Vital Records of West Newbury, Massachusetts
To the end of the year 1849

Published by The Essex Institute

Salem, Mass., 1918

Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger

Marriages, Surnames starting with A to J

*Intention also recorded.


Daniel B., cordwainer, and Sarah Ann Brock, b. England, d. Daniel, Jan. 7, 1843.*


Eliza, and Moody Adams, jr. [of Newbury. int.], May 10, 1832.*
Freeborn, of Newbury, and Ruth Adams, Nov. 27, 1828.*
George W., of Newbury, and Mary T. Thurlow, int. Oct. 28, 1848.
Harriet, of Andover, and Rev. John Quinsy Adams Edgell, int. Oct. 7, 1832.
Mira, and Leonard S. Hood [Wood. int.] of Bradford, Mar. 12, 1823.*
Moody, jr. [of Newbury. int.], and Eliza Adams, May 10, 1832.*
Ruth, and Freeborn Adams of Newbury, Nov. 27, 1828.*


Charles H., of Georgetown, and Dianthe Ann Gilman, int. Dec. 8, 1838.
Isaac, of Newbury, shoemaker, a. 25 y., b. Boscawen, N. H., s. John and Sarah, of Boscawen, N. H., and Mary Jane Green, a. 17 y., b. Newbury, d. Eliphalet, deceased, and May, May 18, 1845.


Ann, a. 25 y., b. Ireland, d. John, and Patrick Dunn, 2d m., wheelwright, a. 28 y., b. Ireland, s. John and Lydia, Nov. 19, 1849.*


Lydia, of Newbury, and Elbridge G. Rogers, int. May 21, 1824.


Samuel, and Sarah Wilson Sparks of Lynn, int. Jan. 26, 1830.


Fanny, of Haverhill, and Thomas Hills, int. Jan. 4, 1823.


Mary Ann, of Hampstead, N. H., and James M. Babson, int. Aug. 1, 1840.


James M., and Mary Ann Babb of Hampstead, N. H., int. Aug. 1, 1840.


William, and Betsey O. H. Marshall, Nov. 26, 1840.*


Richard, of Amesbury, and Sarah Bailey, int. May 13, 1820.

BAILEY (see also Bayley )

Amaziah, and Harriot L. Chase, int. Aug. 4, 1832.
Ann, and Moses Seargeant, jr. of Amesbury, int. Nov. 11, 1826.
Anna W., and Moses E. French of Bradford, Aug. 26, 1829.*
Augustus F., comb maker, a. 28 y., s. Uriah and Julia G., and Melinda D. Tewksbury, a. 27 y., d. James and Mehitable, Jan. 4, 1849.*
Betsey C., spinster, a. 53 y., b. Newbury, d. Stephen, deceased, and Nancy, and Simeon Chase, widr., of Haverhill, cordwainer, a. 52 y., b. Newbury, s. Simeon, deceased, and Eunice, May 10, 1844.*
Caroline E., and William J. Thorn, Mar. 19, 1837.*
Charlotte C. (E. int.], and Daniel H. Smith, May 9, 1841.*
Daniel C., and Lois T. Barnard of Amesbury, int. Oct. 27, 1821.
Ebenezer C., shoe manufacturer, a. 30 y., s. Walter and Mary P., and Sarah J[ane. dup.] Hosum, a. 20 y., d. George and Sarah, May 11, 1848.*
Eliza, and Elhanan W. Hill of Portland, Me., Oct. 5, 1820.*
Emily, and David Smith of Newburyport, int. Feb. 11, 1836.
Emma C., and Benjamin W. Manning of Boston, Nov. 27, 1839.*
Enoch, and Charlotte C. Brown, Sept. 4, 1831.*
Gilbert L., machinist, a. 22 y., s. Tappan and Hannah, and Judith S. Thurlow, a. 20 y., d. William and Meriarn, June 25, 1846.*
Hannah, and William Danforth, Oct. 8, 1821.*
Hannah, and Dr. Luther Rogers of Portland, Me., int. June 1, 1834.
Hannah L. H., and Joseph E. Hodgkins of Newbury, int. Nov. 4, 1835.
Hannah Tenney, a. 24 y. [26 y. int.], d. Uriah and Julia G., and Thomas C. Noyes, comb maker, a. 21 1-2 y., s. Anson W. and Nancy, May 8,1849.*
James, and Susan Clark, May 3, 1819.*
John L., and Charlotte Clark, May 26, 1839.*
Joseph, and Mrs. Susan M. Witt of Marlborough, int. Nov. 2, 1839.
Judith, and Joseph Danforth, Oct. 11, 1821.*
Judith S., and John N. Cook of Newburyport, int. Apr. 18, 1828.
Julia G., a. 24 y., d. Uriah and Julia, and Stephen J. England, housejoiner, a. 24 y., s. John and Sarah B., Oct. 7, 1847.*
Laura, and Lewis Willett of Newburyport, May 6, 1819.*
Lavinia, and John Richardson, June 16, 1819.*
Leonard, and Sarah H. Noyes, Mar. 23, 1826.*
Lydia, and William A. Hopkins, Oct. 22, 1837.*
Marietta R., d. Daniel, and Ira Bradley [both of Haverhill. C. R. 2.], Dec. 21, 1843.
Mary, and Stephen [Joshua. int. and C. R. 1.] Bailey, Mar. 31, 1831.*
Mary Ann, and Moses Smith, Oct. 17, 1822.*
Mary B., d. Isaac, and James B. Gregg, widr., of Medford, b. Medford, Oct. 2, 1844.*
Mary K., and Simeon Edwards of Haverhill, int. Apr. 30, 1825.
Paul, and Abigail Richardson, Sept. 2, 1819.*
Richard S., and Susan Page of Newburyport, Apr. 25, 1828.*
Robert M., of Derry, N. H., merchant, a. 26 y., b. Brookline, Penn., s. Frederick and Polly, of Brookline, Penn., and Sarah L. Smith, a. 21 y., d. Moses and Mary Ann, Oct. 25, 1848.*
Sally, and Caleb Stevens, Jan. 2, 1834.*
Samuel, jr. [2d. int.], and Nancy [Ann. int.] Chase, Oct. --, 1829.*
Samuel N., and Betsey F. Emery, Aug. 10,1837.*
Sarah, and Laban Merrill, Sept. 23, 1819.*
Sarah, and Richard Bagley of Amesbury, int. May 13, 1820.
Sarah H. [Mrs. int.], and Abel C. Harrington, Mar. 22, 1832.*
Sarah S., and Moody Bailey of Andover, int. Aug. 25, 1832.
Stephen [Joshua. int. and C. R. 1.], and Mary Bailey, Mar. 31, 1831.*
Susan C., and Rufus Ordway, May 7, 1839.*
Theodore S., of Reading, and Bridget W. Burrows, int. Apr. 20, 1833.
Warren K., and Abbie C. Silloway, Oct. 6, 1842.*
William P., and Ann Matilda Hopkinson of Bradford, int. May 7, 1836.
William P., and Martha A. Chase, Apr. 26, 1838.*


Louisa S., Mrs., and Amos Parker, Esq., both of Bradford, Mar. 19, 1837. C. R.2.


