Taunton, MA Vital Records to 1850 (Marriages)
Published by: New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1929
Transcribed for the web by Betty White

Surnames Babbitt to Blake

* = Intentions not recorded

BABBITT (Babbit, Babit, Bobbit, Bobbot, Bobit)

Abijah of Berkley and Ann Woodward of T., June 23, 1761 [? In Berkley].*
Adaline {int. Adeline] W., Miss, and William L. Woodward. Both of T., Oct 18, 1841.
Ann and Oliver Barney Jr., both of T., July 18,1822.
Ardelia (Babbit) [int. Babbitt} and Albert Sweet, both of T., Apr. 9, 1832. [Babbitt of T., C.R.1]
Augusta W., Miss, and Charles H. Alger, both of T., int. July 23, 1847
Bathsheba and (Babbit) and Stephen Macomber, both of T., int. Aug. 23, 1811.
Bathsheba and Robert Goff, both of T., Int. June 16, 1827. [m. July 1, C.R.1.]
Bathsheba T. of Dighton and Abiathar Walker of T., int. Jan. 10, 1829.
Betsey C., Miss, of T., and Francis B. Wetherell of N. Bridgewater, int. May 4, 1844.
Caroline A., Miss, of Dighton and Oliver Eaton of T., June 30, 1842.
Charles (Babbit) and Abigail White, both of T., Jan. 20, 1807. in T.* [Charls, both of T., P.R.25.]
Charles L. and Mary T. Ellis, both of T., Dec. 26, 1836.
Deborah and Hiram Hodges, both of T., int. Oct. 25, 1828. [m. Mar.---, 1829, C.R.1]
Deliverence (Bobbit) and Nathaniel Holloway, both of T., Mar. 13, 1699-1700, in T.,* B.C.M.
Ebenezer (Babbit) Jr. and Betsey Cooper, both of T., Jan. 1, 1792, in T.* [Betsy, both of T., B.C.M.]
Ebenezer (Babit) of T. and Olive B. Paul of Berkley, int. May 13 1820.
Edward (Bobit) and Abigail Tisdale [T.P.R.Abigal Tisdill]., Feb 1, 1683*
Edward (Bobbot) and Elizabeth Thayer, Dec. 22, 1698.* [Elisabeth P.R.21.]
Eliza of T. and Manly Whitaker of Attleborough, Oct. 28, 1804. in T.* [Babbit of T., P.R.25.]
Eliza A. and Luther Bullock, both of T., int. July 7, 1832.
Eliza C. wid., 26, b. T., d. Charles Babbitt, and Lloyed [int. Lloyd] French, widr., 38, manufacturer, all of T., Nov. 18, 1845, in T. [Lloyd, both of T., C.R.3]
Elizabeth, 38, braider, of T., d. Betsey, and William Booth, widr. [int. Boothe. omits widr.], 33, shoemaker of Berkley, May 31, 1846, in T. [Booth of Berkley, C.r.3.]
Elizabeth J., Miss, and Learned [int. Larned] J. Wilmarth, both of T., Aug. 14, 1842.
Elkanah (Babbit) and Hannah Redding, both of T., Feb. 5, 1804, in T.*
Elkannah (Bobit) and Elizabeth Briggs {T.P.R. Brigs], June 25, 1689.*
Emerson and Miss Catharine F. Crossman, both of T., Jan. 4, 1841.
Emmeline and Elias Strange, both of T., Dec. 6, 1825. [Dec. 26 P.R.25.]
Enoch B. single, 24, farmer, of Berkley, s. Enoch and Lydia, and Clarrisa J. Hathaway, 21, of Freetown, d. Eunis [sic] and Clarrisa, Aug.25, 1847, in T.*
Ester (Bobbot) and Edward Paul, Aug. 23, 1693.*
Fanny of T. and Dean Paul of Berkley, int. Nov. 12, 1812.
George and Celia C. French, both of Berkley, Aug. 23, 1841.*
George H. of t. and Miss Saraphene [int. Seraphene] S. Sanford of Rehoboth, Dec. 7, 1840. [Sarahphene S. of Rehoboth, C.R.3.]
Hannah of Norton and Abiel Atwood of Berkley, Mar. 11, 1755, in T.* [Mrs. Hannah Babbet of Norton, Bristoll Co., P.R.28.]
Harriet A. and William H. Cooper, both of T., int. Feb. 9, 1830. [m. Mar.25, C.R.1]
Isaac and Eliza Barney, both of T., Sept. 20, 1829.
Isaak (Babit) and Sarah Leonard, both of T., int. Oct. 7, 1820. [Isaac Babbitt and Sally Leonard, both of T., m. Oct. 31, C.R.1.]
Jacob (Bobbit)of Berkley and Mary Harvey of T., Mar. 31, 1738 in T.*
Jacob (Babbit) and Bersheba Stoddard, Sept. 27, 1789, in T.* [Bathsheba, both of T., P.R.25.]
James of Wellington and Mary H. Woodward of T., int. Sept. 19, 1824. [Mary W. Wodward of T., m. Nov. 11, C.R.1]
James H. and Miss Eliza C. Sweet , both of T., May 7, 1838.
Jerome of T. and Miss Daphne A. Crane of Berkley, int. June 16, 1848.
John (Babbit) and Lydia Leonard, both of T., Oct. 20, 1784, in T.8 [Babbitt, both of T., C.R.1.]
John (Babbit) of T. [and] Luranah Sanders of Wareham, int. Apr. 30, 1814.
John and Rhoda Wardwell, both of T., int. July 21, 1822.
Livonia P., Miss, and Joseph W. King, both of T., int. June 10, 1845.
Lydia R. of Dighton and Gardner Strange of T., int. Feb. 3, 1838.
Marcy (see Mary L.)
Martha, Miss, of Berkley, and John E. Godfrey of T., Mar. 10, 1841.
Mary H. Mrs. of T., and Charles R. A. Burbank of Norton, int. Nov. 1, 1844.
Mary J., Miss, and George F. Blood, both of T., int. Aug. 13, 1847.
Mary L. (Babbit [int. Babbitt] and Lemuel M. Leonard, both of T., Oct 6, 1831. [Babbitt of T., C.R.1. Marcy Babbit and Lemuel Leonard, s. Lemuel and Olive Lee, Oct 5, P.R.22]
Nancy (Babbit [int. Babbitt] and Walker Baker Jr. both of T., May 29, 1816, in T.
Pella L. (Babbit) [int. Babbitt] and Elijah Wilbar [int. Wilbur], both of T., Sept 5, 1831.[Babbitt and Elijah Wilbur, both of T., C.R.3.]
Polly of T. and Shadrach Shearman of Dartmouth, Jan.24, 1803, in T.* [Babbit of T., P.R.25]
Polly E. [int. Miss] and Lucius M. Williams, both of T., Dec. 28, 1839. [Dec.8, C.R.3]
Ruth (Babbit), Miss, of Middleborough and Benjamin Sawdey of Tiverton, R.I., Apr. 11, 1791,* C.R.4.
Sally and Ichabod Bozworth, both of T., int. Mar. 21, 1824.
Samuel (Babbit) of Dighton and Anna Paul of T., int July 13, 1811. [Miss Anne of T., m. Aug.4, C.R.4]
Sarah (Bobbit) [T.P.R. Bobit] and Samuel [T.P.R. Samuell] Pitts, Mar. 25, 1680*. [Bobitt and Samuell Pitts, P.C.R.]
Sarah (Bobbot) and William Thayer, May 29, 1701.*
Seth C. of T. and Miss Sarah Lucas of Kingston, int. Sept. 14, 1838.
Susanna (Babbit) and Joseph Ingells, both of T., Aug. 18, 1785, in T.*
Thomas of T. and Nancy W. Cobb of Plymton, int. Aug. 19, 1832.
Ziba and Welthea Woodward, both of T., Oct.30, 1803, I T.*[Wealthy, both of T., C.R.1}
Ziba (Babbit) [int Babbitt] 2d and Wealthy Lincoln, both of T., May 29, 1831. [Babbitt 2d , both of T., C.r.3]

