Taunton, MA Vital Records to 1850 (Births)
Published by: New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1929
Transcribed for the web by Dave Swerdfeger

Surnames Starting with A


Catherine [-----],w. Michael, May--1836. G.R.4.
Henry H_,---,1845,[on monument with Nathaniel Presho], G.R.50.
Michael,h. Catherine, Dec.--,1827.G.R.4.


Adaline,S.[?m.],Feb.9,1841,[in lot with Edgar D.Brown and Charles H. Ridder] G.R.50.
Asa R.h. Eliza M. Hammond, May 18,1834. G.R.50.
George F.,nailor,b. Providence, R.I.,s. John Q. and Harriet enl.Aug.14,1862. a.24,R.R.
Horace L. Farmer,b. Norton,enl.July 15,1863,a.23,R.R.
Joanna[-----],w. John, June 13,1775,in Middleton, G.R.34.
ADGER,William,s. Robert,shoemaker, and Mary, Apr.--,1847, in T.


Levi,h. Martha Shaw,---1842,G.R.50.
Martha Shaw[---],w.Levi---,1842, G.R.50

AINEMAN (See Hinman)


Ann Eliza,---1844,[on stone with James Durfee Albro]G.R.50.
Bradford Durfee,h. Harriet Maria Davis,---1846,G.R.50.
Eleanor Hewson [----],w. George Franklin,---1848. G.R.50.
George F.,engraver,b. Fall River, enl. Nov.---,1863,a.16,R.R.[George Franklin Albro,h. Eleanor Hewson,b.---1848, G.R/50].
Harriet Maria Davis [---],w. Bradford Durfee,---,1848, G.R.50.
Irene Almy Chase [----],w. James Durfee,----1819,G.R.50.
James Durfee,h. Irene Almy Chase,----1818,G.R.50.
James Holder,----1849,[on stone with James Durfee Albro] G.R.50.
Moses, July 10,1823,C.R.7


Eliza Ann Williams[---],w. John C.,Aug.22,1836, G.R.17.
John C.,h. Eliza Ann Williams, Apr.4,1836,G.R.17.


Albro W.,Private,Co.H,40th Mass.Vols.,Sept.17,1845,[on stone with Eliza S.] G.R.50.
Charles S.,s. Summer,harness maker, and Matha, Dec.16,1844,in T.[Charles Summer Aldrich,s.Marietta, C.R.3. Charles S.,ch.Summer and Marietta Nelson, Nov. 16. G.R.17.
Desire H.[?m.] May3, 1819,G.R.19.
Eliza S.[?m.],Nov.20,1809,[on stone with Mary M. Aldrich Wilber] G.R.50.
Emily Crawford, ch. Mariette,bp. Mar. 19,1843,C.R.3.
Emma J.,d. Ira, teamster, and Betsey G.,Nov.19,1847, in T.
Hannah S.[?m.],Dec.17,1824,G.R.19.
Haynes C.,cooper, enl. Sept.15,1862,a.23,R.R.
Henry Oran,s. Summer, harness maker, and Marietta[Nelson,G.R.17.],Oct.14,1846.
Solomon, Apr.6,1814, G.R.19.
Summer,h. Marietta Nelson, an.9,1810, G.R.17.
Theodore N., clerk,b.T.,s. Summer and Marietta,enl.-----,1861,a.20.R.R.[Theodore Nelson Aldrich bp. May 16,1841,C.R.3. [Theodore N.,ch. Summer and Marietta Nelson,b. Aug.8,1840,G.R.17]
------,d. Summer, harness maker, and Marietta Nelson,Apr.20,1849, in T.[Jane,C.R.3. Jane M.ch. Summer and Marietta nelson, G.R.17]
------,s. Ira, laborer, and Betsey, Oct. 28,1849, in T.


John William,s. John(Afeck), blacksmith, and Margaret, Nov. 30, 1848, in T.


