paxton, and Albert Howard, int. Dec. 9, 1838.
John of Mendon, and Elizabeth Pickering, int. Oct. 20, 1832.
Laurette N. and Stephen B. Richardson, Int. June 6, 1842.
Sarah and Francis E. Wheelock of Northbridge, int. Oct. 31, 1835.


Amanda H. P., d. of John dec., b. in Ogdensburg, N. Y., a. 20 y., and William H. Sadler, s. of Samuel of Upton, b. in Upton, a. 33 y., Feb. 16, 1845.
John of Hudson, N. Y., and Amanda M. Walden (Waldron, int.), July 7, 1822.


Martin and Maria Burns, int. May 24, 1849.


Joseph C., s. of Jacob P. and Luna, a. 24 y., and Cordelia Ames, d. of Simon and Betsey, a. 19 y., May 10, 1848.
Phinehas of Hopkinton, and Lucinda Nelson, Apr. 21, 1813.


Elisabeth of Holliston, and Nathaniel Cheeney, Feb. 19, 1789.


Abigail and Gershom Twitchell, May 22, 1825.
Adam of Upton, and Sally Pond of Holliston, Dec. 10, 1826.*
Ann Maria., d. of Joseph, a. 19 y., and Nicholas A. Pastrouich, s. of Peter, a. 25 y., Feb. 4, 1845.
Caleb and Levina Ball, Dec. 26, 1786.
Daniel of Holliston, and Mary Daniell of Mendon, May 30, 1765. C.R.*
Diana and Stephen Cook, Oct 15, 1835.
Ebenezer and Polly Albee, May 21, 1801.
Elisabeth and Henry Aldrich, both of Mendon, Nov. 24, 1768. C.R.*
Ezra and Jane M. Tyler, Apr. 18, 1841.
Harriot and Lyman P. Lowe, Nov. 29, 1838.
Hiram, Lieut., and Laura Ann Adams, int. Sept. 26, 1829.
Izanna and Nathaniel (Nathaniel R., int.) Parkhurst, Dec. 20, 1822.
Jasper Daniel and Ede Corbett of Hopkinton, int. Feb. 22, 1787.
Joel and Clara Metcalf of Medway, int. Apr. 4, 1807.
Joseph and Jemima Holbrook of Upton, int. Nov. 12, 1799.
Joseph D. and Harriet L. Leland of Upton, int. Oct. 24, 1846.
Leonard (Capt., int.) and Mercy S. Caswell of Walpole, Nov. 28, 1833.
Lois and Nathan Lackey of Upton, Dec. 21, 1786.
Lowell and Emily Bragg, July 16, 1826.
Lucy and Rev. Adin Ballou, Mar. 3, 1830.
Mary and Joseph Hunting, June 17, 1804.
Pearley and Chloe Albee, May 10, 1795.
Polly and Thomas Warren of Hopkinton, Apr. 16, 1794.

HUNTING (see Huntting)

Abigail, Mrs., of Franklin, and Elihu Perry, int. Apr. 8, 1829.
Joseph (Jr., int.) and Abigail Gage, May 26, 1791.
Joseph and Mary Hunt, June 17, 1804.
Sarah and Caleb Cheeney Jr., Apr. 28, 1791.


Darling and Ruth F. Howard, July 20, 1839. (July 28, 1839. C.R.)

HUNTTING (see Hunting)

Elisabeth and David Nelson, Jan. 10, 1788.


Anziana and Joseph L. Clark, Apr. 16, 1843.
Timothy (Jr., int.) and Sarah Ellis, June 22, 1842.


Abigail of Newbury, and A. G. Spalding, int. Sept. 5, 1846.
Mary, d. of Joseph of Newbury, and Mary, b. in Newbury, a.32 y., and Samuel Colburn, widr., s. of Thomas of Dedham, and Elizabeth, b. in Dedham, a. 25 y., June 23, 1844.


Noah of Attleboro, and Maria L. Smith of Warren, R.I., Nov. 17, 1844.*


John M. (Jr., int.) of Providence, R.I., and Eunice A. White, Sept. 12, 1838.


Mary A., d. of William and Olive, a. 22 y., and Lovett H. Sumner, s. of Emory and Lois, a. 29 y., Sept. 25, 1849.
William Jr. and Abigail H. Ballou, int. Oct. 24, 1848.


Electa and Clark Littlefield, both of Holliston, Dec. 23, 1830.*
Julia and Elbridge Cheney, int. Jan. 16, 1839.
Sally and Henry M. Alexander, Nov. 11, 1827.


Carlos G. (Carranes G., int.) of Richmond, N. H., and Ann (Amey S., int.) Cook, July 25, 1842.


Elisabeth of Hollis, N. H., and Artemas Thayer, int. Jan. 4, 1806.