BABCOCK (Badcock)

Mary (Badcock) and John Macomber Sr., Jan. 7, 1685-6j.*
Milton of t., and Lydia Bowen of Attleborough, int. Apr. 21, 1832.
Orinda of Attleborough and Samuel Wilde Jr. of T., int. Aug 31, 1822.


Joseph and Polly Tisdale, both of T., Nov. 4, 1798, I T.*
Samantha L., 23, tailoress, of Brookfield, d. Lucinda, and Seth Wetherbee, single, 21, tailor, of Brookfield, s. W[illia]m, Oct. 30, 1844, in T.*

BADCOCK (see Babcock)

BAILEY (Bagley, Baley, Bayley)

George N. [int.W.] of Troy and Ruth B. Phillips of T., Mar. 7, 1831. [George N. of Troy, C.R.1]
Isaac of New Bedford and Phebe Pendleton of T., Apr. 20, 1831.
Lucinda (Baley) of Hanover and James Lincoln of T., June 29, 1794, in Hanover.*
Samuel (Bayley) and Elizabeth Caswel, Aug. 28, 1711.* [Elisabeth, P.R.21.]
Samuell (Bagley) [dup. Samuel Bayley, second dup. Samuel Bagley, T.P.R. Samuell Bagley] and Mary Thayer [second dup Shawer, sic] of Braintrey, May 17, 1686.* [Samuel Bayley and Mary Thayer, P.R.21.]
Sarah and Thomas Reynolds, both of T., Aug. 10, 1830.


Abiathar and Lucinda Nutting, both of T., int. Sept. 14, 1823.
Abigail of Raynham and Zephaniah Simmons of Swanzey, Jan. 30, 1772, in T.*
Abigail and Nicholas H. Lincoln, both of t., int. June 25, 1825.
Abijah and Serefina French, both of T., Apr. 23, 1805, in T.*
Abijah and Ruth French, both of t., Sept. 30, 1805, in T.*
Alfred W. of T. and Miss Maria C. Tallman of Portsmouth, R.I. int. Aug. 26, 1848.
Betsey of T. and Perry Anthony of Wellington, int Oct 6, 1822.
Betsey of T. and Joshua T. Williams of Dighton, int. Aug. 10, 1827.
Charlotte [int. adds W.] , Miss, and Josiah T. Lincoln, both of t., Feb 27, 1843.
Christiana of Middlebo[rough] and Apollos Peirce of T., int. Oct 29, 1825.
Clarissa and Almond Townsend, both of T., int. July 29, 1827.
David and Phebe Townsend, both of T., Nov. 18, 1802, in T.*
David Jr. of Wellington and Sarah Cummings of T., int. Feb. 4, 1826.
David and Mrs. Catharine Goff, both of T., int. Sept. 7, 1848.
Deborah B., Miss and Benjamin F. King, single, both of T., May 10, 1849, in T.
Elbridge G. of Yarmouth and Miss Charlotte Humphrey of T., Julyu 31, 1842.
Eunice of T. and Hiram Parish of Fairhaven, int. May 26, 1838.
Hiram of T. and Miss Caroline Allen of Berkley, int. Nov. 16, 1839.
Hiram of T. and Miss Susan B. Waning of Swanzey, int. May 3, 1849.
John 3d and Sarah Drake, both of Rehoboth, Jan. 1, 1749, in T.*
Leonard and Almira Haskins, both of T., int. Sept. 17, 1825.
Maria S., 18, d. Walker and Nancy, and William H. Haskins, single, 24, machinist, s. ______dec'd, all of T., Oct 4, 1846, in T.
Marshall and Rosilla Lamb, both of T., Dec. 1, 1835.
Mary of Raynham and Joseph P[r]isbery of T., Nov. 21, 1745. in Raynham.*[Prisbrey of T., B.C.M.]
Mary A. and William Dean, both of T., June 19, 1833. [June 17, C>R.3]
Nancy and Nathaniel Phillips, both of T., int. Dec. 10, 1825.
Nancy of Warren, R.I. and Benjamin Ingell of T., int. July 10, 1835.
Obed. Single, 20, shoemaker, s. Obed and Sally, and Sally A. Wetherell, 21, d. Allen And Ruth, all of T., July 7, 1846. in T.
Otis L. of T. and Miss Nancy J. Davis of Dighton, int. Mar. 31, 1849.
Phebe (see Phebe Blake)
Sally of T. and Zebidee Williams of Wellington, int. Mar. 9, 1822.
Sarah and Benjamin Knap, both of T., Jan. 15, 1735.*
Silvanus (see Sylvanus)
Simeon and Elizabeth Jugles, both of T., Aug.---, 1763, in T.* [Elisabeth Ingles, both of T., P.R.25.]
Simeon Jr. and Hannah Tisdale, both of T., Apr. 19, 1791, in T.*
Simeon of Middleborough and Julia Hathaway of T., int. May 26, 1827. [Judeth Hatheway of T., m. June 28, C.R.4]
Sophia D., Miss, and Orlando Hatch, both of T., int. Dec. 24, 1849.
Susanna of Dighton and Benjamin Jones of Berkley, May 17, 1763, in T.*
Sylvanus and Miss Betsey Bryant, both of T., int. Sept. 25, 1841.
Thankfull and Abiezer Hood, both of T., int. Apr. 10, 1818. [Thankful, both of T., m. May 14, 1815 [sic, ? 2828], C.R.1.]
Thomas and Abigail White, Dec. 17, 1712.*
Voadica [int. Voadicia] of T. and George S. Heard [int. Hoard] of Middleborough, May 27, 1830.
Walker Jr. and Nancy Babbit [int. Babbitt], both of T., May 29, 1816, in T.
W[illia]m of Middleboro[ugh] and Lurany [int. Lurana] Hathaway of T., June 2, 1833.
Williams and _______ Glifford. Mar. 28, 1793.* C.R. 1]
Zadock and Adeline Hall, both of T., int. Dec.4, 1824. [Zadach and Adaline Hall, both of T., m. Dec.--, C.R.1]
Ziporah and Baker Jones, Mar.a4, 1790, in T.* [Zeporah, B.C.M. Ziporah [dup. Zipirah], both of T., C.R.1]
________of Raynham and _________Linkon of T., June 15, 1736.*