Helen M. [?m.], Mar.7,1841,G.R.50.
Newton, H., s. James N. butcher, and Roxana M.,Jan.28,1847, in T.[Newton Herbert Alger,h. Abbie Ann,b.----,1848, G.R.50]
----,s. William, trader, and Maria, Mar. 10,1846, in T.
----,s. James N. butcher, and Roxana M., Aug.30,1849, in T.


Abbie G.[---] (Allyn),w. George A., Mar.22,1799, G.R.50.
Abigail,d. Betsey (wid.),bp. Aug. 4,1816, C.R.1.
Adaline E. d. E.F., machinist, and Cordelia, Nov. 24,1846, in T.
Adaline Elizabeth,ch. Edward and Cordelia,bp. July1, 1849, C.R.3.
Caroline Frances, ch. Mr. and Mrs. Allen, bp. Dec. 27, 1840, C.R.5.
Catherine Leonard, ch. James and Abigail,---,1832, G.R.50.
Cyrus Williams,ch. John and Betsey, Oct.28,1806.
Cyrus Williams,s. John and Betsey, bp. [June7] 1812, C.R.1.
Davis,h. Susan C. Witherell,----,1807, G.R.17.
Eliza Leonard,ch. James and Abigail,----1843, G.R.50.
Elizabeth,ch. james and Abigail,---,1843, G.R.50.
Elizabeth,d. John and Betsey,bp.[June 7] 1812,C.R.1.
Ephraim, Dec.8,1801,[in lot with Joseph(d.1839)] G.R.3.
Esther(see Ester Asten).
Eudora M. [?m.],----1848,[on monument with Davis Allen] G.R.17.
George, Jan.31,1833, G.R.50.
George A. (Allyn),h. Abbie G. July 26,1803, G.R.50.
George Esdras, inf. James, bp. July 28, 1833, C.r. 3.
Isabelle Walker [-----],w. Albert W.,----,1849, G.R. 17.
James, h. Abigail [(Leonard)],----,1802,G.R.50.
James Davis, ch. James and Abigail,---1828,G.R.17.
James M., enl. Feb. 1, 1864,a. 22, R.R.
James O.,h. Mary A. Nov.15,1829, G.R.17.
James Otis, ch. Mr. and Mrs. Allen,bp. Dec.27,1840. C.R.5
Jane[?m.],----1827,[on monument with Joseph H. Norris and Cynthis A.] G.R.11.
John H., Dec. 25, 1844,[on stone with Capt. Edward W. Wyman] G.R.50.
Jonah(see Jonah Asten).
Joseph, ch. John and Betsey, bp. [June 7] 1812, C.R.1.
Joseph, Mar.16,1817,[in lot with sarah Thayer Allen] G.R.3.
Joseph,ch. james and Abigail,---,1834, G.R.50.
Lucy F.[----],w. Otis, Jan.16,1805. C.R.1.
Lydia,d. John and Betsey,bp. Nov.21,1813. C.R.1.
Manlius Bradford,ch. James and Abigail,---1838, G.R.50.
Mary(see Mary Asten)
Mary A.[---],w. James O., Mar.18,1829. G.R.17.
Mary Drake, d. John and Betsey,bp. [Jume 7] 1812,C.R.1
Mary Frances,ch. John and Rhoda, Aug.2,1830.
Nancy Maria, "Mother," w. Rev. Reuben H. Cobb,d. Rev. Barna, Nov. 19,1834, in Fort Ann, N.Y., G.R.50.
Nelina Worth,d. James and Abigail,bp.Aug. 23,1840, C.R.3.
Otis,ch. John and Betsey, Feb.28,1809,[On stone beside that of Lucy F.,G.R1.]
Sarah(see Sarah Asten)
Sarah Thayer[-----],w. Joseph, Feb. 8,1824. G.R.3.
William, "dedicated by William Coden," bp. May 26,1781. C.R.1.
William B. (Allyn), clerk, enl. Sept.15,1862,a.22,R.R.
-------, s. Phillip, block printer, and Matilda, Jan.12,1847, in T.


Otis E. June 2,1849. G.R.50.

