Vital Records of Wayland, Massachusetts
To the year 1850

Published by the
New England Historic Genealogy Society
Boston, MA

Marriages R to Y
Transcribed by Mary-Sue Gardetto

READ (see Reed)

Ruth of Sudbury, and Samuel Staples, July 31, 1788, in Sudbury.

REED (see Read)

Almira (see Elmira).
Arsenette Kelly of Framingham, and James C. Roberts of Framingham, Sept. 5, 1842.* [Asenath Kelly Reed of Framingham, C.R. 2.]
Benjamin F., 23, engineer, of Natick, s. John and Martha, and Louisa Coggin, 19, of Natick, d. Samuel and Faithee, Oct. 30, 1848.*
Charlotte and Eldad Butters of Sherburne, int. Mar. 13, 1836.
Daniel B. and Martha A. Warden, Mar. 15, 1842, in Newton.
Elmira [int. Almira] and George Heard, Mar. __, 1828. [Almira, Mar. 4, C.R. 1.]
George, Dea., of Woburn, and Sibbilli Rice of Sudbury, May 24, 1721, in Woburn.*
Matilda, Mrs., and Joseph Farwell of Concord, Apr. 26, 1827.
Micajah of Hubbardston, and Ruth Gleason, int. _____ 28, 1806. [Gleazen, m. Apr. 27, C.R. 1.]
Nancy and Reynolds S. Cutting, Jan. 13, 1824.
Nathan of Littleton, and Elisabeth Damon, Oct. 3, 1841.
Sibbel [int. Sibbel] and John [int. adds P.] Allen, Nov. 7, 1824. [Sibbel, C.R. 1.]
Thomas of Sudbury, and Mary Bruce of Watertown, Dec. 3, 1701, in Watertown.*
Thomas 3d of Abington, and Achsah Wesson, int. May 23, 1840. [m. June 11, C.R. 1.]
William of Acton, and Anna Glezen, Mar. 28, 1826.


Eliza E., 22, d. Walter and Elmira, and John T. Dame Esq., 29, lawyer, of Lancaster, s. John and Abigail, "formerly" of Lyme, N.H., June 11, 1845.
Emeline A. [int. Amanda] and James S. [int. Sumner] Draper, Aug. 18, 1834.
Henry and Nancy Glezen, June 16, 1816.
Hervey and Phebe Bond, May 30, 1814.
Hervey, Capt. [int. omits Capt.], and Lucretia Bond, Apr. 14, 1816. [Capt. Hervey, C.R. 1.]
Mary of Sudbury, and Jonathan Underwood of Weston, Feb. 3, 1780, in Weston.*
Milliesent [int. Mellisant], Mrs., and Sylvester Reeves, Oct. 1 [int. Oct. 2, sic], 1818. [Mrs. Millescent, Oct. 1, C.R. 1.]
Nancy G. and Ellis Packard of Bridgewater, Jan. 1, 1844.
Nancy Georgiana [int. N. Georgianna], 24, d. Walter and Almira, and Abner Rice, 25, teacher, of Woburn, s. Edw[ar]d and Nancy, Dec. 4, 1845.
Nathaniel Jr. and Mellisent Rice of Framingham, int. Dec. 2, 1809.
Sam[u]el and Abigail Parris, Feb. 9, [1]786.*
Sarah G., 19, d. Walter and Elmira, and Edward Rice Jr., 23, farmer, s. Edw[ar]d and Nancy, June 24, 1847.
Sylvester and Mrs. Milliesent [int. Mellisant] Reeves, Oct. 1 [int. Oct. 2, sic], 1818. [Mrs. Millescent, Oct. 1, C.R. 1.]
Walter and Almira Griffin, June 8, 1820.