Lois T., of Amesbury, and Daniel C. Bailey, int. Oct. 27, 1821.


Frye B., of Lawrence, and Mary Morrill, int. Apr. 22, 1848.


Rufus, and Betsey Rogers, Nov. 2, 1835.*

BARTLET (see also Bartlett)

Jeremiah Dole, and Ann Merrill Ewins of South Hampton, N. H., int. Apr. 11, 1829.

BARTLETT (see also Bartlet)

Abigail, and Merrill Ordway, Oct.-----, 1826.*
Caroline J., and Samuel Bartlett, Dec. 1, 1834.*
George W., and Harriet Bradley, Aug. 5, 1840.*
Hannah H., and Charles Fitz, Aug. 12, 1828.*
Hannah M., of Lowell, and Jonathan C. Richardson, int. Jan. 6, 1844.
Jane F., and John Glines, comb maker, May 21, 1844.*
John E., and Elizabeth Worth, Nov. 30, 1843.*
Josiah, and Mrs. Betsey Chase, Feb. 4, 1823.*
Lucy B., and Josiah W. Parker, May 8, 1842.
Mary Ann, and Alonzo P. Jaques, at Newbury, Oct. 30, 1842.*
Mary Jane, and Hezekiah Jameson of Bradford, int. June 1, 1845.
Samuel, and Caroline J. Bartlett, Dec. 1, 1834.*
Theodore, and Mary Fuller, Apr. 24, 1828.*

BAYLEY (see also Bailey)

James, and Sarah M. Bayley of Derry, N. H., int. Apr. 6, 1841.
Sarah M., of Derry, N. H., and James Bayley, int. Apr. 6, 1841.


Henry F., and Betsey M. Chase, Jan. 11, 1835.*


John, jr., of Barnstead, N. H., and Mary Ann McDonaugh Hogan, Feb. 22, 1824.*


Mary M., and Lewis Pinkham, both of Derry, N. H., Oct. 8, 1837.


Diana P., and Daniel B. Short, at Haverhill, Apr. 11, 1843.*


Ann W., and Nathaniel Ordway, int. Aug. 5, 1825.


Ebenezer, and Mary Nichols, June 6, 1822.*
Mary, and Jonathan IIsley, Nov. 21, 1820.*


Isaac, Dr., and Sarah C. Hills, Jan. 28, 1836.*


Alfred, and Abigail Moody, int. Mar. 24, 1832.


Elizabeth, and Jacob W. Morse, Apr. 22, 1841. [Apr. 2, 1842. int.]*
Harriet, and George W. Bartlett, Aug. 5, 1840.*
Ira, and Marietta R. Bailey, d. Daniel [both of Haverhill. C. R. 2.], Dec. 21, 1843.
Mary, and Rufus K. Emery, Dec. 30, 1841.*
Mary Ann, a. 19 y., b. England, d. William, deceased, and Mary C., and Edwin W. Noyes, comb maker, a. 22 y., s. Enoch and Sarah, Dec. 24, 1846.*
Mary C., wid., a. 45 y., b. England, d.--------, of England, and Timothy Croning, laborer, a. 35 y., b. Ireland, s. Jeremiah and Ellen, of Ireland, Jan. 23, 1847.*
Tho[ma]s, and Sarah Jane Wadleigh, May 17, 1834.*
William, jr., and Susan Abigail Foss, int. Apr. 16, 1836.


Barak, and Lydia Page of Amesbury, July 16, 1840.*
Cathorine, and Samuel Stevens, Oct. 12, 1830.*


Abigail S. [T. C. R. 2.], and Charles B. Sawyer, Apr. 25, 1839.*
James, of Hampstead, N. H., and [Mrs. int.] Ruth Smith, Aug. 21, 1838.*
Phebe S., and William Noyes, jr., Dec. 3, 1840.*


Charlotte, a. 18 y., b. England, d. Daniel and Eunice, and Charles Ruddock, shoemaker, a. 21 y., b. England, s. John and Mary, of England, Jan. 29, 1848.*
Daniel, jr., and Mrs. Caroline [C. int.] Parker, Mar. 19, 1841.*
Louisa M[atilda. C. R. 2.], and Daniel Farrington, July 14, 1838.*
Sarah Ann, b. England, d. Daniel, and Daniel B. Abbott, cordwainer, Jan. 7, 1845.*


Abigail, and Charles Prebble, Mar. 19, 1840.*
Addison, and Sarah Chase, of Newburyport, int. Aug. 26, 1820.
Addison, and Catharine B. Griffin, Dec. 14, 1827.*
Ann C., and John Hoyt, at Bradford, Sept. 9, 1839.*
Benjamin, jr., and Mary O. Carr, Oct. 31, 1825.*
Charlotte C., and Enoch Bailey, Sept. 4, 1831.*
Cornelia, and Moses O. [C. C. R. 1.] Toppan, Apr.----, 1828.
Ebenezer, and Abigail Rogers, Nov. 2, 1838.*
Francis E., and Susan C. B. George of Salisbury, int. Aug. 12, 1843.
Frances S[ophia. int.], and Samuel Carr, jr., Apr. 17, 1837.*
Gilman W., and Mary B. Stanwood, Oct. 24, 1828.*
James, and Hannah D. Morse, May 11, 1843.*
John O., of Bradford, shoemaker, a. 26 y., b. Bradford, s. Jona[than] and Mary Cheney, and Lucinda F. Harvey of Bradford, a. 22 y., b. Bradford, d. John and Mehitable, Sept. 28, 1849.
Josiah, of Haverhill, and Mary Chase, Apr. 3, 1823.*
Lucy, of Beverly, and Rev. Elijah Demond, int. Apr. 28, 1821.
Lucy H., and John Waite, Aug. 24, 1837.*
Mary, and Emerson Gardiner, int. Apr. 5, 1826.
Mary E., a. 18 y., d. Gilman, deceased, and Mary B., and Benjamin Edwards, jr., shoemaker, a. 22 y., s. Benj[amin] and Harriet, Nov. 11, 1847.*
Moses, 3d, and Eliza Ann Pilsbury of Amesbury, int. Mar. 1, 1822.
Moses, Dea., and Mrs. Abigail Parker of Haverhill, int. Nov. 28, 1832.
Oliver, and Mary Chase, May 24, 1819.*
Osgood, comb maker, a. 26 y., b. Albany, Me., s. Osgood and Sarah, of Albany, Me., and Ann M. Chase, a. 24 y., d. I. S. and M. N., May 3, 1846.*
Sarah, and Daniel Chamberlain of Salem, int. May 12, 1826.
Sarah Ann, and Ebenezer Burnham, int. Nov. 2, 1839.
Sarah Ann, of Salisbury, and John Burpee, int. Mar. 14, 1840.
Sarah H., and Joseph S. Noyes, Apr. 25, 1839.*
Sophia, and Capt. Abner Greenleaf [ jr. int.], Nov. 13, 1822.*
Stephen, and Margaret Ann Morrin [Morice. C. R. 1.], Feb. 24, 1831.*
Stephen, jr., and Eliza Ann Morse, May 26, 1842.*


Mary L., of Bradford, a. 33 y., d. Benj[amin] and Bethiah, and David Ervin of Hampstead, N. H., farmer, a. 45 y., s. David D., Apr. 9, 1846.


