Taunton, MA Vital Records to 1850 (Marriages)
Published by: New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1929
Transcribed for the web by Betty White

Surnames Caffry to Colby

* = Intentions not recorded

CAFFRY ( see McCaffary)


Thomas S., single, 24, seaman, of T., s. Seth and Mehetable and Julia Ann Smith, 23, of T., d. ________, dec'd, May 8, 1848, in T.

CAIN (Caines, Cane)

Almira R. [int. Miss] and Isaac D. Paull, both of T., Nov. 26, 1843.
Amelia and Harlem King, both of T., int. May 23, 1829. [m. June 11, C.R.1.]
Ansel of Raynham and Amelia S. Graves of T., Mar. 5, 1835.
Benjamin of T. and Sarah Aldrich of Middleboro, Nov. 8, 1774,* C.R.4.
Betesy and John Elliot Jr., both of T., Sept. 24, 1800, in T.* [Betsy, both of T., P.R.25.]
Clarisy of T. and Job Ransdall of Middleborough, int. Apr. 9, 1816. [Miss Clarissa [of] T. and Job Ramsdell of Mid[dlebor]o[ugh], m. ______, 1816, C.R.4.]
Elizabeth (Cane) of Fall River and William Rea of T., int. July 16, 1839.
Fanny of T. and Benjamin Bourn [int. Bowin] of Savoy, Aug. 26, 1812, in T.
Jeremiah and Joanna O. Conner, both of T. Nov. 5, 1831.
John of T. [and] Miss Annah Borrows of Middleboro, May 4, 1786, * C.R.1.
Josiah (see Josiah Crane0
Margaret of T. and Dennis Maskill of New Bedford, int. Mar. 15, 1837.
Mary of T. and James Brodarick of Fall River, int. Jan. 10, 1839.
Molly and Joseph Eliot Jr., Both of T., July 28, 1800. in T.*
Nancy of T. and Amos Wade of Raynham, Oct. 4, 1798, in T.*
Moses Jr. and Phebe Briggs, both of T., June 27, 1771, * C.R.4.
Reuben of Raynham and Miss Elizabeth L. Stacey of T., Dec. 21, 1835.
Samuel (Caines) and Jemima Padelford, both of T., Mar. 19, 1772.*
Samuel Jr. and Lucy Richmond, both of T., May 18, 1800, in T.*
Samuel 3d and Serena Staple both of T., int. May 22, 1824. [Staples, both of T., m. Sept. 5, C.R.4.]
Samuel (Cane) of Holley, N.Y. and Matilda M. Lincoln of Norton, June 17, 1824.* [Samuel Cone of Holley, N.Y., P.R.25.]
Sarah and Abiel Andrews, both of T., int. May 10, 1813. [Miss Sarah, both of T., m. July 3, C.R.4.]
Susannah [int. Miss] and John B. Page, both of T., Aug. 8, 1841.
Thomas and Hannah Perkins of T. [int. Rochester]. Oct. 28, 1784, in T. [both of T., B.C.M. P.R.25.]

CALAGHAN (see Callahan)


Elizabeth of T. and Samuel Godfrey of Norton, Apr. 24, 1794, in T.*

CALIPHER (see also Gulliver)

Lidia [T.P.R. Culipher] OF Milton and James Leonard Jr., Oct. 29, 1675.* [Lydia Calipher of Milton and James Leanard Jr., P.C.R. Lydia Caliphar of Milton and James Leonard Jr., in T., P.R.16.]

CALLAHAN (Calaghan, Callaghan, Cohalan)

Bridget [Callaghan] and Owen McGuire, Nov. 21, 1846,* C.R.8.
Edward (Calaghan] of Worcester and Margaret Harson of T., int. Nov. 2, 1835.
John and Miss Mary Ann Henney, both of T., int. Oct. 13, 1849.
Maria (Cohalau) and Morris O'connell, both of T., int. May 14, 1835.

CAMBEL (see Campbell)

CAMBELL (see Campbell)

CAMBLE (see Campbell)


John of T. and Hannah Tinkham of Middleboro, May 19, 1768, in T.*

CAMPAIGN ( see Campion)

CAMPBELL (Cambel, Cambell, Camble)

Allice (Camble) of T. and Joseph Finney of Bridgewater, Jan. 14, 1762, in T.*
Christopher C. of Raynham and Miss Hannah S. Barrows of T., int. Mar. 5, 1842.
Ebenezer (Cambell), T.P.R.Cambel] and Hannah Pratt [dup. Prat], Mar. 29, 1694.* [Cambell and Hannah Prat, P.R.21.]
Eliza A., Miss, of Raynham, and Samuel S. Barrows of T., int. Apr. 4, 1840.
Joshua and Hannah Harvey, both of Raynham, Apr. 1, 1790, in T. [Taunton written over Berkeley]* [in T., B.C.M.]
Onesimus of Raynham and Alice Richmond of T., Jan. 18, 1744-5, in T.*, B.C.M.
Peter Henry, 29, engraver, of Providence [int. adds R.I.], b. Savoy Co., Eng., s. W[illia]m and Rachel, and Miss Sarah Keith Porter 25, milliner, of T., d. John and Harriet of T., June 17, 1844, in T.
Ruth and Benjamin Willis, both of T., Sept. 18, 1735.*
Sarah (Cambel) and Thomas Storey, both of Norton, Bristoll Co., Jan. 24, 1754, in Norton,* P.R.28.
Sylvanus (Cambell) [dup. Cambel] of Norton and Abigail Pollard of T., May 20, 1746, in Norton.* [Silvanus Cambel of Norton, B.C.M.]
W[illia]m (Cambell) of Norton and Lydia Pollard of T., Nov. 4, 1731, in Norton.* {[dup. Sept.4] B.C.M.}

CAMPION (Campaign)

Catharine (Campaign), Miss, and Dan Darcy, both of T., int. Jan. 6, 1849. [Catherine Campion and Danile Darcy, M. Jan. 19, C.R.8.]
Thomas and Miss Mary Ann Ryan, both of T., int. Apr. 11, 1849. [m. Apr. 25, C.R.8.]

CANADY (see Kennedy)

CANE (see Cain)

CANEDY (see Kennedy)

CANEY (see also Kenney)

Catharine of T. and Joseph McPartlin of Raynham, int. July 4, 1844.
Patrick of Norton and Catharine M. Noyes of T., int. Jan. 26, 1835 "Forbid Jany 31, 1835."

CANNADY (see Kennedy)

CANNEY (see Caney)

CANNON (see also Kanar and McCannon)

Andrew (see Andrew Cronan)
Mary Ann and John Ilend, both of T., Aug. 3, 1834, in T. [Mary AnnCarver, both of T., C.R.1.]


Samuel (see Samuel Caswell)


Charles and Miss Mary Dowling, both of T., int. Dec. 29, 1894.


Abby, M., Miss, of Stoughton and John Reed 2d of T., int. Oct. 16, 1841.
William Jr. of Stoughton and Mary B. Earl of T., int. Sept. 19, 1835.


Ann, Miss, of Cumberland, R.I. and William Tinkham of T., int. May 13 1847.
Peggy of Norton and Noah Smith of T., Sept. 7, 1786, in Norton*

CARAN (see also Curran)

Margaret, Miss, and Michael Kinchle, both of T., int. Oct. 26, 1844.


Lucinda (see Lucinda Covill).

CAREY (Cary)

Abby (Cary) and William R. Hathaway, both of T.,int. July 23, 1836.
Alice, Miss, and Hugh Macloon, both of T., int. June 3, 1844.
Mary (se Mary Casey)
Nancy (Cary) of Wellington and Abiathar White of T., int. May 23, 1822.
Parna (Cary) and Cyrus Stewart, both of T., int. Aug. 6. 1836
Thomas of Wellington and Roxana Brown of T., int. Mar. 10, 1821.

CARL (Karl)

Bridget (Karl) and Dennis Murphy, both of T., int. Feb. 9, 1828.
Catherine, Miss, and Richard Taylor, both of T., int. Apr. 8, 1848.[Catherine Carroll, m. May 7, C.R.8.]

CARLETON (see Carlton)


Catharine and John Smith, both of T., int. Jan. 18, 1845.


Isaac of Merrimack, N.H., and Miss Mary A. Richardson of T., int. Mar. 26, 1840.


