Vital Records of West Newbury, Massachusetts
To the end of the year 1849

Published by The Essex Institute

Salem, Mass., 1918

Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger

Marriages, Surnames starting with K to Y

*Intention also recorded.

KELLEY (see also Kelly)

James B., of Hopkinton, N. H., and Mary G. Carr, int. Aug. 21, 1847.

KELLY (see also Kelley)

Alfred D.. of Chichester, N. H., s. Philip C., of Mouitonboro, and Abigail, deceased, and Abigail B. Sawyer, wid. William, d. James Bean of Farmington, Me., and Hannah, 4: 11 m: 1841. C. R.3.


Abigail, Mrs., and Samuel Dow of Plaistow, N. H., int. Nov. 12, 1821.


Ann Elizabeth, a.18 y., b. England, d. Tho[ma]s and Rebecca, and James Quested, laborer, a. 22 y., b. England, s. W[illia]m and Ann, Nov. 12, 1846.*
Charlotte, and Elbridge Cooper of Haverhill, int. July 2, 1842.
Charlotte M[ary. int.], b. England, d. Tho[ma]s and R., and George K. Quested, comb maker, b. England, s. W[illia]m, Oct. 4, 1845.*
Elizabeth A., and William Knott, int. Oct. 12, 1844.
Mary Ann, a. 18 y., b. England, d. John and Maria K., and Jonathan Hudson of Andover, wool carder, a. 24 y., s. John and Martha Mariah, Oct. 20, 1848.*
Sarah, and Hollis French, May 8, 1840.*
William, and Frances Willis of Andover, int. Sept. 3, 1842.


George W., and Olive E. Page, Dec. 11, 1842.*


Mary, of Newbury, and James Gould, int. Apr. 18, 1829.


Sarah Jane, and Joseph Cheney, both of Newbury, Oct. 10, 1838.


Charles, and Lucy Stanwood Rogers, Aug. 19, 1819.*
John R., and Sarah H. Connerly, int. Sept. 14, 1844.
Mary Ann, and Thomas H. Everett, Feb. 15, 1820.*
Mary B., of Sanbornton, N. H., and Joseph Morse, int. Mar. 8, 1828.
Nathaniel G., of Lowell, and Betsey E. Jaques, a. 25 y., int. Oct. 15, 1848.
Selinda T., and John V. Noyes, Aug. 9, 1832.*
William Carr, and Sally Rogers, July 11, 1824.*


Mary J., of Brighton, and Thomas C. Merwin, int. Mar. 30, 1845.


Alfred, Esq. [of Bradford. int.], and Mary E. Noyes, Oct. 15, 1832.*


Albert H., farmer, a. 21 y., b. Newburyport, s. Edmund and Hannah, and Mary E. Carr, a. 18 1-2 y., d. Moses and Hannah [M. dup.], Sept. 3, 1848.*


William, and Elizabeth A. Kennett, int. Oct. 12, 1844.


Ann, of Haverhill, and Thomas H. Chase, int. Dec. 14, 1822.


Lowell Y., and Elizabeth P. Elliot, Apr. 2, 1835.*


Jonathan, and Mary Sawyer of Bradford, int. Apr. 16, 1825.


Henry D., chaise maker, a. 24 y., b. Connecticut, s. William and Julia, and Esther Chase, a. 21 y., b. Leominster, d. Metiphor and Nancy, of Leominster, Apr. 20, 1848.*


Jonathan, and Abigail Burrill, int. Aug. 31, 1833.


Mary Ann [Lester. C. R. 1.], and Robert Wilkie, Sept. 19, 1831. [Sept. 18. C. R. 1.]*
Sarah, and Robert Duncan, Sept. 10, 1835.*


James, jr., of Lynn, and Malinda Short, int. Sept. 24, 1825.
Sarah, of Newburyport, and John V[alentine. C. R. 2.] Noyes, Oct. 18, 1838.*


Betsey, and Joshua Dole of Cincinnati, Ohio, Aug. 29, 1833.*
Edmund, jr., and Sally Sweetser of Reading, int. Mar. 7, 1824.
Eliza A[nn. int.], and Edward Fuller of Danvers, Apr. 23, 1840.*
Joseph B., and Mary Smith, Oct. 8, 1822.*
Mary Hale, and David Richardson, Aug. 24, 1819.*
Moses S., farmer, a. 22 y., s. Edmund, jr. and Sarah, and Lydia M[errill. int.] Tenney, a. 27 y., d. Sam[ue]l and Mary L. P., Sept. 3, 1849.*
Otis, and Catharine G. Poor, Apr. 12, 1829.*
Ruth H. [M. C. R. 1.], and Paul Thurlow, Sept. 15, 1831.*
Sarah B., and Moses G. MerriIl of Andover, Me., Oct. 11, 1838.*
Stephen M., and Sarah Chase, May 30, 1839.*


Sally, of Seabrook, N. H., and Moses M. Ridgway, int. Nov. 25, 1833.


William F., and Jane P. Jameson, June 3, 1834.*


Eliza A., and Thomas S. Carleton, Aug. 13, 1848. C. R. 2.*
Mary Jane, a. 24 y., b. New Hampshire, d. W[illia]m and Mary, of New Hampshire, and James S. [T. int.] Williams, husbandman, a. 24 y., b. New Hampshire, s. Benj[ami]n and Hannah, of New Hampshire, Oct. 19, 1846.*
Sarah Jane, a. 18 y., b. Raymond, N. H., d. John and Sarah, of Raymond, N. H., and John Osgood, currier, a. 22 y., s. John and Mary Ann, of Lowell, Sept. 25, 1845.*


Hannah P. B., and Edward D. Noyes, Oct. 18, 1837.*
Joseph, and Mehitable G. Carr, at Bradford, Apr. 11, 1839.*


Mary Ann, of Newbury, and Hanson Ordway, int. Dec. 27, 1829.
Nathan S., and Sybill Goodridge, Oct. 28, 1823.*
Sally Somerby, of Newbury, and Anos Poor, jr., int. Jan. 22, 1831.


Benjamin, and Miriam M. George, Nov. 8, 1830.*
Elizabeth S., and Silas Follansbee, Sept. 10, 1840.*
Lydia T., and William Cooper, Dec. 24, 1835.*


Stillman, and Mary Colman of Newburyport, int. July 4, 1829.


Benj(ami)n W., of Boston, and Emma C. Bailey, Nov. 27, 1839.*


Stephen, of Haverhill, and Mary P. Short, int. Sept. 10, 1825.