Ebenezer, and Sarah Ann Brown, int. Nov. 2, 1839.
Moses, and Susan S. Ordway of Newburyport, June 21, 1843.*
Sarah E., and William S. Wheeler, Dec. 24, 1840.*


John, and Sarah Ann Brown of Salisbury, int. Mar. 14, 1840.
Plumer, farmer, and Sarah Hale, b. Newbury, d. Stephen, deceased, Nov. 26, 1844.*

BURREL (see also Burrill)

Abigail, and Amos Downer of Newbury, int. May 24, 1828.

BURRILL (see also Burrel)

Abigail, and Jonathan Leavit, int. Aug. 31, 1833.
Nancy D., and James D. Pool, Feb. 28, 1838.*
William, and Ann IIsley, int. Nov. 5, 1836.


Bridget W., and Theodore S. Bailey of Reading, int. Apr. 20, 1833.

BURSIEL (see also Buzzell)

Humphry, and Rebecca Poor, Aug. 3, 1820.*

BUSWELL, see Buzzell.


Jonathan, and Rebecca Griffin of Newburyport, int. Sept. 20, 1822.

BUZILL (see also Buzzell)

Joho, of East Kingston, N. H., and Lydia England, June 4, 1823.*

BUZZELL (see also Bursiel, Buzill)

Sally, and Isaiah Southwick of Newbury, int. Oct. 25, 1823.


James, and Hannah S. Deland of Salem, int. June 1, 1839.

CARLETON (see also Carlton)

Amos, and Catharine B. Merrill, Jan. 23, 1835.*
Daniel N. P., and Elizabeth P. Marshall, June 2, 1836.*
Rosamonda, and James A. Chase, Apr. 10, 1844.*
Samuel, and Nancy Richardson of Newburyport, Aug. 4, 1836.*
Thomas S., and Eliza A. Lovering, Aug. 13, 1848. C. R. 2.*

CARLTON (see also Carleton)

Joseph, and Hannah W. Chipman, Sept. 3, 1828.*
Mary Annette [M. int.j, and John Hunkins [of Haverhill. int.], Apr. 21, 1833.*
Polly H. [M. C. R. 1.], and Alexander Short, Nov. 3, 1831.*


Eliza A., and Moses P. Stanwood, May 17, 1843.*
Emma A. [d. Capt. Samuel and Elizab[eth] (Chase). P. R. 1.], and James L. Odiorne [s. John and Susan (Boardman). P. R. 1.], May 16, 1837.*
George W., and Susan A. Coker, Dec. 30, 1833.*
Harriet N., and John Carr, Nov. 3, 1835.*
Henrietta, and Abraham Dow, jr., June 24, 1833.*
Horatio F., and R. Elizabeth Flanders of South Hampton, N. H., int. Nov. 18, 1848.
James, and Ann Dole, Nov. 23, 1837.*
John, of Newburyport, and Ann Chase, Oct. 8, 1826.*
John, and Harriet N. Carr, Nov. 3, 1835.*
John, and Elisabeth Howe, Jan. 21, 1839.*
John C., and Betsey Noyes, Oct. 8, 1821.*
John C., and Hannah W. Pillsbury of Charlestown, int. Feb. 19, 1837.
Mary E., a. 18 1-2 y., d. Moses and Hannah [M. dup.], and Albert H. Knight, farmer, a. 21 y., b. Newburyport, s. Edmund and Hannah, Sept. 3, 1848.*
Mary G., and James B. Kelley of Hopkinton, N. H., int. Aug. 21, 1847.
Mary O., and Benjamin Brown, jr., Oct. 31, 1825.*
Mehitable G., and Joseph Low, at Bradford, Apr. 11, 1839.*
Moses, and Hannah M. Ordway, Apr. 23, 1823.*
Samuel, jr., and Frances S[ophia. int.] Brown, Apr. 17, 1837.*
William, jr., and Eunice Heath of Amesbury, Dec. 5, 1830.*

CHADWICH (see also Chadwick)

Thomas, and Abigail Hills, Dec. 6, 1825.*

CHADWICK (see also Chadwich)

Abigail [wid. int.], and George Shepherd [of New London, N. H. int.], June 17, 1832.*
Eliza B., and Abner Jones, May 18, 1831.*


Daniel, of Salem, and Sarah Brown, int. May 12, 1826.