Abigail 2d [dup. Abigail Burt, sic] of Norton and Jude Field [dup. Field] of T., Apr. 17 [dup. Mar. 20], 1788, in Norton.* [Abigail Carpenter of Norton and Jude Field of T., Apr. 17, B.C.M.]
Ann Eliza (see eliza)
Calvin of Seekonk and Abby Tisdale of T., int. Aug. 12, 1826. [m. Sept. 23, C.R.1.]
Cyril P. and Miss Peddy Reed, both of T., Sept. 10, 1837.
Eliza, Miss, of Rehoboth, and Oliver W. Allen of Walpole, June 13, 1837.* [Ann Eliza of Rehoboth, C.R.3.]
Eliza M., Miss, of Fall River, and George W. Blake of T., int. Jan. 16, 1847.
Frances E., Miss, of Providence, R.I., and Lorenzo B. Jillson of T., int. Oct. 30, 1841.
George A. and Miss [int. Mrs.] Mary M. Scholes, both of T., June 6, 1842, in T.
George H. and Miss Abby godfrey, both of T., Feb. 28, 1844, in T.
Luther F. and Miss Betsey B. Barney, both of T., Oct. 25, 1842.
Maria of Rehoboth and Nathan Fisher of T., int. Feb. 20, 1819.
Mary Ann, 20, d. Timothy, and James H. Williams, single, 24, "Brittanian," all of T., Feb. 12, 1849, in T.
Mary M., Mrs. And Sylvanus W. Sampson, both of T., int. Dec. 11, 1847.
Mary W. and Job C. Chace, both of T., int. Sept. 15, 1836.
Selena E., Miss, of N. Providence, R.I. and Lorenzo Wright of T., int. Oct. 6, 1847.
Thomas K. and Sarepta E. Philips [int. Sarrepta E. Phillips}, both of T., Nov. 10, 1831. [Thomas R. and Sasepis E. Phillips, both of T., C.R.1.]
William Jr. of Norton and Sophrona Sever of T., Apr. 7, 1808, in T.*
William of Norton and Prudence Hoard [Hoard written above Hall crossed out.] of T., int. Dec. 4, 1823.
William B. of Wrentham and Abby C. Crossman [int. Crosman] of T., Dec. 3, 1834. [Crossman of T., C.R.3.]

CARR (Corr, Karr)

Ann (Karr), Miss, and James Noble, both of T., int. May 28, 1849. [Anne Carr, m. June 12, C.R.8.]
Caleb of Easton and Amity Harvey of T., May 25, 1797, in T.*
Catharine of T. and Peter Lynch of Norton, int. Dec. 30, 1837.
John (Corr) and Mary Duffee, int. Apr. 24, 1846.
Mary, Miss and William Sharon, both of T., int. Aug. 24, 1844.
Owen and Rossana O. Rilley, both of T., int. Oct. 13, 1838.
William (Corr) and Maria Grainger, both of T., int. July 8, 1840.


Isaac G. and Miss Eliza Pratt, both of T., June 14, 1837.

CARRIGAN (see also Corrigan and Culligan)

Winiford, Miss, and Thomas McSorlay, both of T., int. Nov. 3, 1845.


Catherine (see Catherine Carl)
Lucinda (see Lucinda covill)


Franklin and Sarah Luscomb, both of T., int. Dec. 13, 1828. [m. Mar. 13, 1829, C.R.3.]
Mariah of Raynham and Elijah Leonard Jr. of T., int. Mar. 31, 1819.
Susan, Miss, and Ruben Wilbar, both of T., int. Sept. 6, 1845.


Abby, Miss, and Nathaniel L. Seaver, both of T., Mar. 3, 1839, in T.
Abby A. [int. Ann [nn crossed out], and Otis P. Smith, both of T., Oct. 1, 1838, in T. [Abby A., both of T., C.R.1]
Charles H., single, 22, of T., s. Rufus of T., and Sarah D. Bliss, 18, of T., d. George and Lois M., Mar. 8, 1847, in T.
Charlotte and Stockbridge Barstow, both of T., July 27, 1794, in T.*
David Jr. and Lydia Dean, both of T., Feb. 1, 1802, in T.*
Frederick A.M. and Mary Atwood, both of T., int. Sept. 21, 1816. [m. Oct. 29, C.R.1.]
Hannah 2d and Elias Fisher, both of T., Mar. 1, 1801, in T.*
Hannah [int. adds H.] and George Godfry [int. Godfrey] 2d, both of T., Jan. 10, 1831. [Hannah H. and George Godgrey 2d, both of T., C.R.3.]
Henry and Olive Stephens, both of T., July 3, 1803, in T.*
Jabez and Phebe Wilbore of Raynham, Apr. 8, 1773, in Raynham.*
Jabez and Keziah Garey, both of T., Jan. 30, 1803, in T.*
Joanna and John Paul Dennis, both of T., Aug. 20, 1812, in T.
John of T. and Bathsheba Dean of Raynham, June 23, 1774.* [Bathsehbay of Raynham, in Raynham, P.R.28.]
MARY OF Plymouth and Benjamin Lincoln of T., Jan. 21, 1756, in Plymouth.*
Mary and David Borden, both of T., int. Sept. 14, 1823. [m. Oct. 6, C.R.1.]
Mary Ann and Philander W. Dean, both of T., int. Mar. 23, 1823. [Maray Ann A. and Philander W. Dean, s. James and Hannah (Williams), m. Apr. 16, P.R.12, Mary An A., m. Apr. 16, P.R.13.]
Nathan and Joanna Godfrey, both of T., Apr. 8, 1773, in T.*
Nathan Jr. and Sarah Dean, both of T., Oct. 17, 1802, in T.*
Roxana and Allen N. Goodale [int. Goodell], both of T., May 4, 1834, in T. [dup. Roxanna] and Allen N. Goodale, both of T., C.R.1.]
Rufus and Nancy Dean, both of T., int. Nov. 4, 1820 [m. Dec. 6, C.R.1.]
Rufus D. of T. and Sarah M. Spooner of Dighton, int. Apr. 7, 1837.
Ruth and Thomas Cushman, both of T., Jan. 9, 1760, in T.* [Jan. 1. P.R.25.]
Ruth of T. and William B. Leonard of Plymouth, int. Nov. 27, 1813. [m. Jan. 10, 1814, "moved his family to Fishkill N.York April 20th 1818" P.R.22]
Sarah and Philip K. [?K over H} Porter, both of T., int. Sept. 65, 1828 [Philip R., both of T., m. Sept. 21, C.R.3.]
Sarah M., Miss, and Albert A. conant, both of T., Feb. 4, 1839.
William and Sally Barstow, both of T., Feb. 5, 1795, in T.*

CARY (see Carey)


Lafayette of T. and Miss Elizabeth Hannum of Grafton, int. May 26, 1849.
Mary of Rehoboth and Sam[ue]l Williams of T., Jan. 25, 1770, in Rehoboth.*
Rebecca J., 19, of T., d. Aaron, and Zenas Knapp, single, 29, carpenter, of T., s. Zenas, Nov. 18, 1849, in T.

CASEWELL (see Caswell)


Abiah (see Abiah Garey)
Mary, Miss, of T., and Thomas Barnett of Boston, int. Aug. 28, 1849. [Carey and Thomas Bartnett, m. Sept. 16, C.R.8.]


John (see John Pasquill)

CASHMAN (see also Cushman)

Elias and Betsey Southworth, both of Mid[dleborough], Oct. 18, 1821,* C.R.4.


Lydia of T. and Primas Townsend of Middleboro, Oct. 23, 1785, in T.* [Casko of T., P.R.25.]

CASSON (Cason)

Cyrus (Cason) and Meribah Almy, Apr. 30, 1787, in T.*
George B. and Miss Jane Gay, both of T., int. Jan. 28, 1847.

CASTLE (see also Caswell)

George and Betsey Cole, both of Mid[dlebor]o[ugh] .______ 5, 1817.* C.R.4.