Aaron and Lois Bond of Westminster, int. Dec. 13, 1806.
Abagail [of] Sudbury, and Palmer Golding [of] Sudbury, Dec. 4, 1722, in Concord.*
Abigail of Sudbury, and Uriah Wheeler of Sudbury, Dec. 28, 1704, in Watertown.*
Abigail and Richard Heard Jr., Feb. 23, 1815.
Abner and Caroline W. Latham of Grafton, int. Aug. 18, 1843.
Abner, 25, teacher, of Woburn, s. Edw[ar]d and Nancy, and Nancy Georgiana [int. N. Georgianna] Reeves, 24, d. Walter and Almira, Dec. 4, 1845.
Almira and Elisha Child of Weston, int. Jan. 8, 1830.
Benjamin L. and Lois Hoar, Dec. 26, 1812.
Betsey [int. Elizabeth] and Jonas Goodnow [int. Goodenow], [June] 21, 1795.
Buckminster and Abigail How, Jan. 12, 1798.
Calvin and Mary P. Drury of Natick, int. Nov. 25, 1820.
Charles H., 28, mariner, s. Charles and Miranda, and Mary L. [int. Lucy] Ames, 23, d. Ebenezer and Lucy, July 15, 1847.
Charles R., 22, blacksmith, and Eliza B. Adlington, 23, Nov. 27, 1845.
Chole [int. Chloe] and Samuel Lovewell [int. Lovwell] of Weston, Feb. 11, 1812. [Chloe and Sam[ue]l Lovewell of Weston, C.R. 1.]
Cynthia and Dr. Levi Goodenough of Derby, Vt., int. Jan. 8, 1830.
Cyrus of Cambridge, and Barbara Dunton of Cambridge, Oct. 12, 1837.* C.R. 1.
David [of] Sudbury, and Elizabeth Cutler [of] Sudbury, Nov. 7, 1707, in Concord.*
David and Ruth Garfield, Apr. 9, 1788, in Waltham.*
Edmund and Mrs. Betsey Train of Weston, int. Nov. 22, 1815.
Edward and Nancy Bond [of] Westminster, int. May 31, 1817.
Edward Jr., 23, farmer, s. Edw[ar]d and Nancy, and Sarah G. Reeves, 19, d. Walter and Elmira, June 24, 1847.
Elener and Enoch Harrington of Weston, int. June 12, 1799.
Eliakim of Sudbury, and Mehitable Livermore of Weston, May 14, 1730, in Weston.*
Elisha [of] Sudbury, and Elizabeth Wheeler [of] Concord, Feb. 10, 1707-8, in Concord.*
Elisha of Framingham, and Abigail Cory, [Ju]ly 24, [1]786.*
Elisha and Mrs. Elizabeth Risbrough of Boston, int. May 6, 1827. "May 17-1827 directed by Elisha Rice to discontinue the publishment of his intentions of Marriage with Elizabeth Risbrough."
Elizabeth (see Betsey).
Elizabeth D. and Appleton P. Eames of Milford, int. Mar. 29, [18]35. [m. Apr. 23, C.R. 1.]
Emily of Waltham, and Samuel B. Ward of Framingham, May 25, 1842.*
Eunice and Daniel Jones of Boston, [May] 17, 1808.
Ezekiel Jr. and Polly Newton of Weston, int. Dec. 28, 1798.
George A., 25, farmer, s. Samuel and Dorcas, and Mary Bent, 25, d. William and Mary, Jan. 6, 1848.
Grace of Leicester, and Richard Baley of Sudbury, Feb. 4, 1755, in Leicester.*
Harriot and William Badger of Natick, July 4, 1822. [Harriet, C.R. 1.]
Isaac [of] Sudbury, and Sibbell Collins, Sept. 27, 1690, in Concord.*
Isaac of Sudbury, and Anna Mixer of Watertown, May 21, 1741, in Watertown.*
Isaac of Sudbury, and Thankful Graves of Weston, Apr. 26, 1769, in Weston.*
Isaac Jr. of Sudbury, and Sarah Lamb of Spencer, Jan. 14, 1771, in Spencer.*
Isaac, 26, shoemaker, s. Aaron and Lois, and Emily Stone, d. Aaron and Sarah, June 19, 1846.
Issabella [int. Isabella] and Torry [int. Torrey] Hancock of Cambridge, June 5, 1811.
Jason of Sudbury, and Abigail Clark of Sudbury, May 31, 1722, in Watertown.*
Jemima, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], and Jeremiah [int. Nehemiah] Miller of Westboro [int. Westborough], May 24, 1792, in Westboro.
John of Sudbury, and Sarah Dunton of Sudbury, Nov. 11, 1731, in Weston.*
Joice of Sudbuy, and Samuel Abbott of Sudbuy, June 26, 1705, in Watertown.*
Jonas of Sudbury, and Mary Stearns of Weston, Feb. 13, 1766, in Weston.*
Jonathan [of] Sudbury, and Anne Derby [of] Stow, Mar. 25, 1702, in Concord.*
Jonathan of Sudbury, and Lydia Pratt, Nov. 18, 1714, in Framingham.*
Joseph A. and Lorana Dingley, Sept. 17, 1848.
Joyce [see Joice].
Levina [int. Levinah] and Joseph Rutter, June 14, 1789.
Lot and Elizabeth Bellows of Southborough, Apr. 7, 1778, in Southborough.*
Lot Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Elizabeth Bellows of Southborough, May 15, 1788, in Westboro.
Lucy and Isaac Stearns, [torn]tr. [Sept. or Oct.] 2, [1]786.*
Lydia and Joseph Parmenter, Mar. 20, 1799.
Margeret, wid., and Thomas Damon, int. Dec.6, 1799.
Mary of Sudbury, and Jonathan Bigelow of Weston, Jan. 19, 1741-2, in Weston.*
Mary [int. adds Harris] and Charles Heard, Nov. 21, 1822.
Mary and Samuel Willis of Concord, [Dec.] 7, 1824.
Mary D., 23, d. Calvin and Mary, and William Stowe, widr. [int. omits widr.], 29, merchant, of Boston, s. Trueman and Hannah, Dec. 15, 1845.
Mellisent of Framingham, and Nathaniel Reeves Jr., int. Dec. 2, 1809.
Nancy and Aaron Johnson, int. _____, 17, 1808.
Nancy and Mark C. Sibley, Nov. 28, 1821.
Peter and Maria [int. Marcia] Roby, [June] 23, 1831. [Marcia, C.R. 1.]
Phinehas Jr. of Framingham, and Sally Rutter, int. _____ 28, 1812. [m. May 3, C.R. 1.]
Polly and Caleb Hayward, [May] 17, 1787.*
Rebecca [of] Sudbury, and Jonathan Heywood [of] Concord, Aug. 23, 1768, in Concord.*
Ruammi and Jesse Goodnow, int. Nov. 2, 1805. [Ruhamah, m. Jan. 23, 1806, C.R. 1.]
Salome and Warren Nixon of Framingham, May 23, 1818.
Samuel and Dorcas Heard, June 15, 1815.
Sarah and Gideon Putnam of Boston, June 17, 1823.
Sibbilli of Sudbury, and Dea. George Reed of Woburn, May 24, 1721, in Woburn.*
Unity and William Dudley Jr., June 26, 1806.
William of Framingham, and Joanna Johnson, [July] 30, 1795.


William M., 21, shoemaker, s. Eliakim and Fanny, and Abby F. Dudley, 17, d. Gary and Betsey K., Apr. 29, 1847.


Abigail of Woburn, and Nathaniel Gibbs of Sudbury, Apr. 18, 1753, in Medford.*
Josiah of Chelmsford, and Experience Wight of Sudbury, Oct. 23, 1728, in Chelmsford.*
Luther of Sudbury, and Persis Hemenway of Framingham, June __, 1770, in Framingham.*
Thomas of Westford, and Polly [int. Mrs. Mary] Noyes, Jan. 1, 1797.
Willard of Westford, and Mary Griffin, [Apr.] 19, 1802.


Esther and Marshall Damon, int. Jan. 21, [18]36.


Elizabeth, Mrs., of Boston, and Elisha Rice, int. May 6, 1827. "May 17-1827 directed by Elisha Rice to discontinue the publishment of his intentions of Marriage with Elizabeth Risbrough."


Mary [of] Sudbury, and Nathan Stone [of] Sudbury, May 5, 1740, in Concord.*


James C. of Framingham, and Arsenette Kelly Reed of Framingham, Sept. 5, 1842.* [Asenath Kelly Reed of Framingham, C.R.. (sic)

ROBIE (see Roby)

Elizabeth [int. Betsey Roby] and Ephraim Curtis [int. of Charleston, N.H.[, June 6, 1796.


Curtis and Emeline Puffer of Sudbury, int. Nov. 26, 1838.
Dexter and Ann Hapgood of Waltham, int. Feb. 23, 1834.

ROBY (see Robie)

Abigail [int. Nabby] and Dr. Moses Dudley of Westmoreland, N.H., [Jan.] 16, 1798.
Ann and John Bowen of Roxbury, Apr. 15, 1798.
ROBY, Betsey (see Elizabeth Robie).
Ebenezer of Sudbury, and Sarah Swift of Framingham, June 76, 1729, in Framingham.*
Edwin A. and Chloe A. Twichell of Franklin, int. Sept. 2, 1832.
Elvira [int. adds S.] and Charles S. Drury of Dorchester, May 8, 1828. [Elvira S., C.R. 1.]
Emily and Artimas Bond, Feb. 11, 1821.* [Artemas, C.R. 1.]
Joseph, Dr., and Mrs. Lucy Parks of Charleston, N.H., Nov. 19, 1807.*
Maria [int. Marcia] and Peter Rice, [June] 23, 1831. [Marcia, C.R. 1.]
Mary B., Mrs., of Boston, and John Allen, int. Nov. 20, 1824.
Nabby (see Abigail).
Rebecah and Daniel Learnard, int. Nov. 3, 1804. [Rebecca, m. Dec. 23, C.R 1.]
Sarah of Sudbury, and Joseph Ruggles of Billerica, _____, in Billerica.*
Thomas S. [int. Robie] of Gorham, Me., and Clarissa Adams, May 21, 1820. [Robie, C.R. 1.]
William and Susanna [int. Sukey] Harland, Mar. 5, 1797.


Abigail of Groton, and Ebenezer Wood of Sudbury, Dec. 15, 1744, in Groton.*


Thomas P. of Providence, R. I., and Marie Smith, int. July 13, 1840. [m. Aug. 2, C.R. 1.]