Abel, jr., and Elizabeth D. Wadleigh, Oct. 23, 1823.*
Ann, and John Carr of Newburyport, Oct. 8, 1826.*
Ann, and David B. Marston, Dec. 20, 1830.*
Ann M., a. 24 y., d. I. S. and M. N., and Osgood Brown, comb maker, a. 26 y., b. Albany, Me., s. Osgood and Sarah, of Albany, Me., May 3, 1846.*
Betsey, Mrs., and Josiah Bartlett, Feb. 4, 1823.*
Betsey D., and Joseph Stanwood, jr., Oct. 23, 1823.*
Betsey M., and Henry F. Benton, Jan. 11, 1835.*
Caroline [H. int.], and Jehu Chase, June 10, 1828.*
Caroline H., and Francis B. Stanwood, int. Jan. 18, 1845.
Eliza Ann, of Andover, and Paul B. Follansbee, int. Aug. 8, 1834.
Elvira M. C., and Horace L. Chase, Oct. 1, 1835.*
Emily, and Thomas W. Colman, Aug. 23, 1830.*
Esther, a. 21 y., b. Leominster, d. Metiphor and Nancy, of Leominster, and Henry D. Lay, chaise maker, a. 24 y., b. Connecticut, s. William and Julia, Apr. 20, 1848.*
Eunice B., and John Marden, Apr. 18, 1833.*
George, and Susan A. Chase, int. June 9, 1841.
Hannah, and John Ordway of Newbury, int. Feb. 16, 1837.
Hannah M. C., and Enoch Goodridge, Apr. 24, 1825.*
Harriot L., and Amaziah Bailey, int. Aug. 4, 1832.
Harrison G. O., and Eliza Jones, Sept. 8, 1836.*
Horace L., and Elvira M. C. Chase, Oct. 1, 1835.*
James A., and Rosamonda Carleton, Apr. 10, 1844.*
James G., and Judith Pilsbury, May 30, 1824.*
Jehu, and Caroline [H. int.) Chase, June 10, 1828.*
John T., and Judith B. Follansbee, May 18, 1837.*
John T., widr., comb maker, a. 33 y., b. Newburyport, s. Nathan and Betscy, and Abigail Poor, a. 31 y., d. Stephen and Hannah, Aug. 12, 1847.*
Judith S., and Joseph G. Rogers, May 25, 1829.
Luther R., and Lucy D. Follansbee, Feb. 24, 1839.*
Martha A., and William P. Bailey, Apr. 26, 1838.*
Martha Ann, and Fordyce [H. int.) Noyes, Sept. 24, 1835.*
Mary, and Oliver Brown, May 24, 1819.*
Mary, and Josiah Brown of Haverhill, Apr. 3, 1823.*
Mary E., of Newbury, a. 26 y., b. Leominster, d. Metiphor and Nancy, of Leominster, and Robert A. Smith of Newbury, brickmaker, a. 27 y., b. Newbury, s. Richard and Mary, of Newbury, Feb. 9, 1848.
Moody, of Andover, and Sarah S. Bailey, int. Aug. 25, 1832.
Moses B., and Elizabeth George, Nov. 9, 1839. (Nov. 7. C. R. 2.]*
Nancy [Ann. int.], and Samuel Bailey, jr. [2d. int.], Oct.----, 1829.*
Rufus H., and Sarah H. Rogers of Newbury, int. Aug. 31, 1844.
Rufus N., shoemaker, a. 22 y., b. Leominster, s. Medaphor and Nancy, of Leominster, and Caroline F. Marsh [of Brentwood, N. H. int.], a. 20 y., b. Brentwood, N. H., d. Gilman and Hannah, of Brentwood, N. H., May 14, 1846.*
Ruth, and Enoch Smith, Oct. 8, 1826.*
Samuel, of Portland, Me., and Deborah Rogers, Nov. 20, 1823.*
Samuel S., and Eunice N. Colby, Sept. 11, 1834.*
Sarah, of Newburyport, and Addison Brown, int. Aug. 26, 1820.
Sarah, and Stephen M. Little, May 30, 1839.*
Sarah D., and Stanford Chase, int. Apr. 1, 1826.
Sarah D., Mrs., and Moses G. Merrill, Apr. 17, 1841. [1842. int.]*
Simeon, widr., of Haverhill, cordwainer, a. 52 y., b. Newbury, s. Simeon, deceased, and Eunice, and Betsey C. Bailey, spinster, a. 53 y., b. Newbury, d. Stephen, deceased, and Nancy, May 10, 1844.*
Stanford, and Sarah D. Chase, int. Apr. 1, 1826.
Stephen, of Plaistow, N. H., and Sarah Merrill, Apr. 5, 1819.
Susan, and George Thurlow of Newbury, int. May 8, 1830.
Susan A., and George Chase, int. June 9, 1841.
Thomas H., and Ann Ladd of Haverhill, int. Dec. 14, 1822.
Thomas Meady, and Mary Tasker, Feb. 8, 1844.*
Warren, of Plaistotr, N. H., farmer, b. Plaistow, N. H., s. Stephen and Sarah, and Martha Ann Poor, a. 22 y., d. John and Lydia M., int. Apr. 7, 1849. (Warren Chase died before the marriage of the parties.)
William, and Sarah C. Wadleigh, Jan. 7, 1827.*


Joseph, and Sarah Jane Kilbourn, both of Newbury, Oct. 10, 1838.


Hannah W., and Joseph Carlton, Sept. 3, 1828.*
Thomas J., and Dolly B. Durgan, Nov. 28, 1833.*


Lydia, of Newburyport, and Samuel Norris, int. Aug. 8, 1835.


Charlotte, and John L. Bailey, May 26, 1839.*
Susan, and James Bailey, May 3, 1819.*


Alice P., of Newbury, and William Falls, int. Sept. 17, 1832.


Ann Maria, and Robet Vine, int. June 10, 1848.
Charles P., and Catharine Emery, June 2, 1834.*
Enoch, and Abigail N. Worth, Apr. 27, 1830.*
Lydia E., and William Smiley of Amesbury, int. Nov. 14, 1835.
Sarah A., a. 21 y., d. W[illia]m H. and Betsey, and Martin H. Williams, chaise trimmer, a. 25 y., b. Burlington, Vt., s. James and Elizabeth, Oct. 19, 1849.
William H., and Betsey Currier of Lowell, int. Mar. 1, 1828.


Catharine G., and David Ordway, int. Aug. 12, 1836.
Eliza R., and Samuel Rogers, jr., Dec. 22, 1823.*
Susan A., and George W. Carr, Dec. 30, 1833.*


Edmund K., and Judith J. Short, July 16, 1837.*
Eliza T., Mrs., of Epping, N. H., and George B. Gordon, jr., int. Sept. 18, 1841.
Eunice N., and Samuel S. Chase, Sept. 11, 1834.*
Rhoda S., and John Milton Follansbee, Oct. 7, 1835.*
William W., and Elizabeth A. F. George of Haverhill, int. Nov. 1, 1840.


Betsey M. [N. int.; M. C. R. 2.j, of Danvers, and Charles H. Emery, May 17, 1838.*
Caroline, and Ephraim B. Parker, Dec. 2, 1830.*
George F., comb maker, a. 25 y., b. Kingston, N. H., s. Peter and Lydia, and Hannah E. W. Smith, a. 22 y., d. Moses and Mary Ann, Oct. 14, 1847.*


Mary, of Newburyport, and Stillman Man, int. July 4, 1829.
Thomas W., and Emily Chase, Aug. 23, 1830.*


Julia, and Tho[ma]s E. Moylan, comb maker, b. England, int. Jan. 20, 1849.
Lydia A., a. 17 y. [b. Newbury. int.], d. James P. and Judith L., and Henry H. Foster, shoemaker, a. 27 y. [a. 23 y. int.], b. Merrimac, N. H., s. Daniel P. [David. int.] and Catharine [S. int.], May 22, 1849.*
Sarah H., and John R. Kimball, int. Sept. 14, 1844.


John, and Mary Townley, int. Jan. 1, 1848.


Elias, of Newburyport, and Mrs. Abigail. Jewett, May 20, 1823.*
John N., of Newburyport, and Judith S. Bailey, int. Apr. 18, 1828.


Elbridge, of Haverhill, and Charlotte Kennett, int. July 2, 1842.
George S., of Haverhill, carpenter, a. 23 y., b. Amesbury, s. Josiah and Sophia, and Maria Quested, a. 18 y., b. England, d. W[illia]m and Ann, Dec. 24, 1846.
William, and Lydia T. McKinstry, Dec. 24, 1835.*


Lydia, of Amesbury, and Thomas Grant, int. Aug. 23, 1829.
Vashti, of Haverhill, and John George, int. Apr. 16, 1825.


Hannah Lane (Jane. int.) W., and Hiram Foote, at Newburyport, Dec. 1, 1836.*


Timothy, laborer, a. 35 y., b. Ireland, s. Jeremiah and Ellen, of Ireland, and Mary C. Bradley, wid., a. 45 y., b. England, d.--------, of England, Jan. 23, 1847.*


Thomas Nelson, of Rowley, and Ruth M. R. Noyes, int. Feb. 2, 1828.