Joel of Wrentham, and Lucy Holbrook of Bellingham, Sept. 11, 1783.*


Abigail and Aaron Butler of Boston, Sept. 6, 1826.
Alvan and Alice B. Thurber, Dec. 28, 1834.
Caroline P. and Ruel Dunbar of West Bridgewater, int. Aug. 26, 1843.
Charles C. and Jemima W. Whitney of Upton, int. Sept. 6, 1842.
Daniel and Loville B. Clark, int. Jan. 18, 1840.
Dulcina and William Rice, Dec. 18, 1822.
Eleazar and Sarah Williams, Aug. 9, 1807.
Emily W. (Nancy W., int.), d. of Levi, a. 20 y., and Asa Pond, s. of Partridge, a. 23 y., Mar. 27, 1845.
Gordon of Granby, Conn., and Elisabeth Rawson, Jan. 29, 1804.
Hannah (Susanna , int.) and Dr. Elias Parkman, Mar. 13, 1794.
Hiram of Sherborn, and Ruby McFarland, June 2, 1813.
Joseph and Hannah Albee, Dec. 12, 1782.
Joseph and Lucy Hayward Jr., int. Jan. 3, 1794.
Lewis of Lvnn, and Sally G. Parkhurst, Sept. 1, 1824.
Lucy E., d. of Lewis and Sally, a. 20 y., and Samuel Walker, s. of Solomon dec., b. in Natick, a. 23 y., Feb. 1, 1845.
Lydia R., d. of Levi and Martha, a. 19 y., and Winthrop H. Ring, s. of Abijah and Maria, a. 25 y., Oct. 31, 1847.
Margaret and Hugh Gallagher, int. Oct. 2, 1849.
Martha and Samuel Warfield Jr., Nov. 17, 1824.
Mary of Mendon, and Nathaniel Sparrow of Milington, East Haddam, May 5, 1766. C.R.*
Nathan, s. of Clark and Polly, a. 29 y., and Sylva Bennett, d. of Nathan and Prudence, a. 19 y., Nov. 18, 1846.
Samuel J. and Almira Tower, Apr. 8, 1830.
Sarah and Paul Rawson, both of Mendon, Mar. 6, 1760. C.R.*
Sarah and Ezekiel White, int. Dec. 8, 1830.
Thompson and Mrs. Aurilla Butler, int. Mar. 5, 1832.
William and Sarah Brown, int. July 27, 1828. Negroes.


Abraham Jr. and Olive Bates, both of Mendon, Oct. 30, 1765. C.R.*
Alden and Angelina Parkhurst, Nov. 3, 1822.
Appleton B., s. of George and Almira, a. 24 y., and Ady L. Bullard of Holliston, d. of Samuel and Ady, a. 26 y., May 10, 1849.
Asa and Hannah Nelson, Feb. 13, 1783.
Azuba and Jonathan F. (Jonathan Fisk, int.) Flag of Hopkinton, Apr. 1, 1811.
Clarinda (Clarisa, int.) and Benjamin Gibbs, Nov. 24, 1805.
Clarinda S., d. of John and. Malinda, a. 24 y., and Justin E. Eames, widr., s. of Peter and Martha, a. 40 y., Oct. 10, 1849.
David and Hannah Pratt, both of Bellingham, Apr. 25, 1754. C.R.*
David and Polly Strong of Willingburgh, Pa., int. Dec. 25, 1790.
David Esq. of Boston, and Mary Chapin, int. Sept. 28, 1833.
Dearing and Lois Bruice, both of Mendon, Apr. 11, 1744. C.R.*
Ezekiel and Mary Wight, May 9, 1782.
George and Almira Bragg, Jan. 1, 1824.
George W. of Grafton, and Sarah H. Albee, Dec. 31, 1829.
Hannah and Joseph Pratt, both of Bellingham, Jan. 30, 1755. C.R.*
Hannah and John Scammell, Nov. 24, 1782.
Hannah and William Dabney of Charleston, S. C., int. July 28, 1797.
John and Abigail Cheeney, both of Mendon, Dec. 9, 1762. C.R.*
John and Malinda Chamberlain of Bellingham, Aug. 23, 1821.
Jonathan and Mary Ball, both of Mendon, May 7, 1767. C.R.*
Jonathan Jr. of Orange, and Deborah Nelson, May 28, 1786.
Joseph Jr. and Ruth Nelson, both of Mendon, Dec. 28, 1763. C.R.*
Lucinda and John King of Providence, Sept. 21, 1800.
Lucy and John Parkhurst, Nov. 25, 1802.
Martha of Framingham, and Charles T. Eames, int. Aug. 28, 1847.
Mary and John Robinson, both of Mendon, Mar. 11, 1773. C.R.*
Mary and Oliver Chapin, Apr. 29, 1784.
Mary and James Sumner Sr., July 7, 1784.
Meriam (wid. Miriam Johnson, int.) and (Col., int.) Ichabod Thayer Jr., Esq., Nov. 11, 1792.
Nancy and Elijah King of Providence, May 23, 1802.
Nathaniel Jr. and Rachel Chapin, both of Mendon, May 20, 1747. C.R.*
Polly and Joel Day, int. Oct. 29, 1798.
Priscilla and Daniel Gage, both of Mendon, Jan. 1, 1756. C.R.*
Rachel, wid., of Mendon, and David Wheelock of Charlton, Nov. 5, 1760. C.R.*
Sallee of Worcester, and Seth Nelson Jr., int. Feb. 14, 1802.
Sam[ue]ll and Marcy Parkhurst, both of Mendon, Mar. 27, 1766. C.R.*
Sarah and Azariah Newton, both of Mendon, Feb. 20, 1745-6. C.P.*
Sarah and Otis Parkhurst, Apr. 10, 1808.
Susanna and Daniel Hazeltine of Mendon, May 8, 1788.
Whitney and Elisabeth Hazeltine, Sept. 13, 1792.


Patrick and Mary Collins, int. Nov. 1, 1848.