ALLYN(see Allen)


Josiah Smith,ch.----[dup. Jos[eph]] and Hannah,bp. Feb.17,1824,"youngest child very ill," C.R.7.
Sarah Ann,ch.-------[dup. Jos[eph]] and Hannah,bp. Feb.17,1842."youngest child very ill,". C.R.7.


Anne T. [?m.]----,1844,[on stone with Thomas F. Martin] C.R.40
Mary[---],w. James (b. Parish of Aghabulg, Cork Co., Ire.),----,1836. G.R.41.


Lawriston,fireman,b. Palermo, Me. enl. Dec.24,1863,a. 18,R.R.
Lois[sic] D.(Eames), machinist,b. Maine, enl. July 15,1863, a. 32, R.R.
Samuel Francis,s. Francis, machinist, and Maria, Sept.28,1849, in T.


Alonzo D., Harriet,-----1842,G.R.50.
Harriet[-----],w. Alonzo D.,----1835. G.R.50.


Elias,-----1844. G.R.50

ANDREWS (Andros)

Abigail, d. Sammuel.bp. July 7, 1765. C.R.7.
Charles Edward,ch. Moses G. and Sarah, Nov.10,1834.[shoemaker, in T.,R.R.]
David,ch. Phillip. bp. Dec.5,1970. C.R.1.
Elizabeth Collins,ch. Samuel T. and Lydia, Jan.23,1825.
Freelove, d. Sammuel,bp. July7,1765, C.R.7.
George W.(Andros). clerk,b. Providence, R.I., enl. July 15,1863,a.30.R.R.
Hannah[?m.],-------1768,[on monument with Asa Williams(1803)]G.R.14.
Henry S. (Andros), clerk,b. New York, enl. July 15,1863,a.21. R.R.
Liddy, d. Sammuel, bp. July 7, 1765. C.R.7.
Linkon, inf. Samuel, bp. July 7, 1765, C.R.7.
Lovica, d. Nathaniel and Ruth, Nov. 13,1797, G.R.14.
Lydia(see Liddy).
Marian, inf. Sam[ue]l and Abigal, bp. Feb. 15,1767, C.R.7.
Nathaniel,shoemaker,eln. July 15,1883,a.30,R.R.
Nathaniel Hathaway,ch. Samuel T. and Lydia, Mar.9,1833.
Sally, d. Sammuel,bp. July 7,1765. C.R.7.
Sarah Emeline,ch. Moses G. and Sarah, Feb.20,1820.
Thomas, inf. Samuel T. and Lydia, Apr.12,1827.
William Otis,ch. Samuel T. and Lydia, Apr.12,1827.
Zephaniah G. P., cooper, May---,1830, in Raynham, R.R.


Adeline,ch. Edmund and Nancy Jane, Apr. 14,1839.
Benjamin,ch. Edmund and Ruth Adaline, Oct.---,1836.
Charles S. painter,b. Somerset, enl. Sept. 2,1864, R.R. [h. Martha A. Hamilton,b. June 23,1835, G.R.17.]
Edmund,h. Ruth Adaline [(Soper)], h. Nancy Jane, Aug.2, 1808, in Somerset, G.R.17.
Edmund Jr.,ch. Edmund and Ruth Adaline, Oct. 19,1833.
Elizabeth, twin d. Edmund, printer and publisher, and Nancy J.[dup. Jane], May 22,1843,in T.
Elizabeth Emeline [----],w. Edmund B., Nov.11,1843, C.R. 17.
Harriet M.[----],w. James H., June 7,1806,[on monument with Abigail Bradley Yale] G.R.17.
Isabel Helena, d. James H., bp. Feb 5,1849, C.R.5. [Isabel H.w. Clarence Fuller Boyden,b. Aug.2,1844,G.R.17]
James Hoxie,h. Harriet M., Aug. 31, 1806, G.R.17.
James Yale,s. James H., carpenter, and Harriet M., July 14,1846.
Joseph S.,-----1839. G.R.17.
Marcus Morton, ch. Edmund and Nancy Jane, Aug. 28, 1840.
Maria L. w. William A. Percival, d. Luther and Julia A. Nov. 21,1841. G.R.17.
Martha A. Hamilton [----]. w. Charles S., Nov. 17, 1841.G.R.17.
Mary Baker,w. Job Williams King. Nov. 10, 1815. G.R.17.
Nancy Jane[-----],w. Edmund, May 15, 1811, in Norton, G.R.17.
Nathan,ch. Edmund and Ruth Adaline, Feb.11,1832.
Oliver Soper,ch. Edmund and Ruth Adaline, Ayg. 15, 1835.
Sarah, twin d. Edmund, printer and publisher, and Nancy J.[dup. Jane]. May 22, 1843, in T.
Sarah E, d. Charles(carpenter), Feb. 22, 1846, in T.
Sarah P. Simmons [-----],w. harles, Dec. 21,1821,G.R.17.
W[illia]m Augustus,s. Fred[eric]k A.,factory agent, and Elizabeth, July 13,1846.
W[illia]m B. s. E., printer, and N.J., Jan.22,1848, in T.
------,d. James(carpenter), Aug.2,1844, in T.
------,ch.------bp.-----1846, C.R.7.