CASWELL (Casewell, Caswall, Caswel, see also Castle)

Abby P. of T. and Daniel E. Payson of Walpole, int. Oct. 6, 1832.
Abial and Mrs. Joannah Warren, both of T., Aug. 27, 1772,* C.R.4.
Abiather of Dighton and Hannah Gardner of T., Nov. 28, 1802, in T.* [Abiathar of Dighton P.R.25.]
Abiel and Phebe Staple, Nov. 1, 1753, in T.*
Abiel (see Abial)
Abigail [dup. and T.P.R. Caswel] and Joseph Joans [dup. Jones, second dup and T.P.R. Joans], Apr. 6, `696, in T.* [Caswel and Joseph Jones P.R.21.]
Abigail of Berkley and John Clark of Middleborough, Feb. 16, 1815, in Berkley, * P.R.7. P.R.25.]
Abigail P. (see Abby P.)
Abraham and Selah Richmond, both of T., Sept.---, 1790, in T.*
Abraham Jr. and Eliza Chace, both of T., int. Mar. 25, 1814.
Abraham [int. Jr.] and Miss Phebe Howland, both of T., Nov. 25, 1838.
Alben and Anna Codding, both of T., Aug. 2, 1804, in T.* [Alven, both of T., P.R.25.]
Alfred B. of T. and Charity Hinds of Middleborough, int. Oct. 27, 1834.
Alpheus P. and Miss Mary A.Dean, both of T., int. Mar. 13, 1847.
Alvan (see Alben)
Alvan and Miss Hannah Leonard, both of T., May 17, 1840.
Alvaris of T. and Ann W. Sampson of Raynham, int. Dec. 16, 1826.
Andrew and Mary Ann Robinson, both of T., Sept. 7, 1836.
Ann W. and Luther Grover, both of T., int. Sept. 4, 1824.
Anner of Midd[le]b[ouough] and James Ashley of T., Feb. 17, 1767,* C.R.3.
Bathsheba and George Caswell, both of T., int. Aug. 19, 1836.
Benjamin (Caswel) and Mary Briggs, Mar. 17, 1706-7.*
Bethia [dup. Bethiah] of Norton and Joseph White Jr. of T., Aug. 2, 1744, in Norton.* [Bethiah of Norton, B.C.M.]
Catharine and Leonard Southword, both of Middle[bor]o[ugh], Mar. 22, 1820,* C.R.4.
Charity and John Staple, both of T., Jan. 13, 1767, in T.*
Charity (Caswall) and Ebenezer Staple, both of T., Mar. 8, 1787, in T.* [Caswell, both of T., P.R.25.]
Charlotte [int. Charlotta] and Elkanah Hathaway, both of T., Mar. 25, 1818, in T. [Charlotte, both of T., P.R.7.]
Chloa and Joshua Barney, both of T., Sept. 6, 1804, in T.*
Corilla and Francis D. Williams, both of T., Dec. 7, 1834, in T. [dup. Cordilla Caswell] both of T., C.R.1.]
Cyrus and Miss Bathsheba King, both of T., Nov. --, 1841, in T.
Cyrus P. and [int Miss] Sarah Leonard, both of T., Jan. 4, 1838.
Daniel [and] Abigail Jones, both of T., Mar. 17, 1785,* Jan. 4, 1838.
Daniel and Sally elliot, both of T., Oct. 31, 1806, in T.*
David and Anna Dunham, both of Middleboro, Feb. 9, 1775.* C.R.4.
David Jr. of Middleborough and Lois Leonard of T., int. Sept. 14, 1810.
Deborah and Isaac Wood Jr., both of T., int. Feb. 3, 1821.
Dolly N. and James W. Crosman, both of T., Int. Sept. 6, 1823. [Dorothy N. and James W. Crossman, both of T., m. Sept. 25, C.R.1.]
Dolly W. and Michael Folsey, both of T., int. July 20, 1828.
Ebenezer Jr. and Anna King, both of T., Oct 14, 1792, in T.* [Anne, both of T., P.R.25.]
Eliab of Middleborough and Mary Ann Budsill of T., int. July 9, 1831.
Elijah and Polly Phillips, both of T., int. Oct. 14, 1826.
Elijah S. of T. and Elizabeth S. Packard of Lowell, int. Aug. 2, 1834.
Eliza of T. and George James of New Bedford, Mar. 10, 1842.
Elizabeth and Uriah Leonard, June 1, 1685.*
Elizabeth (Caswel) and Samuel Bayley, Aug. 28, 1711.* [Elisabeth, P.R.21.]
Elkanah Jr. of T. and Elisabeth Samson of Middleborough, Jan. 23, 1755, in T.*
Ephriam of Berkeley and Rebecca Richmond of T., Jan. 17, 1754, in Berkeley.*
Ephriam and Phebe Caswell of T., Jan. 25, 1787, in Freetown.*
Ezra and Elanor [int. Alenor] Tucker, both of T., Mar. 21, 1813, in T.
Fanny A. [int. Miss] and William H. Hopkins, both of T., Mar. 10, 1842.
George and Miss Charity Makepeace, both of Middleboro, July 6, 1773,* C.R.4.
George of Berkley and Rachel Burt of T., Mar. 23, 1806, in T.*
George [int. Caswel] 2d and Melaney Padelford [int. Melany Paddlerord], both of T., Apr. 3, 1817, in T. [Caswell 2d and Melancy Padelford, both of T., P.R.25.]
George and Bathsheba Caswell, both of T., int. Aug. 19, 1836.
George W. and Susan Ramsdell, both of T., int. Jan. 20, 1827.
Hannah and John Cavender, both of T., May 25, 1759.* [Mrs. Hannah, both of T., in T., P.R.28.]
Harriett N. [dup. Harriet M.], Miss, of T., and James M. White of Raynham, int. June 8, 1843.
Henry of Middleborough and [int. Miss] Harriet A. Wetherell of T., Apr. 29, 1841, in T.
Horatio L. and Phebe Staples, both of Middleboro, Mar. 3, 1842,* C.R.4.
Isabel and Jeremiah Jones Jr., both of Middleborough, Nov. 29, 1764,* C.R.4.
Jedadiah and Miss Susannah Borrows, both of Middleboro, June 3, 1783,* C.R.4.
Job and Elizabeth Caswell, both of T., Aug. 12, 1762, in T.* [Elisabeth, both of T., P.R.25.]
Job Jr. and Theadorah Godfrey, both of T., Nov. 30, 1785, in T.* [Godfray, both of T., P.R.25.]
Job H. and Eliza [int. Harriet] Perry, both of T., Aug. 8, 1830. [eliza, both of T., C.R.3.]
Job H. , widr [int.omits widr.], 40, and Miss Lucy Loomis [int. Lumas], both of T., Apr. 30, 1848, in T.
John (Caswell) and Elizabeth Hall, Nov. 26, 1689* [Caswell and Elizebeth Hall, P.R.7. Caswel and Elizabeth Hall, P.R.21.]
John Jr. and Silence Hart, both of T., Feb. 9, 1804, in T.*
John (see John Pasquill).
Joseph and Miss Silence Richmond, both of T., Dec. 14, 1774.*, C.R.4.
Joseph of T. and Marry Warren of Brookline, Dec. 6, 1804;, in T.*
Julia, Miss, and Jonathan H. Fairbanks, both of T., int. Jan. 20, 1844 [dup. Apr. 30, 1842.]
Keziah, Miss, of Mid[dleborough], and Darius Andrews, Dec. 24, 1793,* C.R.4.
Laura and Charles Stephens, both of T., Feb. 7, 1831.
Lidia and Archelus Leonard, both of Middleborough, July 28, 1763,* C.R.4.
Lois T. of T. and John W. Alden of New Bedford, int. Sept. 13, 1828. [John Waldron [omits Alden] of New Bedford, m. Oct. 19, C.R.3.]
Louisa[int. Loisa] of T. and John W. Hurd of New Bedford, Dec. 7, 1846 [Louisa Caswell [dup. Crowell] of T., C.R.1.]
Lydia (see Lidia)
Lydia of T. and Simeon Mirick of Berkley, Oct. 6, 1791, in T.* [Mirect of Berkley, P.R.25.]
Lydia of T. and Timothy M. Leonard of Middleborough, int. June 28, 1823. [m. Sept. 20, C.R.4.]
Margret and Jonathan Barney, both of T., Nov. 18, 1804, in T.* [Margrat, both of T., P.R.25.
Martin L, single, 25, shoemaker of T., s. Ab[raha]m, and Celia S. Munroe, 20, of T., d. Henry, July 11, 1848, in T. [Munro of T., C.R.3.]
Mary and Israel [T.P.R. Isreall] Thrasher, Aug. 15, 1676.* [Israell, P.C.R.]
Mary (Casewell) and Thomas Stephens, Sept. 28, 1699.*
Mary and Nathan King, both of T., int. May 6, 1810. {Miss Mary, both of T., m. Feb. 28, 1811, C.R..4.]
Mary and George Smith [int. 2d], both of T., Nov. 26, 1830. [George, both of T., C.R.1.]
Mary F. and Warren Billings, both of T., Nov.1, 1835, in T.
Melenda [int. Melinda] and Nathaniel Elliot [int. Eliot], both of T., Dec. 4, 1812, in T.
Moses and Rebecca Andrews, both of T., Dec. 8, 1763, in T.*
Nathaniel and Mercy Thrasher, both of T., Mar. 24, 1736.* [dup. Mary] Thresher, both of T., C.R.1. Nathaniell and Mercy Thresher, both of T., P.R.27.]
Noah and Deborah Higgins [int. Hegens], both of T., Dec. 13, 1818, in T. [Higgins, both of T., Oct. [sic} 13 [int. Nov. 28], P.R.7.]
Noah and Bathsheba Vickery, both of T., int. Aug. 9, 1823.
Phebe of T. and Ephraim Caswell, Jan. 25, 1787, in Freetown.*
Phebe S. and Foster Allen, both of T., int. Jan. 29, 1825. [m. May 26, C.R.1.]
Phillip of Berkley and Polly Barney [int. Barnay] of T., Nov. 29, 1818. [Phillip of Berkley and Polly Barney of T., P.R.7.]
Prince, 'negro man' of T. and Hannah Imor "mulatto woman," of Middleboro, Nov. 24, 1779,* C.R.4.
Rachel of T. and Ruben Hayward of Raynham, May 12, 1768, in T. * [Mrs. Rachel of T., P.R.25.]
Rebecah and Jacob Staple, Apr. 28, 1774, in T.*
Rebecca (see Rebeckah)
Rebecca L. of T. and Pardon Field of Chesterfield, int. Mar. 6, 1831.
Rebecca L. of T. and Samuel White of Middleborough, int. Dec. 29, 1832 (m. Feb. 13, 1833, C.R.4.)
Rebeckah of T. and Hendrick Robinson Jr. of Raynham, Feb. 8, 1807, in T.
Richard and Dicey Johnson, both of T., Oct. 29, 1795.*
Robert L. of Pittsburgh, Pa., and Miss Roana Richmond of T., int. Nov.6, 1841.
Ruth of Berkeley and John Haskins [dup Haskens] of T., Dec. 11, 1781, in Berkeley.* [Haskens of T., B.C.M.]
Sally of T. and Jonathan Wales 3d of Randolph, July 20, 1830.
Salmon and Mary Gibbs, both of Middle[bor]o[ugh], Oct. 23, 1820,* C.R.4.
Samuel (Caswel) and Solly Sever, Aug. 23, 1789, in T.* {Canoel [dup.Caswel] and Polly Sever, B.C.M. Caswell and Polly Sever, both of T., P.R.25.}
Samuel Jr. and Nancy Leonard, both of T., Mar. 24, 1816, in T.
Samuel and Betsey Titus, both of T., int. Apr. 4, 1830.
Sarah and William Hoskins, July 3, 1677.* {Casewell, P.C.R.]
Sarah and roabert Vickry, both of T., Oct. 18, 1739, in T.*
Sarah H., 14, of T., and Joseph R. Hathaway of Wareham, Aug 7, 1831.
Selah and Phillip Williams, both of T., Mar. 27, 1817, in T.
Seth and Roseing Perkins, both of T., Aug. 7, 1788, in T.*
[Rosing, both of T., P.R.25.]
Silence of T. and Nathaniel Staple of Berkley, June 18, 1807, in T.* [Silance of T., P.R.25.]
Silence and Rufus Godfrey Jr., both of T., int. May 11, 1822.
Simeon and Rachel Staple, both of T., Dec. 8, 1785, in T.*
Stephen and Hana Thrasher, Dec. 24, 1672* [Casewell and Hannah Thrasher, Dec. 29, P.C.R.]
Susannah of Berkely and Elisha Pierce of T., Sept. 7, 1796, in Freetown.*
Thomas (Caswel) and Mary Ransden, Dec. 2, 1691.*
W[illia]m of T. and Priscilla Townsend of Berkeley, Aug. 12, 1794, in Berkeley.*
William A. of T. and Bethiah S. Keith of Raynham, int. Feb. 29, 1840.
William S. of Fairhaven and Lydia T. Williams of T., June 2, 1822.
Zebulon of Raynham and Mehitable Rayment of Middleboro, Feb. 13, 1775,*C.R.4.