Ann and Thomas McCain, int. Feb. 21, 1845.


Isabelle and Samuel H. Mann, Oct. 28, 1829. [Samuel H. Esq., C.R. 1.]


Joseph of Billerica, and Sarah Roby of Sudbury, _____, in Billerica.*

RUSSELL (see Russill)

Asa of Fitchburgh, and Lucy Brewer, Jan. 7, 1782.* [Asa of Fitchburg, and Lucy Brown, M.R.]
Josiah and Nancy [int. Nancey] Hosmer of Acton, Sept. 20, 1819. [Nancy, C.R. 1.]
Lucy of Lexington, and Moses Goodnow of Sudbury, Nov. 23, 1738, in Lexington.*
Lucy Ann, 24, d. Josiah and Nancy, and Samuel Clark, 26, farmer, of Brookline, s. Caleb and Nancy of Brookline, Dec. 24, 1845.
Nancy, 24, d. Eph[raim] and Rebecca, and Ephraim Eager [int. Aiger], 34, farmer, of Sterling, s. Uriah and Nancy, Dec. 31, 1846.
Nathan and Mary Coburn of Weston, int. Apr. 30, 1823.
Samuu[el] [int. Jr.] and Abigail Maynard, [May] 26, 1788.
Samuel and Lucy Brigham of Princeton, int. Oct. 11, 1806.
Samuel Jr. and Mrs. Lydia H. Southwick, int. Mar. 15, 1835. [m. Apr. 2, C.R. 1.]
William and Sarah Loker, June 13, 1822.

RUSSILL (see Russelll)

Elisabeth and Joseph Tilten of Ipswich, Jan. 9, 1781.* [Elizabeth Russell and Joseph Tilton, M.R.]

RUTTER, Abigail (see Nabby)

Eunice and William Bridge Esq. [int. omits Esq.], [Nov.] 23, 1824.
Eunice and Ira Draper, July 6, m 1828.
Joseph and Levina [int. Levinah] Rice, June 14, 1789.
Micah Maynard and Nancy Plympton of Sudbury, int. Sept. 14, 1805.
Nabby [int. Abigail] and Calvin [int. Calven] Fuller of Dedham, Dec. 5, 1817. [Nabby and Calvin Fuller of Dedham. C.R. 1.]
Sally and Phinehas Rice Jr. of Framingham, int. _____ 28, 1812. [m. May 3, C.R. 1.]
Susan R. and Charles Pierce [int. Peirce] of Boston, Nov. 9, 1828. [Peirce, C.R. 1.]
Thomas and Damaris Pool, June 7, 1795.
Thomas and [int. adds Mrs.] Mary Boyles, Apr. 23, 1809.
Thomas and Susan R. Noyes, int. Mar. 1, 1835. [m. Apr. 5, C.R. 1.]

SANDERS (see Saunders)

Elijah of Marlborough, and Lois Moulton, int. Sept. 16, 1826.


Daniel of Watertown, and Ame Carter, Feb. 21, 1808. [Ama, C.R. 1.]

SAUNDERS (see Sanders)

Calvin H. and Harriett Bent, int. Oct. 8, 1848.
Lydia D. of Framingham, and Hastings R. Wentworth, int. Apr. 29, 1843.


Dorcas and Silas Flagg of Waltham, Dec. 4, 1794.
James Jr. and Susana Warren of Worcester, int. Dec. 14, 1799.
Rebeccah [int. Rebecca] and Ephraim Flagg, Dec. 1, 1803. [Rebecca Sanderson, C.R. 1.]


Seth Jr. of Princeton, and Mrs. Katharine Mills, int. June 26, 1803.


Benjamin and Susannah [int. Sukey] Underwood, Feb. 4, 1798, in Spencer.
Benjamin Jr. and Lucinda Harding of Medway, int. July 26, 1826.
Reuben and Lucinda Butterfield, Nov. 26, 1840.
Samuel of Worcester, and Mary Wesson of Sudbury, June 19, 1760, in Worcester.*


Sarah H. of Leicester, and Jonas N. Morse, int. Feb. 4, 1842.


Elizabeth and Bela Butler, June 5, 1785, in Sudbury.*
Hannah and Elisha Cutting, Nov. 1, 1787.*


Edmund H., Rev., and Ellen Bacon of Barnstable, int. Oct. 9, 1839.


Charlotte of Weston, and Henry R. Newton, int. Apr. 1, 1838.

SHARMAN (see Shearman, Sherman)

Luther and Rebeca Wheeler, int. _____ 20, 1803.


John [of] Marlboro and Silence Allen [of] Sudbury, Dec. 24, 1716, in Concord.*


Jubiania and Benjamin C. Deering, Jan 22, 1837.* [Juliania, C.R. 2.]

SHEARMAN (see Sharman, Sherman)

Polly [int. Sharman] and Joseph Moore, Dec. 29, 1806. [Sharman, C.R. 1.]


John of Sudbury, and Alice Michelson of Cambridge, Apr. 9, 1688, in Cambridge.*


Lucy, Mrs. [dup. Sheapard, dup. and int. omit Mrs.], of Westown [dup. and int. Weston], and William Haven, Aug. 30 [dup. July 1], 1792, in Cambridge [dup. Weston].

SHERMAN (see Sharman, Shearman)