Bartlett J. [of Newbury. int.], and Susan L. Goodridge, Mar. 19, 1829.*
Betsey, of Lowell, and William H. Coffin, int. Mar. 1, 1828.
John, of Amesbury, and Eliza B. Sawyer, Oct. 10, 1830.*
Nancy D., of Newbury, and John Sawyer, int. Apr. 6, 1839.
Rebecah, d. David and Abigail, of Amesbury, and David Sawyer, s. Micah and Sarah, 12 : 10 m: 1820. C. R. 3.
Susan R., of Newbury, and David L. Goodridge, int. Sept. 1, 1837.


Jonathan [Corliss. int. and C. R. 1.], and Hannah [L. int.] Rand, Jan.-----, 1827.*
Joseph, and Louisa S. Dudley, Nov. 9, 1837.*


Melinda A., and Frederick A. Hawley, June 13, 1841. P. R. 3.


Joseph, and Judith Bailey, Oct. 11, 1821.*
William, and Hannah Bailey, Oct. 8, 1821.*
William, and Eliza Ordway, Nov. 28, 1827.*


Abigail C., and Charles W. Hopkinson, both of Bradford, Oct. 22, 1843. C. R. 2.
Anna, Mrs., of Gloucester, and Philip Nowell, int. Sept. 9, 1839.
James, jr., of Haverhill, and Lydia Morse, Mar. 23, 1825.*
Jane N., of Newbury, a. 20 y., b. Newbury, d. Oliver, and Daniel P. Noyes of Newbury, shoemaker, a. 22 y., b. Newbury, s. Daniel and Sarah, Dec. 23, 1849.
Julia A., and Hiram Rogers, Oct. 26, 1843.*
Priscilla, and Will[ia]m Davis, Nov. 15, 1821.*
Rebecca B., and Moody Ordway, int. Sept. 10, 1836.
Sally G., and Peter Thomson, Sept. 1, 1830.*
Samuel, and Mary Swasey of Newburyport, int. Oct. 11, 1822.
Wadleigh, and Betsey Randall, Nov. 9, 1820.*


Hannah S., of Salem, and James CaIdwell, int. June 1, 1839.


Elijah, Rev., and Lucy Brown of Beverly, int. Apr. 28, 1821.


Hannah Marin, of Newbury, and James Hogden, int. Nov. 20, 1847.
William, and Elizabeth Rogers of Newbury, int. June 9, 1842.


Ann, and James Carr, Nov. 23, 1837.*
Joshua, of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Betsey Little, Aug. 29, 1833.*
Lewis H., of Rowley, shoe manufacturer, a. 38 y., b. RowIey, s. Moses and Mary, of RowIey, and Lydia A[nn. int.] Moody, a. 25 y., b. Newburyport, d. John and Mary, July 6, 1845.*
Lydia N., a. 27 y., d. Enoch and Martha, and Cyrus K. Ordway, farmer, a. 28 y., s. Tho[ma]s and Lydia, Oct. 26, 1848.*
Sarah, and Amos Smith, May 19, 1831.*


Sarah V., and William A. Hopkins, Jan. 26, 1833.*


Abraham, jr., and Henrietta Carr, June 24, 1833.*
Samuel, of Plaistow, N. H., and Mrs. Abigail Kendrick, int. Nov. 12, 1821.


Amos, of Newbury, and Abigail Burrel, int. May 24, 1828.
Betsey, and George Gould of Newbury, int. Sept. 17, 1842.
Martha, of New bury [of West Newbury. int.], a. 27 y., d. Daniel and Judith, and W[illia]m H. Place, laborer, a. 23 y., b. Newburyport, s. William and Judith, deceased, Oct. 27, 1846.*
Nancy, of Newbury, and William Gould, int. Apr. 24, 1827.
Samuel [T. int.], shoemaker, s. Daniel, and Ruth Gould, wid., b. Newbury, Oct. 16, 1843.*


Louisa S., and Joseph Curtis, Nov. 9, 1837.*


Robert, and Sarah Leslie, Sept. 10, 1835.*


Patrick, 2d m., wheelwright, a. 28 y., b. Ireland, s. John and Lydia, and Ann Archison, a. 25 y., b. Ireland, d. John, Nov. 19, 1849. [Nov. 25. C. R. 2.]*

DURGANT (see also Durgin)

Dolly B., and Thomas J. Chipman, Nov. 28, 1833.*

DURGIN (see also Durgan)

Mary W., and Richard Sawyer, Apr. 30, 1834.*
Samuel, and Lydia Ann Emery, May 1, 1834.*


Elizabeth M., and Thomas S. Ordway, int. Dec. 4, 1824.


Jacob G., of Amesbury, and Achsah Short, int. Apr. 15, 1837.


Daniel W., of Haverhill, chain maker, a. 31 y., b. Haverhill, s. Phineas and E., of Haverhill, and Sarah L. Smith, a. 23 y., d. Jos[eph] and Sarah, Nov. 13, 1845.*
Judith B., and Edward Johnston [of Charlestown. int.], July 6, 1832.*


John Quincy Adams, Rev., and Harriet Adams of Andover, int. Oct. 7, 1832.


Benjamin, and Harriot Emery, Oct. 23, 1824.*
Benjamin, jr., shoemaker, a. 22 y., s. Benj[amin] and Harriet, and Mary E. Brown, a. 18 y., d. Gilman, deceased, and Mary B., Nov. 11, 1847.*
Joseph, and Lydia W. Smith, Aug. 5, 1828.*
Simeon, of Haverhill, and Mary K. Bailey, int. Apr. 30, 1825.


Elizabeth P., and Lowell Y. Lang, Apr. 2, 1835.*
Nathaniel, and Mrs. Mary Randall, Feb. 29, 1844.*
Thomas, widr., farmer, a. 64 y., s. Tho[ma]s, deceased, and Judith, and Betsey George, divorced, a. 48 y., d. Austin, deceased, Dec. 13, 1845.*