Comfort of Uxbridge, and Deborah Nelson of Mendon, Oct. 31, 1765. C.R.*
Lydia B. and William Sprague of Uxbridge, Aug. 24, 1834.
Mary A., d. of Nathan and Mary, a. 18 y., and Barnard L. Harris, s. of Daniel and Aby, a. 22 y., Dec. 31, 1846.

Nathan of Uxbridge, and Abigail Albee of Mendon, Oct. 7, 1762. C.R.*
Nathan of Grafton, and Mary Kimball, Dec. 10, 1809.
Noah Jr. of Uxbridge, and Mary Legg of Mendon, June 13, 1771. C.R.*
William (of Grafton, int.) and Susan Pettis, Dec. 26, 1841.

KELLEY (see Kelly, Kelley)

Eunice E. of Blackstone, d. of Moses and Waity, a. 23 y., and William L. Billings of Blackstone, s. of Samuel and Abigail, a. 23 y., May 18, 1847.*
Sarah and George W. Stacy of Mendon, Oct. 16, 1834.
Sylvia and Calvin. Barber Jr. of Bellingham, Apr. 19, 1830.
Wing and Mary Gaskell of Mendon, int. Dec. 10, 1803.

KELLY (see Kelley, Killey)

Jeremiah and Louisa Cutler, Sept. 11, 1825.
John and Bridget Brannan, both of Hopkinton, July 3o, 1848.*
Margaretta Lucy of Millbury, and Samuel N. West of East Hampton, Conn., in Millbury, June 8, 1842.*
Patrick, s. of Balty and Mary, a. 35 y., and Bridget Ford, d. of Patrick and Bridget, a. 30 y., Aug. 14, 1849.

KENDAL (see Kendall)

Daniel and Anne Nelson Parkhurst, Nov. 7, 1819.
Nancy O. and Horace P. Metcalf, Feb. 6, 1842.

KENDALL (see Kendal)

George H. and Harriet C. Wales, int. Feb. 13, 1847.
Mary A. and Willard F. Barber, Nov. 1, 1842.


Hannah and Francis Healy, int. Aug. 2, 1847.

KIBBE (see Kibbee, Kibby)

Isaac and Sally Bragg, Mar. 27, 1808.

KIBBEE (see Kibbe, Kibby)

Keziah and Hamblet Barber, int. Aug. 4, 1827.

KIBBY (see Kibbe, Kibbee)

Keziah and Phinehas Davis, int. July 1, 1821.

KILBON (see Kilburn, Kilbourn, Kilburn)

Deborah and Alpheus Bullard of Holliston, Apr. 14, 1811.
Ede and Abner Wight, int. Aug. 23, 1829.
Pauline and Leander Thomas of Bellingham, int. Mar. 21, 1828.

KILBORN (see Kilbon, Kilbourn, Kilburn)

John and Abigail Littlefield of Holliston, June 15, 1780.*
Stephen and Hannah Wight, Mar. 31, 1782.

KILBOURN (see Kilbon, Kilborn, Kilburn)

Josiah and Martha Thwing, both of Mendon, Oct.. 31, 1760. C.R.*

KILBURN (see Kilbon, Kilborn, Kilbourn)

Clarinda and Abel Clark of Holliston, int. Oct. 10, 1818.
Dan (Dana, int.) of Holliston, and Joanna. Cutler, Sept. 9, 1787.
Hannah M. and Joel L. Stanford, June 28, 1837.
Hiram and Roxana Adams of Holliston, int. July 9, 1842.
Josiah and Deborah Attwood, both of Mendon, Mar. 18, 1756. C.R.*
Josiah and Phebe Bullard of Holliston, Nov. 9, 1797.
Otis and Catharine Albee, Mar. 29, 1818.
Sarah and Stephen Thompson, both of Mendon, Apr. 19, 1758. C.R..*


Margaret and James Smart, int. Sept. 27, 1849.

KILLEY (see Kelley, Kelly)

Betsy of Mendon, and Newell Nelson, int. Mar. 8, 1806.
Drucy and Dexter Carpenter of Mendon, int. Jan. 18, 1801.

KIMBAL (see Kimball, Kimbell)

Boyce of Hopkinton, and Rebecca Hayward of Mendon, Dec. 4, 1755. C.R.*

KIMBALL (see Kimbal, Kimbell)

Elizabeth and Gideon W. Thayer, int. Sept. 16, 1843.
Joseph, widr., s. of Joseph and Phebe, a. 29 y., and Polly Temple, d. of John L. and a. 17 y., Oct. 11, 1849.
Mary and Jacob Fiske, May 21, 1801.
Mary and Nathan Keith of Grafton, Dec. 10, 1809.
Nathaniel of Medway, and Abigail Dispair, May 29, 1794.
Relief and Phinehas Taft of Uxbridge, May 22, 1808.

KIMBELL (see Kimbal, Kimball)

Boyce Jr. and Mary Pike of Bellingham, May 2, 1782.
Jonathan and Mary Cheeney, July 7, 1781.
Rebeccah and Ziba Holbrook, Nov. 7, 1782.


Stephen of Uxbridge, and Catharine Boyce of Mendon, Apr. 15, 1762. C.R.*


Elijah of Providence, and Nancy Jones, May 23, 1802.
John of Providence, and Lucinda Jones, Sept. 21, 1800.


