Vital Records of Phillipston, MA
To the end of the year 1849
Published by: Franklin P. Rice,
Trustee of the Fund
Worcester, MA 1906
Stanhope Press
Transcribed by Mary Anne Silva

Marriages, Surnames starting with A to K


Martha G of Oakham and Hiram W Knights, int March 5, 1842


Lucy and John Shepherd, int Oct. 25, 1833


Mason of Barre and Eunice Bowker, April 6, 1831


Patience Holland of Shrewsbury and Reuben Lamb, int Oct. 31, 1812


Isaac and Achsah Maynard, April 5, 1796


Ruth of Royalston and Seth Phillips, Nov. 20, 1794. In Royalston.


John F of Templeton and Susan C Lamb, Oct. 5, 1843. At house of Sumner Lamb.


Patty and Benjamin Rich, Dec. 21, 1797
Thomas and Anna Kindall, Oct. 24, 1799. In Athol.


John and Suky Lane of New Gloucester, int Feb. 25, 1803
Louisa A (d Warren and Elvira, a. 22) and Joseph Seaver, Nov. 25, 1847
Martha and Abraham H Knight, int. Feb. 4, 1799


Dr. Jason and Betsy Holman of Templeton, April 17, 1791


Charles H and Polly Cheney, Sept. 16, 1841
Charles J and Huldah Hayward of Petersham, int March 3, 1806
Elizabeth and Jotham Whitcomb Esq. of Littleton, June 8, 1814
James and Lydia Goulding of Hubbardston, int Oct. 29, 1814
John P and Sally E Pike, Dec. 6, 1827
Joseph K and Thankful Harding of Walpole, Feb. 12, 1818
Levi and Esther Stiles of Whately, int Sept. 12, 1791


Rev. Ezekiel Lysander and Sally Holman, int Sept. 6, 1802
Rev. Ezekiel L. and Mrs. Ruth Miles of Leicester, int Feb. 22, 1806


Capt. Charles C (s. Isaac and Delia of Norton, a. 40, merchant) and Lucinda S Jones, May 29, 1845
Lyman H. and Lydia B Lovering, May 9, 1833
Lyman H. and Julia Ann Stiles of Rindge, NH, int March 15, 1845


Betsy B of Royalston and Silas Hale Jr, int Sept. 20, 1823


Achsah and Darius Buckman of Athol, April 11, 1832
Asa and Azuba Lamb, April 27, 1800
Betsy and Tyler Raymond, both of Winchendon, Nov. 25, 1802*
Caroline G and John A Bancroft, Aug. 27, 1840
Comfort and Charles H Perry of Boston, int Nov. 6, 1830
Diana A and Orin Doane of Springfield, May 29, 1839
Elvira and Levi Fullum of Fitchburgh, Nov. 29, 1827
Emerancy and Lorenzo Woodbury of Bolton, March 31, 1829
Ezra L and Matilda C Haven of Bolton, int Feb. 17, 1832
Frank and Mary Bigelow of West Boilston, int April 24, 1812
Lydia and Abel Lamb, May 29, 1804
Marcy [Mercy in int] and Artemas Brown of Stow, June 13, 1802
Mrs. Mary and George W Lamb, int Dec. 16, 1843
Noah and Mrs. Betsy Cutler of Stow, int Jan. 21, 1791

BIGELOW (see Biglo)

Abel of Athol and Eunice Sawtell, Oct. 30, 1828
Ebenezer and Sally Goddard, Sept. 27, 1824
[Biglo in int] Josiah and Lucinda Biglo, Feb. 7, 1810
Josiah S. and Mary Ann Woods, Nov. 26, 1835
Jotham R (s Josiah and Lucinda, age 28, joiner) and lucy Covell, Jan. 17, 1849
Lucy W. of Petersham and Alonzo Woodcock, int June 7, 1826
Mary of West Boilston and Frank Bates, int April 24, 1812
William 2d of Guilford, VT, and Arathusa Biglo, jan. 27, 1805

BIGLO (see Bigelow)

Arathusa and William Bigelow 2d of Guilford, VT, Jan. 27, 1805
Lucinda and Josiah Bigelow, Feb. 7, 1810
Persis Temple and John Swan, Nov. 6, 1792
Polly and Mordecai Peckham, May 5, 1795
Sally and Silas Goddard, April 26, 1804


Wyman H and Sabrina Knight, June 19, 1834


Louisa C (d. Levi and Adeliza, age 24) and Lyman B Morse of Petersham, Oct. 3, 1847


Abigail H and Nathaniel Felton of Petersham, int Sept. 9, 1826
Benjamin and Lucy Wilder, both of Petersham, June 10, 1792*
Betsey and Jonathan Stratton Jr., June 29, 1806
Eunice and Mason Ainsworth of Barre, April 6, 1831
Horace and Anna Maynard Smith, May 18, 1824
John and Sally Cowee of Gardner, int March 14, 1818
[Bouker in int], Jonathan and Abigail Whitehead, Oct. 12 [6 in CR], 1791
Josiah of Templeton and Mary Jackson Baker, June 4, 1812
Lucy W (d John and Sarah, age 24) and Leander W Warren of Hubbardston, Dec. 13, 1849
Mary and Elijah Stow of Petersham, Sept. 1, 1824
Mary H and Dea. Joseph Knowlton, Jr. June 16, 1836
Mary M (d John and Sally, age 15, housekeeper) and Horace C Crehore of Fitchburg, June 12, 1844
Relief of Fitzwilliam, NH and William Kendall Wright, int Dec. 28, 1814
Sally and Cyrus Jones, May 22, 1810
Susan and John Smith, April 26, 1808
Mrs. Susanna and Lt. Eleazer Graves of Athol, Feb. 4, 1812