Anna, and Edmund Worth, jr., Dec. 1, 1819.*
Betsey F., and Samuel N. Bailey, Aug. 10, 1837.*
Calvin, comb maker, a. 25 y., s. Jacob and Lydia, and Waita Todd [of Raymond, N. H. int.], a. 20 y., b. Raymond, N. H., d. John and Sally, of Raymond, N. H., Oct. 29, 1846.*
Catharine, and Charles P. Coffin, June 2, 1834.*
Charles H., and Betsey M. [N. int.; M. C. R. 2.] Colcord, of Danvers, May 17, 1838.*
Clementine, and Albert Grant, May 12, 1836.*
Edward, and [Mrs. int.J Sarah Quimby, Mar. 6, 1836.*
Eliphalet, Capt., and Sarah Hale, Apr. 4, 1820.*
Eliza T., and Rev. Josiah H. Tilton of Limerick, Me., July 26, 1843.*
Elizabeth, and Flavius Emery of Newbury, int. Oct. 8, 1826.
Flavius, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Emery, int. Oct. 8, 1826.
Harriot, and Benjamin Edwards, Oct. 23, 1824.*
Isaac, and Sarah Hosum, May 19, 1831.*
John, and Mahitable Grant, Apr. 13, 1828.*
Judith K., a. 19 y., d. Thomas and Mary, and William E. Gilman, shoemaker, a. 19 y., b. Newburyport, s. Lewis and Mary J., int. June 16, 1849.
Lucian A[lexander. int.], and Eliza Stanwood, Apr.----, 1828.*
Lydia Ann, and Samuel Durgin, May 1, 1834.*
Mary E., and Josiah H. Tilton of Limerick, Me., int. Oct. 5, 1839.
Mary H., and Rev. Samuel M. Emery of Portland, Conn., int. Oct. 28, 1841.
Moses H., and Emily E. Stanwood of Newburyport, int. Feb. 1, 1841.
Nancy, and Anson [W. int.] Noyes, Nov. 6, 1824.*
Nehemiah F., and Mary Ann Wyatt, int. Apr. 13, 1844.
Nicholas, Capt., and Sarah Robinson, int. Jan. 19, 1822.
Rufus K., and Mary Bradley, Dec. 30, 1841.*
Samuel M., Rev., of Portland, Conn., and Mary H. Emery, int. Oct. 28, 1841.
Sarah, and George Hosum, Apr. 22, 1823.*
Sarah Jane, a. 21 y., d. Thomas and Mary, and Lewis G. Farrington, shoemaker, a. 20 y., s. Eben, May 1, 1845.*


James A., and Mary A. Pray, at Haverhill, Sept. 14, 1842.*
Lydia, and John Buzill of East Kingston, N. H., June 4, 1823.*
Mary M., and Frederick Offutt of Amesbury, Nov. 15, 1836.*
Stephen J., housejoiner, a. 24 y., s. John and Sarah B., and Julia G. Bailey, a. 24 y., d. Uriah and Julia, Oct. 7, 1847.*


David, of Hampstead, N. H., farmer, a. 43 y., s. David D., and Mary L. Burbank of Bradford, a. 33 y., d. Benjamin and Bethiah, Apr. 9, 1846.


Shadrack, shoemaker, a. 40 y., b. England, s. James and Charlotte, and Rebecca Prebble, 2d m., a. 31 y., b. England, d. John Smith, May 21, 1849.*


Thomas H., and Mary Ann Kimball, Feb. 15, 1820.*


Ann Merrill, of South Hampton, N. H., and Jeremiah Dole Bartlet, int. Apr. 11, 1829.


William, and Alice P. Clifford of Newbury, int. Sept. 17, 1832.


Alfred, of Salisbury, and Hannah Jane Page, int. Mar. 17, 1832.


Eliza B., and Dr. Asa Story of Manchester, Apr. 23, 1823.*


Abigail, and Jacob Morrill, int. Apr. 9, 1835.
Ann, and Gorham Hills, int. Apr. 9, 1836.
Daniel, and Louisa M[atilda. c. x. 2.] Brock, July 14, 1838.*
Hannah B., and Moses Morse, jr., Aug. 25, 1835.*
Lewis G., shoemaker, a. 20 y., s. Eben, and Sarah Jane Emery, a. 21 y., d. Tho[ma]s and Mary, May 1, 1845.*
Mary, and Lewis Gilman, Oct. 21, 1824.*
William B., and Martha Stevens, int. Nov. 9, 1839.

FITTZ(see also Fitz)

Charles, and Rebekah P. Morse, in . Oct. 22, 1831.

FITZ (see also Fittz)

Charles, and Hannah H. Bartlett, Aug. 12, 1828.*
Rebecca P., Mrs. [wid. int.], and John Morse, Dec. 7, 1835.*
Will[ia]m, and Priscilla Davis, Nov. 15, 1821.*


James, and Unice Goodridge, Apr. 30, 1823.*
R. Elizabeth, of South Hampton, N. H., and Horatio F. Carr, int. Nov. 18, 1848.


Joseph, of Newbury, shoemaker, b. Newbury, and Eunice Gould, int. May 26, 1849.


Abigail, and William Stackpole of Albion, Me., Feb. 9, 1825.*
Almira C., and Walter R. Noyes, Aug. 8, 1833.*
Amos M., and Sarah Ann Hale, Apr. 6, 1824.*
Butler Abbott, comb maker, a. 21 y., s. John and Judith B., and Alma Hall Poor, a. 19 y., d. Eben[eze]r, deceased, and Alma, Nov. 4, 1846.*
John Milton, and Rhoda S. Colby, Oct. 7, 1835.*
Judith B., and John T. Chase, May 18, 1837.*
Louisa H., and Fordyce Hills, June 28, 1823.*
Lucy D., and Luther R. Chase, Feb. 24, 1839.*
Lydia, and John B. Parker, July 23, 1825.*
Paul B., and Eliza Ann Chase of Andover, int. Aug. 8, 1834.
Samuel, and Susan S. Gould of Boston, int. Apr. 2, 1844.
Silas, and Elizabeth S. McKinstry, Sept. 10, 1840.*
Somerby C., and Mary Abby Whittier, June 13, 1843.*
Ursula, and Samuel C. Mowatt, Aua. 24, 1830.*


Hannah, d. Benjamin and Abigail, of Epping, N. H. and David Sawyer, s. Micah and Sarah, both deceased, 8 : 10 m: 1835. C. R. 3.

FOOT (see also Foote)

Caroline G., of Haverhill, and Warren Ordway, at Haverhill, July 3, 1834.*

FOOTE (see also Foot)

Hiram, and Hannah Lane [Jane. int.] W. Cram, at Newburyport, Dec. 1, 1836.*


Susan Abigail, and William Bradley, jr., int. Apr. 16, 1836.


Henry H., shoemaker, a. 27 y. [a. 23 y. int.], b. Merrimac, N. H., s. Daniel P. [David. int.] and Catharine [S. int.], and Lydia A. Connerly, a. 17 y. [b. Newbury. int.], d. James P. and Judith L., May 22, 1849.*
Lois, and Benjamin Pearson of Newbury, Dec. 4, 1820.*


Hollis, and Sarah Kennett, May 8, 1840.*
Moses E., of Bradford, and Anna W. Bailey, Aug. 26, 1829. [Aug. 6. C. R. 1.]*


Edward, of Danvers, and Eliza A[nn. int.] Little, Apr. 23, 1840.*
James, jr., and Elizabeth Norton of Newburyport, Jan. 2, 1828.*
Mary, and Theodore Bartlett, Apr. 24, 1828.*


Emerson, and Mary Brown, int. Apr. 5, 1826.


Amos P., and Alona C. Stanford, int. Apr. 29, 1843.
Betsey, divorced, a. 48 y., d. Austin, deceased, and Thomas Elliot, widr., farmer, a. 64 y., s. Thomas, deceased, and Judith, Dec. 13, 1845.*
Catharine [S. int.], and Daniel Hardy, Dec. 2, 1830.*
Elizabeth, and Moses B. Chase, Nov. 9, 1839. [Nov. 7. C. R. 2.]*
Elizabeth A. F., of Haverhill, and William W. Colby, int. Nov. 1, 1840.
John, and Vashti Corliss of Haverhill, int. Apr. 16, 1825.
Miriam M., and Benjamin McKinstry, Nov. 8, 1830.*
Rachel, wid., and James Smith, 3d, Oct. 2, 1842. [Dec. C. R. 2.]*
Susan C. B., of Salisbury, and Francis E. Brown, int. Aug. 12, 1843.
Washington G. L., shoemaker, a. 25 y., b. Salisbury, and Sarah A. Hanson, b. Brentwood, N. H., Apr. 30, 1848.


