Taunton, MA Vital Records to 1850 (Births)
Published by: New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1929
Transcribed for the web by Dave Swerdfeger

Surnames Blanchard to Butler


Charles A., ch. C.c. And Susan M., Dec. 5,1838, G.R. 10.
Christopher lewis Bates, ch. Christopher Columbus and Susanna matilda, Feb. 16, 1834.
Corilla Metilda, ch. Christopher Columbus and Susanna Matilda, Oct. 6, 1831.
Lewis C., Ch. C.C. and Susan M., Mar. 8, 1833, G.R.10.
Salmon White, ch. Christopher Columbus and Susanna Matilda, Sept. 13, 1836.
Susan M. [----], w. C.C., Dec. 1, 1808,[in lot with Jacob White(d. 1841)] G.R.10.

BLANDIN (Blanding)

David F. (Blanding), s. Simeon G., carpenter, and Nancy C., June 13, 1847, in T.
Mary E.[---],w. Willard,----,1835, G.R.17.
N. Caroline[----], w. Simeon G., Feb. 23, 1823, G.R.17.
Simeon G.(Blanding)[dup. Blandin], lawyer[dup; sawyer], b. Norton,s. Simeon and Rebecca, enl. Apr. 16, 1861,a. 30,R.R.
Willard, h.Mary E.,----,1832, G.R.17.


Franciska[----]. "Mother"[w.---],July 30, 1848, G.R. 50.


Anson, h. Rachel,----,1790, G.R.17.
Edmund, ch. Anson and Rachel,---,1819, G.R.17.
Edmund, ch. Anson and Rachel,---1821, G.R.17.
Rachel[----],w. Anson,---,1800, G.R.17.


Julia A., d. Isaac(Bliffer), labourer, and Emily, Nov. 5, 1845, in T.


Edwin M.,---1819,[in lot with Rosanna] G.R.50.
Elizabeth [?M.],----1839,[on stone with Catharine A. Basett] G.R.50.
Rosanna[?M.],----1821,[in lot with Edwin M.] G.R.50.


Alminda Lincoln[---],w. Shubael P.,---1833,[on monument with Woodward Lincoln] G.R.17.
Alphonso,shoemaker, enl. Jan. 25, 1864, a. 21, R.R.
Betsey A., w. James A. B. Woodward, Jan. 25, 1830, G.R.50.
Charles H.,---,1848, G.R.50.
Charles L., s. Linus, nailor, and Martha, Feb. 12, 1847, in T.
Cloe M., d. Jonathan Jr.(manufacturer), June 12, 1844, in T.
Ellen E., d. Zenas F., machinist, and Adeline W., June 12, 1848, in T.
Eveline E., d. Jona[than], manufacturer, and Julia Ann, Mar. 9, 1847, in T.
Frank, s. Henry, manufacturer, and Adeline, Sept. 25, 1847, in T.
George Nelson, s. Asaph L., teacher, and Nancy, Jan. 17, 1846, in T.
Hiram, s. Otis (laborer), Apr.---,1844, in T.
Jane R.[---],w. Richmond W., Mar. 6, 1845, G.R. 3.
Margaret F., d. Otis, labourer, and Roxana, July 29, 1847, in T.
Mary Augusta,d. Jonathan, manufacturer, and Julia, Aug. 29,1845, in T.
Narcissa Frances, d. Zenas F., machinist,and Adaline, Mar. 8,1847, in T.
Richmond W., h. Jane R., Feb. 18, 1839, G.R.3.
Sarah Deborah, w. Charles Henry Carver,---,1829, G.R.50.
Shubael P., h. Alminda Lincoln,---,1826, G.R.17.
William H., s. Otis, laborer, and Roxana, Nov. 3, 1845, in T.
Zeba F.machinist,b. Attleboro, enl. June 15, 1861, a. 36, R.R.[Capt., h. Deborah H. (Walker), b. Apr. 2, 1824, G.R.17.]
Zenas F., h. Adeline N.(Walker), Apr. 2, 1824, G.R. 11.
------,d. George E. machinist, and Ann M., Apr. 22, 1849, in T.


Reuben, soap dealer, enl. July 16, 1861, a. 36, R.R.


Charles L. plummer, b. T., enl. July 15, 1863, a. 26, R.R.[h. Lucy A., b.---, 1836, [on monument with Lawson]G.R.14.]
George Henry, s. George F., mason, and Mary J., Aug. 21, 1849, in T.
Herbert, s. Horatio(blacksmith), Oct. 16, 1843, in T,[Herbert A., s. Horatio and Mary S., G.R.14.]
James L., enl. July 15, 1863, a. 22, R.R.
Lawson, h.Sarah,---,1809,[on monument with Hannah Andrews(1768)] G.R.14.
Lucy A., [---], w. Charles L.,---,1838, G.R.14.
Mary G.[?M.],---,1839,[on monument with Lawson]G.R.14.
Sarah[---],w. Lawson,---, 1810. G.R.14.
Sarah, d. Horatio (blacksmith), Feb. 14, 1846, in T.


Alfred, shoemaker, B. t.[DUP. S. William and Lucinda], Enl. May 21, 1861,a.22,[dup. enl. Aug. 14, 1862,a. 24],R.R..[h. Phebe A. Woodward,[no date] G.R.50.]
Phebe A. Woodward[----],w. Alfred, June 1, 1847, G.R.50.
______d. William, Feb. 14,1844.
_____,s. William, hostler, and Lucinda, Dec. 23, 1848, in T.

BOBBITT(see Babbitt)

BOBIT(see Babbitt)


George H.,s. Francis, machinist, and sarah, July 14, 1847, in T.
Sarah E.[---](Boulton),w. Thomas, Nov.--, 1827,G.R.11.
Thomas(Boulton), h. Sarah E., Nov.---,1822, G.R. 11.


William Henry,h. Mary Edna(Peck), July 26,1846, G.R.11.


Edwin Ruthven, ch. Sylvester, bp. Sept. 25, 1831,C.R.3.
Elizabeth, d. Sylvester, bp. Nov. 17, 1833, C.R.3.
Hannah Maria, ch. Sylvester, bp.Sept. 25, 1831, C.R.3.
James Madison, ch. Sylvester, bp. Sept. 25, 1831, C.R.3.
Mary Ann, ch. Sylvester, bp. Sept. 25, 1831. C.R.3.
Nathan, ch. Sylvester, bp. Sept. 25, 1831. C.R.3.
Sarah, ch. Sylvester, bp. Sept. 25, 1831. C.R.3.


Benjamin F.(Borum), machinist,s. Benjamin C. and Julia., enl. July 31, 1861, a. 18, R.R.
Sarah E., d. Benja[min] C.laborer, and Julia S., Aug. 22, 1847, in T.
----,d.Benjamin, carpenter, and Julia, Mar. 22, 1849, in T.


Angelina, ch. John and Ann, Apr. 19, 1848,[in] Canton, C.R.7.
George A., ch. Thomas and Alice(Burkett), Dec. 25, 1849,G.R.50.
George Henry,s. Thomas, calico printer, and Alice[(Burkett) G.R.50.], Jan. 5, 1847, in T.
Hannah, G., d. John, overseer in factory, and Ann, Apr. 1, 1848, in T.
Harriet H., ch. Thomas and Alice(Burkett), Aug. 26,1848, G.R. 50'
James, h. Lizzie J. Allen,---,1845, G.R. 50.
Mararet J. d. Thomas (block printer), Dec. 23, 1845, in T.[ch. Thomas and Alice(Burkett), Nov. 23, G.R.50.]
Mary Evans[----],w. Moses, Feb.1, 1847, [in lot with Evan Evans and Ann] G.R.50.
Moses,h. Mary Evans, Oct. 16, 1843, G.R.50.
Nelson, Carpenter, b. Middleboro, enl. July 15, 1863, a. 35, R.R.[h. Mercena E.Staples,b. July 21, 1828, G.R. 14.]
Richard, h. Serena E.,Aug. 28, 1833, G.R.50.
Serena E.[---],w. Richard, Apr. 3, 1846, G.R. 50.
Thomas, h. Alice (Burkett), June 29, 1821, G.R.50.


Abby Maria, ch. James W. and Hannah, Nov. 12,1825.
Abby Westgate [-----], "Mother'" w. Phillip H., Feb. 21,1840. G.R.5.
Albert Field, ch. James W. and Hannah, Sept. 3, 1836.
Alexander Newhall, ch. John Flavel and Abigail Hartshorn,Apr. 4, 1838.
Clark P., harness maker, s. Amasa, enl. Aug. 14, 1862, a. 20, R.R.
Edwin Thomas, ch. James W. and Hannah, Mar. 31, 1832.[h. Fanny Moore, G.R.50.]
Fanny Moore[---],w. Edwin T., Mar. 11, 1842, G.R.50.
George Williams, ch. John Flavel and Abigail Hartshorn, July 14, 1835.
James Henry, ch. James W. and Hannah, Feb.21, 1830.
John A., gun straightener, b. T.,enl. July 15, 1863, a. 29, R.R.
Patrick W., s. P., laborer, and J., Feb. 18, 1848, in T.
Phillip H., "Father," Co. F, 29th M.I.V., Aug. 22, 1836, G.R.5.
Rachal, d. Ebenezer, bp. May 12, 1771, C.R.4.
Willard, s. John, forgeman, and Abigail, Mar. 7, 1848.