David and Betsey Smith, both of Mendon, Jan. 29, 1786.*


Betsey of Hopkinton, and Otis Parkhurst, int. Aug. 29, 1846.
Sarah A. and Isaac C. Greenwood, both of Medway, Feb. 22, 1844. *

KINNE (see Kinny)

Nathan and Rosina Bartlet of Northbridge, Nov. 22, 1823.

KINNY (see Kinne)

Catherine and John McDonnar, int. Nov. 18, 1848.


Samuel of Mendon, and Rhoda Partridge, in Hopkinton, Apr. 19, 1841.


Margaret G. of Holliston, d. of Samuel of Holliston, and Mary, a. 18 y., and Albert Morse, s. of E1isha and Chloe, a. 24 v., Mar. 15, 1846.
Melville of Cumberland, R.I., and Prudence Thayer of Bellingham, Oct. 19, 1828.*


John of Woburn, and (wid., int.) Trulove Adams, July 30, 1820.


Dana and Penelope Cheeney, Apr. 27, 1823.
Eliza A. of Blackstone, d. of Metiah and Polly, a. 23 y., and Marcus C. Wilcox of Blackstone, s. of William and Guly, a. 28 y., Apr. 19, 1846.*
Emeline of Holliston, and Hiram Bent, int. Apr. 23, 1836.
John of Holliston, and Philenia (Philinda, int.) Loomis, Mar. 4, 1832
Lydia of Hopkinton, and Abel Baily, int. Nov. 11, 1821.


George S. and Paulina A. Fisk, int. May 8, 1839.
Lydia M. of Upton, d. of Nathan and Lavina, a. 25 y., and Benjamin F. Holbrook of Upton, s. of Simeon and Nancy G., a. 25 y., Aug. 1, 1849.*
Nathan of Upton, and Lois Hunt, Dec. 21, 1786.
Samuel Jr. and Lydia Mastick, int. Jan. 13, 1783.
Samuel of Upton, and Sarah Cheney, Apr. 20, 1814.


Betsey of Smithfield, R.I., and David Sears, int. May 5, 1838.
Ellenor or of Oxford, and Martin Twitchel, int. Dec. 20, 1806.


Betsey and Seth Albee, Aug. 30, 1797.


Warren of Bellingham, and Abigail Holbrook, May 10, 1804.


Unice of Mendon, and Joseph Fish, July 30, 1772. C.R.*


Catharine and John. Carey, int. Apr. 7, 1846.
Dennis and Charlotte Moyan, int. Oct. 26, 1846.
Edward and Catherine Flinn, int. Apr. 17, 1848.


George, widr., of Bellingham, s. of George and Sally, a. 28 y., and Maryann L. Colburn, d. of Alvin and Mary A., a. 18 y., Aug. 28, 1849.


Adelia, d. of Cephas and Betsey, a. 17 y., and Henry C. Skinner, s. of Nathan and Narcissa, a. 23 y., June 28, 1848.
Cephas and Betsy Sumner, in Brookfield, May 24, 1820.
Esther W. and Nathaniel S. Dunbar (Dunham, int.), Dec. 5, 1839.
Laura A. and Samuel S. Phelan, in Boston, July 3, 1843.


Charlotte Frances, d. of Emory and Lydia, a. 27 y., and David S. Grandin, widr., s. of William and Ann, a. 44 y., Dec. 15, 1845.

LEALAND (see Leeland, Leland)

Abner of Holliston, and Hannah Thayer of Mendon, Dec. 15, 1774. C.R.*


Elijah and Lucinda Hayward, int. May 5, 1799.

LEELAND (see Lealand, Leland)

Charles of Philadelphia, Pa., and Charlottee F. Godfrey, Nov. 27, 1823.
Juliett M. and Lawson Loreing of Framingham, int. Apr. 1, 1842.


Abigail of Mendon, alias Bellingham, and Ezekiel Bates of Bellingham, Apr. 9, 1767. C.R.*
Abigail of Uxbridge, and John Stearns, int. Feb. 3, 1822.
Ann Maria and Otis Thayer, May 22, 1838.
David and Hannah Dewing, both of Mendon, Mar. 11, 1779. C.R.*
Elijah and Lydia Warren of Upton, int. Apr. 5, 1811.
Elijah and Rachel C1eaveland of Dover, int. Oct. 21, 1815.
Eliza and Isaac S. Claflin, Feb. 28, 1842.
Eliza F. of Blackstone, d. of Caleb and Lydia, a. 26 y., and Elbridge Hayward, s. of Amariah and Hannah, a. 33 y., in Mendon, Apr. 26, 1849.
Gershom and Mary Underwood, both of Mendon, Dec 1, 1757. C.R.*
Harriet and W[illia]m R. Thayer of Holliston, Oct. 29, 1840.
Levi and Kezia Ballard, Nov. 19, 1795.
Lydia and Nathan Taft of Upton, Feb. 25, 1802.
Mary of Mendon, and Noah Keith Jr. of Uxbridge, June 13, 1771. C.R.*
Mary T., d. of Elijah and Rachael, a. 29 y., and Harry W. Chapin, widr., s. of Joseph B. and Priscilla, a. 31 y., July 2, 1849.
Nahum and Anne Chapin, Oct. 21, 1802.
Nancy Maria and Loverain P. Cummings of Mendon, Jan. 26, 1843.*
Nathanael of Upton, and Abigail White of Mendon, Nov. 21, 1771. C.R.*
Phebe and Seth Wheelock, both of Mendon, Dec. 15, 1785.*
Ruth and Eleazer Wight, both of Mendon, Dec. 3, 1761. C.R.*
Ruth and Joseph Sumner, Aug. 21, 1788.
Thankful of Mendon, and Stephen Parkhurst, int. Mar. 10, 1821.
William and Elisabeth Tenney, both of Mendon, Jan. 18, 1759. C.R.*
William and Hephzibah Corbitt of Mendon, June 4, 1777. C.R.*