BALCOM (see Balkcom)

BALDERY (see Bouldry)


Cyrus, widr. [int. omits widr.] , and Deborah Thrasher, wid., both of T., Sept. 12, 1847, in T.
David K., single, 21, machinist, of T., s. Cyrus of T., and Eliza Jane Bowen, 19, of T., d.________dec'd, Nov. 14, 1847, in T.
Mary, 18, of T., d. Cyrus of T., and Francis W[illia]m Sprague, single, 22, machinist, of T., s. Peleg and Charlotte, Nov. 14, 1847, in T.

BALEY (see Bailey)


W[illia]m of Wellington and Levice Borden of T., int. May 22, 1824.


Abigail and Moses Fisher, both of T., July 28, 1763, in T.*
Amos of Norwich and Exsperience Harvey of T., Jan. 7, 1738, in T.*
Jacob Jr. and Hannah Luther, both of T., May 20, 1804, in T.*
Lydia and Thomas Dockworth, both of T., int. Jay. 17, 1829. [Duckworth;, both of T., m. Feb. 13, C.R.3.]


Alvan S. and Miss Susan M. Godfrey, both of T., Dec. 12, 1838. [Alvan L., both of T., C.R.5]
Hannah E., 21, D. Roswell and Hannah E., and George F. Hodges, 24, nail cutter, s. Leonard and Polly, all of T., Nov. 28, 1844, in T.


Zephaniah (see Zephaniah Bouldrey.)


Anson J., widr., 35, machinist, of T., s. James and Margaret, and Sarah C. Tanner, wid., 34, of T., Aug. 14, 1846, in T.
Owen and Miss Elizabeth Durnen, both of T., int. Aug. 28, 1847. [Dernan, m. Sept. 14, C.R.8.]
William and Thankful Heifferd, both of T., Mar. 28, 1793, in T.*
William P. of Raynham and Mary [int. adds H.] Richmond of T., June 13, 1836. [Mary H. of t., C.R.3]


Ellis and Nancy McCallam, both of T., int. Dec. 3, 1832. [McKellum, m. Dec.22, C.R.7]

BARNA (see Barney)


Ambrose of Freetown and Nobby Williams of T., July 11, 1792, in T.* [Barneby of Freetown and Nabby Williams of T., C.R.1]
Elizibath of Freetown and Barnabas Cannady of T., Feb. 9, 1763, in Freetown.*

BARNES (Barns)

Ellen, [int. Barns], Miss, and John Clark, both of T., Oct. 9, 1835. [Barnes, both of T., C.R.3.]
George (Barns) and Ann E. Watts, both of T., int. June 1, 1839. [________Barney [dup., second and third dups. George Barnes] of T. and Miss Ann E. [dup., second ;and third dups. Anne E.] Watts of T., d. Robert, m. June 17, C.R.7.]
Jarmes and Miss Ellen Darcey, both of T., int. Dec. 28, 1845.
Mary and Thomas Briggs, both of T., Mar. 1, 1835.
Mary Ann and Thomas Bristol, both of T., int. July 27, 1828. [m. Aug. 11, C.R.1.]
Mary Ann, Miss, and George Saddler, both of T., int. Dec. 15, 1849.
Thomas (Barns) [int. Barnes] and Miss Eliza Welch [int. Elisa Walsh], both of T., Mar. 11, 1839. [Burns and Eliza Welch, both of T., C.R.3]
Wealthy, Mrs. [int. Barney, omits Mrs.], of T., and Capt. Seth Keith of Middleborough, Dec. 27, 1826, in Middleborough.


Thomas of Boston and Miss Mary Casey of T., int. Aug. 28, 1849. [Bartnett and Mary Carey, m. Sept. 16, C.R.8.]

BARNEY (Barna)