William, enl. Jan. 26, 1864, a. 24, R.R.

BORUM(see Boorom).


Mary[---], "Mother," w.-----,----,1836,G.R.50.


Abby Leonard, ch. Ichabod Jr. and Sally, Jan.29, 1835. [w. N[athaniel] Everett Mason, G.R.17.]
Abigail B.[---], w. Ira, June 11, 1802, G.R.5.
Abigail Babbitt, ch. Ichabod Jr. and ally, Jan.22, 1828.
Alfred, ch. Gardner L. and Phebe,---,1838, G.R.1.
Alfred Williams, ch. Gardner L. and Phebe, Nov. 15, 1836.
Andrew B., h. Charlotte M.,---,1830, G.R. 5.
Benjamin S., h. Fidelia, July 31, 1838, G.R.5.
Charles Otis, ch. Ichabod Jr. and sally, Sept.1,1825.
Charlotte M.[---],w. Andrew B.,----,1830.G.R.5
Fidelia[---],w. Benjamin S., Oct. 7, 1837, G.R. 5.
Franklin, s. Gardner L., mason, and Phebe, May 12, 1845, in T.
Frederick L., h. Harriet L. Padelford, Mar. 13, 1836, G.R.4.
Gardner L., Nov.27, 1804,[in lot with Phebe. G.R.1.
George Ann[sic,? Georgianna], d. Andrew, trader, and Eliza W., Nov. 25, 1844, in T.
George B., mason, b. T., enl. Mar. 18, 1862, a. 28, R.R.
George Gardner, ch. Gardner L. and Phebe, Oct. 27, 1833.
Harriet H.[---],w. Joseph G., Oct. 6, 1816, G.R.3.
Harriet L. Padelford[---],w. Frederick L. Feb. 20, 1841,G.R.4.
Ichabod, h. Sally, Sept. 1, 1802, G.R.17.
Ichabod, ch. Ichabod Jr. and Sally, Mar. 5, 1829,[Mar. 15,G.R.17.]
Ichabod, ch. Ichabod Jr. and Sally, Oct. 28, 1838.[printer, inT., R.R. Oct. 28, 1837, G.R.17.]
Ira, h. Abigail B., Oct. 13, 1795, G.R.5.
Ira, Mar.20, 1841, G.R.5.
James H., h. Sarah A.Rider, Jan. 8, 1833, G.R.50.
Joseph G., h. Harriet H., Feb. 8, 1813, G.R.3.
Julia M., d. A.J., merchant, and E.A., Jan. 15, 1847, in T.
Louisa Gardner, d. Gardner L., mason, and Phebe, July 26, 1848, in T.
Mary Ann Wilbur, ch. Gardner L. and Phebe, Jan. 16, 1842.
Phebe [---],w. Gardner L., Jan. 21,1807, G.R.1.
Sally [---],w. Ichabod July 4, 1808, G.R. 1.
Sarah A. Rider[---],w. James H.,June 7, 1835, G.R.50.
Sarah Elizabeth, ch. Ichabod Jr. and sally, Jan. 16, 1832.
Susan C., w. Joseph R. Porter, d. Ira and Abigail, June 24, 1820,G.R.5.
Virginia(see Bosworth)
William, ch.Gardner L. and Phebe, Feb. 22,1839.
---,d. Gardner S.(mason), Mar. 19, 1844, in T.{Virginia,ch. Gardner L. and Phebe, G.R.1.]
----,ch. Joseph, boat builder, and Harriet, Nov. 14, 1847, in T.



BOULTON(see Bolton)


Alvah S, machinist, b. Rehoboth, enl. July 15, 1863,a. 31, R.R.
Betsy Lincoln, d. Samuel and Elizabeth Lincoln(dec'd), bp.Aug. 19, 1787, C.R.7.
Eliza[?M.],Mar. 16, 1828,[in lot with Celia Porter and Ann F.]G.R.50.
Louisa[---],w. Simeon, Apr. 15, 1831, [in lot with James W. Crossman] G.R.17.
S. Frank, Oct. 12, 1833,[in lot with George R. Carpenter] G.R.50.
Simeon, h. Louisa, Aug.2, 1823, G.R. 17.
William C., h. Hattie M. Knapp,---,1846, G.R. 11.
Wilson D., carpenter, b. Providence, R.I., s. Esech and Betsey, enl. Sept. 25, 1861,a. 19, R.R.


Horace C., h. Corrinna Kidder,---,1839, G.R.50.
Nancy, w. Josiah Macomber, d. Philip and Mary,---1783,in Swansey, G.R.6.


Ebenezaer, trader, b. Vt., s. Thomas, enl. Sept. 15,1862, a, 31, R.R. [Co. K, 4th Regt. M.V.M., h. Lucretia A. Pierce, b. Jan. 13, 1831, G.R.17.]
Elizabeth, ch. Giles and Anne[dup. Anna],bp. Oct. 2, 1840,"Mother dying," C.R.7.
John, ch. Giles and Anne[dup. Anna], b. Oct. 2, 1840, "Mother dying," C.R.7.
Lucretia A. Pierce[---][,w. Ebenezer, Apr. 14, 1834,G.R.17.
Mary Ellen, ch. Giles and Anne[dup. Anna,] bp. Oct. 2, 1840, "Mother dying," C.R.7.
Richard, ch. Giles and Anne [dup. Anna[, bp. Oct. 2, 1840, "Mother dying," C.R.7.
William[dup. Williams], ch. Giles and Anne[dup. Anna], bp. Oct.2, 1840, "Mother dying," C.R.7.

BOYCE (Boyge)

Abigail[---] (Boyge), w. William, Apr.28, 1811, G.R.29.
John, carpenter, enl. Mar. 1, 1854, a. 44, R.R.


Agnes[?M.],---,1838, [in lot with Christopher C. Wilber] G.R.50.
Fanny, ch. James and Letitia, Aug. 24, 1847, G.R.41.
James, h. Letitia, May 10, 1805, in Parish of Fuerty, Roscommon Co. Ire. G.R.41.
Letitia[---], w. James, July 9, 1814, in Parish of Fuerty,Roscommon Co. Ire. G.R.41.
----, chm. of ---- Boyd, bp. Sept. 28, 1838, "one of them very sick," C.R. 7.

BOYDEN (Boydon)

Clarence Fuller, h. Isabelle H. (Anthony), Mar. 5, 1846, G.R. 17.
George B., cook, b. Petersburg, Va., enl. May 21, 1861, a. 21, R.R.
Mary Ann, d. Michael, labourer, and Rose, Feb. 8, 1848, in T.[Mary Anne Boyian, Fed. 1, C.R.8.]
------(Boydon), d. James H. mechanic, and Elizabeth M.,Mar. 6, 1845, in T.

BOYGE(see Boyce).


Catherine O'Neil, ch. Michael and Rose,---,1844,G.R.41.
Margaret Burns(---), w. Mathew,---,1846, G.R.39.
Mary Anne(see Mary Ann Boyden).
Michael, h. Rose, ----,1819, in Drogheda, Meath Co., Ire., G.R.41.
Rose[---],w. Michael,---, 1822, G.R.41.


Walter, s. Walter, machinist, and Eliz[abeth], July 8,1849, in T.


Alfred, h. Martha(Dorrance), Apr. 10, 1813, G.R. 50.
Charles Henry, s. Alfred and Martha(Dorrance), May 15, 1842, G.R. 50.
Eliza Hale[---],w. George, Jan. 31, 1834, G.R. 17.
George, Nov. 9, 1828,[in lot with Eliza Hale Brabrook] G.R.17.
Laura Jane, d. Alfred, clerk, and Martha B., May 13, 1849, in T.[w. William P. Thompson, Nov. 13, 1830, G.R. 50.]
Martha A., d. Alfred, manufactu[rer], and Matha, Jun[e] 13, 1844, in T. [Martha Ann, d. Alfred and Martha,9Dorrance), G.R.50.]
Sarah E; A. [?M.], Nov.29, 1826,[in lot with George] G.R.17.


Emma J. Gay[---],w. Hugh C.---, 1846.
Hugh, June 10, 1813,[in lot with Sarah] G.R.50.
Hugh C. h. Emma J. Gay, s. Hugh and Sarah, Aug. 17, 1843, G.R.50.
James A., britannia worker,s. Hugh and sarah, enl. Sept. 15,1862, a.20, R.R.[Co. K, 4th Regt. M/V. M.,b. Nov. 21, 1841,[in lot with Harriet A.(Caswell)].G.R.50.
Sarah [----],w. Hugh and Sarah , Nov. 25, 1849, G.R.50.


