Taunton, MA Vital Records to 1850 (Births)
Published by: New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1929
Transcribed for the web by Dave Swerdfeger

Surnames Babbitt to Blake


Abigail A. Horton[----],"Mother," w. Thomas D.,-----1831,G.R.50.
Alethia P.,d.Samuel T. and Anne, Nov.12,1817,G.R.11.
Alfred B.,h. Amelia S., July 29,1828, G.R.17.
Amelia S.[---],w. Alfred B., Jan. 4,1834,G.R.17.
Basheba,ch. Ziba,Jan. 11, 1793.
Bethiah Lincoln,ch. Ziba and Wealthy, Sept. 20,1834.
Betsey,ch. Ziba, Aug. 21,1789.
Caroline A.,d. James and Mary H. Oct.21,1834, G.R.1.
Caroline M. [------],w.Elkanah A.,----1828, G.R.50.
Catharine F.[----],w. Emerson, Nov.8,1822,G.R.50.
Charles,ch. Ziba, Dec. 3, 1786.
Charles, s. George H., merchant, and Seraphine L.[Seraphene S., G.R.17.], Sept. 29, 1849, in T.
Charles Brigham, s. Cha[rle]s L. machinist, and Mary T., Mar.16, 1847, in T.
Charles E., clerk,b. T., s. Emerson and Catherine, enl. Aug.6, 1862,a.20,R.R. [Co. F, 39th Regt. Mass. Vols., b. May 8, 1842. G.R.1.]
Charles Ellis, ch. Charles L. and Mary T., June 5, 1838.
Charles Ellis ch. Charles L. and Mary T., June 7, 1839, G.R.17.
Charles Henry,ch. Charles L. and Mary T., Oct. 2, 1840.[Oct.1, G.R.17.]
Charles L., h. Mary T. Ellis, Mar.1, 1813, G.R. 17.
Charles Michael,ch. James H. and Eliza C.[(Sweet) G.R.17.], Nov.16, 1841.
Cordelia, twin ch. Ziba and Wealthy, Mar. 22, 1841.[w. John Warren Phillips,G.R.50.]
Cornelia,twin ch. Ziba and Wealthy, Mar. 22, 1841.
Dauaria [dup. Danaria, T.P.R. Damaris] (Bobit),d.Elkanah[dup. and T.P.R. Elkannah],June 18,1691.
Dauriras (Bobbitt) [dup. Damaris, T.P.R. Damaris Bobit],ch. Edward [dup. Edwards], Sept. 15,1663. [Damaris Bobbitt,d. Edward, P.C.R.]
David Dean,ch. Ziba and Wealthy, Mar. 21, 1832, [shoemaker, in T., R.R. Co. K,4th Mass. Vols., 23rd Unattached Mass. Vol. Militia, in T.,[in lot with Lucy A.] G.R.50.]
Debrough,ch. Ebenezer, Oct.26, 1803.
Deliverance (Bobbitt) [T.P.R. Bobbit],ch. Edward [dup. Edwards], Dec. 15, 1673. [Bobbitt, d. Edward, P.C.R.]
Dorcas [T.P.R. Dorkas] (Bobit),d. Elkanah [dup. and T.P.R. Elkannah], Aug. 12,1693.
Dorkas(Bobbitt) [T.P.R. Bobit], ch. Edward[dup. Edwards], Jan. 20, 1666. [Dorcas Bobbitt,d. Edwards, P.C.R.]
Easter (Bobbitt)[T.P.R. Bobit], ch. Edward [dup. Edwards], Apr. 15, 1669. [Ester Bobbitt, P.C.R.]
Ebenezer,ch. Ebenezer, June 15,1799.
Edward (Bobbitt)[T.P.R. Bobit],ch.Edward[dup. Edwards], July 15, 1655.[Bobbit,S.Edward, P.C.R.]
Edward (Bobit),s. Edward, Feb.14,1684.
Edwin Gray,ch. Charles L. and Mary T.,Sept.20, 1841.[Edwin Grey Babbitt,G.R.17.]
Eliza,ch. Ebenezer, Dec. 19,1794, in T.
Elizabeth(Bobit),d. Elkanah[dup. and T.P.R. Elkannah] Mar. 6,1689.
Elkana(Bobbitt) [T.P.R. Bobit],ch. Edward[dup. Edwards], Dec.15,1665.[Bobbitt,d.[sic] Edwards,P.C.R.]
Elkanah[dup.and T.P.R. Elkannah] (Bobit),s. Elkanah[dup. and T.P.R. Elkannah], Apr. 25, 1690.
Elkanah, ch. Ziba, Oct. 25, 1784. [On stone with hannah, G.R.1.]
Elkanah A.----,1818[on stone with Caroline M.] G.R.50.
Emerson,h. catharine F., Feb. 13, 1816, G.R.50.
Esther(see Easter).
Everett,s. E. machinist, and C., June 18, 1847, in T.
Faney, ch. Ebenezer, Aug. 20, 1792, in T.[Fanny,w. Dean Paull, G.R.50.]
Florette A. Bailey[----],w. Rollin Herbert, Nov.15,1847, G.R.17.
Francis S., s. Geo[rge] H., trader, and Seraphine, Dec. 22,1843, in T. [Frank s., clerk, R.R.]
George Henry, ch. George H. and Seraphene, Sept. 7, 1841.[George H. Jr., clerk, s. George H. and Seraphine, in T., R.R.]
Hannah[----],w. Elkanah, Mar. 21,1779,G.R.1.
Hannah J., d. James and mary H., Nov.3,1829, G.R.1.
Henry l. Capt., h. Isabella Briggs,h. Sopia H. Bright, June 30, 1837,G.R.17.
Hopestill (Bobit),d. Elkanah[dup. and T.P.R. Elkannah], Sept. 11,1695.
Isaac,ch. Ziba, July 26, 1799.
Isabella Briggs[----],w. Capt. Henry l., Sept. 29, 1839, G.R.17.
James, Dec. 31, 1800,[see birth of mary H. Burbank] G.R.1.
James Bradford, Co. B, 42nd M.V.M., Nov. 10, 1827,[on stone with Julia Steele Babbitt] G.R.11.
James H., h. Eliza C.(Sweet), June 18,1816,G.R.17.
James Howard,ch. James H. and Eliza C.[(Sweet) G.R.17.] Jan.13,1839.
Julia Steele[-----],w. James Bradford, Jan. 24,1830,G.R.11.
Lucy A.[---],w. David D., Oct.1,1832, in Hardwick, G.R.50.
Luther R., Feb. 22, 1808,[on stone with Elkanah and Hannah] G.R.1.
Martha M.[----],w.-----,---, 1837[on monument with Rachel Ann(Tripp)] G.R.11.
Mary T. Ellis[----],w. Charles L., Sept. 29, 1812, G.R.17.
Mary Walker[----], w. Abijah, Nov. 12, 1807, G.R.17.
Mercie (Bobit), d. Elkanah{dup. and T.P.R. Elkannah], Dec. 30, 1699.
Nancy,ch. Ziba, Mar. 29, 1796.
Rebecca M.[?m.], Sept. 6, 1827,[in lot with Joseph Philbrick]G.R.11.
Ruth(Bobbitt)[T.P.R. Bobit], ch. Edward[dup. Edwards], Aug. 7,1671. [Bobbitt, d. Edward, P.C.R.]
Samuel T., "Father," h. Anne(Paull), Feb. 28, 1784, G.R.11.
Sara(Bobbitt) [T.P.R. Bobit],ch. Edward[dup.Edwards], Mar. 20, 1657. [Sarah Bobitt,d. Edward P.C.R.]
Seth Cooper,ch. Ebenezer, Sept. 9, 1797, in Freetown.
Sophia H. Bright[---],w. Capt. Henry L., Nov. 20, 1842, G.R. 17.
Thomas D., h. Abigail A. Horton,----,1829, G.R.50.
Thomas G., Co. k. 42nd Regt. Mass. Vols., s. Samuel M. and Jane B.,----,1848, G.R.50.
Ziba Jr., ch. Ziba, May 16,1782.
----,d. Emerson, machinist, and Catherine F., Dec. 10, 1849, in T.