John, and Eunice B. Chase, Apr. 18, 1833.*


Caroline F. [of Brentwood, N. H. int.], a. 20 y., b. Brentwood, N. H., d. Gilman and Hannah, of Brentwood, N. H., and Rufus N. Chase, shoemaker, a. 22 y., b. Leominster, s. Medaphor and Nancy, of Leominster, May 14, 1846.*


Betsey O. H., and William Bacheller, Nov. 26, 1840.*
Charles P., and Eunice A. Parker of Lowell, int. May 7, 1837.
Elizabeth P., and Daniel N. P. Carleton, June 2, 1836.*


David B., and Ann Chase, Dec. 20, 1830.*

MAYTHAM (see also Maythan)

Thomas, and Sarah Ann Smith, Oct. 23 or 25, 1837.*

MAYTHAN (see also Maytham)

Mary, and William Willis, Dec. 1, 1834. [Dec. 18. C. R. 2.]*


Catharine B., and Amos Carleton, Jan. 23, 1835.*
Laban, and Sarah Bailey, Sept. 23, 1819.*
Lydia E[mery. int.], and John Poor, jr., May 19, 1825.*
Lydia L., and Daniel Hale, jr. of Rowley, int. May 3, 1826.
Moses G., of Andover, Me., and Sarah B. Little, Oct. 11, 1838.*
Moses G., and Mrs. Sarah D. Chase, Apr. 17, 1841. [1842. int.]*
Moses G., and Isabella Smith of Methuen, int. July 27, 1844.
Sarah, and Stephen Chase of Plaistow, N. H., Apr. 5, 1819.


Thomas C., and Mary J. Kingsley of Brighton, int. Mar. 30, 1845.


Abigail, and Alfred Boynton, int. Mar. 24, 1832.
Betsey N., a. 22 y., b. Newburyport, d. John and Mary, and Joseph Newell, lumber merchant, a. 26 y., s. Moses and Sally, Oct. 23, 1845.*
Eliza, and Obadiah Smith of New Hampton, N. H., Sept. 1, 1820.*
Lydia A[nn. int.], a. 25 y., b. Newburyport, d. John and Mary, and Lewis H. Dole of Rowley, shoe manufacturer, a. 38 y., b. Rowley, s. Moses and Mary, of Rowley, July 6, 1845.*
Samuel, of Newburyport, and Martha L. Robinson, int. Mar. 8, 1834.

MOORE, see Moores.

MOORES (see also Mooris, Mores)

Gilman, and Hannah Hills Ordway, Sept. 3, 1823.*

MOORIS (see also Moores)

Greenleaf, and Mary Poor of Bradford, int.

MORES (see also Moores)

Joseph K., of Newburyport, and Martha Ordway, int. Jan. 4, 1834.

MORRIL (see also Morrill)

Hannah, and Thomas Johnson, Aug. 29, 1824.*

MORRILL (see also Morril)

Jacob, and Abigail Farrington, int. Apr. 9, 1835.
Mary, and Frye B. Barnett of Lawrence, int. Apr. 22, 1848.
William P., and Elizabeth Goodwin of Salisbury, int. Apr. 16, 1841.


Margaret Ann, and Stephen Brown, Feb. 24, 1831.*


Eliza Ann, and Stephen Brown, jr., May 26, 1842.*
Hannah D., and James Brown, May 11, 1843.*
Jacob W., and Elizabeth Bradley, Apr. 22, 1841. [1842. int.]*
James M. [of Boston. int.], and Sarah C. Sawyer, Apr. 7, 1831.*
Joel R., and Ann N. Hardy, int. July 1, 1843.
John, and Mrs. Rebecca P. Fitz [wid. int.], Dec. 7, 1835.*
Joseph, and Mary B. Kimball of Sanbornton, N. H., int. Mar. 8, 1828.
Joshua C., of Portland, Me., and Judith Worth, Dec. 23, 1835.*
Lydia, and James Davis, jr. of Haverhill, Mar. 23, 1825.*
Mary, and Joshua Stevens, int. June 15, 1833.
Mary Jane, and Richard S. Patten of Amesbury, int. Apr. 12, 1835.
Mary P., and Nathaniel B. Whittier, Sept. 12, 1829.*
Moses, and Mrs. Betsey Paine of Newburyport, Oct. 30, 1834.*
Moses, jr., and Hannah B. Farrington, Aug. 25, 1835.*
Rebekah P., and Charles Fittz, int. Oct. 22, 1831.
Webber E., and Phebe Hale of Exeter, N. H., int. Aug. 15, 1840.


Daniel E., of Georgetown, shoe manufacturer, a. 27 y. [a. 28 y. int.], s. Daniel and Diedamia, and Rebecca J. Sawyer, a. 23 y., d. David and Rebecca, May 1, 1849.*
Hannah M., and Ichabod Titcomb, jr., Mar. 3, 1836.*


Samuel C., and Ursula Follansbee, Aug. 24, 1830.*


Thomas E., comb maker, b. England, and Julia Connerly, int. Jan. 20, 1849.


Daniel, and Mrs. Elizabeth Lunt Taylor, Dec. 7, 1835. P. R. 8.
Daniel Procter, and Mary Pearson Hoyt, Nov. 30, 1840. P. R. 8.
Irene B., of Sacarappa, Me., and Moses M. Ordway, int. Sept. 8, 1838.

NEWELL (see also Nowell)

Joseph, lumber merchant, a. 26 y., s. Moses and Sally, and Betsey N. Moody, a. 22 y., b. Newburyport, d. John and Mary, Oct. 23, 1845.*


Daniel, of Amesbury, and Mary Jane Pilsbury, Dec. 25, 1827.*
Mary, and Ebenezer Bowley, June 6, 1822.*
Phebe, and Joseph G. Pearson, at Newbury, Apr. 18, 1836. (May 14. int.]*


Samuel, and Lydia Choate of Newburyport, int. Aug. 8, 1835.
Walter, of Bradford, and Margaret I. Noyes, Nov. 26, 1829.*


Elizabeth, of Newburyport, and James Fuller, jr., Jan. 2, 1828.*
Mary Jane C., of Newburyport, and Rev. Henry Augustus Woodman, int. Dec. 26, 1842.

NOWELL (see also Newell)

Philip, and Mrs. Anna Davis of Gloucester, int. Sept. 9, 1839.