John, s. Alfred and Mary, Apr. 6, 1847, in England,C.R.7.
Martha Ann, w.----King, d. Alfred and Mary, Nov. 26, 1840, in England, C.R.7.[w. Robert King, in Stalybridge,Eng., G.R. 50.]


Dean N., bookkeeper, enl. July 15, 1863, a. 27,R.R.
Edward Gery, h. Lois H., Mar. 21, 1828, G.R.50.
Lois H.[---],w. Edward Grey, Apr. 20,1828, G.R.50.


Elizabeth C. Bunn[---],w. John Levitt, may 30, 1821, G.R.50.
John Levitt, h. Elizabeth C. Bunn, July 16, 1818, G.R.50.


Sarah[---], w. William, Feb. 10, 1830,G.R.50.
William, h. Sarah, Mar. 28, 1828, G.R.50.


Ann[----],w. thomas,---,1823,G.R.41,
Dennis, laborer, s. Philip, enl. July 31, 1861, a. 25, R.R.
Dennis,laborer, b. Ireland, enl. July 15, 1863,a. 35,R.R.
Ellen[----], w. Michael,---,1837, G.R. 39.
John, machinist,s. Bartholomew and Catherine, enl. Oct.4, 1861, a. 21, R.R.
John, machinist, b. Ireland, enl.July 15, 1863, a. 21, R.R.
Mary J.[?M.],----, 1847, G.R.41.
Michael, h. Ellen,---,1834, G.R. 39.
Philip, ch. Charles and Cecilia, Aug. 31, 1848, in T., C.R.8.
Sarah Ann, d. Henry, block printer, and Mary Ann. Oct.3,1846, in T. [Sarah Anne, ch. Henry A. Durden, Feb. 28, 1847, C.R.8]
Thomas, h. Ann,----,1809, G.R.41.
Thomas(Bredy), s. Orvin(laborer), July 2, 1844, in T.
William, ch. Peter and Catherine, Jan. 24, 1848, in T.


Francis, b. T., enl. July 15, 1863, a. 20, R.R.
Lewis, Co. H, 3rd Maine Inf. h. Elizabeth A.(Church(,---,1838, G.R.50.


Anne E.[?M.], Feb. 2, 1845,[on stone with Rev.Martin T.(b. 1850)] G.R.17.


Danill,s. Thomas, Oct. 13,1688.
Jemina Pratt[---],w. Isaac, Aug. 5, 1802, G.R. 3.
Thomas, s. Thomas, Dec. 2, 1686.

BRAMHALL(see Brennan)

BRANNAN(see Brennan)


Patrick, s. Richand, laborer, and Julia, July 18, 1849, in T.

BREDY(see Brady)

BRENNAN(Branin, Brannin)

Hannah, ch. John and Rosanna, May 1, 1848, in T., C.R.8.
James (Branin), s. John(Brennan), laborer, and Rosanna, Nov. 22, 1849, in T.[Brennan, Oct. 22,[bp. Oct. 27], C.R.8.]
John, h. Rose A. June 7, 1811, G.R.41.
John P., jeweller, b.Ireland, enl. July 18, 1864, a. 31, R.R.
Thomas(Brannan),s. Patrick (Branan0, laborer, and Catherine, June 7, 1849, in T.


Lucinda E.[?M.],----,1818,[in lot with Timothy J. Lincoln] G.R.50.


Anna, w. Abiathar Ingell Esq., d. Rev. Daniel, Nov. 10, 1774, G.R.1.
Emma, ch. Dan[ie]l, Sept. 14, 1792.
Joshua W., ----,1837, G.R.50.
Thomas, ch. Dan[ie]l, Nov. 15, 1786.
Thomas, ch. Dan[ie]l, Nov. 20, 1788.


Betsey M.[----], w. Philip T., June 17, 1820,G.R. 17.
Charles W., clerk, s. William, enl. Aug. 6, 1862, a. 19, R.R.[ch. William and Eleanor A., b. Apr. 28,1843, G.R.17.]
Eleanor A.[----]. w. William, Dec. 20, 1817, G.R.17.
Lydia Williams(see Lydia Williams).
Mary, w. Edward S. Hersey, d. William and Eleanor A., Sept. 28, 1846, G.R.17.
Philip T., h. Betsey M. Apr. 20, 1814, G.R.17.
Seabury,"dedicated by Mr. Hall," bp. June 20, 1782, C.R.1.
William, h. Eleanor A., Oct. 10, 1812, G.R. 17.

BRIAN(see also O'Brien)

Catharine, d. John, laborer, and Margaret, Mar. 5, 1849, in T.


Alexander(Brickell), painter, b. T., s. James and Elizabeth, enl. Dec. 9, 1861, a. 23, R.R.
Elizabeth A.[---],w. James H., Dec. 24, 1806, G.R.50.
James H., Dec. 7, 1806,[in lot with Elizabeth A.] G.R.50.


Joseph, ch. Lydia C. bp. Oct.---,1843. C.R.3.


Caroline M.[---],w. William E.,---1843, G.R. 50.
James (Bridget),s. Clarke, furnaceman, and Sarah, [Dec.] 25,1849, in T.


John,---,1848, G.R.50.

BRIGGS (Briges,Brigg, Brigs)