CATHURST (see Coulthurst)


William and Susanna Dean, both of T., Oct. 27, 1811, in T.


John and Hannah Caswell, both of T., May 25, 1750.* [Mrs. Hannah, both of T., in T., P.R.28]


John of Boston and Margaret Clevlin of T., int. Jan. 15, 1836.

CETILL (Cittel)

Edward [dup. Cettill] and Susana Godfree [T.P.R. Godfre], July 10, 1682.* [Cetill and Susanna Godfree, P.C.R.]
Ephraim (Cittel) of Jamestown and Lydia Linkhorn of T., Dec. 25, 1728, in Norton,* [Cittell of Jamestown and Lidea Linken of T., B.C.M.]

CHACE (see Chase)

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Amelia, Miss, of Mansfield, and Charles F. Tew of T., int. July 3, 1847.
Jane (Chamberlin) and Daniel Bassett [int. Basset], obot of T., July 26, 1812, in T.
Samuel and Hannah Leonard, June 28, 1795, in T.*
Stephen of Woodstock Conn. And Prudence Heyward of T., June 19, 1781, in T.* [Hayward of T., B.C.M., C.R.1]
Thomas of Rochester and Ruth Hathaway of T., int. Apr. 16, 1836.


Catharine Amory of Petersham and Theophilus Parsons of T., int. Apr. 12, 1823.
Elisibath, Mrs.,of Billeria and D. Robert Luscomb of T., June 19, 1766, in Billeria.*
Henry S., single, 20, cotton spinner, of T., s. William, and Sarah A. Francis, 20, weaver of T., d. Samuel, Feb. 21, 1847, in T.
Jacob T. of T. and Caroline Gammons of Middleborough, int. Dec. 11, 1841.
Martin A. and Joanna S. Delano, both of Dighton, Oct. 11, 1840, in T.*
Phebe R., Miss, of T., and William H. Litcher of New Bedford, int. June 4, 1842.
Randolph of Providence and Harriet Tisdale of T., int. Feb. 5, 1814. [Harriot of T., m. Feb. 22, C.R.1.]
Salmon H., single, 22, printer, of T. [int. Attleboro], S. Benja[min] and May of T., and Sarah H. Lincoln, 20, spinner, of T., d. Fanny S., Oct. 10, 1845, in T. [Salmon H. of Attleboro[ugh], C.R.3.]
Samuel W. and Elizabeth F. Richmond, both of T., Nov. 18, 1830. [Nov.14, C.R.1.]
Zebedee of Carver and Betsey H. Briggs of Freetown, Sept. 17, 1841,* C.R.4.

CHANDLEY (see also Charnley)

Hannah A. and Dudley Hathaway, both of T., int. Sept. 23, 1837.


Jacob and Eliza Watson, both of T., int. Nov. 29, 1823.
Jacob of T. and Elizabeth M. Gay of Hingham, int. May 27, 1832.


Andrew J., single, 22, brickmaker, of T., s. John, and Lydia M. Lincoln, 21, of T., d. Martin, Jan. 2, 1848, in T.
Catharine, Miss and John Q. Adams, both of T., int. June 22, 1842.
Mary J. [int. Jane], 19, of T., d. John and Betsey, and Lorenzo Bushee, single, 23, labourer, of Smithfield, R.I., s. Sam[ue]l and Rachael, Dec. 28, 1848, in T.

CHARNLEY (see also Chandley)

Alexander and Sarah Wood, both of T., Feb. 14, 1829.


Alice and James W. Lockwood, both of T., Feb. 2, 1841.
Robert and Mmiss Martha F. Tetlow, both of T., int. July 28, 1847. [Martha F. Fetlow, m. Aug. 14, C.R.8.]


Ann, 18, of Bridgewater, d. John, and John Parker, single, 23, labourer, of Raynham, s. Andrew and Mary, Oct. 19, 1848, in T.*

CHASE (Chace)