Susan and Anson Peckham, int Aug. 23, 1839


John of Salsbury, VT, and Rebeckah Goss, int Mar 9, 1808


Nathaniel Jr. of Royalston and Polly Kendall, Jan. 15, 1807


Hachaliah of Palmer and Sarah Lovering, Jan. 1, 1833

BRIGGS (see Brigs)

Levi of Athol and Lucretia Baker, Oct. 12, 1843


Edward of Whitingham, VT, and Laura Comings, May 23, 1824
Emma [Eunice in int], and John Cobleigh of Fitzwilliam, Dec. 12, 1787. In Templeton.
John of Templeton and Rebecca Smith, Nov. 14, 1808
Jonas Esq. of Bakersfield, VT, and Mrs. Abigail Smith, Jan. 23, 1804
Martin F of Whitingham, VT, and Elizabeth M Smith, Jan. 12, 1836
Nahum and Patty Wright, Jan. 20, 1803
Roger and Elizabeth Rich, [April 15, 1790. CR]

BRIGS [Briggs in int], (see Briggs)
Eliphalet of Keene, NH, and Lucy Brown, Dec. 28, 1810


Capt. Asa of Holden and Sylvia Powers, March 11, 1816


[Bronsdon in int] Jane and Benjamin H Lamb, Nov. 27, 1806


Betsey and William Lacy of Joeffrey, NH, May 26, 1829
Elizabeth A of Athol (d. William, age 23) and Sidney A Pushee of Worcester, July 2, 1845*
William Jr. and Dorcas Doane of Eastham, int Feb. 22, 1818
William Jr. and Phebe Lewis of Athol, int Feb. 5,1829


John and Puah Holbrook, both of Petersham, April 22, 1819*
Rebecca W of Templeton and Isaac Davis, int Sept. 14, 1822
Susanna of Athol and John Death, Jan. 29, 1798. In Athol.
Thomas and Lucretia Goulding of Hubbardston, April 13, 1814.


Abigail J and Elijah White, Dec. 12, 1843. In Barre.
Almeda and Houghton Sawyer of Whitingham, VT, int Sept. 5, 1830
Artemas of Stow and Marcy Bates, June 13, 1802
Bethiah and William Pratt, Nov. 12, 1798. CR
Betsy of Packerdsfield and Samuel Cummins, int. Sept. 24, 1794
Betsy of Winchendon and Benjamin Upton, int Nov. 1, 1801
Betsy J and Chauncey B Swan, Sept. 2, 1835
Jesse and Fanny King, int Nov. 20, 1841
John and Lucy Brown of Brookline, NH int Aug. 28, 1808
Leonard and Mary Cheney, Jan. 24, 1837
Lorenzo and Mary C Perry of Swanzy, NH, int March 14, 1835
Lucy of Brookline, NH, and John Brown, int Aug. 28, 1808
Lucy and Eliphalet Brigs of Keene, NH, Dec. 28, 1810
Lucy M and Horace Kendall, int Sept. 2, 1843
Lydia and Avery Eaton, Jan. 22,1818
Lydia and Thomas D Houghton of Petersham, int April 1, 1848
M Almeda and Calvin D Davis, Sept. 27, 1842
Nathan and Keziah May of Sterling, int Dec.27,1797
Polly and Stephen Cumings, March 1, 1792
Ruth [Ruthy in int] and James M Doane, Aug. 1, 1837
Samuel S of Athol and Elizabeth Doane, July 4, 1839
Thaddeus [Jr. in int] and Patty Cheney, Feb. 28, 1803
William and Myriam Newell of Athol, int Aug. 4, 1794
William and Martha Lamb, April 23, 1815


Charles and Julia Fisher of Templeton, int April 13, 1814
Charles and Elizabeth Gale of Royalston, int Nov. 3, 1816
Charles of Athol and Cinthia Fisk, int Aug. 23, 1829
Charles and Anne Whitney of Gardner, int Jan. 28, 1838
Charles Otis and Urina Forbush of Templeton, int Sept 2, 1842
Dolle of Winchendon and Francis Maynard, int March 27, 1788
Esther and Elisha Sawyer of Templeton, Jan. 22, 1811
Nabby and Charles Newton [2d], Nov. 25, 1802
Patty and Samuel Hayward of Templeton, int Dec. 26, 1801
Silas of Templeton and Lucy Maynard, June 1, 1794
Simeon H and Esther K Wright of Templeton, int Nov. 23, 1839


Achsah B and James C Kendall, Feb. 27, 1840
Darius of Athol and Achsah Bates, April 11, 1832


Abijah C and Parmelia J Howe of Wendall, int May 16, 1836


Abigail of Templeton and Washington Hager, Sept. 27, 1820
Artemas of Templeton and Hannah Smith, May 20, 1812