LELAND (see Lealand, Leeland)

Abner A. and Phebe A. Coggshall of Mendon, int. Apr. 8, 1844.
Alathina and Joseph Carroll of Mendon, Dec. 2, 1830.
Charles and Sarah Arvilla Cutter of Ashburnham, int. Sept. 4, 1843.
Eleanor and Lowell Fay, int. Mar. 26, 1831.
Hannah T., d. of Amasa and Rebecca, a. 19 y., and Jairus W. Smith, s. of James of Wrentham, and Lois, b. in Wrentham, a. 26 y., Nov. 7, 1844.
Harriet L. of Upton, and Joseph D. Hunt, int. Oct. 24, 1846.
Henry and Silence P. Dispeau of Holliston, int. Aug. 9, 1832.
John S. and Emeline Marble, int. Mar. 18, 1848.
Lydia of Holliston, and Samuel Dexter Pond, Dec. 15, 1842.


Daniel and Mary O'Brien, int. Apr. 1, 1845.
Sarah D. of Hopkinton, d. of Ezekiel and Rachel, a. 34 y., and Elias N. Webster of Jay, Me., s. of Joseph and Martha, a. 26 y., Mar. 31, 1849.*
Thorndike of Hopkinton, s. of Ezekiel and Rachael, a. 33 y., and wid. Hannah Gibson of Hopkinton, d. of John and Clarinda Claflin, a. 31 y., Apr. 30, 1847.*

LESURE (see Lysure)

Cynthia and Daniel Corbett, Feb. 1, 1802.
Lovice and Moses Tinney of Upton, int. Oct.. 17, 1797.
Rachel and Ebenezer Peck, transient person, Dec 7, 1780.


Maria L.., d. of W[illia]m and _________, and Andrew J. Ames, June 3, 1849.

LILLEY (see Lillie)

Henry of Holliston, and Sybil Broad, Apr. 4, 1827.

LILLIE, (see Lilley)

Sybil A., d. of Henry and Caroline, a. 18 y., and Charles R. (Charles A., int.) Rollins, s. of Joseph and Mary, a. 19 y., Sept. 30, 1848.


Asa of Western, and Esther Miller of Holliston, May 27, 1788.*
Betsey and Henry Ball, Sept. 21, 1826.
Louisa P. C. of Holliston, and George Whitney, int. Dec. ____, 1844.
Nancy Maria of Framingham, and Joseph Read Jr., int. June 19, 1847.


Margaret of Boston, and Edward McDonald, int. Sept. 28, 1849.


Mary W. and Aaron E. Perry, Sept. 20, 1832.


Abel E. and Mary E. Fletcher, Aug. 23, 1841.
Abigail of Holliston, and John Kilborn, June 15, 1780.*
Adeline of Hopkinton, d. of David and Lucy, a. 20 y., and Ralph C. Hill, s. of Josiah and Mary, a. 21 y., June 14, 1845.
Anna of Holliston, and Pelatiah Gibbs of Mendon, Feb. 25, 1779. C.R.*
Betsey and Artemas Cheney of Holliston, Sept. 15, 1808.
Clark and Electa Jennings, both of Holliston, Dec. 23, 1830.*
Eben[eze]r of Holliston, and Rebecah Wear (Wares, int.), May 31, 1786.
Eph[rai]m and Rhoda Partridge of Bellingham, May 19, 1805.
Joseph W. and Mary W. Scammell, June 6, 1841.
Lucy A. and George W. Phipps of Holliston, Apr. 24, 1842.
Martha, d. of David, a. 26 y., and Albert Phipps, s. of Aaron, a. 23 y., May 21, 1844.
Mindwell and Ebenezer Merrifield of Leicester, Vt., Nov. 3, 1802.
Moses and Mercy Nelson, Apr. 12, 1818.
Prudence and Amasa Hayward, int. Dec. 2, 1796.
Ruth of Holliston, and Calvin Cutler of Medway, Mar. 6, 1788.*


Abigail of Framingham, and Amasa Frost of Mendon, Feb. 1, 1749-50. C.R.*


Amanda Maria and Hoyt Freeman, Apr. 13, 1835.
David, Rev., and Rebecca Curtis of Worcester, int. Apr. 27, 1804.
David, Rev., and Sophia Rice of Marlborough, int. Mar. 11, 1826.
John and Mary Taft, both of Upton, Oct. 23, 1745. C.R.*


Caroline L. of Hopkinton, d. of Reuben of Hopkinton, and Sally, a. 17 y., and William E. Ball, s. of Zenas and Betsey, a. 23 y., Jan. 27, 1847.
Philenia (Philenda, int.) and John Knowlton of Holliston, Mar. 4, 1832.
Salley of Hopkinton, and Abner S. Ball, int. Nov. 27, 1829.

LOREING (see Loring)
Lawson of Framingham, and Juliett M. Leeland, int. Apr. 1, 1842.

LORING (see Loreing)

John J. of Grafton, and Lucretia A. Davenport, July 17, 1833.
Rhoda of Hopkinton, and Ellis Sumner, int. Apr. 13, 1811.
Susannah of Hopkinton, and Zebediah Flagg, int. Oct. 27, 1827.