Abigail and Alvan Woodward, both of T., int. Nov. 23, 1823.
Adolphus, widr., farmer and Betsey Austin, wid., both of T., Feb. 8, 1845, in T.
Albert G. and Sarah Ann Wetherell, both of T., int. Sept. 19, 1830.
Amanda and Charles E. Barton, both of T., Nov. 2, 1837. [Amanda Barton [sic], both of T., C.R.1.]
Ann Frances (see Ann Frances Washburn).
Anna of T. and Consider Crapo [dup. Craps] Jr. of Freetown, Apr. 23, 1795, in Freetown.* [Craps Jr. of Freetown, B.C.M.]
Anne and John Wild, both of T., Oct. 28, 1788, in T.*
Anner (Barna) and Ezra Tilson, both of Middleborough, July 23, 1767,* C.R.4.
Asa of T. and Julia Ann Whipple of N. Providence, int. Aug. 16, 1829.
Benjamen of T. and Debbero Crapo of Freetown, Dec. 11, 1783, in Freetown.*
Benjamin and Sally Phhillips, Both of T., Sept. 19, 1793, in T.*
Betsey B., Miss, and Luther F. Carpenter of T., Oct. 25, 1842.
Bildad of Hallowell and Sally Leonard of T., int. Apr. 6, 1824. [Bildad of Hollowell, Me., m. May __, C.R.1.]
Caroline A., Miss, and Eben D. Newhall, both of T., int. July 10, 1847l
Celia S. and Bradford A. Washburn, both of T., Apr. 19, 1835, in T.
Clarisey and Allen Burt, both of T., Mar. 31, 1805, in T.* [Clarisa, both of T., C.R. 1.]
Elisha and Silence Eddy, both of T., May 30, 1751, in T.*
Elisha and Mehetable Leonard, both of T., May 15, 1796.*[Mehetabel, both of T., P.R.25]
Eliza and Isaac Babbitt, both of T., Sept. 20, 1829.
Elkanah of T. and Katharine King of Raynham, June 20, 1790 [? In Raynham].*
George of T. and Waitstil [dup. Waitstill] Crapo of Freetown, Jan. 1. 1792, in Freetown.* [Waitstill of Freetown, B.C.M.]
George (see George Barns).
Hannah and Job Smith, both of T., Nov. 18, 1742, I T.*
Harriet G. and George S. Pearce, both of T., int. Apr. 9, 1831. [Pierce, both of T., m. May 1, C.R.1]
Henry L. of Providence and Ann Frances Washburn of T., int. Feb. 13 1830. [Henry Edes Barney of Providence and Ann Frances Barney [sic] of T. m. Mar. 1, C.R.1.]
Hosea of T. and Miss Hannah C. Nichols of Plymouth, int. May 20, 1837.
Isaac and Sally Hood, both of T., Apr. 17, 1804. in T.
Jacob and Silence Blake, both of T., Jan. 11, 1749, in T.* [Silence, d. Edward and Anne (Hanevor), "rem. To New Haven, Conn.,' P.R.2.]
Jacob and Marcey Burt, both of t., Mar. 1, 1770, in T.* [Marcy, both of T., P.R.28]
John and Jemima Shaw, both of T., Oct. 22, 1765, in T.*
John and Ann Harvey, both of T., int. Nov. 2, 1823. [m. Jan. 5, 1824. C.R.1]
Jonathan of T. and Hipzibath Linkon of Norton, Nor. 24, 1763, in Norton.* [Hipzibath Linkon Linkon [sic] of Norton. P.R.25.]
Jonathan and Margret Caswell, both of T., Nov. 18, 1804, in T.* [Margrat, both of T., P.R.25]
Joseph and Susanna Shaw, both of T., Dec. 25, 1729.* [Sussanna, both of T., P.R.27.]
Joseph 2d and Sally Holmes, both of T., Dec. 10, 1790, in T.* [Salley Homes, both of T., P.R.25].
Joshua and Chloa Caswell, both of T., Sept. 6, 1804, in T.*
Juletta [int. Julitty] B. and Moses Stearns, both of T., May 5, 1833.
Julia A. and Gardner R. Goff, both of T., int. Nov. 21, 1829.
Louisa, Miss, of T., d. Adolphus and Emory Goddard, single, of T., Sept. 10, 1848, in T.
Lydia of T. and Caleb Snow of Raynham, Mar. 20, 1760, in Raynham.*
Mary, Mrs., and Capt. John Andrews, both of T., May 20, 1736.*
Mary and Charles Austin, both of T., int. June 29, 1828.
Mary L. and William W. Earl, both of T., int. Oct 10, 1829. [m. Nov. 1, C.R.1]
Milton B. of T. and Miss Sarah W. Hodges of Norton, int. Sept. 15, 1838.
Mindwell and Elkanah Hoskins, Oct. 29, 1765, in T.* [both of T., P.R.25.]
Oliver and Betsy Whiticar, both of T., int. Aug. 15, 1818.
Oliver Jr. and Ann Babbitt, both of T., July 18, 1822.
Polly and Ichabod Lincoln, both of T., int. Aug. 16, 1816. [m. Sept 17, C.R.1.]
Polly [int. Barnay] of T. and Phillip Caswell of Berkley, Nov. 29, 1818. [Barney of T. and Philip Caswell of Berkley, P.R.7.]
Rachel and James Hodges, both of T., Aug. 23, 1753.* [in T., P.R.25.]
Rufus of T. and Sarah Holmes of Halifax, Sept. 18, 1774, in T.*
Sally and Benjamin Belcher, Jan. 1, 1792, in T.*
Sally and William Presbrey 3d, both of T., int. Nov. 5, 1825.
Sally G. and Ezekiel Frances Jr., both of T., Oct. 9, 1831.
Salmon of Needham and Hannah Sever of T., Oct. 6, 1799, in T.*
Sarah D. and George Leonard, both of T., int. Sept. 3, 1819.
Sible of T. and Ephraim Pray of Berkley, Nov. 14, 1763, in T.*
Wealthy and William Paull, both of t., int. Dec. 25, 1824. [Paul, both of T., m. Jan. 27, 1825, C.R.4.]
Wealthy (see Wealthy Barnes)
William of T. and Mary Samson of Middleborough, Jan. 21, 1755, in T.*
William Jr. and Margret Sanford, both of T., Jan. 10, 1760, in T.* [Margrat, both of T., P.R.25.]
William of T. and Mary Crapo of Freetown, Feb. 10, 1784, in Freetown.*
William and Miss Welthy Staples, both of T., Mar. 9, 1797.*, C.R.4.
Ziba and Polly Shaw of Raynham, Jan. 12, 1803 [ ? in Raynham].*

BARNS (see Barnes)


Deborah of T. and Thomas Serjant Baylies, May 16, 1804, in T.* [Thomas Sergeant Baylies, C.R.1]
Mary of Wellington and rev. Peter Nurse of Ellsworth, Me., Sept. 21, 1814,* C.R.1]
Priscilla of T. and Joseph Cheney of Sturbridge, Oct. 10, 1789, in T.*
Priscilla and David Vickary, both of T., Dec. 28, 1794, I T.* [Capt. David Vicary, C.R.1.]


Abigail [int. Barrow] and John Staples [int. Staple], both of T., Dec. 15, 1833. [Barrell and John Staples, both of T., C.R.3.]

BARRON (see also Le Baron)

Lucy of Wrentham and Ira Ide of T., int. Mar. 14, 1835.