Addison B., comb maker, a. 21 y., s. Anson W. and Nancy, and Margaret F. Worthen, a. 24 y., b. Amesbury, d. Josiah and Mary, of Amesbury, Nov. 26, 1846.*
Anson [W. int.], and Nancy Emery, Nov. 6, 1824.*
Augusta R., and Benjamin H. Wilson, May 6, 1841.*
Betsey, and John C. Carr, Oct. 8, 1821.*
Daniel P., of Newbury, shoemaker, a. 22 y., b. Newbury, s. Daniel and Sarah, and Jane N. Davis of Newbury, a. 20 y., b. Newbury, d. Oliver, Dec. 25, 1849.
Edward D., and Hannah P. B. Low, Oct. 18, 1837.*
Edwin W., comb maker, a. 22 y., s. Enoch and Sarah, and Mary Ann Bradley, a. 19 y., b. England, d. W[illia]m, deceased, and Mary C., Dec. 24, 1846.*
Elfameo M., comb maker, a. 20 y., s. D. E. and Polly B., and Emeline J. Stanwood, a. 26 y., d. Jos[eph], deceased, and Eliza, Oct. 16, 1845.*
Fordyce [H. int.], and Martha Ann Chase, Sept. 24, 1835.*
Hannah J., and Thomas Smith, int. July 22, 1826.
Jacob C., and Lydia K. Smith of Newbury, int. May 12, 1832.
John V., and Selinda T. Kimball, Aug. 9, 1832.*
John V[alentine. c. R. 2.], and Sarah Lewis of Newburyport, Oct. 18, 1838.*
Joseph S., and Sarah H. Brown, Apr. 25, 1839.*
Margaret I., and Walter Norris of Bradford, Nov. 26, 1829.*
Mary E., and Alfred Kittredge, Esq. [of Bradford. int.], Oct. 15, 1832.*
Mary V., and Somerby C. Noyes, Oct. 13, 1827.*
Parker, and Sarah E. Wilson of Newburyport, int. Nov. 19, 1842.
Rebecca L. [a. 21 y. int.], and George E. Hardy [a. 19 y. int.], Aug. 10, 1848. C. R. 2.*
Rebecca Richardson, and Ens. Sargeant Hunkins of Haverhill, int. July 30, 1826.
Ruth M. R., and Thomas Nelson Crumby of Rowley, int. Feb. 2, 1828.
Sally Ann, and Dudley H. Whittier, Nov. 28, 1846.
Sarah H., and Leonard Bailey, Mar. 23, 1826.*
Somerby C., and Mary B. Noyes, Oct. 13, 1827.*
Stephen, widr., farmer, a. 72 y., b. Newbury, s. Stephen, deceased, and Fanny Ayer Hills, wid., a. 65 y., b. Haverhill, d.---------, deceased, Oct. 14, 1847.*
Stephen Emery, and Lydia Ordway, Mar. 13, 1836.*
Thomas C., comb maker, a. 21 1-2 y., s. Anson W. and Nancy, and Hannah Tenney Bailey, a. 24 y. [a. 26 y. int.], d. Uriah and Julia G., May 8, 1849.*
Walter R., and Almira C. Follansbee, Aug. 8, 1833.*
W[illia]m, jr., and Phebe S. Brickett, Dec. 3, 1840.*


Benjamin, Rev., and Nancy E. Hawes of Wrentham, int. Oct. 10, 1835.


James L. [s. John and Susan (Boardman). P. R. 1.], and Emma A. Carr [d. Capt. Samuel and Elizabeth (Chase). P. R. 1.], May 16,1837.*


Frederick, of Amesbury, and Mary M. England, Nov. 15, 1836.*


Abigail [Mrs. int.], and Joseph Riley, Feb.----, 1832.*
Alfred, and Rebeckah L. Scribner of Newbury, int. Dec. 27, 1834.
Anna Mary, and Daniel Pearson, int. Oct. 12, 1833.
Cyrus K., farmer, a. 28 y., s. Tho[ma]s and Lydia, and Lydia N. Dole, a. 27 y., d. Enoch and Martha, Oct. 26, 1848.*
David, and Catharine G. Coker, int. Aug. 12, 1836.
Eliza, and William Danforth, Nov. 28, 1827.*
Frances B., and Geo[rge] W. Tyler, at Bradford, Aug. 23, 1836.*
Hannah Hills, and Gilman Moores, Sept. 3, 1823.*
Hannah M., and Moses Carr, Apr. 23, 1825.*
Hanson, and Mary Ann Lunt of Newbury, int. Dec. 27, 1829.
James M., of Newburyport, and Margaret W. Horn of Newmarket, N. H., Aug. 16, 1840.
John, of Newbury, and Hannah Chase, int. Feb. 16, 1837.
Joshua H., and Sarah J. Scribner, int. Oct. 22, 1836.
Katharine [Mrs. int.], and Daniel Silloway, Jan. 7, 1832.*
Luther, of Newbury, butcher, a. 22 y., b. Newbury, s. Moses and Eunice, of Newbury, and Lydia Page, of Newbury, a. 20 y., b. Newbury, d. Stephen and Mary, of Newbury, Aug. 6, 1846.
Lydia, and Stephen Emery Noyes, Mar. 13, 1836.*
Martha, and Joseph K. Mores of Newburyport, int. Jan. 4, 1834.
Mary C., and Edward Hills, jr., int. May 10, 1834.
Mary M., and John Sargent, Oct. 1, 1835.*
Merrill, and Abigail Bartlett, Oct.----, 1826.*
Moody, and Rebecca B. Davis, int. Sept. 10, 1836.
Moses M., and Irene B. Nelson of Sacarappa, Me., int. Sept. 8, 1838.
Nathaniel, and Ann W. Bolton, int. Aug. 5, 1825.
Perley, and Caroline M. Hanson, June 4, 1825.*
Phebe, and Luther Pearson, int. Apr. 17, 1830.
Rufus, and Susan C. Bailey, May 7, 1839.*
Sarah M., and John Hoyt, Sept. 21, 1843.*
Susan S., of Newburyport, and Moses Burnham, June 21, 1843.*
Thomas G., farmer, s. Isaac and Eliza, and Martha E[lizabeth. P. R. 6.] Poor, d. Moses [Ebenezer. in pencil.] and Alma, June 27, 1844. [June 25. P. R. 6.]*
Thomas S., and Elizabeth M. Dutton, int. Dec. 4, 1824.
Walter, and Salome B. Wentworth of Newbury, int. Jan. 24, 1835.
Warren, and Caroline G. Foot of Haverhill, at Haverhill, July 3, 1834.*
William, and Sophia C. Tenney, July 9, 1828.*


Elizabeth M., and Samuel Sylvester, int. Apr. 30, 1831.


John, and Mary Ann B. Griffin of Gloucester, int. May 10, 1820.
John, Capt., and Dorcas Griffin of Gloucester, int. Jan. 10, 1824.
John, currier, a. 22 y., s. John and Mary Ann, of Lowell, and Sarah Jane Lovering, a. 18 y., b. Raymond, N. H., d. John and Sarah, of Raymond, N. H., Sept. 25, 1845.*


Hannah Jane, and Alfred Farmer of Salisbury, int. Mar. 17, 1832.
Lydia, of Amesbury, and Barak Bragdon, July 16, 1840.*
Lydia, of Newbury, a. 20 y., b. Newbury, d. Stephen and Mary, of Newbury, and Luther Ordway, of Newbury, butcher, a. 22 y., b. Newbury, s. Moses and Eunice, of Newbury, Aug. 6, 1846.
Olive E., and George W. Kenney, Dec. 11, 1842.*
Susan, of Newburyport, and Richard S. Bailey, Apr. 25, 1828.*


Betsey, Mrs., of Newburyport, and Moses Morse, Oct. 30, 1834.*


Charles H., and Lucy M. Poyen of Amesbury, int. Nov. 25, 1843.