Mary of Canton and Willard Pike, int April 24, 1823


Nathan William and Lydia Stanhope, June 2, 1805. CR


Nancy N of Royalston and Ainsworth Knight, int Oct. 20, 1840


Abigail and Dea. Joseph Knowlton Jr., May 23, 1832
Azubah and Oliver Powers, Oct. 31, 1804
Daniel G. and Aurilla Newhall of Chesterfield, NH, int Sept. 14, 1833
Lt. James and Lucy Knight, Nov. 29, 1804
Jemima and Jabez Sawyer of Wendell, Feb. 23, 1798. In Athol.
Levi and Lucy Hager, March 26, 1817
Lucy and Reuben Farr, Nov. 6, 1788
Orrill and Charles M. Thorp of Boston, Dec. 28, 1833
Patty and Elisha Hager, Dec. 30, 1806
Sarah and Jason Phillips of Wendall, Feb. 26, 1794


Mary M and Edmund Newton of Gardner, Dec. 1, 1840


Elbridge G. and Mary S. Wheeler, both of Petersham, June 8, 1828.*


Alexownia V. and Joseph M. Newton, April 5, 1843
Francis C and Rebecca Miller, int April 19, 1821


Cyrus and Polly Horton of Templeton, int Nov. 30, 1814
Cyrus and Mrs. Betsey Smith, Oct. 24, 1820
Hezekiah and Sally Swan, March 18, 1798
James Jr. and Betsey Sever, Feb. 19, 1806. CR
Lydia and William How of Bernard, VT. Oct. 4, 1824
Mary and Leonard Brown, Jan. 24, 1837
Patty and Thaddeus Brown [Jr.], Feb. 28, 1803
Polly and Benjamin Newell Jr. of Heath, April 14, 1803
Polly and Charles H Baker, Sept. 16, 1841
Sarah L. of Southbridge and George T. Newton, int Sept. 23, 1848


Benjamin of Athol (s, Joseph and Sarah, a. 21, merchant) and Deborah L. Baldwin, May 21, 1846
Henry and Martha Newton, Sept. 22, 1840
Henry of Sturbridge (s. Calvin and Nancy, a. 26) and Lucy Maria Woodward, Dec. 27, 1848
Rev. John W. of Lancaster and Frances E. Knowlton, Nov. 9, 1830
Joseph Jr. of Hubbardston and Emeline Jones, April 3, 1833


Andrew S. and Harriet Hoar of Westminster, int July 29, 1843


George and Susanna Marble, Jan. 20, 1799. CR


Lydia H. of Montague and Courtlon Sanderson, int Nov. 11, 1837
Walter J. [G. in int] and Beulah H C Parker, Nov. 26, 1835

CLARK (see Clarke)

Esther and Lora Wilson, April 30, 1820
Polly of Royalston and George W. Lamb, int March 2, 1847
Timothy of South Royalston and Mary A. Sprague, int March 9, 1843

CLARKE (see above)

[Clark in int], Willard and Priscilla Rich, Aug. 19, 1818


[Clemons in int], Asa of Petersham and Esther Town, Aug. 10, 1794


Moses of Worcester and Nancy Pike, Nov. 25, 1828


Azubah and Timothy Hill, Dec. 23, 1810


John of Fitzwilliam and Emma [Eunice?] Brigham, Dec. 12, 1787. In Templeton.


Mrs. Elizabeth and Silas Sawyer, Dec. 14, 1823
Betsey and Luke Piper of Royalston, Jan. 13, 1814
Mercy and Abraham Seaver, Jan. 27, 1819
Patty and Joshua Lamb, 2d, Dec. 8, 1803
Phebe and Abner Sawyer, Nov. 16, 1808
Mrs. Sarah and Earl Cutting, Jan. 7, 1816


[Coleman, Otis and Polley Wetherbee of Templeton, Nov. 26, 1789. CR].
Samuel and Polly Goss, Aug. 18, 1796

COMINGS (see Commings, Cumings, Cummings, etc.)

Amos S and Ruth B [or R] Lamb, Nov. 14, 1826
Jonathan B and Polly Crowl of Petersham, int July 9, 1824
Joseph B and Mary L Covil of Petersham, int Jan 24, 1842
Laura and Edward Brigham of Whitingham, VT, May 23, 1824
Susan and Moses O Felton of Shutesbury, July 5, 1820

COMINS (see Comings, Cumings, Cummings, etc.)

Charles A and Eunice Rich of Wellfleet, int Feb. 8, 1828

COMMINGS (see above)

Augusta L and William J Lamb, Sept. 15, 1833


Mary and Levi Baker, Aug. 25, 1825


Betsy of Templeton and Elisha Cook, int Nov. 27, 1801
Elisha and Betsy Cook of Templeton, int Nov. 27, 1801
Emeline of Pelham and Lucius E Wilder, int July 21, 1838
William L of Petersham (s. William and Clarissa G, a. 22, farmer), and Abby S. Newton, June 1, 1848


Lucy (d. Ephraim and Sarah, a. 25) and Jotham R Bigelow, Jan. 17, 1849


Mary L of Petersham and Joseph B Comings, int Jan. 24, 1842


Sally of Gardner and John Bowker, int March 14, 1818


Horace C of Fitchburg (s. Timothy C and Sally W of Ashburnham, a. 32, merchant) and Mary M. Bowker, June 12, 1844