Alexander S.,h.,Mary Jane, mar.24,1837, G.R.50
Mary Jane[----],w. Alexander S. June 14, 1836, G.R.50.


Mary J., d. John, machinist, and Bridget, Sept. 14,1848, in T. [Mary Jane Audrey, C.R.8.]


Isaac, nailor,b. Orsable Forks, enl. June 4,1861,a. 22,R.R.


Ann J., d. C.T., machinist, and Mehitable, Dec. 21,1847, in T.

ARMSBEE (Ormsby)

Jeremiah [T.P.R. Jerimaiah Armsbe], ch. Thomas, Nov.25,1678. [Jeremiah Ormsbey, Nov. 25, 1672[sic], P.C.R.]
Juda,d. Thomas, Jan.8,1673,[Judith Armbey,d. Thomas(Armsbey), P.C.R.]
Mary,ch. Thomas, Mar.30[T.P.R. Oct.3],1670.[Oct.3,1671, P.C.R.]
Rebecka (T.P.R. Rebeka),ch. Thomas, May 26, 1672.[Rebeeckah Armesbey,d. Thomas (Armsbey),P,C.R.]
Richard Henry (Ormsby),s.Richard H.(Ormsbee), baker and Eliz[abeth], Aug.10, 1849, in T.
Thomas,s. Thomas, Feb.23,1668.


Barbara, d. William, barber, and Susana F., Sept. 11,1849, in T.


James Henry,s. James A., machinist and Bethiah, Dec. 31,1848, in T.
Martha Bowers,ch. Lemuel and Harriet Tisdale, May 8, 1837.
Wilson, W., h. Saraphine A. (Goff),----1836, G.R.17.


Mary S.[?m.], Aug. 27,1815,[on stone with George R. Shurtleff(1842)] G.R.11.


William, July 12,1844, G.R.11.