Abigail, d. Joseph, bp. Apr.20, 1763, C.R.4.
Abraham, Mar. 24, 1823,[in lot with Betsey A.] G.R.17.
Abraham T., s, Abraham, mason, and Betsey A., Dec. 17, 1848, in T.
Albert P., Jan. 16, 1842, G.R.29.
Andrew S., clerk, enl. July 15, 1863, a. 27, R.R.[b.---1825. G.R. 17.]
Artemas, h. Susan S. Williams, May 4, 1810, G.R.17.
Attie M.[---],w. Charles F.,---,1849. G.R.17.
Barshaba[T.P.R. Brigs], d. Hugh, Jan.11,1683.
Barzillai, Nov. 9, 1809,[in lot with Zetsey H. Reed] G.R.3.
Bathsheba(see Barshaba)
Bathsheba, w. Benjamin Porter, Sept. 6, 1816. G.R.11.
Benjamin[T.P.R. Brigs], ch. Richand, Sept. 15, 1677.[Benjamine Briggs, P.C.R.]
Betsey A.[---],w. Abraham, Jan. 18, 1831, G.R. 17.
Betsey H. Reed[---],w. Barzillai, Oct. 30, 1815, [in lotwith George L. Reed and Betsey] G.R. 3.
Beulah(see Bulah).
Bradford C., Mar. 4, 1821.[in lot with Dorcas E. and Fanny A.] G.R.50.
Fanny A.[---],w. Bradford C. Sept.11, 1830, G.R.50.
Hana (Brigg([dup. Briggs, T.P.R. Brigs], ch. William, Nov. 4, 1672.
Hana[T.P.R. Hanah Brigs], ch. Richard, Feb. 17, 1681.
Harmony, d. Ebenezer, bp. Sept. 7, 1776, C.R.4.
Huldah[---],w. Dean, Sept. 11, 1771, G.R.17.
Jesse(see Jessy)
Jesse H., Co. D, 18th Mass. Vol.,---,1841, G.R.4.
Jessy[sic] (Brigs),s. Joseph,bp. Oct.---,1761, C.R.4.
John[T. P.R., Brigs], ch. Richard, Feb. 26, 1669.
John, s. Richard, Feb. 13, 1672, P.C.R.
John(Brigg)[dup. Briggs, T.P.R. Brigs],ch. William, Mar. 19, 1680.[Briggs, P.C.R.]
John[.P.R. Brigs], s. Hugh, Sept. 15, 1686.
John C., ----,1828, [on stone with Eliza C. Briggs and Lydia S. Scharf].G.R.50.
Jonathan[dup. Johnathan,T.P.R.Johnathan Briges],ch. Jonthan Briggs,[T,P,R, Johnathan Briggs]. Mar. 15, 1668[Jonathan Briggs,s. Jonathan, P.C.R.]
Jonathan, h. Mary Ann(Briggs), Jan. 13, 1797, G.R.17.
Joseph[T.P.R. Brigs], ch. Richard, June 15, 1674.[Briggs,P.C.R.]
Joseph,s. Joseph, bp. July 14, 1765, C.R.4.
Josiah Leonard,s. Ebenezer, bp. June 25, 1769, C.R.4.
Margary(Briggs), d. Ebenezer,bp. Oct.---1761, C.R.4.
Marshall, machinist, b. Fairhaven, enl. May 13, 1864, a. 31, R.R.
Marshall D., h. Emeline C. Macomber, h. Mary M. Bliss Richmond, Sept. 4, 1832, G.R.50.
Mary(Brigg) [dup. Briggs, T.P.R., Brigs], ch. William, Aug.14, 1674.[Briggs, P.C.R.]
Mary[T.P.R., Brigs],ch. Richard, Jan.1, 1686.
Mary A.[---],w. Charles H., Oct. 27, 1831, G.R.17.
Mary Ann, w. Jonathan Briggs, Mar. 19, 1806, G.R.17.
Mary M. Bliss Richmond[---],w. Marshall D., May 12, 1831, G.R.50.
Mathew(Brigg),[dup. Briggs, T.P.R. Brigs]ch. William, Feb.5, 1676.[Brigg, P.C.R.]
Mehitabel[T.P.R. Mahitabel Brigs], ch. Richard, June 18, 1689.
Mehitabell[T.P.R. Brigs],d. Hugh, July 15, 1687.
Molly(Brigs), d. Joseph, bp. Oct.---,1761, C.R.4.
Nancy Jane, ch. Charles and Eliza Jane, Feb. 24, 1838.
Nathaniel[T.P.R. Nathanial Brigs], s. Thomas, June 18, 1605.
Nathaniel Stow,s. Artemas, trader, and Susan L. July 3, 1844, in T.[Nathaniel E.,s. Artemas and Susan S. Williams, G.R.17.]
Otis H., s. Otis H., June 4, 1843, in T.
Philenia[---],w. Alvin, Apr. 4, 1817, G.R.29.
Preserved, wheelwright, b. T., s. Preserved and Mary, enl. Aug.14, 1862, a.26, R.R.
Rachal[dup. Rachel], ch. Nathaniel, bp. May 11,1781, C.R.1.
Rebaka[T.P.R. Briges], ch. Richard, Aug. 15, 1665.[Rebecka Briggs P.C.R.]
Richard[T.P.R. Briges], ch. Richard, Apr. 7, 1668.[Briggs P.C.R.]
Richard[T.P.R. Brigs], ch. Richard, Jan. 12, 1679.
Richard P.,---,1834.[in lot with Cynthia S.] G.R.4
Samuel {T.P.R., Brigs], ch. Richard, Apr. 20, 1683.
Sarah(Brigg) [dup. Briggs, T. P.R. Briges],[Twin] ch. William,Sept.10, 1669,[Briggs,P.C.R.]
Sarah[T.P.R. Brigs], d. Thomas, Dec. 10,1693.
Sarah [T.P.R. Brigs],d. William, July 5, 1694.
Sarah, d. Joseph, bp. Oct.---,1771, C.R.4.
Sarah A.[---], w. Wiliam J., Jan. 6, 1839, C.R.17.
Simeon, h. Mary M. (Staples),----,1813, G.R.6.
Solomon P., machinist, b. Freetown, enl. July 15, 1863, a. 23,R.R.
Susan S. Williams [---], w. Artemas, Aug. 21, 1812, G.R. 17.
Thomas (Brigg) [dup. Brigges, T.P.R. Briges], [Twin] ch.William, Sept. 9, 1669.[Brigges, P.C.R.]
Thomas[T,P,R. Brigs],s. Thomas, Oct. 9, 1690.
Tisdale, h. Elizabeth, s. Bradford C. and Dorcas E., May 23,1846, G.R.50.
William[T.P.R. Briges], ch. Richard, Nov. 21,1663, [Briggs,[Nov. 21,1663 written after Jan. 25, 1661 crossed out]P.C.R.]
William(Brigg)[dup. Briggs, T.P.R. Briges], ch. William, Jan.25,1667.[Briggs, P.C.R.]
William J., Feb,2, 1834.[in lot with Eveline R. and Sarah A.]
William J., mason, b. Dighton, s. Mathew[dup. Mathew] andElizabeth, enl. May 2, 1861, a.29, R.R.
---,d. Isaac P.9tinman0, Apr. 9, 1845, in T.


Eliza(----), w. Joseph,---1839, G.R. 50.
Joseph, h. Eliza---,1842, G.R.50.

BRISCO (Briscoe)

Abigail, ch. John and Rebecca, Apr. 4, 1683, P.R.33.
Elizabeth, ch. John and Rebecca, June 24, 1691. P.R.33.
Hannah, ch. John and Rebecca, Nov. 27, 1700. P.R.33.
John, ch. John and Rebecca, Feb. 14, 1684, P.R.33.
John, ch. John and Rebecca, July 2, 1689.
Joseph, ch. John and Rebecca, Jan.4, 1682. P.R.33.
Martha, ch. John and Elizabeth, Nov. 26, 1697. P.R.33.
Mary, ch. John and Rebecca, Apr. 7, 1696. P.R.33.
Rachel(Briscoe)[?M.],---,1833, G.R.50.
Rebecca, ch. John and Rebecca, Sept. 16, 1679. P.R.33.
Sarah, ch. Joseph and Rebecca, Aug. 1, 1686, P.R.33.
Susanna, ch. John and Rebecca, Apr. 15, 1693, P.R.33.


Martha [?m.], May 25, 1824. C.R.7.


Abram, enl. Jan. 20, 1862, a. 20, R.R.


Frederick, laborer, enl.---[1863], a. 22, R.R.


Alice E. d. James and Elizabeth, Mar. 5, 1842.G,R.17.
Elizabeth [---],w. James, Jan. 1, 1808. G.R.17.
James, h. Elizabeth, Feb. 20, 1808, G.R.17.


Abraham, May 1, 1841. G.R.39.


Antoine, farmer, enl. Feb. 4, 1864, a. 23, R.R.


Charles H., Aug. 1, 1815. G.R.3.
Edwin R.,machinist, b. T., enl. July 15, 1863, a. 27, R.R.
Francis Z., Mar. 27, 1832, G.R.3.
Joseph, Oct. 23, 1792,[in lot with Mercy] G.R.6
Mercy[---],w. Joseph, Dec. 5, 1796. G.R.6.
Mercy V., d. Charles H., laborer, and Chole, Nov. 24, 1847. in T.
---,s. Charles H. and Chloe B., Oct. 16, 1836, G.R.3.

BROWN (Browne)