LOVATT (see Lovett, Lovitt)

Rebeccah and Joseph McKlintock, both of Mendon, Nov. 3, 1785.*

LOVETT (see Lovatt, Lovitt)

Otis C. and Nancy Balcom of Cumberland, R.I., int. Dec. 11, 1830.

LOVITT (see Lovatt, Lovett)

Beaulah of Mendon, and Andrew Peters of Medfield, Mar. 30, 1768. C.R.*
Phinehas Jr. and Abigail Thayer, both of Mendon, Apr. 6, 1768. C.R.*


Olive and Touissant M. L. Coffee, int. Mar. 1, 1849.

LOW (see Lowe)

Thomas and Esther Parkhurst, both of Mendon, Apr. 11, 1776. C.R.*

LOWE (see Low)

Lyman P. and Harriot Hunt, Nov. 29, 1838.


Rose and Dick Brattle of Bellingham, May 3, 1785. Africans.


Reuben and Sally (Sarah R., int.) Madden, Aug. 27, 1826.


James and Mary Parkhurst, Mar. 16, 1783.
John of Blackstone, s. of Thomas and Lucy, a. 22 y., and Catharine Taft of Mendon, d. of Hanson and Catherine, a. 23 y., Feb. 1, 1846.*


Margaret, d. of James and Ann, a. 21 y., and James McBrarty, s. of James and Ann, a. 21 y., May 9, 1849.
Sarah and Thomas Boyle, int. Nov. 5, 1846.

LYSURE (see Lesure)

John and Sarah White, both of Mendon, Mar. 16, 1749. C.R.*

MADDEN (see Maddin)

Asia and Sally Pond of Holliston, Feb. 10, 1824.*
David of Hopkinton, and Mary Wheelock, int. May 24, 1818.
David Jr. of Aurelius, N. Y., "now residing in Milford," and Susan Thayer, int. Feb. 1, 1822.
Lucretia and Robert Corbett, Nov. 30, 1809.
Lydia and Jesse Cheeney, Nov. 4, 1802.
Mary and John Wales Jr., Dec. 5, 1805.
Michael, Ensign, and Elisabeth White, Dec. 3, 1789.
Michael (Ensign, int.) and Hannah Gowing of Grafton, Mar. 6, 1799.
Michael E. (Michael Europe, int.) and Susan Stone, Feb. 9, 1823.
Olive and Lewis Cobb, Mar. 16, 1794.
Sally (Sarah R., int.) and Reuben Lummus, Aug. 27, 1826.
Sarah R., d. of Asia and Sally, a. 21 y., and Leonard Seaver, widr., of Worcester, s. of Leonard and Charlotte, a. 38 y., June 5, 1849.

MADDIN (see Madden)

Mary Ann and Pearley J. Gould, int. Apr. 25, 1830.


James and Bridget Neven, int. Sept. 10, 1848.


Owen and Margaret McLaughlin, int. Dec. 5, 1849.


David L., s. of Thomas and Abigail, a. 23 y., and Mary Ann E. Salisbury, d. of David and Penelope, a. 19 y., July 2, 1845.


Elbridge, s. of John of Natick, and Sally, b. in Natick, a. 24 y., and Elizabeth L. Ware, d. of William dec. and Abigail, Dec. 22, 1844.
Elijah T. and Emily Paine of Slatersville, R.I., int. Dec. 5, 1844.
Emeline and David Wilson of Mendon, Jan. 25, 1832.
George B. and Ann F. Erskine, Nov. 6, 1839.


Emeline and John S. Leland, int. Mar. 18, 1848.


Joseph of Dudley, and Beriah Thayer of Mendon, May 27, 1778. C.R.*


Mary and Ichabod Thayer Jr., both of Mendon, Apr. 25, 1765. C.R.*
Sally of Cumberland, R.I., and (Capt., int.) Donnison Aldrich, Nov. 17, 1830.
Silas of Sturbridge, and Beaulah Albee, d. of Dea. , of Mendon, Feb. 8, 1775. C.R.*

MARSHAL (see Marshall)

Hannah and Charles L. Henshaw of Northbridge, Dec. 3, 1818.
Hezekiah and Nabby Pierce, June 1, 1823.

MARSHALL (see Marshal)

Abby A., d. of Hezekiah and Nabby, a. 19 y., and Lewis Phipps, s. of Aaron dec. and Polly, a. 24 y., Dec. 7, 1846.
Dinah of Mendon, and William Boyd of Grafton, Apr. 26, 1770. C.R.*
Edwin L. and Eliza L. Gassett, int. Dec. 6, 1849.
Esther and Jepthah Wedge, both of Mendon, Nov. 17, 1757. C.R.*
Hosea, s. of Hosea and Lucy, a. 23 y., and Amanda M. Perry, d. of Coolidge and Hopestill, a. 19 y., July 25, 1848.
Ichabod and Lydia Stearns, both of Mendon, Dec. 25, 1760. C.R.*
Mary and Barzillai Albee, both of Mendon, Mar. 21, 1770. C.R.*


Emeline, d. of Noah and Cynthia, and Frederick A. Mather, s. of John and Orvilla, a. 22 y., Aug. 2, 1848.
James B. and Lorinda Cook of Bellingham, int. Sept. 26, 1836.
James M., s. of Noah and Cynthia, a. 21 y., and Mary M. Walker, d. of Ezra and Ada, a. 17 y., Oct. 28, 1849.
Jane A., d. of John and Sally, a. 18 y., and Byron Carpenter, s. of Seth P. and Maria, a. 20 y., Oct. 25, 1849.
John and Martha Wheeler, Aug. 4, 1822.
John and Sally Hinds, Jan. 1, 1826.
John Q., s. of John and Martha W., a. 23 y., and Susan M. Pierce, d. of Joshua and Sally H., a. 17 y., Jan. 1, 1847.