Abiel W., h. Louisa S. (Staples), Dec. 16, 1817. G.R.17.
Abigail S.[----],"Mother," w. Noah, Oct. 3, 1816. G.R.14.
Albert B., shoemaker[dup. cooper], b. Lakeville,s. Elbridge [dup. adds G] and Henrietta[dup. adds M],enl. Aug.13,1863,a. 25, R.R.
Cornelius Watson,s. Cornelius G. teamster, and Emily W. Aug.19, 1847, in T.
Ellen D. Pero[----],w. William C. Apr. 18, 1843, G.R.50.
Emily Jane,d. William, laborer, and Sarah, June 11,1849,in T.
George-----, 1848,[on stone with Elbridge G. and Henrietta M.] G.R.14.
Jacob T. (Ash[l]ey), nailor,b. Lakeville,s. Elbridge and Henrietta, enl. May 9, 1861,a.20,R.R. [Ashley,b. Apr.9,1842,G.R.14]
Luther G., mason, b. Freetown,s. Elbridge and Henrietta, enl. Sept. 15, 1862,a. 28, R.R.
Mary Louisa,d. J.H.,carriage maker, and M.S. H.,Jan.31,1849, in T.
Millard Fillmore,s. Calvin, merchant, and Rebecca C. Oct.31,1848, in T.
Noah, "Father," h. Abigail S., Sept. 16, 1815, G.R.14.
Noah E., s. Noah and Abigail S., Nov.1,1845, G.R.14
Noah E., Sept.11, 1847, G.R.17.
Noah W.,h. Mary M.(Thomas),----1842, G.R.17.
Otis A.,s. Abiel W., wheelwright, and Louisa T., July 23,1848,in T. [Otis Abiel,s. Abiel W. and Louisa S. G.R.17.]
Rufus M. blacksmith,b. Rochester, enl. May 21,1863,a 21 R.R.
Sarah J.[---],w. Josiah R. May 15, G.R.5.
Theodore A., s. Noah, carpenter, and Abigail, June 24,1848, in T.[Theodora A., d. Noah and Abigail S., G.R.14.]
William C. h. Ellen D. Pero, Dec.28,1845, G.R. 50.


Nancy L., d. Sarah, Mar.17,1847, in T.
Sarah,d. William M., labourer, and Sarah, July 5,1847, in T.

ASTEN(see Austin).

ASTIN(see Austin).


Alfred, W.,---1848,[on stone with Hirarn and Angenette] G.R.1.
Angenette[?m.],----1824,[on stone with Hiram] G.R.1
Daniel,h. Deborah W. Wilbur,----1814,G.R.50.
Deborah W. Wilbur [---],w. Daniel,----,1816,G.R.50.
Frank C.,----1845,[on stone with Hiram and Angenette] G.R.1.
Hiram,---1819[on stone with Angenette] G.R.1.


Hartwell, hatter, enl. Oct.--1861,a.35,R.R.


Harry C. painter,b. London, Eng.,Charles, enl.July 29,1862,a.33,R.R, [Henry E.,Co.B,33rd Regt. Mass. Vol. Inf. h. Mary A., h. Rachel, b.---1828,G.R.50.
Mary A.[---],w. Henry E.----1830,G.R.50.
Rachel[---]w.Henry E.,---1828,G.R.50.

ATWOOD(see also Wood)

Alice B. Williams[---],w. Henry Dean, Apr.22,1842,G.R.17.
Ann S.,d. George B. and Ann, July 19,1820. G.R.1.
Anna Richmond[----],w. George,----1767,G.R.17.
Authar Bowens,s. George T., grocer, and Hannah A. Aug.6, 1848, in T.
Charles A. June 25, 1835,[on monument with Charles R.] G.R.17.
Charles Henry, inf. Geo[rge] B. and Eliza F. bp. July 12,1829, C.r.3.
Charles Henry, inf. Geo[rge] B. and Eliza A. bp. Sept.6, 1835. C.R.3.
Charles R., h. Susan P.(Dean), Jan. 20, 1804,[on monument with George(1765)] G.R.17.
Edward Sumner, inf. George B. and Eliza A.bp. Sept.1,1833, C.R.3.
Elizabeth, d. Walter H., carpenter, and Elizabeth, Mar. 13,1849,in T.
Elizabeth Bowers, inf. Geo[rge] B. and Eliza F. bp. Aug.5, 1827, C.R.3.
Ellen J.[----],w. George H. B., Nov.18,1837, G.R.50.
Ephrain, Jan.20,1777,[see Anna (Hatheway)] G.R.13.
Frank A.,h. Jennie B., Oct.9,1845. G.R.50.
George,h. Anna Richmond,----,1765,G.R.17.
George H. B.,h. Ellen J.,Mar.23,1819, G.R.50.
Geo[rge] Thomas,s. G.B., hp. Apr.24, 1825,C.R.3.
Henry Dean,h.Alice B. Williams, Jan.29,1839,[on monument with Charles R.] G.R.17.
James S.,s. george B. and Ann, July,19,1820. G.R.1.
Jennie B.[----],w.Frank A.,Jan.13,1848. G.R.50.
Leonard W., May 7,1844,[in lot with Walter H. and Lydia] G.R.50.
Lydia[---],w. Walter H., Jan.22, 1789.G.R.50.
Lydia[---],w.----,Nov.3,1792,[on stone beside that of Stephen]G.R.13.
Lydia Ann Hathaway,ch. Stephen Hathaway and Lydia, Oct.4, 1829.
Robert D., May 6,1837,[on monument with Charles R.] G.R.17.
Ruth, Nov. 30, 1753, G.R. 33.
Stephen, Jan.7,1804,[on stone beside that of Lydia(1792)] G.R.13.
Walter H.,h. Lydia, mar.31,1788,G.R.50.
William Earl,s. Stephen, dress tender, and Roxana, June 27, 1846. in T.
William H., laborer,b. T., enl. June----,1861,a.33,R.R.