Adaline F. Aldrich[---],w. James H., ----,1831, G.R.17.
Alphreda Arnold[---],w. Samuel, Mar. 1, 1805. G.R.17.
Ann w. Francis J. Balfe, d. John and Katherine, June 22, 1838. G.R.40.
Annie B.[---], w. Thomas A., ---,1848, G.R.50.
Augustus Henry, s. Aug[ustus] T. tack cutter, and Anjeannette F., June9, 1846, in T.[in lot with Hiram J. Hayden, G.R.50.
Bela F., jeweller, s. John and Clarissa, enl. Aug. 8, 1862, a. 21, R.R.
Caroline [?m.], Jan. 20, 1805, [on monument with martha Brown Williams] G.R.17.
Caroline A.[?m.],---1848,[on stone with Sarah J. Barney] G.R.50.
Catherine(see katherine).
Catherine Cane(see Katherine Kane Brown).
Charles B., h. Susan D. Chamberlin,---,1831, G.R.50.
Charles Francis, s. Augustus T., nailmaker, and Anjeannette, Aug. 18, 1848, in T.
Edgar D., Co. D, 2nd R.I.---,1847,[in lot with Adaline S. Adams and Charles H. Ridder]G.r.50.
Edward M., s. John(blacksmith), Dec. 4, 1845, in T.
Eliza W.[---],w. James, Dec. 28, 1832, G,R.17.
Elizabeth A.[----],w. Samuel, May 12, 1821, G.R. 50.
Enock Emmy(sic), s. Enoch and Melinda, bp.[?Oct. 5], 1806, C.R.1.
Esther Ann, ch. Sam[ue]l and Elizabeth A., Apr. 3, 1845, C.R.7.
Everett Winslow, ch. John and Joanna, bp. Aug. 16, 1846, C.R.2.
[Evorite W., b. Dec. 4, 1845, G.R.11.]
Frederick, s. Luke F., blacksmith, and Elizabeth, Sept. 21, 1848, in T.
George B., enl. Feb. 1, 1864, a. 18, R.R.
Harriet L.[?m.], Aug. 21, 1819,[on stone with William A.] G.R.1.
Henry Richmond, ch. John and Joanna, Oct. 12, 1837.
Jabez,---,1838, G.R.50.
James., lawyer, s. Jonathan R. and Sally, Sept. 19, 1828, in Swabsey, R.R. [Maj., 33rd Regt. M.V.M., h. Eliza W.,G.R.17.]
James C., May 21,1807, [in lot with Rhobe Waldron Brown] G.R.17.
James H., nailor, b. Fall River, enl. July 15, 1863, a. 32, R.R.[h. Adaline F. Aldrich, b.---,1831, G.R.17.]
James Munroe, s. William H. and Louisa M., June 6, 1843, G.R.17.
Jane Elizabeth, ch. Sam[ue]l and Elizabeth, bp. Aug. 27, 1848, C.R.7.
Jeremiah N.,enl. May 10, 1862, a.21, R.R.
John,h. Katherine,---,1818, G.R.40.
John Jr., moulder, b. Ireland, s. John and Margaret, enl. July --.1861,a. 19, R.R.
John, machinist, b. Ireland, enl. Oct. 4, 1861, a.38, R.R.
John, seaman, enl. July 18, 1864, a. 34, R..
John Augustus, s. Enoch and Melinda, bp. May 27, 1810, C.R.1.
John Calvin, ch. John and Joanna, Feb. 8, 1829.
John E. (Browne), h. Ann J. (Hutchinson), Oct. 9, 1833,G.R.17,
John W., Jan. 16,1845, G.R.50.
Jonathan A., h. Martha M., Sept. 8, 1819. G.R.50.
Katherine[---],w. John,---,1816, G.R.40.
Katherine Kane, d. John and Katherine,---,1848, G.R.40.
Louisa Munroe [----],w. William Hinds, June 15, 1818,G.R.17.
Lucinda M. [?m.],---,1844, G.R.50.
Lucy C. d. J.C., trader, and R. June 23, 1848[sic, rec. between May 1, 1847 and May 1, 1848], in T. [Lucy carverBrown, d. James C. and Rhobe W., Jan. 23, G.R.17.]
Martha M.[---], w. Jonathan A., Sept. 12, 1819, G.R.50.
Mary Jane, d. Sam[ue]l, machinist, and Elizabeth [Elizabeth A., G,R.50.], Nov. 14, 1846, in T.
Mary Jean Wilson[---], w. William E., Mar. 23, 1843, G.R.50.
Melinda Padelford, d. Enos and Melinda, bp. Oct. 16, 1808, C.R.1.
Rhobe Waldron[----], w. James C., May 4, 1805, G.R. 17.
Robert Allen, h. Elizabeth Ann Spencer, Feb, 22, 1845, G.R.17.
Samuel, h. Alphreda Arnold, h. Harriet G.(Richmond), June 19, 1810, G.R.17.
Samuel, h. Elizabeth A., May 1, 1818, G.R.50.
Sarah Ann, w. Joseph Marquand Otis, May 3, 1817, G.R.17.
Sarah C., d. W[illia]m H. tailor, and L. M., Jam. 11, 1847, in T.
Sarah carver [----], w. Thomas Clark, Dec. 9, 1785, in T., G.R. 17.
Seth A., ch. John and Joanna, bp. July 14, 1833, C.R.2.
Susan(see Susannah).
Susan D. Chamberlin[---], w. Charles B., ---,1834, G.R.50.
Susannah, ch. John and Joanna, Sept. 7, 1826.[Susan, C.R.2.]
Thomas A., h. Annie B.,----,1841, G.R. 50.
Thomas C. 2nd, merchant, b. Barnstable, s. William H. and Louisa M., enl. Sept. 15, 1862, a. 24, R.R.[Co. G, 4th Regt. Mass. Vol. Milita, b. Oct. 24, 1839, G.R.17.]
Thomas Clark, h. Sarah Carver, Dec. 27, 1782, in Coventry, R.I. G.R.17.
Thomas Henry, s. Thomas C. and Sarah C., July 3, 1814, G.R. 17.
William, blacksmith, b. New Brunswick, enl. July 15, 1863, a. 26, R.R.
William A., Feb. 23, 1816.[dup. on stone with Harriet L.] G.R.1.
William E., h. mary Jean Wilson, Feb. 16, 1840, G.R.50.
William Henry, s. William H., tailor, and Louisa M., Aug. 4, 1849, in T.
William Hinds, h. Louisa Munroe, Nov. 13, 1811,[on monument with Thomas Clark brown] G.R.17.


David M., "Father," Aug. 12, 1831, G.R. 50.


Adoniram, h. Mary ElizabethHewitt, Oct. 6, 1836, G.R. 50.
George W., shoemaker, b. Middleboro(ugh), enl. July 15, 1863, a. 21, R.R.
James E., shoemaker, b. Freetown, enl. July 15, 1863, a. 28, R.R.
Mary Elizabeth Hewitt[---], w. Adoniram, July 9, 1836,[in lot with Gilbert Everett Hewitt] G.R.50.


Caleb, h. Sally H. Twe, Sept. 9, 1805, in Middleborogh, G.R. 17.
Caleb Hilliard, ch. Mr. and Mrs. Bryant, bp. Dec. 24, 1840,C.R.5[b.--],1840,[in lot with Caleb] G.R.17.]
Hannah Jane, ch. Erin and Elenor, Mar. 28, 1834,
Harriet A., d. Erin, shoemaker, and Eleanor, Jan. 26, 1847, in T.
Helen Marr, ch. Caleb and Sally H. Tew, Apr. 29, 1828, in Berkley, G.R. 17.
Juliet Helen, ch. Caleb and Sally H. Tew, July 28, 1832, in New Bedford, G.R. 17.
Lucy Fuller, sister of Marcia and Philander, Jan. 16, 1818, in Middleborough,[on stone marked "Brothers & Sisters" and in lot with Caleb] G.R.17.
Lucy Jane, ch. Mr. and Mrs. Bryant, bp. Dec. 24, 1840. C.R.5.[b. Oct. 4, 1837, C.R.7. ch. Caleb and Sally Tew, b. Oct. 4, 1837, G.R.17.]
Lydia Burbank, ch. Erin and Elenor, May 24, 1837.
Marcia, sister of Lucy Fuller and Philander, July 4, 1811, in Middleborough, G.R.17.
Mary Ann, ch, Erin and Elenor, Feb. 8, 1832.
Philander, brother of Lucy Fuller and Marcia, July 22, 1803, in Middleborough, G.R.17.
Sally H. Tew[---], w. Caleb, Apr, 20, 1806 in Berkley, G.R.17.
Seth Henry, ch. Mr. and Mrs. Bryant, bp. Dec. 24, 1840. C.R. 5.[b. Mar. 18, 1830,[in lot with caleb] G.R.17.


John,---,1849, G.R. 50.


Bernold, moulder, enl. Sept. 15, 1862, a. 29, R.R.
Ferdinand, Private, 8th R. C. V., s. Mich[ael], Jan. 5, 1845,G.R.1.
Michael,"Father," Oct. 12, 1796, G>r>1.

BUCHANAN (Bucannan)

John Henry, ch. Thomas and Jane,bp. ec. 6, 1844, "child sick," C.R.7.
John W., laborer, enl. Oct. 4, 1861, a. 18, R.R.
Robert(Bucannan), s. Alexander(block printer), Aug. 6, 1845,in T. [Buchanan, C.R.5.]


Daniel, h. Hannah Weston,---,1787, G.R. 50.
Dennis S. h. Sybil H. Wilbur, Apr. 7, 1839, G.R.3.
Dorcas,---,1837,[on stone with daniel] G.R. 50.
Hannah W. [?m.], ---,1827,[on stone with daniel] G.R. 50.
Hannah Weston[---], w. daniel,---,1801, G.R.50.
John,---, 1836, [on stone with Daniel.] G.R. 50.
John H., moulder, enl. Feb. 29, 1864, a. 29, R.R.
Rebecca, w. Cyrus Moulton,---, 1822,[on monument with Daniel.] G.R.50.
Sybil H. Wilbur {---], w. Dennis S.Nov. 22, 1838, G.R.3.
William H.,---,1843,[on stone with Daniel.] G.R. 50.


Harriet L., d. William(tinman), Oct. 23, 1845, in T.


David B.(Buffinton), britannia worker, b. T,, enl. May 13, 1864, a. 28, R.R.[b.---,1835,[on stone with John T, Musick] G.R.50.
Nancy, d. Benjamin, factory worker, and Martha, Nov. 16, 1848, in T.


Stephen Joseph, ch. Patrick and Mary, Dec. 26, 1847, in T., C.R. 8.

BULLARD(see Boullard).


Francis H., Dec. 5, 1849, G.R. 4.
Helen M. Dean[---], w. Francis H., Nov. 26, 1846. G.R. 4.


Andrew Dexter, ch. Eliza (wid.), bp. Sept. 17, 1835, C.R. 2.


Francis, H., Dec. 5, 1849, G.R. 4.
Helen M. Dean[---], w. Francis H., Nov. 26, 1846, G.R.4.