Aaron, of Bradford, and Clarisa Jones, Oct. 4, 1832.*
Abigail, Mrs., of Haverhill, and Dea. Moses Brown, int. Nov. 28, 1832.
Amos, Esq., and Mrs. Louisa S. Balch, both of Bradford, Mar. 19, 1837. C. R. 2.
Caroline [C. int.], Mrs., and Daniel Brock, jr., Mar. 19, 1841.*
Ephraim B., and Caroline Colcord, Dec. 2, 1830.*
Eunice A., of Lowell, and Cha[rle]s P. Marshall, int. May 7, 1837.
John B., and Lydia Follansbee, July 23, 1825.*
Josiah W., and Lucy B. Bartlett, May 8, 1842.
Niles G., of Haverhili, shoe cutter, a. 22 y., b. Bradford, s. Nath(anie)l and Mehitable G., and Nancy Jones, a. 23 y., b. Wilmington, d. Jona[than] and Clarrisa, May 8, 1849.*
Rhoda, and Lewis W. Smith, int. Aug. 19, 1848.
Solomon H., of Bradford, and Sally Jones, int. Nov. 13, 1830.


Richard S., of Amesbury, and Mary Jane Morse, int. Apr. 12, 1835.
Willis, of Amesbury, and Clarrisa C. Pressey, int. June 1, 1844.


Benjamin, of Newbury, and Lois Foster, Dec. 4, 1820.*
Daniel, and Anna Mary Ordway, int. Oct. 12, 1833.
Joseph G., and Phebe Nichols, at Newbury, Apr. 18, 1836.
Luther, and Phebe Ordway, int. Apr. 17, 1830.
Mary, of Newbury, and Amos Poor, int. Aug. 4, 1832.
Susan P., and Lorenzo D. Stevens, int. Apr. 10, 1845.
Tappan, of Newbury, and Martha T. Poor, Sept. 11, 1830.*
William M. [N. int.], and Elizabeth Perkins, Jan. 10, 1828.*


Anna, and Tristram S. Gould, int. Nov. 15, 1828.
Elizabeth, and William M. [N. int.] Pearson, Jan. 10, 1828.*
Jane, and Greenleaf Rogers of Newbury, int. July 2, 1825.
Maria E., and Daniel Rogers of Newbury, int. May 2, 1834.
Mary, of Seabrook, N. H., and Peabody Ilsley, int. Mar. 20, 1835.


Joseph, and Caroline Rogers of Newbury, int. Dec. 1, 1830.


Phebe, of Andover, and Samuel Thurlow, Nov. 22, 1827.*

PILLSBURY (see also Pilsbury)

Hannah W., of Charlestown, and John C. Carr, int. Feb. 19, 1837.
Mary C., and B[enjamin. int.] F. S. Griffin of Amesbury, Sept. 19, 1839.*

PILSBURY (see also Pillsbury)

Alfred, and Sally Pilsbury of Newburyport, int. Jan. 18, 1823.
Betsey, and John E. [G. int.] Whittier of Bradford, May 20, 1828.*
Eliza Ann, of Amesbury, and Moses Brown, 3d, int. Mar. 1, 1822.
Francis R., of Newbury, and Phebe Gould, June 5, 1828.*
Hannah, and Jewett Rogers of Newbury, int. Nov. 17, 1827.
Judith, and James G. Chase, May 30, 1824.
Mary Jane, and Daniel Nichols of Amesbury, Dec. 25, 1827.*
Sally, of Newburyport, and Alfred Pilsbury, int. Jan. 18, 1823.
Susan, and Thomas Poor, Apr.-----, 1826. [Sept. 23, 1826. int.]*


Lewis, and Mary M. Bickford, both of Derry, N. H., Oct. 8, 1837.


Judith S., Mrs., and Thomas Smith, at Bradford, Nov. 25, 1839.*
William H., laborer, a. 23 y., b. Newburyport, s. William and Judith, deceased, and Martha Downer of Newbury [of West Newbury. int.], a. 27 y., d. Dan[ie]l and Judith, Oct. 27, 1846.*


John L., and Joanna Rogers, int. May 19, 1821.
Nancy, and Daniel C. Hoyt, Oct. 17, 1822.*


James D., and Nancy D. Burrill, Feb. 28, 1838.*


Abigail, a. 31 y., d. Stephen and Hannah, and John T. Chase, widr., comb maker, a. 33 y., b. Newburyport, s. Nathan and Betsey, Aug. 12, 1847.*
Alma Hall, a. 19 y., d. Eben[eze]r, deceased, and Alma, and Butler Abbott Follansbee, comb maker, a. 21 y., s. John and Judith B., Nov. 4, 1846.*
Amos, and Mary Pearson of Newbury, int. Aug. 4, 1832.
Amos, jr., and Sally Rogers, int. Apr. 8, 1837.
Anos, jr., and Sally Somerby Lunt of Newbury, int. Jan. 22, 1831.
Catharine G., and Otis Little, Apr. 12, 1829.*
Ebenezer [Capt. int.], and Alma Hall [of Bradford. int.), June 15, 1821. P. R. 6.*
John, jr., and Lydia E[mery. int.] Merrill, May 19, 1825.*
Judith N., and Edmund Hills, Esq., May 8, 1822.*
Martha Ann, a. 22 y., d. John and Lydia M., and Warren Chase of Plaistow, N. H., farmer, b. Plaistow, N. H., s. Stephen and Sarah, int. Apr. 7, I849. (Warren Chase died before the marriage of the parties.)
Martha E., d. Moses [Ebenezer in pencil.] and Alma, and Tho[ma]s G. Ordway, farmer, s. Isaac and Eliza, June 27, 1844.*
Martha T., and Tappan Pearson of Newbury, Sept. 11, 1830.*
Mary, of Bradford, and Greenleaf Mooris, int. May 8, 1824.
Mary, and Stephen Huntington, June 24, 1824.*
Mary, and Joseph Goodridge, Sept. 23, 1830.*
Mary L., and Maj. Samuel Tenney, Nov. 15, 1821.*
Rebecca, and Humphry Bursiel, Aug. 3, 1820.*
Thomas, and Susan Pilsbury. Apr.----, 1826. [Sept. 23, 1826. int.]*
William, of Haverhill, and Hannah Smith, July 3, 1821.*


Lucy M., of Amesbury, and Charles H. Palmer, int. Nov. 25, 1843.
Sarah E., of Haverhill [of Merrimac. P. R. 3.], and Moses Goodridge, int. Nov. 12, 1831.