BACHELOR.(see Batcheler)


Augusta E., d. Pary(machinist), Mar. 19,1845, in T.
Mary[---],w. Orin Francis, Nov. 26, 1838, G.R. 50.
Orin Francis, Co. 1,42d Mass. Inf.,h. Mary, ept.27, 1831, G.R.50.
Orin P., May 2, 1806,[in lot with Orin Francis] G.R. 50.
Eliza Ann, d. Luther and Ann, bp. Aug. 25, 1816, C.R.1.
Francis,s. Luther, bp. July 3, 1814, C.R.1.
Susan F., d. W[illia]m H., manufacturer, and Susan A., Mar. 7, 1847, in T.
Thomas(Bayley), s. John, Feb. 27, 1683.
William H.,s. William H., machinist, and Susan A., July 1, 1848 in T.


Abbie L.[-----],w. Benjamin H., Jan. 23,1834, G.R.50.
Abbie O. Applegate[----],w. Charles F., Apr.2,1839, G.R.17.
Abiathar, Apr. 12, 1796, P.R.18.
Abigail[?m.], Feb.[illegible] 7, 1795, P.R.18.
Almira G.[---],w.----, formerly w. Capt. G.S. Pendleton, Dec. 18, 1828, G.R.17.
Andrew, mariner, b. Darthmouth, enl. July 15, 1863,a. 34, R.R.
Angenetta F., d. Leonard, brickmaker, and Almira, July 18, 1844,[Angenetta A., w. Samuel O. Peck, G.R.11.]
Benjamin H., h. Abbie L. Jan. 26, 1823, in Baltimore, Md., G.R.50.
Caleb W., July 13,1827,[on monument with Charles F.] G.R.17.
Charles F., h. Abbie O. Applegate, Jan. 10, 1837, G.R.17.
Charles Leonard, ch. Walker Jr. and Nancy, June 9, 1819.[In lot with Eunice Parris, G.R>11
Charlotte Williams, ch. Walker Jr. and Nancy, Feb. 11, 1825.[w. Josiah T. Lincoln, G.R.11.]
Clarissa,w. Almond Townsend,d. Walker and Margaret, Feb. 26, 1804, G.R.17.[d. Walker and Margaret Townsend, P.R.18.]
David,h. Sarah M., Aug. 3, 1803, G.R.50.
Edgar S., ch. Sylvanus [dup. farmer] and Betsey, Dec. 31, 1843[dup. in T.]
Edward, June 23,1831.[on monument with David baker and Mary L. Taber] G.R.50
Eliza A. Sullivan[----],w. William s.,-------1818, G.R.50.
Elizabeth[?m.], July 8, 1802, P.R.18.
Elizabeth Ann, ch. Walker Jr. and Nancy, June 13, 1821.
Ellen A.[?m.], Oct. 4, 1842,[on stone with Juliet F.] G.R.11.
Eunice(see Eunice Parris).
George Walker, ch. Walker Jr. and Nancy, Sept. 10, 1817.
Harriett A.[?m.], Jan. 26, 1847, G.R.50.
Henry A., s. Zadock, yeoman, and A., July 2, 1846, in T.
Henry F., Aug. 19, 1836.[on stone with Maria] G.R.11.
Herbert,s. David, machinist, and Catherine, Sept. 24, 1849, in T.
John N., May 23, 1842.[on stone with David and Sarah M.] G.R.50.
Josiah G, machinist, enl. May 21, 1861,a. 26, R.R.
Julia F., d. Sylvanius, farmer, and Betsey, July 28, 1848, in T.[Juliet F.,[on stone with Ellen A.]G.R.11.]
Larran Allen,s. Obed,shoemaker, and Sally, May 30,1848, in T.
Leonard,"Father," May 19,1800,[in lot with Henry F.] G.R.11.P.R.18.
Louisa {?m.] Aug. 25, 1811, P.R. 18.
Louisa T. [----],w. William H. Jan. 10, 1833, G.R.11.
Lydia A.[---],w. George W., ----,1822, Gr.11.
Marchal, Jan.4, 1810, P.R.18.
Maria[?m.], Oct. 15, 1833,[on stone with Henry F.]G.R.11.
Maria Selby, ch. Walker Jr. and nancy, Dec. 21, 1828.[w.W[illia] m H. Haskins, G.R.11.]
Marshall(see Marchal).
Marshall B., farmer, b. T., enl. July---,1863, a. 25, R.R.
Mary P.[?m.] Jan. 19, 1804.[on monument with Charles F. and Caleb W.] G.R.17.
Nancy, w. Nathaniel Phillips, Dec. 20, 1805, G.R.1.
Nancy J. Davis[---],w. Otis L.----1826, G.R.17.
Otis L., h. Nancy J. Davis,---,1827. G.R.17.
Sarah M.[---],w. david, Dec.11, 1808. G.R.50.
Silvanus(see Sylvanus).
Simeon, Nov. 24,1735. "Taken From ye Town Records. In October 1751," P.R.1.
Sylvanus, June 12, 1813. P.R.18.
Walker Sr., h. Margaret Townsend,----,1770, P.R.18.
Walker, Sept. 22, 1790, P.R.18.
William, shoemaker, b. T., enl. Feb. 2, 1863, a. 19, R.R.
William Hervey, ch. Walker Jr. and Nancy, Apr. 22, 1831.
William S., h. Eliza A. Sullivan,----1831, G.R.50.
Zadock, Nov. 29, 1797. P.R.18.
-----,s. Alfred, machinist, and Maria, Apr. 1, 1849, in T.


Ansel Jr., trader, b. T., s. Ansel and Sarah, enl. Sept. 15, 1862, a. 28, R.R.[b. May 31, 1834, G.R.14.]
John M., clerk, b. Dighton, enl. July 15, 1863, a. 34, R.R.
Sarah A. {?M.], Sept. 6, 1836. G.R.14.


Edward B., s. David R., machinist, and Eliza Jane, Oct. 11, 1848, in T. [h. Isadore A., G.R.50.]
James (Balwin), s. Cyrus(yeoman), May 8, 1844, in T.
Theadore [dup. Theodore] M.,h. Charlotte J.(Knapp),---,1840, G.R.3.


Francis J., h. Ann[(Brown)], Apr.16, 1831,G.R.40.