Andrew Dexter, ch.Eliza (wid.) bp. Sept. 17, 1835, C.R. 2.
Damon A., farmer, b.----, Dartmouth, enl. July 15, 1863, a. 31, R.R.[h. Susan J., b.----1832, G.R.11,]
Delia E. [----], w. George T., July 30, 1836, C.R.3.
Geo[rge] carpenter, ch. Eliza (wid.0, bp. Sept. 17, 1835, C.R. 2.
Geo[rge] T., farmer, b. T., enl. July 15, 1863, a. 41, R.R.[b. Oct. 23, 1821,[in lot with Thomas and Sarah A., and Delia E.] G.R. 3.]
Henry, h. Melissa J., ---,1825, G.R. 50.
Martha L.,[-----], w. Bradford, June 8, 1799, G.R. 3.
Sarah A. [---],w. Thomas, June 9, 1799, G.R. 3.
Susan J. [---],w. Damon A., ----, 1838. G.R. 11.
Thomas, July 12, 1794, [in lot with Sarah A.] G.R. 3.


Francis E., Apr. 1, 1839,[on stone with L. Adaline Makepeace] G.R. 50.
Hannah Warren, w. Josiah R. Ashley, d. J. Clark and Caroline, Apr. 17, 1843, G.R. 5.


Ivory H., h. Mary E.(Stevens), Sept. 16, 1837, G.R.50.


Edward, s. John, Aug. 13, 1681.
James, s. John, Sept. 29, 1664.[Dec. 29, P.C.R.]
John, s. John, Oct. 6, 1677,[Bundey, P.C.R.]
Joseph, s. John, Jan. 1, 1679.
Samuel [T.P.R. Samuel], s. John, Oct. 4, 1670. [Samuell Bundey, s. Samuell[sic], P.C.R.]
Sarah [T.P.R. Sara], d. John, Mar. 4, 1668.[Sarah, P.C.R.]


Abner Thomas, ch. Abner and Susetta, June 25, 1825.["Father," h. Eunice(Wood), G.R. 50]
Amelia Frances, d. Abner and Lucetta, June 30, 1831, G.R. 1.
Anne Jennett Green, d. Charles R. A. and Sybil G. July 31, 1826, G.R.1.

AURILLA (see Orilla)

Barnas Leach, May 18, 1807,[on stone beside that of Rebecca Reed (Evans)] G.R.1.
Betsey [----], w. Warren, Feb. 7, 1805. G.R.50.
Caroline [?m.], Feb. 6, 1807,[in lot with Joseph(d. 1821)] G.R. 1.
Caroline, w. John B.H. Leonard, d. Warren and Betsey, Dec. 5, 1831, G.R. 50.
Charles H,, clerk, b. Norton, s. Charles R. and Mary H., enl. Jan. 26, 1863, a. 18, R.R.
Elizabeth Ann M., d. Leonard, nailor, and Betsey D., June 26, 1846, in T.
George A.,----,1847,[on stone with Daniel Buck] G.R. 50.
Henery J., s. Abner and Lucetta, Jan. 15, 1827, G.R.1.
Henry J., h. Lucinda, May 4, 1834,[on stone with Jahaziah and Orilla.] G.R. 50.
Jahaziah, h. Orilla, May 21, 1803, G.R. 50.
James w., h. sarah B., Oct. 26, 1828, G.R. 50.
Louisa [?m.], Feb. 11, 1849, G.R. 17.
Lucetta [----], w. Abner Jr., Sept. 12, 1803, G.R.1.
Lucinda [----], w. Henry J., Dec. 13, 1834, G.R. 50.
Maria E., d. Charles R.A. and Sybil G., Aug. 5, 1833, G.R.1.
Mary H.,[----], w.harles R.A. formerly w. James Babbitt, Mar. 21, 1806. G.R. 1.
Mary w., w. Edwin E. Rogers, d. Charles R.A. and Sybil G. Dec. 16, 1842, in Norton, G.R. 50.
Orilla {----], w. Jahaziah, May 17, 1812, G.R. 50.
Orilla E. [?m.], Sept. 3, 1844, [on stone with Jahaziah and Orilla] G.R. 50.
Sarah B/[---], w. James W., Nov. 15, 1833, G.R. 50.
Warren, h. Betsey, Jan. 15, 1805, G.R. 50.
----,s. Abner T., shoemaker, and Eunice, Oct. 7, 1848, in T.


Adelaide A.[----], w. George,----,1847, G.R. 50.
Catharine Healy [----], w. William, Jan. 16, 1798, G.R.39.
George, h. Adelaide A., ----,1846, G.R. 50.
Julia Stackpole [----], w. William Henry, Dec. 10, 1841,G.r. 50.
William Henry, h. Julia Stackpole, July 24, 1841, G.R.50.

BURKETT (Burket, Burkitt)

Alice, w. Thomas Booth, Sept. 21, 1822, G.R. 50.
John, s. Robert (machinist), Feb. 2, 1845, in T.
Robert, s. Robert, laborer, and Mary Ann, June 3, 1849, in T.
Sarah Elizabeth (Burkitt) [dup. Bab-Ritt], d. Jo[h]n and w., bp. Nov. 15, 1835, C.R. 7.
William R. (Burket), s. Robert(laborer), Apr. 4, 1846, in T.

BURN(see Burns).

BURNES(see Burns).


Peter, s. Andrew, block cutter, and Jess, Oct. 29, 1846, in T.


Amos, Dea., h. Sally M., June 7, 1806, in Hollis, Me., G.R.17.
Charles Bean, ch. Dea. Amos and Sally M., July 27, 1833, G.R.17.
Jane W., d. Amos, railroad master, and S.W., Jan. 30, 1847, in T.
Sally M.[----], w. Dea. Amos, Sept. 10, 1812, G.R.17.
William Whitmore, ch. Dea. Amos and Sally., July 19, 1830, G.R.17.
William Whitmore, ch. Dea. Amos and Sally M., Oct. 31, 1836, G,R,17.
----,s. Amos, railroad repairer, and Sally, Feb. 7, 1849.

BURNS (Burn, Burnes)

Alexander, boiler maker, b. T., s. Patrick and Mary, enl. JUne 3, 1861, a. 21, R.R.
Ann Jane, ch. Sandy and Doroky, bp. Nov.13, 1844, "child sick."C.R. 7.
Anna, d. John, laborer, and Mary, July 25, 1849, in T.[Anne,July 26, C.R. 8.]
Catherine Amelia, d. George M., blacsmith, and Amelia P., Sept. 8, 1849, in T.
Daniel, ch. James and Alice, Oct. 31, 1846, in T., C.R. 8.
David, h. Lydia J., Nov. 10, 1824, G.R. 50.
Elijah William, Aug. 6, 1845, G,R. 50.
Ellen, d. Partick, laborer, and Julia, June 1, 1849, in T.
Francis T., (Burnes), moulder, b. T., s. Patrick and Mary, enl. Sept. 15, 1862, a. 19, R.R.
Garrett, s. James, forgeman, and Alice, Nov. 10, 1847, in T.
George(twin) s. Alexander, laborer, and Dorothy, Feb. 3, 1846, in T.
George, s. George, blacksmith, and Amelia, Sept. 14, 1846, in T.
Henry, twin s. Patrick, May 19, 1845, in T.
John, Mar. 19, 1773,[on stone beside that of Catherine(d. 18490] G.R. 1.
John, machinist, b. Boston, enl. July 15, 1863, a. 26, R.R.
John, engraver, enl. Dec. 26, 1863, a. 21, R.R.
John C., s. George W., blacksmith, and Amelia P. Barnes, May 9, 1848, in T.
Joseph, twin, s. Patrick, May 19, 1845, in T.
Lydia J. [---],w. david, Dec. 25, 1837, G.R. 50.
Mary A. (Burn), d. Patrick, laborer, and Julia, June 14, 1846, in T.
Michael, painter, enl. Dec.---,1863, a. 37, R.R.
Patrick William, ch. Patrick and Julia Connor, Feb. 18, 1848, in T. C.R. 8.
Tany, s. James, laborer, and Ellen, Jan. 24, 1849, in T.
Thomas, [twin] s. Alexander, laborer, and Dorothy, Feb. 3, 1846, in T.
Thomas Alexander, ch. Alex[ande]r and D., bp. Nov. 2, 1848, C.R. 7.
William H., student, b. Boston, enl. Aug. 7, 1862, a. 20, R.T.[b. Mar. 12, 1843, G.R. 17.

BURR( see also Barr)

Edwin R., drummer, enl. Feb. 18, 1846, a. 18, R.R.