William, of Newbury, and Mary N. Jacques, int. Aug. 1, 1846.


Diantha A., and William Jones, int. Aug. 16, 1845.
Dianthe Ann, and Charles H. Allen of Georgetown, int. Dec. 8, 1838.
Lewis, and Mary Farrington, Oct. 21, 1824.*
William E., shoemaker, a. 19 y., b. Newburyport, s. Lewis and Mary J., and Judith K. Emery, a. 19 y., d. Thomas and Mary, int. June 16, 1849.


John, comb maker, and Jane F. Bartlett, May 21, 1844.*


David L., and Susan R. Currier of Newbury, int. Sept. 1, 1837.
Enoch, and Hannah M. C. Chase, Apr. 24, 1825.*
Joseph, and Mary Poor, Sept. 23, 1830.*
Maria, and Moody Jaques, July 13, 1819.*
Moses, and Sarah E. Poyen of Haverhill [of Merrimac. P. R. 3.), int. Nov. 12, 1831.
Susan, and Samuel W. Smith, Sept. 6, 1819.*
Susan L., and Bartlett J. Currier [of Newbury. int.], Mar. 19, 1829.*
Sybill, and Nathan S. Lunt, Oct. 28, 1823.*
Unice, and James Flanders, Apr. 30, 1823.*


Elizabeth, of Salisbury, and William P. Morrill, int. Apr. 16, 1841.
Hannah, of Newburyport, and Joseph V. Reed, June 13, 1841.*
Jacob, of Amesbury, and Jane Smith, int. Nov. 1, 1845.
Joanna, and John M. Tukesbury of Newburyport, May 29, 1836.*

GORDAN (see also Gordon)

George, and Mary Sawyer, Dec. 2, 1819.*

GORDON (see also Gordan)

George B., and Mrs. Eliza T. Colley of Epping, N. H., int. Sept. 18, 1841.
Joseph Z., victualer, a. 29 y., s. George and Mary S., and Vienna Rundlett of Gilmanton, N. H., a. 26 y., b. Gilmanton, N. H., d. Josiah and Betsey, int. July 28, 1849.


Ann, and Joseph Rogers of Newbury, int. Sept. 20, 1828.
Eunice, and Joseph Floyd of Newbury, shoemaker, b. Newbury, int. May 26, 1849.
George, of Newbury, and Betsey Downer, int. Sept. 17, 1842.
James, and Mary Kent of Newbury, int. Apr. 18, 1829.
Lois, and Perley Rogers, Dec. 13, 1821.*
Phebe, and Francis R. PiIsbury of Newbury, June 5, 1828.*
Rebecca, and Joseph Steel of Newbury, int. June 10, 1843.
Ruth, wid., b. Newbury, and Samuel [T. int.) Downer, shoemaker, s. Daniel, Oct. 16, 1845.*
Susan S., of Boston, and Samuel Follansbee, int. Apr. 2, 1844.
Tristram S., and Anna Perkins, int. Nov. 15, 1828.
William, and Nancy Downer of Newbury, int. Apr. 24, 1827.
William H., shoemaker, a. 20 y., s. W[illia]m and Nancy, and Hannah M. Howard of Newburyport, a. 17 y., b. Newburyport, d. Benj[ami]n and Betsey, int. July 7, 1849.


Ezekiel, 2d m., shoemaker, a. 75 y., b. Kittery, Me., s. Ezekiel and Sarah, and Rachel Smith, 3d m., a. 76 y. [a. 70 y., b. Newbury. int.], d. John and M. Cooper, Sept. 2, 1849. [Aug. 2. C. R. 2; Aug. 11. int.]*


Albert, and Clementine Emery, May 12, 1836.*
Hannah, of York, Me., and Moses Steven, int. Aug. 15, 1827.
Mahitable, and John Emery, Apr. 13, 1828.*
Sally, Mrs., and Joseph Worthen of Newbury, int. Aug. 5, 1848.
Thomas, and Lydia Corliss of Amesbury, int. Aug. 23, 1829.


Mary Jane, a. 17 y., b. Newbury, d. Eliphalet, deceased, and May, and Isaac Allen of Newbury, shoemaker, a. 25 y., b. Boscawen, N. H., s. John and Sarah, of Boscawen, N. H., May 18, 1845.


Abner, Capt. [ jr. int.], and Sophia Brown, Nov. 13, 1822.*
Emily A., of Bradford, and John B. Tewksbury, int. Oct. 7, 1848.
Mathew H., and Lydia Hosum, Sept. 13, 1831.*


James B., widr., of Medford, b. Medford, and Mary B. Bailey, d. Isaac, Oct. 2, 1844.*


B[enjamin. int.] F. S., of Amesbury, and Mary C. Pillsbury, Sept. 19, 1839.*
Catharine B., and Addison Brown, Dec. 14, 1827.*
Dorcas, of Gloucester, and Capt. John Osgood, int. Jan. 10, 1824.
Mary Ann B., of Gloucester, and John Osgood, int. May 10, 1820.
Rebecca, of Newburyport, and Jonathan Butman, int. Sept. 20, 1822.


Edwin P., Dr., and Harriet W. Sanborn of Hampton Falls, N. H., int. Aug. 3, 1844.


Daniel, jr., of Rowley, and Lydia L. Merrill, int. May 3, 1826.
Mary [Huse. int.], of Amesbury, and William Smith [ jr. int.], at Haverhill, Apr. 2, 1843.*
Phebe, of Exeter, N. H., and Webber E. Morse, int. Aug. 15, 1840.
Sarah, and Capt. Eliphalet Emery, Apr. 4, 1820.*
Sarah, b. Newbury, d. Stephen, deceased, and Plumer Burpee, farmer, Nov. 26, 1844.*
arah Ann, and Amos M. Follansbee, Apr. 6, 1824.*


Abigail T., of Boscawen, N. H., and Thomas B. Wilson, int. June 11, 1841.
Alma, of Bradford, and [Capt. int.j Ebenezer Poor, June 15, 1821. P. R. 6.*


Caroline M., and Perley Ordway, June 4, 1825.*
Sarah A., b. Brentwood, N. H., and Washington G. L. George, shoemaker, a. 25 y., b. Salisbury, Apr. 30, 1848.


Ann N., and Joel R. Morse, int. July 1, 1843.
Charlotte A., and Amos C. Heath of Amesbury, int. Sept. 23, 1848.
Daniel, and Catharine [S. int.) George, Dec. 2, 1830.*
George E. [a. 19 y. int.], and Rebecca L. Noyes [a. 21 y. int.], Aug. 10, 1848. C. R. 2.*
Laura M., and Nathan Sargent, jr. of Bradford, int. Nov. 6, 1847.