Lucy and Job Wheeler, int March 20, 1790


Susanna and Loring Simmons of Stephenton, NY, int Feb. 19, 1799


Daniel [of New Salem in int.] and Amy Eaton, July 7, 1813


Samuel S and Phebe Piper, April 3, 1833


Polly of Petersham and Jonathan B Comings, int July 9, 1824

CUMINGS (see Comins, etc., and the forms below)

[Cummings in int.], David of Petersham and Merriam Wheeler, Feb. 23, 1793
[Cummings in Petersham VR], Ruhamah of Petersham and John Hadly of Westminster, March 11, 1792*
Stephen and Polly Brown, March 1, 1792


Benjamin and Rhoda Pettengill of Greenwich, int Feb. 26, 1791
Betsey of Wardsboro, VT, and Joshua Sprague, int Dec. 11, 1814
[Cominsg in int], Polly and John Dunton, Jna. 21, 1818

CUMMINS (see above)

Samuel and Betsy Brown of Packardsfield, int Sept. 24, 1794


Cynthia and Belo Woodcock Jr., March 1, 1826
Louisa S [D. in int] (d. John and Ziporah, a. 26, tailoress) and Jonas S. Pollard of Bolton, May 16, 1844


Benjamin and Maria M. Hudson, int. March 14, 1844.


Mrs. Betsy of Stow and Noah Bates, int. Jan. 21, 1791.
Caty of Sudbury resident in Phillipston and George Whitehead, March 25, 1825.


Asa and Mrs. Sarah Lamb, Nov. 20, 1795.
Debby [Deborah in int.] and James Upton, May 22, 1808.
Earl Jr. and Lois Kendall, March 7, 1815.
Earl and Mrs. Sarah Cole, Jan. 7, 1816.Samuel [Jr. in int.] and Huldah Weatherby of Winchendon, Dec. 12, 1793. In Winchendon.
William and Lucy Stratton, int. Oct. 25, 1800.


Joseph of Boylston and Olive Lamb, int. July 1, 1842.


Sophia and James Richardson, Feb. 24, 1818.


Abraham and Grace Drury, ___ __, 1789. [Drewry, Sept. 10, 1789, C.R.].
Abraham and Mercy Doane of Eastham, int. Sept. 11, 1819.
Calvin D. and M. Almeda Brown, Sept. 27, 1842.
[Davice in int.], Chauncey and Eunice Knight, Aug. 26, 1813.
Isaac and Rebecca W. Brooks of Templeton, int. Sept. 14, 1822.
Nancy and Seth Hunting of Templeton, Oct. 19, 1814.
Salmon and Lorinda Woodcock, Dec. 2, 1819.


Nabby and Benjamin Rich, int. Aug. 26, 1821.
Sally and Jarathmel Turner of Royalston, March 30, 1826.


Dr. Jeremiah of Newfane and Fanny Negus of Petersham, Jan. 17, 1802.*


John and Susanna Brooks of Athol, Jan. 29, 1798. In Athol.


James (s. Robbert and Ellis of Marblehead, a. 29, agent) and Mary Ann Dunham, Sept. 12, 1846.


William of Ware and Mrs. Mary Ann Tolman, int. Dec. 29, 1849.


Wheeler of Royalston and Rachel Rich, int. Aug. 5, 1805.


Hannah and Samuel Gates Jr., both of Petersham, Dec. 21, 1789.*


Dorcas of Eastham and William Bronsdon Jr., int. Feb. 22, 1818.
Elizabeth and Samuel S. Brown, July 4, 1839.
Isaac Y. and Priscilla Mayo, April 6, 1819.
James M. and Ruth Ann Brown, Aug. 1, 1837.
Joel of Eastham and Betsey Wright, Oct. 21, 1817.
Joel 2d and Eliza Forbush of Royalston, int. Nov. 11,1837.
Joshua of Athol and Mrs. Ruth Parker, int. Sept. 20, 1801.
Capt. Lott and Mrs. Priscilla Doane, Dec. 17, 1842.
Mercy of Eastham and Abraham Davis, int. Sept. 11, 1819.
Mrs. Priscilla and Capt. Lott Doane, Dec. 17, 1842.
Orin of Springfield and Diana A. Bates, May 29, 1839.
Sally and Abner Foster, July 4, 1820.


[Dorrity in Petersham V.R.], Polly of Petersham and John Piper, int. Aug. 16, 1788.


Isabella of Worcester and Josiah Stockwell, int. July 4, 1819.


Joel Jr. of Athol and Louisa Whitcomb, int. April 6, 1835.


Grace and Abraham Davis, ___ __, 1789. [Drewry, Sept. 10, C.R.].
Mrs. Hannah and William Mendem, a native of Great Britain, int. July 28, 1787.
Thomas and Moriah Scholl, May 21, 1828.


[Dunkin in int.], Samuel and Betsy Stanhope, March 16, 1801.


Mary Ann (d. Edwin and Anna of Oxford, a. 18) and James Devereaux, Sept. 12, 1846.