BURROUGHS (Burrows, see also Bores)

Joseph (Burrows), s., Thomas, weaver, and Mary, Nov. 26, 1845, in T.
----,s. Thomas(weaver), Mar. 7, 1844, in T,


Abby A. d. Ambrose B., carpenter, and Laura, Mar. 11, 1847, in T.
Abby Ann, d. Benjamin and Ann, May 4, 1832, G.R.17.
Abel(see Abiel and Abil).
Abiel (B[urt]),---[torn] 3, 1692, P.R. 26.
Abigail [T.P.R. Abagail]. d. Richard, Jan, 28, 1676.
Abigail(see Aby).
Abigail, d. Thomas, bp. Sept. 1, 1765, C.R. 7.
Abigail, ch. Enos and Hannah, mar. 24, 1810.
Abigail, ch. Jacob H. and Priscilla Barnum, Oct. 26, 1823.[Abby, C.R. 3.]
Abigail A. (see Abby A.).
Abigail Ann(see Abby Ann).
Abil, s. Richard, Dec. 5, 1657.
Abraham, inf. Jacob, bp. July 7, 1765, C.R. 7.
Aby [---], w. David, Sept. 2, 1753, G.R. 15.
Allen B., h. Almaria J., Phebe N., Sept. 5, 1816, G.R. 3.
Almira A. Hathaway [----],w. Silas H., Jan. 7, 1820, G.R. 3.
Alonzo, s. Benjamin, sea captain, and Ann, Sept. 19, 1847, in T.[ch. Capt. Benjamin and Ann, Sept. 1, G.R. 17.]
Ambrose B., ch. Nathan and Teresa, Feb. 20, 1816.
Angeline Winefred, ch. Enos and Winefred, Apr. 10, 1826.[w. John w. Jones, Apr. 10, 1825, G.R. 14.]
Ann [---],w. Capt. Benjamin, Dec. 30, 1814, G.R. 17.
Ann J., w. Abiathar White, May 30, 1821, G.R. 17.
Anna Horton, d. John O., merchant, and Mary, Oct. 12, 1846, in T.
Annie Stoddard [---], w. Jacob, Mar. 29, 1828, G.R. 17.
Ansel Oscar, h. Mary Elizabeth Leonard, Aug. 10, 1840, G.R. 17.
Arunah, h. Lurene, Apr. 1, 1791, [also on stone with Mercy] G.R. 50.
B. Frank (see Benjamin Franklin Burt).
Barthomew W., h. Rachel Allen Clark, Apr. 26, 1820, in Norton, G.R. 3.
Bathsheba H. Paull [----], w. Jacob (s. Jacob H. and Priscilla B. (Dean), Jan. 26, 1832, G.R. 17.
Bathsheba Oadelford, ch. John Padelford and Pheba, Feb. 11, 1825.
Benjamin, Capt., h. Ann, May 14, 1809, G.R. 17.
Benjamin, xch. Seth and Nancy, Aug. 7, 1826.[Benjamin S., G.R. 14,]
Benjamin Franklin, ch. Daniel and Eliza, Nov. 25, 1835.[B. Frank, G.R.3.]
Benjamin L., clerk, b. t., enl. July 15, 1803, a. 29, R.R. [h. Deborah F.,(Phillips), b. Sept. 2, 1834, G.R. 17.]
Benjamin S. (see Benjamin).
Benjamin W., "Father,"h. harriet F., h. Elizabeth P. Warren, June 22, 1816, G.R. 12.
Bildad, h. Roxana. June 7, 1807, G.R. 3.
Caroline Seabra, ch. Lurana, bp. July 3, 1842, C.R. 3.
Charles B., h. Cordelia Westcott, May 23, 1831, G.R. 50.
Charles F., s. John P. (brickmaker), Sept. 17, 1843, in T.
Charles Green (see Charles Green Bush).
Charles H., machinist, s, Ambrose B. and Laura, June 1, 1842, in Norton, R.R.
Charles Hervey, ch. Ambrose B. and Laura, Aug. 11, 1840.
Charlotte Jane Tilden [---], w. David Allen,---, 1830, G.R.50.
Claribel A., d. Peleg D., farmer, and Almira, Jan. 31, 1849, in T.
Cordelia Westcott [---], w. Charles B., June 11, 1831, G.R. 50.
Daniel Henry, ch. Daniel and Eliza, Nov. 3, 1827. [---, 1828,[on stone beside that of Susan D.] G.R. 3.]
David, Sept. 13, 1741,[on stone beside that of Aby] G.R. 15.
David A., marble worker, enl. July 15, 1863, a. 32, R.R.David Allen, h. Charlotte Jane Tilden,---, 1830, G.R. 50,.
Ebenezer, s. Richard, May 15, 1669.56
Ebenezer, ch. Thomas, July 15, 1788.
Edward F., Bildad (farmer), Aug. 14, 1843, in T. [Aug. 2, G.R. 3.]
Elizabeth Ann, ch. Daniel and Eliza, Apr. 11, 1831.[ w. William F. Pierce, G.R. 1.]
Elizabeth B. Jackson [---], w. Seth E., Aug. 12, 1829, G.R. 14.
Elizabeth P. Warren[----], "Mother," w. Benjamin W., Mar. 24, 1830, G.R. 12.
Ellin Francis, ch. Daniel and Eliza, Jan. 12, 1838.
Emeline M., d. daniel (teamster), Nov. 5, 1845, in T.
Enos, s. Thomas and Catharine Huet, bp. Nov. 5, 1786, C.R. 7.
Enos, ch. Enos and Hannah, Aug. 2, 1797.
Enos Jr., ch. Enos and Winefred, May 9, 1824.
Ephraim, s. Richard, feb. 27, 1674.
Ester C., d. george L. (mechanic), Sept. 6, 1845, in T.
Ezeral, ch. Thomas, June 18, 1784.
Fanny maria, ch. Ambrose B. and Laura, June 11, 1838.
Frances D., [?m.],---, 1817, [on stone with Capt. Hiram]G.R.14.
Frederick Thomas (see Frederick Thomas Bush).
Geo[rge] A., s. George l., laborer, and Harriet, July 24, 1847, in T.
George A., s. William, farmer, and Lydia D., Mar. 28, 1849, in T.
George B., h. sarah A. Church,---,1840, G.R. 17.
George C., s. John P., farmer, and Susana, Jan. 2, 1848, in T.
George L., s. eonard and Hannah, May 12, 1799,. [Hannah S., w. William S. Phillips, G.R. 29.]
Hannah, ch. Enos and Hannah, May 12, 1799.[Hannah S., w. William S. Phillips, G.R. 29.]
Henrietta, ch. Jacob H. and Priscilla Barnum, Dec. 4, 1830.
Henry, ch. Enos and Hannah, Oct. 30, 1807.
Henry, ch. Enos and Winefred, Oct. 11,1827.
Henry A., butcher, s. Bildad and Roxanna, enl. Aug. 25, 1862, a. 25, R.R. [h. Charlotte P., b.---1836, G.R. 3.]
Hiram, ch. Enos and Hannah, Nov. 3, 1812.[Capt. Hiram[on stone with Frances D.] G.R. 14.]
Hiram A., s. John (laborer), Nov. 28, 1845, in T.
Isaac Erastus, ch. Sylvester and Susan, July 27, 1843.
Isabella, d. Hernum, coaster, and Francis D., Dec. 22, 1844, in T.[Isabell W., ch. Capt. Hiram and Frances D., G.R. 14.]
Isreal(see Ezeral)
Jacob, ch. Jacob H. and Priscilla Barnum[Priscilla B.)Dean), G.R. 17.] feb. 20, 1820.
Jacob, ch. Jacob H. and Priscilla Barnum, Nov. 5, 1821.[h. Bathsheba H. Paull, h. Elizabeth T.(Walker), h. Annie Stoddard, s. Jacob H. and Priscilla B. (Dean), G.R. 17.]
Jacob Haskins, ch. Enos and Hannah, June 9 [dup. June 29],1793.[h. Priscilla B. (Dean) , Jan.[sic] 29, G.R. 17.]
James ( see Burt).
James, s. David and Roba Clemens, bp. Nov. 5, 1786, C.R. 7.
James D., May 4, 1813,[in lot with James(d. 1828)] G.R. 3.
James Phillips,(see James Phillips Bush).
Jemima, d. Richard, Apr. 12, 1687.
Jemima, d. William (farmer), Feb. 30, 1766, C.R. 7.
Jerome B., s. William (farmer), Feb. 9, 1844, in T. [moulder, s. William and Lydia, D., R.R.]
Job, s. William and Ruth Robbinsonm bp. Sept. 16, 1787, C.R. 7.
John, s. Richand, Aug. 21, 1671.
John, s. Thomas and Catharine Huet, bp. Nov. 5, 1786, C.R. 7.
Joseph, s. Richard, May 15, 1666.
Joseph (B[urt]), June 20, 1696, P.R. 26.
Joseph, ch. Thomas, June 11, 1786.
Josephine, w. John H. Church, d. Capt. Benjamin and Ann, Sept. 19, 1842, G.R. 17.
Josiah, Apr. 25, 1702, P.R. 26.
Leonard, h. Meheta, Apr. 25, 1798, G.R. 3.
Louisa, ch. Nathan and Teresa, Feb. 7, 1810.
Lurene [---], w. Arunah, June---,1798, G.R. 50.
Luther, s. William and Ruth Robbinson, bp. Sept. 16, 1787,C.R. 7.
Lydia [---], w. Peter, Jan. 29, 1786. G.R. 12.
Lydia, Adeline, ch. William and Lydia Dean, Oct. 9, 1834.[Lydia Adaline, C.R. 3., Lydia A. "Mother," w.---Tew, G.R. 50.]
Marcy(see Mercy).
Maria Dean, ch. Jacob H. and Priscilla Barnum, Oct. 13, 1827.[w. Jacob B. Phillips, G.R. 17.]
Martha, d. Ambrose, carpenter, and Laurell, Dec. 9, 1844, in T.
Mary, d. Richard, May 15, 1661.
Mary, inf. Thomas and Abigail, bp. Aug. 3, 1766, C.R. 7.
Mary Ann, ch. Seth and Nancy, Nov. 27, 1821.[w. david B. Chushman, G.R. 14.]
Mary Burroughs Leonard(see Mary Burroughs Leonard Bush).
Mary Elizabeth Leonard[----], w. Ansel Oscar, Mar.8, 1843, G.R. 17.
Mary Frances Priscilla, ch. Jacob H. and Priscilla Barnum[Ptiscilla B. (Dean), G.R. 17.] July 29, 1833.
Mary L., John O. (trader), Nov. ---1844, in T.
Mason A., h. Pamelia E., feb. 12, 1830, G.R. 50.
Mason W., accountant, b. T., s. Hiram, enl. Sept. 2, 1861, a. 22, R.R.
Meheta [---],w. Leonard, Apr. 3, 1803, G.R. 3.
Mercy [---], w. Arunah, Aug. 4, 1792, G.R. 50.
Mercy [dup. Marcy], ch. Enos and hannah, Nov. 18[dup. Nov. 19,] 1805.
Mirian, Sept. 16, 1704, P.R. 26.
Molly, d. William and w., bp. Mar. 30, 1766, C.R.7. Molly, ch. Thomas, May 28,1780.
Nancy [---],w. Seth, Mar. 10, 1796, G.R. 14.
Naomi, w. John B. Dunbar,---, 1827,[in lot with Leonard Burt and Meheta] G.R.3.
Nathan Jr., ch. Nathan and Teresa, Jan. 12, 1808.
Nathaniel, s. david and Roba Clemens, bp. Nov. 5, 1786, C.R. 7.
Pamelia E.[---],w. Mason A., Oct. 23, 1848, G.R. 50.
Peter, ch. Thomas, Mar. 15, 1782.[h. Lydia, G.R. 12.]
Phebe Ann, ch. John Padelford and Pheba, Feb. 15, 1829.
Phebe Elizabeth, ch. William and Lydia Dean, July 31, 1839.
Phebe N. [----],w. Allen B., Dec. 22, 1831, 1839.
Polly [?m.], Oct. 13, 1778, [in lot with Royal] G.R.3.
Priscilla, Jan. 27, 1699, P.R. 26.
Rachel Allen Clark [----], w. Bartholomew W., Oct. 14, 1821, G.R. 3.
Richard, s. Richard, June 21, 1663.
Roxanna [----], w. Bildad, Aug. 18, 1810. G.R. 3.
Royal, July 10, 1788,[in lot with Polly91778)] G.R. 3.
Ruth, d. Jacob, bp. May 24, 1761. C.R. 7.
Ruth, d. David, Apr. 6, 1780, G.R.15.
Ruth Ann, d. Leonard and Meheta, Dec. 21, 1830, G.R. 3.
Sally, ch. Enos and Hannah, July 30, 1841.
Samuel Leonard (see Samuel Leonard Bush).
Sarah [----], w. Seth Otis, Dec. 23, 1843, G.R. 50.
Sarah A., d. Hiram, sea captain, and Frances, Nov. 5, 1848, in T.
Sarah A. Church [---], w. George B., ----,1839, G.R. 17.
Sarah Ann, ch. Jacob H. and Priscilla Barnum, July 2, 1818.
Seth, Dec. 15, 1797.[in lot with nancy] G.R. 14.
Seth E.,h. Elizabeth B. Jackson, Oct. 18, 1828, G.R. 14.
seth Enos, ch. Enos and Winefred, Oct. 25, 1829.
Seth Otis, ch. Seth and Nancy, July 6, 1829.
Sibbel, ch. Thomas, Sept. 5, 1792.
Sibyl W. (see Sybil W.).
Silas, ch. nathan, July 21, 1814.
Silas Dunbar, ch. John Padelford and Lurana (second w.), Feb. 3, 1838.
Silas Dumbar, inf. Lurana, bp. July 5, 1840, C.R. 3.
Silas H., Feb. 21, 1820,[in lot with Almira A. Hathaway] G.R. 3.
Stephen ch. Enos and Hannah, Oct. 7, 1801.
Susan D. [?m.],----, 1831, [on stone beside that of Daniel H.] G.R. 3.
Susan M. [?m.],----1827, [in lot with Sylvester] G.R. 50.
Susan Waldron, d. William, farmer, and Lydia, July 23, 1846, in T.
Sybil (see Sibbel).
Sybil W. [?m.}, Mar. 13, 1818, [in lot with Bartholomew W.] G.R. 3.
Sylvester, Nov. 30, 1794,[in lot with Bartholomew W.] G.R. 3.
Sylvester F., moulder, b. T., enl. July 15, 1863, a. 23, R.R.
T. Preston, Co. C. 22nd. Mass. Vol. Inf., July 20, 1844, G.R. 17.
Tabitha, d. Jacob, bp. Apr. 12, 1764, C.R. 7.
Theodore A. carpenter, b. T., enl. July 15, 1863, a. 27, R.R.
Thomas, s. Thomas, bp. Sept. 1, 1765, C.R. 7.
Thomas, ch. Thomas and Catherine Huet, bp. Nov. 5, 1786, C.R. 7.
Thomas, h. Elizabeth (Harvey).----, 1792, G.R. 7.
William, s. William and Ruth Robbinson, bp. Sept. 16, 1787, C.R. 7.
William, ch. Enos and Hannah, Apr. 9, 1804.
William Andrews, ch. Seth and Nancy, June 26, 1820.[William Andros Burt, C.R. 3. William A., h. Salome(Staples), G.R. 14.
William H., ch. Nathan and Teresa, Feb. 11, 1812.
William Henry, ch. Jacob H.and Priscilla Barnum, Dec. 1, 1825. [h. Bstsy C. (Cummungs). G.R. 14.]
William W., s. William A., carpenter, and Salome S., Feb. 3, 1848. in T.
William Warren, ch. William and Lydia Dean, May 27, 1833.
Zilpha, ch. Thomas, Oct. 4, 1790.
----[torn, ? James]{Burt},---[torn] 1, 1687, P.R. 26.
---, s. Guiliford (laborer), Feb. 9, 1844.
----s. Bartholomew, machinist, and R.A., Mar. 22, 1847, in T.