Mary A., and James A. England, at Haverhill, Sept. 14, 1842.*


Charles, and Abigail Brown, Mar. 19, 1840.*
Rebecca, 2d m., a. 31 y., b. England, d. John Smith, and Shadrack Estall, shoemaker, a. 40 y., b. England, s. James and Charlotte, May 21, 1849.*


Alvira, and Joseph L. Ricker, int. Sept. 1, 1837.
Anna, Mrs., and Ebenezer Hosum, Oct. 28, 1835.*
Clarrisa C., and Willis Patten of Amesbury, int. June 1, 1844.
Joseph, and Sarah Smith, Oct. 23, 1842.*


Ellen, a. 19 y., b. England, d. William and Ann, and Henry Young, shoemaker, b. England, s. William, int. Oct. 6, 1849.
George K., comb maker, b. England, s. W[illia]m, and Charlotte M[ary. int.] Kennett, b. England, d. Thomas and R., Oct. 4, 1845.*
James, laborer, a. 27 y., b. England, s. William and Ann, and Ann Elizabeth Kennett, a. 18 y., b. England, d. Thomas and Rebecca, Nov. 12, 1846.*
Maria, a. 18 y., b. England, d. William and Ann, and George S. Cooper of Haverhill, carpenter, a. 23 y., b. Amesbury, s. Josiah and Sophia, Dec. 24, 1846.
William [E., jr. int.], shoemaker, a. 22 y., b. England, s. William, and Mary Sweeney, a. 22 y., b. Ireland, d. John, Sept.----, 1849. [Sept. 20. C. R. 2.]*


Sarah [Mrs. int.j, and Edward Emery, Mar. 6, 1836.*


Hannah [L. int.], and Jonathan Curtis [Corliss. int. and C. R. 1.], Jan.----, 1827.*


Betsey, and Wadleigh Davis, Nov. 9, 1820.*
Mary, and Benjamin Smith of Newbury, int. May 21, 1843. [June 10. dup.]
Mary, Mrs., and Nathaniel Elliot, Feb. 29, 1844.*


Joseph V., and Hannah Goodwin of Newburyport, June 13, 1841.*


Abigail, and Paul Bailey, Sept. 2, 1819.*
Belinda D., and Ebenezer Tasker, late of Ossipee, N. H., int. Oct. 21, 1842.
Belinda D., and William Tasker, widr., trader, b. Bartlett, N. H., June 25, 1844.*
David, and Mary Hale Little, Aug. 24, 1819. [Sept. 2. C. R. ].*
Elizabeth [A. int.], and William Tasker, Dec. 23, 1841.*
John, and Lavinia Bailey, June 16, 1819.*
Jonathan C., and Hannah M. Bartlett of Lowell, int. Jan. 6, 1844.
Nancy, of Newburyport, and Samuel Carleton, Aug. 4, 1836.*


Joseph L., and Alvira Pressey, int. Sept. 1, 1837.


Moses M., and Sally Locke of Seabrook, N. H., int. Nov. 25, 1833.


Joseph, and [Mrs. int.] Abigail Ordway, Feb.----, 1832.*


William [Kirk. C. R. 1.], and Sarah Thomas, July 3, 1828.*


Abby R., of Amesbury, and Amos E. Short, June 4, 1843.*


Martha L., and Samuel Moody of Newburyport, int. Mar. 8, 1834.
Mary, of Brentwood, N. H., and Thomas P. Rogers, int. Jan. 27, 1821.
Sarah, and Capt. Nicholas Emery, int. Jan. 19, 1822.


Abigail, and Ebenezer Brown, Nov. 2, 1838.*
Arthur, carpenter, a. 21 y., s. Sam[ue]l, jr. and E. R. C., and Abby P. Tenney, a. 19 y., d.--------, deceased, Oct. 9, 1845.*
Betsey, of Newbury, and Elbridge Tenney, int. June 1, 1833.
Betsey, and Rufus Barras, Nov. 2, 1835.*
Calvin, and Elizabeth R. Rogers, int. June 6, 1837.
Caroline, of Newbury, and Joseph Perry, int. Dec. 1, 1830.
Charles, and Louisa Rogers, int. Apr. 21, 1838.
Daniel, of Newbury, and Maria E. Perkins, int. May 2, 1834.
Deborah, and Samuel Chase of Portland, Me., Nov. 20, 1823.*
Elbridge G., and Lydia Atkinson of Newbury, int. May 21, 1824.
Elizabeth, of Newbury, and William Dockings, int. June 9, 1842.
Elizabeth R., and Calvin Rogers, int. June 6, 1837.
Eunice G., of Newbury, and Samuel Stickney, jr., int. Aug. 16, 1821.
Greenleaf, of Newbury, and Jane Perkins, int. July 2, 1825.
Hiram, and Julia A. Davis, Oct. 26, 1843.*
Jewett, of Newbury, and Hannah Pilsbury, int. Nov. 17, 1827.
Joanna, and John L. Plummer, int. May 19, 1821.
Joseph, of Newbury, and Ann Gould, int. Sept. 20, 1828.
Joseph G., and Judith S. Chase, May 25, 1829.
Louisa, and Charles Rogers, int. Apr. 21, 183S.
Lucy Stanwood, and Charles Kimball, Aug. 19, 1819.*
Luther, Dr., of Portland, Me., and Hannah Bailey, int. June 1, 1834.
Margaret Ann, of Newbury, a. 19 y., b. Newbury, d. Joseph G., of Newbury, and John C. Smith, of Newbury, shoe maker, a. 22 y., b. Newbury, Apr. 15, 1848.
Mary J[ane. int.], of Newbury, and Luther Tenney, May 2, 1833.*
Perley, and Lois Gould, Dec. 13, 1821.*
Sally, and William Carr Kimball, July 11, 1824.*
Sally, and Amos Poor, jr., int. Apr. 8, 1837.
Samuel, jr., and Eliza R. Coker, Dec. 22, 1823.*
Sarah, and Caleb M. Woodman, Apr. 8, 1819.*
Sarah H., of Newbury, and Rufus H. Chase, int. Aug. 31, 1844.
Sarah Jane, of Newbury, and Andrew L. Tarbox, int. Dec. 20, 1834.
Thomas P., and Mary Robinson of Brentwood, N. H., int. Jan. 27, 1821.
Warren, and Harriet J. Sawyer of Newbury, int. Mar. 4, 1835.


Betsey, of Nottingham, N. H., and Elbridge G. Young, int. Oct. 20, 1844.


Charles, shoemaker, a. 27 y., b. England, s. John and Mary, of England, and Charlotte Brock, a. 18 y., b. England, d. Daniel and Eunice. Jan. 29, 1848.*
Thomas, and Sarah Stevens, Nov. 28, 1833.*


Vienna, of Gilmanton, N. H., a. 26 y., b. Gilmanton, N. H., d. Josiah and Betsey, and Joseph Z. Gordon, victualer, a. 29 y., s. Geo[rge] and Mary S., int. July 28, 1849.


Harriet W., of Hampton Falls, N. H., and Dr. Edwin P. Grosvenor, int. Aug. 3, 1844.

SARGENT (see also Seargeant)

John, and Mary M. Ordway, Oct. 1, 1835.*
John, and Betsey S. Hoyt, int. July 1, 1839.
Nathan, jr., of Bradford, and Laura M. Hardy, int. Nov. 6, 1847.