Abiel of T. and Ruth Briggs of Freetown, Mar. 12, 1755, in Freetown,* B.C.M.
Abigail (Chace), Miss, of T., and John C. Gibbs of Somersest, Jan. 27, 1836. [Chase of T., C.R.3.]
Alice (Chace) [dup. Elis Chase] of Berkley and Zebulon [dup. Zebulan] White of T., Sept. 20, 1781, in Berkley.* [Alice Chace of Berkley and Zebulon White of T., B.C.M.]
Alice (Chace) of Swanzey and Amos Kelton of T., int. Nov. 15, 1823.
Almeda H. (Chace , Miss, of T., and Andrew J. Lincoln of Raynham, int. Nov. 17, 1841.
Ann Maria (Chace), Miss, of T., and Samuel S. Colton [int. Cotton], single [int. of T.], Mar. 16, 1845, in T.
Anna, Miss, and Seth Clark, both of MIddlebo[rough], Mar. 1, 1798,* C.R.4.
Bathia and Joseph Dunham, June 19, 1706. [Bathiah, P.R.21.]
Benjamin (Chace) and Mercy Simmons, June 23, 1703.*
Bethiah (see Bathia).
Betsey R. (Chace), 18, spinster, of T., d. Nehe[mia]h and Desire, and Josiah M. Lincoln, single, 22, machinist, of T, s. Josiah and Abigail, Dec. 6, 1846, in T.
Calvin L. (Chace), 21, mule spinner, of T., s. Calin, and Sarah Nelson, 19, weaver, of T., d. John, Nov. 10, 1844, in T.
Caroline (Chace), Miss, of T., and Henry W. Clark of Freetown, int. Mar. 14, 1840. "Forbidden by Caroline Chace."
Caroline (Chace), Miss, and Jeremiah Bassett [int. Jr.], both of T.,Apr. 10, 1842, in T.
Chloe, Miss and John Thrassher, both of Middleborough, Mar. 11, 1797,* C.R.4.
Cornelius (Chace) of Freetown, Bristol Co., and Miss Maria L. Macomber of T., July 27, 1838, in Freetown, Bristol Co.
Daniel (Chace) 2d of Somerset and Susan B. Menage of Barrington, R.I., Nov. 18, 1845, in T.*
David [int. Chace]and Miss Hannah Burt, both of T., July 1, 1818 [Chace, both of T., P.R.25.]
Deborah of Raynham and Henry Hewitt of T., May 2, 1751, in Harwich.*
Deborah and John Wright, both of T., May 5, 1806, in T.*
Ebenezer W. (Chace) and Miss Caroline A. Stacey, both of T., June 22, 1837, in T.
Elisha of Swanzey and Sarah Dean of T., Jan. 30, 1733.*
Eliza (Chace) and Abraham Caswell Jr., both of T., int. Mar. 25, 1814.
Esther of Dighton and Abijah White of T., Dec. 28, 1783.[? in Dighton].*
Eunice P. (Chace), Miss, of T., and Linus Dean Jr. of Raynham, int. Apr. 15, 1839.
Florintha (Chace) [int. Chase] of Freetown and Cornelius White of T., Jan. 28, 1813, in T.
George E. (Chace) and [int. Miss] Wealthy W. Sprague, both of T., Mar. 25, 1849, in T.
James (Chace) and Huldah Luscombe, both of T., int. July 19, 1817.
James Jr. and Lucretia Strange, both of T., int. May 6, 1837. "Forbiden by Lucretia Strange on the 11th day of May, 1837."
Job and Deborah Dodson, both of T., Aug. 7, 1760, in T.*
Job C. (Chace) and Mary W. Carpenter, both of T., int. Sept. 15, 1836.
John B. (Chace), Dr., of T., and Miss Rebecca Chace of Somerset, int. Sept. *, 1838.
Judah of Swansey and Sarah Macomber of T., Apr. 11, 1734.* [Macumber of T., C.R.1. Maccumber of T., P.R.27.]
Lamyra A. (Chace) of T. and Ephraim [int. Ephriam] Lane of Norton, Sept. 22, 1834, in T. [Samyra A. of T. and Ephraim Lane of Norton C.R.1.]
Lewis and Miss Mary _______, both of Middleboro, May 7, 1796,* C.R.4.
Luther (Chace) and Delia Richmond, both of T., Nov. 1, 1832. [Chase, both of T., C.R.3.]
Marcus M. (Chace) and Miss Catharine C. Paull, both of T., Oct. 17, 1842.
Maria (Chace) 17, domestic, of T., d. Zebedee and Betsey, and Daniel H. Shute, single, 23, farmer, of T., s. Moses, Nov. 6, 1847, in T.
Mary and Job Thrasher, both of Middle[bor]o[ugh], Mar. 2, 1821.* C.R.4.
Meribah, Miss, and Melbourn Briggs, both of Middleboro, Mar. 10, 1788,* C.R.4.
Nehemiah (Chace) of Swansey and Sally Macomber, 'resident in sd Town," May 27, 1790, in T.*
Patience (Chace) of Dighton and Jonathan Pratt of T., int. Aug. 28, 1835.
Phillip [dup. Philliss, T.P.R. Philip} and Jacob Hathaway [dup. and T.P.R. Hathway], Jan. 28, 1696-7 [second dup. and T.P.R. in T.*[Phillip Chase and Jacob Hathway, P.R.21.]
Rebecca (Chace), Miss, of Somerset, and Dr. John B. Chace of T., int. Sept. 8, 1838.
Roba, Miss, and Abner Haskins, both of Middleborough, Jan. 25, 1797,* C.R.4.
Robey, Miss, and Edmond Dean, both of T., July 23, 1783,* C,R,4,
Ruth (Chace), Miss, and Timothy H. Codding, both of T., June 24, 1839, in T.
Salome (Chace) of Barnstable and Robert Luscombe of T., int. Oct. 20, 1810.
Samuel B. )Chace) and Miss Celia E. Coggeshall, both of T., May 22, 1838, in T.
Sarah W. (Chace), Miss, of T., and Charles Maxwell of Wales, Me., int. July 19, 1845.
Silva, Miss, and Samuel Parris, both of Middleboro, Dec. 18, 1788,* C.R.4.
Thomas and Hannah Hoskins, both of T., Feb. 8, 1757, in T.*
Thomas (int. Chace) and Sarah Ann Godfrey, both of T., Aug. 29, 1822. [Chace, both of T., P.R.25.]
Walter (Chace) and Deliverance Simmons both of Freetown, Jan. 29, 1706-7.
William H. (Chace) of Dighton and Miss Lydia B. Reed of T., int. Mar. 15, 1845.
W[illia]m P. and Emeline White, both of Easton, Nov. 25, 1830,* C.R.3.

CHEENY (see Cheney)


Nancy, Miss, of Wrentham, and Jessse Whiting of T., int. Oct. 7, 1843.

CHENEY (Cheeny)

Joseph of Sturbridge and Priscilla Barnum of T., Oct. 10, 1789, in T.*
Mary (Cheeny) , Miss, of T., and Josiah Harvey of Norton, int. Jan. 8, 1845.


Lewis R. and Miss Sarah D. Shepard, both of T., Feb. 10, 1841.


Noadica [int. Noadiah] of Salina, N.Y. and a Martha Brewer of T., Oct. 16, 1839. [Noadiah of Salima, N.Y., C.R.3.]


Moses and Elizabeth Joseph, Nov. 26, 1703* [Choksinah and Elisabeth Joseph, P.R.21.]


Huldah of Dighton and James Finly of T., Oct. 17, 1776 [? in Dighton]

CHUBBUCK (Chubbock)

Hiram L. "(late of Taunton)" and Miriam T. Paull [int. omits T.]of Berkley, Oct. 5, 1834. [Hiran W. Chubuck and Miriam T. Paul of Berkley, C.R.1.]
Stillman E. (Chubbock) of Wareham and Margerett Pendleton of T., int. Apr. 7, 1832.


Hannah and Joseph Andrews Jr., both of Norton, Dec. 22, 1795, in T.*
Hezekiah W. of T. and Miss Elizabeth Hawes of Providence, R.I., int. Aug. 18, 1838.
LeBaron [int. LeBarron] B., single, 21, merchant, of T., b. Bristol R.I., s. Thomas and Elenor dec'd and Anna Dean, 18, of T, d. Abizer and Hannah of T., Oct. 15, 1845, in T.
Martha C. of Providence and James W. Otis of T., int. Dec. 17, 1824.
Rebecca and Charles R. Vickery, both of T., int. Jan. 2, 1830. [m. Jan. 18, c.r.1.]
Sarah of Little Compton and Joshua Crossman of T., Sept. 11, 1740, in Little Compton.* [Crosman fo T., B.C.M.]
Stephen L., single, 24, of T., b. Sidney, Me., s. Randall and Elizabeth Chace, and Serepta [int. Sarepta] D. Wood, 19, of T., b. T., d. Sherman S. and Lois Hall Wetherell, Dec. 5, 1847, in T. [Entered by deposition.]
Susan, Miss, and Raymond [int. Raymon] Arnold, both of T., Nov. 22, 1840. [Raymond, both of T., C.R.3.]

CHURCHILL (Churchell)

Celia kW. (Churchell) [int. Churchill], Miss, of T., and David [int. Daniel] W. Luther of Smithfield, R.I., Sept 27, 1835 [Churchell of T. and Daniel W. Luther of Smithfield, R.I., C.R.3.].
Cordelia (Churchell), Miss, of Plympto, and George H. Shearman of T., int. Sept. 9, 1848.
Deborah (Churchell), [int. Churchill], Miss, and Barzillai Reed, both of T., Sept. 21, 1837. [Churchell, both of T., C.R.3.]
Eliza and John Briggs, both of T., int. Sept. 1, 1827 [M. Sept. 28, C.R.1.]
Elizabeth P., Miss, of Middleborough, and Reuben M. Peckham of T., int. Oct. 3, 1846.
George, "resident of this town," and Miss Chloe Cole, Jan. 3, 1837,* C.R.4.
Jabesh of Easton and Alse Briggs of T., Jan. 31, 1753, in T.* [Churchell of Easton P.R.28.]
Libeus C. of Middleborough and Melancy T. Hart, int. Oct. 10, 1840.
Lucy (Churchell), Miss, and Moses Samson, both of Middleboro, Dec. 24, 1772,* C.R.4.
Nancy and John Adam, both of T., int. Sept. 10, 1831.
Sarah (Churchell) and John Taft, both of T., Oct. 4, 1784. in T.* [dup. Churchill] both of T., B.C.M. Churchill and John Tast [sic], both of T., C.R.1.]
Simeon R. and Miss Abigail B. Eddy, both of T., Nov. 24, 1842.
William and Abigail Knapp, both of T., int. July 22, 1826.