Abigail and Zebadiah Farror, May 16, 1785.* [Shearman, and Zebadiah Farrar, M.R.]
Almira and Elisha W. Haynes of Sudbury, int. Nov. 12, [18]36. [m. Dec. 1, C.R. 1.]
Anna and Jona[than] Sherman Jr., [Nov.] 25, 1784.* [Shearman, and Jonathan Shearman Jr., M.R.]
Asahel and Sarah Damon of Fitz William, N.H., int. Sept. 1, 1834.
Asahel and Elisabeth Newton of Marlboro, int. Nov. 1, 1838.
Betsy [int. Elizabeth] and Samuel [int. Sam[ue]le] Patch, of Weston, Dec. 12, 1831. [Betsey and Samuel Patch of Weston, C.R. 1.]
Calvin and Lucy Parmenter of Sudbury, int. Sept. 24, 1836.
Caroline E. [int. Elizabeth], 17, d. Josiah M. and Abigail, and Elisha Moore 2d, 27, farmer, of Sudbury, s. Wheeler and Abigail of Sudbury, June 12, 1845.
Charles H. and Mrs. Catherine Goodnow of Sudbury, int. Nov. 12, 1848.
David of Sudbury, and Lydia Phillips of Weston, Mar. 7, 1754. in Weston.*
Dexter and Mary P. Whitney of Harvard, int. Mar. 26, 1842.
Dorcas [int. Shermon and Thomas Wheeler of Sudbury, [Apr.]22, 1830. [Sherman, C.R. 1.]
Eli and Anna Parmenter of Sudbury, int. Mar. 7, 1816.
Elizabeth (see Betsy).
Enos and Betsey Haynes of Lincoln, int. Nov. 3, 1833.
Ephraim of Sudbury, and Ruth Patch of Littleton, Sept. 18, 1783, in Littleton.*
Eunice [and] Zabediah Farror [of] Lincoln, [Aug.] 31, 1780.* [Sharman, and Zebediah Farrar, M.R.]
Harriett M., 24, d. Timothy and Maria, and Samuel H.M. Heard, 22, farmer, s. W[illia]m 2d and Susan, Mar. 1, 1849. [Harriet M., C.R. 1.]
Henry and Abigail Staples, Oct. 26, 1823.
Jahleel B. of Lincoln, and Mary Sherman, Dec. 11, 1842.
John Noyes and Celinda Griffin, May 8, 1834.
Jona[than] Jr. and Anna Sherman, [Nov.] 25, 1784.* [Jonathan Shearman Jr. and Anna Shearman, M.R.]
Josiah and Abigail Hunt of Sudbury, int. Sept. 26, 1812.
Josiah M. and Abigail Carter, _____ [rec. between Apr. 25, and Sept. 26] [int. May 29], 1824.
Lois and Simon Pratt of Framingham, int. Oct. 25, 1788.
Luther Jr. and Ianthe Omphale Almondesville of Boston, int. May 30, 1827. "May 31st- 1827 Said Sherman forbid any further Proceedings."
Mary and Jahleel B. Sherman of Lincoln, Dec. 11, 1842.
Mary P. of Lincoln, and Capt. William R. Dudley, int. Mar. 17, 1833.
Prentis [int. Prentiss] of Charleston, and Sally Carvery, Dec. 2, 1824. [Prentiss of Charlestown, C.R. 1.]
Rebecca and Elisha Ellms, June 9, 1839.
Reuben Jr. and Eliza Wiles of Dorchester, int. Nov. 2, 1817.
Sally and Emerson Parks of W. Cambridge, July 4, 1819.
Samuel and Mary H. Wheeler of Sudbury, int. Mar. 31, 1833.
Sybella [int. Sible] and David Heard, Mar. 31, 1789.
Timothy and Maria Staples, Feb. 28, 1822.
William [int. Sharman] and Betsey Whitney, Apr. 11, 1802.
William [int. 2d] and Mrs. Emma A. Crawford, May 15, 1842.


Joseph and Polly Meriam, Apr. 19, 1787.*
Joseph and Mrs. Elizabeth Maynard, int. apr. 24, 1813.


Mark C. and Nancy Rice, Nov. 28, 1821.

SIMONDS (see Symonds).


Jonathan of Sudbury, and Esther Wheeler of Concord, Oct. 4, 731, in Charlestown.*


Johannah of Framingham, and Dea. James Brown of Sudbury, May 20, 1731, in Framingham.*


Peter of Boston, and Abigail Abbott, May 24, 1781.* [Abbot, M.R.]


Abigail [of] Sudbury, and George Wheeler [of] Concord, Dec. 3, 1719, in Concord.*
Abigail and George Smith, int. Aug. 2, 1838. [m. Nov. 1, C.R. 1.]
Abraham [of] Sudbury, and Rhoda Wheeler [of] Concord, Jan. 22, 1750, in Concord.*
Abraham of Sudbury, and Jane Noyes, int. Oct. 17, 1801.
Betsey and Ruben [int. Reuben] Maynard of Sudbury, Oct. 22, 1789.
Bohan of Cambridge, and Sally Moulten, int. June 15, 1801.
Clarissa [int. Clurissa] and David Nurse of Westborough, Nov. 13, 1820. [Clarissa, C.R. 1.]
David of Sudbury, and Hannah Hammond of Weston, July 29, 1756, in Weston.*
David and Esther How [int. Howe] of Sudbury, Nov. 23, 1790, in Sudbury.
Elizabeth and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] Cyrus Wheeler of Concord, Dec. 19, 1816. [Capt. Cyrus, C.R. 1.]
Elizabeth and Isaac Collier, _____ [rec. Apr. 19, 1813.]*
Esther and Dea. Will[ia]m Johnson, Jan. 8, 1818.
Ezra of Sudbury, and Phebe Walcott of Bolton, Jan. 12, 1799, in Bolton.*
Farwell, 22, farmer, of Sudbury, s. Abel and Sally, and Pamelia H. [int. omits H.] Stone, 22, d. Aaron and Sally, Mar. 26, 1846.
Freeman, widr. [int. omits widr.], 45, farmer, of Sudbury, s. Abel and Dolly, and Eliza Dole, wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 43, d. Aaron Hapgood and Sally, Sept. 7, 1848.
George and Abigail Smith, int. Aug. 2, 1838. [m. Nov. 1, C.R. 1.]
George and Sarah Smith, int. July 4, 1846.
Haman of Stow, and Nancy Noyes, June 17, 1807.
Hannah of Needham, and Loring Loker, Feb. 1, 1832.
Henry of Sudbury, and Sarah Ann Moore, int. Nov. 11, 1849.
Horace, 21, cordwainer, s. Oliver B. and Mary, and Louisa M. Heywood, 24, d. Simeon H. and Elisabeth (Rice), June 22, 1846.
James and Nabby Lincoln of Sudbury, int. Nov. 20, 1806.
James of Weston, and Arathusa [int. Arrathusa] Lee, Mar. 7 [1819]. [Arethusa, C.R. 1.]
Joseph and Polly Wheeler of Concord, int. Jan. 4, 1817.
Josiah and Elizabeth Jones of Framingham, int. Feb. 15, 1806.
Levi, Rev., and Lydia Warren of S. Wilbreham, int. Apr. 11, 1829.
Lucy Jane of Framingham, and Elisha W. Wright, int. Dec. 25, [1838].
Marie and Thomas P. Rodman of Providence, R.I., int. July 13, 1840. [m. Aug. 2, C.R. 1.]
Martha [of] Waltham, and Eben[eze]r Stone, int. Nov. 5, 1825.
Mary and William Whitemore of Weston, int. Oct. 22, 1829.
Mary G. and Luther Butterfield of Holliston, int. Apr. 14, [18]37.
Rebeca [int. Rebecca] and Joseph Stone of Boston, June 5, 1817. [Rebecca, C.R. 1.]
Sarah and Timothy Underwood, [Oct.] 9, 1783.*
Sarah and Josiah Goodenow of Sudbury, June 4, [1]786.*
Sarah and Hiram Hoar of Poultney, Vt., int. Sept. 8, 1827.
Sarah and George Smith, int. July 4, 1846.


Lydia H., Mrs., and Samuel Russell Jr., int. Mar. 15, 1835. [m. Apr. 2, C.R. 1.]


Comfort of Natick, and John Barney of Sudbury, Dec. 14, 1779, in Natick.*


Leonard [of] Boston, and Eliza Brown, int. Jan. 12, 1818.


Hannah [of] Concord, and Elisha How [of] Sudbury, Aug. 18, 1718, in Concord.*


David of Weston, and Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] Dudley, Apr. 1, 1841.


Mary of Weston, and Jonathan Parmenter of Sudbury, Mar. 30, 1726, in Weston.*


Barbara of Boston, and Joseph B. Stimpson of Boston, Mar. 19, 1837.* C.R. 1.