Abigail B., wid. William, d. James Bean of Farmington, Me., and Hannah, and Alfred D. Kelly of Chichester, N. H., s. Philip C., of Moultonboro, and Abigail, deceased, 4:11 m: 1841. C. R. 3.
Alice B., and Humphry Hoyt of Haverhili, int. Jan. 20, 1827.
Charles B., and Abigail S. [T. C. R. 2.] Brickett, Apr. 25, 1839.*
David, s. Micah and Sarah, and Rebecab Currier, d. David and Abigail, of Amesbury, 12 : 10 m: 1820. C. R. 3.
David, s. Micah and Sarah, both deceased, and Hannah Folsom, d. Benjamin and Abigail, of Epping, N. H., 3: 10 m : 1835. C. R. 3.
Eliza B., and John Currier of Amesbury, Oct. 10, 1830.*
Harriet J., of Newbury, and Warren Rogers, int. Mar. 4, 1835.
John, and Nancy D. Currier of Newbury, int. Apr. 6, 1839.
Mary, and George Gordan, Dec. 2, 1819.*
Mary, of Bradford, and Jonathan Langley, int. Apr. 16, 1825.
Rebecca J., a. 23 y., d. David and Rebecca, and Daniel E. Moulton of Georgetown, shoe manufacturer, a. 27 y. [a. 28 y. int.], s. Daniel and Diedamia, May 1, 1849.*
Richard, and Mary W. Durgin, Apr. 30, 1834.*
Sarah C., and James M. Morse [of Boston. int.], Apr. 7, 1831.*
Thomas C., of Amesbury, blacksmith, a. 24 y., b. Newbury, s. Moses and Abigail, and Priscilla W. Silloway, a. 22 y., d. Daniel and Nancy, int. Dec. 8, 1849.


Rebeckah L., of Newbury, and Alfred Ordway, int. Dec. 27, 1834.
Sarah J., and Joshua H. Ordway, int. Oct. 22, 1836.

SEARGEANT (see also Sargent)

Moses, jr., of Amesbury, and Ann Bailey, int. Nov. 11, 1826.


George [of New London, N. H. int.], and Abigail Chadwick [wid. int.], June 17, 1832.*


Achsah, and Jacob G. Dwinells of Amesbury, int. Apr. 15, 1837.
Alexander, and Polly H. [M. C. R. 1.] Carlton, Nov. 3, 1831.*
Amos E., and Mary M. Worth, Mar. 18, 1834.*
Amos E., and Abby R. Robbins of Amesbury, June 4, 1843.*
Daniel B., and Diana P. Blaisdell, at Haverhill, Apr. 11, 1843.*
Judith J., and Edmund K. Colby, July 16, 1837.*
Malinda, and James Lewis, jr. of Lynn, int. Sept. 24, 1825.
Mary P., and Stephen March of Haverhill, int. Sept. 10, 1825.
Susannah S., a. 22 y., d. Isaac and Judith, and Joseph Williams, shoemaker, a. 22 y., b. Kingston, N. H., s. Benjam[in] and Hannah, int. Nov. 13, 1849.


Abbie C., and Warren K. Bailey, Oct. 6, 1842.*
Daniel, and [Mrs. int.] Katharine Ordway, Jan. 7, 1832.*
Priscilla W., a. 22 y., d. Daniel and Nancy, and Thomas C. Sawyer of Amesbury, , blacksmith, a. 24 y., b. Newbury, s. Moses and Abigail, int. Dec. 8, 1849.
Sarah R., and Isaac M. Weed of Amesbury, int. Dec. 25, 1847.


William, of Amesbury, and Lydia E. Coffin, int. Nov. 14, 1835.


Adeline P., and Horatio Treat, int. Nov. 14, 1840.
Amos, and Sarah Dole, May 19, 1831.*
Benjamin, of Newbury, and Mrs. Mary Randell, int. June 10, 1843. (May 21. dup.]
Daniel H., and Charlotte C. [E. int.] Bailey, May 9, 1841.*
David, of Newburyport, and Emily Bailey, int. Feb. 11, 1836.
Elizabeth N., and Abel C. Harrington, Oct. 24, 1827.*
Enoch, and Ruth Chase, Oct. 8, 1826.*
Hannah, and William Poor of Haverhill, July 3, 1821.*
Hannah E. W., a. 22 y., d. Moses and Mary Ann, and George F. Colcord, comb maker, a. 25 y., b. Kingston, N. H., s. Peter and Lydia, Oct. 14, 1847.*
Isabella, of Methuen, and Moses G. Merrill, int. July 27, 1844.
James, 3d, and Catharine Walker, int. Sept. 14, 1839.
James, 3d, and wid. Rachel George, Oct. 2, 1842. [Dec. C. R. 2.]*
Jane, and Jacob Goodwin of Amesbury, int. Nov. 1, 1845.
John C., of Newbury, shoemaker, a. 22 y., b. Newbury, and Margaret Ann Rogers of Newbury, a. 19 y., b. Newbury, d. Jos[eph] G., of Newbury, Apr. 15, 1848.
Lewis W., and Rhoda Parker, int. Aug. 19, 1848.
Lydia K., of Newbury, and Jacob C. Noyes, int. May 12, 1832.
Lydia W., and Joseph Edwards, Aug. 5, 1828.*
Mary, and Joseph B. Little, Oct. 8, 1822.*
Mary J., d. Thomas and Hannah, and Tho[ma]s W. Stickney, cordwainer, b. Bradford, June 2, 1844.*
Mary W., a. 23 y., b. Boston, Eng., d. John and Jane, of Newbury, and William G. Stevens, cordwainer, a. 22 y., s. W[illia]m and Harriet, May 11, 1843.*
Moses, and Mary Ann Bailey, Oct. 17, 1822.*
Obadiah, of New Hampton, N. H., and Eliza Moody, Sept. 1, 1820.*
Rachel, 3d m., a. 76 y. [a. 70 y., b. Newbury. int.], d. John and M. Cooper, and Ezekiel Gowen, 2d m., shoemaker, a. 75 y., b. Kittery, Me., s. Ezekiel and Sarah, Sept. 2, 1849. [Aug. 2. C. R. 2; Aug. 11. int.]*
Robert A., of Newbury, brickmaker, a. 27 y., b. Newbury, s. Richard and Mary, of Newbury, and Mary E. Chase, of Newbury, a. 26 y., b. Leominster, d. Metiphor and Nancy, of Leominster, Feb. 9, 1848. [Feb. 10. C. R. 2.]
Ruth [Mrs. int.], and James Brickett of Hampstead, N. H., Aug. 21, 1838.*
Samuel W., and Susan Goodridge, Sept. 6, 1819.*
Sarah, and Joseph Pressey, Oct. 23, 1842.*
Sarah Ann, and Thomas Maytham, Oct. 23 or 25, 1837.*
Sarah L., a. 23 y., d. Joseph and Sarah, and Daniel W. Eaton of Haverhill, chain maker, a. 31 y., b. Haverhill, s. Phineas and E., of Haverhill, Nov. 13, 1845.*
Sarah L., a. 21 y., d. Moses and Mary Ann, and Robert M. Bailey of Derry, N. H., merchant, a. 26 y., b. Brookline, Penn., s. Frederick and Polly, of Brookline, Penn., Oct. 25, 1848.*
Susan S., and Edward Tappan of Newbury, int. Dec. 9, 1820.
Thomas, and Hannah J. Noyes, int. July 22, 1826.
Thomas, and Mrs. Judith S. Place, at Bradford, Nov. 25, 1839.*
William [jr. int.], and Mary Hale [Huse. int.] of Amesbury, at Haverhill, Apr. 2, 1823.*


Isaiah, of Newbury, and Sally Buzzell, int. Oct. 25, 1823.