Lydia and Samuel Lackey Jr., int. Jan. 13, 1783.


Frederick A., s. of John and Orvilla, a. 22 y., and Emeline Mason, d. of Noah and Cynthia, Aug. 2, 1848.


Aaron C. and. Olivia L. Sumner, int. Mar. 13, 1834.


Abigail of Marlborough, and Capt. Nathan Tyler of Mendon, Dec. 21, 1743. C.R.*
Eustice and Cynthia Cushman, Apr. 12, 1827.
Oliver, a. 25 y., and Eleanor McDavitt, d. of Dominick and Mary, a. 13 y., Sept. 23, 1848.


James, s. of James and Ann, a. 21 y., and Margaret Lynch, d. of James and Ann, a. 21 y., May 9, 1849.


Ann and Thomas Dooling, int. June 16, 1847.
Felix and Mary O'Leary of Norton, int. Oct. 1, 1849.


Michael and Elisabeth Shannon, int. Mar. 19, 1842.
Patrick and Catharine Fleming, int. Sept 9, 1837.


Eleanor, d. of Dominick and Mary, a. 13 y., and Oliver Maynard, a. 25 y., Sept. 23, 1848.


Edward and Margaret Lines of Boston, int. Sept. 28, 1849.
Henry W. of Hopkinton, s. of George and Olive, a. 26 y., and Elizabeth E. Phipps of Hopkinton, d. of David and Elizabeth, a. 17 y., Aug. 31, 1845.*


John and Catherine Kinny, int. Nov. 18, 1848.


Cromwell of Hopkinton, and Hannah Phipps, in Hopkinton, June 2, 1842.*
Mary M. of Hopkinton, and Gilbert P. Sanger, int. Mar. 1, 1830.
Ruby and Hiram Johnson of Sherborn, June 2, 1813.
Samuel of Hopkinton, and Polley Bowker, Apr. 12, 1812.
Sophia and Luke Wales, Dec. 11, 1814.


Joseph and Rebeccah Lovatt, both of Mendon, Nov. 3, 1785.*


Margaret and Owen Malony, int. Dec. 5, 1849.


John of Holliston, and Phebe G. Bartlet, Oct. 4, 1821.


Allen, s. of Joseph C. and Mahala, a. 22 y., and Angelina R. Ellsworth, d. of Nathaniel P. and Caroline, a. 17 y., Oct. 30, 1845.


Abigail of Mendon, and Samuel Penniman Jr., int. Feb. 11, 1804.
Betsey and Rev. John Fisk of New Braintree, Apr. 19, 1797.
Elisabeth C. of Holliston, and Benjamin] Bridges, Oct. 26, 1825. C.R.
Frances M. and Chandler Robbins, in Westborough, June 12, 1842.
John B. and Angelina P. Daniels of Mendon, int. Oct. 21, 1837.
Mary (wid., C.R.) and James Perry, both of Holliston, Dec. 18, 1788.*
Mary and Abner Waters of Brookfield, Mar. 11, 1830.
Polly and Samuel Warren Jr., Apr. 19, 1797.
Sally and Almanza Tufts of Mendon, May 4, 1826.
Sarah and John Freeman, int. May 10, 1839.
William and Lydia Underwood, both of Holliston, Nov. 25, 1787.*
MERIAM (see Miriam)
Samuel of Lincoln, and Delpha French, Feb. 8, 1810.


Aaron of Holliston, and Elisabeth Robinson of Mendon, Apr. 17, 1766. C.R.*
Amos of Leicester, Vt., and Betsy Despair, Feb. 12, 1795.
Ebenezer of Leicester, Vt., and Mindwell Littlefield, Nov. 3, 1802.


Caroline M. and Henry F. Whipple, int. July 1, 1838.


Catherine B. of Holliston, and William H. Smith of Mendon, Sept. 30, 1832.*
Esther, d. of Rev. Henry of Wrentham, and Amariah Frost, Apr. 27, 1747. C.R.*
William and Czarina Fisher of Medfield, int. Mar. 13, 1820.


Clara of Medway, and Joel Hunt, int. Apr. 4, 1807.
Horace P. and Nancy O. Kendal, Feb. 6, 1842.
Richard M. and Aurelia Addison, Mar. 18, 1830.
Stephen Esq. of Bellingham, and Sybil Perry, int. Nov. 18, 1836.


Robert of Medway, and Lucy Brown, int. Oct. 2, 1836.


Bridget and Neil Sweney, int. July 30, 1849.


Asa P., s. of Asa R. and Hannah T., a. 28 y., and Ellen M. Clark, d. of Abel and Amanda, a. 18 y., Oct. 1, 1849.
Elias C. of Hopkinton, s. of Elias and Julia R. F., a. 26 y., and Nancy M. Comey of Foxborough, d. of Aaron and Charlotte, a. 22 y., May 12, 1847.*
Esther of Holliston, and _______ Frost, s. of Rev. Amariah, May 29, _____. C.R.*
Esther of Holliston, and Asa Lincoln of Western, May 27, 1788.*
Jerusha of Holliston, and Henry Chapin, June 14, 1832.
Michael and Catharine Burns, int. Jan. 24, 1848.