AUDREY (see Andy).

AUSTIN (Asten, Astin)

Abby Maria,ch. daniel and Betsey, July 16,1832.
Abiatha F--s. Henry, shoemaker,and Sally, Feb.3,1849,in T.
Adelade Eliza,ch. Otis Chapin and Catharine Amand, Mar.8, 1841.
Adeline Dean,ch. Stephen and Dinah, Nov.29,1825.
Albert S., s. Otis C.,pedlar, and Caroline A. Dec.19,1846, in T.
Alfred B., s. John, labourer, and Ann, Aug.20, 1847, in T.
Alonzo, ch. Abiathar and Ellen, Jan. 4,1838.
Angeline, ch. daniel and Betsey, Sept. 15,1828.
Ann[---](Astin), w. Astin,---.1819, G.R.50.
Ann Maria,ch. Otis Chapin and Catharine Amand, Nov.1,1837.
Astin(Astin),h. Ann,----,1814,G.R.50.
Betsey,ch. Palmer and Elizabeth, Aug. 14,1826.
Betsey Barney[---],w. Daniel, Feb.14,1789. G.R.1.
Betsey Philinda,ch. Abiathar and Ellen, Apr. 28,1834.
Caroline,ch. Abiathar and Ellen, May 10,1831.
Caroline E.[---],w. Gilbert l., Dec.5,1823, G.R.50.
Caroline Matilda,ch. Solomon and Zilpha, June 12,1813.
Charles B., carpenter, b. T.,s. Charles and Mary, enl. Aug.4, 1862,a.33,R,R.[h. Prudence E.,b.----,1829, G.R.50.]
Charles E.,-----,1848,[on monument with daniel L.] G.R.50.
Charles R., h. mary----,1804, G.R.1.
Daniel Lincoln,ch. Daniel and Betsey, Aug.12,1823.[[h.jane A.] G.R.50.]
Dinah[?m.], Feb. 22,1801,[on stone beside that of Stephen] G.R.1.
Elizabeth[---], "Mother,"w. Palmer, Dec.26,1800, G.R.50.
Ester(Asten),d. Jonah Jr., Jan.3,1662.[Allin,P.C.R. Austin, S.C.F.]
Francis,ch. Abiathar and Ellen, Mar. 24,1826.
George, moulder, enl. July 15,1863,a.33, R.R.
George, laborer,b. Ireland,enl. Sept.2,1864,a.42,R.R.
George Willard,ch. Stephen and Dinah, Nov.13,1829.
Gilbert Leonard, ch. Solomon and Zilpha, Feb. 12,1815.
Granville,s. Otis C., teamster, and Catharine, Feb.7,1845,in T.
Hannah,ch. Solomon and Zilpha, July 29,1817.
Hannah,ch. Abiathar and Ellen, Nov. 19,1827.
Hannah Jane,ch. Daniel[dup. cordwainer] and Jane, Oct.9,1843[dup. in T.]. [[w. Charles William Briggs]G.R/50.]
Harriet,ch. Daniel and Betsey, Apr.16,1819.
Harriet maria,ch. Abiathar and Ellen, May 5,1821.
Henry,ch. Abiathar and Ellen, Oct.8,1821.[h. Pininah Williams, Oct.8,1825[sic],G.R.50.]
Henry Colburn,ch. Solomon and Zilpha, Apr. 20, 1832.
James,h. Sarah A. (Godfrey), July 20, 1820, G.R.50.
Jane A.[---] [w. Daniel L.].Apr.28,1825,[on monument with Linda Perry Titus] G.R.50.