Ann of Sudbury, and Jonathan Whipple of Marlboro, Nov. 17, 1737, in Marlboro.*
Elizabeth of Bolton, and William Walker of Sudbury, May 29, 1777, in Bolton.*
Peter of Bolton, and Elizabeth Parmenter of Sudbury, Nov. 30, 1775, in Bolton.*
Samuel of Sudbury, and Elizabeth Angier, Nov. 6, 1755, in Framingham.*


Stephen and Lydia Ann L. Damon, Dec. 2, 1839.


Abigail and Luther Gleazen, [Jan.] 8, 1797.
Abigail and Henry Sherman, Oct. 26, 1823.
Ebenezer and Mrs. Anna Parks, int. Dec. 16, 1805.
Ephraim and Sally Livermore of Weston, June 30, 1799, in Weston.
Maria and Timothy Sherman, Feb.28, 1822.
Mary and James Noyes, Mar. 23, 1791.
Samuel and Ruth Read of Sudbury, July 31, 1788, in Sudbury.


Hannah of Weston, and Daniel Maynard, Dec. 15, 1793.


Frederick and Matilda Divoll, int. Jan. 28, 1848.


Charles of Sudbury, and Marion S. Harrington, int. Mar. 15, 1845.
Isaac and Lucy Rice, [torn]tr. [Sept. or Oct.] 2, [1]786.*
Jonathan Jr. of Waltham, and Sarah Cory, Nov. 13, 1798, in Waltham.
Mary of Weston, and Jonas Rice of Sudbury, Feb. 13, 1766, in Weston.*


Hannah of Braintree, and Jonathan Carter Jr. of Sudbury, June 11, 1774, in Braintree.*
Sibel [of] Needham, and Benja[min] Dudleey Jr., int. Aug. 3, 1793.


Sally of Boylston, and Marshall Flagg, "on or About" May 12, 1830.*

STIMPSON (see Stimpson)

Joseph B. of Boston, and Barbara Spurr of Boston, Mar. 19, 1837.* C.R 1.

STIMSON (see Stimpson)

Hepzibeth of Reading, and John Laughton of Sudbury, July 28, 1730, in Reading.*


Erastus R. of E. Cambridge, and Sarah Twist, Feb. 23, 1834.


Aaron and Abigail [int. Betsey] Cutting of Fram[ingham], Oct. 23, 1795, in Framingham.
Aaron and Sarah Cutting, int. _____ 22, 1806. [m. Mar.18, C.R. 1.]
Abigail and Amos Harris of Groton, int. June 2, 1799.
Adam of Fitzwilliam, and Judith Adams [N]ov. 19, [1]786.*
Andrew J. and Harriet Cobb of Plympton, int. May 21, 1841.
Anna, of Framingham, and Micah Bent, int. Nov. 18, 1809.
Ascenath [int. Asenath] and Luther Underwood of Framingham, Nov. 28, 1822. [Asenath, v 1.]
Ashbell and Mary Harris of Worcester, int. Jan. 5, 1805.
Benjamin and Sarah Emes of Sudbury, May 3, 1785, in Sudbury.*
Betsey and Joshua Kendall [int. Kindall], Dec. 26, 1802.
Betsey, Mrs., and Daniel Puffer, Jan. 17, 1841, in Weston.
Caroline and Silas Conant 2d of Sudbury, [Mar.] 30, 1826.
Dana and Maryann [int. Mary Ann] Whitney, [Sept.] 30, 1830. [Mary Ann, C.R. 1.]
Daniel, Dea., of Framingham, and Ruth Haynes of Sudbury, Nov. 12, 1712, in Framingham.*
Deborah and Seth Badcock of Lincon, Oct. 2, 1783.* [Seth of Lincoln, M.R.]
Eben[eze]r and Martha Smith [of] Waltham, int. Nov. 5, 1825.
Emeline [int. Evelina] and Jeremiah S. Monroe, Apr. 25, 1839. [Eveline, C.R. 2.]
Emily, d. Aaron and Sarah, and Issac Rice, 26, shoemaker, s. Aaron and Lois, June 19, 1846.
Evelina (see Emeline).
George W. of Sudbury, and Maria Dudley, int. May 3, 1835.
Gilbert of Weston, and Eunice Underwood, [Apr.] 16, 1816.
Hannah and Coolidge Jones of Boston, int. July 13, 1810.
Hannah and Reuben Hastings of Boylston, int. Nov. 30, 1811.
Hetty of Natick, and William Johnson, int. Aug. 27, 1796.
Isaac of Framingham, and Elisabeth Brown of Sudbury, July 24, 1722, in Watertown.*
Israel and Zaviah Connant of Sudbury, int. _____ 26, 1806.
Isreal [int. Israel] and Dolly Conant of Sudbury, May 29, 1794, in Sudbury.
James B., housewright, s. Nevinson and w., and Louisa Gay of Natick, May 3, 1849.
Jane and Nathaniel Gove of Lincoln, Oct. 20, 1796.
Joseph of Boston, and Rebeca [int. Rebecca] Smith, June 5, 1817. [Rebecca, C.R. 1.]
Josiah Jr. of Framingham, and Sophia Brigham, Mar. 1, 1830. [Mar. 21, C.R. 1.]
Lorency [dup. Lorenna, int. Lorinna] and Josiah Johnson, Apr. 17 [dup. [Apr.] 11], 1822. [Lorency, Apr. 17, C.R. 1.]
Lucretia H., 22, d. Luke and Lydia, and Luther Gleason, widr. [int. omits widr.], 37, gentleman, s. Luther and Abigail, Mar. 20,1847.
Lucy and John Ingraham of Framingham, June 11. 1826.
Luther and Lucy How, Feb. 3, 1825.
Martha [int. Patty] of Framingham, and Joseph Goodenough [int. Goodnow Jr.], Nov. 30, 1799, in Framingham.
Mary of Sudbury, and Daniel Learned Jr., int. Mar. 10, 1816.
Mary and Isaac Frail Jr. of Hopkinton, Dec. 22, 1842.
Matthew and Hannah Emes of Sudbury, Jan. 24, 1794, in Sudbury.
Nathan [of] Sudbury, and Mary Robbins [of] Sudbury, May 5, 1740, in Concord.*
Nathaniel [of] Framingham, and Mary Cutler [of ] Sudbury, Aug. 10, 1711, in Concord.*
Pamelia H. [int. omits H.], 22, d. Aaron and Sally, and Farwell Smith, 22, farmer, of Sudbury, s. Abel and Sally, Mar. 26, 1846.
Patty (see Martha).
Persis of Framingham, and Isaac Damon Jr., int. Sept. 26, 1789.
Persis and Coolidge Jones, Aug. 27, 1808.
Persis [int. Percis] and Daniel [int. Nathaniel] Parker, [Dec.] 22, 1816. [Daniel, C.R. 1.]
Purchas of Framingham, and Lois Damon, Dec. 13, 1787.*
Sarah and Amos Conant of Sudbury, Oct. 20, 1796.
Susan and Ephraim Farwell, Oct. 22, 1826.
Walter and Betsey Eames of Framingham, Oct. 18, 1824, in Framingham.
Walter H. and Jane Meriam, int. June 2, 1815.
William and Sukey Cutter of Sudbury, int. July 5, 1807.
William and Hannah Deth, Jan. 1, 1840.