Sarah Wilson, of Lynn, and Samuel Atwood, int. Jan. 26, 1830.


William, of Albion, Me., and Abigail Follans[beej, Feb. 9, 1825.*


Alona C., and Amos P. George, int. Apr. 29, 1843.


Eliza, and Lucian A[lexander. int.] Emery, Apr.-----, 1828.*
Emeline J., a. 26 y., d. Jos[eph], deceased, and Eliza, and Elfameo M. Noyes, comb maker, a. 20 y., s. D. E. and Polly B., Oct. 16, 1845.*
Emily E., of Newburyport, and Moses H. Emery, int. Feb. 1, 1841.
Francis B., and Caroline H. Chase, int. Jan. 18, 1845.
Joseph, jr., and Betsey D. Chase, Oct. 23, 1823.*
Mary B., and Gilman W. Brown, Oct. 24, 1828.*
Moses P., and Eliza A. Carr, May 17, 1843.*
William F., of Newburyport, and Achsah B. Heath, int. Aug. 22, 1834.


Joseph, of Newbury, and Rebecca Gould, int. June 10, 1843.

STEPHENS (see also Stevens)

Luther G., and Nancy [F. int.] Whittier, Nov. 14, 1824.*

STEVEN (see also Stevens)

Moses, and Hannah Grant of York, Me., int. Aug. 15, 1827.

STEVENS (see also Stephens, Steven)

Caleb, and Sally Bailey, Jan. 2, 1834.*
Joshua, and Mary Morse, int. June 15, 1833.
Lorenzo D., and Susan P. Pearson, int. Apr. 10, 1845.
Martha, and William B. Farrington, int. Nov. 9, 1839.
Moses, jr., and Mary E. Young, int. Mar. 27, 1846.
Samuel, and Cathorine Bragdon, Oct. 12, 1830.*
Sarah, and Thomas Ruddock, Nov. 28, 1833.*
William G., cordwainer, a. 22 y., s. W[illia]m and Harriet, and Mary W. Smith, a. 23 y., b. Boston, Eng., d. John and Jane, of Newbury, May 11, 1845.*


James, and Mrs. Mary L. Tenney, Nov. 28, 1839.*


Samuel, jr., and Eunice G. Rogers of Newbury, int. Aug. 16, 1821.
Thomas W., cordwainer, b. Bradford, and Mary J. Smith, d. Thomas and Hannah, June 2, 1844.*


Moses, and Susan Jones, at East Bradford, May 9, 1839.*


Asa, Dr., of Manchester, and Eliza B. Farnham, Apr. 23, 1823.*


Mary, of Newburyport, and Samuel Davis, int. Oct. 11, 1822.


Mary, a. 22 y., b. Ireland, d. John, and William [E. int.] Quested, [jr. int.], shoemaker, a. 22 y., b. England, s. William, Sept.----, 1849. [Sept. 20. C.R. 2.]*


Sally, of Reading, and Edmund Little, jr., int. Mar. 7, 1824.


Samuel, and Elizabeth M. Osborne, int. Apr. 30, 1831.

TAPPAN (see also Toppan)

Edward, of Newbury, and Susan S. Smith, int. Dec. 9, 1820.


Andrew L., and Sarah Jane Rogers of Newbury, int. Dec. 20, 1834.


John, and Hannah Wadleigh of Kingston, N. H., int. Sept. 21, 1833.


Ebenezer, late of Ossipee, N. H., and Belinda D. Richardson, int. Oct. 21, 1842.
Mary, and Thomas Meady Chase, Feb. 8, 1844.*
William, and Elizabeth [A. int.] Richardson, Dec. 23, 1841.*
William, widr., trader, b. Bartlett, N. H., and Belinda D. Richardson, June 25, 1844. [June 23. C. R. 2.]*


Elizabeth Lunt, Mrs., and Daniel Nelson, Dec. 7, 1835. P. R. 8.


Abby P., a. 19 y., d.-----, deceased, and Arthur Rogers, carpenter, a. 21 y., s. Sam[ue]l, jr. and E. R. C., Oct. 9, 1845.*
Benjamin F., and Hannah Tenney, Nov. 18, 1834.*
Elbridge, and Betsey Rogers of Newbury, int. June 1, 1833.
Hannah, and Benjamin F. Tenney, Nov. 18, 1834.*
Luther, and Mary J[ane. int.] Rogers of Newbury, May 2, 1833.*
Lydia M[errill. int.], a. 27 y., d. Samuel and Mary L. P., and Moses S. Little, farmer, a. 22 y., s. Edmund, jr. and Sarah, Sept. 3, 1849.*
Mary E., and Joshua Hills, Dec. 25, 1845. P. R. 9.*
Mary L., Mrs., and James Stewart, Nov. 28, 1839.*
Samuel, Maj., and Mary L. Poor, Nov. 15, 1821.*
Sophia C., and William Ordway, July 9, 1828.*

TEWKSBURY (see also Tukesbury)

Gilman, laborer, a. 31 y., s. Tho[ma]s and Sally, of Hampstead, N. H., and Adeline C. Vickey [Vickery. int.], a. 25 y., b. Newburyport, d. William, Oct. 22, 1846.*
John B., and Emily A. Greenleaf of Bradford, int. Oct. 7, 1848.
Melinda D., a. 27 y., d. James and Mehitable, and Augustus F. Bailey, comb maker, a. 28 y., s. Uriah and Julia G., Jan. 4, 1849.*


Sarah, and William Risk [Kirk. C. R. 1.], July 3, 1828.*

THOMPSON (see also Thomson)

Isaac, and Jane Jaques, int. Mar. 14, 1840.