Abel C., and Elizabeth N. Smith, Oct. 24, 1827.*
Abel C., and [Mrs. int.] Sarah H. Bailey, Mar. 22, 1832.*


Lucinda F., of Bradford, a. 22 y., b. Bradford, d. John and Mehitable, and John O. Brown of Bradford, shoemaker, a. 26 y., b. Bradford, s. Jona[than] and Mary Cheney, Sept. 28, 1849.


Nancy E., of Wrentham, and Rev. Benjamin Ober, int. Oct. 10, 1835.


Achsah B., and William F. Stanwood of Newburyport, int. Aug. 22, 1834.
Amos C., of Amesbury, and Charlotte A. Hardy, int. Sept. 23, 1848.
Eunice, of Amesbury, and William Carr, jr., Dec. 5, 1830.*
Isaac, of Hampstead, N. H., and Emma C. Jaques, Apr. 9, 1839.*

HILL (see also Hills)

Elhanan W., of Portland, Me., and Eliza Bailey, Oct. 5, 1820.*


Lucinda Y., and Nathan Worthen, Nov. 16, 1833.*

HILLS (see also Hill)

Abigail, and Thomas Chadwich, Dec. 6, 1825.*
Edmund, Esq., and Judith N. Poor, May 8, 1822.*
Edward, jr., and Mary C. Ordway, int. May 10, 1834.
Fanny Ayer, wid., a. 65 y., b. Haverhill, d.--------, deceased, and Stephen Noyes, widr., farmer, a. 72 y., b. Newbury, s. Stephen, deceased, Oct. 14, 1847.*
Fordyce, and Louisa H. Follansbee, June 28, 1823.*
Gorham, and Antise Wilson, May 11, 1832.*
Gorham, and Ann Farrington, int. Apr. 9, 1836.
Joshua, and Mary E. Tenney, Dec. 23, 1845. P. R. 9.*
Lydia Ann, a. 26 1-2 y., d. Edmund and Judith N. P., and Leverett W. Tyler of Bradford, 2d m., shoe cutter, a. 29 y., b. Bradford, s. Josiah and Lydia C., Sept. 4, 1849.*
Sarah C., and Dr. Isaac Boyd, Jan. 28, 1836.*
Thomas, and Fanny Ayer of Haverhill, int. Jan. 4, 1823.


Joseph E., of Newbury, and Hannah L. H. Bailey, int. Nov. 4, 1835.


Mary Ann McDonaugh, and John Berry, jr. of Barnstead, N. H., Feb. 22, 1824.*


James, and Hannah Marin Dockings of Newbury, int. Nov. 20, 1847.


Leonard S. (Wood. int.], of Bradford, and Mira Adams, Mar. 12, 1823.*


William A., and Sarah V. Doliver, Jan. 26, 1833.*
William A., and Lydia Bailey, Oct. 22, 1837.*


Ann Matilda, of Bradford, and William P. Bailey, int. May 7, 1836.
Charles W., and Abigail C. Davis, both of Bradford, Oct. 22, 1843. C. R. 2.


Margaret W., of Newmarket, N. H., and James M. Ordway of Newburyport, Aug. 16, 1840.


Eben[eze]r, and Mrs. Anna Pressey, Oct. 28, 1835.*
George, and Sarah Emery, Apr. 22, 1823.*
Lydia, and Mathew H. Greenleaf, Sept. 13, 1831.*
Sarah, and Isaac Emery, May 19, 1831.*
Sarah J[ane. dup.], a. 20 y., d. George and Sarah, and Eben[eze]r C. Bailey, shoe manufacturer, a. 30 y., s. Walter and Mary P., May 11, 1848.*


Hannah M., of Newburyport, a. 17 y., b. Newburyport, d. Benjamin and Betsey, and William H. Gould, shoemaker, a. 20 y., s. W[illia]m and Nancy, int. July 7, 1849.


Elisabeth, and John Carr, Jan. 21, 1839.*


Betsey S., and John Sargent, int. July 1, 1839.
Daniel C., and Nancy Plummer, Oct. 17, 1822.*
Daniel C., and Lydia Williams, int. Dec. 3, 1831.
Humphry, of Haverhill, and Alice B. Sawyer, int. Jan. 20, 1827.
John, and Ann C. Brown, at Bradford, Sept. 9, 1839.*
John, and Sarah M. Ordway, Sept. 21, 1843.*
Mary Pearson, and Daniel Procter Nelson, Nov. 30, 1840. P. R. 8.


Jonathan, of Andover, wool carder, a. 24 y., s. John and Martha Mariah, and Mary Ann Kennett, a. 18 y., b. England, d. John and Maria K., Oct. 20, 1845.*


John [of Haverhill. int.], and Mary Annette [M. Carlton. int.], Apr. 21, 1833.*
Sargeant, Ens., of Haverhill, and Rebecca Richardson Noyes, int. July 30, 1826.


Stephen, and Mary Poor, June 24, 1824.*


Lois S., of Kingston, N. H., and Stephen C. ThurIow, int. Feb. 8, 1834.


Ann, and William Burrill, int. Nov. 5, 1836.
Jonathan, and Mary Bowley, Nov. 21, 1820.*
Peabody, and Mary Perkins of Seabrook, N. H., int. Mar. 20, 1835.


Hezekiah, of Bradford, and Mary Jane Bartlett, int. June 1, 1845.
Jane P., and William F. Loring, June 3, 1834.*


Alonzo P., and Mary Ann Bartlett, at Newbury, Oct. 30, 1842.*
Betsey E., a. 25 y., and Nathaniel G. Kimball of Lowell, int. Oct. 15, 1848.
Emma C., and Isaac Heath of Hampstead, N. H., Apr. 9, 1839.*
Jane, and Isaac Thompson, int. Mar. 14, 1840.
Mary N., and William Giddings of Newbury, int. Aug. 1, 1846.
Moody, and Maria Goodridge, July 13, 1819.*


Abigail, Mrs., and Elias Cook of Newburyport, May 20, 1823.*


Thomas, and Hannah Morril, Aug. 29, 1824.*


Edward [of Charlestown. int.], and Judith B. Eaton, July 6, 1832.*


Abner, and Eliza B. Chadwick, May 18, 1831.*
Clarisa, and Aaron Parker of Bradford, Oct. 4, 1832.*
Eliza, and Harrison G. O. Chase, Sept. 8, 1836.*
Nancy, a. 23 y., b. Wilmington, d. Jonathan and Clarrisa, and Niles G. Parker of Haverhill, shoe cutter, a. 22 y., b. Bradford, s. Nath[anie]l and Mehitable G., May 8, 1849.*
Sally, and Solomon H. Parker of Bradford, int. Nov. 13, 1830.
Susan, and Moses Stiles, at East Bradford, May 9, 1839.*
William, and Diantha A. Gilman, int. Aub. 16, 1845.

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