Abigail, ch. Jacob Jr. and Hannah, Nov. 15, 1805,G.R.40.
Abijah,ch. Jacob Jr. and Hannah, Apr.8, 1811.
Amah, d. David, bp. Aug.8, 1756, C.R.7.
Elizabeth,d. David, bp. July 6, 1761. C.R.7.
Ephraim, ch. Jacob Jr. and Hannah, Nov. 23,1804.
Hannah, ch. Jacob Jr. and Hannah, Sept. 21, 1808.
John, ch. Jacob Jr.. and Hannah, Sept.6, 1812.
Mary, d. David, bp. July 6, 1761. C.R.7.
Noah, s. david, bp. Aug. 8, 1756. C.R.7.
Phebe, ch. Jacob Jr. and Hannah, Jan. 19, 1810.
William, mechanic, s.Hannah, enl. Aug.10, 1861,a. 18, R.R.


Alvan Samson, ch. Roswell and Hannah S., bp[Dec.17] 1826,C.R.3.
Norman, s. Dea. Roswell and Hannah, bp.[June 3] 1838,C.R.5.
Roswell Schuyler, ch. Roswell and Hannah S. bp. [Dec. 17] 1826, C.R.3.
BALWIN(see Baldwin)


David C., carpenter, b. Philadelphia, Pa., enl. June----,1861.a.24,R.R.
John W., Amasa, cooper, and Ariadne, Jan. 7, 1849, in T.


James, laborer, enl. July 15, 1863, a. 24, R.R.
John(Bennon), s. Patrick, labourer, and Catherine, June 9, 1847, in T.[Bannon, C.R.8.]
Mary A., d. Patrick(labourer), Aug. 1, 1845, in T. Patrick, labourer, b. Ireland, enl. July 15, 1863,a.45, R.R.


Sarah Elizabeth(see Sarah Elizabeth Burkitt).


Eliza Alice, Oct. 15, 1849. C.R.7.
Mary J.[?M.],---1848, G.R. 40.


John F., Apr. 20, 1843,[on monument with Emily W. Stoddard] G.R.17.


Anson J., Mar.28, 1811,[on stone with Sarah C.] G.R.17.
Ellen[?M.],---1812.[in lot with George W. Parker and Ellen]G.R.50.
Emma C.{?M.], Nov. 16, 1842,[on stone with Orville A.] G.R.17.
Orville A., clerk, b. T., s. Anson J., enl. Aug.5,1862,a.22, R.R.
Philura [?M.], June 7, 1813, [on stone with Anson J.] G.R.17.
Rosanna,d. Owen and Elizabeth(Derman), July 11, 1848.[Rose,ch. Owen and Elizabeth(Dernan)July11, C.R.8]
Sarah C.[?M.], Jan 11, 1812[on stone with Anson J.] G.R.17.


Charles T. tailor, enl. July 15, 1863, a. 34, R.R.
Lorenso O. enl. Sept. 15, 1862,a. 29, R.R.


Alfred, inf. Thomas and Eliza,bp. Apr. 5, 1840. C.R.7.
Ann Eliz, ch. Thomas and Eliza, bp. June 12, 1842. C.R.7.
Ann Pond,ch. Tho[ma]s and Mary, bp. Jan. 10,1830.C.R.7.
Charles A., clerk, b. Charlestown, enl. July 15, 1863,a. 28, R.R.[Co. F, 39th Regt. Mass. Vols., s. John and Maria F., b. Mar. 20, 1836, G.r. 50.
George, ch. James and Phebe,----C.R.7.
Harriet Ellen, ch. W[illia]m and Harriet, bp. May 23, 1848, C.R.7.
Harriet T., d. William, block printer, and Hannah, Jan. 18, 1848, in T.
James, s. James(laborer), Jan. 28, 1849, in T.
Maria L., d. William, block printer, and Hannah, Sept. 14, 1845, in T.
Maria Josephine, ch. W[illia]m and Harriet, bp. Oct. 19, 1847, C.R.7.
Mary, ch. John and Mary, bp. June 28, 1829, C.R.7.
Phebe(see Phoebe)
Phebe,ch. James and Phebe,-----C.R,7.
Phebe Ellen, ch. Thomas and Eliza, bp. Aug. 15,1847, "child sick," C.R.7.
Phebe M., d. James (block printer), Sept.----,1845, in T.
Phebe Matilda, ch. William and Harriet, bp. Nov.9, 1845, "child sick." C.R.7.
Phoebe, ch. William and Hannah, bp. July 3,1842, C.R.7.
Richard, ch. James and Phebe,-----,C.R.7.
Richard T., ch. Tho[ma]s and Mary, bp. Aug. 3, 1832, C.R.7.
Susan, ch. Tho[ma]s and Mary bp. May 15, 1831. C.R.7.
Thomas, ch. James and Phebe,----C.R.7.
-----,s. William, calico printer, and Anna, Feb. 16, 1847, in T.
-----,ch.-----bp. July 26, 1849. C.R.7.


Adolphus,ch. John, mar. 5,1774.
Anna Williams{---},w. William("The Elder"),---,1708, G.R.6.
Bildad, ch. John, Aug. 16, 1768.
Caroline A. w. Eben dean Newhall, Oct. 5, 1830. G.R.17.
Charles Henry, ch. John and Ann, Aug. 19, 1830.
Clarissa, ch. John, Apr. 15, 1782.
Franklin, seaman, s. John and Ann, Dec. 17, 1841, in T., R.R.
Franklin Leonard, ch. John and Ann, Oct. 22, 1833.
Harriet J. [?m.},---,1840, G.R.1.
Harvey Shaw, s. William, bp. Aug.4 1799, C.R.4
Helen J., d. Oliver(carpenter), Jan.1, 1844, in T.
James, ch. John, July 18, 1765.
James H., s. James, mechanic, and sally of Newton, Nov.---,1855, in Fall River.
Jemina, Ch. John, Sept. 11,1779.
Joshua, ch. William, bp. Aug. 11, 1793, C.R.4.
Margaret Sanford{---}, [first] w. William,---1742, G.R.6.
Nancey, ch. John, Sept.2, 1798.
Polly d. William, bp. May---,1798, C.R.4.
Rachel, ch. John, June 27, 1776.
Sarah, ch. John, June 26, 1771.
Sarah J.[?M.],---1829,[on stone with aroline M. Babbitt] G.R.50.
Wealthy, d. William and Wealthy, bp. May15, 1803, C.R.4.[Welthea w. William Paull, b. Feb. 28, G.R.4.
Willard J., laborer, enl. Dec.31, 1863, a. 20, R.R.
William, "The Elder," h. Anna Williams,---1701,[on monument erected by Everett Hosmer Barney of Springfield, "Descendant of One of the Early Settlers on Taunton...and of Jacob Barney, Emigrant Who landed in alem, 1634"] G.R.6.
William, h. Margaret Sanford, h. Wealtha(Staples),---,1740.[On monument with William(1701)] G.R.6.
Ziba, ch. William, bp. Aug. 11, 1793, C.R.4.

BARR(see also Burr)

Sarah Ann, inf., bp July 5, 1829, C.R.3.