Lucinda B. of T. and Allen F. Pool of New Bedford, Nov. 22, 1837.

CIMBER (see Kimber)

CITTEL (see Cetill)

CLAFLIN (see Clafflin, see also Clevlin)

Eliza [int. Clafflin], Miss, and Remember Cole, both of T., Jan. 3, 1836. [Claflin both of T. C.R.3.]
Eliza C. of T. and paschal C. Clafflin of Providence, int. Mar. 2, 1833.
Paschal C. (Clafflin) of Providence and Eliza C. Claflin o fT., int. Mar. 2, 1833.
Robert of Attleborough and Eliza Nelson of T., int. Sept. 15, 1832.

CLAPP (Clap)

Beriah (Clap) and Nancy Wild, Nov. 8, 1789, in T.* [Willd, both of T., P.R.25.]
Clarinda N., 21, dressmaker, of T., d. James C. and Orilla, and Jonathan W. Pratt, single, 22, carpenter of T. s. Job and Lucy, June 24, 1845, in T.
Delight (Clap) and Timothy Lincoln, both of T., int. Jan. 15, 1820.
Elias (Clap) and Barsena Wilbore, both of Norton, Nov. 12, 1812, in T.*
George (Clap) of Norton and Esther Lincoln of T., Oct. 30, 1808, in T.*
Hannah (Clap) of Norton and John Williams Jr. of Easton, Oct. 2, 1822.
James (Clap) of Walpole and Rachel Wetherell of T., Dec. 19, 1745, in T.* [Wethrel of T., P.R.28.]
James C. of Norton and Orilla Field of T., int. Aug. 28, 1813.
Jemima (Clap) of Norton and Abiel Dean Jr. of Raynham, Oct. 6, 1767, in Norton,* P.R.25.
Martha, 28, school mistress, of Norton, d. Ottis and Hannah, and Horace B. Wetherell, widr., 36, basket maker, of Norton, s. Elias and Sally, Aug. 8, 1844, in T.*
Rachael of Norton and Richmond Field of T., June 24, 1766, in Norton.*
Samuel (Clap) Jr. and Lydia Wild, both of Norton, Oct. 6, 1768, in T.* [Mrs. Lydia, both of Norton, P.R.25.]
Sarah and James Godfrey 2d, Sept. 27, 1787, in T.*
Sarah Lovica and Lloyd T. Wetherell, both of T., int. Nov. 18, 1836.
Thomas of T. and Mrs. Mary Leonard of Norton, Sept. 9, 1731, in Norton.* [Clap of T. and Mercy [dup. Mary] Leonard of Norton, B.C.M.]
William (Clap) of Boston and Sally Smith of T, Jan. 11, 1789.

CLARK (Clarke, Cleark, Clerk)

Abby, Miss, of Middleborough and Saul W. Eddy of T., int. May 15, 1841. [Saul P. of T., m. June 28, C.R.4.]
Amey and Daniel Colby, both of T., May 10, 1835.
Anna, Miss, and John Perkins, both of Middleboro, May 22, 1788,* C.R.4.
Barnabas and Miss Judah Hoar, both of Middleboro. Apr. 29, 1784.* C.R.4.
Deliverance, Miss, of Middleborough, and Elijah Green of Wareham, July 8, 1793.* C.R.4.
Eliza (Clarke) [int. Clark, Miss] and William B. Seekel [int. Sekel, both of T.] Jan. 2, 1842.
Ezra (Clarke) and Miss Martha McCully, both of Middle[borough], Nov. 28, 1805,* C.R.4.
Ezra of T. and Abigail Record of Freetown, int Sept. 12, 1812.
Ezra and Miss Cordelia S. Sandford, both of T., int. Sept. 5, 1846.
Henry W. of Freetown and Miss Caroline Chace of T., int. Mar. 14, 1840. "Forbidden by Caroline Chace"
Hepsibath and Job Seekell, both of T., Feb. 9, 1786, in Freetown.*
Hepzibah (Clerk) and Noble Canady Jr., both of T., int. Sept. 14, 1822.
Hipzibah and Irah Macomber, both of T., int. July 16, 1814.
Hope, Miss, and Samuel Howland 2d, both of Middleboro[ugh], Mar. 29, 1795, C.R.4.
Huldah and Samuel Richmond, int. Nov. 13, 1812.
Huldah R., Miss, of Middleborough, and Lemuel L. White of t., int. Dec. 12, 1844.
J. of T. and W[illia]m Brown of Norton, Apr. 15, 1800, in Rehoboth.*
James [of] Berkley and Rebecca Pierce of Mid[dlebor]o[ugh], Oct. 23, 1823,* C.R.4.
James and Miss Janet Gilmour, both of T., Dec. 19, 1835.
Joanna, Miss, of T., and George Warren of New Bedford, Oct. 20, 1842.
John of Middleborough and Abigail Caswell of Berkley, Feb. 16, 1815, in Berkley,* P.R.7. P.R.25.
John and Miss Ellen Barnes [int. Barns], both of T., Oct. 9, 1835.[Barnes, both of T., C.R.3.]
John [int. Jr.] of Berkley, Bristol co., and [int. Miss] Lydia Sekel [lint. Seekel] of T., Dec. 16, 1843.
John of t. and Miss Margaret Donan of T. [Taunton written above Dighton crossed out], int. Sept. 7, 1846. [Dernan, m. Sept. 21, C.R.8.]
John, single, 22, carpenter of T., s. Richard, and Marietta Shearman, 19, of T., tailoress, d. Shadrach of T., Oct. 4, 1846, in T.
Judith, Miss, and John McCulley, both of Middleborough, Oct. 27, 1790*, C.R.4.
Julia, Miss, and Richard Brassell, both of T., Aug. 5, 1847. [m. Aug. 19,C.R.8.]
Laura Ann (Clerk) of T. and Abijah Hall of Wrentham, int. Oct. 13, 1822.
Lois T. and Enoch Southworth, both of Middleborough, Sept. 6, 1829,* C.R.4.
Lucy F., Miss, and Jeremish H. Bennett, both of Middleborough, Mar. 27, 1813.* C.R.4.
Martin and Naomi L. Carver, both of T., int. June 21, 1829. [m. July 8, C.R.3.]
Mary and James Pray, both of T., Dec. 31, 1835.
Phebe, Miss of Middleboro, and Admiral Taber of Rochester, July 24, 1788,* C.R.4.
Polly (Clarke) and Benjamin Harris, both of T., Aug. 20, 1785, in T.*
Rachal of Freetown and George Barrows of T., May 24, 1787.* C.R.4.
Rebecca S. (Clarke), Miss, and Joshua Haskins, both of Middlebo[rough], Nov. 29, 1812..* C.R.4.
Robert P. (int. Clarke) and [dup. Miss] Betsey B. Dean, both of T., Nov. 13, 1842.
Roger and Miss Susannah Howland, both of Middleboro, Feb. 14, 1785,* C.R.4.
Sally of Norton and John Hoskins [int. Haskins] Jr. of T., Aug. 8 1813, in T.
Sarah 2d, Miss, and Joseph Wilbur, both of Middleboro, June 16, 1799,* C.R.4.
Sarah E., Miss, of Berkley, and Thomas Boulton of T., int. June 1, 1848.
Sarah L., Miss of t., and Elihu Leach of Raynham, int. Mar. 27, 1839.
Seth and Miss Anna Chase, both of Middlebo[rough], Mar. 1, 1798,* C.R.4.
Stephen (Clarke) of Middlebo[rough] and Susanna Williams of Raynham, Jan.8, 1789, in T.*
Thomas S. of T. and Ellen W. Monroe of Bristol, R.I. int. May 18, 1838.
Willard of T. and Lyndia Perkins of Middleborough, int. Sept. 6, 1815.
Willard and Bodicea T. Wood, both of Middleboro, Mar. 12, 1849,* C.R.4.
Willard W. (see Williard W.)
William of Norton and Phebe Smith of T., Aug. 15, 1768, in T.* [Mrs. Phebe of T., P.R.25.]
William (Cleark) and Mary Tucker 2d, both of Norton, Apr. 23, 1789, in T.* [dup. Clark] B.C.M.
William of Providence and Polly Seekell of T., int. Sept. 15, 1832. [Sekell of T., m. Oct. 4, C.R.4.]
W[illia]m and Ann McCarthey, both of T., int. Dec. 30, 1832. [McCarthy, m. Jan. 13, 1833, C.R.7.]
Williard [int. Willard] W., single, 26, mechanist of T., s. Willard and Malindy, and Lucy A. Crossman, 21, of T., d. Huldah Jan 21, 1846, in T.