William, widr. [int. omits widr.], 29, merchant, of Boston, s. Trueman and Hannah, and Mary D. Rice, 23, d. Calvin and Mary, Dec. 15, 1845.


Dorothy [of] Concord, and Joseph Goodnow [of] Sudbury, July 18, 1768, in Concord.*
Elizabeth of Watertown, and William Forgason of Sudbury, Dec. 13, 1734, in Watertown.*
Frances P. of Waltham, and Samuel Adams, int. Mar. 6, 1837.
George of Weston, and Priscilla [int. Pricilla] Heard, Apr. 28, 1825. [Priscilla, C.R. 1.]
Harriot [of] Weston, and Jonathan F. Heard, int. Apr. 13, 1815.
John and Sophia Arnold, Apr. 22, 1823.


Benjamin and Sarah Pedrick of Deadham, int. Feb. 25, 1819.
Simeon H., 30, farmer, s. Jos[eph] A. and Hannah, and Mary J. Bemis, 16, d. Luther and Rachael, May 31, 1846.


Cynthia [int. adds M.] and Henry Georgon esq. [int. Georgen, omits Esq.] of Montreal, May 5, 1811. [Cynthia M. and Henry Georgen Esq. of Montreal, C.R. 1.]
Sarah of Framingham, and Ebenezer Roby of Sudbury, June 6, 1729, in Framingham.*
Susan and Thomas B. Chickering of Boston, int. May 16,1812. [m. May 30, C.R. 1.]


Eliphalet [int. Elipalet] of Hillsboro [int. Hilsboro], N.H., and Tamasin [int. Tamme] Tilton, Sept. 8, 1796.


Sarah [of] Sudbury, and Robert Mann [of] Sudbury, Mar. 17, 1700-1, in Concord.*


Silas P. of Boston,and Mary Adams, Mar. 10, 1808.


Trowbridge of Southborough, and Jane Curtis, Apr. 19, 1781.* [Trowbridge of Sudbury, M.R.]


Joseph of Boston, and Sarah Noyes Wyman, Nov. 6, 1823.


Josiah A. and Caroline Damon, Mar. 1, 1829.
Josiah Appleton and Martha Maynard, Oct. 9, 1803.
Martha Maynard and Sewall Damon, Jan. 25, 1827.
Priscilla, 28, d. Josiah A. and Martha, and Charles Moulton, 28, carpenter, of Framingham, s. Windsor (Moultun) and Mary of Framingham, June 19, 1845.
Rachel and Thomas J. Damon, Dec. 18, 1834.


David S. and Caroline Duby, Dec. 3, 1836. [Thomson, and Caroline Dudley, C.R. 2.]
Isaac, 22, teamster, of Charlestown, s. William and Mary, and Caroline W. Dudley, 19, d. Lewis and Martha, Aug. 16, 1849.
Lucy of Sudbury, and Jotham Brigham [of] Marlborough, Dec. 1, 1784.* [Jonathan Brigham of Marlboro, M.R.]
Margaret of Camden, Me., and Samuel D. Thompson, int. June 9, [18]49.
Ruth of Charlestown, and Thomas Plympton of Sudbury, Jan. 17, 1744-5, in Charlestown.*
Samuel D. and Margaret Thompson of Camden, Me., int. June 9, [18]49.


Jane of Southborough, and Henry D. Fales, int. De[c]. 17, 1836.

TILTEN (see Tilton)

Joseph of Ipswich, and Elisabeth Russill, Jan. 9, 1781.* [Tilton, and Elizabeth Russell, M.R.]
Sarah [and] Dea. Joseph Batchelor [of] Grafton, [Sept.] 21, 1780.* [Mrs. Sarah Tilton and Dea. Joseph Bachelor, M.R.]

TILTON (see Tilten)

Abigail and John Brackett [int. of Weston], May 1, 1788.
Betsy [int. Betsey] and Eph[rai]m Livermore of Weston, [May] 25, 1789.
John Jr. (Tillon) [int. Tilton] and Elizabeth Dunn [int. Dun], Apr. 13, 1797.
Mary and Jonas Brooks of Jeff[re]y, N.H., int. Dec. 1, 1798.
Sarah and David Livermore of Weston, Oct. 4, 1787.*
Susanna and William Lawrence [int. Lawrance Jr.] of Weston, July 7, 1791.
Tabith]a and W[illia]m Livermoore of Weston, int. Dec. 7, 1799.
Tamasin [int.Tamme] and Eliphalet [int. Elipalet] Symonds of Hillsboro [int. Hilsboro], N.H., Sept. 8, 1796.


Elisha of Concord, and Nabby [int. Abigail] Adams, Oct. 17, 1816. [Nabby, C.R. 1.]
Samuel H., Rev., of Shirley, and Rachel Damon, [Oct.] 22, 1816.


Jedediah L. of Stow, and Mary Jane Noyes, Apr. 3, 1839.
Mary [of] Concord, and Samuel Parmenter [of] Sudbury, Nov. 14, 1751, in Concord.*
Sarah, Mrs., of Sudbury, and Joshua Prouty, int. Aug. 1, 1817.


Hannah and Nathaniel Gibbs of Sudbury, Mar. 5, 1761, in Hopkinton.*
Lois and Isaac Gibbs of Sudbury, Jan. 2, 1755, in Hopkinton.*


Betsey, Mrs., of Weston, and Edmund Rice, int. Nov. 22, 1815.


Charlotte and Jonas Parmenter, July 3, 1820.
Eleanor Jane, wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 37, d. Jona[than] Dunton and Eliza, and George Fiske, widr. [int. omits widr.], 43, farmer, s. Robert and Nancy, Nov. 17, 1846.
Mihitable [and] Thaddeas Gooding of Waltham, July 10, 1783.* [Mehitabel and Thaddeus Gooding, M.R.]
Rebecca [int. Rebeca], Mrs., and John Dunton, [July] 9, 1820. [Rebecca, C.R. 1.]
Rebecca [int. Rebeca] and John Badger [int. Jr.] of Natick, Dec.6, 1830. [Rebeca and John Badger Jr. of Natick, C.R. 1.]


Abigail of Framingham, and William Puffer of Sudbury, June 8, 1742, in Framingham.*
Benulah and Josiah Goodnow of Sudbury, Aug. 2, 1744, in Framingham.*
Hannah of Framingham, and Jabish Puffer of Sudbury, Oct. 18,, 1738, in Framingham.*


Chloe A. of Franklin, and Edwin A. Roby, int. Sept. 2, 1832.


Sarah and Erastus R. Stinson of E. Cambridge, Feb. 23, 1834.


Mary Ann and John S. B. Hustin, int. Apr. 5, 1828.