BARROWS (Borrows)

Abby H. [int. Miss, of T.] and William M. Eddy of T., June 27, 1843, in T.
Abigail, Miss, and Seth Andrews, both of T., Dec. 31, 1777,* C.R.4.
Abigail (see Abigail Barrell).
Annah (Borrows), Miss, of Middleboro, and John Cain of T., May 4, 1786,* C.R.4.
Benjamin, single, 24, nailer, of Fall River, s. Hiram and Maria, and Susan T. [int. G.] Waldron, 21, of T., d. Roswell W. and Cynthia, Aug. 17, 1846, in T.
Deborah [and] Elezar Richmond, both of Middle[borough], Dec. 5, 1766,* C.R>4.
Deborah (Borrows), Miss and Elias Nelson of Mid[dleborough], Feb. 6, 1794.* C.R.4.
George of T. and Rachal Clark of Freetown, May 24, 1787,* C.R.4.
George (Borrows) of T. and Esther Burgine of Freetown, Jan. 7=6, 1791,* C.R.4
George, Dr., of t., and Miss Jane Elbells of Otis, int. July 8, 1848.
Hannah S., Miss of t., and Christopher C. Campbell of Raynham, int. Mar. 5, 1842.
Jacob (Borrows) and Miss Lois Macomber, both of Mid[dleborough], Aug.2, 1795,* C.R.4
Jacob (Borrows) and Lydia Richmond, both of Mid[dleborough], Nov. 7, 1822,* C.R.4.
John of T. and Jemimah Johnson [of] Rochister, Nov. 26, 1766,* C.R.4
Lucy and James Crowley, both of T., int. Aug. 17, 1833.
Maria E., Miss, and Zenas C. Timberlake, single, of Raynham, July 19, 1849, in T.* [both of T., C.R.3.]
Mary (Borrows), Miss and Cornelius Tinkham, both of Middleboro, Nov. 25, 1773,* C.R.4.
Micah of Winthrop and Miss Lucy Miller of Mid[dleborough], June 21, 1798,* C.R.4.
Miriam, Miss, and Sam[ue]ll Richard, both of Middleboro, Nov.12, 1778,* C.R.4.
Nancy, 18, of Attleborough, d. Wheaton and Abby, and Caleb S. Peck, 23, carriage maker, of Walpole, s. Edmund and Peddy, Aug. 13, 1848, in T.*
Ruth of W. Bridgwater and Samuel Tisdale of T., int. Aug. 6, 1829.
Samuel S. of T. and Miss Eliza A Campbell of Raynham, int. Apr. 4, 1840.
Susannah (Borrows), Miss, and Jedadiah Caswell, both of Middleboro, June 3, 1783,* C.R.4.
Wheaton of Attleborough and Abigail Codding of T., int. Jan. 16, 1812.

BARRY (see also Berry)

Thomas and Ann Dunhoe, both of T., int. Jan. 12, 1836.
Thomas and Miss Mary Haggerty, both of T., int, Sept. 18, 1847. [Hagarty, m. Oct. 3, C.R.8.]


Amy, Mrs. of Hanover, and William Dawes of T., int. Aug. 1, 1846.
Charles C. and Amelia Williams, both of T., int. Nov. 2, 1823. [m. Nov.16, C.R>1]
Sally and William Carver, both of T., Feb. 5, 1795, in T.*
Sarah C. of T., d. Charles C., and George B. Williams, single of T., s. Abiathar. Jan. 14, 1849, in T.
Stockbridge and Charlotta Carver, both of T., July 27, 1794, in T.*


Eliza T. of Plymouth and William Reed Jr. of T., int. Apr. 5, 1834.
Fayette of New Bedford and Cornelia A. [int. Ann] Littlefield of T., Dec. 19, 1836. [C.A.Littlefield of T., C.R.3]
Susan and William H. Ingell, both of T., Feb. 9, 1839, in T.

BARTNETT (see Barnett)


Amanda (see Amanda Barney)
Charles E. and Amanda Barney, both of T., Nov. 2, 1837. [Amanda Barton [sic], both of T., C.R.1]
Hale B. and Miss Adeline F. White, both of T., int. Apr. 6, 1848.
Hiram and Caroline Cobb, both of T., Oct. 13, 1831.
Maranda J., Mrs. of T., and Israel Luther of Dighton, int. May 16, 1846.
Mary Ann and Preserved Briggs, both of T., June 18, 1834.
Mary B. and Jeremiah Cranston, both of T., int. Feb. 4, 1827.
Miranda J. (see Maranda J.)
Pardon and Maranda Frazier, both of T., int. Nov. 8, 1834. [m. Nov. 30, C.R.3]
Rebecca and Samuel Wilde Jr., both of T., int. Feb. 24, 1828. [Wild Jr, both of T., m. Mar. 16, C.R.1]
Ruth of T. and John Marbel Jr. of Somerset, int. Mar. 4, 1826.
Sarah M. [int. Miss] and Erastus M. Lincoln, both of T., May 10, 1847, in T.
William of T. and Martha Pettis of Somerset, int. Oct. 29, 1825.

BASIT (see Bassett)


Moses H. of Braintree, Vt. [int. of Dorchester], and Louisa Williams of T., May 1, 1839, in T. [Moses H. of Braintree, Vt, and Louise Williams of T., C.R.1]

BASSETT (Basit, Bassel, Basset, see also Batcet)