John and Martha K. Lamb, Feb. 23, 1825.
Martha A. and Joseph Gibbs of Petersham, int. Sept. 8, 1849.
Sophia and Daria Lamb, Feb. 21, 1838.
Sophia L. (d. John and Martha, a. 20) and Alden B. Lamb, Sept. 10, 1845.


Ebinezer Jr. and Mehetable Pattingle, int. Jan. 15, 1796.
Hannah and William Lamb, May 29, 1799.
John and Polly Cummings, Jan. 21, 1818.
Mary and John Nickerson, April 13, 1807.
Nehemiah and Betsey Lamb, April 15, 1807.
Submit and Joshua Harrington, June 9, 1790.

EARL (see below)

Lydia and Benjamin White of Dartmouth, Oct. 8, 1807.
Mary and Nathan Stratton, June 26, 1810.
Stephen Jr. and Nabby Stone of Greenwich, int. April 2, 1814.
Stephen and Wid. Candace Richardson of Princeton, int. Dec. 13, 1823.


John and Mrs. Sally Grow Harding of Truro, int. May 30, 1806.
Mrs. Nabby and Tilly Baldwin, Nov. 19, 1828.

EARLS (see above)

[Earl in int.], Sophia and Elijah A. Gould of Bernardston, Dec. 25, 1816.


Amy and Daniel Crossman [of New Salem?], July 7, 1813.
Avery and Lydia Brown, Jan. 22, 1818.
Clara B. and Alvan [Almon?] French of Petersham, May 2, 1843.
George and Apphia Smith, May 21, 1813.
Jonas and Sally Powers, Oct. 14, 1802.
Lydia S. (a. 23) and Uri Twichell of Athol, April 23, 1844.
William and Juliann Taft, June 1, 1835.
William A. and Emily Johnson of Athol, int. April 12, 1843.


Alony of Holden and Simon G. Harrington, int. Dec. 11, 1831.


Tryphena S. of Westminster and Ephraim Martin, int. Oct. 18, 1828.


Asa of Alstead, NH, and Surphila Lothrop, Nov. 4,1822.
Rebecca of Templeton and Henry Sawtell, int. Feb. 18, 1815.


Reuben and Lucy Carruth, Nov. 6, 1788.

Eliza F. and Emory Shumway of Rutland, April 3, 1839.
George W. [Jr. in C.R.] of Petersham and Lydia Baker, May 4, [17 in C.R.], 1814.
Moses O. of Shutesbury and Susan Comings, July 5, 1820.
Nathaniel of Petersham and Abigail H. Bowker, int. Sept. 9, 1826.


Julia of Templeton and Charles Bruce, int. April 13, 1814.


Anna of Jeffery, NH, and Samuel Stevens, Sept. 24, 1800.
Cinthia and Charles Bruce of Athol, int. Aug. 23, 1829.
Dinah [Dianah in int.] W. and Othaniel T. Hale, Oct. 3, 1838.
John of Petersham and Sally Gibbs, Nov. 30, 1789. C.R.
Rebekah and David Sawtell, May 16, 1791.
Ruth and James Jackson of Petersham, Feb. 5, 1793.
Samuel and Fanny Swan, Feb. 28, 1798.


Lot of Temple, NH, and Rhoda Powers, April 23, 1822.


Rufus of Petersham and Lucy Wheeler, Oct. 30, 1811.


Samuel H. of Worcester and Joanna W. Pike, May 30, 1839.


Jonathan and Hannah White, Dec. 2, 1794.
Patty of Littleton and Thaddeus Knight, int. Dec. 17, 1798.
Peter and Lucy Wood of Littleton, int. Nov. 10, 1794.
Wid. Sarah of Templeton and Daniel Knight, int. Oct. 29, 1814.


Eliza of Royalston and Joel Doane, 2d, int. Nov. 11, 1837.
Heman and Mrs. Huldah Streeter of Orange, int. July 25, 1809.
Urina of Templeton and Charles Otis Bruce, int. Sept. 2, 1842.


Rhoda M. of Orange and John P. Richardson, int. May 3, 1843.


Abner and Sally Doane, July 4, 1820.
Joseph and Rebecca Heywood of Templeton, Oct. 4, 1787. In Templeton.
Martha of Templeton and Nathan Smith, Feb. 23, 1807.
Priscilla Elvira of New Salem and Ezekiel Lysander Bascom, int. Aug. 5, 1800.
Rhoda S. of Winchester, NH, and George Innis, int. Nov. 14, 1849.
Sarah and Aaron P. Watson, int. Sept. 25, 1837.


William and Harriet Lamb, int. Sept. 19, 1840.


Alvan [Almon in Petersham V.R.] of Petersham and Clara B. Eaton, May 2, 1843.


Sally and Asa Town, both of Petersham, Feb. 6, 1792.*


Lieut. John of Royalston and Lucinda Kendall, int. Jan. 4, 1823.
[Frye in int.], Lucy of Royalston and Jonathan Hunter, Aug. 12, 1791. In Royalston.


Merrill D. and Lucy Ann Stratton of Athol, int. May 13, 1848.


Cynthia of Royalston and Elijah B. Newton, int. Dec. 25, 1826.
Elizabeth of Royalston and Charles Bruce, int. Nov. 3, 1816.
Jesse and Hannah Holland, both of Petersham, Dec. 29, 1805. C.R.*


Lucy and Oliver Houghton of Ringe, Sept. 4, 1797.