BARROWS(Barrow, see also Bores)

Albert Burr[dup. Abbot B.] ch. Joseph[dup.(school teacher)] and Sally B., Mar, 3, 1844.[dup. in T.]
Charles H., spinner, enl. Sept. 15, 1862, a. 20, R.R.
Elisha, ch. Sarah(Wid), bp. Sept. 26, 1789, C.R.4.
Frances A. Bartlett[---],w. Dr. Ira, Sept. 27, 1810, G.R.17.
George M. D., May 12,1815, in Attlebourough, G.R.17.
George, ch. Joseph and sally B., Apr. 11,1840.
George L. shoemaker, s. George and Deborah, enl. Aug.4, 1862, a. 18, R.R.
George W., Apr.10, 1845, G.r. 17.
Harriet Amanda, d. Rev. Barrows, bp. Aug. 20, 1837. C.R.4.
Helen Amelia, "second" d. Rev. Barrows, bp. Dec. 9, 1838, C.R.4.
Henry, ch. Isaac P. and Polly S., July 28, 1839, C.R.4
Ira, M.D., h. Frances A. Bartlett, Nov. 18, 1804, in Attleboro, G.R.17.
Lusy, ch. Sarah(wid), bp. Sept. 26, 1789, C.R.4.
Mercy, ch. Sarah(wid) bp. Sept. 26, 1789, C.R.4.
Nancy Augusta, d. Rev. Elijah W. and Louisa, Mar. 7, 1844, in T.
Rosamond[----], w. Capt. Gilford, Jan. 17, 1790, in Middleboro, G.R.1.
Sarah F., d. Dr. Ira and Frances A. Nov. 16, 1833, G.r. 17.
Silas Shepard, s. George, manufacturer, and Deborah, Mar.20,1846, in T.
William J., shoemaker, enl. Dec. 28, 1863, a. 23, R.R.
----(Barrow), ch, john,----,C.R.7.
----(Barrow), ch. John,-----,C.R.7.
----(Barrow), ch. John,-----, C.R.7.


Ellen, d. Thomas, forgeman, and Mary, Jan, 27, 1848, in T.[Jan. 21[bp. Jan.21], C.R.8.]
James E. (Berry), s. Peter, machinist, and Mary, July 24, 1847, in T.[James Edward Berry, C.R.7.]
Stephen, enl. July 18, 1864, a.24, R.R.
W[illa]m H., s. Peter(Barey, machinist), Nov.9, 1844, in T.[W[illa]m Henry Berry, Nov.9, 1844, G.R.50.]


Amelia[----],w. Charles C., Dec. 25, 1800,G.R.4.
Charles C., h. Amelia, Mar. 21, 1796, G.R.4.
Charles N.C., h Harriet Barnum Dean, Nov. 12, 1824,[on stone with Charles C. and Amelia]G.R.4.
Char;otte[?M.], Mar. 8, 1830, G.R>4.
Harriet Barnum Dean[----],w. Charles N.C., Oct. 10, 1827, G.R.4.
John, h. Nancy Pratt,----,1836, G.R.11.
Lydia A.[?M>], Sept. 21,1838,[on stone with Charles C. and Amelia]G.R.4.
Nancy Pratt [---], w. John,----,1841, G.R/11.
Sophia [?M.], May 22,1841,[on stone with Charles C. and Amelia] G.R.4.
William A., June 10, 1833,[on stone with Charles C. and Amelia]G.R.4.


Charlotte Shepard, inf. Cornelia bp. June 28, 1840, C.R.3.
Josiah Caleb, May 4, 1846, G.R.17.
William H., manufacturer[dup. machinist], Mar. 5, 1824, in Newbury, R.R.


Amanda[---],w. Charles E., July 24,1810, G,R.17.
Charles E., h. Amanda, Dec. 25,1812, G.R.17.
Charles F., ch. Charles E. and Amanda, Aug. 20, 1841,G.R.17.
Edward, s. C.E., britania manufacturer, and Amanda, Aug. 1,1847, in T. [Edward S., ch. Charles E. and Amanda, G.R.17.]
Eliza[?M.], Nov. 12, 1804, G.R.50.
Frederick H., s. Hale B. brittania worker, and Adeline F., Feb. 14, 1849, in T.[Frederic H., ch. Hale B. and Adaline F., G.R.50.]
Hale B., mechanic, b. Warren, R.I.,s. William I, and Eliza, enl. Nov.10, 1861,a.37, R.R.[Sergt., Co.A,32nd Regt. Mass. Vols., h. Adaline F.[(White)],b. Nov. 4, 1826, G.R.50.]
---,d. Pardon(laborer), Apr. 7, 1844, in T.