Abner of T. and Zilpha H. Trasher of Fall River, int. Oct. 3, 1835.
Bethiah (Basset) of Middleborough and Elias Staple of T., int. Nov. 7, 1818. [Bassett of Middleborough and Elias Staples of T., m. Jan. 3, 1819, C.R.4]
Betsey H. (Basset), Miss, Middleboro, and Nathan B. Dunbar of Bridgewater, Dec. 1, 1836*, C.R.4
Charles J.H. and [int. Miss] Emeline D. Seabury, both of T., Jan. 22, 1840.
Charles J.H. of T. and Miss Nancy L. Gibbs of Bridgwater, int. July 24, 1845.
Cynthia R. and Moses Paris 2d, both of Middle[bor]o[ugh], Dec. 9,1830*, C.R.4.
Daniel (Basset) and Marcy wood, both of T., Aug. 30, 1791, in T*.
Daniel [int. Basset] and Jane Chamberlin, both of T., July 26, 1812, in T.
Daniel and Mary Pope, both of T., int. Sept. 14, 1817.
David and Rhoda Austen, both of T., int. June 15, 1815.
David and Miss [int. Mrs.] Susan B. Leonard, both of T., Oct. 27, 1842, in T.
David A. and Naomi Wallace, both of T., int. Jan. 25, 1840.
Ichabod and Joanna Fuller, both of T., int. Apr. 7, 1815.
Ichabod Jr. of T. and Miss Betsey A. Allen of Berkley, int. Jan. 8, 1842.
James T. of T. and Miss Caroline E. Jones of Raynham, int. Nov. 22, 1843.
Jeremiah Jr. of T. and Sarah Alger of Easton, Nov. 24, 1748, in Easton.* [Basset Jr. of T., B.C.M]
Jeremiah [int. Jr.] and Miss Caroline Chace, both of T., Apr. 10, 1842.
John of T. and Sarah Shephardson of Norton, Jan. 25, 1757, in Norton.* [Basset [dup.Bassett] of T. and Sarah Shepard [dup. Sheapard] of Norton, B.C.M.]
Joseph and Bathiah Eaton, Nov. 5, 1691.* {Basset and Bathyah Eaton, P.R.21.]
Joseph (Bassel) of T. and Judith Leonard of Raynham, Feb.--, 1759, in Raynham.* [Basset of T., P.R.25.]
Julia, Miss, and Henry A. Eddy, both of T., int. Mar. 1, 1841.
Lucina S., Miss, and Nathiel W. Richmond, both of T., int. June 5, 1845.
Lydia C., Miss, of T., and David Tailor [int. Taylor] of Providence, R.I., Jan. 31, 1836.[Taylor of Providence, R.I., C.R.3.]
Maria O. of Middleboro and pelatiah Gould of Bridgewater, Dec.8, 1842,* C.R.4.
Mary A., Miss, "of this town,', and Jesse Billings, int. Dec.29, 1844, in Middleborough, C.R.4.
Olive K., 21, of T., of T., d. Keith and Sarah, and Charles Stevens, single, 24, r[ail] conductor, of T., s. Henry and Sarah, Oct.22, 1847, in T.
Orin L., single, 23, carpenter, of T., s. Jeremiah and Lydia of T., and Sarah J. King, 21, of T., D. John, Sept. 19, 1847, in T.
Phebe, Mrs. of T., and John Wild of Mansfield, June 30, 1837 in Norton.
Polly and Benjmain Hacket, both of T., int. Nov.28, 1817.
Rachel (Basit) of T. and Berry Fales of Walpole, May 26, 1761, in T.* [Rachil of T. and Benja[min] Fales of Walepole, P.R.28.]
Rachell (Basset) and Jeremiah Wetherell, Mar. 26, 1713.*
Samuel (Basset) of T. and Sarah Wood of Easton, Feb. 14, 1769, in T.* [Woods, Mrs. Of Easton, P.R.25]
Samuel W. of T. and Miss Jane Ann Dunham of Mansfield, int. Feb.27, 1841.
Selah and Abijah Wetherell 2d Aug. 5, 1787, I T.* [Basset and Abijah Witherel 2d, B.C.M.]
Sophronia of Middleborough and Salmon Richmond of T., int. Apr. 5, 1830. [Sophonia Bowett of Mid[dlebor]o[ugh] , m. June 3, C.R.4.]
Stephen and Phebe Wilbore, both of T., int. Aug. 28, 1812.
Stephen T., single, and Miss Hannah L. Fecto, both of T., Dec. 14, 1848, in T.
William of Norton and Mary Crossman of T., Mar. 18, 1718-19, in Norton.*
William B. and Miss Rhoda S. Pierce, both of T., int. July 3, 1846.

BATCET (see also Bassett)

Mary and Mordecai Coulthurst, both of T., int. Aug. 20, 1826. [Mary Boliol and Mordecai Cathurst, both of T., m. Sept. 1, C.R.1]


Mary D. of Raynham and Philip S. Dean of T., int. Mar. 24, 1832.
Solomon Jr. of Hanover and Mary Macomber of T., Oct.22, 1788, in T.*


Bethiah of Dighton and Ezra P. Woodward of T., int. May 4, 1833.


Daniel Jr. of Boston and Ann B. Harris of T., int. Oct. 28, 1813.

BAYLEY (see Bailey)

BAYLIES (Baylis)

Adolphus (Baylis) and Tabathey Tisdales, both of T., Nov. 17, 1791, in T.* [Tisdale, both of T., B.C.M.]
Alfred, Dr., and Rebecca D. Sproat, both of T., int. Dec. 18, 1813. [Baylis, both of T., m. Jan. 4, 1814, C.R.1.]
Alfred, Dr., widr., 60, of T., s. Thomas S., and Frances A. Williams, 35 of t., d. Abiathar of T., Nov. 21, 18476, in T.
Alfred S., Dr., single, 30, s. Dr. Alfred and Rebecca D., and Jane Isabel [int. omits Isabel] Richmond, 27, d. Charles and Sally, all of T., Dec. 29, 1844. in T.
Amelia F., Miss, of T., and Sam[ue]l Southgate of New Bedford, int. July 18, 1845.
Clarrissa, Miss, of Dighton, and Henry Worsley of T., Apr. 23, 1838. [Clarissa of Dighton, C.R.3.]
Eliza Ann and James Sproat Jr., both of T, int. Nov. 2, 1822. [m. Nov. 18, C.R.1.]
Eliza Fales and George B. Atwood, both of T., int. Oct. 13, 1822 [m. Oct. 31, C.R.1.]
Elizabeth of Dighton and Samuel Crocker Esq. of T., int. July 7, 1811.
Esther S. and Joseph Hunt, both of T., July 14, 1813, in T.
Frederick Jr. and Sally Lee of T., June 7, 1795,* C.R.1.
Hannah T. [int. S.], Miss, and John N. Washburn, both of T., Jan. 30, 1838. [Hannah T. both of T., C.R.3.]
Harriet, 23, d. Francis, and Nathaniel Morton, single, 24, lawyer, s. Marcus, all of t., Sept. 29, 1846, in T.
Henry of Dighton ;and Deborah Walker of T., Sept. 24, 1805, in T.*
John and Mary Shaw, both of T., int. Oct. 23, 1819. [m. Nov. 17, C.R.1.]
Kesiah, Miss, of Dighton, and John [int. adds B.] LeBaron of T., Aug. 16, 1841.
Mary A. and Theopilus [int. Theophilus] P. Sproat, both of T., Jan. 19, 1834. [Theophilus P., both of T., C.R.3.]
Mary R. of T. and Frederick D. Allen of Boston, June 19, 1833.[June 17, C.R.3.]
Nabby and Joshua Jackson, both of T., Oct. 18, 1811, in T.
Nancy, Miss, of Dighton, and Francis Shurtliff of T., Feb. 13, 1843.
Sally (Baylis) and Christopher Greeto, both of T, July 22, 1794, in T.* [Greets, both of T., B.C.M. Baylies and Christopher Greels, C.R.1]
Thomas Sergeant and Bethiah Godfrey, Mar. 30, 1769.* [Bethiah 2d, both of T., in T., P.R.28]
Thomas Serjant and Deborah Barnum of T., May 16, 1804, in T.* [Thomas Sergeant Baylies, C.R.1.]


Jeremiah [int. Beedle] and Susan L. Wilbar [int. Wilbur], both of t., July 14, 1831. [Beedle and Susan L. Wilbar, both of T., C.R.3.]


Hannah of Braintree and Jonathan Cobb of T. Sept. 2, 1774, in Braintree.*


Nancy of Lowell and John Paul of T., int. June 26, 1830.