THOMSON (see also Thompson)

Peter, and Sally G. Davis, Sept. 1, 1830.*


William J., and Caroline E. Bailey, Mar. 19, 1837.*


Ann Augusta, and Joseph B. Whittier, int. Apr. 25, 1840.
George, of Newbury, and Susan Chase, int. May 8, 1830.
Judith S., a. 20 y., d. William and Meriam, and Gilbert L. Bailey, machinist, a. 22 y., s. Tappan and Hannah, June 25, 1846.
Mary T., and George W. Adams of Newbury, int. Oct. 28, 1848.
Paul, and Ruth H. [M. C. R.1.] Little, Sept. 15, 1831.*
Samuel, and Phebe Phelps of Andover, Nov. 22, 1827.*
Stephen C., and Lois S. Huse of Kingston, N. H., int. Feb. 8, 1834.


Josiah H., of Limerick, Me., and Mary E. Emery, int. Oct. 5, 1839.
Josiah H., Rev., of Limerick, Me., and Eliza T. Emery, July 26, 1843.*


Ichabod, jr., and Hannah M. Moulton, Mar. 3, 1836.*


Waita [of Raymond, N. H. int.), a. 20 y., b. Raymond, N. H., d. John and Sally, of Raymond, N. H., and Calvin Emery, comb maker, a. 25 y., s. Jacob and Lydia, Oct. 29, 1846.*

TOPPAN (see also Tappan)

Moses O. (C. C. R. 1.], and Cornelia Brown, Apr.-----, 1828.
Sarah Jane, and Nathan Sargent Woodman of Newbury, July 22, 1834.*


Mary, and John Connif, int. Jan. 1, 1848.


Horatio, and Adeline P. Smith, int. Nov. 14, 1840.

TUKESBURY (see also Tewksbury)

John M., of Newburyport, and Joanna Goodwin, May 29, 1836.*


George W., and Frances B. Ordway, at Bradford, Aug. 23, 1836.*
Leverett W., of Bradford, 2d m., shoe cutter, a. 29 y., b. Bradford, s. Josiah and Lydia C., and Lydia Ann Arils, a. 26 1-2 y., d. Edm[un]d and Judith N. P., Sept. 4, 1849.*


Adeline C. [Vickery. int.], a. 25 y., b. Newburyport, d. William, and Gilman Tewksbury, laborer, a. 31 y., s. Tho[ma]s and Sally, of Hampstead, N. H., Oct. 22, 1846.*


Robert, laborer, a. 19 1-2 y., b. England, s. Thompson, of Howell, Eng., and Mary Ann Walton, a. 17 3-4 y., b. England, d. John and Jane, Oct. 31, 1846.*
Robet, and Ann Maria Coffin, int. June 10, 1848.


Elizabeth D., and Abel Chase, jr., Oct. 23, 1823.*
Hannah, of Kingston, N. H., and John Tarlton, int. Sept. 21, 1833.
Sarah C., and. William Chase, Jan. 7, 1827.*
Sarah Jane, and Thomas Bradley, May 17, 1834.*


John, and Lucy H. Brown, Aug. 24, 1837.*


Catharine, and James Smith, 3d, int. Sept. 14, 1839.


Mary Ann, a. 17 3-4 y., b. England, d. John and Jane, and Robert Vine, laborer, a. 19 1-2 y., b. England, s. Thompson, of Howell, Eng., Oct. 31, 1846.*


Isaac M., of Amesbury, and Sarah R. Silloway, int. Dec. 25, 1841.


Salome B., of Newbury, and Walter Ordway, int. Jan. 24, 1835.


William S., and Sarah E. Burnham, Dec. 24, 1840.*


Dudley H., and Sally Ann Noyes, int. Nov. 28, 1846.
John E. [G. int.], of Bradford, and Betsey Pilsbury, May 20, 1828.*
Joseph B., and Ann Augusta Thurlow, int. Apr. 25, 1840.
Mary Abby, and Somerby C. Folansbee, June 13, 1843.*
Nancy [F. int.], and Luther G. Stephens, Nov. 14, 1824.*
Nathaniel B., and Mary P. Mores, Sept. 12, 1829.*


Robert, and Mary Ann Leslie [Lester. C. R. 1.], Sept. 19, 1831. [Sept. 18. C. R. 1.]*


Lewis, of Newburyport, and Laura Bailey [Louisa, both of Parsons. C. R. 1.], May 6, 1819.*


James S. [T. int.], husbandman, a. 24 y., b. New Hampshire, s. Benjamin and Hannah, of New Hampshire, and Mary Jane Lovering, a. 24 y., b. New Hampshire, d. WiIIiam and Mary, of New Hampshire, Oct. 19, 1846.*
Joseph, shoemaker, a. 22 y., b. Kingston, N. H., s. Benjamin and Hannah, and Susannah S. Short, a. 22 y., d. Isaac and Judith, int. Nov. 13, 1849.
Lydia, and Daniel C. Hoyt, int. Dec. 3, 1831.
Martin H., chaise trimmer, a. 25 y., b. Burlington, Vt., s. James and Elizabeth, and Sarah A. Coffin, a. 21 y., d. William H. and Betsey, Oct. 19, 1849.


Frances, of Andover, and William Kennett, int. Sept. 3, 1842.
William, and Mary Maythan, Dec. 1, 1834. [Dec. 18. C. R. 2.]*


Antise, and Gorham Hills, May 11, 1832.*
Benjamin H., and Augusta R. Noyes, May 6, 1841.*
Sarah E., of Newburyport, and Parker Noyes, int. Nov. 19, 1842.
Thomas B., and Abigail T. Hall of Boscawen, N. H., int. June 11, 1841.


Susan M., Mrs., of Marlborough, and Joseph Bailey, int. Nov. 2, 1839.


Caleb M., and Sarah Rogers, Apr. 8, 1819.*
Henry Augustus, Rev., and Mary Jane C. Norton of Newburyport, int. Dec. 26, 1842.
Nathan Sargent, of Newbury, and Sarah Jane Toppan, July 22, 1834.*


Abigail N., and Enoch Coffin. Apr. 27, 1830.*
Edmund, jr., and Anna Emery, Dec. 1, 1819.*
Elizabeth, and John E. Bartlett, Nov. 30, 1843.*
Judith, and Joshua C. Morse of Portland, Me., Dec. 23, 1835.*
Mary M., and Amos E. Short, Mar. 18, 1834.*


Joseph, of Newbury, and Mrs. Sally Grant, int. Aug. 5, 1848.
Margaret F., a. 24 y., b. Amesbury, d. Josiah and Mary, of Amesbury, and Addison B. Noyes, comb maker, a. 21 y., s. Anson W. and Nancy, Nov. 26, 1846.*
Nathan, and Lucinda Y. Hilliard, Nov. 16, 1833.*


Mary Ann, and Nehemiah F. Emery, int. Apr. 13, 1844.


Elbridge G., and Betsey Rowell of Nottingham, N. H., int. Oct. 20, 1844.
Henry, shoemaker, b. England, s. William, and Ellen Quested, a. 19 y., b. England, d. William and Ann, int. Oct. 6, 1849.
Mary E., and Moses Stevens, jr., int. Mar. 27, 1846.

*Intention also recorded.

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