John(Asten),s. Jonah Jr., July 1,1671. [Austine, P,C.R. Austin, S.C.F.]
John C., s. John,labourer, and Ann, Apr.2,1864, in T.
Jonah (Asten),s. Jonah Jr., Aug.17,1667. [Allin,P.C.R. Austin, S.C.F.]
Josephine C., d. tis C.(farmer), July--,1843, in T.
Lloyd Belsher,ch. Solomon and Zilpha, Mar.16,1834.
Lloyd W., machinist,b. T., s. Abiather and Esther L., enl. Apr. 16, 1861,a.20,R.R.
Louis leprilette,ch. Stephen and Dinah, July 13,1831.
Louisa F., w. Nathaniel E. Leonard,w. Timothy R. Studley, ---,1845, G.R. 50.
Mary(Asrten),d.Jonah Jr., May 12,1663, [Allin,P.C.R. Austin S.C.F.]
Mary[---],w. Charles r.----,1805, G.R.1.
Mary, ch. Palmer and Elizabeth, Oct. 7,1821.
Mary,ch. Abiathar and Ellen, Apr.30,1822.
Nancy,ch. Solomon and Zilpha, Dec.12,1824.
Nancy H., ch. Solomon and Nancy, Jan.25, 1806.[w.Aaron Dean,w. Elbridge G. Williams, G.R.10.
Otis chapin,ch. Solomon and Zilpha, Sept. 2,1811.
Palmer, "Father," h. Elizabeth, July 5, 1792, G.R.50.
Peleg Gordon,ch. Solomon and Zilpha, Jan. 14,1829.
Philena, ch. Abiathar and Ellen, Nov.1,1832.
Philena Wetherell,ch. daniel and Betsey, May 7,1816.
Pininah Williams[----],w.Henry, Dec.13,1834, G.R.50.
Prudence E.[----],w. Charles B., ----,1831,G.R.50.
Rhoda,ch. Solomon and Nancy, Dec. 26,1795-
Rhoda,ch. Solomon and Zilpha, Feb.7,1822.[Rhoda B.,w. Benjamin H. Paull, G.R.50]
Rhoda,ch. Palmer and Elizabeth, June 11,1824.
Rosina Russell,ch.Stephan and Dinah, Mar.4,1824-[Rossina R.,w. Joseph N. Pratt, G,R.50.]
Sally, ch.Palmer and Elizabeth, feb.27,1819.
Sanford Baylie,ch. Otis Chapin and Catharine Amand, May 5,1839.
Sarah (Asten),d. Jonah Jr., Nov.4,1665-[Allin,P.C.R. Austin S.C.F.]
Sarah Alden,ch. Stephen and Dinah, Feb.15, 1833-
Sarah J. [?m.]----,1837,[on stone with Phillip H. Fletcher] G.R.50.
Serena Dean,ch. Solomon and Zilpha, Oct.20,1826.
Solomon, ch. Solomon and Nancy, Oct.3,1791.
Stephen,ch.Solomon and Nancy, Aug.--1800.[Aug.5[on stone beside that of Dinah]G.R.1.]
Stephen Alexander,ch. Stephen and Dinah, Feb 29,1828.
Warren Bradford,ch. Stephen and Dinah, Feb.29,1828.
William,ch. Palmer and elizabeth, Feb. 27,1828.
William,ch. Abiathar and Ellen, Sept.26,1829.


George Waverly,---1813,G.R.50.

AYERS(see Eayers).

A----,S.,b. or d.----,1803,G.R.15.

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