BECKNALL (See Bicknell)



Benjamin and Sally Barney, Jan. 1. 1792, in T.*


Easter and Richard Marshall, Feb. 11, 1676.*
Elizabeth and Samuel Crosman, Dec. 19, 1689.*
Ester and John Hall, Dec. 14, 1692.*
Esther (see Easter).
William of Pittsburgh, Pa., and [int. Miss] Emma Brewer of T., Oct. 7, 1839.


Henry H. of Norton and Miss Clarrissa White of T., int. Oct. 10, 1837.
Robert H. of Norton and Miss Clarrissa White of T., Nov. 13, 1837, in T. [Clarisa of T., C.R.1}

BENDLEY (see Bindley)

BENNETT (Benet, Bennet)

Arthur Jr. and Elizabeth Miller, both of Mid[dleborough], aug. 8, 1825,* C.R.4.
James (Benet) and Ruth Rogers, July 12, 1694.* [Bennet, P.R.21.]
Jeremiah H. (Bennet) and Miss Lucy F. Clark, both of Middleborough,Mar. 27, 1813.* C.R>4.
John of Rochester and Polly King of T., int. Nov. 12, 1825.
Nehemiah and Sally Southworth, both of Mid [dleborough], Mar. 9, 1826,* C.R.4.
Nemiah (Bennet) and Miss Sarah Howland, both of Middleboro, Feb. 16, 1780.*C.R.4.
Ruth T. of Fall River and Simmons Winslow of T., int. Aug. 17, 1836.


Elisha and Miss ____Raymond, both of Middleboro, Oct 18 [1781],* C.R.4.


Joseph and Deborah Smith, Apr. 17, 1699.*
Lucy of Wareham and Lemuel Palmer of T., int. Feb. 25, 1820.


Allen and William Rayment, both of T., Sept. 11, 1753, in T.*
Lucy, Miss, of Middleborough, and Joseph Pierce of Dighton, June 23, 1842, in T.*

BERRY (see also Barry)

Elizabeth, Miss, of Boston, and William Paul of T., int. Dec. 11, 1847.
Sarah P., 18 of Abington, d. W[illia]m and Betsey, and Enoch L. Hall, single, 25, shoemaker, of Abington, s. Elijah and Tryphna June 24, 1845, in T.*

BESSE (Bessey)

David Jr. of Wareham and Salome White of Middle[bor]o[ugh], dec. 20, 1832,*C.R.1]
Lurana (Bessey) of Wareham and John L. Macker of T., int. July 19, 1822.


William and Sarah Fisher, both of T., int. Nov. 15, 1828.

BICKNELL (Becknall)

Japhat (Becknall) of Rehoboth and Jerush Allen of Barrington, Oct. 5, 1741, in T.*
Thomas W.T. and Maria Crocker, both of T., int. Sept. 13, 1814. [Thomas W.F., both of T., m. Apr. 2, 1815, C.R.1]

BIERCE (see Pierce).


Elizabeth P. of Medford and Henry Stevens of New York, June 4, 1839, in Medford.* [Elizabeth Prescott Bigelow of Medford and Henry Stevens Esq. of New York, C.R.1]

BILBY (see Bibby)


Jesse and Miss Mary A. Bassett "of this Town," int. Dec. 29, 1844, in Middleborough, C.R.4.
Warren and Mary F. Caswell, both of T., Nov. 1, 1835, in T.


Isaac Jr. and Miss Rebecca Swift, both of Middleboro, July 26, 1778,* C.R.4


Martha and Charles Wreves, both of Boston, Mar. 2, 1828,* C.R.1


Abner and Lucy Johnson, both of T., Aug. 15, 1831.

BINDLEY (Bendley, Binley, Brindley)

Elijah (Binley) [int. Bindley] and Rebecca Paul, both of T., May 6, 1833. [Binley, both of T., C.R.3.]
Keziah of Pawtucket and Charles Payne of Providence, R.I., Sept. 25, 1842.*
Leah (Bendley) of T. and George Smith of Providence, R.I., int. Oct. 22, 1836.
Naomi [int. Neomy Bendley], Miss, and George W. Stall, both of T., May 8, 1837, in T.
Ruth (Brindley) [int.Binley] and David Holcroft [int. Helcroft], both of T., July 3, 1834, in T. [Brindley and David Holcroft, both of T., C.R.1]


Benjamin of Stoughton and Keziah White of T., May 7, 1742, in T.*
Catherine of Dorchester and Israell [dup Israel] Deane Jr. [dup. of T.], Mar. 20, 1704-5.*
Elijah and Precilla [int. Prusia] Leonard, both of T., Sept. 28, 1812, in T.
Hannah of Dorchester and John Dean of T., Sept. 21, [16]99 [?1699].*


Mary Ann of T. and Lisander F. Lincoln of Ashburnham, int. Nov. 24, 1838.

BISBEE (Bisbey)

Abigail C. and Thomas Lovell, both of Mid[dleborough], Aug. 3, 1823.* C.R.4
Hannah of Middle[bor]o[ugh] and William A. Coombs, mariner, Mar. 9, 1834,* C.R.4.
Polly (Bisbey) of Fairhaven and Francis Wood of T., int. Nov. 3, 1812.
Thomas and Hannah Wilson, both of T., Dec. 25, 1808, in T.*


Dexter Jr. and Catherine J. Howland, both of Middle[bor]o[ugh], jan. 27, 1833,* C.R.4.
Lemuel, Capt., of Rehoboth, [and] Miss Sarah Foster of Middleboro, Oct. 8, 1780,* C.R.4.
Mehitable of Norton and Sam[ue]l Pitts of T., Sept. 28, 1761, in Norton.* [dup. Mehitabel of Norton, B.C.M.]


Anna (see Hannah)
Eliza and James Ferguson, both of t., Jan. 9, 1835.
Hannah [T.P.R. Anna] of Milton and Thomas Gilbert, Dec. 18, 1676, in Boston,* [Anna Blacke of Milton, P.C.R.]
Hannah of T. and Benjamin Stimson of Norton, May 10, 1716, in Norton.*
Maria, Miss, and George W. Marsten, both of T., int. Feb. 25, 1843.
Mary of Milton and Joseph Leonard, Dec. 15, 1679.*
Mary and William Cuzzens, [int. Cussens] both of T., May 3, 1836. [Cussens, both of T., C.R.3]
Susan, Miss, and James Masterson, both of T., int. Sept. 1, 1848. [m. Sept. 16, C.R.8.]

BLACKINGTON (Blackinton)

Alice D. (Blackinton) of Rehoboth and Farnum A. Sumner of T., int. Oct. 23, 1825.
Samuel of Rehoboth and Peddy Willis of T., Nov. 26, 1799, in Rehoboth.*
Sarah M. of T. and Farnum A. Sumner of Boston, int. Aug. 28, 1819.