Benjamin and Esther Harrington of Weston, Aug. 18, 1790 [ int. July 30 [1791], sic], in Weston.
Charles and Mary [int. Polly R.] Bacon, Dec. 31, 1829. [Mary, C.R. 1.]
Eunice and Gilbert Stone of Weston, [Apr.] 16, 1816.
Jonathan of Weston, and Eunice Grout of Sudbury, Sept. 16, 1766, in Weston.*
Jonathan of Weston, and Mary Reeves, of Sudbury, Feb. 3, 1780, in Weston.*
Joseph of Needham, and Lydia Bent of Sudbury, Nov. 23, 1779, in Needham.*
Kezia [int. Keziah] of Lincoln, and Shadrack [int. Shadrach] Haynes, July 176, 1795.
Luther of Framingham, and Ascenath [int. Asenath] Stone, Nov. 28, 1822. [Asenath, C.R. 1.]
Lydia of Wes[torn], and Tho]ma]s Peirce of Wes[torn], Feb. 13, 1783.* [Lydia of Weston, and Thomas Peirce of Weston, M.R.]
Mary and Samuel Lee, int. Feb. 16, 1805. [m. Mar. 24, C.R. 1.]
Olive of Framingham, and Joseph Moulten, int. May 1, 1804.
Peter of Watertown, and Athaliah Jenkison, Oct. 2, 1794.
Polly and Squire Johnson of Granby, int. Oct. 5, 1805. [m. Nov. 12, C.R. 1.]
Susannah [int. Sukey] and Benjamin Sawin, Feb. 4, 1798, in Spencer.
Sylvester and Hannah Butterfield, Nov. 25, 1841.
Timothy and Sarah Smith, [Oct.] 9, 1783.*


Mirick and Mary Pierce of Needham, int. Mar. 14, 1829.


John S. [of] Boston, [and] Emeline R. Hammond, int. Feb. 13, [1848].


Phebe of Bolton, and Ezra Smith of Sudbury, Jan. 12, 1779, in Bolton.*


Abijah of Sudbury, and Lydia Parmenter of Framingham, Mar. __, 1750, in Framingham.*
Daniel [of] Sudbury, and Dorothy Manning [of] Sudbury, Dec. 13, 1709, in Concord.*
James D. and Nancy D. Allen, Apr. 18, 1837.
John of Sudbury, and Lydia Daniel of Sherborn, Mar. 23, 1740, in Sherborn.*
Lois of Sudbury, and James Bemis, Nov. 29, 1785, in Sudbury.*
Mary of Weston, and Benjamin Dudley of Sudbury, Dec. 14, 1752, in Weston.*
Matthias of Framingham, and Jane Moulten, Mar. 14, 1793.
Matthias [int. Mattheas Jr.] of Cambridge, and Lydia Brigham, Sept. 9, 1830. [Matthias, C.R. 1.]
William of Sudbury, and Elizabeth Stanhope of Bolton, May 29, 1777, in Bolton.*


Caroline, 31, of Lowell, d. Amos and Lydia, and Alfred Wiswell, widr., 34, carriage trimmer, of Framingham, s. Andrew and Emily, Sept. 12, 1849.*
Charles A. and Martha E. McKeen of Acworth, N.H., int. June 8, [18]49.
Emeline L., 18, d. William and Eunice, and Elijah Howe, 23, farmer, of Marlborough [int. Marlboro], s. Jabez and Roxana, Apr. 29, 1849.
Eunice H. and William H. [int. omits H.] Bemis, Dec. 30, 1841.
Martha Jane [int. Ann] and Daniel S. Barnard of Marlborough [int. Marlboro], Mar. 23, 1836. [Martha Ann and Daniel S. Barnard of Marlborough, C.R. 2.]
Mehetable, Mrs., of Needham, and Capt. Isaac Loker, int. [Aug.] 27 [1791].
Onea and Owen Pierce, int. May 22, 1848.
Samuel B. of Framingham, and Emily Rice of Waltham, May 25, 1842.*
William [int. Jr.], shoemaker, s. William Sr., and Susan Lee, d. Cyrus, May 1, 1844.
William Jr. and Mary L. Lee, int. Oct. 18, 1849.


Martha A. and Daniel B. Reed, Mar. 15, 1842, in Newton.


Thomas J. and Mrs. Betsey Dutton, Apr. 19, 1842.


John of Sudbury, and Elizabeth Carson of Worcester, July 24, 1776, in Worcester.*
Lydia of S. Wilbreham, and Rev. Levi Smith, int. Apr. 11, 1829.
Susanna of Worcester, and James Saunderson Jr., int. Dec. 14, 1799.


Lucy of Marlborough, and Dr. Ebenezer Ames, int. Dec. 3, 1814.


Sally and Thomas Hoten, int. Feb. 6,1829.

WELLINGTON (see Willington)

Cherry of Waltham, and Zachariah Bryant of Sudbury, Oct. 9, 1764, in Waltham.*


Elizabeth of Lancaster, and Rev. Jacob Bigelow of Sudbury, Nov. 23, 1775, in Lancaster.*

WELSH (see Wilsh).


Hastings R. and Lydia D. Saunders of Framingham, int. Apr. 29, 1843.


Achsah and Thomas Reed 3d of Abington, int. May 23, 1840. [m. June 11, C.R. 1.]
Mary of Sudbdury, and Samuel Sawin of Worcester, June 19, 1760, in Worcester.*


Pliny Esq. of Stow, and Mrs. Catharine B. Whitney, int. Feb. __, 1845.


Asa and Mrs. Emily Wheeler of Oxford, N.H., int. Oct. 2, 1818.
Cyrus, Capt. [int. omits Capt.], of Concord, and Elizabeth Smith, Dec. 19, 1816. [Capt. Cyrus, C.R. 1.]
Elizabeth [of] Concord, and Elisha Rice [of] Sudbury, Feb. 10, 1707=8, in Concord.*
Emily, Mrs., of Oxford, N.H., and Asa Wheeler, int. Oct. 2, 1818.
Esther of Concord, and Jonathan Simson of Sudbury, Oct. 4, 1731, in Charlestown.*
George [of] Concord, and Abigail Smith [of] Sudbury, Dec. 3, 1719, in Concord.*
Israil of Sudbury, and Susanna Carter, [A]pr. 6, [1]786.*
Jesse and Abigail Bacon, May 28, 1826.
Mary H. of Sudbury, and Samuel Sherman, int. Mar. 31, 1833.
Polly of Concord, and Joseph Smith, int. Jan. 4, 1817.
Rebeca and Luther Sharman, int. _____ 20, 1803.
Rhoda [of] Concord, and Abraham Smith [of] Sudbury, Jan. 22, 1750, in Concord.*
Susan F. of Acton, and Luther S. Noyes of Acton, Sept. 2, 1839.* [Sept. 22, C.R. 2.]
Thomas of Sudbury, and Dorcas Sherman [int. Shermon], [Apr.] 22, 1830. [Sherman. C.R. 1.]
Uriah of Sudbury, and Abigail Rice of Sudbury, Dec. 28, 1704. in Watertown.*


Caroline of Surry, N.H., and Jefferson Loker, int. Mar. 29, 1836.


Jonathan of Marlboro, and Ann Stanhope of Sudbury, Nov. 17,1737, in Marlboro.*


Eunice of Templeton, and Jonathan Cutting of Sudbury, Oct. 17, 1778, in Templeton.*


Elijah of Brighton, and Nancy Brackett, [Apr.] 30, 1809. [Bracket, C.R. 1.


Alexander of Needham, and Mary Abbot, int. Aug. 15, 1800.