Adaline Maria, ch. Ichabod and Joanna, Feb. 6,1834.
Albert Mason, ch. Jeremiah and Lydia, Dec. 28, 1825.
Allen King,s. Orrin, carpenter, and Sarah Jane, Feb. 24, 1849, in T.
Almira, ch. Samuel and Hannah, Sept. 14, 1815.
Andrew, carpenter, b. T., enl. July 15,1863, a. 33, R.R.
Andrew Fuller, ch. Ichabod and Joanna, Feb. 22, 1823.
Andrew Rollins, ch. Jeremiah and Lydia, June 13, 1830.
Anselm[h. Rosalinda(Holmes), see also Lucy Smith Bassett],---,1784, G.R.17.
Betsey, ch. Ichabod and Joanna, Jan.22,1825,
Betsey Lavina, ch. Jeremiah and Lydia, Mar. 13,1817.
C.J. H.[h. Emeline(Seabury),h. Nancy (Gibbs), see also martha F. Bassett],---,1814,G.R.17.
Caroline[----],w.Jeremiah, Aug. 17, 1818, G.R.50.
Caroline A. Codding[----],w. Elton J., M.D.---,1849, G.R.50.
Catharine A.[?M.],---,1839,[on stone with Elizabeth Blinn] G.R.50.
Charles, ch. Stephen and Phebe, Oct. 18, 1818, G.R.10.
Charles Anselm, ch. Charles J.H., bp. Apr. 3, 1842, C.R.3.
Chloe Angeline, ch. Sammuel and Hannah, Aug. 25, 1827.
Cynthia C.H.[?M.],----,1821,[in lot with Anselm]G.R.17.
David, Sept.18,1793.G.R.22.
David Austin,ch. david and Rhoda, Jan, 5, 1816.
David Wallace,ch. David A. and Naomi, Mar. 17,1842.
Edwin J.,Oct.8,1849,[in lot with Jeremiah and Caroline]G.R.50.
Elijah Wilbur,ch. Stephen and Phebe, May 4, 1828, G.R.10.
Elizabeth{?M.],---,1824,[in lot with Anselm] G.R.17.
Ella Adreanna(see---Bassett).Elton James,s. James T., carpenter, and Caroline E, Feb. 5, 1845, in T.{Elton J., M.D., h. Caroline A. Codding, G.R.50.]
Emeline[---],w. George C.,----,1846, G.R.50.
Erbanus J., h. Louise H., ----1849, G.R.50.
Eugene P., Mar. 3, 1842,[on stone with Zilpha H.]G.R.50.
Frederick N., s. Ichabod(mechanic), JUne 20, 1845, in T.
George Allen,ch. Jeremiah and Lydia, July 26, 1821.[on stone with Helen A., G.R.50.]
George C., h. Emeline,----1843,G.R.50.
Greanleaf,britannia worker,b. Harwick, eml. June, 15, 1864. a. 28, R.R.
Hannah Stone,ch. Samuel and Hannah, Mar. 24, 1814.
Hannah Wilbur,ch. Stephen and Phebe, Oct. 18,1822, G.R.10.
Helen A.[---],w. George A., Nov. 18, 1836, G.R.10.
Helen A.[----],w. George A., Nov. 18, 1836, G.R.50.
Ichabod, Feb.2,1792, G.R.22.
Ichabod Jr.,ch. Ichabod and Joanna, May 22, 1816.
Isabel, July 23, 1847,[in lot with Jeremiah and Caroline]G.R.50.
James Taylor, twin ch.Samuel and Hannah, may 3, 1817.[h. Caroline Elizabeth(Jones),G.R.50.]
Jeremiah, ch. Jeremiah and Lydia, Oct. 19,1812.[h. Caroline,G.R.50.]
Joanna[-----],w. Ichabod,Dec.26,1794, G.R.22.
Johnn,ch. Ichabod and Joanna, Mar. 18, 1827.
John L., clerk, b. T., enl. July 15, 1863,a. 21, R.R.
John Seabury,ch. Charles J. H.,bp. Apr. 3,1842, C.R.3.
Joseph, ch. Ichabod and Joanna, Aug. 28, 1831.
Julin, twin, ch. Samuel and Hannah, May 3, 1817,[Julia w. H.A. Eddy, G.R.20.]
Learned Orin,ch. Jeremiah and Lydia, Apr. 16, 1824.[Orren l., nailor,R.R.]
Lewis, C. h. Justina O. Smith,---,1849, G.R.50.
Linus,ch. Ichabod and Joanna, Nov. 10, 1818.
Louisa,d. Charles J. H., cashier of bank, and nancy L., Oct. 10, 1846, in T.[w. George H. Rhodes, G.R.17.]
Louise H.[----],w. Erbanus J.----,1849. G.R.50.
Lucinda S., w. Nathaniel W. Richmond, Arp.1, 1821, G.R.17.
Lucy Smith[?M.],----,1797,[in lot with Anselm] G.R.17.
Lydia Caroline,ch. Jeremiah and Lydia, Oct. 3, 1810.
Martha F. [?M.],----,1825,[in lot with C.J. L. Bassett] G.R.17.
Mary, ch. Ichabod and Joanna, Nov. 22, 1836.
Mary C. d. Otis C. Austin and Catharine[sic,ch. David, farmer,and Susan B.],Jan.4, 1845, in T.[Mary E.,w. Franklin Woodward, Jan.5, G.R.42.]
Naoma Josephine, d. David A., farmer, and Naoma, July 31, 1849, in T.
Nathaniel Stone,ch. Jeremiah and Lydia, June 21, 1819.
Nelson, ch. Samuel and Hannah, May 24, 1820.[carpenter, in T. R.R.]
Orren L.(see Learned Orin).
Phoebe Ann,w. James L. Newbury, d. Stephen and Phoebe, July 12, 1815, G.R. 10.
Rachel, ch. Ichabod and Joanna, June 25, 1829.
Rachel Jane, ch. Samuel and Hannah, Aug. 20, 1824.
Rhoda Catharine,ch. david and Rhoda, Apr. 20, 1827.
Samuel Washington,ch. Samuel and Hannah, Jan.5, 1812.
Sarah,ch. Jeremiah and Lydia, Oct.1,1814.
Sarah Jane,ch. Jeremiah and Lydia, Sept. 10, 1827.[w. Bradford N. Stanton, G.R.10]
Sarah seabury, d. Charles and Emeline, bp. July 4, 1841, C.R.3.
Solomon Wilbur, ch. Stephen and Phebe, May 4, 1830, G.R.3.
Stephen{h. Phebe], Mar.21,1783, G.R.10.
Stephen Madison,ch. Stephen and Phebe, Feb. 7, 1813, G.R.10.
Stephen T., h. Hannah L.(Fecto),----1817, G.R.50.
William Bruce,ch. David and Rhoda, May 23, 1823.[moulder, in T., R.R. On stone beside that of Rhoda S. (Pierce),G.R.22.]
Zilpha[---], w. Abner C., Dec. 14, 1811. G.R.50.
-----,d. William B. moulder, and Rhoda T., Mar.24,1849, in T. [Ella Adreanna, d. William B. and Rhoda S., G.R.22.]

BATCHELER(Bachelor, Batchelor)

Harriet J., d. Rev. Tappan H.(Batcheller) and C.L., May 17, 1846, in T.
Joseph W. (Batchelor),s. Rev. T.H. and C.S., Jan. 27, 1848, in T.
Julia H.(Bachelor), d. Rev. tappan H. and C.S., Dec. 23,1848, in T.


Eliza W.[-----], w. Rev. Lewis,----1790, G.R.17.
Lewis, Rev., "61 years an Itinerat Minister," h. Eliza W.,----,1780, G.R.17.
Thomas W., blacksmith, b. Greenwich, R.I., enl. July 15,1863, a.33,R.R.

BATEY(see also Beattie)

John, carriage maker, enl. Jan.28, 1864,a.31, R.R.


Anna, inf. Mr. and Mrs. Baxter, bp.{June 7} 1846, C.R.5.

BAYLEY(see Bailey)


Abigail Tisdale, ch. Gustavus Adolphus, Aug.6,1792.
Adeline S.[?M.], Dec. 26,1826,[on monument with Alfred(1787)] G.R.17.
Alfred, h. Rebecca Sproat,h. Frances A.(Williams), Sept.16, 1787, G.R.17.
Alfred S. h. jane Ingell(Richmond), Jan.1,1815, G.R.15.
Alfred Wood,s. Alfred S., apothecary, and Jane I., Dec.23, 1845, in T.[ch. Alfred S, and Jane Ingell(Richmond), NOv.22,G.R.17]
Amelia F., w. Samuel Southgate, Mar.20, 1817,[on monument with Alfred(1787)] G.R.17.
Barzilla,ch. Frederick and Sophia (?), July 20,1788.Charles, h. Keziah Rounds,----,1783, G.R.33.
Clara, ch. Frederick and Sophia(?), Apr. 19,1786.
Clarissa, d. Thomas Sargeant and Bethiah (Godfrey),----, 1785, G.R.33.
Daniel, ch. Frederick and Sophia(?), Aug. 13,1790.
Edward,ch. Frederick and Sophia(?), Mar. 17,1776.
Elizabeth Park[---],w. Nicholas,----,1717, G.R.33.
Esther sargeant[---].w. Thomas,----.1687, G.R.33.
Esther Searjent,ch. Gustavus Adolphus, July 26,1794.
Francis, brother of William, Oct. 16,1783. G.R.1.
Frederick,ch. Frederick and Sophia(?) , Mar. 20, 1774.
Gustavus Adolphus, ch. Frederick and Sophia(?) [Sally,C.R.1], Mar. 14,1768, in Dighton.
Hamet,d. frederick and sally, bp. Nov.3, 1807, C.R.1.
Harriet, ch. Fr[anci]s and Eliz[abet]h.bp. Dec.6,1829, C.R.7.
Hellen,ch. Frederick and Sophia(?), Aug. 27, 1780.
Henry,---,1781,[on monument with Thomas Sargeant Baylies]G.R.33.
Hiram W., h. Zellah Tower,----1828, G.R.11.
Keziah,w. John B. LeBaron,d. Charles and Keziah, June9,1818,G.R.17.
Keziah Rounds [---],w. Charles,----,1794, G.R.33.
Lucy[----][w.----].---.1745[see her death(1769)]. G.R.33.
Lucy,ch. Frederick and Sophia(?), Feb. 1,1778.
Maria Williams,d. Dr.Alfred and Francias A.[Francis A.(Williams), G.R.17.] Dept. 13,1849, in T.
Mary[---],w.Capt. Thomas, May 11,1778, in Dighton,G.R.1.
Nancy,ch. Federick and Sophia(?), July 15,1782.
Nancy, d. Frederick and Sally, bp. Nov.3,1807, C.R.1.
Nancy,w. Francis Shurtleff, Apr. 30, 1822, G.R.17.
Nicholas,h. Elizabeth Park,---,1719,G.R.33.
Rebecca Sproat[---],w. Alfred, Nov.20,1788, G.R.17.
Sally,d. Frederick and Sally,bp. Nov.3, 1807, C.R.1.
Sophia, ch. Frederick and Sophia(?), July 2,1784.
Tabitha Tisdale,ch. Gustavus Adolphus, Feb. 13,1801.
Thomas,h. Esther Sargeant,---,1687, G.R.33.
Thomas Jr.,----,1715,[on monument with Thomas(1687)] G.R.33.
Thomas Lee,s. Frederick and Sally, bp. Nov.3, 1807, C.R.1.
Thomas Seargeant[dup. Sargeant]. h. Bethiah(Godfrey),s. Nicholas and Elizabeth Park, Oct. 18,1748, G.R.33.
William S., Oct. 14,1847,[on monument with Alfred S.] G.R.17.
Zellah Tower[---],w. Hiram W.,----1834, G.R.11.