Ebenezer and Lydia Thrasher, both of Middleboro[ugh], Nov. 9, 1769,* C.R.4.
Ezra and Miss Lucy Norcutt, both of Middlebo[rough], Sept. 15, 1813,* C.R.4.
Phebe F. and William W. Phillilps,both of T., int. July 1, 1826.
Thomas Jr. and Miss Rebeccah Phinney, both of Middleboro, Nov. 19, 1772,* C.R.4.
Thomas and Miss Lydia Drake, both of Middleboro, Apr. 29, 1773,* C.R.4.


Aanah Hanover of T. and Daniel Presbry of Norton, int. Oct. 20, 1815. [Ann Hanover Blake, d. Capt. Edward and Mercy (Thayer), m. ---, 1816, P.R.11.]
Abigail and Gideon Briggs, both of T., Oct. 10, 1777, in T.*
Alfred and Mary Presbrey, both of t., int. June 25, 1824. [m. Oct.2, C.R.1 Alfred, s. Capt. Edward and Mercy (Thayer, and Mary Presbry, m. -----, P.R.11.]
Amasa and Almira W. French, both of T., May 27, 1838, in Middleborough. [Miss Almira W., both of T., C.R.4. Amasa, s. Capt. Edward and Mercy (Thayer), P.R.11.]
Amity of T. and Philo Williams of Raynham, int. Apr. 23, 1819. [Amety of T., m. Oct.24, C.R.1.]
Anna Hanover (see Aannah Hanover Blake).
Betsy H. and Lemuel Pratt, both of T., int. Jan. 9, 1813. [Betsey Hauk Blake, m. Aug. 23, C.R.1]
Caleb, s. Capt. Edward and Mercy (Thayer), and Louisa Haston,________,* P.R.11.
Catharine B. of T. and Slade Brayton of Tiverton, R.I., Apr. 14, 1835.
Desire Crocker and Rufus Cobb Jr., both of T., Apr. 14, 1808,* C.R.1.
Edward and Mary Thayer, both of T., Mar. 30, 1783, in T.8 (Catherine Tear, both of T., C.R.1. Capt. Edward and Mercy Thayer, P.R.1.]
Edward Jr. and Maria Fillabrown, both of T., int. Feb. 10, 1816.
Edward Capt. of t., and Miss Sarah Reed of Dighton, int. Aug. 28, 1841. [Edward, s. Capt. Edward and Mercy (Thayer), and Sarah Reed (second w.), m.--------, P.R.11.]
Elizabeth and Edward Walker, both of T., int. Dec. 13 1821. [Elizabeth, d. Capt. Edward and Mercy (Thayer), m. Feb. 14, 1822, P.R.11.]
George W. of T. and Miss Eliza M. Carpenter of Fall River, int. Jan. 16, 1847.
Grenfill, s. Edward and Anne (Hanevor), and Desire Crocker, ----,* P.R.2.
Hannah and Samuel Robinson, both of T., Apr. 20, 1773.* [in t., P.R.29.]
Hannah C. and Barney Pratt, both of T., int. Mar.30, 1816. [m. Feb. 3, 1817, C.R.1.]
Hanover and Catey [dup. Katey [Fillebrown, both of T, Jan. 1, 1810,* C.R.1]
James and Jemima Willis, both of T., May 31, 1750, in T.*
James C. and Miss Hannah H. Field, both of T., int. Aug. 30, 1845.
James H. of T. and Sarah Pitts of Dighton, int. July 5, 1823.
Jane and Simeon Rose, both of T., Mar. 16, 1769, in T.* [Jane, d. Edward and Anne (Hanevor), P.R.2.]
Jane of T. and Josiah Presbrey of Norton, June 11, 1809.* C.R.1.[Jane, d. Capt. Edward and Mercy (Thayer), P.R.11.]
Jemima and Yebulon Dean, both of T., Mar. 13, 1773, in T.* [Zebulon, both of T., P.R.28.]
Jerusha, d. Edward and Anne (Hanevor), and John Keene, ___,* P.R.2.
Josiah of Medway and Christiania [int. Christiana] Lincoln of T., Nov. 15, 1831. {Christiania of T., C.R.3.]
Layman, S. Capt. Edward and mercy (Thayer) and angeline Park, ___,"settled in New York," P.R.11.
Lemuel and Rhoda Danforth, Oct. 23, 1787, in T.*
Lyman (see Layman).
Mary and Nehemiah Hoskins, _, 1737.* [both of T., July 17 [dup._7, 1738], C.R.I. Mary, d. Edward and Anne (Hanevor), P.R.2. both of T., [torn] 17, P.R.27.]
Mary (see Mercy)
Mehitable of Milton and William Briggs of T., June 16, 1696, in Milton.*
Mercy of T. and Thomas Rose Jr. of Wellington, int. Aug. 17, 1822. [Mary of T., m. Nov. 7, C.R.1. Mercy, d. Capt. Edward and Mercy (Thayer), m. ___, P.R.11.]
Nicholas C. of Dighton and Hannah R. Eddy of T., int. Oct. 10, 1839,
Phebe and David Read, both of T., May 22, 1803, in T.* [Blake [dup. Baker] and David reed, both of T., C.R.1.]
Priscilla and John Smith, s. Nath[anie]l, May 30, 1700.*
Priscilla, d. Edward and Anne (hanevor), and Ebenezer Tisdale,_______,* P.R.2.
Prudence, d. Edward and Anne (Hanevor), and Thomas Robb, ____,* P.R.2.
Samuel and Sarah Pitts, May 19, 1701.*
Samuel of T. and Abigail Sanford of Berkley, Nov. 23, 1757, in T.*
Samuel of T. and Ann A. Hathaway of Freetown, int. Nov. 7, 1829. [Samuel, s. Capt. Edward and Mercy (Thayer), and Anna Hathaway (second w.), m. ________, P.R.11.]
Silence and Jacob Barney, both of T., Jan. 11, 1749, in T.* [Silence, d. Edward and Anne (Hanevor), "rem. To New Haven, Conn." P.R.2.]
William T. of T. and Betsey Hathaway of Dighton, int. Apr. 16, 1831. [William T., s. Capt. Edward and Mercy (Thayer), m. ___P.R.11.]
Zebina of T. and Anna Hathaway of Dighton, int. Nov. 28, 1827. [Zebina, s. Capt. Edward and Mercy (Thayer), and Ann Hathaway, m. ______, P.R.11.]

*intention not recorded

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