WHITEMORE (see Whittemore)

William of Weston, and Mary Smith, int. Oct. 22, 1829.


Lewis of N. Brookfield, and Fanny Parks, June 15, 1837.


Abraham Jr. of Stow, and Marcy Perry of Sudbury, Dec. 19, 1745, in Stow.*
Betsey and William Sherman [int. Sharman], Apr. 11, 1802.
Catharine B. Mrs., and Pliny Wetherbee Esq. of Stow, int. Feb. __, 1845.
Elisha of Watertown, and Sukey Cory, [July] 24, 1806.
Jeremiah F. and Sarah A. Puffer, Nov. 11, 1841, in Weston.
Joseph Gay of Boston, and Rachell [int. Rachel] Harrington, Nov. 10, 1811. [Rachel, C.R. 1.
Mary P. of Harvard, and Dexter Sherman, int. Mar.26, 1842.
Maryann [int. Mary Ann] and Dana Stone, [Sept.] 30, 1830. [Mary Ann, C.R. 1.]
Micah of Leicester, and Meliscent Maynard of Sudbury, Apr. 16, 1755, in Leicester.*
Sophia [of] Cambridge, and Edward Mellen Esq., int. Mar. 15, 1831.
Susan [of] Weston, and Henry Parmenter, int. Feb. 11, 1826.
Susannah and William Alden of Needham, May 1, 1788, in Needham.*

WHITTEMORE (see Whitemore)

Loes and Benjamin Carter, Sept. 4, 1780.* [Lois, M.R.]
Rebeca [int. Rebeccah Whitemore] and Nathan Gleazen, May 16, 1790.

Experience of Sudbury, and Josiah Richardson of Chelmsford, Oct. 23, 1728, in Chelmsford.*
Henry and Isabella Mann of Orford, N.H., int. apr. 29, 1848.
John B., Rev., and Sally Grout, Jan. 1, 1818. [Sarah, C.R. 1.]

WILES (see Willis)

Eliza of Dorchester, and Reuben Sherman Jr., int. Nov. 2, 1817.


Ebenezer and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Catharine Dunn, [torn] 7 [torn] [? 1788] [int. [May] 17, 1788].


Mary of Lancaster, and Moses Moseman of Sudbury, Apr. 2, 1775, in Lancaster.*


Almira and Henry Briggs of Boston, Feb. 9, 1834.
Benjamin S. of Hingham, and Martha S. Maynard, July 9, 1822.
Benj[ami]n S. of Hingham, and Susan P. Goodnow, July 6, 1826. [Susan Plympton Goodenow, C.R. 1.]

WILLINGTON (see Wellington)

Josiah, Lt., and Susannah Bent, Aug. 4, 1782.* [Wellington, and Susanna Bent, M.R.]
Martha [int. adds Mrs.] and Luther Dudley, Oct. 17, 1791.

WILLIS (see Wiles)

Mary [int. adds Mrs.] and Solomon Larkin of Marlborough, Apr. 6, 1837. [Mrs. Mary, C.R. 2.]
Reuben of Sudbury, and Ruth Goodnow, int. Nov. 276, 1802.
Samuel of Concord, and Mary Rice, [Dec.] 7, 1824.


Sally and Thomas Holton, Feb. 24, 1829.*


Michael and Margaret Branock, int. Aug. 20, 1848.


Benjamin of Roxbury, and Sally Payson, int. Oct. 31, 1802.
John [int. Willson] of Boston, and Susannah [int. Susanna] Davis, May 8, 1816. [Wilson, and Susannah Davis, C.R. 1.]
Robert of Lincoln, and Mary Woodward of Sudbury, Feb. 22, 1757, in Lincoln.*


Elisa of Framingham, and Joseph Dudley, int. Nov. 7, 1812.
Jesse and Patty Brown of Framingham, Mar. __, 1788, in Framingham.*
Joseph R. of Weston, and Mary Carver, int. Aug. 14, 1846.
Josiah of Framingham, and Patty [int. Polly] Moulten, May __, 1789, in Framingham.
Margaret [int. Martha] and Lewis Dudley, Jan. 7, 1819. [Margaret, C.R. 1.]
Mehitable of Framingham, and Elijah Bacon, int. Jan. 21, 1825.
Polly and Dan[ie]ll Bemis of Weston, Nov. 18, 1784.* [Patty and Daniel Bemis, M.R.]


Mary, Mrs., of Cambridge, and Rev. Joel Foster, int. Sept. 10, 1803.


Alfred, widr., 34, carriage trimmer, of Framingham, s. Andrew and Emily, and Caroline Ward, 31, of Lowell, d. Amos and Lydia, Sept. 12, 1849.*


Benjamin C. and Anna Haynes of Waltham, int. Oct. 17, 1835.

WOOD (see Woods)

Amos [of] Concord, and Dorothy Dakin [of] Sudbury, Feb. 24, 1763, in Concord.*
Ebenezer of Sudbury, and Abigail Rockwood of Groton, Dec. 15, 1744, in Groton.*
Rebecca [of] Sudbury, and Jonathan Blood [of] Concord, Apr. 20, 1733, in Concord.*
Samuel B. of Framingham, and Emily Price of Waltham, May 25, 1842.* C.R. 2.


Alice of Dorchester, and timothy Mossman of Sudbury, May 25, 1744, in Dorchester.*

WOODS (see Wood)

Elizabeth of Marlboro, and Jonathan Loring of Sudbury, Jan. 21, 1740, in Marlboro.*


John of Sudbury, and Abigail Learned of Sherbarn, Mar. 10, 1739-40, in Sherborn.*
Mary of Sudbury, and Robert Wilson of Lincoln, Feb. 22, 1757, in Lincoln.*


Elisha W. and Lucy Jane Smith of Framingham, int. Dec. 25, [1838].
Josiah of Willmington, and Abigail Graves of Sudbury, Mar. 28, 1737, in Marlboro.*
Luther, Rev., of Medway, and Anna Bridge, int. Nov. 1, 1799.
Wental of Waltham, and Betsey Moulton, Dec. 6 [int. Dec. 17, sic], 1828. [Dec. 6, C.R. 1.]


Abijah and Sophia Greenwood, _____ [int. Mar. 31] [1824].
Daneil [int. Daniel] and Lucy Bond, [Apr.] 27, 1830. [Daniel, C.R. 1.]
John of Roxbury, and Ann Payson, Oct. 18, 1795.
Nabby of Weston, and Joseph Cox, Mar. 3, 1796, in Weston.
Nancy [int. Nancey] and Joseph Arnold of Boston, Nov. 25, 1802.
Rebecca [int. Rebeca] and Josiah French of Boston, Feb. 13, 1820. [Rebecca, C.R. 1.]
Sarah Noyes and Joseph Thayer of Boston, Nov. 6, 1823.
William [and] Anna Noyes, [Sept.] 26, 1780.*


Dinah of Sudbury, [and] Cuff Kneland [of] Lincoln, Feb. 8, 1781.* [Kneeland, M.R.]


_____, Pricilla of Sudbury, and John Gould of Sudbury, Jan. 2, 1737-8, in Sherborn.*

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