Mary H.[---],w.----, Dec. 27,1814,[on stome with Edward N. Jenny]G.R.50.


Edwin, machinist, b. Warner, N.H., enl. July 15, 1863, a.30, R.R.


Margaret S. {?M.}, Nov.30,1838,[in lot with Thomas R.] G.R.50.
Thomas R. July 5,1834,[in lot with Margaret S.] G.R.50.

BEATTIE(Bety,see also Batey)

Charlotte Elizabeth[---],w. William Challen,---,1838,G.R.50.
Richard (Bety),s. Richard, tailor, and Mary, Sept.11,1847, in T.[Beattie, Sept. 12,C.R.8.]
William Challen,hCharlotte Elizabeth, July 10,1839, G.R.50.


David,---,1836, G.R.40.


Teausant,carpenter, enl. Feb. 8,1864,a.28, R.R.


Elizabeth[?M.], Jan. 18, 1814,[on monument with William]G.R.50.
Mary A. Gleason[---],w. William, May 9, 1839, G.R.50.
William, h. Mary A. Gleason, Nov. 5,1833, G.R.50.


Henry Winthrop, May 16, 1842, G.R.17.


Jane Osborn,d. James C., mechanic, and Sarah R., Sept.8, 1845, in T.
----,ch. James, manufacturer, and Sarah, Apr. 10, 1848, in T.


Charles Lewis----{illegible],ch.,bp. July 13,1834, C.R.7.


Jeremiah, Feb. 7, 1809, G.R.50.
Jerrie A., Co. B. 24th Mass. Inf., h. Leora E. Jan. 8, 1834, G.R.50


Adeline[---],w. Louis,----1840, G.R.40.
Louis, h. Adeline,---,1836, G.R.40.


Edward, pedler, enl. Dec. 9, 1861,a. 37, R.R.
Edward S., h. Julia M.(Eddy), Aug. 17,1847, G.R.3.
Emily R. Wilbar[---],w. Ira, Sept. 23, 1841,G.R.50.
Ira, butcher,b. Randolph, enl. July 15, 1863,a. 34, R.R.[Co.I, 18th Mass. Vol. Inf., b. May 8, 1829,[in lot with Annie E.(Cook) and Emily R. Wilbar Belcher]G.R.50.]


Easter, d. James, Aug. 15, 1672.
Elizabeth, d. James, Nov. 15, 1668.
Elizabeth L.[---],w. James R., Oct. 25, 1805, G.R.14.
Esther(see Easter)
Henry, enl. July 15, 1864,a. 23, R.R.
James,s. James, July 15, 1663.[July 10, P.C.R.]
Jan, d. James, Apr.4, 1688[sic, rec. before John,1660, T.P.R. 1658]. [Jane, Apr. 4, 1658, P.C.R.
Jessie Munroe [?M.],---,1839,[on De Aubin monument] G.R.50.
John,s. James, Aug. 15,1660.
Joseph,s. James, June 27, 1670.
Mary, d. James, July 7, 1669.
Nathaniel{dup. Nathaniell, T.P.R. Nathanill],s. James, Jan. 7, 1664.[Nathaniel, P.C.R.]
Sarah, d. James, Sept. 15, 1666.


George,----,1835. G.R.50.


Edmund Hatch, Apr. 6, 1824, G.R.17.
Milton A., h. Sophia K., Mar.6, 1830, G.R. 50.
Sophia K.[---],w.Milton A., Mar. 20, 1836, G.R.50.

BENNON(see Bannon)


-----.s. Rev. nathaniel T., Apr. 23, 1844, in T.[Thomas Coram Bent,ch. Nath[anie]l T. and C.E.D., C.R.7.]


Abigall, d. nathaniel and Anna, bp. Aug. 19, 1787, C.R.7.
Anna Trowbridge, d. Nathaniel and Anna, bp. Aug. 19, 1787, C.R.7.
Ebenzer Trobridge(Bently),s. nathaniel dec'd of T. and Anna Trowbridge, bp. Aug. 19, 1787, C.R.7.
Elizabeth, d. Nathaniel and Anna, bp. Aug. 19, 1787, C.R.7.
John(Bently),[?if this should be John Wilson, see Wilson],s. Nathaniel dec'd of T. and Anna Trowbridge, bp. Aug. 19, 1787, C.R.7.
Nathanial(Bently), s. Nathaniel dec'd of T. and Anna Trowbridge, bp. Aug. 19, 1787, C.R.7.
Wilson(Bently)[?if this shoulf be John Wilson, see John], s. nathaniel dec'd of T. and Anna Trowbridge, bp. Aug. 19, 1787, C.R.7.


Elizabeth Briggs[---], "Mother," w. Capt. Hiram O., ----1831, G.R.50.
Henry S., farmer, b. Stoughton, Conn., enl. June 4,1861, a. 18, R.R.[Sergt., 7th Mass. Regt. Vols., s. Joel and Lucy, b June 3,1843, C.R.4.]
Hiram O., Capt., "Father,"h. Elizabeth Briggs,---,1833, G.R.50.
Zilpha[?M.], Oct. 26, 1808, C.R.29.


James, "Father," July 29, 1841, G.R.37.

BERRY(see barry)


James, laborer, b. Ireland, enl. Aug. 16, 1862, a. 35, R.R.

BETY(see Beattie)


Amelia [?M.]. July 20, 1844,[in lot with Anna M.] G.R.50.
Anna M. [?M.], May 5, 1811,[in lot with Charles F. Meyers] G.R. 50.


Elizabeth[---],w. George H.,----1835, G.R.50.
George H., machinist, b. Belgrade, Me., enl. Nov.11, 1863, a. 31, R.R.[h. Elizabeth, b.----.1831. G.R.50.


Samuel, h. Sarah A. Brown, Feb. 2, 1842, G.R.50.
Sarah A. Brown[----],w. Samuel, May 2, 1842, G.R.50.


William Fisher, ch. W[illia]m and Arah, bp. July 3, 1831, C.R.7.


Georg H., s. Warren(inn keeper), Feb. 8, 1845, in T.
Warren, h. Mary F.[(Caswell)], Oct. 5, 1814. G.R.17.