John and Rosanna McResty, both of T., int. Oct. 23, 1835.

CLEALE (Cleal)

John H. (Cleal), single, 24, manufacturer, of Plymouth, s. John and Sarah of Plymouth, and Mary Ann Rounds, 26, of T., d. Simeon and Clarrisa of Warren, R.I. July 19, 1846, in T.
Phebe S., Miss of Plymouth, and Gershom R. Rounds of T., int. July 27, 1848.

CLEARK (see Clark)


Margaret and Patrick O'Brien, Jan. 30, 1848,* C.R.8.
Mary, Miss, of T., and Patrick McNamara of Boston, int. June 12, 1847. [m. July 4, C.R.8.]

CLEAVELAND (Cleeveland, see also Clevlin)

Fanny and Nedebiah Lincoln, both of T., int. July 19, 1823.
John (Cleeeveland) and Martha Simmons, Jan 1, 1711-12.*

CLEMENTS (Clemmons)

Hannah and John Vickree, both of Dighton, Feb. 18, 1766, in T.*
Judith (Clemmons) [dup. Clemens] of Dighton and Jeremiah Hack [dup. Hark] of T., Nov._, 1776, I Dighton.* [Clemmons of Dighton and Jeremiah Hack of T., B.C.M.]
Meriba (Clemmons) [dup. Merbe Clemons] of Dighton and Abiather Knap [dup. Abiathar Knapp] of T., Aug. 1, 1782, in Dighton.* [Meriba Clemmons of Dighton and Abiather Knap of T., B.C.M.]

CLERK (see Clark)

CLEVELAND ( see Cleaveland)

CLEVLIN (see also Claflin and Cleaveland)

Margaret of T. and John Cawley of Boston, int. Jan. 15, 1836.


Mary and Michael Mulligan, July 15, 1849,* C.R.8.

COALL (see Cole)

COBB (Cob)

A. Emmons, 20, yeoman, of T., s. Alvan and Mary, and L. Cordelia Bliss, 18, [int. of T.], d. Ziba and R., Dec. 30, 1844, in T.
Abigail and Benjamin Shores, both of T., Aug. 11, 1730.* [Abigaill, both of T., P.R.27]
Alvan, Rev., of T., and Miss Polly Ingraham of Seckonk, int. Nov. 15, 1815.
Alvan, Rev., of t., and Miss Abiah F. Homer of boston, int. Sept. 29, 1847.
Benjamin and Miss Mary Magiven, both of T., Oct. 18, 1837.
Bethia and Daniel Drake, both of T., Jan. 2, 1734.* [Bethiah and Daniell Drake, both of T., P.R.27.]
Betsy and Jeremiah Hack, both of T., Feb. 8, 1807, in T.*
Betty of Attleborough and Jacob Burt of t., Jan. 11, 1758, in Attleborough.*
Caroline and Hiram Barton, both of T., Oct. 13, 1831.
Charles and Rhoda Dean, both of T., May 24, 1804, in T.*
Charlotte and Jonathan Shores,both of T., Nov. 27, 1794, in T.*
Constant of T. and Benj[amin] King of Raynham, July 11, 1776, in T.*
Daniel S. of T. and Ann B. Hathaway of Freetown, int. May 29, 1830.
David G.W. and Abby Crocker, both of T., int. Apr. 27, 1822.
Ebenezer and Abigail Eddy, both of T., Nov. 26, 1734.* [Abigaill, both of T., P.R.27.]
Ebenezer of T. and Rhoda Short of Rehoboth, int. July 6, 1816.
Ebenezer of T. and Abigail Fisher of Norton, int. June 20, 1818.
Ebenezer [int. Ebeneser Jr.] and Miss Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] B. Crossman, both of T., May 1, 1843.
Edward (Cob) and Sarah Hackit, Dec. 18, 1689.*
Elisha of Norton and Linda Fish of T., July 22, 1800, in T.*
Elizabeth (Cob) and Samuel Knap, May 26, 1687.* [Elisabeth, P.R.21.]
Elizabeth and Jabiz Prat, Feb. 23, May 26, 1697-8* {Elisabeth. P.R.21.]
Elizabeth of T. and Eleazer Eddy of Norton, Feb. 6, 1722-3. in Norton.*
Elizabeth (see Elizibath)
Elizabeth B., Miss, of T., and Christopher S. [int. C. Sumlner] Knapp of Raynham, Apr. 23, 1844, in Danvers.
Elizibath of Norton and Ebenezer Knapp of T, July 25, 1728, in Norton.*
Eunice and Samuel Sumner Wild, both of T., May 26, 1792, in T.* [May 28, B.C.M. P.R.25.]
Fanny of T. and Jonahtan Wales of Randolph, May 8, 1803, in T.*
Geo[rge] of Norton and Tamer Burt of T., Jan. 29, 1777, in T.*
Gershom of Woodstock, Vt., and Miss Judah Shaw of Mid[dleborough], Jan. 19, 1794,* C.R.4.
Hannah and Joshua Porter, both of T., Jan. 2, 1783, in T.*
Jacob and Elizabeth Stacy, both of t., Dec. 15, 1762, in T.* [Elisabeth Stacey, both of T., Dec. 15, 1761, P.R.28.]
Jacob of Londonderry and Polly Crosman of T., Jan. 26, 1801, in T.*
Jane of T. and Pelatiah Easty of Stoughton, Mar. 23, 1748, in T.*
Jemima of T. and Samuel Merrick Jr. of Berkley, May 11, 1744.* [Mirick Jr. of Berkeley, P.R.28]
Joanna and Moses Knap, both of T., Mar. 13, 1777, in T.*
John and JaneWoodward, June 13, 1676.*
John of T. and Philena B. Westcott [int. Westcoat] of Berkley, Apr. 7, 1833. [Westcott of Berkley, C.R.3.]
Jonathan of T. and Hannah Beal of Braintree, Sept. 2, 1774, in Braintree.*
Lurenda and Edward Knap Jr., both of T., int. Apr. 13, 1811. [Lusinds [dup. Lusinde], both of T., m. June 2, C.R.1.]
Lydia and William French, both of T., June 28, 1739, in T.*
Lydia and Nathaniel Williams, both of T., Apr. 25, 1783, in T.*
Marcus of Namsfield and Sybel J. Woodward of T., int. June 6, 1829.
Martha and Capt. Daniel Eggry, both of T., Nov. 27, 1796, in T.*
Mary [T.P.R. Cob], wid., and Samuel Phillips 'T.P.R. Samuell Philips], May 15, 1676.* [Cobb, wid., and Samuell Phillipps, P.C.R.]
Mary Ann and James Bradford, both of T., int. June 28, 1828.
Mehitable of Plympton and William W. Porter of T., int. LMay 11, 1828.
Morgain and Jane Lincoln, both of T., Mar. 21, 1775, in T.*
Morgon and Esther Hodges, both of T., May 22, 1735,* [Morgan, both of T., C.R.1. P.R.27.]
Nancy and Apollos Bradford Leonard, both of T., Oct. 5, 1800, in T.*
Nancy W. of Plymton and Thomas Babbitt of T., int. Aug. 19, 1832.
Nathan of T. and Esther Dryen [dup. Dyer] of Rehoboth, Jan. 5, 1731, in Rehoboth.* [Dryer of Rehoboth, Jan. 5, 1730-1, B.C.M.]
Nathan and Abigail Shoyes, both of T., Oct. 1, 1761, in T.*
Nathaniel and Lois Drake, both of T., June 1, 1786, in T.*
Nelly and James Hodges, both of T., Feb. 21, 1792, in T.*
Nicholas and Sally torry, both of T., Apr. 16, 1805, in T.*
Rebeckah and Nathaniel Knap, both of T., Mar. 19, 1729-30.* [Rebecca, both of T., C.R.1.] [Rebeckah and Nathaniell Knap, both of T., P.R.27.]
Rufus Jr. and Desire Crocker Blake, both of T., Apr. 14, 1808,* C.R.1.
Sally and Charles Richmond, both of T., Mar. 12, 1809,* C.R.1.
Sally of T. and Ransom Greene of Roxbury, int. Aug. 5, 1827.
Samuel and Marcy Lincoln, both of T., Oct. 17, 1802, in T.*
Sarah of Norton and James Knap of Lebanon, Conn., Nov. 28, 1754, in T.* [Nov. 29, P.R.28.]
Sarah of T. and Thomas French Jr. of Randolph, Aug. 2, 1802, in T.*
Sarah H. and John A. Keith Jr., both of Middleboro, Oct. 3, 1844, in T.*
Seth, 28, shoemaker, of Kingston, s. Polly Windsor, and Harriet D. Gerrish, 20, tailoress, of T., d. Benjamin, Nov. 28, 1844, in T.
Silas of Norton and Sibel Ingell of T., May 12, 1803, in T.* [Sibil of T., C.R.1.]
Silvester of Leicester and Mary Hodges of T., June 30, 1785, in T.*
Simeon and Constant Burt, Sept. 16, 1784, in T.*
Simeon of T. and Nancy Shepardson of Rehoboth, June 22, 1795, in Rehoboth.*
Stephen H. of T. and Miss Elizabeth H. Briggs of Rehoboth, int. Nov. 7, 1840.
Susanna (see Unidentified)
Sylvester (see Silvester)
Tabatha and James Tisdale, both of T., Dec.3, 1772, in T.* [Tabethe, both of T., P.R.28.]
Thomas, Capt., and Mrs Sarah Wild, both of T., Apr. _, 1765, in T.*
William and Mary Newland, Feb. 11, 1694-5.*
William and Annie Willis [?Williams}, both of T., Apr. 24, 1737.* [Anne Willis [sic. Williams (Briston Co. Deeds)], both of T., C.R.1. anne Willilams, both of T., P.R.14. Anne Will[torn}, both of T., P.R.27.
W[illia]m Jr. of Norton and Susannah burt 2d, Oct. 19, 1769, in T.* [Susanah 2d of T., P.R.28]
William and Rebecca Peckham, both of T., int. Jan. 26, 1833.