Esther J. of Barre and Isaih D. Swallow Jr., int April 6,1847.
George and Lucy Howe, both of Petersham, Oct. 1, 1818.*
Samuel Jr. and Hannah Dike, both of Petersham, Dec. 21, 1789.*


Azubah and Samuel Phillips Jr. [Geary, March 9, 1790, C.R.].


Joseph of Petersham and Martha A. Dunn, int. Sept. 8, 1849.
Rebekah of Sullivan, NH, and Enoch A. Parker, int. Jan. 24, 1830.
Sally and John Fisk of Petersham, Nov. 30,d 1789. C.R.


Jairus [James? In int.] and Eliza J. Lamb, Oct. 20, 1835.


John and Mary Ryan, int. July 22, 1849.


Lucinda of Petersham and Nathaniel Gleason Jr. of Hardwick, Nov. 11, 1800.*
Nathaniel Jr. of Hardwick and Lucinda Gleason of Petersham, Nov. 11, 1800.*
Polly of Barre and David Johnson, int. Nov. 14, 1813.


Arathusa and Tully T. Parker, March 30, 1836.
Betsy of Athol and Capt. Nathaniel Smith Jr., int. April 9, 1819.
Patty of Framingham and Simon Goddard, int. Sept. 26, 1803.
Sally and Ebenezer Bigelow, Sept. 27, 1824.
Samuel of Royalston and Catherine Parks, June 29, 1790. In Athol.
Silas and Sally Biglo, April 26, 1804.
Simon [Jr. in int.] and Betsy Rich, Nov. 25, 1802.
Simon and Patty Goddard of Framingham, int. Sept. 26, 1803.
[Godard in int.], Simon and Mrs. Allice Rice, April 30, 1816.


Thomas of Hubbardston and Mary Goulding, May 13, 1830.


Betsey and Ebenezer Prescott of Fitzwilliam, Dec. 22, 1813.
Calvin and Lucretia Harris of Worcester, int. March 28, 1789.
Calvin and Ruth Sawtell, June 3, 1790. In Athol.
Polly and Samuel Colman, Aug. 18, 1796.
Rebeckah and John Bradley of Salsbury, VT, int. March 9, 1808.


Elijah and Lucinda Baker, Dec.28, 1791.
Elijah A. of Bernardston and Sophia Earls, Dec. 25, 1816.
George W. and Harriet Ingalls, April 2, 1835.
Pliny P. and Harriet M. F. Morgan of Greenfield, int. Jan. 5, 1824.
Pliny P. and Mrs. Lucinda Jones, April 22, 1834.
Sophia L. [L. Sophia in int.] and Alvin Waite of Hubbardston, April 2, 1835.


Harriet and P. O. Powers, Oct. 7, 1834.
Ignatius and Mrs. Harriet Sawyer of Boylston, int. May 14, 1840.
[Capt. in int.], Jason and Cynthia Knowlton, Nov. 3, 1829.
Hon. Jason (widr., s. Ignatius and Abigail, a. 44, merchant) and Harriet B. Knowlton, March 2, 1846.
Joel and Anna How of Hubbardston, int. June 22, 1807.
Lucretia of Hubbardston and Thomas Brooks, April 13, 1814.
Lydia of Hubbardston and James Baker, int. Oct. 29, 1814.
Mary and Thomas Goodspeed of Hubbardston, May 13, 1830.


Lt. Eleazer of Athol and Mrs. Susanna Bowker, Feb. 4, 1812.


George F. and Mary B. Whitwell, both of Templeton, Jan. 19, 1832. In Templeton.*
Sarah L. and Samuel J. Lyman, both of Templeton, April 12, 1831. In Templeton.*


Mary M. of Stafford, CT, and Benjamin White, int. March 31, 1834.
Samuel S. and Caroline Lamb, May 13, 1828.


Arba of Dublin, NH, and Nancy Seaver, March 28, 1837.
John of Winchendon and Anna Newton, March 10, 1803.
William F. of Templeton and Hopy Seaver, Nov. 11, 1837.


Micah of Greenwich and Sally Lamb, Feb. 27, 1810.


Joel Jr. and Asdenath Wilder of Templeton, June 2, 1789. In Templeton.


John of Westminster and Ruhamah Cumings of Petersham, March 11, 1792.*


Elisha and Patty Carruth, Dec. 30, 1806.
James M. [W. in int.] (s. Washington and Abigail, a. 27, farmer) and Susan Baker, April 19, 1849.
Lucy and Levi Carruth, March 26, 1817.
Nabby and Silas Baker Jr., Dec. 28, 1808.
Washington and Abigail Bush of Templeton, Sept. 27, 1820.


Lydia and Cyrus Holman of Royalston, Nov. 2, 1824.
Othaniel T. and Dinah W. Fisk, Oct. 3, 1838.
Silas and Hopa Rich, int. Oct. 3, 1801.
Silas Jr. and Betsy B. Batchelder of Royalston, int. Sept. 20, 1823.
Stephen and Sukey Waldron of Dover, NH, int. Feb. 7, 1802.

HALLET, see Hollet.