Charles Green, ch. Thomas and Mary B., July 6, 1813, in T. [Charles Green Burt 9sic0, s. Mary Burroughs Burt, C.R. 1. Charles Green Bush, "second" s. Thomas and Mary B., G.R. 1.]
Frederick Thomas, ch. Thomas and Mary B., Apr. 24, 1815, in T. [Burt, s. Mary Burroughs Burt, C.R.1.]
James Phillips, ch. Thomas and Mary B., July 26, 1817, in T,[Burt, s. Mary Burroughs Leonard Burt, C.R.1.]
Mary Burroughs Leonard, ,ch. Thomas and Mary B., Jan. 31, 1810, in T. [Burt, d. mary Burroughs Burt, C.R.1.]
Samuel Leonard, ch. Thomas and Mary B., Sept. 27, 1811, in T.[Burt, s. mary Burroughs Burt, C.R.1.]
Thomas, Feb. 17, 1781, in Boston,[on stone beside that of Mary B. (Leonard)] G.R.1.


Amelia E. Knapp [----], w. Samuel N., ---,1841. G.R. 11.
Charles e., h. Esther E. (Hunt), Apr. 28, 1842, G.R. 11.
James A., M.D., Mar. 19, 1837,[in lot adajacent to Samuel N.] G.R.11.
Samuel N., h. Amelia E. Knapp,---1840, G.R.11.
----,s. Lorenzo, laborer, and Mary, Sept. 22, 1849, in T.


Francois Xavies, Apr. 11, 1827, G.R. 50.


John, laborer, b. N/B., enl. July 18, 1864, a. 21,R.R.
Rachel G.[?m.], Aug. ---, 1810,[in lot with William H.] G.R. 50.
William H., blacksmith, b. England, enl. May 13, 1864, a. 40, R.R.[b. Mar. 26, 1825,[in lot with rachel G.] G.R. 50]


Anthony,---, 1832, G.R. 40.
James, barber, b. Liverpool [dup. adds Eng..], s. John and Mary, enl. Sept. 15, 1862, a. 23, R.R.
Patrick, Mar. 19, 1819, G.R. 40.

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