Eliza and Joseph Tyler (both of Surry, Me., C.R.), in Mendon, Feb. 7, 1805.*


Robin and Margaret Sweeten, Nov. 28, 1787. Negroes.


Patrick, s. of Patrick and Mary, a. 25 y., and Ann Dorerty, d. of Patrick and Mary, a. 22 y., May 9, 1849.

MIRIAM (see Meriam)

Jerusha of Mendon, and Jonathan Shepherd of New Marlborough, Jan. 21, 1768. C.R.*


Silas and Amelia Goulding of Hopkinton, int. May 6, 1827.


Riley, b. in Burrillville, R.I., a. 33 y., and Abigail Taft of Mendon, d. of Zaccheus of Mendon, and Abigail, b. in Mendon, a. 35 y., Aug. 4, 1844.
William S., widr., of Medway, s. of David dec., b. in England, a. 42 y., and Susan J. Adams, d. of Obediah of Medway, a. 27 y., Oct. 13, 1844.


Martin and Mary Finegan, int. July 10, 1848.
Thomas, s. of Michael and Margaret, a. 24 y., and Ellen Conenlan, d. of Patrick and Ellen, a. 18 y., Sept. 6, 1849.


Francis D. and Olive T. Howard, Apr. 6, 1843.

MOOR (see Moore)

Samuel and Lucretia Stoddard of Upton, int. Mar. 7, 1821.

MOORE (see Moor)

Abby B. and Edward Daniels of Holliston, Dec. 8, 1833.
Addison of Hopkinton, s. of Eliab and Sally, a. 19 y., and Ann P. Allen, d. of Seth and Susan, a. 21 y., Nov. 30, 1845.
Asa Hervey of Worcester, and Sarah Chapin, May 21, 1840.
Betsey H., d. of Daniel of New Portland, Me., and Asenath, a 18 y., and Charles F. Hlldreth, s. of Elijah H. of Chesterfield, N.H. and Mary, a. 20 y., Aug. 5, 1846.
Joseph of Mendon, s. of Oliver and Permelia, a. 24 y., and Linisia Coffee, d. of Liania, a. 24 y., Nov. 11, 1848.*
Lovila d. of Daniel and Asenath, a. 18 y., and Charles F. Hildreth, widr., s. of Elijah and Mary, a. 23 y., Aug. 28, 1849.
Sabre of Rutland, and Permenus P. Parkhurst, int. May 6, 1826.
Silas and Nancy Chapin, Apr. 2, 1829.


Aaron of Holliston, and Bridget Corbet of Mendon, Feb. 9, 1743-4. C.R.*
Albert, s. of Elisha and Chloe, a. 24 y., and Margaret G. Knapp of Holliston, d. of Samuel of Holliston, and Mary, a. 18 y., Mar. 15, 1846.
Angeline H. of Marlborough, and Jeremiah D. Ambler, int. Mar. 4, 1842.
Anna and John Tyler, both of Mendon, Nov. 30, 1763. C.R.*
Ansel (of Millbury, int.) and Charlotte Gage, Dec. 22, 1814.
Elbridge C. of Holliston, s. of Isaac of Holliston, and Abigail, b. in Holliston, a. 22 y., and Lucinda Wood of Hopkinton, d. of Robert of Hopkinton, and Mary, b. in Franklin, a. 16 y., Jan. 31, 1845.*
Eleazer Jr. and Lucinda Brick of Medway, int. Mar. 6, 1844.
Emeline of Holliston, d. of Isaac and Abigail, a. 16 y., and Timothy A. Davis of Holliston, s. of Isaac and Rebecca, b. in Minot, Me., a. 22 y., Jan. 1, 1846.*
Hannah and Isaac (Isaac C., int.) Haven, Nov. 29, 1838.
Henry and EIeanor Clark of Medway, int. Mar. 4, 1788.
Joanna and Peter Norcross, both of Mendon, July 21, 1748. C.R.*
Lemuel Green of Upton, and Azuba Gage, int. Sept. 26, 1808.
Lewis of Paxton, and Eliza L. Parnell, int. Nov. 9, 1843.
Maria of Sharon, and Jonathan Whitney, int. Apr. 6, 1844.
Mary of Mendon, and Rev. Ebenezer Chapin of Sutton, Jan. 5, 1767. C.R.*
Nathaniel and wid. Sarah Hayward, both of Mendon, Sept. 9, 1762. C.R.*
Polly of Hopkinton, and Clark Ellis, int. Apr. 5, 1813.
Ruth and Joel Hayward, May 8, 1788.


Charlotte and Dennis Lavery, int. Oct. 26, 1846.


Julia A. of Northbridge, d. of Isaac and Rachel, a. 24 y., and Thomas A. Conant of Northbridge, s. of Timothy W. and Hannah S., a. 21 y., May 12, 1847.*


Abba Eliza and Lieut. Pemberton Brown, both of Uxbridge, Apr. 22, 1827.*


Richard and Joanna Donnelly, int. Mar. 26, 1845.


Abby, d. of John and Bridget, a. 22 y., and James Brigden, s. of John and Judy, a. 26 y., Sept. 14, 1849.

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