Jeremiah and Hannah Johnson, Sept. 9, 1794.


Mrs. Sally Grow of Truro and John Earle, int. May 30, 1806.
Thankful of Walpole and Joseph K. Baker, Feb. 12,1818.

HARRINGTON (see Herrington)

David and Olive G. Holmes of Amherst, int. Oct. 11, 1830.
Joshua and Submit Dunton, June 9, 1790.
Simon G. and Alony Estabrook of Holden, int. Dec. 11,1831.


Lucretia of Worcester and Calvin Goss, int. March 28, 1789.


William Jr. and Mary Ann Ryan, int. Jan. 10, 1848.


Calvin of Templeton and Polly Severs, July 3, 1811.


Hezekiah of Charlemont and Betsey Lamb, Dec. 26, 1805. C.R.


Elijah of Framingham and Susanna Lamb, Dec. 6, 1807.
Eunice of Athol and James G Smith, int. May 7, 1847.
Matilda C. of Bolton and Ezra L. Bates, int. Feb. 17, 1832.
Mrs. Susan and William Woodbury of Bolton, Nov. 29, 1818.

HAYWARD (see Heywood)

Huldah of Petersham and Charles J. Baker, int. March 3, 1806.
Samuel of Templeton and Patty Bruce, int. Dec. 26, 1801.


John and Mrs. Nabby kinsman of Hubbardston, int. March 30, 1793.

HERRINGTON (see Harrington)

Hannah of Lincoln and Bradyel Stratton, int. July 24, 1797.

HEYWOOD, (see Hayward)

Rebecca of Templeton and Joseph Foster, Oct. 4, 1787. In Templeton.


Sally and Abner Maynard, Dec. 14, 1806.


Elvira of Petersham and Alvah Piper, int. Oct. 9, 1833.


Anna and William Sprague, Sept. 24, 1820.
Nancy of Royalston and Reuben Whitcomb, int. May 11, 1814.
Timothy and Azubah Cobb, Dec. 23, 1810.


Harriet of Westminster and Andrew S. Chubb, int. July 29, 1843.


[Dr. in int.] Guilford and Phebe Maynard, Jan. 20, 1807.


Puah and John Brooks, both of Petersham, April 22, 1819.*


Jane of New Salem and Asa F. Piper, int. May 3, 1838.
Orinda of Warwick and Jetson Spooner, int. Oct. 20, 1831.


Hannah and Jesse Gale, both of Petersham, Dec. 29, 1805. C.R.*


[Hallet in Barre. V.R.], Sophia and Alexander Joslin of Petersham, Aug. 19, 1792.*


Betsy of Templeton and Dr. Jason Ayres, April 17, 1791.
Cyrus of Royalston and Lydia Hale, Nov. 2, 1824.
Sally and Rev. Ezekiel Lysander Bascom, int. Sept. 6, 1802.


Olive G. of Amherst and David Harrington, int Oct. 11, 1830.


Wid. Lydia of Orleans and Capt. Nathan Nickerson, int. Jan. 17, 1824.


Polly of Templeton and Cyrus Cheney, int. Nov. 30, 1814.


Oliver of Ringe and Lucy Gallop, Sept. 4, 1797.
Thomas D. of Petersham and Lydia Brown, int. April 1, 1848.

HOW (see Howe, Howes)

Anna of Hubbardston and Joel Goulding, int. June 22, 1807.
Mrs. Betsy and Jazaniah Knapp, both of Petersham, Oct. __, 1798.*
George of Petersham and Relief Stratton, int. May 1, 1795.
Joel and Sally How, both of Petersham, Jan. 5, 1802.*
John of Petersham and Grace Moor, March 15, 1810.
Lydia of Marlborough and Joshua Lamb, int. Dec. 7, 1816.
Peter and Susanna Stone of Templeton, March 14, 1792.
Sally and Joel How, both of Petersham, Jan. 5, 1802.*
William and Phebe Stockwell, June 14, 1792.
[Howe in int.], William of Bernard, VT, and Lydia Cheney, Oct. 4, 1824.


Patty and Joshua Wright Jr. of Templeton, May 19, 1808.

HOWE (see How, Howes)

Mrs. Grace of Petersham and Silas Sawyer, May 11, 1841.
Lucy and George Gates, both of Petersham, Oct. 1, 1818.*
Parmelia I. Of Wendall and Abijah C. Bullard, int. May 16, 1836.
Phebe H. and Capt. Sumner Sawy [Swan?], Dec. 1, 1831.

HOWES (see above)

Kimball of Ashfield and Nabby White, March 26, 1806. C.R.


Ezra and Rachel White of Barre, July 20, 1795. In Barre.
Maria M. and Benjamin Currier, int. March 14, 1844.


Jonathan and Lucy Fry of Royalston, Aug. 12, 1791. In Royalston.


Seth of Templeton and Nancy Davis, Oct. 19, 1814.


Mary of Newtoun and Joseph Seaver Jr., int. June 12, 1801.


Harriet and George W. Gould, April 2, 1835.


George and Rhoda S. Foster of Winchester, NH, int. Nov. 14, 1849.


James of Petersham and Ruth Fisk, Feb. 5, 1793.
Nathan of Petersham and Betsy Stevens, int. April 12, 1800.