Horation N., packer, enl. Sept. 15, 1862, a. 35, R.R.


Elen Anslow, inf. Lucy "of Easton Chh.," bp. Aug. 25, 1832, C.R.3.


George Edward,s. William F., machinist, and Anna, May 25, 1849, in T.
Mehitable A., d. W. T., machinist, and Hannah, May 25, 1847, in T.


Elijah, Aug. 28, 1783,[in lot with Jerusha l.] G.R.17.
Jerusha L.[---], w. Elijah, Aug. 5, 1787, G.R.17.


Michael, fisherman, enl. Feb. 16, 1864, a. 22, R.R.


Albert E., clerk, b. Newburypost, s. Albert E. and Elisabeth, enl. June 7, 1862, a. 18, R.R.


Abby,d. John G.(dyer), May--,1845, in T.


Alexander Jr., h. Mary E. Gould Pratt,---,1832.G.R.50.
Alexander, ch.Alexander and Eleanor, bp. Apr. 22, 1834, C.R.7.
Elizabeth Drake[----],w. William R., Apr. 20, 1831, G.R.17.
Ellen {?M.],---1810,[on stone with Margaret J. Waite and William J. Black] G.R.50.
James N., jeweller, b. fall River, s. Alexander and Ellen, enl. Sept. 2, 1861, a.22, R.R.
Mary E. Gould Pratt[----], w. Alexander Jr.,---.1843. G.R.50.
Robert, h. Sarah Jane Allen,----1812, G.R.1.
Sarah Jane Allen[----],w. Robert,---,1813, G.R.1.
Williams J., ----,1844,[on stone with Ellen] G.R.50.
William R., carpenter, b. Prince Edwards Island,Joseph and Sarah, enl. Apr. 16,1861,a. 32, R.R.[h. Elizabeth Drake, b. Aug. 23, 1830, G.R.17.]


Elijah,s. Thomas, bp.Apr. 15, 1764, C.R.4.
Rosannah, d. Thomas, bp. June 22, 1766, C.R.4.


Adelbert A. "Father"h. Zilpha A.---,1847, G.R.11.
Elizabeth J.[?M.]---1849, G.R.11.
Zilpha A.[---], "Mother," w. Adelbert A.,---1845, G.R.11.


Isias L., b. T., enl. Oct. 10, 1861,a. 26, R.R.