CODDING (Coding)

Aaron P. and Calista Townsend, both of T., int. Nov. 9, 1823. [m. Feb. 5, 1824, C.R.1.]
Abiathar and Abby W. Padelford, both of T., Sept. 2, 1833, in T. [Abiather, both of T., C.R.1.]
Abiather and Abigail Godfrey, both of T., Dec. 13, 1795, in T.* [Abithar, both of T., P.R.25.]
Abigail of T. and Wheaton Barrows of Attleborough, int. Jan. 16, 1812.
Abigail and Charles Johnson, both of T., __[int. Sept. 22], 1821. [Oct. 26 P.R.25.]
Abigail, 21, weaver, of T., d. Aaron P., and Harry [int. Henry] M. White, single, 24, painter, of T., s. Arunah, Oct. 8, 1846, in T. [Henry M. of T., C.R.3.]
Ann and William [int. adds H.] Bragg, both of T., Apr. 20, 1835.
Anna and Alben Caswell, both of T., Aug. 2, 1804, in T.* [Alven, both of T., Aug. 12, P.R.25.]
Annah and Jonathan French, both of T., July 19, 1798.*
Augustus Frederick and Clarisy Wilson, both of T., Nov. 13, 1804, in T.* [Augustus Fredrick and Claricy Wilson, both of T., P.R.25.]
Bethia and Elijah Knap, both of T., Nov. 6, 1808,* C.R.1.
Clarissa, Miss, of Rehoboth, and Philip E. Williams of T., int. Sept. 1, 1849.
Deborah of T. and Moses Briggs of Rehoboth, Mar. 24, 1778, in T.*
Ebenezer of T. and Betsy Vickery of Rehoboth, int. Aug. 6, 1812.
Ebenezer of T. and Betsey Cole of Raynham, int. Feb. 24, 1813.
Elisha and Ann willilams, both of T., Sept. 16, 1763, in T.* [Williames, both of T., P.R.28.]
Elisha and Deborah Sprage, both of T., Feb. 24, 1788, in T.*
George (Coding) of T. and Mary Faunce of Plymouth, Nov. 17, 1757, in Plymouth.*
Geo[rge] and Sarah Andrews, both of T., Nov. 25, 1773, in T.*
Hannah and Nathan Dean, both of T., Jan. 14, 1773, in T.*
James and Joanna Eddy, both of T., Jan. 15, 1767, in T.*
James 3d and Joanna Eddy, both of T., Nov. 11, 1777, in T.*
Job G., single, 36, carpenter, of T., s. ____dec'd, and Eleanor C. Rider, 21, of T., d. Eleanor (Ryder), Dec. 9, 1846, in T.
Lydia and Zephaniah Shores, both of T., Oct. 14, 1765, in T.*
Lydia and Enos Dean, July 6, 1786, in T.*
Lydia (Coding) and Elkanah Thrasher, both of T., Jan. 8, 1795, in T.*
Marcy and Isaac Burt, both of T., July 12, 1750, in T.* [Mrs. Marcy, both of T., P.R.28.]
Mercy of Rehoboth and Robert Lincoln 3d of T., int. Jan. 8, 1831.
Prudence of T. and David Hoard, "resident in Norton," May 3, 1804, in T.*
Rhoda of T. and George Williams of T., s. Ebenezer, Nov. 19, 1800, in T.*
Sally and Robert Lincoln, both of T., Mar. 31, 1795, in T.*
Sally, Miss, and John Howard [int. 2d], both of T., Jan. 22, 1843, in Raynham.
Samuel and Anna Adams, both of T., Jan. 14, 1777, in T.*
Samuel of T. and Sarah Hill of Bridgewater, Mar. 27, 1781, in Bridgewater.*
Tila and Ebenezer Foster [?Pocter} Jr., both of T., Aug. 18, 1791, in T.* [Foster Jr., both of T., B.C.M.]
Timothy H. and Miss Ruth Chace, both of T., June 24, 1839, in T.
William of T. and Deborah Austin of Dighton, Dec. 29, 1763.* [in Dighton, P.R.29.]
William of Dighton and Aseneth Pratt of T., May 6, 1804, in T.* [William A. of Dighton, P.R.25.]

CODY (see Cordy)


Harriet and Robert T. Woodward, both of T., int. Apr. 30, `836.

COGGESHALL (Coggshall)

Celia E., Miss, and Samuel B. Chace, both of T., May 22, 1838.
Gideon (Coggshall), "resident in" T., and Mrs, Sarah Wild, July 22, 1778, in T.* [Coggashall, P.R.25.]
Henry W. of Bristol, R.I. and Miss Emma Brown of T., Jan. 1, 1839 in T.*
Judith and Thomas Sawyer, both of T., Sept. 30, 1784, in T.* [Coggshall (dup. Coggeshall), both of T., C.R.1.]
Loring, single, and Mary Ann Paull, d. Alfred, all of T., Dec. 31, 1848, in T. {Paul of T., C.R.3.]
Sally and timothy Ingraham, both of T., Aug. 25, 1803, in T.*
Sarah and Elijah Williams, both of T, Sept. 18, 1800, in T.*
Sarah A., Miss of Tiverton, R.I., and John McCrillis of T., Jan. 17, 1843, in Fall River.
Sarah Thomas, 19, o T., d. Tho[ma]s J. and Sarah A. of T., and Walter Bowles Snow, single, 22, druggist, of Providence, R.I., s. W[illlia]m C. and Narcissa of Providence, Oct. 210, 1847, in T.
Selah of T. and Ibrook Eddy of Eddington, Apr. 17, 1806, in T.*
Susan P. [int. Miss, of T.] and William A. [int. H.] Whitaker of Cumberland [int. Woonsocket], R.I., Mar. 20, 1842.
Timothy (Coggshall) and Sela Wild, both of T., Feb. 4, 1779, in T.*


C. John and Almeda Wilson, both of T., int. Oct. 23, 1830.

CHOALAN (see Callahan)

COIL ( See Coyle)


Jotham and Sally T. Dean, both of T., int. Nov. 19, 1825. [Jothem, both of T., m. Dec. 12, C.R.1.]


Daniel and Amey Clark, both of T., May 10, 1835.
Eliza and Zephaniah Dean 2d, both of T., int. Jan. 19, 1828. [m. Feb. 4. C.R.3.]
Eliza and Pelham Bryant, both of T., int. Oct. 27, 1832.
Harrison G.O. of T. and James [sic, Jane] S. Parker of N. Bedford, int. Dec. 17, 1831.
Sinai P., Miss, and Jonathan Brownell, both of T., Apr. 28, 1839.
Sophia W. of T. and Benjamin G. Wilbur of Troy, int. Nov. 20, 1827.

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