Elmira and Abel Sweetser of Worcester, April 30, 1833.


Abigail and Eleazer Patridge, Dec. 8, 1800.
Asenath and James Millard Esq. of Stamford, VT, Jan. 30, 1814.
Betsy and Thomas Johnson Jr., July 21, 1788. In Templeton.
David and Polly Gleason of Barre, int. Nov. 14, 1813.
Emily of Athol and William A. Eaton, int. April 12, 1843.
Hannah and Jeremiah Hammond, Sept. 9, 1794.
Jane and Samuel Randall, Jan. 15, 1804.
Mary Ann and Alden E. Morse [of Haverhill, NH], Oct. 6, 1834.
Thomas Jr. and Betsy Johnson, July 21, 1788. In Templeton.


Amos and Loisa Maynard, June 9, 1806.
Maj. Amos and Mary Rice of Templeton, Aug. 29, 1810.
Cyrus and Sally Bowker, May 22, 1810.
Emeline [of Gloucester in int.] and Joseph Chickering Jr. of Hubbardston, April 3, 1833.
George of Royalston and Lucinda Stow, Nov. 26, 1816.
Mrs. Lucinda and Pliny P. Gould, April 22,1834.
Lucinda S. (d. George and Lucinda, a. 20, housekeeper) and Capt. Charles C. Bassett, May 29, 1845.


Edmund and Elizabeth Walker of Sudbury, int. Sept. 20, 1794.


Alexander of Petersham and Sophia Hollet of Barre Aug. 19, 1792.


Grace of Barre and Oliver Young, int. Dec. 12, 1801.

KENDALL (see Kindall)

Anna and John Barnard, Jan. 8, 1795.
Betsy and Gamaliel Smith, Nov. 26, 1801.
Francis and Rebecca Stow, June 8, 1815.
Horace and Lucy M. Brown, int. Sept. 2, 1843.
James of Brookline and Hannah Wright, May 21, 1812.
James C. and Achsah B. Buckman, Feb. 27, 1840.
John of Athol and Susanna Smith, Feb. 21, 1796.
Lois and Earl Cutting Jr., March 7, 1815.
Lucinda and Lieut. John Fry of Royalston, int. Jan. 4, 1823.
Martha and Nathan Wright, int. June 8, 1815.
Mary of Royalston and Seth Whiting, int. Nov. 11,1815.
Paul R. and Jane Nickerson, Feb. 15, 1818.
Polly and Nathaniel Bragg Jr. of Royalston, Jan. 15, 1807.
Rebecca S. (d. Francis and Rebecca, a. 26) and Jason H. Sherman of Carthage, IL, Aug. 18, 1847.


[Kyes in int.], Tabitha and Moses Whitney of Templeton, July 15, 1798. C.R.


Polly H. of Roxbury, NH, and James M. L. Parker, April 1, 1835.

KINDALL (see Kendall)

[Kendall in int], Anna and Thomas Atkins, Oct. 24, 1799. In Athol.


Fanny and Jesse Brown, int. Nov. 20, 1841.


Mrs. Nabby of Hubbardston and John Hemingway, int. March 30, 1793.


Jazariah and Mrs. Betsy How, both of Petersham, Oct. __, 1798.*
Lucy of Petersham and Erastus Swan, int. Dec. 10, 1835.
Lydia of Petersham and Edward Powers, int. Dec. 26, 1808.

KNIGHT (see Knights)

Abraham H. and Martha Atwood, int. Feb. 4, 1799.
Ainsworth and Nancy N. Campbell of Royalston, int. Oct. 20, 1840.
Betsey and Clark Stockwell, May 4, 1813.
Daniel and Wid. Sarah Fletcher of Templeton, int. Oct. 29, 1814.
Eunice and Chauncey Davis, Aug. 26, 1813.
Lucy and Lt. James Carruth, Nov. 29, 1804.
Mehitable and Jonathan Lovell of Worcester, June 13, 1798. C.R.
Nancy and George Sprague of Athol, int. May 13, 1826.
Sabrina and Wyman H. Blakely, June 19, 1834.
Thaddeus and Patty Fletcher of Littleton, int. Dec. 17, 1798.
William of Pelham and Azubah Newcom of Greenwich, “:stood up and joined themselves in marriage” Nov. 29, 1804. Ezekiel L. Bascom, Paster of the church in Gerry.*

KNIGHTS (see above)

Hiram W. and Martha G. Adams of Oakham, int. March 5, 1842.


Cynthia and Jason Goulding, Nov. 3, 1829.
Frances E. and Rev. John W. Chickering of Lancaster, Nov. 9, 1830.
Harriet B. (wid. d. Josiah and Mary Bowker of Keene, NH, a. 28) and Hon. Jason Goulding, March 2, 1846.
Jacob and Rhoda Smith, int. Dec. 21, 1799.
Joseph and Relief Stratton, Dec. 20, 1797.
Dea. Joseph Jr. and Abigail Carruth, May 23, 1832.
Dea. Joseph Jr. and Mary H. Bowker, June 16, 1836.
Nabby and Brigham Mills, Nov. 20, 1794.
Polly and Artemas Mann, Nov. 7, 1816.
Stephen of Templeton and Comfort White, int. Sept. 30, 1795.

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