Ai,ch. Capt. Edward and Mercy(Thayer), Dec. 15, 1783, P.R.11.
Ai, ch., s. Caleb, farmer,and Louisa, E., Feb. 1, 1849, in T.
Alden Hathaway, ch. amuel and Anna H., Feb. 1, 1836.[carpenter, R.R. Capt., h. Jane Eliza(Monagle), G.R.17.]
Alfred, ch. Edward and Mary, Apr. 2, 1793.[s. Edward and Mercy, C.R.1.s. Capt. Edward, G.r. 33. h. Mary Presbry, s. Capt. Edward and Mercy(Thayer), P.R.11.]
Allen, ch. Elijah, May 19, 1792, P.R.32.
Amasa(see Massa).
Amasa Edward,ch. Amasa and Almira, May 27, 1838. ["Father," h. Margaret,[in lot with sarah F. Woodward Blake] G.R.50]
Amety hart,d. Grinfill[dup. Grinfell] and Phebe, bp. July 27, 1803, C.R.1.
Anna, ch. Edward and Mary, July 23,1786.[Ann Hanover Blake,d. Edward and Mercy, C.R.1. Anna Hanover Blake, w. Daniel Presbrey, "eldest" d. Edward, July 28, G.R. 33.Ann Hanover Blake, w. Daniel Presbry, d. Capt. Edward and Mercy(Thayer), July 28, P.R.11.]
Anna Hanover, ch. Samuel and Anna H., May 31,1834.
Anne, ch. Edward and Anne(Hanevor),Aug. 6, 1719, P.R.2.[Ann, ch. Edward and Ann, P.R.3. P.R.11.]
Annie L.[?M.]---1819, [in lot with Thomas G. Babbitt] G.R.50.
Betsy hawze, d. greenfield, Sept. 29, 1793.[Betsey Hawes Blake, d. Grinfill[dup. Grinfell] and Phebe, C.R.1]
Caleb,s. Edward and Mercy, bp. Nov.---,1805, C.R.1.[h. Louisa aston s. capt. Edward and Mercy(Thayer),b. Oct. 11, 1804, P.R.11.]
Catherine Brown, d. Hanover and catherine, bp. Dec. 31, 1812, C.R.1.
Dezier Crocker, d. Greenfield, Sept. 23, 1785.[Desire Crocker Blake, d. Grinfill[dup. Grinfell] and Phebe, C.R.1. Desire C., w. Rufus Cobb, G.R.17.]
Edward, h. Anne (Hanevor), June 24,1689, P.R.2.
Edward, ch. Edward and Anne(Hanevor), Dec. 1, 1723, P.R. 2.[ch. Edward and Ann, P.R.3, P.R.11.]
Edward, ch. Edward and Anne(Hanevor), July 4, 1736, P.R.2.[ch. Edward and Ann, P.R.3. Capt. ,h. Mercy (Thayer), P.R.11.]
Edward Jr., ch. Edward and Mary, Jan. 5, 1785.[s. Edward and Mercy, C.R.1. Capt., h. Maria, h. Sarah, G.R.33. h. Maria Brown, h. Sarah Reed, s. Capt. dward and Mercy(Thayer), P.R.11.]
Elijah, ch. Elijah, June 26, 1784, P.R. 32. Elizabeth, s.[sic,dup. d.] Edward and Mercy, bp. [July 27,1803], C.R.1.[w. Edward Walker, b. Oct. 13, 1801, G.R.11. w. Edward walker, d. Capt. Edward and Mercy(Thayer), b. Oct. 13, 1801, P.R.11]
Elizabeth A., Ch. Wikkiam and betsey,bp. July 31, 1846.C.R.2.
Elizabeth Anna, ch. William Tisdale and Betsey, Ayg.6, 1833.
Georiana Sprague, d. James C.,machinist, and Hannah, July 7, 1846, in T.
Gilbert(see Guilberd).
Grenfill, h.Desire Crocker, s. Edward and Anne (Hanevor), Dec. 30, 1721, P.R. 2. [Greenfield, ch. Edward and Ann, P.R.3, P.R.11.]
Grinfild,s. Greenfield, Feb. 26, 1780.
Guilberd,s. Greenfield, Apr.5,1796.[Gilbert, s. Grinfill[dup. Grenfill] and Phebe, C.R.1]
Hannah Crane, d. Greenfield [Grinfill[dup. Grinfell] and Phebe, C.R.1.] Sept. 13, 1791.
Hannover, s. Greenfield, Dec. 20, 1783.[Hanover, s. Grinfill[dup. Grinfell] and Phebe, C.R.1.
Harriet E., ch. William T, and Betsey (Hathaway), Oct. 19, 1832, G.R.17.
Harriet Louise Daniels[---], w. Rev. Mortimer, D. D., May 25, 1817. G.R.17.
Harry, ch. Elijah, June 29, 1788, P.R. 32.
Helen Lemira, d. Amasa and Almira W., Aug. 17, 1843, in T.
Ichuel, ch. Elijah, Aug. 1, 1790, P.R.32.
James Hart, s. Greenfield, Aug. 16, 1787.
James Hart,s. Grinfill[dup. Grinfell] and Phebe, bp. July 27, 1803, C.R.1.
Jane,w. Simeon Rose, d. Edward and Anne (Hanevor). Sept. 9, 1741, P.R.2.[ch. Edward and Ann, P.R.11.]
Jane, ch. Edward and Mary, June 7, 1788.[d. Edward and Mercy, C.R.1.w. Josiah Presbry, ch. Capt. Edward and Mercy(Thayer), P.R.11.]
Jerusha, w. John Keene, d. Edward and Ann(Hanevor), Aug. 18, 1738. P.R.2.[ch. Edward and Ann, P.R.3, P.R.11.]
John Edward, ch. Alfred and Mary, Jan. 12, 1829.[on monument with Thomas P. Goff. G.R.17.]
John M.,---,1849, G.R.50.
Jonathan, ch, Elijah, Aug. 13, 1786, P.R.23.
Josephine(see Susan Josephine).
Lavinia, ch. Elijah, Oct. 16, 1799, P.R.32.
Layman(see Limon)
Lermira Hathaway, ch. William and Betsey, bp. Sept. 4, 1842, C.R.2.
Limon, s. Edward, Apr. 5, 1798.[Lyman,s. Edward and Mercy, C.R.1. Layman, h. Angeline Park, ch. Capt. Edward and Mercy(Thayer), b. Apr. 5, "settled in New York State. Had a large family," P.R. 11.]
Lucinda Hanover, d. Hanover dec'd and Catharine[dup. Catherine],bp. July 27, 1814. C.R.1.
Luther,s. Greenfield, Aug. 5, 1798.
Luther, s. Grinfill[dup. Grinfell] and Phebe, bp.July 27, 1803, C.R.1.
Lydia M. Eldridge[---],w. S. Orlando,---,1841,[in lot with Nathan Eldridge]. G.R.50.
Lyman(see Limon).
Lyman Alfred,ch. Alfred and Mary, Apr. 15,1834.[h. Mary J. Tinkham, G.R. 50]
Mace,s. Edward and Mercy,bp[July 27, 1803] C.R.1.
Marcy,ch. Edward and Mary, Oct. 27, 1794.[Mercy, d. Edward and Mercy,C.R.1. Mercy,w. Thomas Rose, d. Capt. Edward and Mercy, G.R.33. W. Thomas Rose, d. Capt.Edward and Mercy(Thayer), P.R.11.]
Margaret{---], "Mother," w. Amasa---,1839, G.R.50.
Maria [----],w. Capt. Edward, Nov. 20, 1793, G.R.33.
Maria, ch. Elijah, Oct. 18, 1797. P.R. 32.
Mary, w.---Hoskins, d. Edward and Anne (Hanevor), Dec.5, 1717, P.R.2.[d. Edward and Ann, Dec. 8, P.R.3.P.R.3.]
Mary Arnold, ch. Samuel and Anna. H., Aug. 22, 1841.
Mary Elizabeth,d. James C., laborer, and Hannah, June 1, 1849, in T.
Mary J. Tinkham[---],w. Lyman A., ----,1838,[on monument with Peter Tinkham] G.R.50.
Mary Presbrey[---],w. Capt. Alfred, Mar. 6, 1796, G.R.33.
Massa, ch. Edward and Mary, May 6, 1700.[Amasa, h. Almira French, s. Capt. Edward and Mercy(Thayer), P.R. 11.]
Mercy(see Marcy)
Mercy Palmer, ch. Samuel and Anna H., Oct. 5,1832.
Mortimer, Rev. D.D., h. Harriet Louise Daniels, June 10, 1813., in Pittston, Me. G.R.17.
Phebe, d. Greenfield, Dec. 13, 1781.
Phebe, d. Grinfill[dup. Grinfell] and Phebe, bp. July 27, 1803. C.R.1.
Polly, ch. Elijah, Sept. 15, 1782, P.R. 32.
Polly Hart, d. Greenfield, Aug. 7, 1789.
Polly Hart, d. Grifill[dup. Grinfell] and Phebe, bp. July 27, 1803, C.R.1.
Priscilla, w. Ebenezer Tisdale, d. Edward and Anne(Hanevor), Jan. 27, 1727, P.R.2.[Priccilla, ch. Edward and Ann, P.R.3.]
Priscilla(see Prisciller)
Priscilla Tisdale d. William T., carpenter, and Betsey [(Hathaway) G.R.17.], Feb. 21, 1844, in T.
Prisciller, ch. Edward and Mary, Feb. 21, 1796.[Prisilla, d.[dup. Priscilla], d. Edward and Mercy, C.R.1. Pricilla d. Capt. Edward and Mercy (Thayer), P.R. 11.]
Prudence, ch. Edward and Anne (Hanevor), Feb. 27, 1729, P.R.2.[ch. Edward and Ann, P.R.3, P.R.11.]
Prudence, w. Thomas Robb, ch. Edward and Anne(Hanevor),Mar. 22, 1731 [1733-4 written in pencil after 1731], P.R.2.[Prudence, 2nd, ch. Edward and Ann,Mar. 22, 1734, P.R.3. d. Edward and Ann, Mar. 22, 1734, P.R.11.]
Sally, ch. Elijah, Dec. 12, 1780, P.R.32.
Sally, ch. Eljiah, Dec. 16, 1794, P.R.32.
Samuel, ch. Edward and Mary, Oct. 15, 1791.[ s. Edward and Mercy, C.R.1. h.----,h. Anna Hathaway, s. Capt. Edward and Mercy(Thayer), P.R.11.]
Samuel Orlando, ch. Samuel snd Anna H., Dec. 23, 1838.[in lot with Lydia M. Eldridge Blake, G.R.50.]
Sarah, ch. Edward and Anne(Hanevor), Aug. 18, 1725, P.R. 2.[ch. Edward and Ann, P.R. 3, P.R.11.]
Sarah[---],w. Capt. Edward, Oct. 20, 1791, G.R.33.
Sarah F. Woodward [---],w. Amasa E.,----,1848, G.R.50.
Silence, w. acob Barnet, d. Edward and Anne(Hanevor), July 19, 1731, P.R.2.[Silance, ch. Edward and Ann, P.R.3. Silence, ch. Edward and Ann, P.R.11.]
Susan, ch. William and Betsey, bp.---,1847, C.R.2.
Susan Josephine ch/ William Tisdale and Betsey, Feb. 26, 1836.[Josephine, C.R.2, S. Josephine, ch. William T. and Betsey (Hathaway), G.R.17.]
William Tisdale, s. Edward and Mercy, bp, Aug. 19, 1807, C.R.1.[h. Betsey(Hathaway), b. Apr. 8, G.R.17. s. Capt. Edward and Mercy(Thayer), b. Apr.8, P.R.11.]
William Tisdale, ch. William Tisdale and Betsey[(Hathaway)G.R. 17.], Feb. 12, 1835.
W[illia]m Tisdale, ch. William and Betsey, bp. July 31, 1846,C.R.2.
Zebina, s. Edward and Mercy, bp.[July 17, 1803], C.R.1.[h. Ann Hathaway, s. Capt. Edward and Mercy(Thayer), " no chn." b. Dec. 11, 1799, P.R.11.]
Zebina Harrison, ch. Amasa and Almira, Sept. 17, 1840.[mariner, R.R.]

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